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American Airlines

4255 Amon Carter Boulevard
Ft Worth, TX
(817) 963-1234
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Anonymous - 18 d 9 h ago

who is the CEO of American Airline? no one else is helping me.

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Anonymous - 12 d 9 h ago

Doug Parker

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Anonymous - 1 d 12 h ago

Doug Parker is the CEO of American Airlines.

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Carmen Coburn - 2 d 9 h ago


I purchased a tot on AA for a homeless family member to visit me for the holidays. I called twice to customer service to see if I could pay his check luggage in advance. By 2 different agents, I was told no. It was explained why it couldn't be done. After the explanation, I was told for a service fee of $100.00 plus the bag fee it could be done. I write an email to AA explaining the situation and I was told no again, the 100.00 fee could not be waived and have a Happy Holiday. This a level of greed that does not need to exist. I feel like AA has resorted to extortion when it comes to this bag fee money.

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Anonymous - 9 d 10 h ago


Attention: Doug Parker we all are very honored and appreciative you allowed each employee a positive seat passed for you and your wife etc. This should be given to a employee once a year so they can arrange a stressful vacation for they hard work. This would help lift up the spirits among employees to show the company we recognizes what job we do 365. Just 1 set per year of positive seats for a vacation.

Sincerely: Employee god bless

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Anonymous - 5 d 17 h ago


Great point ! CEO's should allowed employees perts for their hard work. Only one set per year is nothing if you really look at it. If you did the statistics of how many used their passses you see this reachable to show how Doug Parker respect his company employees!!! Let's show other airlines we all the elite ONE and everyone flys American .

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Anonymous - 12 d 14 h ago

I was flying American air from New York to Tallahassee as a disaster responder with the Red Cross. My final destination would be Panama Beach. I was told to expect extreme conditions and to be prepared to camp outside. Between sleeping bag, sheets, boots and clothing, I weighed in 5 lbs over. I asked to speak to speck to an agent inside. Upon meeting Miss Congeniality who gave me an attitude, I was told that the 5lbs would cost me $100 over the $30 baggage fee. She could of cared less that I was responding to a disaster. I was charged the $130 which the Red Cross could only cover the $30. Not only was I volunteering, but I now had to pay the $100 from my own funds. Once home after over 2 weeks , I appealed to Customer Service. I was denied by a generic letter. So much for Customer Service and American Airlines. I won't be flying them any longer. Shame on AA.

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Anonymous - 14 d 18 h ago

My son who was flying back to college after Thanksgiving break. He was on his plane at his connecting flight getting ready to to take his seat when a woman walked by with her dog in her arms,out of its carrier. She proceeded to walk to the back of the plane while her dog sprayed fecal material on people, the flight attendant including my son. The flight was delayed an hour trying to find a flight attendant to replace the fecal covered flight attendant. My son was given a blanket to wrap around his pants for his flight home. Contacted American Airlines and all they said was sorry. I guess rules aren't enforced and people can do whatever they want with their animals. Some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I bet if it was a corporate family member that received a spraying of fecal material on their body there would be more than a "sorry "

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Robb - 16 d 6 h ago


Wow. I am a long term frequent flyer (Platinum Pro) and cant believe the pathetic customer service this company now calls standard. Having been given incorrect information on the use of an used ticket ($1200) and trying to get some resolve has been one of the most disappointing experiences I have had. Long gone are the days when a valued client (or maybe Im not) has some rights in a situation like this. The fact this company hides behind email and will not allow for human intervention is a true testament that they just dont care. What a travesty this company has become. I asked to speak (via email of course) to a supervisor and was denied. When i asked at the airport for help, i was told that i had to speak to corporate. They confirmed for me that there was no phone number (how convenient).

As the Chief Sales Officer for a company that serves millions of customers annually I may have witnessed the most egregious definition of the word service

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Mari - 16 d 7 h ago


American Airlines agents are Extremely Rude rude rude

I feel so sorry for them. Stress level is Felt by customers.

Don't fly with this airlines, if this is how the agents are I can only wonder how stressed out the captain is going to be. I'm afraid to fly out tomorrow. BAD situation, bad feeling

General profile image - 25 d 9 h ago

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Ann Marie Roberts - 37 d ago


My son is in the Army stationed in North Carolina. He was told at the beginning of the year that his unit would not be able to leave for the holiday. I haven't seen my son since last year and he told me that he will be going on deployment next year and will be gone for 6-9 months. So in September I bought four tickets to go see him in December for Christmas, knowing this might be the only time I will get to see him before he leaves. Its November now and he just told me that they gave him the opportunity to come home for three weeks for the holidays. Of course I would rather him be home so I sent an email to American Airlines to see if they would give us credit for our trip and waive the $200 change ticket fee and they DENIED! the request.Their reasoning is because they might not be able to sell those seats. It is 7 weeks before this trip takes place and it is the LARGEST travel holiday of the year, what Crap! Why don't these Airlines Support Military?! it shouldn't be this difficult for changes or cancellations when it comes to Military and these types of situations. I am Disappointed in American Airlines.

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Nicole M - 36 d 11 h ago


I'm having issues with them currently and it's similar to yours but me and my husband were hospitalized within 4 days of each other in ICU. I will NEVER travel with them again, they are a disgusting company with no compassion and completely unwilling to help people with extenuating circumstances.

I have contacted them multiple times and they will not help, they are stealing my money, over $500. I'm sick over it. They are all awful.

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thomas - 34 d ago


I'm sorry but rules are rules and you are not military, your son is. and you should not expect thing because the sacrifice your son is making. your complaint is just a fine example of people trying to take advantage to the world for things they are not doing. lazy and whiny. i have always had great experiences with this company and understood that it is a busyness and they can not return money for every excuse. that is how companies go out of business and they have thousands of employees and families relying on the company doing well. you should plan you trips better or pay more for the refundable tickets next time.

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Anonymous - 29 d 4 h ago


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THOMAS IS AN IDIOT - 25 d 12 h ago



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RF - 29 d 4 h ago

I'm sorry they wouldn't honor your request.

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Anonymous - 26 d 12 h ago


My experience with American Airlines was terrible. It was my first time flying with them because I heard they were good. I was wrong, first they overbooked my first flight which resulted in a hour and a half delay which made me miss my connecting flight by a minute. As my first flight was landing, my second was taking off. That caused us to have to get new tickets and my car rental increased because they had to fly us in to another airport that we were not supposed to be at. If American Airlines had their schedule right I would have landed at my correct location by 5:30 PM, but did not get there until 10:00PM because I had to drive the rest of the way. While all this was happening, it was my neice's first time flying.

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Greg Hendrix - 28 d 13 h ago


I use to work for AA. My story is the following: I am a disabled veteran USMC. I was activated in 2004 and I returned in 2006. I had an honorable discharge yet, AA forced me to complete a criminal background check. This background check was for unexplained reasons delayed for months. Once I completed the criminal background I was assigned a vacant office in HR for 3 weeks. During this time I realized that I wasn't going to be placed in my former position so, I reached out for more military orders. On my last day, I was shown a desk to my questionable workspace, an area that was covered in Holiday Decorations. I noticed the absence of a chair and computer. I provided my new boss's secretary my cell phone number and told her I was going to sit outside a picnic table. I also informed her that I will most likely have new military orders on her fax machine.

These orders came in and I was sent to Iraq for the 2nd time. After, numerous surgeries I attempted to return to AA for employment. AA HR forced me to go to my own doctors to get cleared for return to work. Yet, new applicants for the same job cleared through AA medical.

AA didn't let me return to work they ended up after the Department of Labor found on my side my status was changed to termination. This is how AA treats veterans!

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Anonymous - 28 d 16 h ago


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One Of Your Frontline Employees - 29 d 4 h ago

I realize that some of these comments may not be justified BUT NEVERTHELESS,I hope you're listening AMERICAN AIRLINES.

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Mike Engelaar - 30 d 17 h ago


Dear people from American Airlines, First I would like to introduc myself. My name is Max Engelaar and I am 13 years old. I live in Nijmegen, a beautiful city in the Netherlands. My biggelt hobby is spotting airplanes. Thuis is what I often do whit my father, toen we go to Schiphol in Amsterdam. And we also go to Dsseldorf and Frankfurt in Germany, we visit Brussels in belgium and went to France in vacation thuis summer and we went to Nice. So that is quote a story, but now my question comes: as I already told my name is Max and how cool is it that a plane had been named after me. Besides spotting, I save everything that has to do whit airllanes and also saftey cards. Now iT would seem cool to me if I could recieve your company's saftey cards and the 737-Max, so my question would Be : could you sent something to me and Mabey you have something else for me from your socity or from the 737-Max. I would really like it if you could help me whit this. I Thanks you in advance for taking the time for this letter and maybe for sending the cards. Best regards, Max Max Engelaar Van limburgstirumstraat 2 6535XG Nijmegen Holland

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bonnie - 33 d 18 h ago



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Unhappy customer - 34 d 11 h ago


American Airlines sucka, they broke two pieces of my luggage upon returning back tto Laredo,Texas from. Graduation from Boston. I did call the airlin company 3 days after my arrival in Laredo but I was treated so ugly by the clerks who took my call, since I did not call asap, little did I know I had to call awwithin a few hours. i hope i don't need a/a ever, they are horrible people.

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Quinesha Harris - 36 d ago

They suck! Do not use them. I arrived and they gave my tickets away, closed the boarding, and told me to come back the next day/put me on standby. First and last time use.

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