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Lori Clark - 6 d 6 h ago


Employee who refused to escort me to another seat,or refused to rope off seat ,or properly sanitize the area before allowing the germs to spread.Allowing such a condition to go without sanitizing is inappropriate for such a large corporation who deals with so many people everyday,I am sure there are laws put in place for areas of this matter but was not practiced buy the employees aboard this trip.

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Lori clark - 6 d 6 h ago


The employees on my trip on this train have informed me for the past 5 hrs I have been sitting in a seat that had been soaked with urine prior to my stop of boarding .Knowing that I was sitting in a seat that had been thoroughly soaked in urine,employees go on to say it's your choice to sit there

Well my question would be is why was this unsanitary condition to go on to the next stop when it should have been thouroughly sanitized before any other passengers were to come on board.Employee goes on to say ,I don't care about anything but getting these people off the train so I can go home.The same employee who informed me 5 hrs into my trip about the unsanitary condition of my seat.This act alone could and probably will cause a break out of another virus or flu and possibility of contracting hepatitis c or any deadly disease contagious. by bodily fluids is now at a 100 percent rate.How is it that something of this matter was not taken care of but instead allowed to put so many passengers lives at stake if we are to find out that the person who urinated. Actually had a devastating disease such as the viruses I have mentioned..I will be calling on this matter as soon as I depart I can only hope that the individual who's name was not revealed and the

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Very unhappy (& now broke) customer - 96 d 5 h ago


ZERO STARS! BUYER BEWARE! Take a trip on Amtrak if you want pee stained toilet paper on the floor outside the bathroom and not a single worker cleans it up...if you want dirty windows to take pictures out of...if you dont' want any communication about the fact that you have to sit in a hot train with no AC for 40 minutes while they let detach a car...if you want to stay on the phone for hours on end and get no help but rudeness...if you want someone to reach out to you after your trip and ask how it was then when you tell them, all goes silent!

Yup....all happened. And don't think a better business bureau complaint will get you anywhere with them either.

OH....and if you plan to take a trip on the 360 degree view car to see beautiful scenery, make sure the car is in service!!!! (No one told me it wasn't...found out when already on the train traveling).

Don't be fooled by their clean, nice-looking website pics...Sooooo not true! Fly'll be there quicker to enjoy your destination.

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Anonymous - 9 d 6 h ago

You're an idiot. The bathrooms get cleaned before every trip. It just so happen to be one of your fellow riders who went to the bathroom before you and didn't clean up after themselves. You sound miserable and just looking for complaints.

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Anonymous - 71 d 7 h ago

To the Human Resources department system wide I transfer to Philadelphia and happen to work along a cleaner out of 30th street. Every time I work around him I would smell weed! I wish Amtrak did a random drugs test every other month to cut back and weed out the bad employees. This must be address before someone gets hurt or killed because of careless negligence in the work place.

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Anonymous - 9 d 6 h ago

You sound stupid! Smh

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Anonymous - 13 d 4 h ago


We were in a train wreck in Salinas Ca, The train hit a human waist truck on the track forcing the truck to be wedged under the locomotive. Leaving one fatality (the driver) and one passenger with injury. We were stuck on that train for 12 hours. leaving us unaware of what was going on for several hours before an announcement was made telling us we would be there for 3 hours, which turned into 12. We were then delayed 12 hours late to our destination in Redmond Oregon to pick up my sister in the hospital. I emailed the next day to see if I could be compensated for my time. AMTRAK issued me a voucher for $125.00 for future trip. We scheduled a trip home(big mistake)! with the voucher#. They said it was applied when i paid and they still charged me the full amount. IM in the process of trying to get reimbursed. The trip home was just as bad, the train was late picking us up at the Chemult station. all out doors ,had to stand in 29 degree weather waiting fo 30min. Got on the train. no food available till the next morn. woke up to nauseating toilet smell. we told the attendees about the smell but they did nothing.! we spent the intire day in the lounge and sightseeing area because we could not take the smell ,it was so bad!! 2 hours before our destination to LA we were chased out of the common area and sent back to our seats. we found seats in another car that were not occupied and were very rudely chased out of those. She, very rudely yelled at us to go back to our coach seats! I have never been treated with such disrespect from a service representative. We had to breath in our blankets we had with us cause the smell was so nauseating. I plan on taking Amtrak to small claims court if they do not refund my voucher fee and my train trip from hell on the return home. I have sent several email to customer service and they keep rerouting me to another branch of customer service. ITS all bunch ob B.S.

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Anonymous - 15 d ago

I am a customer and I bought a round-trip ticket I got sick and was not able to come home on my schedule date I tried to come home 2 days later they told me I needed to buy any ticket so I paid $100 for a round trip ticket and then I turned around and paid another $47 so I could get home I think I deserve a refund I was told that I could use the ticket but they told me that I needed to change the reservation before I left on the train at the date I was supposed to leave I didn't know I was going to get sick how can I predict that

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Susan - 84 d 4 h ago


I have gone as far as sending a letter to the CEO for my refund lets see what he can do. Almost on a train 24 hrs because of delays 5 hrs delayed to get home with a disable husband

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Bill Howard - 25 d 23 h ago


Where did you find the address?

I sent a letter to the address on this website, and it was returned, not deliverable as addressed, unable to forward.

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Can not say - 20 d 14 h ago

The correct mailing address is

1 Massachusetts Ave., NW

Washington, DC 20001

The CEO's email is


(Unless he has changed it do to so many complaints being sent to him)

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Bill Howard - 25 d ago


A letter sent to


60 Massachussetts Ave, N.E.

Washington, D.C. 20002-4285

was returned to sender, "Not deliverable as addressed Unable to forward."

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Renie - 37 d ago


It's pretty bad when the Amtrak train you're on (Texas Eagle, returning from Austin, TX, going to Chicago, September 30, 2019) hits and kills someone who tried to beat the train, and the only correspondence you get from Amtrak is a survey about the delay (6 hours.) There are records of passengers. E-mail addresses. Phone numbers. And yet I hear nothing from Amtrak about my well being. Why even have a Facebook page if no one responds to direct messages? Why have an e-mail if no one responds? Amtrak doesn't seem to give a shit about the well being of the passengers...I wonder how they're treating the family of the man that died? Hopefully better.

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Judith Adderley - 41 d ago


I take the Texas Eagle from Los Angeles to Arkansas every year for the past 10 or more years and my last trip in June was a nightmare. I always pay anywhere from $900-$1200 dollars for this trip and I get a roomette. The bathrooms always has issues and the smell is atrocious but I have never complained. This time the entire car's bathrooms and showers were non operational. We had to go to another car which is hard enough when your young but I'm 65. The Conductor came by and gave me his card and said to ask for that leg of my trip to be given a voucher. I emailed Amtrak and they gave me a $100 voucher for a $400 trip. I emailed them back and said I considered it to be a slap in the face and they never replied!!!! I called and was given another email address and they gave me a $25 voucher. What kind of customer service is this!!! Then I try to call corporate and you can't get through they hang up on you!! I am beyond pissed!!! And I intend to blast this all over social media!!

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JDuBois - 50 d 8 h ago


ya hat are you doing taking the food out of the city of New Orleans train? Don't make the train as miserable as the airlines. Also you just threw away good jobs for people what is wrong with you.

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The Sherbines - 58 d ago


We had a wonderful day trip on Amtrak departing from Johnstown, PA to Harrisburg, PA and return. We had tried to make reservations on the Amtrak website for 3 days without success. It is NOT a user friendly site. My husband called Johnstown Chamber of Commerce for a local number for Amtrak. We talked with Kathy who scheduled our trip, and helped my disabled husband get on and off the train with a hand-cranked wheelchair lift. She was awesome. We could not have made the trip without her assistance. Matt, on the return trip, was pleasant and informative, answering all the questions we had about future trips. We are planning another trip soon partially because of the above excellent service provided by Kathy and Matt.

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Darlene F - 60 d ago


We missed our train 164 out of Trenton. The women in the booth immediately got us on another train so that we were ablessed to meet ours again at Penn Station. Fast, courteous, and kind.

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Alice Carter - 69 d ago


Amtrak operates on the crumbs Congress allots them each year. I have had too many wonderful experiences on Amtrak to recount here. I just want to give you. Heads up. The younger generation wants expanded rail service, replacing bus routes and airline travel. They do not want to use carbon boosting travel systems. They are the ones dealing with climate change. Amtrak needs to start planning now. Restore abandoned trunk lines, rebuild tracks, plan for many more future stations, prepare for expanded commuter service. Estimate future passenger numbers based on the 0-18 year old count. Get your USA map out and get going.

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Anonymous - 80 d 6 h ago

This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. because an agent messed up and did not change my reservation as I requested I was forced to pay $67 for a ticket I had already paid for. Then Shawn McDonald Sean McDonough sends me a response denying my claim he said basically that I should be happy that I got a $47 voucher. I'm not happy this is bad customer service I have the emails to prove it but Amtrak refuses to acknowledge their mistake so because an agent made a mistake I'm out $67. As I said this is the worst customer service and I can't even contact anyone at the corporate office because you can't get past the automated system. To be such a large entity Amtrak has the worst customer service ever.

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Sarah Simmons - 82 d 50 m ago

Amatrak should hire 24 hire security to prevent any terrorist attacks

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Debra Camp - 104 d 4 h ago


My husband and I traveled from New Orleans got off in Chicago on August 21st we were traveling via Sleeper Car went to the lobby in Chicago employee Edith C Earl's Nelson was in Chicago Metropolitan Lounge she was extremely helpful. She gave my husband directions to the rental car company we were using since there was so much construction in that area. The rental car company had relocated. On our way back home we again stopped in Chicago on August 29th. When we entered the lounge, we were met by Edith, she immediately recognized us and greeted us warmly and made us feel right at home. She made those two stop overs very pleasant and we appreciate that. Edith was the best part of our experience.

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DC - 93 d 5 h ago


Why only one star?

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King Vladeyushyi Mirom - 97 d ago


MV ** The plans for massive global population reduction are no longer a "back burner" issue.!!

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BOBD - 97 d 50 s ago



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CHRISTY MILLER - 100 d 7 h ago



I would like to acknowledge and thank you for having such a wonderful employee as Christy Miller, a conductor on

Train 140 Washington DC to Newark, NJ, Saturday 8/31/19.

She was so helpful, professional, personable, caring and attentive. I have a bit of a mobility issue and she helped me, made a few great suggestions and overall made my trip easy and without concern. She is a credit to your company. I wanted to sincerely thank both Amtrak and Ms Miller for a great experience!

Regina Faith


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