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Apple Computer

1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA
Timothy Cook
CEO and Director
(408) 996-1010
(408) 974-2113
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Donald Brown - 4 d 12 h ago


Sir, this is Donald Brown again, I want to make sure that you have the correct email,

This is the correct email: (hidden)

I hope that you will get my message. My idea will take the computer industry by surprise and we will save a lot of people lives, With your computer and electronics knowledge it will take a couple of days to a week to build a prototype.All I ask for is for you to compensate me so I can live comfortable.

You know something, Corporations all ways look over The most simplest Things, That gain a huge profit.

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Donal Brown - 5 d ago


My name is Donald Brown, I am 61 years old this December, I have a degree in electronic engineering technology. This is the only way that I can get in contact with you at this time,I do not need a job but I do need money of course, I have a brilliant idea to share with you an only you that will sell in every place on this planet If You want to.

My email is : (hidden)

We can talk about stage first that will be the email contact.

Second stage will be phone contact and I will send you a sketch of My idea and details.

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Anonymous - 9 d 21 h ago

Apple using fake products his service is like a mother funking don't use apple I am really disappointed

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Roslyn - 16 d 11 h ago


I own an Iphone 6. Having had a problem with it due to the fact that it locked and I could not open it up, I was given a gentleman Steven Blankenship in Boise, Idaho. Not having much knowledge of how to solve this problem, Mr. Blankenship was by far the most courteous, patient, understanding, knowledgeable gentleman I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I still don't understand the issue, but he certainly did. He literally took almost an hour working with me to try to get my phone to work. I am old enough to be his Mother, and if I were,

I would be most proud to be so. He is quite an asset to your Company. You should be very pleased to have such an employee. In all my time in business, I have never witnessed anyone more attentive to a consumer. He really deserves recognition for his extraordinary efforts. My case no. was (hidden)15. Please make note of this young man...he earned it.

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No principles, no integrity - 27 d 10 h ago


I have been a LONG time user of every Apple product, and talked my Mom and her husband into switching to the iPhone. I've been debating for close to a month now whether or not to even say anything about this, and today when I decided I had to, I learned that the Apple corporate office "doesn't have" an email address, so now it will be public information, as well. In August I started looking into getting an Apple Watch. I saw there would soon be a big update to OS3. I made the decision to buy one and did so on September 2nd. While I was in the store I asked one of the salesmen if this OS3 update was just that, an update that would be just like the ones on my phone. Never once, between the two people who were helping me, was it mentioned that there would be two new watches coming out, as well. Because if they had, I wouldn't have spent $369 on the original Apple Watch, when in just a couple weeks I could've gotten the Series 2 watch for $30 more and have GPS, a dual core processor and be waterproof. When Apple announced to the public on September 7th, 5 days after my purchase, that the Series 1 & 2 watches were coming out in the next couple weeks, I really had such a range of emotions from being angry because I felt taken advantage of, to kind of hurt that this company I had thought was so great for so many years and the amount of money I had spent on their products, would do something so wrong! I mean, at least "put them on sale" for $100 off if you weren't permitted to speak of the new watches, but to charge full price knowing these new, higher functioning watches would be out in just two weeks or so is down right immoral, but I guess I shouldn't expect anything but immoral from a Hillary Clinton supporter!

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T.Cook - 71 d 15 h ago

Apple should stay out of politics.I will never buy or use a Apple product.T. Cook must be a idiot.fuck you your wife and the peice of shit company called Apple.

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Anonymous - 71 d 6 h ago

Tim Cook doesn't have a wife. He's gay.

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TBT - 71 d 6 h ago


Tim Cook,

I just read an article on the Internet that Apple Inc., and other tech companies trying to stop Trump from winning the Presidency. Google is part of this sleeze sting operation, too. Please tell me if this is correct? Steve Jobs led Apple to becoming one of the best tech companies offering great prouducts to consumers. Yes? Under his watch Apple was a company of innovation and envied by all these other foreign and domestic copycats, including Google. Yes? Now Apple is under your watch and it has become a political correct corporation?

During Steve Jobs watch I didn't think Apple products were created to endorse anything or anyone. As I'm tying this on my iPad I'm getting this nasty gut feeling that Apple has turned into a sleazy political shthole. Why ruin what Steve Jobs took years to create in a company that simply makes good products? Don't mix politics with business for the masses to accept. Keep it simple. But I truly believe that under your watch Apple will tumble. Apple won't ever be the same. And I will eventually ditch my iPad for a Windows tablet.

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Gloria - 76 d 13 h ago


You are making Tons of money off people and yet your customer service STINKS!!Think of how many people believed in your company and support the company BUT

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gupyshark - 81 d 12 h ago


To Tim Cook, CEO

You are being paid megamillions to run

Apple. Your first responsibility is to the shareholders , employees, and the customers of Apple. It is not trying to get the most dishonest politician in the country elected President. If you feel that it is, perhaps you should resign so you can devote all of your energy to getting Crooked Hillary elected, and let someone whose number one priority is Apple have the job. Have people forgotten the $200,000 worth of White House antiques that were "accidentally" loaded on the Clintons' moving van? A Park Service employee stopped this "accident' from happening.

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Don Hamme - 81 d 19 h ago


After reading your statement on Diversity it is disappointing to discover the editing of information on

Siri. We each should have unfettered access to information. Removing information about Hillary's America from Siri places a shadow over information gleaned through your sources. This does not conform to

my expectations for your company.

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Pete Roberts - 117 d 11 h ago


Apple and Tim Cook

I am deeply offended by many of the comments of the Democratic Party. Now come to my defense! It is put up time or reverse your decision on Donald Trump. Everyone gets offend, suck it up and move on.

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Patriot - 89 d 6 h ago

Worked behind the scenes of both party's was their A/V person. My experience is that if I would TEII AII. I'd be in prison warning. They ARENOT for the commen citizen VERY corporate driven....Not for the citizen Both party's this why Americans are blind sided and angry. Go Vote for non party disrupt their system. Find a patriot. USA

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Ron 0 - 89 d 7 h ago


Disrupts to much of my personal time with pop ups. Not user friendly. Too much to keep up with updates. Service poor with ATT No Wi Fi in my area which. ATT promise. result is ' one tells ten ten tells ten. Dangerous to answer simple phone call when driving. Very distractive. Flip phone easier to answer Landline phone more reliable at home. Very costly for senior citizen. Predict class action suites in near future Suggest to make user friendly in the future. Suggest " One touch large screen to answer incoming calls instead of slide touch touch slide again and touch again GET simple.

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Vatsal - 100 d 17 s ago


I have joined to the family of Apple, but I came across a very bad phase/ situation.

I bought Macbook Pro 13 inc. and from very first day I started facing issue of Battery drain, and now company is backing off from their responsibility.

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Anonymous - 107 d 3 h ago

My name is Kim Tun and I am an Apple products user for a very long time. I did not know that Apple is associated with the rougless Killer Hun Sen and families his government. Please Stop doing any business with his family and government. I use Apple products because I believe that Apple stand for original and purity. If Apple doesn't stops I will let my Cambodians know to Stop buy Apple products. Thanks

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JC - 112 d 10 h ago


I am sooooo disappointed with the Apple iTunes service!!! I recently found out that I was being charged monthly for Hulu on my credit card for more than a year. When i saw my credit card bill it stated iTunes NOT hulu and since my husband and i always purchase music i didn't notice that i was being charged for a subscription that I did not authorize. I am not a genius or very computer savvy, but when i noticed the charge was from Hulu i called customer service. it took me 1 hour to speak with someone and then when I finally did. the representative was rude and none understanding. She told me that they an only give me 60 days back (2 months) of the charge. But then I had to authorize another month payment in order to get refunded only 2 months. What a disgrace. a multimillion dollar company gets its monies by stealing from the customers. People do not leave your credit card info in the apple attunes app. You will be charged and they will not refund your money. I am seriously considering leaving apple!!!!

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Robert Kennedy - 114 d 18 h ago

I was in your store in sawgrass mills, in Davie Florida and the service was terrible. When I finally decided what laptop to buy, with no help, I wa told they don't have it. Needless to say I won't be returning.

Bob Kennedy


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Anonymous - 117 d 19 h ago


Thank you for making my job easier. I was debating between an Apple Watch and a FitBit Blaze. With your recent position on the the Republican National Convention you have helped me decide on a FitBit Blaze. Mr. Cook - Apple is not your company - it's the shareholders company and many of us don't share your political views. Stick to making products.

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Sherry Baker - 118 d 21 h ago

I've been an Apple device user since the iPhone 3s came out! I now have an iMac, laptop, several more iPhones, now I have an iPhone 6Plus and I finally talked my husband into getting him an iPhone also . I have an iPad and have always enjoyed using your products but no more !!! What is wrong with Tim Cook? As soon as my contract runs out I will switch to other seven other device that will be comparable to what I'm amusing of years now ! I will not let Tim Cook swayed me with his terrible prejudiced biased decision !

Sherry Baker

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Mary and Ed Nicholson - 118 d ago


We will not not purchase anymore Apple products from your company after hearing about your Boycott of Trump. You are so high and mighty you don't realize what the Democratic Party has done to this Country and the Middle Class. The Middle Class will not be able to buy your products with another 8 years of Liberals.

Edward and Mary Nicholson

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Leslie - 118 d 21 s ago

I have all Apple products. It's a good thing I haven't boycotted Apple before now since you are a supporter-for the democratic party ! What a CHILDISH action you are taking! Just like our current POTUS, I see you don't represent ALL of your customers equally!

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AGA - 118 d ago

I find it hard to believe that Tim Cook would close the door on Americans who do not agree with his version of democracy I just perchazed ai new Apple 6splus and if I had known how he felt about me because I support another candidate I would have never purchased the item which contributes to his version of our right to choose the next leader of our nation. As long as he is your leader at Apple Inc. I will never purchase another Apple product.

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Unhappy American - 118 d 34 s ago


Same here. I own an Apple and wont be buying any more in our house. Large rich companies like yours should stay out of politics. This just confirms that Hilary has bought her way to the White House with big donations from companies like yours. Steve Jobs is turning over in his grave. Wont ever buy your products again. So glad we are able to see what companies support Socialism. Traders.

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Rich - 118 d ago

Well Apple, you did it. I just went and traded my apple I Phones for Samsung Phones. Your boycott of the Republican convention is stupid! Why must you get involved in politics. The CEO should be fired! Keep your personal thoughts personal. Bye Bye

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Former Apple user. - 118 d 8 m ago

I also will now boycott Apple products in response to Apple's decision to boycott the RNC . My company and personal apple products will be replace. How dare you put your personal bias into the up coming election. We own about 20k of Apple's products. I hope others follow and stand up to Apple.

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