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A and L - 6 d 7 h ago


On Wednesday Nov 22 we took the 171 train from Kingston RI to Washington DC. Because of the crowded conditions we were not able to find seats together. Our conductor, Allan, arranged for us to have adjoining seats when we reached the New London station. He placed our seat tickets above the seats so that no other passengers would take the seats before we had the opportunity to move. In addition to his kind consideration he had a great sense of humor. He should be commended for his ability to keep his focus on the passengers and not let the crowds discourage him from delivering quality service.

Thank you Amtrak and hats off to Allan.

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Anonymous - 10 d 24 s ago


Lost and confused I travel on Amtrak a month ago reservations that went OK the morning of my departure get to the station 45 Minute's early about 30 customers train in front of me train was delayed an hour late so that thru me off so once I got to the counter to get my ticket the attendant said your train is just about to leave you she call to bottom level for a red cap to assist me with my luggage I told my bags need name tags on them she tell me they will be fine he gonna put them up there and he will tell you were there are I'waiting still no instructions about my luggage I get to my destination my luggage is no we're to be found I had brand new funeral clothes in it my deceased sister pictures that were supposed to have been represented to her family I have never felt so heart broken from this ordeal I called every number tryin to get some kind of closure behind this bad experience with Amtrak may be some from corporate office will give me some kind of peace of mind.

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Anonymous - 8 d 8 s ago


Attn: John Wojciethowski Director

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T. MOORE - 8 d 3 h ago


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Anonymous - 9 d 6 h ago

To whom it may concern

My name is RICHARD WELLINGTON, an I was a passenger on amtrak train number 92, an November 19,2017 form Kissimmee, Fla to New York Penn station, my first time on the train, and the experience was numbing, the train was to depart at 6:48 p.m. it was 2 1/2 hours late, plus delays along the way, I did not get into New York until 11 p.m. on the 20 th of November, I truly believe that thoses delays or unacceptable, one of your representatives was talking about a credit refund, but a this time I don't think I will ride another amtrak train in the future, case # 4387652

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parvane kazemi - 10 d ago


I hope somehow Mr. Charles Moorman President of Amtrak will see this message,

when I look at all these comments made by people about their negative railroad experiences with Amtrak, I just wonder if there is an eye to see these comments or any ear to hear these voices about their complaint and their unpleasant experiences with Amtrak?

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Disgruntled in Massachusetts - 12 d 23 h ago


Disabled and Disappointed by Amtrac in Massachusetts.

Ie: First time traveling on Amtrac from DallasTexasbto Albany New York.11/28/2017. Thus company has poor customer assistance for the disabled. Not only did my son pre request help online for myself; a passenger who has a mobility disability...not a employee in sight who could offer assistance. also please check with employees who FAILED to document the one legged female black passenger with 2 crytches.She and I both struggled our way to the restroom @6:00 approaching St.Louis.She fell on the dirty floor after struggling to open the 2 pass thru sliding doors. Not an employee in sight to assist or at least hold open the door. I myseld steuggled for 5 mins using one arm to hold onto exit bar and try pulling the one legged passanger up off the floor, and retrieve her crutches. My son requested bottom level seating, I had the female conductor point upstairs and ordered to take a seat upstairs.No announcements nonames given of the crew traveling . No info whom to ask for if any passenger required assistance, had questions, or .needed help.Amtrac falsely lists online various requests to check box for help needed. Where was the help my son pre requested for luggage assistance and to help me with climping stirs or steps. Not one person and my ticket clearly has printed Adult Disabled on it. As i transferred today in Chicago, Luckily i filmed the 3 luggage carts who wizzed right by me as I am shouting please stop I ineed help I need help. To be continued you have left a bitter taste in my mouth...but thank god amtrac does assist smokers and announces various pit stops to relieve their nicotine addiction. The only name I received was Mikw the dining car attendant. I demand this company to respond to my unfortunate experience. M. DeAngelis Bla

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Kyle Green - 15 d 2 h ago


This company is horrible! This would have been my first time riding amtrak, i was unable to make the ride due to my grandmother's death! They did nothing to refund or even credit me back. The customer service was rude and they will only communicate and decline ypu request through email! Thus was a bad way to handle a new customer in thier time of loss!

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Michelle Westbrook - 15 d 3 h ago


Horrible service! Putting a disabled client on the wrong train,leaving them stranded in a strange city and refusing to accommodate them to get home or refunding the ticket amount!

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Jeff H.Res #83ECOF - 18 d 43 m ago


I'd like to commend the Customer Service Rep working the Amtrak booth in Oxnard, CA. on November 24, 2017 at 7:58am Pacific Time. Wishing I had her name, she was nothing short of exactly the type of individual I would hope to have as a customer service rep for my own company. She was polite, courteous, patient, informative and responsive to my needs. I had booked travel on Los Angeles Metro Rail from Oxnard to Burbank, CA that morning. I failed to board the correct train and was desperate about my situation; I needed to get home ASAP. This young lady, the Amtrak customer service representative explained how I had mistakenly not boarded the appropriate train, researched the next available train (that would accept myself along with my bicycle) and had me booked within minutes. It is my wish that Amtrak Corporate find out who this young lady is and express to her my deep gratitude for her professionalism under pressure (I was a tad upset when I approached her window), and the sincere approach at which she resolved my travel dilemma. She deserves a raise, people.

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Dea - 20 d 4 h ago

I CANNOT express my gratitude enough for the customer service department. I messed up and scheduled at an AM time that I meant for PM! Even though the AM time had already passed, they were able to help sort me out quickly and easily.

Thank you!!

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carnes - 22 d ago


when can you ever talk to a real person on the phone at amtrak corportate office to get a screw up of theres fixed cause they put a bogges recording so you can not get threw.

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pamela kaveh - 21 d ago


Amtrak corporate office is absolutely ignorant to people they call for different issues and the phone they provided to call ( (hidden) ) give big zero ( 0) help and after holding and holding and holding phone no one respond or get disconnected, my hand got numb after calling several times and holding phone for long time and finally got disconnected.

I think Amtrak new CEO make some changes to help people when they call and they need help

this is a big shame for employees there with not giving help to people.

pamela kaveh from Orange, California

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Anonymous - 22 d ago

Thanks for the excellent service I have an affinity for trains therefore I won't criticize the passenger train carrier. I am also a firm believer in efficient effective customer relations and customer service which equates into positive customer satisfaction. And is one of the most productive long-term goals of any business for ensuring success. My APD case incident number is 17-12206 my name is Craig just wanted to say hello.

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Anonymous - 22 d ago

Thanks for the excellent service I have an affinity for trains therefore I won't criticize the passenger train carrier. I am also a firm believer in efficient effective customer relations and customer service which equates into positive customer satisfaction. And is one of the most productive long-term goals of any business for ensuring success. My APD case incident number is 17-12206 my name is Craig just wanted to say hello.

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Very Frustrated - 22 d 4 h ago


Horrible customer service and website. The website was having issues this past weekend and could not register to get my discount for a student. when I called and talked to customer service, there were two uneducated representatives. The one in customer relations basically call me a liar when I discussed my issue. He abrubtly said, "WE DID NOT HAVE ANY SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE. OUR WEBSITE IS FINE. THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT. Then why is your mobile app rated a two.

The discount is just a few dollars, it is not the money, it is the point. I thought a train ride for the holidays would be fun and good experience, well not anymore. I will find another way to make the holiday special for my son.

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Gail Crockett, - 22 d 4 h ago


I make a reservation for November 16th I received a call from Amtrak's telling me on November 15th that I would have to take alternate transportation from Washington to Newport News Virginia I got the call at 11 a.m. the day before my trip, lady explain that it was real work being done that's why I had to take an alternate transportation. I made my reservation through AAA. I went down to the AAA office about this dilemma which I tried to resolve with an Amtrak representative to no avail. We looked up the information and it says scheduled maintenance. My frustration comes because Amtrak knew about this maintenance because it was scheduled so we called Amtrak customer service again and I was told that I could go another time which was very frustrating because my niece was getting married on the 18th and I let my family know that I will be there on the 17th. I don't understand ordasity of this woman telling me to go another time my niece is not getting married another time she's getting married on the 18th. I didn't pay for a bus ticket I pay for a train ticket. We asked Amtrak representative to help us find another way around this besides the bus. I was told that I could get my money back or use it or use the ticket for another date. The people in Amtrak customer service is very rude. I asked the lady at Amtrak customer service for corporate office telephone number, she told me that this is the highest that I could go and that company and that there was no corporate office number to give me. This is a business and I do not understand how come their employees are rude manipulating and Liars. I am very disappointed in the service that I received from Amtrak. I asked the lady since they change my reservation is it possible that they can help me with my airfare she told me no, so with that being said,I told her to cancel my ticket refund my money. And I had to pay $277 airfare their $277 airfare back because of Amtrak lack of customer attention or concern! I would have appreciated if they would have contacted me earlier not the day before my trip.

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Bev - 29 d 38 s ago


I have been trying to get through to speak to someone at your corporate office headquarters. Your system does not respond to "customer service" as a department or let me leave a message with Mr. Charles Moorman (listed as your CEO). I wrote an email back on October 20th to register a complaint and have not heard from an employee of Amtrak...over 3 weeks ago! What's the point of having a phone number if no one is there to answer and you're left to just go around in circles trying to even leave a message. This is obviously not customer service. I am not going away or taking your pathetic original offer of a pittance of a voucher that we would have to use up within the year. We do not live in the US. I would appreciate some form of communication with Customer Service. I don't think that is asking too much!

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Janet - 29 d 5 h ago


My husband and I are frequent users of the

California Zephyr and have always had a good experience.

Because of an engine break-down on October 31st, the Zephyr arrived in Chicago over 4 hours late which meant our connection to Michigan was long past. Staff were on hand to issue vouchers for cabs and a hotel but I think there could be improvement in communications between the staff and passengers who have no idea of where to go. At least, a sheet could be handed out along with the vouchers listing the cab company number (and stating that YOU have to call for the cab since they are not hanging around Union station) and also details of the hotel (assuming the same one is used every time) with a list of local restaurants in the area since most people needed to have dinner.

Also, each voucher was filled in by hand which took a long time to process each passenger. Knowing that the train would be that late and knowing that passengers were going to need help, a faster system should be looked at.

I appreciate Amtrak taking care of us.

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Parent of a student in college - 32 d 5 h ago


Amtrak is a big rip off with their prices. They jack them up so high even for students traveling from college trying to come home. They play a game with the seats and pricing. Plane fares can be lower priced at times.

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cliffy - 31 d 16 h ago

You must be crazy. I have never ever found a plane cheaper than Amtrak. I went round trip from Cincinnati, OH to Penn Station New York, NY and the round trip cost me 164. Going again this years for only $170. Round trip airfare ranges from 384 to 650. Plus you get all the leg room that a cramped up plane does not have. You can also not book your ride at the last second if you want a deal same as planes. I know the rides are long, but for the price you can not beat it.

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Parent of a student in college. - 30 d 8 h ago

Cliffy......It depends where you start your travel and end it. I am talking about starting travel in Washington DC. and ending in Metro Park NJ station. This is probably a popular route especially with all the DC people using it. I think business men buy up all the seats and then the ones left are high priced. I look months ahead as I am not always sure of the exact day my son will be able to travel due to his school activities and classes. And I just flew from Miami to Newark for 84 dollars. Take a look at the rates from Washington DC and you will see what I am talking about. I am sure other unpopular cities have much more reasonable prices. Thanks for your input.

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Anonymous - 38 d ago


I am writing to praise "Sharon" at the San Juan Capistrano (California) station. She was incredibly helpful to a friend of mine who missed her connection there. I was supposed to meet my friend at the Oceanside station but she didn't get off the train and the conductor told me she was never on it and had actually refunded her ticket about a half hour earlier. My friend had lost her cell phone and did not know my number so communication was impossible. I called the Amtrak customer service line and another super-helpful rep was able to give me some info that helped me piece together the probable fact that my friend was still in SJC waiting for the next train. Of course, I was going to wait for the train, but also called the station itself and received a recording. I left a voice mail, but did not expect an answer since it was a weekend. I was pleasantly shocked when Sharon called me back not that much later! She told me how she helped my friend who was in distress over missing the train and not being able to communicate with me, so all ended well. When my friend arrived, she was also very effusive in her praise for Sharon. Please be sure to recognize Sharon for her service well above and beyond! Thank you!

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Anonymous - 40 d 22 h ago

Big shots

Have you ever tried to call your national Amtrak number

its a waste of time

You get put on hold and no one answers

i don't Like using this cell phone but you leave me no choice

i want to take my wife on a long train ride but you people are making it impossible

Call me please 231 268 6503

Jeff Ebenstein

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Msg Dunn - 46 d 4 h ago


I am trying to reach Amtrak Corp office. Can not get thru, and it's Very Urgent!! Please, do not ignore, sustained a serious fall. I'm a Vietnam error Disabled Vet. .please return a call to 804 489 3098. Thks you.

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SAVVY READ - 40 d 10 h ago




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