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American Express Company

World Financial Center
New York, NY
Kenneth Chenault
(212) 640-2000
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Dana S - 2 d 5 h ago


After five documented calls to AMEX I've been told five different stories about my rewards points which were cancelled days after our office accidentally closed and then had to reopen our account (within days). I was told the points would be reinstated because I called within 30 days of accidental cancellation. I called again 10/6/2017 requesting reinstatement of my points. I called again 10/25, 11/5, 11/17. As of today I've been told my request is denied and complaint closed because when I called on 10/6 their notes said the all their disclosures weren't heard and the call was incomplete. No- it is too much to expect them to call back if this was the case - the call was over so far as I knew. My points were permanently swept away the next day. This means all calls and discussions after this point were moot. They record their calls - for THEMSELVES, not to confirm content of all my requests. Next time I'll have to record my requests. Even trying to talk with a supervisor in the Rewards Dept was useless, no help, and she wouldn't give me a name/dept to elevate my request. This is all on top of the numerous transfers, disconnections, etc. which take a LONG time just to get through to someone. There must be incentive to take people's points away. Had I known I had to set up a new Membership account I wouldn't have lost credit for all the charges during this time when I thought they were reinstating them.. .

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Thomas Scaglione 602-459-6552 - 2 d 6 h ago


After 45 years of continuous membership, my spouse and I are in the process of cancelling all of our cards. (We're going to use our 250,000 plus mileage points first) We currently have platinum, gold and green for business. We both had platinum and after I retired we thought we didn't need two so I changed to Gold Premier a couple of years ago. Two days ago I wanted to get help with overseas flights and because my wife wasn't standing there I couldn't be helped even though the charges where going to be on her card. That's understandable. Later she said, I can add you to my platinium card - great. We called and I have a platium card coming and the rep. asked me if I would like to have a non-fee card in my own name with my 1972 inception date and I said yes, and gave her all the info. Wisely (I thought) she said wait to I get the new everyday card and then cancel my Gold after moving my large milegae act. Now comes the ridiculous lousy service - next day I get called saying I needed to unlock my credit. Asked why (ans. procedure) speak to supervisor (ans. procedure ) 50 minutes of hold checking (ans. procedure) Can a speak with a supervisor in customer service? (15 minutes hold) ans. in 24-48 hours. Next day supervisor calls (ans. procedure) Bottom line- no one that you can speak with has the authorization to either make a common sense decision or get you to level that can (if it exists below the chairman). According to American Exoress' own website my current credit score is 847 and has been in that range for years. I can't get an explanation other than it's procedure and they insist I let them check credit me for a replacement card with less exposure and 45 years of history with them. Absurd.

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Richard McLean - 2 d 8 h ago


I wish to mail my payment to you but can't find a 'brick & mortar' address. Help?

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Lady T - 2 d 9 h ago


This company CS is awful..... I have gone round & round with the credit reporting department overseas and apparently, they do not realize when you have an agreement letter on Amex stationary that the company can be sued for breach of an agreement, but they are about to find out, I have an appointment with an attorney this afternoon and will also alert the investigative reporters in my area with the letter and let them bombard them with calls and media coverage.

Have wasted 2 hours of my time today trying to get this resolved.....

Guess they forget consumers have rights now......

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Gloria Lockett - 3 d 8 h ago


Hello My name is Gloria Lockett and I have had my American Express credit card for around 2-3 months now. I have been given a very difficult time by the fraud department and it has never been any fraud on my account, as well as Lauren a manager from the credit review department has called me and treated me very poorly because I have allowed my daughter Gena Roberson which is an authorized user on the account to make several purchases from her card I got for her with your company. We have been taunted and treated very unfairly just for using this American Express Card.

I am requesting this block be removed off my account immediately allowing my daughter and I to make purchases. I have always paid my bills on time and have A-1 Credit because of this.

This is a disgrace being treated so terribly and I will never refer anyone to American Express again

unless this issue is resolved now! I gave American Express a very horrible review last night after speaking with Lauren for the second time on yesterday regarding terminating my card for my daughter making purchases I authorized her to make on the American Express Credit Card.

Lauren the Credit Review Department Manager already had her mind made up when we spoke on the phone. She wouldn't even really listen to what I had to say.

I have a lot of friends in corporations that have business cards with your company and I am embarrassed and ashamed at the way American

express has treated me.

When I first received this American Express Credit Card 3 weeks after I got it, The fraud department made me walk in the bank and get a Notary from the bank to keep my Card. Your Company has treated me like dirt and I will yelp and blog about this if this is not fixed immediately!


Gloria Lockett


Flagged for review. 
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Fido - 3 d 10 h ago


Absolutely disappointed in American Express Customer service. On hold over 40 minutes before giving up after requesting to speak with a supervisor. Was told by Credit Secure to contact American Express since American Express did not include the URL informing customers of all changes occurring with Credit Secure. Credit Secure said it was not their fault that American Express did not properly inform their customers. Just love two parts of the same company fighting it out while customers suffer.

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Amina Khalifa - 16 d 10 h ago

Two months ago I did a balance transfer of $1500, that was supposedly 3% transfer fee and zero interest till 12/18. I was charged $45 for the transfer fee, but only $25 was placed in that category, the rest was placed as purchases and I was charged 17.99%!!! I was charged interest twice until I caught up with my cards and called and it is being resolved. I just wanted to it known that I have had various Amex cards in the past 35+ years and never have I checked on them. Very disappointed. (hidden)

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Mr Bill - 4 d ago


I am having the same problem for 3 months so far. I did a balance transfer for zero interest. They took half of the balance transfer amount and added it to purchases for 17.99%. I have made several calls to complain and correct this problem.

But I am getting no satisfaction, when I ask for a supervisor they tell their in a meeting and will call me back.

So far no one has called back. Very frustrating. I've always had a high regard for AMEX but they certainly do not live up to past servicing and have drastically gone downhill.

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Lili Laguerre - 4 d ago


The same thing just happened to me. It is not the experience I would expect to receive from American Express.

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Debra Green - 51 d 8 h ago


Dear Mr. Chenault,

I have been a card member since 1982 and decided to upgrade my card to a Gold Card. I advised customer service that I would be traveling on 10/1/17 and would they be able to expedite the card to me so it arrived before my trip. I was assured that this would happen. BTW, I was speaking with your overseas customer relations department (Robots) and they read from a script answering all my questions. I called today to find out where my new card was as I was leaving in a few days. They could not trace the card and apologized for not getting me the card on time. I then requested being transferred to the US and also got a human robot to not help expediting the card. This was a nightmare and I am so disappointed in the service I received. I am contemplating cancelling all my cards.

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anomimous - 44 d 8 h ago

Cancel America Express, do not use this company any longer, they are working with Phillipnes and they have a ISIS HEADQUARTER, and since that country is so small and too poor and America Express seem to be working win combination with Isis, America Express has had given my money to one guy from Syria that is an international THEFT

I request for a loan to pay on 12 month not Interests in an EMEX AMERICA C. CARD and the same time and hour they gave the money to one of his ISIS FREINDS, keeping sending me the bill on the BLUE PAY IN MONTH INTESTEAD, AND NOT THEY CLIM IT IS A DISFUTE NOT A FROUD. THEY WANT ME TO PAY THE MONEY THEY HAD SHARING WITH THEIR CRIMINAL ISIS. Stay way from America Express they are the worst criminals I ever had dealing with. Run, run fast from them.

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Ripped off - 22 d 3 h ago

I feel your pain brother I recently bought a prepaid Bluebird American Express card and they're trying to steal the $1,500 I put on the card I am going to be placing them in a very bad position because I know some very important people in my country and I'm going to be taking legal position with American Express I am taking them to court if you want to join me and anyone else here who has been victimized by this company we can join together and get some awesome legal representation that is the first step and if they don't show up in court and if they're overseas then the judgement will be given to us and they will be forced to pay us back. To this day they have never given me an explanation as to why they took my money and it seems I can never talk to anybody here in America because all their offices are now in the Philippines as far as them being part of a terrorist group all I can say is they sure have the behavior of a terrorist. Let's get these guys let me know

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William Schram - 16 d 12 h ago


Put me on your list for a class action suit been with the company on their original prepaid American Express card with my company for probably eight nine years find out today I was supposed to receive an email or a letter which I never did that my card is going to be canceled because they want me to use the Bluebird card or the Serve card as they call it now I can still spend on the card but they will no longer deposit on the card never received the information in the mail or by email had to call this morning looking for a large paycheck before I travel on the weekend well guess what no deposit 3 to 5 days for it to go back to my company in order for them to physically write me a check they just deposited 2 weeks ago and everything was fine now all of a sudden today I'm notified when I call and get a person who's not American that I am not getting paid and of course it's my fault

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blanche cardo - 5 d 9 h ago


I will joing you, I already had reported America Express to my district police and the Candemen NJ who one of America Express friends from Syria had sharing money that America Express AMEX SUPPOSE to learn to me and to pay back them in a period of 12 months, in a Amex card, America Express turn around and shared $6,000 dollars with a ISIS FELLOW UP OF THAT GROUP, and instead of enter this large amount in the Amex card A. Express enter it in a blue day by day Card issue by theme without my approve neither I had ever ACTIVATE THAT CARD, America Express definitively work in conjunction with the criminal against what high authorities said and what I the victims said.

In fact America express is so involved with their criminals friends that they have the nerve to intimidate me, sending emails ordering me to stop the DISPUTE when it is not really a dispute but a FRAUD committed by America Express. I contacted America Express to ask why they are trying to force me to cancel the DISPUTE AND to pay their own fraud.

I do not trust America Express with their blue and Amex Card.

if you want you can investigate with MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, NJ the America Fraud FIRAS EMACHACHH A SYRIAN CRIMINAL VERS AMERICA AND CARDOANE B. HAPPEN IN MAY 31 2017 AND still do not solved thanks to America Express which I consider be worst than any other scammer in America.

Even today I receive a nasty letter from them, after that credit card was cancelled with the police and myself with a phone call directly made by and from the police station. In Manchester.

find yourself out in Google and face book who is FIRAS EMACHAH BEFORE YOU CONTACT THE POLICE.

America Express should be out business, I had reading all the millions of people this card company has fraud by their negative services or justly because they had join criminals.

Or have someone of those ISIS working in their company, it is happen to millions worldwide, infiltration of Isis in their company.

America Ex. in USA are not longer providing good services, they do not work, they are given the jobs to Asians specially Philippines where there have a HEAD QUARTER OF ISIS GROUPS.

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Anonymous - 17 d 7 h ago

Are you insane?

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anonimums - 5 d 9 h ago


Who is insane this guy above of America Express or yourself? I also a victim of America Exp.

not only lost money but abused verbal and mentally. They not only share their moneys with criminals expecting they would take it back from their customers. They are so a failure, I did not let it happen to me, they have being insured to protect themselves and their victims customers.e

It is more than insane criminals and thefts with license.

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Diane - 5 d 12 h ago

I have gift cards with exp date of 8/22 that won't work! We gave them out to our staff as gifts. $450 worth plus about another $2,000 +

no one can help me.

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irate steve - 6 d ago


dear Kenneth , i spent 27 minutes and 12 seconds on hold and being transferred from one department to another ..with the end result of being disconnected. American Express use to be the best card and provide the best service,.i have had a platinum card since 1985..i expect more ..

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David Munoz - 6 d 2 h ago


You have INCOMPETENT Staff and supervisors in Customer Care! I ordered a new Gold Card and it was to be expedited, I called today to get an update on the card and I was told it is not being expedited and it has not even been made or shipped.... so I asked a supervisor to correct the shipping error and expedite it since it has not shipped and is not scheduled to ship until tomorrow! Her response was because the card is in "process" no changes can be made! I asked why not it is not shipping until tomorrow at best, she just kept repeating "it is in Process" and this is your supervisor Cyndi #39621, She NEVER tried to find a solution she just kept reading her script and deflected, and speaking over me in a lame attempt to get me not to ask her questions! I would appreciate getting someone at AMX who is solutions oriented and can actually think on their feet to get back to me ASAP!

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Not right - 23 d 10 h ago

Good morning. A close family member passed away 6 weeks ago leaving behind a balance and a large amount of miles. We have been in contact with American Express. The cardmember was entitled to pay their bill with points. The account is now in collections. There is no one to talk to at American Express as we are consistently referred to collections. This makes no sense. The person who passed was a cardmember since 1992 and always paid their bills on time. They died. We want to use earned miles to pay down the account and pay any balance. Why was the account placed in collections 6 weeks after a person dies with a large amount of points that can be used to pay down the account? We could have just logged into the account and used the miles to pay down the account but we called to do this. Thank

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tomato - 10 d 5 h ago

I am sorry for your loss, you must be a very good friend of the deceased. I wish you the very best in the resolution of this matter.

Peace be with everyone involved!

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JENNIFER - 14 d 7 h ago


My 93 year old grandfather had his information stolen by a caretaker. She took out a card in his name and charged over $12000 and has set up her bills to be autopaid out of his credit card. We have guardianship over him and American Express refuses to cancel his card or stop these fraudulent charges. Its despicable. I've called 8 times and every time they are rude and refuse to freeze the card, even after I told them we won't be paying this bill.

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Char S. - 17 d 5 h ago

...I am very frustrated with a problem I have been having over a year. I have a Blue Cash card that gives 5% cashback on my gas purchases. The GetGo gas station in Macedonia Ohio (no. 3279) is listed on the bill as automated fuel . This station is nearest to my house. I do not get the 5% on these purchases.. For the past year I called every month for an adjustment. I have been given several credits. Every month they would escalate the problem, give me a report number and never get back to me.

... It should be a simple computer 'glitch' to fix..--- Amex will do NOTHING, they say it is presented wrong and is not recognized as a gas station. I asked for a supervisor and was told no one could do anything . They said it was escalated several times and there is no one I could speak to. They refused me any manager's name.They referred me to GetGo.

I spoke to Dan Szalla, the manager of banking services for GetGo. He has tried to intercede on my behalf to no avail. Amex cannot explain why it doesn't get picked up as a gas station. Mr Szalla was given the same answer. Tough Luck, that's the way it is. I have gone to other GetGo stations in the past and have received the proper credit.

...It has only been a matter of a few dollars in cashback every month but over the year it has added up. I wonder how many other people are not being given the proper credit for their purchases.

.. It certainly is a poor way to do business. It's the principal of the matter. A reputable company should serve their customers and fix a computer 'glitch'. A customer should never be refused to escalate a matter or speak to a manager.

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Harassed person - 17 d 7 h ago

They suck! I'm getting Robo calls from them and then you can not get ahold of anyone, fuck you amex and your harassment!

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Shawket Barwary - 54 d 4 h ago


To whom it may concern,

I received a letter today to apply for premier rewards gold card, and was offered to get 25000 points after spending $1000 on the first three months, when I called to apply, I was told, I am not eligible for the rewards points. If I am not, why you bother your customer, by sending them a letter to apply? I hope this does not accurate, if it does, I will cancel my other account with AMerican Express. Terrible experience.

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Joe Kaju - 35 d 5 h ago


Worse. I got the card and was promised the rewards points over the phone. These calls are recorded.

It's fraud, bait and switch. It's terrible to deal with the customer service on this.

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