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ANG - 3 h 12 m ago

There is not one person in Amazon that can give me a phone number for something extremely important. I was swiped by one of their deluvery vans this morning. I called amazon not one person could help me. They have no phone numbers to corporate, so I looked it up, they do not answer their phones. This is unbelievable, I am a long time prime customer, and all they ate interested in is their orders, nothing else. How did they get like this, move over Amazon, I'm going to Jet.

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jake from state farm - 4 h ago

Are all these complaints to about amazon

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A joke - 6 h 11 m ago


A joke; the entire company. Abusing government laws to get government incentives and not paying their employees the correct wages. A sickening employee/employer relationship.

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Backwoods Joe - 1 d ago


The most fucked up company in America

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


I worked for DSTM (Don't Shoot The Messenger) and I just quit. This company advertises that you will be paid $15 to $19 an hour but they actually pay you $10 an hour and with no benefits . You will be talked to disrespectfully and unprofessionally by the dispatcher named Colby and the supervisor is aware of this yet does nothing about it. This company is so unorganized and they don't have the proper equipment needed to do your job. You are expected to work 10 plus hours a day 6 days a week with no breaks. They only care about packages being delivered in a fast pace but they have no regard for their employees. For example, one of my coworkers got bit by a dog while at work but instead of telling her to seek medical attention, she was told to continue delivering her packages! I refuse to work any longer for a company like this.

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unknown - 1 d ago

Dstm dont shoot the messenger Horrible work environment at 2801 's western Chicago the drivers are being treated like animals how can the customers be satisfied if the drivers are dealing with a rude dispatchers who force you to take extra workload from other drivers for 10.00 dollars hour amazon needs to make sure the dispatcher knows the importance of drivers well be being kolby is rude and disrespects the drivers than force them to quit she is unfit for the position this was reported to dstm hr several times they ignore the harassment and they should be paying us 15 to 19 dollars a hour like they advertised this is horrible messenger service they are unprofessional and cheap

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John C. - 1 d 24 m ago


I called to receive help on a site problem and was connected with someone in ASIA! The call was muffled and the transmission was breaking up. I asked for a rep in the US and was put on hold. After waiting 20 minutes, I called the Corporate Office and all I got was a recording telling me to contact the number I had just had that led to Asia. For a copany who prides itself on customer service, I see non of that forthcoming when help is needed.

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disgusted - 1 d 3 h ago


Wow! I cannot believe a company this size does not have more people to help sellers. One star says it all. In the meantime, y'all out sailing in your yachts?

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Deceived customer - 1 d 4 h ago

I need to speak to someone higher then a floor supervisor regarding a policy issue. This is on going and I'm ready to get legal advise over something so trivial it's not funny. Policy fraud is no laughing matter.

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Dean - 1 d 6 h ago

Who can I speak too regarding your Film and TV networking Department,

I have gown up in the Film an TV industry as a 3rd Generation film maker in the department of Sound, Beginning with my grandfather who was a Disney Sound Mixer for 35 years.

I believe I have much experience to offer and would be a great asset in your film and TV division. Thank You for getting back to me and directing me on the right path.

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Anonymous - 1 d 13 h ago


No! This is not a complain! This is a question based on popularity of Amazon all over the World,and an idea. Why Amazon do not create her own TV station to be spread all over the World not only to use and showing own products but showing as well program's to promote the hand to hand products but creating direct links to services as well? Of course there are issues here not to be disclosed easily because we never know Who 's learning from us,but the connection between programs creating an expansion of products and services. Just think about it.

Thank you very much indeed for your time.Cheers

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Chuck - 3 d 6 h ago


I ordered an Easycover camera case for my canon T3i. When the order arrived, the box states for Canon T3i but the content inside was for a different camera. So i returned it and a replacement was shipped. When the replacement arrived, the box says for Canon T3i. I opened it and the item inside was a case for a Nikon D5100. Now im pissed. The second attempt was also a fail? I called amazon back and i was screaming of how can the second attempt also be a mistake? Dont they check before shipping? Its not that hard. So amazon will ship another case to me. This makes it the 3rs attempt. If this 3rd time is still a fail, i will have to speak with someone from upper management.

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wendy - 2 d 6 h ago

Why in the world would you scream at the poor rep? He/she had nothing to do with what was shipped. If something this minor ca used that much anger, you need help. Take a pill, dude.

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dstm drivr - 3 d ago

Ex employee of dstm don't shoot the messenger I quit last week because they lied about our pay I quit my job thinking I was making 15 dollars a hour with Amazon and was told it's 10 DOLLARS NOT TO MENTION THE WRONGFUL TREATMENT IF THEY PAY THE DRIVERS WHAT THEY SAID MAYBE PEOPLE WILL STOP QUITTING EVERYDAY

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Anonymous - 3 d 32 m ago

Sub contractor driver for dstm chicago branch wrongful treatment by Dispatchers hr don't care work 10 hours daily for 10 dollars a hour company steal bonuses from the drivers that work hard no breaks driver was bit by a dog no incident report written dispatcher kolby is rude and disresptful to drivers they make you take 30 extra packages from drivers that's behind waiting for lawsuits people quit everday

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Lilly Rebelo - 3 d 5 h ago


I am Lilly Rebelo from Goa India. I have been cheated by Amazon India. I am ashamed to even tel I that customer care are not taking any interest. they have send defected power bank no brand on it I am ashamed of Amazon cheating customer like this please take note of this .i hope u"ll wil take action on this and this shall not be repeated again.the power bant is a defeacted and no brand and they charge wet it is not worth 50 rd thank for cheating I am been calling the customer so many times to send my parcel and they say they are going to send the parcel til today the oarcel has not been dilerved I del a ashamed of Amazon to cheat like this thanks

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John - 3 d 10 h ago

Do you know how your name is being dragged through the mud in France.

Guaranteed delivery 4days late,rude delivery driver,usless help line.

Order cancelled!!!!!

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Anonymous - 3 d 16 h ago


Will be contacting the Amazon cooperate offices first thing in the morning to file a formal complaint in regards to the terrible customer service. I called in simply to find out why I was being charged $33.52 and while on hold I went through my orders and had to find out myself it was for the Brita filter system since it matched the exact price. This item was returned by me shipped on 6/15 I even called in and gave them tracking number which was delivered on the 17th so no reason why I should have been charged for this item when they received it. I had to keep calling back in because I kept receiving bad customer service which included supposed managers. I will list all the names of the managers and supervisors which were Stacy P, Jenny B and Rem N. The general employees were Evon F and Sam L. All of these individuals gave terrible customer service especially the so called managers. These individuals were not listening would cut me off while I was talking and two of the managers either hung up or put me on hold and never came back. The only individual that gave decent customer service was Juante B which was the last person I spoke to today. This is a complete outrage considering how much money I spend on the website and the amount of orders I have placed for years! Because of this I doubt I will be purchasing anymore items from the website. I will also make it my personal mission to ensure all these incompetent individuals get reprimanded for this level of bad service and disrespect.

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Anonymous - 4 d 21 h ago



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Anonymous - 4 d 7 h ago


My fiance applied to the new fulfillment center and has been offered the job but when trying to reach the woman in charge of getting him set up for his orientation and has gotten no responce .... that is extremely unprofessional as he has left messages since friday and has yet to get his call returned also our friend works there and has spoke to people about calling him back or letting him know whats going on and still nothing this woman should not be working in a facility if she can not complete her duties

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B.C - 4 d ago


Going through the same thing. No emails no calls no updates. Impossible to reach them.

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Petrice - 4 d 3 h ago

I am writing to you about an employee of yours, Terra Simmons from Columbia, South Carolina who is posting racial comments online on her Facebook and her page states that she works for your fullfilment center and is a member of the Army National Guard. I tried to copy and post her page with the comments but your site will not allow the paste.

As a Military Retiree and a frequent shopper of Amazon I truly take offense to her comments! It reflects negatively on your company and the Military!

Just thought you would want to know!

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Abhi - 7 d 18 h ago


I placed on order on June 12th which was getting delayed and I could not have received it on time. So, I cancelled my order. However I did not receive my $15 back which I applied to my order. When i called up on Amazon customer service, on floor supervisor did not understand the situation and was not at all helpful, rather she was in hurry to hung up. When I said, I applied $15 code to my last order and I should either getting it back. I even asked her to replace the order with same amount which was in my last order even though I would be getting it late, she was not ready to listen or help in any way. She kept on arguing and eventually hung up on me. I've been an Amazon customer from long time and after talking to Amazon customer care, I feel there's no care for customers. It was an awful customer experience. Never thought, it would be this difficult for $15 and now I feel cheated.

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Victor Gines - 7 d 8 h ago

I agree. Shameful. Ive spoken to over 25 people. Alllll of them sorry and want to assist. But dont and at the end. No package. Ive ordered the same watch 3 times.

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a liar is a thief - 4 d 17 h ago

That is ridiculous. Liar.

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What part of ONE time don't you get - 4 d 17 h ago

Read to promotion details where it specifically explains in DETAIL that the promotion is only able to be applied ONCE...ONCE - which does not mean 2x or 3x...nope - just ONE TIME

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