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Unhappy - 12 d 13 h ago


Customer service. In Stockton. Is very bad with the man at the window. His name is Robert. At lease. Thats the name. He gave me he lie and the complaint. Department. Lie to.

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Sabirah44 - 18 h 44 m ago


I had the same experience with this fraction of a man ! I'm disabled and was treated like I was I invisible

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Angie - 4 d 22 h ago


At the level of Customer Service, Amtrak is a disaster. By organization standards Amtrak is among the most stupid of organizations particularly at the counter window at Penn Station and on the Phone. At least "Julie" transfers you when she is out of her league. It is pathetic that Americans must rely on a system that can't get its act together vis-a-vis Customer Service.

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Tom - 4 d 12 h ago


With the exception of maybe the rail system in Cuba and India, Amtrak is the most embarrassing mode of transportation on the planet. To think in the 30's, 40's, and 50's it was the "Holy Grail" of going from point A to point B in the country. I doubt if the new CEO has ever ridden the train. If I were Trump, I'd tell him "You're fired"! I'm sending the "Donald" a copy of this post.

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K. Smith - 5 d 20 h ago

On Aug. 27, 2017, Amtrak was shut down and after waiting for nearly two hours on the tracks between Ventura and Carpinteria, all passengers were rerouted to Ventura, dropped off and told that all of us would be reimbursed for the inconvenience.

My ten ride ticket was not reimbursed. Nor was my request to process the $90.54 for the Uber to Santa Barbara, CA on that day, 30 minutes after we were dropped off in Venura.

I want to process this cleam immediately and expect to get paid immediately.

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Pat (Delaware) - 7 d 16 h ago

Amtrak are crooks to me, I submitted a request for a refund for the balance due me. Some kind of way my balance was reduced without explanation. I do not plan on using Amtrak again.

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Bruce - 10 d 17 h ago


You need to fix your corporate phone number: (hidden). It's your "portal" to Amtrak for customers, vendors, etc. - and it's doing a very poor job of representing Amtrak. When I call it, I receive 2 options. If I want the employee directory, it says to state: "Employee." When I do that, it comes back and says: "Sorry, I didn't get that" (...and refers me back to the opening message). The other option is to ask for "Department." When I state "Department," I get the same annoying response: "Sorry, I didn't get that" - and then refers me back to the opening message. Come on, guys. If first impressions are critical, this leaves a very poor one of Amtrak...

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Beverly - 11 d ago


I think Amtrak is getting worse and worse if they are rude that does not help you they unappreciated there sit there and watch you and won't even help you your name be on the list for help and believe me they will not give you no help you call and complain to the complaint center and they still don't do nothing I think Amtrak will be next time I last time riding hopefully I'll still Ride Amtrak it's not always but every time there's a problem with Amtrak when I go to Chicago when I go to Atlanta them are the two major problems DC is is very very helpful but in Chicago and Atlanta they need to check their station and do an undercover because they're not doing nothing they supposed to do

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VERY RUDE Customer Service - 11 d 20 h ago

Customer service in Jackson, MI I arrived at the Jackson station and was all ready to board the train. I seen the conductor close the door and I was right where I needed to be. I started calling very loudly to him trying to get his attention but he continued to close the door. The train began to move as I was literally banging on the door to be let in. As you know trains don't take off fast. I ended up getting left. I tried to talk to a lady from customer service and explain to her my issue. She was no help at all and very rude to me. I got yelled at, given unnecessary attitude when I was very respectful, and even with constantly being cut off when speaking I still remained cordial. Even though I got hung up on aggressively. I even tried to call corporate but could not get through after 4 calls. I'm very upset with my experience today and now I'm stuck here for five hours waiting on the next train. PERFECT!

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Dr Julie Tuttle - 34 d ago


Came in with wife ( who is in a body brace and uses walker post - surgery ) to Chicago Il on the 302 9-12-17 . Excellent assistance from the conductors !! Red cab came to pick her up - she put her leg on seat since is unable to bend the leg Usher LINDA demanded leg be put down and then PUSHED her leg to force it down . My wife left the Red Cab ( experiencing pain ! ) and had to hobble with walker to the Union Station entrance - Usher LINDA followed her berating her for taking so long because " I has to stay on this track till you get off " over and over . Witnesses are the two 305 conductors .

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Sophisticated Lady - 12 d 16 h ago


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Teddi - 12 d 16 h ago

Can't even get reservations; twice!! AMTRAK totally rude, zero management/administrative oversight of "employees!" I travel from Santa Ana, CA. Pacific Surfrider, to San Diego round trip, approximately $55. Name: TeddiAlves, My Guest Rewards Member 70001 (LOST CARD ... while trying to contact CORPORATE AMTRAK ... ABOLUTELY PATHETIC ... NOW THREE TIMES I TRIED TO GET THROUGH TO BE SUBJECTED TO RUDE AND IGNORANT PEOPLE!! HUNG UP!!!



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Res # 4B9E3D - 15 d ago


Worst traveling experience of my life. I booked a ticket with a lay over. What I didnt know was that when I got to my lay over they would close the station and force me outside and i would have to sleep in the street in an area where people have been killed. I was constantly disturbed by drug addicts. A pack of racoons came through. An old drunk homeless man kept coming up and touching me. And its illegal to sleep on the street in this city so I could have been arrested or who knows what else. What if I had been a minor, disabled or elderly? It siccens me that amtrak does this to people. I called customer service and was told I should have checked the station hours where my lay over was ahead of time to see if I needed to get a hotel for my lay over and they would not compensate me in any way. It says this no where on their site. Needless to say i got no sleep outside and when the station finnaly opened in the morning I tried to lay down on a bench and get some sleep before my connection but I was told laying is not permitted. Do not use amtrak!!! And definately dont send your kids on amtrak. Grey hound might take longer but if you have a ticket they dont kick you out on the streets.

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Mom of 2 - 28 d ago


My family and I took our first train ride from Ashland, Va to Washington DC for a day trip. My children wanted the "full experience" and asked for hot chocolate. I purchased two hot chocolates and a tea as when the train stopped in Alexandria. The cups were handed to me in a cup carrier with no sleeves on them ( you had to get them yourself). As we sat back at our seats, my son placed his hot chocolate on the seat tray so that he could get situated. The train went over a light bump and the cup fell into his lap. He immediately went to the bathroom and cleaned himself, but it caused a second degree burn. We had to visit the emergency room and he's still receiving treatment from the burn unit. I filed a incident report and was told I would receive forms in the mail within 7-10 business days. Well, today is the 14th business day and I haven't received anything from Amtrak. No one had even contacted me by phone in regards to the incident. This was my first and last train ride on Amtrak!

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Anonymous - 17 d 5 h ago

They suck!

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NeverAmtrack - 17 d 5 h ago


Was basically assaulted by a director (hit in the head) because I was laying down in a seat, she then copped an attitude when it took a second for me to download my eticket mid trip, and then sad I had bad hygiene! ( I guess she had to throw in a insult as well)...

I'm contacting the BBB.

And there CEO Charles Moorman....

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ERIC - 19 d ago


customer service claims baggage policy is horrible. i had a bag that got damaged on their conveyor system and it has been over 2 months and i have called 3-4 times already. The incident is so straight forward that it should not take over 2 months to resolve. The bad thing is that it happened at the Union Station Amtrak location which is not far from the headquarter. The incident is pretty straight forward. The suitcase was torn so bad that i could not use the bag anymore. They gave me a used one unitl i was able to get home. i just want my compensation for a new bag. Ive called customer service and they said at the time that it takes 4 weeks before they get to the claim then another 4 to do an investigation. 8 weeks for a claim not including how long to complete the compensation part. Does anyone have a direct Claims Department number where i can speak to someone. The staff was good at the Washington DC Union Station location but this process sucks!!!

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A Total Lie - 19 d 14 h ago


Train # 6 left Emeryville on time, 910 am Sept. 19 and it arrived in Denver, roughly an hour late the next day at 740 pm. That wasn't the problem. The problem was that about an hour east of the station, a dining car announcement dislosed that, "...oh, and you'll miss the Rockie Mountains; sorry about that..." I'd signed up for alerts and had bought the bedroom tickets for my wife and me in April. When I hooked my laptop up in Denver, I saw Amtrak had sent an email to me after I'd gotten on the train, saying this: "Our records indicate that you are scheduled to depart on Amtrak train number 6 from Emeryville, California at 9:10AM on Tuesday September 19 We want to let you know that due to track work being performed by the Union Pacific Railroad, Train Number 6 will be rerouted between Denver and Salt Lake City on your date of travel.The train will travel over the historic Overland Route which runs through Wyoming. This route offers unique high prairie vistas. . We appreciate your patronage and apologize for any inconvenience." It was Wyoming, not the Rockies! A couple from Great Britain almost broke down when we told them. Imagine travelling 33 hours with 200 angry passengers. From my window throughout the entire day in this miserable state, the "unique high prairie vistas" looked like a cowboy slum on the moon. I overheard a conductor inform a disgruntled passenger that it was due to 180,000 ties being replaced. Does this sound like a spur-of-the-moment decision by The Maintenance of Way? Not to me; it sounds like track maintenance on a long term PM schedule, perhaps years. Amtrak probably just didn't want to incur the loss of revenue by doin the right thing and notify us. I want my money back.

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P O'd Grandpa - 25 d 12 h ago


On sept 17th I traveled from sacramento to seattle with 2 of my grandsons. I purchased a roundtrip sleeper ticket months prior to the departure date from a Amtrak agent at the sacramento depot.

Myself a 63yr old man and a 9yr old and his brother a 13tr old board the train at midnight in sacramento to find our sleeper had 2 bunks a broom closet.

How am I suppose to sleep, I had no choice but to take a transit sleeper that was available and offered.. after voicing my complaint to the crew.

Now I'm unable to sleep all night (this is a 20hr ride) worrying about and checking on my grandkids.

As soon as we arrived in seattle I told the agent who *didnt get it, and was uncharged another $450 for the accommodations I expected for our return trip.

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Mrs. Stand Up (Margaret L. Douglas - 26 d 44 m ago


I'm not interested in a reward just feed back on case number 4262518 gate C train 30 6 PM 7/11/17 Chicago station-Cleveland. I've worked on this issue with Sr. travel and luggage with AAA, Patrolman Simons, & son Malcolm S. Douglas for two and 1/2 mos. and yet no review or report issued. Your staff in that Gate C room didn't provide me with any help only a ploy (something covered up by them0 and why??? Because they knew something not disclosed for 3 hours. I am standing up in an open room for 3 hours with AAA luggage on 4 wheels. Other remained seated and that was what caused me to seek help because the ticket person moved people before me a Sr turned me back so called with 4 small children as called first 6 min's.What's wrong with this system that they prolong what I could have easily retrieved had not for that ticket holders non disclosed performance with a mob!!!!! Mrs. Stand Up Senior (Margaret L. Douglas 01/05/1936

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SOUTHERN KIWI - 29 d 5 h ago

dear amtrak promotional / advertising executive a 'kiwi' new zealander i've had this wish to go to london for so long, my mum was a londoner & if yr so close ya gotta go to 'la belle france' too (why not / pourquoi pas) i understand the eurostar is a great way to get there, under the channel & across the french countryside. so which direction should i go to get there, hmmn via asia or oh i know, i've never been to america, why not stop off at LA & continue travel by train & check out the land of the free & home of the brave, what about gettin' a train across america west to east coast, CAL to NYC, now yr talkin' cowboy hehe it's merely a thought mind you & i'm completely free, relaxed, so wonder if there could be promotional value for AMTRAK of an 'ordinary' gentleman such as myself (67) travelling alone, my experiences & people (they've made movies about less hehe) (if they can understand our accent) undertaking a 'voyage dans 'l'inconnu' an adventure around the world, that could be used in television advertising (there's nothing like a funny accent to get people's attention), i'm easy going, love to chat to people & full of surprises. i gather the price isn't that great, so that's not really an issue if you take the point, but i'm thinking of ways to make the experience a whole lot more interesting, entertaining, creating the sense i'm part of something bigger, perhaps it's about the power of the creative mind, albert einstein said, your imagination is a preview of life's coming attractions be great to hear from you, warmest wishes from down under KEV STEVENSON DUNEDIN NZ (hidden) 54 deg south

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Anne - 35 d 12 h ago


Train 54 from Bridgeport CT to Montpelier VT - (this train goes from Washington DC to St. Albans VT): When I got on at Bridgeport, the trash containers in the bathrooms were overflowing, food in the sinks, papers on the floors, looked like a third world train. In fact, I've been on much cleaner and better maintained trains in the third world. Also the train had water problems and the public address system wasn't working adequately.

The staff on the train overlooked the messes in the bathrooms until a conductor who got on in northern Mass. or VT noticed it and started to work on cleaning it up.

Is this acceptable to Amtrak corporate offices?Are they even paying attention? It looks as tho there are problems up and down the system. And complaints, as in the reviews below, seem to be met with indifference or rudeness.

No wonder our trains are short of cash, they are disgusting to be on so no one who has a choice would choose to ride on them.

Take the bus! Or fly!

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Charles - 35 d 15 h ago


Sitting at the Canadian border (Amtrak 69) with no explanation for the delay. Why is it so hard to make an announcement? It would go a long way for reducing stress levels.

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stanco electrical contractors inc - 35 d 19 h ago


Can not get paid for change order at a Amtrak in LIC NY

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Anonymous - 41 d 5 s ago


After that terrible experience that I had when your train was late then broke down and we left w/o power air or water inside the train 4 5 hours .I was giving a case # 4315133 by your costumer relationship specialist crystal I.d.7090 but the email was given is not valid .cant u just refund my ticket in full . Please reply

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