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American Express Company

World Financial Center
New York, NY
Kenneth Chenault
(212) 640-2000
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Joan Smiley - 4 h 50 m ago


My federal tax return has been locked up in your Amex serve card for almost a month due to broken web site and poor customer service on phone. I am now waiting for electronic transfer of funds into my personal bank account but have not received any written documentation regarding this transaction. I believe that it is illegal for your company to hold onto my federal tax return money and I will file a formal claim with the help of my bank if you don't release the money soon. Sincerely Joan Smiley

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John Callahan - 12 h 13 m ago


I have been an AMEX customer for 43 years. The customer service was "always" great. Not So Today. The customer service personnel are non-US based (often the Philippines) and English is the 2nd language. Have been waiting since 3/9/17 for a "correct" AMEX Delta card. Today I am informed there was a 10-day wait & I was supposed to call again. Terrible service! This coupled with the Costco dropping AMEX debacle makes me wonder if AMEX understanding what a groundswell of negative customer opinion is occurring. John

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BARRY ISAACS - 15 h ago

I paid for 75 personal training sessions for my daughter who only used 50 prior to her gym, David Barton, having closed. Buying bulk training sessions reduced the cost of each session. AMEX made 2 attempts to charge back the amounts that were overcharged but when the gym said that my daughter could have used the gym training sessions prior to it having closed, they would not refund my money. AMEX thereupon reinstated the $2,200.00 of charges once the temporary credit was reversed. I thought that as a 40 year AMEX cardholder [Gold, 15 years, Platinum 25 years], AMEX would eat the charge as a goodwill gesture but they won't even as they acknowledge that I was essentially defrauded. Unimpressive. I thought that was part of making the $400 annual fee worthwhile just in case something like this happened. Silly me.

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Fuller Rogers II - 6 d ago


My name is Fuller Rogers II. I have an American Express Bluebird card. Or I should say I had an American Express Bluebird card until someone broke into my vehicle and stole my wallet. I just finished a conversation with the lady in the Philippines to try to get a replacement card. She facilitated my replacement however she told me it was going to take 7 to 10 days to get a replacement card. In today's age of Technology that we possess there is no reason for this card to take this period of time to get a replacement. The lady said that discussions were being held to facilitate a quicker card replacement. Is it that difficult? I have enjoyed the use of my Bluebird card and will continue to use it in the future. However, it seems to me there should be a better process to receive a replacement card.

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Fedup - 3 d 14 h ago


Then when you get your card they say they can't help you with dispute will take 7-10 business day, then around the 15th business day they it will take 45 days. Then they put on hold hours until give and call back. I had 4 representatives on a conference call, all which me hold over 2hours and not one ever came back on the line

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Fedup - 3 d 14 h ago

Worst company EVER!!! Customer service doesn't help corporate office doesn't help. They steal your money then put on hold forever.

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Robin metzler - 7 d 7 h ago


charges on my platinum card for services never rendered. Amex keeps billing me for charges ( going on 4 months) for goods n services never delivered.. I have multiply information on merchant on committing 2 counts of fraud n Amex still bills me .

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Sherry Amanpour - 9 d 6 h ago


AMEX promised to send me a replacement card after my card was compromised. They assured me I would receive the card on Sat. I have been a customer of AMEX for decades ONLY because of the customer service. When the card did NOT arrive as promised on Sat....I called and they were unable to overnight another to me. Terrible customer service--filled with irrelevant excuses....I am thinking of canceling the card. Wanted everyone to know the substandard customer service. Unacceptable.

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Dan Cummins - 86 d 13 h ago


My name is Dan Cummins and I am Director of Company Operations for IHOP. My office is at 6148 Greenfield Drive in Mason Ohio 45040. I have both Personal and Corporate American Express Cards. On 12/16/16 my Online Banking through PNC Bank made a mistake and instead of sending $2,100 Payment on the Corporate Card they sent American Express $21,100. I called PNC and they said I had to contact AMX, which I did. I was told by the first Rep. Punja Ext. 74283 that it would take 72 hours to draft a refund of $18,899. I called back on 12/19 to make sure the check was on its way. I was told it was and it was coming in 3-5 Business days, but I would have it before Christmas. The $21,000 is all the money I have. My oldest son died last year and I spent all my savings on his bills, funeral and casket. Christmas came and went without the check. I continued to call also speaking with Ray (ext. 70465) and I was told because of the holidays the mail was taking longer. I called again on 12/26 and was told the check was on its way and the holidays were again to blame. Yesterday 12/30 I spoke with Amit Kumar (ext 74102) and he located my case GOH1P and said the check had not been cut until 12/23 and then mailed 12/27. So I was lied to over and over, including folks saying the would call me back. I know this amount of money is not a lot compared to the 364 Billion AMX is worth but it was all I had. Today is 12/31 and still no check..Thank You For Listening. Dan Cummins

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Nicole Watkins - 78 d ago


Can you guys believe i am still on hold???!!! Its been 1hr 17 mins 39 seconds. Thanks Grace for getting a So Called Supervisor for me. I will be contacting the BBB with my complaint.

I can't believe Amex actually trained people to flat out lie to customers. Your jobs must pay well to take from us.

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DocOH - 77 d 13 h ago


I can believe. I have spent two hours plus during the last two days trying to get AmEx to fix a problem they caused. What makes you think these folks a) work for AmEx, or b) have any significant amount of training...

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Anonymous - 65 d 5 h ago


Be careful! American Express card holders, I have found American Express had withdrew more money from my checking account than I actually had spent. Within two years period, I had been charged more than two thousands, I called, called. They said that it's your (we, the customers) responsibility to check every statement. Scary!

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Dee Dee - 26 d 14 m ago


It is MORE than scary.....IT'S A CRIME!!!! I would call the police for that large of an amount missing. Grand Larceny.

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A former American - 60 d 9 h ago

YES it seems as that is the way a lot of companies are doing this..

They obviously are not old school in "the customer is always right philosophy" instead they train the customer is never right and they seem to train people to be argumentative, belligerent etc. We must fight this or this will become the norm and that is when this country will lose everything our forefathers fought for.

I am in shock that companies care nothing about anything except their bottom line and out source almost all of their jobs to countries who do not live by the same ethics and standards that we do in the USA..

They should not be allowed to have American in their name.

I ordered a replacement card two weeks ago verified the shipping address etc.

When I called to check on it I had to call 5 times to speak with a supervisor. The representatives told me that a supervisor would just say the same thing they were saying. This was in the Philippines the country so many companies are out sourcing too. They must work for pennies there and their work ethic proves this.

When I finally got a supervisor Andrew on the line he said I am not going to lie to you it has not been ordered nor

mailed and he offered

no apologies or solutions.

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Jessica - 13 d 12 h ago

This is exactly what I'm worried about! I've been told now that I would receive the 1st temporary card, then I was told they would send a permanent card, then after receiving neither card- I was told they were sending a replacement card. Still no card. This time it does actually say it on my account that a request was put in for a replacement- which it hadn't said before- so I am praying I actually recieve a card this time. I was even lied to by a rep claiming she would send it priority shipping since this was the 3rd attempt, only to call back & find out that was a lie & apparenly that cannot offer that. Apparenly they cannot offer any solution. It would be nice to finally be able to access my money. I have yet to be able to access any of it.

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Very Sad company - 47 d 9 h ago


The customer service is a joke. I had a charge put on my card that was never authorized. The money that was on my card was for gas and food for the week. American Express can do nothing about this but tell me 10 days and they HOPE something can be done about it. Well in 2 days ill have my paycheck but right now I have no cash or food!. So I'm not trusting someone that helps others take my money and keep it.

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Cindot - 40 d 12 h ago


I disputed a charge on my account. Instead of assisting me with said charge they suspended my account.

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Very upset - 37 d 12 h ago


So what do you suppose to do now i am in the same situation..

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Dee Dee - 26 d 12 h ago


I believe it. I have waited well over an hour for a useless Manager to come on the line & put me on hold again, only to be told I 24 to 48 hours....BLAH BLAH BLAH!

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F you - 63 d 5 h ago


WOW HOW SAD!! I also am experiencing a lot of problems and just seen your story. I think they need to go out of business because the $ they have probably belongs to everybody who they screwed over!! Good luck and I hope they sent you your check!!

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S.Charge - 63 d 4 h ago


Did you call their Regulator- Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (855 411 2372)...register a complaint...they will take it over the phone as well...they are tremendous!...YOU WILL GET AN EXECUTIVE TO RESPON, IN NEW YORK!...


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Dee Dee - 26 d 22 m ago


THANK YOU! I filed a complaint at the American Express Corp Office AND the CFPB.......maybe I will get my $$ back after all this time wasted.

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Alicia Hydrick Negron - 48 d 7 h ago


Wow all the same stories ...... sounds like Kenneth Chanault CEO of AMX needs to hire new employees loyal employees like people that handle customer service problems specially being that this is not a mom and pops thrift store! This is a multi-billion-dollar company. Im calling corporate now to check on my thousand now. Mind you its been a year. Still no refund from my card being stolen and they perjenantly locked my account bc the day I called and disputed thd transacti8ns and filed my claim, I guess the customer service representative got drunk the night before bc he hit the violation of member agreement code instead of the customers card was stolen code so now I look like a crimina. B B B will be my next call. Sincerely......very angry georgia girl

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Simhy - 9 d 16 h ago


This situation is totally disgusting. I urge anyone with American Express to find other options. There are so many companies out there that provide just as good or better benefits and much better customer service.

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Kimberly - 11 d 8 h ago


I had American Express for over 20 years without one late payment and was cancelled without explanation for no reason after 20 years of being a loyal member. Wow American Express I'll never be able to understand that one

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