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American Express Company

World Financial Center
New York, NY
Kenneth Chenault
(212) 640-2000
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Judy B. - 4 d 50 s ago

I tried to have conversation with a customer service representative (I use that term with great hesitation!) today regarding my account. Since she (Stacey) could not give a clear explanation I requested a supervisor. Interestingly there were none available. I have been a card member since 1987...however, I am writing a letter stating my dissatisfaction that they did not execute a request I made on May 8 removing a person from my card. She could not explain why it did not happen yet I have an email stating he was removed.

You are all so on...very shabby customer service. I'm others will enjoy using my Visa even more!!!! Not worth rating even 1 star!!!

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Greg Z - 4 d 31 s ago


I am in the same boat in trying to cancel something called "Plenti" on our cellphone account. The IVR's of all companies have been changed to where you cannot physically get through to a human. It is all companies now that are making it more difficult to actually speak with someone on the phone that can even understand what the words "No", along with "Cancel account, customer waived right to have their time wasted by an idiot in India wanting to read you something that you can find online.

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Alexandria Brown - 4 d 4 h ago


AMERICAN EXPRESS! I have never been so utterly discussed with the lack there of in your customer service department. I have been a member since 2014, and starting out I had not one complaint until now. This company has lead me on a wild goose chase for the past week, with hold times for a supervisor, exceeding 30+mins, or the call magically gets disconnected. Unable to provide me with any information regarding my declined disputes, or why my account has been closed. I feel as there was no investigation conducted concerning the matter of $223+change of my hard earned dollars taken from my account. I was provided with a single transaction dated back in january 2017 in the amount of $8.95 from this company which I was also unaware of. Being the ONLY reason why my dispute for the tranaction in the amount of 187.65 from the same company Five 5 months later was declined. I was told by Adam who would not provide me with an Id number or last name in the Account protection services department today, that I the customer "Lied" about knowing of or authorizing these transactions. When the hell do you tell a customer they lied???? When in fact how easy is it for a person to miss a $8.95 tranaction on your acount. Because I did not dispute the first transaction I'm at fault. Have you even contacted the company to do your part of this investigation? No because if they did they would have all the facts needed to issue me a refund! This is only the first matter at hand. I also found a new charge as of yesterday on my account from a company called, (please every one Google this and tell me what you find). That I did not provide this company with any information or authorize this transaction in the amount of $40.90. I immediately contacted American express concerning this. Filed the dispute at about 1pm and the normal processing time frame is 5-10 business days or could take up to 45 days. I received an email starting both of my disputes had been declined by 4:40pm the same day (yesterday) so how is it that it took you a week to deliver on the first one and less then 5 hours to decide the second one. Seems to me once again no one from this company did their jobs, did any work at all just assumed "I lied" as Adam stated. Then decided to be done with me and deny disputes and close my account indefinitely.

UNapologetic for the inconvenience this has caused me. I was basically told "mam, we do not care,fuck off and write a letter to corporate". This is the most disrespect I have ever received. Working in customer service they teach you to at least be empathetic over the phone. Every single last one of the phone reps in this company needs a refresh on that course. I will be writing a letter and contacting every single avenue, legal office, corporate office, CEO who's names are affiliated with this company. Untill a proper investergation has been done and I am issued a full refund. And compensation for this overwhelming delima this company has caused me.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shame on this company, after a little research seems I'm not the only one who has complaints of unknown or unauthorised transactions on their accounts that American express reps have not been able to explain who, what or where the money has mysteriously gone to. I wouldn't be surprised if they had their own fraudulent company that randomly targets their customers accounts. Because this is BULLCRAP !!!!!!!

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Ty - 4 d 20 m ago


Omg!!! Its insane because the exact same thing has just happened to me! And then they had the nerve to lock me out of my accout and send me a check for my money!!!

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Donald - 4 d 34 s ago


You are so right!

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Donald - 4 d ago


The very worst customer service I have ever encounter anywhere in this country, in the world. One may as well speak Roumanian which I don't speak to these people as they have no idea what they are doing, are so incredible rude, and can take up huge amts. of your time when you are trying to fix a problem they caused and you either hear "I don't understand" or "we made a mistake but it is too late to fix it now." The rudeness, the downright snottiness of these people is unimagineable."

I have started to use Master Card and Visa to avoid further brain damage.

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33 Year Cardholder - 6 d 6 h ago


Just cancelled my card after 33 years due to customer service. We'll see if they even care and will call back. I've written to HQ and asked for a call back. Happy to use my VISA card.

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Jeanette Edwards - 5 d ago

Where can I write to HQ?

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Jeanette G. Edards - 5 d ago

Amex is purposely holding back on reimbursing Platinum Business clients their 50% bonus points until after June 1st when their policy changes in order to screw clients out of reusing their points before June 1st. The PRACTICE has always been to reimburse systematically within 48 hours. AMEX is blatantly holding back on reimbursements all of a sudden in May.

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Chris - 7 d 33 s ago


Liars! American Express offered a $100 statement credit to apply for a card when booking a Delta flight. Even though I had an AMEX card years ago, I did not have one at the time of the offer. That makes me a new cardholder, right! Not according to AMEX. They denied me the promised promotional offer, saying I was already a card holder, which I was not! LIARS! False advertising. If there were exclusions, they should have been list right on the sales page, or directly accessible through a prominent link. Don't apply! They want to suck you in and find a way to cheat you! Their customer service people were argumentative and unhelpful when discussing this. I am not paying this bill!

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Susan - 7 d 5 h ago


I received this advisory (see below)and called American Airlines to change the flight without penalty due to the weather predictions. I waited on hold for thirty minutes. They said I had make the change through American Express Travel because they booked the ticket (using some of my over 350,000 points from my Platinum card; Ive been a loyal member for over thirty years. I called American Express, waiting on hold for another thirty minutes, and the agent rebooked me on the same flight for the following day without penalty de to the advisory. This took over twenty minutes. I then rebooked the car to the airport and the car from the airport inLondon, and the cat sitter and called the people who were to tae fr my dog at a different location and informed my family I would be a day late. I then alternately called and checked inline to rebook my seat. I kept getting error messages. Then American Airlines told me the record locator numbers I had been given by the American Express agent for both Finnair and American Airlines were incorrect and was told to use the original locator number. I did so entering the revised date of May 23 and the option to select seats arose. I paid $130 for seat 15L and Priority Boarding. It took more of the day to rearrange all these plans and I lost a day of my trip to boot, but I figured it was better tho wait at home than in the airport. This morning I received an alert that my flight was on time TODAY! I called American Airlines and they said they had no record of a change. I went online and could find no reservation for the 23rd. I called American Express and they said I had never made the change. I cursed like a sailor and gave them the new record locator numbers the agent gave me. I have now been on the phone for 58 minutes, mostly on hold while a supervisor tried to correct this error, by demonstrating to Finnair who originally booked the ticket that American Airlines issued the travel advisory. American Airline meanwhile is on the other phone and they say that there should be no difficulty at all reissuing the ticket because of the travel advisory and as there is plenty of availability today. The supervisor finally admit the mistake was made by the agent and apologized but I am still waiting on hold. If the flight is rebook then I will have to request a refund from American Airlines for the Priority seat that was pinned to the original flight and rebook the seat if I can. And I am spending many more hours today addressing the profound ineptitude of the American Express travel agent who screwed this all up in the first place. I have never been treated so horribly and so incompetently by a travel agency. Kim, the supervisor, has been nice and apologetic and I appreciate that she is working hard to correct this mistake, but the bottom line is that this has caused massive inconvenience and stress. The irony is that a travel agency is supposed to facilitate travel. And American Express offers the benefit I used as a reward though it has become punishment. And the weather turns out to be fine and the flight is leaving on time, which is not the fault of American Express, but adds insult to injury as I could have simply left as originally planned. The bottom line is that I am horrified by the treatment I have received and I would like someone to contact me about this situation and offer an apology and reparation. Dr. Susan Jonas Begin forwarded message: From: (hidden) Subject: Inclement weather may affect your upcoming travel plans Date: May 20, 2017 at 9:41:19 PM EDT To: (hidden) Reply-To: (hidden) American Airlines logo oneworld Important information Heavy rain and thunderstorms, which are forecast to impact the Northeast on Monday, May 22, may affect your upcoming travel plans. Your flight is currently on time, however, we are offering additional flexibility that may allow you to change your travel plans without a fee. Visit for details on the affected cities and travel dates. You can change your flights on by retrieving your reservation or by contacting reservations at +1-(hidden). Before heading to the airport, be sure to check your flight status on the American Airlines app or at, and sign up for flight status notifications. This email has been sent on behalf of American Airlines. For all inquiries, visit or contact us in writing at American Airlines, 4255 Amon Carter Blvd., MD 2400, Fort Worth, Texas 76155-2603. oneworld is a registered trademark of oneworld Alliance, LLC 2017 American Airlines, Inc. All Rights Reserved. [---001:004232:39770---]

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america first - 9 d ago


I have to say if you have the name (AMERICAN in your company name) why then are you out sourcing?

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BERT LAMB - 38 d 17 m ago



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Ann Jones - 35 d ago

All of the Trump family businesses use foreign labor. Trump is hardly a real president. He's a corrupt con man.

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Jan - 27 d 3 h ago

what has this to do with Amex? Are you off your mind?And keep your political preferences just for yourself and don't bother other people with similar stupid conversation!

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Mika Miccackki - 9 d 23 h ago


Hey wait. What would Hillary (The Liar) Clinton would have done to help? She wanted to offshore jobs to India and other shit places.

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B Sutter - 17 d 16 h ago

Crappy card I have lousy credit for a gold card said sad recipient 753 a month credit score is 523 poor I'd stolen cards opened in my name . I didn't even apply for the card so how did I get it with deliuent credit .. 1900.00 I owe you for what . Fraud was disputing charges in march and April new cars came what the hell cut the sucker up didn't even want it never asked for it for your credit reaawaexh did a full look I never would have gotten the card but no you didn't so who's fault is it yours for sending me a card that I don't know who applied for it or how it was done . I so don't have 1900.00 would you like 5 bucks aintj till I die to pay this off that's all I can do . Been disabled.

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Peter Kohli - 18 d 8 h ago


I have been an Amex customer for 40 years. They cancelled my cards without informing me and I wasn't even late. I was at a restaurant with clients when I was informed by the waiter that my card had been declined. Not even a phone call. Then they hand the account over to a collection agency who call and threaten my children with legal action and they haven't been on my account for years. They don't call me first, but call my children. What a despicable and unethical company. Customer service used to be top notch but recently it's like talking to automatons. They spew out the same lines over and over again. I do not expect a call or acknowledgement from Amex with regard to this situation. But I am willing to file a complaint with the BBB, my attorney general's office and CFPB.

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Clueless express - 19 d 48 m ago

American Express as a company is a terribly ran operation, employees have no clue that they are on planet earth and Im very surprised they can Tie their own shoes to go to work.mid-level management have no idea they are breathing fresh air they could stop wasting most of it with all your bullshit.This is a true reflection of our sorry corporate America that this company is able to operate or function this poorly with a portion of Amercas hard earned money.

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J Walker - 20 d 43 s ago


Called American Express today to try and resolve my points program issue. I signed up online for a program where you do not have to pay in full each month if you wish. I was offered 10000 points for doing so online. I then called after some time on not seeing my points. I called on 04/19/17 and was told by customer service that I would see my points in 3 weeks. I called today 05/09/17 because my points still are not on my account. I was transferred from customer service to loyalty rewards who said this is a customer service issue. After talking to the customer service rep I asked for a supervisor. I got a supervisor Marie, who did not assist me and I asked for someone above her. Her supervisor, department manager, unit manager, or someone in charge of customer service. She said "no". I asked are you refusing to let me talk to someone above you, she response was "yes". She said "I am deciding how far this goes and it will go no further". I advised I will file a complaint with the BBB and OCC, she said "you can". As I was speaking she then hung up on me. I always thought America Express was to be a company where service was the best. WOW, was I wrong. those are only rumors. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and OCC as well. Thank you Kennth Chenault for showing me that you service is not worth paying for.

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Dave B - 24 d ago


Contacted American Express via phone after a failed attempt to get a copy of my receipt online. Apparently the website was not working properly - according to the person I finally spoke with. I SIMPLY NEEDED A COPY OF MY RECEIPT from 4.24.17 for 40.81 as this is my last expense report in my current role and I needed to wrap it up today. I spoke to a Customer Service rep who was able to pull up and view the receipt in question and then proceeded to tell me "we will be glad to help you with that - one moment pls" - apparently she was transferring me to someone else. After 5 mins with that person (Beepak) he told me there was nothing he could do...

So here I am now 14 mins into the call and so far NO ONE can help. I asked to speak to a Mgr - how hard could it be to send me a copy of the receipt that they can see but I cannot due to online issues on their end. After waiting 10 mins, Beepak came back on the line and stated: "Sorry, there is NO ONE you can speak with and there is NOTHING I can do"...

Seriously - 27 minutes into the call - that is the BEST YOU CAN DO?????!!!! This is unacceptable and want my 30 minutes back in compensation! If THEIR SITE IS DOWN - they should be willing to minimize the gap and do whatever it takes to help the customer out. To say NO MANAGER is available after I waited 10 minutes - UNACCEPTABLE! ALL of this could have been avoided by sending me a screen shot of my receipt. It is a corporate card so they have my contact info etc...I would say customer service dropped the ball on this one - the true test of a leader or Manager is how they handle things when something pops up and it appears these Managers run and hide - couldn't get one to speak to me...I will aslo add that Beepak told me I could get a receipt or additional help within 3 days - 72 hrs - just help me now and be done with it. I don't understand the thought process and now you have me ALL STRESSED OUT - is that the intent of Customer Service???? Mission accomplished!

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Y Ramsey - 25 d 34 m ago


I received an email that there was a charge of $3700. on my account to a company in New York and it was being shipped to a New Jersey address using the two day shop runner shipping. I called to report this charge as fraudulent and was routed to someone in Mumbai, India. I received poor customer service and was called three days later asking about this charge. Why is American Express not acting sooner on this type of charge and reporting immediately fraudulent activity to the merchant? I am disgusted that American Express is outsourcing their customer service to India and foreign countries. I called back today after receiving a call from the fraud department and once again spoke to someone in India. I requested to be transferred to the United States and he kept telling me why he could not transfer me, he was laughing under his breath and I could hear that he was laughing. Is this the way you want to treat customers that have had your credit card for over 30 years? I wasted half my morning calling back to get someone in Arizona that actually checked on my account and verified that the fraud alert went through and that my new card was activated. There are many other credit cards out there and American Express needs to review the many complaints that have resulted from the outsourcing of customer service. I have always had great customer service until not and this is unacceptable.

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E Joyce - 26 d 4 h ago


American Express has been impeccable over the years since I have had my card since 2000. In the last 90 days I have had the poorest service in my history with American Express. It seems that an outside of the US third party is handling the customer service. It is the poorest and worst service that inevitability will tarnish the record of American Express. This is not the American Express standard. Verizon learned its lesson. American Express will come to realize that this was a bad move. They had a note in my account that I wanted American Express to cease calls to me about activity on my account. It went so far as to cease incoming calls from me. This is bogus and is a lie. I have never had a late payment or no other reason to have them not contact me. I would never have American Express not call me based on any activity. Am X has been excellent about contacting me in the past about any activity why would anyone have a stop placed in this case. How is this breech of confidence happening? I would suggest that this communication be investigated.

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Anonymous - 32 d 1 h ago



After spending at least 1 1/2 hours with a number of agents at your 800 number, I have given up! Everyone I spoke with is INCOMPETENT!!!! Each Agent passed me on to another Agent that eventually had passed me to 4 other Agents.

Over two weeks ago I spoke with American Express explaining that my daughter (who is listed on my American Express Gold Delta Card) misplaced her PIN NUMBER to withdraw cash. The Agent supplied me with a temporary Pin Number which expired in 7 days with the promise that a NEW PIN NUMBER would be sent in the mail. To date the new Pin Number has not been received.

Today in speaking with a number of Agents at American Express, I was told by the first Agent that the new Pin Number had been sent in the mail to my address. A second Agent informed me that they were unable to send the new Pin Number for some unknown reason! Speaking with a SUPERVISOR, I was told that American Express could not supply a new Pin Number since one had been issued less that 90 days ago. However, she advised to call another American Express number (1 800 881 4669) and they would resolve my problem. Received the same comments from this Agent.

Calling your main office in NYC, the operator refused to connect me to anyone in the Corporate Offices, stating that I should send a FAX!!!!!

Being with AMERICAN EXPRESS since 1972 (45 years), I have never missed paying 100% of my monthly bill on time and ,paying my yearly membership charge. This is the first time that I have been given such miserable treatment by your corporation in 45 years. I would very much appreciate receiving word from you regarding this matter.

Sincerely Bentley T. Braffet (hidden)

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jb - 32 d ago


Did you ever get a response?

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