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Apple Computer

1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA
Timothy Cook
CEO and Director
(408) 996-1010
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Mad in Newport Beach - 1 d 12 h ago



i purchased a 27" imac 3 years ago in may 2015. when i set it up, it had a date of 2013 in the "about this mac" section. i called the store and was assured that the 2013 related to a "design change" and that my computer was brand new.

fast forward to now: my computer recently slowed down quite a bit and would not "wake from sleep" for more than 10 seconds (that used to take 1-2 seconds). after hours on the phone with customer service, i was told that this was "normal" for a 5-year old computer. but wait ... i bought it three years ago!

turns out that the newport beach apple store sold me a computer that was manufactured in 2013 but sold as "new" in 2015. not only did i get a computer that had been sitting in a box somewhere for a couple of years, but i was denied two significant hardware upgrades that happened between 2013 when the computer was manufactured and 2015 when i purchased it. so far, customer service, tech support and customer relations have failed to address the problem and they keep kicking me over to yet another department for help.

i've been an apple devotee for many years, but this has really got me down. any suggetions?

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Johnson Lobson - 2 d 19 h ago


Well you can contact them through Email

Apple Computer Headquarters email complaintsandhelp@

Contact now

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NAZI UNION - 2 d 22 h ago


Apple Facebook Google and Twitter are actually the new Nazi party people better wake up before all our freedoms are gone____

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Rich Man - 9 d 9 h ago

Apple Facebook Google and Twitter are actually the new Nazi party people better wake up before all our freedoms are gone

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Anonymous - 2 d 5 h ago

Okay cleetus. We'll watch for them there flying saucers and mind control devices on our fancy telephones.

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Alli j - 51 d 9 h ago


What I don't understand is that you have these sites where you're pulling people to buy product and your world you're the rewardprizeusa? You are the one spin the wheel when $1000 gift card that you never get because it redirects you to take surveys and to buy something that you well you missed leading and it doesn't work for me plus you overcharge me in my account I don't like the way you do business right now you can't even download an app in the App Store unless you put a credit card on file then you say it won't be used until you buy something but you kept charging looking at my account balance to tell me I don't have enough money I am ordered anything so what gave you the right to do that I'm not OK with you Apple you knew you overstepping your your boundaries and you think because your Apple you can just do people this way well you can't you better make it right with me you've already taken my iPhone 6 Plus when I had the crappy phone inf you are the one spin the wheel when $1000 gift card that you never get because it redirects you to take surveys and to buy something that you well your missed leading and it doesn't work for me plus you overcharge me in my account I don't like the way you do business right now you can't even download an app in the App Store unless you put a credit card on file then you say it won't be used until you buy something but you kept charging looking at my account balance to tell me I don't have enough money I am ordered anything so what gave you the right to do that I'm not OK with you Apple you do you overstepping your your boundaries and you think because you're Apple you can just do people this way will you cant you better make it right with me you've already taken my iPhone 6 Plus when I had the crappy phone in it And it keeps messing up when I go to pick up my phone you give me a 6S are you kidding me and nobody said anything you owe me man I'm calling FTC on y'all y'all are full of shit

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gray - 2 d 8 h ago

In February 2018 one of your Apple Store Genius Technician Staff Members broke my IMAC Computer by uploading the new El Capitan software onto my 2009 IMAC Computer and "CRASHED IT" to date, August 13, 2018.

I have been complaining from the week this gross error happened and no one is doing anything about it. This Apple Tech should have known that you cannot upload or download a new version of software on an older Apple Computer model. It is disgusting and unacceptable that he could break my machine and Apple not be held responsible.

What's My Story

I went into your Apple Store because my CD Drive was not working properly. I continually spit out every CD I put into it the CD drive and it would not play it only spit it out. I explained this to the technician at the Michigan Avenue store and he replied ok, I will look at it and I am sure I can probably fix it.

He connect my machine to electrical power, when the machine came on he said, Ms Gray, you don't have the latest software. I replied frustrated, "And how much does that cost?" He said, Its free. I said fine because I am not into uploading all the new software upgrades and other changes apple offers.

After he got that completed he looked at the CD Drive and told me it was not operable. He told me I would have to buy an external CD Drive for the older machine but it would be difficult to find. He was right. But after he told me that I went home, plugged up my machine only to find Questions Marks over every Icon on the dock. No program would open at all. After a few minutes the entire computer shut down. I had difficulty getting it started again and from that its has been down hill. Please read all the cases associated with the machine and review the store video tape to hear and see the entire episode that occurred. Later is found out the Tech lied in his notes claiming I came in for an upgrade. If you check my history, I don't do upgrades. he lied because he probably found out that the new software was not compatible and I would have lots of problems with my machine permanently.

APPLE, you need to replace my machine with a new one for all these many months of inconvenience, telling me to buy external hard drives to transfer everything from my computer to the hard drive, for all the external CD Apple drives that are also not compatible with my machine. you have cost me lots of time and money; inability to do months of work related to my career as an artist and jewelry designer, and various other goals and dreams. You owe me everything and anything I want for this inconvenience that has lasted almost a year with no apologies even after many months of letters and emails to several APPLE EXECUTIVES, STORES, WEBSITES.

Next I will be telling every social media globally about how Apple is irresponsible, breaks peoples computer, iPhones, iPads and the like.

I am requesting restitution in this serious matter or we will have to go to court for the fourth time for Apple issues.

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gray - 2 d 8 h ago

Name Age Since Current Position Art Levinson 67 2011 Independent Chairman of the Board Timothy Cook 57 2011 Chief Executive Officer, Director Luca Maestri 54 2014 Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President Jeff Williams 54 2015 Chief Operating Officer, Senior Vice President Katherine Adams 53 2017 Senior Vice President, General Counsel Phil Schiller 57 2002 Senior Vice President - Worldwide Marketing Angela Ahrendts 57 2014 Senior Vice President - Retail Eddy Cue 54 2011 Senior Vice President - Internet Software and Services Craig Federighi 48 2012 Senior Vice President - Software Engineering Daniel Riccio 55 2012 Senior Vice President - Hardware Engineering Johny Srouji 53 2015 Senior Vice President - Hardware Technologies James Bell 69 2015 Independent Director AI Gore 69 2003 Independent Director Robert Iger 67 2011 Independent Director Andrea Jung 59 2008 Independent Director Ronald Sugar 69 2010 Independent Director Sue Wagner 56 2014 Independent Director

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Wz - 10 d 9 h ago

Please send me email address to corporate office.

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gray - 2 d 8 h ago


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Robin H. - 5 d 13 h ago


I live in Colorado Springs and visited the Apple Store at the Shops at Briargate. I love your store, the employees are ALL trained well and always resolve my issues in a timely manner. They are all very personable. I had the pleasure of meeting Amy, the store manager today. She is amazing. Now I know why she is the manager of such a large, busy store. There was an issue that she diffused in a matter of seconds because of her skills. The problem was dealt with in a timely manner and I was a happy customer. Excellent customer service is vital for me otherwise I go elsewhere. You guys are the best in the industry and its people like Amy and her crew that make Apple the best. Please don't change. Excellent people skills are vital to success. I have never once walked away dissatisfied. Keep up the great work! My only wish is that you could be my server and put Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint out of business, they are ALL sharks!

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gray - 2 d 8 h ago

we could all get together and sue them for billions


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JD Upshaw, Austin, Tx - 9 d 10 h ago


I can not believe that you all are trying to stop freedom of speech, by dropping Alex Jones and who's next? from pod cast and iTunes. You really are going Commie

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Laura Hull - 11 d 16 h ago


I have had the worst customer service ever. It is said how Laura was allowed to end a chat because she "didn't have anyone above her" in reality she was not willing to do the right thing. I have 5 years of customer service and not once was that ever allowed. It is so sad that a company will treat a good customer like shit over $9 really! Sad!

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Cheryl - 12 d 10 h ago


I purchased my son the I Phone 7 awhile ago. Recently, his phone has been freezing up saying "NO SERVICE". We have called Apple Support or whatever you call it several times to no avail. There is clearly a recall on this phone - it's on the Apple website. We have made 3 different trips out to the local Apple Store - still to no avail. According to the person speaking with him at Apple Support, if The Apple Store could not fix his phone, he would get a new one because of the recall. The staff at The Apple Store claimed they knew nothing about a recall and they could not find anything wrong with the phone - my son even showed them a screen shot of the "NO SERVICE". It's really bad service for us, all of the customers, because we all have spent hundreds/thousands of dollars on Apple products but the people there don't think enough of us to fix their products so we can continue to purchase/use them.

So as for Tim Cook, Katherine Adams, Angela Ahrendts and all the other BIG people at Apple, where would you all be if we, the customers, stopped buying and using Apple products? I think you should put more consideration into taking care of your customers.

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Dr. B - 12 d 13 h ago


My account was locked because a phone that apple shipped to an ex-wife had a charge-back. It is completely unrelated to my account with respect to transactions. My daughter received this phone without my knowledge and connected to my itunes account. My entire ID is now locked because of this. I cannot access apps that I pay for and cannot update any apps under my ID. Accounting and procurement procedures that fail should not be passed down to the consumers. I will be making sure that this matter gets escalated. I was bullied by an autonomous group within Apple that has no regulation with having my account held hostage until I assisted them in fixing their error!

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David Guthrie - 16 d 15 h ago


My name is Harvey McGee at 708 west Durant, wilburton,okla74578-2242 I am using my brother's internet info.sir/mam do you think my idea would work? Also I contacted one of your workers about my idea to stop computer hacking and he said he might help me get an patent and then he said cheers to me!! Do you think he was serious!?

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munshines - 20 d 13 h ago


Apple Pay is a total SCAM and customer service is the worse! A friend of mine used Apple Pay to send me money that he owed me and the payment went out from his account - and I accepted it on my phone. However, I have yet to actually receive the payment. The app has been saying "payment pending" for 2 days now and I've called customer service around 10 times in the past two days. First they said they will resolve it in 48 hours, then they're saying "maybe tomorrow by close of business" we will let you know the outcome. Every time I call and ask to speak to a supervisor, the person who answers the calls says that they ARE the supervisor! their customer service has been horrific to say the least. I have wasted so much time trying to get Apple to resolve this - and at the end of the day, there is absolutely nothing I can do. Both my friend and I just lost 450 dollars and it's sitting somewhere with Apple.

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Anonymous - 23 d 13 h ago


Good to learn that Apple care does not cover computers lost in a natural disaster..

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INFURIATED - 27 d 16 h ago


I purchased the new Apple Watch Series 3 about 1 1/2 months ago. The cellular hasn't worked since the day I bought it and I have yet to be able to get Apple to replace it! This is the absolute worse $400 I have EVER spent! The first time I sent it in for "repair" I was told it would be replaced. I received my "new" replacement 3 days later, which I thought was fantastic until I discovered that the EXACT SAME STILL BROKEN watch was returned to me. I don't know if this was some stupid joke or someone just being lazy, but to me it is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!!!! So I called to once again see if I could get the watch replaced..... I'm now on day 4 am being told that the boxes for returns are on backorder. I am now 1 1/2 months in and still have a broken, disconnected from my phone watch sitting on my kitchen counter. I can't even explain how disappointing this is!!!!

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Kimberly - 27 d 17 h ago

I ordered my daughter a iPhone7 it would just search for service I took it to apple store in cool springs they tested it and said it was a known issue and they would fix it for free or replace it .Now they said I have 14 days to come pick up a device that's not fixed or replaced and I am not happy neither is my daughter .I guess this is how the company became so big broken promises and lieing to customers not good bussiness I have never had a good experience with apple !

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Lisa Martin - 50 d 5 h ago


I am writing to you today with great concern about your company. About a week ago my daughter cracked her iPhone 7 screen. She called the apple store get it fixed and they told her she could come into the local Apple store that day. They informed her she could fill out the necessary contact information and leave the phone there and if they had time to fix the phone they would. She drove down to the store and when she got there an employee told her she could drop off the phone and directed her to the head technician for assistance, his name was Robert. He was extremely rude and told her she could not drop off the phone despite the fact she was told twice she could. He informed her she needed a whole new phone but she would have to set an appointment to get one and the soonest appointment was at least a day away. His demeanor and attitude was disgraceful to the point she left the store in tears.

I ordered a new iPhone 7 for my daughter that day. The new phone came in one Friday night. We activated the phone and on Sunday morning the phone would constantly freeze and shut itself off. She thought installing the latest update would fix the issue. Then the phone froze during the update on the apple logo. After two hours of waiting for it to fix itself we went into the apple store. They attempted to do a restore but the phone said it could not be recovered. The technicians, Daryl and Jerad, promised to give us a new phone because it seemed to be a software issue with the new phone. I informed them I needed a quick resolution because I had to help my other daughter move into her new apartment. They told us they could quickly get us a new phone so we could be on our way. So we thanked them by purchasing a $40 phone case. Little did we know, we were far from quickly on our way. After waiting an hour and a half they told us we would need to send in the phone to apple engineers for over a week before we could be given a new phone. They claimed they needed to check and make sure Verizon, our carrier, was not sending out a bad batch of phones. They promised us a new phone when we walked into the store and we informed them in the beginning we received the phone from our carrier. To make a promise to a customer and not keep it is highly unprofessional. Furthermore, to waste over an hour of our time is just rude.

That is now two horrendous experiences with Apple in the past week. What is the point of having an apple store if they cannot even help their customers? We had to order a new phone through Verizon that will not arrive until Tuesday. Now my daughter is without a phone which is dangerous for safety reasons. For example, when she will be driving home from work at 11pm she will not have a phone to use in case of an emergency. However, as far as I am concerned Verizon has been the only helpful company in this process. This is now the fourth iPhone 7 my daughter has had to get. Two of the three broken ones have been software issues within the phone. Having of your phones break on people is appalling. You should be ashamed to put Apple's name on such products. My daughter and I have been loyal Apple customers for over six years now. To treat loyal customers with complete lack of care and disrespect baffles me. Verizon gave us a $100 credit for our stress and time and Apple has done nothing but make our stress worse and trick us into buying a $40 phone case for a phone I do not even have at the moment. Apple needs to find a solution to their poor customer treatment. I will be expecting to hear from Apple with a resolution to all the stress and annoyance you have cause my daughter and I.

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Matthew - 30 d 6 h ago


Lisa Martin,

I really felt for you and your daughters while reading your post.

Nobody deserves treatment like that, especialy our ladies.

Apple has excellent advertising abilty but their customer service skills are an insult to the american culture. Basic curtesy, politness, and customer satisfaction is standard operating procedure for any professional company in this country and ostensibly abroad as well.

I hope that Apple gives you the resolution your family deserves

and that you never have to experience that level of abusive service anywhere.

I am new to Apple and was ambivalent about a purchase after browsing Iphones for my family last night but now, reading this post, and a recent experience with their geniuses at support, I am going back to PC and staying with non-apple smart phones.

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NeNe - 35 d 8 h ago


Iphone suck! my daughter phone was over heating and dying at 40% with a loud ringing sound, 1 day later the battery took it to my carrier they tod me nothing they can do because my phone had scratches, what that have to do with over heating, a day later. so we took it to iphone store and they diecided to take it to replace it that had it for five days now and nothing has been done.

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ricky mother - 44 d 18 h ago

ITunes is a pretty big company in real big its a shame that you are not doing enough to stop the scamer that are contacting your customers stating that they have an outstanding bill with you and then getting them to buy itunes cards from Walmart This is what happens to my son last week he got scarmmed out of$500 these people really know how confence my son its not fare and you have done nothing to stop this from happening to someone else this really put a hardship on my son your just as bad as the scammer for allowing this to happen their should be more done to protect other people from being scammed sending a gift card would of been nice a thank you for being a good custemer and would like to lose you as our customer If you would like to reach my son here is his email but I'm sure you don't (hidden) Ricky's mother

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