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Reece Bobby - 10 h 26 m ago



I found a whole rat in my Cobb salad.

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M - 3 d 9 h ago


Hard to believe in these days of increased gender equality that use that old 60's gender-insensitive anti-female song "Runaround Sue" to advertise your restaurants. I guess I'll eat elsewhere. I'm ashamed of you.

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Anonymous - 10 h 29 m ago

Bye *

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Resident of Gladstone, MO - 1 d 7 h ago


Cleanliness a serious concern; appearance of employees - unpleasant; professionalism of employees and individual pride / corporate pride working for Applebee's - poor or non-existent

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Dissapointing - 3 d 6 h ago


Bad customer service at Tucker Ga location

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Anonymous - 5 d 14 h ago


HI, Made a miss take last night going to the Wisconsin Rapids applebee's again! If i am taking anyone to Applebee's again it will be to Stevens Point Wisconsin one. !sty it snowed hard two days before we went there< but they still didn't have all the side walks cleaned off 1st flag watching people struggle walking, not good. 2nd well it will be a 1/3 hour wait, ok fine. then get taken to our tabble and see 8 to 10 tabbles open??? A manager should of had a back up plan if someone called in sick, because they talked about a cook alot. With in 30 minutes of sitting at our tabble there was 10 or 12 couple or familys that came in and left, maybe more because we went to the bar for a drink for that 1/2 hour. And not enuff waiting staff either on Valinten's Day!!! If i lost that much money i would be pissed off. Just letting you know!!!! Good food!

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Friendly server :) - 5 d ago

Well unfortunately you chose to come out on one of the busiest days of they year ! Yes there may have been 8-10 tables open. But you also have to consider the fact that if you put 30 orders in at one time the kitchen is going to take longer to get your food out. There is a process to seating and greeting. There is a process of putting orders in one by one to give the cooks time to prepare your food with all the modifications & have everything correct. Oh and Don't think for a second that those employees don't feel you breathing down their necks. They see you. They want to get you in and out just as fast as you would like to be.

Those who have never worked in a restaurant will never fully understand.

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Michael Frederick - 31 d 5 h ago


During a snow storm in Sturgis, Michigan, I decided to stop at the closest restaurant near me rather than risk the roads. It was an Applebees of course

Once seated, I found traces of crumbs and a long black hair on the table. I brushed them off thinking that it could happen anywhere. I ordered a drink and food.

While waiting for the meal, I began to see small flies around the room. I asked for a manager. I told her about my observations and that I would like to cancel my order and pay for my drink.

The manager offered the drink for free, and accepted my cancellation of the meal, but I had the feeling that she did not believe that I had seen the flies. Unfortunately I cannot counter by taking a picture of the insects because I will not ever return to this "respectable " restaurant ever again!

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Randy - 28 d 8 h ago


A fly, are you serious. That has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Flies are everywhere.

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Tabatha - 14 d 7 h ago

During a SNOW storm a FLY was alive how? Come on man come up with a better lie than that.

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Anonymous - 5 d 17 h ago


Just Want to say I understand your choice but flies happen to come around even in ur home and the table being not wiped off correctly is only due to a over busy busser or just a bad one. So what Im saying is Applebees is not a bad place just because one not wiped booth or a few insects that flew in the door. This is just my opinion.

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Frank - 6 d 39 s ago

I am a developer and the fastest growing city in eastern Oregon where is a good restaurant is desperately needed heard many people say it would be nice to have something like an Applebee's I tend to agree it would be nice if you would be interested in an area called Hermiston Oregon

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JR MARTIN - 10 d 11 h ago


I went to tha Applebee's location in Fredericksburg Virginia at Southpoint. When we got there we were told that we had a 5 to 10 minute wait, which was fine on Friday night, so we waited. More people came in and they were escorted to bar area, after hostess told them about the wait. My husband and son were listening to the hostess closely this time. Another couple was in front of us and were seated and had turned to hostess to tell her it was better to be seated than standing and waiting. WELL HOSTESS SAID THEY WERE WAITING ON A WAITRESS TO COME TO WORK, we were not waiting on a table,WE WERE WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO COME TO WORK IN ORDER TO WAIT ON US AND THEM TO MAKE SOME MONEY. This is not our first bad experience but I'm sure it will be our last and also our family and friends.

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Anonymous - 7 d 11 h ago

How do you know the server was late...

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Tabatha E. Mallory - 14 d 7 h ago


The amount of lying entitled people in these comments are good enough to make a redit of their own.

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Kelli B. - 14 d 11 h ago


My fianc and I went to Applebee's yesterday, and we paid by cash. I wanted to go because of my head and it was too warm inside for me, so rather than wait for the waitress, we just left the money on top of the receipt and left. We went to Big Lots right next door which was in the same plaza as this Applebee's. 10 minutes later, 15 at most, cops come in looking for us and tell us that management at Applebee's claim we didn't pay for the meal and left only $2. We were both mad and confused and went with the police back to Applebee's while they watched the cameras. We knew we paid. I watched him set down every bill before I headed outsidecompletely forgetting my keys were in my bag in the car and not my pocket like I usually have them. After a good nearly 10 minutes, they come back, still claiming he didn't pay and that he only "pretended" to pay by leaving only $2. Which is not true! They said no one but the waitress whose name is Kristin had come to the table between the time we left and when she found the money on top of our receipt. I am fully confident she stole the money and made damn sure the cameras didn't see the $20 bill and the $10 underneath, and only two of the five ones I've been trying to get a hold of someone at corporate but the operator isn't available and then they want me to spell out a name when I don't even know who works there. We were humiliated and ended up paying twice which we didn't really have the money for the second time around. I will never go to Applebee's again, and we will be pursuing this in court!

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jan grover - 16 d 12 h ago

I went to applebees in newton and was very disapointed i was overcharged and had issues with the manager save ur money and go elsewhere jan grover

General profile image - 22 d ago


a few weeks before christmas my wife went in to Applebees and purchased 2 $50.00 gift cards and also recieved 2 $10.00 cards as well. A week later she bought another $50.00 gift card and also recieved a $10.00 card. Now that totals 3 $10.00 cards that we tried to use and the manger said that we cant use them all at one time, thats ok. We went to use one of the $50.00 cards and found out that we was given a $25.00 card so we had the manger check the other card as well and found out that was also a $25.00 card as well, that means that we paid $100.00 dollars far 2 $25.00 cards.The $50.00 card that we bought for our grandoughter was good The manger said that there was nothing that she could about it. We sent all of our paper work to the headquaters including a bank statement showing the credit card charge including the date that matched the date of purchase.We have heard nothing yet. Very disappointed.George.

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george pedersen - 17 d 8 m ago

I am still waiting for a reply from the home office. It has been over a month . I sent them everything they asked for and then some. I have talked to a lot of my friends who are also customers and they suggested that i contact the police because even they think that the $50.00 was stolen from either me ore Applebees. I am going to wait to the end of this week and give them another call and see what happends.That date will be Feb 8. I hope that they take care of the problem because our whole family and friends are waiting for a reply. George.

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TB - 17 d 38 m ago

I am contacting you to met you know I was very displeased by the actions at your Alliance Ohio location.My husband and I were there this evening for dinner and a man came in went to the bar and ordered drinks and food and was sitting there and left his dog tied up outside to the bench by the door.I said something to one of the woman working there who went to the back and then came out but would not come back up front by the door I thought she would get the manager but she did not then a few minutes went by and one of the woman who seated us originally came back up and said there's nothing we can do about it which I think is totally inhumane and I would think that would have been a Liabilty for Applebees. Shame on you!! Just for reference I did call the Police!

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D.T. - 19 d 16 h ago



Kick AppleBee out of AMERICA!

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Cindy Gray - 20 d ago


I just picked up a to go Oriental Salad Paid more for grilled shrimp to receive a pile of BS - I can't even call it a salad. The SO CALLED lettuce looked like sticks, the so called pieces that had leaves on it looked like it was some crap from someone's bad yard. My dog would not pee on this s----. I called the manager ELWOOD who was a rude sob. I have photos of this bs and I am posting this crap all over FB Twitter and instagram...................... YOU SUCK and I will never go to Applebee's again. And it will be viral in 30. minutes..................... as soon as I load my photos of this POS. SHAME ON YOU. And your site has TALLAHASSEE on here 2x one is misspelled. BTW you don't even have the location I used on here it is on Mahan Drive. YOU PPL SUCK UPDATE YOUR SITE INFOR. Elwood said he was the manager, my mom took the POS back b/c I want my money back and he would not credit it b/c he said the transaction had already gone thru. So now I am hitting you ppl with theft; What a load of crap. He told my Mom the manager would be in tomorrow why did he tell me on speaker phone with my mom and boyfriend here HE WAS THE MANAGER WHAT AN A-hole

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Linda Platte - 20 d 14 h ago


My husband and I visited the Applebee's restaurant in North Port, Florida on January 30, 2019. Our waitress Miranda W. is a great waitress, she is professional and friendly. She would check on us several times during our visit and ask if there is anythng else she could do for us. We really enjoyed our visit.

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Laurie - 21 d ago

I am not writing a review but I am expressing frustration about the unprofessionalism of the Applebee's in Carson City NV and a particular female manager. My daughter was encouraged to come in for an interview. She went through an initial interview, and then was called crack. She was so excited and spent much time preparing for an follow up interview. She has a lot of experience and loved Applebeeswell, she got to the interview and the female manager took one look at her and said "oh, I interviewed you last week, you were not the person I meant to callso sorry, can I buy you a drink?" WHAT THE HECK!!!!! I have tried to get in touch with corporate, the district managers, and guess whatNO ONE WILL GET BACK TO ME!

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Anonymous - 22 d 22 m ago


I've ordered the fall off the bone ribs in West Bend, Wi. For the LAST time I'll never eat at your restraint's again. Your Commercials are untrue and a dressed up lie. I've also had the same experience in Rice Lake,Wi.

Yours Truly David V. Rohree

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