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Mary Letterman - 9 h 18 m ago

Attn: President & CEO. Richard Anderson.

Dear Amtrak. Love ur train. . U know I would love it better & more often & so would Wichita, Ks. ppl. ""IF"" YOU WOULD ONLY PLZ HAVE. A ""SHUTTLE"" TO TRANPORT UR TRAIN RIDERS TO & FROM WICHITA, KS TO NEWTON, KS.

Most ppl n Wichita don't even know there's an ""AMTRAK "" train that runs only about ""30"" miles away. Why ? Coz we're n the middle of the USA. and here n ""Toto Country"" Ur trains goes eastward and westward around 2-3:30 am. There's no way to get there and back. I live by myself so I'd have to drive there and leave my pu parked on side of street R in a ""public non secured parking lot"". It's not like airport parking. Where u don't have to worry about returning home after being gone for a week R two R three. Like u do if you go on a train vacation.

Newton's a small town but they still have hoods & hoodlums & I'd hate to return to my truck may b miss'n tires R batterie R even the whole truck. Also I don't want to be locked out of train station during wee morning hrs waiting for daylite to get me a ride back to Wichita. I can't even hire any one for those early hrs. Not even a taxi to take me R dependable enough to know they'll b there to pick me up. You'd be doing. the people of Wichita a BIG BIG SERVICE AND ""MORE BUSINESS FOR AMTRAK""..WICHITA IS THE ""#1 CITY IN KANSAS"". THANK YOU FOR YOUR TYME AND CONSIDERATION,

Mother Mary


ps.I had three fantastic train rides. Yrs ago, It's now my heart's desire to ride"" ALL of Amtraks""routes.

But..., I need to b able to get there and back.

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Lucy medaglia - 10 h 27 s ago


Another triva when arrive in washington dc and jeff clark of prior president of elim bible school lima ny my sons college and cebittle there to who molested students including my son and i overhear a conversation from a pastor telephone conversation he too molested try of my son..and men hide behind the cloth or christianity..that's what we are dealing behind pulpits gossiping as they commit the crimes..tonight.not all good

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Lucy medaglia - 10 h 12 m ago


Let me tell you what else you can't to in other states or as a finacial way to can't go and open a buiness purchase a house as you have leins or judgements against you..pending including out standing they do because the pardon board are all dilibrately set up to remove jail time if not necessary board did as maria cassese..debbie wynne ..debbie feldman.all associated to judi deries..judo defires.

Aka rita curran

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Lucy medaglia - 10 h 22 m ago


Call out to my friends at union station washington dc and union station chicago ill and union station los Angeles calif with law enforcement..who stalkes new york state elected officals as mr prove prove it himself mr york state senator patrick gallivan has recd his divorce papers from wife mary what did it have in them over $410,000. Thousand copies of my checks he embezzled from me with other fraud activity..i wonder where from what i understand my payment of fraud net checks has gone to..not me

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Lucy medaglia - 10 h 30 m ago


Facebook amtrakbook to keep a old friend posted as amtrak provide travel for me at cost and america from new york to calif in the most beautiful historical building created out of marble and stone.anyhow..more convervation to report..alert america and for myself as steven anello of prior captial financial partners of rye ny took advantage of my friend the owner of amtrak union stations and other property that 3 years ago the owner left at the location i rented a room in genesco ny at 16 genesco ny..he left keys to a penthouse apartment on east ave rochester ny that i dilibrately never was given that steven anello lived in and housed employees of his windstream and digital tv he owes my friend 3 years of to the resturant he owes steven anello in washington dc cava..he took over the basement and acted as boss of the station as my friend wants him out..and my other friend in lajunta co of bnaf where steven anello rents an office he wants him out..both protecting the damage this man done against them me for the arrogance of him thinking he controls the world and people..moral of the story with steven anello is for me i divorced after 27 years to john a rinaldi..that at time of divorce we had 35 thousand in debt..ok..50 50 in new york state shared by x husband..what does steven anello do who owes fc finanical sends me collections notices starting last year..that is not recorded with any county clerk office..what did he do last week..he has my personal property and files stolen in 2 ways my briefcase from july 2017 in dallas texas Then my complete personal belongings from a driveway that a container contained my belonging he takes to calif and keeps destroys or gives again..last week because i am challenging him on church funds he has taken in around 2014 from the non existing church of fortress bible church of around 40 to 50 millions..a violation of the by laws and constitution of the church..he took stolen files of mine and tryed to process it and cause collection notices from his business fc financial..he walked around union station washington dc trying to hand out judgements against others using fake phony and stolen invoice to cripple me as a get a credit card at a score of 550 aint happening cause he red flagged my name not to recd a i was the one to leave my church of 30 years because of him plus profession and assocation of friends i knew for 30 years in the church..too he used some poltican to help his cause the nys assembly member from ossining.spelling wrong and Binghamton like I'm hanging around doing nothing and homeless no he did it plus denied housing and him alone has turned the world against me to promote his corruption of life

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Lucy medaglia - 11 h 35 m ago


As sit in albany N.Y. josephine palercio think my won claim against them for housing will go away i won so far $14,000.00 and a family at 114-116 west sideny ave mt vernon.ny...after living there from 1986 to 2009 cause i worked the property longer..then i hear possible how either the basil family is trying to leave the country and the rinaldi as barbara rinaldi lacommare is thinking about leaving the country for italy.where her mother set up a bank account 1 year to overhearing chief judge janet in conversation requesting the court case as she denied reports the surpreme court of Washington dc..remmber eliane downs is associated to gina vecchione too..and controls the computers in albany N.Y. for the i would shut down every court in america till it functions

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Lucy medaglia - 15 h 22 m ago


This message is for the owner of amtrak and daughter paulette and little rock ark..BNAF Rail..the same nonsense of things occuring as i left washington dc is as I've arrived in albany ny empire state to take care of some personal bad as it's been in calif..then horrible in washington dc..the same problem of elected officals are in too albany one of prior is cindi bruely of troy.N.Y...curt Schwartz

.of suny albany ny..darleen caprio of MTA employment at Grand Central Station cause when i come into penn station ny from Washington dc..and then has to go to grand central station for the next Albany NY..and Nys lt kathy Hochul..has been the one to make sure I'm homeless and embezzlimg my money.esp at M&T h

Got to the owner of amtrak too been a when I'm here i eat general at city mission pearl st albany ny..and here as good as i like the church service and meal time i don't like the way..i have been personal treated as a lady..when in fact they let have let..other matter h

Get involved against me...i come and go wo any personal amtrak owner and bnaf..has to intervene from what ive been dealing with..from calif to new york..let new york state senate at large know and new york state assembly members know at large

Forget william kanyck

.and nick romano..ill ask his cousin joyce ramano of Washington dc..ain't staying long in albany ny..not good attitudes toward me

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Lucy medaglia - 1 d 6 h ago


When the owner of amtrak is not involved with the actions of location to the buikding he others tell him how's it's going to be as he is ripped tennesse folks are exposed and us senator bob crooker is left a message to help the old story of child endangerment not stopping from now then calif..chicago..washington let's Amtrak owner close down tennesse amtrak train location for stops..major problem from mamorneck ny strait gate church

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Lucy medaglia - 1 d 6 h ago


In america according to modern technical the internet and corrupt elected officals with district office staff as debbie..dena..dave..david basil of pc logic contiune to make group meeting of people life public then to when honest indivduals clean up the problem in arresting and stopping serve safety issues of drug murder child molesting with human a joke.that my sons daughter and commom law wife to be always living on the edge as a emotional distributed young man named cal hochul children like him be permitted to continue in destroying family's i personal heard to jeff the chtistian singing group of elim bible school lima ny and his classmate sebettle.was involved in destroying each college student of my son's andrew class from 20072011..actively involved in the above named can individual's needful arrested post bail like gina vecchione from what i heard be back out of the street operating confussion..that my family in a locate place for a good hollywood stars see my family wo me involved again for the name of a show..for the limelight we are still one..something is wrong with this I'll be dead before our lives are protected and propriety to be together as family as one.wo fight for daily survival of what is ours wo hearing debbie basil screaming dave i want what she has go get it..or hear a prior worker of David basil from shoprite of white plains ny and other locations of his butcher days explain how this man talked on the phone at work planning events to take asvantage of anything he can get free from this info is now 30 years old and still occuring by from what i overheard frank coumo a security guard..let austin wadsworth..nys senator catherine young..assembly women amy paulin..with nys senator diane savino statement and owner of amtrak .with daughter paulette..chief of police of little rock ark of sons and commom law partner will always be first..even overheard barbara rinaldi lacommare wanting to pay up what her x husband owes me as a prior of 17 years of my labor for his company i established..and..that them benefited a profitable lifestyle for me and my plans of a life together was destoyed and nys senator patrick gallivan and his associates don't stop the interference..

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Lucy medaglia - 1 d 16 h ago


Today as i recd a credit voucher back for delayed trips of value i couldn't get a credit of a matter that caused me to be falsely talen off the train for me to have to purchsse another ticket at my cost as i made this info available to the president of united states and executive chamber of the white house of Washington dc

.as no employee of amtrak should supersede a indivdual passenger or public safety or civil rights out of it's union stations

Train travel..and price index

This info is for the owmer of amtrak and his daughter paulette and little rock ark chief of police of bnaf rail

Thank you

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Lucy medaglia - 2 d 15 h ago


Union station washington dc..i mention laura lu castro and all hell break loose as i only seen pictures and heard her name with erin.who was said my chic sister Danielle lisa rodrigoues...which is not the her mother is lori..her father is damine and she was given up at birth in calif then taken to avon.ny until catherine van horne..lakeville ny saved her with Rosie..jeanni sammi palermo..then to dansvile.ny for other reasons..and back to catherine of lakeville her intentions always the best of protection overly and love..but why i said those people they hurt us as human laura..loved my son married and then stole from us..he respected him 1st as a friend then her life wasn't easier..then erin overly she twice cut my hair..her i met..took my car.

So all a lousy hard life..but be happy for danielle a few things..been in new places..has dignity for self after a lifetime of being sexual assaulted and raped pushed around and is sensitive to others emotions..and feeling and has 3 wonderful children and a great person friend to my son and our children and wonderful mother..and common law partner to give equality even if i never kiss her..diginity to be human.


She still love all but alot better for her has changed

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Lucy medaglia - 3 d ago


I lucy medaglia go into a cvs store after listenimg to music and i have again steven amello ex husband and possible Dianne deanne drug dealer and debbie and dena basil mock me in my daliy life even in a store as the employees group together laughing at me as asian higher education seminar i was to attend that the basil familt has msde my life impossiblr becaise they have to be number one in everything even if they don't earn it but steal it from others

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Lucy medaglia - 3 d ago


In front of j edgar fbi building in washington D.C. as I'm known as sept 4 1989 texas Lucy of service mfg corp hasting on hudson and operation interigity and medal3 of putumn county ny from 2010 investigation as lucy medaglia and lucy rinaldi idenity theft of 6 others and of 108 million dollars as my sister diane piedmomt gave a statement for johm bpzmam and blamed me

.on bnaf rail in little rock ark aug 2017

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Lucy medaglia - 3 d 6 h ago


As my personal family are in a location i have bimbo karen marinnzino demanding to see my family with the rest of the clan who are not welcomed

As kathy hochul her husband with larry devita is hunting me to kill me in washington dc..after finding out a baby 5 month pregernet..dropped in the toilet survived and is alive 27 years old by the doctor who was taken care of me at that time in my life just found out today black hair blue eyes like my son..another then lost after her..im2 the mother of but happy...but bimbo can't mind her business the same force that killed us senator charles schumer

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Lucy Medaglia - 3 d 10 h ago


Tabitha brewster is ian coyle wife exec director to Catholic charities of livingston county where i send out a letter for help after being put in a car to slept for 3 month to make me suffer from sept to dec 2014 i woke up at 6 below when my feet starting to freeze

.so i was denied by dss of mt morris ny emergency housing...until i frozen to the place i hung and hade coffe..kept the store worker alive as she was concerning to kill herself but i gave her reason not wait to see if at night i was ok..ok then the letter went out for help..and tammy hall assisted then laura lu castro took on my identity as lucy rinaldi at 35 e main st mount morris ny..i got nothing as they invested it in steven anello project in dallas texas

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Lucy medaglia - 3 d 11 h ago


As the owmer of union station building in washington dc fired the president and melissa telling steven anello to take his reaturant out and william hochul office in the basement with arnold kezsbom office in the basement out his daughter paulette is beat up..connie karaman is beat up my father is beat up nys senator catherine young is beat kathy lopez..joseph piedmont..bridget medaglia and judi im told my misscarged child of 27 years is alive as x husband is not permitted to see people are being beat Washington dc.....against the owmer and bnaf too county executive ian coyle and his county too dawn trizano is involved and joyce romano and dana and diane piedmont and pattt cagliastro .

Dena basil and debbie basil..gun shoots too

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Lucy medaglia - 3 d 13 h ago


This is for Rock in niagra falls ny jo lopez and President trump With gina vecchione along with the same stuff in los Angeles calf from william Hochul and kathy hochul life threating against me by too Steve anello john rinaldi jennie i haven't seen rock my children andrew ryan Jocomo and brianna and wife to be danielle friends of Emily knight and alyssa Washington dc union station isn't safe as our lives are in danger tell to paul from adam and eve of scarsdale N.Y. as it a matter of life and dealth..from them against us...stick in washington jo lopez that President trump defends against me and my children and wife prision in washington dc and america

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Thomas Atkielski - 3 d 14 h ago


Tom Atkielski.. I had a problem with a conductor (Dan) on the way home June 11th., 2018 The train number was 11 and my seat number was 2B569D!

I tried to send 2 emails ,but neither one went through!

Anyway, at 78, I had a sever stomach ache upon entering train 11 and went up to Dan to ask permission to boards the train to use the Bathroom as I was in extreme pain! The passengers didn't seem to mind, but DAN said "No, go to the back of the line!!!" I asked again and he nodded NO! I said "YOU have no Compassion!," and do you know what the guy said? "NONE," can you believe it? I would take a lie detector test to prove it! It was horrible for a first time traveler on Amtrack!

I believe your response should be more than an apology, and await your response! I do not have a working phone at this time, so kindly write to me email address... (hidden))


First time Amtrak user Tom

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Lucy medaglia - 4 d 10 h ago


William Hochul sr operates his office under the union station in Washington does too..

Rev clark who molested my son at elim bible school lima ny everyone at college from sept 2007 until he was replaced with the help of cebittle of Washington dc know as chief who caused his car accident on route 17 in liberty new york in april he taped my sons car a 2000 saturn as then my son andrew today age 29 almosted died boyfriend to bridget devries who is bridget heap also known as takes on the name jill she worked for advante building of scaesdale ny and used my work laptop starting with steven anello and david basil and stole my work idenity..niece to judi of june too...debbie basil and dena basil took a check from government publishing office 2 weeks ago in my name from kathy Hochul that anthony frascone cashed at a check cashing store as my disabilty benefits are being robbed by judi defries by batavia.ny social security admin from andrew i am a victim of theft from july 2017 of dallas texas and a domestic violance victim divorced after 27 years of marriage to john rinaldi feb 2013 at westchester county supreme court in white plains ny prevent to obtain permanent housing with 6 police reports of poltical corruption and stalking ask bnaf of little rock ark what happened on little rock ark..on the fake dealth...that diane piedmont and anthony medaglia came to washimgton dc from july 2017- sept 2017 singing like birds of the operation of all involved of world trade center sept 11 2001 and then some acussing i had no involvment as it was always diane piedmont and 116 west sideny ave mt vernon ny as peter dearuda of nysum of long island city too executive director of elim bible school..lima ny

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Lucy medaglia - 4 d 14 h ago


Southwest #4 from 15th started a 4hr delay into chicago ill..that only continued by i believe no fault to amtrak train 30 to up to a 9hr delay a total delay of 13 hours on the rail..with compliments lunch thank you..but a defendant refund is expected to my direct express debit card as my rewards # is ending in xxxxxx4407 wo debbie basil or steven anello taking credit of my rewards account or refund to their embezzled debit card with my money..tired of the nonsense of basil and zottoli

Flagged for review. 
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Lucy medaglia - 4 d 14 h ago


Southwest #4 from 15th started a 4hr delay into chicago ill..that only continued by i believe no fault to amtrak train 30 to up to a 9hr delay a total delay of 13 hours on the rail..with compliments lunch thank you..but a defendant refund is expected to my direct express debit card as my rewards # is ending in xxxxxx4407 wo debbie basil or steven anello taking credit of my rewards account or refund to their embezzled debit card with my money..tired of the nonsense of basil and zottoli christians

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E. Rose - 4 d 15 h ago

We had to cancel our reservations as a result our host personal situation. When I called a week ahead of time, we did not receive a full refund. I was on hold for ever, the last time we traveled, the train was delayed 4 hours. I'm only asking for a full refund.

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Lucy medaglia - 4 d 16 h ago


I knew a girl friends of my son named damielle daughter of gov andrew coumo..and me..but what we found out today on amtrak 30 was gov andrew coumo had other children with laura maybe 3....update..the 70's revealed even at adam & eve salon scarsdale ny all live on amtrak....

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Lucy medaglia - 4 d 16 h ago


The staff of amtrak 30 traveling late from southwest chief 4..something out of their control..a trip already running 8 hours behind schedule..the amtrak staff of train 30 bravo servants to the passengers

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Lucy medaglia - 5 d 46 m ago


Take amtrak to lajunta co and find steven anello office and bella mgt office the women who faked her dealth in los Angeles calif as her son joseph i understand is really mike and who fathered her son...or when us senator schumer is abort train with my bimbo sister in law karen rinaldi marizino and x lover barbara rinaldi lacommare shows up with x husband john rinaldi..u see my mother in law luciana rinaldi faked her dealth went to italy..and opened up a bank account in north italy for all the years he human interest is recd jean noel the federal insurance queen..from scarsdale.ny..this is only the beginning of my blood..I'm after

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