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Ashley Furniture

1 Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI
Todd Wanek
(608) 323-3377
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Mor. Furniture here I come.. - 16 h 22 m ago


Ashley furniture sucks! They want you to take a day off work so they can deliver between 9 and 2 pm, they show up at 430 pm (when I could have worked all day) then give me a damaged table that they took back with them..Fastward to 2 months later when I would have a day off to meet them again without taking day off and guess what....another damaged table.....small claims court here I come.....

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Daniela Wulff_Hallen - 2 d 15 h ago


Ashley Furniture's mattress waranty is a rip off!

When I first purchased a mattress for the guest room (Labor day sale), I was very excited, thought I had gotten an amazing deal, and was very happy with Ashley Furniture. The mattress started sagging within the first year and a representative was sent out to inspect it. It failed and I was given a re-select credit to go into the store and get another one. I did and paid $300 extra to get a "better mattress". This one lasted 4 years before the center started collapsing (again this is not a daily use mattress and my sister in-law, who weighs 115 lbs is the person who used it most). The inspector came out again and the mattress is a re-select.

This where Ashley takes advantage of the customer. They are only giving me the $300 upgrade price, which I have to use for another mattress, not the full amount I have put out for the mattress and the mattress upgrade. I am really upset, knowing I can't get a half way decent mattress with the credit they are giving me.

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Adam Usher - 5 d 18 h ago


Absolutely the worst customer service ever. For some reason these people cannot figure out how to deliver a mattress. I have talked to four customer service reps and two managers are involved. Yet they continue to have problems with "backorder" and two delivery dates have come and gone and still no mattress that I ordered three weeks ago. No one has any answers just bs apologies yet do nothing to get my mattress here. If this company cared about making things right a manager would load the mattress in a truck and bring it to me. I would HIGHLY recommend going with another company. Ashley furniture is the worst I have dealt with. Amazingly every time you call there is no manager available or none working and will have to call me back.

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Gary - 6 d 11 h ago


As I read the reviews here on this page. I find it's somewhat disheartening. On January 15 I purchased a king size adjustable base bed. What I received was not what I ordered. A kings measurement is 80 inches long. The bed I received was 77 inches long. It was a Sealy . They tried to get the order right. The delivery team from Ashley delivered the wrong bed three times. Total of 12 hours of my time waiting for my delivery. Siri says the decking beds are 80 inches long. I spoke to the sealy mattress representatives in North Carolina. I have been a loyal customer to Ashley for many years. Spending thousands of dollars with your company. I am contemplating legal action. I have all the documentation. I wait the solution. The store manager gave me a discount. Which I found insulting. Please advise on this matter.

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Jim Height - 6 d 19 h ago

Salesman sold us a bed with a headboard only we were told our bed would work with just a headboard if holes were drilled in the headboard and attached to the frame. Headboard is not stable and bumps up against the wall and squeaks salesman came to our home and offered to buy rubber cushions to attach to our headboard this was unacceptable he said I have done all I can the once nice smiling salesman was not nice anymore and left. We have not received any positive feedback from anyone. Ashley has a ten percent fee you are charged if you change your mind about a purchase. We belong the salesman sold us a product he knew was defective for a sale and a commission

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Kim - 7 d ago


I ordered a living a bedroom set and a sectional along with an end table, coffee table and a sofa table on December 26, 2017. I just received the bedroom set, the sectional and one end table. I was called the day before my delivery and was told my sofa table was damaged so they wouldn't be delivering it and would order another and it would be in, in about 2 to 6 weeks. Well according to the contract they have 8 weeks to get me the table...don't think that's going to happen. When I received my delivery I was missing the coffee table, when I called the store (Glen Burnie, MD) they told me I didn't order a coffee table nor did I pay for it. I have my original receipt and the table is clearly on there and I paid for the table. Asked to speak to the manager and she was too busy to speak to me. I called back again yesterday and after a 25 minute hold and calling back once because I was eventually sent to a voicemail I was able to speak to the store Manager. She found my original paperwork and she saw the table on the order...hum funny how no one else saw it. So when it comes down to it took just about 7 weeks to get my furniture, I have a damaged table that had to reordered and no coffee table. No coffee table because they obviously forgot to order it. So I said to the manger well how are you going to get this to me within 9 days because in 9 days your 8 weeks will up, she informed me that once "they" discovered the coffee table wasn't ordered they have 90 days to correct it...really! First of all you didn't discover it, I did, your staff told me I didn't order one and didn't pay for it! Side note one of the cushions on the sofa the material has a flaw! Never again, I spent almost 7.200.00 here and will not ever buy another thing from this company again.

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Erin - 7 d 7 h ago


Hi my name is Erin Pigrum i purchase a Brown sectional in November i received it December 30 i love it. I notice on my chase the part of the sectional was a hump in it. Look like a lump in my chase. I call the manufacturer and the young lady ask fir a picture i sent her a picture she said i be sending parts tl get it repair i said i want a new one only at it a month. She saud she will bring a service out to my house when parts are in. I thinks this is awful i spent $2,072.00 and havrnt enjoy my sectional please send me a new chase because i not happy i dont want something that should have right in the beginning. Please call (hidden) rate was happy not now and just to think i was gong to buy a bedroom set.

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Naveed - 7 d 14 h ago



I purchased coffee table from Ashley.they gave me delivery date feb 06.on feb 06 they called me and change delivery date and gave new date feb 09.on feb 09 they call me again and told me that during the shipment your coffee table broke and we will call you after 2 days and let you know about new body called me.i called them 3rd day and they gave me new date feb 21. Now I want to cancel the order but they yell me that they will charge restocking fee.plz nobody go on Ashley furniture.

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Marianne Myers - 11 d 12 h ago


I brought bedroom furniture from Ashley Furniture in Dickinson, picked Friday, Feb 9th as the delivery date. Asked for a late time. Got an email confirming 1 to 4. Now I get a phone call saying they need to change it to 9 to 12. I work and plus have an elderly mom in hospital. I cannot be home from 9 to 12. Don't see why they all of a sudden need to change the time. I am the customer and if I cannot get is delivery when I can be there and I am going to cancel my order and never order from Ashley again. There are plenty of other furniture stores that will accommodate the customer. Hope it is worth losing a sale and a customer.

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Alan Marshall - 11 d 15 h ago


My Parents ordered a bedroom set from or store in Canada after hearing nothing but good reviews but never again will they or any other member of there family of friends they waited four weeks for the order to which they paid up front for the items arrived and 5 pieces where damaged and broken so we reported it and they ordered the new items or bits but again they had to wait another two weeks for these items but once again another piece was broken to which once again have been told they will have to wait for another 2 to 3 weeks for the broken item to be replaced, on top the customer service well there is no customer service everyone one we spoke too it wasn't there problem it was someone else or they could not make a decision not even the person we spoke to at head office could give us a satisfactory answer. SO OUR ADVICE NOT EVER BUY FROM REIDS OR ASHLEY FURNITURE

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Anonymous - 11 d 17 h ago


My husband and I were relocated to Texas. On the way, our moving truck caught on fire, and we lost everything. We were sleeping and sitting on the floor, and took the 2 1/2 hour drive up to San Antonio to purchase essential furniture.

We were really excited, after visiting the Zarzamora location about a month ago because we found everything we needed, and our salesman assured us that our furniture would be in by Wednesday of the same week, which meant that we would not have to eat and sleep on the floor much longer. Our salesman instructed us to inspect our furniture on delivery day, and to call right away if we noticed any issues. We spent close to $10,000 on dining room, living room and bedroom furniture.

The FIRST Wednesday/delivery came, and we noticed that one of the side rails on our bed did not sit flush with the footboard. The gap was wide enough that we could see through the space. The other three corners of the bed did sit flush against each other, so we knew that something was defective. The delivery men brought in the bed slats, and were surprised when they saw that they did not have holes drilled to be able to attach them to the side rails. We called Ashley's right away, and were told that a replacement side rail and bed slats would be mailed to us. We have a queen-sized bed.

The next Tuesday night, in the mail, we received a side rail, with no hardware, and king-sized bed slats with all appropriate holes drilled. We called Ashley's first thing the next morning to tell them about the mistake with the size of slats and the hardware, so that the technician did not make a stop for no reason, but we were told that he would be coming regardless.

The SECOND set of technicians came a little later, used the broken hardware that the first delivery guy had left behind, and found that the gap in the side rail/ footboard on the same side was still an issue. The technician told me that his recommendation was going to be a whole new bed, since the couldn't figure out the problem. I called Ashley's right away, and was told that they would be sending a third set of bed slats, as well as a whole new bed.

The confirmation email came for the THIRD delivery, and the only item listed was one side rail. I called Ashley's AGAIN to make sure they were sending the correct items. I was told that a manager denied the request for a whole new bed, and that they would only be sending two side rails and a footboard. I asked her to specify that they bring QUEEN slats with holes drilled and new hardware.

The THIRD set of delivery men appeared today. They tried to disassemble the side rails that were left by the second guys, but found that they had Jerry-rigged a metal washer since they did not have the appropriate hardware. It took them 20 minutes to get the board off. They tried the new footboard with the old rails, it still had a gap; they tried putting the right side rail on the left side, they still got a gap; they tried putting new side rails on with the new footboard and they still got a gap. All three other corners met flush as they are supposed to.

I called Ashley's AGAIN today for the umpteenth time. I asked to speak with a manager, and tried to explain how we are still sleeping with a mattress on the floor because the bed/pieces they keep sending are defective. Lorenzo said that he would allow for them to send a whole new bed this time. He said he would have to call the warehouse to see if they could put a bed together that met the factory's standard, but that it would take 24-48 hours to get back to me about that. I told him that he needed to do right by us. We are going on 4 weeks without a usable bed that we paid for, and we spent a lot of money at their store. I told him that it was not honoring to our money, or our time, let alone all of the time his technicians are spending on the road driving to my residence, as well as all the time the customer service representatives who have to speak to me multiple times each week are spending. I asked for a new bed, free of charge for all of our headache. He said that was out of the question and that he would see about a discount, but that I would have to wait 24-48 hours to hear back from him. So the saga continues... I doubt very much that we will ever order from Ashley's again.

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Tammy - 12 d 14 h ago


I don't think your company cares about handicapped people especially when they deliver something that's broken I probably won't get a response but I do have a friend in the newspaper business



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Anonymous - 13 d 16 h ago

They suck had our recliner 2 mos.and the board falls out from under it but because we picked it up we have to take it back to have it fixed. When we bought it no one said if you pick it up we won't fix it at your home. We should have known we were off to a bad start , the couch and the recliner were different colors. Will never buy anything from them again. All that money, what a waste.

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Barb1973@ I cloud .com. Barbara DeLisio - 12 d 14 h ago


This is the second time I am writing you about the garbage furniture that you sold me. My Reference # is 548317-318. I purchased a small bureau & nightstand That I noticed was damaged after the delivery men left. The night stand had a piece of wood missing . The bureau was poorly made. It said in the drawer it had to be bolted to the wall. The Miserable salesman at the never told me. I called the Fairfield Store& told them I wanted my money back. The furniture was poorly made. They said no Returns. I called the Edison care service . They would not answer the phone. The sales people in those stores were not very nice. I am calling the Better Business Bureau , People should not have to pay for furniture that is made like crap. Please help.

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Will Robbins - 33 d 13 h ago

Please see below dialogue with Ashley Furniture: Mr. Jackson, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to call yesterday to further discuss the misfortune I've experienced in purchasing furniture from Ashley. I'm not real sure how we got disconnected twice, but, I am about to call into my wireless carrier to see if I dropped the calls. That being said, I would like to recap my situation and where Ashley Furniture stands.. Beginning of April - Sofa, Loveseat and Oversized Chair were delivered to my house o Cushions did not fit at that time, I had hoped they would "Flatten-Out," over the course of time and having household members sit on the cushions November 14th - Contacted Mr. Hosty about frame damage to the sofa and cushions not fitting properly November 15th - As requested by Mr. Hosty, sent our images to show what the issues were - was told I would be contacted within 48 hours of submitting pictures - was NOT contacted November 17th - I reached out to Mr. Hosty inquiring the status of my complaint and why I was contacted as I was told November 17th - received a voicemail stating Ashley would be having a meeting with the "Management Team," and my situation would be addressed at that time November 27th - Contacted Mr. Hosty, as I was never notified as to what transpired at the "Management Team," meeting End of November - Spoke to Mr. Hosty and we scheduled a service repair tech to come to my home and attempt to fix the sofas December 14th - Spoke to Mr. Hosty about the repair. I told him I was not satisfied with what was done. Mr. Hosty replied the matter was closed, the frame damage was repaired. Mr. Hosty also informed me the cushions were no longer considered a problem. Ashley Furniture, and I quote, "Recommends Velcro be placed under all seat cushions of sofas to prevent movement and there is an allotted 2" of space which is "Standard." o At that time, I told Mr. Hosty I would contact him back for the following reasons: I knew the frame wasn't fixed I knew the cushions weren't right for the sofa or loveseat I was NOT going to have to apply Velcro to a new sofa or loveseat December 15th - Sent pictures of the "Repairs," to Mr. Hosty, then, attempted to contact Mr. Hosty to no avail. Received an email later that day stating: o I apologize the service technician did not include detailed photos of his repairs to the wood framing that you have. I will have my supervisor Joe Jackson follow up with you today to discuss this matter further. December 18th - Sent the following email - on which, you were copied: o December 19th - Again, wrote Mr. Hosty, in regards to the lack of response I was getting from Ashley Furniture and requesting a follow-up phone call December 24th - went in to Ashley Furniture in an attempt to get some sort of resolve - as I was still no closer to any sort of resolution - 41 days after my initial complaint. Was told by P. Brewer to forward all correspondence and my situation would be handled immediately. December 27th - Forwarded the requested correspondence to P. Brewer December 30th - Never received any follow-up or confirmation the correspondence was received, therefore, I went back to the local Ashley Store for a 3rd time o Was instructed to call Customer Service at the store - I spent well over an hour on the phone o I noticed on my account notes Mr. Jackson had stated I would be responsible for the $75 technician fee for the attempt to service o Explained the situation to the first rep and requested to speak to you - Mr. Jackson - rep tried to contact you and said you were unavailable. After forwarding the same email I did to P. Brewer, customer service rep put me on hold and was somehow able to get a hold of you, roughly 10 minutes after you were previously unavailable o Had a disturbing conversation with you, where I was told you tried to contact me ONE time (December 23rd) and the voicemail was full. After that time, you "Delegated" my account elsewhere - while KNOWING there has been a gross lack of accountability and follow-through on what was said/promised. You also stated you called me back because I called you and that was the only way you knew how to get in touch with me, even though: I CC'd you on the above email Patrick Hosty had my email o Furthermore, I find it difficult to comprehend you wouldn't attempt another phone call - my office number, my cell number, my wife's cell number - all available through my account and correspondence o I can continue with the details of our conversation, but, would prefer to listen to a portion of the phone call which was recorded o Also requested to meet with you and your director to discuss further - we agreed to have you reach out on Tuesday Jan. 2nd to arrange a time January 1st - Received a phone call from you to inform me of the following: o The ONLY thing which could be done at this point was new cushions be ordered, back cushions be restuffed, and the sofa would be picked up and taken to your repair shop and fixed there. The sofa would be gone for roughly 4 days - in the meantime, I would not have a place for my family and I to sit during family time. I found this resolution completely unacceptable. While reiterating my point of view, we were disconnected twice. Once, I received a return call, the 2nd time I didn't. I attempted to call, however, customer service was closed and could not get through. There were several other attempts to contact during this time, however, I have not pulled all the phone records to show. If need be, I will do so. I have several issues with this resolution, as we discussed and I do not feel the need to go into at this time. I still expect to meet with you and whoever else has the authority to assist in making the situation right. My family spent roughly $2,500 on defective furniture from Ashley. The sofa has had a cracked from for months, now, whenever anyone takes a seat, the sofa "Creaks," indicating there are other frame members not foundationally sound due to the poor craftsmanship and the sofa not being properly repaired in a timely manner. I'm at a real loss at this point. There has been a real lack of accountability from every member of your organization. The overall negligence is simply astounding. I intend on contacting you later today, however, at this point, I'm not sure we can come to an amicable solution over the phone, as I have attempted to do so on NUMEROUS occasions. I fully expect to be able to have a meeting, in person, with whoever is needed to make this situation acceptable. I have tried to maintain my composure throughout this process, but, the representatives of Ashley Furniture I have encountered have pushed this situation to an uncomfortable level. I have wasted enough time, effort, and thought. I have a family of 5 and time is my most precious commodity - and Ashley Furniture obviously does not care as it doesn't affect the bottom line in a manner they deem worthy. Please contact me today - at (hidden) - so we can schedule a time for all necessary parties to meet and find a resolution. Under the circumstances, I do not feel it should be considered out of the question to receive a phone call today (we agreed to this on 12-30, our conversation was somehow disconnected twice yesterday, and this problem is quickly approaching the 60 day mark). Thanks for your time, looking forward to discussing with you soon.

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Shellie Priest - 27 d 15 h ago


Please go Viral with this

I AM GOING THROUGH THE SAME ISSUES, Bout to Load my truck, dump there shit at the local store and they can refund me. I am disgusted. Go on Social media. IG, FB, Twitter,, My son is in the entertainments industry my family very much in political world be sure you tag

#ashleyfurniture #ashleyhomestore @badcustomerservice #badcustomerservice (they will keep posting it daily for you to help go viral) Please contact me @shelliecotey on Twitter i will be happy to help you expose them. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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Angela Sharkey - 19 d 14 h ago


Is there a way to contact Todd WANEK the CEO president of Ashley about the way I've been treated and the way they will not repair my furniture yes or no or am I wasting my freaking time Sharkey

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Helene - 12 d 17 h ago


I had a bedroom set delivered and after they set it up it did not fit in the room and looks horrible. The kid that delivered it suggested that it would fit better in the other room. So I asked him to put it in the other room and he refused. The dispatcher said that once it is set up and put where you asked it cannot be changed. They also told me they were on a schedule and had other deliveries and did not have the time to move it. I called there main office in Edison, NJ for the past four days and got the same response. It cannot be moved. Once you sign the delivery paper it is a done deal. They also told me it is a liability to move it. I even offered to pay more money. ALSO, I looked at the photo that I found on line and low and behold it doesn't even look like the same set. I told them to come remove the set I don't want it and they refused.

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Tammy N - 19 d 9 h ago


I am having same issues with my sofa and lo ve seat fabric was damaged frame was bent everything on both pieces out of alignment tech came to fix still not happy customer satisfaction should be 100 percent I spent a lot of money on this if I need to take to the news media I will and where ever else I need to take to not happy called several times and emailed they don't care

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Gena - 13 d 17 h ago


I wish that I had read the reviews before buying from this company. This process has been a complete night mare. i have never heard of company that tries to determine what your issue is over the phone and then send a part then send the repair tech only to find out that the part ordered was not the correct part at all. Why would you not send the tech first? This process is so stupid that you wait for 7-10 for a part then another 2 weeks for the tech. Now with the wrong part we get to start all over. you would think when you spend close to $3000.00 that you woud get quality furniture be apparently not. I had my sectional for less than 3 months and the motor is already out in one of the recliners. When I called to schedule the service I was so upset that I asked to speak to a supoervisor only to be told that the supervisor stated she would not take the call she didn't have time. REALLY?? What are you there for? Such bad customer service!!!!!!!!!!! From reading reviews it seems the whole company is a joke starting with the CEO on down.

Flagged for review. 
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Gma Janice - 14 d 12 h ago


I believe if you do not have enough on your ashley card ,the store does not have the right to get another card for you.If you knew the prices it would be easy! I did not know the total til I signed all the papers I was asked to sign. When I saw the total I almost had a heart attack. By the time I saw it -it was a done deal .No cancellations after you sign. I was told they would take our mattresses but the driver said they do not. I was also told my grandson had 30 days to make up his mind about the mattress I picked for him-also not true. The return policy you are told about does not exist . Simply put - you sign you keep it like it or not. Do not believe what you are told . You WILL be stuck! Never Ever shop for furniture at Ashley. Do not allow them to get suckered into a card from genesis-BIG mistake. This the one they got to cover the rest of my total. Thanks for nothing!

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Luis E. Pacheco - 14 d 13 h ago


My wife and I purchased Calvin Leather Reclining Sofa from Patio Gallery, a local distributor of yours here in Puerto Rico on May 28, 2016. The sofa developed a tear along the seam of seatback. After several unsuccessful attempts with your local distributor, I e-mailed the distributor with a copy to (hidden), and included photos of the damaged part. On August 3, 2017, Sheila Woychik, an employee of yours, asked that I provide photos of the sales receipt and the damaged sofa, which I did, and assigned claim number 26908 to my request. After several additional unsuccessful attempts to speak with someone, on August 24, 2017 I received an e-mail from (hidden) thanking me for my interest in Ashley Furniture, and assigning reference number 538841 to my warranty fulfillment request. When I replied on September 13, 2017 I received a return e-mail indicating that AshleyCustomerService wasn't found at

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to fix my sofa.

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Melissa - 17 d 12 h ago


I am truly disgusted with this place I bought the warranty for my sofa and the store will not honor the tears in the cushions nor will the horrible company that handles the warranty $2000 down the drain for crappy furniture. I am so disgusted the reason people by this furniture is because they work really hard and want nice things but don't have 7-8 thousands dollars for furniture we go in expecting wonderful furniture at a nice price and then you get the worse service after the sale. I don't even have any kids and this crap is coming apart not even at the seems in the cushions. I was told if its accident then just its covered but if it just the worse made crap no its not covered so they just take your $250 and do nothing. I absolutely hate thieves and that is exactly what this company is thieves. I will never and as people who will listen I will tell how awful this place is for as long as I live. You people discussed me. when I supposedly call corporate she didn't even no what time zone she was in and was no help at all - just the overall stench of horrible service is disgusting.

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Paula D. - 17 d 15 h ago


I will never buy from Ashley furniture in Naperville Illinois. i was never told of there return policy nor was it displayed in the store. i have not even taken anything out of boxes and its been less than a week and all anyone i talk to said's rudely is we do not take returns. On there paperwork that was given to me by store after purchasing my table states that they do take returns. i highly upset and do not recommend anyone buy from this store.

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REZ - 18 d 12 h ago


On 10/18/2017 I purchased a Signature Design by Ashley B376-81 Alisdair Collection Sleigh Headboard/Footboard, Queen, Dark Brown bed from your store. On 01/29/2018 I found that top surface covering material comes off from side rail which is really unexpected. I send email to (hidden) (Claim no 35828) on 01/30/2018 but still don't get any response.

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