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Apple Computer

1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA
Timothy Cook
CEO and Director
(408) 996-1010
(408) 974-2113
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lisa - 2 d 18 h ago


the worst customer service this company provides! great products shitty shitty customer service, no one in this company cares about their customers at all. I believe I can get better cs at Walmart

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Michele - 3 d ago


Dear Mr. Cook,

I am very disillusioned and unhappy with Apple. I have always purchased Apple phones and when I needed a new computer, I also purchased a MAC about 1 year ago., About two weeks ago after installing the new software for the phone, I started having major problems. My phone became disabled and I forgot my password. TRYING TO RESTORE A DISABLED PHONE THROUGH APPLE CARE WITHOUT THE PASSWORD IS IMPOSSIBLE. I appears that Apple has no quick way to retrieve your password or fix the problem. My phone was disabled due to the newly installed software. Despite the wonderful and helpful Apple Care support staff who did everything possible to fix the problem, my phone has been disabled for almost 2 weeks now through account recovery. I do not have a phone and my computer is tied up in this process so I can't use my computer either. Such an inconvenience and ridiculous process by such a technologically savvy company is beyond belief.


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Petra I. Hernandez - 22 d 9 h ago


Dear Mr. Cook:

I am sure you are not the person who will take care of my situation but, after having looked through all the complicated Internet options, I saw your place and A NAME. So I write to you and pray that you will forward this to the right hands and that our situation is finally resolved.

I am a 76 year old woman so have very little knowledge of this complicated world of electronics.but, since I am better equipped than the nephew for whom I am writing, the job is mine.

Here's the story: My nephew, Jorge Luis Hernandez (Georgie) who is quite handicapped--moderate autistic, right arm amputee from the shoulder down, sight imapired and almost DEAF, was talked into buying an iphone 632 gb by a Jomaris Villegas at the Walmart Claro phone booth here in Puerto Rico on January 30th 2018. Since that date the telephone and the Claro company staff have been nothing but a big headache. I have made at least seven telephone calls and he and I have made 7 or more trips trying to solve the situation but to no avail (I hate to say it) with some (not all) very rude people. Apple should not be doing businesss with Claro. Claro has a very very,very bad reputation and will only geopardize Apple.

Back to OUR situation: My nephew, Georgie, needs a more friendly telephone and I would really appreciate your taking this one back and providing him with another one. The telephone must have capabilities for attaching to a hearing aid which has been made by his audiologist (who was not able to deal with this phone either). I understand that no book nor id # was provided with the phone and that the phone was not fullly configured. The audiologist needs to access blue tooth through an Apple id which was not provided either.

Please bear in mind that this is information that I am receiving from my AUTISTIC nephew SO that each of us is doing the very best we can.

More information is this: Serial number of phone is (hidden)80938 sim card (hidden)96 phone number (hidden). He paid $367.94 for phone plus $30.00 for

activation. It was activated about two weeks after purchase date and some minor features "worked" for a few days. A few days ago it stopped working again and now reads "Phone Disactivated Connect to itunes". Georgie also said something to the extent that there were problems with ICLOUD ACCOUNT.

I believe I do not have to tell you that Georgie has need for this to be resolved immediately as his whole life, well being and safety depend on his being able to use his cel phonne attached to his hearing aid. And he has spent much more than what he should have in order to help himself going withot other necessities oike food. I therefore TRUST that you will get in touch with me at your earliest convenience. For which I thank you and remain, Very truly yours,

Petra I. Hernandez (hidden) (hidden) and (hidden)

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Sorry, m'am he's not a real person: no one who must take a "loss" or pay taxes and possible penalty by not cashing in options amounting to $16M USD

Is not like us but in a few aspects biologically speaking otherwise, nope ! I am certain he didn't read a letter more than his name.

Its only going to get worse too. I am sorry i'd give you your money back or fix the problem but I wouldn't if I purposely sold problems according to. tactical advantage as advised by corporation and consumer psychologists skilled in social engineering and secretions and obfuscation of the Truth lawyers have two types of truth issues of fact and legal issues. (To litigate).

I am saying you're robbed. And, didn't feel any shame you as many and I eager to replace junk, planned to be junk ... take it as one of life's gentler lessons. No one we know was nyrdered

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Dr.Tim Cook - 4 d ago


Thank you so much for your feedback and support Apple is better than that

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George Karem - 7 d ago



On March 30, 2018, your iWatch may have saved my life, at the very least it made me aware of a heart condition I didn't know existed. It sent out a message to both my wife and my son who were listed as emergency contacts to let them know something was wrong. Unknown to me my heart beat was dangerously low. In response, they both urged me to go to an emergency room. There, they found that indeed there was a problem with my heart and it is currently being treated.

Thank you!

George Karem

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Kthomas - 12 d 10 h ago


So now I know its cheaper to buy Apple Products from I bought IPad Pro got a email from Walmart 50.00 cheaper I call the say Apple they say the do price match so I drive to Lenox to get harassed by Karen to down grade me I show her my recipe I show her the email so she tell me I don't know ur financial situation but to put back on ur card it will be 3-5 days I was professional about it because I can buy her a car with that same car but I just say that's fine so she go get her manager Sheena I explain to her the situation about what I was told on the phone I wasn't told that the match only 10% so I ask Karen how much was will 10% be so her and Sheena go to the side and laugh I say I don't fine anything funny so Sheena ask me why I'm not happy with the customer after she just made fun of me I say just give me my diff and ur names and just get me out of her.They talk to you like you are no one with no money really because I have a price match.Im very disappointed with the service I recieved today

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purchaser - 13 d ago


Very poor customer service, If no problems and you don't need to contact a store you are fine, If you get a lemon you are in trouble!!! Return within the 14 days and don't wait to see

someone at the Genius Bar to identify and solve problem

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Faye Chiou - 17 d 12 h ago

Dear Timothy Cook,

I am disappointed in Apple's latest ad slamming homework. It contributes to the delinquency of minors and youth. Hard work including homework is a necessity to the success of students.

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Laura Auerbach - 25 d 19 h ago


To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Laura Auerbach. In 2016, I purchase a Mac book pro for my daughter. Spent approximately 3000 dollars on it which included Apple care. When I purchased it from Best Buy I was under impression that Apple Care included damage. Recently my daughter was in a car accident and her computer got damaged. We went into the Apple store and was told that Apple care plus didn't even exist in 2016. So it was going to cost 1000 dollars to fix computer. After that, I contacted Apple support and was told they couldn't do anything. Now, I know that your company can do whatever they want. They just chose not to do anything. As a loyal Apple customer I was very upset. To think that you spend so much money on these products and are loyal customers to then be treated this way. If there was a change in Apple care, isn't it the right thing to inform your customers and allow them to upgrade the insurance? You ask for so much money for these products and are making multi millions of dollars and you can't take care of your good customers. That really says something about your company. I will not be purchasing anymore of your products because I could buy 3 great computers for the cost of one of yours. I purchased the Apple care to protect me from this and I even wasted my money on that. I really believe that your company hasn't gotten so big and full them themselves that you have forgotten the one thing that has made you so successful and that is us, the people who buy your products and having good customer service. If you continue on this path it will only lead to failure. People will start realizing this and stop buying. People like to be treated well when they are asked to spend this kind of money. Thanks for your time.

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Timothy Cook - 28 d ago


Timothy Cook's comments re the irresponsible behavior of social media monopolists like Facebook are commendable as speaking truth to power, in Facebook's case, abusive power. Since its inception (their abuse of privacy is not a new issue) Facebook has committed serial repetitions displaying its complete lack of truth, fairness, and trustworthiness. They have absued privavcy for extraordinary profits, covered up and denied the abuses, and when finally unable to support the lie further, have apologized, claimed to have fixed privacy issues, and then gone on to their next abuse. Again and again since they first went public on the stock exchange. Although I am loathe to invite it, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc. are in need of regulation since they are as egregious as the Robber Barons of the early 1900s.

Thank you for speaking out.

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Karima - 30 d 19 h ago


I am a victim of identity theft. APPLE is in colulsion with the thief!!! Purchases made out of the country not by me. Apple refuses to return my money!!!!! YOU ARE A THIEF, TOO, APPLE CORP!!!! Karma's a bitch.

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Rachel - 31 d 2 h ago


I posses an I Phone 6 whose battery you adnmitted a few months sgon to have slowed down on purpose. Sometime beforehand I purchased a spare battery carrier to serve me on my travels.

Your branch in Israel drmands presrntly exactly the same amount for replacing the faulty battery although it appears that you promised this replacement sometime in March for free.

Thank you for your reply?


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Southern Belle - 33 d 12 h ago


**** WARNING *** WARNING ***

iPhone 7 & 7 Plus users /owners the LATEST UPDATE will NOT ONLY Freeze your phone it will take ALL YOUR DATA FROM EVERY FAMILY MEMBER PLAN and EAT IT!!! seem's there's another thunderfk all yal Loyal iPhone users will have to call ...yeah Tech Support, they actually gave me 16gigs for the month i've never used more than a 50mb i'll even go 100mb's since i've had this piece of chit iPhone as of end of October ..go figure another Gates, & FB owner ...careful~~~

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Steve Jobs corpse - 39 d ago


The deplorable fucking mess that is Windows 10, 'given out' for free from old Philanthropist Bill Gates, to force the masses to adopt Windows 10, taking peoples retails keys and exchanging them for oem, yes, when you upgrade your system your key will no longer work. With Windows 10 you don't need to worry about getting malware any more, you already have the most data thirsty malware ever created. Windows is not so much an operating system as it is a fucking service, a service that tracks every thing, every file, every keystroke, every email, every website, every search and so on. like that nosy neighbour next door who has to come and see what you are doing every time you go in to the garden, Windows 10 is there hoovering up everything. It is a front-end for the mighty fucking app store, a way to get you to buy an app to do something that Windows 7 did for free. I never took 'advantage' of the free upgrade, I could see it for what it was, a power grab over to Microsofts new model, harvest all the data, sell it and get mug punters to buy endless apps. So now Windows 7 has essentially been destroyed by Spectre & Meltdown I had to upgrade to Windows 10. (I have software and hardware that requires Windows FFS) So did I go out and spend 100 to let Microsoft steal all my data? Did I fuck, I pirated Windows 10 Enterprise which does not have apps, cortana, tracking, onedrive (cloud), forced updates every day and you can actually disable 95% of their data harvesting. So thank you Bill Gates for my free copy of Enterprise LTSB 1607, I pirated Win98 and Winxp but actually paid for win7 as it was only 40. But fucked if I am paying 100 for Windows 10 home or 140 for Windows 10 pro when you are harvesting that much data and have full control of the system. Fucking jog on Gates, you speccy twat

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Southern Belle - 33 d 13 h ago


i thought this was Apple?

and yeah if you don't upgrade to w10, ms goes into your pc WITHOUT you knowing and installs a GXW or GWX dir and files to force you into upgrading to 10 ...I did try to install it, not only did it FK UP & Kept ReBooting Over and Over and Over til I had to switch it off from psu~ Lost My hard drive and oooo so much more~~~~ but Apple??? Fk Them Too! iTunes and they're undeletable app's, hidden' apps and subscriptions that you never knew where coming ... Try $300 taken with in 3 days in Dec, caused overdrafts close to $700 and they offer me a fricken Free MOVIE? no 5 or 6 tech's couldn't remove it, i could never find it, so how was MY xMass??? didn't get to have one nor new year's either sooo My new Montra is " Fool Me Once, Shame On You, Fool Me Twice, ...Shame On Me For Not Fukin YOU UP THE FIRST TIME~!!" i am on a Mission~~

oh Hey Tim Cook CEO, offering batteries for $29 ???? I say, You FUCK IT UP ...YOU PAY FOR IT~

I'm going back to Android, They have usable Features~ They don't Hide Simple necessity features so a 3rd Party can develop a Smart Tempered Glass Protector with the Features you need so they can make ...~^@!@^ ,,, wAAaTTTtt ... make money from you and the 3rd party they gave those features to, to you pay again~~~ FU Apple iTunes' Yal Owe Me Big Time~~ I am Sick & Tired of Companies Not Taking Responsibility for Their Mistakes~ , purposely or not, i lean toward the latter...

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Southern Belle - 33 d 13 h ago



Suppose To Say


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Tracy - 49 d 19 h ago

My IPhone 7 was plugged in to charge while on my bed and went on fire! Having a hard time for Apple to replace the phone without me providing them my credit card number. I will supply that information once they pay for my damages (which I was willing to just forget it) Apple told me do not plug in the phone, but take many pictures and e-mail them which was all done. For three days I am still dealing with Apple over this. Would love to speak with the Corporate office - when you call the above number they send you back to general support. If I wanted general support I would had stopped at the first phone call!!

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Scott - 41 d ago

Try (hidden)

General profile image

Southern Belle - 33 d 13 h ago


oh Hey Tim Cook CEO, offering batteries for $29 ???? I say, You FUCK IT UP ...YOU FIX IT~

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Anonymous - 36 d 50 m ago

I am giving a "shout out" for excellent service at the Apple Store at Galleria Mall in Roseville, California. Those patient experts or genius's are: JESSIE WHITTLE and JERAMY TAYLOR.

Many thanks,


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Scott - 41 d ago

I spent 4 days trying to make my iPhone se operative. I encountered a number of problems with some in AppleCare due to their lack of listening skills. The final straw was their identification that solving my issue required my purchasing a second phone (not a smart phone) and a WiFi connection. This is basically a case of hidden costs, so I'm switching to another smartphone.

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Thigan - 43 d 6 h ago

Hi I'm Thigan from Malaysia, I'm an Apple user. My Apple ID is (hidden)

and I couldn't get to send iMessages to my own numbers



This is the numbers I'm using with same ID.

Need a advise to solve my issue, thanks apple.

Sent from my iPhone

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Michael L - 49 d 16 h ago


In order to excuse themselves from replacing the battery in my iPhone 6 under their replacement program, Apple accused me of having unauthorized modifications to my phone. This is an outright lie by Apple. Customer Service bounced me around for 12 days, always claiming they were waiting for more information from the Apple Engineers that inspected my phone. Apple won't even tell you what they are accusing you of. They just keep saying unauthorized modifications. They shipped the phone back to me in the middle of the case being handled. Ooops. We're so sorry, they said. I paid them up front for the replacement. Still waiting for the case to be resolved. I don't have much hope that it will end in my favor

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Anonymous - 48 d 20 h ago

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