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Ashley Furniture

1 Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI
Todd Wanek
(608) 323-3377
(608) 323-6008
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Disappointment - 1 h 49 m ago


Good Morning

Mr. Wanek, I would like to say that I have had the WORST experience with one of your stores in Catonsville, MD. We have purchased a bedroom set , it was delivered and setup several months ago going on a year in two days. However, we notice that the dresser drawers to the tall cabinets kept coming out closing like it should and the longer dresser have a BIG hoe in the back. Contacted the store and got the run around to repair these things. This poor service NEVER repair the dressers, They schedule a window 12 to 4pm on Saturday 22, 2016. ALL day we sat and waited NO call no show. I am very disappointed in this service and value not to go back.


Ms. Gwen Wiggins

I'm so disappointed

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


I have been told that I was scheduled for repair on 3 different occasions, all 3 times i called the day they were suppose to come to get a time (because i never got a confirmation call with a time) and they tell me that im not on their schedule! I have not had this furniture a year. I have been trying for 6 months to get it fixed. My husband and i paid for the "protection" plan. I just want a full refund and to return this shitty furniture

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DEBBIE BRILEY - 2 d 25 m ago


WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PRODUCT EVER!!! Our home flooded back in Novermber 2016, The end of February we went to Ashley's decided to buy a power couch and loveseat with recliners. The couch has not worked from day one. We have 3 parts sitting at our home that are the wrong parts. The furniture has been discontinued and they just want to give us credit for the Sofa!!!! REALLY!!! ITS DISCONTINUED YOU GAVE US A SOFA THAT WAS NOT WORKING FROM DAY ONE! NOT TO MENTION THE GUYS SET IT UP WRONG AND THE CORD WAS SEVERED ON THE LOVESEAT!!!! MR WANEK!!!! I WANT MY 3000.00 BACK SO I CAN GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS. I GUESS I SHOULD HAVE READ THESE COMMENTS BEFORE I BOUGHT.



ORANGE, CA 92867

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Disappointed. - 4 d 16 s ago


Customer service is non-existent. Ordered a full set of bedroom furniture over six weeks ago. Have received no communication from anyone. Whenever I call to check on the furniture, I get the full run around and no one ever returns my call. Finally got in touch with the manager, he promised to call me back with information but did not. I just cancelled my order. You would think cancelling a $3,500 order would upset them. They were more concerned about getting my signature on the cancellation. I'll spend my money somewhere that appreciates it.

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Jen - 2 d ago


I am having this same problem. A "manager" on the phone literally told me go ahead and call corporate it's not going to do you any good. They sent me a mattress with a hole in it and they want ME to do all the work and take pictures.

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i - 3 d 50 s ago


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Lisa - 4 d ago


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Anonymous - 4 d 4 h ago

This is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with I would not buy one thing from Ashley Furniture I purchased a bedroom set several months ago it was damaged they delivered it 4 times it is now the 4th delivery of damaged furniture and not one person from the corporate office will call me

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Denise Santa Cruz - 4 d 14 h ago


I have had peeling leather on 2 couches and 2 recliners from your Fountain Valley Store, FValley, Ca. 92708. I did accept a replacement. It was inspected by an Independent Inspector. It did not meet his or my Standards. It was sent back after much delay. I was seeking the small Monetary replacement instead of being sent ANOTHER replacement. Your Management at the Fountain Valley Store said "No". After shopping at ASHLEY'S for the past 10 years I, never want to do it again. THEY treat you like you were NEVER a customer before. Is the money coming from the Store Manager's back pocket????? She seemed to act this way. I will let everyone I know never to shop there again. All products I have purchased have been peeling....Your California store does not know what Wisconsin is doing, the Warehouse in Colton does not either. Terrible PR skills.

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Anonymous - 5 d ago


Received damaged product upon pick up from warehouse. Representative said we HAD to take the piece because it had our name on it and he would not switch it out. He was max that we questioned about it and all it had was a sticker that said RETURN "manufacturer defect". We took it home after another 20 mins of arguing and being ignored. We just hoped that the defect was not severe. Once it was put together we saw that the surface of the desk was not finished. Half of it was smooth and glossed and the other side was rough and unfinished.

Customer service is non existing. We had some other issues with another item on the same order but we just decided to cancel that portion. Lucky us.

To think we never had a problem with our past purchases in Florida... Moved to Ga expecting the same service and we are severely disappointed.

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sandy - 5 d 18 h ago


Customer service is awful, store manager was rude. You have to pay for delivery, they dropped my furniture and broke it and were rude. Would not recommend them ever again.

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Grace - 6 d 16 h ago


Service is the pits with this company. I made a delivery complaint 3 weeks ago (at the Chesapeake, VA store)and asked for a return call from the manager. Of course he never called me and looking at the comments from everyone on here hell will freeze over first before I get that call.

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Disappointed - 7 d 30 m ago


I can shit furniture out of my ass that's of better quality than what Ashley Furniture sells.

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Anonymous - 7 d 23 m ago

I ordered 2 sofa and love seat sets. I PAID CASH for both items and chose a delivery date of Oct 20, 2016 which included a $145.00 delivery charge. The company had 3 weeks to deliver the 4 pieces. I was asked to choose a delivery date from your store computer. I specifically asked the salesman to be sure my 4 items would be available and deliverable. To which he confirmed it was and it would be.

I answered a text regarding delivery and confirmed acceptance for Oct 20, 2016, I arranged for someone to be at my home to visually inspect each item prior to signing for delivery.

On October 20th at 7-730 PM, I get a call from Ashley furniture asking me if delivery could be delayed 24 hours because the ITEM was not in the warehouse and they did not want send nothing(?). Really!! Delivery would be on Friday, October 21, 2016 to which a time was not known. For the record I did not delay nor defer my payment. I informed your Rep of my dissatisfaction and that if delivery was not made by Friday 10-21-2016 in new and in great condition that I would be demanding a FULL REFUND back into my account. Not happy at all. To think that I went out of my way to purchase items at your Store in Lancaster Ca with a total of $2400 (2 sofa sets and a dinette table and 4 chairs) and the manager wouldn't even waive delivery charge.

Now, I'm being inconvenienced by your company for another 24 hours, not because you warehouse did not have the items to be delivered to 1 address but that I believe 2 different customers were satisfied with delivery instead of the 1 (me).

Dissatisfied Potential Former Customer.

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Antoinette & Richard Whitlock - 9 d ago


We purchased bedroom and Florida room furniture in the past. Love it. Imagine our shock and surprise when we ordered bedroom furniture for our son. Paid in full and two months later the bed rail fell off, dumping the bed on the floor. The material used was nothing more than compressed paper from Vietnam. I took the rail back, customer service had the attitude as if to say, "wait in line, we will order a rail and call when it is in." I called and called. The rail finally came in and they were to send someone to put it together. Never heard from them again, and my husband assembled it. NOW, the chest of drawers top drawer front fell off into my hand when I opened it to put clothes. This furniture is not even a year old. March, 2016 is when we purchased it. I am writing a formal letter, too, but saw this site and wanted to post this as well.

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Ellen Roberts - 9 d 13 h ago


My name is Ellen Roberts, my daughter purchased furniture from your store, and later found out that the finance company, has doubled its charges. This is really sad for Ashley to be a part of this extortion and deciving, customer in this manner.

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Anonymous - 10 d 21 h ago

Worst customer service ever!!!!

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Holly - 10 d 40 m ago


Ashley Home Furniture is not a company that I would recommend. I tried to talk to the salesperson,(Rachel Gunter) at 1050 Los Vallecitos Blvd. San Marcos,CA 92069. I expressed my frustration about missing work 5 different times for deliveries. She was very rude and not customer friendly at all. She then transferred me to her supervisor, (Priscilla)...well that didn't work out either, call the warehouse,transfer back to the store, call customer service.....etc. I still haven't received all my furniture, it's been a month and a half. I tried to call Corporate to tell them that I didn't want the rest of the undelivered furniture, they were also rude, and couldn't process my request for even that. To all that want to buy furture furniture....don't go there!!!!

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Anonymous - 10 d 20 s ago

Mr todd Wanek: We want to become one of your distributor in the tracy, ca. Area, I been contact you for more than a year ago without any results yet, No phone call, No visits, or at least replay to our messages. MORALES FURNITURE

PHONE # 209 568- 0608

209- 614- 7628


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Anonymous - 11 d 17 h ago

Reynoldsburg Ohio store customer service is so ba. They literally left me standing in showroom floor. The brought me a bogus phone number for customers service! I was completely embarresed & dissatisfied with the store. I decided I did not want to purchase my bedroom set at Ashley furniture!

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Anonymous - 12 d 21 m ago


Worst customer service in Louisville ky!!!

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Pissed - 12 d 13 h ago

Worste store ever and everybody is right about the customer service. I wish i could send back my living room set. Id rather sit on the floor then deal with these people.

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Brenda - 12 d 16 h ago


Worst customer service ever!

I would never recommend this store to anyone, which really sucks because the furniture is actually very nice.

Spend your money elsewhere, don't buy here.

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Christine - 13 d 24 h ago


I was going to furnish my new house from Ashley Furniture in Fort Lauderdale on Federal Highway. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! AND DECEPTIVE PRACTICES!!!

I had put a dining set on layaway and had wanted the matching server as well. The salesperson pointed out the piece, but I declined because it was too samll and had no storage. As it turns out, the piece she showed me was a console and not the server. This I found out online. So much for being familiar with your own product.

Two days later, I went back in to put the correct server on layaway. Again, I dealt with a salesperson unfamiliar with his own store. Furthermore, he would not let me use the Ashley coupon advertised online. then he said the store does price matching. This was an out and out lie! THEY DO NOT PRICE MATCH! He could not even verify the sale price on the Ashley site. The manager, David, was not the least bit helpful and did not seem concerned with keeping my business. As such, I cancelled the layway I was about to sign off on as well as the one I had put a deposit on 2 days prior. As I left, I warned 2 people away from going in and purchasing anything from Ashley.

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Sue A - 21 d ago

Biggest rip off store around!

Spent five THOUSAND dollars on a leather sectional sofa that startes tearing at the seams behind the couch. We spent SIX HUNDRED dollars on a protection plan. This furniture was rarely used since it was in a spare living room and we were told it was "normal wear and tear"

Apparently the damage must be caused by the consumer and have NOTHING to do with the quality. Probably because they would be bankrupt if they covered all claims and people were made aware of the shit quality they sell.

After spending an hour on photos which specifically had to include a tape measure and filling out six forms in detail, I received an automated email response denying my claim.

After I reached out again, someone told me they would have a technician call to come out. THAT didn't happen. After reaching out again, they sent someone to my home in AR after it was documented that I moved to NC two months ago. The very next day, I get a response from this woman that said someone did comw out to the house but we had moved. Unreal!

She also went on to say that she herself has reviewed "thousands" of damaged photos of furniture and she's quite certain my tears are not my fault therefore not covered.

I will make it my full time job preventing others from gertting ROBBED by this POS Company!!!

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Anonymous - 13 d 23 m ago

Omg I can even begin to explain the problems I had from this company it is the worst and all I do is wait on hold. Anyone have corporate number

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