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America Online
770 Broadway
New York, NY
Tim Armstrong
CEO and Chairman
(212) 652-6400
Twitter IDs
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Natalie - 1 d 6 h ago


Been a member of AOL gold for one month. Endless problems that have not been resolved by your technicians. Frustrated and annoyed that no one knows what they are doing. I should be paid for the hours I have spent on the phone trying to get the necessary help. After decades of being a member, it is shameful that your members are being treated this way. Totally unacceptable !

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BILL D. - 1 d 18 h ago


Mister Armstrong, how / why on earth could you release the "AOL GOLD" browser system that from a customers / users point of view, is at the very least 1 year a actual release, ON TOP OF CHARGING long term AOL users ( myself at 24 years } for the privilege of using a substandard browser, Is the goal to lose even more market share in the browser wars. The AOL browser of 12 years ago was a far better product and it was "FREE OF CHARGE" . I can not justify spending

even $5.00 a month to my family for this product while seeing ZERO progress in the 60days of the "new improved" AOL........ with all its faults the "old" FREE AOL. it had the finest e-mail system in the field...... and BY GOD, your people have even managed to screw that up...... IF AOL wants to get out of the internet business please close up shop please do,IF NOT YOUR GOAL ,stop charging us for an inferior product at least until you can compete with Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft I.E......... Iam saying this in hopes SOMEONE who has clarity of thought,and desire for good customer service , may just happen to see OUR plight and make AOL a worth while company to support....... trust me, others are waiting in the wings.

A mass reply via email to your customers from you would seem to be in order,along with some relief for our problems........just an aside, your Aol help line is useless. The responses are canned and of no value once one goes through the computer generated "fix" and nothing improves ......... EVER.

Thank You For Your Time.

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DaveD - 3 d 9 h ago


What an unethical company AOL has turned into! I signed up for the aol gold 30 day trial and THE VERY NEXT DAY I started getting bombarded with spam emails. I'm getting 20+ a day!!! I've been with aol for 20 years and get \maybe 1-3 a week and many weeks I don't get any. You sign up and get sold out to the spammers! How do you all sleep at night selling out your customers like that! You call the (hidden) number and get bold face liars in Bulgaria. They try and tell you that I was the first to tell them even though I have 5 people I know ALL CALL them to tell them how sick this sell out was! I ask for a USA rep and they tell me there are no more reps in the USA! What bold face liars they are! I'm done with aol, they have turned into spam merchants and liars!!

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Supporting America - 43 d ago


Your left wing extreme bias and tireless energy to find ANYTHING wrong with Trump, his efforts to improve our country, (and including his family members!) , is disgusting and very counterproductive to making our country great again. Not sure of your intent and motivation but if your highly perceived mission is to help further decline our culture it will not work. No wonder your rating is so low and doing any business with AOL, your customer "service", navigating your distorted news, and avoiding all the excessive advertising is frustrating and annoying beyond description. As a Viet Nam era vet, a very patriotic and retired business professional I have never experienced such a poorly run and irresponsible organization. Stop your opposition and start supporting our revitalization and repair of Obama's bad leadership and judgement.

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So I had sent Tim Armstrong (some CEO) not one but TWO emails, and he's yet to respond, but he's got loads of time to 'tweet' to people. AOL was once a leading company when they first started perhaps, but has been in decline and with such a CEO as Tim Armstrong only proves how bad this company has become. Oh...and they outsource their Tech Support to the Philippines. While the AOL Customer Support is friendly and professional I've yet to get my issue resolved and with Mr. Armstrong too busy to reply to complaints no wonder nobody at this company knows what the hell is going on. I was a former Verizon migrated to AOL customer, and up until the migration I had no email issues, but once migrated I can no longer send emails...only can receive...and the 'helpless desk' from the Philippines is no help. Of course like major IT and Silicon Valley lefties they are only happy to pay low wages and keep these jobs overseas. They need to change the A in America to A$$HOLE....because that's what's leading this company now.

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Anonymous - 28 d 11 h ago

Thank you! I've just now read the statement above in which you dress-down AOL for their left-wing bias; how articulately you make our case! This very day I was driven to telephone the corporate offices of AOL to describe the total fatigue they create with their "deplorable opposition" to the president, his staff and family. Had I not been seeking out a contact number for AOL, I would have missed your straight-shooting; thanks even more for your direct hit. It's up to me now to change my alliance and seek a new service provider.

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TwixtTwilightnEnlightenment - 4 d 11 h ago


My five stars go to you for your service, dear Viet Nam VET!!!!!!

Yes, AOL is a service and as a "service" it should not have an "opinion" but only provide viable, trusted, verified news, not take its stand as if it is a person! You say you are not sure of AOLs "intent and motivation" well, I am sure that they want to destroy America! America is the most wonderful country in the world. I have lived all over the world and I can tell you there is no place like America. All these people who hate Her should leave Her! This isn't their country. They hold no allegiance to her and they need to just go where they think the grass is greener. AOL used to be an impartial service provider. I used it for all my news and I was very happy with it--in the beginning. Now they are just too big for their britches, but by this 1/2 star rating they are on their way down. This is America and only the cream of the crop rise to the top!!!! (and stay there)

Thanks again for your service, Veteran!!!!!!

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John Sodano - 49 d 11 h ago


All I want is my email account.....My email was hacked on Monday May 1st, 2017 (in the morning). I know this because I was online when it happened. AOL software suddenly stopped working. I brought the AOL screen back up, and my password didn't work. After a few attempts to sign in, I called AOL Customer support and learned that someone had changed my password. They gave me a temporary password. I went to sign in. After entering the temp password, there was a second verification screen that would send a code to my cell phone. The problem is the last 4 digits on the verification screen didn't match my phone number. My email has been the same since 1996, I am a paid member, and my phone number has been the same since 1987. AOL has my correct cell in their records. The Second Verification Dept. requested I send copies of my drivers license and other documents to an email address. I did that and was told it should be resolved within 24 hours, but could take up to 48 hours for a call back. Now, it is almost 4 days and no phone call. I call everyday but no one returns my calls. They keep saying that my case is being escalated, but nothing happens.

AOL, you have to do better than this. My medical records, Doctor appointments, and personal emails all go to this same address for over 20 years. It is morally wrong that you allow hackers to access my personal email account and then lock the owner out.

Can anyone help me get my email address back???

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Terry Seaman, - 47 d 10 h ago

Yep, AOL SUCKS!!! AOL is getting worse and worse as time goes buy. AOL is getting sucker and sucker (if that's a word)

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Mary - 27 d 9 h ago


Did you send your documents to an US address?

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TwixttwighlightnEnlightenment - 4 d 11 h ago


This is AOLs way of forcing people to pay for its "umbrella service" (don't know what label they put on it. I was always a paid member, but it had to do with "dial up" and now none of us, or most of us, are not on dial up any more. I also have been with them since their beginning, but they keep changing hands and banks buy them out and the service gets worse and worse. People actually laugh at me because I still utilize AOL.

Yes, I have had the same address also for all these years. But this is the "new world" and there is no "loyalty" of companies. They just don't care. All they care about is getting bigger and making more money, but like a hot helium balloon, they will get bigger and bigger until they "pop" and they will deserve to pop. This is not how a company should treat loyal members. But then again, Wells Fargo did the same, and AT& T, and Verizon, and......this is the world now. The people have to take back their world. It isn't about petty politics any more, it is about every American standing up for their rights "together we have power"....sigh...I hope you get your email addresses back, I know how horrible that can be...

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Virginia H. Rutledge - 50 d 8 h ago


I terminated my association with AOL many months ago. I recently received a bill for $31.96! I spent four hours contacting four departments to try to straighten out this ridiculous bill. Some of your employees were nice and helpful, but redirected me to other departments. I was connected with Customer Service, then the technical department, then I finally was sent to the billing department. After telling the agent my problem, he refused to cancel the bill and said if I would immediately give him my credit card number, he would cut my bill in half! I would not trust the AOL agent with my credit card information and told him that I was sent this bill in error. I finally hung up totally frustrated. I terminated my association with AOL many months ago and should NOT have received a bill. I want no more contact with AOL and am sending a letter by certified mail to be able to show that I have given notice that I want no further contact with AOL. this bill is bogus. Your business practices are atrocious. I am sending the same letter to the Customer Service Department at AOL and to the Better Business Bureau.

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Mary - 27 d 9 h ago

AOL customer service is in Romania. After paying for AOL Gold for 3.99 a month and the tech took over my computer, I called the bank and asked for a new acct and debit card. Shady if you ask me, glad I have life lock.

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TwixtTwighlightnEnlightenment - 4 d 12 h ago


Yes, but they can create havoc with your computer forever after.

They keep saying I must contact them with a bank card to continue my account, after all these years! They advertise that they are "free", which is false advertising.

The FCC will bring them to the carpet on this. NO COMPANY is too big for regulation.

The people still have the power and if we do not, then we need to take it back.

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TwixtTwighlightnEnlightenment - 4 d 12 h ago


I reported America Online to the FCC.

They are always very efficient at following up on things like this.

AOL is trying to charge people for what they call "free and fun" and you cannot have false advertising where the entire public is served.

I have been with AOL since its inception, but this is not the AOL that I signed up for. They have a half star and it is easy to ascertain why this has happened!

AOL used to be wonderful and if this half star is any indication, they are now becoming "the dinosaur", which is very sad....

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Syed Ahmed - 10 d 5 h ago


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Anonymous - 14 d 15 h ago

Hello You cut me off aol and made me go on Desk aol -----the program is slow and cannot send e mails and lose information like e mail addresses

Why did you change --the program was working well

Lowell Levine


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Aspasia - 16 d 11 h ago


AOL has been unspeakably horrible since I was suck with them while I was lying in bed in rehab from a broken hip.

The CALENDAR, my current worst problem, is completely unreliable. Sometimes it works; most of the time it doesn't. I have missed friend/bujsiness events; I can't access this month's dates, much less nex month.

Wasting time trying to use AOL suggestions is just that -- a wast of time. Most of the links don't work, period.

What is so difficult about keeping a Calendar running? Anybody been through this and solved problem? Talk to me!

General profile image - 16 d 16 h ago


Sir, Never thought I would have to write a letter such as this but, as of yesterday 6/5/2017 was locked out of my AOL account, reason?, Called your accounting dept, after a long discussion was told to call the teck dept. Called the teck dept and again a long discussion was told to call the billing dept, explained that the billing dept told me to call the teck dept. Then told me they could not help me. This back and fourth went on for 61/2 hours. Very frustrated. Pay my bill every month, can not figure out what is wrong. Have lost all my records business contacks, e-mails, family pictures and also the biography of my life, 87 years. all lost from the vender that I thought I could trust.

Well this morning have opened a new account with a new vender and have to say good by to you and your poorly managed Business.

Hope you understand that I will condemn your AOL as often as I can and have many friends that will hear my story.

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Catherine - 20 d 13 h ago


THE WORST. I was locked out of my email trying to change my password after I was hacked and no one could help. Just told had to wait 24 hours then call again. When I asked to speak with a supervisor I was told the CEO couldn't change my being locked out. That is insane. When I asked to speak with the CEO I was put on hold with music playing!

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kathy - 24 d 9 h ago


My boyfriend and I shared an email address. He has passed away last year and its hard for me to look at some of them. When I got the courage to see them again, AOL had decided I took to long and deleted all the emails. Well maybe we can write new emails oh no that's right" HE IS DEAD. Pics and everything !!!!!Thank you Aol.

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Anonymous - 43 d 13 h ago

i HAVE BEEN A MEMBER FOR OVER TEN YEARS; I AM SINCERELY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE SERVICE YOU PROVIDE; i cannot use my computer although documents were sent to your executive team: proving who I ame. I will have no alternative but to file a complaint with consumer protection.

Flagged for review. 
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claudia ridley - 43 d 17 h ago


keep being billed monthly for service even when i credit for the services i have been billed repeatly for services which have lead to about 3 months of free services when i called they give the run around and give the billing address whic means i have to submi my bank staements with the charges on them. i have no real problemwith this but i do not wish for other people to see in to my account. please respond.,

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Ron - 44 d 17 h ago


cant get anyone on phone and when you do they cant find my account tried for over a half hr to get through to C/ S to just keep getting message sorry for your delay. I do not like this e-mail It has nothing but problems and cant get it resolved. my mobile phone or computer has issues. So frustrating

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mbb - 44 d 19 h ago


Thank you for reminding me why I had not used for a long time. Needless to say my fears when switched to for its e-mail provided were realized today when for no reason at all, my password no longer was valid. Not only did I change it per the instructions and received the verification, it still did not work on my I-phone. I had to wait until 8:00 am ET to contact a password representative only to wait for 15 minutes. The representative was nice but unable to help me. I was forced to acquire the paid tech support although the first 30 days will be waived and then I had to wait another hour for the tech support rep. She, too, was more than patient and nice in spite of the frustrations I was experiencing due to the troubles keeps having with its applications on mobile devices. Rest assured, I will be researching for another provider. I would think based upon the comments that are listed below from other users that the management team of would be concerned with its technology issues coupled with customer support. What a sad commentary on today's corporations.

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