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American Home Shield

860 Ridge Lake Blvd
Memphis, TN
(888) 682-1043
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James - 20 d 12 h ago


Is there a class action lawsuit against AHS? I would like to join as they never notified me of renewing my contact and also raised their prices without notification even though it clearly states they are required to in their contract! I have just cancelled my contract with them but don't what them to get away with this!

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Lewis Daniels - 5 d 14 h ago


I would like to join in on a class action law suite. I am on hold now for the past 20 minutes. My A/C was messing up and i request service and paid my fee. Than I get a call from a plumbing company and not heating and a/c company. So I am on hold to ask why would you send a plumbing company to do a A/C job and this guy don't even know a thing about wall units. So yes I am in on a law suite . Please email me at (hidden) .

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Angela - 2 d 8 h ago


I too would like to join the class action. They started a new contract without my consent and kept my money. Lied to over and over again telling me that the refund was processed. Why do I need to keep calling? Why will no one call back? Oh and the kicker they sent me to collections!! I can never get a supervisor or manager. I have been calling since January!!

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Karin very upset customer - 4 d 5 h ago


I have a plumbing problem that is very serious. the problem started with a smell by my washer and dryer, it smelled

like chemical, gas. For days I am drying to get that resolved. First the service contract 1 and 1/2 hrs. from here. Th

e co

specializes in selling washer dryers refridge. I cancelled. The second service contract assured me, that is no problem.It was a problem.The co has 2 stars. The 3rd service contract had 1 and half stars, and was 2 hrs. away. Now I am back with co #2 claiming there could fix it, but ahs doesent want to pay.Ka

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Jolanta Hardej - 9 d 10 h ago


OMG!!! i cant believe that i did not read all the comments before buying this fraudulent insurance !!! the worse customer service EVER!!!!!! Class action lawsuit for sure !!!! i am still on hold for hours, and calling every day to resolve the issue - i had a fridge issue - service was send , guys broke my fridge - new service came in few days , and my fridge still not fixed and they are charging me for two visits , after i was told i wil not be charged !!! SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Teresa Pifher-Hess - 10 d 7 h ago


AHS has the worst customer service ever. They lie and after you confront them then their story changes. Representative wants to over talk you and does not want to listen. Told that I would have my check in 10 to 14 business day and this was Feb 13, 2020. It must be delivered by Pony Express. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

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Teresa Pifher-Hess - 10 d 7 h ago


Everyone needs to report this company to BBB in their area and file a civil lawsuit. But they make sure they get their payment every week This company does not care how their customer service employees treat anyone.

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TAMIKA - 11 d 10 h ago



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ES in GA - 10 d 9 h ago


Not to mention they hire just any contractors without checking them out. Look at the BBB complaints.

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Anonymous - 10 d 7 h ago

I agree! I need the cash out from them, first.

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Linda Lalaian - 10 d 7 h ago


I have been waiting for a cash out check for my oven, which I purchased and gave the receipt to the correct department. After a month of waiting, and 20 calls I still don't have it. They have a check number for the second one, and I can't get through to anyone who can tell me what happened with my second check. The company has changed for the worse. Is anyone interested in a law suit?

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Disgruntled NJ Warranty Holder - 27 d 8 h ago


There is only one reason there is no email address for AHS that I can surmise; they would not be able to cope with the deluge of complaints.

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AC - 10 d 9 h ago

That and they want not paper trail.

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ES in GA - 10 d 10 h ago


March 13, 2020, American Home Shield (AHS) contracted National Platinum Service (NPS) for Samsung dryer repair. Prior to contacting AHS, my wife and I conducted troubleshooting according to the dryer's manual. In addition, googled potential causes as to why the dryer was skipping time, getting heat but not drying clothes. The first technician from NPS, suggested that it was our dryer blowers but because I knew there was air flowing according to the dryer's manual, I asked him to install the heating element but initially he was not going too. Later, I did a load of laundry. Dryer did not work. Contacted NPS and was told that a more experience technician would be sent out. March 24, 2020, another technician was dispatched. Unfortunately, after about an hour after he replace the TCO -thermal stat, he appeared frustrated that he was unable to fix the dryer because the wet towel did not dry after the installation of the part. After 3.5 hours, of him back and forth with someone on the phone, He said he had done all test and stated the following: the replaced heating could be defected, possibly be the control board, or motion sensor. I asked him to replace this part. He stated that the motion sensors were on back order. I asked him how long have the items been on back order and when do they expect them in? The technician did not have an answer. Left a message for NPS letting them know that the dryer. In addition, I went on AHS account to put in for technicians to come back out. March 25, 2020, tried to call NHP between 9:30 and 10:00 AM, after going through the prompts was, stayed online and there was music while waiting for over 20+ minutes and was not able to leave a message. Also, called AHS, in the AM, explained issues with AHS representative they stated there are no notes from company that sent tech out on 3/13//20, and no notes from tech on 3/24/20. She stated I just need to keep trying to reach the company because they are unreachable to us. I asked why you would not send them an email to helps us figure out what is going on with this company because we pay monthly to AHS, not NPS. I have expressed our frustrations in the past with AHS and their contractors trying to get over and AHS does nothing except collect our money. Called NATIONAL PLATINUM SERVICE, through the day with the same, not able to leave a message. After last call 3:00 PM, still no answer. Called AHS, at 3:30 PM, on hold for over 20 minutes. While on hold went online to my account and it shows job completed, still we are not receiving any feedback whatsoever on the status of our work order. Finally, at 4:20 PM, someone came on the phone name We had told her all that has been going on. She reached out to National Platinum repair company stated that job was completed when it was not. American home Shield apologized for the company and their deceit. We request a copy of the work report, but she said AHS don't provide the report from the contractors, but we can request a copy from NHP. I expressed that, if we pay, we should get a report. I told all we received from them via email was a payment summary which does not identify the work done/cost. Not an itemized bill. Another contractor was dispatched. March 26, 2020, the contractor came out and in less than 15 minutes he stated it was not the heater element nor the thermal stat; it's the sensor. In about 1.5 hours or less, he found a motions sensor , left to pick it up came back installed it and left. Hopefully the dryer repair is complete. AHS do not assist their customers in a professional manner, they ensure there's no paper trail customers can communicate, i.e. email to them or a link to file concerns or complaints to them. In addition, they have no accountability with their contractor, so contractor do as they please as so does AHS. There is so much deceit with some of these contractors. AHS should look at these contractors' complaints on the Better Business Bureau. The National Platinum Service have a slew of complaints just for the month of March 2020.

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Windi in California - 11 d ago


I'm so disappointed in AHS. My husband and I have had them for over 10 years and each year their service and coverage gets worse. I have currently been on hold for over an hour "waiting" for a supervisor. I'm also 3 day's into not having a working toilet. Apparently a crack in my toilet isn't normal wear. I had an independent plumber asses it and he laughed when I said AHS turned me down. I'm so frustrated!! Don't get me started with their customer service center. It's a 50/50 chance you'll even understand them with their heavy accents. I will be canceling my contract and I will tell everyone who will listen not to use this company.

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Unsatisfied Atlanta customer - 11 d 11 h ago


I had my A/C compressor replaced on my unit 6 months ago and had to spend $1100 in freon to have the new compressor filled because AHS only covers $10 per pound. After they replaced my compressor the weather was starting to cool down so I didn't have to use it much. As soon as I turned in on this year my breakers started to trip (just as they did last year). I had to pay AHS another service fee so they can come out to acknoweldge that this was the same issue that I paid to repair 6 months ago. And now they are saying the compressor is under warranty but I must pay another $1,100 for freon because they only cover $10. Even though I already paid that last year. The company said they can't reclaim the freon, keep in mind there is no leak. AHS is a rip off, I have tried to call coorporate office but can't contact anyone.

Does anyone know Rex Tibbens email? I think he is the CEO now.

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Noelia Rodriguez - 13 d 8 h ago


Wao!! All I can say is that I AM TERRIBLY UPSET about AHS customer service. I have been dealing with them about my washer since August 2019 and today is March 23rd 2020 and I was told my washer was approved for replacement. Well....their "purchasing department" WON'T ANSWER THE PHONE! Ive been on the phone for about 4 hours already and NO LUCK. IF they get to answer...they place you on hold again and NOTHING!

HONESTLY....wondering if I should go just move forward and get another way to make them take care of my LONG TIME situation.


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Tony Yemma - 13 d 10 h ago


Lying company no integrity customer service rude

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Rina A - 17 d 8 h ago


I called AHS for water stoppage in my home on 3/17/20, 11.25 am, which had overflowed from a toilet, into the basement and hallway (causing water damage). AHS assigned a plumber via email, who could only arrive the next afternoon. As the water main had to be shut down to stop further overflow and damage to property, we had no facilities, and I called back and requested an emergency service. Besides us being a family of five, my mother who is a senior (76 years) resides with us. We were unable to shower, cook, use toilets or the washers, and could not observe the basic safety measure of washing hands frequently.

The CSR said she would find someone, but came back saying no plumber was available the same day. I requested an authorization to use an outside company and she refused saying that AHS is offering normal service within 24-48 hours, and that since we have other facilities in the home, we can use them. When I explained to her that we have had to close the water supply to the house, she said she understood, but per the AHS policy, she was within her rights to refuse emergency services, or an authorization, as we had other toilets in the home. I also re-iterated that we have a senior in the house, due to social distancing, we could not go and stay with anyone or move into a hotel, we were unable to use any of the facilities in our house, and that this would qualify as an emergency, I was requesting an outside contractor, she refused again. She then proceeded to ask me why we were self-quarantining??????

- I asked for her name and employee ID, which she said was Nikita, but that she did not have her employee ID.

- I asked to speak to a supervisor, who I was told was busy.

- I asked for the supervisor contact and/or a higher authority to speak with, upon which she once again said were busy and that someone would call me back in 15-20 minutes, which never happened.

- So I tried explaining the situation to her all over again, but once again she said she understood, but that since we had other toilets in the home, it was not considered an emergency.

Obviously AHS does not train its CSRs to gauge incidents based on current environment (IN THIS CASE, A PANDEMIC) and has not bothered to up any emergency services. I am shocked that I was refused authorization to get an outside contractor to complete the repair.

Given the fact that the CSR completely stonewalled my attempts to reach a higher authority, I had no option but to call an outside plumbing service. What shocks me is the lack of communication/education between AHS and its employees, and the abhorrent attitude they display. And they have sent emails and have recorded an automated message on their phone line saying they are working hard to keep their customers safe during the Coronavirus. They have not lived up to their own commitments and I am so, so sorry to have done business with them for the last 12 years,

I am out $5250 to get the repair done and if I call for a reimbursement of the same, I will only get stonewalled again. If you are reading this to learn more about this company, then my advice to you is not to sign up with AHS, but go with alternate smaller companies who are respectful, accountable and can better service appliances in your home.

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Anonymous - 18 d 6 h ago


I also contacted AHS and was approved for my vendor to complete the job of replacing my capacitor and they spoke with AHS to om the work. I was given the approval code however AHS did not honor their word to reimburse my money. I paid AHS$100.00 and the vendor $219.00 on 8/13/19 and as of today 3/18/20 I still have not received my reimbursement.. 7 months is a long time to wait to get money back. this COMPANY IS A FRAUD. DONT TRUST ANYTHING THEY TELL YOU. I WAS TOLD BY AHS THAT I NEVER SENT TO FORMS TO THEM YET OT QAS SENT TWICE. They told my vendor the reason I was not reimbursed is because I never sent my documents back... AHS will LIE to keep from paying.... DO NOT TRUST TEHM...

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DM Harvey - 18 d 5 h ago


AHS can not be trusted. Don't do business with them they have no integrity, no appreciation for its customers and don't honor there contracts or their word.. I agree to a class action lawsuit..

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Mary Primus - 18 d 13 h ago

AHS came out several times for my heater, I needed to replace both heater and hot water tank. the vendor sent out was very high in price, I chose my own vendor. AHS doesn't like his invoice and would not pay my claim REALLY! not to mentioned everyone I spoke to during this time mislead me even the escalation team. I was told I would only pay 712.00 and it cost me 6500.00 there vender wanted over 7000.00. I want this rectified in my opinion retrain your representatives to know what they are talking about number one. I should get what is owed to me and what I was told I only had to pay 712.00! Not by one employee but several. As a former realtor I would sell these to people; I only hope my clients did not have issues as well. To boot my husband is a heart patient and a diabetic so we went for one month without heat in the death of winter waiting for your company. Than I was told I had work done that was never done hopefully the vendor was not paid for services that were not provided. This needs to be resolved asap!

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Velenda Dewberry - 66 d 7 h ago


My name is Velenda Dewberry address 12725 Red Cedar Drive, Euless TX. I have been a customer of AHS for over 10 years, and my current service request with AHS, has been the "WORST" Customer Service I've ever received from any company in my life.

I've had a service request out for my LG refridgerator for over a month. You all sent a repair guy from 1st Choice to repair the refridgerator, to find that the compressor had gone out and that it was under warranty through LG. I did as I was told and contacted LG on 1/9, they informed me on 1/12 that an authorization letter had been sent to AHS authorizing you all to order the part so that 1st Choice could come back out to put it in.

I contacted AHS on 1/13 to confirm that they had received the authorization letter, to learn that they said they had not, this was the information I received from the customer service department. So I called LG back, and they said their process was to send the authorization letter to our home warranty for you all to order the part, and that I needed to contact AHS again!!!! I contacted AHS again, to learn from one of your customer service providers that the part had been ordered on 1/16 and that it should arrive at 1st Choice or my home, they couldn't tell me which. On 1/21, I called AHS again, spoke with a CS agent, and supposedly a manager on duty at the time, to learn that none of this information provided by the CS agents previously, was not true, (WOW)!

So I spoke with a supposedly manager, and at this point the 5th person in customer service for AHS, after going through the entire story again, with now the 5th person, I was told that everything was being documented and an email was being sent to the escalation department, and that they would call me sometime the week of 1/27. Today is 1/30, and still no call or response from AHS, at this point I am a very unhappy and disgruntled customer. My refriderator has been out for 4 weeks now, and I still do not have a resolve from AHS, a service provider that draft $$$ from my bank account every month for service.

Today 1/30, as I'm writing this letter, I've have been on hold 5 minutes waiting for a customer service agent to get back with me on the status! She's confirming the problem, but no solution. This has been an ongoing problem for almost a month, I'm tired as hell of telling the story to a CS agent over and over again, with not RESOLVE to the problem.

I am desperately requesting that someone from headquarters review my case, contact me and fix my problem as soon as possible! I will not be an AHS customer for much longer, nor will I ever recommend this company to anyone, and I will let it be know.

If someone from headquarters would reach out to me at (hidden) quickly, I would appreciate it!! I'm all for a CLASS ACTION SUIT!!!!!

Disgruntled Customer,

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Anonymous - 61 d 17 h ago


Hi im bonnie i want to know what attorney u use bc we want file class action law suit too.

Disabled child in my home no heat n smell carba from non working unit guy liked at. Left after i would not buy a 9000.00 new unit

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Furious - 31 d 7 h ago


Totally agree with Class Action lawsuit.

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Anonymous - 30 d 8 h ago

I am having the same problem but AHS wants me to pay for another service fee, for their error Class Action Please I'm in

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