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Ashley Furniture

1 Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI
Todd Wanek
(608) 323-3377
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Ritz - 13 h 44 m ago


Dear Mr Wanek. Order number 90197110.your customer service is disgusting. We bought a couch from Todd Preuninger, who was very, very nice. (Rohnert Park, California.) it isn't Todd, it is the delivery service. We established a delivery date of April 25, between 11:15 and 3:15. Sounds good, right? 3:15 came and went, after sitting and waiting all day and missed several appointments. I called (hidden) . I was told I would get a call right back. Never did. I called again and talked to a minimum of 4 different people who put me on hold a minimum of one hour. I talked to Shannon, Michelle, Lulu and Jennifer and several robots. The answers varied "couldn't locate the truck or " can't find them" or"your couch isn't on the truck. "Oh, they didn't call and tell you" Ah, no.

What the hell is going on? Doesn't anyone care about the customer?

And you know what? Bad reviews travel much faster than good reviews and I know a lot of people. YOu SUCK. Ron and Judi Ritz

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Barbara Gibson - 1 d 19 s ago


I cannot go into all the dates and details of my experience only to say that I placed a order on 11/27/17 and as of last week just got order completed. Table has still not been serviced despite numerous calls and I was sent damaged merchandise off the floor but paid new prices. I just moved and was trying to buy all new furniture but it will not come from this store. The most deceitful thing was a side table I purchased and got the floor model and could have paid less if I had taken the floor model but did not want due to damage. Still got floor model. No return calls from Manager Patrick or sales person, Bonita Schell. When I did speak with sales person, she could not remember my problem for which she had assured me 30 days ago would be handle. Total incompetence on manager and salesperson. I would be very careful with buying at the store in Macon, Ga on Eisenhower Parkway.

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Todd or Ron Wanek - 2 d ago

My name is Norma Diane Thompson! (hidden). I purchased a Five Drawer Chest/Willowton at the new store in Mt Juliet, TN (hidden)) on 3-1-18 on sale for 316.83 inc. tax. I paid cash. I measured that night & it will not fit in the small space where I need it. I called the store the next morning & canceled the order at 10:02 AM. I spoke with my salesman. He forgot to cancel at that time but I went to the store to make sure he did what I asked & he hadn't but he took care of it while I was there on 3-2-18 with the girl at the front desk. She told me I would have my money by no later than March 16 or 17. It is April 24th. & still no refund. I have been speaking with the store & Customer Care since March 17. April 23 Customer Care informs me that the store didn't send the refund paperwork through correctly & they have do the paperwork over. I need help from the CEO or someone that can expedite my refund. I believe the Corporate office is in Memphis. I have worked in customer service & Management for another Company & if we treated a customer like this we wouldn't have had a job. Without customers none of us in most industries would have a job. Please pass this along to someone with authority. Thank you!

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Sandie Barone - 1 d ago

Does anyone from corporate respond to these complaints/comments?

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Cheri Hart - 2 d ago


To Whom It May Concern: After several attempts to resolve this issue I would like for Ashley Furniture to be advised that I will be inquiring for legal advise on a purchase of a Love/Reclining Seat with a Console. I purchase this item on February 21st 2018 to this day April 24th I am still waiting on a piece of frame work to be delivered that was bent during delivery. Let me go through the steps of my experience with Ashley Furniture:

I was set up for a Saturday delivery because I work. I was contacted on Friday before delivery on Saturday that my love seat would not be delivered until Monday March 5th (?). I had to get someone to stay at my house to accept the deliver because I work. March 7th I called the sales lady to inform her that the love seat was not the one I order. She was at dinner and asked if she could call me back. To this day I have not received a call from her. Saturday March 10th I went to the Sugar Land store and spoke to the store manager and the customer service Rep. They both guaranteed me the problem would be resolved. I would get the love seat that I ordered delivered and they would pick up the one that was sitting in my living room when they delivered the correct one. I had to wait 6 weeks for the one that I ordered to be delivered. By the way the one they order was black (I ordered navy blue) manual (I order electric) leather (I order microfiber). I would say the whole order was screwed from the beginning. I have called several times regarding the bent frame; still have not received the bent frame. I asked that the General Manager give me a call still have not received that call Mike Gomez out of San Antonio. I can guarantee you that I will be sure that no one shops at Ashley Furniture. I work for a world wide school district here and we do have websites where we can post. Fort Bend is a large county and community.

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Amanda - 2 d ago


HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!! No return phone calls or responses to email sent to the managers of the Manchester, CT store. (Because they change so often) Having an issue with this store since last August and STILL NO RESOLUTION!!! Montage Furniture repair that Ashley Furniture uses is a JOKE! Their customer service is just as bad. This company does not care about their customers! Too much turn around with the managers at this store. Told they would get us a refund on the coverage we paid for the protection from Montage Furniture. There has been no communication. Every time I inquire about an email I have sent the Manchester store, I don't get a response. Not sure if every store is like this, but I do not recommend buying anything from the Manchester, CT store or purchasing the Montage Furniture protection because they don't care about you as a customer! Maybe if I get the media involved something will be done.

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Tami - 3 d 17 h ago

My husband and I were looking around Ashley furniture. My husband sat down in recliner loveseat and liked it. I told him I'm not paying 1500$ for one piece of furniture till get house remodeled. Sales person came and asked how he liked it. Needless to say I told him I wouldn't buy unless it was 50% off. He left to find out if President sale still on. He came back and said today was last day of sale. I told him as long as loveseat was 50% off we would buy it but need to wait for tax return. He said could do 90 day no interest. We said that would be fine. My husband signed for 90 day same as cash. We left store. They ordered loveseat and said it would be in 2 weeks. When we got home store called and asked for 80$ processing. We paid over phone. They called and said furniture was in. I told them I'll come by and get sales slip sense they didn't give us one before left store. They said to go to warehouse and have them pull up on computer. We loaded in covered trailer but didn't unload till we got help. 2 days later we got bill from progressive for 90$ every 2 weeks till paid off. This is not 90 day same as cash. The loveseat was not 50% off. I went to store on Lima rd in fort Wayne, Ind. and asked to talk with manager. Guess who manager was our sales person. I told him loveseat was not 50% . He said the store has never had sale like that. I had in hand a sales advertisement for 75% off. He said sale up to 75% off and I said still some furniture was 50% off. My question was as manager why didn't you give us our sales slip when left store and didn't want us to pick up slip before picking furniture. And why did you leave to check on sale when you are manager. He refused to talk more.

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Rhonda - 6 d 20 h ago


I do not recommend anyone to buy mattresses from Ashley. What everyone does not understand is that it's not just your local location it is corporate as well. I believe that their mattresses are either knock offs or the rejects from manufacturers. So disappointed in Ashley and Simmons.

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amy smith - 7 d ago


purchased a 5 piece bedroom suit AND a kitchen table with 4 stools on March 1, 2018. I paid in full. a delivery date was set up in the store for march 23. the delivery dept calls on march 21 and says i will get a partial order, as the table is on back order. i was fine with that. i get another call a few hours later, from the delivery dept., saying they do not make deliveries in my town on fridays, only on thursdays. i had a family member take off work to be there on delivery day. we rescheduled for another day. the manager said she would take off my delivery fee. i received a partial order. Finally, the day my back order table was delivered, IT WAS THE WRONG TABLE!!! the sales associate typed in the wrong number. Now, they are scheduled to bring it on May 3!! this is the worst service i have ever experienced. my first and last time shopping at ashley furniture. i will never recommend this furniture store to anyone.

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Doug Snyder - 7 d 41 s ago


Purchased a hutch back in December of last year. It wasn't delivered until mid January of 2018. Two days later (this is an important date because you only have 24 hours by contract) in addition to an obnoxious odor, I noticed that one of the doors was loose and the frame around another was cracked. I called Ashley and after a very frustrating conversation, they agreed to ship out new parts. Another month passed and the parts arrived from China. A few more weeks passed and a service tech showed up to do the repairs. Keep in mind that every time either my wife or I had to take time off of work to be there. While doing the repairs the third door cracked and wood pieces fell on the floor. The tech wrote his report requesting a new hutch be shipped. I spoke with corporate asking for a refund which was instantly denied and strongly argued. They did tell me that the new hutch would be delivered to the local store, inspected then brought out to my home. THAT NEVER HAPPENED. I spoke to the driver who informed me that he picked it up at the warehouse and delivered it. The first time he "inspected" it was when it was in my driveway. So lets think about this.. the driver is the furniture inspector. Do you see anything wrong with this picture? I digress. I refused the replacement hutch as it too was scratched and in the same or worse condition than the original. Now I'm waiting on yet another hutch to be delivered in May. Lets do the math...that's 6 months after the original order has been placed and all I hear from Ashley is that they are being "courteous" in even issuing replacements because my initial inquiry was past the 24 hours by contract for inspection.

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Chris - 8 d 8 h ago


To whom it may concern,

I went to Ashly furniture in lake forest California on 4/13/2018 to purchase a sectional furniture. I choose a set and the store manager told me he will give me 24 percent discount and when I purchase it I was told in any circamstance I can not return it. When I received the sectional furniture I noticed it does not have the right quality and I paid $2900 for it. I complained th store manager and he informed me you could exchange it but it must be same or higher price therefore in order I choose the better quality I went to other store in Ashly located in fountain valley and looking for a better quality of furniture may be more expensive one, however I came across same furniture that I purchased from lake forest Ashly. The sells person was telling me about that particular sectional furniture and inform me could give me 50 percent discount I asked him to put it in writing so I got a copy of that receipt and took it to store in lake forest and showed it to store manager and I told him I want same discount and he informed me and scream at me on 4/17/2018 that I can not give you discount and you purchase it and even you can not exchange it and get out of my store. I have everything and documents in writing and informing you as a customer please do not shop in Ashly furniture because their customer service is very bad and they scream at you and throw you out instead to help you and be 100 percent behind the furniture that they sell. I am going to authority and make a complain against the store manager and Ashly furniture. Please do not buy their furniture

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Ticked Off - 8 d 15 h ago


I will never EVER refer anyone to this store. I've had nothing but trouble from the beginning !!!! It has been two months and still waiting for them to get it right. DON'T GO THERE..............

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Sonja - 8 d 18 h ago


WOW Looks like I am NOT ALONE in being ANGRY with Ashley Furniture. My issues started over a month ago. I wanted to purchase a dining room set with gray fabric chairs. The salesman told me I could buy the table I liked and that he would find me chairs that would work with it. He ask the advice of another salesman who directed him to chairs that she said "WOULD WORK PERFECTLY". So, I TRUSTED them because they said they used to have them in the store and they remember what they looked like and said again that they would work. I asked the salesman "What happens if they come in and they dont match?" He said "no problem we can take them back". So I ordered the set and paid cash for it. They set the delivery date and told me they would call 2 days prior to give me a window for delivery. Well, I called the Monday before they were to be delivered on that Friday JUST to MAKE SURE we were still on for Friday. She said " will get a call Wednesday with a time". I said "ok". Wednesday comes, NO CALL. Thursday comes, NO CALL. FINALLY I call them late afternoon on Thursday and tell them I have not received my delivery call. I am then told....."OH, your chairs are in our Springfield Dist. Center and they DON"T DELIVER to your area. You are going to have to pay @220.00 for a 3rd party moving company to deliver it". I was like "THE HELL I DO". After arguing for over a half hour I told them it was THEIR MISTAKE NOT MINE and that they were going to have to figure out how I was going to get my furniture. I get a call about 2 hours later telling me it would be delivered on SATURDAY....NOT FRIDAY as originally scheduled because that's when the 3rd party could get it to me. I gave up and said OK. I get a call Friday telling me they will deliver it between 5-7 PM so we make sure we are at our new house to meet them by 5. At 6:30 I call Ashley furniture to see if they are going to be on time. She gives me the owner of the 3rd party moving company's phone number so I can address any issues with him. I call him to see where his guys are. He says he will find out and call me back. A few minutes later I get a call from the guys who are delivering it. They tell me it's going to be 10:00 PM before they arrive. I flippin blew a gasket. But it gets BETTER. At 10;00 I get a call from the guys telling me it will be 11;30PM before they make it to my house because they are just now leaving Springfield which is a good 2 hours from our new house. So my husband and I are sitting in the house we are remodeling, we have NO FURNITURE other than 2 outside folding chairs. We have been waiting since 4:45pm. 7 HOURS we spent waiting for this dining room set. when they finally's 11;45 PM. They start putting everything together and we notice the chairs arn't even remotely close to the same color of stain on the table. However, since the 3rd party moving company doesn't work for Ashley directly they cannot do anything about it. When they got done at 3:00A.M...yes i said 3:00 A.M.they packed up their stuff and left. I started cleaning up all the styro foam that was all over the floor and noticed something weird on the shelf attached to the base of the table. My husband got down and looked and it was BUSTED,.....By now we are tired beyond words and FURIOUS!! So sunday morning I drive 1.5 hours to the COLUMBIA store to talk to the manager about returning it all and getting my money back. HE SAYS....I can't help you. Our higher up manager will have to help you but he's in Memphis at meetings. This is now Tuesday and I can't get ANYONE to fix this issue. We move in to our new house next week and Id love a table and chairs to eat off of. I keep getting jerked around by corporate and the local store personel. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau but who knows when they will get this resolved. They were quick to take my cash when i bought this JUNK but they sure aren't quick to reimburse me $1400.00 for this stuff. I need my money back so I can order another dining room set from another company if I can find one. So YES.....FURIOUS doesn't even come close to describe how we are feeling right now. I'm giving this till Friday of this week (ONE WEEK from when it was suppose to be delivered) for them to pick up their crappy product and give me my money back or I am contacting an attorney and filing a lawsuit against them.

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#youcannotstillbeinbusiness - 9 d 14 h ago


I cannot believe this company is still in business due to their customer service. The people in the store seem to be good, but their customer service call in number is horrific. I even spoke to a manager "Robert" and he was just as rude as the customer service agent I was speaking to in the first place. We had purchased a dining room set and an ottoman from the Ashley store in Tukwila WA., the salesman said don't worry if you get it home and don't like it you can exchange it, that's where it all went wrong. They brought out the exchanged items and it was the wrong stuff, apparently my salesman wrote down the wrong item number, OK fine, rescheduled the delivery for next week, delivery truck shows up to pick up our items but doesn't bring the new items, I have been on hold with Ashley customer service at 1(hidden) twice now for over a 20 min wait. The manger said oh we are busy today. Uh what about last week when I was on hold for 24 min? Oh we were busy then also. NOT 1 SINGLE time did he apologize until after 35 min of arguing, and then I brought it to his attention that that was the 1st time he's apologized this whole time and he actually argued with me about that trying to say he did. uh no because maybe just maybe I wouldn't have been so angry. He said he will work with me to get a different delivery date that works for me, OK I said in the afternoon after 4pm works for me since i will be off, he says i can only give you a 3 hour window, after explaining to him that I have a job he says fine when do you not work I said Sunday, he says we don't deliver on Sunday's, I said OK, fine the 21st will work, I will leave work early and be home. Oh we cannot do the 21st its full. UH HOW IN THE WORLD ARE YOU WORKING WITH ME? What he should have said was I am trying to work with you on my schedule not yours, that at least would have been an accurate statement. SO I asked for a full refund. NO he said, what am I supposed to do then? He said be home at a time that is convenient, OK well I just told you, he says pick a different day. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Robert has no business being a manager and the customer service agents need to pick up the phone, oh and when you select the option for a customer service rep to call you back so you don't have to be on hold...don't fall for it they say you won't loose your place in line, however when they don't call you back for over 2 hours you know you lost your place in line, another lie that Ashley furniture provides to it's customers. I will never shop there again. Luckily we have lots of furniture stores to choose from in our area. Does anyone know Todd Wanek's email so I can personally email him?

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Jenn Brunworth - 9 d 1 h ago

This place is a joke! Did you ever hear back about Wanek's email address? There's a phone number above so I'm going to try that!

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Jennifer Brunworth - 9 d 1 h ago


Wow, and here I thought my complaint might actually be heard. When I look at all of the comments here I see that I am just one more in a line of very unhappy customers.

I recently purchased $8,500 of furniture for a condo in Gulf Shores, AL. Since I do not live there full time, I went to my local store in O'Fallon, IL and make the purchases there and arrange for delivery. I was informed that the nearest distribution center was approximately 2.5 hours away so they would need to see if this was possible. The salesman and manager in O'Fallon called the distribution center and verified that this was possible so we began to choose furniture. During that process, I deliberately choose items that were in stock and available for the delivery date of 4/13/18. I even had to choose alternate items because some of my first choices were not available for deliver on that date.

On Wednesday 4/11/18 I received an automated phone call confirming my delivery between the hours of 12:45pm and 3:45pm. The next day I flew to Gulf Shores to receive this delivery AS PLANNED AND CONFIRMED. On 4/13/18 (delivery day) I was at the delivery location with my phone at my side beginning at 10:00am. By 2:00pm I was concerned that I had not heard from anyone but since there was still 1 hour and 45 minutes remaining in the delivery window I continued to wait patiently. At 3pm I still had not heard from the delivery driver so I called the 800#. When I spoke to the customer service rep she informed me that my delivery had been CANCELLED because some of the items were not available for delivery. WHAT? I asked why not one called me to inform me and her reply was simply that she had not way on knowing that information.

So, I asked to speak to a manager and I was given the terrible misfortune of speaking to Fabian. Fabian placed me on hold for an eternity while he tried to call the distribution center. Then he came back on the line only to tell me that no one was answering the phone because, '"after all ma'am, it's Friday afternoon". After approximately 30 minutes on the phone/on hold, Fabian told me that he would have to call me back. Guess what...HE NEVER DID!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! I called back that evening and was told that Fabian was too busy to take my call.

I called again the next morning (Saturday) and had to re-explain the situation to Natalie the customer service rep AND Shantez the supervisor on duty. After talking to Shantez and getting nowhere I told him that I wanted to cancel the order and he flippantly said..."well then , you'll need to call your local store because I can't do that from here".. Seriously?????? Then, as I expressed my frustration with the lack of customer service Shantez actually laughed at me. At this time, I hung up and called the O'Fallon store as instructed. Upon speaking to Maria who answered the phone she informed me that the manager, Corbin, was busy and he would call me back. I explained the situation and expressed my utter disgust and she promised that Corbin would call me back. GUESS WHAT...HE DIDN'T. I called 2 more times on Saturday and he NEVER would take my call. On Sunday I had to fly home so I called from the car. I was told that Corbin wasn't in but that another manager would call me back. I firmly said absolutely not, I needed to speak with someone NOW. I was then placed on hold for 18 minutes during which time the call was repeatedly picked up and placed back on hold. So, I grabbed another phone and called again! This time I got Tyra who was actually...wait for it...helpful. She magically got Corbin on the line. He immediately started to provide a million excuses about his reprehensible customer service practices. I told him to just save his breath and confirm that my $8,500 order was cancelled. He did confirm it and told me that I'd have to just wait patiently for my refund.

I am just disgusted and furious about the complete lack of customer service I experienced here. I flew 900 miles to receive a confirmed delivery of furniture and literally all I got was the run around. Evidently, the customer isn't important to you. I have been an Ashley customer for years and while I know that $8500 isn't much to you it WAS an indication of my giving you my business and customer loyalty. You have lost that from me and from every single person I talked to since Friday.

I would like to receive a reply from Todd Wanek to explain his tolerance of ineptness, rudeness and complete disregard for service recovery from his employees.

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Mad Mom - 9 d 16 h ago

This company does not seem to care about anyone after the purchase is complete!! In July 2016 my daughter and I went to the Jantzen Beach store in Oregon to take advantage of the 2 year no interest special and get a new sectional. When they delivered it we realized it was too big for our family room so she went back to exchange it. We thought everything was fine until 6 months later when she got a bill that had interest on it. She called the store and they said they saw the mistake and would fix it and call her back. A year and a half later we are still fighting it!! No one EVER calls us back and you can never get ahold of the Manager. Now we have called many times. So many that I finally started keeping track. I have finally spoken to the Manager Mike and he told me today he thought it was taken care of and stated to me that they don't have 24 month financing. I said yes they do. He said again to me he would look into it and get back to me but I know he won't. On top of all this I thought Ashley furniture was supposed to be good but our fabric started to ball up right away and a piece of the wood frame broke and is poking out. I could understand if we were rough on our furniture but we are not. I have complained through the Corporate email and they didn't care either. Told me the dispute was between us and that local store. I will never ever shop at Ashley's again and I tell everyone I know not to either. I guess customer service and loyalty is just a thing of the past. My daughter is a very hard working single mom and this company has caused her a lot of grief. We know now that nothing will be done to fix it so I guess we will have to deal with it but I will slam Ashley's till I die!! Bad company values!!!!!

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KATRINA GARNER - 9 d 17 h ago

I'm sorry to be writing this but I have been waiting on my furniture from Ashley Furniture in East Peoria Illinois since January 30th I have been getting the runaround every since it is April 16th and I still don't have my bed I call and call and call and I am done! They keep telling me that the headboard wasn't an now they're telling me that the legs wasn't in I don't know what to do but I've been sleeping on two mattresses since March my bad was supposed to be in on March 10th she called me on March 9th to tell me that it wouldn't be in and it'll be additional 10 more days. I called Champaign Illinois and she told me that it will be in April 16th I'm tired of waiting. It is April 16th and they called me today to tell me that they still would not deliver my bed because everything isn't in. I got a credit card through Ashley Furniture, the bill came in and the man told me that I had to pay the bill or it would reflect my credit. But I still don't have a bed. To keep my credit right I paid the bill but still no furniture. I am done I don't want the furniture, and the lady told me that I have to pay a 10% restocking fee if I change my mind and I don't want this furniture. I don't have any furniture you have not unstocked any furniture so why do I have to pay a restocking fee?... All I want is the money that I put down all of it, and the payment of $100 that I made to Ashley credit card.... Thank you Katrina Garner my phone number is 231-9709 with an area code of 309. Will someone please get back with me these people in Champaign don't want to hear what I have to say

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Gail - 10 d 15 h ago


I'm attaching a letter I wrote and am going to send to corporate. This is the store in Colton CA.

On April 8th 2018 I went to Ashely and purchased 2 Northshore bar stools from sales rep Estevan Garcia. When I asked him how much they were he told me "487.00, but with the 34% discount they would be 292. I agreed. He then came back to me and said that the barstools were actually $550.00 but that I would be still getting them for the 292 or whatever the price was. I asked if they were in stock cause I would like them by Tuesday the 10th. He looked on his computer and said yes, there were 60 in stock. If I wanted them by Tuesday he told me I could come to the warehouse and pick them up. I would need to call the next day, Monday, and make an appt to pick them up. I asked him if they could put them together for me and he said "absolutely". The next day I called the warehouse to schedule and appt and the girl I talked to said they didn't have any in stock. I told her I was told by Estevan that they were already in stock. She then told me they were supposed to get them in Sunday but the shipment was delayed. They would not get them in until Tuesday sometime and that if I wanted to come and pick them up, they would be ready to pick up on Thursday given they needed 2 days for processing. I said ok and that I would call back on Wednesday. I called Estevan back and asked him what was going on and why he told me they had 60 in stock. He told me that he knew the barstools weren't there but told me a lie basically. He didn't know that the shipment was delayed. I then called on Wednesday to schedule a pickup. I made an appt time for noon and when I asked the girl about assembly. She told me "we don't do that here". I told her that my sales rep said they did. She said he was mistaken. I then called the store back and contacted Carlos, a store manager. I told him I did not want to assemble them myself and that I would cancel the order and order something somewhere else for less. I was not going to pay $600 for a box of bar stool parts and have to do all the work. He asked me if he could save the order by having them shipped to my home and assemble them here. No charge for delivery and he would send me a $100.00 gift card. I agreed. He contacted me a couple hours later and told me that he had scheduled delivery for Sunday the 15th and that I would get a text confirming a 4 hour window. When Sunday arrived I got several conflicting messages. I got a phone message from Martin telling me that only one of my barstools had arrived and that the other one was on back order and they had no ETA of when I would get my other one. I then got a text message only minutes later telling me that my furniture order was on its way and gave me the ability to track my order. The tracking app said I was number 10 on the route. It also said that there were 2 barstools coming. At 2:15pm I got a phone call from the store telling me that I only had one barstool coming. I told the girl that the online tracking said there were 2 barstools. She didn't know what to say, she seemed quite confused. I told her that Carlos the manager told me that there are 2 barstools in one box, maybe that was what was confusing her. Maybe she only saw one box. She agreed and no more was said. Approximately 3:00pm the delivery truck showed up at my home, but they told me they only had one barstool. I asked the gentleman if he had a box with parts in it. He seemed confused and did not speak English very well. I finally got it out of him that the barstool was in the truck already assembled and not in a box. I guess he put the barstool together in the truck because I was told they didn't put things together in the warehouse. Anyway, I refused delivery and am going to cancel my order due to non delivery of items requested and guaranteed and extremely poor customer service. I will be returning the $100.00 gift card to Carlos because I will never shop at Ashley again.

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William Woods - 11 d 12 m ago


I order a headboard and platform bed om 3/20/17 From the Linden NJ store.

The wrong item was deliverd on 3/28 due to store error.

Furniture was reoredered 3/30 and promised delivery on 4/7.

On 4/5 i was told the furniture would not be delivered but would be at warehouse on 4/15.

Called 4/15 and was told there were no updates from the warehouse.

We have been longtime ashley customers. My wife has vowed never to use Ashley again and to tell everyone she knows to stay away. We have been sleeping on mttresses on a floor for the past 3 weeks. Shame on you Ashley for poor customer service.

William Woods

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Extremely Unhappy Customer - 11 d 19 h ago



Wanted to bring this to yoir notice on the worst experience we had purchasing furniture from Ashley store, STERLING,VA. On March 25th we went to the store, there were 3 theater recliners on the floor, we liked the item # 7250406-Dossman recliner negotiated the price on each to be $500 and paid ipfront for 6 chairs( Store associate Brianne helped us in this ). However at the kiosk we were unaware that a wrong item was ordered instead of this and not knowing about this fact, trusting the store we signed on the transaction. ( how would i know the item numbers).therby wrong chairs were delivered to us, as me n my husband work full time, had my mom to help support this delivery. She thought these are the chairs we ordered and signed the delivery. Immediately after seeing pictures we contacted the store, the associate manager, several customer service reps who mentioned it was escalated to VP of sales.

The resolution was for us to pay additional 200 a chair to get the ones we ordered upfront for something that is not our fault ending up with something cheap and the leather is stinking that it

is now hard to even go to the theater room

Future Customers: BEWARE OF THIS and ensure that the sales rep are ordering what you requested.


Unhappy Customer

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Brian Lehman - 12 d 19 h ago


Mr. Wanek, I wanted to take a moment to recognize two of your associates that work in your Orlando, Fl store in Waterford Lakes shopping center. Cedric (the Manager) and Aleena (sales person). Aleena was very attentive to my wife and I upon our visit and assisted us in selecting the right living room set. The delivery date was set. We had family and friends visiting us during our delivery window and getting the furniture that day was of upmost importance as I sold my old Ashley furniture to my neighbor down the street. The delivery persons showed up and only had a loveseat, end tables and coffee table. The couch and recliner were not on the truck. The loveseat had a large tear in it. Needless to say, I was furious. I tactfully called Ashley and told Aleena my situation. While waiting the delivery driver got a bad attitude for having to wait and called his boss and quit his job on the spot. I was very embarrassed that this was taking place in front of my family and friends. Aleena immediately made phone calls, even to Cedric who was on vacation to correct the problem. Unfortunately, she was not able to magically make a couch and recliner appear and told me I would have to reset my delivery date. I had to ask my neighbor for my old furniture back (embarrassing). Upon return from his vacation, Cedric immediately contacted me and asked me for a second chance to make it right. I believe in second chances and told him to go for it. He was able to set up delivery again in a few weeks. We just got our furniture a couple days ago and there wasn't one problem with it. It looks incredible. My wife is very happy, so happy in fact that we purchased a new mattress along with some accessories for our new living room. Of course, Cedric was there helping us instead of passing us off to one of his sales associates. He wanted to make sure our experience was positive personally. Crazy, but guess who called me yesterday to ask if everything was good to go?.....Aleena. Great people, who turned a horrible situation into a positive. Promote these people immediately!!! If you indeed read these posts, feel free to call me Todd and I would like to give you some of my feelings on this experience, positive and negative. I think it may help with some of the other reviews I see here. No Bueno!!! Take Care, Brian Lehman

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Theresa - 13 d 11 h ago


I want to make a complaint against your company in grapevine I've been buying furniture there for awhile and I do that lease to own I've been dealing with different people and I'm having a problem with one person at this location his name is Richard he is out of the grapevine store in Texas I tried to make my payments on time but I was having a problem and I was a month behind and so I finally made my payment for March well dealing with this guy starts giving me an attitude telling me that if i don't make my payment for April they will come take the furniture he is not an understanding person after I pay this off I will not be getting any more furniture from that place I'm not happy with this guy

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Mark - 13 d 17 h ago


609 S. Kelly Ave., Suite E-8

Edmond, OK 73003

Toll Free (hidden)

Ph (hidden)

Fx (hidden)

Good afternoon, I'm writing because my extended warranty plan I purchase from our Ashley Furniture here locally, but I am so dissatisfied with the customer service and the reason of denial I received from your associate when I called in to see where we were at with my claim. I found out that my claim wasn't even started, and no one notified me, due to being is there are multiple damage to each piece of furniture, Hello! I did purchase an extended warranty. So this is whats gonna Happen!

you either honor the contract that you breached.

Replace the furniture that was stated by Flor that could not be fix.

we go to court and I suit for breach of contract, false advertisement, and report this to The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and request all furniture to be replaced at Furniture Care Protection expense.

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Manfred - 14 d ago


Ordered 3 pieces from Ashley HomeStore online, a sectional couch ottoman, a desk chair and a lamp. The only thing that was delivered undamaged was the lamp and most of the sectional and ottoman. One part of the sectional didn't even make it in the house, becaues the delivery guys noticed it was damaged and loaded it back up again. The desk chair arrived in a box and part of that was damaged. The sectional piece that was damaged was eventually delivered and that issue is complete. However, trying to order the single piece of the desk chair that was damaged has been a joke. The chair sits on a base with 5 spoke legs with casters. Each leg is covered in a wooden cap and one of those pieces of wood was split. I called the next day to complain and find out about getting a replacement. I described the part that was broken and was told it was being ordered and would be delivered by UPS. Took like 2 1/2 weeks to get the package and when I picked it up thought, man this is a small box for a long wooden piece and after opening it, find that the plastic sleeve that covers the center extendable post. So, I call them again to complain that the wrong part was sent out. Talk to a guy and explain again what part i need. He seems to understand and completely agrees that the first rep misunderstood what part I neeeded, and assured me the correct part would get sent out and would be rushed. That was 10 days ago. Called again today, since I still have received nothing. Talk to a rep that looks up my order and tells me that what was on order was th entire base and all the wooden caps and I don't know what else. I start to go off about why the heck all of this stuff was being ordered, when all I needed was this one wooden cap (which the rep tried to tell me was plastic) and in fact, the base that was ordered was actually holding up the whole order for probably another 2 weeks!! She got all huffy and was telling me to have faith in her, and blah blah blah.... I was like, have faith in you?? I had faith in the first two people I talked to and they ordered a plastic sleeve and a new base and 5 wooden caps! How can I have faith in someone to do their job right when the last 2 people couldn't get it right?? Have never ordered from Ashley before, and we have ordered furniture before from other stores, but this is the first and last time with Ashley... What a train wreck of an experience... I would have given them 0 stars, but they did manage to stick to their delivery dates for the sofa and ottoman, and the delivery guys were nice, so I had to give them credit for that.

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