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American Express Company

World Financial Center
New York, NY
Kenneth Chenault
(212) 640-2000
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Dan Cummins - 49 d 19 h ago


My name is Dan Cummins and I am Director of Company Operations for IHOP. My office is at 6148 Greenfield Drive in Mason Ohio 45040. I have both Personal and Corporate American Express Cards. On 12/16/16 my Online Banking through PNC Bank made a mistake and instead of sending $2,100 Payment on the Corporate Card they sent American Express $21,100. I called PNC and they said I had to contact AMX, which I did. I was told by the first Rep. Punja Ext. 74283 that it would take 72 hours to draft a refund of $18,899. I called back on 12/19 to make sure the check was on its way. I was told it was and it was coming in 3-5 Business days, but I would have it before Christmas. The $21,000 is all the money I have. My oldest son died last year and I spent all my savings on his bills, funeral and casket. Christmas came and went without the check. I continued to call also speaking with Ray (ext. 70465) and I was told because of the holidays the mail was taking longer. I called again on 12/26 and was told the check was on its way and the holidays were again to blame. Yesterday 12/30 I spoke with Amit Kumar (ext 74102) and he located my case GOH1P and said the check had not been cut until 12/23 and then mailed 12/27. So I was lied to over and over, including folks saying the would call me back. I know this amount of money is not a lot compared to the 364 Billion AMX is worth but it was all I had. Today is 12/31 and still no check..Thank You For Listening. Dan Cummins

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Nicole Watkins - 41 d 9 h ago


Can you guys believe i am still on hold???!!! Its been 1hr 17 mins 39 seconds. Thanks Grace for getting a So Called Supervisor for me. I will be contacting the BBB with my complaint.

I can't believe Amex actually trained people to flat out lie to customers. Your jobs must pay well to take from us.

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DocOH - 40 d 18 h ago


I can believe. I have spent two hours plus during the last two days trying to get AmEx to fix a problem they caused. What makes you think these folks a) work for AmEx, or b) have any significant amount of training...

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Anonymous - 28 d 10 h ago


Be careful! American Express card holders, I have found American Express had withdrew more money from my checking account than I actually had spent. Within two years period, I had been charged more than two thousands, I called, called. They said that it's your (we, the customers) responsibility to check every statement. Scary!

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A former American - 23 d 15 h ago

YES it seems as that is the way a lot of companies are doing this..

They obviously are not old school in "the customer is always right philosophy" instead they train the customer is never right and they seem to train people to be argumentative, belligerent etc. We must fight this or this will become the norm and that is when this country will lose everything our forefathers fought for.

I am in shock that companies care nothing about anything except their bottom line and out source almost all of their jobs to countries who do not live by the same ethics and standards that we do in the USA..

They should not be allowed to have American in their name.

I ordered a replacement card two weeks ago verified the shipping address etc.

When I called to check on it I had to call 5 times to speak with a supervisor. The representatives told me that a supervisor would just say the same thing they were saying. This was in the Philippines the country so many companies are out sourcing too. They must work for pennies there and their work ethic proves this.

When I finally got a supervisor Andrew on the line he said I am not going to lie to you it has not been ordered nor

mailed and he offered

no apologies or solutions.

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Very Sad company - 10 d 15 h ago


The customer service is a joke. I had a charge put on my card that was never authorized. The money that was on my card was for gas and food for the week. American Express can do nothing about this but tell me 10 days and they HOPE something can be done about it. Well in 2 days ill have my paycheck but right now I have no cash or food!. So I'm not trusting someone that helps others take my money and keep it.

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Cindot - 3 d 17 h ago


I disputed a charge on my account. Instead of assisting me with said charge they suspended my account.

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Very upset - 17 h 49 m ago


So what do you suppose to do now i am in the same situation..

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F you - 26 d 11 h ago


WOW HOW SAD!! I also am experiencing a lot of problems and just seen your story. I think they need to go out of business because the $ they have probably belongs to everybody who they screwed over!! Good luck and I hope they sent you your check!!

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S.Charge - 26 d 9 h ago


Did you call their Regulator- Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (855 411 2372)...register a complaint...they will take it over the phone as well...they are tremendous!...YOU WILL GET AN EXECUTIVE TO RESPON, IN NEW YORK!...


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Alicia Hydrick Negron - 11 d 13 h ago


Wow all the same stories ...... sounds like Kenneth Chanault CEO of AMX needs to hire new employees loyal employees like people that handle customer service problems specially being that this is not a mom and pops thrift store! This is a multi-billion-dollar company. Im calling corporate now to check on my thousand now. Mind you its been a year. Still no refund from my card being stolen and they perjenantly locked my account bc the day I called and disputed thd transacti8ns and filed my claim, I guess the customer service representative got drunk the night before bc he hit the violation of member agreement code instead of the customers card was stolen code so now I look like a crimina. B B B will be my next call. Sincerely......very angry georgia girl

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Dindu Nuttin - 12 d 5 h ago


Terrible trash company, which clearly is the result of an inferior black imposter CEO that was given a gimme job to coddle the lie that blacks are human and equal, which based on the overwhelming mass incompetency within this organization, yet again this has been proven is not the case.

Furthermore, the inferior imposter CEO is also a traitorous liberal, a supporter of the traitor Barry Hussein Obama, a supporter of domestic terrorism and white genocide.

Simple answer: Dont ever do business with this sack of shit corporation until they manage to police their own and hire humans.

Flagged for review. 
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Enney - 3 d 12 h ago


I had money stolen from me. I have the physical proof...written proof... They basically told me I was lying and locked my card! Do you know how that hurts dealing with someone stealing from you and then having your bank turn around and tell you, you are lying!! Thank you to the person above for the information on Consumer Finance. This company will never get my business again but I will go out of my way to make a complaint with every possible authority and get my $85.58 back!!

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Amex Loather - 6 d 12 h ago


The worst customer service imaginable. I've been a member since 1987 and was just treated like crap by five different customer service reps in an hour-plus-long effort to get them to charge the correct bank account for my amount due, and then to unlock my cards. I was lied to by reps in India who told me that they couldn't transfer me to the US (which the eventually did). Everyone has clearly be trained to offer no help, to blame the customer, and to prevent us from talking to,anyone who can help. After 30 years I'm berry close to cancelling the multiple cards I have with Amex.

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Brian Hogan - 8 d 16 h ago


Upon refinancing our house we decided to consolidate some debt we had accrued while I was laid off. We mailed a check to AMEX in early December 2016. It is now February 10, 2017 and AMEX still has not credited our account.

I have copies of the front and back of the check that clearly show the check was processed on 12/10/2016. Furthermore someone at AMEX wrote the last 6 digits of our account number on the face of the check.

I have spent countless hours on the phone trying to get this resolved. AMEX has closed the dispute twice without warning requiring me to contact you and demand it be re-opened as their "resolution" was BS in both instances.

Your latest resolution is the payment was " credited to the other Card Member's Costco Card account." Rather difficult seeing as we have never had a Costco AMEX card.

On hold now and I'm being told that AMEX sent the money to CITI when they assumed the Costco accounts. They then issued a partial credit to that card holder. Meanwhile, our account is still showing the full balance.

I am now being told that you need to work with CITI on this before you can resolve our issue with the missing payment.


You admit you received our payment. Credit our account. It is through no fault of ours that you sent the money to CITI. That is your error. Credit our account and then you can work on getting your money back from CITI.

Just finally got off hold. Now being told that this issue is "being remanded to a higher management for review and resolution." Apparently you can admit you received our payment, but no one has the authority to your error.

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Ken Gregar - 10 d 6 h ago


I have been having trouble with mailing in my "Amex" bill payment to the "Newark N.J. P.O. box" since early October 2016. It seems they say they don't get them. I've called "Amex" customer Service (in India) and although they are very friendly and polite, they have no idea of what I'm talking about nor what to do about it. I realize that the most common lie is "the check is in the mail", but in my case it's very true and they have done nothing about checking into the issue. Their response has always been blaming the Post Office for the lost mail.

In the meantime I've had to put two stop payments on $2,657.01 checks I mailed costing me $70. After 6 weeks in the mail, they seemed to receive the first check I mailed and with a $0 amount on my card, they tried depositing the check to give me $1300 credit only to have the check bounce for stop payment and then have the nerve to charge me a bounced check fee, even though I tried telling them the checks had stop payments on them and not to cash, but to return them to me. Apparently India doesn't tell anyone what's going on.

My payment in January went through correctly with me mailing it and now with February's payment, again they tell me they haven't received it, however, this payment has been cashed and by all appearance by Amex. I'm at a loss as to who to complain to. Since October I've believed there has been a problem with the "pay receiving department" at their "Newark Post Office Box office" and "Amex" has paid no attention to my complaints in India. At this point I am recommending to everyone to stop using the "AMEX" card, cause they've stopped being concerned with the customers monies.

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bc-COMXusa - 10 d 14 h ago


My name is Robt. Cogan and I have been a loyal customer with AMX for over 30 years and have never had a problem with any issue or request with the Phoenix call center. Spend over $24k per year and always paid bill in full on time. I've had various cards over the years but currently have Platinum Business card since 1985. The problem arose today regarding a call from India requesting SS numbers for a recent application to get a AMX Blue Cash Reward Card. Could not understand the gentleman and told him I did not give out that information to countries outside US. Plus I could not understand him and felt he was perturbed and turned ugly on my decision not to relinguish that info. I called AMX customer service and was run through the mill with (3) separate call totaling 34 minutes, in trying to solve the issue of providing missing data necessary for the new card.

I never could get this issue solved through PHX customer Supervisor rep Donna after back and forth conversations. The only thing that

she told me was a letter would be sent out from new card app in India? ice and still do not know what is needed to comply???

Very disappointed and will have to reconsider relationship with AMX. The service provider in India is definitely not good for busy customers who want things to be handled in a way they have been used to in the past from US based offices.

Tried to contact HO in NY, but of course it seemed there is nobody available at corporate interested in a disgruntled long time business customer who runs his business with concerns from all our customers. I suggest you take a long hard look at the objectives of AMX's business plan for there loyal card holders who does play by a different set of rules.

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RACHEL - 11 d 15 h ago


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DomIsMad - 16 d 16 h ago


TERRIBLE customer service line. The reason I always used amex was the great customer service, that is now gone. They screwed up a balance transfer three weeks ago and still haven't resolved the issue, even after speaking with "supervisors" that assured me it would be taken care of "in 72 hours"...Three times ! They also disconnected me several times and never called back as promised. I have tried to contact them via other channels and had no success.

I am cutting up both of my personal cards today, along with closing my employee accounts.

I have been a cardmember for 30 years. I'm done.

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MijeJ - 12 d 11 h ago

I have had the exact same experience recently. No one calls back. Spoke with Archie, Puma , Jeannie and Nicole. All supervisors promising a returned call that never happened. Too bad this is a corporate card or I would cancel.

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Sherri - 12 d 6 h ago

Well I'm Glad to hear that it is not just me... I have been a loyal AMEX customer since 1988, I would use no other business or personal cards, as they were the card of "Yes We Can." I have never been delinquent and I rewarded them by maintaining a flawless record with them. Within the last 6 months they have been rude, UN-knowledgeable, for want of a better word, and in Foreign Countries. They neither take notes nor are they able to retrieve them from the previous calls, and the continual answer in No - No - No !!!! I no longer have any reason to be loyal and shall not be recommending them again. I was a soapbox commercial for American Express, Now I couldn't care less.

Flagged for review. 
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Charles M. a member since 1977 - 12 d 18 h ago


I have been a card member for over 40 years. I have always paid my bills my card has never been cancelled. I booked a vacation with your travel department

and I was forced to charge it on my Visa account. I spoke to American Express representatives in India and they refused to help me.

Now I am not getting the benefits of the card for my airfare and vacation. This is America and jobs should be get in America. Clearly your foreign do not understand when someone pays their bills and has been a member for 40 years they should find ways to help them. I will be writing a letter to my United States senators and congressman complaining about your companies policies of hiring foreign employees over American citizens.

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Virginia - 15 d ago


I have been with AMX for 8 years. They keep raising the annual fee on my card. When I called to discuss switching from a gold card to a no-fee card I got a representative who did not speak English very well and who told me she could not switch my card. I had to re-apply on line. At no time did I feel she comprehended what I wanted to do. I went on line, re-applied for the no fee card and I was turned down. Unbelievable! I will be canceling my card and I'm sure that will not go smoothly.

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Anonymous - 15 d 17 h ago


They suck and suck

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Art - 17 d 15 h ago


When I call American Express with a question, I expect to talk with a company representative located in America, not in Mexico. After all, this is an American Express Credit Card. I have been a valuable and loyal credit card customer since 1984, and I expect a reply. Let's keep jobs in America. Security could also be questionable.

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