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American Airlines

4255 Amon Carter Boulevard
Ft Worth, TX
(817) 963-1234
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Jonathan - 1 d 10 h ago


How can a former employee get their W2 form?

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Debra Spear - 1 d 20 h ago

My husband worked for us airways for years unfortunately he has passed away but because of the layoffs before becoming American Airlines I was told my benefits are no longer available . This is so wrong please response so I can give you additional information thanking you in advance

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You can't call into corporate without being disconnected as a way to add to the disappointment belonging to their Advantage program and as a long time customer. Too bad the executive team is so disconnected for the reality of the process.

An apples is an apple, it's not a bad thing to remember.

This post is a result of a failure to succeed when reaching out for assistance.

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Sadness - 2 d 9 h ago


Too bad they are so large and forget what got them there. If they would simplify their site, the voice system in Advantage, and think more about the one on one experience, it might prove a healthier relationship for the customer. It feels like we work for them, and don't even get a paycheck.

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Kip - 3 d 7 h ago


I just wrote a review but before I posted it, it disappeared. Hmmm.

I just wrote a review but before I posted it, it disappeared. Hmmm.

Anyway, after over two hours of trying to speak to someone yesterday, I realized it was MLK day and that you were probably shorthanded so I hung up. This morning as I prepared mentally to call again to make a reservation, I literally became sick to my stomach. It's never a fun experience calling American (except once last spring).

I have to call over the phone for several reasons. I have a dog, the page is in Spanish (the translate button only works on the first page) and I wanted to use points. The first person I spoke to after the 'call back', disconnected. Whether by choice or by accident, I have no idea. I know she was having a hard time hearing me and she had a strong accent so I guess it wasn't a terrible thing she disappeared.

So, I had to call back, leave my number and wait for the callback - again. The torture of dealing with an uninterested, rather stupid individual who had no interest in acceptable customer service was frustrating to say the least. I tried to be nice though so she wouldn't hang up on me.

Ultimately, I couldn't travel on the dates I needed because I didn't have enough points. I had to wait an additional 5 days to leave Mazatlan which cut short visits with friends in Phoenix. AND, I had to still pay $69.12 for what, I don't know, and $40 for making the reservation over the phone. What? I HAD to make the reservation over the phone for the reasons stated earlier. Plus, I found out that if I weren't an Awards member, it would only be $35 for the phone reservation. I guess I've assumed that being an awards member was special. After all, I use the credit card for everything and pay dearly in interest. Instead, you penalize folks who are Awards members. Makes no sense.

And, speaking of customer service; have you flown with the stewardesses on your airline? My god, they are the scum of the earth. Never mind they are usually unattractive; I don't care about that but their demeanor is equally unattractive. They could care less and are very often borderline rude.

American Airlines is a joke with everyone. I only use American because it's how I travel between my home in Austin and Mazatlan. I have driven numerous times and while not too much fun or even safe, I think that's going to have to be my choice whenever possible.

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Anonymous - 6 d 11 h ago

Why does this company allow supervisors in knoxville to sleep with the people under them. One of your male supervisors was seen with a female gate agent in his company provided hotel room last night. The hotel rooms were provided to employees due to inclinate weather. Does American Airlines not have policies against this. Would this not be considered fraternization? Wouldn't that be considered sexual harassment? Is this station not held to any standards? SHAME ON YOU AMERICAN AIRLINES FOR ALLOWING THIS!

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Anonymous #2 - 3 d 9 h ago

Hello Anonymous,

I was not aware that it was your business to see if others are breaking rules. Personally, before shaming the company and these individuals, I would make sure to know the company policy before causing an uproar. "One of your male supervisors was seen with a female gate agent in his company provided hotel room last night." It appears you could be jumping to conclusions. Perhaps it was a simple innocent conversation. How are we to know, and why condemn on loose lips of accusing suspicion? Is their personal life harming you? I would also like to point out that even if what you are assuming is true, then no, this would most definitely not be a case of sexual harassment. As for standards, yes, it would appear her standards are high, as it is always great to build a relationship with management.

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ANONYMOUS - 4 d 13 h ago


You can STOP with the AEROSOLS.. I know what-the-SHIT you are doing in our SKIES...

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Liz - 4 d ago

What are u talking about?

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Carlin Papp - 7 d 7 h ago


Re: our flight from Houston to LAX: I must comment on the excellent and diligent service provided to me and my son in Houston on January 3, 2018. Supervisor Jesus J. Valdivia spent more than two hours assisting us as our reservation was visible in the system, but my son was unable to check in for reasons unknown. We were traveling on A9 emergency travel passes. Jesus stuck with us and was on the phone to many people trying to help fix our problem. This he was doing at the same time as the baggage carousel was not moving and the passengers bags were three deep behind the agents. We did not make our 2:30 flight, but were listed and received seats on the 7:30 flight (times approximate). We had a 5 hour wait, but bless Jesus for his efforts and his persistence on our behalf.

We know that he provides the same diligence on his other passengers, because we waited at least 1/2 hour while he was taking care of another passenger's needs. People like him are worth their weight in gold. Please let him know how much we appreciated his service.

Thank you, Jesus Valdivia

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Anonymous - 8 d 23 h ago

To : American Human Resources , Your employee love to use poor language about ladies vaginal in Philadelphia stores.( Joe Cusato ) please correct this matter I'm a lady !!!!

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Will - 8 d 5 h ago

I fly first class, most of the time. The noon meals are poor

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Anonymous - 8 d 11 h ago


My name is Laquita Brown. I was very unhappy with my return flight from D.C.. What should have been a 2 he flight turned into taking me abt 13 hrs to get home. Alot of delays planes being cancelled. Nobody offered anything. No means of eating. Nothing. I'm a diabetic. No medicine because it was in my checked bag for the plane. My ride having to wait on me . I just wasn't happy. My money was nt offered back. Not a satisfied customer.

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Susan - 8 d 18 h ago


You have heard of lost luggage? Well they lost my luggage and me! My luggage went to Vegas, I went to Colorado, and they reported me being in Vegas also to my ride picking me up in Colorado. I never was in Vegas, the flight # wasn't, yet my luggage and my name got a trip there!

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Anonymous - 8 d 19 h ago

Question for CEO Doug Parker. Why contact our planes to outside contractors when a great job can be done by skilled Cleaners who work for company. A concern employee. A spray bottle and mop just don't cut it Mr. Parker.

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Gerald & Jacqueline Verdeyen - 9 d ago


Ms. Leslie Scott

We flew American Airlines out of O'Hare on 12/28/17. My husband is disabled. We received the wheelchair he needed in a timely manner and the care taken for him to board first was wonderful. We returned on 1/4/18 from Fort Worth/Dallas airport on American Airlines. The care we received at the Fort Worth/Dallas Airport was nothing short of terrible. My husband was wheeled to gate 16. We sat and waited for our boarding time of 11:15. Thirty minutes prior to boarding I stood in line at the desk to hand over my husband's walker. In the past when traveling, the people at the gate, take the walker, tag it, and take it to the plane so that it can be unloaded when we arrive at our destination. However, the woman at the desk began to make out the tag using his name and then told me to carry it and she would meet me at the door to the plane and tag it there. I asked if she wanted me to wheel my husband to a spot nearer the desk for the purpose of boarding first. She asked where he was and I pointed to the place, but she never turned around to look. I returned to my husband with the walker and waited. When it was time to board she began to call the names of three people who were to board first. All were ambulatory. My husband was not called. As others began to board, I again went to the desk and reminded her that my husband was in a wheel chair and needed to board. Again she asked where he was and again after I pointed she never bothered to turn around and look. She said she would get someone with a wheelchair to help him board. So we waited for a wheelchair we didn't need. A young lady finally came, left the wheelchair she had brought and pushed him to the door of the plane. The woman from the desk was snot there to tag his walker. Fortunately, a flight attendant took it from me and assured me it would be tagged and waiting when we reached Chicago. My husband was in a wheelchair and we waited with the long line of passengers to board. Once we went through the door of the plane he had to make his way to seats 30 D. I was seated next to him. It took him some time to make that long trek. We held up a long line of passengers behind us. None of this should have happened. The flight attendants on our flight #1258 were exceptionally kind and tried their best to make up for the inconvenience and lack of courtesy we encountered at the desk. My husband is 86 years old. He's in a wheelchair for a reason. The upset could have been avoided with an intelligent American Airlines employee at that desk. I want to commend our three flight attendants:especially RHONDA. She saw to it that a wheel chair was waiting for him when we reached Chicago and that our walker was waiting as we deplaned. Once she left the plane, she stopped to ask us if there was anything we needed. She and the other flight attendants are a credit to American Airlines. Your Fort Worth/Dallas desk employees are not!

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Ndb507 - 10 d ago


This concerns parking at Cou ( Columbia mo). The paved parking is never available for aa passengers. Could u check to see why? Is it rented out to others? The parking available to paying customers is covered with large gravel. That is difficult to roll a bag to the terminal and there is no outside checking. Thank you from a long time aa customer and aa point user.

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Anonymous - 10 d 22 h ago

Why the company allow employees over 70 years of age when they can't pass a physical. These individuals are putting others at harm driving and related duties . There should be a strength test once a year to see if they qualify to work in maintenance and stores.

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Anonymous - 10 d 7 h ago


Is very worse American airline i have complained with my family trip my phone number (hidden)

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Kristie Walker - 10 d 8 h ago


To whom it may concern,

On December 13th I purchased a ticket for my nephew Ticket #(hidden)239 . I am trying to handle this at the lowest level before I elevate this to the CEO himself! I have already reached out to Costumer Relations on the AA website but they were not able to assist me with my issue. I am a retired Army VET with 21 + years of Honorable Service to our country and I would like to think I can get assistance from your Airline with my issue. I have been flying with AA for a long time and this is the first time I have had this type of issue with your airline. I purchased an airline ticket for my nephew back in December . Sadly he was arrested the morning of the flight and obviously unable to make the flight. I wasn't made aware of the situation until well after he missed the flight and the airline automatically cancelled his ticket when he was a no show for check-in. I tried to get a refund or a voucher in my name for myself to use at a later date since he will be unable to utilize the ticket for obvious reasons. He will be doing time for the next 5-10 years so obviously he will not be able to use the credit as I understand it the credit is only good for a year. I asked could I have a refund or a voucher in my name since I paid for the ticket on my credit card for him because he is only 17 and didn't have the money to purchase it himself. I was told although I paid for it I am not entitled to the refund nor a voucher/credit in my name. I find this hard to believe and unacceptable. Is this something that you can assist me with or point me in the right direction as to whom I can reach out to with this issue? I would greatly appreciate your assistance on this matter. Thanks in advance for your time and attention to my problem.

Very Respectfully,

Kristie Walker

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Shawnette Mobley - 21 d 12 h ago


To whom it my concern

On December 24 2017, my son who is a minor traveled from Washington, DC to Las Vegas and back had a horrible experience his first time flying. Leaving Vegas his flight was to leave at 2:30 pm Western time, however it was 5:30 Eastern time. His record locator was RLNLOK , his flight #AA2536 seat 21D was not allowed to board the plane with a book bag that he was able to get on the plane with originally. My son called me and explained to me that he was not able to board the plane because his bag was to big, however on his ticket it states that he is allowed to board the plane with a bag. Again it was only a book bag. I then talked to a very nice woman from gate D11 who explained everything to me. She was very nice, respectful and caring. My son however missed his flight and was delayed in Vegas airport for 9 hours. She explained to me that my son who is only 16 had to check his bag. I told him to go ad check his bag so that he could make the next flight. When he reached baggage, he only had cash and was not allowed to check for that reason. I then spoke with a woman from baggage to see if she could at least take my credit card numbers over the phone so that my son could make it home for Christmas. The woman said that was not allowed. My son then went back to the gate D11 to talk to the woman who was helping him and explained to her what happened. She then called over a supervisor named Kevin who was extremely nasty, did not give my husband and I a chance to tell him what was going on. He completely cut me off and hung up the phone. Before hanging up he said "Unless you pay for another flight your SON will be stuck here, I don't care who you or your son is!" Unfortunately this conversation was not recorded because it took place on my sons cell phone. However I'm pretty sure there are camera to show his behavior towards my son. My son did not make back to Philadelphia until 1:30 pm Christmas day. His entire Holiday was mostly spent in the air trying to get home. This no way to treat a minor who was flying for the first time. I feel as though when a child in involved with a situation like this, children should me made a priority to get to the destination with ease and as less stress as possible. My son should be compensated some way by your company because of the treatment he received over a book bag when it clearly stated on his ticket "ONE BAG ALLOWED". Please feel free to respond to me as soon as possible. Thank You!

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Anonymous - 16 d 4 h ago

Shawnette, you posted this on some random information site. this is not an american airlines website. They will not see this. you need to call american airlines and lodge a complaint.

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Airport Employee - 15 d 4 h ago

Hi I work for American Airlines and I'm sure the bag wasn't allowed due to space or weight. We have to make sure everyone gets to their destination safely. Some planes are smaller or more booked than others.

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Rikki - 11 d 5 h ago

I see you work for aa im trying to find out if i would pass a background check with a misdemeanor theft of property 50/ 500 from August 2011?

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Eunice E Smith - 11 d 7 h ago


This is the first and last time I will every fly AS. First I was lied to that my layover time would not be long in Charlotte NC. Then delayed. Arrived in Charlotte @8:30am, 1:30pm still here. My mother passed this morning and I can't get to Alabama.1:33pm some problem withe the fuel. I'm very dissatisfied with AS service. I'm trying to hold my emotions together but tout company is making it very hard I need to be refunded my return ticket in its entirety

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