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Anonymous - 11 d 6 h ago

In Lincoln on old Chaney and 43rd I had a manager Dom ask if I wanted some molly akameth not kewl

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Anonymous - 7 d 10 h ago

Molly is not meth lol

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Anonymous - 11 h 21 m ago

It is speed tho, sorry you were misinformed

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Anonymous - 12 h 25 m ago

Just had the worst service when I was leaving the location in Portage Indiana location by the the bartender! She did not give me my updated bill when I was leaving but did bill me for the updated amount which was only for sour cream but I was never given a new bill and when I asked for the original bartender snatched it out of my hand! I noticed from the beginning she had an attitude! Poor poor customer service

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Teresa John - 2 d 8 h ago

This is in relation to your saginaw, tx location. I have witnessed your bartender, Kim, opening drink mixes with her teeth and then pouring contents into your blenders. This happened twice in one evening. This evening, she was obviously sick. While cutting limes, she wiped her nose and then continued. I observed her sneezing, blowing her nose and coughing into her hands, did not wash hands, and returned to run a customer's card at the bar. Outrageous! She should be fired! Disgusting for someone in food service!

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Iowa Grandma - 2 d 12 h ago


We love Applebees food. However, we had a very disturbing experience at the Ankeny, Iowa location. My bowl of soup was half full and a tiny serving. I wanted to make sure I was not being charged for a bowl when it was a cup sized serving. So I asked the waitress if it was a cup or a bowl and she said, "we don't have cups." I told her it was the smallest bowl I had ever seen (I eat soup a lot of places!). She said she would get the manager and walked away before I could tell her I did not need the manager. A mean looking man with hands on hips came to the table and said, "I don't appreciate my waitress being attacked." I told him I have three witnesses who saw I did no such thing! I told him I merely told the waitress it was the smallest bowl I had ever seen. He then said, "Now I feel attacked!" My husband is a mild mannered guy who loves most people and is never rude. But he could not believe how we had been spoken to and said that we were leaving and would not be back and did not intend to eat or pay for our food. (We had barely started.) He asked to speak to this man's boss and was told he was not there. So we left. Our grandchildren were a witness to this exchange and had serious questions. They are 3 and 7. It was a very, very bad experience and we ended up driving through Burger King. We will NEVER go back to the Ankeny location unless they get a different manager. I have since spoken to a cousin who knows of several people who have been scared away from eating there because of this man's attitude and behavior. Not sure if he is manager or assistant manager.

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Epic Fail - 2 d 18 h ago


Last night--4-16-18, my husband and I went to the AppleBee's in our hometown, Steubenville, Ohio. We arrived there around 6:45 and was seated at a high top table. Our waitress took our drink and appetizer order. The drinks were brought over right away with out delay. We seemed to wait quite a while for our appetizer (30 min.) It did come and then we ordered our main course. My husband order a steak and I some pasta. The waitress did come over and ask if we wanted more to drink at that time. In the meantime another group of people came to the left of us and another to the right. They preceded to order. (same waitress) we sit for what seemed forever. Then everything started to fall apart. The two other tables were served their meal and we still had not received ours. The waitress came over and said that she was sorry but she forgot to put our order in. and would do it right away, we were a little upset but told her we know things can happen. She then left us and came back 20 minutes later and said she did not know what was going on but that the manager would be out right away to talk with us. We waited again 20 more minutes. Finally my order (pasta) came out but not my husbands (steak). The manager came over and said she was very sorry for the delay and that she was going to not charge us for the meal. We said thank you and handled it very nicely. After my husband waited for his meal, I started to eat mine, its was very cold and I only ate a few bites. My husbands meal came out only after he did get loud, (his potatoes were all dried up and cold) stating that the tables that came in after us had finished and left and he was still waiting. The waitress again said she was sorry and that she had no idea why it was taking so long, that she did not know why the manager had not come out sooner and that the kitchen was very slow. The manager did come back and on a small post it note had written, 2 free dinners of your choice and signed her name. This bothered me because it was so unprofessional. During the waiting time, no one came around asking if we wanted refills on our drinks.

The Applebees that we had been to over the years, their food and service has been so much better. The restaurant itself was not very clean, there was napkins and table knives laying about on the floor. Something has certainly went down hill at this Applebees. We at this time do not plan to go back. Thank you!

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Michelle - 4 d 8 h ago


The Applebee's in Sidney,Ne is absolutely ridiculous!!!!

Went there with four other people tonight, ordered all together and after two of my friends had eaten their meals and the third had her meal delivered, my daughter and I sat there without our meals. I spoke with the manager and she finally got our meals to our table, 45 minutes after the rest. When the bill came, the manager found it appropriate to discount our check by 10%, not comp our meals. I will not plan on going back to this particular Applebee's again. I'm upset, disappointed and frustrated that a table of 5 people took two hours to get our meals and eat. There were multiple tables of patrons that came in after us and ate their dinner and left before we were ever served our meals.

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Lynda B. - 11 d 14 h ago


I recently went to the Applebee's at 1524 Lafayette Pkwy, LaGrange, GA 30241. Upon entering, myself and my other party member were shown the table closest to the door. Ok, I can handle that. But then the "manager" of the establishment told me that dogs are not allowed in the restaurant. I informed him that he is a service dog. My service dog was properly "tucked" under the table and not causing an issue with anything. The "manager" ten demanded to see papers on if my dog was a service dog. I understand that there are a lot of fake service dogs out there, but you need to educate your staff on what they can and cannot ask when pertaining to a service dog. I have gone to other Applebee's without an issue. This has seriously put me off from going to any other establishment. And I am sure others with service dogs, once they read this, will have the same reaction. But our waitress, Tequila, was awesome!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 7 d 9 h ago

Yeah people with their online registered "service animals" have ruined this for you, better keep the papers on you. For every service animal in a restaurant there are just as many fakes or people who are dining there and will complain about that dog and its legal status.

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Anonymous - 4 d 11 h ago


That is because there are too many bogus service dogs. Would be nice if yours was not one of them. Sounds "fishy" to me.

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P.J. Voss - 4 d 16 h ago

My husband and I are frequent guests at the Applebee's in Napa, CA We have enjoyed our experience there. However, as I had just returned from an overseas visit and ill, I suggested to my husband that we try the on-line experience. He ordered Fish and Chips which we have had before. When he arrived home, there was only fish and tons of French fries - no coleslaw or tartar sauce - I called local manager of Applebee's and explained. My aim was to help improve the service, not to get something ---she offered a $20 gift certificate. I said okay if the staff handling this were given a heads-up on proper service ethics. I felt she was pacifying me.

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Kurt - 5 d 11 h ago


Went to your Maplewod, Mo. store was a terrible experience. Steak was smaller than the the baked potato are server was bartending and waiting tables so bad service. My daughters food was terrible. Some guests walked out. Spent $25. And was not worth it. Bad place

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Anonymous - 6 d 9 h ago

Awful service and food

Close conyers ga store

No hope for it

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upset customer - 6 d 11 h ago


i live in marysville ohio 43040 the applebees there has the worst manager i ever incounterred i think her name is angel she is very rude to the employees cussing at them loud enough for all to hear its not a comfortable place to dine i will never go back as long as she is there. before she got there it was my favorite place to dine but not any more and im not the only one that feels this way

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Former Customer - 6 d 12 h ago

I just saw the disgusting tweet Jimmy Kimmel posted regarding a clown supposedly humping Hannity. As one of the advertisers of his show, do you support this kind of behavior? My family will no longer be doing business with any advertisers/sponsors of his show! I just wanted you to know why. He needs to be taken off the air!!

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Anna Garner - 7 d 16 h ago


After today on 4/12/2018 I will NEVER come inside the apple bees on Cincinnati Ohio on Colerain ave in north gate I am sittin the restaurant as I write this I have been discriminated in the businesse by the white server I am African American and she has stop serving us because I said I had a credit n her white manger let her jus leave from serving our table but she serving everyone else I will never come here again

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Anna Garner - 7 d 16 h ago


After today 4/12/18 I will never come back to the apple bees on Colerain ave in Northgate Mall I jus got discrimination by the server i will never give your company no more of my money only because I asked for a manger because I have a credit n she was talking to her manger and she up left from serving us I'm livid she was white and I'm a African American she serving everyone else but US me and my boyfriend

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Stephanie N - 8 d 9 h ago


I came into Applebees on Monday for my son's birthday. We got sat fairly quickly, which was nice. We had a party of 10 and only one server. So when we ordered our drinks it took about 20 minutes to get them. We also ordered appetizers, and waited over 45 minutes for them. It took us an hour and 15 minutes to get our food out. When we asked about how much longer they thought it would be we got a snarky remark about the food will come out when it's ready. When we talked to the manager, she was very rude and was not very helpful. Also, a plate with shrimp came out and the shrimp was very undercooked. On top of that, our drinks were only refilled twice during the two hours that we spent in the restaurant. When it was time to pay, we were not comped any meals and we got no discount. I am very disappointed. We have always liked to eat at Applebee's, but after this experience I don't know if I will again.

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Matt Marsh - 9 d 7 h ago


I eat at applebees with 8 coworkers 2-3x a week at the Ithaca NY applebees. After seeing that you pulled ads from laura Ingraham but you sponsor Jimmy Kimmel who bashed gays and our first lady's accent.. I'm done supporting you along with everyone of my coworkers. We dont' want our money to go to the Kimmel drivel.

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Mrs. Walker - 9 d 7 h ago


I was a victim of theft @ the Applebee's Restaurant in West Memphis AR. My IPhone 7 Plus was stolen. I accidentally left it @ the restaurant. I returned after noticing it was missing (About 5-7 minutes later) and it was gone. We were not gone long enough for anyone to be seated @ the table that we left. However, no one had seen it. Of course I called the police and they stated that I could make a police report (very uninterested about the problem).

So I was forced to buy a new phone (over $1,000) because someone (an employee) picked up my phone. The phone was turned on a couple of time and I was able to locate it, but again the police informed me that the phone has to be on before they go search. and by the time I get the Ping that it is on and inform the police, the phone was turned off. I was very disappointed about the way the whole situation was handled because the manager, or no cared. I haven't been back since (sad to say) . The food was actually good. but the fact that the employee will still from you, make me not want to go back.

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Anonymous - 9 d 11 h ago

Applebee's sucks now, the food is so horrible!!! I use to love Applebee's!!! My favorites was the steak and chicken fajitas and the original nachos with the chili beans, that's the reason why I use to visit Applebee's all the time. I just visited Applebee's in bay blaza in the Bronx and it was horrible, I had the app sampler the quesadillas had very lil cheese and chicken, the wings were dry, they gave us barely any chips for our artichoke. The three cheese chicken penne was so dry, and had no taste. The service was pretty good thou our server was very nice! I hate how we fall in love with great food and ya just take it away!!! Please bring back the steak and chicken fajitas, and the original nachos!!!!!

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Vander - 9 d 12 h ago


Liberal Kansas Applebee's has gone down tremendously, the service is very slow and unorganized. No experienced bartender during happy hour. I honestly feel someone needs to come in and see the decline..

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Elaina - 9 d 13 h ago


Good afternoon. I would like to express my disappointment in my last trip to Applebees. For the first time I went to he one at Gateway Mall in Brooklyn. I am a single mom with 3 kids taking them out to eat is a sacrifice and my bill was for $81.00 for food that was not good. The small burger kids meal I got had a square bun with the tiniest piece of meat. It looked like a squashed meatball, and it had like 2 smudges of cheese. That is not a meal that will fill my 8 yr old son, so I had to order a 2nd one. I ordered a bake potatoe with ribs and my potato was so hard I could barely get my fork through, had to ask for mash. The mash then came with pieced of skin inside. My sons steak was not prepared well done as I asked, it was leaking liquid like when meat is undercooked. This was a terrible experience to spend the evening aggravated and not happy with our meal yet having to spend $81 and on top of that -an extremely high tip was recommended, as if I am obligated. I will never dine at this location again.

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Not eating at your restaurant - 9 d 14 h ago

You pulled your ads from the laura Ingraham show since she reported that David Hogg was not accepted to 4 different colleges. it's true, you know!!! but you support the Kimmel show that makes fun of our First Ladies accent?? How is that okay?? So, I take it you believe that free speech is only allowed for liberals, but conservatives are not allowed the First amendment. Not eating at your restaurant anymore, thank goodness I have plenty of choices where corporate is smart enough not to get into political discussions. It always ends up with the company and your shareholders losing.

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