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Mildred A Harris - 4 d 9 s ago


I'm Mildred Harris and I would like to say that I rode AMTRAK for the first time and it was the worst. I was going to New Orleans to celebrate my classmate graduation and it was 6 hours late and when I got to New Orleans I had lost my room had to wait a while to find me another room it was very frustrating having to wait on a room and I was very tired. And was late coming back to Meridian, MS. I call to tell them about my experience and I got a $60 voucher and I think I should've got my whole refund back. I don't recommend AMTRAK to no one i hate it turned out that way but i was really looking forward to a trouble free trip.

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Weston - 4 d 7 h ago


Spoke with Betsy and she was the rudest about a situation that took place on July 8 still no manager follow up but she told me oh well sorry and had to purchase two more tickets and why is no manager available to speak with it and this level of customer service is horrible. I am still waiting on follow from a month ago plus new situation

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Craig Bass - 9 d 6 h ago


The worst trip ever from St Louis to Albuquerque the AC broke on the train the toilets where boiling hot and the smell was unbelievable they offerd to move us but our belongings remainded unattended our stuff along with others was robbed costumer service was rude did not genuinely care offered a free ride ticket for 1/4what I paid after my wallet my kids Nintendo DS was stolen no help 4 hours on costumer service to be talked to like a child and told to pls stop your not getting any refund I did not want a refund I wanted to file a report so this does not happen to others passengers


Betsy took the complaint ND was the rudest

Said sorry

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TSwain - 10 d 9 h ago


Our country desperately needs decent, comprehensive rail travel. Right now we have a miserably inadequate system. Proof: I went from Reno to Seattle by train. First of all, we had to take an Amtrak bus from Reno to Sacramento. The bus was OK but we got there 5 hours before the connecting train. So we had a 5-hour layover in the miserable Sacramento station with its hard wooden benches and noplace to go except the Starbucks on the corner. Then at midnight, we have to run through a maze of tunnels, schlepping our luggage, to the train. From there the train stops at every little burg up the coast and seems never to go faster than 30mph. At least the train itself is a comfortable experience, despite taking 24 hours to go from Sacramento to Seattle.

This is totally unacceptable. I did the trip when I was younger and in relatively good shape. Now I am partially disabled. It would be impossible to tolerate the 5-hour layover, to carry baggage and walk the long walk to the train, and getting off the train with bags is nearly impossible because even if a conductor says he/she will help - they are nowhere to be found when it is time to get off the train and navigate the big step from train to platform and also to juggle baggage.

Amtrak does not provide sufficient help for the disabled or the aged and the schedules are ridiculous. I would make every trip by train if there was a feasible service - please heed this complaint and do something.

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Joseph Panas - 11 d 7 h ago

Not happy with decision to stop support "Toys for Tots. Why, this is an excellent program. Please explain!

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Tara Schatzle - 11 d 8 h ago

Love Amtrak,but not happy with the the persons who made the decision to stop transporting for Toys for Tots.

So many children go without the simplest of things in their lives. One shining spot is a present or two from an unnamed donor.

I'm the past you worked with the Marines to help make this happen.

Please fix this. It is a much beloved charity that can't serve it's entire purpose without you. Make these kids a priority. They are kids for just a little while.

Thank you for listening. BTW, my two older children we Tots some of those toys went to years ago and I know how much joy this organization brings.

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Carol Merritt - 17 d 4 h ago


I booked travel on amtrak under the reservation number 0977E1. The outgoing trip was great. I had wanted two handicap rooms but only one was available so I booked a roomette with the one handicap room. The trip coming back had two handicap rooms. I looked forward to the return trip but it was not to be. The day we were to return I dropped my group off at the terminal and went to return the rental vehicle. I returned the vehicle, they tied me up for 20 minutes. Finally released, I cought the shuttle back to the amtrak station. The shuttle driver went to two different pking lots first before going to the train station. By the time he got to the train station, I had missed the train by 3-5 minutes. Due to the heat, I totally collapsed. Thank goodness my husband had the good sense to contact amtrak. We were told there were no more trains until the next day and they had no open seats. The agent searched and searched. She finally found one handicapping unit and one coach seat going to LA. They paid no attention to the money already paid. They charged us for the return seats at full and much higher price than the original plans. In addition to the higher cost for the new seats, we also had to pay for meals which had been included in the original plans. The seat I was originally assigned was extremely hot. Air conditioning was not working. Having MS I could not stay there. I contacted the conductor and had my seat changed for an additional fee. Shortly after I moved, they moved all the people in that car free of charge. I had seen many empty rooms and inquired about them. I was told I had to contact an agent. I did this and for another additional charge I moved into a roomette. No regard was given to any of the of the money already paid. With MS, I needed to get some rest. The final leg of the journey provided no dining car. All the food that was needed, cost. The cost was not cheap. A trip, that had originally been completely paid for, ended up costing nearly as much as the original reservation. This is very unfair and I am requesting a refund for the second half of the trip. Everything that was paid for after the original reservation. And, we also lost a piece of luggage. A claim was placed for that already. Sincerely; Carol Merritt, (hidden) Ref#; 04668777 (hidden) (home) (hidden) (cell)

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Patricia T Wright - 17 d 10 h ago


I was extremely upset and dissatisfied on my July 24, 2018 trip from Richmond VA to Charleston, SC on train 89, the Palmetto. I have been traveling on this train for many years now and have always had a very pleasant experience. On July 24th, the train was over an hour late arriving in Richmond. No explanation or apology provided. The train was just short of 2 hours late arriving in Charleston, again, no explanation or apology given. For those of us who had someone waiting to pick us up upon arrival, this added extra angst. Yes, I know arrival information is available on the website, but since it seemed to change constantly, it was still impossible to predict what time we would arrive. Airlines always announce to passengers when they are experiencing delays and apologize for any inconvenience. At a time when travelers are looking for alternatives to air travel, it seems to me that Amtrak has a golden opportunity to offer a better travel alternative. I personally have always enjoyed traveling on the train, but I was so rattled when I finally arrived in Charleton, I was reconsidering future options. Fortunately, the return trip was more or less on time. I feel that train personnel could benefit from training in customer service.

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Bad point ads - 18 d ago


Try to buy points for Amtrak travel, go to the web page to "buy Amtrak points" a drop down menu informs you about a bonus for base points purchased between July 12 abd August 31. However, after you buy, they screw you, and do not Adjust the points. In other words, no bonus, even though the print out clearly show you purchased along with the email sent to you from Amtrak but, in reality you fail Tomreceive the bonus points. Call Amgrak rewards and inform them, and you get a real run around, they inform you that no bonus is being offered. They argue you down, until you threaten to go into the Mass Ave address and complain in person. This appears to be a real legal violation, bait and swap or false adveusment? Amtrak, it does appear the Indians do not know what the chief's are doing. Add insult to injury, email reports concerning the purchases arrive later in the evening, but the points total does not change, why? In our case, some action was finally taken and the bonus points were encoded into out account. My wife just shakes her head and wonders about the level of expertise in Amtrak's business rewards center?

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NANCY WILSON - 20 d 6 h ago


I tried book a trip and take my 2 parrots with me and was told ONLY cats and dogs can ride. I have Stage 4 Cancer and these are my companion animals! They will each fit in a small cat carrier so they take up less room than allowed animals, but they are UNWELCOME!!

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Anonymous - 21 d 11 h ago

my name is Sandi Jackson I took the Amtrak train for the 8th time this year maybe 6 I'm under lost count but I've been back and forth anyway the crew was so very very rude they held us up on the track for a good hour made us an hour and a half late to our destination you ask them a question and the crew is just so they're just smart asses they're not nice to anybody every time I get on that train I'm accused of smoking on the train and I have not want a cigarette on that train in all my rides it this last trip was the most terrible thing I've ever gone through on the Amtrak I wish I would get my money back at least part of it I had to walk 8 Miles because I was late

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Anonymous - 21 d 11 h ago

I thank that Amtrak should reverse my money to back to me I was greatly inconvenienced very late missed my shuttle ride at my destination and I think that I should be reinforced my money or at least part of my money they said an hour and a half on the tracks yesterday morning for no reason at all they say there was a train coming by but no train past us absolutely not 1 Train to tell you the truth

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Charles Leusner - 26 d ago


Amtrak is irresponsible and pathetic. Twice I have attempted to make a reservation on the AUTO TRAIN and have been placed on hold for over 30 minutes each time. What's the problem? Don't you have enough employees to adequately handle the traveling public. Unable to make a reservation, I have hung up each time.

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John wallace - 28 d 8 h ago


I took a train on 06/6/18 @4:30 am there was a derailment in needles,AZ we didn't depart until 9:30/10am arrived in Chicago @ 1:45 am 06/08/18 two days no food no showers then arrived in DC @ 2pm. I didn't take the train back to Phoenix and I forgot to call Amtrak and for that they stole my refund for the ticket back home. This is how the mob works they give you Shitie service food that to expensive, they have some of the worst staff very shity attitude when you ask a question and the topper is when we pulled into Albuquerque the whole staff just left the train for a flight to Los Angeles,they disconnected the engine and we were left there in the summer heat without AC so we all had to detain that was 3pm the conductor said one hour it was 5 hours before they hooked a engine.there was no food on that train and the one to Washington had no food also.and I can't get a full refund. The worst ride of my life I've lived in Europe and Asia and japan never had a problem America is supposed to set the standards, It shouldn't take four days all I want is a full refund but they stole my money if this wasn't Amtrak and your money was taken the police would be involved.the new President sucks at running this sorry company this reminds me of the post office / veterans admin and anything the government have there hands in.and it's two weeks since I filled for a refund Amtrak said it would take two weeks for the refund to get to my account that's bull it didn't take two weeks to charge my account for the ticket.I haven't taken a train in 19 years now I know why??? Never again will I take a train too no where Amtrak doesn't care no compassion,no food items very expensive no showers this 2018 and no showers and last seating just like being in a plane cramped very cramped to travel across America.No from now on I will drive at least I can sleep shower and get a decent meal that won't break you and a family


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Tonya - 30 d 9 h ago

My claim # is4196246 . I was injured by Amtrak and have been trying to reach the right person . Who is handling my case. I am very ILL right now. And losing memory loss. Need to speak with someone urgently . My e-mail is (hidden). phone number is (hidden) , and (hidden).

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John Wallace - 33 d 4 h ago


I took a train on 06/6/18 @4:30 am there was a derailment in needles,AZ we didn't depart until 9:30/10am arrived in Chicago @ 1:45 am 06/08/18 two days no food no showers then arrived in DC @ 2pm. I didn't take the train back to Phoenix and I forgot to call Amtrak and for that they stole my refund for the ticket back home. This is how the mob works they give you Shitie service food that to expensive, they have some of the worst staff very shity attitude when you ask a question and the topper is when we pulled into Albuquerque the whole staff just left the train for a flight to Los Angeles,they disconnected the engine and we were left there in the summer heat without AC so we all had to detain that was 3pm the conductor said one hour it was 5 hours before they hooked a engine.there was no food on that train and the one to Washington had no food also.and I can't get a full refund. The worst ride of my life I've lived in Europe and Asia and japan never had a problem America is supposed to set the standards, It shouldn't take four days all I want is a full refund but they stole my money if this wasn't Amtrak and your money was taken by a person or people's the police would be involved


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Carol shortslieve - 38 d 4 h ago

Trying to send you A request for money back for a taxi fare I had to take because of the trains break down supposed to put it in this subject manner box! Number 460-1003 you for your anticipation of my refund!

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WINNIE DIXON - 46 d 7 h ago

You suck at safety. I have observed people bring all kinds and types of bags on the train with no one's bag being scanned. The suitcases could contain explosives, nevertheless, the suitcases are taken and placed on the train.

No search, no scan,....nothing. The airports scan, wands...caring for the passengers. Just because you haven't had your train being blown up or shot up yet, you think you don't need to make an effort to stop something like this before it happens.

I'm begging you guys to PLEASE DO SOMETHING.

I'll rate this company if this company makes an effort to protect it's passenger safety and not just render the people a service.

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Ray - 43 d 17 h ago

I work for Amtrak as a Conductor. Now, even worse the new CEO Richard Anderson's newest policy is that no ID is required to purchase a ticket. Amtrak employees are so scared now of this not control who is on the train and who they really are. You have to have ID to ride any transportation system. This CEO is out of control.

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Lynda Tolson - 44 d ago

Mr. RICHARD ANDERSON, I've been traveling on Amtrak's # 19 way behind schedule to ARRIVE in New ORLEANS @ 710pm..I got on yesterday in DELAWARE @ 450PM & the delays have only gotten worse. Due to a freight derailment we (the passengers had to exit the in Atlanta) on 7/5/18 only to sit in a Port Authority iting a day to get on a forwarding train @545pmon. We are now moving along to be delayed again so that your employees could get out of the PTI truck to get dressed for holding up traffic & passengers. Mr. Anderson I've been taken advantage, INCONVENIENCED & not been compensated in the least. I'm paying for a hotel room that I'm not occupying & it's 722pm arrival time for me at my hotel with still hours to go on your train. From: A VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER, Lynda Tolson.

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Lucy medaglia - 46 d ago


Amtrak owner john and paulette look on greyhound page see my statement about 40 million and now at a echo i hear my common law partner too set me up..if thats her..if the case she out totally of all the wealth..kidz are mine..and son andrew alot going in today....

Cc:nys senator diane savino

Cc:debbie nigro talk radio

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Lucy a medaglia - 46 d ago


Alert alert john amtrak owner argument with debbie basil in bus station In rochester ny she could be in danger alert alert

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Lucy medaglia - 46 d 4 h ago


Last night on east ave rochester ny dennis g karaman stayed in judi devires and neil devries apartmemt which Is really amtrak owner apartment that they and steven anello had been staying in as my life has been threaten by nys lt kathy hochul her husband william by putting a gun in my mouth with Debbie and dena basil stalking me for 6 years..she call amtrak after providing me and putting a murder hit om my life to pay more in MY ride..because i showed emotion i shouldnt be accepted...she has embezzled and is a witch on wheels....spitefull control freak

Along with david basil

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Lucia - 48 d 5 h ago


By legal counsel i understamd why a old friend of the 170" s owner of amtrak has not assisted in all my many amtrak travel concerns and or hss spoken to me personal as a friend today you lost a friend along with your daughter paulette and those that has crippled my life and extended my heart disease to worsten...a matter i don't believe friends at BNAF Rail would allow to continue for so long as me a paid travel you pernitted the offenders of criminal violation of the law to travel for free . violation of mt human rights constitutional rights civil rights and allowed my health to be effected by being denied domestic violance protection housing in private dwelling and hotels and being provided daily food supply affordable for not being fully reimbursed from Oct 2016 of the harshment ive recd by amtrak workers on the train and in ticket office in station in america against me and my nigro talk rado

Lucia Antonia medaglia

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Ride on - 49 d 23 h ago

Wow, this is one heck of a rant... damn!

General profile image

Karl - 49 d 51 s ago

Double WOW, and double DAMN! Welcome to the Lucy Medaglia rant page, folks. Fasten your seatbelts and keep reading, if you dare!

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