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Scott - 6 h ago

Can you believe this? We were told we could not be seated because the wait staff was too busy in a restaurant that was less than half full today at lunch. Hostess went to clear off a table for us and was told not to seat us because the wait staff had enough work already.

Needless to say, my wife and I left and will not be returning for a while, if at all. We would not want to be the cause of your wait staff being over worked.

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Very embarrased threatened customer - 1 d ago


I visited the Applebees in Jenkintown PA (323 Old York Rd, Jenkintown, PA 19046) and was disgusted at the behavior of the bartender. I visited plenty of Applebees and never experienced the humiliation and embarrassment I experienced at this location. When I came in I wanted to try the sangria drink special in which the bartender right away asked if I wanted the special. When I got my bill, I was charged full price for the drink. I brought it to the bartenders attention who rolled her eyes at me and sternly said "you didnt ask for the special" she seemed to have an attitude and kept responding with an attitude. I asked to speak with the manager because I told the bartender there was a problem. The bartender (short Hispanic lady with a band wrapped around her head) said very loudly storming off "you have a problem" I was so embarrassed because everybody in the restaurant was now looking at me. The manager came out and I explained what happened, she apologized to me and gave me another drink on applebees. The rude bartender then went behind the bar grabbed a black book and stormed out of the restaurant. She walked pass me like she wanted to hit me. Again, I was humiliated and embarrassed. Another manager than came out and apologized to me. I really felt embarrassed, disrespected and threatened. I'm happy the managers rectified the situation. I'm just writing you all to inform you of my experience.

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Vargas - 1 d 4 h ago


Lastnight my family and I went to have dinner at Applebees on North 10th St in McAllen, TX. The waiter was fairly new and his service was not the best but we were ok. With that being said, after he charged the bill, we departed not realizing the debit card was kept by the waiter. I call this morning requesting my card and was told that Manager from last night kept the card, TOOK IT HOME and they could not get ahold of him so that he could return the card. Is that standard protocol that the manager take personal items home with him? I was able to cancel my card, with a fee to replace the card.

My family and I are loyal customers to Applebees but but with this experience, it will be difficult for us to return.

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New Unsatisfied Customer - 2 d ago

Applebee's 15151 Cleveland, Ave. North Fort Myers, FL location. My husband works late and the hours of this location work for us to be able grab a meal together. We walked in almost an hour before closing and the manager on duty sarcastically puts her wrist up to look at her watch. About 10 minutes later she turns on all the lights in the restaurant. After, going there a few times the staff have gotten recognize us and one employee stopped for a brief moment to be friendly and the manager told him to get back to work! My husband commented to the staff member serving us that night about how she "rudely" checked the time on her watch and about the lights. The manager then commented, " that's not how it went down". Instead, you would think, as a manger, her main priority would be to ensure that her guests were happy and try to clear up any misunderstandings. Next, I will be calling corporate when I find out her name to make a formal complaint. This is not how any manager should react to a situation or treat a guest when representing a company's reputation. You

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Anonymous - 2 d 47 s ago

Food was awful and will not ever return again.

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Frank - 3 d ago

Please reopen the location in Palm Beach Gardens, FL on Northlake Blvd.

After a hurricane it never reopened, doesn't look like there was any damages.

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Applebys Torrington Conn East Main Street - 3 d ago


Ordered chicken oriential salad Always enjoyed it immensely But last and I mean last ( won't get me a third time ) two times it had the quality of a cheap fast food restaurant this was not my past normal experiences The small amount of rice noodles was thrown in the middle of salad the greens were limp and many were browning the slivered almonds were non existent so I paid almost 15 dollars for bad lettuce The truth being Stop and Shop would not have even put this lettuce on the must go today rack it should have been tossed This is the Torrington Conn East Main St Applebys So sad It was at one time a weekly treat for my family

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Disappointed Customer - 3 d ago


1st & last time at the Gateway Mall (Brooklyn, NY) location. The staff was rude. After waiting an hour and 25 minutes for a table we had a rude waiter rushing for our order ( Jonny). I will definitely warn friends and family member not to frequent this establishment. Why pay for rude service.

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Anomous - 3 d 6 h ago


Amy Hunt gives her employee s no respect...completely unprofessional...lies steals and I know work for her and the regional manager is her best friend that's all the experience she has is being unfair and wants to work only two servers during the day so the host is the bus boy bar back and server EVERY day

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Lady - 3 d 11 h ago


Awful service at Applebee's 6005 N University Dr

Tamarac Fl 33321

Good morning my mother and sister wrote a review

Last night about the terrible service from the Applebee's in Tamarac Florida and I am writing also just to state that this is the first time we have been told by a Manager that raw chicken was ok to be

Sold to a customer we waited over an hr for the food the person Daisy who works in the bar told us that she was serving the Uber driver free drinks so he could wait on the order and that it didn't make sense to talk to the manager there because she was a borrowed manager and she was really correct because when my mum called to speak to Rebecca she was very disinterested and didn't care that we had been given raw bone in chicken no sauce boneless chicken wings and a turkey sandwich with brown lettuce 2 scraps of Turkey and one slice of lettuce on a spoiled bread. I am very disappointed with this service and don't think either myself or my family will be be ordering with APPLEBEE'S again. My sister attached the pictures to show the sandwich and the raw chicken wings that REBECCA was ok with us to eat Very disappointed customer. We don't think even a one star is good enough for you all at this point

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Betty Hendricks - 4 d 15 h ago


went to the old forest road applebees in lynchburg virginia on 06/19/2018 for lunch with a friend. it was not packed and there was plenty of tables empty. we ordered the 2 for 20 and i got steak green beans and brocoli she had the penne we got garden side salads (which was good) i asked for my steak to be cooked blue rare i could tell from the look the waitress didn't know what that meant so i said very very rare i had water my friend had sweet tea after waiting about 20 min the runner brought my plate set it down and left never ask if i needed anything, my friend still has no plate yet i cut my steak it was med rare (and that was iffy) and i needed butter for my brocoli. i let the steak sit there and ate the green beans and then my soggy plain brocoli as i was hungry my friends food still had not showed up after a total of 45 min they brought her penne and i asked for a1 to eat my dried out steak with no refills came for out drinks and her penne was cold i asked to speak to the manager and stole her this story only to be told they don't ask any more if the steaks are cooked right b/c ppl said it seemed as if they was being rushed to eat and that the steak came out first so it wouldn't continue to cook on the plate while the penne was being fixed ,. the fun of going to lunch together was to have it together not her watch me eat and then get her food which was cold and not good the manager seemed like it was all the way it should be according to applebees standards. I think the service and the food was really bad and the manager could use some lessons in customer service. thanks for a rotton meal

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Alphonso Curry - 6 d ago

I've sent your office and email two weeks ago about me falling in your Newark store and no one cared to wright or email me back about my accident so I'm now going to hand my case over to my attorney and news outlet so I guest I will see you in court .

Thank you Alphonso Curry

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Gen - 6 d 4 h ago


Went to the Applebees in College park Maryland on a Friday night arrived there at approximately 8:00 p.m. someone from our party checked in he was told that the wait was 25 minutes for a table we waited went back after 30 minutes has passed to check the host said he didn't know how much longer we were going to have to wait because there was no waiter for the table( the restaurant was not full at all) about 5 minutes after speaking to the host another man came to seat us I asked was there a waiter for this table he said yes about 5 minutes after sitting another young lady came to us and told us that they had a 20 minute hold on the kitchen I said what does that mean she said no food could come out the kitchen for 20 minutes I said why its not even crowed in here she said she didn't know so we left., Thanks for ruining our night

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Jose Agosto - 6 d 20 h ago


Hey, Mclapp I write to inform you on the terrible experience I had at this establishment. First of all it was very cold . Second of all there wasn't any napkins. Third, the food was cold and not tasty at all. The worst part is that I had my kids with me. It was a Father's Day dinner and it was ruined . To top things off my bill was wrong ! I appreciate you taking the time to read this email and maybe you can rectify my situation. I've provided pictures to show you! Thanks , Jose Agosto (hidden)

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Tim - 7 d 7 h ago


My wife and I went to Applebees right before Christmas they messed up her order more than once and then after hour and 15 minutes we finally got to eat the manager there said they would refund us our whole amount which double-charged us anyway later talk to a manager and Corporation they was supposed to send this out some kind of coupon to refund our money never seen it 6 months later we're still waiting

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Ginny - 8 d ago



When I moved back to Walnut Creek, CA in 2012, I really enjoyed the Applebee's nearby on Ygnacio Valley Road. They had a salad I was especially fond of but is no longer available. However, since then, I would recommend your company checking out the restaurant because it's creating a bad repretation. My hubby and I were there June 5, 2018 at 1:50 pm and had an absolutely dreadful time. One of the servers/hostess was carrying a very large trash bag and wanted to seat us. I asked if she would was her hands before handling menus, but she insisted that the bag carried towels not trash. Okay.........we sat down and were waited on by someone who didn't seem interested. Oh well. My husband ordered the salmon for lunch (CDR SAL MPL MUST - $15.49) and I said at that time I didn't care for anything. While waiting, I decided to have a HOUSE SALAD - $4.59 but I couldn't get the attention of the server so someone else came by and I asked for the salad. When lunch arrived, the server left right away and when my husband tasted the salmon it was totally solid - not flakey and luke warm (cool actually) along with the green beans and French fries. We were unable to get the server's attention and when he did check back about 6 - 7 minutes later and was told that the food was not warm the server just shook his head and left. The salmon tasted awful my husband said and he avoided the cold French fries and beans. In case you are wondering about the house salad, it was one I would never order again - your blue cheese dressing was more mayonnaise than blue cheese and the itty bitty diceed tomatoes were quite tasteless. Your advertisements on TV do NOT express this particular location and I thought you'd like to know.

We have since moved and I'm hestitant to visit the Roseville, CA Applebee's.

Virginia Bowerman

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Anonymous - 8 d 5 h ago

My husband and I went to one of your restaurants last night . The food was absolutely disgusting ! Your new (chicken Alfredo )should be taken off the menu ! The noodles were hard and crunchy! My husband ordered the salmon . It was edible but very small piece of fish for grown man . Green beans were like rubber ! We had also ordered side Caesar salad . We only had about three bites of green lettuce the rest was white chunks of iceberg lettuce.... had no taste at all! Our bill was over $50.00 ! We both walked away from your restaurant hungry ! Unfortunately we were 250 miles away from our home visiting my mother in the hospital ! Ended up having to go to steak 'n Shake just to get some food ! Changes you're making are not good no one likes them !

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Anonymous - 11 d ago

Hi Mr. Michael my name is Sharvice Tucker and I'm calling about being fired for not wanting to take someone's shift. I don't even know when I was supposed to start my next shift because our cook manager didn't send out any schedules and started telling me by mouth. So when showed up to my shift which was Tuesday June 12th I was asked why am I here you dont work today by a Mrs Jessica the manager in charge of making the cooks schedule. My response was you told me to be here today, she gave me a verbal agreement of Tuesday - Thursday. So i asked can i get a print out of the schedule so this doesn't happen again. Her response was give a a minute. Then I found out she didn't even make a schedule. Then the gm mr kent came thru the back door 5 minutes later asking me why do you think you have a job!!!!!! I looked at him bewildered. My response was what do you mean he said that Jessica the cook manager told him I walked out on my shift Monday June 11th at 6. My response to him was I was not scheduled to work Monday the cooks were Drew Will and Sam. Sam called out all last week ending on June 10th and called out again on the 11th of June which was Monday and i did not agree to take his shift. I already worked on my day off on many occasions for Sam but couldn't do it that day. I did not receive a schedule on the 8th of june like the rest of the cooks. I have text messages and emails talking about this issue with Mrs Jessica since the 5th of June where she said the schedule was already made but we the cooks can't get a copy of it until the 8th of June on the 10th of June I asked her again for my copy she said she was too busy but she has me. On the 11th of June I asked once again because i notice she was letting other cooks call out and trying to bribe and make me stay at work on my day off. I was fired for not taking bribes and it was not my scheduled day to work can you please help with this issue. Another complaint I have is with Mr kent since I started working there he continues to call me little girl after I asked he not to he does this in front of my coworkers mind you I'm 25 years old. There are other female workers there and they are being called by there names WHY AM I BEING CALLED LITTLE GIRL and I am also older than most the applebees crew. On Monday June 11th after being fired Mr kent told me while laughing and smiling to leave out the back door I was shocked and responded I am not a slave I came thru the front I'll leave thru the front. As an employee who did my job better than most I am asking for my job back because I am not responsible for anyone else's shift but my own. I would really like to discuss in more detail the root of the problem which is coworkers being accused of being her family brothers/sisters/cousins thinking they can do what they want when they want and if I don't take there shift when they call out I get fired. Again please Help

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Bothered local - 11 d 4 h ago

Your Suffolk store in downtown Suffolk across from taco bell has a couple girls that use drugs heavy. I know of five and it bothers me. You should piss test your employees handling our food once In a while. Do a sweep, bothers my family that we have coke heads and pot heads barely doing their job and dropping liquid into our food. Nose liquid that is white. Thank you.

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Anonymous - 11 d 4 h ago

And I'm sure the managers know about it.

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Disappointed Californian - 11 d 19 h ago


I saw a video on Facebook of two black women being profiled and falsely accused and dine and dash. The manager called the police and the two women and asked them to pay for their meals and leave the restaurant and never come back. I have eaten at Applebees in California for many years. After this report I will not be eating at Applebees and campaign for a boycott. I'm ashamed this could happen and I hope that people begin to realize that our dollars count and when we are treated poorly, profiled, discriminated against and disrespected, we take our business where it is welcomed!

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Luther - 12 d 5 h ago


My wife, daughter, future son-in-law and I went to celebrate an early Fathers day at Applebee's.

We arrived at about 6:17 PM on Sunday. They were not that full, but we were seated by 6:30PM. we were a party of four but only had two menus and two sets of silverware.When the waitress came to take our drink orders we mentioned two of us needed silverware. When she brought the drinks we reminded her we still needed silverware. when we received our appetizers the kitchen person said the waitress needed to bring us plates and silverware, five minutes later they arrived. After another twenty minutes we noticed the people who got seated before us had paid their bill and left. the people seated after us had food and were eating. We asked to speak to a manager. Collin the manager showed up a few minutes later and asked "What do you want?". we explained our concerns about the lateness of our food not showing up but other tables had gotten theirs. Collin disappeared into the kitchen only to come out a few minutes later and stand behind the bar chatting and laughing with the bartender. when the waitress came to ask about our food(which we still did not have), she said "Oh, I thought he took care of that." We asked to speak to a manager again. Collin showed up and said" Now what?". We thought this was very rude. He explained that he was personally overseeing our meals. When I asked where they were, he said" Obviously they are not ready yet." Also rude. He asked "So what do you want me to do about it?" Our daughter said just tell me what we owe for the beverages and appetizers. to which Collin said " Just go I'll take care of it, Leave" We left the restaraunt at 7:17PM with no food but a bad experience from Applebee's. We will probably not be back. you can thank Collin for that. He never apologized or offered any explanation, all we got was attitude.

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Cynthia - 12 d 20 h ago


I am giving zero stars because a manager named Barry treated me so bad it brought down everything else! I placed an order with Grubhub to be filled at Applebees in Maplewood Commons, in St. Louis, Missouri. So, I am sitting at home waiting on my order and about an hour later called Applebees, and was told that it was canceled but my food was sitting right there. I was told to call Grubhub which I immediately did. Grubhub apologized profusely that it was canceled because I placed my order at 8:30 pm and they stop delivering at 9:00. Crazy! So, they said they would refund my money in 3 to 5 business days. Ok, I was disappointed because I was really hungry. I called Applebees back to see if I could somehow pick up my order from them anyway. The person that answered the phone said the manager said that I canceled the order and I asked to speak to him. He got on the phone hollering and telling me that I bought my food from Grubhub not Applebees so he could in no way help me. Didn't offer to have me pay them or anything, he just went off on me. He was extremely rude and nasty to a customer that was already disappointed about an order. I couldn't understand why he was so upset when I was the one that was disappointed. Anyway, I couldn't get anywhere with him so I mentioned that I was going to report his behavior to the corporate office, at that point he hung right up on me. Appalling!! This manager Barry is not manager material and should be let go.

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Go2Guy - 13 d ago


This afternoon at about 5:30pm I Walked into the Applebee's in Ottawa, KS. It was my intent to sit at the bar, drink a beer, and eat a hamburger! For more than 5 minutes, I was ignored, as the main bartender was training

another bartender? I waited another 5 minutes and walked out and commented I would go elsewhere to be served!!!

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Michaele - 14 d 35 s ago


Applebee's in Kenner,La. Continues to be consistent in one thing- providing less than acceptable food and service. I only go to Applebee's once every 2 or 3 months and every time I go either a member of my party or myself has to send food back because it's either incorrect or cold or both! I keep thinking that it's going to be different next time but the only difference is the staff. Apparently the customers aren't the only ones that don't come back. It's a shame they can't seem to get it together because they are the only neighborhood bar themed restaurant for miles in the area and residents in the area have a median income of over $50000.00 per year. There's money to be made but not at the expense of quality and service.

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