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American Express Company

World Financial Center
New York, NY
Kenneth Chenault
(212) 640-2000
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JHTierra - 6 h 29 m ago


Dear Ken Chenault:

Thank you for the beautiful TIffany champagne flutes you sent in honor of my fifty years with American Express.

When I got my first American Express card in 1966, it was purple, and bore the prominent image of a centurion's galea. A few years later, its color was changed to green--"the color of money." The eighties brought gold, still with the galea. Whatever the color, The Card has served me well, professionally and personally.

Now, there are no more five-airports-in-one-day, no more annual trips to Europe, no more Aegean cruises covered by The Card.

My travel needs are simpler now, but The Card still serves me well.

Again, Thank you for the flutes.

--Harry Smith

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Gwynne T. Brunt, Jr., M.D. - 11 h 27 m ago


My wife and I have been long time loyal premium AMEX card users, primarily because of the previously outstanding customer service. Since AMEX has transferred its customer service to India there has been a drastic decline in customer service in every way possible. We no longer recommend AMEX credit card to friends and neighbors as a result, and we are now increasingly using Capital One Visa as our primary credit card . Amex can, and should, do better by us consumers who have made the company successful in the past!

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Anonymous - 7 h ago

I am sorry but you could not have said it better..........we just spent 4 hours on customer service i have never ever in my life had to yell at someone like i did because could not understand them at all.....No wonder they all have dots on their heads but got to stop the brain leakage some how...

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Anonymous - 1 d 4 h ago

Member since 1988.worst experience with the platinum card

I don't think anybody really cares.Cannot recommend this card to anybody.There are other better cards on the market.Is there a customer complaint line?

Joseph S

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CEO - 2 d 7 h ago




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footman5 - 3 d 1 h ago


American Xpress has customer service overseas on prepaid accounts you can understand them at all also poor service if you have a card problem I canceled my service I hate them they were breaking privacy law by using some third party company to try an verify my info an I was aware of who or what that company does

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Michelle - 3 d 8 h ago


Absolutely HORRIBLE service. I booked a trip using my American Express points. I went online to the airlines website today to check in to my flight. My reservation was not listed with the airline. After a quick phone call to the airline, I was told that there was a "processing error" and to contact American Express.

I called customer service, the agent was very polite and attempted to be helpful. However, the solution to a problem created by American Express is extremely unacceptable. Apparently, American Express used my points to book the airfare, however, they never paid the airlines for the ticket and consequently, the reservation was cancelled. No contact was made by American Express to inform me that the airfare had been cancelled. I have been on the phone for several hours attempting to get this resolved. The solution being offered is I have to pay the airlines rate today for the airfare (a difference of several hundred dollars), or use additional points and American Express will "review" my account to see if they may or may not reimburse for the difference in cost.

When asked to speak with someone who can help me today get this matter resolved, I've been told that their policy is that someone will contact me within the next 48 hours and that they will not be able to resolve anything today. MY TRIP IS RUINED!!!!!! It took years to accumulate the points and not only did they take them away, I don't have a plane ticket......This is a rip off! I am soooooo upset right now. I absolutely hate this company and will NEVER do business using American Express again.

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Anonymous - 3 d 11 h ago


I've been a cardholder since 1975. Lost one of my cards last week, and customer service has, indeed, fallen off badly. I thought I could trust Amex to replace cards quickly. I'm now on hold on my fifth call. Was cut off by customer service because Amex had wrong answer to the question of my height on my driver's license; was promised a card on Tuesday when I called back on Monday. It's now Friday afternoon and I'm once again on hold.

What's going on??

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Patty - 5 d 4 h ago


Well, at least I am not alone with extremely poor customer service. After Am Ex split with Costco, they mistakenly sent me another Costco card instead of a regular Am Ex card. I spoke to two reps, neither of whom seems to be able to fix this. Whe I asked to speak. To a supervisor, I was refused, which I believe is illegal and a violation of my rights. Apparently I am better off without having this card. I wish someone from Corporate would contact me but I seriously doubt it after seeing other reviews.

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Harriett - 5 d 10 h ago


I'm sorry, but American express customer service has gone downhill and getting worse. I made approx 5-6 calls one after another, trying to get to the right department. The Fraud Dept.l always in the past caught anything not normal in my spending on my card and would call me asap and/or email me. This time I caught someone trying to use my card with a travel agency in state of Washington, and AMEX always in the past (2 times in the last ten years) caught it right away, they took action. This time they are not going to do snything about it, and the fraud dept. did not even pick up on it. It's a good thing I went online to my account and saw the attempted transactions, (3 of them) and the travel agency only did the initial approval of 3 dollars. What kine of service is this from AX, anyway? I am so upset, that I am toying with the idea of just cancelling my account. which, now without American Express' cooperation have to call and replace the card with a new number..instead of American Express doing this for me......

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Gleria - 5 d 13 h ago


Very poor customer service, rude people and no one wanted to address my issue, I was passed to 4 different people.

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KATT_JOHNSON - 6 d 9 h ago


freaking waste of your time!!!!! freaking jerks! So, I call in with a couple of odd transactions on my account and speak to millie. Millie is barely able to understand me and continues to repeat herself over and over and over and over. She did a solve my issue HOWEVER created a new issue for me. Now I no longer have access to my money? Did she not think that wasn't something I should know! I am stopping my recurring draft and leaving American express due to incompetence and loose ended customer service. NEVER AGAIN WILL I PURCHASE ANYTHING WITH AN AMEX

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LINDA Browder - 6 d 17 h ago


My name is LINDA Browder my exsperience is unbelievable.I made a payment on a account,but for poor service the account I cancer the account so the company refund my money,but. American express have not release my money back to my card money was refunded by the other company Dec 29, why I dont still have money.I file complaint with financial company that assist with credit card issues. I have spoken supervisor 7times different lies,and more lies .The other party call me stated they have returned my money,but now the problem is with American express they where trying to convince me that they are waiting on dispute department they have spoken with the other company from there corporate office she states she dont no why my money haven't been released from American express. This dont make no sense and all the lies behind my money.

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Kathleen Oswald - 7 d 9 h ago

I tried to call about activating a card today, and got hung on by three different numbers 7 times - what the hell is wrong with your phone system?

I've called the service center in Phoenix, Corporate Headquarters, and been hung on 7 times -

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Dan Cummins - 16 d 14 h ago


My name is Dan Cummins and I am Director of Company Operations for IHOP. My office is at 6148 Greenfield Drive in Mason Ohio 45040. I have both Personal and Corporate American Express Cards. On 12/16/16 my Online Banking through PNC Bank made a mistake and instead of sending $2,100 Payment on the Corporate Card they sent American Express $21,100. I called PNC and they said I had to contact AMX, which I did. I was told by the first Rep. Punja Ext. 74283 that it would take 72 hours to draft a refund of $18,899. I called back on 12/19 to make sure the check was on its way. I was told it was and it was coming in 3-5 Business days, but I would have it before Christmas. The $21,000 is all the money I have. My oldest son died last year and I spent all my savings on his bills, funeral and casket. Christmas came and went without the check. I continued to call also speaking with Ray (ext. 70465) and I was told because of the holidays the mail was taking longer. I called again on 12/26 and was told the check was on its way and the holidays were again to blame. Yesterday 12/30 I spoke with Amit Kumar (ext 74102) and he located my case GOH1P and said the check had not been cut until 12/23 and then mailed 12/27. So I was lied to over and over, including folks saying the would call me back. I know this amount of money is not a lot compared to the 364 Billion AMX is worth but it was all I had. Today is 12/31 and still no check..Thank You For Listening. Dan Cummins

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Nicole Watkins - 8 d 4 h ago


Can you guys believe i am still on hold???!!! Its been 1hr 17 mins 39 seconds. Thanks Grace for getting a So Called Supervisor for me. I will be contacting the BBB with my complaint.

I can't believe Amex actually trained people to flat out lie to customers. Your jobs must pay well to take from us.

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DocOH - 7 d 13 h ago


I can believe. I have spent two hours plus during the last two days trying to get AmEx to fix a problem they caused. What makes you think these folks a) work for AmEx, or b) have any significant amount of training...

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Nicol Watkins - 8 d 4 h ago


I also am currently having an issue with this Serve account. My card was compromised over the Christmas Holidays. I (like a fool) had direct deposit on the Serve account ending in 07842 exp 12/22. On January 1, 2017 i decided to pay my phone bill early from the account. I logged on like I normally would and I had a $0 Balance! Huh??? Yes. And i know i had money plus i had just returned an item for $29.99. I looked at the history and saw 2 "Pending" transactions and another that had already gone through from Target in California. I spoke with the rep to inform her that i did not shop Target via internet nor had i gone into the store. She told me that i could not stop the transactions from completing and assured me that issue would be resolved. Not! What happened next in a nutshell is that my card was shut down immediately! I cannot go online to check the status nor can i get anyone on the phones! Ive asked for a corporate # or email. To no avail, Im actually on hold as i type for a supervisor for 52 minutes! How obsured is this?? I say we all have enough complaints to start a class action lawsuit!!! So American Express just takes our money & states that i have "Violated The American Express Contract" Can someone please explain to me how i violated any contract by not spending my own money. I'll wait....

Class Action!!!

Email me with your thoughts. (hidden)

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Rebecca - 8 d 8 h ago

I had very poor customer service dealing with the reps in the AMEX gift card department. I ordered cards online and they never came. After waiting a week for what was suppose to come in two days, I called to see what the problem was. The rep had such a heavy accent, he was difficult to understand. I never got a clear answer as to why I wasn't getting my gift cards - he could only repeat what was on his script. It was the same story when I spoke to his 'supervisor'. My charge remained 'pending' until I cancelled it altogether. I did not rate the company, as I've never had a problem with anything but this department...and I give it zero stars.

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Supports Fraudulent transaction. - 11 d 14 h ago


Charged and gave money to a builder-(BBDUC. Inc.). money was given to build house, and of this date I have NO HOUSE,, and discovered he had no intention of building my house (3/2016). Asked to have the charge of $3,000.00 be refunded to me. I sent proof of deception, including pictures, lawyer letter. Then your company refund me the money then I receive info that you recharged me. A blind man could see that this charge was not used for goods or services. I am thinking about a law suit, this experience has caused stress over these last few month,(hospitalized with chest pressure due to stress).

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Ron - 12 d 1 h ago


My and my wife's Credit Secure accounts were billed on our Costco Amex cards. When Costco changed from Amex to Visa these Credit Secure Accounts had to be transferred to other Amex accounts or would cancel. As my wife did not have another Amex card I was told that she could not have her Credit Secure account active and she also could not transfer her Credit Secure to my Amex card because this card was in my name only. However it turns out that her Credit Secure account did the impossible and appeared on my card and my Credit Secure account was deactivated. I spoke with Zach ID Number 25102 at Credit Secure and others close to 3 hours to ask for a refund for the time I was paying for an inactive Credit Secure account and explanation as to how the impossible happened but received only "I apologize" and "thank you for being a long time card holder" but no apology with a refund attached. Mr. Chenault are you listening? Is this how long term card holders(40+ years) are treated?

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Anonymous - 12 d 10 h ago


You have the worst customer service in the history of a customer having your card.for over 2 years. Your customer care team just blow smoke up people rear and never ever solve any disputes in favor of the card holder. American Express has let other people take over 2 hundred dollars from me. They have help a hotel to put my daughter in harms way by not standing up and helping their card holder. This hotel had taken money off our American Express card in which my daughter was using on travel coming home at 3am on interstate 95 and she need fuel to come home in which this hotel had taken money from our card unauthorized to do so.I had no way to get money 24 year old traveling home. all i kept getting was im sorry for your daughter but what if she was kill hurt anything will sorry bring my daughter back. I explain this to American Express and all they said was im sorry for daughter. All I ask for was a temporary credit to get my daughter fuel to come off the side of the road that's all i needed but I am sorry for your daughter was all I got . If this is the type company that claim they care about there card holders than I rather have a kids meal at McDonald`s because at least you will get geuine care from the food server and they wont blow smoke up your rear and leave there customers hanging or lie to and BS around. If anyone like to call me (hidden) because you guys have not refunded 1 dollar back to me at all I am Mr. Grady.

H.Leon Grady


G&L Enterprises Limo & Shuttle Bus Services LLC

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Michelle - 12 d 14 h ago


I am only an American Express gift card receiver. I dropped my gift card while waiting in line, after back tracking, I was not able to locate the card. Immediately I called the gift card's 877# and suspended the card. The next day I called and requested a replacement card and was told I must fax receipt, gift card envelope (which luckily I still had), ID and proof of residency. I faxed all the documentations only to receive a letter from A/E requesting a utility bill (which I do not pay utilities because I live at my place of employment). Now I have to go to the person that purchased the gift card after they gave me the receipt which I thought would have been enough to have a card reissued, apparently not. Not to mention the poor customer service I experienced. So, I went online to see if I could locate the headquarters and was given an email to address my concerns. I give up!!!!!!

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Robert Miller. - 14 d 14 h ago


I was a platinum card owner until my ongoing experience with your Gift Card and Customer Service representatives. I thought AMEX was an exclusive reputable company that took care of their customers, and that's why they charged so much annual fees for their service. Boy was I wrong!

I purchased 9 Gift cards as Christmas gifts during a special sale on 12/4/2016. For a $1 fee they advertised 2 day express shipping. I had the customized cards shipped to my home address where I combined them with other gifts and sent to the recipients. But they only shipped 6 of the 9 cards in 2 days; the other 3 they sent via postal mail, and I never received them. Since December 9th?, I have spend almost 8 hrs. on the phone 6 times with AMEX Reps. and the India Gift Card dept. trying to get them to cancel and reissued the 3 missing gift cards. They made mistake after mistake (miscommunication they say!); hang ups, transfers back and forth without conveying any information, and each time leaving me with India reps. that couldn't fix the problem. I asked them to open a dispute for the 3 cards and not cancel the other 6. They opened a dispute, and promptly CANCELLED ALL 6 CARDS people had received for Christmas! Today, I spent 1/12 hrs. on the phone with 4 customer reps., their supervisor and India trying to get them to reauthorize the 6 cancelled cards, but had the same unconcerned/do nothing/ pass the buck/transfers / hangups, etc. attitudes as before, so I'm stuck with the time, expense and embarrassment with my family to purchase "other (not AMEX) gift cards" and resend them.

After the first 4 conversations with AMEX reps. I down graded my platinum card to a gold card. I'm not paying them $700 annually for this crap. And, after I get some recurring bills redirected from the AMEX card, I'll probably cancel it altogether.

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Jr - 13 d ago


Wow! That is bad! I can now relate to you what just happened... as I just have had some extremely bad experiences recently

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