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JP - 10 h 18 s ago


Re: Price increase again for grandfathered unlimited data Plan. This is ridiculous.You did this very same thing about 1 year ago.

It's ok for you to change my contract, but if I would chose to for any another reason it would not be allowed.

How can AT&T continue to raise the monthly premiums when a customer is under a contract.

Basically all you are doing is trying to force long time customers to give up and and find a company that puts their customers first.

I have had this same unlimited data plan along with a home land line, home internet and U-verse for many years and have put up with your throttling, the worst customer service and price increases during a contract until it makes me sick.

Hopefully there will be a reputable company in the near future that can offer all of AT&T a way out of all this..

You pushed the U-verse packages until you couldn't provide the expected services that your customers expected.

Now you are pushing Direct TV.

Customers get tired of switching their service every time you fall behind and can't keep up with the demand and the customers are the ones who suffer.

I will be exploring other options for all of my services that I currently have with AT&T and will notify you as soon as I am ready to call it quits with this company.

I know my account won't make a difference to your company, but I hope other customers explore their options with other companies as well.

Once I make a change I won't ever give AT&T anther chance no matter what you would have to offer or what your prices would be.

I'm sure this information won't even be acknowledged, reviewed or even matter to anyone at AT&T because that is the typical service I would expect from your company.

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Francis - 3 h ago

We have the same problem, its like they are trying to push us off the old plans. Why cant they offer unlimited plans like ALL the other companies?

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Francis - 3 h 7 m ago


I am having problem with my iphone6 buy back program. I cant seem to get an answer on when or if my credit will come. I got my iphone 7 and followed the steps from the employees at the att store. I am having to go back and forth to the store and on the phone with customer service. Each are blaming the other. I was offered a samsung to sell in replace of me sending my iphone6. I dont want to sell a samsung, i want my credit for my iphone 6. Please help. I have been a customer for a long time. Fortunately, the first time having problems with the buyback program for an iPhone. I had the 3s, 4, and 5, no problems. Now with the 6, i cant seem to get help.

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diane - 9 h ago


att is totally ripping off my mom who is a senior and limited funds available the more people I spoke to the worse the answers were Monique ID # MC9762 was the last supervisor and she was horrible. I'm on the phone again and they cannot give me the phone number or email address to put a complaint in. we canceled the services.

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Marilyn - 9 h 40 m ago


At&t has another unhappy customer its too hard to keep up with all the hidden fees and charges. Oh and let's not forget the broken tablets over 2 years old I'm still being charged for. Time to find a cell phone company that values customer satisfaction.

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BC - 10 h ago


Horrible customer service @ E 81st street & Lex in NYC,......sales person and especially a rude manger ( after 2 store visits in the same day), completely unable to resolve a situation about a canceled account due to someones death and the run around the phone customer service put me through insisting I go to a store location 2 months after cancelling an account after my aunt passed away yet she still is receiving bills and the service was shut off 2 mths ago. I presented a death certificate etc 2mths ago to this same location and the service stopped , but they keep billing me...they claim without knowing her pin # they would not help me and the auto pay will not shut off, I mean what is a person to do with this type of situation. They were awful both with their phone service and in person service. Manager, Bashar had trouble inputing the account # 3 times (???) also very sarcastic saying have a wonderful day with a smirk when he knowingly did nothing to help. Interesting there are many poor in store customer service complaints before my review on Yelp, you would think AT & T would address the unprofessional attitude of their employees at this location.

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Frustrated Business Customer - 1 d ago


I have been in contact with what AT&T calls customer support for a total of 7 hours, stretching out to 4 different days. I am a business owner which has had business service with AT&T for over 20 years. I do not have the time to deal with this crap of sitting for hours on hold and not getting the results promised. As a matter of fact I have been disconnected twice after spending almost two hours trying to get to the department needed. When they tried to transfer me from the Philippines, (which is the majority of their support) to the U.S. I was "Accidentally" disconnected.

I had a letter from AT&T stating that my account was going to be raised unless I called and requested a new service agreement for my business line. I did this in November. The representative stated that if went to U-Verse instead of DSL, I would receive 50mbs internet speed and my monthly bill would be $20 less per month.

I received my first bill and it was $10 higher than I had been paying, and included DSL which was disconnected since I went to U-Verse. I also received a separate bill for U-Verse for $50.60 for (12mbs) internet speed. So I called customer care in December After HOURS of waiting and being transferred, I was told that it is taken care of and that I would receive a refund for the DSL charge for the month prior. Now not only didn't I receive a credit to my bill,my bill again inlcluded a DSL charge, $10 more than I was paying, plus again the $50 U-Verse bill. I tried customer care again (which is a joke) and waited for 45 minutes, then was told that their computers are down and they would not be able to help me. What can be done? I am now contacting the Attorney General's office and the Public Service Commission. The poorest excuse for a company I have ever dealt with.

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will - 10 h 16 m ago

Same here. In addition for a new service, that was supposed to cost less, I was charged over a hundred for installation!

(In addition I am still getting billed for my old phone and service, even though that was disconnected last October.)

No matter how often I call, I have spent hours over several weeks getting them to solve the issue, to no avail. I just got another bill for our old service in my email.)

I also will contact the Attorney General's office and the Public Service Commission. (Thanks for the advice.)

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Angela G Eckburg - 18 h ago


I want you to know that having to deal with your customer service has been exhausting and time consuming!!! There was a shining star in all of this but I will mention him later....on 1/12/17....I called to remove the internet from my mother's bill. She is 80 years old and does not even own an iphone. She had the internet service because her care giver needed it....needless to say....she is on a fixed income and $52.00 per month is expensive for her. I was on the phone for 2 1/2 hours with customer service trying to solve this problem....Joe#JT6946 was very rude and condescending and I asked to be transferred to a manager....he sent me to someone that I could not understand due to his accent....he transferred me to Tanesha....who then transferred me to Sabrina. She was helpful and I thought that all my problems were solved.....we now had my mothers land line back...#and the internet was removed from her bill....or so I my sister tried to call my mothers home phone and the recording said her number was changed!!!!!!!!!!! She has had the same phone number since 1968 when my parents moved to Ashland, MS!!!!! The one shining star.....Mark#AF977E.....he got my mothers phone number back and within 48 hours her land line will be back in service. I am a sales rep and I know that customer service is so very important....well...other than Mark FAILED!!!!!!!!!!! My family has always used AT&T ....even when it wasn't AT&T....Bellsouth...etc.....The biggest problem I have is that you take advantage of the Elderly!!!! If I had not handled this for her....well....I just don't know what she would've done. I WILL LET PEOPLE KNOW HOW YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE ELDERLY and how ATT,/Uverse is a RACKET !!!!! SHAME ON YOU AT&T!!!!!!!!!! Get some customer service that is actually helpful and stop taking advantage of those that do not understand the new technology!!!!!

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Will - 10 h 32 m ago

Look at my experience under Will, above. This company has the worst service I have ever experienced.

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Will - 10 h 30 m ago

I had a new phone number and internet services transferred to my new home in October 2016.

At and T told us we could not keep our old number, so received a new one.

I have talked to many "operators" "managers" "chat consultants" over the past three months, endlessly repeating that I have changed the number and the old number is no longer mine! After promises that I would get credit, that all was being fixed, several times, only to receive another bill for my old number today. I can't believe that I will have to call them again, only to be told that they will fix the problem, but seem unable to do it.

The responses of these operators are for the most part ridiculous, they don't grasp the problem, and talk like robots and write like robots, always the same : "We certainly can help you with that." then they go on and on about the number and so on, over and over again. When speaking to them, some of the connection are so bad that one can't hear anything they are saying, not including their accents, that are often incomprehensible.

I can't believe that this company hires so many unqualified people, who do not know what they are doing.

We have been with At and T for over 20 years, but now they have gone so incompetent that I am no longer able to call and request service, or to help with this phone problem. I have spent hours explaining to them that I no longer have the number they keep billing me for, in addition, I no longer have the internet service they are billing me for. When I moved, they gave us a new number and a new internet Wifi address.

I do not have the strength to contact them again, therefore I will simply cancel my service and get cable, or someone more reliable.

I have talked to so many ignorant and incompetent operators over the last two months that it will last me a life time.

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Will - 10 h 24 m ago

These people do not know what they are doing. I had promises, and each time the promise was useless, even after speaking to a manager!

Today I received another bill for a number that was cancelled in October!

Don't count on getting your landline back... most likely it will not happen! It is not the technology, it is their stupidity and their hiring of incompetent people. Your mother should not have to know anything about technology.

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Trisha - 12 h 34 m ago


Horrible customer service. After getting Direct TV installed I went 3 days without internet or phone service and 2 service calls were cancelled without even notifying me.

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Marjorie - 13 h 10 m ago


OUTRAGED describes the way I feel. I went to Europe last month. When I left the US I turned off the data to my cell phone. As soon as I arrived, I removed my ATT SIM card & installed a European SIM card. When the contract on my phone was up, I had had the phone unlocked My recent bill was over three times my usual. I just called ATT and was told that ATT charges had accrued because the phone was NOT unlocked, BUT IT WAS. The person I spoke to said the best she could do was retroactively put me on an international plan. I had done everything in my power to avoid any problem, having gone through a very bad experience with ATT when I went to Canada several month ago.

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I WISH I HAD KEPT MY $$$$ - 13 h 36 m ago


I wish that the customer service was properly trained. I was lied too by customer service and the analyse dept. I have had my phone number for eight years before I ported over to AT&T which was the worst decision ever. I would like for someone to review my calls made and make the liars accountable for their actions. I spoke to one agent about it and he talked to me like I wasn't even human. I hate this service and their representatives.

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Gwynne T. Brunt, Jr., M.D. - 16 h 23 m ago


The AT&T's customer service help line in India is worse than abysmal, with difficulty understanding Indians who answer the phone, often after a prolonged wait, taking a very long time getting any request acted upon, refusal to transfer my call to a person in the U.S. when requested, cacophonous background noise, as if there are 1000 other customer representatives very close by, all talking very loudly. Mr. Stephenson, my best hope is that AT&T will get on President-elect Trump's "brown" list. AT&T can and should do better. That much is owed to its customers who continue to make AT&T a very profitable U.S. company. Frankly, I am more than very irritated with you and your company, and will begin looking for alternative service providers in my area.

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Anonymous - 17 h 54 m ago

Hello.Just want to say , as I'm typing this I'm on hold with your customer service line.Yes, I have gone through the prompts . I'm very disappointed for the fact as much money as your company makes, should there really be a 4 minute wait? Let alone having to deal with the loyal electronic secretary, which carries no merit to the information asked of its request.Only to be told to wait for the next available representative.

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Teresa - 18 h 14 m ago


I have been mostly satisfied with my basic Uverse package. I do not get many channels that are considered basic with Comcast. I have basic TV, land line and called to get WiFi and was told because I am a customer there are no packages available or discounts. Really? You would give someone that you have no idea if they are going to pay their bill priority over an established customer? Interesting. I bet Comcast will welcome the opportunity to make me a customer. The first call I made to ATT regarding this, I was put on hold in order to get a price. 25 minutes later - still holding. Poor service!!

And stop pushing direct TV down everyones throat!

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Anonymous - 18 h 38 m ago


So I went to buy a brand new phone because my iPhone 6 Plus died and the screen stopped working, and so I bought a new iPhone 7 and was sold a referbished phone instead. It had someone else's number and name in it and numbers I dont know. I showed the manager and he said well we don't sell referbished phone well obviously you do. I want my phone price lowered or something because of this. My name is not Taylor Scott and my number is not an area code 600 number. This is an outrage. I will NO longer refer people to you AT&T. YALL BETTER FIX THIS.

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Kristie - 19 h 47 m ago


How can you all expect me to pay $44 a month for internet service when I'm only getting 1.5mbps and can only run one device at a time-----IF I'M LUCKY. I was also talked down to by one of your reps who stated and I quote "if you cancel AT&T services you will never be able to get it again" hahahahhaha ok aree you kidding me - dont try to intemidate me.

I've had to call home office before and I will again....I'm not paying for crap and I'm sure you dont expect to either......

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RF - 1 d 9 h ago


AT&T will fall one day due to its arrogant and lying to its customers. Promising throttled data connection speeds after high speed quota is used of 128kb which is dial up speed is a bold faced lie. When I complained that my connection speed based on Ookla speed tests of 0.02kb which is nothing as confirmed by their own tech support, I was sent to the EXCESSIVE USE DATA DEPARTMENT. WHAT? Are you kidding me?

The arrogant _______ on the other end of the line surly told me "you're an excessive data user, that's why we put you on the slowest speed possible"! By what standards? Does ATT even want your service? I think they created that department to get rid of customers. The FCC should spank then another 150,000,000.00 for misrepresentation and false advertising, and lying to their customers.

I bet they couldn't get one customer if they displayed a video of what you're going to get if they punish you with castigating you to their slowest speed possible. And that is what thew FCC should order them to do. Truth in advertising is nothing that ATT could ever be accused of.

Between hangups, being left on hold, no return calls, false information, downed towers and outages, responses from representatives - some of which sound like they're answering from their beds, one can't even begin to understand why they're still in business.

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elliott - 1 d 15 h ago


To Whom It Concerns:

I have been a satisfied Uverse customer since service became available in my area. I have all my services with At&T and have been pleased.

However, management is making a huge mistake in it's current policy to promote Direct Tv to the deference to Uverse.

My plan recently came up for renewal and I was socked with a huge increase. When I called retention to work out a plan the only offering at a reasonable price was to have me switch to Direct TV. Uverse pricing remained unreasonable.

Management is missing the fact that if a customer is forced to change service, Xfinity which has better pricing, faster internet, a clearer picture and voice command. The only thing Uverse offers that is better is customer service.

Because Uverse pricing is forcing my hand I will change my service. That will also put my cell service(2 phones) in jeopardy.

Your corporate policy of pushing Direct TV to existing Uverse customers is sending this $4000 dollar a year customer away.

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Gregory Eastman - 1 d 16 h ago


Just cancelled my service and will never use att again. communicated a problem with phone over a period of a month kept bouncing me around. KISS MY ASS ATT!

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Rick - 2 d 7 h ago


I would love to get a return call. Im sure im sure never will receive one since this experience. My phones were hacked, for one. 2nd your management in the call center was very rude and ignorant toward myself andvwas wasting my time since the hacking took place. Also, the fraud department, wow, why are you call was the first question asked. I was told by a manage they would return a call of couse that never occurred. After reviewing my account, after I made my a few calls concerning the balance of the charges that were added to my account.yes 900.00 plus. Aparently ATT does not care about there customers. There management staff to whom. I spoke to after my information leaked out. She said banks get hacked all the time. So in closing, ATT security is not up to standards.

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Anonymous - 2 d 8 h ago

Hello.Just want to say , as I'm typing this I'm on hold with your customer service line.Yes, I have gone through the prompts . I'm very disappointed for the fact as much money as your company makes, should there really be a 4 minute wait? Let alone having to deal with the loyal electronic secretary, which carries no merit to the information asked of its request.Only to be told to wait for the next available representative.To give the same information.This is sadly a waste of time, and lack

Thereof to show any signs of a reputable company.Having said my personal view on the conductivity of your corporation, I hope changes will be considered.Sincerely, Ms. D. DiSalvia

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