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susan - 1 d ago

I have been trying to reach Springfield, Il Amtrak station at (hidden), no one answers and then after so many rings states enter your access code, if need new phone number needs to be listed or someone at station needs to start answering phone.

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Peggy - 2 d 12 s ago


My name is Peggy and my husband and I use Amtrak for round trip travel to Jacksonville Florida from Baltimore Maryland and have been very pleased. My husband is blind and had an appointment in Philadelphia, PA. I have leg problems so walking and driving poses problems for me, so we decided to take Amtrak round trip. We made reservations for Nov 29, 2016 at 1:32pm, train #186 from BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport Station to arrive in Philadelphia (20th St) at 2:58 pm. This was our first time on "short distance" train. No one offered us help in any way! Trying to get onto the train we see a conductor approximately three train car lengths down trying to get info on where to get on and he's standing there yelling at us to get on the train screaming "we're already three minutes late", and keeps on yelling at us. Not a very professional way to treat a customer. Ok we swallowed that embarrassment. Getting to Philadelphia, we had trouble getting off because people were getting on! Then, on the way home on December 1, 2016, train 141, arriving Philadelphia (30th St) to BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport, at 11:13am to arrive at 12:33pm, getting on the train, without any help, had to walk seven car lengths, while the train is moving, to find a seat for two. Everybody had two seats, and a conductor says, there are seats at the front of the train. With no help from him or anyone else, two disabled people had to walk seven train car lengths, as the train is moving to find a seat! Is this how customers are treated!

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Anonymous - 2 d 21 h ago

Please fix your careers website...It says this job cannot be displayed...

Mike Curry


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Mike - 3 d 21 h ago

Good Day. I am emailing to inform whomever this may concern.

There appears to be a technical problem with the career section of the website. Whenever I click on a job posting to apply a message appears stating "This job cannot be viewed at this time. It has either been deleted or is no longer available for application." This appears for every posting regardless of the date or city. As a result I am contacting you to forward this information to the appropriate person, please.

I have tried calling the 1-800 number, calling (hidden), emailing CONTACT US and web chatting with an automated representative "Ask Julie". I already have a personal profile and have applied in the past with no problem.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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Haley - 2 d 20 h ago

I am also having this problem with the career section of the website, and have been all day today. I have found the same error message with finding the jobs regardless of which option I select. I have my profile completely filled out and have filled out the assessment in the past and have never before had any trouble with the careers section of the site. I certainly am hoping this information is fowarded to an appropriate person that can correct this glitch, as I am very interested in applying for an On-Board Services position.

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Becky - 4 d 33 s ago

0 you read these messages? Maybe you should!!!! Amazing that NO ONE answers the corporate phone number! My son worked on his Eagle Scout badge since 1st grade and was finally awarded his Eagle badge in his Jr year of high school. With his Scout gift money, he purchased a pair of sunglasses that he had wanted for so long. On his train ride back to college, the cabin attendent stepped on the glasses and broke them. Son was told that he would get a check for the replacement of the broken glasses. Stephen did everything he was told to do BUT Amtrak lost his first case number, finally got a second number. All of this took over 5 weeks. He sent in required forms that were lost by Amtrak, Amtrak reissued forms, forms were filled out and sent back in, wait, wait, call customer service several times. Here it is December (train ride from MA to FL was mid-August) and our son just received a letter that states that time has elapsed, past 30 days since incident, and they will send him a $100 check, which wasn't included in letter and is not what the glasses cost, but first fill out the enclosed form and return and "check will be mailed out". Amtrak deliberately killed time in the beginning to get past the 30 day time frame. Every phone call was documented, names, etc. Amtrak does not do anything to instill customer loyalty. Pretty sad.

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Anonymous - 8 d ago


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Anonymous - 10 d ago


I was assaulted by the Amtrak conductor. I filed a police report. I wrote Amtrak describing the assault. I called Amtrak customer relations to complain about the assault. They didn't care about passenger safety. Ride Amtrak at your own risk.

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Mike, my back is killing me thanks to your negligence Conlon - 9 d 19 h ago


I couldn't agree more. Amtrak could care less about commuter safety. I just slipped and fell, heels up, coming off their stairs at NY Penn Station. They have a slick rubber mat glued down at the bottom of the stairs, with all the oil on the street and stairs as well as the ra8n accumulation I'm not surprised more people, who ride their friggen trains haven't fallen. My back is in agony and I'm going to my doctor at his earliest available time to have it looked at. Who the "F" do they think they are not preparing for this type of weather to ensure commuter safety. Mike Conlon. I dare you to return my calls so I can tell you the way your operation sucks and can be easily improved.

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John G. - 10 d 19 h ago


I am on the train from DC to Columbia SC. We are already two hours behind schedule. These trains (the 91 and 92) are habitually late. They make up the same excuse every time about changing a motor. If that maintenance happens every day then change the schedule. Wick Moorman took over as CEO in September. I wonder if he would have put up with this nonsense when he ran Norfolk Southern? That hick should sell his remaining shares in NS and focus exclusively on trying to get Amtrak to run even remotely on time, or alternatively, just change the schedules and stop forcing your employees to lie to us every trip.

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Anonymous - 11 d ago

Judy from Wisconsin

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T. Porter SAD & HOME ALONE, - 19 d ago


What Holiday, My din bought me a AMTRAK train ticket to visit my children and grandchildren. I live in Kansas they live in Wisconsin I haven't seen them in few years. I have travel to another town to catch the train .. Unfortunately the person that was transporting me there was pulled over and arrested leaving me there on the highway, I called to hold train or reschedule ti also tried to do it myself online but the system was down for maintenance. Now their telling me I have to buy a new ticket and I we're JUST LOST THE MONIES from the other ticket "WHERE , HOW OR WHAT I DO WROBG" ?? Any legal advice any one? Consumer Affairs?

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Robin pilger - 22 d 17 h ago


Yes my reservation number 8 20619 my case number is 04051 645 and Melissa is the person I spoke to on my case I spoke with Norman making a reservation for my ticket on the 17th I called tonight to just confirm my reservation for the 17th and they said oh we're sorry ma'am your train left yesterday on the 15th you didn't get your email I told Norman I don't do email I don't own a computer so please don't make me check that he said no problem we haven't understood you're leaving on the 17th I paid my money with a credit card Visa of a hundred and $32 I called tonight to speak with someone in regards to this which would be Melissa who was very rude and I told her to check the recording cuz I'm right she said well we don't record every call what your prompt before you guys answer the phone says that we are being recorded so you know I don't know what's true and what isn't true anymore but there was nothing she said she could do for me I wasn't asking for a refund I was asking for me to get another ticket leaving tomorrow like I was told by Norman and she said I'm sorry ma'am you're just out your money there's nothing we can do I said then let me talk to someone higher she said you're talking to me that's the only hire person there it is now is there someone higher than Melissa that can take care of this matter I said so basically what you're doing is your Associates are all correct and your customers are all wrong so there for your customers lose out you guys getting the money and everybody else is just screwed right so please please I'm asking you for a refund or give me another ticket leaving tomorrow on the 17th or anytime before Thanksgiving because I'm right if you can go back to the recording with Norman you'd find out that I'm right please give me a call (hidden) I do not do computers I don't own one so please don't try and send me anything via email or anything call me thank you

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Anonymous - 23 d ago

Everytime I travel from fl to sc its a delay it's 'm it fair,I'm already getting off to a area where there's no station,I'm not a happy customer.

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the fabulous ron - 24 d 23 h ago

ron eric sandler how do i apply for a job on amtrak i need your emai adress to send my resume i have expereince in hotel and tour marketing and also worked as cafe food server in most hotel u can live anywhere where amtrak goes please send my me information not asking for a big salalry i always dreamed as young boy to work on a passenger train my email is (hidden)

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the fabulous ron - 24 d 23 h ago

ron eric sandler how do i apply for a job on amtrak i need your emai adress to send my resume i have expereince in hotel and tour marketing and also worked as cafe food server in most hotel u can live anywhere where amtrak goes please send my me information not asking for a big salalry i always dreamed as young boy to work on a passenger train my email is (hidden)

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wayne - 24 d 8 h ago


i have attempted to apply for a position in Philadelphia and Harrisburg Pa.both times i receive the same response, stating the salary required field needs to be a numeric number, even though a numeric number is applied. there is a glitch in the system that prevents me from submitting my application. Please address the issue time is running out, or contact me. (hidden). thank you

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Lilia - 25 d ago

If im planning construction at least 200 sq feet from Amtrak property is there any procedures we need to follow?

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Executive office - 25 d 5 h ago


Dear Sir, Please call me. I am attempting to secure 11 tickets from Paoli to Penn Station for 11 18 16. I was given a special price for these seminarians and now I am told another price. Thank you ever so much. Repectfullu, Sister Eileeen maguire 215 248 7051

General profile image - 28 d 17 h ago

why is it okay for your Miami super, Scott Kenner, road foremen Doug Reisner and Mac Cothren to talk and discriminate against black employees and gay/ lesbian. I have heard them use derogatory comments more than one occasion and I find it offensive! this is your management , I have heard them use the N word about employees and make fun of the gay / lesbians. I cannot teach my kids to stand up for whats right unless I do the same. if you can just look into the situation, you will find that these 3 are unfair and do not treat the black , gay or lesbian employees fairly. I recall a gay employee needing time off for their wedding and they laughed and tried to do anything in their power to not allow it to happen. I beg you to look into this situation. if we do not make a stand then we only have ourselves to blame!

Flagged for review. 
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Makeda - 73 d 6 h ago

It is so dis-heartening that in this day and time, that you can not reach someone directly to speak about a position that you applied for and keep applying for because you know that you are good at it. What do you have to do to be considered for a position with this company? I have an Associates Degree in Business with a concentration in Management, an Associates in Paralegal , A Bachelores in Business with a concentration in management, and now I am studying for my Masters degree in Organizational Leadership. I have worked as a business analyst and Supervisor for over 15 years.The public says improve your skills, enhance your abilities, 'GET A JOB"! But when you do, you can't even discuss your abilities and capabilities with a live person. Send your resume and apply for what? I don't even think they look at half of them.

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Anonymous - 66 d 14 h ago

They get sorted by computer first. Also some people it takes years to get hired. They also don't like to much experience with some positions they want to be able to train you with out you telling them a easier way or more efficient they want it their way. The hiring process could take from 3-6months depending on how in a hurry they are.

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Anonymous - 28 d 17 h ago

it depends on who you know . they do not care about qualifications, i know for a fact the super in miami hired his daughters boy friend and he was a barber. hired him over way more qualified applicants!

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Anonymous - 60 d ago


This organization is not like it used to be. My apologies, but consider it a blessing. If you are really looking to make a difference, this may not be where your path should lead you.

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Anonymous - 35 d 4 h ago


Mostly people get a job at Amtrak by knowing someone at Amtrak.

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