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Irene torres - 8 h 22 m ago


Amazon is full of bullshit managers lied

And headquarters don't do a dam thing about it

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Alfonza Riley - 20 h 21 m ago

I applied for a position with your company, a few days ago you contacted me and said that you were still reviewing my application. This morning I received an email saying my application has been withdrawn because you tried to contact me, I have no missed calls, voicemails, or emails to support that. Maybe there was some miscommunication along the way.

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Pupet - 16 h 48 m ago

That same thing happened to me in Indianapolis so after trying to make sense of it and not being able to, I decided to just reapply. The response was quick. Soon I was contacted to come in for a pre-orientation and drug test, where I watched a video and was told more details about the job I hoped to start working a.s.a.p. (especially since IHHC Code 16:10 requires you vacate your home until you can get your utility bills paid if they get turned off.) The clock is still ticking and not a word other than I passed the drug test and not to quit my day job until I receive an invitation to schedule another orientation date. I'm starting to think it's a delay tactic to keep you too broke to pay your utilities and lose your property.

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Dennis D. - 17 h 40 m ago


Dennis D

I used to be pleased with Amazon, but the last few months have been a nightmare. When you order a brake master cylinder from Amazon and the site says that it will fit your vehicle, you expect it to fit. Well it didn't. I returned it and got credit into my account (which has $900 in it). That was fine I then ordered the next master cylinder and was told that it would ship during the period of Nov. 29-Dec. 8. I couldn't track my order because the co. that was to ship it cancelled the order and nobody could tell me why. The cust. ser. rep (in Ghiana S.A.) emailed me and said she contacted the co. that cancelled my order and that they would contact me and ship the correct item overnight to me at no charge. I haven't heard anything, so I called customer no-service today and was told by a guy in the Phillippines that he couldn't find any info. where the new one(third master cylinder) has been ordered. After waiting 6 weeks with my car sitting in my driveway he told me to just order a new one, but it would be another 6 weeks before any would be available and I would have to pay for the latest one as well as shipping costs.One of my most horrible buying experiences ever. Thanks Amazon for the hell you put me through. I vcould have bought the product at my auto parts store 2 months ago and had the use of my car all this time. By the way, when you have foreigners who speak something other than clear English to solve your business problems with loyal customers tosave a buck, it is going to catch up to yo.

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Barb Allen - 20 h 17 m ago


Shame on Amazon! I have had enough...2 bad experiences in a row. And sending customer service jobs overseas is a deplorable practice. I am done with Amazon. Cancelling my Prime account today.There are plenty of other folks I can buy from and get reliable service and support from within the United States.

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Snake River Seed, Guy A. Meuleman - 1 d ago


Snake River Seed is a Company in Rupert, Idaho and we sell flax seed. Had it marketed on Amazon Prime for two years, and had a five star rating. We were going through a distributor,but she quit. Now we were trying to go direct. Amazon has shut us down 15 times, and get the same questions back every time. We do not buy product from any company, it is raise on our own farm, processed, packaged, and marketed. The service we have been getting from seller support is terrible. We wouldn't recommend anyone to sell on Amazon. If you can't even make it through category approval when our product was already on Amazon Prime.

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sandy - 1 d 12 h ago


Manager Jacuue C, Brian Q, Beth W. Very BAD Service, They are not qualified to be manager. NEED TRAINING as a MANAGER.

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Anonymous - 1 d 5 h ago


Same for Petersburg, Va. Pick department

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Kim - 1 d 5 h ago


Petersburg, Va. has the worst do not matter! Someone should take the time to come in an speak with associates. People don't speak up for fear of losing there job! Pick Department on day shift need to be looked into also!

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Lauren Hynes - 1 d 9 h ago


I completed every step there is needed to take to become a member of the Amazon team. I did the drug test and background screening, I did the I-9 verification, I completed all my training online, I even set up my direct deposit. I received an email congratulating me on my new job and that my start date was December 2nd, 2016. The email also said for me to notify my current employer , that I would be starting a new job. Well, I gave notice to my employer and no longer have a job, no worries. Well, Amazon emailed me and said my start date was canceled and i will be emailed when I can start. I am out of a job and now amazon wants me to wait around for an email to work at a warehouse that isnt even a quarter mile from my house. Also to top it all off, Christmas is 3 weeks away. I would really appreciate it if someone, a live person would contact me regarding my application status because this is dead wrong. I have a daughter to take care of. I can be emailed at (hidden)

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MMF - 1 d 16 h ago


I can't believe that customers can't choose their method of shipment. So sad in this day and age that they can't be reasonably accommodating. I am disabled, live in an apartment in an old house on the third floor where the best way for us to receive shipments is via USPS. Other carriers are not able to ring a doorbell but USPS CARRIERS have an access key. My cell phone is my doorbell. UPS will not call my phone to let me know they are downstairs and they never wait for me to get to the door. I have asked time and again for AMAZON to send my shipments via USPS so that my daughter or neighbor can bring them upstairs from the lobby when they come in. IT WOULD BE EASY but no not AMAZON. They would rather be OUT OF COMPLIANCE WITH ADA laws and not accommodate the disabled than to keep me as a customer. SAD BUT TRUE. When will you guys learn that not every shipping method works for every customer's situation.

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Maggie Cook - 1 d 18 h ago


tried to call and complain about Customer service and was dumped cold on customer service, Amazon is not the company it was. They do not care

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j - 1 d 19 h ago


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bones - 1 d 19 h ago

They have horrible customer service ice they let companies sell their products and don't have the same standards or care.

I bought an amazon fire tablet from best buy and was told on 2 separate occasions that it had a 1 year warranty and amazon then told me it was only 90 days and they were not willing to fix my problem if you only have 2 items you won't have a warranty on for 1 year that is horrible and completely wrong all they have to do was replace the broken tablet that was not my fault it broke and they were completely unwilling to do it. If you are not going to honor what your extra store helpers say maybe you should be on the same page but don't be pricks and not fix something that was told had a warnty just because you don't want to:( sad that this is how they feel it is ok to treat customers that is a bad image for them.

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Nancy Egan - 1 d 19 h ago


absolutely useless customer service

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Guilly - 1 d 20 h ago


I will never use Amazon again. They burned me on a purchase and then told me they reimbursed me which they never did. Now time has run and my credit card company won't help. I could never get the same person when i called. Cancelled my account and will file a claim with the BBB

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Mark H - 2 d 3 s ago

Dear Amazon,

I can't believe you decided to advertise on Brietbart. I am really considering ending my Prime account today!

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London - 2 d 24 h ago


This company sucks when it comes to hiring people. They over hire and have you waiting months before they contact you

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Ed - 4 d ago


AMAZON held $4500 of my money for over 90 days, forcing me out of business, unable to pay my bills and my help and to top it all none of my products were return for a refund What a bunch of thiefs and crooks.

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bennfam6 - 4 d ago


Amazon is going down hill fast. I wonder what the hell happened. They use to be such a good company, Even their pricing is higher than their competition now. They will implode if they keep going this direction!!!

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screwamazon - 3 d 18 h ago

they hire retards that's what happened

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T Pope - 2 d ago

They fire the people who have been there for years and bring temps so the don't have to pay benefits.

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Edward Richardson - 2 d 26 m ago

I would like to ask that Amazon help my wife find articles she ordered as gifts.

She ordered not through Amazon, but from a company called NEXT (United Kingdom).

The items were transported by DHL and should have arrived at our home before ThanksGiving.

Instead DHL delivered to Amazon in Illinois.... the items are in Amazons possesion and that was confirmed by DHL.

I fail to understand why the addressed item is not sent on to my Wife.

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Detria - 2 d 14 h ago


I am having a serious problem with Amazon. I was so happy to finally be selling with Amazon after selling with Ebay for years, I read the reviews some good some bad however I decided to sign up with Amazon even with the bad reviews, thinking ok this can't be as bad as it sounds. I was wrong. I finalized the account on 11/18/2016 with one of your representatives, while setting up the account she asked if I wanted to pay monthly or per item. I told her per item, she showed me how to set it up and I then told her that it stated that there was a fee she assured me that there was not a fee. She put me on hold several times to make sure of this fee. I then later went back to my Amazon seller central and saw that there was a credit fee of -39.99 on 11/18/2016 and then there was a charge of 39.99 fee on 11/19/2016. I then went to my back account and saw that there was indeed a charge fee of 39.99 but never the negative. I have called several times and no one seems to be concerned nor can figure out how to solve the problem they keep transferring me and passing the problem to the next person. I often go to the seller central to see if there has been any updates on the cases that have been created. I called today and went back to see if there was any updates, they have remove the case ID and status as if I have never called today. Good thing I printed it before they erased it from the list. Dirty, just dirty...

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Paul - 2 d 15 h ago


had to argue for 2.5 hours over a $10 refund they insisted i got but didn't! and a prime member!

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