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Ashley Furniture

1 Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI
Todd Wanek
(608) 323-3377
(608) 323-6008
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Kim - 1 d ago


I had purchased a living room suite from Ashley Furniture Store for my daughter when she moved into her apartment. We purchased the insurance plan for 5 years. The salesman told us it would cover everything that goes wrong. Well when we got the Couch the zipper on the pillow was broke. So we called the insurance and they replaced the pillow with no problem. Now it 2 years latter and I called the insurance company and did a claim on the couch. They said we will have someone call you to schedule an appointment to come out and look at the couch. 2 weeks went by and no calls. I called back and they said they closed the claim. I asked why, the Customer service person said the reason they closed it was because the outside company tried for 2 weeks calling me and I would never answer or return their call. No one and I mean NO ONE has called me or left a message for me to call them back. So they made another claim and it is now going on 2 weeks and still have not heard anything from this company.... I would never purchase another thing from ASHLEY FURNITURE..... SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO TO ANOTHER FURNITURE COMPANY

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DRWilson - 47 d ago


I Tried to leave a "zero" rating but was unable to this has been a very disappointing purchase and I too wish I could have read the reviews

"prior" to my purchase there is not on positive review to be found. This is by far the worst company to do business with when it comes to customer service I would like to suggest to all the people that have posted on this site to also voice these complaints with the Better Business Bureau this company should show a negative rating everywhere people will search. Ashley furniture is notorious for giving consumers the run around. and this needs to stop.

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Mymoneyisnottobetaken - 23 d ago


DRWilson your being to nice, they deserve a -0 in my book. We all need to start a petition and have them shut down!

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SCARED & APPALLED - 10 d 23 h ago



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Anonymous - 2 d 19 h ago


Had the same problem so they gave me a store credit of 400 dollars our furniture was the leather also, they took our furniture in exchange I bought sectional cloth paid 2100 for it 8 monts later there calling me jd telling me I did not pay for furniture wtf!! My leather was only 2years old

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Wkillie G - 1 d 20 h ago


I completely agree with you in every detail you claim. I too I'm having the same problems and their customer service is the worst I've none. I will attempt to let you know my outcome or lack of.

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Anonymous - 2 d 20 h ago

Our class action lawsuit.

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Sheila - 2 d 4 s ago


This is the worst furniture store I have ever dealt wirh. There customer service is horrible.My daughter bought a number of items in 2015 when she purchased her house she has had nothing but problems and Ashley has been very hard to deal with. She had extended warranties and Guardsmen had also been difficult.This was in the Kissimmee store.I just purchased a house in Orlando and went elsewhere to putchase furniture.

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Lynn - 2 d 20 h ago


Worst place to purchase furniture. Picked a specific mattress and they pulled a bait and switch. Refused mattress and now have to sleep on the floor because no one will call back from the store or customer service. To think I cancelled an order from Raymour for this crap. Dave the store manager has been in a meeting all day and the salesman Chris Phillips was out then in then out to lunch. Well had to file a complaint with BBB and calling the credit card to stop payment. Come pick up your crap furniture!

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wisl56 - 11 d ago

I purchased a beautiful leather sofa (Ashley 5130215) that has a recliner at both ends on February 11, 2017. From the time the sofa was in my home it was noticed that there is a rubbing noise (caused by the leather rubbing against each other). I also purchased the love seat and a recliner and they do not make that noise. I contacted Ashley's and they sent out a mechanic. When he came, he heard the rubbing noise and he saw the unevenness of the back of the sofa,. At that time, he stated that he has to order a mechanism yet he stated that he did not feel that would rectify the issue. The mechanism was sent to my home and about a week later the mechanic came back and installed it. THIS DID NOT RECTIFY THE PROBLEM. The mechanic went back to Ashley and said the issue was taken care of and that there was no more they could do. The girl who called me stated that the mechanic said the issue was fixed and she was closing out the complaint (claim # 177557). I have sent them many pictures of the sofa but Ashley's is unwilling to work with me and get me a new sofa. I then called Ashley corporate at (hidden) and the lady on the phone tried to help yet she could not. I then asked about the 5 year Protection Plan I purchased that cost me $499.99. The girl said she could not say whether they could help or not but she gave me the phone number (Protection Plan Platinum) 1-(hidden). I then spoke to very polite person who tried he hardest to help me. While on the phone, the lady called Ashley's and she was told what I was told. She then stated that she would have one of the Protection plan technicians get in touch with me within 2-4 business days and they will set up an appointment with me so they can come see the sofa. She did say however, that she is unsure whether they can help me or not. At this point, I will wait for them to call and see what they say.

I will say one thing though, after talking to Ashley Customer Care, they were of no help. Also at this point, I will not patronize their business ever again as I am so disgusted. I will also spread the word to my friends NOT to purchase furniture from them as they do not stand by the defective products and how hard they are to deal with!

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wisl56 - 9 d ago

I see that the entry I made was tampered with. I provided the phone numbers for the protection plan and Ashley Corporate and they are now seen as "hidden". What is up with that????? Are they afraid others will use the phone numbers to try to get some help for their furniture issues. What are they afraid of? hmmmmm

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Anonymous - 2 d 20 h ago

I see all these dissatisfied customers on this web page and it goes on and on and on and on and I think if there was a class action suit against Ashley all of you will probably get your furniture either replaced fixed or your money back. You might want to think about that.

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Anonymous - 3 d ago

I am Very Very upset with Ashely Funriture, if I would have read all the bad reports, I would have never got anything from this company. I have only had my sectional couch for about 4 months, the cushions are always sinking in the edges they have already came to replace them once & not even a month later they are doing the same thing. I have called to speak to the manger about it & they have never returned my phone call. All they do is ignore me & they don't do a damn thing about. I am always on time with my payments, I am going to call the main headquarters(if that will do any good). Ashley Furniture is only out to steal peoples money because when something goes wrong they do nothing to fix it. I'm going to call the BBB on them

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Beth - 3 d 20 h ago


Awful customer service! Have called the customer service number to try and get answers about using a total care voucher that was purchased with my furniture 5 years ago. Called twice today and talked with two different reps and they both recited the exact same thing word for word. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that this was not a supervisor problem and one would not come to the phone to speak with me. What kind of service is this? I have valid questions and can not get anyone to respond. I have gone into my store in Lexington and they couldn't even help me. I was sold this total care package under false pretenses.. Apparently the whole package has changed and the store is under a new franchisee and will not honor what I purchased. In reading the previous complaints, I'm not so sure i will even get a response. Looks like your customer service department needs expert training. Shame on your Mr. Wanek-you and your company are not living by your "core values". I would love to know if you even read these emails.

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Dissatisfied - 4 d 41 s ago


Again and again, we get damaged furniture delivered to our home from Ashleys!! There is NO inspection of products before they are loaded for delivery, thus it is a crap shoot when your furniture arrives as to if it is damaged or not! We bought thousands of dollars of furniture a year ago from Ashleys and it took several returns of damaged products before we got all we paid for. We thought we would give them another chance this year, that maybe our last complaints would have been heard. Well, here we go again, what we bought was delivered damaged again!! We refused the entire order and met with the manager of the store. It isn't the managers, salesman or the delivery people's fault, they all did their jobs well. It is entirely the fault of the upper management people who continue to allow products to be loaded for delivery without inspecting each item for damage!! Hey, it is like most everywhere else these days, they want your money, Not your satisfaction!! Ashleys has lost another customer today!! We will Never do business there again! Wake up upper management, your employees below you need their jobs!!! Shame on YOU!!

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unknown - 4 d 18 h ago


I purchased my furniture in the Santa Ana Store and they messed up my invoice. They did not care about fixing the pricing on the invoice. They sent me to collections without bothering to fix the mistake they made. They do not take ownership about anything. Nobody calls you back. They do not care about the customer. They only care about making the sell. They don't stick to the prices and to the agreement they make with you at the time of the sale. I will never buy from this story again. I don't recommend this store to anyone. Manager Juan and Office Lead Evelin did not care about the invoice discrepancy and did nothing to fix it. They blamed the warehouse for messing up and they told me to call the collections agency and work it out with them. Very unprofessional.

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Jennifer - 5 d ago


I will never shop here again. The sales person sold me a shelf that apparently, was a display shelf and not for sale. I had no idea. I confirmed the measurements with said sales person at the time of purchase and he wrote the measurements on my receipt. I had text communication with him regarding delivery because I was going to pick this shelf up in store and have the rest of my furniture delivered. I again confirmed the measurements of the shelf via text.

Thus begins my nightmare experience.

The sales person tells me he will call me back in two days after talking with the order manager to see if he can get me a display shelf that I though I was buying or sell me the floor model. He never returned my call.

I spoke to a store manager that assured me she would call me back. No call. in the meantime, they delivered the wrong shelf again. I have been dealing with this for months and I guess we will keep playing this sick game of pass the parcel.

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Julia - 7 d 18 h ago


I wish I knew about all these horrible reviews before I spent over $10000 worth of furniture from their store in Charleston,SC. What started as a great experience with the help of their sales rep turned into nightmare in less than one month! We purchased complete dining room set, living room and bedroom. Everything was scheduled to be delivered on March,25 except for one tv stand, not a big deal. TV stand with fireplace was back ordered and as we were told will be delivered in two weeks.

Less than 3 weeks after receiving brand new mattress, one side started to sink really bad and you could feel something inside is broken. Called customer service and explained the problem , on a side note reminded them that I'm still waiting on my TV stand too. Got an answer that technician will contact me within 24-48 hours to look at the mattress and TV stand just arrived to the warehouse and will be delivered in few days. Great news! Technician never called so I waited 48 hours and call them back just to find out they never put notes in about my mattress issues. Finally I got a call from the technician and his first available day was two weeks from then!!! That's for the brand new mattress!!!! That we couldn't sleep on!!!! Unbelievable...

on the bright side TV stand arrived two days later... but without fireplace insert. I call customer service again. They said fireplace will be delivered on Friday ( I called on Wednesday). No call about scheduling delivery time so I call back Friday morning. Not very polite lady told me "I don't know who told you it will be delivered today, it's scheduled for delivery on May4th"... great ... by the way I never received it on the 4th either but at this point it's the smallest of my problems

Back to the mattress ... after patiently waiting for two weeks for technician to come he finally arrived. Took few pictures, some measurements ( hard to measure depth of mattress with memory foam pillow top) but he looked at it and said there are obvious issues with coils separation and something else ( sorry I'm not a mattress expert) and he is going to recommend it for replacement. That was a relief, we were getting pretty tired sharing one good side of the bed. Imagine my shock when 3-4 days later I received voicemail stating that technician's report indicates no measurable depth in mattress and therefore no reasons for it to be replaced... I was absolutely speechless

that's when we contacted the store again... long story short they agreed to treat it as 30 days comfort guarantee and offered to pick new mattress based on the fact that our model was discontinued ( shocking!!). We spent over two hours trying to find something nearly as comfortable as the Beautyrest we had ( for 3 weeks before it started falling apart) and once we found one from Serta that we both liked we were told that we can only choose the same brand

I'm not sure how the 30 day comfort guarantee works, I'm not sure how anything works there to be honest... all I knew at that moment that it's been several weeks of the waiting game and sleepless uncomfortable nights and all I want is for this nightmare to be over so when the store decided to take advantage of our situation and make it look like they are helping us I didn't even say a word... I just wanted to be done with all these endless issues/calls/reports/useless customer service

Of course mattress that "had to be same brand" and was comparable to what we had was over $1200 more... and I just paid that difference and walked away. I can't even describe how I feel about this whole situation. But I know two things : I will never buy anything from this store again. And I will tell this story to every one of my friend and will ask them to continue sharing this story so people will know what kind of business this is and hopefully they won't make same mistake as we did

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Anonymous - 9 d 23 m ago


Ashley SUCKS.........

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Jeffrey Andrew Wells - 10 d 21 h ago


Ashley Furniture Somerset, KY

I am totally appalled at the customer service or lack thereof from Ashley's Furniture in Somerset, KY location. I purchased a leather coach & love seat that took 18 days to deliver that they said was in stock locally. When the pieces were finally delivered the coach had tear marks in four places. My helper took photos and sent them to me since I was travelling. These tears were so blatant and noticeable that I could not fathom how their own quality control would allow this to even leave their warehouse. That's to say they have some sort of inspection procedure to begin with. When I complained about the situation the manager (Debbie) solution based on company policy was to reskin the leather with a repair. Really!!!!! I thought I purchase brank new furniture not used furniture. You want to repair the damage as a means of fixing the problem. And this would not happen for another 3 weeks or so as well. When I refused this method of "customer satisfaction" solution and asked them to pick up the furniture, Debbie said there would be a 25% restocking charge. This just keeps getting better and better. I have never seen a furniture company handle a situation in this regard. I can only write this as a means to future Ashley's customers to be aware of this "company policy" should you receive damaged furniture. I will be disputing my credit card charge, reporting them to the BBB and potential law suit if they charge me a restocking fee.

General profile image - 10 d ago


I am very unsatisfied and upset with my purchase from Ashley's. The sectional I purchased is very uncomfortable, sits in plywood and within two weeks the cushions started flattening, did not do a clean job in putting it together making it look messy. I tried to get it exchange for a different couch but manager refused. I went to Ashley's thinking they were a good furniture store as they are big organization but I was wrong, I will not recommend the store to anyone. I want an exchange to some better couches or a refund!?!? Please email me at (hidden).

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Anonymous - 11 d ago


I am out of $2000 for furniture that has fake leather and just tore apart. Took me the longest to notice because I rarely even sit on it. Can not say normal wear and tear for sure.

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Leah Belser - 11 d 15 h ago


I am very upset with Ashley. I ordered barstools online. on the website it had to barstools next to each other one tall and one short. It said counter height didn't give to different heights to choose from so it looks like maybe that they are one side and they can be adjusted. so apparently I ordered the wrong ones. I was told I should have ordered the pub height which was located way at the bottom of page with other I called to see if they could exchange because they were the same price I tried to explain that it was kind of confusing. and the customer service agreed that it did show to sizes and that I had to pay to ship back.The real problem was the way that she talked to me she told me that I should have looked at the was her tone. She talked so down to me. No matter if it was my fault or not, and if you couldn.t just exchange because they they are the same don't talk down to a customer.

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J.L - 11 d 15 h ago


My entire experience with Ashley from the moment furniture was dropped off at my house has been a nightmare. Not only was the furniture damaged but the driver did not tell us that it could be refused.. he said he would take pictures and have a technician out to see the damages. 2 weeks later.. still no phone call, I had to personally call Ashley to inquire about the technician. Yet again I was told they would call me back once I sent them pictures of the damage (because apparently what the driver sent was not enough). A week later I have to again call customer care again to see what was going on. An entire MONTH after the original delivery we finally get a technician out to see the damage. He goes through piece by piece and even finds MOLD in the wood behind the drawers in one piece!! He ultimately decides 6 of the 7 pieces delivered need to be returned and exchanged. Yet AGAIN I end up having to call customer service when I was told I would get a call and was told pretty much it wasn't put in. Now, 2 months later we have been trying to get our furniture exchanged (living with the molded dresser) we are awaiting delivery #4 from Ashley. The last 2 replacement furniture was ALL DAMAGED AGAIN. My boyfriend had to take time off of work to deal with the time frames that for some reason you all do not customize...completely inconsideration for those who work for a living!! Time frame today was 4-9..830 told they'd be here in 45 min..We work very early in the morning and now have to cut time out of our sleep to hope that this time we will be done with this ordeal! This is extremely frustrating and unacceptable!! How is ANY business run like this?! While our furniture is beautiful we will NEVER purchase from Ashley ever again. I could not do this for months again.

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Dee - 16 d ago


Horrible horrible horrible!!! The worst experience I ever had. I should have known the disaster was coming when I found this end table on line for $187 but when I tried to purchase it stated no longer available online. So no problem so i thought I'll go to Waldorf MD store to purchase. The same exact end table on their show room floor priced around $349. First indicator this is a huge problem. So anyway I pull up the internet sales price which had changed to $199 instead of $187. Ok still huge difference from $349. I purchase the table in February I believe around the 17th and was told the table was on back order but the ETA was March 12th. I called and visited around that time to be told my table would be another couple weeks because something was wrong in production of table. Called n visited again and my day kept getting pushed. Final call your table will be delivered to the warehouse on May 10th and should ne delivered to our store next day for pickup. I called the store yesterday May 10th and now my table will be delivered to another warehouse because our store is being renovated and someone will call you. Today I call store to locate my table still no table delivered and noone knows if its even on the truck for me to pickup from a warehouse that Im not even familiar with. So I have paid for a table almost or over a lil over 3 months ago now,paid for it to be shipped from warehouse to store that is now going to another warehouse that I know nothing about, and to add insult to injury they not even sure if the table is there and someone always says they will call and never do. With this experience I will never ever shop here again , not recommend my family or friends to shop here, hell I wouldnt even let my dog urinate by the building or on the sidewalk of this establishment. I am so disgusted with the time frame, no calls, and just blatant taking of my money and still nothing as of date. The worst experience ever of something I paid for already. I would get my money back if I hadn't went through so much time and effort and could have found the table somewhere else or something comparable.

Totally and utterly disgusted....Dianne Winder


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MARY - 12 d ago



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