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Lisa Aplet - 5 d 6 h ago


This was by far the worse travel experience I have ever had. Never have flown AA and after today never will. I have never encountered such rude incompetent employees who basically could careless to help you and have absolutely no sense of urgency. I had to pay an additional $110 with a different airline to get to my destination on time this morning because of American Airlines lack of help and efficiency. I have already submitted an email requesting a refund for the flight that I was unable to board because no one was willing to check in my ONE bag after waiting in 2 different lines for over 2 hours. After reading multiple reviews it doesn't look promising on getting a hold of anyone but I will trying all avenues to get this issue resolved.

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Anonymous - 1 d 9 h ago


correction to previous email... I had to spend an additional $1100 to get a flight out with another carrier.

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ed never again - 2 d 4 m ago

I had a major issue with AA and apparently they have no way to contact someone via phone you have to email them which amazes me. After reading all these complaints it is apparent that AA could care less about customer relations and even with all these reviews they will not do anything to assist or improve the poor performance. Im no talking about flight changed or cancelled but about agent disrespect to customers as noted on a couple of these reviews so I guess life is about choices and even though we say we will never fly AA again they could care less because we are the few that complain and others dont say a word and we will all fly because of schedules and times needed but we need to look at every other option before we have no other choice but to fly AA.

I wish you all luck and advise you that AA could care less about you because they have plenty of customers that have no other choice but to fly with them....its shame!

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Doesn't matter does it - 12 d 7 h ago


Just walks and American Airlines employee in full uniform and vest go and buy 240s of Bud light and bought lottery tickets which is against their regulations so their protocol is never pushed. just watched an American Airlines employee in full uniform and vest go and buy 240s of Bud light and bought lottery tickets which is against their regulations so their protocol is never pushed Nice going American Airlines

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Anonymous - 2 d 9 h ago

Could that person have been off duty,?

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Bob Armand - 8 d 6 h ago


On January 28th 2019, a man called Ramona Morage, who I have never heard of tried to steal 150,000 points from my account 9TR5930. I received an email on January 28th at 4:14 PM advising that there was a reason to believe someone was trying to take the points out of my account. It further stated that: Note: Tickets will not be honored for travel; please notify the passenger. I wrote it exactly as I received it. I have a copy of the email signed; Leslie Harris, Analyst, DFW Airport. I could not advise the passenger, I DON'T' KNOW HIM. 01-30-19 - I called (hidden) and talked to Howard after answering all the security questions he asked. He asked me if I knew Ramona Morage? I replied no so he transferred me to Andreanna, a supervisor. She was very courteous and advise me to set up a new account (6FL25V8) and that all my points and status would be sent to this new account. I gave her a new user crazy ID name and created a complicated password. The ID was somewhat comical because of my frustration. She also said I would be contacted by AA's security division to follow up on the investigation by phone or email. 02-04-19 - I called back again as nothing was in my account as yet. They told me that they were in contact with the suspect, AA had found a few things but they could not tell what that was, not that I cared. I just wanted to have my account back in order. Again, she said that security would contact me by mail or phone. I gave her my cell phone. 02-08-19 - Called again, talked to a supervisor called Sydney. After putting me on hold for several minutes, she asked me again for a bunch of personal security questions and said that this could be resolved but I needed to get a police report???? I got upset and told her how did AA come up with that? I just walk in to a police station and say someone tried to steal my AA miles. I can just imagine the response. And why should I have to do that, AA security should have all the means to investigate. I have a CITI AA prestige card among others, never had to go to a police station if hacked. They HAVE an investigation team, they make you confirm that you did not hack your card and things are back to normal within 24 hours. After a few minutes and after I got upset, she came back on line and told me that everything would be done, again within 24 to 48 hours. It's all automated and it takes a few days to process, she said and added you are all set. I also asked her to send me a new Platinum AA card as the numbers have changed and I need to travel shortly. She said she would 02-12-19 - Still nothing in my account. I did book PAID travel to Aruba with my new account, that has no miles and no status for Feb 26 to 27th. They had no issues taking my money. I called again and talked to first Wan, then Guinn, another supervisor. After much dialog, she said that the inquiries were not her department and that I would be contacted by AA security. I told her I NEVER got contacted either by email or phone and my account was still up in the air. She once again told me that I needed a police report, that was policy. She gave me the address of AA security has I am writing you now. (hidden) Conclusion: I should have had a call or an email right from the start from your department. Nobody kept me informed and I had to call in 4 times and each time being advised that my accounts would be merged within 24 to 48 hours after much discussion. (I have that on tape) I created a new account, supposedly the old account still has all my mileage which should be over 200K and certainly there is a way to verify my identity. You have all my information including emergency contacts password numbers and so much more so someone should be able to confirm my existence?? If as I was told, you have contacted this Ramona Morage, you must know this guy committed a crime. I imagine this security division can do an in-dept investigation on this guy and charge him? I am traveling to Aruba on business later this month without status. Really unfortunate. The only positive thing is that I booked as usual in Business Class. I have several more trips to do as I cover the Caribbean and Central America for my company. I will wait 48 hours and if I do not get satisfaction, I will send a complete file to Douglas Packet, Robert Isom, Elise Eberwein by FedEx to Forth Worth, this usually works. Hopefully I will get someone's attention. I am he victim and am extremely disappointed at how this was handled. I have already posted on AA Facebook's page and will continue my journey until someone get thing done. I am from the Blue chip industry and I guaranty I will get results. If I can do this for others then I will have accomplished something in this really frustrating and unnecessary situation.

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Chris Jaska - 9 d 7 h ago


Had an issue with flt recently where the flt was delayed due to maintenance and I missed my connection at D/FW as did many others who like me were bused 15 miles away to a 1.5 star motor hotel. Of course the hotel had one clerk trying to check in all these folks. So in all it was a 2 hour experience to stay at a cigarette smelling motor lodge. My next flt was very early the next morning and so the shuttle bus from the hotel was not active then. I had to grab a cab which cost 34 dollars and I have been trying to get aa customer relations to answer me to find out how to be reimbursed. No Answer to a 3.5 million mile flyer, flying since 1983. Since the US Air merger things have really gone down hill. Terrible support from management. Many good people still working there but terrible customer care. What was really bad about this was they could have put us up at the Hyatt which is on the campus of the airport. I asked the customer care clerk assigned and he said AA had no contract with Hyatt for travelers. When I was waiting outside to board the bus (30 MIN wait) with 10 other people, I saw the air crew for my flt and they were boarding a Hyatt regency hotel bus. Now remember AA is the largest airline at D/FW and there are two Hyatt hotels there with many rooms. BTW... Rooms were available because I did check....

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American Airlines - CUSTOMER NO SERVICE! - 9 d 8 h ago


Customer NO SERVICE.. That is what American Airlines is getting to be known for. Yesterday my wife and I were attempting to fly home from Chicago O'Hare to Atlanta. Our flight 2366 was to depart at 6:33 PM. However, at 3:35 PM the mayhem began. The flight ending up changing departure times 4 different times before it was ultimately canceled. When I telephoned American Airlines customer NO SERVICE I received a very rude and self-absorbed representative who's GIVE A DAMM is broke and could care a less if she answered a question or helped a paying customer solve a problem or not. She placed me on hold and transferred to an unknown female who was in the IT department and had no clue what to do for me. After getting off the phone with the helpless wanna-be my wife and walked up to a gentlemen standing at one of the gates and he basically told us that there was nothing that could be done because of the "weather." I looked at him and told him that the weather was fine and it was not snowing outside so why is there not a flight heading to Atlanta. He stated that he could not answer that question because he didn't know.

While walking down the concourse my wife walked up to another representative at a gate and began talking to another representative. The gentleman was very professional and in fact began offering solutions to our problem. Needless to say we flew out of Chicago to Birmingham and rented a car to get home in Atlanta. American lost one set of our luggage and honestly, we don't even know if we will ever see that.

I called today and spoke with a manager (Felica Smith) while she was very nice and did listen to my compliant she basically said there was nothing she could do for me and no refund for service(s) they did not even render to me or the cost of our rental car to get home.

Yea American Airlines you have lost our business and I hope you lose tones more!

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Apache 32 - 13 d 13 h ago


American Airlines commits larceny charging for flights and fails to return money. Failing to provide adequate customer service. When you enter a contract and the contract is cancelled in plenty of time to fill the seat the airline should refund said money. I spent $174.30 dollars on a flight from Palm Beach to Rochester, NY for Dec.18,2018. My business plans changed soon after the purchase of the ticket and they were advised in plenty of time (Dec. 7, 2018) to refill the seat. They have refused to issue a refund. I am referring this matter to the Attorney General in the State of Texas and the Attorney General of the United States to investigate and see how much money the Airline is stealing from potential customers. I am sure it is millions per year. I will never use their services again and I urge all others not to do so. Although I did not take the flight it was 2 hours late and would have missed my connection.

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Anonymous - 14 d ago


A couple of days ago one of my friends tried booking a flight with her wife and had requested Military Discount. One of the American Airlines representatives told her that they don't give discounts to same sex marriages and hung up. This so disrespectful to our soldiers that are serving our country. I am never flying American Airlines or recommending it to anyone. DON'T FLY AMERICAN AIRLINES!!!

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Kelsie Davis - 47 d 8 h ago


I wanted to bring to your attention a situation I encountered with your airline that deeply hampered my family's holiday vacation. I hope my story may encourage you and others to look at your current processes and make a change.

My husband and I do not travel often, but were given the opportunity of a lifetime to travel from the US and cruise the Rhine River for 8 days over Christmas. Because of the lengthy flight, my husband and I upgraded to First/Business class. During the initial check in for our fight one of our family members (not travelling in First Class) had an overweight bag. My husband, as a First Class passenger, decided to check this bag and his bag to help avoid the over-weight fee. We watched as the counter attendant labeled both the family members suitcase as well as my husbands with his name and information. After boarding the plane my husband was approached by an American Airlines employee confirming that he indeed had two bags checked and asked him to confirm the color of the bags.

When we arrived in Amsterdam the following morning and headed to the baggage claim we were simultaneously notified, my husband via and automated phone call and me via an email, that one of our bags was delayed. This situation caused extreme frustration as we were now in a foreign country and had no idea when we may get the bag and we would need to find some place to purchase at least some items to get by before we boarded the ship and left our embarkation port. My husband did have a carry-on bag, but this bag only had one change of clothes. The checked bag contained several pairs of pants, shirts, shoes, etc. that we had purchased over the past several months in preparation for this once in a lifetime luxury cruise.

At the baggage cg Parker,ounter in Amsterdam were helped by Rumary (who was fantastic and we truly feel did everything she could with her limited ability). She provided us our reference number (AMSAA03644732), her name and contact information, and a claims form. We spent the afternoon prior to debarkation quickly running through town to shop for necessary items and missed a planned tour of Anne Frank's childhood home.

Over the course of the next few days I placed numerous phone calls to customer service, none of which resulted in our bag being found. We were able to shop a few days later while in port for the remaining necessary clothing he would need, but again had to miss a planned tour to do so. This trip was intended to be a trip of a lifetime spent with family, and we were missing out by either spending time on the phone in circles with your customer service department or out shopping to ensure he had the clothing and other items he needed.

When we landed back in Houston, we proceeded directly to the baggage counter only to be told that his bag had likely been sent to the Dallas warehouse unclaimed. We were then told that we would be better off filing a claim for reimbursement because the bag was not likely to be found. We have been in contact with the Dallas warehouse and still have had no further correspondence on the status of the bag or the search for the bag. We are now 14 days from the initial flight and have been back home for 6 days with NO INFORMATION on what has happened to the bag and its contents.

This situation could have been completely different had American Airlines somehow facilitated our bag being delivered to us a few days into our trip, or if there were some information that could have been provided to us upon our return to Houston about the status of our bag, but instead we have been continually pushed to the next person and given the run around.

I am obviously bringing this situation to your attention in hopes of American Airlines somehow being able to locate our bag, but I am also hoping that you may realize that the current baggage recovery process for your airline is broken and cumbersome and in need of change. I hope my situation may help facilitate this change and prevent another family unnecessary stress and frustration on their trip of a lifetime.


Kelsie Davis

Bag information: Magellan rolling duffle, black with blue detailing - Record Locator: YRPZBY

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Gretchen Hutt - 37 d 8 h ago

HI Kelsie,

So sorry for the loss of your bag! We lost our bag on a Frontier flight and while we were still on vacation received a message from the American baggage claim that our bag was there (RDU where our direct flight left from). Because we were on vacation and we never check the landline phone we didn't receive the message in a timely fashion. When I called the American baggage claim, she said the bag had probably gone to Dallas. How did you even get a hold of someone to talk to there? Is there a special number that you called?

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CLJ - 15 d 14 h ago


They will not change a think. We had a similar issue with baggage a few years ago. However they kept telling us we would be receiving it that day...each day, three days into the trip. Not until 4th day did they tell us we could purchase what we needed to to complete our trip, only to get luggage that night! So first three days could only buy what we needed each of those days, then 4 th day was instead another several hours shopping for remainder of trip only to then receive our luggage. They suck...AA could care less about customer service. They only want their money, and they lie about take off and landing times in order to get on time performance ratings. Doug Parker is always raving that he doesn't take a salary only stock options. However he doesn't ever mention the tax savings that affords him as well . He takes over 11 million a year in stock! They nickel and dime you for everything, baggage fee, change fees etc. Southwest Airlines is a much better airline!

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Monique - 16 d ago


This is the worst airline to fly, Andrew in Atlanta tolls me I had to check my bag when clearing there is space to put my luggage on the plane. I'm going make a complaint with the better business beural. I was told if I didn't put my bag under the plane that I would be removed from the flight. I have photographs and video to show their is

Space for carry one. It's a shame that the customer is treated like a savage on your plane. I will never ever fly your airline. You should be ashamed of the way your employees treat your customers.

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Deborah Kay Sloan - 16 d 9 h ago


My name is Deborah Kay Sloan, my employee number is107614. I was injured at work in 2011 and had to retire May 2017 due to the injury. I received a letter from Soc. Sec. The letter is to inform me I owe them 5,113.20 due to substantial work from July thru September 2017 and have 30days to pay or appeal. I believe since my pay statements show a final settlement in June 2017, credited vacation and 401k paid July 2017, retro sick payout July 2017 and adjusted medical payout in July 2017 they think I was working.

I need to appeal this because I have not worked since my day of retirement.

Having a letter from American Airlines on AA letter head verifying I have not worked for America Airlines since May 2017 and the monies received were retro payments would help me substantialy. If this is possible my address is:

Deborah K. Sloan

2401 Chapman Blvd

Punta Gorda, Florida



Email is


My phone


Thank you very much,


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Mayster - 37 d 7 h ago

My family arrived and departed from Reagan National airport this past week

We wet on various airlines United Jet Blue Delta

And the only problems were on American Airlines

Because of snow there were various delays but only American wouldn't help their travelers. We were book on flight 163 and after 6 hours of delays we were told the flight was canceled but we'd be booked on a flight to LA at noon today. We stayed at a hotel at our own expense and called to confirm our Monday flight. We were told we missed a 7:3o am flight and they couldn't get us out. We were hung up on yelled at by your agents. They refused any help to get us home. They were rude and showed know empathy or caring

Again at our expense we taxied back to Reagan. We're hoping to get on a flight to Chicago and hopefully we'll make a connecting flight to LAX

How dare you treat people like that. I would never book a flight on American and I'll be telling my friends and family how we've been treated

Would you like your families to be treated this way

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Lynn Brownlee - 30 d 8 h ago



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KDFW - 25 d 11 h ago

I think you need to stay far away from any airplane.

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Sheryl in Iowa - 26 d 11 h ago


HUGE issues with flights being delayed earlier this month due to pilots not showing up to work and other equipment failures, nothing to do with weather. I am a VERY frequent traveler, had major delays TO and FROM - enough that it ruined many areas of my trip due to missing meetings. AND got to hear the gate agents yell at me for asking to be rebooked. How was I compensated? I wasn't. Total garbage. Customer support that we call into is amazing. However, can't get a phone number to customer relations - I can understand why. They are awful at customer service. Very Classy American....

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VT - 26 d 13 h ago



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Lesa - 28 d 13 h ago

how can i speak to a marketing rep?Now calls going through.

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Anonymous - 85 d 9 h ago

who is the CEO of American Airline? no one else is helping me.

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Anonymous - 79 d 10 h ago

Doug Parker

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Anonymous - 68 d 12 h ago

Doug Parker is the CEO of American Airlines.

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Anonymous - 55 d 19 h ago

When you find out let me know (hidden)

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NCtraveler - 29 d 20 h ago


Doug Parker (hidden)


However he will not respond but bounce you to the useless Customer Service

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