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Rebecca Wallen - 3 d 6 h ago


To whom it may concern,

This whole story started on June 22, 2019. Since the website basically does not work, I had to phone in to buy my tickets. First, maybe I should rewind and say that a close friend recommended that my daughters, 11,and 9, and I take an overnight train trip from Vancouver, WA to Whitefish MT. She made is sound very fun, and efficient. When traveling with children it is better to get somewhere quickly. This sounded like a quick easy and fun way to get to Montana. So on June 22, I called in and booked the 3 of us a trip to leave from Portland OR, because I had forgotten that Vancouver, WA had a train, as I had never seen it. So the booking on the phone was fairly simple, we would leave Portland, OR, at 4:25 pm on August 4th and arrive in Whitefish, MT on Monday the 5th at 7:21am. For a total of $711.00 oh yeah, we had a roomette too!! Wow sounds perfect, right. Then I contacted their father regarding times and realized that Sunday would not work. So I called right back within about 10 minutes, that very same day and asked if I could change our departing day to Monday. Again super easy, he did it and said oh that saved you $97. Fantastic I thought, I assumed it was because we were leaving a day later. So yeah, everything is going to be great!!!! Nope, then on July 24, I checked my email and read a poorly written letter about SCHEDULED track work, and that my trip is being affected but no worries they have alternate transportation set up. It specifically said that I don't even need to call. It concerned me immediately for 2 reason, one the email was unprofessional sounding and two, is was redundant. I initially thought it was a hoax, as the number in the email was different than any previous numbers I had called. Thankfully I called it anyway, I explained my situation to the gentleman on the phone, but he was a bit hard to understand him as he was not a native English speaker, he explained that we would be taking a bus from Portland, OR to Spokane, WA., and then we would get on a train in Spokane to go to Montana. No way will I be riding a bus for 8 hours, not only because I bought a TRAIN ticket, but because I will be traveling with 2 young girls, and that sounds like a nightmare. I asked of there was an alternative, he said yes I could ride a train from Vancouver, WA to Seattle, WA, the same day but at 8:20 am. We would arrive in Seattle around 11:30am and then at 4:25 we could board a train to Montana. Wow, still sounds like a sucky idea as it is adding 8 hours to my already long trip. The man on the man on the phone kept confusing me as he kept saying bus then train and I had to ask repeatedly which one he meant. So I became suspicious and asked if I could just call back. I got off the phone and looked up AMTRACKS number and called it, and explained the whole stupid email to another women, who was very kind. Then she asked how many people are traveling? I said 3, of us. She asked is one child not coming back, and I said huh. She then explained that someone had taken one child off a leg of the trip. I said what?, why would I want that? I then recalled that I had asked to change days and assumed somehow he must have taken a child off also, I don't know I am just guessing. So after over an hour on the phone with her just trying to figure out the reason for a child being removed from one leg of the trip, we then were able to discuss my options, which ended up being the bus instead of a train. I was in such a state, as you are telling me about 2 weeks before my trip that you are ruining it, that I forgot to ask about the Seattle train. We spoke for a while she was kind, she took on notes on our entire conversation. In the end, I was told I could cancel, and I was ready to because I was so pissed. I understand you don't own the tracks, as the government does, I know this since my father worked for the railroad for at least 40 years. I am a teacher, a single mother, and a government employee, and I know that something like track maintenance in not just done off the cuff. You even have a schedule on your website, for the remainder of the year. I checked this that same day and was even more pissed to know that you knew about it and yet did not inform me when I made the plans on June 22. It does not even make sense that your computer system does not have an alert to pop up and say hey, there will be scheduled track work that day, what the heck!!!! It is 2019, this should NOT be happening. I would have never scheduled a train trip then, I would have waited, as I said before, I don't care if you can put me on a bus instead, I DO NOT WANT TO EVER ride a bus for 8 hours, I bought a TRAIN ticket not a bus ticket. It is also very unprofessional to send me an email and not a phone call alerting me about the huge change.

So on July 24, I got off the phone feeling sad, pissed, frustrated, and very disappointed.

I was ready to cancel just because your company seemed to care less about this. After telling my children, they were truly devastated, now I am aware that they are considerably worse things happening in the world but they aren't. I took a breather for a few hours and then called back. I literally called back for 3 days, waiting on hold for a total of at least 3 hours. Finally on Sunday the 28th I spoke to a human. I thought I explained everything clearly, told her I had decided to do the train via Seattle, ugh, but oh no she said there is now not a roomette available, good god, one more problem. She said I could have a ROOM, but for $498 more dollars, ugh!!! That is absurd, I am pretty sure we could fly there for less. I also explained why should I have to pay, I did not make the changes, I repeated this over and over and over. She still seemed to think that she could not do anything. I asked to speak to someone above her and she made it sound impossible. Nothing is impossible, it's just challenging. Long story short, I didn't want to disappoint my children, so I said fine, but I truly had no idea how would pay for it. Again, single mom, and a teacher!!!

Well I mulled it over during the night and called again the next day, explained the whole damn story again and got the same excuse, they said I made the changes, I said no I did not, I had to make the changes because you changed my method of traveling. This call ended the same, too bad so sad for me, no one cares, and I can't speak with anyone else. I literally called 3 more different days that week and got the same bull sh*t answers. How do you guys figure that I made the changes, you did there is no other way to look at it.

I gave one last call on Sunday, August 4th. This gal named Tangie, was the best, polite and most helpful person yet. So yes I have my trip now but because YOU, AMTRACK are doing scheduled maintenance, I have to add 8 hours to my trip and pay $500 more. Gee, that sounds completely fair and makes total sense, not!!! So after explaining the problem for the 7th time at least, she seemed to actually be trying to help. At the end of the call I was only going to be paying $298 more which is still dumb because I would not have booked the trip to begin with, I would have driven or not gone. She told me to contact AMTRACK again once we get settled in Whitefish, and hopefully I can get more money back. Ok good I thought!! I also emailed you guys, and posted to your facebook messenger. I finally heard from them On Monday as soon as we arrived in Seattle. I spoke with a man forgot his name now, but he was kind but seemed as if there was not much more he could do, so he would send the case forward and have someone else call me. Good god!! A lady from customer relations called Monday or Tuesday I think, cell service is very spotty in Montana, who knew!! I did not have the opportunity to call back until Friday. She read over the case and said well you got a bigger room so of course you should pay more. I only had the bigger room because YOU changed my trip and YOU had nothing else available. How and why is this my fault????? It would be as if you go to a restaurant and they have something on the menu you want but oops they forgot to tell you they are suddenly out of it, but you came here for it and told them you were coming just for that dish. There would be no way that they would make you pay more for something similar, that would be poor customer service, especially if they told you they had, you ordered it, and then the waiter comes back from the kitchen, and says sorry. We are out but here wait 8 hours for something different and then we will charge more for it!!!!

In the end I would appreciate my $298 dollars refunded to my card. It is not my fault you scheduled track work and did not let your customers know, it is not my fault that there were no more roomettes available. All of this is on AMTRACK no matter how you slice it. Therefore I would appreciate an immediate refund. Thank you for your time. case number 5236008.


Rebecca Wallen


818 NE 115th Cir

Vancouver, WA 98685

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Anonymous - 3 d ago

This is horrific-

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Christopher Owens - 3 d 8 h ago


I booked a trip from Klamath Falls, Oregon to Shreveport Louisiana. Along the way, there was an incident with a conductor which caused me to get off the train because I didn't feel safe, (report 8238647)

I'm disabled and am stuck in Louisiana as I had to spend my extra cash at the place I got off the train, (which Amtrak got me to Louisiana)

Needless to say, I'm going to be homeless here in 3 days, and following the incident, I'd hoped that Amtrak would simply get me back to Oregon. Please.

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Michael Grant - 3 d 14 h ago


I was traveling from high point NC to Atlanta on August 13. What I didn't notice is that that the AMTRAK agent that booked my trip had booked me for the day before. So now here I am on a train with no valid ticket. The conductors instructed me to call customer service to get some kind of resolution. Well the only resolution I got was Jacqueline telling me that my ticket with forfeited and if I want to continue to go Atlanta I need to buy another ticket and Call guest relations later to see if they can do anything for you. After finally getting to customer relations all they would do is give me about your for travel within a year refused to refund my ticket. I just feel like it was very poor customer service and thank God I had enough money for another ticket I guess I be on the side of a road shame on you Amtrak

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Anonymous - 3 d 14 h ago


If you would like to contact me Amtrak

General profile image - 4 d 6 h ago


I traveled from Union Station in DC to Richmond VA on Friday, August 9th. The attendant on our car was Joseph; he was friendly but professional, helpful and really made the trip extra nice because he showed that he loved his job. Kudos to that young man, a credit to your organization.

General profile image - 4 d 8 h ago


Let's see - How good is your "Customer Service" We just went through a trip from hell. That's the only way to describe our recent AMTRAK trip from Davis California to Chicago (Thursday, August 8 and eventually running through Monday, August 11- see complete ticket information below). Legs 1 and 2 of our trip: 1 - Rochester, NY to Chicago ran late, but we had no trouble making our connection. Leg 2 also ran very late, but again we did make our connection in Davis California. Leg 3, the return trip HOWEVER, WAS A NIGHTMARE (Train 6: DAVIS, CA to CHICAGO (UNION STATION), IL Scheduled to Depart 10:36 AM, Thursday, August 8, 2019). To begin - the train left Emeryville FOUR HOURS LATE. Consequently, we were also four hours late. In addition, we ran into some track problems in Utah, which might have been missed if we had gotten underway on time at the beginning. Additional lack of respect for the clock and passengers added further to our very late arrival to Chicago. For example - two unauthorized "smoke breaks" along the way. We finally did arrive in Chicago at midnight and nine hours late - this was three hours after our connection back to Rochester. The attendants on the train told us that AMTRAK representatives would meet us at to entrance of Union Station - this did not happen. No Red Caps. Many of us walked to the Metropolitan Lounge looking for answers and help - IT WAS LOCKED UP. An AMTRAK "security person" that I saw in the hallway had no idea where to send us. Eventually, we met another passenger who heard that we needed to go to the "old Metropolitan Lounge" for help. WHAT IS IT AND WHERE IS IT??? No one seemed to know. Eventually, we did find this "old lounge" but the people working there all acted like military D.I.'s - barking orders and two of them, just 10 feet apart, were telling us opposite things to do. One said "take a seat and you will be called", but the other said that, "A bus is outside and will take you to a hotel". The second one was right (at 1:15 am). Many were still waiting for the correct instructions, but my wife, myself and a capacity bus load were eventually driven to a hotel - 30 minutes away and dropped off at nearly 2:00 am. The driver said to be back in the hotel parking lot at 10:30 am or he would leave us. When we all walked into the hotel lobby, we learned that no one from AMTRAK called the hotel in advance to warn them about half of a trainload of passengers headed their way. The desk clerk then said that there were not enough rooms for all of us. It was now 2:00 am - and she was working alone. The AMTRAK phones were not being answered. The room shortage soon took care of itself when two passengers took an U-BER ride from Chicago to somewhere in Wisconsin and another took a local shuttle to the nearest Hertz office to rent a car. Eventually, my wife and I were processed through the check-in at nearly 4:00 am, but because of our anger and frustration, sleep was not possible. The last leg of our journey began 24 hours late, at 9:30 the next night. Right now I am looking for some satisfactory answers and a major price adjustment. Sincerely, Joe Kosmicki 804 Lincoln Street Elmira, NY 14901 e-mail (hidden)

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LoyalCustomerTreatedBAD - 18 d 10 h ago


I just returned from trip on Surfliner train to Carpinteria CA. Have taken this train to this destination several times this year.

For the SECOND TIME, I approached the attendant on the train when we reached the last stop before my destination to advise him no one has asked to scan my eticket on my phone. The first time I was told "not to worry about it". The other day I was told "Well....we have your money so that's all that important". REALLY!!! Is this the way AMTRAK shows their appreciate to their customers???!!! I am a senior and prefer not to drive long distances. However, it appears AMTRAK does not care about their loyal customers so I choose not to use them EVER again.

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Donald Cordier - 15 d 10 h ago

Amtrak should be shut down and revamped. I also had the experience of a lifetime. I'm a 56 year old man who served this country and I am now in a wheelchair. They took away my wheelchair wouldn't help me with the crowd by making a path for me and wouldn't remove the people don't have a disability. They refused to help me, never even put the platform down so I could board safely. In the middle of the night when the train broke down one of the conductors started yelling and screaming at the group of people standing by the restroom's about smelling a wiff of a cigarette. Nobody was. Then someone called him a Asshole and then he got more mad. Started threatening by telling us he has the power to remove us out in the middle of the Nevada desert. I'm trying to find a lawyer as I type this. I think that I could use some money after this.

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Discussed with what they do here - 5 d 13 h ago


Everything written on this page is just a feel good page. They hope you will feel good and not complain to anyone else. They will not do a thing as long as their pay is there every paycheck.

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I dont like qmtrak - 12 d 2 s ago

The number of incedents/crashes is INSANE!!!!!!the worst is the sunset limeded wreck.

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Whitney Brigandi - 18 d 12 h ago


I would NOT RECOMMEND this company they was not truthful about delays making trips long and put onto a bus for 5-6 hours. I asked to be refunded my 120.00 ticket and was offered a 75 dollar voucher which I would never use. I can not reach any person for any assistance to further this and I ask has anyone spoke with their lawyers about this type of fraud? I will be considering talking to mine about this issue!

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Donald Cordier - 15 d 10 h ago


I'm trying to find one myself and I'm in a wheelchair and had all of my civil rights violated.

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M. Robinson - 19 d 8 h ago


I was on the 20 Cresent from Birmingham, AL to 30th Street Station on 7/27/19. This was supposed to be a 20-hour ride but ended up being a 25 1/2 hour ride and Amtrak is telling me that they only issue voucher's that is good for one year. I will not take the train ever again. They didn' t offer any water on the train the air was on and off and they to be delayed by 5 1/2 hours, you could give me some of my money back but no. The service is not what it used to be and that is sad. Post my experience with you on every social media site.

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Buck Downs - 20 d ago

A recent trip on the Crescent from Union Station to Laurel MS:One of the worst travel experiences in my entire life; certainly my worst experience in 30+ years as an Amtrak customer. After being sent to an assigned seat by one conductor, a second conductor came and bitched me out for being in the wrong car. The train was kept from leaving Washington for what were a variety of reasons, including "waiting for some passengers"; during part of this time, all power was shut down to the train. We left 90 minutes behind schedule and fell further behind schedule with every station

There were numerous extended stops during the trip -- outside Charlottesville (40 mins), Atlanta (45 mins), and Meridian (50 mins), among others. None of the stops were taken *at the station*, where passengers could have alighted and had at least a marginally better experience thereby; they were instead taken few miles *away* from the station, leaving passengers effectively imprisoned in a train car. The train itself was kept at a steady temperature of about 60 degrees; quite comfortable for the conductors who dressed appropriately for the climate, pretty miserable for the rest of us who wearing clothing appropriate for late July, not mid-October.

We finally arrived at my destination, Laurel MS, six hours late. In short: a complete disaster, a fucking shitshow, 28+ hours locked in a freezing train car. I have been an Amtrak customer, and an Amtrak fan, for 30 years, but I think this trip has broken me permanently. I am done.

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Wrecked for life - 22 d 8 h ago


Well what I have to say about Amtrak I have all the proof to back it up. My wife and I were going on our first honeymoon after being together 29 years. We took the train from Chicago to New Orleans. I was in the process of healing from a back operation. We left Chicago around 8:00 PM, we had a sleeper for two. We had went on the train before and it was ok enough that rather fly. We slept somewhat, excitement I guess. We got up in the morning and went and had breakfast. At around 9:00am we were in Mississippi, Yazoo when the train hit a pickup truck crossing the tracks. I was getting up from my seat to walk around due to the back operation right when we hit the truck. I got slammed backwards into the wall behind me. I immediately gather myself and went to get up and wouldn't you know that the engineer locked up the breaks and yes I went into the wall again. Right after the accident we had smoke coming in our car from the explosion during the accident. Just before we had the accident we saw a group of CN workers, they were in a controller box. There was fire all the way from the intersection about a quarter of a mile. The CN workers were the first people on the site putting out the small fires along the tracks. Our porter said right away said that someone went around the gates to Kill them self's. We had to tell our porter to get us out of our car, it was the first car behind the fuel tank of the train. We were taken to the back of the train to an empty car while we waited for the fire and rescue to get the truck out from the under the train. Then we went to the Yazoo, Mississippi stop. When we hit the truck we were traveling at 79 - 80 mph. The train was trashed! What we thought was funny was the police wouldn't let anyone near us, they had the streets blocked off. We were there for hours finally around 4:00 PM some bus's showed up to take us rest of the way. Short time later we stopped in Jackson Mississippi for box lunch. A couple of us got off the bus to have a cigarette. We were just standing in front of the bus when a reporter and cameraman came towards us. Then someone from Amtrak told us to get back on the bus and don't talk to the reporter. If we didn't get on the bus right then that us and our stuff would be left there. We got back on the bus! When we got to New Orleans it was just before 11:00 pm . We got into our room and the 11 O'clock News came on, that was when we found out that Amtrak lied like a dog. The gates and lights DID Not work and that was how a elderly black man was killed. There were witnesses on both sides of the tracks that said the gates and lights Did Not Work! When we got up in the morning we were both sore from the accident. I could barely stand up. We could see the ship from our window. We talked whether or not to go, I said if we didn't go we would never go. So we went on the trip. I spent most of the time in the room laying down. When we got back home I called Amtrak and was given a claim number. I went to the doctor and he sent me for an MRI that showed that all of the screws that were put in at the operation were knocked sideways and the L-3 disc was ruptured. I had to have another operation to fix the damage or the screws could work there way out through my skin. The upper back could not be fixed due to a operation I had. Too much scared tissue, I was told that I would always have pain in the upper back. I called Amtrak back and was told that they were denied the claim. So I hired a lawyer in Mississippi. After three years and four different lawyers from the same firm. We were called to come down for a settlement hearing. It was a kangaroo court. Amtrak's Lawyer brought a Video tape that was the biggest joke ever. The train was at a crawl blowing the horn they had a truck sitting on the tracks. No witnesses the guy behind the wheel was white. The Judge told us to go back up north and forget that the accident ever happened. " you are not going to get anything here" we are using the tape only! Now I am disabled for life with barely enough money to get b

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Betsy Warren - 23 d 11 h ago


Took a trip to Vermont via the crescent and the vermonter, back on July 8. Started out with the Crescent which was about an hour late. That was ok for a first experience. Had trouble sleeping that night due to the constant rocking motion and jerking about. Arrived in New York around 3 pm only to have issues with the Hotel Penn because Management could not figure out that a King size bed and a non sleeper sofa would NOT sleep 5 people. That was NOT Amtrak's fault, but it contributed to my existing frustrations. We entered The Penn station looking for Amtrak for the Vermonter to continue our journey North. Finally found a seating area for amtrak customers but I began to worry about whether all 5 of us (my dad can not move fast due to rheumatoid arthritis) could even make it to the train with the long lines of people I saw boarding other trains. I finally spotted a customer service office and went to ask them how do we know when the train arrives and what track it is on. Having never been in a station of that magnitude before I was completely overwhelmed and had no clue what I was looking at. I approached the desk and told the lady that I was concerned about my party and how we would find our train, much less the tracks. She looked at me and asked how many was in my party. I said there were 5 of us. She flat out told me, "That is not a party. A party consists of 20 or more people. Go find the RED CAP." With the last statement, she dismissed me. I looked at her and said, "Ma'am, I don't know or care what you consider a party but I consider it to be over 2 people. What in the heck is this RED CAP thing and where do I find it?!?" Not pleased with her abrupt dismissal or rudeness and unwilling to be helpful. I asked again, " how do I know which track this train will arrive on and where to go to board it?" She looked back and me and said, "go find the RED CAP", then proceeded to help a second person who just entered, ignoring me. I was shocked at such rudeness. Nevertheless, someone else ( outside the customer service area) pointed the way to the RED CAP area and explained that those people will help us get on the train. So, we took advantage of that and it REALLY helped. Vermonter train to Vermont was nice, but not very scenic as there were brushes, debris, trees, vines, etc blocking most of our view. Taking the Vermonter BACK to New York, however, was a completely different story. 20 minutes after leaving the station, train hits a tree. I contacted media in hopes of getting coverage so I could see any videos or pictures, since we were not allowed off the train. We were stuck, inside the non-moving train for 6 hours, while they cut away the debris and sent another engine to help us limp along until they could change engines. Personally, it was all I could do to contain myself and distract myself, as I am claustrophobic at times. I think I made at least a dozen trips or more during the last 2-3 hours of the delay, to the snack car just to have a reason to walk and feel as though I was not stuck inside the train. We were scheduled to arrive at Penn Station New York at 6 pm, but did not get in until 3 AM. We were able to snag a few hours of sleep in the hotel room before heading back to the station to wait for the journey back to Atlanta on the Crescent. The Crescent was not very comfortable, though we had a bedroom and a roomette. We put the kids in the smaller room, since they were teens. The Dining car had this one waitress who kept telling everyone that she needed their signature on their meal ticket, so she could sell the signatures online. That joke was not necessarily appropriate for this day and time as people are stealing identities left and right. However, we laughed and tried to "cut her some slack". This trip was also delayed, rocky, and unstable. We had to change engines in Washington, DC, where my dad decided he wanted to get a Washington Post newspaper. He was off the train and heading towards the escalator before I was told and ran to catch up. I was so afraid that we would miss the train. If he was going to miss, then so was I. I asked for directions and proceeded to rush him through to the news stand where we could get his paper. I swept the paper off the shelf and raced to the register only to have to "Yoo Hoo! Hello??" to catch the attendants eye to come check us out. I pulled out the money and paid before dad ever got the rubber band off his wallet to sort through and pull out two dollars. Then I rushed dad back the way we came only to discover the doors were closed. I caught one Amtrak personnel and he was too busy talking into the two way radio to help me get back to our train. I turned and there was another female personnel who I promptly explained that we needed to know how to get back on the train quickly before it departs. She said I was hurting her ears because I was in such a panic. However, she guided us through the closed doors and to the right escalator to take us back to the train. We were able to make it back to the end of the train and board with a lot of time to spare. I was terrified that we were going to get left behind. The evening progressed and I could not get comfortable to lay down in the sleeper car. I tried. My mom couldn't get comfortable either. Neither of us slept more than 2 hours broken up in small naps because of all of the jerking about the train does. My dad managed to snag maybe 4 hours of sleep. We were still an hour or so late getting into Atlanta, then proceeded to drive another 8 hours home to the MS Delta. We stopped in Birmingham for lunch and then Starkville, MS for a short break. We heard that Amtrak will give vouchers for delays, if asked for compensation. My dad paid for the trip and has tried numerous times to reach a person to talk to about this compensation to no avail. Amtrak has a LONG road to go to fix their problems. The swaying motion and the ability to walk without being jerked one way or the other lingers long after you get off the train. My mom wondered if there was such a thing as "shaken adult syndrome" since it leaves you shaken up for days afterwards. Not to mention that there are very FEW scenic views to be seen from an Amtrak train as there is so much brush, bushes, trees, and debris all along the tracks. If I had the funds and the time, I would spend my days driving along the railroad, clearing out the brush for people to actually see something and enjoy the view. The only views we really got to see were railroad crossings in a small town or waterways. Oh well. Life goes on, though I seriously doubt I will be riding another Amtrak train anywhere anytime in the near future. My parents had ridden Amtrak in the past (as in maybe 13-15 years ago) and they said it was never this rough. They aren't too sure they could handle another trip like this one. It really did a number on my father's knees and his wrists have been in pain since it slammed against the walls in the sleeper car as the train jerked about and he was struggling to walk to the diner car and back. That was a rough experience that has given us a lasting impression that Amtrak is heading in a downward spiral and has left lasting injuries to my dad, for which he now seeks treatment. Betsy Warren (hidden))

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Arrrgoyle - 24 d ago


Left Denver on the California Zephyr on a Friday morning. I found the staff to be very helpful and informative when I asked questions. This was a beautiful trip. Arrived in Sacramento to a really poor station. No chargers for electronics, no 115v, no food, no nothing except a restroom. People in sleepers did have a separate area to wait but it was really spartan. Then on the Coast Starlight to Seattle, I had pretty much the same experience, though the staff wasn't so eager to please. 2 nights in the roomettes was acceptable but I hadn't expected the Waldorf. Same two trains in reverse for my trip back to Denver. Trip from Seattle to Sacramento was mediocre at best. Staff made it VERY clear they admired tips and tipping helped. Room/car steward from Seattle to Sacramento made my bed with the foot cushion slanted so when I stretched out, my feet were on the cushion but my knees were in the air. Bad night. Then from Sacramento to Denver, the same bit with the staff all but begging for tips. For some reason, Amtrak put me on the lower level for one leg of the trip. I'm slightly handicapped and walking up and down those steep, narrow steps to go to meals and coffee would have been outside my ability to do easily. The car steward moved me upstairs when I plead my case and That warranted a large tip. I grew tired of the same food. I was on trains 6 days with the same menu all the time.

A rather major irritation was the lack of internet access. I got by with cellular access but wi-fi is offered on airlines at 38,000 feet and on ships in the middle of the ocean. Why in the world not on Amtrak???

I see me riding on their train a couple more times in the future. I consider my trip was worthwhile, even at the inflated price I had to pay.

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LY - 26 d 7 h ago


We have gone to and from S FL on Amtrak several times and have always enjoyed the relaxed experience. This time, however, I cut my arm on a sharp piece of metal near the handles I needed to hold to get up the stairs. I was on my way onto the train, boarding in Ft Lauderdale, headed to Tampa. Luckily, we had a first aid kit with us and I was able to put on antibiotic cream, a bandage, and had something I could use to wrap the wound tightly enough to stop the bleeding. I will say I was offered first aid by a worker on the train. When I said I had cut myself on metal on the train, the person I told said she would send a conductor to make out a report. I had to ask for that to be done. The conductor did not come on her own accord. Before I left the train, I asked for a copy of the report and was told they did not have a copy. I would have to contact AMTRAK for a copy as it would be filed in their office. I tried to call AMTRAK customer service and could not get through so I sent the information and requested a copy of the report through their on line customer service form. The trip was on July 13 and I requested it, in writing, on their form, on July 15. Again, no response by July 22! Today, I finally got through to customer service, after waiting for 30 minutes on hold. I was told that I would have to fill out a report with them...they would write it up, but I would have to compose it again with them, as the report "from the train" (was a report actually written?) was not something I could get a copy of. I refused to do so, after all this time with no action and asked for someone to call me from corporate office. I was told I would have to initiate the call. Again, I refused to do so, with consideration of the now several hours I had invested in trying to get a copy of a report I was told I would get. Happily, my arm is healing and I am up to date on my TPD vaccination. Unfortunately, however, I am left with a bad taste in my mouth about AMTRAK.

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King - 28 d 20 h ago

Nordia Anna Kay Gabbidon and Jamal Phillips are married. They both work as obs managers out of Washington DC and constantly harass employees for medical situations and more. It is an very stressful unfit environment to work under. Not only them being married is a conflict to interest to employees but their behavior is definitely not fit for management at any company. There are supported documents to support my claim. Please investigate this ASAP!!

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LINDA - 41 d 12 h ago


This sure is vacation to make memories like they advertise, but BAD memories & memories to warn everyone that what you buy is not service class or style. Though the price makes you think you are. Amtrak is the epitome of crappy service and dirty trains. What a mistake!! We were so excited for this trip & now can't wait to end it. Vacations usually don't bring those feelings . I have called and emailed their "800" & no one takes responsibility. After the third attempt I was told by the caller, there was no incident reported in the system. After paying for 2 sleepers & meals In a vacation pkg we got put on an overcrowded bus with luggage under my feet & a bag of pretzels for dinner for 12hrs. I get sent here & there but no one knows a thing. I thought that was for one train line but apparently that's the status quo for all. The toilet in our room was DISGUSTINGLY Filthy (took pictures of everything). Up north the attendant kicked us out of our room to do the beds for the next passengers. We are 2 hours away from our destination so we refused to be removed from our comfort so he just went ahead and started making the bed right above our heads and started laughing. The poor customer service and trains have been LATE at every point. Either the CEO & his team are poor leaders or they have no idea what's going on.

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Anonymous - 30 d 13 h ago

The CEO knows. Everyone knows! No one cares. They are firing good employees for dumb reasons, so they can hire new people & pay them less. It is sad.

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N23678 - 30 d 11 h ago


I'm a victim of that just last month. This is a horrible company now.

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Halima - 32 d 8 h ago


Today at the Philadelphia Amtrak station I was there to receive a refund and was not treated without good customer service. After noticing the clerk looking around trying to figure why her guest walked away from the window she called me to the window. After signing the return ticket the other guest returned to the window and the clerk asked me to step aside. Of my frustration after waiting to be called and the guest behind me was waited on and no apology was given. The clerk stated dont worry you will receive you refund. WOW I was not sure how to respond but by asking Dianne a blonde hair women if she could finish with me because I was in a rush. Dianne told me to step to the side.

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Anonymous - 34 d 11 h ago

I traveled to DC on 7/13/19 train # 125 and returned on 7/14/19 train #192 . Trains were on time but that's The only positive side .

Train crews were very unprofessional , inexperienced and very rude at time . I felt like it's a third world commute .

Amtrak is not worthy of the government or public support .

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