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Ashley Furniture

1 Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI
Todd Wanek
(608) 323-3377
(608) 323-6008
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Mike - 6 h 34 m ago


The sales people, managers, etc. are the worst. Based on 1/2 star obviously the company and owners don't care about their reputation or name

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Tracy - 1 d 12 h ago


I have ordered several items since I moved in early October 2018. The delivery was missed the first time and they were extremely RUDE when calling to try and deliver to my home when I was still at work. Waited another week to actually recv my order and then the one item as damaged and it was awful getting it resolved. I looked all over for a desk and table set I wanted for my daughter's room and only found something I liked through Ashley. Though I hesitated to use Ashley ever again I decided I would try because i had looked all over and fell in love with these items. The desk and hutch are my daughter's big Christmas presents for this year. They called yesterday to confirm delivery for tomorrow only for me to recv a call today telling me they DO NOT even have my items yet in stock!!@!@!!!! I am beyond upset and now trying to figure out what to do in the next week and where to go to find something else. I will NEVER do business with Ashley again. No Matter what! Horrible horrible horrible

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Anthony - 1 d 19 h ago


Do not order from I had to wait 3 weeks for delivery. Delivery came, guys said it wouldnt fit. They didnt even try. I have been trying to cancel my order for two days now. MIA in enfield at the warehouse is unbelievably rude.


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Maftoum - 7 d 9 h ago

I would like for someone to call me 1(hidden)

I have had multiple issues with the delivery of my furniture

Paid for delivery and assembly. Was delivered to wrong address- waited two more days did not arrive until 8:45 pm. Then they didn't assemble it.

Please call me

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Blane - 2 d 14 h ago


Yes! I'm on a 6 week delay with Ashley. Their customer service is so bad you can't call it customer service.

Does Todd Wanek understand that his company is going down the drain with poorly trained people and sub-standard quality furniture?

BAD. I will not be back to Ashely.

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Louise - 2 d ago


We picked out some lovely bedroom furniture for our daughter. Furniture was severely damaged in two pieces of the furniture. Called customer service- and had to go into the store 3 different times, speaking with the operations manager and then the store manager and THEN CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!! The store manager told me she would call us the next day and follow up- never did. Customer service handled the replacement service and promised to call us to set up a date for delivery time- no call back!!!! AGAIN!!! This entire experience has been frustrating, disappointing and we still do not have our furniture after purchasing on October 20. I would not recommend purchasing from Ashley Furniture to anyone. It isn't worth it. Go somewhere else where they return your phone call and actually care about taking care of customer issues. We called customer service supervisor twice within a two week period and they claimed to have never received our voice message. Absolutely frustrating to have to continually stay on them to get answers. DO NOT SHOP ASHLEY FURNITURE

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Daniele - 2 d 11 h ago


Seriously so disappointed. On Nov 25 I spent over $4000 on a new bedroom set from Ashley Furniture because my previous one held up so well. SMH not this time around.. when it finally came on December 12.. the adjustable base for the bed i COULD NOT WAIT TO GET did not work..the dresser I was told was out of stock and would arrive later came with a scratch on top a chip in the wood and 1 drawer wont close flush. Then the media center I purchased has a weird stain on the bottom shelf AND 1 of the nightstands has a long scratch and chipped wood. SO I contact customer service and of course the computers are down for me to email pictures. After I was told I'd recieve a call back I HAD TO CALL to do the follow ups. Just to be told someone had to come to access the furniture and now I have to wait even longer to be able to put my things away and get my room in order..BUT I BET the bill for the furniture will still be showing up before this matter is resolved. Im far from a nit picky person but sorry $4,000 is alot to spend and every piece is damaged

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Christy Martinez - 3 d 14 h ago


I purchased furniture back in July and had to return some of it because of the lack of communication and professionalism. I was supposed to receive 24 months of no interest on the mattress that I kept and Tiffany at the McDonough, Georgia location has told me several times that she would take care of this, but has not. I called today to find out why she has not emailed me the change and she is on vacation!!!! I asked to talk to the store manager, guess what? He was not available!!! I have called this store 100000000+ times. I will never purchase furniture from Ashley again. What a nightmare.

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mamma mia - 3 d 18 h ago


I had ordered a couch with chaise so I thought. I furniture was delivered on time that's only the good thing. I told the delivery people that this was the wrong couch. I was missing the rest of it. They said "It probably was on back order and it wasn't their problem and I was to call the store (Eau Claire, WI Ashley Furniture). I called them and they told me it would be another $140 for the chaise. I said "I wasn't told that". There wasn't anything they could do unless I was willing to pay the extra $140. Ashley Furniture in Eau Claire, WI provided poor customer service and now I'm stuck with a couch and chair that I don't want and paid over $800. That might not be a bad deal; but it is when it wasn't what you had ordered.

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LadyM - 4 d ago


I am very disappointed with your lack of customer service and or policies.

I placed an order totaling $1200.00+ (A holiday gift for my elderly brother) and was informed that I would have to cancel my whole order because the address was 1 digit off. Nothing was wrong with the billing information, the money was already withdrawn. I type in 10 instead of 60 for the address, everything else was the same.

I was kept on hold for over 30 minutes and then the fake supervisor claimed that I would receive an email confirmation in 5-10 mins regarding our conversation. Twelve (12) hours later, still nothing! I guess the refund won't be back in 24 hours either (as promised). I will not E V E R recommend Ashley to anyone... unless you rectify this problem! HAPPY HOLIDAYS...NOT

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ConRad - 5 d 11 h ago


Had a terrific experience with Tina Hiza (sales) at the Long Beach Towne Center but.....after you make a purchase is when the NIGHTMARE begins....They have NO INVENTORY...They can't deliver your furniture for 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 weeks!

It's the slow grind...When you order is shows 1-2 weeks THEN the date keeps getting EXTENDED for weeks and weeks!

First you think, OK I can wait 1-2 weeks...Then you get a call for the delivery and only a couple items show up and you call then they say the other items are backordered for 1-2 weeks then you get a couple of more items and you call so see where the rest is then they say another 1-2 weeks and on and on and on it goes for 2 months!!

As of today, I will NOT RECEIVE the complete bedroom set for 2 MONTHS.

Ridiculous!!!! Do Not Buy from ASHLEY Furniture!!!!

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Tracey - 5 d 17 h ago


Well from the LAUNDRY LIST of complaints I am sure this too will not get resolved. As like all the customers below I purchased furniture that was due to be delivered on WEDNESDAY. I should have looked at this site first I would have just went somewhere else. Well Guess what no furniture is going to be delivered. I would love to know if anyone else got a good response, who whom to call.

MY SUGGESTIONS is not to ever SHOP at any Ashley store, seems to me the issue is everywhere. Maybe the CEO should get on the ball and get things taken care of.

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Ivelie - 5 d 16 h ago


I hate this company,they don't help ,they care about the money ,I would never ,nerve,nerve but anything in this store anything I hatttttttttttttttteeeeee

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T. - 5 d 20 h ago

I have had a horrible experience with this company. I was scheduled for a delivery on a certain date and have yet to get that delivery. I am told conflicting information from each representative that I have had telephone contact with. I have asked to speak to managers and still have not spoken to one as of this writing. I have been told that they can reschedule me a week later because the furniture was not in the warehouse on my original delivery date. When I stated that I had a confirmation email for delivery, the customer rep then changed her story. This is just really unacceptable. i have never had customer service this bad. I have even contacted the sales rep who sold me the furniture. The sales person seemed very helpful at first, but now won't return my calls. If I don't hear from someone in a few hours, I am definitely going to the store and requesting a cancellation of this order. I did not sign up for this. At this point, I can honestly say that this company has definitely lost me as a future customer. Horrible customer service!!!!

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Dan/ cindy ruhnau - 8 d 17 h ago


Purchased an $11,000 order on November 3 2018 multiple missed delivery dates multiple missed items still has not been resolved and over 30 days contacted warehouse in Lathrop California at Colton California with the warehouse supervisor is unable to determine the status of the missing items they also refused to give contact information for the regional manager and told her it was against company policy they have sent four emails to the regional manager supposedly his first name is Mitch but refused to give any other information that that have sent two emails to corporate office with no response reference number (hidden)58 Have last voicemail on supposedly the corporate offices voicemail with no return contact phone number dialed was (hidden) which shows as that Ashley furniture's corporate office with no response totally disgusted with the 8 have last voicemail on supposedly the corporate offices voicemail with no return contact phone number dialed was (hidden) what shows as that Ashley furniture's corporate office with no response totally disgusted with customer service and store manager Brad the stores located in Reno Nevada have not been able to get a straight answer on this order from customer service warehouse supervisor or corporate office as of today's date December seventh 2018 I would strongly recommend that you do not deal with this company and go somewhere else for your furniture needs

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Rudy Gomez - 7 d 15 h ago


That's funny i believe we're both part of that horrible lack of professionalism.

I made my order November 19 to be delivered to winnemucca and they lied to me about trying to contact me. I never got my furniture and i rented a uhaul from vegas to winnemucca to take the rest of the furniture. Half way through a blizzard on the 6th, they finally answered the phone and stated there was no furniture headed out to winnemucca

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Mickey - 8 d 14 h ago


Very bad experience and so stressful to deal with. After purchasing worth of almost $10,000 of furniture, they delivered damage products and they will

not even give you a call if they redeliver it or when are they gonna redeliver. I have to follow up with them. Then they will sent a txt for a delivery date and time and once you confirmed it, they suddenly changed the time. I have a work and it is not the whole day that i can stay at the house to wait for the delivery. Ashley can easily change their time frame of delivery and always have the reason of pass 1 or pass 2 whatever but what about our time as customer. They also have a very bad customer service with the contact numbers no one answered the phone!!! Headquarters should investigate what is going on with their distribution site because this is really a nightmare experience... I can say people who work in this place are not experience especially in dealing with customers and issues. They should have properly training. I knew this is a new facility but very bad reputation already and unorganized system. I feel bad that I live in this city and patronizing this company in my area but with that kind of service they are doing a bad impact to the city!

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Cynthia D. - 8 d 15 h ago


I purchased a sectional less then a week ago at the norwalk, ct store. It was supposed to be delivered in 2 weeks. The store called me back 4 days later stating the warehouse burned down and it would take 23 more days. i asked for my full refund they said no. I didn't agree to 23 more days and i should get my full refund Jeff the manager of the store said they would take 30% of my purchase. Need to speak to someone in corporate ASAP. I will never shop again at this store and will tell everyone not to shop at the store.

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Atif Siddiqi - 9 d 16 h ago


Very bad experience with Ashley furniture first time I bought the furniture from them quality wise are so bad please no one shop around in any of their outlet they can't keep up with the promise. They cant delivered what they said

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Anonymous - 10 d 10 h ago

3 bigest thieves melissa and kumar and the rest of store do your homework

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Anonymous - 10 d 10 h ago

mr wanek ex employee from scottsdale az worked 2 stores for you your being ripped off huge at your scottsdale store and bell rd store managers are changing hours moving tickets selling tickets to employees sales poeple have manager codes offiices are for sale to do anything costing you over 100,000 per month everett and jessie are idiots ricky and danny are morons you get what you deserve i cant believe you run a billion dollar business like this no wonder you cant take company public underestimated employee not done yet

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ex employee - 10 d 11 h ago


ex employee you/re being robbed by your employees in scottsdale az and bell rd there adding hours by managers there moving tickets from 1 employee to another managers are selling tickets to employees between the 2 stores your being ripped of 100,000 per month easy

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Debbie Valenti - 10 d 15 h ago


The most horrible experience ever.......

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Anonymous - 10 d 16 h ago


I so wish I had read these reviews before I went there and purchased furniture! We ordered a couch on 9/15/18. Delivery was cancelled twice and we did get a refund on the delivery fee. We had to go back to the store to get this done. The furniture was finally delivered but was missing a piece. We called again and delivery was yet again set up for today, 12/5 but of course the piece hadn't even been ordered! I called and said you know what? Just come get the couch because we are done. Customer service is awful and said there were no returns!!!! They refused to give me corporate's number and today my husband has been on the phone with them all morning! He took a day off because the missing piece was supposed to be delivered today!! I'm so done with this company and I'm thinking of renting a uhaul and returning it to the store!!!

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Lucinda Plyler - 11 d 13 h ago


Well from looking at all the comments on this site I'm sure I will be ignored too. The customer service department for the Colonial Heights, VA area is horrible. We spent over $5,000 on several items and can't get the remote for the adjustable bed. They informed me (71 years old) to get under the bed and see if all was connected correctly.I guess since the CEO is mega rich now he could care less about his customers. They delivered the wrong furniture two weeks ago and now we can't get the correct pieces until after the 18th of December.We can't even decorate for Christmas. A young lady, Pauline at the Colonial Heights store is trying to help us but her hands are tied. I guess we retired people are just push-overs for big companies. I might be a senior citizen but I wasn't born last night. If I DO NOT get my remote and the furniture delivered the week of the 18th, I have made a decision. I can't say what my plan is but maybe, just maybe I'll get the help I deserve.

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