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Ashley Furniture

1 Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI
Todd Wanek
(608) 323-3377
(608) 323-6008
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W LASH - 1 d 30 m ago



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mjtrtr - 1 d ago

You aren't alone. I have been TRYING to get my furniture fixed since November of last year---please note I only took delivery of my couch in August 2018 and my table in October 2018. This has been the worst experience I have ever had purchasing furniture!

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Susan Merrell - 11 h 31 m ago


Ashley is unresponsive and unethical. They delivered a broken chair to me, determined it couldn't be fixed, didn't replace it; then I cancelled the table I had ordered with it, said they'd credit my card, lied and said I had all the products I ordered, in good condition. And kept my money. Truly shocking business culture.

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Ms Morgan - 5 d ago


I'm so pleased that I can write a review for Ashley Furniture, Clarksville, Tennessee. My Ashely sofa had an issue that needed resolved. I contacted Ashley Corporate and they directed me to Clarksville store Manager, Rich. From the moment I spoke with Rich, he made me feel at ease. I had to delay meeting with him due to surgery. Rich was patient and understanding. When I did get to meet Rich, right away I felt comfortable. The way Rich resolved the issue I had was amazing. Not once did I feel pressured or rushed in any way. Rich helped me select a new product and made arrangements to bring it to me. During the process of working on this issue Rich returned all calls, made himself available and worked hard to help me get something suited for my taste. The delivery couldn't have gone smoother. The team of professionals were so kind to me! William Vanderford, Conroy and Rico were amazing. They took great care that the item was protected coming up fourteen steps! Immediately I felt comfortable with all three gentlemen. I am very please overall with Ashley and their staff. Customer Service is the key to success. I have purchased other furniture from Ashley in Clarksville. I love the quality of the furniture however, the best part is having staff who cares about customers! I will not buy furniture from any other store. I want to Thank Corporate, Rich, and the delivery team in taking a personal interest in me. After my new furniture was delivered, I received a telephone call from Manager, Rich. He was following up to make sure I had a good delivery experience.. OUTSTANDING job from beginning to end! Thank you Ashley for quality furniture and for hiring the very best personal.

Ms. Morgan

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Anonymous - 1 d 5 h ago

The first good review I have heard. I am also a very dissatisfied customer also. Eosh I had seen all the problems,negative comments before u purchased my couch!

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W LASH - 1 d ago


woo one of 50 == i guess that's not bad ==

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Anonymous - 11 h 35 m ago

Ms. Morgan,

I'm happy for you that you had a good experience at Ashley. I wish I had.

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Poasa - 18 h 49 m ago

My furnitures were delivered 17 Apr and I reported some issues on the delivery. All we're corrected except our door bell that was broken when the delivery guys kept hitting it. I mentioned this to our Sales person and I even went to the store to chk on it. Till this day we have not been contacted by a tech person to fix the door like the Salesperson said she will keep checking on int. It's almost three wks since I reported this issue

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Anonymous - 5 d 5 h ago


This place sucks .excuse after excuse iam tired of hearing where sorry to tell you your stuff is not ready .6 times they canceled and to day they call and tell me the same thing after is was told i would be receiving my stuff on the 23rd of april oh iam so pissed at this shitty fucking company

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 5 d ago


You're not the only one I just got a call saying I have to wait till May 2nd now. The original date was April 13th. Then April 23rd now May 2nd. Called store to cancel and they said it's a 10% restocking fee. Unbelievable this will be the last time I ever buy anything from them.

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w lash - 1 d ago


i would be happy to give them 10% if i could even get them to do anything at all. if i ran my business that way, i would be out of business.

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Anonymous - 1 d 5 h ago

Agree with you. Purchased couch March just got it April 17th. Totally unhappy.

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NC customer - 6 d ago


Worst experience we've ever had. My wife and I purchased a dining set from Ashley Furniture (online) on February 21, 2019. The tables and bench came within a week and we scheduled to have the table delivered on March 28, 2019. When the table arrived, we (and the delivery man) noticed it was severely damaged. We called customer service and they said to keep the table and they would schedule to have another table delivered. The second table arrived on April 11, 2019 and was also damaged. Again, we were told to keep the table and they would schedule to have another table delivered. Guess what? The table arrived today (April 18, 2019) and was damaged. At this point, we have decided to keep the damaged table but thought it would be fair to refund us the cost of the table for the damages and the time my wife took off from work to make sure someone was there for the delivery. I called customer care around noon today and they said someone from another department would contact me. After waiting 4 hours, I decided to give them a call again and was transferred to a nice young lady. They were willing to offer me a $100 Ashley gift card. Unbelievable!!! IF YOU ARE READING THIS, PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE. It's obvious that they don't care about their customers.

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Anonymous - 1 d 5 h ago

Agree they don't. The STINK!!

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w lash - 1 d ago


I agree with you i have been calling them for several days and even drove back to the store, and still got no satisfaction today was on the phone for a hour and half to the corporate office and was put on hold and never talked to any one after that and then was hung up on. they deserve no rating at all.

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unhappy with ashley - 1 d ago

I completely agree with the bad reviews for this company we ordered a bed and it has been over 6 weeks and we still have no bed. When we requested a refund they told us that we would have to pay a restocking fee.. I mean really we haven't even received the bed and there is a restocking fee.The store we are dealing with is the Anniston, Alabama one. I'm sure they are all the same I will never purchase anything from Ashley again. Don't go there and don't buy from them.

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I purchased a couch and loveseat on 02/24/19 from the Clackamas, Oregon store on 82nd Avenue. The delivery date was 04/13/19. I gave away my old couch and loveseat on the morning of 04/11/19 on Craigslist for free so that I would have room for my new couches. I received a call around 4:oo pm on 04/11/19 from Ashley furniture to let me know that they would not be delivering the furniture until May 4, 2019. To say the least I I am extremely upset knowing I had just gave away my old couches to learn that I would not have a couch for 3 weeks!!!! I called the manager at the Clackamas Store and she apologized and offered to only wave the delivery charge and would try to get the couches sooner. This was really upsetting because now I do not even have a couch . I then received a call on 04/22/19 to learn that the May 4 delivery would only be the loveseat because the couch would not be in until May 11th. This is the first and last time that I will ever order furniture from Ashley furniture. I really feel that the furniture should be delivered on the scheduled delivery date and not rescheduled 4 weeks later!!!!!!! Ashley Furniture should consider that people sell or give away their furniture PRIOR to the delivery of their new furniture. In my case I have will not have a couch for 4weeks!!!! This has been a nightmare, I even had to cancel Easter dinner at my house because I did not have a couch and loveseat for people to sit at. This may be even longer than 5 weeks if they reschedule the delivery again. There are so many more furniture stores in the Portland Oregon area that I will never purchase from this company again nor will my friends and family due to do the Ashley furniture handled this situation.

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Manny - 1 d 4 h ago



On March 27th I purchased a Bed Room set from the Lakeland Florida store located at 4025 US Hwy 98 N Lakeland, Fl 3309. It was delivered on Sat April 6th, First the order came incomplete, a set of bed posters were missing, I was told it wasn't added because they were not sure if we purchased them. Why would I purchased and incomplete bed?

In the evening the missing pieces were delivered but the gentleman that put the bed together damage the Tempurpedic mattress cover upon delivery. I brought it to his attention, he said to take photos. I did and sent them to the store, then I was told I had to send them to customer service, which I did on that Monday April 8th and since I have been given the run around, The store tells me theres nothing they can do, Customer service tells me is temperpudics problem, Tempurpedic tells me the store should be able to have a replacement because it still under 90 days.

The store tells me because I did not purchased the matters cover and pillow that they wont grant me the 90 warranty. I did attempted to buy the cover and pillow on Monday as I supposedly wont the $100 give card but then I was told its not a gift card and can only be used on furniture, but magically every option I wanted to purchased, was sold out and they wanted to up sell me to buy the $250 cover which I refused.They had the audacity to tell me that I should have bought the $250 cover because I didn't there's nothing they can do.

I reached out to Tempurpedic they called the store and was hung up on, the second attempted they told the lady helping me that they have no clue what I was talking about. The point is the mattress was damage upon delivery and neither the store or the customer service seems to want to help or attempt to help. I am sick of the run around, the long holds.This is the worse experience I have ever dealt with. All I want is for the matters or the cover to be replaced, I paid almost 3K for just the matters alone and these people are so irresponsible.

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Anonymous - 1 d 4 h ago


I had bought my wife a 4 piece wall entertainment center as a anniversary gift back on February 26, 2019 & it was delivered to our house the next week. But on the day it was delivered my wife & I had noticed some scratches, dents & chip on some areas. A big chip on the front lower corner of the TV stand, Straches on the sliding doors, metal parts, on one tower, and one of the shelve is crack on one tower. We told the delivery personnel right away & they called it in, on the spot. Ashley Furniture then scheduled a tech to come to the house & verify the damages. The tech then declared it not fixable and had to be exchanged. After the tech Ashley Furniture then scheduled a even exchange 6 times. 3 of those times they've tried to delivered a even exchange with another damage parts & 3 times they've came with partial parts.

Today is now April 23, 2019 and this issue still haven't been resolved. My wife & I have been driving back & forth to the store numerous time's located in Miramar, CA that's miles away from where we live in Otay Mesa, CA. And each time's we've spoked with store supervisor/manager & I have also been in contact with the warehouse manager (David) and his supervisor's in the Colton, CA warehouse. They have been giving us false promises & we still have not received a undamaged material & the issue is still not resolved, again my wife & I purchased this 4 piece wall entertainment center on February 26, 2019 & today is now April 23, 2019. I don't know what kind of management Ashley Furniture hires but this is the most worst experience my wife & I had dealing with a furniture store.

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they have our money we can't get our bed - 1 d 13 h ago


wW are at wits end and unable to get our king mattress and have no phone # or address or email for the "new" corporate office to get this resolved.

The first one we ordered and PAID for (at the Silverdale, WA store) was due to arrive 4/10/2019. We got a call from the warehouse the day before it was due to arrive saying that bed was discontinued. I spent MANY HOURS trying to reach the store and was either disconnected or the customer service person said the store was not answering phone or it was busy. When finally reach I spoke to our sales person, Paul, he offered us a different bed and assured us it would be delivered right away. We got another call from warehouse saying that mattress was also discontinued !!!!

Again, after hours of trying to reach the store by phone I was able to talk with Linda, a day manager? who said she regretted the issue and gave us a choice of three other mattresses. She promised she would call us between 1pm and 3 pm on Saturday 4/20 with approval from the store manager ( Ronnie?). When she did not call us I again attempted for over an hour to reach her. The customer service phone person was finally able to get me transferred to her at 4:35 p.m that afternoon. With the manager's approval he agreed to sell me a Sealy Blue Mesa King mattress with no additional cost and Linda wrote it up and said it was available and would be delivered on Tuesday 4/23/2019.

Yesterday afternoon,Sunday 4/21/2019 the sales person, Paul, called to assured us it was all "a go" that we would have our Sealy Blue Mesa King mattress tomorrow 4/23/19 and that the warehouse or delivery person would call and tell us what time it would be delivered to us.

Today, Monday 4/22/2019, at 4:35p.m. I received a call from "Tracy" who sets up deliveries and she informed us that that mattress was not available we might be able to get it by May 4th !!!! She tried to reach the Silverdale, WA store and said no one answered and she tried several times until she finally said we would have to go into the store and get a different one or talk to manager.

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TERESA - 2 d 37 m ago


I purchased and adjustable bed base less than 30 days. In that time it's been a world of people saying that they can't do anything about the need for me to move my mattresses up once a week. So I get to do this 52 times a year so that my bed will work. The original problem I bought it on 3/22/19 and delivered on the 28th. Started right away, the vibrator on high sounded like medal on medal. Called the service line on 3/29, they ordered two new motors (thinking that was the problem). Now I had to wait a week to get the parts and then schedule a repair person to come out. Part arrived 4/5/19, hadn't gotten a call to schedule the repair so I called again. Then on 4/12/19 they had someone come out. Replaced the motors and still having the same problem. They called and they thought it was now the bar at the end sent the bed didn't match up with it. So they moved it in a bit and it appeared to be the answer. But then a few days later called to let them know I was having the same problem and noticed the bed isn't going down to the bar all the time. They said then it was the mattress, but I said they told me all mattresses fit but she said there was nothing she could do but to point to the mattress, put it on them. Thought maybe going in person today 4/22/19 and explaining the whole thing of purchased with the understanding it would fit all mattresses and he said they should. What the repair office said that they can't help me and the store manager said it's not a defect and they don't know why it's not returning to the end to the bar. So no one has a plan other than I have a bed that unless I move it to the bottom it's pushing up too far and the massage sounds is awful as well as pushing up against the headboard which is 4" from the bed plenty of room. Note a happy camper :(

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Horrible horrible horrible. Delivered king size bed with mold and Ashley is passing me around from person to person with still no answers and no bed. - 2 d ago


Horrible horrible horrible. Delivered king size bed with mold and Ashley is passing me around from person to person with still no answers and no bed.

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

Had been a long time customer of Ashley's for many years. From this day forward nor will I NEVER purchase another item but I will do my utmost to let everyone know how incompetent this company is. Be it way of the media, Internet or from wordi of mouth or advertising I wI'll not let another consumer go through what I have and still am going through with this SORRY excuse of a furniture company!!

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Cathy - 13 d 6 h ago


I have never bought anything from Ashley Furniture and NEVER WILL. My compliant is due to a delivery to a neighbor. The truck passed their house and turned around in my driveway. When they turned around, they did not back out into road entirely like they should have. They backed half way out and went across our front yard making huge ruts in grass. It rained the previous day and now i have tire tracks, mud, and 8" deep ruts going across it. Neighbor told us it was Ashley Furniture that did it. Other neighbors witnessed it also. Called Ashley Furniture that day, left message, no response. Called the next day, still no response. Went to the store the following day to speak with manager. He only said to file complaint with delivery service who is a third party contract with them. He would not give number, name or nothing to help the situation and referred us to a lady that emailed them the complaint for them to contact us. Well no surprise, still no phone calls. I have pictures of destruction to my yard and no one even the manager was not interested in looking at them. They simply did not care. It has been almost 2 weeks now and still nothing when I call. I will report to BBB and anything else I can do to rectify this situation. I will not just "go away" like I believe they hope.

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Lied too - 10 d 4 h ago


City furniture delivers all furniture for this lying company. As you can see from all comments the court room should be filled with complaints from them . Can't believe city or Ashley still open,

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Doc - 8 d ago


I agree. This is ridiculous.

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