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Michael Archer
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Jenny warren - 1 h 16 m ago

I love your resturants but have a hard time getting my husband to take me because you never serve bread or thousand island dressing, what is up not serving a 25 cent piece of bread we went to Fayevettville N.c and Mrytle beach sc. no

bread he said he would never go again

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Anonymous - 2 h ago


This past week my family got together for a family dinne we noticed the menu was changed which was fine until a number of family members ordered quesadilla . It was presented which looked like on a piece of tin with no lettuce or soar creme. I was told I had to pay extra. Really who is in charge. Therefore you have lodg me as s customer

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Mer924 - 9 h 43 m ago

Never been to a restaurant where your food comes out before your drinks and no it wasn't busy, bartender either new or just slow, finally got our drinks and had to return because they were very strong and just bad, Instead of fixing the rum and coke she just gave us a glass of coke to fix it, then my margarita tasted really bad, told the waiter to get me water because I didn't like it, the manager came over and said she couldn't refund me the money which first of all I never requested it and then she said what did I expect for a $ 2.99 Margarita, I think that was very rude. I guess we won't be going their again, and I'll make sure I tell the 20 other people that stay next door at the hotel.

Never had a negative comments on Applebee's til this one


2728 New Springs Rd

Atlanta, Ga

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redrock25 - 10 h 15 m ago


I stopped by Applebee's in Boca Park, Las Vegas tonight. I ordered an oriental salad with grilled chicken and a pepper crusted steak with spinach and garlicky green beans. This was for dinner for two people. When I got home I couldn't believe what was packaged in the takeout boxes I got. The boxes were half empty, nothing like I get when I eat at the restaurant. I will never again go through takeout and probably will not eat at Applebee's again. Very disappointing, I had to cook a meal because we had nothing to eat for 24.00.

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Lori - 10 h 50 m ago


We went n2 the Applebee's n Canton Texas an my daughter got the salmon and there was a big peice of plastic between the salmon and the greens and when I was explaining why I was so made the Manger he just walked off now the middle of the ordeal this was not a small peice it was a large wish I could post a picture of it want be going back ever again

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Anonymous - 12 h 10 m ago


The Applebee's on old Haywood rd in Asheville NC has bad service. We had to ask to get out drink order. The bartender name Cary brings out drinks an doesn't come back. We had to ask to order out food. Once the food was brought she never came back unless we asked for something an she acted like it was a big deal. None of the employees was friendly.

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Ribletts - 13 h ago

My family used to eat at the Applebee's on Brainerd Road in Chattanooga, TN. We loved the riblett platter. That is the only reason we ate there. The last time we went we weee told their menus had been redone and no longer offered ribletts. The food we ordered was terrible and so was the service. When we drive by there may be 5 cars there if that many. Ribletts were the best thing you had. Judging from the other reviews you are putting yourself out of business. We will not be back.

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Haley Isley - 1 d 22 h ago


Twice within a month now I have been appalled at the long wait, poor attitude and treatment at the Applebee's in Fairfield township Ohio. I will never come to this location again or maybe any other for that matter. Darion F was the rudest waitress I've ever witnessed and the manager was worse. Day ruined by this Applebee's visit.

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Ricardo Martinez - 1 d 12 h ago


Last night was our last time at AppleBee's. Our appetizer, salad, and dinner was all served at the same time. We had to ask for the appetizer to be taken off our bill, and we had to wave down a server for a coffee refill.

I was telling my colleagues about our experience still telling myself the server just had a bad day, but then the office manager told us he had been there a couple of weeks ago, and was served his cocktail with a napkin INSIDE the glass!!! Yuck, and there are too many food choices to put up with a gross glass and crappy service!

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Victor DiMaggio - 1 d 14 h ago


I was just at applesbees on Michigan rd caramel Indiana ordered two meals at 7:00 Pm on 10-19-19-2016 from yours curb side to go the people after my wife and I sat there for 20 minutes we called the restaurant they told us that we would have to come to get our meals because it was after dark and no one would come out because they might get mugged so when I went in to get our meals the lady named Melisa said she was the manager and that I was lying that we had not received our orders before after dark so I was leaving and the next customer that came up in the curb to go lanes a server came out to wait on them.

So I went back in to ask why we where being discriminated against and she said for me to leave or she would call the police on me. I would like to know if curb side is only during daylight times then why when my wife called in for the order she was not told that she would have to come in to get our food. I have ordered many times and received our food to our car after dark . If you advertise curb side orders then you should tell people that they can not get there food after dark since you are afraid they will get mugged. Please have some call me at (hidden) My name is Victor DiMaggio to understand why we can not get service but the people that came behind us could.

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Greg - 1 d 15 h ago


Recently had a poor dinner at your Restaurant in Davenport Iowa, The waitress was very professional. I can not say the same about the food or the manager. I ordered the bourbon Street Steak my favorite meal. The first steak was badly burnt; The second was very tough, had a ton of cartilage through out the steak, making it pretty inedible. The second time the waitress just came back and took the steak, the I got the bill for the meal, nothing off, no apologies just the bill. Then went I asked to speak with the manager she seemed to have a chip on her shoulder. And actually accused me of throwing a chair on a previous visit. (I had moved the chair had it had fallen over.) A simple apology for a bad meal; But acting like I was trying to get a free meal. I will never return to this restaurant again. And I will recommend that everyone find a different place to eat.

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Kathy P. - 1 d 16 h ago


I have never written a negitave review in my life but had to today. Just left Applebee's on

Wickham Dr, Melbourne Fl. The first warning was the trash can overflowing at front door, the second was in the bathroom not one toilet was flushed and one was running. The last was the food was not good at all. Only ate there because we were starving and had not seen a restaurant to get a steak in a long time driving around. So disappointed.

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jen - 2 d ago


I went to the Applebees in Dunkirk new York the other day had chic roll up no meat,too much lettuce,and way to much pico. I think you need to have a talk with the cooks. Ordered the three cheese dinner and hardly no cheese. I'm paying for a good meal not to waste money.

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kevin - 2 d 23 h ago


This is the third time I've gotten gross food from your Applebees in Dunkirk NY. I used to enjoy going there for good food no matter what I ordered. I think prices are high enough that I should be getting decent food. I order the fiesta lime chicken and both times I ordered the mexi ranch wasn't on it and the chicken tasted plain and like rubber (looks done but isn't) and wonton tacos used to be awesome now you hardly get any coleslaw or meat in them. If u order take out there soggy. I had to return my food last night because it was gross!!please talk to the cooks and make the proper changes I like Applebees but won't spend money on nasty food.

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Anonymous - 2 d 23 h ago

Had an excellent experience with Rachel at Greer SC location today.

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Melanie - 2 d 29 m ago


Your Applebee's in Rome NY needs help with cooking food. ...twice my chicken partially fries come cold and servers have no personalities. Take way too long to get my bill and seems like I'm always charged wrong. When will I get a total good experience? ? Or maybe I should just give up going...Thanks Melanie

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TRACY PROVOID - 2 d 13 h ago



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Anonymous - 2 d 15 h ago

Applebee's broad Street Columbus Ohio is a joke, never staffed, we are here now ordered our food an hour ago. Had to send back steak ordered medium well, hot rare. Our server is running the bar. carry out, and floor. We are the third party with complaints. One patty walked out! Get it together!!!

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Sabrina - 2 d 15 h ago


Visited Applebees in Colonial Heights, Virginia. I find it ridiculous that I cannot get a tea to go in large cup (instead of the kids sized cups) without being charged another 99 cents after already being charged $2.79 for the tea I had with my meal. NO OTHER RESTAURANT DOES THIS!! Reflects poorly on Applebees!

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Eric Williams - 2 d 15 h ago


The service at applebees at 4600 E. Broad is Horrible and unprofessional. I was expecting better from a Franchise that believes in quality.

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Anonymous - 2 d 15 h ago

Lots of TVs. All on CNN. Very offensive. At the location in Nashville, TN in Bellevue-37221. This is a conservative area for such liberal programming. Will not be back.

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Anonymous - 2 d 19 h ago

Took my family to apple bee here in houston tx.. worst customer service and over cook food.. for a sunday afternoon....

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Linda in Texas - 3 d ago


Oh no! The pecan crusted chicken salad is off the menu again!!! This has been my favorite dish since day one.

Please bring it back.

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Nathaniel Frank - 3 d 6 h ago


Worst service ever 7 people I drive a Ferrari and get treated like shit Lol this is a joke right? Our waitress was so overwhelmed by 10 people including ours that she couldn't handle any kind of service

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Anonymous - 3 d 10 h ago

Im at the brooklyn location and i must say for the indians playing they shut the tvs off. Big disappointment. It was a server tge batender is great.

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