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Karen J - 2 d ago


Amtrak is full of it cant get through to the claims office to save. your life this appears to be intentional. No one ever answers the phone auto msg says goodbye everytime you say you want claims ! wow

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Anonymous - 12 d 6 h ago


I called to cancel my reservation and I remember checking the box that said it is refundable. I called the cuter service number to talk to the people because they were not refunding me my money and would only put it on an e-voucher. I am beyond livid with the service that I received. The first person that I talked to was very rude and would not listen to a word I was saying. She then transferred my call to a gentleman that was also very rude. He kept telling me that I did not read the terms and conditions, when in fact I did. He said, "Well obviously you didn't so go back and read it." That is extremely rude. Who is he to tell me what I did and should do? I'm calling to try and cancel my reservation and he's going to give me a hard time about it? When I kept asking him questions about it because I had expressed how I did not want to be stuck with an e-voucher that I am probably not going to use, I could hear in his voice that he was getting aggravated. At the end of the conversation, I was trying to tell him to just give me the e-voucher then, but he would not listen to a word I was saying and kept arguing with me that I did not read the terms and conditions and that I should go read it and hung up on me. I AM A PAYING CUSTOMER. How are you going to do that if you want my services again?! This made me not want to EVER call customer service again or use Amtrak again in my life. I am beyond livid with your service.

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Makeda - 25 d 10 h ago

It is so dis-heartening that in this day and time, that you can not reach someone directly to speak about a position that you applied for and keep applying for because you know that you are good at it. What do you have to do to be considered for a position with this company? I have an Associates Degree in Business with a concentration in Management, an Associates in Paralegal , A Bachelores in Business with a concentration in management, and now I am studying for my Masters degree in Organizational Leadership. I have worked as a business analyst and Supervisor for over 15 years.The public says improve your skills, enhance your abilities, 'GET A JOB"! But when you do, you can't even discuss your abilities and capabilities with a live person. Send your resume and apply for what? I don't even think they look at half of them.

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Anonymous - 18 d 18 h ago

They get sorted by computer first. Also some people it takes years to get hired. They also don't like to much experience with some positions they want to be able to train you with out you telling them a easier way or more efficient they want it their way. The hiring process could take from 3-6months depending on how in a hurry they are.

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Anonymous - 12 d 7 h ago


This organization is not like it used to be. My apologies, but consider it a blessing. If you are really looking to make a difference, this may not be where your path should lead you.

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Diana & Stuart Wild - 106 d 7 h ago


Train, itself, no complaints.Employees very halpful and polite. However, the ride from Chicago to Erie. PA was so terrible. The ride would be smooth and then rock violently, at some points we thought it would turn over. My husband's back was completely in pain with all the shaking. The tracks must be in urgent need of repair. So disappointing!

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LaVon - 101 d ago


I KNOW how you two feel. I came from CALIFORNIA to PITTSBURGH PENNSYLVANIA and the ride was horrible. It was so BUMPY and ROCKY that I couldn't sleep for 3days and that's how long it took to get to Chicago. I didn't get the room I book on line either. I've NEVER been arrested but a 2 person jail cell was LARGER THAN MY $1717.00 (what I paid for the ticket) BOX. To put the CHERRY ON TOP, something BIT THE HELL OUT OF MY LEGS!!!!!! I could go on but I'm in TEARS ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 66 d ago

Yes I agree with you. On train I thought it was going to roll. Terrible tracks

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Train info - 12 d 9 h ago

Amtrak does not own the rails, that is one reason they are always late. The shipping trains own them and they get priority over passenger trains .

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Charles - 17 d 4 h ago


I Was accosted by an Employee in Union Station, at Dallas and it seems like it was just pushed under the rug..... The guy who Assulted me was trying to start a Race War with my life, and it seems to be NO BIG DEAL TO AMTRAK!!!

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Anonymous - 23 d 8 h ago

I wonder if anybody from Amtrak reads or cares about the overwhelming negative and disturbing reviews across all sites and all areas of their service. If they cannot address any of these concerns and offer a product that people would want to ride due to budget issues it's time to privatize rail service in the United States again.

I booked a sleeper compartment from NYC to Chicago feeling that if I want better rail service I should support Amtrak outside of the Acela. I was appalled by the trip. I wiped around the beds with a white cloth and it was black after one pass, rude staff, beat up interiors, worse then I could ever imagine.

Acela service in first not much better, worn cars, staff polite, on gentlemans back pocket was half torn off his pants. Dated sad interiors.

If Amtrak can et funding and is serious about providing a product to the public which people would want to ride they need to have a new staffing program and training guideline, new uniforms, new train cars across the system, hire any one of Americas great designers to create the interiors of cars so people look forward to riding them. Perhaps bring back some of the named trains to have pride in routes and trains. Hire celebrity chefs or food chain like Maison Kyser to handle the food and beverage onboard. Rebrand the logo, modern grey and white perhaps, use of blue in everything is dated!! Attend to your club rooms they are a mix mash of bad taste.

I can go on and on as everyone else can. Please take Americas rails seriously whomever from Amtrak may see this. People want to ride trains but you have to give them something they want to ride.

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Anonymous - 23 d 10 h ago

What kind of bull shit are you running a day difference is 80 dollars if this is the way you run things I will never ride again

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RK - 29 d ago


Horrid smell on caR 5211. Northbound auto train. Sewage smell is awful and crew seems indifferent...multiple passengers complaining.

I've ridden this train many times. I'm aware of a mild oder between cars. This is 100x worse. Crew refuses to address or move passengers. You can do better Amtrack. I'm turned off of the Auto train now. This is unacceptable...

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Jeff - 30 d 2 h ago


Willamsburg train stop the lady talks to loud over pa sound system

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Nora Fraser - 33 d 42 m ago

I'm a frequent Amtrak traveler but I don't know how much longer I can take this abuse. The conductor ARTHUR on train 4 from LAX to Chicago was the rudest, nastiest conductor I have ever encountered.

YOULL SIT THERE AND YOU'LL STAY THERE he said to this senior citizen who wanted to know if she could sit in one MANY OF THE EMPTY SEATS with an outlet so she could charge her device. I was put next to a gentleman playing with a loud headset..and we were right in the front where everyone passes thru the cars. This is a 171/2 hour trip and there's no reason to BULLY PASSENGERS and herd them like cattle into one car when there are three empty cars and NO BIG STOPS AHEAD.. I go back and forth between Palm Springs and Lamy several times a year and it just keeps getting more unpleasant. I tried buying a roomette once and had the same experience as another reviewer..the "compartment " smelled like crap and the man in charge of pulling down the beds was too busy rifling thru people's backpacks to be bothered doing the beds before 10PM. Metro link in CA has conductors and train personnel who ACTUALLY LIKE THEIR JOBS and are so pleasant and helpful and FUN. BUT THEN YOU GET ON ANTRAK AND YOU RUN INTO the likes of Arthur who thinks he's working on a train going to Aushwitz. A real bully. I'll be up all night.

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Richard - 35 d 50 s ago


Took a trip cross country on Amtrak. I bought a sleeper which cost me over $1400 one way. I think thats a lot of money. I had horrible service and to top things off they had a problem with the toilet lines so my sleeper smelled of SHIT the entire ride. Literally. And when someone flushed it smelled as if I was floating in the toilet itself. I asked the conductor to be moved and she said they couldn't do that. They said call the 800 #. I did and they offered me a $50 certificate to use on my next trip but I would have to use it within a year or I lose it. What the Hell is wrong with this Company? if they didn't have federal funding and run this company like the Post Office were nobody gives a crap (no pun intended) 90% of these Amtrak employees would be fired. Amtrak could care less about their customers. I felt like a prisoner of war been tortured the entire train ride from NY to LA.

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Gerald Graham - 35 d 8 h ago


I purchased a round trip ticket from Chicago to Denver earlier this year and could not use due to an emergency. I did receive a portion back but am told the balance will go to a voucher, which it did. I have until July 2017 to use. Like other customers I am concern of Amtrak telling us how much we will get back and how much we won't, While a voucher is like cash it does not help for those of us who will not ride the rails again. To not loose the voucher your force to take a trip that you don't want to. [ Do you think contacting one's Federal Representatives will help?] I will do that.

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Michael - 35 d 12 h ago


Because off my train being late! I left one my of my bags on the train in a rush to get to the airport. I call Amtrak and a employee finds my bag. She promises to send the bag to another station so my mother can pick it up! My mother shows up no bag 3 weeks later still no bag! Thank You very much Densise from the Stanford Station! Thanks for nothing you couldn't even give me a call to update me about this situation! Amtrak employees are theives! Customer service is the worst! Gave me the run around for 3 weeks! Never again will ride Amtrak!

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Consuner in America - 40 d 9 h ago


Consumer in America

I have been a long time customer. I prefer sitting beside the window. That way, I am not subjected to the frequent bumping and reaching over me from passengers and crew. Up until this point, I have managed to get a window seat without controversy. That was not the case this last trip. I was told to move to the seat that was assigned to me. I informed the crew member that I preferred sitting beside the window. She tells me "you don't have a choice". I insisted that I was not going to sit where "they" wanted me. After a while, I got a window seat. What bothers me most about this situation is being told that I "don't have a choice". As a Consumer in America, I always have a choice. I failed to ask her to show me the policy that restricts my rights as a consumer. It appears to me that there isn't consistency when it comes to seating. I have never experience seat assignments when I board in Charlottesville, Virginia. That happens to me in Atlanta, Georgia. As a customer, I should be allowed to sit where I prefer. I am appealing to Amtrak's Corporate officers to investigate this inconsistency. Then restore Consumer Rights. Then, insist that crew members come up with another system of getting passengers off at their respective point of departure without taking away Consumers Rights.

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Pamela Steiner - 45 d ago

I love riding on trains and frequently travel from Boston to Philadelphia. Sometimes I go "regional" (the cheapest tickets) and sometimes by Acela express.

I write because the bathrooms on the regionals are usually very dirty whereas on the Acela they are quite clean. This really should not be the case. everyone deserves a clean bathroom.

I have spoken with train staff about this and they urged me to speak about the problem. They don't like the dirty bathrooms either.

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Group of 8 - 46 d ago


Tracks were being repaired past Jackson, Miss. causing our train to be delayed 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Missed excursion on arrival in Chicago. Such a bumpy rough ride for 8 senior citizens, all who vow NEVER to ride Amtrak again. They ran out of reservations for the dinner service - without informing any of us that reservations were required - leaving us all to fend for ourselves or rely on the snack shop for dinner. Then on the return trip, they ran out of most of the breakfast foods. Don't they have a buyer who knows how much to stock on the train before it leaves the station? Rudeness of some employees topped that off. A big disappointment for my senior group - but it would be a disappointment to passengers of any age.

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Sarah L - 46 d 10 h ago


The engine went out on the train. Causing a 3 hour delay. I want a refund not a credit for another ticket...a refund...Secondly, a company of this size should have a supervisor for the customer to reach...again if the customers stop using your services it would effect your job. Very inconsiderate customer service. The worst. When people pay money for a service and the service isn't right then it's only right to give them back what they gave you.....MONEY.

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KAH - 47 d 20 h ago


Hopefully you in corporate understands this picture. The horrific conditions in the car trash smells the restroom pic I was going to send is worse. Ive seen Septic tanks cleaner.

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Kacey Martin - 50 d 11 h ago


Accused of being a thief and charged twice for the same ticket. Absolutely horrendous experience. Never again.

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Anonymous - 60 d ago


I have left a message for Isaiah Pierce three times now and have yet to get a response from him. Love how your people get back to their customers.

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anonymous - 59 d 9 h ago


Rich Wilson as well

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