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American Home Shield

860 Ridge Lake Blvd
Memphis, TN
(888) 682-1043
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LOREN DIFRANK - 2 d 20 h ago


American Home Shield is a terrible home warranty company. I have had a claim in for 10 months that has not been resolved. I have paid for 2 service calls for the same appliance and they still will not resolve the claim although they say they are just waiting for a cost from the contractor. The contractor says he has no authorization. DO NO DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. AND TO AMERICAN HOME SHIELD SEE YOU IN COURT YOU FRAUDS

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MARIANA OCHS - 4 d ago


As of this morning I cancelled my contract with American Home Shield. Your associates/representatives would not take the cancellation when I kept repeating myself. The reason is simply your service is unacceptable if the service agent does not call to inform me when he will arrive and does not show up between the hours of 8:00-5:00 and says he did come and I was not at home which by the way I stayed home all day watching for him to show up. When I called this morning I was told that I would be charged $75.00 for the service call. As a customer for several years and seldom used your service you made money on me. Needless to say I am writing this to inform you in writing that I cancelled my contract as of this morning, October 16, 2019. I am sure that you will not give this message thought instead move on to enroll more people in your poor customer service. Your over all rating has dropped since I joined and I will continue drop.

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Husband of gullible wife - 4 d ago


If you want to throw your money away and end up frustrated , angry and never have your appliances or fixtures repaired, sign up with AHS,

The company will provide you with an inept repair company that will show up, tell you that everything is NOT COVERED BY THE WARNTY AND QUOTE YOU EXORBITANT PRICES TO COMPLETE THE REPAIRS, PAYiING THEM DIRECTLY above the insurance premium and the service fees collected by AHS to send crooks out to your home with the sole purpose of ripping off homeowners.

REzMEMBER, the service company signs up with AHS to have the opportunity to get into your home and sell you services for additional costs, AHS has numerous exclusions to avoid coverages, the best ones i heard from the AHS rep was unscrewing the access panel to gain access to the plumping pipes in the wall is not covered, you have to unscrew the panel yourself or pay the plumber to unscrew and replace the panel

On matter what the advertisement says, AHS will not be providing peace of mind,

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Tracy Dobbins - 4 d 28 m ago


I have been with AHS for over 25 years. I've never had a problem until this past July. I called to have a plumber come out to repair several leaks and my whirlpool. My Good Plumber came out and did 1/4 of the requested work. I've tried calling AHS and My Good Plumber every since. EVERY time I call AHS I get a customer service representative that is in the Philippines. Here it is October and I still have the issues. I want to speak with someone who has the authority and is in the US who can help me get a different contractor and have all of my plumbing issues fixed. THIS IS CRAZY!!!!!

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Claire Gould - 9 d 19 h ago


THEY SUCK!! I have been with them for 30 years and had a horrible experience with your EAGLE HEATING AND AIR. They tried to rip me off. I had to get my own AC person and you folks won't reimburse me. I CAN NOT TELL PEOPLE ENOUGH TO STAY AWAY FROM YOUR COMPANY. I asked to speak to someone in upper management and no go.

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Dave - 9 d 20 h ago


Had an issue and after paying $125.00 for 'a estimate', they provided nothing. As near as I can tell, AHS provides peace of mind.. until you need them. Then try to get them to cover. When you pay out $5,700.00 and the best they would do is to give you $780.00

Have been trying for days to cancel. So.... frustrating. Thinking off getting the local TV station involved with this.

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Richard - 10 d 22 h ago


ahs S U C K S they owe me money and have not paid me back for what I had to pay out of my pocket and find my own repair man , it has been a month since I had my washing mach. repaired and I paid the tech. when the job was finished , I want my money back and I will no longer have ahs as my repair or home provider .......

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Annette Tiff - 11 d 41 m ago


I am very frustrated with your company. Your customer service is in the Philippines and I cannot understand them. I want to speak with someone who has the authority and is in the US who can help me get a different contractor. My contract is #246611642 and I need a plumber to fix my toilet. The contractor that was given to me is not acceptable. In addition I am still owed $250.00 for my microwave.

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Mitzi Weekley - 12 d 17 h ago


AHS does not abide by their contractural agreements. I have been trying to get an AC fixed in a rental home for 3.5 weeks and have talked with AHS at least 20 times over the course of everything. It has been an absolute nightmare. It is so time consuming to deal with them and they don't call you back when they promise to call you back. They do everything they can to avoid paying for the claim. I called back today and received the pre-recorded message, "Our systems are down and can not help you at this time, goodbye." I had just been transferred from another department at AHS and she was able to pull up our information on their computer. It is just a racket trying to get your money and then check out when its time to pay a claim. This has been, without a doubt, the most unprofessional, unethical, and down right out crooked company that I've ever encountered. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH AMERICAN HOME SHIELD!!! I laught when their commercial comes on at night. What a rip off.

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Pete - 12 d 19 h ago


Never use AHS. When you don't owe money they bill you via emails. Six in a row. Then paper bills. Managers, Supervisors say they'll get it fixed and call. NO CALLS. Won't connect you to billing or accounting and all those numbers are the same poorly paid people just making ends meet. Terrible service and continuous false information.Do Not Use Them!!!

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D Jordan - 13 d ago


American Home Shield does not care about their customers, their loyalty lies with their contractors which are awful. I'm happy to end my relationship with American Home Shield. Very poor customer service, contractors are poor, unskilled. Please leave American Home Shield everyone, awful company.

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Chandell Depron - 16 d 18 h ago

This is not a good company. The customer service agents that work for this company knew nothing about the items are server's their cover. My mother fez went out and she opened up a order. The person came to her house and order the part . We when without a fez for ten days and this company didn't care. They kept giving us the run around in the meantime. My mother sent over $700 for food eating out. The company offer to give her only $50 and informationed her if she rent a fez and send in her paperwork they would give her the money back. This is unheard of. My mother asked for HR number and was told they didn't have a HR number.

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Roger - 17 d 18 h ago


Appalling customer service. Reps have no product or plan knowledge. I called and spoke to an idiot today and asked why chillers were excluded under A/C coverage. Her response was " Well, that's wine chillers, that's not covered"! I was passed from one to the other and nobody knew anything. Avoid like the plague!

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D. Curry - 18 d ago


This is the second time I requested service, read my contract and was then told the work/item WAS NOT COVERED. I am still waiting for someone to show me in my contract where or why the items are not covered. NO ONE can, they will not allow me to speak with anyone in the Authorization department, nor will they call me. I am very disappointed with the changes AHS has made. They also require you pay for the services BEFORE they are rendered. The other issue I have is the contractors does the very minimum work to say it's complete. I had 3 different plumbers come out and the work still was not complete. The walls in my bathroom are damaged due to this. I am looking for another company to change to.

The money has been out of my account for almost a week now.

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Robert Larner - 19 d ago


I pay by check. Robert Larner 273979252

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Sandy Allen - 20 d ago


A pipe leak under my slab in my kitchen since 2 July ~ not fixed!! They keep sending out plumbers with no experience who can't figure out where the leak is. Terrible service ~ any lawsuits please feel free to add my name.

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Tamika Miller - 136 d 16 h ago


For the second time this month I have contacted AHS for a service request. First for a issue with the AC that was leaking inside the house. It took them 3 days to send a tech out after the tech arrived he informed me that my unit needed 10 pounds of Freon and AHS only covers 1 pound. Two hours after the tech left my AC unit started leaking again. I contacted AHS to inform them that the problem was not fixed and they said that I would have to wait 3 more days until the same tech could come out to correct the issue. This company does not care about their paying customers. I made another service request on 6/2/19 and the tech come out today 6/5/19. After spending two or more hours at my home the tech informed me that he could not fix the issue and that his company would send a more experienced tech out to fix the problem. I contacted AHS to inform them that the issue was not fixed only to become even more frustrated because the would not send a tech to correct the issue at until Friday 6/7/19. I have been without water in my kitchen due to a leakage which is causing substantial damage to my basement ceiling. This company is the worst and I will be ending my service with them ASAP. I have been a customer for over 4 years.

Flagged for review. 
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Pure disgust - 136 d 13 h ago

Ironically, I am experiencing the exact same issue... I plan to contact corporate office,,, I suggest that you and others do the same.. AHS is a total rip off and an embarrassment to businesses who pride themselves in providing quality service.....

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lcolache - 135 d 17 h ago


Hi, I have been looking for corporate's information and I'm unable to find it. Have you had any luck? Maybe a class action lawsuit would work. I also would suggest going on their Facebook page under Service Master, as that's the company that owns AHS and blast them with customer complaints. Good luck.

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AHS sucks - 134 d ago

Yes please I need info to contact them also. Please pass on any information you have. Thank you.

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AHS is Awful - 128 d ago


Here's the CEO's direct # (Rex Tibbens (hidden)) & his assistant's direct # (Rhonda Nichols (hidden)) They won't answer, but call over & over, & they'll at least have someone call you back so you can get back to life & not spend your days on hold only to get hung up on multiple times. Good luck!

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Teresa - 122 d 18 h ago


What is there number

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Ben McGee - 121 d ago


They are simply unavailable!

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Mary - 116 d 19 h ago

The worst! 2 different people lied to me and then 2 others 'disconnected' me!!!

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Paying for Nothing - 65 d 19 h ago


Been through that also!!!!!!! I'm going to contact the Better Business Bureau in their state.

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Louise F Sutton - 31 d ago

you should contact the attorney general's office in your state. you can file an on;line complaint. you can also check the4BBB to see how many complaints have been filed against AHS. Hope this helps

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Ricardo A Reyes - 103 d 18 h ago


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Joyce - 92 d 19 h ago

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Anonymous - 103 d ago

File complaints with attorney generals office and Public safety commission and BBB. You will be spinning your wheels to try to contact corporate. These agencies will do it for you and when enough complaints filed there will be a class action

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Ward - 95 d 21 h ago


Do like I did, put a complaint in the Consumer complaint site

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Kelly - 69 d 43 m ago


My situation has been ongoing since May, this is now August I have not had air all summer and there has been some very hot days. My house is still registering 85' inside my family and I are miserable but they were quick to take the service fee and monthly payments. Disgusted, I call 2/3 times per week. You would think that they would have expedited my case by now. Once this is done, I'm getting service elsewhere.

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Josseline - 61 d 18 h ago


Hi Kelly literally I been having the same problem and every time I want to speak with someone else they disconnect me after being on hold for a long time. And they just say I'm sorry for the inconvenience they promise stuff but can't follow their word. Did yours get fixed?

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