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Disappointed customer! - 10 h ago


I've been to the Applebees on Hudson ny several times. I have to tell you, the waiters are excellent there, however the manager named Beth is downright rude! I really feel sorry for the people that have to work under her. The cussing that comes out of that woman's mouth is despicable. How can you talk to anyone that works for you in that way? She really should not be allowed to run any restaurant!

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919-691-7899 - 1 d 46 m ago


Brenda Taylor

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Amy - 1 d ago


Absolute worst service and food we have had at an Applebee's. Manager didn't bother to comp our meal, we waited over 50 minutes for our food ( they were not busy at all) and they brought out the wrong entree for me and my daughters fries weren't done. This was in Bridgewater Hamilton Ohio. Awful!!

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Maureen - 1 d 5 h ago

The food is great itself but the management of the wolpole Applebee's is disgraceful. Henery the boss is great and understanding and commits to getting to know each employee individually for the rest of the management there disgrace they feed off their employees self-esteem and bullied their employees into quiting. Would never recommend ANYONE to ever apply nor give their time and money for their services.

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smokey - 1 d 5 h ago


I was not done yet I will Pay good money for good food and service we ate at applebee's out side of Lewisburg Pa on rt 15. Not that the food was bad it was very skimey. Not a $63.00 meal. This comment is to go with the last note anonymous.

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smokey - 1 d 5 h ago


I was not done yet I will Pay good money for good food and service we ate at applebee's out side of Lewisburg Pa on rt 15. Not that the food was bad it was very skimey. Not a $63.00 meal. This comment is to go with the last note anonymous.

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Anonymous - 1 d 6 h ago


We stopped in tonight and ordered crunchy shrimp and I order Bourbon street steak now also ordered appetizers two for 9.99 we also ordered drinks wife had a beer and I had a soda. Dessert was a brownie with one small scoop of ice cream. I understand that everyone needs to make a profit but what was served to my wife and I was not worth the 63.00 and change we were charged, Now by my red neck estimation the food was pis poor and out of a possible 5 I would reate it a 2 , we will not be back!!!!

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Linda - 1 d 19 h ago


On June 5 2017, we ate at the Applebees in Plant City , FL. We were in the area on vacation and our flight home was the next day. Within a few hours I became very very sick. Vomited more then I ever have in my life and so hard my ribs hurt for days.Of course I was on the toilet also. This went on for more then 20 hours, I couldn't even keep down meds that the Doctor and the Pharm. recommened, I had to cancel my flight. What a mess, my boyfriend had to get back home to work, we had a rental car we needed to return and a hotel room check out at 11. I called the manager at Plant City Applebee's, he took my information and said he would call me back. He never did. After I started feeling a little better I called customer service at Applebee's, they said they would call me back, never did. Four days later I made it home feeling much better. I called Applebee's again. I was told not to talk any further that they could do nothing to help me.......... Southwests airline helped me out with the ticket !!!!!

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John R - 2 d 13 h ago


Last night took the family to dinner at Applebee's in Escondido. We have eaten there numerous times. This time before we went we went on Groupon to see if we could save a little bit of cash this time. We walked in was seated, and greeted by our server. Before we ordered We asked the server if we would be able to use the groupons we had purchased.We showed the groupon to our server, and was told that even if we could not use both on one bill she would split the bill and apply one to each, allowing us to use both the groupons. We ordered , was served, the service was normal, not great, not terrible our server Miriam R. was average at best. So after the meal, our server brings us the bill not split and I asked where going to be be able to apply both groupons to the single bill. She was unsure and went back to ask manager. She came back with the bill split and I handed her my phone. She takes it and goes to apply the groupons. When she comes back, she tells me that they are not going to honor the groupon... I was puzzled, you already said you would take it no problem. She then tries to explain why she wont take it, all her excuses really made no sense, so I asked to speak to the manager. The manager came over, I explained the situation, she tells me she doesn't care about the groupon, they are not going to honor it even though the server has already said yes and I was very clear before we ordered on what they where and she was even shown them. the manager customer service was HORRIBLE !! It was like talking to an angry teenager who is trying to be nice.....We paid our bill and I asked for the Owner's information to voice my complaint, she tells me they are run by a corporation. I asked for that info she took FOREVER to get this information to us. Finally she came back and we left the building. Not sure if we will go back after the way where treated... To many other choices to eat locally.

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Cyrus - 3 d ago


My family and I went to Applebee's and were disrespected by the manager Brian. This incident took place on June 21, 2017 at 555 Saratoga Ave San Jose, CA 95129. The manager yelled at us and refused to give his business card. He also went to another table to talk about us. This incident should be reviewed and I will never be going here again. I will not recommend anyone to come to this place.

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Nana from Alabama - 3 d 6 h ago

The manager should be fired. Click the link and it shows who she is in the comments on the post.

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Arkansas Traveler 69 - 4 d 8 h ago


Ms. Julia Stewart, CEO Apple Gold Group 164 Wind Chime Ct. Raleigh, NC 27615 RE: Applebee's 208 West Service Rd., West Memphis, AR Date: June 16, 2017 Check # 4202-999997 Table: 33-C4 Server: Lacasha P Ms. Stewart; First, let me emphasize, the food was very good -- kudos to the cooks. The service was worse than terrible. We live in central Arkansas and had been on the road all day from North Carolina and were still two hours from home when we stopped at this location around 6:00 PM on June 16th. We are Seniors and were traveling with our dear friends from Pennsylvania who were visiting Arkansas for the first time. The restaurant was about half full. We were seated right away, but then, the service stopped. After about 15 minutes, we asked the hostess if she could located our waiter so we could order. It took almost another 5 minutes for LP to show up. The menu featured a 2 App menu for $10. I was the only one hungry so I was the only one who ordered a full meal. My wife and our friends (a couple) ordered from the two App deal, each one pointing to the two apps on the menu they wanted. Within a reasonable time, the orders arrived and all seemed well. As stated above, the food was delicious. My 6oz. steak was cooked perfectly and tasted great as were the other orders. When it came time to pay, real trouble began. Each couple paid their our ticket. My wife had gone to the car to take care of our little dog. When I saw the bill, for $28.50 I questioned LP as I knew it should have been around $22 and covered completely by the $25 gift card I had handed her. She said "No, your wife ordered the quesadilla off the main menu." I did not think so, but I did not want to argue at that moment as I was already upset because LP had taken my friend's credit card and was huddled around the POS register with two of her friends chatting, and laughing and had taken almost 10 minutes. My friend and I got up and went towards them and she quickly finished and met us before we got to the register. I had paid with a $25 Applebee's gift card and now I owed her $$3.50 cash plus giving her the benefit of the doubt, I also gave her a $3 cash tip. Ever since last year when my credit card got compromised two months in a row at two different restaurants, we stopped using credit cards when we eat out. We buy branded gift cards. I warned my friend to check his account regularly now as I was suspicious of the time LP took while in possession of his card. I went outside to present the invoice to my wife. Also, our traveling companions began to look at their bill and also thought they had been over-charged. Wife and friend went back to speak with the manager, who had been visibly present at the back of the room but never circulated among the guests. They spotted LP and asked for the manager. She complied and then quickly disappeared. The manager was friendly enough and agreed we had been over-billed, BUT, he did not summon LP to clarify. Our invoice was overcharged $6 and our friends' twice that plus an undeserved $3 tip now. The manager only credited $2,50 back on our gift card but not the additional $3.50 cash and only $10 on our friend's credit card. In short, the manger still cheated us!!! His only correct response should have been to have immediately summoned LP, ran her inputs on the POS register, and if my suspicions were confirmed, fired her on the spot and had her escorted out of the building. Now, I am suspicious of the manger and the collusion that may be fostered there to cheat unsuspecting customers. This could not have been a mistake in my opinion. The three who ordered the two Apps for $10 clearly pointed to the items on the menu. The manger clearly saw our original invoice for $28.50 and only partially refunded us. Had he been honest and customer centric, he would have comped the entire meal and fully refunded both us and our companions and issued a great apology. Joe Tucker

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Too damn mad - 4 d 10 h ago


I can't believe how unprofessional the staff at Applebee's are including the so-called managers. Every time I visit I have a bad experience... I am completely done eating at this awful restaurant and the food is terrible.

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Anonymous - 4 d 10 h ago

Had a very bad experience on 72nd dodge. .No one came to take our order for food. .They crew was just standing around talking to each other manager and all.So. we walked out. .

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Joel - 4 d 10 h ago

Applebee's at Cheektowaga, NY (buffalo) location- me and my husband went to this applebees to celebrate our new job that we have and we ordered take out, 2 sets of 2 for $25 specials. We had a total of 4 ribs and ALL 4 ribs were RAW to the point that you couldnt even bite them or tare them apart. My husband had called to let them know about the ribs, and when my husband asked to talk to the manager, the person on the phone said "umm right now is not a good time" and my huband had to tell him "well i have 4 raw ribs you guys gave me!!! And you guys dont have time?"...We live about 15mins away and we had to drive back to recieve the worst customer service. The "manager" didnt even apologize he through our ribs in the counter and said have a good day and walked away and didnt even give us a chance to say a word! ...worst place i've ever been and treated...will NOT be going back at all!... Any question, email: (hidden)

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Mike c - 4 d 10 h ago


went applebees in Orlando on international Dr at 11pm with wife and kids ordered a couple of apitizer with meal the bill came was real hi I ask why are we being charged full price for appetizer was told we don't do half price anything here, then that applebees shouldn't be under the umbrella of applebees miss leading consumer I hope corporate fines them n take them out of the umbrella

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Chuck - 4 d 15 h ago


I eat at Applebee's at least once or twice a month. Yesterday we took another couple with us because we were telling them how delicious the Chicken Taco's are. We never not order them when were there. Always delicious but don't know if they had a new cook or a cook that never made them. We were shocked ( THEY WERE TERRIBLE ) If that was the first time I tasted them I would never order them again. Our waitress was so nice I didn't say nothing to her when she asked is everything ok. Very Disappointed

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Michele - 4 d 17 h ago


Applebees in Johnstown NY- large group of family went on Monday, June 19 at 6 PM. Waitress excellent but food took forever and was mostly poor quality. Hot food was cold and salad was all big hunks of core of iceberg - brown and nasty. Will not go again!

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Unknown - 5 d 3 h ago


I went to the Applebees in North Richland hills TX, it was by far the nastiest place. The manager Tiffany turned up the rap music so loud I could not hear my 4 and 10 year old kids and it sounded like a club. This is a family place that had kids, elders and family's that do not go out for dinner to gear that. There was dirty plates and cups stacked up high by each computer. The ceiling tiles were hanging down over tables. The food was cold and my son was so disgusted that he had to walk outside. When I called to speak to the manager, I kept telling her the issues and she wasn't responding, so I kept saying hello and she said sorry I was talking to a employee, she had no interest in the issues. Tiffany needs to be trained and possibly go work at a club that she can dance and turn the rap music up super loud.

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Anonymous - 5 d 8 h ago

I arrived at my table at 4:59 but the manager Jodie Richards said they could not do the half price. If it's til 5:00 it should have been honored. Wichita east has the worst service. L will spread the word. About this Apple bee's to everyone I know. An will not patronize this location or any location for that matter. I had 1 min til 5:00. But I guess I don't look Trump.

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Cindy - 5 d 15 h ago


My husband and I went to Applebees for father's day , in Hunters creek Florida and had an awful experience. The gentlemen waiting on us it was his first day they were short staffed it took us 50 mins to get our food and it didn't all come at the same time first my ribs and potato came 10 mins later my green beans came my husband had up grated to a 6 oz. steak with shrimp and in unlimited ff they did not up grade his steak and he never got his shrimp even though we told 3 waiters and didn't have the opportunity to have more ff. I asked for a manager 10 mins later he came would not do anything but offer 1 desert to go ,we paid our bill and left it was a waste of our money and time bad management also the table behind us also left after a lenghly wait they also said they would not be back we believe it was also race related . If you would like to contact us concerning this matter you can do so at (hidden) thank you

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Eats out a lot - 5 d 12 h ago

We learned a valuable lesson years ago......never go to a restaurant on mothers day, fathers day, valentines day, etc, etc.....pick another day to celebrate when the crowd will be less and you can actually enjoy the celebration.. The reason for celebrating is enjoying the meal with family. It's no fun to recall what a horrible experience you had on a day you were celebrating someone's special day...There are very few places that can effeciently handle a mob of people no matter how many additional employees are there.

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Eats out a lot. - 5 d 12 h ago


It is always so cold in the Applebee's restaurants. The food gets cold before I can finish eating. We tgo there because there are not any other cooporate restaurants in our area. Too many times we have to send our soup back because it is luke warm. We have requesred they adjust the AC . , even some of the employees wear long sleeves in order to be comfortable. The excuse is that the employees have to do a lot of running so they get hot. I work in the hospitality industry and our motto is "keep the customer happy"

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Bumblebee - 5 d 17 h ago

Cannot believe wrote in 2 times and still no response..1/2 of plastic bag found in manager came over and we paid the bill..

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Auss - 6 d ago

My wife now x wife was a bartender in moultrie ga. She repeatedly caused problems because of sleeping with customers and employees. The GM new of the problem and did nothing. My x no longer is there because of incarceration due to DUI manslaughter which was over a year ago and was still allowed to work at the establishment. My family has been harrassed and caused problems through the affiliation of her through Applebee's. My attorney is seeking legal action in reperations for mine and my daughter's mental anguish because of the activities that we're allowed to happen by your GM in this location. Contact me at 229-456-57**

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