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Dallas, TX
Randall Stephenson
(210) 821-4105
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Kenny Pirkle - 12 h 40 m ago


After 33 years straight, I'm getting the hell away from these idiots. Me, the wife, and 27 sales personnell. I'm shutting off their shitty tv also.

Kenny Pirkle


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Alberta - 17 h 50 m ago


I have spent hours on the phone with at&t trying to get them to turn my phone and Internet back on. I did not ask them to ture it off on the 16, I asked for the 24 . I have been trying since Friday to get it back on but it have not happened yet . I have spoke with about 7 agent's and all I get is the same questions over and over again. I am using data that I shouldn't be using just to communicate with them. Calling for four days and still no phone is crazyThey are the phone company . Help me to understand!!!

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Very unhappy potential new customer - 19 h 9 m ago


Yesterday I spent an hour + ordering internet and u-verse online. I was helped on the chat line. At the end, after installation was scheduled, I asked for an order number. Luis, the person I was chatting with, told me not to worry I would receive an email with all the information. By this morning I still had not received the email so I tried contacting ATT. Low and behold you need an order number in order to look up the order - an order number I never received! I called and spoke with Gracie and she could not help, so I asked for her supervisor. Laura came on the line but she could not help. It seems that although they could not find the order, and I should have received the email immediately, it could take 48 hours! Laura was happy to do another order (although she admitted, it could be a second order and she could not give me the same promotion since it wasn't an online order), I declined since if this is how customer service works at ATT it could be a could, in fact, be a good thing that the order may or may not exist. I would love to speak or communicate with someone higher up the "food chain" but that doesn't seem possible so this review is the best alternative. If this is how ATT handles new customers, it is scary how they may handle existing customers. I may or may not get an email, I may or may not have an order placed and I may or may not end up with an installation person here - I'm not holding my breath for anything good to come of this.

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Latesha - 19 h 9 m ago



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Dawn Doviak - 1 d 7 m ago

I recently bought a 50 dollar att ZTE Android phone from your Middlebury vt plaza store . Upon my 50 a month activiation with the phone purchase I was promised a free month of direct TV along with 8 gigs of unlimited data talk text and media . After that second month I continued to prepay with a 40 dollar monthly unlimited plan to discover upon my most recent purchase my 40 plan was deleted from the monthly plan chooses and dropped my plan to a 35 dollar monthly plan leaving me with only 1 little gig a month leaving me no chose but to switch carriers if this can not be made right . I want my 8 gigs and since I bought a 40 card I have a 5 dollar credit u can take to correct your error

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Pissed att customer - 1 d 22 h ago


Been lied to by customer service representatives about my NFL package I've tried to cancel numerous times and I'm about to call the attorney General and let them know att is ripping people off!!

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Hunter - 1 d ago


ABSOLUTELY THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE - i expect this kind of foolishness from Comcast - NOT AT&T!!!

Been waiting for my service to be connected since November 5! First you guys pushed me to the 16th and didn't tell me, then the 20th and NOW the 26th!!! Some alleged engineering department is supposedly working on a ticket one has been out here and NO ONE is calling me - i have to keep calling! HORRIBLE AT&T!!!! Absolutely horrible. And a horrible way to restart this relationship!!!!

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Mike jops - 1 d ago


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Kim - 3 d 11 h ago


Literally have had nothing but problems the past 2 mi the with AT&T. Have been a customer for nearly 12 years and the customer service has truly went fown the tubes. They are rude and cut you off in the midst of conversation. Literally locked out of our account right now due to how the reps handle things and did big assist. Looks like another complaint to the BBB yo be filed since nobody wants to help or even cares. This is beyond INSANE!!!

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DJB - 1 d 16 h ago

NO ACCOUNTABILITY in this company anymore. I get a different story with each person I talk to. Would never recommend AT&T or Direct TV to anybody.

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Paula Stingbeejill - 7 d 5 h ago


Flagged for review. 
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better learn at - 7 d 5 h ago

ved her in to Assisted Living. When I established the service, I asked that the bills be sent to me via email because Aunt Kathy doesn't remember her own name on any given day.

By early November, I hadn't received any bills from ATT, so I called on 11/9 to ask what the problem was. Seems that the bills were sent to the address of service, rather than to my email address. I advised the representative, Britney, with whom I spoke, that I was going to make a payment the same way I pay all of Aunt Kathy's bills, through Wells Fargo Bill Pay, and reiterated that the bills should be sent to my email.

Not once was I informed that the service was scheduled to be disconnected the next day. Had I been advised of that, I would have processed a payment via the automated bill pay system that day, 11/9, to avoid a, , , ,

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douf - 6 d 20 h ago

entially AT&T customer service sucks and that is being polite. It is impossible to contact a human in the United States. Everything you mail it says that the mail box is full or not set up. It basically says the for a telephone company to deal with customers it is not a user friendly company.

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Anonymous - 3 d 20 h ago

OmG having the same trouble, so fed up

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Anonymous - 6 d 21 s ago

ny s now very embarrassing to be connected its As a retired manager with 41 years service I'm tired of defending the poorbhh

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Anonymous - 5 d 16 h ago

tely lie, he stated there was a promotion whe there was never a promotion added on my account. He informed me my bill would be $130 which includes taxes. My bill went from $78 to $311. The problem is he or the lead agent I spoke to never added any promotion on my

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JHONNY - 4 d 19 h ago



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Anonymous - 4 d 16 h ago

have called and placed tickets a thousand times to be told that DSL doesn't have enough bandwidth to reach my home and that U-verse isn't in my area when I know for a fact that it is less than a mile away?? I was told 2 years ago by a technician that there is line running for u-verse on my road as he was standing 500 ft away from my home when i stopped to talk with him on the side of the road. He was there to find out why the lines were showing inactive and yet 2 years later we still don't have access to this???? our superintendent of the school district lives on my road and he has also tried several times to get internet for the children in my area. What does someone have to do to get some internet? Sounds like to me engineering needs to come and take a look at this area. I am sure the whole road would connect given the outrageous prices we are paying for unlimited data through our wireless companies! I have direct and would bundle my services and possibly switch from verizon to ATT wireless if I could get some help, as would the rest of my family which live right next to me! and the neighborhood behind me!

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Anonymous - 4 d 14 h ago


This is support for fb and instagram (hidden)

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denny - 4 d ago


Mr stephenson: after switching every service that I had with att to other providers, your customer service people called to offer an offer to me so I would return to att. I refused their offer and they persisted to ask why I left att and I told them. They also showed me they could not talk about any service other than the branch of att that they were trying to get me to return to, not the full service bundle that I formally had with att. As this whole effort went on for about 20 minutes of my time, I have decided to submit the following invoice. For the more than 20 hours that I spent trying to correct the problems that had occured with your firm.

For 20 hours of mine time at the rate that I charge of $250.00 / hour you are now receiving my invoice of $5000.00 please remit payment due upon receipt.

Thank you S. A. Schroeder 1421 Thermal Ave. San Diego CA 92154dsfs

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Anonymous - 4 d ago


I went into one of your stores. Not a corporate store on 11-14-18 to pay my wirelessly bill. When my granddaughter and I walked in I was asked by your manager if she could help me with something. With a smile I told her she could take my money. She was cold and had no reply. No smile or response to my light humor.

We went to the desk in the middle of the store where I usually. Where the computer sits.

I stood nest to the desk as I usually did and in a cold demanding voice she asked me to step to the back of the computer. I said to her, jokingly, "what do you think I'm going to steal something?" She did not even smile and I asked," you don't have a sense of humor?" She then demanded I leave her store and she would not take my payment.

Maybe she was showing off her cold forceful attitude to the guy with her. Maybe her boyfriend or helper. He said nothing. Just staired at me. So my granddaughter and I calmly left the store. I told her I was going to report this. With her angry cold face and attitude she pointed to her name badge. My eyes are not that sharp so I really couldn't see her name. Maybe something with a "J" letter.

I have been going to this store since it first opened. I have seen your managers come and go. Some lasting a month or two. Some a little longer. But none for any normal length of time. Never with any of them was I ever treated like this latest poor excuse of a representative of AT&T as this one.

I will never again go to that store again. This store at 1032 Durham Rd, Roxboro, NC, 27573. This store is only 2 minutes from my home, but never again. She also stunned my 16 year old granddaughter with her attitude. I will also spread the news of that woman running that store.

I will be 75 years old in Feb of 2019. Eventhough these " no corporate stores " are a joke sometimes with their lies and poor service this is my first really disappointing visit. She needs to be transferred or seriously represented for her bad attitude. I have four phones with AT&T and have been a customer for many years. Never seen or talked to any employee like this woman.

I smiled and tried to be a good customer but this employee turned the visit to disgust. I have always got good service with my phones and I really don't want to go elsewhere. I will spread the word on this woman even as a worker in the pizza shop nest to this store, has told me of her attitude.

Raymond Patterson, Sr. (hidden). Always leave a messag if I don't answer. I will call back!

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davey jones - 4 d ago

As a shareholder I am disgusted with the perpetual lies aired by CNN, which President Trump is correct in always calling fake news. CNN rightfully has earned its zero percent trustworthy rating on various opinion surveys. Jim Accosta is nothing but a unintelligent loudmouth who thinks a press conference is about him rather than the public to have actual information disclosed. You should consider it no victory that his credentials are restored, I don't give courts much credit either, so that he can resume his pushing matches with smaller female interns. I thought ATT stood for integrity, it's ownership and supervision of CNN doesn't fit that corporate image!....

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Taylor - 3 d 19 s ago


AT&T has a promotion ""Discounts For Military Veterans". I am an AT&T customer, Direct TV, Internet, Landline. I am also a veteran. I tried to apply for this promotion both on line and in an AT&T store. I was told it only applies to veterans who use AT&T wireless. So, as a hearing impaired veteran who has to use an amplified phone (landline), I haven't given enough to meet AT&Ts definition of a veteran. That is, one who has ser..

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DJB - 1 d 16 h ago


Do NOT bundle anything with Direct TV/AT&T. I did and have been sorry I did. I was told that by signing up for Direct TV I would get Direct TV plus my 4 cell phones for $252/month. I'm now paying $433 and can't get out of the deal. Its a complete scam!

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Dick Kievi - 2 d 13 h ago


AT&T used to be a decent brand and a company with a stellar reputation. My mother-in-law retired from AT & T and my wife worked there as well back in the days where there were live operators and you dialed a phone number. Now it is well past that state. Customer service is abysmal and holding for at least an hour is standard. Too bad. I guess that AT & T is not far behind Kodak, Xerox, GE, Sears, Bausch & Lomb and other brand names in going out of business (probably bankruptcy first).

A very dissatisfied customerdfdwd

Dick Kievi

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