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Anonymous - 7 h 18 m ago

Employee: Rickey Glenn is misusing Amtrak technical support system by logging into customers cellphone devices. Rickey Glenn illegally hacked my cellphone through Amtrak tech support; employee took complete control of my cellphone device

Access to texts, photos, videos, etc; criminal violation

Employee should be terminated!

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Anonymous - 7 h 27 m ago

Amtrak Employee Rickey Glenn tracked my cellphone device by using Amtrak tech support system.

Rickey Glenn tracked my cellphone for 10 months; harassment. PLEASE INVESTIGATE Employee:Rickey Glenn

He has access to photos, videos, text messages, tax info and other personal information. I filed a complaint with Louisiana and Chicago IG office. Employee ticket assignments should reviewed/investigated!

Employee location; Louisiana/Atlanta

Employee has prior DUI criminal history and other criminal allegations

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JEL - 5 d 7 h ago


I have travel vouchers that I cannot use due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Amtrak refuses to refund my money. Customer service is useless.

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Anonymous - 10 d 4 h ago


Worse train service ever

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Anonymous - 12 d 10 h ago

Amtrak Employee Rickey Glenn tracked my cellphone device by using Amtrak tech support system.

Rickey Glenn tracked my cellphone for 10 months; harassment/stalker

He has access to photos, videos, text messages, tax info and other personal information. I filed a complaint with Louisiana and Chicago IG this office. Employee ticket assignments should be reviewed/investigated

Employee location; Louisiana/Atlanta

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EC - 12 d 18 h ago


I took a train for the first time about a week ago, cross country. From PDX to CHI I decided to upgrade to a roomette. Upon trying to use the tray, it was filthy. I dropped something under the seat, got down to grab it, there was a crayon and a sheet of paper with who cleaned the roomette and it was NOT the name of the current car attendant, found some other garbage. The air conditioner in our car was broke, so it was hot, had to close the blinds to the window to help keep it cool. The conductor at least followed rules and kicked people off the train that weren't adhering to the mask rule. What is with the meals though? I get it's COVID-19 but restaurants are still open, why isn't yours? Too substitute with frozen meals after the price you pay to upgrade, just wow

From CHI to Pittsburgh I was in coach, not a big deal. Not sure what the issue was but it was an extremely bumpy ride, so much so people were almost falling out of their seats. And somehow the train stalled out. The mask policy was not enforced.

From Pittsburgh to Harrisburg, again was in coach. Employees in this train were not adhering to the mask policy either. People had mask over mouth but not nose or their chin was wearing it. If the company is going to have a policy, the entire company needs to follow it, otherwise what's the point?

I'm not sure I'd travel Amtrak again.

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Anonymous - 13 d 17 h ago


Amtrak Employee Rickey Glenn tracked my cellphone device by using Amtrak tech support

Rickey Glenn tracked my cellphone for 10 months; harassment/stalker

He has access to photos, videos, text messages, tax info and other personal information.

I filed a complaint with Chicago IG this office

This employee should be investigated/terminated!

His work location is Louisiana/Atlanta

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Capri M-A - 14 d 14 h ago


One of ur workers was very inappropriate With Me And Sent Me Picture Of His Private And Invited me To A Private Room On Ur Train For Sex. Leronzo Thompson

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Anonymous - 17 d 11 h ago


AMTRAK phone customer service representatives have the worst customer service in the USA.

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Kathy Jo Voight - 18 d 2 s ago


I wrote a review 5 days ago. Now We are on our way home. If you look at my previous review. In reference to the awful flex dining. I called Amtrak 5 days ago and ordered Kosher Meals for our return trip. I recieved an enail stating special service requested. Our train leaving Reno was over an hour late. We were asked to wait in the dining car as our room needed to be cleaned. wmWhile waiting we learned that dining is different than on our trip in, where the employee came to our room asked what time we wanted dinner. On 9/6 this train is different. Dinner was 5:30 - 7:30 first come first served. I said we ordered kosher meals. They said they didnt have any kosher meals. The website ckearly states kosher meals need to be ordered 72 hrs prior to the trip. Which we did. There were other passengers who were also dissappointed. We were told that no kosher meals were brought to the train. I remind you the train was late so why weren't these meals aboard? These flex dining meals are terrible and the salad is the smallest dinner salad I have ever seen. You get a larger side salad at a fast food restaurant. It used to be that Amtraks dining car was comparable to dining on a cruise ship. Not anymore! The staff is also suffering coming in and tonight at dinner I observed the o one tipping. It isn't the staffs fault that the menu was so drastically dowgraded. I understand Amtrak has a new man in charge. Michael Flynn. I do hope Mr. Flynn reads these reviews. Leave it to Amtrak to disappoint me on another trip. The lack of attention to customer service just amazes me. If I had treated my customers as Amtrak treats there's I would have not worked in the Hotel & Gaming industry for over 20 years Mr Flynn you have your work cut out for you Please get rid of flex dining.

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Jana K - 20 d 10 h ago


We had a travel voucher from a refund that was to expire in May 2020. Since we were not planning to ride the train before that time, I requested and got a refund in April 2020. Since I was not seeing the credit in my card statements, i followed up with AMTRAK. Unfortunately, the refund was credited to my card used to purchase the original ticket in February 2019. I had canceled this credit card. and chase Bank had purged this credit card account in September 2019. Chase Bank supervisor informed me that since it is almost a year after the account was purged, they can't dig deeper into what happened to the refund. However, it is their policy and procedure to return the check/remittance to the vendor in 30 days. That is within 30 days from April 21 when the remittance was by AMTRAK to Chase Bank card that had been purged. Chase Bank says they cant help me. AMTRAK wants me to produce a letter from Chase Bank that they returned the money to AMTRAK. I have requested the customer service representative to check with AMTRAK book keeping to look into this matter. No luck so far. This is a recent transaction. I have given them the case number (the refund number). It is not hard to check these electronic transactions. Why is AMTRAK not helping me get my refund?

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Kathy Jo Voight - 23 d 12 h ago


We were very disappointed in Amtrak on Aug 30th when we started our trip. We booked our trip Apr 11th. We have received many emails from Amtrak on our upcoming trip due to covid. We had to change our departure train because our train leaving Chicago to return home had been canceled. My husband loves the train. I will go if we have a sleeper and enjoy the Traditional meals in the dining car.

The reason for the disappointment, while traveling on the train to Chicago. I accidentally found out that instead of traditional dining, Flex dining had been substituted. I understand with ridership down this is what managemrnt thought they should do. However, we were never notified of this change. I had previously experienced flex dining on the Capital Limited and was not impressed at all. In fact I found it insulting and a very poor substiture for tradional dining. For the prices you pay to stay in a sleeper, a change like this should have been sent in an email to us. Allowing us to make the decision to go or delay this trip. I would have remained home my husband doesn't mind traveling coach. He would have eaten in the cafe . We would have saved $350 in kennel costs for our dog. This type of customer service leaving your passengers diappoimted seems to be one of the main issues and complaints I here from fellow passengers. Having been in The Casino and Hotel industry for over 20 years where provoding our customers with excellent customer service was a must,. I am always appalled at the decisions Corporate Amtrak thinks are good Ideas. The majority of your staff on the trains are very good and some exceptional. There are a few however are very mediocre. My question is do you travel your own routes anonymously? Do you have experts in customer service secretly shop your routes? Or do you not care? If you did some of these you would experience your passengers frustrations and possibly gain some insight into an area that seems to plague Amtrak. The flex dining is a huge dissapointment. You have replaced quality meals with pre packaged sodium laden, high fat, and high carb meals. In the age of keto and high protein diets you are out of luck with these meals. As a diabetic my dietivian reccomends no carbs at breakfast. I can eat the egg off the Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwhich. For lunch there isn't a salad with protein or sandwich option. For dinner the neals are okay tasti g but far from healthy. However, there are kosher options that are more healthy. I was able to call and order these for our return trip.

What should have been done,

Passengers emailed with the change. With instructions to view the menu so they would be able to make informed decisions. Also explaining everything is disposable and the presentation is not like traditional dining.. Also explaining the kosher options that are available if ordered prior to the trip. Now the passenger has all of the information the need to make their decision. No surprises, no disappointment, no frustrated consumers. They can make the trip or reschedule. Often times these long haul trips are peoples only vacation. Why wouldn't you want them to have the best expierence possibly on Amtrak.

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Anonymous - 35 d ago


It is my belief, Employee of Amtrak, RGlenn is misusing his Amtrak authority by accessing personal cellular devices. Mr.Glenn hacked my personal cellphone through Amtrak technical support capabilities. He has been tracking my device for months. The problem was identified by Apple & Sprint. Employee is located in Atlanta GA or New Orleans

No document of proof but maybe if you all conduct investigation on your end it may be proven. Thanks

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Edy L. - 38 d 7 h ago


when we arrived at the station to check in our car I was told we were down for two cars..NO ...NO ..finally after being held up they had the wrong name

...boarded and 5pm went to get food they were sold out of hamburgers and sold out of sandwiches at 5pm...we went with beef bowl ...two....and single serve wine...the beef bowl was not heated enough and cold when we got back to our seats...and totally disgusting ...threw mine out ...$51 to the garbage .

..looked later at receipt and was over charged ....later a drunk lady was yelling and cursing ...going on until 2am attendant to be found to take care of this ..people a few seats away changed seats to right in front of us what happen to social 6 ft ?? It was awful ride from beginning to end ...if you talk to customer service they are so rude and cold and do not give a dam ,,,,the ceiling above my seat was soiled and i came home with insect bites on my arm ,,,, just wanted to end the trip and asked reservation to be moved from sunday to sat ....for $102 they would make the change ...what a rip off sanford to Lorton people were much nicer was sons first experience ( my 4th) and I dont think he would go again

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Heather Alexander - 59 d 13 h ago


On 7/24/20 left Penn station heading to Jacksonville Fl. I call les prior to booking to inquire about Amtrak's response to the covid-19. The assured me that all passengers where being kept 6ft apart and that mask where required unless eating. None of the above where followed. The Conductor told the lady seated right in front of me that mask where optional while in her seat. This is completely against CDC guidelines and I will be following up with DPH. As of now I will fly! Never again will I take Amtrak!!!

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Concerned amtrak customer - 64 d 4 h ago

I am writing from train 55 from New York to Washington DC. It is after 9pm and our train is being held at the station for no reason the conductor and staff indicate that a tree fell on the train track in Delaware, they indicates that they would let us know in the progress but it has been over an hour and no announcement has been made. I am contacting you because as a long-term traveller when a tree falls on the tracks it is removed and the train resumes it's route in about 30 minutes. An hour has gone by and no announcements have been made. I needed to bring this to your attention.

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John - 76 d 15 h ago


I was and am currently on a Amtrak Train going to Chicago from St.Paul.

There is a conductor -Dylan- on this train right now that has me absolutely offended and appalled at his choice of or way of communicating with passengers. He made comments about Amtrak as a whole and "less desirables" and then went on to spout off ill placed comments about the elderly and people with disabilities. Saying comments such as "Employees would never sit down ever!" ".... people even siting in here ( Lowe level couch) can't make it often times to the bathroom, and well here's these seats" "the place is really a down graded spot" and then went on to say "unless your just deaf and don't care, you could sit down here". Well, Dylan and management of Amtrak- I am deaf.

I'm soooo hurt this being my first time on Amtrak and I assure you I am sure it my last! I really wanted to be in love with not driving and just relaxing yet here I am feeling like a 3rd class passenger.... not even human first.

Please see below for a video I took of the egregious behavior....

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Anonymous - 64 d 5 h ago

If you're deaf, how did you hear what he said? Was he signing or was someone signing for you? Seems suspicious...

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Fred! - 133 d ago

The disgusting fear Mongering practices of Social Influencing mandated by AMTRAK! Stop the Criminalization of Train Riders!

The mandating of face masks only hurts people! By taking away from peoples Heard Immunity.

The Cashless service is disgusting!

The sooner AMTRAK gets back to train operations before March 2020 the faster we all can put this social Influencing behind the people of America!

Bill Flynn You will be removed if you do not stop this Fear Mongering Social Influencing nonsense!

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 106 d 13 h ago


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Anonymous - 73 d 12 h ago


The guy at Amtrak that's supposed to help you on as I'm on disability with back,neck, shoulders and knee problems he got on right after me I ALWAYS have my baggage in coach with me he grabbed my luggage and when I arrived in Spokane my 2suitcases were gone due to Amt employee rudely told me No you can't take in ther we are leaving right now and I'll put your bags right here I've waited since February 20th still No word Over a thousand dollars down the drain and I'm on disability which the AMTRAK employee didn't care I'm so disappointed in how I'm being treated over this I Want some kind of compensation That was BS that No time to walk my bags through double doors I ride AMTRAK ALOT maybe not anymore I see a lot of complaints with no response from corporate office my claim number us5554119

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Anonymous - 64 d 5 h ago

Do you mean Social Distancing? Your brain has also malfunctioned just like the guy above.

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Sam! - 133 d 1 m ago

It is time to STOP with the mandatory Face Masks and social distancing!! AMTRAK is only hurting the Healthy!!

As long as these policies are in place I will not ride the train! I will watch AMTRAK fall into History to never be used again!

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Anonymous - 106 d 13 h ago

your a jerk

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anonymous - 73 d 10 h ago

Going without a face may not be all THAT healty in the future. Your regard for othes is amazing also. Thanks for being a self-centered jerk.

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Anonymous - 64 d 5 h ago

Your brain has malfunctioned.

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