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Disgusted - 14 h ago


I Went to the Applebee's in Clifton NJ yesterday February 19, 2017 and it was the WORST! I took my 3 kids there plus myself. The girl there said I had to wait 10 minutes for a table so I waited. As I'm waiting, 4 people walked in and they gave them a table ASAP!!! But I was waiting there for a long time and should of gotten the table before them. I got annoyed and I took my kids and left. NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO THERE TO EAT!!! I'M ABOUT PAYING CUSTOMER AS WELL! I SHOULDN'T HAVE GOTTEN TREATED LIKE THAT! They are very unprofessional, rude, and not even friendly staff all. When I got up and walked out they didn't even care! NEVER AGAIN!!!!

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Anonymous - 15 h 15 m ago


Every time I go to the Applebee's in Fairfield California they are severely understaffed and my food always comes out cold. And the servers that they do have are not friendly and don't check on the tables often enough.

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Hungry - 17 h 14 m ago


Service was terrible at the Beechmont, Cincinnati location. We were there today,2=20-17 we entered at 11:20 am and didn't get waited on until after 11:45 before we were waited on we were served some others table drinks when we got the server to take the drinks away we still get our order taken. When we finally got our soda ordered we didn't see them for another 20 minutes. Only after getting the servers attention,and the sodas tasted like soda water not diet pepsi or regular Dr Pepper. We finally got to order our lunch around 12:15pm when it came it was 2/3 wrong (3) in our party Our order came out 3 separate orders as one person ate, and finished the 2nd persons came and was ate and finally the 3rd order came. and to top it all off we had to get up and find are server to pay the bill. As we were leaving a new customer came in and asked how the service was, well we told them and they left as we left

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Applebee's Moultrie - 17 h 25 m ago


I went out to eat at Applebee's in Moultrie Ga with my daughter on Saturday Feb 18, 2017 at 11pm and we ordered trhe wanton taco's and there was glass in our food. The manager told me that the GM would be calling me on Monday Feb 20, 2017 and its 3:53pm and no one has called me. We have gone to the hospital and all. I would have never in a million years would have thought that we would be experiencing this from Applebee's. But now that no is returning my calls or anything now I'm very upset with this company and I will post this all over social media and everywhere I can.

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Angela P. - 17 h 28 m ago


Fayetteville, GA location has the worst service. My family and i have visited this lication several times, however, the lady ywo times in the past six months gas been THE WORST. On F February 19, 2017 I went with a part of about 15, nothing new, we set down at 5:39 p,m put did not place our order until after 6p. We ordered appetizers (salads included) and was told that would come out first along with the kids meals. From 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. we did not receive anything not even our drinks being refilled. Shortly after 7 some of our dinners were brought to the table half cooked others cold. About 7:45 the appetizers came out some of them Psalm not the correct order some cold but still none of the salad of all things which would have been the simplest to prepare. Then the manager wanted to charge us after bringing the remainder of the food that we left off as well as appetizers after everyone was pretty much ready to leave that was about 8 o'clock and he wanted to present us with a bill that he said he was discounting after all that we had gone through. Please do not visit Applebee's Fayetteville Georgia Friday through Sunday it's a hot mess

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Mahogany - 18 h 14 m ago


I have a huge complaint with management at the Applebee's at Stonecrest Mall in Lihonia GA. My daughter is an employee and is working full 12 hour shifts and not getting any breaks during her shifts. I know for a fact that this is against the law in the state of Georgia and I plan to call the BBB as well as the EOE because that's not right. My daughter was in tears last night because she was tired and hungry. Someone needs to say something so I'll be the one to do so for my daughter's sake. Shame on u "Applebee's"!!

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Nicole - 19 h 47 m ago


My fiance and I ate at the Applebee's in Green Acres mall, in Valley Stream NY on February 19, 2017. Normally, we go to the Applebee's in Baldwin, NY and it is always a pleasant experience. However, I have to say this particular experience at the Applebee's in Valley Stream was the opposite of pleasant. First of all, the booth behind us was seated with staff, talking very loudly and obnoxiously, and frequently the staff who should have been waiting tables would stop by to chat with the seated workers, wasting time and making a lot of noise. Anyway, we each ordered ice tea (one was mango, one was peach), and they were each a different price, which I don't quite understand. We then ordered the 2 for 20 deal, with the boneless wings as an appetizer. When the appetizer finally came (late), it was ice cold. We asked the girl for extra blue cheese dressing, she just looked at us and walked away, never returning with the blue cheese. Whatever, we ate it anyway and didn't complain. We finished, and waited about 15-20 minutes for our actual entree to arrive, which was also cold. The food was mediocre, at best. We finished our meal, and proceeded to pay, notifying the waitress that we were paying cash. She told us the balance (which was $32.13), and we paid her with a $50.00 bill. She returned 5 minutes later, with $16.00 in cash. I'm no mathematician, but I'm pretty sure our returned cash should have been $17.87. When we wanted to ask about this, she was nowhere to be found. Overall, it was a highly disappointing experience, and I can guarantee we will never return to this particular location again. I can be reached at (hidden).

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Dr P - 20 h ago


My name is Dr. P and my family and I ate at the Applebees on fulton St in bedford stuyvesant brooklyn. We eat at applebees alot (about 6x a month) and we always enjoy the service. However, our experience on sunday feb 19.2017, was the worst experience we have ever had. The entire experience was awful, beginning with the long wait to be seated, to the bad attitude of host. The supervisor,who tried to inject humor and satisfy us, just fell short of the mark. The food took far too long to be served and it had to be sent back twice. It was awful and we are seriously considering never going back to any applebees, because the experience was that traumatic.

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MARQUITA - 1 d 6 m ago

STOP SUPPORTING THE VIEW all it dose is put down the president 5 days a week i will never eat a AppleBee's and i will see to it that others don't either SHAME ON YOU

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Terry - 1 d 47 s ago


My wife and I ate at your cafe located on University Park Way in Orem Ut, we arrived at aprox. 1:30PM Sun 2/19, there were about 8 tables with customers. We lived in Phoenix AZ for 10 yrs and were always very pleased with the food at AppleBee's. We now live in Richfield UT. and had been looking forward to visiting another AppleBee's, we were returning home from The RV Show at South Town Expo in Sandy UT, we decided to look for a place to eat on our way home and found your AppleBees in Ore.

The experience was a hugh dissipointment, I ordered a chicken with shrimp Jack Daniels or something like that, my wife ordered chicken strips. we rate the food a 3.

The waitress was very nice I rate her performance about 8.

The music was to loud I ask the waitress if it could be turned down and she did get it lowered, they played some RayGay or some shit, even after the sound was turned down it was not pleasant.

The food took about an hour to be served and was not at all the quality we remembered.

The food service was very slow, when I ate at AppleBee's in Phoenix it was often on lunch hr. never had trouble geting back to work on time.

Someone needs to evaluate this AppleBee's very soon.

I can be reached at (hidden)

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Anonymous - 1 d 17 h ago

Good day Sir.

Came into our favorite neighbor restaurant for lunchoosing today. We always sit at the bar. The sraff is always so friendly, remembers our names. We do love coming in for lunch or early dinners.

Except today. Today was vastly different. Yelling is coming from the kitchen. A woman is degrading the kitchen staff, clearly and loudly. We ar just looking at one another, very superseded to hear this. A few minutes later a similar outburst, this one even more degrading. If we were not already eating lunch, today 2/19 @ 4pm in Seekonk, MA, we would have left. Clearly the bar staff was mortified and embarrassed, as we're we. I just learned her name is Lisa.

Lisa, well, Lisa needs some managemrnt training, to say the least. I do not think such a derogatory demeaning and just mean spirit in which the condensation was delivered is something that can be trained out of someone.

We felt horrible for the kitchen staff!

We just thought you should know, your management is treating their employees without any consideration for their patrons.


D.R. Manchester

PS: please disregard the typos or discrepancies I don't usually type this much on my phone

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Cara W. - 1 d 17 h ago



Terrible... went there yesterday. We ordered our meals three came out and my husband had to wait another 5 minutes before receiving his!! My husband ordered the bourbon steak ..ordered it rare came out BURNT and lucky if the two steaks were two bites each no way they were 4oz each and alongside were literally 7 little pieces of potatoe. Sent it back,, our daughters meal had steak as well ordered medium rare came out well done.. mine while the burger was ok the fries werenot plentiful... all in all terrible place to eat will not be back!

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Evy - 1 d 18 h ago


At Applebee's in Bronx, Hutchinson Ave.

Been here an hour, no drinks, no food and barely no service. Waitress and bartender helping in kitchen due to staff call outs.

Sounds like the manager needs to do a better job at picking staff. Or hire me to manage. Call me (hidden).

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Kim Carpenter Colyer - 1 d 18 h ago

We just left the Applebees in Commerce Ga

We waited over 30 min for an appetizer i could understand if they were busy but they werent .We ordered the double bacon burgers our buns were drenched in grease our bacon all 3 pieces were burnt we asked for a manager we waited 15 min she didnt really seem to care

We wont waste our money or time on Applebees again

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Mike - 2 d ago


On Feb 18 2017 my wife and I went to the east Green Bay Applebees.. We used to go there 1 or twice a week with the whole family.. We went in , we were seated and then they took our order. So far so good. The food took way too long to come out and then we seem to have lost the server. My wife went there because of the porkchop meal and I ordered a burger. We got our food, but the server never gave us the mustard I asked for. My wife's porkchop was way overcooked and we still could not find our server. We do not complain when there is a small error, but the last few times it is terrible.

I finally got the mustard but she never came back to check on us or refill the drinks. I asked for a to go box to take my burger home. The service and the food were terrible! We are done with your eatery !

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Netta - 2 d ago

Hello my friend and I ate at applebees after working a 10 hour shift day at the apple bees located in JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA 5055 J TURNER BLVD . We waited on the server to split our bill after our meal for over 40 minutes just sitting at the table. He claim to be having issues with the computer. It was horrible, we were tired and my friend was battling a cold and we needed to leave. This was unacceptable that after eating we waited over 40 minutes just on the bill. The staff did NOT seem considerate of our time in any way shape or form as it was after 11pm at this point. I need someone to contact me asap regarding this unsatisfactory experience. 713 540 4744

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Heather Tonges - 2 d 5 h ago


Me and a friend recently ate at the Applebee's in Sparks Nevada on Prater Way and it was the worst meal that we have had highly overpriced the service was horrible and the food was poor quality I will never eat there again and also will block to advise people not to eat there. If you want to make that restaurant a good restaurant you need new staff and better quality food. We ate there on February 18th Saturday night at 8 p.m. it was not busy but it wasn't good highly disappointed.

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Unhappy that a wastest an hour of my life - 2 d 13 h ago

The worst service ever at Cartersville location. An hours wait, and then cold food delivered. The manager Jennifer actually ran into the kitchen when asked how she runs her operarion....Thats the fastest anybody moved in that kitchen all night...Wont be back ever

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Anonymous - 2 d 13 h ago


Horrible service multiple times over 10 years ago and still horrible service after giving it a try again today....... I cannot express how horrible this place is...... I have been to 5 different locations and the service is still the same...

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Anonymous - 2 d 17 h ago

OK at Applebee's Togo window the girl Lexus R waited on me first off stank attitude then she tried to cheat me out my money and then tried to get mad when I politely told her she messed up I could've been loud and rude but instead I'll report her and don't go back to hell with Applebee's

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HFS - 3 d 10 h ago


I stopped eating at Applebee's years ago...just terrible. When my dinner came to the table, I sent it back because it looked disgusting, nothing like the slick image on the menu.

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Linette C. - 3 d 11 h ago


We dined at the Kalispell Montana North location Applebee's tonight. It was a Friday night, so it was busy. Our server was very good and polite, and was working hard. However, when we received our meal, our table had no silverware. We waited a few minutes for our server to come around, but as mentioned, she was busy. Our meals sat during this time. After about 5 minutes, I decided to just walk up to the bar to ask for the silverware. There we 2 servers and the bartender at one corner of the bar. I approached them and began to ask for the silverware, and all 3 scattered while I was in mid-sentence. I was shocked to say the least! I was not there to complain, just get our utensils so we could enjoy our meal. They were all 3 extremely rude and disrespectful! Not one was willing to step in and help a co-worker on a busy night. Very poor service, and very poor representation of Applebee's!

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Ruppert - 3 d 11 h ago


Well, Tonight I think I've eaten my last dinner at Applebee's, this place has been my family's to go to place for over 10-15 years, during xmas I give out Applebee's gift cards to all my workers, but something has seriously gone wrong with this place, the quality of the food has gone so far down hill it's almost inedible, the steaks are all fat and grizzly, I'm not sure the chicken is even real, it's really bad whatever it is. And the salads come out with a cup of dressing smaller then a nickel! It's just sad how bad this place is now and it's been like this for over a year now, I'm sure nothing will be done about this and that's fine.. but you will not get anymore of our money. Tonight I received the worst steak I've ever had and the management said that's how they come out there's nothing they can do about it..yet they still sale them knowing this.. sad

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Edward - 3 d 12 h ago


I ordered two of the two for twenty meals and my orders I used my military I'd as usual but was told that it could only be used on my meal...keep in mind I have been to this location and used my discount a number of time, but not this time. After being upset by this I make it home with my order already fuming and find out that 1/2 my order was missing. I called the store and spoke with a manager and was told that I shouldn't have received a discount because the meals are already discounted, and that I can drive back to the location in Ruston Louisiana and pick up the rest of my food. I explained that my food would be cold...and she stated you can get $8.00 on a meal. I am not a happy Camper since my order was messed up and I had to go back returned the old food and still didn't receive a complimentary anything. Just a attempted handshake and a new bag. Never will I go back ther AGAIN!

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Anonymous - 3 d 15 h ago


I have been a regular at Applebees Saratoga & Moorepark in California since 2009. The restaurant has gone down tremulously. Outside of the bar area the service is horrible. You wait and wait for a sever or until a manager happens to walk by and you get there attention. The food has gone down they changed cooks so much. It seems as though every time I go into the restaurant they have new management. There are fleas that fly in the bar area due to the drains . (I guess). The bathrooms are always dirty and nasty. The bar tenders are very nice and will wait on you very quickly.

It is sad to me that this restaurant that was so busy and popular at one time has gone down hill so badly. I don't see it changing any time soon.,

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