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American Express Company

World Financial Center
New York, NY
Kenneth Chenault
(212) 640-2000
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J Williams - 14 h 50 s ago


Horrible paid my card off been a great paying customer asked that the 0 bill that then got charged last interest be waived and was told NO! It's valid. All my other cards have been waiving this as I pay them off. Now I know what card I'm keeping. NOT AMEX

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Gerald - 1 d 10 h ago

I was a 14 year platinum member three days late one payment $189.00 interest and when I called I was treated horribly. I have cancelled my card and all relations with Amex for me and any boards I serve on

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Mrs Pamela Butler - 1 d 15 h ago


My name Pamela Butler, my card was stolen and hacked and my money was spent and blue bird American Express don't wanna give my money back my card was stolen and hacked and used by a criminal person. My number is (hidden)

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Renee - 1 d 16 h ago


Very very disappointed with this authorization hold process with American Express Serve....Why should I have to wait for my OWN money to be available for me on an authorization hold with Enterprise Car Rental for 15 days. Especially if you can see that the original charge has been applied to my account. I will be taking my payroll direct deposits back to HR block. Because I never had this type of issue with them. This is BS and totally unacceptable. I could even see 5-7 days but 15 really!!!! Then to make matters worst, this hold has my account in the NEGATIVE,

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Disappointed and frustrated. - 2 d 17 h ago


I met the deadline for applying and being approved for an SPG American Express card. I met the spending requirements. I have yet to receive my bonus. I have called June 19 and written a letter. I was told by Agent #79574 it would be credited to my account. My statement just closed and I still have not received my points. I am trying to book a plane ticket with these points. My husband has cancer and our time clock is ticking. Please credit me with the bonus points that I earned. Spoke to another employee today, who was was very polite (#42330) but states points will come but not until September. Thank you.

You list a textphone number. When I called I was told you can only email. Why post a phone number???

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Lennie Frazier - 3 d 18 h ago


I am very disappointed with this company the only thing I ask is that you honor the merchant when they release a deposit hold on your account not the actual purchase but the deposit hold it shouldn't have to take ten days or fifteen days to be credited to your account on top of that you hold more than what was submitted for reasons that is a bunch of bull the merchant released the deposit twice in the account not the actual charge and I still have to wait fifteen days for just the deposit now if the merchant released said deposit shouldn't you also credit the account holders account at the same time so you hold my money hostage for another week or so while you wait on final charges is crazy since the merchant released the hold on the deposit really your customer service is a joke that is a reflection on the CEO and that says a lot about how you value your card holders

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Michael V - 26 d 14 h ago


If my money is not back on my card by tomorrow I am going to hire an attorney. I don't care if it costs more than the simple refund, it the principle. This company is completely unprofessional and run by a gaggle of retards and immigrants. I have been waiting on a refund for 9 days, no one will help me, all they say every day is tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. Tomorrow has come. I'm contacting the BBB, as well as corporate. This is the ABSOLUTE WORST company I've ever dealt with and I will be leaving them immediately after this matter is resolved.

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algold - 4 d 13 h ago

Couldn't agree more. Had an absolute THE WORST experience with Amex customer service, going on for two days. They are bunch of retards, as you have said, just reps or supervisors, all the same stupid idiots not speaking English in addition. I am planning to contact corporate tomorrow. But, perhaps, it is time for a class action against Amex.

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Linda, New Jersey - 33 d 12 h ago

I waited to see if you would pull your sponsorship from that DISGRACE OF A PLAY you support. Since you have not, I have decided to cancel my credit card with you. Reme. No matter what your political views, you have crossed the line. We are trying to stop violence, not incite it. Remember what happened to Kathy Griffin. Hope you change your mind for the sake of the country.

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Make It Right. - 31 d 47 m ago

Unfortunately, nothing has happened to Eddie Griffin, SnoopDog, Sarah Silverman, one of the editors/writers for The New Yorker Mag, and the CEO/OWNER of some electric guitar manufacturer, ALL OF WHOM have publicly called for Trump's murder. Seems violence and intimidation have been part of the left's

Nazi/facist battle plan since the primaries. IF anyone had openly called for Obama to be killed the riots would still be going on. American Express has distinguished itself as only few corporations ever have, and that ain't good. Does $oros own a lot of AMEX stock?

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Roger and Linda M - 30 d 12 h ago

My husband and I have had our cards for 47 years and we were really disappointed and disgusted with your company supporting the play against our President. We support him and pray for him and his family. It is a total disgrace how our country is so divided and plays like this just make it worse. We cancelled our cards last night.!!!!!'It was the Right Thing to do!!!!!

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Anonymous - 13 d 19 h ago


Last year, the play was staged with an Obama like stand in for King Lear. I didn't hear you ranting about that. It's Shakespeare and sadly it is a relevant today as it was in the 1500s.

Thank you, AMEX, for supporting free speech and the arts.

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BOB - 7 d 4 h ago

Your a typical dysfunctional liberal.

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Fuck y'all I'm getting a lawyer - 7 d 14 h ago

I have been trying to contact the department for holds in reviews and your fucking company service sucks money been returned to my account first was hearing the merchant sent notice of refund but no money called the merchant on conference call asking you both what's going on with my money and your Rep couldn't even be honest with the merchant who is a big corporation across several countries who will further look into a law suit for lying to your customers saying that they still have the funds when American express actually have them I asked what's the hold review process like if documents are need etc this non English speaking ass Lady couldn't say shit other than ummm but I'm paying fees for such crappy ass service such ass all I have traditional banking as well with citi and they don't even do the shit y'all doing and have better explanations to what n why things are happening like that in my account 7 day wait for Som money that posted and was removed again over a week ago what a sad way to collect interest on someone else money without their permission

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BOB - 7 d 4 h ago


I have just went through the same shit. My refund is only for $137.77. Like you said, " non English speaking idiot. All she would say is, " ummm, I understand ". I asked for a supervisor and got another moron on the phone with the same bullshit. By the way, my merchant is Home Depot. I plan on letting them know how their customers are being treated. Maybe they will stop taking Amex.

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Michael Gillihan - 20 d 13 h ago


Pathetic customer service in trying to resolve any value for an American Express Prepaid / Reward card that was found behind our desk the card has expired but the $500.00 card may have some unused funds. Numerous calls to number on card and the corp office same result automated phone systems that don't understand REPRESENTIVE and will not accept the card number that is on the AE Prepaid card.

I Ask corp to speak with the VP of consumer their response was you have to put that request in writeing........

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on the road - 13 d 19 h ago


Ridiculous. We have been with AMEX for 40 years and they have ALWAYS had the best customer service. They are far better then other charge card and credit card companies. Through all these many years, whenever we had an issue, large or small, they always took care of what was required: Quickly, professionally, efficiently. If the merchant does not wish to fix a problem, AMEX will get it resolved.

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Ms. Pissed Off - 8 d 3 h ago

Told me the same thing

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Ms. Pissed Off - 8 d 3 h ago


How do u overdraft on a prepaid card $640.00....really u can't spend what u don't have. Can't stand this Philippine Customer service AMEX Got they are lost overt there. F#%k this card

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Alex - 9 d 5 h ago


I have never been treated so poorly in my life. They sent my card to the wrong address, cancelled my transfer request based on "potential fraud" since they sent my card to the wrong address and have made my life hell since I signed up. It's a disgrace.

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Steve H. - 9 d 13 h ago


American Express provided financial support for the President Trump assassination play. I will never apply for an American Express card. I hope American Express dies.

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William Shakespear - 12 d 9 h ago


A somewhat galcial approach to rectifying ID THeft? Fraud operations etc....... i WAS ENCOURAGED TO SPEAK WITH SOMEONE POSTED TO CALL CENTER IN INDIA HOWEVER ....... Prime MInister's Modi's reception by the United States and his somewhat Nationalist approach to violence seems congruent with the Yound Indian staffers approach to her own Corporate Culture of sweeping a rather embarassing experience at this point at what was a legitimate staart-up attempt in an otherwise futile American Economy... Hopelessessly restricted by the Former Chief Executive and further to date saddled by a Justice Department and lIberally bogged Hi Tech Hi Finance culture steeped with Liberal PoliticaL cORRECTNESS JUST DESIGNED TO PROTECT THEIR over financed unrealistic lives to common AMericans

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Anonymous - 12 d 9 h ago

Absolute Disgrace

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Capitalist from Texas - 22 d ago


Your stock is trending poorly, looks like the CEO has jumped the shark promoting the vile display agaist Trump in central Park. Ceo just might have to dust off the resume and join the Starbucks CEO in the unemployment line. I just cancelled all my cards with American Express you should too. American Express is proving they are unamerican. Sad day for Americamn Express that it has to support socialism before patriotism. MAGA!

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CHICHI TYSON - 15 d 11 h ago


i don't know you at this point I totally agree

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