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Richard and Vollea - 4 d 23 m ago


We traveled from San Jose, CA to Seattle WA between April 7th and 8th. Our problems started with the purchase of a ticket. At no time did the agent explain our options or what exactly we were purchasing--seat-berth-room- etc. We never knew what we had or what we could have reserved for an unknown amount of money. We ended up with a set of berths, one atop the other. Both were too short to be comfortable and if we decided to change clothes, it would have to be in the main aisle. Just how stupid is that ! getting into the upper berth was an unfortunate experience with the Low, Low ceiling height that wouldn't allow me to go from a sitting on the edge to laying down. The food served was atrocious. Little choices and poorly cooked salmon that I left on the plate. We didn't even try the Monday afternoon meal after finding the breakfast was also sadly created. Why don't you just buy prepared meals from Safeway and heat and deliver them At least they would be acceptable for a meal. We will not travel AMTRAK again after spending $600 for our two tickets, $200 more than we paid in March that we had to give back because of a death in our family---$400 paid, $300 refunded and a credit, --Additional $200 for the April tickets. What a rip off.


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Anonymous - 11 d ago

I'm contacting your office about why diversity is not being used fairly in the Philadelphia, Delaware. I'll been applying for all basic jobs from track, office, cleaning etc and I have a college degree. I'm black and think this 3 party hiring should be a panel of 3x3 which is WHITE, BLACK AND SPANISH! This clearly shows a not good look when no one receives a letter for an interview.

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Tax payer - 9 d ago

Contact various news stations or reporters. Because Amtrak will do nothing. Many white people have even reported the discrimanatory hiring process. (employees seem to get retaliated against when you report wrongdoing)

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Anonymous - 11 d ago


Yes I agree they will not send no letters about a testing date or a hiring system for people of color. It's must be a buddy buddy hook up for only whites to work at Amtrak!!! And I'm white worker out of Philadelphia. It's a saying only the whites get in!

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Tax payer - 9 d 43 s ago

You are right. The hiring process is not fair as they say. They seem to hire from one particular county in maryland that is 90% white. (For mid atlantic south division)

Its been reported. No one cares!

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Dina - 34 d ago

I am reading all these reviews and was wondering if they ever get answered,?

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Anonymous - 34 d 8 m ago

They don't.

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Crying Grandmother - 21 d 7 h ago


Nope.its a BS con game.

This is y travel insurance was created. So they can get a tip for screwing people

I'm contacting the BBB.

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Tax payer - 14 d ago

No, this is not an official amtrak site. Post on their Facebook page, or better yet, write to Congress. Amtrak does not admit fault to anything, nor do they care.

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Margo A Clark - 15 d 14 h ago


I used to enjoy traveling by train until today. I did not use an additional ticket for $18.00 purchased on April 8, 2019

in Portland, Ore. for a specific reason which I no longer needed upon my arrival to Seattle, WA. Since I found that

I would not be using this "extended ticket" beyond my arrival to Seattle, I immediately went to the ticket counter at King Street Station and requested a refund for the $18.00 unused ticket. The staff person told me he was unable to refund

anything for me and said to contact Customer Relations. ( By the way, the number he gave me was in error. )

I took a cab home and immediately looked up the right number on computer. My conversations with the "so-called" customer relations persons, one front line staff and one supervisor, were as helpful as talking to a wall. One person

told me that the ticket had been used, and the "alleged supervisor", Joshua, told me I had exceeded my time limit for

obtaining a refund and to contact Customer Relations. Who was I talking to? Scripted employees who are specifically trained to refuse refunds and give zero customer service? I now understand why Amtrak has such low ratings from customers. I will contact my credit card company to dispute the charge in addition to contacting the CEO of Amtrak at their Corporate Headquarters.

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ProfPamela Pelzer - 16 d 10 h ago


Hi, This is Amtrak Global, Hopefully I can cbe contacted at :email (hidden) 4/09/2019.

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Vincent Mehay - 20 d 6 s ago


Worse system ever will never ride it again

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Crying Grandmother - 21 d 7 h ago


I can't believe customer service & a lack of thorough communication has ruined my travel plans & put me in a situation that caused me to lose a job opportunity and money. My travel plans have changed 3 times in 10 days. Due to flooding....but the flooding is not what's got me upset. I'm upset about how I was treated by Amtrak after the fact. I wasn't informed that the train was cancelled early enough to create an alternate plan. Staff was cold, dry & un-empathtic to the job interviews that were cancelled because of delays. They only offered me a refund or to re-up schedule at s later date. Customer relations only works in wealthy communities but exploits customers for money in poor communities. with out providing modern updated Quality service & transportation. It is sad that the blue collar hardworking Americans are herded around & have no value with big Corporations like AMTRAK. It seems to be business as usual in America where corporations take your money but never deliver on equal services to it's customer. Then when the service screws you up.your are just screwed!!! Quick to take your money but slow in delivering results. Then when complain you are treated like a trouble maker. We are the reason these companies exsist. Why has society allowed the people who built this country to be treated so poorly. I am a mother & Grandmother & I am ashamed of how women & low income communities have left out of the circle when it comes to being treated equal ,with dignity & respect. The customer service agents are not to blame...but there attitudes are dry & boring. I found them to be ignorant in regards to conflict resolution & healing language. The agents I talked to never gave me the option to write a official complaint...there attitude suggested that I just deal with the lost of the job interview & get a refund or get over it. Meanwhile families are struggling with a horrible economy & living environment. Its a crime to treat people this way. This is in part at the root to an increase in violence in our communities. Wake up Amtrak train your staff on sensitivity & empathic tools they can use to build clients experience s up & create a better relationship & customer s. The people made Amtrak what it is by not demanding to be treated with the respect they deserve. I will open a chat discussion on line to see & hear what other complaints have been ignored relating travel changes & important job interviews are cancelled. Signed: The disappointed grand mother who wants to see her 1st grandchild. I've been robbed of 200.00 & waiting 10 days to board a train. It seems that poor people & train lives don't matter to courupt Corporations like AMTRAK

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Robin - 25 d ago


My husband planned a trip via Amtrak last December to Roseville, CA to visit our family and friends. Our trip was scheduled for the end of February. Before we left home the morning of our trip I checked the status and it looked as though it would be on schedule. We drove 150 miles and were getting close to the Amtack terminal when I received an email that our train was cancelled. We stopped in Mondota, IL which was the closest town to us and called Amtrak.

The representative on the phone said the same thing as our email, "We wanted to let you know that train #5, the California Zephyr, from Princeton, Illinois on Thursday, February 28th, has been CANCELLED due to a service disruption. Unfortunately, we don't have other transportation available.

Give us a call at (hidden) to speak with an Amtrak Agent about your travel options.

We're sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for being a valued Amtrak customer - we'll see you onboard."

We were stunned to say the least. We asked if we could get on the train the next day and he said the train was full. He then asked what we wanted to do? Well we where 150 miles from home and I had my vacation from work. So we said we would go to other choice at that time and the train comes to Mendota. We did pay for that trip and received a small refund because it was a shorter trip.

The next day while we were on the train I was checking the status of some trains and the train we were supposed to be on left the terminal, just 3 hours late. So it was NOT CANCELLED!

Now we were on the train, not going to the destination that we planned. We were very upset. I contacted Amtrak, I was requesting a trip for 2 to CA with a roomette just like we paid for, after a long discussion we were given part of a refund, 1/2 of what we paid and it is in a voucher. The representative on the phone told me to contact the corporate office to see if they could help. I contacted the corporate office via email and was told they could not help us any more.

We cannot afford to pay for another trip to CA, so I contacted the corporate office via email and did not receive a response. I called customer service and asked to speak to someone in the Corporate Office and was told they do NOT have a phone number! I have sent at least 8 emails over the last 4 weeks and have not heard back yet.

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Kathy Jo Voight - 33 d ago


I do like traveling on Amtrak. However, I don't think the decision makers travel their trains and experience the inconvenient delays that many of their customers do. My husband has wanted me to see the mountains after leaving Denver. This is my second attempt on the California Zephyr

In 2017 we were delayed due to a wheel problem on one of the coach cars. After leaving Chicago my husband cautioned me to be careful going from the last coach car into the lounge car. It was very difficult walking between those 2 cars for sime reason. We had a scheduled 2 hr stop in Denver The new conductor left Denver and then stopped before entering the mountains. It turns out that the coach car before the lounge car had to be uncoupled due to a flat side if the wheel. I was happy the conductor was keeping us safe. My question is if my husband knew there was some kind of a problem ..why didn't the crew from Chicago or why didnt it get noticed during the 2 hr stop in Denver? Amtrak gave us some credit but we lost a day of our vacation and it was dark by the time we went into the mountains..missing the whole reason I wanted to go on the trip. March 2019 I am on my 2nd attempt. We were concerned because the trains were canceled due to flodding of the Missouri river. My husband contacted Amtrak they assured him they were running the day of our departure. They had an agreement with Union Pacific to travel their rails. I read the service alert and nowhere did it say to expect delays. We stopped for 6 hrs at night and now are 11hrs delayed and may experience more delays. Again I will be leaving Denver after 6:30 pm - 7pm .and not get to see the mountains again..Amtrak really doesn't care about their customers vacations. This should have been organized better or passengers should have been able to reschedule their trip if they could have.THE CREWS DO THEIR BEST.


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Brenda Sprankle - 37 d ago


My name is Brenda C Sprankle . I am 61 and handicapped. I used Amtrak and traveled from the east coast to the west coast. I spent much money for dinners and was a good patron. I also traveled some in CA. I have some points. However, I have been badly abused in Penn Station N.Y. your racist, corrupt Police. I have no record and was never arrested until yesterday. Thats right. St Patricks Day. I cannot ever use the train or do business with such a corrupt and bias company. I will use Yelp and may contact an attorney for the unprofessional and illegal use of power by your Police.

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Debbie - 37 d 19 h ago


The attendant Joseph on the Silver Meteor train #98

Is awesome.He goes above and beyond to make sure every passenger has everything they need are are Properly informed, Joseph has a great sense of humor and is very patient

And kind. He definitely makes the long train ride pleasant. Hopefully the corporate office will recognize his dedication to their company

And it will not go unnoticed.

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Tanya Morin - 50 d 20 h ago

I was here on 4 March 2019, waiting for my niece to get off the train and need to use the restroom and they were locked and the lady didn't give me the key. What in the hell is wrong with these fucked up ppl in society, or maybe these companies needs to improve by replacing ppl with machines bc ppl are heartless and don't care about shit, so I say replace those Amtrak workers over here in WEST PALM BEACH... that short old white lady shouldn't be doing that job if she that parinoid or scared to let someone use the key to the restroom.... Poor Piss Management!!!

General profile image - 49 d 19 s ago


Being an ancient train traveler I sincerely let you know all restrooms on all passenger trains lock automatically as the train enters a station or is passing same. Also and with this comment I am sure you are going to take me to task. Your personal use of expletives is appalling and quite a bit off color for a lady.

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A Citizen - 47 d 3 h ago


No they don't I see why Amtrak has a low rating there employees talk to like your shit because there tired or whatever if you Are traveling your best transportation is to Drive or a Flight their bathrooms lock buttons on some of them don't work this Amtrak is always Late am to Unprofessional

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Anonymous - 51 d ago

Amtrak does not care about its passengers. The executives care about cutting costs, and the employees care about themselves.

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Sholanda James - 52 d 6 h ago


I'm very unhappy with Amtrak first, I had a departure from Charleston South Carolina 4 55 this morning. I have been checking on it since yesterday and no one knew that the station was closed no way to enter to catch the train attempted to call directly to the station in Charleston no one answers spoke to a customer service representative he was so impatient didn't really want to help me. The second one which was a lady after I got through explaining myself that's when she sent me back exactly $89 but before she told me I'm going to lose 25% for canceling when I did not cancel I spent the whole hour trying to find out how to get in. I'm very unsatisfied with the lack of knowledge of knowing that your terminal was closed and had no way of me getting in. No one really could truly help me but was very quick to offer me a refund I had to take a flight back which cost me double the price because it was last-minute.I'm not going to stop here I plan to go further because this was the most ridiculous thing I ever experienced with any type of Transportation I have tried to to receive.

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Timeka I Reese - 54 d 16 m ago


Sheets dirty heay not working i paid round trip for a roim which was like being un the North pole heat broke. Miss my connection. They are horrible i wont travel again with them unless they reconizr there wrong snd offer more then a 100:00 dollar voucher i paid alot for the sleeper

General profile image - 61 d ago


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