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Susan Coleman Small - 4 h ago

Just spoke to someone who does not care, hard to understand, and not at all helpful. I called Corporate and all I got was a woman who did not care. Amazon DISCRIMINATES against senior citizens in a fixed income. It gives a discount Prime membership to people on food stamps, but NOT to seniors. VERY UNFAIR!!!!

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james mardeusz - 8 h 52 m ago


I was a fool like most Americans did not understand why your bringing in hundreds of millions, its called what you can get away with, it should not be called amazon it should be what you can get away with using deceptive business practices. you have prime but only because you charge so fucking much for shipping or ? a person has no choice but to pay you a hundred a year for prime this is how you set it up. you are no service nor are you doing any one a favor its called the American way, deceptive practices! I dont have time to check my orders, I have been a fool using your company! as well as millions of Americans! It is disgusting! Your whats wrong with this world you represent yourselves as a company doing people favors. now i know why so many people reacted when you purchased whole foods because you will have the corner on the market. not only is your system set up in a way that its almost mental masturbation trickery. I dont have the money you have nor do I have or can afford lawers but you rely on this. charging 695 for a ring at 99c doing no one a favor. you rely on the american frenzy its called every one jumps on board you train but has no idea the train is heading to a fuken gas chamber. and the juiory is out on that one, gas chambers, just like Americans were fooled by 9/11 you are just as guilty., check out my orders over the years If I saw what I paid out in shipping I would get sick! but that is how you sell prime acting like your doing people favors. I need to tell every zombie who drank the cool air on this one. when the chips fall where they may it always settles out in the end the truth. its the truth that will always show itself when its all said and done.

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Corporate Office Location consideration - 12 h 32 m ago


Dear Amazon,

Given this a lot of thought,

I truly feel that you should consider opening a new corporate office on the islands of Puerto Rico or U.S.V.I.

I am sure that land would be super affordable. It would give the island of P.R. the opportunity to get themselves on their feet.

The U.S. Government will be funding to construct the electrical & transportation infrastructure.

There is so much that can get accomplished if a large corporation move to the islands that so impoverished at the moment.

I have not done the research, but if I were in your place, I would.


Far Rockaway, NY

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Anonymous - 13 h 32 m ago


ALCATRAZ Madonnas bedroom greatest wonder of the worlds list AMAZON new HQs will b in

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Anonymous - 14 h ago


WELL what is the center of your cirlce in your seattle hqs in math or scine iwas lke d y do we ahve 2 knwo waht eh mermermns of a cercle r Y do he Kardashins knwo how to measue a circle

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Anonymous - 14 h ago


all donald trumps proprties defucnt prpertoes

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stripclubs and shops goodeats drnksk in areas nice peopel - 14 h ago


YPSILANTI stretch of back hwy s michigan and the hwy there also stripclubs in the areas also metro not that far either etcetc suburbs there EwNS colleges also EMU UM etc near dif counies subs and dif moses of trsnport also

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Anonymous - 14 h 12 m ago


HAVE U FOUND SPACE past the deadline any inklings on what u like gas is chepaer by the lower fla areas says truckers b4 gulfs ther etc ocena atlantic hurrican built buikding

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Anonymous - 14 h 17 m ago


r u goona perch yourself ona plain a hill near river s creeks lakes ponds in hte dunes in the mountains inhte swamp near wildlife a zoo

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Anonymous - 14 h 23 m ago



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Anonymous - 14 h 24 m ago


COLUMBUS OHIO party city funtime inthe city OSU ROCK ON that is what made me a BUCKEYE FUN

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Anonymous - 14 h 26 m ago


TOLEDO OH is afactory town its drab bleak looking tan begne sandcolor buildings there so brighten it up AMAZON

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My Pick for Amazon City - 16 h 18 m ago


Gary, Indiana ... My home town.

US Steel literally built the Mills, the City, transportation & schools.

The infrastructure is suited for 200,000 residents with 80,000 today.

International Airport minutes from City Center.

Chicago 25 minute drive.

Purdue, IU, University of Chicago are local.

On the shore of beautiful Lake Michigan.

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Nancy Francis - 1 d 5 h ago


St Louis, MO would be the best place for Amazon to open their second headquarters because Jeff Bezos and team can create and grow here. Our beautiful history shows strength of character that accommodates all interests. We have space for all of you. Parks, rivers, sports, museums, schools, restaurants; it is all here. We not only want you, we need you. We are the Gateway to the West and now that the West is settled, it is again our turn to grow.

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Jon Snow - 1 d 9 h ago


Amazon sucks!!!!!!!!

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Cindy Henderson - 1 d 11 h ago


I'm having trouble signing in Alaskacindy56@gmail can't remember password please text

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Customer service does not exist - 1 d 11 h ago


Horrible experience with Amazon in Nj. I hemed and hawed over purchasing a Kindle Fire 10, I have every other kindle in existence but hesitated over the 10. I finally decided Saturday to order the kindle, I chose 1 day shipping and that was where the nightmare began. I did not receive the product and when I entered the change the customer service rep was like too bad so sad wait until Wednesday and get back to us. "what" I paid extra for same day delivery. I then asked for a manager to call me. This manager "carson" tells me that unless I want to order another one there was nothing he could do about this issue. I would e billed twice for the item when I never received the first one. Carson told me that the truck had a mechanical issue and that was why the item was not delivered. I then waited an hour and received a survey asking how Carson did, he failed, I was asked if customer service could contact me to correct the issue and spent another 3 hours in chat and on the phone until 12:30am no solutions. Then I get up to my mother screaming at me that her credit card had been charged for my items. I checked my bank account and I had been charged 3 times for each item that day. I called and spent an hour on the phone with my bank confirming all of this then was told try to talk to Amazon before they issued a credit and see if Amazon could reverse the issue. The chick in chat was useless and the manager who called med was even less helpful. The manager today called me a liar and said that she can see the item only just made it to the shipper this morning, so how was it out for delivery yesterday? Noone knows whats going on and 7 different reps gave me 7 different excuses. Why was a replacement not shipped out immediately for delivery today? Answer Carson did not give a shit and just dumped the call.

I purchased 45 large ticket items in the past 6 months alone including a bed. I WILL NEVER USE AMAZON AGAIN.

I have been a customer for over 15 years and prime member for over 10 years I CANCELLED MY PRIME AS SOON AS I HUNG UP THIS AFTERNOON.

I cancelled every service and autoship I had with Amazon.


And to add insult to injury I still do not have the kindle fire 10.

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Anonymous - 1 d 14 h ago


U GUYS CARRY Jack O BLAST BLAST O JACK punkpkin shaped liquor notaavaible inalll states

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hoffa wonderer - 1 d 14 h ago


Lake Orion now by Metamora rumors may u find JOFFAs body Jimmy dispaperrd and many rumros exist out there

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Anonymous - 1 d 14 h ago


Metamora strethc b4 and after ther is stehc ofareas inbtweenkinda so O isanoth ciyt b4 Metamora so okhen nice towns ther so aleald tthe 75 so ok then strethces of raos her alleds to near aurburnhills ifugo S LAPPER county area also althat hwyh norhgisher realy land sammler airports also 169 strehc but n ara of thehyw shuteree kamrts mivethtes of ide roroads too year b4 so wthevr spae buiding the etc so idead inMI

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Anonymous - 1 d 14 h ago

UM flint Mott baker coleges also

General profile image

travelrr man - 1 d 14 h ago


OXfod Metamora aln saemstrech line empty gsp toos o ok so whtvr allles to dif hywsn et nfrasteters too nvie tons et c s ahve funne led t ineste 75 ok

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omglooout - 1 d 14 h ago


BENTONHAROB dik so wMU and KCC muS and moe inht areas os ok battel crekk Kalamzsoo over ther colges etc proher nerbyntoo so ok keelogg cerela ok toet ciam isnotfar balloonthngs osued to andthen whaevre in MI ifullokitup many fos r crated in MI many colege sr upthe west cost ther o fMI ad inthe ste too

General profile image

trip guidere - 1 d 14 h ago


if u buy the neighoborhood off the bakcstrech in waerford itsleikd painher 7mils nothign hood neraby so fihgoff it so whtever ok so jsutideads trucier rte plant nearby andmore off mainrd ok smooth stret so whatever ok inwaterford theyhve undergrodnsn ok so whaevr her in wsterford itsbenahwelsienibeenher loal airport and strhgtshote to many subs and hyws then dif ciies too andcasone in the D canada et so whtevre theer so wateford sumenhithe lottery 20summil too 13th so okkthen aras strethc of openland ok lead tomaieroda etc

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waterford 2 - 1 d 15 h ago


hteris bakcstrethc of waeford lke 7mils fit so trukr rot rsinthel smalllares her too so isay tukcr t t her pant narby and bakcstrech so whatever offmaihline dso whvre morlientomorethigs so whtver kthen difspot her so

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