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punit jaggi - 15 h 58 m ago


Complaint against order no (hidden)-7922768 I am regular prime customer of Amazon. I was very happy with the services bt last order has changed my outlook completely. I have placed the order of Health sence PS 126 Ultra-Lite personal scale and JBL bluetooth speaker. I received a message that one product is out fr delivery . I contacted the person for priority deliver as we were to leave the city in evening. He asked me to come to specific location and collect from there. I went and got the product. In afternoon again received a message that other product i,e JBL speaker is out for delivery. So I again contacted the person and asked for priority but again the reply was same. I said I cant come as busy as of now . He said I cant come. I told him that I ahve to leave by evening. He said I cant do anything. If I get free on time I will come or else some one else will come. I cancelled my program and planned to leave next day. This guy didn't turned up by evening .I called customer care in evening and they assured that we will make sure that you get the product by evening. Nothing happened. I went to market for some work and received a message that attempt for delivery was unsuccessful. This time no one called to inform also. I again called customer care and got no response. Today morning again I received a message that product is out for delivery and in evening that attempt was unsuccessful .No call ...No intimation... I need to understand what action taken against delivery team. What about the program I cancelled.... If this product was on COD , he would have called and asked for money. But here payment was already made , He didn't bothered to call. I don't this this is the way to operate in service industry. Neither your delivery guy nor your customer service team could take care of the issue. For so many years of relation with Amazon I have never asked for anything. But it was this time when I was in need you guys just turned your back. Waiting to hear form your side. Regards, Punit Jaggi

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Lucy - 11 h 21 m ago

Amazon doesn't look at websites like this. It's best to call their customer service number.

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Not - 4 h ago

They don't care or understand!

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Increasing disappointment - 4 h 21 s ago


What happened to customer service in the United States for Amazon?

It used to be fantastic and quick. Now it takes weeks to resolve a matter, not to mention all the reps that you reach are indian and VERY hard to understand. I miss a good ol' american english speaking rep and quick service.

Also would like to know how to have very bad rated sellers removed and blocked from ever selling on what used to be a very reputable site.

I miss the good old days of Amazon... Bring it back to America!!! Then I will give it the 5 stars that I had given it before.

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Anonymous - 7 h 27 m ago

When will they stop advertising in Breitbart?

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Anonymous - 5 h 10 m ago

As soon as black people start working, and spending their money on drugs and alcohol

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JB - 7 h 11 m ago


Horrible customer service. I order almost every day from Prime, when I called for help with an order they asked for the "name" of my account. I have no idea what they meant, I have used prime since it was first offered and never "named" my account. Could not reach a US customer rep. How to loose customers...

General profile image - 10 h 29 m ago


I am very angry that you allowed a complete stranger to hijack my amazon account with a simple email change.

I do not know (hidden)" but you just sent me an email confirmation that you have successfully changed my email to that email.

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Walt - 10 h 48 m ago


The Prime A to z guarantee. is worthless. It exists to protect sellers sellers, and not buyers. I recommend

that you buy from retailers that know who the customer is. I plan th file in Small Claims Court.

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TC - 1 d 4 h ago


Yes Amazon does have the worse customer service ever. I ordered three different books from the Amazons website back the first of June 2017 and never received any of the orders. When I attempted to contact the sellers I received an email response they were no longer with Amazon. Do you people not check out who you allow to sell on your website? Amazon did refund for two of the books but I am still waiting for a response on the third book. The individuals doing the selling got my money, but really what kind of company are you running?

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Anonymous - 1 d 4 h ago

Dear Ladies and Sirs,

I am an author of two novels and want to promote my book by I would like to know the procedures how to do it.

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AK Hiker - 1 d 7 h ago


the WORST customer service on the planet!!! I've ordered many bicycles from amazon and I always select amazon as the seller and shipper to avoid shipping problems to Juneau Alaska. Had 6 different bikes in my cart all sold and shipped by amazon. on checkout, 5 would ship here no problem but the smallest of the bunch would NOT ship here. I wasted my time calling thinking it was a stupid data entry error.

had one moron supervisor tell me she was sending an inquiry to the large box department even though the item is not shipped through that department. She agreed they would just send me a response of "we don't handle that" if they even bothered to respond at all. A customer service rep and her idiot lead took 2 brains to come up with "Alaska might be considered international and bikes don't ship international"...ignoring the FIVE bikes that will ship to my address on this order alone!

let bad feedback. Took the prompt they gave to try to fix the problem one more time. That imbecile just kept repeating "we will be happy contact you when we know something else" while also saying she would not be contacting anyone about the problem!

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Margaret Sanders-Humphrey - 6 d 9 h ago


Someone got ahold of my husbands ATM n ordered almost 1000.00$ of stuff. Amazon stopped the order because it was fraudulent but they still took money out of my husbands account n I have been trying to get it back since it happened n every 2 days I called n they each told me the money would be put back, one even had me do a fraud form then today they told me their was nothing they could do n I wasn't getting the money back. I can't believe they did this. They stopped them from ripping Amazon off but now they ripped us off. I have been ordering from them for years but no more. My husband didn't even have an account with them. Beware of Amazon people

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Vali Brown - 2 d ago


I feel your pain. Amazon is a complete fraudulent company and in any other company, lawsuits would already have them hurting, and stopping their practices. They take no responsibility for their mistakes or anything. I just might file a small claims against them. At least I might get a little justice in feeling better and have them come here to deal with it.

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Do not miss them - 1 d 17 h ago

Do not waste your time on those idiots. Amazon will be laughing all the way to the bank. You will never win. The only justice is the news media. I live in Arizona and this state sucks and there is no justice. Hopefully, your state will acknowledge you.

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Do not miss them - 1 d 17 h ago

I feel your pain. I had the same issue with them and had submitted, in writing, filed numerous complaints, to the owner of Amazon and he is so protected that he does not give a damn, as to who, where and what happens to his customers. It is all about money. This is why he is a multi millionaire. He and his entourages pass all the complaints to overseas and this is what you have to deal with. I contacted my bank and they deposited my money back to my account and I could not wait to close my account with Amazon.

My advice is to contact your bank for your reimbursement or pursue the news media.

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barryboo - 1 d 11 h ago


I hate to tell you dear, but Jeff Bazos is the Richest Person in AmericaSo far I'm giving you 4 stars based on my "very limited experience" not on the the responses on this page.

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Nette - 2 d 8 h ago


For all the years of supposely being a Valuable Customer and many tnpusands of dollars i have spent with Amazon. Such a sad situation to know how little me, The Customer, actually means "NOTHING" to Amazon unless you are spending money.

There have been a few issues over the years, but with the exception of two, resolved without issue.

First, I had to return a couple items that were nothing like the describtion, one item of dog bones, tbat were moldy, three item never received, and an item that just did not work.

About 2 weeks ago, I received an item that was used, incomplete and non working, but was advertised on Amazon as New, not used. When I contacted Amazon Customer Service, I was told that i would have to handle this with tbe Seller. I have done everything possible to handle tbis through the Seller, but as of today, I still have non working merchandise bought through Amazon.

I will discontinue my buying with Amazon. I have spoke to four Customer Service Reps, a Corporate Receptionist, Lauren, that told me I would have to deal with CSvc or file an A to Z claim. Furthermore, she told me that yhere is nobody I can speak to at the Corporate level about Amazon's inability to address and resolve a Seller Customer issue, related to an item that was used, incomplete and not in working condition. I was told today, tbat I would have to work this out with the Seller. I can say that I plan to file a claim with my Financial Institution and to share this information on social media. I paid Amazon and therefore the responsibility falls back to Amazon. It's a shame that they hire incompetent Reps and allow such Seller on their website.

I have several items that I will be returning and cancel my Prime Membership. There are many companies that would appreciate my business.

Amazon is lossing this battle, as I note the numerous continuous complaints throughout several Countries. Shameful to treat Customers with such disrespect.

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Vali Brown - 2 d ago


I have had the same problems and disrespect too. I also have decided to stop using Amazon. The only difference, I have only been using Amazon about 4 months and prime for about 3 months, and already big problems and still on the last one, I haven't received my order, or money back. I was never a valued costumer

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Vali Brown - 2 d 44 m ago


I ordered my first order on Amazon a few month's ago and decided to spend 99 dollars to get prime because everything had gone great at that time. Well, after spending 99 dollars, and in the next few coming months I have had nothing but trouble. Take my advice, go anywhere else to on line shop. Amazon takes no responsibility and don't help with problems at all. Actually they do all they can do to find fault with you. They lie, they manipulate, they take your money and don't honor their side. Your left up to their mercy. Go shop Wal-Mart on line, Wal-Mart honors their contracts and your able to go to a Wal-Mart to resolve any problems you might have. Amazon, you can't actually visit and see a manager. Also, if you own a kindle, you really don't, Amazon does, they can suspend your on line books and take away the ones you already bought for no reason. So, go to the book store or somewhere else to get books, or you too might be sorry. The mistake I made was not paying attention to some FB friends when they bashed Amazon on post because of problems with Amazon and now I wish I did. Money and time I have spent for nothing but lost money and dealing with a corrupt company.

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Cynthia Wooten - 3 d 7 h ago


It is past time that Amazon withdraw all advertising and any vestige of support for Breitbart communications in any platform.Jeff Bezos a nd corporate managers, all employees know Breitbart spews hate, white supremacy, white Nationslism, neo nazism, anti semitic scourge and diviseness.

There shouldn't have to be threats of consumer botcott to get Amazon out of there. But if doesn't happen immediately, that's what will happen. Think Amazon is too big to hurt!?

Americans will not abide your support of suvh hate and bigotry. Try us.

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Stinger - 2 d 24 m ago


Breitbart News is truth in journalism. Conservatives will drown Amazon like they did Kelloggs if they drop. Amazon never will Cindy... capitalists rule... sorry about your pathetic unrealistic life.

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Craig & Mel C. - 2 d 4 h ago

PLEASE STOP USING THE POST OFFICE to ship anything ! I recently order $460.00 worth of college books for my daughter and not a single one showed up. The POST OFFICE claimed to have delivered them at 12:11 but I was right here in my house waiting and they never even showed up. Yet it shows that it was delivered and left by the front door at 12:11 pm. It never happened. Someone is stealing and this is not the first time. I would pay extra to use UPS over USPS any day. They are more professional and always delivers on time. I have been ordering from amazon for years and never had any problems until the last few years. Something has changed and I am NOT happy about it. The tracking number was (hidden)(hidden)08. Look it up for yourself. I AM PISSED about it. Not at Amazon but at USPS. Please Please stop using them they are going to hurt your business in the long term, I can see from these post that I am not the only one. Amazon is a Great Business ! DO NOT let some old ancient governmental agency that's probably full of thieves bring you down. I don't want to cut ties with you guys but I will if I can get what I order on time and in time. I have been loyal to you since you first started as only a book store. Remember that please

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Annette - 2 d 5 h ago


Good evening. I appreciate how Amazon sends the products and informs me when it should arrive. My problem is that the postal service does not want to bring my package or even ring my bell to give me a chance to walk down to pick it up. Although I am disabled, I am willing TO come down 3 floors and pick up my package. However some of the orders are quite heavy: I will ask for help. Therefore, if I have to pay a little more for a delivery with UPS or FedEx I would prefer my packages be brought by them. Not all postal service people are lazy, but lately I've been having problems getting my packages. Please help!

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Stand Up Guy - 2 d 12 h ago

It is now 19.00 here in UK. I can now confirm that I have been let down yet again by Amazon. It was emphasized by Rona that she would ring me at approximately 15.00 and put me in touch with a technician to resolve a problem regarding music downloads from some 10 days or so ago now well overdue. No surprise absolutely nothing so initially let down by Abdul then chasing the matter up again today let down by Rona. Frustrated or what!!!!

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