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Lucy Medaglia - 10 h ago


I rent a car april 2017 after taking amtrak to calif..from enterprise..for a week to look for a apartment..i go around bel air beverly hills down to Malibu instead of sitting around..ok to feel out where i can get a apartment..the same 25 people on every trip..following and couldn't understand what i was doing with x husband barbara lacommare x lover even rep mark taniko..ok i go to malibu cal hochul and dustin are running up the mountain screaming and nys patrick gallivan is dancing on the beach..and judi devriea shows up to play with children..ok..i never made it on the sand in the now gallivan is ripping my fender of the car as cal is throwing a rock at the wind shield..ok..after 2 days i park in front of the police station at 100 1st street los Angeles and sleep in my car...they are exposed..i return the car after 3 days and patty cagliastro gets full credit on her debit card...the dup of mine...thats a impersonated one.

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Lucy Medaglia - 10 h 42 m ago


Milinda hilard the dss mt morris worker in jails mother helps nys gov l

Kathy hochul in penn station raise the amtrak prices from $208.00 to $309. Just to make every one life my son thought i was going the the jersey shore long beach island new jersey..for the summer and my sons dead aunt and uncle joseph and diane piedmont too tryed to rent the house on nelson ave in LBI to make it seem's not normal they faked theirs dealth they are alive..and my son's need to return to calif...for this is where all the court records are from oct 2016..and onward the law enforcement is aware here andrew...for the crimes that they done..we rent a apartment get a hotel..for awhile till we settle...all info west my son..make the best and call the FBI and victims of rape and domestic violance before you guys make it back better for all..dan knows who to call file a report.

Get national the feds and state involved

See you guys

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Lucy Medaglia - 11 h ago


I left genesco ny in june 30 2017 after jason piedmont came to identify his dead wife nicole piedmont body with the other 2 murdered victims cal Hochul and dustin depola...but the amazing thing ive been riding the amtrak ever since and and dustin is all alive as i was gonna be the final murder victim...that's almost a year ago!..then the shoot out in amtrak chicago..from the same genesco ny people..and we are still talking criminal activity of dead people that aren't dead controll every union station and amtrak train government under schumer..gallivan..gillibrand..Hochul zottoli..basil christians ..i rather each oranges and when a mexican rides out of los angeles calif saying i owe her daughter 3 dollars when i was giving it freely of my own good will..mark her and stop causing another mexican people problem..i was giving it freely...big mouth

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Lucy Medaglia - 11 h 23 m ago


On amtrak 3 heading west my aunt maria gebbia who lived in washington dc since 2007 call her daughter cheryl in florida she's being with those of not helping her...

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Lucy Medaglia - 11 h 28 m ago


Amtrak where it all happens i move out of mt vernon ny in 2009 for carmel ny from 2009-july for the town of kent..kent falls a planning board secratary for the state...and i sit alone cut off all ties as i knew the witch hunt of united states schumer then nys assembly member silver was entrapped by Schumer too the phony interviews of doj..that in los angeles calif on of the employees in 2017 laugh and said 8 knew it all along it was a witch hunt of doj...phony interviews from 2009 of government recording activity of others from 1994..then x husband goes to county mental health in putman county ny..he has the i sit 2009-2011 cause it was the worst federal investigation in putman county idots rule america..I'm known by FBI as operation interigity and medal3 and pissed as hell that I'm still talking about it in 2018

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Lucy Medaglia - 12 h ago


Phony lawyers prevent others to enjoy the ride of amtrak to vacation esp when they steal a clients already embezzled money...I'll drop a lawyer name a day not to hire...marybeth mullins larchmont new york..and her assitance john vacco...all on amtrak looking for mrs coffee..fulton calif

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Lucy Medaglia - 12 h ago


New york state senator patrick gallivan has made every union station a horror of stalking and every amtrak ride unbearable prove it get his divorce papers from him wife mary in western ny for he embezzled $450,000. Of checks he stole out of my postal box..his wife mary included the copies of the checks in the divorce decree from december 2017..all copies of my checks he cashed or handed over to diane piedmont...prove it we did get that man in a mental hospital per his father of genesco.ny...and get him off amtrak trains and out of union stations

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Lucy Medaglia - 12 h 47 m ago


As i love traveling Amtrak but from oct 2016 that diane piedmont john rinaldi judi and neil devries arrested at hotel milo in santa barbara then in jan 2017 the courts of los angeles calif sentance 25 new york state residents to either prison..mental hospitals and they still control dosnt make sense..then i. April 2017 gov coumo has a heart attack with sandra lee and diane ross promises to make it right with sandra lee what coumo did to his oldest daughter in albany ny beat her up and put her in the hospital..then in hollywood vine i see joseph piedmont..diame piedmont nicole piedmont and those that molested the children of jason piedmont..roaming around trying to sell computer internet services by jason and joseph piedmont..didn't we do that in eastchester ny..or as nys amy paulin would allow 2 children that I've spend america traveling for 6 months to protect and not be sexual assaulted or beat up to be given back to the grandparents..these same 20 Jan 2017 new york state crimimals are still controlling life ahainst me and my family of sons andrew ryan jocomo daughter brianna..daughter of david basil that he will never ever goes calif again..put joseph piedmont and diane piedmont away for life for the crimes they done for my paremts to

Fake their lives to give joseph piedmont 1 million...harshment crimes..murders...and I'm screamed out from new york to calif put new york state senator gallivan in a mental hospital already

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Lucy Medaglia - 13 h 17 m ago


On amtrak heading back to los Angeles with new york state elected officals that will ruin america amd give me harshment that are hochul

.sxhumer gallivan gillibrand basil and fake phony Christian.. I've had enough of the violation of my human rights from gina vecchione..into a stop to get soda do you have change of 4 dollars so i cam get a soda from the vending machine nooooo

Ok make my day..

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Anonymous - 14 h 51 m ago

please help with providing me some info of your human recources or tallent communith in californi so i call them or walk in their office to get help with my Amtrak profile and job application. i need this information and i hope i wiil hear from u soon.


pamela kaveheu

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Lucy Medaglia - 1 d 10 h ago


For a better america for all citizens by the united states constitution that states we the people and not we the government..get schumer and his co trouble makers at every level off public transportation of amtrak..greyhound..megabus bus! Then our world will be a better place esp when we the people have never signed a privacy release act

.so again he's breaking the law of the LAND

Lucia a medaglia

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Lucy Medaglia - 1 d 19 h ago


So tell me arrived on a pleasant ride amtrak washington dc to chicago...after a year and a half riding the rail of amtrak...shout out to my friend owner of amtrak trains world wide and...melissa respect....those was the days in NYC.70's baumn room.

Lucia a Medaglia

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Lucy Medaglia - 2 d 17 h ago


P.S.....cell phone (hidden)...cell phone stolen..old number

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Lucy Medaglia - 2 d 17 h ago


Riding amtrak tele (hidden) got a call from exchange 407 didn't pick it up..then it got deleted off my wasn't me..dena basil a short asia girl black hair brother pc logic or nephen jason piedmont alive crest ekectric..controls hacks my cell phone call came in but didn't answer i didn't delete off phone

Lucy medaglia also known as lucy rinaldi

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Lucy Medaglia - 3 d 38 s ago


To my friend the owner of world wide amtrak services in America..coming back..on the in washington D.C...going back as us senator dianne Feinstein knows and her assistant and support the senator in making californa great again! ....all pass and issues direct to her personal a women that spent a lifetime to build the space program and make a great state in California and america..she knows me since I'm 8 years old..riding the rail again my friend.

Lucia medaglia

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Morm - 3 d 20 h ago

Would someone please get in touch with me. I have a complaint no one seems to care. I'm getting shuffled from person to person. Thank you. Norman. Nussbaum. (hidden). (hidden)

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Lucy Medaglia - 4 d 17 h ago


Alert make this amtrakbook like facebook..

Many of united states dept of justice employees have been fired with no federal power..and many of them still think..they can operate..they done alot of damage stilll...Good Folks...Holder..loretta lynch...

ex employees of any elect or not..

Are still causing problems..amtrak is federal.control approved by congress...

Get updated. Dont be pushed around by those who use the wrong order of the worst.

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Lucy Medaglia - 4 d 18 h ago


Triva amtrak

What did and does..Catherine van Horne..Arnold Kezsbom..Rhonda Kezsbom..kathy (conte) hochul..maggie brooks..and kweicens..high tech..of NR..and Tibbets of WP...missing....

Emily Knight..of Sharon Knight of Avon.NY...ohhh weatern ny.....east ave apart...i never ever got the keys from amtrak owner...never

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Lucy Medaglia - 4 d 18 h ago


A very important over heard conversation from twins sisters Karen Conte..I've Been Moved (maria damino xxx) the Karem Tremmer of pearl river John Magee 2nd wife who is the grant writer for western ny and executive siretor of the domestic violance shelter i spent in 2011 that i met my common law partner wife to be danielle lisa ..but it had a viewing booth from the village..that Donald (spears)livingston of mt vernon prior that now i know the peep show and Greg oconnell of brooklyn ny restored the town of mt.morris my beautiful partner beat up pushed around most of her 38 years of life and my sons andrew at college too...i wouldnt give grant writer Karen Tremmer anothet dime for any afflicated agency until they stop the human trafficking and other crimimal activity in livingston county and Monroe county.

That u can tell president trump..ian coyle and dianne deanne been operating since the 70's

Stop it save our youth

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Lucy Medaglia - 5 d ago


As my son andrew worked in 3 amtrak different location and most of new york state potilicans are street hoods that they would load trains and buses just to continue the ganging up of one person...of a family that i heard laura lu castro of Mt morris ny be the one to assist alyssa restivo in the robbery of my and mine sons personal property from new york to calif.

As laura lu castro with tammy hall of state st mt morris ny impersonated me in dallas texas and any donation sent to Catholic charities waa robbed by laura and tammy

.as we enter washington dc it is laura lu castro and the lu family that steal off the train of you did laura and erin 3 months ago to my chic dan van horne now. Danielle lisa..the one i will marry and the one the lu family and castro family under jesus you all lived together for the construction of steven anello project..laura lu where is my chic Danielle lisa bags..that her jewel

.computer and all she had was taken off thr train as she was pushed off at night..then erin lu stole my saturn 2000 from new york to calif and people are still harshing us.

Maybe danny castro wants to force my emtional unstable chic to fordham ave bx ny so he can rape her and beat her we will get catherine van horne cause there are 2 of gallivan the 3 of them are child molester..the most unrested ride that you can sleep but a 10 minute harshment sucks a 8 hour sleep out of you all over again

Horrible ride

General profile image

Lucy Medaglia - 5 d 32 s ago


Amtrak train 4 on4-13-18 los Angeles calif to chicago minor stalking issues of new york state patrick senator schumer..gillibrand .Hochul as the same of what was happening in hollywood vine on the reason i am traveling...then on amtrak train 30 chicago Washington dc..the nonense of.interpretation of politcal corruption of the financial world of steve n anello..Arnold kezsbom elizabeth warren...from a church and members known under rev dennis g karaman..this ride has been rocky...and not accommodating as a usual ride lately .my luggage over my head tamper with...amtrak Worker it's ok..then no refill of coffee..then i go to the bathroom and i get a knock on my door....when my privacy and life been invaded and I'm not respected as a rider and those of family or none paying fares control the car...micah and lisa karaman be prepared im..not in the mood of your cult religious activity of harshment.

Cc: united states president donald trump

General profile image

Lucy Medaglia - 5 d 8 h ago


Nothing like being a paid rewards amtrak traveler and i believe have all my x husbands family in a family reunion at my expense as i believe his mother is back from northern Italy as fact of people i really don't want involved with me or my sons of andrew ryan Jocomo or wife to be danielle..cause if I've havent been with these people since 2008 divorced 2013 why the hell do they keep forcing their presence around me and my sons who don't want any viewing or association..another stalking advent of the rinaldis

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S. Grey - 5 d ago

Ramblin' Lucy, ramblin' Lucy

Why you ramble, no one knows

Wild and wind-blown, that's how you've grown

Who can cling to a ramblin' Lucy?

Ramble on, ramble on

When your ramblin' days are gone

Who will love you with a love true

When your ramblin' days are GONE

Ramblin' Lucy, ramblin' Luy

Why I want you, heaven knows

Though I love you with a love true

Who can cling to a ramblin' Lucy?

General profile image

Lucy Medaglia - 6 d 12 h ago


By all my posting to amtrak i know the owner of world wide amtrak train..he used to own the club i hung in 1979 in nyc baum room

.as arnold kezsbom just left the amtrak train..his profession is liquardating stock from erron..ha ha

Lucia a medaglia

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John - 6 d ago

Lucy in the Sky With Diamond Picture yourself in a boat on a river With tangerine trees and marmalade skies Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly A girl with kaleidoscope eyes Cellophane flowers of yellow and green Towering over your head Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes And she's gone Lucy in the sky with diamonds Lucy in the sky with diamonds Lucy in the sky with diamonds Ah Follow her down to a bridge by a fountain Where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies Everyone smiles as you drift past the flowers That grow so incredibly high Newspaper taxis appear on the shore Waiting to take you away Climb in the back with your head in the clouds And you're gone Lucy in the sky with diamonds Lucy in the sky with diamonds Lucy in the sky with diamonds Ah Picture yourself

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