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410 Terry Ave. North
Seattle, WA
(206) 266-1000
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Candy - 8 h 39 m ago


I just signed up to become an Amazon Seller which took 40 bucks of my hard earned money to start the account. My account was automatically put on hold that was the next day this past Wednesday. I've called to get the problem fixed everyday for 4 days now and keep getting the run around. No one has contacted me at all. And when I call Amazon they tell me a specialist will be contacting my within 24 hours. That was 4 days ago and I've been calling everyday since. Now I'm down 40 bucks and don't have access to the account. This has been so frustrating. And the Customer Service that I have been receiving is just not up to par. Not a fan so far starting my seller account!

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Kathy E Howse - 9 h ago


Amazon customer service is dealing with more errors and customer issues to unsubscribe and reimburse and provide instant support. Amazon Prime Customer Service Phone number +1 (hidden) Unsubscribe from Amazon Prime. You can contact Amazon Customer Service free of charge for 24 * 7 support. Includes a range of merchandise and services in the market

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Ernest Lobello - 17 h 43 m ago


I've been applying for Amazon for 3 yrs a I'm promised a job and all I get is surveys I.i have associates degree in business mangment. Retail all I need is a.job work from home my name IS ERNEST LOBELLO THEDE DIFFERENT RECURRENT AND ALL I GET OS SURVEYS AND I DONT GET PAID.




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Hogg - 35 d 11 h ago

Every time I place a order I get two or three spam messages from scammers pretending to be Amazon wanting me to confirm things. I mark them as spam and go on with my life. Just wanted Amazon to know.

Amazon headquarters phone number +1_8_5_5_2_9-8-2-5-O-7

Amazon headquarters phone number +1_8_5_5_2_9-8-2-5-O-7

Amazon headquarters phone number +1_8_5_5_2_9-8-2-5-O-7

Amazon headquarters phone number +1_8_5_5_2_9-8-2-5-O-7

Amazon headquarters phone number +1_8_5_5_2_9-8-2-5-O-7

Flagged for review. 
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Anom - 33 d 9 h ago


need to know how my Attorney can contact you . I get about ten text solicitations from Amazon today. I block the number they changed the phone number and contact me again. This has gone on for months.I have actually text you that the next time you contact me for Amazon solicitation for products you will owe me 10 grand.per contact ... I'm old close to a hundred thousand right now. I absolutely am pursuing this. The harassment to my phone number has been unbearable. Is this where my attorney is to contact Amazon in regards to the assaulting harassment and soliciting text messages that I get filling my phone everyday. Multiple multiple multiple numbers Amazon owns. I warned Amazon's solicitations 15 times. I'm now suing you.I absolutely will take this public every text message I've got.the unbelievable amount of text messages my phone number gets.the fact that I have text those numbers and let Amazon know to remove me unsubscribe.No Choice But to take A ___

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Jacquelyn - 30 d ago


I do not have an account with these people but I am being harass every day and night with texts and calls. I call the company and they told to to turn off my phone. I hope this is helpful;


410 Terry Ave. North

Seattle, WA 98109-5210

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Jacquelyn - 30 d 3 h ago


the phone number: (hidden)

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Why - 18 d 23 h ago

Delivered today Package was left in a secure location ( what does this mean ) Delivered -No MARIO VALERIO 1388 MARTIN LUTHER KING JR AVE APT 09 LONG BEACH, CA 90813-5729 Tracking ID: TBA(hidden)00 Please refer to the information above regarding my order. I called customer service, because I was not able locate this order nor were the driver left it. Safe location is not a specific location. I live in A 20 unit apartment complex. And my apartment is on the second floor on the way in the back. Usually in the past they've always knocked on my door and left it like it's next to my door. The buildings mail box in the front. I looked everywhere and did not locate my order. As I was speaking to Customer service explaining to them that driver stated that you left the package at a specific location. As I said it's specific location has many meanings in it it can mean many things to many different people so for future reference they need to be more precise. The first agent I spoke to put me on hold and transferred me to another agent. Which then I have to explain everything once again. He stated that I had to wait like a day in order for me to receive order. Which is not making sense at all because as it states is the livered and left in a specific location. The second agent l agreed to send a package once again for delivery on Wednesday. All of a sudden he told me to hold on to which I was not sure why I was asking you over and then another agent came on I want to games we were back to see if conversation that's when I stated I go why am I being transferred around to different agents what is going on what is this? Once again stated the same thing that I have to wait a day even though the second agent said he would send it the next day. I stated to the agent that what is the difference they said it was delivered and I was left of this ago patient so what do you mean it wasn't delivered Dish Network she said she said all they might've scanned it wrong package so basically she was trying to make up every excuse in the book to like not sending or whatever the other agent told me if for some reason you get it then just send it back the other one which to which I agree but this last agent I spoke to said you have to wait for a day which doesn't make any sense it in the condo I stated to the agent that what is the difference as it was delivered and it was left location so what do you mean it wasn't delivered but you said she said all they might've scanned the wrong package so basically she was trying to make up every excuse in the book to like whatever the other agent tell me if for some reason you get it then just send it back the other one which to which I agree but this agent I spoke to said you have to wait one day which doesn't make any sense of them recall the morning thing and I was gonna be late by another date so I can receive it on Thursday morning. delayed by another date so I can receive it on Thursday. She stated it was procedure then I stated to her work then why does with the agent settings and send it next day and why am I being transferred around so many times I have to explain myself over and over again towards the end I just got sick and tired of this I mean this is not the way you treat a customer. Center I'll because of all of this I have to wait until tomorrow morning and here we go again to send it Center I'll because of all of this I have to wait until tomorrow morning and here we go again to send it now but now I get the package delayed until Thursday. I am a prime member so it's a two day delivery Correct ? Basically what I'm trying to say is that they could've handled this order I just recently told was awake this is should've sent it in the order I would've received it tomorrow and if for some reason the Packers would've arrived or something that I want to set him back I don't know what the problem was not I don't know why I was being transferred to show me agents and none of it made sense to me and everybody making excuses and excuses. So all the agents I spoke to All contradicted them selfs. I was expecting a package to arrive today at like stater and then I get this type of treatment from Customer Service and I need someone to explain this to me and why it was handled in this manner. I'vie been with Amazon for like almost 10 or 12 years right now ordering mainly food for my dog and other stuff and I never had a issue like today. Bottom line the drivers are lazy and don't wanna take the time to come up and knock on your door and leave the package by your door on another occasion they left for my package with a neighbor and I don't have any friends here in my building so that package was lost. Bottom line the drivers are lazy and don't wanna take the time to come up and knock on your door and leave the package by your door on another occasion they left for my package with a neighbor and I don't have any friends here in my building so that package was lost And now this driver says he left it in a secure location. ( what exactly does mean. It is not my fault that the driver left a package to knows where and I didn't get my order so I felt like I was being penalized by your customer service agents for his stupidity. As it agents were not helpful at all. Bottom line is it delivered and time stamp and also left it in a secure location whatever that means I don't know but that to me means it was delivered where he delivered it I don't know but that to me should've been very clear to them. They should've just sent me another order for the same thing so I can receive it tomorrow but they made it so complicated. Appreciate if someone can get back to me on this and explain to me why this happened because I really don't understand i'm not really happy about the situation because so unprofessional just found out completely wrong. I mean it's the drivers error not mine so why am I being penalized that's what I need to know why your agent said what they said and why this happened and why they couldn't have accommodated me because there's an excessive me at all so I need someone to explain this to me because it's not OK . I Appreciate a response. My number is (hidden). In the event that you need

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Suz - 8 d ago

Call the originating company and threatened them with a lawsuit that's really the end of the story

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Donna - 23 d ago


Jeff Bezosi

410 Terry Ave N

Seattle WA 98109

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Suz - 8 d ago


Tell me something Jeff do you work for this company you should be ashamed of yourself CEO my ass gluttonous selfish chasing money

Your employees are like children in kindergarten they hang up on Americans and laugh at them when they do in fact I'm pretty sure they put us on mute so they can laugh together without us knowing how spineless

Please if you don't mind I'd like your address so I can send this piece of crap Alexa back

And my bill for being aggravated by your company is 6 grand

You should be ashamed of yourself

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Kevin - 23 d ago

Can you keep me posted on this I too am getting message after message and contacted Amazon they said not us. Well didn't get them before my last order now I do.

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Jeri armistead - 19 d 6 h ago


Im with they just dont go away let me know if there is anything i can do to help this amazon crap is out of control. I take my hat off to you keep up the good work

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Stacey - 16 d 4 h ago

All you need to do is turn off the notifications in you Amazon account. So in the drop down box click on my account, that is where it us No attorney needed. Worked for Amazon for 7 years. Good luck.

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John - 12 d 17 h ago

go to drop box on your phone turnoff notifications that should solve your problem and your attorneys

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Francine - 8 d 6 h ago


I also shared your situation, I walked away with 200 grand after lawyers fee. This company is a poster chilled for business misconduct.

Hang in there, they need to get there shit together

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Annoyed customer - 33 d 7 h ago


Amazon is a cesspool of con artists the owner doesn't care he's super rich now so he doesn't care about the people that made him rich and i hate the fact when i call customer service i get someone from india or the Philippines

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ejaami - 22 d 13 h ago

that is poor, Indian customer service representatives are not rtrained well. They get rude many times.

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ramesh - 32 d 8 h ago

Prime membership is a joke it's supposed to guarantee 2 day delivery but if you look today the last prime day everything listed under prime won't get here until Friday that's three days customer service gives you the same response every time you ask for a sup that a supervisor can't do more then them. Then when you do get a supervisor and ask for there's they say there as high as you can get a hold of which is not correct because the last time I called i just kept calling and called corporate and they said i was lied to and like I've seen in other reviews packages are not getting to me on time either I mean we are paying a monthly fee and they aren't keeping there guarantee my guess it's because there workers were supposed to walk out but t __

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Honey Pineapple - 32 d 5 h ago


Perfect. Thank you.

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Anonymous - 30 d 12 h ago

Dear Amazon i am seller at Souq .com in Egypt, i want to complain this company because he make us work with shipping company (Q EXpress) with very bad quality, we submit our product with case a new product and as usual retun the product Damage and when we complain to get our money , tell us to send the product again to the shipping company at it s hub although the shipping company must com to get it but we said ok and sent the damaged product to the shipping company again but didnt receive it and tell us will take the product from our warehouse, i told that to seller center & Freight Officer to take action but they cant to take any action and requst from me deliver it again to shipping hub, i spent more than month in this issue without got my money and today the courier come to me to submitt anther item so i told him to take the damage item but refused our request my orde

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Hogg - 29 d 8 h ago


Every time I place a order I get two or three spam messages from scammers pretending to be Amazon wanting me to confirm things. I mark them as spam anmd go on with my life. Just wanted Amazon to know.

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Shelby - 26 d 17 h ago

I pay for amazon prime, as many other people do. Amazon prime promises delivery in acertain amt of time, usually two days max and sometimes less .However, more and more now my orders are coming via amazons' delivery service and not UPS. More than half of my orders shipped this way do not arrive on time, if at all.

I have an 11 item order that was supposed to arrive today. I did not receive my order. Instead I received this message:

"We're sorry your package is late

We're working to get your package back on track, and we'll let you know when your package is out for delivery.

Please come back Wednesday if you still don't have it and we'll help you out.

Was expected today "____

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Durga prasad barik - 26 d 17 h ago


Durga prasad barik form odisha..sir amazon offers a delivery boy. our local area.odisha.cuttack....its is faka..ya floor .tower no 8..itc park cbo belapur.navi mumbai..40063

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Brian - 26 d 6 h ago


So tired of Amazon taking money from my PayPal account when they've already recieved the products over a month and a half ago, not to mention selling me a bootlegged copy of a CD. Twice now in 2 weeks Amazon has taken money from my account on items returned june4th, and a CD I got a refund on over 2 months ago. Maybe I should call my local authorities and file charges for theft. This is BS. here I come. At least I know I'll get my 2day shipping on time ___

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Stephanie Ferrell - 25 d 9 h ago



Amazon will steal your money and your cards are not safe. Please shop somewhere else. I have the screen shots and the phone call recorded. If you really want to see how amazon cares for there customers, let me know and I'll let you listen to how they treated me and let you see what they wrote and how they would just disconnected from the chat. Amazon is not safe nor do they care about there customers. Please please beware. I was a customer for 5 years and a prime member for now almost 3. Never again. End you prime and shop somewhere else. It will be worth the extra 10 cent to shop then to deal with amazon and there sellers. And you really don't want to deal with any of there customer support because they will just blow you off. Also wasted 8 hours of my life I can never get back either on phone for

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Donna - 23 d ago


I wasted way more time than that. No less than eight instances of fraudulent orders since March 12 and I still don't have a reset on the latest one three weeks ago. I have change my password, email address, and my email address password, and my phone number on my account, multiple times. I have two step verification on my account on my phone only and yet they tell me it's my fault that fraudulent orders for gift cards are being placed in my account . I am writing a letter to the CEO his name is Jeff Bezosi.

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zsuzsa - 14 d ago

hi, l had the same experience, my account got hacked. l try to unite with some victimes, and go to the olice, against Amazon. If you interested, l can send my email address. let me know. l am using amazon Uk . the customer service is in india, l believe it, and they hacking my account, now they not answer and send me back my money. l am ready to go to the police.

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