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America Online
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New York, NY
Tim Armstrong
CEO and Chairman
(212) 652-6400
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Anonymous - 2 h 42 m ago

Dear sir,

H;ear my plea, allow for Aol to be paid in larger blocks of time so as not to have to think about it on a monthly basis ie for 1 or 5 year subscription. This period is standard with other software suppliers. With these larger periods, issue a paid receipt for accounting purposes. Also consider that for Aol users not in the USA, your monthly billing policy is an accounting problem.

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alohatodon - 1 d 9 h ago


I agree wholeheartedly with Jon C. AOL has become a left-wing tool of Ariana Huffington and Huffington Post. AOL is supposed to be a browser, not a purveyor of hateful and biased reporting of 'news'. In addition, their 'Welcome' screen is filled with continued repeats, spelling errors and repetitive old stories that indicate there are no Editors monitoring the site. Further, AOL uses the old "bait and switch" gimmick, giving a headline that, when you click further, has nothing to do with the 'headline'. Even in their 'Welcome', they have misleading items that, when clicked, lead to you to a commercial advertisement. I wonder if Steve Case, the founder, is sad, knowing that his 'baby' has been so corrupted!

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Jon C. - 16 d 15 h ago


I've been with AOL for about 20 years or more now. I've been tired of your left leaning fake news for quite some time. I've never really went as far as to start figuring out a way to disassociate all my accounts that are associated with my aol email as the primary account until this past year. Your news feed is such lying bullshit I just can't even believe it! Your news comes from the Washington Post, Huffington Post and everything that's wrong with the media today. It's just laughable that you would support the leftist anti-American agenda as blindly you do. The DNC and the media are bordering on treason, and when the truth finally comes out, and it will, you guys are going to be smack dab in the middle of it! New York needs to follow California right into the ocean and get out of America's way! We're taking our country back!

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Right - 5 d 17 h ago


Jon C. You are a really dumb person, right? Can I interest you in an old copy of 1984? There is nothing wrong with criticizing news sources, that is a healthy thing in a vibrant democracy, but simply trying to parrot a white wash of Political Spin isn't really a credible approach either. And do you really think it's a great thing to say things like California and New York should go into the ocean? That's a very unpatriotic thing to say, no? Possibly treasonous? At the end of the day, one country with different views-that's our core strength. And yes, I agree with you the Media is perceived to be much less impartial than it was 20-30 years ago, but jumping in one camp of reckless spin isn't really going to elevate an alternative reality. Or am I wrong- soap isn't really soap, soap can be anything you believe it to be? If so then magical thinking and temporal narratives should be embedded in our Constitution. My suggestion for you is to try hard to start Constitutional amendment process outlining an approach based on Mao doctrine- be a doctor by doing a doctor's work--- right --how hard could it be? Just make sure you take your kid to that doctor after you succeeded in the constitutional amendment. Also, make sure you put a clause in the amendment that pushes for a manmade geological intervention that causes NY and CA to fall into the ocean. Then-when all your fellow Americans perish from those states perish you can celebrate, right, that's what you want? That's the impression you give above, or maybe you owe the citizens of NY and CA an apology for the banter you spewed above?

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12 gauge - 5 d ago


@ Right (???)

You are one brain washed troll. Go pick up your blood money...............TROLL.

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Jack - 1 d 19 h ago

AMEN! Well said and right on!

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Jennifer - 2 d 1 h ago


I am paying for AOL. It freezes up multiple times per day. I even bought a new computer and it does the same thing. I went to cancel the free trial and for weeks it says "down for maintenance" I called yesterday, 57 minutes holding and no person. I'm on hold again now. This is ridiculous. The new desktop version has too many glitches in it. AOL wanted to get greedy and charge, which is fine, but it's not fine to charge for a service you are not providing. Corporate should be ashamed of themselves.

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Sharon - 2 d ago


I have spent 48 days trying to get my e-mail account re-activated. AOL Customer service has consistently either ignored me or sent me round in circles form one help to another without actually addressing the problem.

I have had this account since the last 1990's. I have never had any complaints about your service. I have championed AOL . Never again.

48 days ...nearly seven weeks and all I get told is to phone customer service...or clear my cache or call customer service rather than take a few minutes to read my e-mails or tweets and actually solve a simple problem.



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Darlene Sawicki - 2 d 5 h ago


Anyone with Yahoo, Verizon, AOL or any of the other OATHS services such as Time Warner should immediately discontinue those services due to the horrible treatment of consumers and the arrogance of the company when it comes to Billing errors. This is an example of another monopoly not being properly regulated, (according to our current laws) by our federal government because they provide services to our government.

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Steve In Pa - 3 d 6 h ago


In a review of our small church's finances we noticed that AOL debited the churchs checking account $47.99 a month. It seems this monthly bill was paid for 13 years at least.

A call into AOL was useless as we didn't know the answer to the questions of the deceased pastor who opened the account.

We can close the account as an option and in doing so we can never find out why we were billed for at least 13 years.

As of now we cannot resolve this simple issue as we are stuck in the India call center who says they can't help us.

This is very upsetting and hard to believe in this day and age.

Is the FCC or a lawsuit the only remaining alternative ? How terrible to be even thinking this way.

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Sharon Hieb - 4 d ago


AOL should take down the President page where you can talk about him. The people on there are nasty to one another. Just like children

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Darlene Sawicki - 8 d ago


James just spent another Hour saying he was going to take care of issues and guess what...all he did was reset password. Forget you aol i am not paying for something I did not have

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Darlene Sawicki - 8 d 34 s ago


After being told they took care of it now I found out, (according to Chris) that they actually negatively impacted my credit score. And they want me to pay for service that I had no access to. UMMM, yeah not gonna happen. I am on disability folks and a senior citizen. 13 different representatives in 2.5 hours and only one in the United States. Left message for Escalations department in Virginia but I know they won't do anything. Filed a complaint with Attorney General office

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Darlene Sawicki - 8 d ago


I am so sick of AOL trying to collect a bill they are not entitled to pursue. I am so sick of dealing with customer service and being disconnected. Today I spoke withn Hector, Zander, Bob and Jacob Satanee and threatened by Manuel and told you need to just pay your bills. This is the worst company in history - they locked my account and when I tried to call for password reset they never answered the phone. So I changed and blocked them from my credit card. Now they are sending me bills and threatening me I called on 6 July 2017. and was told I would not receive another bill and today...I got another bill.

\. And Jacob Leon.from the customer service. They tried to get new credit card from me and refused to take car of it

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Anonymous - 8 d 4 h ago

you have made a huge mistake discontinuing the free aol desktop version. With all the free competition out there no one will use your paid service. half the time your browser is slow anyway... I dont know what you are thinking but you wont make any new friends with this decision

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RON P - 9 d ago


A few weeks ago AOL flashed a pop up that I could get rid of the advertising if I signed up for the service. I don't mind the adds so I passed. Now I' getting pop ups saying that if I don't sign up for AOL GOLD, my email will be shut off. They say that it will take effect in April which has long since passed . What is going on? After 40 years they want to start charging again. I'm screwed. I receive important notifications on my AOL mail. It would be a disaster if I lost it.

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Kathy H - 10 d 4 h ago


I had a Verizon email with my account, then they switched to AOL!! WHY, I have no idea and now I have had nothing but problems with accessing it on all of my which I find a foreign country handles all problems, GO FIGURE!!! What sucks is all they do is apologize and tell you they understand constantly!!!

I am going to write to the CEO/Chairman complaining, for which I am sure that they won't care since they are a big monopoly within that organization, but can give it a shot.

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David F. - 10 d 17 h ago


aol is a complete disaster, Going down the drain very fast. Sunday could not connect. I am a member for over 21 Years. Called several times wait time over 25 minutes.

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Dave S - 13 d ago


when is AOL going to be fixed so I can sign in to get EMail that I need to get downloads from? Where can I send a bill to for lost revenue because I can't download radio programs. AOL's service sure falls into the lousy catagory anymore (I just opened a GMail account so I don't have to depend on AOL). And just think you pay for this new Desktop service and AOL doesn't work? Whats wrong with that picture? Lets get you act together people

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Jens-Uwe Dethlefsen - 12 d 6 h ago


I will write today to the CEO from AOL a harsh letter and send this to the corporate Office 770 Broadway New York/ NY 10003

with a complete protest against this AOL "GOLD" Crab I lost a full Mail to send folder, then I have no access anymore to a specific chatroom, then if I open a webpage and want to answer per mail to this address, NO possible I have to copy and paste this address to the AOL GOLD mail page what a joke!!!!!!

Then I have yesterday written a personal mail to the county Commissioners and what was happen? Nothing NO delivery

I will contact my attorney today and we will see what we can legally do for damaging my Hard drive , AOL has to feel the pressure from the customer, because they have a special department TOS I call them the STASI of AOL totally unqualified and stupid this bunch of Idiots , they should close this office for good and start this crab in Mullah Land.

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Janie - 33 d ago


Hi everyone. I was just wondering where you guys are living that you still have to pay a monthly fee. As long as you have a high speed connection AOL is free. I have a different gripe with them but I am going to handle it with corporate. Good luck to all of you.

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schang - 13 d 38 m ago

Dear Janie: I live in town and I have been a AOL member over 20 years. I have been a loyal(?) AOL customer, always paying monthly fee. Yes, I do have High Speed Connection with COX. Help me how to have AOL without paying the monthly fee. I would like to keep the AOL since there are so many files, pictures and connections with the AOL.. Thanks, in advance.

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schang - 13 d ago


Mr Armstrong:

I am a AOL member over 20 years. Recently. I was offered two programs from the AOL message: One was Virus detect and the other was scan disk clean stuff. It was offered free for 30 days, then will be charged monthly @ $4 some to keep. Since I accepted the AOL offer and downloaded as following the direction, I lost all of the files. I had to call the local technician to restore the basics for me to have the internet... I want to cancel the further charges that was offered free for 30 days. Who should I call before the charges be made to me. My AOL account is " (hidden)"

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Former user - 17 d 21 s ago


Dear Tim:

I am astounded that you expect someone to pay $4.99 a month to use your browser. It is loaded with ads and doesn't work half the time.

It is annoying to me to have to change my ways after 25 years using AOL for email but I will not pay your new charge.

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Doris Brown - 19 d 24 h ago

I am not received my email since June 9 2017 what should I do receive my email on my desk top computer please mail me some information to tell what to do send the information to Doris Brown post office box 99 port Gibson mississippi 39150

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