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Apple Computer

1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA
Timothy Cook
CEO and Director
(408) 996-1010
(408) 974-2113
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wordtrix - 2 d ago


I can't find anywhere else to post this so I'm letting Apple know that robocallers are calling my landline 10 times in an hour from the number (hidden). There's no way to stop it and I'm trying to sleep. I have a medical condition! Isn't this illegal? Can't you do something? Please! They say they're from your company and I know they're not.

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Shannon - 4 d 14 h ago


I'm on my 2nd shitty iPhone I will never again buy one this is the 2nd one in 6 months that keeps shutting off on me whenever it feels like it! Outrageous amount of money for a horrible product I will forever go back to Samsung Android galaxy whatever they are 100% better and all apple wants to do is give me another device so I can bring it back to repeat the cycle when a problem occurs all the while make sure you pay your bill all they care about is money I'm starting today filing complaints and looking into lawsuits for this frustration and stealing my money for a product that doesn't work

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Alan - 11 d 6 s ago


This company is in no way concerned with the consumer. They make $800 and $900 phones and CHEAP ACCESSORIES( charging cords that fray frequently that need to be replaced often). And the attitude of employees from Michael and Patrick "technical supervisors" is ABSOLUTELY NONCUSTOMER SERVICE ORIENTED. As a long time user AND SHAREHOLDER, I am re-thinking BOTH ROLES. Just hilarious that they have the audacity to charge for INFERIOR ACCESSORIES.

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Margit - 13 d ago


Apple ID suggestions included Two Factor Aurhorization

This implies that Apple is the source and product od Apple Corp

Only when half way thru I felt some suspicion. I googled the two factor and discovered there is a charge involved which was not divulged by Apple and two factor co

I never completed the process although I am reminded frequently to continue. I DO NOT wish to continue and want to cancel.

Now I was informed that the two factor allows hackers to use the Code and enter our account with Frontier Communication which is our internet provider .

How can Apple allow themselves to be associated with such a questionable company, implying its part of Apple and Apple promoting this!

I want to get out of this by wiping out the Code and any info this two factor company has

I will contact Frontier Communication Co and see what legal measures are planned.

We are investors in Apple have Apple iPhone and Apple iPad.

Apple should be embarrassed and needs to address this situation immediately.

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Anonymous - 17 d 6 h ago

I have yet to hear from Tim Cook CEO of this organization

Regarding the problems I have been having. I will now be filing a complaint with FTC and Police for intentional hacking and interference.

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Harriet - 20 d 40 m ago

Since I contacted the Corporate Office I have since went

Online and read reviews from other Apple customers who seem to be having the same problems. There is definitely something wrong here. I hope Apple is sincere when it comes to customer care because they stand to lose customers behind something like this.

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Vicky - 23 d 8 h ago

Hi, my name is Vicky and I have an iPhone 6s that someone from the Apple Engineering Dept. has reconfigured my iPhone 6s so I cannot do this or that. I got the iPhone in June 2016. I purchased the Apple Care. I purchased an app called PE or Private Ear which is a voice activated recorder I played while I was sleeping. I was living with my ex boyfriend whom is an IT Manger and buy Apple products for there company employee and he is knows many people in the tech world. There are others to that know people. Well, something when on in the night while I was sleeping. So, when playing what happened during the middle of the night. My app would shut off like someone was remoted into my iPhone and turned it off. I have worked with some of this every since then. Download on my Windows computer and I lost gigabytes . For someone reason I was a bit scared to work with this. Then I was going to put it on a Linux via playonlinix. Then everything on my iPhone went crazy. This playonlinix was last Nov 2017. And I had not upgraded yet. The version on my playonlinix did not work to well and other distractions. So, I was signed out of my iPhone and I could not get signed back in. I backed up from iTunes. It happened again on Dec. 2017. This time I could not get the Apple server from my home and not even with a new router from Spectrum which I could not get password protected. And the employees told me they did not suggest that Incase they needed access to this. I even went to Micro Center and Bob tried to help me get my iPhone connected to my iTunes and he could see I could not sign in from a backup. So, I had to make an appointment for the Apple store. They told me I had to reset my data. I could not get into my iPhone from a backup. So, I just had to reset my data. I have screenshot shot of all this too. So, I reset my data and the rep disappeared. Nothing has been right on my iPhone since. I finally was able to get someone from Apple to help me get my back and my iPhone to connect. I got my iPhone back up from Nov. 2017. For some reason I found my iPhone not backing up to the cloud this past winter and I have been working with this every since. I had a backup on my iTunes of 01/31/2018. My computer got an imaged done of it in Dec. and I was asked by Microsoft store if they could reset my computer and reinstall and it was in the morning and for some reason I said yes. Then, so my real last good back up would be of 01/31/2018. Now, I go to another Apple Store and there I had a Flaah Drive in my pc backing up April and May's items. And it also had a iTunes portable on it all which had been rename to a G drive which use to be an F drive. So, while at Apple I lost information on my computer and the F drive changed to an G drive and all the file I transferred over was wiped. And at this Apple store in Des Peres, I was able to download the new versions of iTunes 12.7.5 which I could not get on my pc at home earlier and I have had a lot of trouble downloading iTunes to my pc and I was not able to manage my Apple I D from my home on my computer because the Apple Wevsite was not running. So, while backing up my iTunes at the store. my old iPhone 6s backup from 01/31/2018 was deleted because it is not set to do anything else. And Apple is not allowing me to get into my back up. The Manager Bobby said I would have to talk to someone in the engineering dept at Apple. So, Ape is responsible for making me lose my app data and turning off my iPhone when playing that information. I did not know Apple was such a huge accessory to allowing a crime happen to me in the middle of the night.

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Anonymous - 23 d 7 h ago

I have someone typing on my IPhone at the same time. So, this person is laying hints in the miss spelling. Personal hints to me that they are still there and still Messing with my type and my mind. Which is mental cursory. And Apple around here seems to know this is going on. Why would the Manager at the Apple Store tell me I would have to talk to an Apple Engineer.. they messed with my software.

Oh, and all he wanted me to do was lose my Apple ID. And get a new one.

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Harriet - 20 d 35 m ago

I also requested a password reset and was sent a email that my Apple ID had been changed which would be without my permission.

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Harriet - 20 d ago

I have had this happen to me as well.

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Anonymous - 23 d 7 h ago

Mental Cruelty

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Anonymous - 20 d 3 h ago

Hi Vicki, my name is Harriet and I too have experienced some of the same problems as you. It's as if someone is controlling my phone at times. My phone is also a 6 s purchased in Spring 2016. It was only a month or two after I got it that my email stopped updating. I took it to my provider Sprint and my phone hasn't been the same since. I am now in the process of contacting Tim Cook CEO to see what

Can be done.

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Harriet - 20 d 4 h ago

My name is Harriet Bennett and I have been a customer with Apple for a long time. I am experiencing problems that seem to be deliberate. First my Apple password just stopped working then when I tried to change it I couldn't get it to verify it had been changed so I contacted Apple and was given instructions that didn't work either. Now it seems my Safari has been disabled and my emails are not updating properly. I also had difficulty contacting your office. There's something going on and I would appreciate if it can be checked out and corrected.

Thank you

Harriet Bennett

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Jennifer - 21 d 5 h ago


Your misogynistic support of the Samantha Bee program is disgusting. Strong women should support each other not tear each other down. Apple's so called "support" for all race, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation only applies if the narrative fits your agenda. No longer purchasing Apple products. Support decency!

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Kerry smith - 38 d 23 h ago


Hi my name is Keri Smith I'm trying to see if I can get somebody to donate an old computer or tablet to me for school I'm a 50 year old dude that's trying to go back to college I don't have to find stuff by neither one cuz I'm on a fixed income so if somebody can email me or call me that'll be nice thank

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dalmatians - 26 d ago


I have an original Apple i-pad ONE that I can donate to you but I don't know if it would be of much use as old as it is.

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NORMAN STRYDOM - 30 d 10 h ago


Good day,I have a Apple I Pad that I bought years ago. yesterday it suddenly asked me for a Apple id and password that i cant remember. now i cant log into my I pad.

Apple South Africa cant help me,they say that i must phone the USA. so im getting pissed off now

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chris s castoro - 31 d 4 h ago




does apple have any concerns with apple resellers like this selling on ebay.

would like know if this an approved apple reseller.

prices and wording are a concern.

let me know

thanks chris

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Bill McNamara - 34 d 9 h ago


What is happening in china is disgraceful,I have been an apple household for the past 15 years,however watching the happening in factory's associated with Apple is nothing but deplorable.

I won't be buying apple products again,unless you guys do something about workers health.

Pitiful doesn't describe your greed

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Anonymous - 38 d 23 h ago

Hi my name is Keri Smith and I'm trying to see if I can get somebody to donate old tablet or computer for school I'm 51 years old I'm trying to go back to college and I don't have no funds or the money to buy a new or used one so I'm trying to see if I can get somebody to donate either one for me my number is five one oh 663 7107 thank you

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Petra I. Hernandez - 81 d 15 h ago


Dear Mr. Cook:

I am sure you are not the person who will take care of my situation but, after having looked through all the complicated Internet options, I saw your place and A NAME. So I write to you and pray that you will forward this to the right hands and that our situation is finally resolved.

I am a 76 year old woman so have very little knowledge of this complicated world of electronics.but, since I am better equipped than the nephew for whom I am writing, the job is mine.

Here's the story: My nephew, Jorge Luis Hernandez (Georgie) who is quite handicapped--moderate autistic, right arm amputee from the shoulder down, sight imapired and almost DEAF, was talked into buying an iphone 632 gb by a Jomaris Villegas at the Walmart Claro phone booth here in Puerto Rico on January 30th 2018. Since that date the telephone and the Claro company staff have been nothing but a big headache. I have made at least seven telephone calls and he and I have made 7 or more trips trying to solve the situation but to no avail (I hate to say it) with some (not all) very rude people. Apple should not be doing businesss with Claro. Claro has a very very,very bad reputation and will only geopardize Apple.

Back to OUR situation: My nephew, Georgie, needs a more friendly telephone and I would really appreciate your taking this one back and providing him with another one. The telephone must have capabilities for attaching to a hearing aid which has been made by his audiologist (who was not able to deal with this phone either). I understand that no book nor id # was provided with the phone and that the phone was not fullly configured. The audiologist needs to access blue tooth through an Apple id which was not provided either.

Please bear in mind that this is information that I am receiving from my AUTISTIC nephew SO that each of us is doing the very best we can.

More information is this: Serial number of phone is (hidden)80938 sim card (hidden)96 phone number (hidden). He paid $367.94 for phone plus $30.00 for

activation. It was activated about two weeks after purchase date and some minor features "worked" for a few days. A few days ago it stopped working again and now reads "Phone Disactivated Connect to itunes". Georgie also said something to the extent that there were problems with ICLOUD ACCOUNT.

I believe I do not have to tell you that Georgie has need for this to be resolved immediately as his whole life, well being and safety depend on his being able to use his cel phonne attached to his hearing aid. And he has spent much more than what he should have in order to help himself going withot other necessities oike food. I therefore TRUST that you will get in touch with me at your earliest convenience. For which I thank you and remain, Very truly yours,

Petra I. Hernandez (hidden) (hidden) and (hidden)

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Sorry, m'am he's not a real person: no one who must take a "loss" or pay taxes and possible penalty by not cashing in options amounting to $16M USD

Is not like us but in a few aspects biologically speaking otherwise, nope ! I am certain he didn't read a letter more than his name.

Its only going to get worse too. I am sorry i'd give you your money back or fix the problem but I wouldn't if I purposely sold problems according to. tactical advantage as advised by corporation and consumer psychologists skilled in social engineering and secretions and obfuscation of the Truth lawyers have two types of truth issues of fact and legal issues. (To litigate).

I am saying you're robbed. And, didn't feel any shame you as many and I eager to replace junk, planned to be junk ... take it as one of life's gentler lessons. No one we know was nyrdered

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Dr.Tim Cook - 63 d 8 h ago


Thank you so much for your feedback and support Apple is better than that

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DARLENE HART - 46 d 6 h ago


Dr. Cook,

PLEASE SIR with all due respect respond to my issue with this IPHONE X before I join the class action lawsuit for the Iphones 6, 6+, and 7's that I have as well.

You respond to positive feedback, but you should also respond to your customers who have a legitimate concern.

Thank you

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Celebes Bali - 38 d 6 h ago


I am looking forwards from you hearn to seeing as soon


Celebes Bali

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Celebes Bali - 38 d 6 h ago


To day i am purcash charger mini store

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