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American Airlines

4255 Amon Carter Boulevard
Ft Worth, TX
(817) 963-1234
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Angry Customer - 2 d ago


I really don't fly American Airlines but when I do it's a matter of convenience. I booked a flight from Dallas to Nashville back in early September for a flight in December. I received an e-mail about a week ago stating my flight time and aircraft has been changed. Granted it's only a half hour earlier departure but it is an inconvenience. They changed the aircraft from an MD 80 to an American Eagle flight. I am traveling with my wife and she's scared of these smaller aircrafts. When I called American to see if they upgrade me to a Main Cabin Select seat, they said we can't do that unless I already purchased such seat. The first agent I spoke with said she could change my flight to an earlier flight or to a flight leaving about 2 hours later that is an MD 80 aircraft with no extra charge. I explained to her that we are on a particular schedule and we could not change what we have planned. I then spoke to a supervisor and he told me we change aircraft all the time based on "their" needs. What about our needs? I explained to him that I booked this particular flight at this particular time with this particular aircraft based on our needs. Of course, I got the customary answer that everyone else got---"there's nothing I can do." They dont care that you are an AAdvantage member. When I told him I would call the corporate office and make a complaint, he practically dared me to do so. He tells me "go right ahead."

So now I understand everyone else's frustrations with this airline.

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Angry Customer - 2 d ago

I should also add that the supervisor said I would have to pay the penalty if I wanted to change my flight. Un freaking believable. The first agent was incorrect telling me it would be no charge to change the flight.

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Larry - 3 d 17 h ago

After not needing to fly for the past 13 years made a trip to Los Angles from Nashville.

I flew first class and when ask about my experience.i replied was that First Class was almost as good as coach used to be.

First Class seating has obviously been extend making the leg room cramped and I can't believe the number of people that have been jammed onto a 737. When I flew in my pass carrer about once every 2 weeks. A 737 was serviced by a cabin crew of 3 but with the overcrowding on the aircraft it took a cabin crew of 6 to provide the service. Your cabin crew was great but when we got to DFW from John Wayne they were visibly exhausted..

From now on if my trip is 2000 miles or less and it is not an emergency I'm driving. Sorry not a good experience.

Airline deregulation was to provide better and more service to more cities. What it has really done is the opposite .

Service is worse, fewer cities are being served, and monopolies have been created. This has allowed the airlines to forget the customer is king. Now its how we want it not what the country needs and wants.

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Angry Customer - 2 d ago

I understand where you are coming from.

I flew first class with AA last year from Miami to NY. Was not impressed at all. Seats still felt cramped and there was no entertainment unless I paid for wifi.

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Fed Up Freddie - 3 d ago


Ok my turn!!!

What customer service training does this airline use? American changed a flight departure by 12 hours! I originally booked two months in advance and secured decent window seats... Seats I didn't have to "pay" for!!! So when AA changed my original flight from an evening departure due to the flight schedule change they put me on a flight with a 7am departure. I was told I had to NOW pay for a seat... 2 seats exactly becuz the free ones were already taken! I had been on the phone today for 2. 1/2 hours with AA and four agents later only to be told by a customer service manager Melissa Smith (!) stationed in Ft Worth that there was nothing she could do other than give me a middle seat on both flights (each

3-5 hours long) OR row 35 ----- WHAT ???? I spoke with Racheal prior to Melissa at the AAAdvantage desk and she said passengers do not have to pay for seats if AA made a schedule change!! So then when I was transferred to Melissa she just breathed on the phone and said " I'm soooooo sorry!" But you will still have to pay for the seat !! She just wouldn't override a preferred seat for me! What is with that response? A CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER said she was unable to override or help me out. Hmmmmmm poor poor poor customer service period!!!!!!! Not only am I inconvenienced with a 12 hour flight change (transfers and ride to airport no longer are available) I am now without seats !!!!!!! I started collecting miles with AA so that I could build towards a free flight - well NOT any more!!!!!! DONE with AA and will call corporate and write one hell of a letter stating my grievances --- BUT you know what they say "the way a leader leads his/her company is the way everyone else down the food chain will treat people... So ther ya go! Probably will get the boot and they will not help me out in the corporate office either!!! WTF

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Anonymous - 4 d 31 s ago

On august 25, my brother Valuton Inniss was on an American Airline flight from Bradley to Chicago, and then continuing on to Aruba. When he boarded the plain in Chicago he was told that there was no room in the overhead storage area for his

Carry on case, therefore his carry on will was place with the checked in luggage.

When he arrived in Aruba he discovered that his case was open, his IPad, cell phone, and items of clothing were missing. He filed a complaint, with a customer representative for American Airlines, as well as local police official.

He to the Airport several times to find out

The status of his claim. Each time he gets the run around. The person that you need to speak with, or the manager is not available.

It's going on two months now and to date nothing is being done.

Is this how American Airlines airlines treats its customers? If that's the case

We will no longer travel on this Airline.

In addition even the customer service representatives were telling customers in Aruba that Chicago Airport is known for missing items gym luggage.

You can get the details from you customer service folks in Aruba

Where he resides. It's awfully disappointing that they are giving him the run around.

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sally - 4 d ago

shame on you for going to bangladesh for your new uniforms for your employees. the company name is "american air lines". NOT bangladesh airlines.........SHAME ON YOU

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Worst Customer Experience EVER!!! - 6 d ago


WORST customer service EVER!! "I leave people behind every day" -Anna, agent with American Airlines at DFW. Too bad I can't post the video on here of her screaming at 7 passengers who she closed and locked the door in our faces refusing to let us on a flight because the flight was "officially closed" so we watched from the window another 15 minutes while they loaded our luggage in the plane before the plan even began the process of departing. We were late because our AA connecting flight was delayed after the pilot got into an argument with the ground crews. Left to the pend the night at DFW and because the flight was coded "weather" which was a LIE they refused to accommodate us in any way.

I WILL NEVER FLY AMERICAN AIRLINES AGAIN!! I will pay double prices to avoid AA just for this very reason. HORRIBLE AIRLINES!!! Avoid at all costs!

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Apparently America doesn't want to talk to people. - 6 d 13 m ago


Apparently America Airlines doesn't believe in customer service.

My husband took an American Airlines flight this morning. He had 2 carry on's. He was forced to check them b/c American wouldn't let him use the over head bin being told on smaller planes they didn't allow it. He got to his first stop and had to wait 20 minutes for them to bring him his luggage which forced his to run late for his next flight. The agent never called the next terminal desk to let them know they had a passenger on the way so American gave away his seat even though he got to the flight before the doors closed. Now my husband is sitting in the airport for 4 hours because American Agents could bother to make a phone call for it's passenger. When I called customer service, the supervisor told me she wasn't required to look into it further and basically accused my husband of lying, since I was speaking on his behalf and wasn't there. Never before have I experience such horrific customer service and lack of customer support. I will never fly American again.

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Howard - 6 d 4 h ago

Checking on flights with AA .. After reading comments No Thank you. Will stay with Delta & Southwest

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Edwin Steinmetz - 10 d ago


I have flown US Air / American for approximately 9 years. I you ask me are they perfect, the answer is Hell No !

But in all fairness, when a problem comes up, if you approach it with a calm and fair perspective, they have gone the extra mile and pulled rabbits out of their hats to get me to my destination. I fly 100,000 + miles each year and watch the flight attendants deal with a wide range of challenges. Including passengers attempting to open the cabin door "in flight" and crazies locking themselves in the lavatories during takeoff. They have a truly challenging job and deal with problems most of us would not want to handle.

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S1 - 11 d 2 s ago


And it would be nice to be able to get a hold of someone who is in above IVY (since of course I was told on the phone call that there is no one above IVY, per her, to talk with in customer service).

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S1 - 11 d ago


Horrible customer service people, even for your gold program! Miles expired just a few months ago and no one even bothered to notify me and would not reinstate them. Customer service people (specifically IVY V, who said she was the only IVY and would not give out any other identifying info so she could be identified) were very customer unfriendly. I have spend tens of thousands of dollars with you in the past, why should I fly with you again with this type of service?

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Christine - 12 d ago


You suck so bad I can't even begin. U sent me the wrong flight times three times. U moved my flight earlier and DID NOT TELL ME until I asked putting me in danger of missing my flight and losing hundreds of dollars. I literally just got off the phone with customer service and they said they sent the rite itinerary weeks ago but would send it again. Then they proceeded to send he WRONG TIME yet again which I will be happy to forward you so you can verify. No concession was ever offered and they basically acted nice but like it was clearly my mistake which it was clearly NOT.

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Anonymous - 12 d 5 h ago


Just had the worst flight experience in my life traveling on American.

Ist flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues, had to scramble to get new flight.

2nd flight was over booked and was almost cancelled due to lack of enough flight attendants.

When we finally boarded 1 hr late and started to back out it was discovered the plane had a flat tire.

You didn't notice that before we got on ? The proceeded to sit on the tarmac while the took 3hrs to fix the tire.

Of course I missed my connection. Got dropped off at Charlotte at 11 at night with no where to go.


If you call customer service and go through all the prompts it just hangs up on you, will never fly American again.

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Nanci B - Kansas City - 27 d ago


I have traveled for 30 years and have to say this is the worst airline and customer service I have ever experienced. Much like other customers it seems as if customer service is totally unresponsive when you go through the proper channels. The gate agent and supervisor in Chicago were the rudest employees I have ever encountered. How can an airline such as this continue to operate in this manner?

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Anonymous - 15 d 24 h ago

Just had the same exact experience with the manager in Indianapolis. Unbelievable.

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Anonymous - 15 d ago

Will never fly American Airlines again- very uncooperative and heartless! Flying with 3 children and they made it very difficult. The manager was very cold and rude. Never again.

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NOTSO BRIGHT - 15 d 8 h ago

While checking in at the First Class Counter at Las Vegas Airport for a return flight to Tampa Florida, I asked the agent checking me in if there was any alerts or information about returning to Tampa due to hurricane Matthew. She advised me that her monitor was not a television set. I would like to thank Tami (ticket agent) for the valuable information provided, however a simple nothing to report from the perspective of the airline would have been quite adequate. I must commend Julie, she was the flight attendant for a great job done, she represented AA quite well.

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Eartha Sanders - 15 d 18 h ago


I have emailed American Airlines repeatedly to get verification for travel insurance purposes that my flight (Flight 3942) to Montego Bay, Jamaica was delayed on August 6, 2016, which resulted in a missed the connecting flight (Flight 794) in Charlotte, North Carolina. I also need verification that American Airlines did not have any more flights after Flight 794 departed to Montego Bay, Jamaica on the evening of August 6, 2016. Complete information is needed.

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Sarah - 18 d 16 h ago


You all are heartless people I will never fly with American Airlines ever again!

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Mary Bonner - 19 d ago


Cannot believe American Airlines have not put a travel alert up for the east coast of Fl. We are under a hurricane watch and cannot change my flight unless I pay over $575.It is very disappointing since I use this airline all the time.

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Tran Nguyen AAdvantage # 5R82JN0 - 25 d ago


AA Airline is lying to customers. When they say from RSW Fort Myers, FL to connecting flight in Charlotte in promissing if you get there 10:05pm or later you will get voucher for free hotel. Wow amazing right! No they trick you to get on the plane so everybody with many other customers from AA different flights got there in Charlotte, NC same night. Everybody got stuck there without hotel food Nothing. Liar liar liar AA is lying so people got upset and arguing so loud that many cops got there to calm down the situation. 09-26-2016 night at about 12-1am 09-27-2016 same night just by midnight of 09-26. So I send an email directly to AA headquarter and received message early in that next morning to be appoligizing to me with more polite than the 8-5 AA workers. That's too late, I've already book hotel with my own money. I've decided not ever going with AA nor to finish my connecting to final destinatio Columbus, OH. I go rent a car with my own money and drive from Charlotte airport to Columbus, OH for a whole day. Mean time I called Citi credit card to talk about this mess with AA on 3 way calling. Then AA rep at that time nicer more polite and willing to offer me back points on next flight. I lost my ticket for that flight but not my dignity. AA can suck my ticket from there but they will lose more money from me as a customer forever.

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Miko1275 - 19 d 7 h ago

Funny they changed my direct flight which you know you pay more for than layover/connecting but won't waive the baggage fee or bump to first class yet offer a voucher for future flights!

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Disgruntked - 24 d ago


Just waited a gate for 40 minutes for a tug to push the plane back

What a sucky operation. Delta here I come

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