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208 S. Akard St.
Dallas, TX
Randall Stephenson
(210) 821-4105
Twitter IDs
@ATT, @ATTBusiness
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Karma - 1 d 10 h ago


AT&T Headquaters You Sux , your service suxs, your customer suxs your company suxs and your a bunch of liars and theives and karma is coming for you soon. You throttle peoples moblie spots at 3.10gb on a 15gb plan then you bill incorrectly fraudlently for $320.00 for 1 month of service . Im not paying shit . Fuck You and your crap company

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GK - 1 d 22 h ago

I really can confirm all what you have stated!!

I guess the CEO Mr. Stephenson is NOT aware of what is going on in his company !!!


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tola - 3 m ago


Im going throught the exact same issue. They charge you for shit.

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LWeigel - 4 d 15 h ago


Can someone please contact me regarding some billing questions? I called today was on the line for 1hr &15 minutes finally asked a supervisor to call me back and no one ever did. If there was a way I can send you a picture showing I was on that phone that long!!

Please help this customer

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

Google FCC website and put in filing a complaint. File a complaint against them on the FCC website & you'll get some action. I certainly did.

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GK - 1 d 22 h ago


All AT&T, so called Service Specialist, are to stupid to walk in a straight line!!

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Dianne - 1 d 16 h ago


To AT&T Headquarters in Atlanta.

My name is Dianne Henry. On February 12,2019 I spoke to John at Direct TV who said I could get interniet,phone and direct TV for one hundred and twenty seven dollars a month. That is what I asked him about Internet phone and direct tv. I expressed that I needed internet. John took my order and two hundred dollar deposit from my bank account, set up a connect day for the next day. They came with no internet or phone. The person said someone would come latter with the internet and phone. I did not want him to start but he said this is how they worked and they would be here before he left with on another truck. I called after the installer left they had no knowledge of internet and phone they did not have that in my area. We my grandson and I tried to get some on in area that they recommend but we failed. The next day I called to cancel. They gave me hell. They treated me like a dog. I spoke to Christina she said she understood and she would get me to some one that would cancel my order and I would get back my two hundred dollars back. In reality she could have canceled it but she did not. I spoke to Ward at loyalty who told me he was not going to give me my money back. This person Ward was so cruel I no you have everything he said to me on tape because in the beginning, they tell us that we are being recorded. I would like to have my money back. I called back and spoke to Sarah she was just a rude as Ward. Please listen to those tapes they had no reason t speak to me or another person that way. This is the member Shara gave me for canceling (hidden)A. I doubt if this is true but it is what I have. Just refund my money. Thank you

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GK - 1 d 22 h ago



I just can confirm the Mrs. Dianne.

AT&T SUCKS !! to say the least.

What happened to this GREAT company from the sixties ??

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Ali - 1 d ago


My name is Ali I live in Indianapolis my address is 3801 Boundary Bay dr 46217. My number is(hidden) I need to talk with you as soon as possible; I've been having problems with direcTV from the beginning so please call me as soon as possible! Thank you

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Abron Dion Slaughter - 1 d 3 h ago


Hi, my name is Abron Dion Slaughter. I have a question. I have been reading a little about the Internet of Things(IoT) and it seems that AT&T is highly confident that IoT can handle anything and planning on expanding even that to a higher degree at least by 2025! Here's my concern: I submitted a concept for a TV Game Show that will be the biggest thing on the planet to ever hit technology! I submitted this concept using Scott Manvilles' website, The project/concept is labeled "THE Raffle'". THE Raffle: We accumulate rare iconic items, like The Micheal Jackson glove(left handed), Elvis Presleys Pink Cadillac, his real Blue Suede shoes(if he really owned any), the guitar he used onstage in 1956 performing Blue Suede Shoes at a screen test at Paramount Studios, or even the iconic white dress of Marilyn Monroe from The Seven Year Itch. We raffle these items for $25.00 per 9-digit number, ranging from 000,000,000 through 999,999,999. The first 2 hour episode will bring in anywhere from $25 Billion through $75 Billion dollars. This is just the beginning, I promise I will get back to the numbers shortly! What will make this show different is we are giving the world a chance to participate and actually win something, from the comforts of their own homes. This has NEVER been done before and it will NEVER be done again to this extreme, I guarantee it!!! What is a highlight of the show is.....we create, what I like to call a, "Forensics Extractions Team". and what they do is, their job is to carefully "remove" the iconic item from it's place of existence, preserving every remnant of DNA from the original owner, possibly left on the item! "The Extractions Team", for example......and I'm gonna use The Elvis Presley 1955 Pink Cadillac Fleetwood........second. I will go to The Micheal Jackson glove first........ It was supposedly purchased at an auction by a private owner for around $450,000, if we throw $2M at the guy, he will sell it. Even if we have to do $5M, it will be a great investment for us. I will show you why in a second, with numbers, and we all know that numbers don't lie! The "extraction" will be a pre recorded show, where the extraction team does all of the DNA checks, background information on the item, everything. We find out everything we can about the manufacturer, the creator of the iconic item at hand, what they lived like, everything. We then edit "The Extraction" and share the most important, critical of these findings with the public(world) during the Live airing of THE Raffle. This information along with the opportunity to actually own these specific iconic items will keep the audiences entertained and participating. Once the "extraction " team has secured the iconic item, it is them heavily transported to the location where THE Raffle is being broadcast Live and await THE Raffle to air. During the "transport" of the iconic item, it is Heavily guarded, Presidential Security, a helicopter with 50 cal., the works....this will boost the importance/mental awareness/interest of the iconic item to the world. Everything about THE Raffle MUST be done BIG, to THE Extreme, and we will win .I guarantee it!!! The sole purpose of the "extraction" is to connect the world with the item using information. This produces a mental connection with the audience and will keep their attention, similar to watching Forensic Files or CSI, without having a horrific crime to solve. "THE Engagement " The engagement takes place when the Host/Hostess turns to the call center and ask (4) questions to a Live caller: Name, origin,what are your plans if you win this iconic item, and how many numbers did you purchase?" This will give the "physical participants" a feeling of actually being apart of the show. This is where AT&T and Internet of Things(IoT) comes in at. I started this conversation with," I have a question". We need a platform that accesses Face Time(video chat) globally, without interruption! Our Live call center, which will be a live Jerry Lewis Telethon type atmosphere, using the most advanced IoT technology, and smart phones instead of landlines, to equip and connect the world with THE Raffle, upon request.........LIVE!!! My question: Is AT&T and IoT capable of equipping/connecting every device on the planet that has Facebook? We need to connect Face Time(video chat) to a system that will allow it to accept multiple calls, without getting a busy signal, unreachable signal, on another call signal, no dropped call signals and we even include a call waiting into the program. The object of this goal, is to not miss ANY Face Time(video chat) calls, at THE Raffle location, with the option to just do an audio call or a video call with the press of a button, that every call center Rep will be equipped with. Also, included in the programming, is a data management and application enablement. This will mange our 1 billion numbers. (000,000,000-999,999,999) Now, lets talk numbers.....each episode of THE Raffle has the potential to generate $25B through $75B per episode, WITHOUT ratings, ads, stock, etc., etc. On an airing schedule of once every 3 months, THE Raffle will generate $100B through $300B in revenue, just off number sales. If we air the show once a month, then we generate $300B through $900B in revenue, just off number sales. If we get a head start on at least 52 iconic items, film/edit the extractions for all of them, while AT&T/IoT is developing the platform, then we can be airing the show every week for a full year. This will generate $1 Trillion, $300 Million dollars through $3 Trillion, 900 Million dollars, in legal clean revenue, just off selling the numbers alone. The possibilities are endless with this. We have to come up with a program/platform that can do this, and we present this to Mark Zuckerberg and his team at Facebook. We must do all of this without violating any privacy rights that any Facebook users are entitled to. Whatever money we spend creating this platform, is only a fraction of the profits these companies will see. My suggestion is that we offer to build the platform for all of this, for free, for Facebook. That will get Mr Mark Z. and his team on board. All we will need is the "GO" from him. The numbers speak truth for themselves! This will be a great opportunity to really introduce IoT and its very diverse platforms, globally. We're pushing technology to one of its rarest forms here. This isn't groung breaking, this is "atmosphere slicing". This is BIG, we are about to literally CHANGE THE WORLD. We, along with the help of Hollywood, CA., can bring this to life, NOTHING is impossible! Please feel free to contact me directly, Abron Dion Slaughter 2131 N. 33rd St Kansas City, KS 66104 phone: (hidden) email: (hidden) This is it, this is big, I know it, it gets no bigger than this. We can do this, we can do this! Determined, Abron

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RenaBranch1 - 4 d ago


I had the worse experience ever! I called them and asked for corporate info and was repeatedly given the run around. Even the managers are very unprofessional. I loss a family member and wanted an extension and they did everything but spit in my face! All they cared about was the bill being paid, when I finally got a manager or whatever she called herself she was worse than the $8.00 an hour rep, spoke very poor English and kept repeating the same info. I paid my bill just to be able to switch back to Tmobile.

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

File a complaint with the FCC if you want to get their attention.

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Dorene - 5 d ago


I signed up with Direct TV the beginning of March. At that time I was told more than once what my package would include and the total of my bill. I clarified it with the young women and she ASSURED me that this was correct.

After installation I ran into several problems in getting proper usage.

Then i get my bill and it is nowhere near what i had been told. There were many calls, of which, several were not returned. They finally told me they were going to have the back office review the phone call where I purchased the Package and get back to me by the 22nd of March. Since my bill was due the 24th and I had not heard I called them and was told it was what it was. I replied than they lied to me and was told I guess so. I then stated that they were pretty much telling me tough luck to you and was told that was correct!!!!!

I requested to speak to a supervisor and was told, after waiting awhile, that I would have to call back another time no one was available to speak with me.

Not wanting my bill to be late I requested to pay t with them now and was told there was a $5.00 service fee to do so!!!

I have never encountered such poor customer service or one that out and out lied to sell a product!!!

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

File a complaint on FCC website if you want to see any results. It's the only way to get their attention.

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Christina Wood - 7 d 36 m ago


I contacted AT&T by dialing the 611 number. I was routed to someone in a foreign country and asked to speak with some in the US. The representative told me that he did not have numbers for the US to route me to. This is not acceptable as by law, I am suppose to have access to someone who is from the US to speak with regarding my account. I asked to speak to the manager who also told me she did not have access to numbers for the US as well. I am highly irritated and tired of dealing with AT&T and there poor trained call center employees in a foreign country. I request that Randall Stephenson contact me regarding this issue of poor business practices.

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

File a complaint on FCC website. It's the only way to get a response from them & it gets action.

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Anonymous - 8 d ago

Im trying to reach Mr Stephenson I had placed a complaint sometime ago regarding the harassment the AT&T randon vans and the biege was green before box that sits directly in front of my home. I think I has told the gentle working outside the box one afternoon "TO UNCROSS YOUR LEGS BEND OVER AND ASSUME THE POSITION" as I was inside my home and was not actually speaking the words but imagining it being said as i heard word for word being able to hear it outside where the gentleman was standing and If he wasn't able to hear it he wouln't have notted his head as to say no no no. I went to my kitchen and sat on the counter and said AT&T Im gonna sue the fuck out of you unless you give 1.5 million dollars. but trying to claim something now that i am in my right state of mind would perposterous wouldn't it, since I am a single mom of !. and have no one as a blood relative in san antonio tx But I really do believe you have had the pleasure of meeting someone that said they were my attorney. As soon as I figure that mystery person then I guess my real attorney will be contacting you. I cant ever remember receiving any kind of spousal veteran appointed attorney being a so called widowed wife of a army vet, But I'm sure you higher education has paid off. What college did you attend? a community? I figured with the decision making abilities couldn't have a prominent school.I guess apply for your type of job too.

box number is





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Anonymous - 2 d ago

File a complaint against them on the FCC website. that will get their attention.

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

File a complaint against them on the FCC website. They erroneously filed a collection account against me and I went through hell with them trying to get this resolved. A friend told me to file a complaint against them on the FCC website against them. Apparently, this is a big deal to them. Once I did this, I started getting calls & letters from them apologizing and they immediately had the collection account deleted from my credit.

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Frustrated - 2 d 19 h ago


I have been with AT&T for years. In the past year I have had multiple issues.The customer service department is the worst I have ever dealt with. They have little knowledge of their product, constantly putting you on hold, when they look at your account they don't see information related to an exiting issue or a previous issue. It's like there is no communication from one department to another that's noted on your account. The 1st issue was my bundle service with Direct TV was cancelled and there was a separate account number created which I did not request. As a result, a payment made using my AT&T bill with the Direct TV balance resulted in Direct TV not receiving payment. Direct TV threaten to cancel my service although the payment had been made to AT&T. I spent months trying to prove the payment was made but at that point AT&T stated Direct should have received payment and Direct TV stated they never received it. In the end, I had to make an additional payment to Direct TV to keep my service. Most recent issue; related to my internet and home phone. It was deactivated in error and when customer service was asked why, they could not give me an answer. After insisting on an answer I was told it was a system issue. It took two days and many hours on the phone with multiple representatives to reinstate. If that want enough, I received multiple text messages that stated my equipment would arrive in 2 days. Well, I hadn't ordered any equipment. I called customer to informed them I hadn't requested any equipment. The representative reviewed account and said he did not see that equipment had been ordered or sent. Well, today I received a box from AT&T.I called customer service again and the representative took 25 minutes to determine an item had been sent. I was instructed to take it to a UPS location to send back if I didn't want to be charged for the item ( I didn't open the box). I didn't create this issue but now it Is on me to send it back although I never requested it in the first place.

Bottom line, AT&T customer service sucks!!!!!! You can never speak with someone in charge. It takes to long for customer service to understand your problem and be able to get you the help you need. The only thing they are good at is telling you they are sorry you have a problem and that they can help you with it when they can't. AT& T needs to do better with customer service or expect to lose a lot of clients.

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Lisa soto - 3 d ago


For months, I have been trying to resolve a billing and customer service issue. I have spoken to numerous individuals that transfer me to numerous other individuals and I still have yet to speak with one person with any authority. After spending tons of money and having been a loyal customer, this is how I am treated. I am appalled.

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Ben Carey - 3 d 12 h ago


These people have ruined DirecTV I am a 20 year old customer and they treat me like dirt!!!! I'm going with dishnet The hell with these crooks!!

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Anonymous - 3 d 12 h ago

These people have ruined DirecTV I am a 20 year old customer and they treat me like dirt!!!! I'm going with dishnet!

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Michael Rosche - 3 d 14 h ago


Worst bunch of LIARS in the marketplace today. You fucked me for a lousy $200 after 15 years of loyal commitment on my part. After reading the reviews below, I understand that complaining wont do me any good at all. You just dont give a fuck! I will dance on your grave when you go out of business. You cant keep treating customers like this and survive.

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Alba - 3 d 18 h ago


Worst service and bunch of lies !!!

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