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RD_S - 2 h ago


I've been an AT&T customer for many years, and AT&T is the first and only internet service provider I've ever had. Because I've been with them for these several years, I've been pretty happy with their service, so, naturally, I would have given them a higher rating, but this is the first time an issue has come up that doesn't seem to be getting solved right away. An issue that has apparently never happened before. It's now been a little over two and a half months since the problem started and no matter how many times I've contacted AT&T techs, the problem isn't being fixed.

This issue is happening across all of the United States for anyone using AT&T Uverse and it's the inability to host online co-op games on the PlayStation 3 console specifically. Other game consoles such as XBox One, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 4, etc., all seem to work just fine. Several attempts at adjusting wifi/router/modem configurations have done nothing, yet...when using another internet service provider to "host" online games, it works like a charm!

I have gone as far as replacing my modem to no avail. I can "host" online at a friend's house because my friend doesn't use AT&T Uverse. I have also created a thread on the AT&T Community Forums in hopes of getting the issue resolved--still with no luck. This is how I found out that there are several people across the United States having the same exact problem as me! Please, get this fixed soon because many of us on the AT&T thread are preparing to leave AT&T and go to another ISP.

This is extremely frustrating, and like everyone else on the thread I've created, I'm getting impatient because I feel we're just being given the runaround. I do not really want to switch ISPs, but I will if I must. I'm tired of paying for something that isn't working like it should.

Again, I'd be happy with AT&T if this problem didn't persist, but I love to play video games in my free time and I can't invite my friends to play online with me because my internet won't allow it. That means that I can't go to create a "room" or "lobby" so that other people can join my game. I can join theirs, but I can't create/host my own. Something is stopping our PS3s from connecting to servers and this happens with pretty much every game I own! I just want to game online again and I can't put up with AT&T much longer. I've been patient enough already. Please, do something!

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Rosemary Schrank - 3 h 13 m ago


I am beyond disappointed. I am a small business owner in Orland Hills, IL. We submitted a request to change from Comcast to AT&T several weeks ago. Our IT person made it clear in no uncertain terms that our IT requirements were for 50 meg. AT&T installed 5 meg. After three (3) attempts to solve this issue with the sales division and three (3) visits from the service department, they were given the wrong order and as of today, we have only 5 meg delaying our ability to complete our IT installation and damaging our ability to utilize our systems effectively. THIS IS DAMAGING MY BUSINESS AND COSTING ME MORE IT COSTS. To add insult to injury, the sales person on Friday of last week and while the service person was standing in my office, the sales person stated that he was tooooooooooooooo busy to talk to us as he was going into a meeting. We asked him to send us a copy of the order which he claimed was correct as to the 50 megs and to date, Tuesday 11/21/17 he has not done so. I can only believe that he is either incompetent or is lying to us. On the morning of today, my assistant sent an email to him to follow up and HE HAS NOT RESPONDED.

Further to this, we have been waiting for three weeks to have our telephone system portals transferred to AT&T. Again, with the wrong order on three occasions. THIS IS AN INSULT TO US AND HAS CAUSED US TIME, MONEY AND DAMAGE WITH OUR CLIENTS.

Every time I have to stay on the phone and listen to your commitment to small business, I want to scream or throw up. You suck and if I treated my clients as you have treated us, we would be OUT of business.

I sincerely believe that you don't care and don't expect a resolution any time soon; therefore, we are looking at other options.

In addition, we will be looking for other cell phone providers. I will never do business with AT&T again in any capacity.

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Hall - 4 h 46 m ago


To Whom this may concern, We call AT&T on Saturday November 18th to report slow internet connection (wi-fi) and the representative set up appointment for today November 21st. The technician came and did some work. Right after he left the internet/cable/ home services went down. My kids are home and family members from out of town are visiting and we have no access to internet, cable or home services. God forbid we have an emergency and can't dial 911 then this becomes a matter for legal counsel. We are hard working people and we pay our bills, and now Thanksgiving is approaching and no services. We need our services up and running ASAP. Filing complaints with the FCC, Attorney General and other regulatory agencies. You are constantly failing us and sooner or later switching services may be the other option. Sincerely, Unhappy Customers

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matt - 6 h 11 m ago

Waiting for a tech to repair the phone line. I have a medical condition that may at time require EMS like today. spent the day in er most likly due to the i do not care response of the the att help deskproblem they tell me the problem is in my phones I have disconnected all phones installed my neighbors phone for a test no change interesting problem is multiplied when it rains. in the past every 3 years or so the problem has always been in the red brick building 1/2 mile down the road always! thrir are above ground connection boxes along the roads that need repair why does att not listen? I am going to have my attereny write him a letter think I will get a result?

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Sean Johnston - 8 h 33 s ago


I do not expect these folks to read these comments. I, too, have been a victim of AT&T customer service. It all started with a no-show for an installation followed by no less than 7 follow up visits. The installation was done poorly and I viewed the subsequent problems as part of the installation. Not AT&T. Once the installer leaves the property, you are relegated to regular customer service whose only contact is the t&*^%&^* 800 number that can land you anywhere in the world with the CSR reading from a script. The problem is that there is such little competition that they do not have to perform as if we have many avenues.

I am totally against the Time Warner merger. They have built this company on the backs of consumers and, until they learn how to meet the customers' needs, ANY merger should be offlimits for them. What is the point of an $85 BILLION merger anyway. Moreover, what was the point of the breakup of all of the Bell companies back in the 80s? I've already written the Justice Department. Others should do the same. Mr. Stephenson needs an injection of TLC FOR the customers he is supposed to be serving.

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Jodie - 8 h ago


This company SUCKS!!!

I've been pushed around and LIED to for 6 days in a row. I've been told technicians are going to show up, that never do...3 days in a row!!! I've waited at home for a total of 12 hours in 3 days for someone to come hook up my service and NOBODY ever shows. Don't bother calling customer service because they'll keep hanging up on you for yelling and demanding for a supervisor. This is bulls**t!!!

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A.K. - 3 d 13 h ago


Has anyone tried to call the CEO of AT&T to complain about the degraded customer service ??


Randall Stephenson




(210) 821-4105

Twitter IDs

@ATT, @ATTBusiness

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Kathleen - 1 d 13 h ago


Just tried calling Randall Stephenson at (hidden) and got a lady from India. Those people are useless. They don't understand enough to help. My story like everyone else's. Long term customer on AT&T cell and tried to bundle internet and TV with them. Receiving 3 separate bills at 30% more cost than I was quoted.

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Janet Morgan - 1 d 1 h ago


The sales people are more interested in making their sales goals, than being helpful. If you are able to get your problem fixed please post Kathleen. I ordered a bundle and is now getting 2 separate bills. Now my bills are past due, and they said I have to pay before they can even talk to me. I have spent hours on the phone since I got my bill. But I am getting that Annual Report and I will find out who to talk to before they put me in the credit bureau.

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AT&T customer - 1 d 11 h ago


Yes I agree ATT&T service has definetly gone done. They don't care about good customer service as well the cell phone service itself is very poor. The reception is very bad and call drop all the time. If your in business do not use AT&T.

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Janet Morgan - 1 d 10 h ago


It is absolutely ridiculous what the employees in customer service do to you to meet their quotas. You ask for one thing and get something totally different. Why offer a bundle when they set it up as 2 different accounts.

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Joe - 14 h 39 m ago

He's probably in another country touring or out playing golf driving a Bentley.

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Jodie - 8 h ago

That line didn't lead me ANYWHERE helpful!!!

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Unhappy Camper - 8 h 41 m ago


Hey Angry AT&T Customers ! If you are tired of the poor customer service which I am and being lied to by clueless customer service people overseas and wondering why you can't talk to people in the USA. Go to and tell Jeff Sessions to stop the At&t Time Warner deal. If they can't treat us Americans right now what is it going to be when they own it all. I called 4 x and today and transferred to multiple places. Nobody knows nothing !! BTW They took down a post in the last hour or so that had the Department of Justice info in it. Maybe they will start to listen.

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Carol - 10 h 34 s ago


Dear Sir: I am being billed for a iphone I took back to an AT&T store being late by one day, never told me it had to be return by14 days, I got the billing for it on the 15 day and I took it back after several calls to customer service it came off me bill, but now they are telling I had to paya contract termination fee of $146.00. I have no copy of the bill, they said I signed a electronic bill, never got a paper copy, and tolday 7/21/2017 on hold for over l hour and when I was connected to a supervisior she hung up on me.. been a faithful customer for 14 years, I will be ending this relationship after the holidays. I also did away with my dish TV and went with AT& T direct TV. What a mistake.........Do something about this NOW...

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These idiots overseas are total LIARS and BOZOS they lie to you to get you off the phone. I cant even understand them. I would be willing to wait longer if I could speak to someone in the USA !!

AT&T has no business being the largest Telephone and internet company and the merger should be denied by the DOJ !! I am so ANGRY that I switched from Verizon. BIG MISTAKE !! The Billing Customer Service is a total JOKE. Get The Justice Dept to send these people packing.

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Done. - 11 h 9 m ago


Probably some of the worst customer service I experienced in a long time. Spent 2 hours on the phone trying to get my bill correct after my account was set wrong. Going back to Verizon I never should of switched. The hold time to speak to a supervisor is ridiculous. You guys suck.

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Terrence - 11 h ago


I agree a 100 % this is the most disrespectful company that I've ever had to deal with.

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FEDup - 12 h 22 m ago


I have had nothing but problems with your customer service! Over the years it has gotten WORSE than ever. I get so tired of getting people from some Island some place, they are nice but do not know how to do their jobs, even the so called "supervisors" with their reference numbers which mean NOTHING and they do not keep their word. I have constantly monitor everything AT&T does with my bill, which is always changing every single month! I feel like I am dealing with imbeciles. they ask me the same questions over and over and it takes so long to get anywhere! After my blood pressure goes sky high they start with their promises and I just want to hang up in total FRUSTRATION!!!! The number above is USELESS just like your customer service. YOU REALLY NEED AN OVERHAUL because you will start losing valued customers. I sure hope you are not able to buy Time Warner because if that is the case I AM GONE! I have ran my own businesses and would NEVER treat my customers like you do!

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K Murray - 13 h 41 m ago

router box went down....4 1/2 days without phone, t.v. and wireless for computers. Dealilng with AT&T over the phone FRUSTRATING , to say the least. I"m told I will receive a phone call or e-mail....HELLO??? I just

reported thateverything is not working. Finally get an appointment for a technician. Want to complement his promptness, and professionalism. ...CAN't get a phone number or address (snail or otherwise) unless I set up a case number and give all my information???? AT&T needs to work on the service end of their business... Ps. Does anyone at AT&T read these comments?

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EC - 14 h ago


Ms. Crews

Customer service in need of extensive overhaul. Customer service rep completely uninformed as related to procedures of payment options. There is a STRONG need to bring the service back stateside. I did everything I knew to do to update personal information on line and prevent interruption of service days before end of billing cycle, All to no avail. tech has no idea how to rectify. rude, disrespectful and able to resolve my issue. Analyn operator # given RH9MN98,

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Anonymous - 15 h 24 m ago

Hello good morning I've been at AT&T consumer since 2005 I decided 10 days ago to go with Verizon my name is sandramayorga I kept giving AT&T chances over chances I want to Mexico thinking that I had international calling the operator that I talk to in November never put it on my account so when I got back to the states I had a high bill of $400 so then again 13 months ago They decided to put a multi insurance line knowing that I only had one phone line is that crazy or what spoke to a really nice guy Paul employee number BP512 J he was only able to take $40 off my closed account I'm still not happy.To make matters worse they send me to the loyalty department they also said they cannot do anything for me because I closed out my account ridiculous

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R.S - 16 h ago



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R.S - 16 h ago



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Gary Allen - 1 d 14 h ago


My name is Gary Allen. I have been a customer for years. I have been lied to many times. Even spent over an hour on the phone last night with direct tv even with the first lady on the line tried to explain it to the 4th department it never got fixed. Even your supervisor said I would be contacted today. That is what I am always told.You nickel and dime every place that you can. I own a business and would be out for business if I treated long time customer's like your employees do. Even the lady that stayed on the line told the supervisor that lady was rude and flat lied

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Frustrated consumer - 1 d 7 h ago


This is the upper management and their HR departments want them to do business. Employees are given ridiculous rules to follow and are constantly threatened to be fired. It's a horrible company who does not value its customers or employees and nobody does anything about it just keeps buying their stupid services.

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