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American Airlines

4255 Amon Carter Boulevard
Ft Worth, TX
(817) 963-1234
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S. Lichtenberger - 16 h 26 m ago


One star is generous. I have 5 emails that were sent to American about my flight which was delayed almost 5 hours and we had 6 gate changes. One hour of the delay was because they could not find a flight attendant to take the trip as one flight attendant slipped on the steps of the transfer bus from all the gate changes. Got on the plane and no complimentary meals were offered, as a matter of fact the flight attendant moved so swiftly down the aisle with two sandwiches raised above her head saying "Sandwiches?" that she did not even stop when I yelled over to her. There was no compassion or sympathy from the crew in Washington at DCA. When I waited in line to see if I could get a better seat, a gentleman attendance came over to me and forcefully said "Sit down in one of those seats". I told him what I was trying to do and he said "Sit Down". I felt so humiliated. Missed an important meeting the next day because of all the turmoil. Have sent 5 emails to American and made two phone calls to corporate. American made a gesture that does not even come close to what they should do and they have never even bothered to give me a call even though I listed my phone number each time I emailed or called. How do you expect to stay in business treating customers in this manner. I am still awaiting a phone call.

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Ray from Playa Del Rey - 18 h 45 m ago

Worst Worst Worst airlines. Got off in NC from Dominican republic, and with the delayed flight (courtesy of AA of course) we barely ran to our other gate after clearing customs. We got a 5 year old, who at the time was hungry since we ate in the plane to NC early and decided we had time to grab a bite to eat before boarding the plane to LA. WIth the delay , we could not grab anything and barely made it to our plane to LA. Now mind you, the plane to LA is also delayed taking off, hence we ended up making it. Now we sit in our seats and immediately I ask one of the flight attendants that I have a hungry 5 year old kid, and if I could please purchase a sandwich. She kindly said no sorry, can't do that until we start servicing the cabin. Now I am at seat 25, and they start at the front of the plane. She gets to me and she goes I have nothing left, no sandwiches, sorry. I lost it. I started yelling at her and explained my situation. ( this is another flight attendant) then she tells me that they only carry 5 sandwiches and tells me that I should have had food with us since we are traveling with a 5 year old. I really lost it at that point. Anyway, we somehow managed the 5 hour flight to LA but afterwards they lost my luggage, then it arrived 4 days after completely damaged. They agreed to fix it, but when sent it out, I get a call today that I can only get $100 towards a new bag since my bag is old now but originally it cost $490 . Done Done and Done with AA

By the way the planes we flew on were so old I thought there would be ashtrays at every seat.................come on it is 2017 people. at least entertainment.

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Sharon Arend - 6 d 19 h ago


Right now I am a vet angry customer who is being done very wrong and I am calling the tv station now to tell my story. My daughter wheelchair was left in Dallas and her leg was cut when the guy using the isle chair rain her into an armrest. We were told the hotel was paid through tomorrow the 21st and transport to my daughter doctor appointment would be provided. The hotel is calling us because American Airlines has not called them. My daughter has medication that has to be kept in refrigerator and Jeanette lores said she would call this morning and she has not called and is sending her calls to voice mail. We have been done so wrong I'm going to reach out to television to get our story out there. This is not right and nobody will answer their phone. I am a heart patient and I am very stressed out. Someone needs to call asap.

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Vonderwell - 9 d ago


American Airlines has to have the worst customer service I have ever expiernced . No one person will talk with you all is done by email and automated responses. Hundreds of dollars we are missing and damaged luggage they lost our luggage not once but twice I call the number listed and they say they are closed to call back during normal bussnes hours ???

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Anonymous - 7 d 13 h ago


I totally agree. I have been trying to get someone to call me back for 3 days now. I called and received the same recording - they are closed to normal business hours.. WHAT!

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Brenda Betancourt - 7 d 18 h ago


Doug Parker President/CEO of American airlines you should be ashamed of yourself. Any high level executive that losses touch with the people that provide your paycheck is the biggest mistake you will ever make. After reviewing so many of the complaints from dissatisfied customers it amazing to me the same types of problems continue. I just had a horrific experience with two of my clients/patients that nearly had one of them go to the hospital due to her hyper hypoglycemic condition due to our flights being cancelled. Rather then dwell on all the negative things that occurred as a CEO myself I would suggest you and your management team go back to the basics of what makes up satisfied customers. Your lack of leadership is being permeated down to the lowest level of your staff that actual deals with the clients. I would like to offer my services if necessary to American Airlines free of charge so I can insure the 500k miles I have with your firm can actually be utilized. I am sure your wife Gwen and three children would not appreciate being treated the way so many of us have by American Airlines. Go into the trenches would be my first recommendation and see what is happening rather then sit in the corporate offices and make decisions on things that don't matter. None of your executive counter parts are going to have jobs if you do not improve your service. If this email even makes it to someone that cares is questionable, but as a CEO myself I felt compelled to write it.

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Mrs. M. Anderson - 8 d ago


This has been the most horrifying ordeal ever. My two children were booked on a flight from Canton-Akron airport to Nashville airport with a connecting fight in Charlotte on July 18, 2017. Their flight was to arrive in Nashville at 8:27 pm. That being said, their grandmother brought them to Canton-Akron airport and went through checking them in. While checking them in she called me while at the check-in desk to let me know she was paying for a bag to be checked and was talking to the agent about having someone meet the children at the gate in Charlotte to make sure they did not miss their connecting flight. I had not been given the option for unaccompanied minor when I purchased the tickets. I was on the phone with my mother ( the grandmother) and heard the agent explain the process to my mother and that it was taken care of and someone would be at the gate to assist my children. She paid the fees she was told were due. When my children arrived in Charlotte there was am issue with a plane being"broken down" at the gate they were supposed to unboard at. Their plane was directed to another gate to unboard and go to their connecting flight. NOONE was at the gate waiting for my children when they got there and my oldest son tried to get him and his brother across the airport to their connecting flight only to arrive at the gate and be told that their plane had already boarded. I get a phone call from a panicked child because they had missed their flight and now would be stuck in Charlotte for a few hours. The new flight was scheduled to arrive at 10:35. When I reached out to the American airlines " supervisor at Nashville airport I was treated like an moron being told that since my oldest son was 16 he was the responsible party and not treated like an unaccompanied minor. To say nothing about my 11 year old flying with him. I was told the was nothing he could do. So he I am at the airport at 8 pm to pick my children up from their flight that was supposed to be in at 8:27 pm and now at 10:35pm. Then at 10:00 pm after I have been sitting at the airport for 2 hours I get a phone call from my oldest son ( Thank you to Emily another passenger on the flight for letting my son use her phone) to meet me know their flight has been delayed and they will not get in until 11:55 pm!!!! No one from the airline bothered to let me know as I was sitting there waiting for my children. I track down sometime from American airlines at Nashville Airport to confirm this information and am told the delay was due to weather. There were no storms in sight. So I have now been at the airport for over 2 hours and evening at the airport is closing...I get another call from my son informing me their flight has been delayed again!!! New arrival time 1 am!!!! This delay was again due to "technical issues" which I come to find out was due to not having a pilot available for this delayed flight. At this point my children have been stranded in Charlotte for hours. The "supervisor" for American airlines at Nashville had again told me not his problem and that my oldest son was 16 and since no unaccompanied minor fee was paid they had done no wrong. It was or fault that they had no one to help them get to their flight. I was told things happen and someone is not always available to help children flying alone!!! I was at the airport for 6 hours waiting for my children's flight. Treated like trash for being a worried mother. My mother was told by the check in agent at Akron Canton airport it was taken care of and there would be someone to assist her grandchildren. That did not happen. The was no concern shown, the flight being missed was due to an issue with the gates and a plane being broken down at their gate. This airline did nothing to make sure their passengers were able to make their connecting flight. I will never just this airline again and feel we should be compensated for the troubles and mistreatment.

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Patricia - 8 d 17 h ago


AA had changed my flight details and I was very frustrated but called and was helped by a very professional and courteous agent named Rilee. It made all the difference to have someone who cares and is eager to offer this kind of service to the customer. My sincere thanks to Rilee.

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Michael - 9 d ago


My 88yr. old mother had the misfortune of flying American Airlines, she was scheduled to fly out of Philadelphia on Friday the 14th of July this flight was cancelled due to weather. I was notified about 1hr before takeoff. I had to rebook another flight on Saturday morning so she could attend her granddaughters wedding that same day.

I had to book her on a flight out of Cincinnati for her return to Philadelphia. She was put on a standby, and she was also booked on a later flight on Monday the 17th of July. They could not place her on the standby flight and the later flight was cancelled. This eventually led to her having to go back to ticketing and make a reservation for the following morning. This led to her having to sleep on a couch in the airport as American Airlines only offered her a discount for a local hotel.

I was franticly searching for my mothers whereabouts while all this was transpiring. I had to call the airport police to locate her as no one was at all helpful at American Airlines.

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Beth Johnes - 17 d 12 h ago


American Airlines is the worst, I wrote in a complaint and asked to speak to a supervisor I was told they do not escalate complaints to a supervisor. What is this??? I will be writing the CEO and the customer service "supervisor" and I will keep hounding them until I am completely satisfied!!

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Linda Sheldon - 11 d 10 h ago


Thanks for your speaking about this airlines. We missed our flight because of the airlines and was told we would be put up in Boston and get a flight the next morning to our home in Maine. When we got to the customer desk guess what? No they have nothing to put us up in. More lies. Asked for corporate office phone and they gave me a crap phone number . I was told I had to email them. What good is that when we are stranded for 15 hours in Boston. This is the first flight we have ever taken on American and you better believe it will be the last. I will be calling them daily till we get a resolution to what we have been thru.

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Gary Schaff - 9 d 14 h ago

Did you ever write to the CEO and what happened? I have the same issue. They will give me a phone number or escalate.

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IslandGirl - 11 d 2 m ago

I am flying to Dominican Republic in August, because I am moving to the city of Sosua so I only need a ONE WAY ticket. I am also flying with my pets and my Therapy dog's air ticket is $200 and she has to ride in cargo because therapy dogs are NOT considered service dogs. I'm also flying my cats at $125 for a ticket. That in itself is expensive. Puerto Plata is the closest city to Sosua at a 29 minute drive, but the airfare is expensive at $424.40 ONE WAY. I have to fly into Santiago D.R because the ONE WAY tickets are $179 cheaper, at $245.40 but have to drive 1 hour and 53 minutes to get to my destination. It's more convenient for me fly into Puerto Plata because I do have my pets and the flight alone is a 2 hour flight then have to drive another two hours. With ALL this written, can you please tell me why the ONE WAY ticket price is $179 MORE flying into Puerto Plata than flying to Santiago. Puerto Plata is also a major airport. I also don't understand why the ONE WAY tickets are so high anyway. Looking forward to a response.

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Rigmor Schneider - 18 d 12 h ago


I received excellent service from the following crew members on American Airlines Flight #2675 from JFK- AUS: Caitlyn Beard, Kim Corthel, Lavinia Lim, Maurice Macdougall.

I was returning on a Saturday evening to Austin after attending a funeral for a 25 year- old relative who had died in an accident. My mind was wandering and I was not paying close attention to what I was doing. After boarding the plane, I realized that I had left my cell phone at the Admirals Club. It was 10-15 minutes before takeoff and I was now starting to panic. I had to get my phone. I was scheduled to travel again on Monday, and the cellphone is my only to stay connected. I went to the front of the plane to explain my dilemma to the flight attendants. While I was pleading with them to let me get off the plane to fetch my phone, the captain came by and asked what seemed to be the problem. I explained to him and he immediately said, we will get your phone back, don't worry.

A gate attendant called the Admirals Club, the captain walked me to the door by the gate and waited for me there, a club employee was waiting for me at the entry with my phone. I was back on the plane within minutes. I was so relieved and I want to ensure that each crew member is recognized for going out of their way to help me. When you receive service like I did, American is the first airline that comes to mind when i book the next flight.

Job well done American!

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Anonymous - 19 d 11 h ago


Not one AA staff had a sense of urgency in assisting us today as we proceeded to miss our flight due to the staff just sticking us in long lines at customs, and then we had to go fetch our checked bag??!! We miss the flight, and there are no more going out the rest of the night to place us on! This all because of a log jam on the tarmac when the pilot said 5 mins which turned into 45! We are in a hotel where the flashing emergency lights are going off and there is an emergency. However, there isn't one! First time we were scared, second I'm not getting out of bed! The breakfast voucher will not cover our b-fast at all as hotel restaurant is under construction and Margarita Ville is way too expensive! AA you need to research these things before doling out vouchers!! I want something more than what we have for this inconvenience!

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Greg Thomas - 19 d 16 h ago


Yesterday my wife, son and I flew AA from New Orleans to Denver byway of DFW. We couldn't have been more pleased from the check-in process, to boarding and the service on the flight. However on the DFW to Denver leg, Flight Attendant, Diane McQueen (out of Boston), was remarkable. Professional, personable and while being quite busy with service she made us feel like friends. Congratulations AA on outstanding frontline people

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Anonymous - 20 d 15 h ago

I am very upset I booked 3 tickets online and when the travelers showed for there flights the reps Roxana Lorraine and Wendy claimed it was a fraud and proceeded to treat me like a thief. I called my bank to try and understand what happened. THE bank stated the expiration date was wrong. Because I purchased them over the phone the error occurred with the rep. I spoke with customer service who reviewed the purchase and couldn't find anything wrong. I looked at card activity online and the tickets were pending. Not wanting to purchase 2 sets of tickets I asked the reps Roxana Lorraine and Wendy to look into it which they refused. I asked to speak to a supervisor which they responded no supervisor will speak to you. I am truly disappointed in Americans behavior. I am a long time customer not a thief

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John M. Smith - 21 d ago

Worse customer service ever. I asked for a simple can of tomato juice on flight and I was denied a can but I could have a cup so if I have two cups that would be a can but if I have one cup the rest would be thrown away. Don't have sense especially when I am a paying customer and then the stewardess got smart with me after the flight like she care less if I report her.

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Jane Geoghegan - 21 d 9 s ago


I recently took my whole family, 11 of us, on a trip to Hawaii. We took American Airlines from Newark NJ to Dallas Tx. on June 22, 2017 The flight attendants in first class couldn't have been nicer and so efficient. They are to be commended for their friendliness and beyond exceptional service. Their names are Deborah Holliday and Pam (don't know her last name).

Please forward this to them and let them know they are truly appreciated.

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Anonymous - 23 d 13 h ago


My grandson is in the air force and was deployed to Korea on his frist assignment . His name is Austin Bennett. He was worried about taking Such a long flight. When he went to board the flight American Airlines upgraded him to frist class. Our hole family would like to thank you for making him comfortable and doing this for him.

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MRS. JIM - 25 d 10 h ago



AMERICAN AIRLINES DELAYED FLIGHT SENDING CONNECTION INTO WEE HOURS OF THE MORNING!!! N E V E R A G A I N we the words of my husband. I, his wife, spent hours trying to find a flight with the least amount of lay over at connecting flight and a good price. Bingo, it was later than normal but the whole flight time was just a little of 3 hours from departure to arrival. Yeah! This would give him a little more time to spend with our son and not cause him to miss any time the next day. BOY WAS I WRONG! My son when he found out I put him AA he said nooooo! His words were, "don't you know they have a bad reputation?" Now I see what he was talking about. You need to figure something out AA. A flight that started RIC to CLT, Saturday, July 01, 2017, 7:55 PM Richmond, VA 9:13 PM Charlotte, NC, AA Flight# 1870. Don't know what the delay was but my husband should have arrived in MLB at 11:50 p.m. and another hour drive bringing him in at 1 A.M.... NOT 5 AM. TRAVELING ALL NIGHT IS NOT WHAT I PAID FOR! IT WAS NOT WORTH TRAVELING WITH AA! AA it seems you have "problems". I just read all the reviews and WOW!! SO NEGATIVE.

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Stranded by American Airlines - 26 d 11 h ago

I'm a little concerned about the customer service from American Airlines. We booked three round trip tickets to Kansas City from Las Vegas back in March for about $250 a piece. We flew to Kansas City to enjoy our family reunion. When we went online to check in for our return flight home, we were told that we had called the American Airline Advantage card company disputed the charges. So, they canceled our tickets and would have to pay over $1000 a piece to get home. We called the credit card company and they said that they never called American Airlines and never received any refund. Now we are stranded in Kansas City. When I called to talk to a supervisor, Gabby Day, did not seemed very concerned about rectifying the situation and getting us home even after I told her the my mom needs care around the clock and I need to be home in time to take care of her.

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julia - 27 d ago


I just had the best experience with two customer service reps with this airline - an Amy Morgan from Raleigh and a MS Coleman from Dallas. Both were incredibly helpful in helping me to change flight reservations for a hospitalized third party. They were courteous, sympathetic, and more than helpful. Hats off to all of you at American Airlines.

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Thomas - 27 d 11 h ago


I want to report a particularly painful experience I had with this airlines. Two weeks ago I flew from Denver to Dulles International on American (flight 1260) on what has been cryptically called the "Slimliner" as the cabin attendants told me. It was the most painful flight of my long life: small seat space, tray so close to my face that I couldn't open my computer fully or focus on the flight tv screen in front of me...and I am 5'8" and 165#. God help larger folks. The worst of it was trying to bring my discomfort to the attention of American. A thoughtfully crafted letter, that included my boarding pass, resulted in a terse boilerplate response from a Dahlia Trent. 2 more email exchanges in which I sought a more human response simply resulted in her attempt to hide behind FAA jargon and bland comments. In short, no acknowledging that seat space was scant (even the attendants acknowledged this) and discomfort great. This airline failed to earn my trust when the opportunity to give a thoughtful response back existed. Big thumbs down; I will not fly American.

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Lost Customer - 28 d 48 s ago


Think it's safe to say American Airlines has a lot of work to do to improve their overall customer service. Reading most of the comments it appears that one bad thing, got worst by the way AA representative handled it. I'll soon forget what happened, but I'll always remember how you made me feel AA.. I've decided to spend my money where I'm treated with honesty & respect. Praying for you AA, that's all I can say.

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