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American International Group

180 Maiden Ln.
New York, NY
Robert Benmosche
President and CEO
(212) 770-7000
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Anonymous - 12 d 18 h ago


My ex co-worker, an employee has been deceiving recruiters & People on Linkedin, posing as a level 26 employee. He is actually a level 21 employee.

Sourabh Palkar has been posing as a Global Head of Reporting (CRT) on LinkeIn, but this position does not exist, neither is he a Global Head. This devalues the achievements of actual Global Heads and encourages fraud and deceit thereby giving AIG a bad name.

I sincerely hope AIG HR will take strict action against this individual. A lot of good employees have lost their jobs in the last few months and this fraud needs to be honest about his actual work and capability.

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Anonymous - 82 d 4 h ago


The human resources department is terrible. No one can give you answer, they have to check with someone else and if you call twice with the same question you will get 2 different answers. The retirement/pension packet is terrible. It is 30 pages long! Good grief. Processing a pension takes weeks. We have dealt with several other insurance company retirement department. Unlike AIG, Nationwide and Allstate are very efficient. The process of retiring with them takes 1 form, 1 email and the pension is processed in 1 day not weeks! Also, they drop someone who is disabled over the phone, effective immediately and have a doctor who has never seen the patient decide if the disabled person can work.

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Anonymous - 115 d ago

Employee Human Resources department is terrible. Called 3 days in a row and still have not answer to any of the questions.

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Anonymous - 194 d 5 h ago

Worst company

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Ragda I - 2 y ago


Is there an international e-mail where I can reach AIG customer service to file a complaint about the AIG branch in Egypt?

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Anonymous - 252 d ago

Search Aig. Phone numbers. Look it up that way or call (hidden). HR dept. to get it

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Anonymous - 252 d ago

Aig has to update the ceo hi passed away 2 years ago

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Tammy Richards - 1 y ago


This is absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with. I am the agent's assistant on a policy trying to complete a death claim for a beneficiary. I have mailed all original paperwork to your company. YOUR company scanned the paperwork and can't read their own scan. Therefore you have requested all new paperwork. NO ONE will go find the original paperwork. NO ONE has a supervisor that is in contact with the actual claims department. When I got a supervisor in the call center, she would not let me speak. She told me she didn't have to go find the original death certificate because she was in a call center and I would need to send another. YOUR COMPANY IS RIDICULOUSLY OBSTRUCTIONARY. Our company is filing a complaint with the SEC TODAY.

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Laurie schmidt - 252 d 30 s ago

I worked for aig in the document management center Alpharetta Ga up to 2008 but they closed that location mail was delivered and I was one of the research specialist. What address did you mail this to. I can try to help you with phone numbers or addresses

Some of my coworkers were terrible that's why I left. No care in the world about claimants mail

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Laurie Schmidt - 252 d ago

And I would have never mailed originals I would have sent it certified to get a signature and then ask who is the adjuster name and phone number do you have the adjuster s name on this claim

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Jack withers - 1 y 66 d ago


I would like to know why it takes so long for a disability claim to go through and to be given a hard time are your employee that's handling my claim I have talk to them to her supervisor I have requested a different claim rep she keeps adding more and more information she needs which sheet faxed to the wrong people not once but several times and has talk to that office and now he's requested more information after she has indicated that they would take what they have and consider my long-term disability I have nothing coming in and bills are piling up my name is Jack withers my claim number was (hidden) I have nothing coming in and bills are piling up angel Cooley is the rap for your company my representative from Afscme her name is Ann she is talk to to Angel through emails and on the phone as she indicated her self she was told that they were waiting on one piece of information entered before did just like I was told but I'm still in limbo because she has decided she needed more information somebody needs to step in and find out what's going on with this agent thank you

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Anonymous - 1 y 166 d ago

aig is lousy

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simphiwe dlamini - 1 y 277 d ago


i'm not happy with the service i got ever since i join your hospital plan i don't get paid my first claim i get paid for one day the second claim it was rejected don't know where i must carry on with you guys cos the experience i'm getting it very poor i can't even tell my friends to join your hospital plan.

kindly assist me on getting my money

my name is simphiwe dlamini


my (hidden)/ (hidden)

Flagged for review. 
General profile image - 2 y 125 d ago


Today June 18 2016 Saturday

Gentle Persons; after dining at your establishment TGI Fridays#1693 I was very disappointed. Took my one and only Daughter Samantha out to dinner at 1323 pm at your Establishment Store #1693 I could have complained about the service but that was not the young ladies problem her kitchen people did not know how create an editable meal I brought and my two grandsons there to have a good meal at her suggestion and was more than very disappointed but discussed.

We had ordered dinners for four at 13:23 pm Server Sabrinna which I was very disappointed in. I had ordered the Rib eye and Lobster tail, the tail was very stringy and the Rib eye was filled with nothing but grizzle could not even finish my dinner. I told the server how I felt but shes did not even notify the management that one of her customers was dissatisfied. No exceptions to the meal MANAGEMENT did not even come over and offer an apology. The drinks that she served did not even taste like the way it was described in the menu.

After researching the bill I found I was charged for the Ziosk Games, Which I and my Grandsons did not play with, they looked at the game and looked at what was offered but did not play with the game.

I hope you respond to this.

Sincerely Yours

Captain Joseph Szotak MSC

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