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Ashley Furniture

1 Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI
Todd Wanek
(608) 323-3377
(608) 323-6008
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Angela - 3 h ago


Sidebar - I am to livid at this point to write a whole book nor make sure of proper English/verbiage. I want you and AHS to know the main point.

The worst experience ever Ashley HomeStore (Raleigh, NC) Glenwood Ave. Monica Aleman/Carlos (her manager) Incompetent. Missy who I am now working with is trying to assist and has been the only one trying to correct the situation of the errors the two above have made. All incompetent employees at this store, I'm far as I'm concerned. Confirmed complete description of furniture ($7500) paid in full, NOT FINANCED on July 1. It is August 14, I am on my 3rd delivery and yet to have what I ordered. Mind you, Monica called me everyday to assist with placing an order until paid in full...hadn't called since. Went into the store on 7/24 after I found out I wasn't getting my furniture on date advised. Carlos provided upgrade and advised of delivery date, all to find out that he didn't do anything. He never touched the account. Now Missy is trying to fix his mistake. GUESS WHAT order scheduled for 8/16...still doesn't have what I ordered. Now I finally get to go the store and pick up what's on the floor. I suggested this on 8/4.

VERY DISAPPOINTMENT!!! WORST 2 EMPLOYEES EVER!!. Called Corporate Office....&^^%^&*$E^%#%$# that's all I have to say about that. Recorded call/Deandre and Alex his supervisor....WORSER and that is not even a word. Deandre didn't even know who I was asking for, when mentioned CEOs name. He said "who is that"...HILARIOUS.

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Help me please - 3 h 42 m ago


I bought a Tempur pedic mattress/ bed 90 days ago, for $2799 plus. This is not working for me, first of all they promised me that I could return the bed without any problem if this bed didn't work for me, the mattress as 10 years warranty. This mattress traps heat so I have to keep changing position every 45 min to an hour, my back it very sore, it doesn't provide any sopport it doesn't work, isn't comfortable at all. I tried calling Tempur pedic manufacture and the didn't get help....Please. Please is you know any one who can help me with this matter contact me at (hidden) thanks

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Dawn S. - 10 h 47 m ago


I am beyond mad with Ashley Furniture. I ordered a living room set and waited 2 weeks for them to bring me the wrong color. Called and had to wait another 2 weeks for a second delivery. I got the right color but not all the pieces. I called and they said I can get it to you in 4 days. So I have to take 3 days off of work for what should have taken 1. And when I called to complain they wanted to give me a $25 gift card to their store. Are they serious? I will never buy from Ashley again. I will make sure I make anyone I know aware of their crappy business and how they treat their customers. I paid almost $200 for delivery. How about a refund? I called the 800 number and they affected me another gift card. I will not give you another penny of my money. You really think I would use that $50 gift card on another piece of furniture from your store?

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frustred customer - 6 h 15 m ago


It happen to me too in yorba linda store and in process to go to court and get it corrected by law.

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Roxane Glynn - 8 h 21 m ago


Horrible experience!!!! Ordered a $1500 couch. Upon delivery it had a huge scratch across the back. They said they would deliver a replacement piece. Replacement piece came, same scratch. Called again, delivered a scratched couch again! This happened three times!!! Can't get anyone to return my calls or make this right. I leave messages and have spoken to management and they just blow me off. I have nothing good to say about my experience. If you want damaged furniture, love to wait around your house during delivery windows for more damaged furniture to arrive, spend hours on the phone with customer service reps who do nothing to solve the matter than shop at Ashley. And yeah, read the delivery reviews below, they totally suck in this arena too!!

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Tony Watson - 9 h 34 m ago


Unbelievable! I walked into the Ashley HomeStore in Rogers Arkansas on Memorial Day weekend May 26th 2018 and ordered a couch, a chair and a half, and ottoman. After six or seven supposedly scheduled delivery dates that we had confirmed and arranged our schedule to sit and wait on it, also after moving all our old furniture out just to move back in every time because still to this day we have received no furniture at all. When I finally got the store manager Jeff Rogers, to talk to me he gave me $500 off, had sales person send me that in text, and guaranteed it all to be deliver that Thursday. Of course that did not happen. When I finally got him to talk to me again he said let me get your couch delivered this Friday for the $500 off then when I find out how far out the chair and ottoman are we will get you some more money off of them. Of course the couch did not show up on Friday and I could not get him to talk to me. Then after I had called and left a couple messages for him to call me, he had the sales person call and tell me that since they obviously can't get the furniture to me they are canceling the order. I immediately called the guest response team and told them the whole story and they said they were sending communication to the store and he would have 48 hours to contact me and resolve the issue. That was last Friday and it is now Tuesday and I have still not heard anything so I have just called the GRT back and they are sending another communication to the store... I also went ahead and scheduled the furniture to be delivered again which will be over three months after ordering it and that's if it actually gets delivered... I just cannot even begin to explain all the frustration and time spent on just simply tring to get this furniture. Even if it gets delivered this time there is still the issue of how much will be taken off of my bill. I need Jeff Rogers or someone above him to call me and take care of this please!

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Tammie L Charles - 1 d 6 h ago

I wish I would of read all of these reviews before I purchased furniture. Their service stinks..... DO NOT BUY FROM ASHLEY!

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dissatisfied customer - 1 d 5 h ago



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Shon E. - 1 d 6 h ago


3 1/2 weeks to deliver..m the night before my delivery I recived a message from a number that said my order was delayed because of truck issues. Wex have to wait another 3 days to receive our furniture AND had no exact time thry were coming. We rearranged our work schedules for this delivery and it was HUGE inconvenience! NEVER AGAIN!!!

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Terry Davis - 1 d 7 h ago


I have never dealt with a less profession group that the Manager (Max) at the Algonquin store and their delivery service. I have read their website which talks about their values which are not followed at this store.

PASSION - The Sales Manager Max's response to fixing an issue which was made twice was the offer to cancel my order if I wasn't satisfied.

HONESTY - The Sales Manger Max outright lied to me and did not do anything to attempt to correct my problem. He stated that he would call be back between 4-5 pm yesterday with a third delivery date and not only did he not call, but he also did not schedule a delivery date.

COLLABORATION - The store and the warehouse process is disconnected and their only form of communication is via email. Even after two bad delivery attempts the best I could get was the store emailing the warehouse. I still do not know if they have the right address yet.

INTEGRITY - After being promised by the Sales Manger Max that my order would be rescheduled yesterday, it was not. If I did not personally call the store again today my order would have just sat in the warehouse. It is now scheduled for Thursday.

ONE DAY DELIVERY - Is not offered to correct problems. It is only offered to new orders and if you are like me you may not even get that. If you do encounter a problem your order goes to the back of the line.

While all companies strive for perfection we all know that it cannot happen. Therefore I judge a company by how it reacts to its problems. At Ashley they could care less about improving their processes and satisfying customers even after making two mistakes. My wife was release from the hospital after battling a problem with cancer and we had to sleep on the floor as we did not have furniture. I guess its the floor for us until Thursday God willing they send the third attempt to the right city.

The real issue which makes me upset is the two cities are less than an hour apart and they were unwilling to spend that time on either shipment to make me satisfied. Honestly one hour.

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Samantha Ross - 1 d 8 h ago


This is the WORST customer service I have ever dealt with in my life. I purchased a sectional couch and coffee table June 23,2018 and my paperwork in black and white plainly explained it would delivered 3-5 weeks, 5 weeks meaning if something had went wrong. Here we are on the 8th week and my furniture has been rescheduled SEVERAL times. This is unacceptable, especially for a business who is so large in the retail world. I will never buy another item from Ashley Furniture.

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Juliet Black - 1 d 10 h ago


I wished I would have read the reviews before purchasing anything from Ashley Furniture. This has been the worse experience in purchasing furniture. I received my furniture damaged! I now have to wait 2 weeks before someone will come on and look at it. They have a 24 hour return policy! Who does that, but you don't really think about it, because you think the furniture will be in good condition as you saw it in the store. DON'T PURCHASE HERE. PAY A LITTLE BIT MORE FOR GOOD QUALITY FURNITURE.

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Amber c. - 2 d 25 s ago


On Friday August 10th I had my couches delivered. When they brining it in they manage to take down my kitchen faucet and rig it to make it appear fixed. Well the manager of the delivery company called me Saturday morning to assure me somebody would be out to get it fixed. Nobody came nobody called me back. So I call them back and whoever this Manny guy is says his guy will be out at 8am Sunday morning. Fine my only day off from work I will wait for somebody to show up. Well 8 am comes and goes 9 am, 10 am finally after numerous calls & text to the delivery manager I finally get a call at 1130 am asking if I will be home so they can come look at the damage. Well someone comes out tapes it down, ok great. Well here we are hours later and now it's leaking. Of course it leaking the delivery guys kinked up all the hoses they pinched and because they're metal theyre chipped. So they day they're going to send a plumber to my house. Ok I get a call from this" plumber" ask the name of the company he works for he doesn't have a name, ok he works for himself he says. So I ask his business name he doesn't have one, well I ask what's your llc are you licensed he says no he's just a plumber who does work for this guy. No I'm sorry but I'm not just going to keep letting random people in the house. Needless to say my faucet is still broken. Ita not even the furniture I have an issue with my sofas are great. It's the delivery team that continues to represent themself as Ashley furniture and they BROKE MY 200$ KITCHEN FAUCET. I'm just getting the run around with these jokes of people.

General profile image - 2 d ago


Please i need help to find a way to talk to this CEO for Ashley Furniture . I had such a bad experience with this store definetley I need to talk to someone big from this company. Any sugestions ?

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Taylor Evanson - 2 d 46 s ago


Taylor Evanson, Vice President Reliance Dental Designs 299 Spreckels Avenue Manteca, CA 95336 August 12th, 2018 Mr. Todd Wanek, CEO 1 Ashley Way Aracadia, WI 54612 Dear Mr. Wanek, I hope this letter finds you well. I am reaching out to you because I am having serious issues with Ashley Furniture. I am not even sure if you will receive this letter or read it. As a business owner myself I believe that it is my personal responsibility to let other business owners know when something in their business is failing. I love Ashley Furniture first of all. The prices are fair the quality is good. But after I bought my couch it went downhill. Over the past 12 months I have spent over 15,000.00 with Ashley. I know that might not seem like a lot of money to most people. But my husband and I work very hard for our money and own our business, Reliance Dental Designs, Inc. located in the heart of Manteca. It all started in June when I went into Ashley to buy office furniture for my home office and decided to buy a whole new bedroom set for my sons 6th birthday. This was at the Modesto, California store located on Sisk rd. Jerry helped me out and I was happy with the purchase. The delivery was scheduled before July 23rd. I wish I could say it went well but it was a nightmare. I received the desk and not the cabinet or hutch I ordered. And they said that it was on back order which was not true. The bedroom set was delivered and the person who put the night stand together put a huge nail instead of a staple to secure the back. The delivery drivers told me that the hutch was on back order and the cabinet. Finally, I get it rescheduled again two days before I am set to have surgery and they show up asking for the hutch. I was shocked. I never even received it, and they also had my hutch to drop off as well. So, I accepted the hutch and told them there was no pick up. They go to put the cabinet together and its broken into pieces. I get on the phone with the regional manager and tell him about my surgery and that I will return every piece of furniture if they don't finish my order tomorrow with the cabinet. Finally, the next day comes and someone comes to put together the cabinet for me. I would like to say that was the last time I heard I about the hutch, but it wasn't. I went into surgery and low and behold Ashley was calling me to confirm yet another delivery, then their crew came to my home on Sunday when I could barely get out of bed. I called the Modesto store again and spoke to the regional manager who said that he would refund me $150.00 for my inconvenience. I get a call the following Tuesday, so they can process my return and they say its only for $100.00. So now I am going back and forth about $50.00. The day that the office furniture came broken was my sons 6th birthday. We waited around the entire day and Ashley kept moving our delivery time. Because I was stuck on the phone with them I was lake picking him up from Karate also. I have spent countless hours on hold trying to make sure that delivery was right. This experience has been a complete nightmare. I wanted to reach out because I think it is important to hold people to a higher standard. I own my own business and if I treated the dentist I work with or their patients like Ashley treated me, I would be out of business. I have referred so many people to your store and regret it. If I was in your position I was refund my customer for their purchases in good faith and to make it right to keep their business. But Ashley is such a large company that it doesn't care about one customer like me. I thought it was worth a try to bring this to your attention in hopes that I can be refunded for my purchases and feel good the next time I walk into an Ashley store. I would like to feel like in the end I can trust this company that I am spending thousands of dollars with. Please feel free to contact me directly. I always tell people to do what they feel they would want someone to do for them. I guess missing my sons' birthdays countless hours on the phone, leaving my son stranded at Karate and missing his testing on this birthday was only worth 150.00 to the manager, which I still have not received. I will wait a week for your response to my letter before I move to reporting this incident to the BBB and other outlets. If you want to see the actual person who is writing this letter go to my website , and you can see who your customers are. I look forward to hearing from you. Best Regards, Taylor Evanson 1030 Summit Way Manteca, CA 95336 email: (hidden)

General profile image - 2 d 9 h ago


About two weeks ago I came into the store with the intention of buying a bed. I spoke to the sales woman Roxy and told her if I take the King I will NOT want the nightstands but if I take the Queen I WANT the night stands. I was also interested in a mattress and a dining room set. Mind you all of the prices online were much cheaper which I showed to both Roxy and the manager. When Roxy took us to Richie the manager, I gave them the online price for ALL the items including the nightstand. Upon negotiating with Richie about the price he stated that he was making changes in the order form (not the actual order or items) for us to reach our price point in regards to fees or what not. At one point the saleswoman pointed out to Richie that he had 6 of one item and he responded that he knew what he was doing and he was making changes to help us reach an ideal price. He NEVER mentioned removing our nightstands or any items for that reason. As a matter of fact I made it a point to tell him if we could not reach the price point I would just take the bed set. At the time we were making this deal the store was closing so he rushed us to sign the receipt upon reaching an agreed upon price. Once again he NEVER MENTIONED REMOVING THE NIGHTSTANDS especially since we ordered the QUEEN which we had told them we would only get if we got the nightstands.

We though we would be able to trust him well we were WRONG. Our bed and mattress were delivered a week later but the nightstands were missing so BEFORE signing I asked the delivery guy about the nightstands which he said would be delivered with the next shipment. Uneasy about the situation I checked the receipt and noticed the nightstands were not a part of the order. I quickly contacted Roxy to her personal number which she gave to me. She informed me that Richie without our knowledge removed the nightstands and that if we wanted them we would have to pay AGAIN. She said our bed was over 1,000 and we got a deal which is NOT TRUE the online price (which they were going to match) reflected a $600 price point. I told her I would not be defrauded out of money and would much rather return ALL the items. Well here's the kicker since I was LIED to about my nightstands being shipped in the next cargo I signed the form which makes the bed and mattress non-refundable. I told her I was not okay with the lies an deceit and wanted to know my options she said she would speak to Richie and get back to me. I am yet to hear anything. I will keep you all posted. I have reached out to corporate in hopes that they can shine better light on the situations. Here's to hoping the little guy doesn't get swindled out of thousands of dollars by yet another corporate giant =(

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Raj M - 3 d ago

Its been a horrible experience to get our Twin Loft Bed delivered for our kids. The order was placed on 5/29 with a gaurantee of 2-6 week delivery and its still not here completely. There are 2 parts that are missing. Initially they told us they product was damaged so we did not deliver. They they told us the parts arent here. We have the steps and few parts of the bed as well as the matress. On expressing regret they refuse to take the matress back due to hygiene issues. With no fault of ours we have to deal with this mess. 2 and half months later and the matter isnt resolved. I am still fighting. Ashley never again.

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Penny - 7 d 5 h ago


I have ordered a couch and recliner. I have waited over 3 weeks for this to come in..

they have called and said they would only delivery in my area on Friday. I said I could be there at 5 . they can't do that..

I told her I can not be there on Friday we are off Aug. 15 or Aug. 23 of this month.

They would not work with me on getting this delivered. I tried calling (hidden) they could not help me.

I am canceling the order if I do not hear back from someone and will put this on social media

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Mark - 4 d ago


We had the same experience Penny. Terrible customer service and delivery policies at Ashley.

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Mark - 4 d 23 h ago


Terrible experience with Ashley Furniture. The buying process is straight forward in their company owned retail outlets, but, that's where the customer service ends. To actually receive the merchandise you have purchased, you need to take a day of vacation and sit at your residence all day for delivery. They conveniently call you the night before to let you know when they will be in the area. Oh, and please don't call their customer service. They will hang up on you (i.e. Jessie). They are not interested in customer service, only what is most cost effective for them, which means you sit home all day waiting for delivery. No other service company I've worked with in my 52 years, has such policies. It's bad enough other services provide 3 hour windows of service, but, at least they arrange days and times that work for both parties. Ashley shoves it down your throat or else, cancel the order. Buyer beware!

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Anthony - 4 d ago


Purchased 2,000 dollars in furniture. On my deliver day somehow my couch was not delivered. Was told by store associate that it would be on a U-Haul same day as well as a phone call within 15 minutes with a ETA update. That never happened, The following day I spent 45 minutes on hold to find out that they had no idea where my couch was because the delivery truck hadn't made it back to the warehouse yet and I would receive a call next day with another delivery date. Store credited my delivery fee (fine). Phone call never happened still didn't receive furniture. We work out of town from house and 1 1/2 busy weeks went by and I called once again and was on hold for customer service for another hour to set up another delivery time. I am furious. Never once got an apology for the huge inconvenience that having to track down my couch and fix an issue that was yours and spending 2 hours on hold to be told the same thing over and over and it never happening. Talking with other people who shopped at the same store said they had the same experience. Never again will I shop and give money to your business.

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Chanda - 4 d 3 h ago

I posted something 3 days ago. This is a follow up. It's been month and still no correct refund. I was able to get through to a regional manager after talking to two different people who said they would talk w him about the situation, and after emailing him twice. He emailed me back and said call anytime after 4. He has my number in the email I sent. So I call after 4 the other day and no answer and can't leave a message. VM is full. I call again around 6pm. Same thing. I call the next morning at 9am. Same thing. I get a call back from him saying call after 4. I call and he answers. It's noisy and there's music in the background and he says "what is this about? This is my private cell number" I tell him he gave it to me in an email and told me to call him. He can't remenber any details from from email and said he was in Wisconsin at a training and would be back Sunday and he's look into it. I told him I'd been waiting for weeks and need to return even the couch at this point and he blew me off saying, well we can discuss it now but there's nothing I can do until I get back Sunday night and I will call you.

There are no words to describe how hideous this place is when it comes to customer service and care despite their "commitment" to customer satisfaction.

Maybe they will do what they need to do if all the people who have had similar experiences file a complaint with the better business bureau. I know I will be.

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allen carroll - 4 d 6 h ago


A quick response , I received a call from a Ms. BiBi from customer service . After all I went through she was my angel, she worked it out within a hour . Ashley will switch out my love seats next week . Thank you BiBi and Ashley. Always Believe and good things will happen.

General profile image - 4 d 6 h ago


We purchased a Geashill couch, oversized chair and ottoman in February. We went into the location in Phoenix on Mayo Blvd last weekend as we feel for 1500. the threads in the fabric should not be breaking. The woman at customer service was less than helpful at the store level. She was abrupt and rude. She gave us the number to customer service for someone to come out to look at all 3 pieces. We called customer service on Monday. There were to get back to us on Wednesday to set a time for today..8.10. We have yet to hear back from anyone since the call on Monday.

The woman at the store told us no returns unless you don't accept shipment upon delivery. That makes no sense if the fabric does not wear well.

We wanted to exchange these pieces with other furniture, however, we are getting nowhere. I work retail and making a customer happy should be your number 1 priority. I would like a call from Ashley Furniture to get this resolved.

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allen carroll - 4 d 10 h ago


Very , very disappointed with there service and repair department. We purchased a living room set from Ashley . After two days the love seat was making noise. So I called the store they sent out a repair man . He came and flipped over the love seat put some glue on the wood and said don't sit on it for 24 hours.

The next day the noise was still there so I called again and they said we will send out our top man. Well there top man did not eve get into the door and said to my wife I know what the problem is without even looking at it.

He told my wife we have been having problems with this model. Its the stress on the rear legs . Look he said you cant keep it next to the wall or it will make noise.

So I have called and called even called there consumer affairs department . They stated that both service men closed out the call cause it was up to standards . Well up to standards making noise when you sit on a new love seat , that's not my standard's. I worked hard to save for this furniture and every person I spoke with said their sorry but there is nothing they could do.

So why did I pay extra for a coverage plan. I even called Todd Wanek the companies CEO and they wont even put my call through to him . I guess he don't care about his company but only likes to take the peoples money. Going to talk to a attorney .

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