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Ashley Furniture

1 Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI
Todd Wanek
(608) 323-3377
(608) 323-6008
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John - 34 m 16 s ago


My uncle owns part of freemont street experience says he will honor me by putting billboard mural up in Houston north south east and west on how Ashley does buisness.By Sunday!

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Jessica - 11 h 45 m ago


This company has the absolute worst customer service. Bought a sectional and they called to inform us that the delivery was going to be postponed three times. It turned into a 4 month wait for our sectional! When my newborn baby was born and we still didn't have a couch, I had enough and went to cancel my order and get a refund. It has now been TWO MONTHS since then and I have not received a refund of the money I paid. Every time I call it turns into someone else's fault and no one can tell me when I will be getting my money. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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John - 47 m 6 s ago

I'm calling BBA on them

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Z Bacchus - 1 d 6 h ago


I was at Ashley at Fridley . I went to the account devision about a gift card I was suppose to receive , told I had to call the head office . Called and was told Ashley does not have a customer service . " We are a private company " , they deal in warranty , but not "customer service ". Meanwhile there was no warranty for my power bed frame I bought last year . Ashley , proud to be a private owned company without custo mer service .

Thanks Nez and staff at Fridley for telling me to call non existent customer service for help.

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Anonymous - 1 d 6 h ago

The worst furniture ever

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Unhappy Customer - 2 d 20 s ago


My husband and I purchased a sofa chaise from the store located in Niles, Illinois. The sofa was delivered in April of 2018. We moved into our new home and started using the sofa occasionally in August of 2018.

In January of 2019, we noticed that the back frame and support frame was broken. We do not have kids or pets that use the couch inappropriately. Nor do we sit on the couch ourselves very often as we both work full time and are always on the go. As soon as we noticed it was broken, I called the store in Niles, IL and spoke to Vally who is a manager at that location. Initially, she was not willing to even send a technician to my house to look at it. I had to push to get a technician out to inspect the couch.

The technician came and claimed that the cracked frame was a manufacture defect. He initially offered to repair the broken frame and I refused to have it fixed. I explained to him that I worry if he were to fix one side of the frame, then what's to say the other side won't crack or break in the coming months? He said he understood my concern and then offered me a credit for the amount that we paid for the sofa chaise. Then, we could put that credit towards a different sofa. I said that would be great. He told me he would write that up in the notes and to call the store in 24 hours to get my credit.

I called the store 24 hours later (Friday evening) as directed and no one could find the notes. They asked me to call back on Monday so I did. They still could not find any record of the notes. I called Wednesday and Thursday and still nothing. Finally, I called corporate on Saturday and they were able to pull up the notes. I asked for them to email me a copy of the notes so that I can show the Niles store. Turns out, the technician did NOT write in his notes what he offered me. He did not write that it was a manufacture defect nor did he write in that I should receive a credit like he PROMISED me.

Finally, I was able to talk to Sam who is another manager at the Ashley Furniture in Niles, IL and he, too, was incredibly unhelpful. We started our conversation and got disconnected. No one called me back. When I called back, they told me Sam was now unavailable and they got me on the line with Vally again. She told me there was absolutely nothing she could do for me. She then reconnected me with Sam who also after a 45 minute conversation told me there was nothing he could do for me, despite what the technician promised. He compared my sofa to a vehicle. The two items are completely incomparable.

I am extremely frustrated and disappointed with Ashley Furniture. I purposely went to Ashley Furniture to purchase my sofa because I thought I would be getting a reliable product and good customer service. Turns out, that I would have been better off going to a different store. I will never step foot again in any Ashley Furniture, nor will I recommend Ashley Furniture to anyone. It's hard to believe that the managers I spoke with have a job in customer service. They were in no way understanding or customer-centered.

So, I am left with a broken frame in my LESS THAN A YEAR old sofa and the company will not provide me with the credit that was promised by their own technician that they unwillingly sent to my home for inspection.

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Very angry customer - 2 d ago


The worst experience I had ever. I ordered a mattress and they delivered the wrong one and told me I had to sleep on it for 21 days before they can charge it. Never will I buy anything from this company again. Customer service was very very rude. I can't believe a big company like this would treat and talk to customer with no respect after spending so much money.

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Angry Father and Grandfather - 2 d 5 h ago


This company has the worst customer service I have ever encountered. They tell you things that are not true and are misleading.

I am at this point at the 9 hour mark trying to get something resolved that I was told would be handled quickly. I've spent hours on hold in the mean time I have a daughter and four grand children seating in ca with no furniture.

I was told we will get your online issue right now so I could order there furniture. I have heard nothing.

Don't make the mistake of dealing with these people if its important to your family they don't care.

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Jessica Mercado - 2 d 7 h ago


I ordered a bunkbed for my two kids. Its been a month and Im still waiting for it! My kids are sleeping on the floor! I call customer service and they never do anything for me. They say they are going to call me back and they never do. I was charged for the bunkbed though!! I also bought a sofa that was delivered ripped and i have tried multiple times to set up an appointment for someone to come fix it, but again Ashley never has called me back!!! I went to the store to see if they can help me and they tell me no I have to call customer service. The last rep I spoke to told me to go to the store and they will fix my problem! This is so crazy and unprofessional. No one wants to help me. I want compensation for delivery charges and i want the money credited back to my account for a bunkbed i have never received!

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Angie - 2 d 9 h ago

My husband purchased two bedrooms sets for my daughters that were priced at almost $4,000. Ashley Furniture had scheduled to have them delivered last Saturday, but the delivery men said that one of the dressers was the wrong color (not sure how someone could load two all-white bedroom suits and one brown dresser and not notice it??) and that they weren't allowed to deliver any of it. They said they had to take everything back and re-deliver it the next day. It's now Monday and I haven't heard back from anyone. I've spoken to the sales member (James) five times, the store manager (Adam) four times, I've left a voicemail for the head of delivery (Andrew Crawford) and am currently in the process of emailing up the corporate chain. My husband and I have taken four days off of work so far. We took Friday off to clear out both bedrooms and took today off for the delivery and still no furniture. We're going to have to take two more days off when it is finally delivered. My upstairs is completely unlivable because I have everything from (the now empty) bedrooms in my office, bathroom, hallway and my bedroom plus mattresses in my living room waiting for this furniture to be delivered. No one will give me any information re: time, date, etc. of re-delivery. I have wasted half of the day today trying to get in contact with someone who won't call me back. It was very easy to take my money, but now that you have it you don't care about holding up your end of the deal. On top of that, they said that the delivery guys were wrong and that they SHOULD HAVE delivered the furniture that day anyway and just re-delivered the wrong piece at a later date. When I was paying for the furniture, there were two different customers there complaining. One because they had scheduled a delivery that didn't actually get delivered for a whole other week and the other customer was complaining that they had the pieces wrong. I have lost money and time from my job and I can't move comfortably through my house with no end in sight. This has been a nightmare. This is the worst experience I have ever had. Between my husband and I, we have over 5,000 contacts on social media who I will gladly tell about this horrible experience if it is not resolved satisfactorily and I will also contact the news outlets. It's very frustrating to pay this much money for something and have it be wrong, but more egregiously, to have this company not care about their (paying) customers who are why you are in business. And practices like this is what will take you out of business. With the competitiveness of the market, you cannot afford to have this attitude and customer service. I am emailing up the chain. This is completely unacceptable.

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Anonymous - 4 d 2 h ago

I purchased a loveseat and sofa from the Ashley Furniture store on Cicero in Chicago. The furniture was delivered but a couple months later the arm on the loveseat feel apart. We have had lies told and service technicians but nothing done. This company is jack and the CEO is also. I am still waiting on the results of the loveseat being replaced.

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Joanna - 4 d 8 h ago


I've been purchasing furniture from Ashley's furniture for quite some time I have Furnish three houses and one apartment please take note that i am pregnant with twin girls and this situation at hand I recently schedule a tech to come out for indentations in my mattress the technician that came out had me do the measurements and depth to my mattress with his equipment and then took pictures while I'm holding a rope and a measuring tape which was hard to do once he got back to headquarters he advised Ashly Furniture that there was no mattress needed at the customers home mind you my husband and i backs where completely done we had to go to physical therapy i then called in and told them That I conducted the measurements and it was in possible that I didn't need a new mattress after scheduling an appointment with a another technician who Than came out and said oh my god I can see the depths He measured and said I needed another mattress Once I scheduled my first delivery they advised me that it was going to take a weeks and deliveries were made on Wednesdays and Saturdays on the third Wednesday of January no one delivered the mattress i then called back And customer service said I'm sorry about that let's schedule you for another delivery when it was time for that delivery someone called me the day of and told me that the mattress was defective and they will have to reschedule me for another delivery so he did so as of Wednesday came the delivery guy called me himself to ask for my address and told me that he was not coming this way it was too far and he is staying in jersey and that I needed to call back and schedule another delivery i called the office After several attempts and four representatives later cause they all kept hanging up! Keisha, Stacy , Robert And last Juanita and told them that the driver has canceled my delivery stating that i was too far and he is not coming this way nor is he leaving jersey! This is all happing at 10:08 am My delivery was scheduled from 9 to 2:30 PM I was Stun that a delivery man would cancel A four day old scheduled delivery I then speak to a girl from the Ashley's furniture where I purchased it from and she tells me all cancellations could be due to the complaint that I filed against one of the technicians now i am so upset because not only did this guy not do his job but it seems that they are working together to not get me my mattress how petty how childish after three of my homes and a New York City apartment my husband and i are done i want none of there Furniture in my house not even my apartment they would never get recommend by us ever again that driver doing what he wants is exactly why companies can't grow image going to work and saying I'm not gonna do nothing today but get paid for it life seems to be easy for this guy

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Anonymous - 6 d 8 h ago


We purchased a sectional and an Accent chair from Ashley Home Store in Kannapolis NC. The sales person was nice. However after picking up the furniture we put the new living room set in after getting new floors installed. The sectional fits great but the Accent chair did fit. We called customer care to exchange the chair and was told that we only had 24 hours to exchange or return the chair. I found that to be crazy!!! Never in my life have I heard of such policy. We spoke with the so called manager who was rude and disrespectful and refused to give me her full name or ID number, who stated she could not help us and we had to keep the chair. It was explained that we spent well over 3,000.00 and had know use for the chair and wanted t exchange the chair for another item. But she said too bad.... after 24 hours you have to keep the product.

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timothy pearl - 6 d 9 h ago


went to Ashley furniture in Huntsville al. payed for two recliners, told us what the day of delivery would be took off work no delivery. no one will give you a straight answer still no call that has been a month ago when we purchased

both of them over 1,400 dollars they sure want there money up front but you cant get anything out of them,

i see on here its not just the store in Huntsville Al. but everywhere.

here is what i think they should should be able to pick out your furniture ask them when the delivery will

be and on the day of delivery then make a payment or C.O.D. so please save yourself some time and money

buy from a more trusted furniture company we will be canceling or order Saturday

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Mack Walker-Poor customer service - 7 d 5 h ago

I bought a couch from Ashely Furniture store in Longview texas. I has taken over two weeks or so to make which is OK. I was told it would be delivered on 2-12 2019. we were called to verify we would be home on 2-7-19 to make sure all was ok to del. Its still not here. Called the store and was told by there manager they had done all they could. Was told on 2-12 -19 after is forgotten to be loaded for delivery it would know be del on 2-22-19. after complaining we know will have it delivered on 2-15-19. Very poor customer service. I had to have some one come get my old couch out on 2-11-19 and so I have no couch to enjoy. The store manager said there is nothing more they can do with this situation. Ashley Furniture in Longview sold me this couch but know they cant take care of a del issue. Again very poor service. They sure took my money quick.

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Roxane Little-Lennon - 7 d 7 h ago


On 1/19/2019 I went into the Ashley Furniture Homestore located at 6910 W Bell Road. I went into the store to pay a current bill with AcceptanceNow I was talked into buying a new mattress by a sales clerk named Darrin. I told Darrin that I was looking for an Extra Firm Mattress with a Pillow Top. He took me to the mattress area showed me several mattresses in which I thought was extra firm with a pillow top. I tried them out chose the one I thought was comfortable and asked if it was what I was looking for? He stated yes, and I proceeded into the purchasing process. The Mattress was delivered on 1/23/2019. On or about 1/26, or 1/27/2019 I called the store to complain that the mattress was causing me to have backaches, I spoke to the sales clerk, how in turn put a manager on the phone, who told me I needed to give my body time to adjust to the mattress. It has now been 19 days from the date of delivery and my back has hurt everyday since I have been complaining and my calls have been ignored, an ashley store technician has been to my house, and they are refusing to exchange the mattress or give me a credit towards another mattress. I thought that there was at least a 30 day return policy. I also purchased Mattress Protectors, that they did not have in the store, did not get delivered with the mattress, nor have they mailed them, but I was forced to buy, or my 10 year warranty would be voided. I have never seen such a scam ever in my life. Now all I want from Ashley Furniture is my money back and have nothing to do with the company again.

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Unhappy customer - 8 d 6 h ago


Ashley Furniture is a horrible company that makes and manufacturers items that are terrible! Don't ever waste your time purchasing from this company it's not worth the headache! I I've rearranged my schedule so many times to try and get the merchandise that I paid for, only to have a third party company arrive with damaged merchandise each and every time! I plan on pursuing this matter in court!

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eileen - 8 d 11 h ago


This furniture store Woodbridge, VA is full of it. Tried to overprice even though their big sign out front said HUGE SALE 70% off. After showing me the invoice had to reduce price on desk to match their own on line price AND remove the automatic protection plan of $299. Never asked if I wanted it! THEN PROMISED delivery first week of February and they now say not until February 18th. When you call their store, the "sales" line rings and rings and then the voice mail box says it's full and can't take more messages! Great customer service! Very disappointed and would love to cancel but their terms say NO WAY! Never buy from them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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Mike Mcdermott - 9 d 2 h ago


We closed on our house Dec 26th and went straight to Ashley furniture here in Westland MI. We bought and ordered our sofa and love seat. It is Feb 11th and still no furniture and after lie after lie on why they promised it would be delivered on Jan 26th our second day in our new home. Well that day had come and not even a call or any communication that no delivery was coming after we waited all day. So we called and got more excuses and just flat out lies! They treat you like you are stupid and can't see the b.s. they are trying to feed you! I called the number for delivery they gave us and this very unprofessional rude lady claimed the delivery that was set for Jan 26th was for the extended warranty and it was not coming until Feb 2nd? Who would believe that load of crap. Than she looked into it and said well make that the 5th oops sorry more like the 17th and no compensation for the huge inconvenience but offering me half of my delivery fee! So By this time I was done dealing with such a dishonest person So we even called the Manager at the store and same thing, wont call back like promised and it's like they dont even care at all! Completley ruined our happiest time of our lives buying a new home! We still dont have our furniture and only one piece will be here on the 17th and the other a few day later?? They never offered a different set or any type of discount. What kind of furniture store takes over two months for non custom furniture and can't even still deliver both units at the same time? If you read almost all the reviews even Google you will see this is the normal business practice of Ashley Furniture! When people are spending $1,000 and more and they think this is great customer service than they should go back to were they came from and leave Michigan!

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Jeff Andruskiewicz - 9 d 12 h ago


I have never in my life had to deal with such poor customer service anywhere! Not only was i hung up on by Mia at customer service while the delivery guys were standing in our living room with a sectional that was slate color but had brown love seat attachment shipped, this was already the 5th delivery date we were given and was shipped out on a sunday because they wanted to correct the earlier lies and screws ups. Earlier in the week we were in touch BOB the VP of operations to go over the problems and he told us everything was checked and would be out this sunday He then gave us his cell number and told us to call with any issues, After being treated so poorly by Amanda & Mia with customer service we called BOB right away as instructed and the response we got from him was " I'm in the grocery store nothing I can do about it" and he hung up! This is from the top down the worst company I have ever dealt with. I pray to god if you are Reading this it is before and not after you have tried to purchase anything from them. I am from Connecticut but seeing how they didn't care at all about my cancelled order i am going to guess that are so use to it that it is probably all of there locations.

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Karen Beede - 9 d 14 h ago


I have the most horrible,stressful experience with the delivery of my furniture order.The drivers said they could not get my address to come up on their GPS, which is odd because I have had multiple deliveries and service people at my home and not one had trouble locating it. When I spoke to the driver to try and locate where he was he said, "I'm out in the woods." He was extremely rude and had an awful attitude. I explained to him that wasn't helpful in me finding him. I had to leave my work in order to meet them.The crew did eventually make their way to our middle school where I met them and lead them to my house. They then refused to unload my furniture, even though they were in front of my house. They called their boss and flat out lied to him that my neighbors were giving them a hard time and they felt threatened. My neighbors never came near their truck nor did they say a word to them. There was one member of the crew who told me it was his first day on the job, his name was Charles and he apologized for the other 2. He tried to get the other 2 members of the crew to just unload the furniture. I feel the real issue they didn't want to unload the furniture was they would have had to walk through my yard,which was muddy. They said the couldn't back their truck up to the door to unload because it would get stuck. I have had multiple delays with this order of furniture and even when they were there on Thursday the said they were missing the footboard for my daughters bed.I have done a total rehab of this house and this has been by far the worse experience I have had. I have been kept up night replaying the whole scene over and over in my mind. The store tells me the first they can come out to redeliver will be 2/12. I would like to cancel the whole order but my daughter has been without a bed for weeks now. I assure you I will never deal with Ashley furniture again and will let everyone I can know about the terrible experience I have had with your company.

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Rita Hill - 12 d 23 h ago


BUYER BEWARE - The customer service team at the headquarters on FM 1101 is awful! I feel sorry for the salesperson who helped us make the purchase. She was great and lost commission do to the awful way we were treated by the customer "care" team. They should change their name to Customer "WE DON'T CARE". I purchased and picked up a product from Ashley Furniture on 1/26/2019 and it took them less than 5 minutes to charge my card and take the funds from my bank. When we got home there was damage on the item. I called within 2 hours of pickup to report the issue and was treated so rudely that I advised them I would be returning the product and wanted a full refund. Their policy states I have 48 hours after purchase to request a refund and I was well within this time frame. The manager agreed and notated the account that I would be returning the product for a refund. I returned the item on 1/29/2019 and presented my card so the refund could be applied. I was advised that it didn't work that way, they did not issue refunds immediately. I was advised that they did not need my card and the refund would be processed back to my card manually and would take a week to process. I was not happy about this but was given no other option but to wait. I have now waited patiently for 10 days and still no refund. I called the Customer Care line today to check on my refund and was told that it was too soon to check on my refund. They said it was turned over to "accounting" and they could not even begin to check on it unless I waited at least another week. I told them that was unacceptable and advised if they could charge my card in 5 minutes they should definitely be able to refund it within 10 days. But again, I was told there was nothing I could do but wait. This is unacceptable!

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Amanda - 12 d 12 h ago


Worst customer service experience I've ever had. Spent over $11K in the Lithonia, GA store. One of the items in the first shipment was broken during delivery and was rejected on 2/5. I have called the office everyday since then. Everyone promises to call me back once the get a response from the warehouse about correcting the status of the shipment. Apparently, they claimed the item was delivered despite notes and messages that the delivery man showed me that we were rejecting the shipment. We are on day 4 of this mess and I can't get anyone to tell me what is going on and when I can expect the replacement delivered. The unprofessionalism at this store is astounding. The manager was apparently "in a training" all day today until 5pm today and could not be reached. Calling their corporate office is a complete and total waste of time. I have been on hold for 10 minutes so far and I am still waiting and now the store won't answer my calls. Clearly they have caller ID. I am very close to cancelling the entire order and telling them to come get the items they did deliver. Never spent so much to be treated so badly in my life.

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Roger - 13 d 9 h ago


Why not take Ashly to court

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Gary - 13 d 11 h ago


Furniture paid for in full 9/26/2018 Delivered in Oct 2018 Iss ue is the dinning chairs. We called after delivery after we noticed chairs not level. Called Ashley on 10/22/18 and they set up a service call for Nov. 9, 2018 we flew from Ohio for this service call and no one showed up. I called again and they set up another service visit Jan 4th and again we flew back to Bradenton. Tech showed up and said floors aren't level go buy pads and try that. Still didn't help and further more we should not have to do this for new chairs. I called the corporate # Jan 29,2019 talked to a Margie (Will not give last name or ID) She hung up on me. Jan 29, 2019 called the store on 4650 S Tamiami Trl Sarasota FL at 10am tased to office manager Kenyata (not sure if spelled correctly) she said she will speak to manager and call me by 5:00 pm this same day. No call Jan 30,2019 at 10:15 am tased to Michelle store manager (Again no last name given) She said she would call back same day (No call back) Called at 4:37pm asked for store manager left a message Called Jan 31,2019 employee said manager Michelle is off today will be in Friday Feb 1,2019 Called store again Feb 1, 2019 at 10:15 employee said store manager busy he will have he call me. Called Feb 1,2019 12:10pm store will not answer call Called Feb 1,2019 12;17pm store will not answer. I am sending all this documentation to you and since I don't have emails to this store or no VM for employee store manager so I was told? I will send this to the store manager Michelle certified mail for next steps we need to do . Bottom line is We need these chairs fixed or replaced. This is unacceptable on Ashley furniture and the store not to respond/communicate with me.

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