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American Home Shield

860 Ridge Lake Blvd
Memphis, TN
(888) 682-1043
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American Homes Shield - 1 d 10 h ago


*****"To a Jew, there is only one thing of value: money.

How he gets it.... makes no difference."

- The Eternal Jew, 1940....l0

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Candy - 2 d 34 m ago

I have had American home Shield for over 10 year I feel there just crooks for referring a friend. I have referred 2 friends never received anything then when you call they give the run around.

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American Home Shield, Corp. - 2 d 10 h ago


"To a jew, there is only one thing of value: money.

How he gets it.... makes no difference."

- The Eternal Jew, 1940....z2

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Jose Garduno - 3 d ago


I have spend over 3 hours on the phone trying to resolve a charge and it has been a total waste of time. THIS IS THE WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE COMPANY KNOWN TO MAN!!!!

Anyone that decided to do business with this company is just asking for problems.

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Amory Lovin - 3 d 7 h ago


ABSOLUTELY THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE! This company has changed; they used to be helpful and I regret I have recommended them to people. I have to wait 4 days for a plumber to come out but I had to pay $125.00 to AHS before they would even book my requested service. On Monday I find out the Plumbing contractor (only one for the Kansas City area) had a weekend technician on call that AHS should have called for me. When you call the Customer Service at AHS you get people in the Philippines who REFUSE to give you any other contact information regarding AHS. I was on hold TWICE for over 25 minutes trying to get someone in the US.

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SV - 3 d ago


I agree they have changed I recommended them to friends too. They are horrible and send the worst low quality repair people who dont know hot to fix anything and leave you hanging. I still have my room A/Cthat was not repaired with wires hanging in my room as the technician cut the wires left it that way took my old AC /heater and now were have none!

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Amber - 10 d 6 h ago


This company has HORRIBLE customer service at this time I have been on the phone for 45 minutes waiting to speak with a supervisor named Jeremy according to the call center employee Ebrehim Jeremy is on a call. Ebrehim put me on speaker phone I could hear my voice echoing which in my opinion Jeremy and every one in the call center could hear. The problem I have American Home Shield are trying to schedule me with a company that has bad reviews with the BBB. This company was supposed to call me on Nov. 29th (did not) which led me to investigate their BBB status. After I expressed my concerns Ebrehim, he took it upon himself to schedule me with this company anyway. I do not understand WHY I can not speak with a supervisor....51 minutes has past no supervisor, BUT premiums are paid on time....Deductible taken from my account... Ebrehim is back on the phone no supervisor 53 minutes and counting. Now Jeremy is suppose to call me back! If there is that many customers requesting a supervisor to the point no supervisor is available within an hour to take a customer call and this is my first claim. The question becomes am I with the right company?

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Marie - 9 d 6 h ago


You are absolutely not with the right company. I have had multiple contracts with AHS for years (I own investment properties), and I just got off the phone (when they disconnected me) after going back and forth and being put on hold (and receiving zero satisfaction) for AN HOUR AND FOUR MINUTES. This is after having spent over THIRTY MINUTES on the phone with them last evening. The issue is simple. They had a company come out two years ago to replace a leaking faucet. I had a new faucet on hand, so they installed that (and, I'm sure, charged AHS for a faucet they didn't purchase). Unfortunately, the kid who came out from Lindsay Company in Houston at that time did a ridiculous job of the install. I'm not sure where he got the little piece of metal that he carved out and put over all the tubing that he stuffed up in there , but the pullout on the faucet has never worked. I contacted Lindsay Company at that time, sent a photo of the botched job to the woman who answered their phones, and she did nothing. That was over two years ago. I finally decided I deserve better, and called AHS to send someone else out over a week ago. A guy came out, told me the new faucet that I had bought (again, when I should not be buying these faucets) wouldn't work because it had no baseplate. I asked him to just use the baseplate that was already there, and he refused. He told me to go to Lowe's and buy a Moen faucet and he would come back out. So when I called AHS last evening, I said, am I supposed to be buying these faucets? Are you not supposed to replace the faucet with something that you purchased? Oh, yes, the fellow says, we're supposed to supply the faucet. I'll tell the company who's coming out tomorrow that they're supposed to supply the new faucet that they put in for you. So I called the company who was supposed to come out this morning, and she says oh, if you don't want to supply the faucet, we'll give you a builder-grade faucet, not like the "upgraded" one you have. I said this faucet is not so upgraded, it is simply a normal faucet with a pullout. She obviously didn't want to pay for the faucet, so I called AHS to just cancel the order and get my $75 back. Even though the company which came out seven days ago charged nothing (the tech was quick to point out that the paperwork I was signing showed a charge of $0.00), they're refusing to give me my $75 back. I got nothing, they are paying nothing, and yet that's supposed to cost me $75?Uh, no. So I will be canceling my contracts with them and going with one of their competitors. (Not that any of these warranty companies is stellar, but I don't reward bad behavior - certainly not repeated bad performance.) So, buyer beware!! AHS is not your friend!!!

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Nick - 6 d ago


Same experience. Very poor customer service and even admitted missteps on their part, yet we have called many times to speak to a manager and all they do each time is put us on hold for 30 minutes then sometimes they come back and just say the manager is busy and sometimes they just disconnect the phone and it goes dead. We never can get through. We have spoken to agents who say they were escalating the issue and then later when we follow up we get a different story. This is how they make money. They charge you for the contract fee and then they make sure that they can find any way possible to not give you service. I have given them $1000s over the years but never made a service call and yet when I finally do put in a service request they would not provide repair service. Luckily I have a legal plan through my work so I will be suing them.

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MM - 16 d 20 h ago


Is there a number that I can call to talk to the highest ranking individual? Customer service has been HORRIBLE!

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E-mail the CEO - 6 d 3 h ago

Write an e-mail to the CEO...I received a phone call within 24 hours of my complaint. Mind you- it was horrific, but nonetheless, I got a call from their escalation department and they provided a solution better than I requested.

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Lynn - 6 d ago

Do you have the email address of the CEO? Cannot seem to find it.

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Just canceled two accounts- customer since 2003 - - 6 d 4 h ago


I started a claim on my HVAC this summer, AHS sent a company to my home that I have asked never to return to my house for repairs. I spoke to both companies about the issue and was assured there would not be a repeat of the negligence. How predictable that the company not only did the exact same thing...saying parts were ordered and on their way- then saying the wrong parts were received- then saying they ordered the correct parts and will have it expedited. 15 days we go without AC in tempts well over 110, I'm in contact with AHS the entire time. They offer zero assistance until I tell them I'm cancelling my two contracts and going elsewhere. At that point they assure me that are going to pay for a portable AC unit (only because I have my mother law visiting and she has Lupus!) I purchase the unit and then I'm told they will only cover $125. In the meantime the original technician get's to my home weeks after the original date and shows me proof that he never ordered the wrong part. He tells me how this happens all the time because the company is assigned far too many claims from AHS and we cannot keep up with the demand. This technician vented and apologized and shared with me that all his higher ups are fully aware of their protocol to say the wrong part was delivered.

I never receive the $125 "concession" check.(meaning not a refund and no receipt would be accepted for full refund of the AC unit) I call multiple times and each time they tell me it's on it's way.

I have called no less than 7 times. It's not even about the $125, it's the principal of how incredibly horrible AHS customer service and follow-up is. These companies lie and lies again and we have no way of speaking to anyone that cares about the customer. So, I will no longer be a customer. I found a competing home warranty company and will take my money there. I would be willing to bet that AHS is losing customers left and right...just make sure you have full confirmation of your cancellation. You better believe you won't be refunded when they continue to charge you!!

Fast forward...

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LJ - 7 d 20 h ago


My experience with AHS was so horrible that I was left without air for 29+ days. Marcy Cody (Claims Management & Resolution Specialist) responded to the BBB complaint 40167442. It's apparently that my issue is not understood or taken seriously.

They assigned me 3 contractors with 1 contractor never showing up and the other 2 contractors gave 2 different assessments. The final contractor (ATK Heating and Air, LLC), I learned has unsatisfactory ratings, and is not BBB approved or supported. This contractor would never return my calls and kept me waiting. In my complaint about their mistreatment and lack of professionalism, AHS told me I had to use the this contractor because they made a bid on the work needed, yet this same contractor was shady and would not return my calls. Also with my concern of their lack of respect for me, I was still told I had to use this contractor or start all over (after being 22+ days without air). AHS overpaid the contractor even after they told me that the contractor did not report that I had paid $300. I have yet to receive the money owed to me for the difference and contractual amount AHS agreed to pay. I have unanswered questions and no return calls. I assume that since I canceled my account with AHS, they are unwilling to rectify this wrong. All of this has been shady with the lack of communication, miscommunications, and misplacing these two companies responsibilities on the customer. As long as I've been with AHS, the money invested, and the service received, I would never recommend this company.

I am offended and disappointed in AHS response and how they handled me and the situation.

Linda Jackson (hidden)

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Chelsea's Dryer is not heating - 21 d ago


I would like to option to be able to change repair company's when I submit an service request.

When I submit a service request, AHS computer generates a service request and AHS computer picks what Service Professional to fix my appliance. That Service Professional calls within the 48 hour window but they cant come out to my home until a week later. I would like to be able to call AHS and get Service Professional assigned to my service request but they say they cant do that.

I pay for the service, why cant I get another Service Professional that assigned that would be available faster than a week later. I only rated them 4 stars because I was told that I cant change Service Professional and I am paying for the service.

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Marie - 9 d 6 h ago


You rated them four stars? You must not have been with them very long... Good luck!

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Anonymous - 15 d 9 h ago


Disappointed Mom

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What So Disappointed - 15 d 9 h ago


I had been a favorable customer of American Home Shield (AHS) since 2000. I'm very disappointed with their customer service. AHS hung the phone up on me 5 times.

On Oct 29, 2019 I had a heating company out to check my heating unit for the winner time yearly maintenance and they found a major leak in my unit outside. So I called American home shield. AHS sent out a contractor and said there was also a major leak.

I Called on Nov 4, 2019 about my heat furnace going out. It is NOV 26, 2019 and my outside heat pump has a major leak no freon is still out. 2 Different HVA companies came out technician all said unit is 20 years old and is worn out. A average heat pump units generally last 15 years and mine was doing real good lasting as long as it has.

If they fill it with the freon it would be very costly. The next day it would be empty and I would have to repeat it again.

American home she'll said I was responsible for the freon. I said that would be fine but I'm not going to keep puttin out thousands the dollars every couple of days.

American home shield said they are sending out a 4rd opinion American home shield said they're gonna charge me a $100 service fee which is supposed to be $75.00.

Needless to say I am very displeased with American home shield and the service they're giving their customers.

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Marie - 9 d 6 h ago


Well, and good luck with their furnace "replacement reimbursement". I too had a furnace which needed to be replaced. AHS told me my contribution toward that would be over $1900. Uh, what?? So I decided to cut my losses and go with a fellow who has installed a number of A/C units (and I think a heater as well) in my properties over the years, and just pay him myself. The "cash-out" amount AHS offered to replace a furnace? Just over $400. Ha!!!! You tell me where you can purchase a new furnace AND get it installed for $400, and I'm going to change my profession and open a home warranty company. AHS is fine as long as you're simply paying your monthly premiums and don't need service. If you DO happen to need service, it will almost certainly be sub-par, and you'll play hell trying to get them to make things right. Do your homework and go with someone else!!!

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Pissed off terrible customer service - 11 d 3 h ago


I am very upset with your customer service department. I called Friday 28th to have my payment date changed to the 20th on the month. A person in the Philippines sent a voice message stated that it was taken care of. No payment was to be taken from my account until the 20th which was my request. Will the payment was posted on my account after I was told it would not be. I called today to discussed this matter and found out the person didn't even have a note in reference to the call and I found they were in the Philippines which really pissed me off to find out I was lied too. I have been pleased with you service until this. Very angry about all of this. Very upset.

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JJ - 11 d 20 h ago


RUN AWAY AS FAR AS YOU CAN FROM THIS COMPANY ! Have been trying to get my refrigerator fixed for over 2 months. The first contractor they sent out twice but their reports were not good enough to where that contractor refused to keep wasting their time and wouldn't come anymore. Next they called Sears repair, they diagnosed that it needs a plumber. AHS did not like that and insisted that Sears keep coming until they would make a different diagnosis. Sears came again and said the same. Again AHS not happy and wanted them to come again and made 4 more appointments for me and each time Sears would cancel. Sears will only give you a window of 8am-5pm, so each appointment I had to rearrange my whole day for nothing. AHS says Sears never sent in the diagnosis from their last appointment which was 11/4/19. Today is 11/30/19. And still they say no diagnosis has received. Sears says they sent it at least a dozen times.

There is an apparent war between the two companies and they have put the customer in the middle and I am suffering for it. AHS has set up yet another for 12/2/19. I told them I have a doctors appointment made 3 months ago, they actually suggested I cancel my doctor's appointment, after all this is more important than my health. or allow someone into my home to be there, setting me up to be a victim. NO! AHS refused to make another appointment and refused to cancel it, I told him I would not be here a portion of the day. The technician would only cancel it again for the 5th time anyway, and I would have lost my Dr Appt.

I told AHS that I was not comfortable with Sears and the games that they are playing with me and AHS and wanted someone new to come out. i have been over accommodating and patient between these two companies and something needs to end. In the meantime, AHS continues to collect my money. I have spent the majority of my hours on the phone with these 2 companies, and want my life back and a working refrigerator

They are not considerate of their customers needs.

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Amerika Home Shield - 12 d 6 h ago


5 *****"To a Jew, there is only one thing of value: money.

How he gets it.... makes no difference."

- The Eternal Jew, 1940

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KC - 12 d 5 h ago

Yeah, we get it, Lopez. You despise the Jewish people. Yawn. As for myself, I think they're wonderful!

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Mary Ann Henry..NO HOT WATER FOR A WEEK - 13 d 9 h ago


My hot water heater went out on Saturday, November 23 I called Sunday night November 24 and told American home shield my problem. The first plumbers they gave me couldn't make it to my house until Wednesday, November 27 at 4 PM. That was totally unacceptable. I called them back and they get me a plumber to come out that day. He assessed the issue and said that I needed a new tank. I called on Tuesday and I was told that the insurance AHS would have to meet to get permission to install a tank, but I needed to pay the plumbers $320 over and above my $100 which I already had to pay to get the plumber. I called back on Wednesday the 27th and I was told that I would not get it installed until possibly Friday depending on the time it took to get the delivery. Thursday was Thanksgiving and of course no one would work then. I'm handicapped and I have MS plus other health issues and not having any hot water for a week was unacceptable. They gave me the run around and said there was protocol they had to follow on their end and I would get my tank ASAP!

On Wednesday evening I went on line and found my own plumber who were available 24/7 to get hot water to me. I think that the length of time and no eater is unacceptable and the fact that the plumbers I called did the job immediately after they got the call.

By the way I am still WAITING FOR THE PLUMBERS TO COME AND INSTALL THE AHS TANK. Just how long does it take!????

I want my $10 returned to me and I will NO LONGER HAVE AHS FOR MY INSURANCE COMPANY.

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GCollins - 13 d 46 m ago


I paid my deductible $100 to AHS + $1400 to Harris water-heater out of Pittsburgh Ca. $1400 was to bring it up to code? For a house that was built in 2006? I told AHS about that & they wondered why I paid the $1400.Find a new warranty company. AHS ain't shit. They also burnt me for my garage door opener. Had to pay extra $250 to Aces Garage.

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