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Angie's List

1030 E Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN
(800) 445-6937
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Anonymous - 19 h ago

Class action law suit anybody? Same with me I was told when we signed up leads would come in right away. Before we signed they had sent me 3 leads ( the bait) then they said it takes up to 90 days to get into the system. ( the switch ) yes this is illegal. On going bullshit. Then they took money out after we said we wanted to put on hold with no money coming in. The sales rep jeff Ferguson. Brian Foley and other case managers. Remember this company also owns home advisor which I pay for up until 2020. After receiving leads on HomeAdvisor from Angie's list and had to pay hundreds for these leads they told me that that's what there ( Angie's list does when they don't have enough contractors. Dumb ass was told that I advertise on Angie's list and I'm a contractor so why didn't I get it through Angie's list. No answer. law suits coming

Good way to take care of your veteran company's

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John - 19 h ago

Service magic is home advisor. Guess what they got in trouble for!!!! Same company different name

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Gerlinda Antoine - 230 d 16 h ago


I've been an angies list pro for about 2months. Even though I was running my business on my own for a while I decided to stop due to a family emergency. I attempted to cancel my subscription and they are trying to charge me $1,000+ For a service I no longer need and THIS WAS NEVER DISCUSSED ON MY INTIAL SIGN UP. All the sales rep does is feed you great stuff so they can sign you up and make a commission. They never tell you this upfront! It's either that or continue to pay 300.00 a month for a business I no longer have and advertisement they are NO LONGER PROVIDING! If I knew this from the very beginning I would not have signed up and would have went with another lead generating company. Things happen with small business but Angies List gives you this false pretense when signing up and never discuss certain topics. I was told my subscription will give me about 9-15 leads per month, LIES! I've only receive 3 leads this past 2 MONTHS, and had only secured 1 client because the other 2 didn't answer the phone or respond back to my messages! If your thinking about signing up, DONT. Not unless your 100% positive that nothing in this world will ever happen to you in 12months.

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Heather - 206 d 10 h ago


The exact same thing happened to me! I am so pissed, my sales guy told me there was an overload of work needed in my area and it was all lies!! I can't afford 400$ a month to not get any leads. Ridiculous

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Kenton L - 8 d 12 h ago


I feel bad for you in this terrible time for small independent contractors. Several years ago I had a contract with Angie's List for a 12 month period. It was in two areas of the city that I live (Columbus).. In the 12 month period I received ONE lead from email. The lead came in late Dec. of that year. Met the prospective client. When I went they had set up a time with 5 contractors at the same time! How ridiculous! Needless to say I did not get the job nor did I want the job! It was like taking $3600 for the year and blowing it in the wind! The sales and I mean sales person that led me into the contract did not give me all the information that I needed. I called after the third month of the contract that year to talk with my rep. Her response was to get more reviews. If needed have a neighbor make out a review. I told them this was like 3rd grade thinking. I apparently had enough good reviews for Angie's List to reach out to me to PAY for advertising. Apparently I did not have reviews for them (Angie's List) to place me where my name would be seen. Very unfair practice. Also please watch out for scammers who will contact you through your Angie's List Business email. Best of luck to you!

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Kenton L. - 8 d 13 h ago



If you receive an email from Angie's List for perspective work and there are grammatical errors, misspelling of words in the email, or the name of the person sounds a bit fishy, please contact Angie's List. These people say they will pay you upfront by placing check into your account, and if you agree,then you probably will be a victim of their scam. I have talked with Angie's List about sending an email to their providers, paid advertisers of Angie's List, or non paying service providers. The first time I spoke with Angie"s List was in late January of 2020 and have spoke with them again (twice) about the same form of deceiving practices from people who represent themselves as Angie's List members. I have yet to receive any emails and I am asking Angie's List if they will post an email to their service providers of this issue. Thank you for reading and be safe in the business world, especially at this time of financial uncertainty. Our dollars are hard earned and we can not afford to lose that money to scammers who hide under the name of Angie's List.

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Rita B - 9 d 9 h ago


I own a small painting business in Middleton, WI. Which is outside of Madison, WI. I have been advertising with Angie's List for about 6 years and I told them that I couldn't pay this month due to cancelled jobs and much less work. 2 days later they charged my debt card for the full amount of $1050 for a month of advertising. I called my account manager and he said that it could not be stopped. He said after this initial payment they were talking about potentially giving us business owners the chance to pay 50% for 2 months and then 150% for another 2 months which also sounded impossible. I filed a complaint with my debit card company and they did a charge back for this payment. Now I was told by this manager that Angies List is going to cancel my payment and that I have 2 days to make this payment again or they will consider my contract in default and Have to collect the past due payments and charge me an early termination fee. They are very unforgiving in this difficult time and surely will be the cause in the failure of my family owned business. I told him that my husband and I have a special needs daughter who is home full time now under the quarantine with us and that I am a high risk person for the virus due to being a toxic mold survivor.

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Anonymous - 218 d 35 m ago

Angie's list posted a fake company using my info and number and I can't get them to take it down they scam

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Anonymous - 122 d 8 h ago


They are doing the same with my company's information. Bate and switch!

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Ray - 94 d 7 h ago

contact the attorney generals office and put in a complaint. I am having a problem too

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Citizen - 24 d 8 h ago


Yes they are they don't care about anything or anyone watch out

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L Bush - 32 d 12 h ago


First referral from Angie's list didnt go well. Needed a contractor for a remodel job. Legacy Solutions in New Mexico recommended. Made an appt. Representative cancelled and wanted to reschedule because she had Corona virus. CRAZY!!!

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Anonymous - 83 d 10 h ago


Wonderful and honest Angie's List review of Sattler Electric giving Sid an F. Unfortunately, my job was underway/about done. Multiply the cost and headache of the person giving the F rating by several thousand. I'm recovering slowly, and in a few years when again can afford some work will get an Angie's List membership. (So at this point don't have any use for a membership. I'm broke.) This man is a psychopath, and it is from subtle intimidation, double talk, and deception that he has the AAA+ rating w/the BBB. Even past Angie's List (and other such consumer protection sites) ratings of A are probably either due to him somehow rating himself, or some other deception. Companies like Angie's List really can't do much more than the BBB. I actually just read the F rating review and have great respect for the courage of the person who wrote it. I hope he wasn't retaliated against, for Sid could probably figure out who it was. I'm afraid of this man and all the criminals who work for him, and so at this point don't have an Angie's List membership. I am writing this anonymous statement and sending it to the company's HQ in the hope they will post it and save others from the hardship this man caused us. He may now be in honest mode given how the truth came out; but this man should not be allowed to be in business at all. I wonder how many families and individuals he has taken advantage of over the past 45 years. Thank you Angie's List!

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Angie's List Corp. - 121 d 19 h ago



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Angie's List - 205 d 15 h ago


Diversity is just another way of spelling 'garbage dump'...................

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Anonymous - 169 d 15 h ago


so very true

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Anonymous - 276 d 13 h ago


I called exterior home design on Angie's list but the guy doesn't answer his phone then when he picks up he gives fake excuses reasons as to why he does not respond also after speaking to him he told me he would come check out and give me estimate cost of repairs in the morning so here I am on my day off thinking this idiot Alvin would call and let me know he will be late but doesn't call me at all then I tried calling back he picks up and said oh there was an emergency so I can't come out today so I said why didn't you follow up made an effort contacting me to let me know earlier but again he started lying and giving me other phony excuses!!! So definitely will not recommend Alvin from exterior home design !!!!!! Angie's list should remove him ASAP !!!!!

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darren robinson - 295 d 16 h ago


I recently hired service for home cleaning from Handy Pros through Angie's list I thought is was a good ideal because I just used Angie's for another project and it worked out swell .

So I hired made services from Handy Pro thinking everything would go smooth . First they gave me a time of 10:30 am that i would have services at my home on this day I was off work . Later on the day before they was suppose to show up I got an email stating a 4 hour window which was never discussed EVER ! So I was going to live with it being I needed the services . So the very time they was suppose to show up i got an Email letting me know they canceled my appointment and already rescheduled me another appointment for the Following day without checking with me an my schedule !!!!!!!!! They are impossible to reach unless you are first buying their service after that GOOD LUCK !!!!!

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

I am a recent Ex-Republican and and Ex-Fox "News" watcher. The reason I gave both the Republican party and Fox "News" the boot, is because of the constant lies, conspiracy theories and mis-information they consistently air, it is irresponsible.

I hope, in the future your organization will make more socially responsible choices for spreading your message. It is past time for each of us as businesses and consumers to say "NO" to supporting irresponsible and harmful messaging! Until Fox decides to not be the "FakeNews" organization it has become, I am boycotting your companies. I have informed my investment broker, I cannot participate as a consumer or investor in companies acting so irresponsibly. I hope Angie's List will makes responsible changes soon!


Your Ex-Consumer

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Todd - 308 d 8 h ago

You sound like a democrats bot with nothing better to do than put political posts in places they don't belong. Angies list has nothing to do with fox you fake!

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Scott - 1 y ago


I am in the same boat. I have spent a lot of money and have received ZERO leads after a month. I was told I would get 20-30 leads every month, but have received nothing. Told I need to pay 35% to get out of contract.

Angie's List is a SCAM.

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Jess - 1 y ago




No integrity.

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Kyle Williams - 1 y 229 d ago


Angie's List charged us exorbitant fees and did nothing! When we requested a refund, the representative treated us like we were stupid. She lied by saying she had no supervisor to address our complaint. She also lied to her supervisor who emailed us asserting our owner signed an agreement when he did not. We have no respect for them, will never do business with them again, and wouldn't recommend them to anyone. We are having a good experience with Home Advisor, but be careful--they are owned by same company

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t young - 1 y 191 d ago

yes i been with them 2 half weeks paid 300 dollars totally lied will file complaint with the attoney general investigative reporter file class action law suite

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Darren Bryant - 1 y 181 d ago


I was told the same thing. No Supervisor to address my complaint. They had me advertising in a State I was not even licensed for and in area 14 hours away. What a waist of time and energy! If you make any progress let me know. I sure want to go after them and get my money back. Been with them for less than three weeks. Paid over $300.00

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Darren Bryant - 1 y 181 d ago


I was told the same thing. No Supervisor to address my complaint. They had me advertising in a State I was not even licensed for and in area 14 hours away. What a waist of time and energy! If you make any progress let me know. I sure want to go after them and get my money back. Been with them for less than three weeks.

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Nathan - 1 y 65 d ago

We are in the same process as well. That company is a rip off and lie to us about work in our area. What is your information so we can get together.

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Yanni - 1 y ago


we are on the same boat, wold love to join hands

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