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Anonymous - 1 h 49 m ago


I had AT&T installed on 1-12-17, did not like it so I cancelled on 1-14-17, sent back equipment on 1-16-17. Contacted a so called customer service person who told me I was to get the $171.30 back as a credit on my credit card. WRONG!! They not only did not credit my credit card, they debited it. Was on the phone with at least 6 different people that did not know their right hand from their left. They each told me a different story until I got to a person named Mary. She told me, not a problem, we will credit your credit card for the above amount within 3 business days. WRONG AGAIN!!! Then after I called a 7th time and got some person, I don't remember, she told me, no, we do not credit your credit card but we will send you a personal check in the amount of $122.30 and not the full amount. They deducted the $49.00 activation fee. Now I am awaiting the check. I sure hope I get it and if not, you, Mr. Stephenson, will be getting a letter from me with a copy to your regional office.

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Anonymous - 11 h 31 m ago

I have a complain to make and would like to see a customer service customer in person. Do we have an office here in Las Vegas that I can address my complain and speak to someone in person. Is that possible? When I receive my AT&T bill every single month, I have a problem with the amount that I am charged. I call and they know I have a problem. They solve my problem and I wait until the next month and again I have the same problem. This goes on every month. I need to speak to someone in person so I can for the last time resolve the problem and go on. Please direct me to the right office or person. I need your help desperately. Ann M. Gonzalez (hidden).

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Anonymous - 15 h 10 m ago


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Debbie - 15 h 31 m ago


Landline has no dial tone just battery. I called Sat 2-18-16 the soonest I can have my landline fixed is 2-27-17. That is not reasonable. I am going to recommend to my elected officials not to vote in favor of your merger with Time Warner. You obviously cannot handle what you have.

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Ellen - 15 h 38 m ago


I was planning to upgrade my internet from 45 Mbps to 300 Mbps and had a service call scheduled for Feb 20th between 2pm and 4pm. At 3:50pm I received a text message that the technician wasn't going to arrive at the scheduled time. After waiting for 2 hours I called and was on the phone for 30 minutes with several people, none who spoke English well. I couldn't get any answers - first I was told I needed to reschedule then I was told I was still on the technicians schedule yet no one could tell me what time the technician was going to show up. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told over and over again the supervisor was on the phone - so 30 minutes later without any resolution I ended the call. I called again and asked for a supervisor only to be given the same run around. During that call I received a message from the technician that he was on his way. Such a disconnect. The technician finally arrived after waiting 3 1/2 hours and proceeded to tell me the upgrade is done remotely and there was no need for him to come. Needless to say I am outraged at the disconnect within your operation and am outraged that I wasted 4 hours on a service call that wasn't necessary. I switched from Comcast to AT&T because of poor customer service with Comcast - well AT&T is now running a close 2nd. I wasted 4 hours of my day-off for absolutely nothing but aggravation!! I am tempted to send you a bill for my time. I am extremely dissatisfied with AT&T and will probably start shopping around once again - I may even consider returning to Comcast. Once upon a time AT&T had terrific customer service but that has sadly diminished greatly.

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John Lewis - 17 h ago


Mr. Stephenson, I know you get bothered with the constant down plays regarding the company and unfortunately, I must post one as well. Recently I was approached for employment by one of your "Talent Attraction Manager". My resume' was located per email via one of the job posting sites. My background is pure IT and has been for the last 20 years. The position was actually for customer service with one of the recently acquired companies of AT&T. After numerous emails back and forth i find it is more upsales than it is for the technical I could in fact give to the company. I still get atleast 2 times a day an email regarding the same opportunity as well as it is from the same person. My advice for what it is worth is if you really want a quality group, it would be greatly helpful if the resume's were actually reviewed and not left to an application that looks for key words.

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fed up with your ad - 1 d 34 s ago



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Leon - 1 d 24 h ago


I have been with ATT for over 4 years and I have requested that my 8 out of 10 be unlocked and ATT refuses to unlock them denying them after 6 or 7 attempts online and with representatives. I've been hung up on twice, have spent over 8 hours on the phone with reps and I just get the runaround from everyone! My phones are being held hostage by ATT. All have been purchased and paid off through ATT. Next step if this is not resolved in the next day is contacting a attorney to help me out.

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Sunny - 1 d 13 h ago

I was Looking to buy a phone for one of my family members . When I asked about purchasing the phone, it appeared like the sales man didn't want to help me. He asked if any of us had upgrades and we weren't sure. He didn't even take the time to look it up in the system. His response was "go home and do some research". I have been a customer with at&t for a few years now. This really made me want to reconsider providers.

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Anonymous - 2 d 36 m ago


One word horrible

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Mark Nash - 3 d ago


On September 17 of last year I traded in 2 iPhone 6's during a promotion to get a free iPhone 7 with the trade-in of an iPhone 6. The promotion was to get billed monthly for the iPhone 7 with a corresponding credit to offset the cost.

Unfortunately the sales clerk used the same phone number on both of the traded in phones in error. For the last three months I have been receiving the credit for only one of the two phones traded in.

In early January I realized that I was not getting credit for both of the phones and contacted AT&T. For six weeks now I have been calling AT&T once or twice a week trying to get the problem resolved. Every week I am given a case number and a promise that somebody will get back to me in four days. Every week when no one gets back to me I have to call in and speak to a different representative who has to go through the notes on my account and set up a new case number with the promise that someone will get back to me in four days. I have been to the store 4 times where I traded in and purchased the new iPhone 7's and from their end they contact their AT&T representative and promise that they will resolve my problem on their end.

I have spent 20 plus hours on the phone with AT&T and still do not have my case resolved. Very frustrated.

General profile image - 3 d 15 h ago


Mr. Stephenson,

My Veteran husband who is not in good health and I changed over to Direct TV, Landlines and internet, digital life and Direct TV. As none of these services has turned out to be purported as claimed we've canceled and gone to Xfinity. Both Direct TV and U verse are cancelling the early termination fees but no one in Digital Life seems to know a Corporate person I can contact to discuss waiving the fees after I told them I'd already talked to Gloria and Eileen and both indicated the company still had a lot of things to do to get the field and corporate people on the same page and the both waived the early termination fees and corrected my bills but Digital Life still does seem to know any person I can contact in the Corporation. So I guess my only alternative is to file a Deceptive Trade Practice suite against you which California does not take well to.Hopefully it wont come to that. I'll look forward to hearing for someone who can resolve my problem.


Robin Ireland

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Robyn Moore - 3 d 19 h ago


Dear Mr. Stephenson,

I am the office manager of Scubatude, a small business located in Valencia, California. We were customers of AT&T and were dissatisfied with the customer service and policies of AT&T. We were overcharged for the service, lied to and then chased down to reinstate with AT&T. We were adamant about the fact we were NOT going to return to AT&T and we are customers of Spectrum now.

AT&T sales office calls our business at least twice a DAY! We have politely requested that they discontinue calling us. We ask every time they call to please take our name and phone number OFF their call list. They have not only refused to do so but after our request the calls from AT&T sales has increased.

At this point I feel it has become harassment and I am writing you to ask that you PLEASE stop the phone calls. We have tried blocking the number but they come through on a different number at different times.

I would appreciate your cooperation in stopping the phone calls as we have requested.

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.

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Carl - 3 d 20 h ago

At&t survies stinks. The people do not speak very good english

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M BALLENGER - 4 d 11 h ago


Dear Mr. Stephenson, CEO: Re: Work Order, 107562643. I want to commend Mr. J. Harris, Master Service Technician, AT&T Internet Technical Repair and Support Department, the Douglasville Georgia Team, for repair service completed on Friday, February 3rd. He was impressive! My internet and phone issues resolved with "precision". He was well "organized" and equipped with professional tools organized in 2 - large work bags - "ready" to work. During his "triage" of each issue, he "methodically" listen to me to ensure the issues were resolved and addressed my questions with satisfaction. He was "precise" in repairing both issues and devoted full effort in "coordinating" the repairs. His "assessment" paid off and both my internet and phone service repaired with perfection. Please thank him for me and commend him for an "outstanding" service repair performance. (I could not get in touch with his Supervisor, Mr. G. Doty, (hidden) or at (hidden)). Sincerely, M. BALLENGER CUSTOMER

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Disgruntled Forced to be Customer - 4 d 13 h ago


BEWARE of PROMOTION SCAMS. SIgned up for the switch your service. Chat rep and phone rep never told us portion the number was a requirement. Even walked us through the process for selecting the phone numbers. When the new ATT devices arrived I called to find out where to return the previous carrier phones. They told me to return them in the provided postage prepaid, tracked envelope which I did. Now they are saying I'm not eligible for the refund on my previous carrier termination fees since I didn't port my number, and they can't seem to track their package so they won't even provide credit for the devices. Their settlement proposal is for me to terminate service immediately with no credit for the services I already paid for but haven't used, and mail the ATT devices back to them, get this...... in the pre-paid postage envelope which they will track and once they confirm they have received them they will release me from the payment plan. Who wants to do business with a company like this!

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Beth biancofiore - 4 d 14 h ago


Randall Stephenson

I contacted at&t about my bill in December for dsl internet and the salesperson sold me on bundling uverse and direct tv. It was installed on Jan 21st and my internet worked for 9 days and has not worked since. I have been on the phone every day trying to get this fixed and I have been told different things every day saying there is an outage in my area then he says it fixed then it's not fixed. No one tells me the truth and it is the most frustrating thing I ever had to deal with in my life. I get put on hold then finally get told something that isn't true. If you don't have internet in my area then tell me. Don't sell me uverse when it doesn't work in my area. Almost 3 weeks of an outage in my area is not being able to provide service, now I can't get dsl back because they say uverse is available when actually it's not. Now I'm having to look at getting infinity for internet as they are the only other provider in my area. Worst experience ever and don't go with AT&T for anything. Worst company ever!!!!!

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Pete N - 6 d 16 h ago


unacceptable customer service! I am being billed for service I never had! I signed up for direct tv for the great price the salesman offered me. I called to change the install date and i asked (to just double check) the price i was going to be paying. At that time I was told I'd be paying $20 more per month than what I was quoted. Since they would not honor the quoted price I cancelled service. They told me, because the install date was under 24 hours, they could not cancel, but my best option was to let the install happen and I could cancel within 24 hours after the install and I would not be charged at all. I got conformation on this. I followed the protocol and cancelled the service with in the 24 hours. Now I am being billed from AT&T for a full month of service. I've spent over 8 hour of my time on the phone with customer service. I have talked to "managers",customer loyalty, and customer service reps and they all have told me they can take care of it, but nothing ever gets resolved. I have been told I have a credit on my account but the direct tv credit can't pay for an ATT&T bill (I still don't know why I have a bill, I never had service to be billed!! or even a credit for that matter?) I have been told i'll get a refund check in the mail but it's been 2 months so far, nothing in the mail yet! I have been told they can credit my credit card and it would take 7-10 days for the credit to show. I waited 15 days and still no credit! I have been told they will just credit the ATT&T bill sense I never had service (which I feel is the simplest solution) I still have an "outstanding bill". Now if this "bill" goes unpaid this could ruin my credit report! Their system made the mistake and I am the one being completely inconvenienced by this.


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Horrified customer - 4 d 19 h ago


Same story here, but I am over 14+ hours, including wasting vacation time from work, and now have a lawyer involved. I can't believe a company like this can still be running. Completely and utterly disgusting!d

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Anonymous - 4 d 15 h ago


I'm dealing with the same thing and was told he would never quote that because it's not right. Not true. I am so frustrated!!! I have tried to contact corporate and they keep sending me back to bill pay at AT&T instead of getting me to someone at corporate. I asked for an itemized bill and they said they would charge me 5$ per month. I'm so furious!!

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Diane N - 4 d 15 h ago


Same issues here except I have been dealing with it for A LOT LONGER - keep me informed if you file a class action suit



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12 year ATT veteran - 4 d 16 h ago


I had been with ATT for over 12 years with Hilton Corporation. Due to constantly changing plans and price increases my monthly wireless account was double the competition. Calls to ATT to help get a more competitive plan fell on deaf ears. Now we switched to T-Mobile. It cost me $1100 in phone buy outs but it will pay off in a few months. Now I can't get one of my 3 phones ported over. I have called no less than 7 times (1 hour each time) and visited 3 stores over the last 4 weeks! No one can help. Each time is a new story with a new lie promising to get it fixed so my elderly mother can have her phone that we bought and paid for! Right now, this is a life safety risk as she is without a phone. Even called the corp office after 7 calls and 3 visits and they are transferring me to unified accounts since we USED to have DirecTV and don't anymore as we moved. WOW! How do I get the phone that I paid for to work? ATT is the absolute WORST for customer service even for a long term high profile account. Somebody tell me how to get my phone that I paid for unlocked or give me a new phone in place of it! I will NEVER use ATT or DIRECT TV again and would not recommend it to anyone! It's just a matter of time before other vendors i.e. GOOGLE are going to take ATT out. They can't handle small or large accounts! I've seen it with my own eyes. Prove I'm wrong ATT, fix my phone, I'm on my 8th call for 56 minutes now. Here's one of five of my tracking numbers!!!! Cm20170212_122291819

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Gene Redding - 4 d 18 h ago


Billing & Usage

Please contact me immediately regarding this bill. I have been unable to get it straightened out through normal channels.

Account(1) 138113757

Call for help, landline number (hidden)

Total Amount Due by Mar 5, 2017:


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Paul Brown, Gilroy, Ca. - 4 d 19 h ago


AT&T's television commercials advertising their internet service are the second series of commercials displaying adults as immature and ignorant. AT&T should discontinue these commercials immediately and replace them with a positive message concerning their product. America is a great country that has provided people with almost unlimited opportunities. AT&T's message to the world should not be to present American adults and parents as little children who are unable to cope when their internet connection is disrupted, or their bill goes to high. AT&T's current series of commercials are insulting, annoying, disrespectful, and reflect AT&T's attitude towards their client base.

I have been an AT&T wireless customer for many years, but based upon these commercials, I will never be an AT&T internet customer.

Thank you for taking the time to read my comments.

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MelHammons - 4 d 19 h ago


I always have recommended At&t. But when I got my new phone, we got home and it kept saying NO SIM. This is the 2nd time that has happened. So I took it back yesterday morning to get it fixed. It took someone more than 20 minutes to come check me in, then I had to wait another 30 to get service from someone. What should've been a 2 minute job turned into an hour. I was extremely angry. The ONLY good thing about yesterday was how nice and helpful the guy that fixed it was. After spending over $300 just as a down payment for upgrades and the things needed for them, I would expect much better customer service. People literally walked out because of the wait, and others were getting very angry and telling the other customers. Word of mouth travels fast, so I hope the store in Stillwater, OK finds a solution.

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