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K. Rambo - 6 h 57 m ago


@ Ms.Dee -,

You are a fly on a horse's ass. And you can quote me on that.

Someone, put this cuckoo bird back in her cage before she hurts herself !

Flagged for review. 
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Ms.Dee - 1 d 6 h ago


PLEASE STOP SELLING PRODUCTS FOR the DOMESTIC TERRORIST group antifa and Nazi groups. Do you do business in Germany do they realize your company is selling nazi products?

I'm not sure if this makes you a traitor to the U.S. but I'm telling anyone who will listen including parents, teachers, doctors, family members across the U.S. plus members of congress& WHITEHOUSE.

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Donna W. - 8 h 12 m ago


I didn't realize that. but will check into it. I have tried canceling my membership after the free trial and it keeps taking out of my account. So I had to cancel my bank account. I have ordered this year only 2 items but I do not like ordering anything on line unless I can't find it in the store. This company is taking away peoples jobs and closing stores. On line shopping period is. Sorry for small rant. It worries me.

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stupid - 6 h 45 m ago

stupid you cant do that

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Donna W. - 8 h 18 m ago


I have cancelled my Amazon Prime TV membership and they still charged me this month. I have clicked canceled membership 2xs already and it is still coming out of my account. Please what is the correct phone number I can contact a real person.

Donna W.

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Dissappointed - 17 h 17 m ago


I have been a prime member for years and spend a lot of money with Amazon, but have been very disappointed with my latest orders. I purchased some items on Nov.29th and one of the orders had a different shipping dates. This item was to be delivered between the dates of dec 1-4th, item did not arrive, so then it said that item would be here by the product, but reported this item had been delivered. Called Amazon for rep ( whom barely speaked understandable English, which i kept saying. The rep said that Amazon would reach out to vendor and send me the email which rep did, on top of me reaching out and sending a email also. Vendor replied back stating that tracking reported item had been delivered and told me to check with family or neighbors to see if they had it. I still had not heard anything else from vendor after that offering any kind of alternative. Called Amazon to let them know that at this point i had not received product and didn't want it, and to issue a refund. The rep went through the process of saying the same thing by reaching out to the vendor. I informed him that he should have a record of myself and Amazon reaching out. He told me that since it was a third party i would have to wait an additional 1 to 2 weeks for a $10.58 refund in which Amazon didn't have to wait when i paid my money, in which i had already been waiting. He said that the only option was he could give me a certificate or i would have to wait. I refuse to debate regarding an item that I have purchased from your website. I have never had as many issues with my orders in the pass than i have had with this new Amazon. Since Amazon dosent believe in customer satisfaction or loyalty , i will just cancel my membership and take my buisness somewhere else.

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Rachel - 19 h 14 m ago


This I have a Prime membership with this company,there after hours customer service is located I India. I don't understand that there is a bit of a language barrier but I have this woman my email address 5 times and each time I was told the account didn't exist. I was put on hold 3 times! Each time she read my email back to me it was way off. I tried speaking clearly and going Letter by Letter, she sat there typing for 10 min and finally told me the account isn't coming up, this is 30 minutes into this call and I have yet to get to the problem which is the insanely poor quality of the Prime video picture. I have Netflix,Hulu and Amazon Prime and of the 2 shows I've watched, have of the season video was pixelated and fuzzy. Amazon sells its customer service to the cheapest bidder and give terrible customer support to Prime members. Cancelling everything and not shopping with Amazon anymore. I spend a lot of money on their site and that's over. I'm also posting pics to Instagram to show what video quality you get on an IPad Air 2 with their Prime video service. Still no help with your CS by the way, 35 min and counting and the girl still repeats the wrong email back. Wonderful.

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Miss - 1 d ago


humiliating and dishonest co. I bought a book in the Time Warner amazon store. the salesperson told me they don't issue receipts, an email will be sent.

I came home and didn't find an email. 2 weeks later I misplaced a credit card I purchased the book with but I needed to return the book , Soo when I went back to that store, I was humiliated for 30 mins, they couldn't figure out how to return this book. I suggested to pull a video of that transaction because I had a record in my credit card statement, which had the timestamp and a trans number, the vide would prove that no receipt was givent to me, they refused to do anything, And why are they promising an email that never came (electronic receipt). As a result I lost money and tons of time. and got humiliated. When I asked for the store manager I was rudely shown the door. When I asked for the corporate office info to send a complaint, I was rudely told to leave.

I am closing my account with Amazon, overrated overpriced scam, that's all I have to add.

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Ashley - 1 d ago


I was trying to get an understanding as to why an item was $90 on amazon and $35 at walmart. I was told by Samiran : I'm sorry, but we don't price-match with other retailers. You are welcome to let us know about the lower price you've found by clicking the 'Tell us about a lower price' link in the Product Details section of some product pages.We work hard to find the best prices out there and make sure our prices are as low or lower - changing our prices instantly if we find a lower offer somewhere else. Therefore, we don't offer post-purchase adjustments. When I questioned this "policy" I was then told that they cant help me and "If you get a better price on a different website then please place a order from another website but we have to follow our policy ." So, is this Amazon's "policy" that if (per their policy posted in our chat session) to send customers away?? I was advised that they dont do any post-purchase adjustments, fine...ok....not a problem. However, I haven't even purchased the item yet. I was also told (in our chat session) You are welcome to let us know about the lower price you've found by clicking the 'Tell us about a lower price' link in the Product Details section of some product pages. We work hard to find the best prices out there and make sure our prices are as low or lower - changing our prices instantly if we find a lower offer somewhere else. After questioning Samiran about the policy that was put in the chat....I was told Consider it to be my mistake , I apologize for that .I thought you have placed the order . This is completely rude. I have never been talk to or treated like such garbage by an Amazon representative in my life.

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Beverly - 1 d 18 m ago


I have nothing but horrible experiences with employment with amazon I was hired over a year ago for their distrabution center but never called to work after several months I saw another ad for the same thing so I contacted them and was told to apply again no its to time consuming for end result of nothing then over a month ago I applied for amazonflex a month ago I received an email wellcoming me to amazonflex but to date no work I went and bought a smartphone so I would have everything that was required only to be told now when I called all 3 numbers for support that I guess they have all the people they need just keep checking the amazon app and your email to see when they might need you how is this fair...I mean amazon was still runing ads even after I was welcome into amazonflex yet I still have no work this company is horrible and really do not care about people very sad I now have a totaly different opion of amazon greedy and uncaring

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Harrison Randolph - 1 d ago


Amazon Prime has got to be one of the biggest scams going. 2-Day Free Shipping is a joke when you have to pay a higher price by 10-20 percent on the merchandise. $10.99/month is a mighty fine $cam for absolutely NOTHING! Other Websites do not require a membership and they give you free shipping too! I spoke with Francis in Customer Service today and he along with everyone else are gifted in the art of circumlocution. Either that or they are all trained to BullShit you. Francis tells me that Amazon's purpose is not to provide a discount as most people are led to believe. Has anyone ever been able to get their free movies or TV programs with their Amazon Membership. That's probably Horseshit Too! These folks wouldn't even give me a Corporate address or name so I could send a formal complaint. How convenient that is! They sure as heck don't want any of the Angry Public showing up at a physical address to complain because they know their service is a $cam! Bend Over and they'll sure enough service you!

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Monique Yaptenco - 1 d 4 h ago


Please stop advertising on Breitbart. I am willing to close my Prime account and encourage my friends and family to do the same.

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David - 1 d 5 h ago

Amazon has become too big, and become lousy at what they use to do so well. 2 day shipping is a joke most of the time, and you cannot rely on it. You are better off going to the supplier directly and dropping your prime account. Product prices are bumped up for prime, and you pay over $100 a year on top of that. That's a lot of shipping money. Customer Service is friendly, but unable to solve anything. When I first joined Amazon Prime, they never missed a 2 day delivery. Now, shipping can take 3 or 4 days, even when in stock, and that's when that start the 2 day shipping clock. That's actually might be a scam. I enjoyed Amazon at one time, now they are just another company with bad performance.

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Jay Moniz - 1 d 7 h ago


I cannot express how dissatisfied I am with the delivery of my Samsung TV. I had requested that it be delivered on Dec 7 between 6 to 9 PM... I said PM. The delivery service attempted delivery on that day in the AM. I called multiple time to Amazon and XPS logistics to get this completed to my satisfaction, however, after six conversations between Amazon and the delivery service they still did not get in right. They showed up at my home this morning at 7:30 AM. Are you people and the people that you do business with that stupid???

This is a very short story to a long tail.

Why don't you have the VP of Customer Service call me so I can give him all the details of this ridiculous situation.

You are getting to big for your britches and you have one very pissed off customer on your hands. Based on your response to this complaint will determine how I do businees with you and tell everyone on social media about this screw up.

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Phillip Franklin - 1 d 15 h ago

I've been a Prime member for the last 3 years. I live in downtown SanDiego. All of the many residential condos and apartments have front door security that requires an entry code. Up until about 6 months ago deliveries were just fine because they came via UPS or USPS. Now you are using contractors who are just the worst. In my last several orders the drivers never show up. They use the excuse they can't get in my building. Amazon has the front door security codes. It's all there on my profile page. Either the drivers are complete idiots or the contractor they work for don't give them any training nor do they do anything to support these Prime drivers.

I have had to call Customer Service at least 10 times in the last 6 months. They try real hard but they have no way of contacting the Prime delivery driver. Nor do they have any way to contacting the company in the Amazon facility in National City, CA. The service is beyond horrible. This is just insane. I'm by far not the only one in downtown who feels this way. My only question to you is what is wrong?

Your company should be embarrassed by the reality of this situation. You advertise on TV and the Net about how great Prime delivery. People pay $100 per year for prime. Do you even know that ? Do you even care?

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Darren Doze - 1 d 16 h ago

Dear Amazon,

I wish i was writing this letter to you telling you how great your company has been to me, unfortunately that is not the case lately. I am so upset with your company right now that I feel I may have to start ordering from Ebay,Etsy, or other websites that may give me better service then i have been getting from you. I am the the spokesman for a non profit organization that helps families recover from hardships such as lost of job, loss of life etc etc. I had my annual ceremony where i give a speech about giving back to the community. I ordered a pair of shoe that I thought were pretty nice and would go well with my tuxedo. I even paid for fast shipping which was $10.99 extra. I watched and waited and tracked the package which said that it was out for delivery and that it would be there by 8pm. 8pm came, and guess what, no shipment! then I check the tracking and it says the package will be delivered at its normal time next week on Wednesday or Thursday! that is completely unacceptable! On top of that, my wife gets cold sores around this time of year and i was supposed to get the Neem chapstick coldsore application. which was supposed to be here on Dec 7th 2017, and I still have not received it! So my wife is by my side while I am giving a speech and she is so embarrassed and uncomfortable because she has this ugly coldsore on her lip and she did not enjoy herself at all. this happens in the past where I have ordered things and they take weeks upon weeks to be delivered to where I forgot i even ordered it. This is beginning to look like fraud and your company is slacking very much. I am so disgusted with the way Amazon has handled its processes and I not sure if I even want to be a customer of yours anymore. I spend my hard earned money for a service that I am not getting. I even have Amazon Music which I love, but if you cant Compensate or fix this reoccurring problem, I DEFINITELY will be taking my business elsewhere. you are not the only website that provides good and music. This is serious, I hope you understand the importance of this letter. the email associated with my account is (hidden) and my name is Darren Doze.

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Randy Moss - 1 d 17 h ago


Ok I made an order with you all and never got a receipt for one it was supposed to be emailed and wasn't it was only4.95 and 4.95 free. Shipping but the charge on my card is for nearly70.00 and know one I have contacted on y'alls end will help me because they connot find transaction order. So how do I go about getting my refund or do I need legal help I don't know what to do but I need my money put back on my card. Very disgusted..

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gg - 1 d 19 h ago


I am very concerned where Amazon is heading. I called last Friday evening for customer service assistance. The representatives in the back were screaming and yelling like crazy. When I asked what we going on, the rep to whom I was speaking laughed and told me, "oh, there are just playing their usual games". I was very concerned that I even reached the right number and had ZERO confidence it doling out my personal information. When I inquired again, the rep asked them to all please quiet down, they literally screamed back at him "NO!!!" I hung up. I am SHOCKED, discouraged, dismayed and overwhelmed by the unbelievable unprofessionalism that I experienced!!! Today, there was a whole muslim family who came to my door to deliver, Dad, Mom and child around 6 years old! While they all stood outside my door, the dad was actually teaching the child how to take pictures of the delivered boxes. Again, I am STUNNED! What in the world is going on at Amazon. I certainly have not been supporting you all these years to be thusly treated. It is truly UNBELIEVABLE!

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

Amazon steals money from people dont tell them what they taking out people accounts im so over Amazon i will NEVER order anything else from them and your customer service reps are rude and dont know how to be professional

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

To Corporate

You have an employee by the name of Quantinshia Vincent in the Jacksonville FL area who steals products and smoke weed on the job what kind of people do you hire no wonder things are constantly messed up

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dalejim - 2 d 24 h ago


Come on Amazon..............Come to an agreement with Google so we can keep getting YouTube on our Firestick in 2018. It's the customers that are getting punished. Totally not good. BTW, loyal Amazon customer family here.

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jaspal s sra - 2 d ago

To whom it concern me .. We do not know where to complain, our whole season has ended, we used to weave the season and it works from some people with a bribe, like Mohammed Tariq and Shahzad dancing on their sayings Your manager is Name Dev, ontrac/Amazon Address: 38811 Cherry St, Newark, CA 94560 which is here because of some contractors I have been evicted from the job, it takes them from the bribe and I do not know what this is doing. I have been working for some 8 months with the job of some people named Mohammad Tariq, Shahzad I used to work with them when they were not treating me well, then I changed the contractor when I started working with another contractor, they Manager Dave was forced out of my complaint and it was also with me. Many people with Manjar / Supervisor Dave ontrac/Amazon/ Address: 38811 Cherry St, Newark, CA 94560 do the same thing and this is what Shahzad and Date Mohammed say they should not work with them. Gives me a note and take action against it Mohammed Tariq and Mohammad Shehzad are the contractors and those who do not like to work with them like us, we go with the second contractor to work, then this manager complains to the DAVE and the supervisor to let me know the motive. Please take action against Supervisor NAME DAVE.Ontrac / 38811 Cherry St, Newark, CA 94560

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Joanne Vetere - 2 d 5 h ago


I am a bit annoyed I just placed an order on amazon , all three items were sold by amazon and and after the first two it said buy one more Item for five dollars and change and receive free shipping , then it kept putting shipping on my total,is that how you get customers to spend more , first it was all the items had to be sold by amazon ,then it was all had to be delivered to one address .whats the difference .I buy alot of things through amazon I just may stop over shipping and handling

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Diane - 2 d 6 h ago

Why are you advertising in a racist magazine? Breitbart superstar white supremacy. Do I need to shop somewhere else with a Co that supports human rights and freedom under the constitution

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Valerie Reynolds - 2 d 8 h ago


I've entered many times even after they say i get and down loading i haven't gotten anything

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