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Ashley Furniture

1 Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI
Todd Wanek
(608) 323-3377
(608) 323-6008
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CStein - 1 h 27 m ago


Do not purchase from this company! Please read review after review. They have no problem taking your money but after that you will have nothing but issues. The customer care department will give you several different answers and at the end no one will help! Do not waste your money!

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Jamie - 7 h 38 m ago


My bedroom set is from Ashley as is my daughter's living room set and now my new couch which everyone absolutely loves. I will admit that the warehouse delivery failed on many levels. BUT, I stopped at the showroom, spoke with my salesperson and they worked together to get my delivery corrected. My experience with the call center was fine but when I escalated the call to a "supervisor", the ball was dropped. I was told I had been notified that the scheduled delivery date was changed to 1 week later. I did not receive a voicemail and I definitely did not give a "voice confirmation". I was told that they could not do anything to get the situation corrected. I asked to speak to another supervisor and was told she was the highest person in charge and was with corporate. I've worked in call centers before as a supervisor and knew that this was not entirely true. My experience with the sales staff was phenomenal. A huge shout out to Adam, Angie and Chris who were all wonderful to work with. The delivery staff was great. With the exception of the negative experience with the delivery scheduling, a great experience. I will be going back.

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Frustrated - 1 d 11 h ago


Received 6/13 damaged end table, left numerous messages and no call back as yet. DO NOT buy anything from this place!!

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Lost Customer - 1 d 8 h ago

I've spent so much money at the store in the past but never again! I've left numerous messages, sent emails with pictures of my damage item and spoke with 5 different representatives who all give me different information. I'm so frustrated that it's making me sick.

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Anonymous - 1 d 4 h ago

Does Ashley have District Office

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Angela Davis - 1 d 4 h ago


My husband and I purchase a bed and the Quality was HORRIBLE we are been going back and forth with the Manager!!! The Tech came out to check the bed he even said the whole bed and box spring need to replace WE ARE STILL WAITING ON THE RESULTS FROM THE MANAGER.., what the HELL

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Anonymous - 1 d 13 h ago


Your store manager tried to intimidate me yesterday - slamming his hand down on the counter. You may want to evaluate the staff you have working - he is lucky I didn't report him to the police.

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Worst furniture company I have ever dealt with by far! At least 1 hour on hold to ever get a hold of anyone. Awful customer service and employees who are not knowledgeable at all about anything you ask regarding the furniture, assembly, delivery, or stock. I have never been so frustrated dealing with any business like I was with this company. Ashley Furniture^^H#E#A#D#Q#U#A#R#T#E#R#S^^+1;8;8;8'234:2:9:9'9 Ashley Furniture^^PHONE^^NUMBER^^1;8;8;8'234:2:9:9'9 Ashley Furniture^^H#E#A#D#Q#U#A#R#T#E#R#S^^+1;8;8;8'234:2:9:9'9 Ashley Furniture^^PHONE^^NUMBER^^1;8;8;8'234:2:9:9'9 - 61 d 15 h ago

Worst furniture company I have ever dealt with by far! At least 1 hour on hold to ever get a hold of anyone. Awful customer service and employees who are not knowledgeable at all about anything you ask regarding the furniture, assembly, delivery, or stock. I have never been so frustrated dealing with any business like I was with this company.

/. ./ / / / / /.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 61 d 13 h ago

I'm having the same issues.

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Anonymous - 60 d 11 h ago

Meee tooo. Girl had no idea what she was doing!

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psy - 31 d 8 h ago


at least you got through. Been trying several times for several days to reach SOMEONE.

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Anonymous - 30 d ago

Try calling sales.. only way I have been able to get through

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Anonymous - 23 d 9 h ago

What's the sales number.m? I have been calling online customer service for a day and half and still haven't gotten through

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Illi - 19 d 8 h ago


Same here ive been trying for two months now. I leave messages. My number , text nothing. Its frustrating!

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Marilyn hill - 16 d 7 h ago


Have been trying to get intouceh with some one my sofa broke in the middle have warrant Furniture is not good quality

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Anonymous - 46 d 8 h ago

I am so sorry you are having trouble as the rest of us are. Please tell everyone you know not to buy at Ashley Furniture or an Ashley product.

Good luck.

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Anonymous - 27 d 12 h ago

I would never get Ashley furniture again even if it was free

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----------- - 11 d 10 h ago


terrible service

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Lost Customer - 61 d 8 h ago


Cannot agree more. Currently on the phone and also with their customer service people waiting on a response for information I put in a chat. When I do get connected to someone, they say that I must go to another department since they don't have any responsibility.

They continue to promise and delay my order, and then have already billed me and have been paid by my bank. Honestly, this is bait and switch, and they have billed for services not rendered and are not even guaranteeing nor responding. This is lower than 3rd rate, and their President CEO Todd Wanek is showing to be extremely incompetent.

Can't even say something good about the company, nor the people, so I'll leave it at that. Just know that they are NEVER recommended for anything, other than I Highly Recommend Not doing business with them, and honestly, not recommending this company nor the upper management for any position.

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Janet in Iowa - 55 d 16 h ago

0 toooo! They said that will not debit my bank account until furniture arrives/ships. They sure enough took the money from my account when they said it would be 3-4 weeks before my order shipped. I did not have it in there for them to take. So they got theirs and my other bills the next day did not I have $175 dollars in fees from my bank. Can't get anyone to talk to and did get someone on virtual...he was so rude. Said to me "what do you want me to do"! Then a few days ago I get this email from Mr. Kammer-Executive Vice President, telling me and everyone else how appreciative he his for my patience and understanding. Wrote him a nice long response and my email keeps coming back as "relay access denied". They have blocked everyone from responding to their emails! Have no idea when I am getting my furniture and already paid for it and them some

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Dolores - 53 d 11 h ago

Hi. Which email did you use to contact him? I'm not happy either

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Amy - 27 d 21 h ago

Which email did you use? I just sent one in and i received a response bank stating that they are eliminating that source of communication to just focus on their web messaging. Their web messaging sucks to. I have left messages there and everything, haven't even spoken to a "person" on there. What company seriously eliminates a form of communication. TO many complaints coming in I guess.

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Dissatisfaction - 52 d ago


Me too im having a similar issue with them and they are extremely unprofessional.

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Anonymous - 27 d 21 h ago

I have had a similar experience. I tried purchasing a couch online as well from an Apple Product. Apparently (as it says no where on their site) Apple products are not supported by their system is the answer i got. I purchased it online the money immediately came out of my bank account, but when I went online to see the order history and there was nothing. It was over $1600 gone from my account and it took 3 day to get a hold of someone and their answer was there is no order because I used an Apple product and I needed to wait 3-5 more days to see it back in my account. I will say I was not nice to them at that point and magically it was in my account within an hour. They can help they just don't want to.

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Michael in Portland, OR - 20 d ago


I became so frustrated I filed a small claims court case against them and because they're so incompetent, they never responded and so now I have a judgement. If you or anyone on this page paid them by check or received a refund by check, can you please give me their bank name and checking account number (it would be on the back of your cashed check) so that I can garnish their bank account and get my refund. Thanks

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Dave - 5 d 4 h ago


I'm going through the same thing. Took to small claims got judgement as far they picked up broken sofa still waiting on check. When they picked up sofa they damaged a door in my home.This company is definitely not customer friendly all they do is apologize. Platinum Protection Stinks 5 times to attempt and fix Sofa.

UGHHH I feel your pain. When you want to speak to CEO Todd Waneck Good Luck. Or the owner of store I purchased

Eugene C. out of Middletown N.Y. they are a joke. Been trying to rectify this whole ordeal since Feb 6 2019 Now its 6/30/2020. Can You Say Stressful

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Anonymous - 19 d 5 h ago

Janet get in touch with with the bank or credit card and tell them what is happening your money is insure they will get it back. I got trample by Ashley too, but my bank is handling it.

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Anonymous - 5 d 8 h ago

Did you actually get your money refunded though the bank ?

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Melissa - 54 d 4 h ago


Yes! Same issue! I'm so stressed and frustrated! I ordered a bed frame and mattress in early March. Paid to have it delivered and set up. They told me they could not order it until I took a picture of my driver license and Ashley card and send it to them as the store was closed due to coronavirus. I understood that. Here it is May and they told me they could not set it up for me and had no idea on a delivery date. They charged my card without me having the merchandise. I told them that is illegal. They cannot charge for merchandise I do not have. I told them to close my account and cancel my order. They said no canceling is allowed and refused to close my account. Then put it on the credit bureaus. This is so wrong.

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Never again - 53 d 11 h ago


I am in the exact same situation. I ordered furniture before the pandemic and was told it would be held for delivery. I received a call yesterday (delivery is Friday) that they don't have the couch. Even this I was PROMISED it was being held. Apparently nobody cared and gave it to someone else. I have been on the phone with several people (none of whose responsibility it is to do anything) to no avail. To top it all off I don't have any priority as to time when the lost couch will be delivered. Like I have another time to just take the entire day off because God forbid they let you know when in the day its coming. IfI could give the furniture back now for a refund I would but its too late. I purchased A LOT of furniture to be treated like this and will never be doing so again. They just lost a previously loyal and good customer. Way to Go Ashley!

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T Bernstein - 5 d 11 h ago

If you still havent gotten that furniture, you need to cancel right away. We spent 2200.00 on a loveseat. Two weeks later it is falling apart, sagging and like sitting in a hole. Buy elsewhere!

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