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American Airlines

4255 Amon Carter Boulevard
Ft Worth, TX
(817) 963-1234
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Debbie G., Cleveland, OH - 9 h ago


This was my first experience with American Airlines. My flight was "Operated by Republic Airlines as American Eagle," whatever that means.

On Monday, December 5th, I was booked on Flight 4555 out of New Orleans heading to Charlotte, SC. The plane was to begin loading at 1:45pm and depart at 2:15pm. At 2:15, we were still not loaded, and were told we were waiting for the flight crew to arrive. Around 2:30 we were told the lavatory on the plane was not working.

At some point, I began talking to a fellow passenger who happened to be standing right next to the ticket desk the entire time. He said the flight crew DID arrive on time, but he overheard one of them telling the ticket agent that "he had a long day and had to get something to eat." This crew actually left the gate to find something to eat, and returned 30-40 minutes later after being held up in the food kiosk line. When they finally did come back, the agent then announced that the bathroom wasn't functional.

By 3:00 the agents were frantically booking passengers on other flights. Many of us had already missed our connecting flights in Charlotte, and all we could do was hope we could be put on another plane that night. I was one of the lucky ones.

I totally understand if something goes wrong with a plane (if the lavatory story is true). But it is totally unacceptable for a flight crew to disappear while passengers are waiting. They should be fired.

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Dlogpvd - 1 d 14 h ago


Worse experience ever at Reagan dc traveling with mom needing wheelchair assistance. All but forgot about us waiting on plane. After 15 minutes went to the top of the ramp only to find a employee comfortably seated in a wheelchair talking with another employee! On the trip back,

No better. Many apologies from capt. Who finally went to the top of the ramp to find wheelchair. Said there was a language barrier.

This is no way to treat seniors in need. Very disrespectful and will avoid American in the future

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Ashia Ferguson - 1 d 16 h ago


I have been attempting to get someone to help but no one seems to care about the nightmare AA has created for me, so I guess it's safe to say that American Airlines is ok with sending their customer who happens to be a female who knows nothing about New York City & rely on public transportation on a wild goose chase for their luggage instead of telling her that it was lost which inadvertently caused her to miss her flight? Because if that is your stance, Im sure my lawyer will feel otherwise. Once again, had it been just told to me that they could not find my luggage, I would've went straight to Newark & was in time to catch my flight instead of catching uber back and forth from LGA & JFK only to be still bagless.

This can't be normal practice and if so Im sure that you will not be in business much longer. Can I have someone's contact number highet than you to voice my concerns? Because had I been raped or murdered the blood would definitely be on the hands of American Airline

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Anonymous - 4 d 4 h ago


I'm Disappointed! You're Crew Is Judgementsl!

General profile image - 6 d 15 h ago


I wrote a letter to American Airlines, because I have a complaint about the airlines making me missing out on my vacation. I sent the letter certified, and still have not yet to hear from the airlines. I'm ready to take this to the media so this can air on how American Airlines treat their customers. I mean really this how your airline do business. You don't have to worry about me ever using American Airline again....and I will spread the word .

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David R. - 7 d ago


I would complain about the lack of communications with your customer relations.....if there was any.

Even your own customer service supervisors say they have no contact phone number for customer relations.

Does anyone in the company know the definition of "customer relations"???

I couldn't even get them to issue a voucher correctly!

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AV - 7 d 11 h ago


AA lost a CARRY ON bag for us on a connection flight. That was 3 days ago. Different employees at 2 airports have had the bag in their possession identifying items in the bag and promising forwarding of the bag. A bag was delivered to our home yesterday and it is SOMEONE ELSE's bag. We had bag returned. Hopefully it made it to its owner.

Our bag is still lost somewhere between Charlotte and Gainesville. Can not reach anyone to talk to. Computer shows bag delivered and everyone we talk to say "computer says bag is delivered" CRAZY.

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Anonymous - 9 d 10 h ago


Terrible customer service I was just hung up on by a supervisor who refused to give me her name but decided to hang up on a customer

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VATrav - 10 d 8 h ago


An almost 4 hrs trip and none of the bathrooms in the plan were in service. How in the world they let a plane take off in those conditions?

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Jerome Glazer - 12 d 7 h ago


I wish to comment on the pilots who honored the Staff Seagent Perry's parents last week in Phoenix. Please express to them, and to all your pilots, our appreciation that they always treat Goldstar parents. Also, express our feelings that all Americans when they understand the situation agree with us.

Jerome and Gail Glazer

Scottsdale, Az

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Dave Williams - 14 d 9 h ago


Safe quick flight. Great customer service. Great value. It doesn't get any better.

Thanks for affordable airlines like AA, I am able to enjoy a birthday vacation to one of the greatest cities in the world: NYC. American Airlines is consistently affordable, the cabins are always comfortable and clean, and the flight crew, pilots and flight attendants, are always so friendly and helpful...despite what can be long hours and occasionally demanding customers or challenging weather conditions.

I'd like to particularly mention the team of Matt and Meghan. (I may not have their names spelled correctly). But on my flight from Newark to Sacramento a few weeks ago, I had the good fortune to be served by them. Not only were they efficient as they came to service us our snacks and drinks, but it was clear they love what they do. Their warmth and passion are infectious, so what can seem like a long flight, seems less so. When they had finished serving, I chatted with them about their jobs, and again, they were friendly and informative and warm.

When organizations succeed in offering a quality product AND excellent customer service and affordable prices, the choice is simple to continue flying with American Airlines.

And if customer reviews get back to the employees themselves, I hope that Matt and Meghan know that their wonderful customer service makes a difference.


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Karen Hunt - 16 d 5 h ago

I believe that all those brain dead idiots who booed the Gold Star Family in Phoenix owes that family an apology not American Airlines.I am a daughter,mother, niece and cousin of Veterans.

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Shahid. Ormond Beach FL - 16 d 8 h ago

I am a retired employee (living in USA) of another airline (they use SABRE) which has ZED ticketing agreement with AA.I am trying to get in touch with someone in AA to find out the procedure for listing my e-ticket (issued by my airline) on AA flights. My queries with my ticket-issuing airline have not been fruitful; they keep on referring me to AA.

Twice, in the past, helpful AA agents at airport, did manage to get me listed on their flights after significant effort. Apparently they were short of time to let me see the process used by them for listing.

They system through is not helpful.

I will appreciate if someone can guide me to the correct place for required information.

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Alicia Quint - 16 d 15 h ago


Yesterday Sunday Nov. 20 , I was at American Airlines International counter at Kennedy Airport, New York awaiting for a passenger arriving with Iberia 6253 coming from Madrid and she was taking AA 953 leaving at 9:59pm to Buenos Aires.

The Iberia flight was delayed so I asked an agent until what time she could check the luggage . From that moment on KIMISHA CLARKE CAR AND LORRAINE TITLEY AGENT went on a mission to find out status of Iberia flight which was delayed, they ran back and forth non-stop. The passenger arrived at Building 8 American Airlines at 9:15 I told her she will miss the flight but the two women didn't give up, one taking the luggage the other one to check in and through security and she made the flight.

In all my years of traveling I never got the service that Kimisha and Lorraine gave us. I would like not only to thank them but for American Airlines to reward them for an outstanding job .

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Saba Davies - 16 d 18 h ago


Flight 2486 Nov 11, 2016. SXM to MIA Employee # 687272 Kat. Many of my friends and I had overtime come to view AA flight attendants as generally suffering from an attitude that could only be described as"miserable" particularly when compared with service on international flights. Recently in transit to States made the comment to Kat, our flight attendant, that I wondered if "...AA flight attendants had all been required to repeat flight attendant course #101." Continuing on, indicated that recently had been pleasantly surprised by the overall improvement in attitude of AA flight attendants. And Kat definitely reinforced that mindset, thus prompting my letter praising her service efforts on board that flight. Kudos to all concerned in this major step forward by AA.

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Dave - 20 d 13 h ago

Does anyone have a phone number to their legal department or any number where I can talk to a person? I have spent considerable time trying in vain to get a live body I could speak with.

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Anonymous - 17 d 9 h ago

Good luck with that. I'm having a problem with them and the customer service is atrocious.

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houston3000 - 21 d 8 h ago


I got a call today from someone who knew my name. They said they were "so and so" from American Airlines. The caller ID said "unknown number," so i figured immediately that it was a scam and hung up. But the more I thought about it, I was then wondering: DOES ANY DEPARTMENT FROM AMERICAN AIRLINES EVER PHONE YOU WITH THE CALLER ID "UNKNOWN NUMBER?" Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Mad as hell... - 21 d 11 h ago


CAUTION AND ATTENTION....beware of buying a ticket from American airlines. They say and do any thing until they get your money and then you are had. You best buy a ticket around them and not through them.

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Anonymous - 21 d 11 h ago

American Airlines staff and customer regulation where I was told to email my concerns have been nothing but rude, no one could give me the answers I needed or were willing to help my parents and 78year grandmothers situation. They were left with 1,200 fee and stranded in China and then again stranded for another day on there way back home! They gave my parents a huge fee only to cancel there flight last minute when I asked for a refund they were quick to say no because it wasn't there fault! If I was not around to help them, they would be left in the middle of no where! I thought American Airlines were great but after this traumatizing experience NEVER EVER would I consider with this airline again!!! I'm beyond fraustrated and sad about what happened with my parents and grandma. There is jus no remorse from AA

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Shannon - 22 d 8 h ago


once again failed by customer service on aa. as a aa advantage member for nearly half my life- one would think that customer loyalty and accommodating a customers needs would be TOP priority- its not.

i travel with an emotional support animal backed by a letter of need for this animal....i feel that aa is being discriminating by not treating issues case by case AND i am unable to get a competent person on the phone from the reservation process to special assistance to assist.

its rather disappointing,


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Marsha R. Burris - 29 d 13 h ago


I am currently sitting on the tarmac at DFW. I am very upset that I was supposed to be in Texarkana yesterday & & due to "mechanical" issues my flight from MCO caused me to miss my connecting flight. Then upon arrival at DFW, the passengers were NOT accommodated and told it was "weather related" so no accommodations were offered - fortunately I had family who I stayed with but it was so late, I had to UBER. Now I'm waiting again. Corporate leadership needs to take care of their patrons, especially when you are the ONLY airlines service from Texarkana. Get someone to the gate & give these paying customers exceptional service. NOW!!!! 10:08 am. 11/8/16

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JBL - 30 d 10 h ago


I dont usually compliment AA, because I think that Aa is the worsth airlines in the industry!! Especially on board...

With the exception of one Flight Attendant by the mame of Shannon strong! The flight was AA 48 DFW/CDG 02 September, 2016..... she was wonderful in business class , pleasant, smiling and what a good flight attendant should be!

I must say this was a great exception..

Thank you again SHANNON STRONG for making my flight very pleasant.....and an exception regarding American Airlines.

Please answer this: (hidden)

Mr. Jean-Bernard Lamour

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Anonymous - 32 d 11 h ago

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Anonymous - 33 d 7 h ago


I had a very bad experience with American Airlines yesterday and today. Yesterday, November 3, I was supposed to take flight 3522 from Newark,NJ to Chicago, IL. The flight was an hour late, no notification until i got to the airport. An earlier flight was not full so i was able to transfer and still get to Chicago on time. Today, November 4, I took flight 2224 a 737, the seats incredibly narrow and small and was seated in row 13, the row right in front of Row 14 where the Emergency Exit is. As soon as the plane took off the passengers in row 12, in front of us in Row 13, moved their seats back. When i tyried to do the same to my seat i couldn't and was informed that people in Row 13 could not move their seats back because of the Emergency exit in Row 14. Thus, i had the passenger from Row 12 in my face, with barely breathing space the entire trip. When i asked for assistance from the stewardessesI was told tough luck!! The personnel acted insulted that i would even ask. I have flown a lot, but American is NOT among the fine, accommodating airlines in my repertoire. Hans Fisher

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