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Employee - 2 d 14 h ago


I'm I am employee in Chassen Mn. Manager Christine promotes a hostile working environment among employees when she displays favoritism and promotes talking about her servers to other servers. This allows "bully" servers to be disrespectful to their coworkers and they feel justified in being so. While I don't promote managers talking about servers to other servers - I must add that the other day a different manager asked me "if I was ok" after a disrespectful encounter with Christine - and then went on to say she is a nean and horrible person. Even called her a "disgusting person" and that I should report her to HR. I'm going to talk to our GM - but am weary because they seem pretty chummy. Christine is clearly burned out in her long term position and a new face could do wonders for the location.

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Concerned mom - 3 h 18 m ago


My daughter works for Applebee's and is being bullied by a manager. Seems that's what they hire these days. She's putting in her 2 weeks notice. It's unbearable for her

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Ashly Carter - 1 d ago


Hello my name is Ashly and I work for a locally owned company called Langmans Wildlife and Pest Control here in Terre Haute, Indiana. We have been servicing the Wabash Valley and surrounding counties since 1956. We would like to discuss with you our competitive pricing for our pest control services. . Please give us a call and let us take care of the pests for you. Thank You and we hope to here from you soon.

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Usuck - 14 h ago


Yeah. Good idea. Lots of people on here from Indiana. If your boss paid you to do this. Then they are idiot.

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Buddy - 2 d 6 h ago


Good morning,

I am a long-time Applebee's customer. I am some what concerned that the Applebees locations in the areas close to where I live are dwindling. I am especially concerned about the one in Beaufort, SC. IT HAS CLOSED!!! A couple more Applebees in the Charleston, SC area that I used to patronize quite often have also closed. I LOVE APPLEBEES. I am especially interested in your answer concerning the one in Beaufort, SC . That was my favorite. MAIN QUESTION: DO YOU HAVE PLANS TO OPEN ANOTHER APPLEBEES IN BEAUFORT, SC !!!

Mr. Archer, please keep the good stuff at our Applebees Restaurants coming!!!

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tubby - 1 d 50 m ago

theres a Chilis there and its better

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Usuck - 14 h 12 s ago


The only people who worry about not finding an Applebee's, are those who's tastebuds have died. Are you freaking serious.

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Usuck - 14 h ago


Applebee's sucks. How many different ways do you think you can use 1 type of cheese for? Seriously, you guys use the same ingredients on almost everything. Your fajitas were awesome, so you got rid of them. The local Applebee's can't go to a 24 hour Walmart a 2 minute WALK from your location to get anything. It's always, sorry we are out. No your to damn lazy to go get it. Good luck. Don't wonder why your business is tanking. Hire another militias college graduate. Duh. Whatever you do, don't hire someone with life experience to make decisions. That would be crazy. Just keep doing the same thing.

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Applebee's Boycott - 1 d ago



Over the years I've dined at Applebee's quite a bit. The one constant that seems to prevail is service is slow. Most of the time, though not always, it seems to take forever to get our food. Not the end of the world as I try to just be grateful to have the means to dine out. I'm located in Tallahassee. One location closed a couple years back. Why I'm not sure but there's a new one on other side of town. There is another location attached to a hotel that has remained in business. Nonetheless, this past weekend my two kids and I went to the newer location as there were some other stores I needed to shop at. I had a $50 gift card in which to enjoy lunch with. It was on a Sunday and around the time churches had been let out so I expected the lag in service. Thankfully the location wasn't too crowded but that didn't alter the longevity in which our food arrived. When we received our food I had to ask for silverware as we didn't have any. I only received two sets and was told by our waiter that there were others being washed in the back. Not great in my opinion but again not dire. I shared a fork with my son and we managed. I never received a third set, however. Not sure how long it takes to wash silverware but the remainder of the time we were there a third set was never brought to us. We finished, waited to pay, and finally the waiter came with our check to which I presented the gift card. The ipad gadget at the table I had set aside so as not to tempt my young son with wanting to play games. The waiter told me that the restaurant was trying to promote paying at the table. I handed the tablet to him as it was off. It wouldn't power on. He took both the tablet and my gift card and said he would be back. During this time both my son and I used the restroom. I'm guessing a good 10 - 15 minutes went by and when we returned to the table my daughter stated he had been back and said something to the affect of the machine had to be rebooted. I stood at the table waiting and the waiter came back by telling me the same. I asked him was that the only machine in the entire restaurant that could accept payment via gift card and he said it was. That seemed very odd to me but what choice did I have? He apologized of course but there wasn't anything to be done except wait. We waited a bit longer and I finally gathered my kids and we went to the front of the restaurant to wait. They were growing impatient and so was I. While standing there waiting I caught a portion of a conversation another patron was having with what I assume was a manager. She was complaining about her food order wasn't right and turned and pointed to another table saying their food order wasn't right either. When the manager left and the lady was looking around I commented to her about them having problems also. When I told her about our silverware issue she stated they never received any either. While standing around still waiting for our waiter to return with my gift card another lady came up looking for silverware. I told her good luck seeing as I was a set short and the other lady said they didn't receive any at all. After a few more minutes I gathered my kids and left. I know my meal (one kids chicken / mac-n-cheese with drink, one kids chicken fingers, fries with chocolate milk, and one house caesar salad with grilled shrimp and drink) did not cost $50 but I was fed up. I called after leaving to speak to the store manager. I believe the girl who answered the phone said it was Aleshia? She put me on hold and within a matter of a couple minutes the line went dead. I left the restaurant and drove across one street to shop at a store and the line went dead that quick. I called right back. Either she recognized my number or assumed I was the same person who called a moment ago I don't know. She said the manager was busy and asked if I could call back. I hate to say I unloaded on her but I did. I told her it wasn't her personally but I had just had the worst experience ever with eating at a restaurant and not just because of my longstanding experience of slow service. I told her I had left the gift card and she could give it to whomever and explained that my meal did not exceed the amount on the gift card but I assured her just as I'm saying it here I will never again in my life eat at another Applebees. I only called back because I wanted to let someone know that I didn't leave without paying even though there would not have been a way to track me down. I would rather take my chances digging through a trash can or even go hungry before I set foot in another Applebees restaurant.

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SJDAVIS - 1 d 18 h ago


For year's I've eaten at applebee's since my husband is military it seems to be one of take the stress of drop in places. but today in Columbus Ga we were doing some shopping since just locating to the area. We have not learned where allot of eating places are and where is the best quality of dinning. Well I commend the manager who relized the whole section we were in was going down the toilet but to stand and discuss it with guest as we were only told oh your drinks are coming soon i brought you water they had to pull liquor out of the cabinet. We ask for an extra shot in our drink but we got a shot glass on the table while we waited on a margarita....they are to be shaken not stirred so that drink went to hell on taste. and we didn't have napkins the waitress was chatting at the bar when we had ask for napkins but i got up and ask for napkins the greet kindly gave them to us then the waitress comes running up to say oh here i had them in my pocket handing them to the other lady and she said I already gave them some. Then our food comes after we had ordered on the box for our appetizers. We finally get our drinks and the guy brings our food 45 minutes in and yes the veggies and the food was perfection....only one problem we still didn't have silverware and our waitress kept disappearing so i got up went to the back area and said may I please have silverware and which extent the other waitress said what is up with her i've already covered two of her tables. I said ma'am i understand i just want to she comes out hands me two plastic to go things with silverware and says sorry they are washing silverware. yes they were busy but not that busy. I just laughed and said may i have another i have a i got back to my table to see there were some silverware laying there and my husband said she forgot. she came by later and said would you like another drink and we both replied yes because at that point i felt i needed a drink and after waiting 15 minutes i look up and yes she's in a sling but the bar tending was laughing and chatting with some of the people at the bar....No i understand something is wrong with her arm but give me a break everyone in this joint had time to discuss the day and the problem instead of just working on a solution...but the kicker is the BS ya'll have on paying tips...was a 15% tip...i'm sorry but that's some BS.....I would have given the cook or chef whatever a tip all day everyday but none of the rest of the people in that building deserved a tip including the manager...i'm pissed as hell but I didn't cause a scene but I promise family will not be back in your establishment....

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Connie - 2 d ago


I was at the Applebees in Nashville,Tn today and I have never been so embarrassed before in my life, the manger Amanda talked to a employee so rude it was just horrible, I've never witnessed such rude behavior before in my life. I really enjoy Applebees but upon witnessing this behavior I am having second thoughts about going back.

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Judy - 2 d 14 h ago


The managers and servers are very good at the San Marcos, CA location. The steak is nothing like The TEXAS ROADHOUSE in Oceanside, CA. The amount of food is double the amount at $9.99 for a 6 oz. sirloin steak that is very tender.

Applebee's charges $12.99 for a 6 oz. sirloin steak that has two sides. The Texas Roadhouse serves butter topped delicious hot rolls. Shelled peanuts are always on the tables. The point is that the food is much better at the Texas Roadhouse for $3 dollars less.

I hope that someone will review what is happening with the downward trend. The managers and servers are wonderful. Unsatisfactory prices and food appear to be a problem at many Applebee's restaurants. It's very disheartening.

A former regular customer

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Michael D'Ambrosia 646-522-9261 - 2 d 15 h ago

Went to our neighborhood Applebee's on surf ave in was pretty good but restaurant was so cold asked workers about the heat they said heat was broken.we were 5 people we all had to eat with our coats on and zippered up.

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Teacher guy! - 3 d 5 h ago


What is going on with Herkimer Applebee's the service there has gotten horrible, it would have been quicker if I cooked the food myself! The staff were arguing while we were trying to order our food waitress seemed very distracted. Managers and staff need to get in the same page wow drama central! Never going back again! Food is usually great and service at least tolerable! Hey stay off your cell phone blondie gosh we are paying for a service here

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Zippo - 2 d 19 h ago


Ugly brown faces all around?

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Jose batista - 3 d ago


Went to the Applebees in North little rock Arkansas and everything was just awful from the hostess to the server. First my fork was dirty then when i pointed out that the fork had food on it they got upset it took 30 minuets to get a drink and an hour to get my food the steak was like rubber the mac and cheese was cold the chicken was old and to top it all off i stood with out a refill for my lemonade after asking for more twice

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P. Villa - 2 d 19 h ago


Jose batista,

Question: when you saw that the fork had old food on it why didn't you get up and wall out??

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Keyawna Hammett - 3 d 4 h ago


We had family not at our local Applebee's, the service was awful it took a hr to get my appetizers my steak and food was awful my perfect Margarita was far from perfect we had to send them back. I sent all my food back my sister n her bf didnt eat much of there's either. We use to love Applebee's but from what last night showed us we want be returning until it gets better.

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Anonymous - 3 d 12 h ago

Absolutely a horrible place to work or dine.

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Lynn Major fulton ny - 3 d 14 h ago

Well decided to go on vacation with my fiance' and stopped at the 9901 south point parkway Applebee's in Fredericksburg,VA for dinner and wow what a badly run restaurant. The two hosts were not welcoming at all and seem to be more interested in just chatting together with the lady cleaning the tables. We were seated after being told there was a 25 minute wait for the two of us. After being seated we noticed there was 7 tables and booths that were not even being used and 4 of the booths were cleaned and ready to go. but one table was still needing to be cleaned and the hour it took to get our food and the half hour we were there it never got cleaned while the whole time. food runners were confused on orders that were placed. We were asked five times on if we ordered certain items. all in all very bad experience

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Disgusted - 3 d 14 h ago


Salad rotten. Macaroni&Cheese ice cold. Service slow. She called me "hun". We will never go back to Applebee's in Auburn, MA.

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Susan - 3 d 16 h ago


12-8-2017 at 8:56 pm

Check #:7711-61162


715 Memorial Blvd

Picayune, Ms 39466


Server: Jacob K TB#83

The service was fair only because of our server and hostess! Poor management is one issue! He treated us very rude and poorly. My food was served with ice cold cheese on it. So I asked to melt the cheese on my hamburger. The manager then microwaves my burger and brings it back to the table rudely. No I apologize for that or hope you enjoy. He sticks the plate across the table in my face and walks off. I said thank you he kept walking. I said it again louder he heard it the first time mind you not. As He proceeded to go sit in the bar area and eat a plate of food with another person. I asked the hostess if she would please get me a new bun because that one was now soggy and like rubber. She proceeded and brought a new burger bun. I snapped a picture of him because no manager should treat customers this way or eat on the clock in the restaurant openly. He made me as the customer feel like I disturbed his dinner when in fact it was my dinner that was disturbed. Our server Jacob K was great so was the hostess Marilyn a hostess. But the manager was very unprofessional and rude. My server and the hostess agreed that he was unprofessional and inappropriate to my family. Marilyn heard me say thank you twice before he turned around to not say your welcome. He proceeded straight to the table and eat. I have that on camera as well. My family enjoys eating at your restaurant but after tonight we will not be going back until management changes.

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Anonymous - 4 d ago


Chelsea Bennett in Herkimer Applebee's was the absolute worst waitress I've ever had in my life! She brought my wife's food out cold! She was flirting with the people at the table next to us she was constantly on her cell phone! Talking with the other waitress in her section non-stop I think her name was Daniell they were arguing with the manager.. Chelsea was so rude my wife never wants to go back.. our family are regulars there and now they don't care to go back! The food is usually great and the service is usually always on point.

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Anonymous - 4 d 19 h ago


I worked there for more than a year....I watched meat and seafood sit out in the warm hear with flies on and brought this to management.....still served it.....meat and seafood should sit out no more than 2 hours...... Also watched a employee drop burger on the floor and still use it....5 second rule...I could go on and on..... Also they have corporate inspections were they fail miserably yet same things happen the next day.....

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Anonymous - 4 d 4 h ago


I also have experienced the same problem..... Nobody seems to care about bacterias or cleanliness.....our kitchen was disqustin.... Worked there 6 months.... Never mind staff was under the influence of some substance.... Pathetic

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