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Arvest Bank-Bentonville

201 NE A St
Bentonville, AR
David Short
(479) 271-1253
(479) 271-1320
Annual Sales Est
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James Reardon - 67 d 8 h ago

Been trying to get help while in Costa Rica for 3 weeks and nothing is working. I just read the reviews below and none is good! WOW!!!

Up until now, I have not had a problem with Arvest and the employees have been helpful. I am locked out of my account and may have to fly back on donations from friends to get it straightened out. All I get is canned emails showing that nobody even read what I submitted. Probably nobody is reading this but us chickens.

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Corinne - 78 d 9 h ago


I have dealt with many banks during my lifetime and Arvest has the distinction of being the WORST. Their people are not trained and have to go to supervisor to get the simplest question answered; their employees are totally unempowered and can do nothing other than take the money. We have had a business account with them for several years, and recently were contacted and told that they had shredded all of our opening documents and want to start over with a 28 page application. They have lost a deposit and claimed they never received it and then 2 months later I get a call from the mailroom saying they found a deposit check and what did I want to do with it. Horrible, horrible bank.

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Mad@hsv - 114 d 7 h ago


Terrible service. My husband's grandma now has to be without diapers and food because we deposited her check through the ATM and the manager doesn't want to lift the hold, even though she did a reliability release and had it cashed last month at the same bank.

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BRANDIE DAY - 235 d ago


The worst bank I have ever dealt with. Had a company making small charges on my account over a period of a year. I didn't notice because they were small charges and I do not get a statement in the mail even though I have requested one multiple times. I noticed the charges about 10 days ago and called. There was a total of $611 taken out of my account. The refunded $129 and said the rest was my responsibility because I didn't notice sooner. Way to take care of your customers Arvest. Will be closing my account and going to a different bank first thing in the morning.

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Amanda - 276 d ago


Bought a truck from a company harvest bought and every month when I'm still within the grace period they repossess my truck and now no one will talk to me or return my calls still making payments on a vehicle that was repossessed you think they would care a little more about there customers but of coarse they dont

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Brenda - 287 d 7 h ago

I was just informed that Arvest Bank, after buying out First Federal and then Bear Bank, sponsored the turtle races in Harrison, Arkansas. Basically every year our town has a turtle race for 4th of July. This is a very tragic event as the turtle population is dwindling very quickly. Turtles are dropped, drilled,painted,starved (all of which are almost always pregnant females) and set on hot pavement where they basically cook since turtles can't control their body temperature. We've been trying to get it stopped for years and already less and less people are doing it. More than half of the turtles entered end up dead. This is a very barbaric event that entertains people on the exploitation of animals. To sponsor this event shows a callus disregard for life, animals and their habitat. I'm seriously considering pulling all my accounts from Arvest. I also plan on informing more of the public and let them make their decision if they want to bank at a bank that sponsors an event like this.

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Clueless Management - 1 y ago


Who was the brainiac that decided they could save two cents a year by reducing size of the drive-thru receipts down to about two inches? No room to write notes on it for bookkeeper but more importantly more easy to lose or fly away and harder to read for visually impaired. Thanks for lack of understanding your customers and discrimination against the elderly.

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Brenda - 287 d 8 h ago

TOTALLY AGREE !! But now they also do not want you to use "deposit slips" either, so when you check your account online you can only see a total of the deposit, not each check amount. So far they are still accepting the Duplex brand deposit slips, which I'm forcing them to use. ANOTHER stupid idea. duh

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Rcm this is where I'm starting on my goal to let as many people in ark and ok know about how Arvest treats there customers when in need of a little help I have 2 accounts with Arvest for a short time longer 1 acc last year all year I kept between 4000. To 5000 in it and up till 2 weeks ago all of this year I kept 10.000 in it until I put a down payment on a new vehicle for my family the 2nd acc I have my paycheck direct deposited to it and we pay all our utilities and bills ect.... now I have been watching my credit score for all of last year and this year it has been the same 6.55 Arvest will not work with a 6.40 that is there cut off well I went to the catoosa ok branch and ask them if I could barrow the remainder of what we owe which is 6500. Plus we wanted to start building our credit up sounds perfect after 3 days they tell me my credit score is a 0 and this is with the same company i had been watching my score under the lady ask if I could bring it up to let her see it I said yes thinking I'm getting a chance to turn this around I showed and they all agreed it was right but there computer still said 0 and that there was nothing else they could do I spent an extra $19.90 just for what reason and I had been with Arvest for close to8 or 9 years so Arvest does not try to help anybody make there life better they lie they are not an honest family Linder they really could care less on trying to help these people (Arvest ) are rip offs - 1 y ago


General profile image - 1 y ago


Mr. Short, I am registering a complaint that does not seem to be able to be resolved by the local Arvest staff. On May 1 my husband entered the hospital in Tulsa, OK and ultimately he has had to have heart surgery. During this time we went to the Arvest ATM located at your 91st and Delaware Arvest bank. I was trying to withdraw funds from my husband's social security card at that location ATM and the funds did not come out. I went into the Manager at that locations, who was an Asian woman. She proceeded to tell me that since it was not a card from Arvest they could not help me and I would have to contact the card from social security. The Manager said there was nothing she could do. This did not seem right.I was not happy with this display of lack of knowledge and help on having the ATM audited. So I went to my personal Arvest Bank and talked to the people we work with on a regular basis. The Assistant Manager, I forgot her name, tried to contact someone in Arvest to see if they could check the ATM and have the camera and perhaps and audit done as the social security card shows the $400 was deducted from that card. Everyone I have talked to has been amazed that Arvest can not do an audit or check your cameras for that ATM to see where that money is floating as it did not come out to me. Does this not seem odd to you? We need this $400 and we want to know where it would be. Perhaps I did not grad the money quick enough but it HAS been deducted from my husband's social security card and is no where to be found. I am asking for that ATM machine to be audited for the date of May 1-3 as were running to a from the hospital and I am not sure which date it was. Again I spoke to the manager at the 91 and Delaware Arvest where the ATM is located and the Arvest Asst Manager at 71 and Sheridan where we bank regularly. I look forward to you immediate response on this. I have though about going to the local News to have them deal with this, as at this time this is overwhelming with my husband's health condition and our need of fund. Thank you for your help in resolving this lost $400. Sincerely, Mrs. Brian Murray

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The worse bank ever - 1 y ago


Could be worse I just received a judgment of collections from 2011. Everything is current and no one can tell me what it is The best part is I'm a Arkansas resident only did business in Arkansas branches but the suit was filed through Missouri... Why would they do that?! Oh because the statute of limitations is 5 years in Arkansas and 10 in Missouri... Unethical.... I'm sure a nice lawsuit would uncover many many people that have been unlawfully brought judgments against!!! Arvest is the worse!

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Pattee - 1 y ago


When I see a commercial on tv bragging on customer service in arvest bank psi just about throw up. In the local arvest bank here in NE okla you can always expect a wait there's some staff there but they don't do anything. It's not the exception It's eveyday this morning as usual there was a line in the lobby 7 employees there just one teller waiting on the customers 4 were laughing & joking in an office 2 more were at desks twiddling their thumbs & 1 teller no one had a customer none of them were even remotely busy & not a one attempted to get behind the counter & help someone we all had to wait for the one teller while the others had a good time goofing off customer service what a joke!!

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Anonymous - 1 y ago


I enjoyed banking here until I got over a grand stolen over an 18 month period and they kept telling me I couldn't get it back because I was in possession of the card. Only reason I was ever given. Then a transfer I cancelled on my account 6, count em, 6 times put me in the red today. It was pending so I transferred money over to get it back up at about 7:30 this morning. I got off work at 1:00 and the $17 fee got posted to the account. I was then told I couldn't close the account until the $17 went through. Good going Arvest. I'm done with your bs.

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Savanna - 1 y ago


What a rip off for a bank! I've been with them 10 years and keep getting screwed. I will tell everyone Arvest would be a mistake to go through.

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Ryan Reason - 1 y 77 d ago


I was wondering why after years of using arvest bank my mom and step dad decided to switch banks. Well here is the reason I'm switching banks. Apparently you can only transfer money from your saving account so many times in a month or you will get charged a fee. How nice is that? You get fined for transferring YOUR money. So I called #armstrongbank and guess what, they don't charge for transferring YOUR own money using the phone app. Did I mention that I only transfer money using my arvest phone app? And #firstar bank doesn't charge either. So I call the branch manager and he tells me, it's federal regulation and the money is non-refundable. So I ask the branch manager where the money goes and he tells me the bank gets it for a fee. Way to be crooked Arvest. Take my money because I needed to transfer too much from my savings to my checking. Way to lose another customer.

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Nikki - 1 y 85 d ago


It's a very sad thing when a customer has to leave a bank they've used for over 10 years, all because of $17 overdraft fee that I was charged. Your system at night goes crazy and shows things that are all overdrawn, everything in the red, or sometimes it will show that a check is pending on today, and I get a text saying that the account is short TODAY, and so I put money in there TODAY, but guess what? That check was somehow processed yesterday, even though it was PENDING the same day I put money in to cover it. This has happened to me at least 3 times over the past 2 years, and I call every time to have the NSF charge refunded, but, apparently with Arvest, the customer is no longer right. I am done with Arvest. You're losing customers because of $17 and I guess that's worth it to you. It's not to me anymore. I am changing banks. You're losing me and my 4 bank accounts, plus a savings account. I am also going to tell everyone I know who banks with you to change. Some probably won't, but either way, people are going to know that, Arvest Banks do not value their customers any longer.

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Tim R - 1 y 155 d ago


Well, i'm going to say this probably has to be the worst experience i've ever had with Arvest. I called in about a overdraft charge i had on my account, which i get it, i'm in the negative on my account, its a overdraft. I made that choice, you don't need to throw it up to me about it over and over again. Here is the kicker though. A string of charges were done on the 10th of November, which mind you is a Friday and a normal business day. Then the charge in question happens the next day later, on a Saturday. I get that there are no charges processed over the weekend, thats fine. However, these charges didn't come out until the follow Tuesday according to them. Next, they all came out on the same exact day. So you are telling me that the charges on Friday couldn't have been processed by the end of the night Friday? Well thats wonky as hell but fine. However, apparently Arvest's system doesn't do any of the transactions in the order they receive them in. So the ATM transaction actually came out first even though it happened a day later then the rest of the charges. So now i'm sitting here with a $85 over draft fee that i shouldn't have gotten in the first place.

At the end of the day, i feel like Arvest knows that situations occur and sometimes you have to overdraft your account for whatever reason and they understand people will do it with a ATM. So i kind of feel like this was done on purpose for them to make more money off of people who are already having a hard enough time. But then to top this off, i can't find anywhere that specifically says that it happens in this order, i had to be told this by a representative. When i asked to speak with a supervisor the representative responds with "Okay but she is going to tell you the same thing.". Well first off, you are in a customer service position, you should respond that way no matter how annoyed or upset the person you are talking to is. Thats just wrong in general.

So anyways, i get a hold of the supervisor and explain the entire situation. Her response is, "i've been here for 5 years and thats just always the way its been done and i don't see it changing in the near future." So basically, get used to it is what i'm hearing. I even remember asking several questions that left the supervisor stumped and she was struggling to even give me a answer because she obviously didn't know. Such as, "These charges were done on two separate days and yet they are coming in on the same day even though most of them were done on a business day." There was such a long pause in silence that i actually thought the supervisor had just hung up. The only answer she gave me back after about a minute and a half of silence was. "Well sir it was your choice to overdraft in the first place." Well no shit, i was the one that did it but i was under the impression that things would come out in the correct order and i'd only get hit with 1 charge, not a extra $70 worth.

Anyways, apparently she has sent a complaint ticket up the ladder. Which was just a way to get me off the line because she really didn't have any answers for me. I'm not Holding my breath about this because this entire system was designed to just cheat people out of their money. I've even had times where i've transferred money between my accounts and its come out twice. I've had to call in to get that fixed a few times. This was just a bad experience in general and i may end up going to another bank when i get the time.

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Margie - 1 y 118 d ago


Amazing! I am having the same experience. They told me they have an order in which they process tranasactions. And guess what, it is NOT the order the transactions occur! I have asked them for the times all the transactions occurred 10 times! They gave me the debit card ones but have refused to give me the electronic payment times, which were the ones that had the overdraft charges despite being already pending and taken out of my account balance prior to the debit card transaction that caused the overdraft! Its the banks way of getting money!

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Nikki - 1 y 85 d ago


They definitely do this to make money off of people, I have a check sent for my car loan, and nearly every time it gets processed, I get an NSF fee because they cheat and say it's pending, and even though I cover the overdraft, all of a sudden it's paid and the money i transferred to cover it is now going on today's business, not when the check came in. They are willing to lose customers over $17, so this time they are definitely losing customers that have been with this company for over 10 years. Good job Arvest! You've taught your employees that your customers don't matter, just the money does. I'm going to tell everyone I know that this company is not worth the time and headache, and that there have to be better banking institutions out there.

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Anonymous - 1 y 101 d ago

Arvest walk me and my husband right into foreclosure, and negative bank account regularly. I even had to ask a veterans rep to assist myself since my strokes and also have been referring alot of our problems that has become out if control with all the money that they keep taking out for overdrafts before they clear a check that would go thru just fine if they wasn't stealing all our money with moving there deposits, WD in and out of the accounts even when it shows cleared they turn around and send it back a month later. My lady at the water co. Even help me catch them do it.... They promised us a modification when due to health had tochabge careers after almost 20 yrs. I tried to make payments first 3 months oh no our hardship applic will be done next week. Just wait we will help you during this hard time husband a vet. Dealing with us getting all our 401k out profut sharing 7000.00 plus another 5800.00 and I made 2 house pymts at a time. They are saying they haven't recvd apymt since April we need 11000.00 now by jan. 22 house going up for sale if I can't cone up with full amt. So where the hell did all our money go

??????.??? We don't have that many bills. I started before there helping us out at 700 credit score nie both of ours is down to 468. This is with there credit counselors referral company also supposedly combining our only 2 credit cards pymts and lower them down from 678 a month to 200.00 a month. We just got served a summons the money has Bern coming out of the arvest chking regular biweekly since sept. They have not even contacted our amer express it Barclay to try to protect our credit rating like we was trying too up front. Its done nothing but plummet with all arvest trying yo be so good to us. They already had a real estate agent assigned to our home for foreclosure since august 8. So if bank of America is getting charged with modification loan delays charges to get veterans homes too. Arvest has been put under the same agencies microscope trusted me...... If not the better be. I've tried for a forebearance or modification with numerous new applications repeatedly filled out.

all bills copied chk stubs corrected to there specifications even in aug showing his employment for 2months straighty employment started sept 12. No matter what They already have a buyer for our home for more than we paid for it, with all our repairs it was sold to us from one if there loan officers own home, did not give our vs appraisel copy to us for 3 days after the closing date in sec 2014. We didn't get our signed copies of contract till I thru a fit till sept 2015. We were over the road truck drivers and ci pletely have taken advantage of us all the way around. Arvest is not the same bank it was so well known for. Its almost like someone new bought them out too like bank if Fayetteville. Same story happened with them after 20 years of doing business with them.

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Anonymous - 1 y 106 d ago

Just wanted to say that y'all closed my wife's account. Saying that it hadnt been used 56 days even thou she gets a social security check every month. Not only that but now we have to wait for y'all to return it before we can get it. Fuck you

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M. H> - 1 y 162 d ago


I moved here from another state in 2012. When I tried to open an account with Arvest I was told my money was no good for opening an account. They keep sending me mail to open an account, when hell freezes over I will NEVER open an account at Arvest bANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND GIVING ME A LOOK LIKE YOUR SO POOR AND LOW AND LOOKING AT ME WITH DISTAIN AND HATRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot stand arvest, VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!

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James STROUD . - 3 y 149 d ago


I am a disabled veteran, with a checking account at your Lawton Branch. I wanted to deposit my check and was told by the teller that they would only give me 200$

She also told me that because it was a VA disability compensation that it might bounce! I served 7 yrs in the Army and never did a check bounce!Thanks but I have since moved to another bank and was welcomed there haven't been any problems. But I am not going to be using your Banks again!!!

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Rayan - 2 y 224 d ago


Hello Arvest customers , I have been out the country for about 17 months and i just got back so i went to the Arvest bank to check my balance in my card. I was surprised to find there was no money in the card !!! So i asked where the money is they replied saying that your card has been dormant and there was a dormant fee every month for 5 dollars a month and that is very strange to me . How can take money out of a FREE SAVINGS ACCOUNT this is an account that i save my money with you guys so how do you come and just take all the money and deactivate the card!!! Whats more strange is they didn't inform me about this No calls... No Emails No Mail stating that they should have just freezes the account or charged me once then freeze the card but they kept charging me 5 dollars a month til there was no money left in the account , i have accounts with Bank of America and Bank of Oklahoma and i have been out for the same amount of time and they didn't do anything and all my money is still there so this is very strange for Arvest to do.... it's wrong !!

I even just wanted to reactivate the card because it is already connected to other things and other accounts but they refused to do so isn't it enough that they took my money ...really i don't recommend using any type of service with Arvest bank.

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Kat - 1 y 213 d ago


File a complaint..I filed a complain with the Federal Financial Protection Bureau, P.O.Box 4503, Iowa City, IA 52244. THEY have sent it on for PROSECUTION!.

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