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America Online
770 Broadway
New York, NY
Tim Armstrong
CEO and Chairman
(212) 652-6400
Twitter IDs
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Anonymous - 14 h 42 m ago

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

Could you please help us get our email password reset? I can provide all my information, social security numbers, blood type etc.

My account was set up over 15 years ago and I do not remember a favorite song.

I have called aol help everyday several times per day trying to get this resolved to no avail.

Please help

Mr. Greg Smith

770 519 1049

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Greg Smith - 3 d 14 h ago

I received a message that there was suspicious activity on my account and I need to change my password. I set up my account over 15 years ago. I do not remember my favorite song. I have only had one mobile phone and when I try to reset I do not receive a message. I have had multiple landline phones over the year which are no longer in service. I really need help. I have alot of critical legal documents that are being sent to me which I can not access. I am a liver transplant candidate with the Mayo Clinic.I need help. I have called aol help desk/ password reset over a dozen times and have spent hours trying to resolve without results.

Please assist me in being able to access my email account. Please contact me at 770 519 1049. Greg Smith

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Auna - 5 d 7 h ago


I've had AOL from the very beginning and my account got hacked and the primary name on the account was changed . Due to this happening I've been unable to re access the account. Called the tech support and they are telling me there is nothing they can do because my name is no longer on the account . I'm so pissed . It's so easy for someone to hack a aol account and then know you will never be able to re access it . They couldn't even offer alternatives like asking security questions to recover it. I'm pissed! Horrible company seriously!

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Worst support ever - 9 d 12 h ago


I think your tech support help desk are the scammers and hackers. The first people who answer Help Desk phones, are professional, but are limited to only changing passwords. They can't even send emails. The tech support guys asked inappropriate questions, such as "do you live alone" and refused to help unless I paid for Tech Support. I have a new gmail account and will be leaving this mess behind.

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Anonymous - 11 d 13 h ago


Please, please have better technical support. I do not understand why

Frontier hired your company to screw all their clients.

AOL owes us $100.00 a DSL old machines, that cost them $5.00

and we are still waiting for our reimbursement.

My email account, i can not access and the people you hire overseas

underpaid-, under-trained to work with the paying customers.

Is all they have learned to say"I want to help" Yes, they help messing

ur accounts, waste our time, energy, and money.

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GS - 27 d 13 h ago


My AOL Mail is not allowing me to delete the two AOL generated ads that keep me from being able to open my account on first attempt.

I must do this twice in order to avoid the ads that I do not want or need but there is no OPT OUT or DEL option for these. PLEASE LET

me get rid of these two imposing ads about clean pc etc....I don't need those.

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Anonymous - 29 d 11 h ago


Why lie to customers, no help and personal info that put people at risk of fraud is not good business no matter how you look at it.

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USanonymous - 36 d 12 h ago


A well-deserved 1/2 a star rating. I have been trying to report potential hacking threat or at the very least a phishing scam. Briefly in the past two days I have received as many threats from persons posing as AOL Tech Team members with Anglo names but obviously East Indian-accented English. In exaggeratedly concerned tomes I was warned that my AOL account had been hacked, and that as partners with Microsoft they could remedy.

I replied that my account was secure and that they were the hackers which drew upset and loud protestations as I hung up.

In attempting to report this to AOL Technical support I was told that I could not speak to anyone in the US as AOL was not an American company,nor could any supervisors be of assistance. I was told there was nothing that could be done!

How sad that the company with the name "America" as part of its brand is really no longer Americana nd that we in the US are prey to the aggressive attempts to steal identities, harass us by phone, threaten,m wheedle, cajole, lie and attempt to defraud! AOL whether in the US or off-shore, off-continent or whatever, needs to instruct its Tech people like a person named ANN who played contemporary Indian music during the hold time needs to provide service and assurance, unless she is part of a lottle inside clique passing info to the charlatans and hackers!

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paul in beantown - 41 d 19 h ago


add me to the long list of the disgruntled and deplorable still using AOL. the site is virtually unreadable, and as disconnected and tone deaf as the rest of the main stream media, outlandish and bias headlines and skewed content, AOL like CNN, has evolved into a fake-news graveyard, though I don't recall the former being anything but. Sad really, a company with such resources and promise gone to weed....

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Clyde - 52 d 13 h ago


Is it possible to talk to someone at AOL that doesn't have a mouth of marbles?

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Marty - 52 d 19 h ago


I had no dealings with AOL until Verizon moved the emails to AOL. Once I got moved to AOL for my emails (which was a big project) it was working OK using live mail. I had a computer problem to other day and lost live mail. After making several phone calls - one person said all this number that number said call this number and so on. Finally I did get a person in a foreign country that got my email to work but LOST all my folders and sensitive emails. I was told they can not get them back. I was also told they have AOL desk top but it does NOT work for Verizon customers. Maybe it will work in December or January. So I'm now getting emails on a old system that is not user friendly. AOL sucks.

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Happy trump supporter - 60 d 10 h ago

You lost,obama legacy will be the decamation of democratic party.leave trump alone not even pres yet,u lost big time.ut perfect call for the bunch of liberal assholes at aol.great call and weap.trump for 8yrs then his kids a new dynasty in the making

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You'll be Broke - 53 d 6 h ago

After 8 years you'll be broke while Trump handles his dynasty. LOL.

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George S. - 53 d 14 h ago


Your "2nd account" for LifeLock is bogus. I have tried for THREE WEEKS to activate. Your "customer service" people (thanks for employing non-USA people) say "this is a known issue and AOL is working around the clock to fix". Yeah, right. I have been a paying AOL member for 23 year.......maybe it is time to stop.

Offering a service - that people pay for - and then not delivering is probably deceptive trade practice - or at least terrible business ethics.

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Butch B - 54 d 7 h ago


I hate your bait and switch headlines. All you do is aggravate us to no end. What are you trying to accomplish? You get an "A" for pissing us off.

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Jerry - 57 d 19 h ago


I was hacked and spent 30 minutes with someone who barely spoke English. to get nowhere. I know more about computers than she does!! And that's not much! I have been told for years that AOL was/is the worst!. Now I believe them! I just called the corporate office and the phone has rung 121 times and no answer. You are a fool (like me) if you continue with AOL! Get smart and make a change. I could only give them a zero score; they deserve a minus 10! I think they just surpassed Comcast as the worst rated customer service company in the US. Look out America! Middle class jobs are going (gone) over seas. The difference with AOL and Comcast--I do have a choice; at least for now

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Ann - 83 d 14 h ago


I have had problems with my AOL desktop for months and have spent endless hours talking to tech support and "AOL Assist." Tech support has uninstalled and reinstalled my 9.8.2 3 times and nothing has changed. Yesterday I spent 5 hours on and off with "AOL Assist" who informed me that they do not handle problems with AOL software. I always get someone in a foreign country and problems are never resolved. They just get worse.

I chatted with AOL today and was told "understand and I do apologize about this inconvenience. Our system is currently undergoing a maintenance relating to your issue. In fact, we are receiving a heavy amount of similar cases like yours. Currently our fix team from headquarters are well aware & are working around the clock to fix this. This is ALWAYS what they say but nothing ever happens and they say they don't know when it will be fixed.

General profile image - 83 d 10 h ago


This sounds exactly like the experience I am having as AOL blocks the legitimate content of my new start-up eCard company from all AOL users including myself. My server is on Go Daddy and they tell me it is a common issue and gave my web developer a form to send to the AOL Postmaster to simply have my IP Address unblocked. My case has been "expedited to the highest" level so many times since Friday October 21st it is a joke. I will be writing more about this tomorrow because I have given them 24 hours to fix it before I start naming names on the support floor as they call it and sending certified mail to Tim Armstrong and Allie Kline, Chief Marketing Officer at AOL. They have cost me two months and the loss of the entire run up to Halloween because I can't launch a site that is going to subject me to all kinds of complaints and refund requests because the cards consumers paid for did not arrive at an AOL address. Nobody seems to care, even though my one and only e-mail address is the one I established and have maintained at AOL ever since 1998 when I paid for and accepted the worst dial up service you could imagine. Some reward. But this issue is not my AOL mail but AOL blocking legitimate commerce from a legitimate eCommerce site by an Connecticut-registered LLC certified secure by Go Daddy, PayPal and my own bank.

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Preston edwards ( - 65 d 16 h ago


Preston preston edwards @ closed the account over 3 years,ago and they are still stealing from me tgey say they knos its closed but dont know,where its,going fond it hard to belive must be filtering it to a terrorist organisation getting ready to involve lawenforcement against them and boa

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jspandccp - 59 d 11 h ago


Are you aware that there is a 30 day period when you call them and they will refund your money if you ask for that. You also can get in touch with AOL INC 22000 AOL WAY, DULLES, Va 20166 08424851. However I suggest calling AOL first to see about a refund for not fulfilling your request for help with your computer. It does happen.

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Anonymous - 59 d 20 h ago

Less than 1 starr,horrible post a picture of hilliary stating it went viral of her in a bookstore.

That wasnt a pic of her in the bookstore,why would u be so deceptive.

Hilliary lost big time.get over it .trump will be there for 8 yrs

General profile image - 61 d 15 h ago


For close to 20 years I have had AOL as my provider with limited problems. Now I cannot receive email for the second time in 3 weeks. I am tired of talking Philippinos. And Romanians you can barely hear much less understand.

I want to talk to a real American aol technician

who knows the have my phone number.

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Bigdaddy - 63 d 9 h ago


Had to call AOL today after the Apple Store told me my iPad user name and security code was OK but still no email. Could not understand the man on the phone line. Very, very poor english it when he started to tell me that for almost $500 they could fix my problem I balked and said I would need to check with Geek. He then wanted to argue with me and tell I had to do this now I hung up. Geek confirmed I did the right thing and showed where AOL people had already accessed my computer so as to see everything I did on the computer. I will never again use anything from or with AOL!!!

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Bob Illinois - 66 d 7 h ago

Been a member of AOL for 20 years. Tired of the stupid AOL email challenge. AOL needs to give 100% spam control to its members because AOL does not have the skills to properly operate a company.

I am getting ready to cancel my subscription. How much do the CEO, President and Board of Directors of AOL get paid to not know what they are doing?

I am also getting tired of talking to people in customer service that can barely speak English. I asked to speak to someone in the United States and they cannot connect me. Twice I called and each time I got someone in the Philippines.

AOL is nothing but aggravation.

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Bob Illinois - 66 d 7 h ago


Been a member of AOL for 20 years. Tired of the stupid AOL email challenge. AOL needs to give 100% spam control to its members because AOL does not have the skills to properly operate a company.

I am getting ready to cancel my subscription. How much do the CEO, President and Board of Directors of AOL get paid to not know what they are doing?

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