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American Airlines

4255 Amon Carter Boulevard
Ft Worth, TX
(817) 963-1234
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Mike Carnell - 11 h 21 m ago


I was on a flight, 2707 from DFW to Austin last night April 19, 2018 seat 17D. I am a Million Miler with AA which they have trained me to understand means absolutely nothing to them. It does mean that I am an experienced flier. At a speed of 557 mph (midrange of the 546-575 listed on line). That translates to approximately 1795 hrs or 75 days on an AA plane. I have a realistic expectation of what this airline considers acceptable. Their expectation not mine I have been on Virgin Atlantic and know what good service is. Flight 2707 is a 35 minute flight. The flight attendants had out orange juice or bottled water. No idea why. Most of us are good not drinking something for 35 minutes. Obviously way to much stress for at least one flight attendant last night. She asked me what I wanted and I told her orange juice. She held out her hand and I took hold of the bottle. Turns out it was water so she jerked it out of my hand obviously protecting that precious bottle of water. Then she handed me a carton of Orange Juice. Then she took a napkin shoved it into my chest and it fell on the floor. Now I am not some delicate flower but at what point did it become acceptable to have some flight attendant do that to a customer? I whipped around and looked at her. The other attendant asked me what was wrong. I said nothing because as the flying public knows there is that infamous No Fly list that they can use indiscriminately if you do not behave properly. This is the environment that management has condoned to the point that now flight attendants feel empowered to put their hands on you when they feel like it, Really and you want me to watch that stupid video that tells me how important I am to your company as a customer. I even call AA corporate offices this morning and was told to call back during regular working hours. Noon on Friday is not a working day at American Airlines.

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Paul Noland - 11 h 49 m ago


Six weeks ago we traveled from Bosotn to Dallas, and on the flight the gentleman in front of me was watching s documentary which had pornography.

I spoke to the flight attendants and they said speak to the Captain. I spoke with the Captain and he said to speak to customer service.

After finding out that there was no such thing with American Airlines as "speaking" to someone, I emailed customer service department but received

not response other than they received my message. Three weeks went by and I emailed them again, but received not response other than they had

received me email.

The only person I could reach was a reservation agent who let me talk to her supervisor. The supervisor was very kind and took my number hoping

that she could find someone that I could talk to. That was 3 days ago and still no respone.

I am a business owner, and if someone reported to me that pornography was able to be watch at my business, it would have been taken care of in

about one hour. After 6 weeks, still no response from American Airlines.

It frankly boggles my mind.

I just hope that no child (or adult) happens to watch the same program that the gentleman was watching.

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Anonymous - 17 h 47 m ago

After many years in corporate america I don't see why our company allow to many supervisors, crew chiefs who only stealing money. In a leadership role American can reduce these positions. Example: 1 shift two supervisors , 2 crew chiefs

2 shift two supervisors, 2 crew chiefs

3 shift two supervisors, 2 crew chiefs

In big business it's about reducing companies saving so the company can complete with other airlines. This is a suggestion from a concern hard worker.

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Anonymous - 1 d 9 h ago


On Monday April 16, 2018 my granddaughter had a connecting flight from Richmond to Charlotte, NC to Jacksonville, Fl the flight was from Richmond was delayed due to mechanical issues and she missed her connecting flight to Charlotte. She is new mother with a three week old baby she was able to get a connecting flight until 2 hours later. Upon arriving in Jacksonville, Fl when she got her luggage it was damaged we went to speak to the customer service people who were both very rude and didn't assist us. When we asked for their name the rep refused to even write her name down and threatened to call the police on us. The rep we first spoke to was a Hispanic lady the other rep who was a much older white woman referred to by granddaughter as little girl which was rude we are black by the way. My granddaughter who doesn't look 25 should have not had to have this horrible experience. I hate American

Airlines and I will use social media to blast them every chance we get this airline needs to go out of business.

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Anonymous - 1 d 17 h ago

Philadelphia unions are strong however the store department are very weak. We need to vote them out because all they do is tell on each other. The RAMP and MAINTENANCE are Army strong! As a ramp rat I was told about stores workers.

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Belochka - 7 d 26 s ago


Things are going bad in AA. They even refused to respond on my complaint to BBB. They just ignored the complaint, like it OK for people to be unsatisfied, robbed, and unfairly treated. It was impossible to find the ticket to redeem miles. They seems like do it intentionally, not allowing to buy ticket from any rout, but offer just one that unpopular and take the whole day to fly.They do not warn that they are going to wipe your account off miles down to zero, do stop sending monthly statements and when the account silently in the dark wiped off, they could be so kind and offer to reinstate mileages for a fee of $75.00. Seems like criminal tactic to rob legally take a lead in every business. Where the decent people and fine businesses?

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Sam Webster - 2 d 9 h ago


My experience was awesome!

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Barbara - 2 d 11 h ago


To Whom It May Concern:

Our outbound flights on American went without incident and arrived on time. However, my husband, granddaughter and I were booked on AA flight #2745 on April 6, 2018 from DFW to SJC scheduled to depart at 5:05 pm and arrive at 6:50 pm. After having the gate changed three times, the terminal changed once and the departure time changed innumerable times, I can't recall exactly what time we boarded and departed. Given the scheduled flight time of 3:45 hours on the originally scheduled flight and our eventual landing time @ SJC of 11:08 pm, I'd say we finally left Dallas around 9:40 pm (4 hours late!).

I am appalled that during the ever changing and lengthy delay, American only offered a cart with junk food (eg. cookies, chips and soda) rather than giving us a true delay time of hours' duration up front, in which case we would have sat down to meal. Offering meal vouchers would have shown some customer support as well!. If t I finally was away from the gate purchasing a "to go" sandwich when the cart was brought to the gate so I can't personally describe what was said or how it was handled. Since we were originally scheduled to land at 6:50, we had planned to have dinner with our family after we arrived and had not arranged to bring a meal onboard our flight.

By the time we were all boarded on the plane, I was feeling particularly frustrated (and angry!). NO ONE, including the pilot, who I engaged on deplaning, seemed to think it was appropriate to apologize on behalf of AA for our late departure and seemingly unending changes in the flight schedule, especially since the passengers were flying to the West coast and would be arriving with a body time that was three hours later. I understand that some of the causes for the delays might have been out of the control of the airline, but as time wore on, it became obvious that your flight operations were not up the task. We know that three things that are under your control are needed to take offa plane,a flight crew and a cabin crew. It seemed your staff could not get all three to our gate to allow our flight to take place, throughout what became an excruciating delay, we had various combinations of two out of three, each resulting in another increment of delay.

The last straw occurred right after we finally landed at SJC almost four and a half hours late. The pilot came on the PA and, without even an apology, said there was another plane at our gate and there would be about a 10 minute delay before we could taxi to the gate. Really??? American knew three hours before we arrived that we were coming and we were already several hours late. Surely, the plane being fueled by a truck, could have been moved to the ramp or we could have taxied to a different gate and deplaned! Instead, the 10 minute delay announced dragged on, we sat for another 40 minutes or more waiting to reach the gate and be connected with our family who had waited almost an hour past the rescheduled arrival time!

During the many hours of waiting, I may have heard one AA representative apologize early on in the saga of changing gates, terminals and departure times. We were told at one point that we would be departing shortly and then we were told the plane would be taking the passengers to Sacramento despite the fact that we already had been waiting at least a couple of hours.

Clearly, American Airlines is driven by departure time ratings more than a desire to serve their customers. I have learned this lesson well and will choose a different airline carrier whenever possible the future. I will be taking seriously, the message early in the flight when the pilot thanks the passengers for choosing American and acknowledges that we have other options from which to choose! Also, my husband traveled extensively for 20+ years throughout his career, and told me he never once experienced the inconvenience and lack of courtesy that we received from American Airlines on April 6!

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Bill - 7 d 10 h ago

Will your new campus have onsite child care?

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Jerry Burger - 10 d 9 h ago


My wife had a huge problem in Chicago. We sent a letter to Corp. In PHX. They made one attempt to contact by phone and a little we got your letter and would like to discuss with you the problem. We need A phone number to a real person who can help me Please. We are eager to get this situation taken care of. ASAP. We can NO phone on line to PHX office.

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Anonymous - 11 d 9 h ago

I have a question for Mr. Isom of corporate. I was shopping at Walmart in Charlotte and this store was huge. I needed some help and they had ONLY two mangers on the floor and one senior manger who remained in the office on the grounds. Why do Charlotte and Philadelphia have a volume of mangers when our department is much smaller. We thought once American became the new look they would downsize with lower levels management.

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bronsky - 11 d 8 h ago

Sorry Anonymous, but Mr. Isom is no longer with us. He choked to death

gumming on a moldy bagel.Bron

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Service stinks. - 13 d 13 h ago


Some of the rudest gate people we have ever encountered, told us the wrong gate missed a flight then was told we had better run, my husband is a disables veteran. REALLY.

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Noman - 13 d 5 h ago

Do you really look at the people (sic) that work there??

Do they look like you?

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Flying is a miserable experience - 13 d 7 h ago


35 years flying on airlines and I have come to absolutely hate it! Basic (cattle flight) WTF??????????????!!!!!!!!!! Carry-on 1 item that fits under the seat (No access to overhead bin) Carry-on & personal item (access to overhead bin) Seats Seats assigned at check-in* Choose your seat (fee may apply) Upgrades Not eligible for upgrades* Eligible for upgrades on American flights Flight change No flight changes or refunds* Flight changes allowed (fee applies) Boarding Board in last group General boarding

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Arm robbery - 13 d 14 h ago


I made a flight June 28 to July 8 but they"re making it June 28 to July 28 and will not corporate with me humanly.

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Anonymous - 40 d 19 h ago

Sissy Walen lacks common sense and leadership. As a former employee who watch her on the floor she shows bais traits with her workers. Base in Philadelphia! I'm so glad I don't have to work with her unfair behavior.

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Anonymous - 37 d 12 h ago

To add to this comment above I work there under her and I overheard her being disrespecting to other race with co workers who look like her. Unsatisfactory as an lead. Maybe classes or training to see if you meet the criteria to have this job.

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Anonymous - 31 d 15 h ago

All she do is pop pills and dry tell on people!!!

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Anonymous - 24 d 15 h ago

Go back to SWP we don't need you in out township greedy OT!!!

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Anonymous - 16 d 13 h ago

Office specialist informant!!!!

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Anonymous - 17 d 8 h ago

She needs to do her hair and wash up to! Go back to SWP !!!!

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Anonymous - 16 d 18 h ago

Corporate should change the jobs title under Usairways regarding leads. Leads who was grandfather in should be retested by a state college professor to see if they meet such a criteria. Although under American I can say their wit of intelligents goes way above the leads I seen.

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Sarai Pagan - 18 d 10 h ago


Buenos Das, A quien Puesa intersar.

Ya me he contactado con ustedes anteriormente la empleada Ms. Darlene Hart me ha estado ayudando desde el Dilogo 25 de marzo 2018 el cual yo hice la llamada por no tuvieron la decencia de poder comunicarse conmigo en lo absoluto. En Fin sigo estando molesta por este terrible y desconsiderado inconvencible de parte de la aereolinia American Airlines y de los Empleados. El Da 3/14/2018 dentro de las hora aproximada 10:23 am a 11:00 am yo Sara Pagan me dirijo al areopuerto de Fort Myers Florida el cual aqu resido actualmente, cuando estaba en la lnea para dejar mi Maleta (1) sola escucho al empleado no se el nombre pero si lo veo lo puedo reconocer y se q ustedes tiene cmaras las cuales pueden identificar quin es el empleado el cual es una persona de edad como de 47a 55 si no ms.el cual estaba en el cubiculo derecho desde mi ngulo por supuesto el otro empleado era ms joven.

El muy amable muy conversador habla con la persona (femenina)q est frente de mi dejando su maleta y al final le dice si puedes poner algo en la cajita ser bienvenido no es obligatorio pero algo cajita de Color Transparente la cual est ubicada frente al cubiculo donde trabajan. En fin la Muchacha le contesta y le dice "si claro no hay problema

Deposita cierta cantidad la cual no preste atencin cul fue y despus de hacer este gesto el agarr su maleta y la coloc en la correa no lo hizo antes si no despus de haber visto que la chica. Buenos Das. Esta es la continuacin del la queja anterior la cual enve hace varios minutos y en el bag Number lo escrib errneo (CDG02779848) esto fue lo q escrib errneamente. En fin continuando con mi queja deca q despus que la muchacha o (chica) coloc el dinero en la cajita transparente el coloc su Maleta en la correa no antes. Yo Sara Mirando la situacin me qued desconcertada debido a que nunca haba visto eso yo si he visto las cajitas y si uno quiere depositar algo pues lo hace siempre y cuando la persona tenga disponible.toca mi turno el muy conversador y amablemente u me pregunta hacia dnde voy y yo le contesto q es mi primer viaje a Paris y de all bamos a otra ciudad para tomar un crucero el empleado me contesta y dice ohh q bien yo he ido a Varios lugares y ya pronto estar de viaje nuevamente yo le pregunto En Crucero? Me contesta,No en Avin,el Empleado me pregunta esto es un standby flight? Le digo ,No es un Connection Flight y me dice no encuentro el otro boarding pass y despus me dice ya la maleta est alimento cuando llegues a Dallas te darn el otro ticket me provee con mi nmero de Maleta y me dice okay ya est todo listo, pero no coloco mi Maleta(luggage) en la Correa yo lo mire y le pregunto mi maleta va a ir a la correa y me dice si ya mismo la coloco. Yo entr para esperar a mis amigas las cuales viajaban conmigo,cuando ellas estn Chequiando sus maletas adentro del counter, yo por curiosidad le pregunto a la empleada si fuese tan amable de verificar si el ticket de mi maleta estaba bien y si me pudiera dar el proximo boarding pass de Dallas A Paris por que el empleado de afuera no lo encontr ella dijo porsupuesto lo verific dijo q la Maleta estaba en el connection flight y me proveyo con el segundo boarding Pass. Yo estoy sper Indignada, molesta por todo el inconveniente q me Hicieron pasar debido a que mi Maleta Ninca Sali de El Aeropuerto de Fort Myers el Empleado le hizo el check in a la maleta pero nunca la envi. Buenos Das. La presente es para continuar el relato de mi horrible experiencia con Esta Aereolinea el nmero de File lo escrib errneo nuevamente el Correcto sera (CDGAA02779848) disculpen estoy bien cansada he indignada en ves de estar descansando de tan largo viaje tengo q estar haciendo todo esto y eso me incomoda an ms. Como les deca mi maleta nunca fue colocada en la correa o en el Avin el empleado solo le dio el check in pero nunca la enviaron a su destino lo digo por que cuando llegu aqu al Aereopuerto de Fort Myers el dia 3/25/2018 a las 12 de la media noche me dirij hacia lost and found la seora Jacky (AfroAmericana) me pregunt si me estaban ayudando le dije todava no y ella me dijo en que te puedo ayudar le expliqu la situacin ella muy amable agarro los papeles y fue a verificar por el claim Number y me dijo que la Maleta estaba en Dallas yo le dije , No esta all por que de ese aeropuerto yo vengo de hacer escala y pregunte me dieron otro numero de telfono para llamar a ver si el departamento de Luggage services la tenia pero no obstante como este fue mi sitio de partida quiero verificar si mi maleta se qued aqu y ella me dijo lo siento pero aqu no est yo molesta con toda razn le digo puedes verificar nuevamente por que yo tengo la serteza que mi maleta la dejaron aqu y no fue enviada a su destino y es ilgico q una maleta se pierda as de la nada es absurdo la Empleada seora Jacky me dijo tu nombre es Fulana le contest si est en el papel el cual le di y abri una carpeta Negra y mi nombre estaba escrito all me dice si creo q tu maleta est aqu djame verificar, fue y regreso con mi maleta en la Mano se disculp y me dijo no se que paso pero est registrada como que estaba en Dallas pero de aqu nunca salio disculpa,yo le dije no es su culpa fue el otro empleado el cual le dio el check in a la maleta pero nunca la coloco en la correa para llegar a su destino. Esto que yo pas no se lo deseo a nadie es bien indignante. Buenas Das. Como deca estoy bien indignada y sper molesta con todo esto fue extremadamente incoveniente para m el yo haber estado sin nada de Ropa, mis cosas personales etc. Por todos esos das y para colmo tuve que gastar el Dinero el cual solo tena para mis gastos all en ropa etc. Sin ninguna necesidad, yo no saba q era la obligacin ma darle propina a los empleados no estaba en un restaurante o cosa parecido el dinero q tena yo a la mano era el exacto para cambiarlo en Euros all mismo en el aeropuerto y yo Trabajo honrradamente y muy fuerte para poder dar este viaje para yo tener que pasar por visititudes inecesarias por que American Airlines no hizo su trabaj debidamente, no llamadas no emails nada ya perd la cuenta de cuntas llamada hide yo mis amigas que inclusive se les provey con diferentes nmeros de telfono y nada perdimos un tren por culpa de esta situacin no dieron reembolso y tampoco haba cupo para el otro viaje se tuvo q pagar otro ticket para otro tren el cual yo no tena el dinero y me lo tuvieron q prestar y ramos alrededor de10 personas y reservacin para otro hotel por qu no bamos a llegar al mismo lugar fueron aproximadamente 200 dlares por persona tambin tengo el recibo espero respuesta y que tomen Cartas en esta asunto por qu esto no se lo deseo a Nadie.

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Lisa - 18 d 12 h ago


Terrible service,and many seemingly uncaring Am.Airlines employees.

Last July my son and I flew to N.Y. to visit family.We flew into NYC and out of Buffalo.Our return flight out of Buffalo was in the evening.Just prior to boarding they announced there would be a delay due to the "oxygen delivery system to the cockpit wasn't working properly" Sounded pretty serious.The delay time kept changing.Meanwhile, my son and I ended up missing our connecting flight that would have gotten us back to Phoenix that evening.We only found one agent sympathetic and willing to help us get back home in a timely manner.He told us if we were willing to make 2 stops he could reroute us to get back to Phoenix by early morning.We agreed.We were then sent to Washington D.C. where we waited on the tarmac for a long time,not sure why.Then we were flown to Charlotte where we were supposed to get a flight back to Phoenix.Instead after many delays and time changes they finally announced the crew had worked too many hours and the flight was cancelled.We were stranded in Charlotte! It was packed and like a madhouse,people running everywhere to to scramble and get another flight out somewhere.They did offer a SMALL hotel compensation(not enough $) if you were lucky enough to get one after huge waits in the lines full of angry people.Even then the hotels were booked and most people were out of luck and left to their own devices.Am.Airlines didn't seem to care that my son and I were stuck without a flight home and looking to sleep on the airport floor as the seats were already full of other stranded passengers.It was now around midnight.We were tired,hungry and not sure what to do.They just kept saying to go wait in the hours long lines at the AA gates to see if we could get a flight out the next day. I understand things happen,and I understand the agent/employees have to deal with a lot of frustrated and angry people sometimes but at least offer help/compensation.We were told if it was weather related they didn't need to offer compensation,but since this was an equipment problem on the plane and then employees working past the legal number of hours that we would should get compensation(ticket voucher).The only thing we got was a voucher for breakfast at Burger King!!!I am a single mom and it is a big deal for us to save enough to travel to see family.We just get by and don't have extra money and don't get to travel much.This is my 2nd bad experience with American Airlines recently.Several years ago my mother(in a wheelchair) my young son(at the time) and myself were left stranded at the Miami airport after more delays and resulting missed connection.Again,there was little compassion.After waiting a good part of the day an agent excitedly told us "I can get 2 of you on a flight back to Phoenix today.I asked him "only 2, since I am responsible for both of them who do you suggest I leave 8 year old son or my elderly mom in a wheelchair? Seriously??? So we had to spend the night and wait hoping we got a flight the next day.It was terrible! My parents traveled Am.Airlines for years and were very loyal,however that last experience was so upsetting to all of us, and an eye opener to my mom at the decline in AA caring for the customer.My mom passed away not long after that trip and never saw a resolution or reimbursement or anything.So..after a long time of not being able to afford travel back east we saved enough to go again to see my sister etc. So,after much research last year Amer.Airlines had a better price than the competitors,and we had 2 family members that were now pilots on A.A. after the merger, and supposedly things were better,we decided to give them another chance. Instead, we were again left stuck stranded with little compassion and NO ticket compensation.(neither of these were our fault.We got to the airport in plenty of time and did what we were supposed to do.) Almost 40 years of family loyalty to an airline that apparently doesn't really give a damn about the sad. I am not just a number,a statistic,or a dollar sign.I work,raise a child,help others, and occasionally (if fortunate enough to save enough money) I take my son to see family and friends back east.Yet,none of that seems to mean much to A.A. How hard would it be for them to say "we're sorry you have had 2 bad experiences,here are refunds for your tickets and please give us another chance" Something....yet,nothing.I stopped complaining to the various people at the airlines because it was obvious I was getting the run around. Rest assured I will pass this bad experience on to others and steer them clear of A.A. At least in the past Southwest Airlines was eager to rectify customer issues.Since loyalty doesn't matter much to A.A. it is time to take my family's business elsewhere and I suggest others do as well.

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