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American Airlines

4255 Amon Carter Boulevard
Ft Worth, TX
(817) 963-1234
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Nona Kyle for Carly Pingel and E. McGhee - 1 d 9 h ago


I am contacting you because I have been WASTING my time for several months trying to communicate with intelligent life on your planet. YES I am being sarcastic and will continue to pursue this matter in court if need be.

My niece, who is an airline stewardess, attempted to have her fiancee bring her two cats to her new home in Philadelphia from Fayetteville, Arkansas. She paid for a ticket plus fees for the cat. She had two carriers for them.

she bought trip insurance from American carrier. When trying to Board the plane in Cincinati to get to Phildelphia, the woman behind the counter refused to let the fiancee board with two cats and offered no alternative regardless of his offer to pay more for the second cat.. No one said NO when she bought the tickets.

American refused to refund her money because she had not cancelled in advance. SHE DID NOT KNOW THAT HER FIANCE AND HER CATS would be denyed boading. The insurance company also would not pay. The fiance had to drive the cats back to Fayetteville. The HAG behind the counter said it was a PETA rule. BS. Did PETA think killing the cats would be better? Again BS. Allegiant allows pets and even two pets. My suggestion--NO American Airlines employee should be allowed to have pets because they hate animals.

Regarding the HAG--fire her she is a witch. Rude, unattractive and just plain nasty. I am sending this to PETA for verification of its rules.

As a result, her father, a Lutheran minister living in Northern Wisconsin, had to drive to Fayetteville, Arkansas, drive a car to Philadelphia so my grandniece could have her cats. She lost money. Her father lost money and was inconvenienced and none of this even comes close to civil behavior. Needless to say--you will continue to lost passengers if you allow this kind of mean behavior.

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Very saddened customer - 1 d 12 h ago


Good morning everyone,

I travel for a living and our company uses AA exclusively. I have traveled with AA prior for family vacations and I have never had a problem. Now that I am in the air 75% of the time I have some statistics that truly and objectively show that AA has definitely declined in its customer service. I paid $70.00 to upgrade my seat and I wasn't placed in priority boarding. The following day I called AA and spoke with a gentleman that seemed as though he was knowledgeable about my request and he stated that I would be in group 1 when checking in for my trip on Monday . Well I checked in this am and guess what I'm back in group 5 yet I paid extra for an upgraded seat. So I called and spoke with a very rude and unprofessional manager by the name of Veneta out of North Carolina (she said) and I still got no where. I have been a very respected nurse and I think it's very sad that there is no respect for human beings anymore in this world. People have no empany or ethical meaningfulness anymore. I pray that eventually some how someone will step up to the plate and change the reputation of AA. I wish all a wonderful day.

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A. Bell - 2 d ago


May 27, 2017

The ironic thing is it looks as though most of the complaints are screened and not posted. No wonder you have to spend time going to good airlines and stealing their customers to keep from grounding all of your airplanes.

For sure you are giving good airlines a really bad reputation.

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A. Bell - 2 d 5 h ago


May 27, 2017 Alaska Airlines Corporate Office P.O. Box 68900 Seattle, WA 98168 (hidden) American Airlines Corporte Office 4255 Amon Carter Boulevard Ft. Worth, TX 76455 (hidden) Subject: Disastrous Stay-cation Mother's Day Weekend To Whom it May Concern What a disastrous Mothers Day stay-cation Weekend it started out to be while arriving one hour in a half prior to our flight. We stop at the self service kiosk to get out boarding passes at Alaska Airlines only to be flagged to go and see an assistant. We end up in line with the assistant for 55 minutes only to be told the ticket was purchased through Alaskan Airlines but transferred through Compass Airlines as American Eagle which turns out to be American Airlines. Needless to say by the time we get though TSA per-check to the gate the airplane doors are closed 15 minutes early (8;55 AM) and we miss our 7:15 AM flight to Sacramento Now we are told to wait for the next flight and we do obligingly set in the airport for 5 hours only to be told we can not get on that flight nor the next flight. The next course of action is to ask for our money back and we are told to go to guest services at American Airlines and they politely send us back to Alaskan Airlines which was who we purchased the tickets for three people from. A long story short we end up paying again for a flight out of Los Angeles Airport to Sacramento again. To make matters uglier than they already had gotten on MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND the airport decided to move the airlines around in the terminals which magnify the unruly state of confusion going on within the walls of the airport. We lost one day in a half of mom enjoying time with the whole family all weekend. You have lost customers for life with Alaskan and American Airlines what a absolute nightmare the two companies are in customer satisfaction. Sincerely Mrs. A. Bell

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Asdf - 2 d 13 h ago

AA needs to publicly address and condemn the Tiffany Cormier incident.Thank you.

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Victoria Colgate - 4 d 8 h ago

I am disgusted with American Airlines for continuing to employ this rascist woman, Tiffany Cormier.

What on earth is your mission statement?

How can you support openly rascist individuals when you serve the entire population?

I would rather fly United and risk being dragged of a flight. At least they are upfront in their ignorance.

American Airlines presents a welcoming face to the public while secretly harboring hateful, rascist employees behind closed doors.

Shame on you!, AA.

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Diane - 4 d 8 h ago

Tiffany Cormier is really an employee or yours??? Unbelievable...

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This is our country - 4 d 11 h ago


Until Tiffany Cormier is fired I will not be flying via American Airlines. As a proud Mexican American I am appalled by her racist behavior towards an individual who was just trying to help her. What a disgusting low life human being

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Disappointed Customer - 5 d ago


I thought Spirits was bad, but at least they don't back racist, unstable individuals who go on social media and boast about how proud they are of their racism (which she calla her temper). How can you trust she's treating anyone fairly?

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Juliemac - 4 d 13 h ago


Tiffany Cormier, should be thrown out of this country for making terrorist threats. She is a PIG. No offence to pigs.

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Disappointed Customer - 5 d ago


I thought Spirits was bad, but at least they don't back racist, unstable individuals who go on social media and boast about how proud they are of their racism (which she calla her temper). How can you trust she's treating anyone fairly?

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Juliemac - 4 d 13 h ago


Tiffany Cormier, should be thrown out of this country for making terrorist threats. She is a PIG. No offence to pigs.

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Anonymous - 4 d 18 h ago

Until you fire Tiffany Cormier , I will not be using your airline.

signed by

A spic.

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Gay white woman. - 4 d 18 h ago

100% agreed.

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D. Johnson - 5 d 26 m ago


American Airlines

I am requesting the contact Information for your cooperate office. Because as a victim of documented domestic violence, which I provided you all with proof, there has to be some type of relief here. I'm a pregnant women who will not be able to use this credit within a year. I explained my extenuating circumstance and requested a full refund and was not helped at all. Ive been flying with southwest since I was a child and have never been through this. They would never keep over a thousand dollars of a pregnant women with 4 small children, who cancelled a trip over a week before the flight due to domestic abuse and a restraining order. Again, I am requesting a full refund immediately, also the phone number for cooperate. My next step is to tweet on social media and also write a review on how I have been treated.

Best Regards,

An disappointed customer

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CL - 5 d ago


Tiffany Cormier Is a disgrace and you are a disgrace for employing such a racist and rude individual. Shame on you for perpetuating hate!

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Hispanic and Proud - 5 d 11 h ago


AA, I am Hispanic and I have been extremely offended by one of your employees Tiffany Cormier. I strongly believe you have heard or seen her racial incident by now. She works in your payroll department at Dulles airport, I am requesting her resignation. I am sure you have received multiple request from the public on the matter. Like most of the public, I will no longer use the services of AA. I will make sure that other than myself and my immediate family, friends, co-workers, social media and anywhere that my voice can be heard will no longer use your airlines until she has been terminated. You promote the following below on your website above under "About Us"/ "Inclusion and diversity".

Creating a workplace for all

From the team members we hire to the customers we serve, inclusion and diversity is a way of life at American Airlines. Every day, our team members work to make American a place where people of all generations, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religious affiliations and backgrounds feel welcome and valued.

Which at this time means nothing to me and your customers other than a glorified ad to use your service. Until Tiffany Cormier has been removed, you condone her actions and allow her to represent you as a company on and off the clock.

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Ed Bridge - 6 d ago

Sorry AA but I am sending emails and calling all people that I know to not use your Airline until Tiffany Cormier from the payroll department at Dulles airport is fired due to her racist incident.

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Juan Cena - 6 d ago


I'm not using AA until Tiffany Cormier is fired and shamed for her racist actions

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You have to fire her - 6 d 5 h ago

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Joseph - 6 d 7 h ago

You have an employee by the name of Tiffany Cormier. She is the Payroll Department Manager; she needs to be fired.

A Hispanic male tried to help her by letting her know where the nearest store was in a politely manner. She unleashed he hatred towards the man that was only trying to help her. YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!

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Steve Ritchey - 6 d 12 h ago


You have an employee at Dulles named Tiffany Cormier in the payroll dept. I recently saw a racist tirade by her against a Hispanic person that was just disgusting. As an American citizen married to a lovely lady from Costa Rica I found this blatant tirade insulting. This employee reflects very poorly on the culture of your airline.

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ber0426 - 7 d 10 h ago


American Airlines should be ashamed. Their people are poorly trained and the help and rate desks cannot seem to get their stories straight and give customers the correct information. I was told there would be a $200 change or cancellation fee when I originally purchased my ticket.

When I tried to cancel it last night, over the course of 3 hours, really 3 hours, I was told by 4 different rate desks/ help desks 4 different things. I was told: It is completely refundable with no change fee, it is not refundable at all, it is refundable but you cannot change the ticket, it can be cancelled but it is $750 all of this in the course of one night.

However, the night before I cancelled I called and was told it would be a $200 change fee. $750 is highway robbery when all I did was change from first class to business class. same dates and flights. I am a platinum member but I am so disgusted with AA I don't care about achieving platinum status for next year. It is time I find another airline to be my primary airline.

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Paul Kessler - 7 d 10 h ago


Let's start with some terminology: Price Gouging: a pejorative term referring to when a seller spikes the prices of goods, services or commodities to a level much higher than is considered reasonable or fair, and is considered exploitative, potentially to an unethical extent. Ok now that that's been defined. Here's my story. On May 18th, 2017, we booked a flight on AA for our son using Rewards Points. We were astounded that we had to pay a $75.00 for "ADVANTAGE AWARD PROCESSING" which is just one example of how American Airlines price gouges customers. I find it ironic that the name of their frequent flyer program is "Advantage Awards" but then they change you to use the "Award" - kind of like someone giving you a gift then charging you to use itreally does not fit the brand very well. It clearly does not cost them anything to process the points so this seems egregiousbut of course $75.00 is still cheaper than the cost of the flight so they know you will pay the feewhich of course we did. If this was not annoying enough, just read on it gets worse.... much worse. Within a few hours of booking the flight, we realized that the date was incorrect - yes apparently we made a mistake on the date. We called back the next morning to change the date, and were told that there would be a $150 change fee. We had thought that when you book a flight on American, you can make changes within 24 hours without incurring a change fee. Apparently (we were told) that this policy does not apply to using Awards Travel. When we asked why, we were told that once the points are applied it is difficult to reinstate them and there is a cost to doing this. I actually chuckled out loud - I mean are you serious? Is there some room where people sit and spend hours trying to figure out how to get those pesky Award Points back into my account? You mean to tell me it is so difficult that you must charge for the time it take? Of course the answer is NO! This is simply another example of gouging the customer once again. Eventually after complaining to several different customer service people that this did not seem fair, we finally found someone who had the authority (and actually seemed to understand how frustrating this is for customers) to "waive" the $150.00, and let us rebook the flight for the correct date using the points. Ok finally someone gets it Yea!!. So the customer service person said that the only problem is that the flight on the correct date requires more miles. We had used 40,000 miles for the original ticket, and the revised one would be 50,000 miles. I only had 8,000 miles in my account so I would have to purchase 2,000 miles. I asked how much and was told $59.00. Ok - pretty frustrating but let's go ahead and do it. The customer service person said this can't be done on the phone and that I would have to go on line and purchase the additional 2000 miles. Ok, anything to get this done: I had already spent several hours on what should have been a very simple transaction. I go on line, purchase the points, and (you can't make this up!) there is an additional $30 processing fee for purchasing the miles (plus taxes makes this almost $100)I mean really!! Are you kidding? How many ways can you gouge the customer? So let's recap. So far I have spent $75.00 to use my "Award Miles" then spent another $30 just to be allowed to purchase more miles at a ridiculous rate of $29.50 per 1000 miles. (As an aside, if you use 50,000 miles as the basis for a flight reward, that means American is charging the equivalent of $1,475 (based on what they charge for extra miles) for that flight. Again another example of gouging the customer.). I call back in an hour and now (of course) have to go through the entire story again with a different customer service representative. The first person I speak with does not seem to understand, so upon my request to speak with someone else, I am put on hold for 18 minutes, and then finally speak with another customer service representative. Surprisingly, he says he can do what we need to do. I'm not delighted because it's been real major time waste and inconvenience, but finally we are done. Fantastic! The customer service representative books the flight. He goes over the details, even confirms seat assignments, and says we will get the itinerary within the hour. I wait an hour, then another hour. Nothing. You might think I'm impatient, however I guess after all the problems I just don't trust that it will be done. I call back to check and am told that there is no record of the flight being booked. Upon further investigation we learn that the flight was put on hold, but not booked because there were not enough miles in the account. Really! Are you kidding? The person I had spoken with hours earlier confirmed all of this and booked the flight. I am told "that is incorrecthe could not have booked the flight because you don't have enough miles." I ask how many miles are we showing in the account. Answer: 46,000 miles. I log onto my account and sure enough there is 46,000 miles. Apparently when my wife booked the original ticket, there was some sort of promotion saying you get a bonus of 10% of the miles you use added to your account. So when we booked the original ticket, we earn 4,000 miles. When we changed it, we lost 4,000 miles. So now we need an additional 4000 miles to book the new ticket. And guess what, it will cost $148.00 (plus taxes) for the additional miles. At this point I can't take it anymore and decide that it would not be a good idea to engage in further discussion. So my wife (who booked the original ticket) decides she will jump into the ring. Over the next 105 minutes (I am not exaggerating) she is transferred 4-5 times, each one saying you need to talk to this department, then that department saying you have to talk to the department that just transferred you. Finally she speaks with Tyrell (supervisor #RTD) and he says he can fix this, but to get the miles back, we would have to speak with the Awards Travel department, and (of course by now it's late in the day) they are not open. He says he will book the flights, and then we can call back on Monday to sort out the miles issue. So now it's Monday morning, and guess what? There is no flight booked. Neither my wife nor me have any more time to deal with this. So we accept our losses. We have 46,000 miles in our account. My wife realizes she can book a one-way ticket for my son on American using 20,000 miles, then we can pay for his return on another airline. I hate to admit defeat, but there are bigger issues in life and we have no more time to spend on this problem. I say "go ahead and let's be done with this." She books the flight using 20,000 Award Points - and just before the final click, we realize yes you guess it we have to pay another $75.00 for "ADVANTAGE AWARD PROCESSING." I used to make fun of people who would rant about the poor service they received on American Airlines. Now I feel like saying welcome to the club!!

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Alba Valderrama - 8 d 9 h ago


We flew to Phoenix from Puerto Vallarta on March 16, 2017 connecting to Edmonton, Alberta Canada. We had about 2 hours to switch airplanes. Before landing the flight attendant informed us that she didn't have the custom forms in English. Then the plai landed on time however we were not allowed to leave the plain for about 20 minutes. People were looking for the forms rushing to go throug customs and immigration. It took us about an hour. Then to pick up the luggages and checked then with AA. The person at the counter told us that our gate was A1. We rn through the airport after passing security withou our shoes (no time to put our runners on). After awhile we arrived at the gate but the flight was to London. We checked the screen, couldn't trust AA employeeanymoe, and kept running tio the other side of the airport to our gate. A man in a golf card saw us and took us there. He was feeling really back because we were so tired. The flight to Edmonton has left course.

The guy in the car took us to AA. Customer Services. The person at the. Desk didn't say a world to us after explaining the situation. 15 minutes later she gave us tickets for the next day at 8:05. By this time ir was around 10. She also gave us a phone # to get a hotel %. She said it wasn't their fall that we miss. The connection. I asked her for her supervisor who arrived 10 minutes later and was so rude that we left.

We went down to information desk where a very nice young woman started calling every hotel in town, it was some kind of NFL pre season training and other things going on in Phionex. Finally she found one for $289 plus taxes. We had no choice but taken no discount was taken.

I am a 68 year old woman wit Parkinson's Disease so I was feeling very weak. No clothes, no toiletries, our suitecases were with AA at the airport. my god I have my medications in my backpack.

The next day in the evening we were ready to leave, when it was announced that our captain and his people were sent toEl Paso because the were needed there ignoring that people flying to Edmonton were also customers paying for their tickets. We finally left at 11:35 pm. There were women with babies going to Edmonton but nobody from the airline care. They brought chips, bananas and water, with a sign "help yourself".It took us 2 days for what it was4-5 hours flight.

I am concluded that my experience with American Airlines was awful and I would not recommend it to anybody. Your customer services is the worse I ever seen. (I travel a lot).

aa should send their staff to Canada to be train in how to treat customers with respect. My advice again avoid Aa.

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Britteny Moore - 9 d ago


There are two American Airline employees who work at DFW that I would like to commend for their exceptional customer service and for going "Above and Beyond." On the afternoon of May 19th, 2017, I had a delayed flight leaving out of Albuquerque, New Mexico and due to missing my connecting flight out Dallas Texas, myself and many others had to stay overnight. Upon arriving to DFW, I was extremely thankful for American Airlines providing us with food, hotel, and taxi vouchers. I then left the gates and went to ground level to call the hotel that was chosen for me (Westin Park Central), to which a lady answered and informed me that "they did not have shuttles for pickups at DFW and that they were completely full." My next plan was to use my taxi voucher and pick a different hotel; however, two different taxi drivers declined using my voucher. One cab driver looked at my voucher and said, "find someone else." The other driver said, "it was too far out for him." This happened to me and six others; which included two Military soldiers out of Vegas. At this point, I was exhausted and did not know what to do, because I could not re-enter the terminal to exchange vouchers etc. I sat outside for a moment, then re-entered the Airport with a few others to figure out another plan, as there were no other flights leaving out of DFW for the evening. Other than the Janitor workers, there were only two AA employees named Richard and Dan that provided myself and a few others the ABSOLUTE best customer service; despite being bum-rushed by tired, cranky, and hungry travelers. Please understand that people had time sensitive places to be: weddings, graduations, funerals, mandatory business meetings, and vacations. Frustrations were extremely high. One could only imagine the feeling of being diverted to a City/State far from their final destinations. No luggage, no toiletries, and not enough AA employees at this time of night/morning to handle our inquiries. Let me tell you that these guys were not TSA's, nor were they Ticket Agents. Richard and Dan happen to work with American Airline's Facility Maintenance Department, so what they did for me and many others may have been outside of their scope. They did not give up, and by this time is was well passed Midnight. Last resort, Richard and Dan decided to get the American Airlines van to drive myself and another gentleman to our hotels. We stopped at 3 hotels outside of DFW that were full, then finally....A ROOM! They didn't just drop me off and take off. They actually got out the van and walked into the hotel with me, to make sure I was able to check in successfully. These guys turned a rough day into something special and never once did they show any frustration. Moral of the story: Every customer interaction is a marketing opportunity. If you go above and beyond on the customer service side, people are much more likely to support you. Richard and Dan, you guys rock and I pray that God overflows your cup with blessings. It's the little things that means the world to people like me. Love and Peace

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