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Ashley Furniture

1 Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI
Todd Wanek
(608) 323-3377
(608) 323-6008
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Paid for services unrendered - 7 h 47 m ago


This morning, I was excited to receive two separate furniture deliveries. One from Kane's furniture, and one from Ashley. My Kane's delivery called at 0640, 50 minutes before the scheduled arrival time, so naturally I was caught off guard, because they were there and I reside literally 8 houses from the new home where this furniture was being delivered, I ran out of the house to meet them, not having time to take my dogs out to pee whom were still sleeping. I received my Kane's furniture and started to await my Ashley furniture. Being that I had a few minutes before my 0830 delivery window, I ran the 8 houses home in my car to let the dogs potty, and returned to the new house. This took ten minutes or LESS. I arrived to see an enterprise truck waiting with two men with Ashley shirts on waiting in front of my house, never got any call or notification, so I waived to the man, hurried into the driveway and opened the garage. AS I GOT OUT OF MY CAR the delivery men drove off. I was beside myself!! I immediately got on the phone, before they were even off my street, and sat on hold with customer service for 7 minutes where i was then told that "they refused to turn around" and deliver my living room and that "they called and texted and waited for 20 minutes." They called a number that I've never seen, turns out it is my boyfriends ex wife's number who is not even on our account in any way shape or form and I can assure you that I wrote down both of our numbers when placing the order so there would be no confusion. My boyfriend was on a plane at the time so I was the I my contact person. I asked four different times for a manager before I was hung up on. I spent far too much of my hard earned money including on a "delivery fee" for these rude people to see me pull in and then leave. The response of no one being able to tell these delivery men to turn around and deliver the furniture, despite confirmation that they are still in this area, is absolutely absurd. Further more, their cowardly manager refuses to return my call. The ONLY two managers willing to help are customer service and the floor sales manager both of which have no control and can do nothing. I will never shop with Ashley again. And now knowing my furniture has been pulled in and out of a truck all day long in the rain because I was their first stop really makes me contemplate cancelling my order all together. I'd love to hear from someone in corporate who actually has some bearing on what customer service should look like, I paid for a service and it was less than not rendered. Worst experience ever and will not be returning IF I don't cancel. Wish there was a negative star rating because @AshleyFurniture would receive a full negative five stars.

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Anonymous - 12 h ago


We are in the exact same situation as the other reviewers. It has been a nightmare over a simple child's night table that was part of our order, and have not received. My husband and I have had the same difficulty getting in touch with personnel, managers, etc. We have been given the run around, have had to make trips to the store, still getting no where. The Carle Place Parts manager, Jose, was rude, accusatory, and condescending. We were told we received the order, which we never did. He made us feel like we were trying to get something for free. My son still has no night table. Stay away from this company.

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Anthony Bosco - 13 h 41 s ago


Subpar furniture, terrible customer service. Took them 5 deliveries to get all the pieces to my house only to have damaged items then promised a refund. I've waisted countless hours on the phone and emails that have gotten me no where. Stay away from the company, you will regret it, Stick with reputable furniture companies.

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Mad Lady - 14 h ago


I placed an order with Ashely the first week of July. I paid over $2500 in cash for my furniture. I was contacted the day before moving into my new apartment August 9th and was notified that my sectional was on backorder. HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE contacted me prior to this date to tell me my sectional was on back order. I immediately began to question staff why and how could I be compensated for this matter. CUSTOMER SERVICE is terrible and no one cares. I informed customer services someone should have said my furniture was on back order and I would have ordered something different. THEN I was told it would take 2 more weeks to get the remaining pieces.

WORST SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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John conway - 1 d 18 m ago

Worst experience

July 15th went to the Ashley furniture store in sterling.

Sales person approached me. I told him what i was looking for.half way through my shopping experience the sales persons ditches me and passes in on to another sales person because the guy that was helping me had to go too a sales meeting which they were doing on the floor.

I picked out everything i needed and paid in full $2'500

I was told everything was in stock except the coffee table and end tables. I was told these items were coming in on the 13th august I said ok send everything together they said no problem.

It's august 16th and i have nothing NO FURNITURE

I have called several times since the 13th of august put on hold so many times disconnected so many times

I eventually found out yesterday my dresser, mirror and nite stands are on back order.WAY the FUCK was i not contacted or emailed today is August 16th i stopped by the store on my way to work

They couldn't give a rats ass about my order. No body was to be found in the store. Like we all know what's its like to go furniture shopping when you enter the store they are like rats all over you

Today they all ran like roaches and hide.

Very disappoint with Ashley furniture.

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Sales associate Dwayne & Manager Lilian - 1 d ago


I experienced the same . People at Ashley furniture will take care of you at first but once they got your money they treat you like hell. Very unprofessional , no integrity and rude people from sales associate to manager to customer service no one will help you . This company is the worst company I've encountered

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Maureen - 1 d 5 h ago


Wow. I'm blown away with how unvalued I feel as a consumer. We have spent thousands of dollars at Ashley's in the past 6 months and our latest experience has solidified that we will never return. My three year old went without a bed for over two weeks after a footboard we were tricked in to buying was not compatible with the rest of the bed. Once a new delivery arrived after zero communication from the company or store, the bed still could not be put together because the wrong pieces were ordered. So instead of my kid sleeping on the floor for next few weeks, I accepted the bed I didn't want and lost the storage which is why I chose this set in the first place. It's been over another week and we could still not get refunded because the warehouse did not scan it back in. The only communication that existed about this was because I called continuously. This has been the worst customer service experience I have ever had. A month into this process and I have still not heard a word from the store in Freehold, NJ. They screen calls for the manager like you are trying to reach a top politician. I feel extremely disappointed that I am not stuck with a set I never would of picked had the sales team and customer service been knowledgeable of what they were selling. This is fraud by definition and I will be reporting it as such to my credit card company

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Angry - 1 d 7 h ago


I purchased living room set, dinning room set and a whole bedroom set (cali king) and I also purchased the protection plan in 2018 - I've spent thousands of dollars with Ashley and had the worst experience with EVER- it was a nightmare and after months of back and forth emails to the store, managers, etc I just finally gave up with Ashleys and accepted that nothing will be resolved with Ashley's once you spend your money- they don't care anymore

Here we are 2 years later - I wake up in the morning to open my long dresser drawer and the knob breaks off - how does a METAL knob break off I would never know - than my nightmare begins again - I called to see if that's covered under my protection plan and I was told it is NOT COVERED after I've paid all this money purchasing this plan -I was told I would have to pay for the knob- I said I don't care - I just need my dresser fixed - its only 2 years old - I have no kids so all my furniture is like brand new and it bothers me to see my drawer with a missing knob that I have been calling to purchase for almost a month now- still no resolution - This is the worse customer service experience I've ever had.. I called the week of July 28th - than numerous calls later- the long holds I had to stay on -and the run around from the representatives - I still haven't received a resolution. I don't know what to do at this point.

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THE WORST SERVICE EVER ! - 1 d 8 h ago



There's nothing like getting damaged good delivered (sarcasm) to your home twice , and Ashley Customer service and delivery customer service gives zero 's about it. The furniture comes un inspected so upon. deliver Both pieces of furniture have been damaged. The delivery drivers call the customer service deliver to report and send photos. Then put me on the phone with CS whom the representive both times have been very rude, as I expressed I have had to take off of work twice CS said not her problem and all she could do is set up another day and time if item is available. I purchased a set. Ashely will not make any exceptions to give customer service as heck they don't want to loose money as I have had to on TWO failed attempts for delivery due to the furniture being damaged! Check the items before it leaves the warehouse inconvenience your self to be sure the furniture is in deliverable condition , DONT Inconvenience the customer because now I have to wait another week until I get another delivery time. I have been dealing with this for 3 weeks. I cannot cancel as this piece completes my set!!!!

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Disappointed Customer - 1 d 9 h ago


I made a purchase on August 1. It was delivered on Aug 6th broken. They delivered part of the order again on August 9th. On August 14 they delivered the other part of the purchase but forgot the hardware to put it together. They promised to come back on the 15th to put it together. They did not come and did not call. I called the store they sent an email to the warehouse. Still no communication with me I called the store on the 16th to speak to the manager. The manager was off. I called. Corporate and was given another customer service number for customer care. She called the warehouse and they had me on the schedule for that day. Why couldn't that be communicated to the customer. This was too much drama and too many promises. I will say the office manager kept trying to get it resolved but why have a customer at the point of calling consumer affairs and the BBB to get the kind of service they deserve? Customer Service rating zero.

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Michael Maheu - 1 d 9 h ago


Let me share my most recent experience with Ashley's inept customer service team. After spending well over $8000 worth of furniture over the last year, we decided to go back to Ashley to purchase 2 sofas. 3 hours after delivery, I noticed a small cut, where the delivery people had mistakenly cut the fabric while unwrapping the protective wrap. I called (26 minutes on hold) only to be told, a tech would come glue it together in 3 weeks. I found this to be unacceptable, so they ordered a replacement piece of fabric and set a date for a tech to install it. I schedule myself off of work to facilitate the tech. I get a no show and no call. I called in the next day and spoke with April, who rescheduled an tech and offered me a $100 gift card toward my next purchase. April doesn't understand that 1, I lost an entire days worth of wages and 2, after this experience, I don't have any desire to do further business with Ashley. I asked if there was someone else who may be able or better equipped to handle a customer as disappointed as I am, and low and behold, April is the highest ranking customer rep, so my disappointment can go no further. I just want my couch replaced, not repaired, if I wanted scratch and dent furniture, I would have purchased some to begin with. I want to be compensated for my time I missed at work due to their admitted communication error, and frankly, an apology for getting the run around over the past 3 weeks. I will not shop at Ashley again and I intend to file a lawsuit as well as, letting every person that I come in contact with, how Ashley furniture has failed terribly in their customer service department. They should be truly ashamed of how they took a very good customer and turned him into someone who I'd completely disgusted with their operation.

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Diane - 2 d 7 h ago


Don't go to Ashley furniture is Santa Ana- Main place mall unless your hispanic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 2 d 9 h ago


Worst service ever. A lot of delays happened to my order. They will treat you the best at first once they get your money you're done. I have 3x delay on my 7k order furniture & I felt helpless coz even their customer service will not apologize to you for the delay but till just tell you to wait coz that's all they can say too. When you tried to call your local store they will pass on to their rude , unprofessional customer service for you to talk that makes you more upset. I will never buy in this company again.

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Service is not - 2 d 14 h ago


I have not received the bed yet! So to recap; they were supposed to deliver the bed on Monday but the driver "thought" the bed was the wrong color so he made the decision to leave it and only delivered two mattresses. Well, last night they were supposed to deliver the bed. My delivery window was from 6pm to 9pm. By 8:30, there was no bed delivered. So we called customer care (who don't really care at all). The driver would not respond to my calls. Finally when he does he says we will be there in one hour. So that would have put the delivery at 10pm. When 10pm rolls around I call again... now he says he will be there by 11pm!!!!! You are reading this correctly! 6-9pm window turns into an almost midnight delivery. My friend's baby is sleeping and everyone has to work the next day, so we cancelled! Here is the kicker! According to the tracking system I was supposed to be the first stop; but they decided to skip me. So now, they will attempt to deliver the bed again tonight..... at this point I will not be holding my breath! Ashley Homestore actually blocked me from commenting on their page and deleted all my negative comments. Not a single phone call; not a single email, owning all their mistakes. And when I call corporate and ask to speak to the CEO, I was told flat out that he does not take calls from consumers. And so, there is the problem! It is a top down lack of care and concern for their customers. All they do is hide behind their refund and return policy and screw their customers with the worst service ever. Here is something to laugh about, the Better Business Bureau | US gives them an A+ rating. I used to trust the BBB ratings, but, after living the hell I have been going through for weeks now and the mistreatment I have received as a customer, it is obvious to me that the BBB no longer has credibility; it's all a sham!

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Anonymous - 4 d ago


You have 2 employees working together In the Grapevine Texas store that are having an affair... It is wrong! It looks bad for business... Ayo Daniel and Lisa Brown.... why is this being allowed???

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Todd - 3 d 7 h ago

Dont be a party Pooper what happens behind closed doors stays behind them. Mind ya business

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Angie Brown - 4 d ago


Worst customer service imaginable. It's been 6 weeks and I still only have half of my couch! Have made over 5 phone calls to the company, sat on hold for more than 3 hours, STILL with no resolution to where my corner chaise is and when it will be delivered!

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Anonymous - 4 d 6 h ago


Horrible customer service!!

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Anonymous - 4 d 7 h ago

Piss Poor Company Period!

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Not Important - 5 d 8 h ago

Was told owner and CEO does not talk to customers also had a person tell us owners Does Not care ! We have been having problems with Ashley ever since May still nothing is resolved. They have bullied us . Delivery people 1 of them pissed in a bottle and poured it in our yard and pissed in it again and put the bottle of piss with the beside the bottle at our building Got on Video from our cameras also have trail cameras .shows him sniffing something up his nose. They broke the couch.

Btw call that number that it shows to contact Todd Wanek was told CEO and owner does not talk to consumers ! They Do Not Care

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Anonymous - 5 d 6 h ago

What in the world made you think they owners would care? Also, this is not an actual corporate website. This website is a place for people to go to bitch and moan, but it's not a corp website. They don't even know it exists, and wouldn't care if it did. Do you know how many bad reviews Ashley gets on forums that actually get seen? They don't care about those either. Also, videoing someone urinating in a bottle without their consent is probably illegal depending on how much you got, so I would keep that to yourself.

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Anonymous - 5 d ago

If their security video recorded someone peeing in a bottle how did they do something illegal? I think it's illegal to urinate in public. Although my 3 year old grandson just did that on the beach recently.

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N.I. - 4 d 7 h ago

It was on my cameras in my yard when people have security cameras up and trail cameras. People should know Not all camera are fake.

People should ask to use the restroom, it was Ashley's delivery people

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Kia Very dissatisfied customer - 4 d 7 h ago


Purchased a sofa bed and loveseat from them in May of 2019, it was delivered around July 1, went to use the sofa bed on the 17 the bed was completely wet and covered in mold. I was very discouraged when I was told that I waited too late to inform them of this issue. The entire mattress is still covered in the original plastic that it was shipped to us in. It is unbelievable that companies like this are allowed to get away with cheating their customer out of money because they are not providing users with the products that we purchased. Totaly Poor service and quality of there product.

General profile image - 4 d 7 h ago


Terrible they have a sales guy named Ayo Daniel and his co worker Lisa at the Grapevine Texas store sleeping together... That's disgusting and should be stopped!!

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