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American Airlines

4255 Amon Carter Boulevard
Ft Worth, TX
(817) 963-1234
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Jim - 6 h 41 m ago


Thursday April 18, 2019...Flight crew NO SHOWS in Oklahoma City, for flight to DFW. Flight cancelled 100+ passengers can't make connection because their AA can't get their employees to work. AA too big and time to bring in others to force completion. OKC needs to really solicit others to take gates over in OKC.

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Lucia Dorado - 3 d ago


Richard--help support was a amazing. He was changed my flight to an earlier flight cause I have an event in early afternoon. Because of his kindness and ability American Airlines has a customer for life and I will also recommend American Airlines to family and friends. Thank you thank you!!

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Grace - 3 d 7 h ago


A Flight of Lies Sunday, April 14, 2019, Flight 1171 It was 8:45 pm and everyone was ready to take off. Passengers did not receive any updates until 9:45 pm; the exact announcement was "the crew is taking some time to do their thing". This was repeated 2x without any real reasons why we were delayed. Everyone accepted these horrible/unprofessional updates and were courteous to not ask any further. Then, we were told "the crew needs to change a tire". So we waited. Then, they told us "unfortunately, we couldn't change the tire and we would have to evacuate the place in order to do so". We had to move to a different terminal and an entirely new air craft. Everyone ran to the new terminal and we were told nothing about how seating would take place. Everyone had to figure out things on their own and just do as we were told to get home. When everyone finally got settled onto the 2nd plane and buckled up, we were told there were "mechanical issues". Why would you put us on a new plane that had mechanical issues? We waited another hour or two. The next announcement was "we cannot fly out tonight because our crew has flown too many hours and we have to go through legal". Say what? What on earth does that have to do with any of the passengers and weren't there mechanical issues? One of the most sincere and honest announcements was from a senior flight attendant that apologized genuinely about the inappropriate, disrespectful, unorganized, and under par customer service we were faced with. She said after "20 years of being a flight attendant, I have to apologize on the company's behalf for this inconvenience, we have good and bad days, but this was one of the worst". None of the staff knew what was going on and it was apparent with their actions and behaviors. When the higher ups decided to finally CANCEL our flight and offer us hotel + meal vouchers, we were told we have to go to another terminal and request a rebook a flight. Now this new task took over 3 hours - please see the attached video. During this time, the front desk rep did not explain things clearly and was not accommodating, with an exception to a few. We were treated like second and third class citizens. After getting off the aircraft, everyone was left to fend for themselves and it was chaos. We were fed snack boxes and drinks - thanks but no thanks. Monday, April 15, 2019, 3:00 AM, I finally lay in bed at a nearby hotel after paying for my own taxi ride, which costed $10. At this time in the morning, no shuttle or even any taxi drivers were around. It was a ghost town by ground transportation and it felt like a never ending horror movie. Let's not forget the 4 lies we were told. Passengers deserve to be told real information instead of a crew that was poorly trained and told to tell lies. I felt deceived, disrespected, and jerked around. We then found out the next day from an AA supervisor at the counter that it was due to the prior days' weather conditions and all the flights got affected. If you want to blame it on the weather, that's the 5th lie. Which one is it? After this experience, I will no longer use AA for personal and business travel. Please know that this was just a short account of the details and horror. Someone needs to be held accountable and I can only wish that you and your team can know and experience what we did. Someone was leading the flight of lies and I hope you will practice accountability so that this never happens again to your customers.

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Upset customer - 39 d 12 h ago

They refused to let my certified service animal on the flight with me this morning bc of some employees lack of training.....i am so disgusted and upset. The guy working in the Springfield airport needs to be accurately trained. Now i am separated from my animal for a week. Ive just flown from Springfield to Charlotte on flight 3920.

Somebody from this place needs to contact me!!!

I have paid over 700 dollars for a round trip flight.

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Anonymous - 27 d ago


Boo hoo drive it instead. No one wants be next to your "service" animal on a flight. I wish airlines go back to kenneling animals where they belong under the plane. We cater too much to people and their emotional support ferrets, donkeys, lizards, monkeys, and weasels

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notaflyer - 22 d 6 h ago

you are very rude. Service animals help people. If your going to be rude, stay off this board. idiot.

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Grand Princess - 6 d 23 h ago


Hey anonymous you obviously work for the airline so fuck off you've been caught!!

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Any airline but American - 3 d 8 h ago


Trolls should stay under bridges to, yet here you are.....

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NurseNMd - 25 d 8 h ago


I thought that if you were travelling with service animal there's no problem, when airline is notified in advance. I don't understand why they fly free. I am imagining the tight fit in coach with a large animal in tow. I never want to be seated near or around a dog, and highly allergic to cats.

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Rick Arrington - 4 d 8 h ago


I tried to book over the phone and it kept saying book online so after waiting as long as I could I did. I have booked online before so okay no big deal. I booked a month out and on my date to fly they say no you booked to arrive in LA at 12:44 pm and return flight at 1:20 pm the same date. Unless I was a drug courier i don't think that makes sense. I had confirmed as i was going through the process and I think their system must have glitched. Any way, I say okay, just change it to what you have today. Only one flight and it is full the other was cancelled (no doubt due to corporate greed). So Customer relations tell me we can get you on a flight with another airline but i have to pay the same price I did for this round trip AND BECAUSE I BOOKED ONLINE I get no refund. I said that's ridiculous and i would arrange my own flight out. I do that with wonderful UNITED AIRLINES who bent over backward to help then though I better check on the return flight with AA. Good thing, they cancelled it and STILL were going to gouge me for the nonrefundable fee. I was ultimately able to get the return flight back but after asking customer relations (email- you can't speak to a person) at least three times back and forth over four days for a corporate contact i was told, sorry it happened, we love you yada yada. NEVER FLY AMERICAN AGAIN. If you have to book with them DO IT BY PHONE or in person!

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C. Morales - 5 d 2 h ago


AMERICAN AIRLINES has to be the worst airline right about now... it's unacceptable how they can just rebook or give up seats that belong to passengers who paid for their seats well in advance and look forward to a trip that has been planned months in advance just because the airline wants to be greedy and over book flights just to give the passengers false hope of ever getting on the plane.. My husband, brother in law and friend were all bumped, rebook and lied on by American Airlines stating that they voluntarily gave up their seats, I mean who would voluntarily want to give up seats when it's a vacation that has been planned and personal days taken from work.. American Airline thinks that by rebooking for the next day to get to the destination is ok, we'll guess what it's not...because now they are short 1 day of enjoying a vacation.. let's not forget having to call the resort and try to get a 1 day later check out...and having to see if your employer will give you an extra personal also gave false hope of rebooking on another flight not once but twice with assigned seats only to find out when they get to the podium to board the plane, they were told that they were never registered.... REGISTERED??? WHAT... what the hell is that suppose to mean not registered??? It was American Airlines themselves that re-assigned everything..What is appalling is the fact that after all the rebooking and seat re-assigning by American Airlines that none of the seats matched what was on the boarding pass, to what was in all the email confirmations. American Airlines absolutely didn't know what they were doing. But it's also funny how my husbands baggage got on the 2nd rebooked flight to the destination, so obviously they were registered. It's also disgusting how the employees of American Airlines can get rude and ignorant with the passengers and rip boarding passes right in front of my husbands friends face and tell him to wait over there without losing there job, but the minute a passenger gets a little upset about there seating assignments getting screwed up by American Airlines the first thing the employee does is raise their hand and say SECURITY!!!! Luggage still lost, even though I get a phone call from baggage recovery services to tell me that my bag was at DWI, I said what is DWI, she got rude and said I DIDN'T SAY DWI, I SAID BWI, I said I still don't know what that means and she states thats the Baltimore Airport, I said to her I'm not from Baltimore, I'm from the Philadelphia Tri State area and my husbands luggage left from the Philadelphia international airport.. at that point she said oh well it's still at your destination. Ok so which one is it, is at the destination or BWI, get your story straight before you call me with more lies. 2 days later and still no phone call or whereabouts of the luggage. American Airlines will just continue to apologize to their customers, but they are really not sorry if they were none of this would continue happening! American Airlines think that they can fix these issues with vouchers of airfare, food and hotel, well it's not. None of that can replace a vacation that was never taken, because now we have to wait to see if the employers can approve new days off which will be hard, because time off is planned well in advance which has already been approved for other employees. Everybody can't be out of the office all at once. American Airlines will continue to do this because they know they are one of the biggest airlines out there right now. Completely unacceptable on how they treat there customers!! @americanair @phl_airport

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Denise Helgeson - 8 d ago


I've flown this airline for years and 1st time I have a problem with them they didn't care. Because of their delays and booking agents mistakes, I paid an extra $800.00 to get a flight home and they refused to refund me. They gave me a $200.00 voucher that I have to use in a year or lose it. Just a way to get even more of my money. This is on top of all the aggravation and losing a days wages because their delayed flights made me wait an extra day to get home. Unbelievable.....

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Joe - 9 d 14 h ago


Worst airline company in the world. They are a multi-million dollar company and they cannot refund someone their money who is going through the hardest time in his life right now. I am in desperate need of this money and have two young girls that I have to support. Would not recommend this company to anyone.

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JJ - 13 d 10 h ago

My daughter was scheduled to arrive in Detroit from Jacksonville NC at 11:40a, 4-5-19. She didn't arrive until 10p!!! Flights were overbooked. No further explanation, no apology, no compensation, no notification via email, text, etc. prior to arriving at the airport!!

Just hours of stressing & waiting & hoping for a flight out. Our family plans were ruined.

Your business tactics are outrageous & inconsiderate. Holding customers hostage & helpless!!

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Malinda - 11 d 7 h ago


This is so true. Very un-professional company. The first check in clerk in Phoenix on 4/8/19 @ 0500, Gate A20 was a large, hateful Caucasian female purposefully trying not to take my boarding passing dropping fumbling it 5 times but every Caucasian before me seamlessly went smoothly. Now at transfer in Dallas, Tx(4/8/19@ 1000) Gate B19, where the boarding clerk in totally missing from station 30 minutes before takeoff. She pops back up 10 minutes before takeoff, stating plane full and there was no more room for a carry on. When we got on the plane it was half full comparing to first flight. So I suspected her statement was NOT true. So when plane landed and doors to overhead open, all the cabinets were half empty(I have pictures). So, I waited to talk to attendant or pilot and inquire(they absolutely had no reason for LYING). Just sad! To top it all off, then the plane was totally empty of complimentary drinks, stating they only had water. I will be very mindful with future bookings. Very disappointed customer!

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Mariana & Thomas - 14 d 11 h ago


My husband and I have had a wonderful experience with a very knowledgeable, personable

And patient reservationist her name was

Patience Easterbrook her badge number her badge number is 109674 she's out of Arizona.

We are an elderly couple with not a lot of flight background as you check on my number you'll be able to tell we have been very loyal for many years to the American advantage program and have accumulated many miles. Not knowledgeable ourselves about a lot of issues she couldn't of been a better person to have reached to help us out. (She's a REAL KEEPER AND ASSET TO THE COMPANY!


Mr.&Mrs. Thomas Sokalski

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james connor - 15 d 7 h ago


American Airlines customer service is a joke. Don't know if the problem lies with incompetence or stupidity or both? Does anyone in this crap organization know (or care) what they are doing.

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Elisabeth Becker - 16 d ago


I find it nice that we paid an extra $50 each ticket to make sure we were going to be sat together then a week ago received an email stating that they changed our flights and we will now have to wait until we get to the airport to see if we actually got sat together! American Airlines is such a damn joke it isn't even funny. Not to mention the supervisor I talked to was rude as hell coming from someone who works customer service that could of been handled differently and you best believe corporate will be hearing about this because now there's a chance that one of us will be stuck alone with a toddler on a plane! I like how they just charge someone up the ass and then not give you what you pay for never flying on this airline again!

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marlonn baker - 16 d 5 h ago


IM LOOKING FOR A JOB AND A BEAutiful woman in this field please help me find a job in the airport and the food service industry im an undergraduate from queens who went to nassua community college. (hidden)/(hidden)

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Mrs. Lady - 17 d ago

Horrible, horrible, horrible! All the commments are true. They are rude and show no regards for anyone no matter what the situation is. I will never ever, ever, ever fly this airline again. Customer relations is a joke.

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Claudia - 17 d 30 m ago


This airline is the worst ever! Their customer service is the worst. This AA company will falsify customers information just to make the company look "good". I will NEVER flight with AA again. The agents are rude and just FYI for wheelchair assistance you will not get treated fairly. I was discriminated based on my looks. Also, I was charged an extra fee for wheelchair assistance.

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Whyme - 20 d 4 h ago


Write to corporate. Customer service means NOTHING is going to happen. Robots

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David - 20 d 17 h ago


Very rude people, I will try to get this in the newspaper, as well as send this to CNN on the morning. The customer service Rep was nice but the supervisor was very rude to me at no time did I ever get rude with any of them as I had a concern when it comes to a $200 change fee. I definitely will not fly with this company nor will I allow my friends to fly, it would been nice to get my issue resolved! Leadership skills are not something this company has. I will not cry over the spilled milk but I will do my best to get this information out to the general public, a bunch of rude people working in the same place.

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STEVE - 22 d ago



I am confirmed on the above mentioned flights with AA. Tickets were purchased through a travel agent in December 2018. The initial leg of the trip was Feb 28, 2019 on UA. Yesterday I went on to upgrade both legs to an exit row. I was told I was "labeled" as a wheelchair patient, because I did have a sprained ankle on a previous flight. The agent I spoke with told me she would remove that status so I could then go back into the system to upgrade and purchase at a price for myself and my husband exit row seats. I paid for the seats, picked my seats and was issued a receipt #GZNRVT in the amount of the upgrade. As I verify everything, I checked today and the exit row seats I PURCHASED yesterday we still available. I called reservations and was treated beyond RUDE by EBV and Reservation Supervisor Timothy Riley. He agreed with me that AA committed fraud, as these seats that I purchased were still available and no one had contacted me to give me information on a refund. He argued with me that I am a wheelchair case (is he a Physician?) and that I cannot have/purchase these seats. I HAVE NO SPRAINED ANKLE, IT IS HEALED!!!!! He also said we had no choice but to write this lengthy letter. My husband and I are both physically capable to sit in these seats. We purchased them and want these seats. MR TIMOTHY RILEY was very rude and kept interrupting "our system cannot change this" every time I fly AA now (if I do after this) I am a wheelchair person. That is discrimination. He stated the agent who sold the tickets for this leg of the journey put this on. She had no knowledge of this. I requested assistance once. So, you are now at a dilemma. How do you fix this self proclaimed fraud and DISCRIMINATION??? I have been on a cruise since March 2, 2019 and these are my return tickets home from NYC. I am not always available by phone, because of ports. I expect to be sitting in these seats, on the flight home. ATTENTION NOW!!!!

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Lakishia Harper - 26 d 6 h ago


I fly American often but this will be the last time. I added priority in error and simply asked GARY the customer service rep if I can refund and he talked down to me as if I'm not educated. Gary from Austin has caused AA to lose a customer and I'll never fly with you again. I wasn't rude and all I asked was a yes or no question. Horrible customer service and trust me a letter will be going to corporate. The bag check rep was rude also. No excuse for this type of service.

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