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Seriously - 13 d 13 h ago


Every time I hear the latest Applebee Restaurant advertisement on TV, I cringe.

Who ever allowed this ad to be aired, should have made sure that words were

being pronounced correctly. The word Vidalia, is pronounced: v-dl-y.

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Ripped Off in Virginia Beach, VA - 23 d 22 h ago

Christmas 2013 received 3 $15.00 gift cards. Son bought them in Richmond, Va at a Food Lion. Used them in Kingsland, Ga in February 2014. One card had a zero balance. Grrr! Suspecious! Father's day received a $25.00 gift card. Checked on your website balance is 0. Card #3086640000325977942 Pin 2627. 2 out of 5 cards no good!

Have told givers and more do NOT purchase Applebee's gift cards.

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Newnan georgia applebees was the worst experience we have ever had. hostess cleria was just down right RUDE. server kelsey would not give us our receipt for she didnt want us to do the survey. she was to busy with her cell phone to wait on us food was cold and servers were eatting instead of working mananger bert was the most phony i have ever seen he did not care at all that our service was HORRIBLE.. Instead he went back to eatting his lunch WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN AND WE WILL LET EVERYONE WE KNOW NOT TO GO THERE

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Jose G. - 48 d 19 h ago


Horrible service, never ever going there again.

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myroslaw - 292 d 6 h ago


Have been going to the Applebees on Hughes rd in Madison Al for over a year, used to go to the one on 72S in Bellevue Nashville The last two weeks you have had union people walking in and tonight I could not put up with it anymore, this ,as the other two was verbal about capitalistic companies abusing workers!!!!!!!!!!!!! I spoke up .my friend and I both left, what is your policy about talking politics?

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Anonymous - 296 d 15 h ago

Hello Mr. Acher,

I want to share a story and an idea with you. My future husband and I went out to dinner at AppleBee's with two of his eight chidren. His son Justin said ''You brought a coupon right dad.?'' Randy replied "No son I didn't." ''Wow dad that's not like you'' Justin said. I remembered that they have a senior discount and suggested he may want to use that venue. He asked about the discount and was happy that it applied to him. His son said "Gee dad this time you were the coupon!''

My point is the senior discount program should be promoted more and maybe one day a week specials for children five and under. I love your resturants. Keep up the good work,


Pat Goulet

50 Beckwith Drive

Plainville, CT 06062


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LadyShotta_ - 2 y ago

RT @Monty_Savage: I want @Applebees so bad.

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employee - 1 y ago


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spiffastly - 1 y ago


I do not want your coupons.I do not want your stinkin surveys loading up my spam.I never opted in for a survey,so do not send me your crapy spam.I can not stand your overpriced frozen food,and fake ass fun atmosphire.Ate there once,thats enough for me.As a former chef i will not deny your employee's the credit they deserve for professionalism,however your food is overpriced and fast foodish.Continue to send unsolcitited spam e-mail to me and i will encourage everyone i know to stay away,after the anti family story's i've seen,wont be hard.

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Jimmy. - 1 y ago


Applebees in Trussville Al. Great store, great people. The GM is Charles. Does a fine job. Lisa the bartender, is awesome. Only complaint. Manage Athony Burson got moved to another store.. Bad move. WE WANT Anthony back at Trussville

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Carlo - 1 y 73 d ago


Just terrible. I absolutely refuse to eat at AppleBee's. Consistently mediocre food even if the service is ok. It starts and ends with the food folks!

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ASweet - 2 y ago


There is something off about Applebee's. For me, it's hard to eat at a place that simply that fake and contrived. Applebee's bills itself as a local, neighborhood restaurant, but it's forced. If the food and service was spectacular, I could see through that, but it simply isn't.

When a new Applebee's opened up in my town, my friends and I went there to eat a few weeks after it had opened. On the walls were lots of pictures of the local high school sports teams, celebrating championships from ten years earlier. There were photos of local celebrities, and other "neighborhood" things all over the restaurant. The place was trying to seem like it had been an integral part of the town, but it had just been open three weeks!

The food itself was OK. The quality and selection that you get at a number of other chain restaurants. The service is a little less than OK. The few times I've been there, it seems that the employees are way more interested in talking to their colleagues than they are in serving the customers.

I have been to Applebee's a few times now, but I can never shake that uncomfortable feeling of falsity that is there. Maybe the concept of fake neighborhood restaurants works for them, they seem to do fairly well. But it's a lie, and makes me want to go somewhere that knows what it is.

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Monty_Savage - 2 y ago

I want @Applebees so bad.

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Deana_Fever - 2 y ago

I want to go to a buffet or @Applebees I haven't gone out for dinner since the japanese steakhouse, a month ago @boobs78

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andieengineer - 2 y ago

No longer an @applebees virgin!

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teekayy5 - 2 y ago

Great dinnna date at @Applebees

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TheWarden9 - 2 y ago

RT @Applebees: @TheWarden9 @BenSjodin09 We like the way you think Mitch!

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KnowiDya - 2 y ago

Word on tha streets is, @johnstamos is eating at @applebees in Woodland tonight for triva tuesday...

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pink2paris - 2 y ago

At @Applebees with the family to celebrate my boy's big day. Steak for him. Salad for me.

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realtommcquain - 2 y ago

#sixpence for awfulness or....#slyfox #2fortuesday or @applebees #decision2012

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a place for white people who are too proud to eat at Ponderosa this is nice food.

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Donald Freeman - 2 y ago


My opinion of this restaurant chain is simple: they are really bad at making food!

I have given the company many, many opportunities to prove me wrong. I've dined there with my family on at least 6 occasions and every time without fail the meal I receive is mediocre at best -- usually terrible. What is up with these guys? I am not sure if this is just execution, process mismanagement or a set of recipes that are junk. Whatever the reason, I simply refuse to step back inside one of these stores.

Anyway, AppleBee's, until I get a sense that you have changes your ways, I am a solidly former customer who is determined to stay away at all costs.

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