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Arkansas Democrat Gazette

121 E Capitol Ave
Little Rock, AR
Walter E Hussman Jr
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Anthony - 168 d 7 h ago


I recently submitted a letter that was factual, pertinent, and involved Hot Springs city government and the awarding of contracts, including a possible conflict of interest that involved a $8.5 million bond extension passed not long ago. I never received an email or call back from Brenda Looper, and when I finally did contact her, was told the letter would not run because part of it had been critical of the lack of coverage or investigation by our local paper, the Sentinel Record (which is owned by the Democrat Gazette). In short, a cowardly excuse to not run a letter because it showed poor reporting on the part of a subsidiary of the Democrat.

There's a reason this paper won't be in business in five years, and it's not because people are flocking to alternative sources. If that is the case, it's because of a poor product. The paper is quick to point out government hypocrisy, yet this is a prime example of its own. If you can't accept constructive criticism and use it to make yourself better, you're doomed for failure.

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Anonymous - 200 d 3 h ago


One of the writers in this paper is making up lies LITERALLY hurting families I have called and called to no answer nothing but recordings. He mentioned my DECEASED child and lied about him. He is VERY racist against blacks. You never see him write about whites at all.


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Deborah Jones - 308 d 8 h ago


I am appalled at the way my mother was treated. This is a 90 year old woman who has been getting the paper for 19 years. They offered her the tablet option but she decided she only wanted the Sunday delivered. She mentioned her bank statement was reflecting a $34.00 monthly charge since March when she was only getting Sunday paper. When she called to inquire about this excessive charge, the person was rude and useless as to a solution. He just basically told her too bad. They mailed out notices. I can attest to the fact that she was not informed of this price. How ridiculous to charge $26 extra a month for a paper that is delivered a half mile up the road. Needless to say we have cancelled her subscription and will inform others about this scheme in hopes to make sure others don't get ripped off too.

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bob harris - 1 y ago




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Judy Turner - 1 y ago


I would like to point out how going "mostly" digital in my area, Calhoun County, is not a good idea. This is the least populated most rural county in Arkansas. Fiber optics are just being laid in the city, county could take years. We have bought this paper every day for years and now we have no access to the news. We are entitled to news just as much as a digital customer living in the heart of little rock. Think about us. We are backwoods enough.

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D. G. - 1 y 80 d ago


A guy from arkansas democrat gazette came to southwest Arkansas to get an account set up for digital subscription. First thing he told me was he didn't have the wifi router he was supposed to have. Tried to set up ipad using hot spot. Didn't work. Several calls were made, ending with decision to try a second ipad. Same results. I was told we would have to reschedule, and someone else would come to that appointment. "Or maybe they'll send 5 people, I don't care", was one of the last statements he made before leaving. Called ADG to let them know how unprofessional and useless the guy was. Got a recording to leave name, number, etc. I did all that and got no call back. Very disgusted with situation

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Debra - 1 y 246 d ago


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jessie moore - 1 y 259 d ago


Am very dissatisfied with your company. I have call and spoke with customer service over and over again that i do not want paper that comes out on sunday and they keep throwing them out there I do not read them and if they want me to put in a good word for them they need to stop like i asked.. continue then i will find away to do something about it.

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Anonymous - 2 y ago

Larry beliew: I live on dead end street in humnoke, my neighbor across street takes your paper, the last 2 mornings the idiot you have delivering paper is making a u-turn when he gets to end of street and is rutting 2 lawns up due to all of wet weather when he throws paper. I will confront him tomorrow morning and I'm taking photos as evidence and have him on security camera. Someone will be liable for this so this better be nipped in the bud.

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Patricia Barron - 2 y ago

All I Want is My Paper The WHITE LADY across the street get her paper I seem to call all the time and talk to a representative and I don't get my paper I called just two days ago and I was supposed to get my paper this time I didn't get it on the first Sunday of this month can I get my paper when my subscription is up I will not get another delivery from Arkansas Democrat I called all the time and it seem like it doesn't matter who ever deliver the paper get mad when I call and don't deliver it the next Sunday I paid $83 to get the Sunday paper I'm just across the street from the lady that get hers why can I get my paper is it because I'm a black woman my money is green just like the lady across the street which is a very nice lady maybe I'll get it by putting this in yalls interview thank you

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