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American Home Shield

860 Ridge Lake Blvd
Memphis, TN
(888) 458-5376
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Renew - 7 h 40 m ago

Im a first time home buyer n yes I needed a repair,the warranty came with house, I was charged for a repair tht was never addressed and they keep giving me the run around,TWO months no repair r refund smh REALLY sad

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Gladys L Nesbit - 7 h 43 m ago


Have not been able to use oven since My.2018. AmericanHome Shield, sent tech whom repaired ignitor.

Did not work, 2nd Tech came and replace it...Worked about 2 days , again. Oven heated for couple hours then ceased. AHS, sent Sears in and that day , oven heated. However, I had explained that oven DOES NOT HEAT CONSISTENTLY.. He reported to AHS, that oven worked.

Because I am a widowed, retired 85 yr old,,I cannot get another repairmen and asked for a replacement per the AHS, contract...also asked to speak with supervisors, which was refused.I am very disappointed with the service , there is no compassion, I have paid enough premiums to pay for replacement,plus money for serve call.HELP!!!!

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J050822 - 20 d 4 h ago


AHS contract no 226883352. I have been bulling in to making two service calls for the same service. Which I refuse to pay until the issue with my air conditioner is resolved. In reply to your two invoices for the services I would like to make following comments. First invoice is in dispute because the work is not completed. The request was for to service two central air conditioners, one in attic and one in basement, along with checking gas furnaces attached to the same air conditioners. Temp Rite was assigned the service work. Under Temprite service order no 69270 on July 6th Temprite addressed only the attic air conditioner And failed to perform any work/diagnostics on heater or the second unit in the basement. Diagnosis was that the blower motor was bad. The tech changed the capacitor and got the blower running at a very slow speed. He set the thermostat on hold at 78 degrees. And blower motor fan in ON position so that fan will keep running and will never have to restart. Blower was hardly blowing any air out of registers. And condenser was running 24 hours a day trying to cool the house because the thermostat was calling for cold air and the thermostat setting was never satisfied. It appears that because of the lack of air flow the line set got frozen solid from condenser on the ground to the coil up in the attic thru the wall. Now I have water from the thawed ice in my walls ( hope we do not get mold inside the walls.) Temprite returned to replace the motor under service order no 67728. Per this ticket the Tech left with us says " Replaced 1075 RPM 120volt blower motor w(?)new 10 mfd Cap. can not checked R-22 pressures because unit is frozen solid. Need to let then(?) return to adjust the charge." ( (?) means illegible) Temprite never called back and never finished the job.. My A/C is still not working. Matter of fact blower motor keeps running after turning the a.c. Off at the thermostat. This could be something else wrong with the electronics(?). After several calls to AHS customer service I was told that the Temp Rite did not want to return to complete the job. I was told by AHS CUstomer service that the recall message and service update request were sent to Temp Rite but AHS never got any response from them. WHAT KIND OF BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP AHS HAS WITH THEIR VENDORS? As of this writing air conditioner does not work. The blower never shuts off even though the thermostat is turned off. The recall never worked. Now the second service fee is assessed for different company to come and fix the unit. NOBODY HAS CONTACTED US FOR SECOND SERVICE TO COME AND FIX THE UNIT. We are being bullyed by AHS to make payments for both services which we did not get. No payment for the Temprite service call will be made until after our a.c. Issue is resolved satisfactorily.

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Same with me. I called them for my Air condition and with this heat waves somebody came the and couldn't fix it. since then I have not heard anything form this company except emails for $75 that I need to pay. I ended up buying a new unit. getting to talk to somebody at their office is a joke. I will stay on the phone for 30 mins before getting somebody and they will hang up. very frustrating getting this people. I have the receipt of everything and will take them to small claims court if they refuse to reimburse me. the worse home warranty company.

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Anonymous - 9 d 9 h ago

I'm experiencing this very issue, and I'm seeking a class action lawsuit

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Anonymous - 4 d 9 h ago

I am experiencing this exact issue. I have had to surgeries with no air. They get their payment every month and this is the best they can come up with. Its hot in Texas i need my air condition fixed

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Rania - 3 d 6 h ago


I'll join you this is wrong

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Very disappointed. - 10 h 25 m ago


Yes, totally agree. Someone just hung up on me. AHS is a joke. If you seeking a warranty company, please do not sign up AHS.

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Anonymous - 9 d 9 h ago

We need to file a class action lawsuit. Sadly enough I have called for a manager no response, the contractor Draingo is a complete waste. The poorly vetted vendors and the long wait times alone are enough to contact the better business bureau

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JOE CONSUMER - 1 d 4 h ago


They suck just as much as I thought. the BBB has thousands of complaints against these crapheads. They exist to rip off anybody they can. They also threaten you and your family . Call the federal marshals if they also threaten you..


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Anonymous - 2 d 10 h ago

Listen I am very upset with American Home Shield, I have been a customer with them for 3 years now. So my problem is that my Hot water heater seem to be on the break, so call home shield. paid my deductible of 75.00 dollars so the sent a technician out to fix the problem. And it seemed to resolve itself, On the next day the problem just return. I had sixty days, so I call Best Mechanical, the technician came a declared it not fixable.They wanted to charge me 800.00 dollars for a new hot water heater. That I did not have. So now I had to call a friend husband who is a plumber to come help me with this problem. It took Him 1 hour to fix the problem I went in a took the best shower that I have had in a month and half. Call AHS to see if they could reimburse me my money and the answer was no. The customer service representative inform me about something called a cash out that I didn't qualify for because I had paid for the problem. This is not fair to the consumer who trust these companies, we should cancel these insurance and put the money away in an emergency funds that would work for us. I would like someone from the Corporate office to give me a call.

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Brian K Herndon - 3 d 7 h ago


No one in this company knows what the words customer service means. I was charged for a service that was covered under my warranty and now I cannot get anyone to figure out how to give me a refund even though they admit I shouldn't have been charged it's been 2 months and no one seems to want to take care of this. In short this company is a joke.

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Vicki - 4 d 5 h ago


Attention: Corporate Manager,

On July 7, 2018, American Home Shield sent Southern Comfort HVAC, Inc to my home for a diagnosis. The company stated that the unit needed freon due to a leak. I was billed $550. In two hours the unit was no longer cooling. On July 10, 2018. Southern Comfort returned informing me the the compressor was damaged and the air handler was contaminated. Therefore, the unit need to be replaced. On July 20, 2018, I was given this list of uncovered charges the AHS would not cover: Locking Caps - $175, Supply Plenun - $175, Mastic Seal - $300, float Switch $175, and Condenser Pad - $225 which is a total of $995.00. These charges are absolutely absurd. These part should come with the unit and if not they can be purchased for 10 times less the amount this company wants me to pay. When I expressed my concerns to AHS they decided to send a second opinion from a company called Air Design AC and Heating. This company did not sign the invoice and was not very professional in the diagnosis. On 721/18, the technician wrote: "The compressor doesn't come on." I have been trying to get my unit repaired for the past 2 months. Please check the account records of see what a journey this has been. I would like to have the authorized amount to replace my unit sent to me so that I can choose a reputable company to install and warranty my unit. It has been drastic for me and my family to survive during the summer in a home that can not have air conditioning. It is approaching Fall and I would appreciate you attention to this matter as so as possible. Please contact me with a solution @ (hidden).


Vicki L. Lucas

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Anonymous - 5 d 9 h ago

Been waiting since june15 for my refrigerator to be repaired July 19 it was deemed irreparable been waiting ever since for a replacement sure glad they still get payments and don't have to do anything customer service sucks

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disgusted in Vegas - 6 d ago



I don't know who these guys are paying off in order to be rated number one on Google for home warranty. I had HSA home warranty for 10 years they were excellent never have a problem until AHS took them over. This company should lose their ability to conduct business in every state of the union.

I had two minor problems which i reported 4 days ago. The first was a sink that was backed up in the kitchen and the second a leaky hot water faucet. After a major battle to have a service provider show up at the house, the guy walks in and "does an inspection" he asses that my kitchen sink had "grease" and that was considered unusual wear and tear. The leaky faucet he determined that it was "tampered with" therefore not eligible to be covered under the home warranty. However; he did offer to make the appropriate repair independent of the HSA for a mere $380.00. Of course he offered to do the job for this amount because if he did it through HSA he would be collecting 1/4 of this amount. Shame on HSA

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Bay - 6 d ago


I've been waiting for my air conditioning unit to be fixed since July 7,2018, it is now August 14th ,2018, and to this date my air conditioner is still not fixed. Why, because the company that they assigned to repair my air conditioning unit has been to busy with other assignments to fix mine, and AMERICAN HOME SHIELD WILL NOT assign another company. They Just keep saying we will check on it and call you back but never call back. The are the WORSE of the WORSE

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Worst In Class experience - 6 d 7 h ago


I WS DUPED INTO THIS COMPANY BY THE HOME SELLER. This company offers little value. very unorganized, people are empowered to do very little the contractors they hire are horrible at best. DO NOT BUY THIS WARRANTY. DO NOT LET A SELLER PRESENT THIS WARRANTY, many better products in the market

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Donna Nelson - 11 d 4 h ago


We are having a real problem now. AC is out. We need to seek out legal assistance. File class action

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Anonymous - 9 d 10 h ago

Yes Indeed this company is a complete rip off. A class action suit needs to be filed.

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SB - 10 d 3 h ago


I have been waiting for this company to fix my air conditioner for 3 months. I have had 5 different technicians come out to fix my air conditioner and as of today 8/10/2018 my air conditioner still remains broken. I had an appointment on 8/9/2018 for the technician to come out and fix my air conditioner and I received a call that they are not coming because American Home Shield had to do a new purchase order. I spoke to the technician and he said that he had a part but American Home Shield said that it was not part of the warranty agreement. I am going to pursue legal actions on this company because I have decided to have it fixed myself if my air conditioner is not fixed within the next coming week. Do not use them they are horrible and I will be stopping payments to this company.

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Jan - 10 d 6 h ago


They take your money before your know what's wrong.still waiting for a repair person as they have called to change the time three times

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Nick M. - 11 d 9 h ago


Your service is characterized by long wait times and poorly vetted vendors.

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Curtis A Torres - 13 d 8 h ago


Poor customer service! I requested a repair for heating and air conditioning and American Home Shield sends a company that has 1 star on yelp. The company will not complete the repair or respond to emails/phone calls. Meanwhile my house is burning up and American Home Shield continues to collect there monthly fee. I requested that they send out another company but they refuse. So frustrating, its a waste of time to keep typing.

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Leslie Garrison - 14 d 8 h ago


I have been having issues with this company's accounting department for at least 2 months. They are very good at taking money from your account when the account is already paid up. FURIOUS!!!! Someone please call or email me back.

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VERY UNHAPPY - WHAT A RIP OFF - 14 d 10 h ago


My water heater starting leaking 10 days after my contract went in to effect. I called in the claim and a plumber came out the next day. I got a call the same day after he left that the claim was denied and that the water heater and "rust and pre-existing condition. The brochure reads that this is covered and the sales rep said the same thing. I have called on 6 different occasions and was told this is not covered and they would call the plumber back to clarify and was promised a call back..NO ONE HAS CALLED BACK. I was charged the $100 for the plumber to come out (he was here all of 10 minutes and said it would be no problem). I am on the phone today trying to cancel my plan and am told they cannot get through to that department :All associates are busy" and they will call in 24 hours....and my call was disconnected...

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