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American Express Company

World Financial Center
New York, NY
Kenneth Chenault
(212) 640-2000
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Alison Franklin - 3 h ago

problems with 60 min of application process today. Mostly issues with vincy in New Delhi. After re completing application and telling me it would be processed after which I thanked her and hung up, she immediately called back and asked for info again. I told her she had just yokd me it would be processed and she said I hung up. I repeated to her that she told me it would be processed and she began asking again. I told her not to call back. I provided my personal id a number of times today.

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Norm Ponkey, Livonia, MI - 8 h 47 m ago

Before I break this story to the press or Government agency; I am giving AMEX a chance to respond to a documented chat I had with a rep. that disclosed that 50K people were impacted by your failure to post earned points for signing up for the AMEX premier card. You have one week to call me at (hidden).

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Carolyn Garner - 11 h 50 m ago

I received a call telling me that someone had tried to apply for an American Express card in my name and wanted to make sure that I actually did that. They asked for my last 4 digits of my SS. I told them I had not applied for a credit card. They said everything would be cancelled. I was wondering if that had really happen or if I had been scammed. This was received today at 12:32PM. They gave me a call back number of (hidden) with a code AKW7C. Please reply. I can't seem to find a real contact person to talk with.

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Lynn Holmes - 1 d 10 h ago

Email says 7-10 business days to come in the mail I called day 7 was told it'll take 10 days,on day 9 I was again told it'll take till the 21st 3 more days,other cards don't usually take this long and I've got all bills that must be paid and it seems like customer service doesn't care I've been hung up on twice

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ecd1974 - 7 d 11 h ago


These days, many companies offer lucrative signup bonuses to attract new business and American Express is no different. So, when I saw an offer for 60,000 bonus Membership Rewards points for signing up for the AMEX Platinum card (and after meeting a spending requirement of $5,000 in 3 months), I jumped on the offer. I have had the card since early April 2017 and met the spending requirement in June.

Having met the spending requirements and knowing my bill was paid in full, I contacted American Express back in July since I had not seen the bonus points post. At first, I did a chat and the rep told me it takes 6-8 weeks for the points to post after meeting the spending requirement and that it's in my card member agreement. The funny thing is I am able to review the card member agreement online when in my account and (unless I am mistaken) there is no mention of when the bonus points will post. Either way, I gave it the benefit of the doubt and waited for that time to pass and the points still hadn't posted.

Now, a full 2 1/2 months after meeting the spending requirement, I am not getting any help from American Express. I have been able to find out that American Express has an issue with a bad "offer code" on these accounts and is working to resolve the issue. No one can tell me when this should be corrected but one thing's for sure - American Express had no intention of informing me of this problem and I am sure I'd never see the points if I hadn't called several different reps in Membership Rewards.

American Express poses rules on its card members in many respects. If I didn't pay my bill, I'm sure they'd be after me and would probably turn me over to collections without a second thought. But when American Express fails to do something, it's OK and the consumer has no recourse.

General profile image - 8 d 13 h ago

Whom would I speak with about your Centurion Lounge?

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Will - 9 d 8 h ago


I have been receiving calls from a scammer claiming to be representing American Express Rewards Cards from the following numbers: (862) 772-1007, (267) 377-1254, (937) 648-6975, (232) 999-9874, (212) 999-9889. Despite requests from me to stop they continue to call using different numbers. This gives you bad PR. It has been reported to the FTC, FCC, and others. Thought you might be interested.

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Anonymous - 9 d 9 h ago

I received a e-mail from Delta Airlines offered me 70,000 miles

After I spent a$4000 for four months. When I spent the amount which delta told me & I took out the American Express card.

When I completed what I had to do, American Express only

Gave me $60,000 miles.

If this is how American Express does business, I will never again

Use my American Express card.

Joseph Fields

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Delania McLean - 9 d 10 h ago


Receive multiple daily solicitor calls from Amex. Every single call I always hit #2 to have my cell number removed from call list. One month later..........still getting calls!!!! This has to stop. Period!!!!

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Ks - 14 d ago


I asked for someone in a higher department to call me back was told I would get a call back the next day. It's bast the next day and no call. They say there for the customer but there just in it for them self. The CEO Kenneth does not really care about complaints are he would address them so this should show you all what they care about. I'm not happy at all that I pay so much a year and get the service I do.

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john ershler - 14 d 14 h ago


Amex has the worst customer service of any company i have dealt with ever. I have been sent to person to person to person then hung up on. I have had a problem with my card for almost a year and can not speak to anyone who is willing to help me fix the problem.

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Dave - 35 d 14 h ago


I have been an Amex Card Holder for over 40 Years, I have a credit due me from Hilton. The Hotel in PA was a Mess. One minute my incremental $2,115 is being credited and then it is not.

The details of the what's and why's are simple, he Help Desk in Manila is a Mess

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America Ex victim it is my new neame. - 14 d 14 h ago


America Express has being scaming me double, given their own money to crimianls, issue me three cards, I am using only onye paying in different days, one that I had used only for couple months paid bill in full in month 13, the other and last used green per day paying on month 23, but which I never had ACTIVATED, and which America Ex. is using to charge me double. Like this; I had pay my bill of the Amex card on 13, and then America Exp. transferring the same bill to their Day by day card, not activated and not used by me, and also the $6,000 which I Had offered by them to pay in year with O Interest and which they gave $5,750 to their friend from Syria, and they want me to pay for it.

Now the bill is the money they fraud against me, and 414. and for the bill I had already paid from my legal Card.

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Mdoane - 15 d ago


I'm out over 400 bucks thanks to these scumbags. My account was fraudulently charged and I filled out all the proper documents and sat through a mind numbing phone interrogation. Only to get an email less than 12 hrs later saying I had violated 15d of their b.s. rules and that I was at fault I was responsible. Amex then proceeded to close and lock my account said my remaining balance was in check form and in the mail. Guess what that was a month ago and my money still hasn't showed up. Amex lied, swindled and stole my money. And as far as getting thru to someone I get hung up on Everytime I call all 127 times

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Ks - 15 d 4 h ago

This is a real joke Kenneth Chenault please do and stand behind what you say. Your customer service needs help and new management. Read the reviews and fix the issues. This really makes me want to go so social midea and state my case of why do I pay for a card 400.00 plus a year to get this cheap service. Is the value of this card worth it at this point NO NO NO it is not. I have been on recordings all day check them out bewear of the card

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Ks - 15 d 4 h ago


I have now been on hold 50 minutes waiting for a manager, so I guess paying 400.00 plus a year is just to put money into Kenneth Chenault pocket you would think he would do his job. So now I was just hung up on great job Kenneth great job

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Ks - 15 d 4 h ago


This card is a joke a real joke, I pay this much a year for this customer service like my time is not of Value. I want the CEO to hear the recording Kenneth if you see this do your job as the CEO and fix the issues.

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SERVE ACCOUNT IS A SCAM - 18 d 13 h ago


I have an American Express Serve account (prepaid). I submitted a bill pay for $572.00 on 07/19/2017 the website showed that it was delivered on 07/21/2017. I only learned on 08/21/2017 that the payee did not receive the payment. I contacted American Express Serve customer service and opened a dispute on 08/21/2017. The dispute was denied and no funds were returned on 09/01/2017 because the biller would not speak to American Express because they did not have the account number for transaction. You would think that before the dispute was closed but NOPE it was closed. I contacted customer service and was told to contact Partner Assist. Partner Assist stated that they needed American Express to call. I called American Express back and there was a conference call made. The Partner Assist rep confirmed that no payment was received AND THEY DO NOT ACCEPT PAYMENTS FROM AMERICAN EXPRESS!!!!! You would think my money would have been returned by NOPE! Another dispute was opened and I was advised to wait 3-4 business days for a decision. THIS IS A PREPAID CARD HOW HARD IS IT TO RETURN MY MONEY!!!

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Linda Jones - 20 d 9 h ago


I would never get one of these cards or recommend anyone to do son is going through a divorce his soon to be ex hacked his account saying she was him and you guys dropped the investigation....bad way to do business...i pray to God for you people and that the law will prevail

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stevens.s - 21 d 5 h ago

i calledc customer serive about the speding limit on my card a sales rep had an bit of an attitude and cancelled my card without my permission, they want to run my credit again to reopen the same card and charge me another 500 bucks, smh so unfair...

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Anonymous - 22 d 13 h ago


Tuesday, August 2017. This email is directed to Kenneth Chenault, ceo with American Express. I am R. Jolley. Sir i once owned an American Express card, but cancelled it back in March to clean up debt in order to travel mre. Well fast forward to cuple of months, while going through the airport I was informed of a 60,000 mile reward with A.E.. Once I made it home i called your compamy to ask questions and explain my previous card. I was told this is a different promotion and I would in fact qualify. I followed to requirements in order to qualify, but now i am being denied the 60,000 reward points. Please help me to understand why 2 different individuals advised me I do qualify for the promotional rewards, but now I am being denied. This is a bate and witch tactics. So unfair to the consumer. I know this is a large company which could care very little about losing my small account. Please respond back.

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Library - 22 d 17 h ago


My bank sent a payment and got it back. Why?

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Chrstina C Higgins - 23 d 14 h ago


American Express is a terrible credit card not open an AMEX account! There is no such thing as good customer service..i had been a loyal customer for 37 years, and they canceled my account because it was 90 days overdue after 37 years! They also canceled an account that is current, claiming that they had canceled it because another card was 90 days overdue! After 37 years of being an excellent card member i am being treated like garbage ..i also have friends who have had the same problem! AMEX used to be a good company, but is no longer polite or helpful to their customers! I even tried to call the Chairmans Office, where the chief CEO is Ken Chenault, and they REFUSED me access to conversation with all of their representatives NOT..i repeat, do NOT have anything to do with this company! My rating for AMEX is zero.

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Nya H. - 25 d 19 h ago

On August 11 I spoke to a representative and they were informing me about the perks of the pay over time version that they have new with the Amex card . I agreed to it only because I was told I would get a believe 10,000 points . I have no problem with making my monthly payments that was the only thing that sold me . When my bill was due on August 23 I decided to only pay half . Since I was now enrolled in the program that the women had it explain to me would start 24 hours after our conversation. Well on August 24 I was given a LATE FEE !!! In. My entire history of having my Ames card I have never missed a payment or been late and my goal was not to start now I take my credit very serious. I called the 1800 number to find out what was going on. They informed me that it was nothing they can do and that when they lady spoke to me she told me it wasn't going to take effect on my next bill , but the following . Once again I have no issues with making my payments . That women did not say those words . All she did was let me know that 24 hours it would have me enrolled . So I even paid my card off during the conversation I was having with the supervisor . And didn't feel I should have been stuck with the late fee do to an error on thier part !!! I don't know what kind of perks they receive for enrolling customers into that feature but it's sad that as a loyal Amex customer I would have to go through something like this . And this has nothing to do with the 27 dollar late fee charge but everything to do with Amex ruining my perfect credit history on a mistake thier employee decided not to share with me . She was so quick to tell me about picking an airline to add to my card to get extra points whenever I fly with them and use my Amex . But not hey just so you know this billing cycle apporching yo still have to pay it in full and go forward ever billing cycle after that you can pay over time !!! That would have been helpful . Oh and I ask them to review the conversation because they say the recorded everything and of course they couldn't find it . Smh just a another excuse really unsatifitled . I made them take the feature off I won't be adding anything else to this card . I'm actually not even using it anymore . I'm not gonna close it but no longer want to give Amex my service . But then again they still charge me my annual fee so now I have to call these people back and find out how to cancel the card smh. Sucks but I only like to business with companies that disclosed all of the information you need to know before setting you up to be put in a jam that could have been avoided if they were just honest .

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trvlagt - 27 d 16 h ago


I tried to access my credit card account but password rejected. I tried several times to reset password. Each time password accepted but when I tried to log in message said password invalid. Made several attempts with the same result. Wasn't able to get technical assistance after many, many tries.

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