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Ivelisse Melendez - 8 h ago


I am absolutely frustrated and upset With Amtrak. Super unprofessional and rude. I ordered a ticket MONTHS in advance for JUNE trip cause my sister is due around that time. After my job denied my first vacation request and gave me the ok for JUNE 30th I immediately called Amtraks customer service till months on advance to change the date. When I called I asked for JUNE 30th and she gave me July 2nd. When I finally got to get a hold of my email I seen the date and called right back to let them know once more June 30th. The lady said she changed it to June 30th and apologized and I told her once I am able t o get to my email I will look. Today I finally got to look at my email once more after several calls I once more noticed they changed it to JULY 30TH and I ONCE MORE called customer service to fix this error that they made. I got it is not our fault we can change it but you have to pay. I told them I REFUSE to pay for an error on their part and ask to speak to a supervisor who told me not only will they not help me I have to pay the new price and if I have a problem call corporate. I have less than 3 days now and I refuse to pay for an error so I had no choice to ask for my money back. I am also going to spread the word of this unprofessional as well as go to the better business bureau like the nice manager told me I should do as he made me wait a whole 10 minutes while he filled out a "case" and told me he will be glade to give me after he was done filling out instead of helping me on an error Amtrak made. I have gone to Facebook, I am going to Corporate, and Now the BBB. I was never rude or disrespectful All I want to DO is see my sister for the Birth of her baby.

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Leslie - 196 d 9 h ago


The worst customer service by far I have ever talked with. The customer service agent hung up on me. Delayed train for 7 hours!!! My kids missed the 1 day we had to visit Washington DC. The train ran out of food.I to give my kids a bag of chips for lunch. Customer service agent refused to let me speak with a supervisor. Then hung up on me!!!! Just said I'm sorry, I can offer you a volcher that is only good for 1 year. My family doesn't even get to go on vacation ever year. Not to mention she stated that there could be additional fees we could have to pay. So basically they just said sorry we ruined your vacation. But there nothing we can do about that. Delays happen... Who does that???? Highly dissatisfied. Shame on Amtrack!!!! I wrote to corporate via certified mail with signature needed they received the letter yet I have heard nothing from them.

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Solutionrus - 173 d 6 h ago

Try American Airlines. You arrive the same day. You wont have to listen to customer service people. You can book your own trip. If you get disconnected or make an error you can contact an agent on your dime. They are very attentive.

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Caroline - 89 d 14 h ago


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Anonymous - 89 d 14 h ago

Supposed to be touch

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Anonymous - 89 d 14 h ago


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Anonymous - 89 d 14 h ago

They won't let me write a French word sorry

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Anonymopus - 7 d 4 h ago

It's "Touche" with an accent ' over the e.

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Anonymous - 61 d 6 h ago

Some of us can not afford to fly.


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Never again - 32 d ago


Then save up until you can. Shop around. There are a number of airlines, thus competition. Not so with Amtrak. Most of the staff were very nice but the ones who weren't really soured my vacation. I will admit that the food in the dining car was excellent but not so excellent as to make me want to do it again.

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MaryKay - 167 d 9 h ago


I'm fighting them now for RIPPING OFF MY SON when it was completely their fault. I sure hope I can come back and give them a good review. I'm really not looking forward to the whole Facebook, you tube, Instagram, blog, Gov't agencies, BBB, lawyer route

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Chris - 120 d 6 h ago



I know exactly how you feel. I was on a train on the way home and was told I could take my service dog out to do his thing. I talked to the gentleman manning our car so he knew I was off. I turn around to look..the guys shouted 1 back and forth.. excuse my bluntness but what happened to all aboard?? So I was stuck in a town where I knew no one money, no cell, nothing. To top it all off I take medication so I was a little over a day screwed on my meds. The way they treat the disabled is ...less than professional. In all the times I have ridden the train maybe 2 times that the people servicing us was very nice and understanding. I was informed "at the end of one trip to make sure I had documents for my service dog. So I asked him "do you want to see them?" mind you this is the end of the trip!!! I could see in the beginning but seriously? Lol...and he says no...SMH!!

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Never again - 32 d 32 m ago


Don't hold your breath. Making others aware of your dissatisfaction is the only way to go. That's how I found these reviews. Wish I had done this BEFORE my vacation.

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pix - 19 d 10 h ago


The have been great and generally give an evoucher.State the problem without anger annd Always get the nameed of the reps with whom u speak!

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Anonymous - 8 d 5 h ago


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Jody - 11 d 9 h ago

My name is Dorothy Walker Glass on Train number 91 leaving from Union Station T 3:05 pm to Jacksonville Florida. As we arrived. At the station late.The employees were rushing around attempting to make up time.They announced the arrival station.We got out of our seats the train didn't come to a.complete stop.It was still shaking.However we all got up.I stood like the other passengers.Sn employee .over ,6ft. Tall..bumped me out of his way to get to the stairs.Whe.n he bumped me I fell backwards hitting .my head and injuring my back and left arm.There are also bruised marks on my upper left thigh.My head still hurts.The employee never came back to attend me.Yhr passengers did

Two me. Lifted me up took my carrying bag and my pocket book

As they helped me down the stairs he looked at me and said I was in the way

I am 67 yrs old I am a guest. Reward s member.He seemed unconcerned

My claims number is 4235031.i spoke to Jody in your claims Dept.She refused to tell me how to contact you.i spoke to her today on 6/16 at 1:29 pm.My reservation number was D584c;5.Now eht steps will you take to satisfy my hurting body.? My phone number is 904 290 0244.I still don't understand why your employee wouldn't help me.

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Marv - 11 d 13 h ago


I just had my first experience with Amtrak in years. It was both good and bad. End result is that it was bad.

First, the good. Diana at the Saratoga Springs, NY station is to be commended. She was superb in when I first bought my ticket a month ago and was great in dealing with the problem I ended up having with my, again, first Amtrak experience. Please let her know that her efforts are most excellent for customer relations.

My problem came when I a personal issue came up and I was late for my train from Albany/Rensellaer to Chicago. As a result of my personal matter I was 45 minutes late in arriving at the station. In fact, I was told that the train was late but had left 15 minutes prior to my arrival. You can imagine my disappointment. However, I do believe that had I canceled my ticket then, within 1 hour of missing my train, I would have received a voucher. I was 45 minutes late. The woman at the Albany station did not advise me that I could get a voucher and had she told me that my penalty would not be what it was. As it was, by her not advising my of said Amtrak policy, I had to buy another ticket. One way (I could still use my return ticket) for $162.00 which is what the round trip ticket cost me originally. the end result is that I lost the $82.00 for the first ticket and had to pay another $162.00 for my ticket to be used tonight. When all is siad and done my original $162.00 ticket became a $324.00 ticket. Granted I was late for my train but I blame that on the woman working in the Albany/Rensellaer railroad station for not advising me of said cancellation policy.

Not a good first time Amtrak experience. And we all know how important a first impression is.

Again, kudos to Diana in Saratoga Springs and darts to the woman in Albany/Rensellaer.

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Sad passenger - 12 d 8 h ago


I'm sitting in the 98 heading to Jacksonville, our attendant in charge of car is either drunk or high.

We got on in Miami and all she has done so far is sit on her ass and argue with her co workers.

I feel sorry for all of those people going on especially the elderly or handicapped.

I believe her name is Tanisha

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Angela J - 12 d 12 h ago


My experience with traveling Amtrak is one I will never forget, traveling from Virginia to New York City was fine until I got to New York Penn, I was supposed to have Red Cap service because of my disabilities and didn't get service until 30 minutes later, me and another elder lady was left that long have to deal with getting to another train! It was unacceptable!!

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Syed Ahmed - 15 d ago


I have 20 Acre Industrial land Vacant on Morro Road in Apple Valley California

close to I-15 Freeway (161) easy In--out available for the long term lease call me (949) 910-4953


Flagged for review. 
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Paul - 16 d 11 h ago


My name is Paul this is the most unfriendly and the most unorganised group I have ever encounted.I booked this train in january 2017 business class.I boarded the Amtrak 513 on the 11th june

From Vancouver to Seattle ,I was lucky to get a seat ,and the seat I got was absolute crap.Priority boarding was not announced so I stood in line for three quarters of an hour.It was very noticeable that the staff was predudiced against non Americans .This has left me very angry ,I will not be recomending this company to anyone .

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Anonymous - 19 d 7 h ago

These freaking people charged my account 5 times after telling me that my card wasn't going through each time. I called them, they told me that they don't have the money, mind you, my account balance went down. They said I should call my bank and my bank told me that they did take the money. So I tried calling Amtrak back but they blocked my number, I had to private my number and ive been on hold for over 30 mins and no one never answered the phone!

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Alexis L - 43 d 15 h ago


Had the worst experience of my life . Traveled from Trenton to BWI yesterday the train lost power three times before it shut down completely in the middle of the track . We had to transfer to a train that only seat 300 people

Which we had 500 and some change . The rest of the trip me and my child was standing and got home 4 hours later than when we're suppose too . customer relation wanted to send me a voucher rather than refunding my money due the policy if they get you to your destination that they can only give a voucher .

I am complaining to whomeever will listen because I don't want a voucher I would like my money back because I will never ride amtrack again

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Pissed - 42 d 11 h ago

Amtrak has it's head so far up it's ass that CEO, Charles Moorman, thinks he's gone blind! Oh

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pix - 19 d 10 h ago


If train effected by Natural conditions it is what is.If you used credit card. file a complaint with long did you stand. Lawrerquires seats!

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