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American International Group

180 Maiden Ln.
New York, NY
Robert Benmosche
President and CEO
(212) 770-7000
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Michael Hernandez - 8 d 22 h ago

AIG Travel Guard is the worst company I have ever dealt with, and Expedia should be embarrass and straitened for even promoting them on their portal. Is there a negative star rating?

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Long suffering client - 19 d ago


This company has a long history of corruption and illegal activities - sued and fined nearly $3,000,000,000 in the past 10 years. They refuse to fix their errors and theft of individuals money for worthless products. Avoid at all costs and be ready to sue if you do any business with them.

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Anonymous - 141 d 17 h ago


AIG has covered up their wrong doing of behalf of my father estate. They refused to release the paperwork they received by my brother who was not the legal representative of my father estate. My sister had to go to a Judge to be special administrator of his Will get the money they were about to release to him. Luckily she legally placed a claim the same day he did. When she asked them for the paperwork he submitted they denied the request, stating HIPAA law. I know what the HIPAA law is, no information will be given to anyone without legal authority. The Judge given my sister that legal authority, but yet refused the request. My sister were not trying to sue AIG for more money, she just wanted what she had a legal right to. All they had to do was give her the paperwork, learn from their mistake and not cover it up. And maybe investigate the possible illegal action of my brother. FYI: my brother did this with NWM as well, we have the documentation of some of what he did. My sister spoke to a compliance officer and was supposed to sent it to the investigator at NWM. But because they too could not do the right thing, they must have covered it up. What ever happened to the small print on the legal document to sign off on when you buy insurance. It is illegal to falsely submit a claim. If you think I am going to give my name and have their lawyers go after me. I'm not that stupid. I'm just a little person on the totem pole.

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DR. AL BRODBENT - 1 y ago


My experience with your "travel insurance" is a disaster. Because of medical issues with my wife we had to cancel a hotel reservation. We called the number on our confirmation letter to cancel the day before. One of the options was to "cancel reservation". We followed the instructions and at the end, we were told the reservation was cancelled and we would receive our refund. Nothing happened for a week.

I called Expedia and they gave me your number and I talked to a rep who apologized and immediately sent me the appropriate document I had to fill out. I did immediately (7/11/19). I called in today and they are telling me up to 10 days. My situation was immediately verified. It appears you are withholding funds for an extended period of time so as to make money off of these monies. This is 2019 and it doesn't take 10 days to verify and pay.

When I get off here I am copying and sending to Expedia and Marriott as well as posting on my Facebook page which has 2100 followers. I beleive a ltter to the insurance commissioner would be in order. Dr. Al Brodbent

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Anonymous - 1 y 83 d ago


My Dad worked for American General for 50 years and it was a decent company this horrible horrible company AIG bought them and now we try to get benefits paid and get nothing but the run around. DO NOT do business with this horrible company!!

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Anonymous - 1 y 252 d ago

This is the worst life insurance company. They have a bun h of Incompetence people there. They screwed my payment for the last 4 months and canceled my policy. All the money paid in is lost.stay away from this company.

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Anonymous - 1 y 273 d ago


My ex co-worker, an employee has been deceiving recruiters & People on Linkedin, posing as a level 26 employee. He is actually a level 21 employee.

Sourabh Palkar has been posing as a Global Head of Reporting (CRT) on LinkeIn, but this position does not exist, neither is he a Global Head. This devalues the achievements of actual Global Heads and encourages fraud and deceit thereby giving AIG a bad name.

I sincerely hope AIG HR will take strict action against this individual. A lot of good employees have lost their jobs in the last few months and this fraud needs to be honest about his actual work and capability.

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Anonymous - 2 y ago


The human resources department is terrible. No one can give you answer, they have to check with someone else and if you call twice with the same question you will get 2 different answers. The retirement/pension packet is terrible. It is 30 pages long! Good grief. Processing a pension takes weeks. We have dealt with several other insurance company retirement department. Unlike AIG, Nationwide and Allstate are very efficient. The process of retiring with them takes 1 form, 1 email and the pension is processed in 1 day not weeks! Also, they drop someone who is disabled over the phone, effective immediately and have a doctor who has never seen the patient decide if the disabled person can work.

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Anonymous - 2 y ago

Employee Human Resources department is terrible. Called 3 days in a row and still have not answer to any of the questions.

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Anonymous - 2 y 90 d ago

Worst company

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Ragda I - 3 y 237 d ago


Is there an international e-mail where I can reach AIG customer service to file a complaint about the AIG branch in Egypt?

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Anonymous - 2 y 148 d ago

Search Aig. Phone numbers. Look it up that way or call (hidden). HR dept. to get it

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Anonymous - 2 y 148 d ago

Aig has to update the ceo hi passed away 2 years ago

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Tammy Richards - 2 y 221 d ago


This is absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with. I am the agent's assistant on a policy trying to complete a death claim for a beneficiary. I have mailed all original paperwork to your company. YOUR company scanned the paperwork and can't read their own scan. Therefore you have requested all new paperwork. NO ONE will go find the original paperwork. NO ONE has a supervisor that is in contact with the actual claims department. When I got a supervisor in the call center, she would not let me speak. She told me she didn't have to go find the original death certificate because she was in a call center and I would need to send another. YOUR COMPANY IS RIDICULOUSLY OBSTRUCTIONARY. Our company is filing a complaint with the SEC TODAY.

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Laurie schmidt - 2 y 148 d ago


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Laurie Schmidt - 2 y 148 d ago


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Jack withers - 3 y ago



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Anonymous - 3 y 62 d ago

aig is lousy

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simphiwe dlamini - 3 y 173 d ago



Flagged for review. 
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