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The Sherbines - 4 d 18 h ago


We had a wonderful day trip on Amtrak departing from Johnstown, PA to Harrisburg, PA and return. We had tried to make reservations on the Amtrak website for 3 days without success. It is NOT a user friendly site. My husband called Johnstown Chamber of Commerce for a local number for Amtrak. We talked with Kathy who scheduled our trip, and helped my disabled husband get on and off the train with a hand-cranked wheelchair lift. She was awesome. We could not have made the trip without her assistance. Matt, on the return trip, was pleasant and informative, answering all the questions we had about future trips. We are planning another trip soon partially because of the above excellent service provided by Kathy and Matt.

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Darlene F - 6 d 18 h ago


We missed our train 164 out of Trenton. The women in the booth immediately got us on another train so that we were ablessed to meet ours again at Penn Station. Fast, courteous, and kind.

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Alice Carter - 15 d 15 h ago


Amtrak operates on the crumbs Congress allots them each year. I have had too many wonderful experiences on Amtrak to recount here. I just want to give you. Heads up. The younger generation wants expanded rail service, replacing bus routes and airline travel. They do not want to use carbon boosting travel systems. They are the ones dealing with climate change. Amtrak needs to start planning now. Restore abandoned trunk lines, rebuild tracks, plan for many more future stations, prepare for expanded commuter service. Estimate future passenger numbers based on the 0-18 year old count. Get your USA map out and get going.

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Anonymous - 18 d 50 s ago

To the Human Resources department system wide I transfer to Philadelphia and happen to work along a cleaner out of 30th street. Every time I work around him I would smell weed! I wish Amtrak did a random drugs test every other month to cut back and weed out the bad employees. This must be address before someone gets hurt or killed because of careless negligence in the work place.

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Anonymous - 27 d ago

This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. because an agent messed up and did not change my reservation as I requested I was forced to pay $67 for a ticket I had already paid for. Then Shawn McDonald Sean McDonough sends me a response denying my claim he said basically that I should be happy that I got a $47 voucher. I'm not happy this is bad customer service I have the emails to prove it but Amtrak refuses to acknowledge their mistake so because an agent made a mistake I'm out $67. As I said this is the worst customer service and I can't even contact anyone at the corporate office because you can't get past the automated system. To be such a large entity Amtrak has the worst customer service ever.

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Sarah Simmons - 28 d 20 h ago

Amatrak should hire 24 hire security to prevent any terrorist attacks

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Susan - 31 d 14 m ago


I have gone as far as sending a letter to the CEO for my refund lets see what he can do. Almost on a train 24 hrs because of delays 5 hrs delayed to get home with a disable husband

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Debra Camp - 51 d ago


My husband and I traveled from New Orleans got off in Chicago on August 21st we were traveling via Sleeper Car went to the lobby in Chicago employee Edith C Earl's Nelson was in Chicago Metropolitan Lounge she was extremely helpful. She gave my husband directions to the rental car company we were using since there was so much construction in that area. The rental car company had relocated. On our way back home we again stopped in Chicago on August 29th. When we entered the lounge, we were met by Edith, she immediately recognized us and greeted us warmly and made us feel right at home. She made those two stop overs very pleasant and we appreciate that. Edith was the best part of our experience.

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DC - 40 d 23 h ago


Why only one star?

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Very unhappy (& now broke) customer - 43 d ago


ZERO STARS! BUYER BEWARE! Take a trip on Amtrak if you want pee stained toilet paper on the floor outside the bathroom and not a single worker cleans it up...if you want dirty windows to take pictures out of...if you dont' want any communication about the fact that you have to sit in a hot train with no AC for 40 minutes while they let detach a car...if you want to stay on the phone for hours on end and get no help but rudeness...if you want someone to reach out to you after your trip and ask how it was then when you tell them, all goes silent!

Yup....all happened. And don't think a better business bureau complaint will get you anywhere with them either.

OH....and if you plan to take a trip on the 360 degree view car to see beautiful scenery, make sure the car is in service!!!! (No one told me it wasn't...found out when already on the train traveling).

Don't be fooled by their clean, nice-looking website pics...Sooooo not true! Fly'll be there quicker to enjoy your destination.

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King Vladeyushyi Mirom - 43 d 17 h ago


MV ** The plans for massive global population reduction are no longer a "back burner" issue.!!

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BOBD - 43 d 19 h ago



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I would like to acknowledge and thank you for having such a wonderful employee as Christy Miller, a conductor on

Train 140 Washington DC to Newark, NJ, Saturday 8/31/19.

She was so helpful, professional, personable, caring and attentive. I have a bit of a mobility issue and she helped me, made a few great suggestions and overall made my trip easy and without concern. She is a credit to your company. I wanted to sincerely thank both Amtrak and Ms Miller for a great experience!

Regina Faith


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Richard Early - 51 d 4 h ago


Fox News Network, LLC

X****It is a simple statement of fact to say the GOP's ruling elites are descended from a long line of cowardly, greedy hypocrites. Almost all of the Democratic Party's elite structure meets this same criteria.

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Karen Sutton - Australia - 51 d 14 h ago


My husband and I travelled from Australia Aug 2019 for an Alaskan Cruise ex Seattle and also to travel via Amtrak from SFO - SEA then after our cruise SEA - VAN (Canada).

Apart from our cruise the trip from SEA - VAN Canada was going to be a highlight. Unfortunately I booked the wrong Vancouver didn't I. On arrival at baggage check in the gentleman advised that we were going to VAN Washington not VAN Canada. We then went to check in and the very nice lady advised that this departure has been booked out for weeks. Well, I was devastated. I had planned & booked this holiday for 12 months I didn't know there are 2 Vancouver's. Maybe when passengers are booking this particular train trip a BIG BOX should pop up and say HEY you want VAN Canada or VAN Washington.....The lady at check in was amazing she booked us on a bus for same day travel. We went and had a coffee and discussed the situation. Should we wait around for 4 plus hours for the bus or fly ? We ended up flying to VAN Canada costing $1000 may I add. We had our train seat payment refunded. Both Amtrak employees that we spoke to that morning said we aren't the only people this has happened to, it happens on a weekly basis. We have travelled with Amtrak from NYC to Washington DC a few years back which was excellent, and our trip from SFO to SEA was excellent travelling in a sleeper. Staff were excellent, food was good. We will go back someday and finish that leg of our trip from SEA to Vancouver Canada.

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Linda - 51 d 18 h ago


this site is a total JOKE

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Anonymous - 51 d 16 h ago


Linda, the JOKE is on you.

Welcome to the land of OZ-YID.

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Barbara L Peckinpaugh - 52 d ago


It is most unfortunate that our trip with Amrtak was close to a total disaster when we were so looking forward to the adventure. AND having traveled on trains in Europe I guess we expected too much. Our train leaving Seattle lost its dinning car due to some kind of problem and we went a day and a half without eatable food. NOT to mention our bedroom which I paid extra for due to the uncomfortable ROOMETTE was freezing cold as the temp control did not work and the single chair was broken and you could hardly sit on it. THEN when I tried to get some kind of a refund, and I was only asking for the extra $465 I paid for the upgrade I got a nasty run around. I have reported to the BBB for what that is worth and I will also write Corporate--but I guess you only get offered a voucher. AND you have to be kidding me--ride Amtrak again. No way in Hell. Sorry guys.

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Roberto cleary - 59 d 16 h ago


They are a rip off and their is no type of customer service at all. I purchased one way two person to New York using bed accommodation. Then one way back to Columbia sc using bed accommodation. So 8 days before the trip I was not able to make the trip so I call to cancel. The unprofessional worker on the phone is telling me because of there auditing I can't get a refund but a voucher good for one year. 600 dollars I payed and all your telling me is no refund but an time limited voucher while have me on hold for 48 minutes hoping I hang up. Who said I would want to use Amtrak ever again and who to say I want a voucher. So they are refusing to refund me anything. I'm looking into legal action against these crooks. I don't see how they can get away with this.

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Barbara Peckinpaugh - 52 d 16 h ago


We also had a horrible experience on Amtrak and have gotten nothing but a run around from Customer relations. I can not find any where that I can request refund that was promised us by the train we were on.

Any idea, please contact me. Barbara

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Matt - 57 d 18 h ago


Hello Human resources of Amtrak

I have 20 Years of food and customer service,

applied through company job page, never got A call or

email form any manager, in Los Angeles,

I would appreciate A call or follow up (hidden)

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Frankie B. - 61 d 7 s ago


This was my first time traveling on a train. I have traveled many ways but this experience was the worst. Coming back from Miami in train 1092 was terrible. Rude staff especially this guy J McKenney. This guy was rude to everyone with his smart comments to the customers. I will definitely go back to flying where they have great customer service. That's the difference between flying and traveling with Amtrak

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Rebecca Wallen - 66 d 17 h ago


To whom it may concern,

This whole story started on June 22, 2019. Since the website basically does not work, I had to phone in to buy my tickets. First, maybe I should rewind and say that a close friend recommended that my daughters, 11,and 9, and I take an overnight train trip from Vancouver, WA to Whitefish MT. She made is sound very fun, and efficient. When traveling with children it is better to get somewhere quickly. This sounded like a quick easy and fun way to get to Montana. So on June 22, I called in and booked the 3 of us a trip to leave from Portland OR, because I had forgotten that Vancouver, WA had a train, as I had never seen it. So the booking on the phone was fairly simple, we would leave Portland, OR, at 4:25 pm on August 4th and arrive in Whitefish, MT on Monday the 5th at 7:21am. For a total of $711.00 oh yeah, we had a roomette too!! Wow sounds perfect, right. Then I contacted their father regarding times and realized that Sunday would not work. So I called right back within about 10 minutes, that very same day and asked if I could change our departing day to Monday. Again super easy, he did it and said oh that saved you $97. Fantastic I thought, I assumed it was because we were leaving a day later. So yeah, everything is going to be great!!!! Nope, then on July 24, I checked my email and read a poorly written letter about SCHEDULED track work, and that my trip is being affected but no worries they have alternate transportation set up. It specifically said that I don't even need to call. It concerned me immediately for 2 reason, one the email was unprofessional sounding and two, is was redundant. I initially thought it was a hoax, as the number in the email was different than any previous numbers I had called. Thankfully I called it anyway, I explained my situation to the gentleman on the phone, but he was a bit hard to understand him as he was not a native English speaker, he explained that we would be taking a bus from Portland, OR to Spokane, WA., and then we would get on a train in Spokane to go to Montana. No way will I be riding a bus for 8 hours, not only because I bought a TRAIN ticket, but because I will be traveling with 2 young girls, and that sounds like a nightmare. I asked of there was an alternative, he said yes I could ride a train from Vancouver, WA to Seattle, WA, the same day but at 8:20 am. We would arrive in Seattle around 11:30am and then at 4:25 we could board a train to Montana. Wow, still sounds like a sucky idea as it is adding 8 hours to my already long trip. The man on the man on the phone kept confusing me as he kept saying bus then train and I had to ask repeatedly which one he meant. So I became suspicious and asked if I could just call back. I got off the phone and looked up AMTRACKS number and called it, and explained the whole stupid email to another women, who was very kind. Then she asked how many people are traveling? I said 3, of us. She asked is one child not coming back, and I said huh. She then explained that someone had taken one child off a leg of the trip. I said what?, why would I want that? I then recalled that I had asked to change days and assumed somehow he must have taken a child off also, I don't know I am just guessing. So after over an hour on the phone with her just trying to figure out the reason for a child being removed from one leg of the trip, we then were able to discuss my options, which ended up being the bus instead of a train. I was in such a state, as you are telling me about 2 weeks before my trip that you are ruining it, that I forgot to ask about the Seattle train. We spoke for a while she was kind, she took on notes on our entire conversation. In the end, I was told I could cancel, and I was ready to because I was so pissed. I understand you don't own the tracks, as the government does, I know this since my father worked for the railroad for at least 40 years. I am a teacher, a single mother, and a government employee, and I know that something like track maintenance in not just done off the cuff. You even have a schedule on your website, for the remainder of the year. I checked this that same day and was even more pissed to know that you knew about it and yet did not inform me when I made the plans on June 22. It does not even make sense that your computer system does not have an alert to pop up and say hey, there will be scheduled track work that day, what the heck!!!! It is 2019, this should NOT be happening. I would have never scheduled a train trip then, I would have waited, as I said before, I don't care if you can put me on a bus instead, I DO NOT WANT TO EVER ride a bus for 8 hours, I bought a TRAIN ticket not a bus ticket. It is also very unprofessional to send me an email and not a phone call alerting me about the huge change.

So on July 24, I got off the phone feeling sad, pissed, frustrated, and very disappointed.

I was ready to cancel just because your company seemed to care less about this. After telling my children, they were truly devastated, now I am aware that they are considerably worse things happening in the world but they aren't. I took a breather for a few hours and then called back. I literally called back for 3 days, waiting on hold for a total of at least 3 hours. Finally on Sunday the 28th I spoke to a human. I thought I explained everything clearly, told her I had decided to do the train via Seattle, ugh, but oh no she said there is now not a roomette available, good god, one more problem. She said I could have a ROOM, but for $498 more dollars, ugh!!! That is absurd, I am pretty sure we could fly there for less. I also explained why should I have to pay, I did not make the changes, I repeated this over and over and over. She still seemed to think that she could not do anything. I asked to speak to someone above her and she made it sound impossible. Nothing is impossible, it's just challenging. Long story short, I didn't want to disappoint my children, so I said fine, but I truly had no idea how would pay for it. Again, single mom, and a teacher!!!

Well I mulled it over during the night and called again the next day, explained the whole damn story again and got the same excuse, they said I made the changes, I said no I did not, I had to make the changes because you changed my method of traveling. This call ended the same, too bad so sad for me, no one cares, and I can't speak with anyone else. I literally called 3 more different days that week and got the same bull sh*t answers. How do you guys figure that I made the changes, you did there is no other way to look at it.

I gave one last call on Sunday, August 4th. This gal named Tangie, was the best, polite and most helpful person yet. So yes I have my trip now but because YOU, AMTRACK are doing scheduled maintenance, I have to add 8 hours to my trip and pay $500 more. Gee, that sounds completely fair and makes total sense, not!!! So after explaining the problem for the 7th time at least, she seemed to actually be trying to help. At the end of the call I was only going to be paying $298 more which is still dumb because I would not have booked the trip to begin with, I would have driven or not gone. She told me to contact AMTRACK again once we get settled in Whitefish, and hopefully I can get more money back. Ok good I thought!! I also emailed you guys, and posted to your facebook messenger. I finally heard from them On Monday as soon as we arrived in Seattle. I spoke with a man forgot his name now, but he was kind but seemed as if there was not much more he could do, so he would send the case forward and have someone else call me. Good god!! A lady from customer relations called Monday or Tuesday I think, cell service is very spotty in Montana, who knew!! I did not have the opportunity to call back until Friday. She read over the case and said well you got a bigger room so of course you should pay more. I only had the bigger room because YOU changed my trip and YOU had nothing else available. How and why is this my fault????? It would be as if you go to a restaurant and they have something on the menu you want but oops they forgot to tell you they are suddenly out of it, but you came here for it and told them you were coming just for that dish. There would be no way that they would make you pay more for something similar, that would be poor customer service, especially if they told you they had, you ordered it, and then the waiter comes back from the kitchen, and says sorry. We are out but here wait 8 hours for something different and then we will charge more for it!!!!

In the end I would appreciate my $298 dollars refunded to my card. It is not my fault you scheduled track work and did not let your customers know, it is not my fault that there were no more roomettes available. All of this is on AMTRACK no matter how you slice it. Therefore I would appreciate an immediate refund. Thank you for your time. case number 5236008.


Rebecca Wallen


818 NE 115th Cir

Vancouver, WA 98685

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Anonymous - 66 d 14 h ago

This is horrific-

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Christopher Owens - 66 d 19 h ago


I booked a trip from Klamath Falls, Oregon to Shreveport Louisiana. Along the way, there was an incident with a conductor which caused me to get off the train because I didn't feel safe, (report 8238647)

I'm disabled and am stuck in Louisiana as I had to spend my extra cash at the place I got off the train, (which Amtrak got me to Louisiana)

Needless to say, I'm going to be homeless here in 3 days, and following the incident, I'd hoped that Amtrak would simply get me back to Oregon. Please.

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