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Apple Computer

1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA
Timothy Cook
CEO and Director
(408) 996-1010
(408) 974-2113
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Carla Parsi - 4 h ago

Below I have listed the unfortunate chain of events that happened when I brought my MacBook Pro laptop to The Apple Store On The Upper West Side In Manhattan.

On Tuesday February 13, 2018 I brought my MacBook Pro laptop to an Apple Store in Manhattan (The Upper Westside store) to have someone look at it because it was only allowing me to enter my password but it was getting stuck on the fire vault bar. I spoke to Danny at Genius Bar consultant who told me that there was probably something wrong with the operating system (High Sierra) and that I had 2 choices:

1: To do a complete erase of the computer and reinstall the OS which meant that I would lose all my data.

2: That they could just reinstall High Sierra which most likely would not cause any loss of data so I agreed only to REINSTALLING High Sierra without erasing the hard drive and left my lap top there to be serviced.

On February 14, 2018 I received a voice message from Jeffery( the tech who was servicing my laptop) informing me that the reinstall was not successful and that he was going ahead with a full erase and reinstallation. Naturally, I was very upset because I did not authorize this so since I happened to be in the neighborhood I rushed to the store to tell him not to do it but I was too late. The Genius Bar Leader and your tech Jeffery were very apologetic they suggested I try data recovery and gave me an external hard drive free of charge. Needless to say I was and still am very devastated, depressed and crying a lot because due to his thoughtless actions I lost all my writing (a novel I have been working on for over twenty years (plus the research I did for it), important documents, not to mention receipts of bills I had paid on line, and so much more that I will never be able to get back because I cannot afford Data Recovery.

On February 15, 2018 I called a store that specializes in data recovery and I got a quote 0f $75.00 for them to just look at the computer and $475.00 to do the recovery and when I told the person I spoke with that I could not afford it due to my extremely limited income she suggested I call the Apple Store and ask if they could help with the cost or direct me or direct me to someone at Apple who could help me. She told me that some Apple Stores as well as Apple have done so sometimes so, I did call the Upper West Side store and I spoke to a Genius Bar Leader named Taylor who told me that doing the full erase was necessary in order to return my computer to me in working condition (but in reality it is not in working condition if I have no data right?) I find hard to believe that this is Apples policy but if it is its not a good or ethical one. I have never heard of a policy that does not allow a customer to decide whether or not they want their computer wiped clean, but, what upset me most is that he kept repeating "It's Apples Policy" and would not listen to anything I was saying to him.

I don't know what to do or who to ask? I am heartbroken about losing my data I need my data. This is the nightmare that I hoped and prayed I would never experience

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Anonymous - 2 d ago


I purchase the imac 27 brand new never owned apple product loved the reviews and virus protection sold me only had 2 days and problems started went back and forth till warranty ran out was never resolved basically told me it's your problem we will not renew warranty purchased at best buy I definitely got a Lemon i have a very expensive computer that doesn't work.

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Brown Marc Leslie - 17 d 16 h ago


Dear Apple,

I dont have any use for your products if you can not support/ repair the software. I have many apps that need updating but Apple can not find the app developers to update them?! I updated the software on my iOS device to 11.2.5 but now the apps will not work?!

I've contacted Apple support or should I say non-support!

Unless I can get some support I may have walk away from Apple to go to Android and Microsoft.

Will someone that makes a difference contact me?!

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Apple is corrupt - 2 d 15 h ago


No one in apple management will ever contact anyone. They hide from customers and they probably don't even know how to spell the word 'customer'. They have the worst and most corrupt company on the US.

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Apple is corrupt - 2 d 15 h ago


Apple is one of the most corrupt & inept companies on earth. They hoard a couple of billion in CASH overseas to avoid paying taxes. The taxes they don't pay are forced to be paid by the poorest. Any company that hides money overseas to avoid paying taxes should be BANNED from doing business in the US. Apple is a parasitic company ran by corrupt people.

There are NO ways to contact anyone other than their tech support and they aren't empowered to do anything to resolve problems. There is no customer service at Apple. There is no way to contact anyone in management or on an executive level. No one at the top of apple has any accountability or responsibility. They get paid massive salaries by screwing people.

Apple only has 221 stores in the entire US. They only have that number because of greed. Customers wait 6 hours at their stores and still don't get service. Customers pay high prices for Apple products and the money they spend should be met with support on every level at apple. But apple effectively steals that money from customers by not letting customers contact people in upper management who could resolve issues. So what in the hell do all of those high paid executives do? They certainly have no idea what a customer is. Hell, they probably can't even spell the word 'customer'.

Apple used to be a good company that was responsive to the customers who built the company. But no longer. Now their upper level types are nothing but parasites feeding off of schemes to steal from people. Just one example: Apple sync cords cost between $28-37. They cost 5 CENTS to make. They gouge customers knowing that their cables last as little as one month. I had one cable that literally fell apart in one month. The rubber on it turned yellow and flacked off the wires inside. ONE MONTH! Apple has made a BILLION DOLLARS on sync cords alone. They could've used off the shelf micro USB cables but they decided to cheat and steal from people. And they put chips in their cables to stop customers from using cables made by other companies for 1/20 the cost. Only greedy, sick sociopaths could deliberately screw people like the people at apple do.

I could cite dozens of other examples of how inept or corrupt apple is but you get the point. What we need in the US are heavy regulations to stop corporate criminals from running amuck and stealing from people, selling them defective give products and stealing from all Americans by hiding $200 billion in cash in overseas tax shelters. It appears the only way to become an Apple executive is to be morally and ethically bankrupt enough to devise schemes to hurt or cheat other people.

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Danjc - 4 d 15 m ago

Apple has proven to me, that they are the worst and most irresponsible, and unresponsive organization in the world (outside of government). Their employees ACT willy-nilly to deflect responsibility for bad products or services; and break customers devices (through lack of knowledge and/or inattention to details) then insist the customer suffer financial consequences to address their errors (e.g. they entered a a passcode on my iPad pro, without my permission or knowledge, nor did they document the newly entered pass code. Then when I asked them to fix it, they said all they could do was erase everything and I would have to pay to replace the programs they erase and that my lost data was not their responsibility). I asked to speak to the person in charge at Apple hq, but they refused to PROVIDE me with an email or to contact that person to set up an appt.). THIS IS BAD FAITH BUSINESS PRACTICES.

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Apple Contact Us 1(877) 242 8594 - 5 d ago


Apple Phone Number 1(hidden) Toll Free

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Norman S. - 12 d ago


Absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced. Have talked to numerous customer service and customer relation individuals over the past 6 weeks concerning battery replacement on my phone and the only time I have contact is when I initiate the call. Lying deceitful contacts that promise to address my issue promptly and then say they are waiting for an internal call back. I will purchase nothing from Apple every again and will bad mouth the company and products to anyone who might want to listen.

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ricky retardo - 8 d ago

nobody finna listen to yo bitch ass

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appleconsumer12344321 - 8 d ago

your products dont even taste like apples, y'all suck

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Tom Ailes - 18 d 20 h ago

Mr. Tim Cook,

It has come to my attention that Apple may be looking for another location. I am part of a group that has 3,000+ acres under contract to build both a Cargo and executive airport as well as a Business Park. It is situated in the Midwest which is within 24 hours by truck to 80% of the population of the US. Please pass this on to Mr. Cook and if there is interest, a Non-Confidentiality Agreement will have to be signed for additional information.

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David in Colorado - 28 d ago


When will you get photos fixed. It has now been 14 weeks, no repairs or update to photos. How long Do I wait? Case number 100 336 942 189.

You may ask why have I sent my memo to the wrong dept. Well I'm told the engineers are working on the photos program.. Mean time, why should it take this long.. I'm 76 years old, and I my not live long enough to enjoy editing the photos I took in November 2017. I cannot get answers or solution for my photos app. I have a man working with me, I feel you Engineers are avoiding him? I think they don't know how to solve the issue!

apple photos. (hidden). Would somebody pass this on to Mr. Tim Cook!

arizona, 2017.

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Anonymous - 29 d ago

I am very frustrated. I have now spoken to 34 Apple Agents, general, Customer relations and Supervisors. Agents have called other departments idiots, and made comments to jot trust the online department, which is all very unprofessional. I have emails from 6 agents all following up on my issue with no resolve or call backs. I finally found a telephone number for the returns address in Mount Juliet Tennessee to have a women walk next door to tell me she found my phone that has been missing since January 4, 2017. I am so very disappointed with this fiasco and would advise more training in the customer service departments. Please know I have never written in a venue of this nature but hope I will get a response from corporate. Over Christmas I purchased a new oversized IPad, mophie, I phone 10x, stylus, 2 iPods and can not believe the treatment I have received. The stress is unfathomable! Marie

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Jennifer M - 49 d 17 h ago


All of my photos have just been erased from my phone! Just like that. I have spent the last two hours with online help to no avail! No recovery, no answer, no solution! Their expectation is that I accept this loss. This is absolutely, ridiculously unforgivable. Thousands of photos have been discarded without my consent. I have a young family with family vacations and memories from years of photos. Users have one expectation, that when we take a photo, that photo remains there until we make the decision to discard it! Online help attempted to blame outdated software and asked questions regarding other issues and app...I asked that the focus remain on recovering my photos. These major issue come at the heals of new software and new devices having been released. This pattern is standard operating procedures for this company as every phone and upgrade I have had was a result of crashes from the previous model and software. I should be in control of my device and not the manufacturer. A letter of apology on the Apple site seems more of a distraction than an admission to the fact that their batteries are crashing, you guessed it.... at the reveal of new phones and software. I will continue this discussion on any site and new outlet willing to listen so other users will not have to suffer this way.

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Hey GooGoo - 31 d 17 h ago


No you freakin' tool. It happens when new software is released and you upgrade WITHOUT BACKING UP! It is a know possibility across the ENTIRE COMPUTING WORLD that you should always have a backup available in case of software or hardware failure.

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Jennifer M - 49 d 7 h ago

This morning i woke to a phone that has completey crashed. It will not turn on, reboot, connect to a computer. After losing all of my photos , this is truly abhorrent. Shame on you for expecting the consumer to accept this disaster unapologetically.

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Hey GooGoo - 31 d 17 h ago


But of course you backed up the iPhone so that everything is safe, right? RIGHT!?!?!?!?!

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JJB - 34 d ago


The levels of support at Apple Customer Service can be drastically different! The first person I spoke with today should not be in customer service, and perhaps not be employed by Apple. After I called back and was on hold for fifteen minutes, I spoke with Jackie, who had excellent customer service skills. For such a great company, I was thoroughly surprised that Apple doesn't do a better job of training and/or selection of employees.

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Southern Belle - 37 d ago


Apple Charges my account 2x at $99.99 then after 3 apple / itunes employees' i get charged a third $99.99 for an app that i not only couldn't find but didn't use, and that $300 caused close to $700 over draft charges! what date ooo Dec 23, 2017 then with in 5 days the other $99.99. i had NO Christmas, No New Years and i just got off the phone for the ...probably 15th time, and i said i wanted compensation for the Mistakes they made and ya know what she said?

well we can give you credit for a movie or something, i said ohh really like i can't get that on my own, Apple you Owe Big Time, and the App ..can't delete it can't find it and can't use it! then they say oh it's gone and we will refund the $300 expect it with in 10 day's, huh wow u took from me with in 5 days and i have to wait? NO


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Rdema - 40 d ago

I have an Acura RDX(almost a $40k car) which will not sync to my new Apple iPhone 6. This is absurd! It apparently has something to do with Apple sofware and their updates. It has been a problem since September 2017 and it has not been rectified!

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frustrated apple user - 42 d ago


Shame on Apple. Bought two I phones - I have been bounced from store to apple care back to store where they don't pick up there phone, Apple is losing their brand.

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Butland - 42 d 5 h ago

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JLJensen - 42 d 17 h ago

Customer service is weak both from AppleCare and in store. There is a frantic momentum for sales but not for addressing service issues on purchased products. This lapse in service does appear to be connected in part to the recent problems iPhone related problems that have been in the news. Still. I am very disappointed. Apple products are not cheap at all!

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