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Anonymous - 3 h ago

Sorry but 3 cheese chicken penne was our favorite meal and you ruined and try passing off that mushy, soupy cavatappi as the "same" per your staff and it is no where near as good. Please bring back the penne! ! Thank you

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Barry Davis - 3 h 12 m ago


I would like to start out by stating that I like Applebees as a resteraunt. The food is great. Last night at Your Warner Robins Store was not what I respected. It was not a very good experience. The Hostess. On duty was not very professional. Even though we were seated prompley. We had to wait over an hour to be served. The waitress did her best to get our meal to us. We later discovered that our order had been taken out of the. Computer. Someone. should have been more responsible. There was a lot of noise coming from the hostess booth. The greeting was nonshalot and needs to be more inviting. The manager made ammends, which was good. Thanks for taking the time to listen to this complaint.

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Anonymous - 5 h 37 m ago


Went to Tappahannock Virginia waited 10 minutes was never waited on to be seated everybody in there was African American race we were white the lady that was supposed to be sitting us the sitting in the back talking and just looking at us another couple came in after us after we left and was seated we go to Gloucester Virginia and never had this problem before. C.chandler

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Upset employee - 9 h 5 m ago


I work for Applebee's for over a year. I would work for more than 8 hrs and I would get NO break!!! I would work a double from open to close and still NO break!!! All the managers are rude and take advantage of the workers

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

I just saw the report on your Savannah restaurant who did nothing to help the black couple who was Being abused by the racist cop. Have you done anything to help this couple out? I know I'm late but I will let everyone I know to watch what happen and to boycott your restaurants. Shameful.

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Debbie - 1 d ago


I would like to know if there is a policy on lip rings? Our waiter tonight had to large lip ball like rings in his lip. We take our 84 year mother to the portage Ave in south Bend IN twice a week. She is taken care of there most of the time. However I don't feel that that type of jewelry should be worn in a restaurant.

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George - 1 d 5 h ago


I thought the service was good but the manager and bartender were acting really bad talking about another employee in front of us really bad for business

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D - 2 d 20 h ago

i was denied a 10 minute break and said i have to be inside for a break and im not allowed outside on applebees property for a break witch made me feel like a hostage

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Upset employee - 2 d 3 h ago


Sad the things happen i was comment before writing office and other people cause injustice

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South side - 2 d 20 h ago


Central Iowa... Employee .. privacy issues need to be addressed to all employees as well as manager's. When an employee is away from work there personal life or issues should not be asked of that employees family members when they come to the establishment. That's a privacy issue. Also servers that over charge hence 3 persons. Got 9 beers and two orders of bread sticks server grabs 25.00 off the table plus 44.00 off the table. Doesn't come back. Keeps all the money. This Applebee's needs to be revamped. .... Disgruntled employee... Can you say harrassment

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Upset employer - 4 d 6 h ago


Im a applebees employee and i love applebees but im not no longer happy ..i being mistreated and not fair..i work my butt off take pride but because my status im getting bullied and give crazy hrs as i was just released out hospital being icu two days hoslital 4 o ly one getting hrs like 9 am to 7 then back at830 am as i also drive a hr..i work thos company two states never been so upset and mistreated in all my life..i even ask to be server cause my health and responce i got was horrible..sad cause you say something now i will be fear no job ..hate that i have post and recored yhis to have fighting chance..i loved here if i quit or get fired i will not recomend employment to anyone where im at...

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Anonymous - 2 d 20 h ago


I am also an employee of Applebee's. Had missed a few shifts one I don't even remember being asked to work on my day off. Got wrote up for it. Missed another 11:00 on call got suspended for 3 days management scheduled me off for 3 more. Went there with a family member got approached by a manager that said we only had a 3 drink limit. Waitress over charged us for 3 PPL . 9 crafts and two orders of pretzels. One of us paid 25.00 the other 44.00. waitress didn't acknowledge the mistake kept the money. Also one of my family members went there and got grilled by management about my second job. Your intire fleet of Applebee's needs to be re. Evaluated . That's a privacy issue and made her very uncomfortable. NOT. HAPPY at all. You could say it's harrasment

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Mark - 3 d 22 h ago


Your AppleBee's in Redding California is disgustingly dirty in the restrooms, on the floors, windows, tables etc. We were appalled at the urine smell in the Men's room. We and several of my friends will not return until there is a change in management. There are several other good clean restaurants to choose from in Redding.

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concerned customer - 3 d ago

Applebees in lake grove ny a server by the name of William Cassalry does drugs on the premises and sells them on a visit i saw an exchange in bathroom on multiple visits he sgould of been terminated along with cursing out a fellow employee how is this guy still employed I will be following up with 6th precient detectives

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mad mama - 5 d 38 s ago


My experience tonite far as seating was terrible. I sat at the front for 10 to 15 waiting for to be seated. Then I see two bar area servers sit down and look a me waiting but did not pursue to assist me and my daughter. Then the hostess finally comes n says she seen me n my child filling out the raffle papers and thought we already had ate. Long story short later as I'm seated n waiting on my order . a couple come in the door and immediately the two bar servers came quick to assist to seat the quest coming in. So my point is where the hell was my help when the same servers seen me waiting . .... Not! Not definitely. Not good service there . unacceptable!

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I and my husband with our grandchildren visited the local applebees in davenportfl on Sunday March 19th 2017.Our food and service from our waitress was good but was appauled that we had to explain to them why someone the manager was yelling at the employees furthermore used the "F" bomd on two occasions that my grandchildren heard and 2 other times that they didnt.This was totally wrong on the managers part and we were embarrassed for the employees.We will not give our business to any applebees any longer

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Ms. Harris - 5 d 6 h ago


Savannah GA. There's a waiter there, Paul. You just know he's been there forever. He used his same jokes as he seated us that he used 8 months earlier when he seated us. Oh and the same routine on the others he seated around us. Oy. Really not that entertaining. When he came to take our order, I said "we're having the 2 for $20 special" or whatever that special was they had forever. I'm writing this a couple years after the incident. His response..."of course you are." Wow. How to make customers feel cheap. We wanted a light and affordable dinner after shopping. Paul, you've been there too long. Call Sizzler, they might have an opening.

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Sandy - 5 d 7 h ago


My daughter worked at the Applebee's in Albuquerque last summer (2016). During the 3 months she worked there, she only received two paychecks (should have been 6) because "they didn't have the money right then". Highly illegal, by the way. She left work one day at the end of her shift (normal time). The next day they fired her when she went in because she "left without permission". Funny how her immediate manager told her she was free to go home the night before. Again, illegal. They have now also refused to send her a W-2 for this tax filing. When she called corporate, they stated that since she "no longer lived in the area" they didn't have her W-2 and couldn't help her, even though she left a forwarding address and all contact information. This is also highly illegal!

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Green - 5 d 12 h ago


I notified the server as soon as possible so they can fix the situation. The meal was sent back three times. I know that All restaurants want to have excellent customer satisfaction ratings. But it truly demonstrated this was not the case at Applebee's. I still left the restaurant with a bill I paid for on an empty stomach and frustrated. Last call for Applebee's 1351 state road 535 suite 100 Orlando Fl 32821

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Anonymous - 5 d 18 h ago

I went out to eat there last night an it was cold an tasted reheated im not happy with them at all the service was slow an very unfriendly

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Katrina McRoyal - 6 d ago


I'm so disgusted with applebees. Our waiter "lost" my bank card after she swiped for my bill. Came to the table pretended she was was crying saying she lost it!!! Like wtf you mean you lost it!!! I lost it like what kind of business is this!! It had been an hour of them "searching" for my card when I got up and started to make a scene ALL OF A SUDDEN....SHE MIRACULOUSLY CAME GAVE ME MY CARD. Honestly I feel like she "lost it" on purpose and was going to use it of I had let it go. I don't trust that at all I don't know what she did to my card the hour "it was lost" I had already canceled my card when she first told me she lost it!! So the fact I have to wait for a while new card is fucking ridiculous! I have never been in a situation where my "waiter" lost my bank card EVER. I UNDERSTAND ACCIDENTS HAPPEN BUT i just want to know how my bank card fell behind a box at the register and she didnt see it fall when you swiped it. Wtf and the manager refused to give me my money back saying oh you can call corporate and they can give you a gift card. Like wtf I will never eat at applebees again. The worst experience I've had in my life!! I want a full refund its funny how she swiped my card for my bill before she lost it. She tried to steal my card I would never eat there again and I will make sure everyone knows that my waiter is a thief the manager too point blank period!!!! -negative rating from me

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Dustin - 6 d 12 h ago


Applebees in Chelsea Al needs to be Redone. Management sucks, servers suck, food sucks. its a joke. might go back if it is started over from scratch but needs to be revamped. Pay attwntion to the reviews on facebook etc, there are alot of complaints.

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Tywanna - 7 d ago


I just visited the location on jonesboro rd in Georgia. It's the worse. We were sat and no one never acknowledge us sitting there. After 30 min I went back to the front to ask the guy what happen. They sat a couple right next to us and someone came right away to serve them. This is ridiculous and money loss on their part. I asked for a manager, no one came for another 20 min. We walked out. I called and is on hold as of right now for 19 minutes

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Tammie - 7 d 22 h ago


My husband and I decided we wanted to try Applebees in Winter Haven Fl tonight for dinner. Omg we never expected what we encountered. We were seated at a table very quickly and our waitress came right over to us. Not long after she left my legs started itching... i just figured the bench I was sitting on was bothering me... but soon after I knew the reason. As we were talking a ant ran across my face, ok so an ant got on me from outside...NOT...we looked over by the window and our table was covered in ants... I pushed the call your waitress button... and when she arrived at our table we pointed them out... I got up and they were all over my legs.... we left.....a few seconds after we got up from our table they set others at the same table. NO STARS AT ALL...NEEDS BETTER CLEANING BETWEEN CUSTOMERS

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