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Anonymous - 7 d 6 h ago


I actually mailed a letter to the corporate office address and it was sent back to me, marked as undeliverable. No one responded to my e-mails or Facebook messages, either. I won't stop guys WILL hear what I have to say.

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Anonymous - 11 d 10 h ago


Impossible to get a hold of anyone at your company or live human being. Have sent email inquiries and trying to reach corporate office since 08/2019 with no response. 0 of 5 stars for your company.

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Willie Samuel - 17 d ago

Hi my name is Willie Samuel, my reservation number is 95652B. My case number is 5517996. I would like a refund of my round trip ticket from Erie PA. To Chicago Illinois due to the Corona virus situation that's going on. I was planning to take a vacation to see family and friends but decided to stay home for safety purposes. Carmen Rosado is also an adult passenger on my ticket. Again, I'm only canceling my trip and asking for a full refund because of the coronavirus epidemic in our country. Please email me and inform me of your decision. My email address is (hidden).

Thank you;

Willie Samuel

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Freddie Brown - 18 d 10 h ago


my name is Freddie Brown I just travel on train 27 and my RES# was AC9953 first let me say I love to ride the train and been riding over 50 years and have taken this route many time . coming out of Jackson ms the temperature was in the 80 my sleeper was ice cold and no one would turn the heat felt like I was laying a block of ice. leave Chicago I was in the last car in room# 9 the ride so rough that it threw me out of bed and threw me so violently around in the sleeper. The most miserable ride I ever had.I do have a 5mi video of the violent shaking, just let me know where I can send it my #(hidden) Email (hidden)

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Anonymous - 20 d 11 h ago

On Jan. 10, 2020 I traveled from Sacramento, CA. to Provo, Utah. On arrival in Provo, I immediately realized I have left my Apple Ipad in the lower level car of train #6. I have used Amtrak many times before and never had a complaint, the service always was excellent. I called Chicago lost and found and gave them all the information concerning the item. I even suggested checking between the wall and my seat, where I thought it could be. Emails back and forth and no Ipad. In the meantime, I called Allianz giving them all the information and my claim form #(hidden) with my policy # EUSP(hidden), Allianz responded that they need a resolution letter from Amtrak to process the claim. I called Amtrak asking for that letter, they said in about 10 days I will get it. No resolution letter and many calls and emails later and still I don't have the letter. I am very upset with your customer service and this has become a nightmare in my life. I am 78 years old I love to take the train, and I will continue doing so. Thank you for your time and help you can provide for me. Atte. Roberto H. Romero.

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Anonymous - 32 d ago

PATRICK Alexander I have steam machines reaching temperatures of 338 (hidden)

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PB - 68 d 3 h ago


It is a total sham to be told that a corporate representative will contact you and the Email given by customer service is NOT a real Email.

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Disappointed - 44 d 6 h ago

Corporate email I was given does not work either.


Anyone know the real one?

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Bill Schebaum - 47 d 11 h ago


My wife and I purchased round trip tickets departing Albany NY to Montreal Canada. After a 4 hour delay we departed Albany for Montreal. We never got to Montreal on the train. At 1 in the morning we stopped at St Lambert station and were told that the train was going no further. We could stay on the train or get off and make our own arrangements. We were able to contact a taxi company and got a $30 ride to our hotel in Montreal arriving at 1:45 am.

Thinking the nightmare was over we enjoyed our day in Montreal. Around 6 pm we received notice that our return train for the next day was cancelled. Amtrak had no options for us to get home.

We had to rent a car and drive 4-5 hours.

Amtrak makes it nearly impossible to talk to anyone and voice a complaint

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Kathy Jo Voight - 48 d 6 m ago


I recently took a trip on the Wolverine to Chicago and then caught the Capital Limited to DC. I usually only travel in a roomette when we go to Reno. I decided this time to get a roomette not knowing that the dining service is not the same as on the California Zephyr. I will never pay for a roomette again on that route. The meals you are served are microwave dinners on my trip to DC the Salad was served in a 16 oz clear plastic cup with a lid but there wasn't any dressing even though we just left Chicago. I was offered Relish ,Ketchup and Mayo if I wanted to mix up a thousand island dressing myself. I later found out there was dressing in the Cafe car but not the dining room,

On the return trip the salad with dinner was in a 4 oz clear cup with dressing. I found out where to look up the nutritional info on these meals. Well the meal I had going to DC had more sodium ( 2340 g) more than I eat in a day. The meals are not very healthy they are either loaded with fat or sodium.HOWEVER there are a few KOSHER MEALS you can order BEFORE TRAVELING. These meals are more healthy options but still microwave dinners.

I know Amtrak is trying to save money...I don't know whose idea this was but it is bad and I think they know it because they offer 1 free Alcohol drink with the meal , You pick up your meal at the counter and bus your table.

Amtrak maybe you should consider letting a known outside vendor that is known for good food take over the dining car. I have to add the employees are usually very good.Occasionally you come across a few that are indifferent and just there or you get a great employee.. I did experience on my trip from to DC to Toledo one of the best Sleeping Car Attendants I have had the pleasure of encountering his name is JD Delgado. He was so nice and cheerful to every passenger he spoke to and made sure everyone knew how to control the temperature in their roomette, how to get to the dining,lounge and Cafe cars and was always walking through and checking on his passengers to see if they needed anything. Amtrak could use more employees like him,

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Ripped of Customer - 61 d 3 h ago

I made a purchase of a ticket before I could give him my payment information he hung up the phone my daughter was waiting for the ticket as the train was leaving at 4:05 I had to call back and pay by the time it was paid for the train had already left he didn't tell me that my daughter who was waiting for the ticket had been there for a while and I was having trouble getting thru to make and pay for the reservation after not getting the ticket she was picked up for loitering I was about to get on a plane in Nashville and couldn't do anything got home to a flooded house

I have tried to get my money refunded and they refuse I was talking to The lady at customer relations I asked for her name and she hung up on me I tried to do the survey and it hung up on me

I want my money refunded I was sold a ticket for a train that had already departed so there was know way to use it

My daughter has mental problem and lives on the streets and had gone to Reno with some guy and I was just trying to get her home safe ! I don't want a credit as we don't use the train

I asked for a supervisor several times and was told she was the highest I could go she didn't have a boss I can't believe that first they didn't take my payment when I made the reservation second when I called back to get it straightened out she wouldn't give me any information except hanging up on me then I tried to leave a negative survey and it hung up on me because I push one twice I would like my money refunded or I will post this all over Facebook and every media site I can that you sell tickets after train leave

The number she gave me because I never got the confirmation email is ####%#%

The ticket was paid for at 4:06 by phone the ticket was from Reno to Denver

I was told to send in Proof that my daughter was picked up and she would file for a hardship why do I need to file a hardship when they sold me a ticket after a train and already left that I have tried for 30 minutes to buy any hung up on me!

It was changed to my ###%%%%

If I don't her back or get the refund I will dispute the charge I have never heard of selling a ticket after a train has departed !

They knew I was boarding a plane and didn't have time to do anything about it when I found out the train had left and thought I might have to buy one for the next day I didn't know my daughter would be picked up for littering when the agent at the station knew I was on the phone buying a ticket he wouldn't even talk to me this was the worst customer service I have ever had

And we were talk about doing the tour thru Canada but now don't feel safe if that how the treat a visibly mentally handicapped 27 yr old how would they treat a pair of handicapped seniors traveling with an 11-year-old autistic child

Thank you time

I tried to send a email to address that was give

And she even gave me the wrong email address this is overwhelming

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Anonymous - 66 d 8 h ago


Once again traveling on amtrak. I witnessed an upset woman come ino our car she said a female employee made her get out of her seat and move and gave the seat to a man she was told by the employee it was because she was getting off the next stop. She was standing in our car and another emplyee a man walked by she asked where she would get off for her stop and the man told her but then said you have about 30-40 min until you get there. She complained to him about what his coworker had done he apologized and told her to please take a seat..We had just changed crew in Kalamazoo on Jan 30th train 353. The 2 women employees came on there. My first impression ...I remember thinking they do not look very happy. The men who had been on the train were very pleasant to everyone. These ladies walked through the train with a scowl . I don't know why she asked the woman to move but it seems to me that she could have done it without 7upsetting this woman who is now telling everyone in the car how badly she was treated not mention posting it on social media. I had been in the hotel and casino industry for over 20 yrs. And frankly I have observed a number of your employees be very rude to customers. The majority of employees are very pleasant but you need to do something about the others. While I'm on a roll I might as well tell you about my trip in Aug. We went from TRM to RNO and back for the 1st time Aftet several trips the California Zephyr was on time for our trip coming and going. The crew was thrilled there were no delays. Until we stop on the Wolverine stopped in Ferndale ,MI after quite a wait about 45min. we were told something had fallen on to the track. About another 1/2 hr later. We were told that as soon as a freight train passed we would be moving to the other track. However if you were parked in Troy they couldn't stop there, so we either had to get off in Royal Oak or go to Pontiac and of course... at Close to 2am you had to find your own way to the Troy Transit.. Quite a few people got off the train however the roads were still closed and blocked from the Labor Day festival that is there every year. I really think that your company should be able to give better customer service than you do. We finally had to walk several blocks to meet up with the uber driver we called. I will continue to travel amtrak my husband loves the train, but when someone asks how is it? I am very honest about all of the delays 1- 7 hrs the other 13 hrs, cancelled train where we had to figure out how to get home.

I do let them know that if they speak with customer relations they will most likely be given a credit on anither trip. I know there are issues beyong your control and maybe that is why you have some sour employees. The trains are dirty i always bring sanitizer with me. I don't know when they get cleaned it is either not often enough or by someone not doing there job.

Sincerely, Kathy Jo Voight.

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Sue - 75 d 8 h ago


PLEASE READ ENTIRE REVIEW AND THEN SPEND YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE. Amtrak is not worth it anymore. Rode the Crescent from SC to Penn Station two weeks ago January/2020. Have loved Amtrak in the past but the current company is nothing like it. We booked our trip (with Roomette) before the dining change and were not notified about it. That was part of the allure of traveling by train--the fine dining with tablecloths and food made to order by chefs. We got on the train late at night (train was 2 hours late for our departure) and awoke the next morning to prepackaged cereal, individual containers of yogurt, and prepackaged muffins. We were on the train until 2pm but no lunch was served. On the return trip, we boarded the train, and the attendant told us we were not on the manifest, that our return trip had been cancelled! The conductor came by and told us we were not on "the list". He said our ticket was not scanned when we boarded a week earlier, and that WE needed to call Amtrak to get it fixed. We had presented our paper ticket when we boarded, and we had no way of knowing that Amtrak did not do their job at departure. The conductor never came by and introduced himself/herself. When I asked the conductor (on the return trip) to take care of the issue--that it was not anything we did and that it was Amtrak's mistake--he said, "I am the conductor; that's not MY job". He took our ticket and then walked away. Our room attendant came by as my husband dialed Amtrak to try and fix THEIR mistake. I asked the room attendant the conductor's name. He did not know, so he left and came back a couple of minutes later and told us (J**** W*******). One minute later J shows up standing next to our door and on the phone. At the same time my husband gets Amtrak on the phone and they ask for our reservation number. I asked J for our ticket; I reached for it, he pulled back and rudely told us to hang up, that he was taking care of it. A couple of minutes later he hangs up and hands me the ticket--no apology, no courteous behavior. Our dinner on the return trip was a small frozen dinner heated in a microwave (the Asian entree was horrible) and "side salad" (iceberg lettuce with ONE grape tomato, ONE shred of carrot and ONE shred of cabbage), served on a flimsy plastic holder. The "specialty dessert", as they advertised it, was your choice of either a prepackaged brownie, a Kozy Shack pudding or a Larabar. I guess they call a $1 or less dessert "specialty". We met a sweet lady in the "sleeper lounge" (they don't call it "dining car" anymore) who was a regular Amtrak passenger but felt the same way we did. We bonded over the lousy food! When we stopped in Washington, D.C. for the engine change from electric to diesel, she offered to show us Union Station, which we had never seen. It was beautiful, and we saw several places where we would have picked up edible food had we known. She texted me to tell me she was done with Amtrak too. And by the way, we got to overhear Amtrak employees (since they were loud) on the way up talking about one employee who was not paying attention during a brief stop, and the train started to pull away. We then heard yelling, the train hit the brakes, and the employee got back on the train. At the next stop she got off again, and when it was time to leave she gave an all clear sign, and then stepped off the train again, and she was left behind. Her actions seemed pretty intentional to us--to do it twice. We saw two types of Amtrak employees--1) courteous and attentive ones who cared (thank you, "sleeper lounge" attendants and room attendants) and 2) rude and/or uncaring ones collecting a paycheck and waiting for retirement. We were told that corporate had done their "research" and that they were appealing to millennials (we did not see any in the "sleeper lounge") and that millennials didn't want to be bothered with the dining aspect of the trip. Sounds like a great excuse to ax something that made you stand out in the crowd. Amtrak has shot themselves in the foot, alienating their broad customer base. Our train had a 2-years new stainless kitchen car being used for heating frozen dinners. You would think that for the price we paid (and the "sale" price was still over 2x the cost it would have been to fly) they would leave alone one of the aspects that made Amtrak such a great experience--the "Dining Car". Unless Amtrak makes DRASTIC changes and goes back to what made them great, we will not travel on Amtrak anymore. So sad, and such a shame. Amazing how a new CEO can come in and destroy a company.

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Donna Bennett - 68 d 11 m ago

That is sad. I have just just retired and riding on am track was one of the things I wanted to do. It sounds like it wouldn't be worth the money. Sad,. Another one bites the dust.

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lrgphd - 68 d 5 h ago


I was also just discriminated against on an Amtrak train but can't reach anyone to deal with the issue.

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Anonymous - 79 d 16 h ago


I booked a TRAIN for AMTRAK, after I paod for it and called to find out where I would board the train, they tell me it's a BUS! If I wanted to ride a bus I would've called Greyhound not Amtrak!

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Anthony E Weeden - 86 d 10 h ago


I recently submitted an application for coach cleaner but im not sire it went through .How can i find out if it was submitted.

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Norman Bailey - 83 d 6 h ago

I have the same question. Is there an HR Number? If a job posting was taken down with hours of me getting g my application in, would you accept a faxed and or mailed resume?

Thank you in advance,

Norman Bailey

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Marlene Kroel - 90 d 13 h ago

I was on Auto train 53 that left Lorton Va. o December 30 to get to Sanford Fl.on December 31 at 9.00 am.As you are aware the train did not arrive until 7.30 pm 10 hours late. Of course it was a horror however, no one told us what was going on every time we stopped (2 times).But more important I saw no employee and I looked and wondered what would happen if there was an emergency medical or otherwise????I do think some measure should be in place to cover this don't you? Waiting to hear your response...

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Susan - 199 d 11 h ago


I have gone as far as sending a letter to the CEO for my refund lets see what he can do. Almost on a train 24 hrs because of delays 5 hrs delayed to get home with a disable husband

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Bill Howard - 140 d 6 h ago


Where did you find the address?

I sent a letter to the address on this website, and it was returned, not deliverable as addressed, unable to forward.

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Can not say - 136 d ago

The correct mailing address is

1 Massachusetts Ave., NW

Washington, DC 20001

The CEO's email is


(Unless he has changed it do to so many complaints being sent to him)

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esselle - 107 d 5 h ago


I'm having a similar problem with them. I was never told about a cancellation fee.

Is there a way you can tell me the CEO's name?

Also looking for an extension number at their corporate headquarters.


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Shhh - 103 d 9 h ago

Richard Anderson is CEO

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Mary johnson - 105 d 6 h ago


Total pissed and carring a six month old child, and no seats , we paid are fare and want my fare in return a seat on train.., so ASAP , get my refund for no seat which I paid 12/23/2019...

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