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Ashley Furniture

1 Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI
Todd Wanek
(608) 323-3377
(608) 323-6008
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LIB - 3 h 54 m ago


Synchrony Bank is horrible and you should not use this resource to represent your company. I have never been late with Ashley's and they closed lower my credit line and then followed up an closed the account. Their justification, your revolving credit line is too close to balances and 2/3 of the revolving credit is managed by Synchrony and they lowered the credit lines to justify future closure. Me. Wanek - is this the kind of company that you desire to represent Ashley's just in case you have not checked, Synchrony has at least 4000 consumer complaints against the company in the past six months. Their credit billing and collection processes are horrible, not good for your business and not good for consumers. I respectfully ask your review and consideration for another billing and collection resource to act as your agent.

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Bob F - 10 h 33 m ago


When we purchased our items on November 16th, 2017 we specifically requested a "heads-up" call to give us 30-45 minutes prior notification of delivery in order to give me time to leave the office. Yama, your Sales Rep, guaranteed that your company could do that. I would have taken the day off otherwise. I called this morning, the delivery day, to remind your staff. Your systems were down but I was promised a call back. The only call I got was that the delivery drivers were at the house & leaving.

We wanted the furniture for Thanksgiving because we emptied out the living room - anticipating that you would deliver as promised. We'll be sitting on folding chairs for

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Anonymous - 11 h 34 m ago



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Robert Andersen - 16 h 20 m ago


We purchased a sleeper sofa with a 5 year warranty. It was misrepresented as leather. Never heard of Pleather. Manager of University City, NC tells me they don't have to tell you it's not leather. Horrible. Well now the cushion on one side is splitting into pieces and they won't do anything. They ask me when it happened and I told them when I seen it. My husband who has Alzheimers sits there and he didn't know. They used the excuse that we were supposed to tell them within 30 days. I told them when I seen it. So they wouldn't cover it. I only asked for a new cushion. I am not a greedy person. The rest of the sofa is fine. My husband is 86 and I am about 80. To treat seniors in this way is disgusting. My intention is for my son to take me in my wheelchair and my husband to this store and sit outside with my cushion and warn people. I also am on a site called Nextdoor In Charlotte which has 14,6087 people on it in my surrounding areas and have told them. The feedback I got was something else. So many complaints on your store here and on Facebook. It is a wonder you still stay in business. See in at the University store in Charlotte when my son takes us.

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Kathy V - 1 d 9 h ago


Customer service at Ashley is ignoring my repeated requests for help. About a year ago the leather on my sofa started peeling away. Called Ashley in March 2017. Spoke to Donna. She said to send pictures and I did. Waited and waited, finally called again a few weeks ago. Spoke to Erin. She said to send pictures. I did. She promised to get back to me. Saw that I had called previously, Donna no longer works there. Erin never called me back. Called a week later, spoke to George, he said to send pictures, I did. He never got back to me. Sent an email today begging for a response. Nothing. What do I have to do to get customer service from Ashley?

Claim # 779069

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Peggy - 6 d 6 h ago


I AM just sick over the furniture I purchased in Midland tx. It was sold under the pretense of leather. Every piece of the 3 piece set has peaked off completely. It is a mess. When I purchased my home I wanted good furniture that would last. I have tried to get help and no one would help me. My next resort is to put in on Facebook Twitter and get the news to do a story on this horrible furniture.

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SHERIDAN VERNON - 6 d 4 h ago


I purchased 2 reclining couches and after 5 years they started peeling. I hope and pray the company will do the right thing by both of us.

They had 2 class action suits on this issue in FL and CA. If they make good in some way I will tell the world of their integrity. If not

I will find an attorney to start a class action suit!

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warlord1522 - 1 d 17 h ago


I am also planning filing a law suit in Pa too

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Anonymous - 4 d 3 h ago


Even better if you go there and try buy a 24 piece table set that says $899 on their sticker price and on the back back $559 for just table set you will be charged $899 for table set without the rest of the pieces. When you go talk to them after you bought it you will get the response that it was a misprint and it's actually $899 for the table not $899 for 24 piece like the sticker says. Service stinks their returns stink pretty pathetic for name brand furniture company.

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MARY - 3 d 9 h ago



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Tina Butler - 4 d 15 h ago


Tina Butler - Clinton, MD

On October 8, 2017, I purchased a dining room table (Part of the Porter Collection), six chairs (Part of the Porter Collection), buffet (Part of the Porter Collection) and a living room sofa from the Ashley Furniture store in Waldorf, Maryland. After receiving the delivery on October 11, 2017, I noticed after a couple of days that three of the chairs were damaged. When you sit in the chairs they wobble because the legs are uneven, and they are unsafe for sitting. I contacted my sales representative for advice and she gave me a number for customer service. I called customer service and was given claim number 2816621 and after receiving the claim number, I was instructed on October 20, 2017 to send an email explaining the issue along with pictures of the damaged chairs. The information was sent via email on October 26, 2017; which I didn't receive a response and had to follow-up with them a few days later for a status. To my dismay, I didn't get a response from the customer service department, so I had to go to the Waldorf store to speak with the Office Manager to inform her that I haven't received a response from my email. She stated someone would get in contact with me regarding my issue.

I was contacted by a service representative from Ashley Furniture informing me that someone would call me on November 5, 2017 to schedule a service appointment to my house for November 6, 2017 and unfortunately, I didn't receive a phone call. On November 8, 2017, I returned to the store and spoke with the Store Manager and Office Manager again to express my displeasure with the lack of professionalism and customer service to resolve the issue with the damage chairs in a timely manner. I was notified again that I needed to speak to customer service. When I spoke with a customer service representative they explained that when an agent is sent to my house they would evaluate the chairs to determine if the legs can be cut to make them even with the other chairs. I explained to her that under no terms would I want the legs to be cut because it wouldn't match the height of the other three chairs. After our conversation, she informed me there was nothing she could do, and I was sent back to the store to resolve this matter.

After getting the run around by the store and service desk, I became very frustrated and I expressed to the Store Manager I needed the chairs replaced before Thanksgiving (November 23, 2017) because I have family members coming into town. The Store Manager promised me he would contact the warehouse after their staff meeting to expedite the replacement of the chairs.

When I arrived home late that day, I received a call from the service desk and I explained that the Store Manager was handling the problem, so she informed me there was nothing she can do. Afterwards, the Store Manager called me stating I should have had them make an appointment and requested that I call them back to schedule a date/time for the service call. In the process of speaking to the Store Manager, he informed me that the service representative told him that I hung up the phone on her; which was not true. I attempted to call the service desk six times with no response. In all the years I have purchased merchandise from varies stores I have never been treated as poorly as I have from Ashley Furniture. It's clear they don't value their customers' or believe in going the extra mile to provide good customer service to their clientele.

I was excited that I found furniture that I thought was of excellent quality and was very pleased with the sales representative that assisted me with my purchase; however, as I explained above it all failed apart once I got the merchandise delivered to my house and I had to report to the store there were damages to three of the chairs that were part of the Porter Collection.

In addition to the damaged chairs, I purchased a table protector and I still haven't received the cover; which was purchased along with the furniture on October 8 and was told I would receive the cover within 2-3 weeks.

I would appreciate any assistance you can provide so I can have a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family. If the chairs are not exchanged by Thanksgiving (November 23, 2017), I will notify the store to pick up all the furniture because it will be clear to me that having a satisfied customer is not a high priority for Ashley Furniture and I would rather spend my money with a company that values their customers.

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Shameful - 5 d 13 h ago

Mr Todd Wanek I would like to talk to you. But I guess I won't be able. Now I see why I'm treated the way I have been. You don't care . You have a 1/2dtsr rating.Shameful I'm 69 years old and have never been treated the way I have been. Your employees lie I'm sorry but I have to tell the truth. But if they have nothing to worry about they can do and get away with it.

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Disappointed x customer - 5 d 13 h ago


Very poor customer service and poor quality of products. Non caring attitude of the staff of the Yonkers, New York store. On "hold" with corporate office 20 minutes. I purchased a couch 13 months ago and I contacted Kiara in Yonkers with my concerns. All the wrong answers given to me. I will never shop at any of the Ashley stores. If you do you will be disappointed. You were warned.

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Anonymous - 12 d 12 h ago

Todd my Name is Shelia Burleson the wife of Mike Burleson. Tupelo Mississippi. After purchasing 15,000 in merchandise from your company I now feel I can open my own due the cmplecatiins I am still having after three months on one bed. Your company keeps delivered a broken bed then expected me as the customer to know all the parts to call in each time they have gotten it wrong yes this bed after 3 months is still not right and once again I am being told to call corporate with the part numbers so they can deliver for the 3rd time to put it together. Parts of the bed are laying around the bedroom just waiting. Now how is that for service. Very sad as far as I am concerned and I was told I was the one that should be taking pics. Lol not the guys who broke it. 3 months and still waiting calling corporate again today for more parts to bed maybe they will finally by Chrismas get it together. 662 841 0964. 662 231 8364

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SHERIDAN VERNON - 6 d 4 h ago


This conduct on Ashley's part is unconscionable

If not resolved file with the BBB and keep updated postings on this venue sooner or later they will realize

to stay in business you must treat the customer as valued!

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SHERIDAN VERNON - 6 d 4 h ago


Always use a credit card when purchasing so that if they don't fix the problem you can dispute the charge

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Melinda Coby - 6 d 7 h ago


Worst Experience EVER! I will never buy another Ashley furniture product as long as I live!! The couch was delivered with the stuffing coming out of it and within 30 days the motor had burned up in my recliner. Customer care is a joke and its been 2 weeks and no one has come out, even when I id what they asked me too!! Lawsuit in the making as far as I'm concerned!

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Sheridan Vernon - 6 d 4 h ago


Call them every day.

Take them to small claims court if they don t do the right thing.

You can represent yourself usual cost is less than $100

They will not likely show up at all so you win by default.

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Sheridan Vernon Leland NC - 6 d 4 h ago


I purchased 2 reclining couches in 2012 from Ashley Furniture Store Shallotte NC. The salesman told me the Durabond product feels like leather and lasts as long as leather. It does feel like leather, and we enjoyed the couches for 5 years. Then the defect occurred in the Durabond product. I am hoping that Ashley will be honorable and do something to mitigate my loss in a fair and equitable fashion. They had a class action suit in CA and FL on this same issue. I am not asking for full replacement and in fact am ready to purchase a sleeper sofa and sofa power recliner from I am confident that they are a company of integrity and will make it up to me on this defective material.

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Amy Cicio-perelgut - 6 d 6 h ago


Good evening, I purchased a Temperpedic bed with adjustable base from the Ashly store in Kissimmee from Ted Kramer on November 5th. I informed him I have a bad back due to some injuries. He suggested a couple of beds and I chose one of them. The total was $4044.85, and I put $1000 cash from my debit card. The rest was on my Ashley's Credit card. I have been a customer for over 10 years. I slept on it the first night and was not comfortable, I thought maybe I need a couple more nights to get used to the bed. Well, my back pain was worse. I ended up sleeping in my recliner, and my husband is very upset because he was also very uncomfortable. Ted informed me if the cooling mattress was to expensive I could purchase the temperature regulating mattress protector and it works the same way because I sweat at night. Well it seems like it only works when you have no sheets on the bed, because I did not feel cool at all. I also purchased the performance pillows, and again it was cool at the store but, not when a pillow case is on it. I spoke to a lady on November 14, she stated I needed to sleep on the bed for 30 days before making a decision on the bed. I informed her I hurt more sleeping on this uncomfortable bed. She stated she was an office manager and would have the manager or GM call me the next day on my cell after 7 because I work. I never received a call, and when I called at 8:30 they were closed. I am a very upset customer and would like my money back and have this mattress picked up. I would like a call from Todd Wanek at his earliest convenience please and thank you.

Amy Cicio-Perelgut

Saint Cloud, Florida

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Rose - 6 d 7 h ago


Shopping at Ashley and found several inconsistencies

Told all stores are now CORPORATE, but when you read about the Company, its clearly states that all stores are independently owned and operated.

This makes me nervous in purchasing from them.. very much so.

We went to one store and they were rude and insulant, and another store was pleasant and informative. Seems untrustworthy.

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Darla Gossett Kelley - 6 d 16 h ago


Darla Gossett Kelley - Newnan, GA

We have a king size bed that is 2 years old. The bed completely collapsed and was still under the extended warranty protection. First, the company said I didn't report the incident within 5 days of it happening, that is not correct, I did report it within 5 days of it happening.

Second, they send a technician out to look at our bed and he said to us it was definitely a faulty bed in design the way it broke and it probably was not put together correctly and he would report it. That is not what happened. The technician told #Ashley Furniture that the bed broke from abuse of the owners of misusing the bed. That is a bold face lie!!!!

Now, #Ashley Furniture is refusing to repair the bed. They are making us buy a bedframe and make ther repairs ourselves. This is outrageous! I have spent a lot of money with Ashley Furniture over the years, I will no longer buy from this company ever again. I will post a complaint on social media for everyone to know, trust me, I know a lot of people.

Please anyone reading this, NEVER purchase from #Ashley Furniture!! They do not and will not stand behind their warranty or word.

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Anonymous - 6 d 19 h ago



My name is Arthur. I am in need of the regional manager's email and/or contact number for the Morrow, GA location. My wife and I were given false information about a sofa, loveseat, and half chair. We paid $5000 for it. The set was not in the store for us to see it, but the salesperson showed it to us online. We were concerned about it being genuine leather as we had a set to peel before. When it arrived, we immediately noticed that it was not 100% as we were told and contacted the store manager, Tim. He said that it was nothing that could be done about it as Ashley does not have a return policy. If someone could please email this information to me at (hidden). Thank you.

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I brock - 7 d 16 h ago


Worst experience with Ashley furniture. They sold me shoddy furniture and when I asked for them to repair it. They asked me to send pictures of the damage. And have the nerve to tell me it's from wear and Tear. How does a fireplace/tv unit peel chip and crack. In less than two years. It's not a jungle gym. Your company is a bunch of thieves and liars.

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Woodbridge location is terrible!!!!!!! - 7 d 17 h ago


Rude sales reps that do not want to accommodate buyers. I spent 44K and received a damage dresser. I ordered it the first week in October and had a delivery date on 11/5/17. I ma still waiting to get my dresser re-delivered. I had a scheduled appointment fro tomorrow between 9-1pm when I requested PM delivery. Now I'm on the phone again arguing and it doesn't seem like any one cares. I will be calling the better business bureau. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS STORE TO ANY ONE!!!! I had a better experience with BOB's in the past but decided to buy better quality furniture. I was totally wrong!!!!

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