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American Airlines

4255 Amon Carter Boulevard
Ft Worth, TX
(817) 963-1234
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AAA - 2 d 11 h ago


I called the number above and received the same message about their office being closed as well.

This was during normal business hours!?

File your complaint with the Aviation Consumer Protection at

They left my family and I stranded at the Charleston, WV airport due to their delays!

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Suzanna - 1 d 3 s ago

Good Idea!

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suzanna - 1 d ago


I applied for compensation for the flight delay under the EU regulations to receive 600euro compensation. I sent all required paperwork including the signed form for all 4 passengers in our group. Everyone received the check except me. I tried to contact Public Relations representative Monica Clark via email, fax, and phone several times but she did not return my calls or

responded to emails. I have all receipts that the papers got delivered. I send my documents on November 8 and still no confirmation from her. I will write to EU and open a case if I don't get my check.

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Val - 3 d 8 h ago


Tuesday, November 14, 2007. Dialed the above number (817) 963-1234 at 3PM EST and pressed required buttons to speak with someone in the Corporate offices. The robo answering said the offices were closed. Where do I go from here?

General profile image - 5 d 4 h ago


Compre un boleto para cuba el da 31 de noviembre en la poltica de equipaje se me comunica q puedo llevar dos equipaje de 50 lbs en bodega del avin y 1 equipaje de 20 lbs como equipaje de mano me entero por personas ajenas q solo se puede llevar uno de 50 lbs en bodega cuando llamo a servicio al cliente me comnica q es correcto q desde el da 25 noviembre es una nueva politica le comunico al agente q como es posible eso s yo compre el boletos das despus de hacer efectiva es poltica les envo mi boleto con la copia de poltica de equipaje y la agente claudia me tiene 1h con 30 minutos en espera para ver q pasaba al final me pasa con en supuesto supervisor llamado Ricardo y me dice q es por cambio de equipo y le comunico q ese no es mi problema q yo compre boleto segn la polizaa de equipaje y despus me dice q es tambin por el embargo creo q hay total desinfomacion y juegan con las personas los contratos no se pueden cambiar al igual q piensan q si quera me quejara con ustedes q no se poda hacer ms nada y el dinero no es remborsable q lo tomo o lo deje mi opinion es q es mala atencin y juegan con las personas

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Krystel Lopez - 5 d 6 h ago


I am very disappointed with this airline. I understand my ticket was non refundable. I just wanted it changed from the city i was departing from. Do to emergency illness which was life threatinging i was not able to leave from the original city and the dr provided a note i even had to leave the town i was in due to lack if oxygen flow. I explained that to one manager he refused to help or even try. I called back another manager and she did try to help but couldn't. Like I said I understand my take it to non-refundable but I do not want to refund and this was a life-threatening emergency and it's ridiculous how I could get no help and I had to go to a different Airline and buy brand new tickets and lost out on tickets I had already paid for and the both tickets were paid with the awards frequent flyer miles

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Olga - 5 d 12 h ago


I disliked the supervisor at Orlando , Florida airport. By the name of Brandy. Very unprofessional. Gate 55 told to go speak to her I believe she was at gate 58. Very low character. Not professional. It look like they picked her from a lowest Park of the country. Supervisor Brandy had, no morals, no etiquette. After TSA was backed up with security for over an hour. I was in a wheelchair inline. My plane left by then also, I found out they sold our seats at American Airlines. We had to wait again. So they booked us on another flight way hours later. Are plane left at 10:30 a.m. they put us on a American Airlines 6 p.m. flight to LAX. I asked Brandy the supervisor since they put us on a later flight. If she was able to issue us a voucher for a meal inside the airport. Because they had done it for us before in same situation at the airport. She was very rude. Brandy said I'll issue it to you. But don't get used to this. She was very rude. She did it in front of everybody. I was so appalled by her attitude. As for myself I have worked with famous celebrities and and regular people. Near LAX at a Corporation . I never spoke I never treated anybody like this ever ever in my life. My daughter has worked with royalty as a nurse. I have worked with the best heart surgeons this country. For her to be speaking to me like this and my daughter. They need to train her in a good ethics class if they have one at American Airlines. This woman Brandy does not represent the good employees, that represent American Airlines. The workers that I encountered we're very kind at gate 55. Orlando airport. Not only am I giving a review here. But I'm contacting headquarters for the record.

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Dawn Johnson Lietz - 6 d 1 h ago


I booked tickets for four of us to travel to Hawaii in January 2018 back in March. A couple weeks ago American eliminated that flight and we were rebooked on another flight that gets in 3 hours later. If that was the end of my story, I wouldn't be writing but on Friday I realized although they booked us in another flight, they did not assign us seats. Although they still have a few seats together they "refuse" to seat us together and say we need to pay for "premium seats". Now mind you, I had to call them on Friday because ALL of the remaining seats were listed as "premium". All we are asking is to sit with our spouses on our 7 hour flight. I am so fed up with their lack of customer service and endless excuses.

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Alison - 9 d 10 h ago


This past week I flew on three airlines and two of them (Alaska and Delta) have a policy of recycling plastic cups. Why doesn't American?!!!!!

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Karen Kursteiner - 11 d 16 h ago


I truly hate flying with American Airlines, they are the worst. I avoid them if I can and I would pay double not to ever have to fly with them. I can choose a seat without paying exorbitantly, Now they have new bad fees, a carry on is $25.00 dollars, that is ridicules. Seriously, can they get any worse?

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Michael - 12 d 6 h ago

Worst flight ever. From Dallas to Lawton,Ok. Delayed by 2 hrs and it's nice outside. The Terminal personnel couldn't determine what gate to use. First started at Gate E37A then ended up at gate E38 then back to E37A. I am starting to feel like a ping pong ball.

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Jasmine - 13 d 8 h ago


Always fly with you guys but after the way I was treated this past flight, I'm done with your company.

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MEMAA02246271 - 17 d 7 h ago



Thanks for screwing me American airlines. Next time please at least kiss me on the cheek before bending me over. I will never trust American Airlines again. I spend $10,000 on airfare just to turn around an have you lose $7633 worth of my belongings and after I provide your central baggage office all the documentation for compensation I receive a check for $1593. American Airlines came to me and asked me to give you a chance since I travel the globe for a living. I was perfectly happy with Delta and United but I let you talk me into it. I give you one chance and after 30 something lies and told under the circumstances I will be fully reimbursed to receive a check for $0.19 on the $1.00 of my lost. Now you expect me to be okay with that especially after being told I would receive a payout of $5000 and the supervisor would come up with a way to pay me the other $2633. I have every call recorded and every email saved. You come to me and tell me you will take care of me and I will not regret it. Guess what? I regret it. Never again American Airlines. So I open an Advantage account and have the worst travel experience of my life. Now, you can take the 30,000 plus airline miles I earned from my one trip and keep it because at least I can say I gave those up instead of your company trying to srew me out of those as well. My only mistake was trusting your airline to do what they said and give me the compensation I was promised. The way your airline treats people should be a crime.

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Richard - 18 d 7 h ago

I would like to commend Raymie, your employee working the office at baggage claim at El Paso International. She was extremely polite, courteous, and helpful. She went out of her way to help another traveler and I both of whom had arrived on United. My bag had been damaged, the other traveler was missing a bag, when we found the United baggage office next to American was closed we asked Raymie if she might know the whereabouts of the United agent. She checked a couple locations and when she didn't find she got out her phone and proceeded to call him. Turns out the United agent had left work for the day so there was nothing that could be done. What stands out here is this American Airlines employee not only went out of her way to help passengers of United Airlines but she did so politely and without question.

Give this young lady a pay raise.

Thanks, Richard

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Frustrated with Customer Relations, Special Needs and Reservations - 18 d 7 h ago


I have been on the phone for over 5 hours trying to find out what the voucher number sent to me on October 17 by Michele Nolan ref# 1-(hidden)2 . I printed out her letter to me, and thought I printed out the voucher but I didn't, just her letter.

My experience with AA for the past 3 days, trying to book travel on an expiring voucher, trying to find out where AA flies non stop from Fort Lauderdale, trying to have ANYONE help me has frustrated and angered me. I have asthma, and NOBODY wanted to help me. The last person I just got off the phone with said the only people special needs accommodates are those with service dogs or prosthetic legs. So chronic asthma and the inability to breathe doesn't count.

It seems NOBODY (of the 4 reservations agents) could tell me where AA flies non stop from FLL or PBI and to make matters worse, when I did find the 5 destinations that were non stop - it showed LGA from FLL non stop. THERE ARE NO NON STOP FLIGHTS! When I called back I spoke to yet another person who was of no help. Everyone wanted to pass me off to someone else.

I cannot even DONATE the expiring voucher I have because I was told I couldn't.

I would like someone to contact me ASAP

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CJ - 18 d 9 h ago


I am convinced American Airlines doesn't care about passengers who utilise their wheelchair service. Last year my mom had a horrible experience when an airline employee left her in the middle of the jet-way. The employee said they would be right back but never showed up. I contacted American and she was given a voucher (which really doesnt make up for the humiliation).

So I said I would give the airline another chance and this time they did the same crap. My mother and daughter travelled a day ahead of me because I had to work but once arrived in Charlotte there was no one there to meet the plane with a wheelchair. The flight attendant called for assistance but no one came. She had to walk the distance from the gate to the courtesy stop which was a distance away where the employees were standing. THAT'S WHY I REQUESTED THE WHEELCHAIR SO SHE WOULDN'T HAVE TO ENDURE THAT LONG WALK.

On the return in Jacksonville the attendant took my mom to the plane and didnt return for boarding. I had to push her and juggle the carry-on luggage. In Miami the same thing happened no one showed up to take her on the plane. The gate agent had to call multiple times for assistance. When the person finally showed you we had to pretty much wrestle through the crowd to get to the plane.

Upon arrival in Nassau, you guessed it no one was there. A security officer from the airport had to assist my mother. The AA employee never showed up, this really shouldn't have surprised me.

This goes beyond getting a voucher or an upgrade, its about a persons dignity and the lack of compassion showed by American Airlines.

I doubt the airline will contact me and please if you do, don't patronise me or my mother. You were wrong and wrong multiple times.

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Anonymous - 18 d 13 h ago


Do not use this airline. I will stick with Southwest. I was told my bag was carry on size by an AA employee since it fit inside the requirement tool AA used at checkin. When I got to my gate (54) 8:55 flight to DCa 10/30/17 a I was encountered by a hefty blonde hair rude AA employee by the name of Danni (Danny) she wouldn't stand by what YOUT employee told me and insisted I had to pay $25. I will be contacting my local news station regarding this manner.

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angry consumer - 18 d 14 h ago


terrible airline. I booked a flight to vegas back in july. Found out the day before that my flight (10/31/17) had been changed, and my seats relocated to the very back. I booked early, so we could be closer to the front of the plane, as my son has flying anxiety. My flight departure had been moved by two hours, and I received no notification from AA.

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Jennifer Iken - 19 d 11 h ago


My experience with American Airlines:

Called two months before my trip to fix an error on my ticket reservation (name)

Was told they couldn't do it and I had to do it at TSA

Called day of my flight to make sure I had everything I needed to do this

Was hung up on

Got to the airline gate to talk to someone in person- she gave me the same information I was given 2 months ago

Got to TSA and I was not given the correct information on what they take which delayed my getting on my plane.

On my connector flight, I sat 2 hours on the plane, never told why we weren't moving. Kicked us off the plane for 2 hours and still never told us what was happening. Put back on a different plane where we sat for 2 hours and never told what was going on. At 2am they decided not to let us leave and to figure it out on our own. I asked a stewardess where to go and she "like we said, go out there and figure it out" great customer service right there. Then when we finally got home (after traveling to SIX airports accross the country, and being on a plane essentially from 6pm to 12 the next day we find out they lost our luggage. Nobody could tell us where it's at, or when it would get there. I have to work at 2:30 and have no idea where my luggage is after talking to 5 people. Called the customer relations, was pretty much told she had no idea and no way to contact anyone about these issues. I tried filing a complaint and requesting a refund and magically those pages on the website are currently not working.

Discount airlines that are supposed to be the worst form of plane travel accommodate are better than American airlines. Worst customer service and most uneducated employees I've ever encountered.

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Lesa Shelby - 22 d 13 h ago

Have flown many times and by far worst experience EVER! Had 8:30 PM flight from DFW (2875). Flight gates changed 10 times and concourses 5 times. Finally flight was "delayed" until 8:00 next morning. Had to pay for hotel room and toiletries because bag was checked in Laredo. Then flight delayed again and didn't leave until almost 9:00 AM. We have now landed in Fort Smith but cannot deplane because their is another place parked in our gate. Have now been sitting on runway for 45 minuets waiting to deplane. Absolutely ridiculous. AA was always my airline of choice. No more! Completely ridiculous and none caring.

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P.S.Wilson - - 22 d 14 h ago


Very disappointed w AA treatment to customers and refund policies for those that have booked flights to Puerto Rico. My son was going to be married this December 2nd but with damage and trauma to Puerto Rico, it's airport and the resort (which is closed for rebuilding till 2018) have closed and the wedding has been canceled. The Resort has issued full refunds without hesitation, argument and conflict. Although, AA has not been so understanding. I am a Florida resident and suffered damages to my home from Hurricane Irma. The expense I have paid to fly with AA to Puerto Rico is a consirable sum of money that can be better put to use in repairs to my home since there is no longer a reason to travel to this destination. AA is basically telling me that they are going to keep MY money and re issue my tickets with a change fee of 100$ per ticket... I have 6 tickets that I can use a later time!? That's unacceptable, so I asked to speak with a supervisor who then said No on the refund but will waive the $100 fee. REALLY!!! I don't want to have my money tied up in a lingering credit awaiting my next opportunity to fly somewhere... Did I mention it was 6 round trip tickets to Puerto Rico and we can figure the cost of that! I have many times contacted the Corporate Office on countless occasions to find out that they do not answer their phones to only have a recording to say to call back during business hours or send and email!? Well what are your business hours? I would think respectively from 8 to 5... and what is the email address the recording speaks of, to whom do I address!?

So in conjunction with review, I have also been in contact with several newspapers, news station and social media giants to expose the greed and dissatisfying customer service display from AA. And, I know I'm not alone! I have found in my research many others are facing the same issue. Many people are struggling financially from what is happening in our country's situation why should they/we suffer more from Corporations like AA.

Our money NEEDS to be refunded! So that way we can choose how to better allocate it whether it be in future vacations, put back into our savings, college funds, IRAS, or repairs to homes and incomes that were devastated by Hurricane Irma!

This needs to be addressed and reconciled promptly or it will be handled publicly!

Please respond with a resolution... (hidden)

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Michael James Raughton - 23 d 4 h ago


Today I flew with American Eagle for the first time in a few months and I was only reminded of why I dont... I flew out of Atlanta where there is a curb side check in and after standing in line for 15 min to check my bag it was my turn. I pulled my license out and handed it to the counter attendant after I created him and he asked where I was flying. I told him Fresno CA. He said "Transfering out of LAX?" I said "No sir, I'm transferring in Phoenix!" He said "Alright, that's 25 for the bag. Will you be paying credit or debit?" I replied, "debit". He ran my card and handed me my reciept. Now this where things got weirder as if he wasn't short enough. He said "You gonna tip?" I looked at him and said "Excuse me?" He said "It's customary to tip curbside" I said "I was intending to but I don't have any cash!" He then said "Alright, you owe me next time!" What in the heck was that all about American Airlines? He gets paid by you to print my receipt and a sticker for my bag to only turn around and put my bag on a belt and then has the self entitlement to say "You gonna tip?" If he gets 20 people through an hour, and gets 2 bucks a person by hurrassing them, He's making an extra 40$ an hour. Skilled laborers don't make that. He's not skilled with hospitality for 1 and a dummy can put a sticker on a bag. Do you tip the person at the register in the grocery store? They do a he'll of a lot more than he Does! What a bum and shame on you for letting people do this!

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M - 25 d 12 h ago


Currently sitting on the tarmac on flight 4493 with no update on when we will be able to take off cosmetic damage was noticed an the plane was deemed flyable which is unavoidable now here is where it goes from unavoidable to just straight horrible business practice...they lost the log book no one has any answers no insite as to when we will be able to take off just 50 passangers on a plane with no idea what is going on so now I missed my ride from the air port an will have to pay for a taxi also having to call out of work an forces to miss wages for the day I will never suggest American Airlines to another person in my life an for sure will never use the air line again my first an last time if your gonna fly don't make the same mistake as me go southwest as I always did prior to this horrible experience I doubt American Airlines will ever make this right with the lost wages an taxi ride home from pvd

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Jessica Brown - 24 d 8 h ago


You will see horror stories with every single airline. My friend flew yesterday, plane delayed. NO PILOT. One flew in from Chicago to Huston. American no different.

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Jessica Brown - 24 d 8 h ago


The air line with no pilot, had to wait for one from Chicago, WAS NOT AMERICAN AIR. IT WAS UNITED.


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