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ON YOU!!! Don't ever call the police in your time of need. I would not want them to waste their time on people like you!!!! Amazon HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;0;7;2 amazon PHONE NUMBER 1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;0;7,2 Amazon HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;0;7;2 amazon PHONE NUMBER 1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;0;7,2 Amazon HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;0;7;2 amazon PHONE NUMBER 1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;0;7,2 Amazon HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;0;7;2 amazon PHONE NUMBER 1;8;4;4;4;2;0;0;0;7,2 - 48 d ago

ON YOU!!! Don't ever call the police in your time of need. I would not want them to waste their time on people like you!!!!

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Anonymous - 47 d 9 h ago

t to see your numbers drop dramatically? What narcissistic jerk thought this would even be a good idea!? This is just plain wrong on so many levels, I will stop my membership, get everyone I know to stop, and never do

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Anonymous - 43 d 19 s ago

Isko badnam krna h jitna badnam krna h kro ye chor h 13000rupya chori kiya h ye blackmailer h iskpe market krna bandkro

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Nakul - 16 d 7 h ago


I want to know your headquarter email...

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Anonymous - 47 d 9 h ago

ll is wrong with you p.,, ,. ., .,., eople! Want to see your numbers drop dramatically? What narcissistic jerk thought this would even be a good idea!? This is just plain wrong on so many levels, I will stop my membership, get everyone I know to stop, and never do business with this company again. You are not t

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Rukhsar khan - 43 d ago

Agr paisa nai milta h to kal facebook ar tweeter sb pe jaiga iska recording hai mere pas dal dena h

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Anonymous - 44 d 8 h ago

d within 2 days "new product" arrived. I was so excited!! But the product doesn't work and it has hair in it already. The product arrived in what looked to be an unopen box. Inside the box I found everything in plastic nicely packed and everything. In there was the razor with the razor cover, charging plug, carrying pouch/bag, and the cleaning brush. And yes hair in the razor. I cannot believe this is what Amazon is doing. Very disgusting and unethical. Upon receiving the item I opened the package and attempted to turn it on but it flashed red, which indicated that the battery needed to be charged. I then charged it for about 5 hours and made a 2nd attempt to power the razor on but still the razor flashed red. I charged the razor another 2 hours but still the razor would not cone on. So I began to inspect the razor and thats when I noticed the hair in the razor. I am very disappointed and in disbelief that amazon compa

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Anonymous - 44 d 43 s ago

0cc scooter , I have had scooter for 6 weeks and they will not send me the paperwork My Amazon seller will not contact. last week I sent in a review about the bad service and now they have blocked me from sending in anymore reviews. This is really bad service. Hopefully this will get to corporate.

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Anonymous - 43 d 10 h ago

would allow Blue Live's Murder t-shirts on your website. One or two bad officers does not reflect on the enitire police departments. I am disappointed in you. Remove these shirts and think twice before you allow something so sick to be sold on your site. Does reflect

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Dianne - 39 d 18 h ago


I would like to see you take the Blue Lives Matter t-shirt off the amazon shopping site!!! It's an awful message, and doesn't help the situation our country, the USA, is in right now. You don't need the money for this terrible message on the t-shirt!!! Please remove it immediately! I am giving 5 stars , as I have been very happy with Amazon, until now! Take it off!!!!

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Bob - 23 d 16 h ago


Stop winning like a little girl

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Anonymous - 23 d 15 h ago

What did she win?

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Your a fool - 16 d ago

Shut up. You don't think blue lives matter. What a stupid comment. Do us all a favor and just cancel your membership if you have one. Go crawl in a hole

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Tom - 15 d ago

Black lives matter only focuses on the past and forget's to listen to productive members of black society. Today's Blm members don't like to be productive members of society,they want to disrupt society and make people more racist. I am 66yrs old, I have seen racism towards blacks and all other people through out my life.When is it time to stop focusing on color? Take pride in yourself and your people. Understand that WE ARE ALL EQUAL. Not the random option the crowds !!!. Take the responsibility to stand for what is right and what you can achieve for the people in your inter circle to improve their lives. By doing this we can ALL get along and live in harmony.

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Will - 5 d ago


It never ceases to amaze me how some white people have the audacity to tell Black folks how we should feel about being discriminated against or even killed for no good reason. You say you've seen it all your life. Take the responsibility to say and do something about it or shut the hell up.

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All lives matter and I'm sticking to it - 1 d 5 h ago


Everyone of you disgust me. I am an African American female. I am completely embarrassed to be part of this movement, only because, the blm movement blames white people for it all, and the way the look at ALL white people is racist!!!! Growing up in the inner city blk families where raised to hate white ppl. Even tho a white man freed us. Why do we get a month of blk history? Isn't that American history? Maybe the jews, who were also killed, persecuted, raped and everything else that happened to my ancestors, might want a month. How about the native Americans which is a stupid description on its own. They are natives not native americans. How come white people can't be proud to be white? If they are we call them racist, yet we don't even attempt to swallow the fact that white ppl stood side by side with my folks to battle for human rights and equality for alll. The blm movement is a bunch of wanna be gang bangers, and locals hoods trying to tear the work apart. Everytime blm movement protests, that unsaid city gets about a few million in damages. I am ashamed of this new found terrorist group.

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me - 13 d 16 h ago

fuck you scumbag

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Anonymous - 43 d 48 m ago

Amazon chor h mera13000 rupya chori kiya h aur ab no. Band kr diya h iska website bnd kro

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Anonymous - 42 d 9 h ago

find their way to the correct person. I personally would like to thank the person or committee that has acknowledged their employees with a very generous bonus for their work and the high risk that they take to service so many people in America with your products. I am an old-fashioned type of a person who truly believes and continuing business was companies like yourself who recognize t.,., ., ,.., .,. ,

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Anonymous - 33 d 18 h ago


They took it away only after 16 cases of corona virus WERE CONFIRMED at our location, with one death.

Our risk has largely INCREASED but our wages DECREASED!!!

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Anonymous - 33 d 15 h ago

Really???? I didn't get my bonus and I was terminated due to CoVID-19 issue. Kept in contact with HR sending them documents since my claim for leave during the time my doctor recommended me to self isolate was denied. The fulliment center I worked at had an huge loss issue, I gave an option/solution that went completely ingored. The fulliment center I worked at didn't care about Apple products being stolen at an high alarming rate. I expressed concerned about packages that were labeled and ready for shipment near the conveyor belt but weren't on the conveyor belt instead on the floor, offered an idea and solution to prevent this from happening in the future. Managers, and problem solvers didn't care Instead the red light was going off until the end of my shift and was still going when I left with no one attending to that issue.

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Anonymous - 26 d 3 h ago

Me either so who do we contact

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Anonymous - 42 d 35 m ago

name is Debbie Fehnel.

I waited 2 months for an item to arrive, it never arrived.

I call Amazon 3 times. They take better care of the seller and not the customer. I finally got a refund after fighting with a supervisor name Michele who refused to give me anymore info other than her first name.

I feel I should be compensated for my time and inconvenience.


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MichelleJ - 33 d 15 h ago

I am so sorry to hear your case was handled in that manner. I can't imagine how frustrated you must have felt. Amazon prides itself on customer service. I'm sure they will try to do better in the future.

I don't know for sure because I was recently terminated.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

This is not actually a corp website. You just gave your information to a bunch of spammers. Really? You think all the companies listed on this website just came together for a huge complaint site? Does anyone have any common sense anymore. WTF. idiots

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Anonymous - 42 d ago

e been waiting over a month for a return label since i I can not print one. No replys no phone not

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Anonymous - 40 d 21 h ago

So far I the last 3 months the Amazon customer services has been extremely horrible. Can't understand some of the vertices techs. And in many cases you can't get issues resolved with the sellers. Some are very good to help correct problems, but there are to many of them are bad people. I think because of the coronavirus this is why Amazon is having so much trouble with there orders and customer service issues.

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