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Tim Armstrong
CEO and Chairman
(212) 652-6400
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Enraged customer - 5 d 7 h ago


I have been an aol member since II first got a computer many years ago. All of a sudden a month ago I had a message that for $5.99 a month I could continue with aol, now called aol Gold.. When I tried I could only talk to people in Romania or Philippines who don't understand me, nor me them. They told me to give them a credit card and bill is only $3.99 a month. I did and they "helped" me install Gold.and it hasn't worked the same since. Multiple "agents" have wanted into my computer to help. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I'm already having trouble with foreign illegal charges to cc since signing up. I don't mind paying but I mind paying for something that doesn't work right, and of course can't get one agent in the U.S to help. AOL why are you supporting Romania & Philippines? Whats wrong with our country. More than one agent told me there are no technical people in United States. I have also called 23 people who use aol and not one has been forced to switch to Gold, why???????

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araby7 - 4 d 20 h ago


I am so glad I didn't sign up. But my problem is I can't access my information stored on AOL.

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araby7 - 4 d 20 h ago


My information is being held hostage by AOL with their new desk top gold. There was notice that they were going to update there equipment and there would be a charge. I did go to the "site" to get the AOL gold "free Trial" and did not like the language of the agreement which specifically was that AOL had the right to raise the fee at any time without notice. I looked for a number and found none. Then there was a notice that they were extending the time to sign up with no information about the length of time they were extending it. It ended up being a couple of days. Tonight I came home and could not get in found a notice that if I wanted to access my information stored on AOL I would have to sign up. I went to AOL tech support who put me through to Desktop who wanted me to get their free trial and then I can access my information. If I want to removed it I can and cancel the subscription. However they want a charge card. I don't want to give them my charge card. I do want my information. I am looking into contacting the FCC. I had no problem with problem in the language to the agreement and the blackmail. The people they employ are not in the USA but Romania or so they claim. What assholes they are.


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Chris George - 7 d 20 h ago


Is anybody else tired of the anti-Semitism and the harassment and death threats piled upon elderly conservative chatters as much as I am? AOL's terms of Service agreement and using the TOS options in chat rooms do nothing. These individuals will make new accounts and continue to do the same bullshit again and again. It never ends. I've sent emails to as many higher-ups at AOL as I could find. I'm getting the FBI involved. You have not heard the last of conservative chatters on AOL.

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I have witnessed the death threats made against jews or those they think are jewish by the organized internet group SSRT in the AOL chatroom FROM the RIGHT. I have also used the tools AOL supplies to report to no avail. This has gone on for weeks. The only explanation I have is AOL is either inept or they actually condone the hatred heaped upon jews in this chatroom. There are no other explanations for AOL's lack of response. I too have reported it to the FBI.

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9494579966-- - 7 d 5 h ago

My account is cancelled-

Send e mail to tos general--no answer

Screen name (hidden)

BUCHI reddy


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LARRY BOBER - 66 d 1 m ago


To: Mr. Tim Armstrong -CEO

American on Line

I am a subscriber of AOL for many years. Unfortunately the quality of the service department to the point that I required to make 5 telephone different telephone calls to the AOL technical department. Those employees are based in Rumania, The majority of them are not trained properly. After you spend a considerable amount of time explain the problem to the technician, in many cases they fix what they can. In others they hang up, and you must start all over again. Despite so many calls, still AOL is operating very deficiently with many problems. I was wondering if you have personnel in the USA well trained that can assist me to fix once for all my problems..

My e-mail addresses are: (hidden) & (hidden)

My address: Larry Bober

3650 North 36th Avenue, Villa 33, Hollywood, Florida 33021-USA

Tels: 954 965 8199 / 954 983 0404

Cell:954 614 5252

e-mail: (hidden)

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Sange - 9 d ago


I too had a problem in Romania. I was transferred from pillar to post. I couldn't open my computer because of a supposed 2 something verification. I kept calling trying to find out what it meant. I verified who I was with a Marshall and Ellen, Marshall then told me to go to a friend's house and send a copy to him of my California driver's licence and a utility bill., to verify I was who I said I was.I told him I am a senior and none of us are technologically brilliant, and I didn't have a phone to take a picture, and then transfer it to my computer. He told me to go to an Office store and have them make copies, and then send everything to Romania. Can you imagine my waiting to get a response, and not being able to get on my computer? I have all my doctor's names, numbers and appointments, and I already missed an eye appointment. By the way, Marshall, was mean-spirited to me.Finally someone in Romania, (who was brilliant)took care of it. So there are people there who know what to do. It took me 2 long days to sort out everything. Imagine if I weren't retired, and needed my computer for work?

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Sange - 9 d ago


I forgot to mention, that I had already verified everything they asked, e.g. where I was born etc., The excellent 4 stars is for the girl in Romania who finally fixed it, she was amazing, and I feel bad not to remember her name.

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TrainWoman - 9 d ago

I have a free Aol account but received an email stating I owe $4.99. I phoned the number given in the email but would not give my name or answer Security Question because I think it is a scam. Can someone please enlighten me re this email. Thank you.

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AOL follwer - 13 d 12 h ago


I still have an AOL mail account and have been very loyal to keep positive reviews about AOL, but frankly I'm getting really sick of all the Trump bashing and negative stories you are producing. My friends are starting to feel the same way!

I love AOL and I'd like to think they aren't bias like CNN News.

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Tom, Chicago - 13 d 5 h ago


I could not agree more. I am proud of President Trump. AOL has a lot of nerve going after conservative values. They should be neutral. AOL has a very left narrative.

Agreed, we are sick of hearing it. God bless America and our freely elected President. Back off AOL!

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Lou - 21 d 11 h ago








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Perry - 25 d 6 h ago

To whom it may concern,

I am a long time user of your AOL email. I have always liked it and have put up with many issues over the years. I'm hoping you can continue to improve how it works. I have also put up with the constant stream of negative comments from friends, business contacts and pretty much everyone I know for not changing to a different email service years ago. I guess you could call me a loyal person.

I'm writing today a very loyal AOL email user to finally complain about the awful news service you provide. It is obviously the most biased news in the business. This isn't new, its been going on for years and I have just put up with it. I'm a former broadcaster who was trained in broadcasting school that news needs to be reported in an unbiased fashion. My worry is that many millions who read your "commentary" labeled as news won't know that they are being influenced by a news source that is not interested in being a fair source of news. Please correct this and balance your news reporting. If you offer commentary, then make sure you label it as such...not as news. If you offer commentary on one side of the political spectrum, then offer an opposing view from the other side. General news should be written about(reported) in a completely unbiased fashion. If you call it news, then that is all it should News is reporting from all aspects of a story, making sure you have all the facts from all sides and then telling your audience what happened. This is not a license for you or the reporter to tell what he/she thinks happened or how they should just be a report of the news. When news is reported in this fashion, the consumer will have to decide how that affects their own life. The consumer will have to make the decision as to make it political or not. I would just like to get some real unbiased news for a change from you folks.

Thank you

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jbresnahan - 30 d 22 h ago


Hey AOL, when are you going to lay-off of President Trump? Why don't you tell that to some of the poisonous media that feeds you their stories? They're all half-truths, articles that don't tell the whole story, or out and out lies. He kicked the media's ass and you all just can't get over it, can you? Try saying something positive. Half the people in the United States feel this way.

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Country Girl - 34 d 4 h ago


Where is the news regarding the rape of the 14 year old CHILD that occurred in Maryland. CEO Tim Armstrong does AOL report the news or does it report only what a selected few decide that they want the American people to hear. It is what it is PEOPLE. Open your eyes. I for one do not have a problem with people immigrating to the United States but they need to do it legally.

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TRUCK BOMB - 62 d 5 h ago


IF AND WHEN AOL is blown up to pieces by a will be a direct result of allowing the same stupid white boys to post bullshit as moderators

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DEATH TO INFIDELS - 34 d 18 h ago

Fuck You faggot

General profile image - 36 d ago


My computer if mess up ! I want AOL off my computer right now. I could not even a death of cousin

because I cann't open my email! She past away and my sister had to tell me over the phone. Furneral arrangements were made. As far as tech support I cann't understand language of India. Male from

India going tell me I am not listening to him. I hope Trump brings jobs back to U.S. "Then only Then!"

We will be able understand the people that we have to talk with in Tech Support in U. S. not India!


Hollie Jacobs

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Mary Powell - 90 d ago


My Aunt has been charged for years on her credit card for 39.00 a month. We just noticed because we are now helping with her finances. These charges need to be refunded. We called years ago regarding this issue. She hasn't had dial up for years! I know from articles we have read that this is illegal. We have called only to be ignored. Please contact us at (hidden) If this is not refunded we will contact the news.

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Cheryl.Americus - 41 d 3 h ago


My mother has had the same experience. What did you do about?

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AOL Outraged - 41 d 7 h ago


I've been an AOL e-mail customer for over a decade. Recently AOL a pop-up box from AOL has appeared on my e-mail. I clicked "NO" once as a way of refusing their offer but it keeps popping up each time I open my AOL e-mail account. Called AOL Help Desk today and was told that I would have to pay $4 + monthly to have the pop up box disappear completely. I am outraged. Reporting to NYState Dept. of Consumer affairs.

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Ginger - 82 d 36 m ago


I keep getting the message "AOL Password Required", but the message does not go away after I enter it. I even changed my password & I am still not able to send emails. I have spent a couple of hours on this, I am completely frustrated. I have been with AOL for a number of years. I need to get this taken care of IMMEDIATELY. I am now at my wit's end, ready to close this account altogether!

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ANONYMOUS OF COURSE - 49 d 18 m ago



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