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Working class person - 8 h ago


New commercial,$ 10.00 burger what a joke!

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Power outage disappointment - 9 h 29 m ago


Very disappointed in the manager and staff at your location in Las Cruces. The power went out in the city, OK. Fine. My issue was for 20 minutes we sat there wondering now what ,done eating just waiting to pay. Watch patrons walk out, not us, figured you would go to paper receipts and old credit card readers,that what I would have done as a ex restaurant manager. But why didn't the waiter or more his manager ask if they could get us a beer or soda while we wait and give us a idea of what's going on. We sat there in the almost dark waiting for a answer. 30 mins later finally a paper check, and paper credit card.

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Calvin - 15 h ago

Had the worst experience ever at Applebee's. My silver ware was dirty and the hostess was dirty also... Took for ever to get my food on a slow day

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C Silies - 16 h 22 m ago


My family dined at the Applebee's at 10151 Brook Road, Glen Allen, VA 23060 on 1/14/17 at 4:00 pm. I have to say it will be my last visit to this restaurant or any Applebee's for that matter. The server brought water promptly, but without and dinnerware. We ordered three different entrees. The entrees came before the salad, The chicken was tough, the steak was tough, and the meal with a gravy came with 1-2 teaspoons over it. We asked for more and the container brought had 1-2 teaspoons of gravy as well. No Joke! We even had to wait on a very long time on the dinnerware and additional gravy to boot. I don't know why Applebee's has become so terrible. The menu and food use to be so great. We first asked for the ribs, but they only had honey barbeque available. What happened to this place? Sorry Applebee's, we'll head to Chili's from now on.

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Anonymous - 1 d 4 h ago

Forest Lake Applebees in Minnesota. It was a busy night and food was being delievered to the wrong table. Most of the servers were sitting at a table talking instead of busing dirty tables. Most of the servers were being very rude to the hosts. And I saw the managers sitting in the office instead of helping out! What kinda good work environment is that?? I saw one host doing almost everyones jobs while still doing hers. Props to her!! I couldn't imagine working there! After seeing that it doesnt make me wanna go back.

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Alan - 1 d 8 h ago


I wish I didnt have to do this but how hard is it to do a PLAIN burger?

Then when it comes with everything on it I ask for a replacement bun. What do I get? The same bun with the lettuce and tomato juice on it.......really? ??

So the manager Dan comes over to find out the problem. This guy should not be in customer service. Very disappointed with the guy. There are plenty of other placws to eat in the same plaza. I cannot believe the I don't care attitude of the management. Waitress waa great.

What does that say about your leadership? ???

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Charlie - 1 d 9 h ago


Applebee's in hartsville sc is the worst place ever very very slow service n very poor management never going back $50 wasted

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disgruntled customer - 1 d 11 h ago


We ate at Applebees in Red Bluff, California today, Jan. 15, 2017. We usually eat there---OR I SHOULD say--we used to eat there regularly. We bought $900 in gift cards last year to use ourselves.

But the manager at Red Bluff is really cutting down. We always spend about $33. for 2 of us.

He does not allow the 10% senior discount now. He got rid of it. We can not use the $5.00 off on the paper customer

receipt now. He got rid of that.

When we got our order, it was SOOOOOO SMALL. We were disgusted.. NO KETCHUP WAS OFFERED

and no steak sauce was offered. We just let it go. The waitress was polite but NOT INTERESTED IN US.

They should do better than that.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are about to QUIT AppleBees. Forever.

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No one - 2 d 11 h ago

If I'm an waitress and make a mistake are they all to make me pay even if the reuse food

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Nobody here - 1 d 16 h ago


What's this say

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Anonymous - 2 d ago


I dined at the Applebees located at 6750 W State Street after 11 pm on 1/14/17. When we entered the restaurant, there were several employees sitting in the area where customers would wait to be seated. We were greeted by a hostess that proceeded to seat us, but there wasn't any clean tables- the first table/booth was full with dishes. When a waitress noticed this, she quickly cleared a table by putting the dishes on that first table/booth. We were seated at a table/booth where the floor was full of trash - not just crumbs (e.g. napkins, straws, food products). A broom was sitting near by and so were the employees (remember, in the customer waiting area). Our waitress (the same one that cleared the table) appeared to be the only one working. She was nice, and did the best that she could to try to serve us. Throughout the time, the employees remained seated at the door and our waitress was running from the kitchen to the bar and checking on customers. Most of the employees' appearance were not appropriate. In fact, most of the male employees' underwear was exposed. Tried the new Strawberry Sparkler; however, the soda was flat. The food appeared to be made with old grease. The waitress brought our check without asking if we wanted dessert, and we were interested. It was clear that she was just overwhelmed. I decided to write this because I am sure that Applebees can do better. Employees need to be managed for the late night crowd - it is an important crowd (lots of money can be made). Clearly the employees that were working at that time did not care. Fire lazy employees - store managers and regional managers should do surprise visits to the restaurants to ensure that they are running as they should be.

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Anonymous - 2 d 4 h ago


Today is my birthday and my mom took me out for lunch at Applebee's on northfield rd Bedford Ohio while eating our meal an customer was struck by one of the Applebee's employees there was a fist fight in the middle of the dining room I couldn't believe it I was ready to go that very moment my server never came back to my table till 20 minutes later the manger never apologize to any of the customers for the big brawl that happened and was no where to be seen. to make matters worst the young lady that hit the customer kept working like everything was ok.I never seen anything like this in my life my mom is 82 years old and is still shaking by what happened that employee should've never continued to work very Unprofessional

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Melissa Lavin - 2 d 5 h ago


My husband and I popped in for quick bite before movie and i ordered spinach artichoke dip while my husband had the quesadilla. I asked the server specifically if there are any peppers used in this dish, she went to the kitchen and told us no, no peppers.. I am highly allergic to peppers that's why we ask. Food came, it was a pleasant experience. However now 4 hours after consuming the item, I'm incredibly distraught and uncomfortable with my breathing, and severe itching.

We just called the local Natoma restaurant and they said there are spices in the dish but not defined what spices there are. So, this means the kitchen LIED and or didn't care about the guest inquiry.

I am so disappointed , and will never be able to eat there, and will ensure that all our associates know that the food origins are completely unknown and unclear - no matter what you specifically ask.

I am in for another 6+ hours of dire discomfort.

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Darlene M. - 2 d 6 h ago


I will never eat at an Applebee's again!!! My husband and I went there for lunch on Friday January 13, 2017, while dining a roach ran across our table. The roach wouldn't go away. We told the waitress, she was embrassed, she never came back to the table. The manager came over and said in a quite, nonchalant tone that they would comp our food, like wth? I and my husband were throughly discussed and felt nausea.

I also took pictures.

This was on Airline Highway in Baton Rouge LA.

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Anymouys - 2 d 7 h ago

I have been a very loyal customer of the broken arrow Applebee's for months. I have been very disappointed with how many many of the servers and management have treated the group of people I come in with. Servers refuse to serve us because they say we order to many bar drinks and they actually have to do there jobs. Management has even stated this outloud. It confuses me that a server would complain when they get tip 50 to 100 percent of there tab. We spend about 300 to 400 hundred a week to be told by other server that actually like to wait on us that they hate when we come in. We are seriously thinking about taking our service somewhere else. It's really sad that this restaurant and management has treated customers in this manner. Never going back

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Anonymous - 2 d 7 h ago

Service was horrible in grovetown ga. they served me cold chicken wings . The didn't even have the decency to come the table an apologize.

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Anonymous - 2 d 8 h ago

Sitting in Applebee's on Thornton Rd. In Georgia. Been sitting at the table for about 20 minutes, order not taken, no one has approached our table. I would act up, I will not be coming back here anymore.

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Missing service in KC. - 2 d 10 h ago


I hope someone from corporate comes to Gillette, Wyoming and gets this Applebees straightened out. Have taken my employees there twice and it has been terrible, terrible service each time. It will be my ladt time takng employees. First, you have all the managers setting at a table by the bar with all the employees. The first time I thought it was because it was so slow but thst was not the case. The first time I had to finally get up and ask who the manager was at the table and I said can I please get someone to refill our drinks, and take care of our table. We had to ask 4 times for service. The second time was worse. Again all employees hanging around table and it was 5pm.

The problem this time was everything. First had to ask the hostess to find our server, no plates for appetizers. Then refill of drinks, then ketcup, and then water that never came. Then one of my employees got wrong dish that was not brought out by our server. We told her nothing was done about it we saw her bring out dishes to another table. Again had to get hostesses to get waitress. Then we had to get silverware from hostesses. Still no water. Had to remind waitress who was sitting with managers and other employees at the table by the bar. Terrible service, terrible management. I grew up and Kansas city and I know the service we should expect from an applebees. This hanging out at the table needs. to stop. I dont want my food comped, I want good service period. Lazy managers. Starts from the top!!!!!! Please send help in Gillette, Wyoming

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Desiree T. - 2 d 15 h ago


We live in Albany, Ga and go to the Applebees usually pretty often however we went a few months without eating there and when we went back last week we noticed a new manager. He looked so familiar and for the life of me I could not figure out where I had seen him before. I asked our server his name and when she told me it still didn't ring a bell. We left and all night it stayed onmy mind and then it hit me. I frequently check the registered sex offenders list for our neighborhood because of issues with one in my past. It clicked in my head that night that I had seen that manager on the list online a few weeks prior. So I decided to pull the list online again thinking I might be wrong but unfortunately I wasnt. Sure enough there was his picture and name and address. I absolutely do not understand how Applebees of Albany, Ga could hire someone who is a registered sex offender let alone a manager at that. There are so many families with young kids that come in there as regulars and even young girls who work there. This is just disturbing. His name is Carlton Davis per the registered sex offender website. Unfortunately, I refuse to take my family back there as I just don't see this being right. I hope this gets out to other families in Albany because this just isn't something that should be ok. Even the way he was looking at people that night just looked disturbing. I'm shocked that this would be allowed.

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Anonymous - 2 d 18 h ago


I went to the applebees in thomasville ga for dinner. They were out of almost everything. When I finally ordered something they did have in, my shrimp came out cold and missing the season on it. We waited almost 2 hours for our food, everyone's meals were brought out at different times. Mine wasn't even edible.

I came back today for lunch, since I still had a gift card to be used. once again they were out of the meals we requested. When I asked to speak to a manager, I could hear the girl yelling and complaining about me. It was very unprofessional. I will NEVER return to this location or recommend it anyone...

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Yolanda Lapsley - 3 d 7 h ago


Tonight was the worse service I ever received at applebee'so 1600 Huffman road Centerpoint AL. We arrivedo around 7:0pm and it took around 20 minutes for someone to just take our drink orders. Then it took another 10 minutes just to get the drinks. It then took about another 15 to 20 minutes for the server to come back to the table to take our orders. We asked for additional items for our salad and discuss not receive the additional items even after we asked for them again. We then had to wait another 30 minutes for our entree to come out. Never have we received such bad service. The food was good service was awful.

The Manger only discounted our tickets $1.00 and that took care of an item we never receiced. Would love for someone to contact me

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Linda - 3 d 9 h ago


Waited AT OUR TABLE for 25 min before order was taken (only 6 other tables w/people) & that was because some nice little old lady managed to flag down a manager to get us service) as there were only 2 servers and ours just continued to show us her back and disappear; wings had little to no sauce, meal came out before salads, then wrong salads came out, had to gum my way through the steak, completely lost my appetite due to frustration, didn't get the check until 1 hour & 50 min. after we were seated.

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Ms.N - 3 d 9 h ago


I was in the Applebee's at Maplewood in Missouri. The waitress was very rude from the beginning. Then she took a long time to take my order..Shamira was her name after, waiting to get my order taken. I decided to leave but before I could leave the hostess asked if I wanted to see the manager then they took along time while I was wait For the manager the waitress came up to me and said in a very rude manner that I had only been waiting 17 minutes and they were busy, and that I needed to stop looking at here with my mean loks,so, I finally left. I went to another Applebee's only because I had begged my god kids to get me gift cards for Christmas and I wanted to spend my cards. It turned out find but I really don't plan to ever go to another Applebee's for as long as I live.

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Troll - 3 d 9 h ago


My water was watered down. I'm never coming here again.

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Ann - 3 d 16 h ago


Fort Smith, AR 72901 Applebees on Rogers

Most terrible service we have ever had here. First it took our waitress Sara 15 minutes to get us our drinks. The food was ok but when we asked for some Ranch our waitress rolled her eyes and said walking away very loudly "fucking of course". I've never heard such foul language in a family restaurant, she acted as if we shouldn't even be there. It took her about another 10 minutes to get us our ranch. When asked to speak to a manager we were told that the manager was busy and if we wanted to complain then we should take the time out of our day to send complaint online if we thought it was "truly necessary". We not be going back to this establishment.

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