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Dimples Robinson - 1 h 53 m ago

I am very disappointed and dissatisfied. I was told by several departments. that all I had to do was pay a bill to transfer my service to my new address, but after I payed it they tell me we can't , but we can for 100+ dollars this, is against the law and you will be hearing from the attorney general and my lawyers.

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Anonymous - 2 h 23 m ago

Regarding acct: # 147212870 we have had multiple problems with our service with little help with whomever we get a hold off. They automatically shut of service when on the exact day of the bill due with no notifications they will be shutting off service. We feel we have been greatly over charged and will be switching companies soon.

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Paulette Cloud - 4 h 47 m ago


The customer service with AT&T is very poor. Today at around 11:20 our dsl went out. I live in a rual area of Butts county in Georgia. The only access to internet is with AT&T. When I called, I spoke with a person in the Philippines and told her that I wanted to talk with someone in US. the spoke to a ruder person in US. She stated that they could only send out tech tomorrow. I have 28 acres and my house is about 100yards from my rental house. ATT&T. At the time the att tech turned on my renters DSL I lost mine. And now do not have dsl. I insisted that a tech come today because this was out of the blue and AT&T fault. I spoke to a rude supervisor, Alex #AN632R, and he said there was nothing AT&T could do and I have to wait until tomorrow. SO NOW I WILL HAVE TO TAKE OFF be there for the tech. I am very upset and disapointed with AT&T. Your customer service is non existent. I need help in getting my services. Or I may have to get internet from another company.

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Shirley - 6 h 20 m ago


As a retired employee of SBC, I am most displeased with your customer service. Last week, yesterday and today I have had no dial tone. Yesterday and last week it restored before I could report it Today I spent almost TWO hours trying to report my trouble. Got two idiot foreigners that I could not understand their poor English. The first one refused to let me talk with someone else or a supervisor. I could not even understand a telephone number she was trying to give me to get someone stateside. The second one gave me the main number and tell the idiot auto direct thing and said to tell it I want cell phone "reefer" for repair. You can't tell the director, but have to use you key pad using a number. Duh. When I called back, I got the auto tester and was told it would be repaired by Sunday!!!!! What happened to our service of yesterday? Our only hope is our President can make ATT pay a tariff for outsourcing jobs. I am not in good health and need my landline.

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Bill - 1 d ago

I had a VERY poor experience with your customer support folks. I was told that what I wanted only Customer Supprt could do. After the first call lasting 15 minutes, I was put on hold. The call was then picked up by someone else who transferred me to a third person. The phone went dead and I discovered I lost service. Luckily, I was in an AT&T retail store in Wylie, TX. Also luckily, an young man, employee, named Rick heard the entire thing. He confirmed that after a half hour of trying to get help my service was cancelled. Rick got right on it - he was terrific!! He got the service restored on my behalf. This young man went above and beyond to help an old man in poor health. He deserves an "attaboy" from someone in upper management. On that day at least one of your employees showed excellent customer service!!

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D.M. Clark - 7 h 27 m ago


Dixie- I doubt that there is anyone in the upper office, unless they are hiding because of all the complaints and poor, poor service. How long is the government or the FCC going to allow this company to abuse their customers with the poor service? Terrible customer service and shoddy work.

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Gerald M Douthitt - 8 h 28 m ago


AT&T Internet: The agents do not speak English as their first language and they refuse to help, i have called in on numerous occasions and all they want to do in trouble shoot over the phone. this has been done every time i call and i can not get them to get a tech out to fix our services. what the hell......

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Holly - 9 h ago


Four hours on the phone to get an appointment to get Direct TV installed. Day of install, it was scheduled in the WRONG STATE!!!! Why is it so difficult to get the service??? Why do you have so many incompetent people in your organization?

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Anonymous - 9 h 26 m ago


I spend way too much oney not to have betrter customer support and device support. Ridiculious fees and horrible data plans

Moving to prepay !!!! Duces ATT

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Breanna - 1 d 25 m ago


The worst cellphone company ever. Why is my bill $900 for two devices and one phone. The lady changed my plan and said there wouldn't be any prorated charges straight lied and customer service is rude af. The cellphone service sucks as well barely get any good service. Fuck at&trash.

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James - 1 d ago

Trying to upgrade my service on my direct TV. And all I got was the run around from one customer service agent to the next.. Is it really that HARD that to upgrade service that you gotta send me here and there, while I have to repeat my samw story to him ,her, and them.. I will never recommend At&t to anyone looking for service! I've been on the phone with customer service for an hour and still nothing accomplished!! I'm over it. It's very frustrating and nothing is being done about the sorry service! !

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Bridget R Terrell - 1 d 4 h ago


I am having problems getting set up for service. The calls are from people pretending to be agents!

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pulpmode - 1 d 7 h ago


RE: AT&T DIGITAL LIFE. Love my alarm system, but Lord God help me if I have to call about my bill. The agents do not speak English as their first language. They are very difficult to understand. I have had to ask for English speaking agents but today their rep "Veneshia" kept ignoring my request and asking me 'Do you want me to say slower?" If AT&T DIGITAL LIFE wants to continue to get my business, they are going to need to provide reps that speak English. A slight accent is fine, but when I can't understand anything that's being said, it's time for change.

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Steve E acc. #50-333000008814620 - 1 d 8 h ago


At&t is literally trying to rob me. Back in December of 2016 I upgraded to the iPhone 7 plus 256gb with the next plan. In October of 2017 the iPhone X was being released, so on November 2nd of 2017 I went to the at&t store to upgrade my phone. They did not have any in stock so they back ordered it. I even paid an upgrade fee of $68.15 because I was a month early. So, on November 24th I received the iPhone X, boxed up the iPhone 7, went to the post office an sent it back in their package. A few days later I get a text from them wanting to know where the return is. So I called them, after being on hold an transferred multiple times I finally got to the rite department. The man I spoke to gave me a confirmation number a said everything was good. Then December' s bill came an I was being charged for the balance of the iPhone 7. I called at&t, after an hour of being on hold and transferred around. The lady I spoke to said she sees the error an every thing would be taken care of. January... see December. February... see December. Note I was told to disregard the extra charges on my bill. So I paid all the charges that was due. March came and it was still on my bill. Sent payment less the iPhone 7 charges. March 8th my phones were shut off. Called them after an hour or so was told once again everything is good, an they turned the phones back on. March 10th they were turned off again. I went to the at&t store, the employees there did not care about my problem an had me call from there. After more than 2 hours of automated system, and a couple of transfers, I was connected to at&t U-verse somewhere in California. At that point I threw their phone down started yelling an was asked to go. AT&T sucks

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G.Holliday - 1 d 8 h ago


My wife and I are doing the same thing. They basically out right lied to us just to get their service and now our phone bills are ridiculous. 700.00 for one phone and the 2nd phone supposed to be "free". All of the credits and deals were all lies. We've been with them since January 2018. We talked to customer service and several "supervisors" and they rejected our claim without even telling us. They were just gonna withdraw 700.00 from our account and not say anything.

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I called back in Jan. 2018 to cancel my services for 2 mobile phones and a 3rd line. I was assured that everything would be cancelled. On 3/30 I spoke to Louise in the Loyalty Dept. because the only thing was cancelled were my 2 mobile line, but NOT the 3rd line and my card had already been charged. She stated she would take care of it and close out the 3rd line and I would get a refund. On 4/11/18 I received another bill I called a third time and spoke to Debrah in the Loyolty Department she informed me that nothing had been done by Louise when I called on 3/30/18. Debrah assured me that she would zero out my account and close it for good. 4/23/18 I get home and there is another bill and the account has still NOT bee CLOSED!!!!! I don't know what your company is doing but one thing is for sure its NOT doing their job!

I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau

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Christine Hirt - 2 d 10 h ago


I am getting attorney involved they charged me a total of 1000$ and i have oy been with them since feb 18 2018

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G.Holliday - 1 d 9 h ago


My wife and I are doing the same thing. They basically out right lied to us just to get their service and now our phone bills are ridiculous. 700.00 for one phone and the 2nd phone supposed to be "free". All of the credits and deals were all lies. We've been with them since January 2018. We talked to customer service and several "supervisors" and they rejected our claim without even telling us. They were just gonna withdraw 700.00 from our account and not say anything. I would give them a minus rating if I could.

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Mrs McGary - 1 d 9 h ago


Dear Mr. Stephenson,

What has happen to our respect, honor and integrity at AT&T. Everytime we call for assistance we get someone who don't speak clear English or incompetence, I was given a number to USA reps to assists us when we call. I wanted to add more services to our accounts but when dialing (hidden) a Kiera answered like this was her personal phone number. She answered this is Kiera, I was baffled...I ask was this the USA, she replied we are in KY I said that a yes right? She didn't answer Hello, this is AT&T I'm Kiera may I help you?

Then I asked may I speak to your manager? She took all of my personal information I was glad to give her, but when she keep me on hold for 25mins looking for a manager, I was baffled again, finally a Mrs. Young who was just as rude got on the phone claiming to be a team leader, I asked for a manager, she said it was the same. She was Rude and unprofessional and she ask what can she help me with I ask for a manager again, she replied she heard the conversation of the rep and I and what can she help me with? I tried to explain again I ask for manager, she hung up on me and didnt take my number for the manager to call me back.


Please educate your reps. the consumers pays your and their salaries, please hire skilled and professional who know how to solve problems and who are courteous.

Mrs McGary


We are fighting back for our American jobs with skilled and courteous people, or we will close all accounts, as Americans. And you will be out of business!

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Joe - 2 d ago


This is by far the worst fuc***g company that I have dealt with. Not one promise kept and not one issue resolved. Never again!!!!

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Steve E. - 1 d 11 h ago


I agree with you Joe, no support at all

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Joe Rangel - 2 d ago


This is the worst Fu****g company that I have ever made business with in my life. Not one promise kept and not one issue resolved.

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Scarface - 2 d 19 s ago


I'm on the phone with AT&T pre-prepaid & they r telling me that our phones r due ever 30 days & I got them March 31st & they r saying r phones r due on the 25th how is that 30 days we had them to where they r paid on the 26th of every month but they aren't listening stupid ignorant people get some people that listen to there customers y'all r about to get sued by my fiance he ain't happy we've been with y'all for 4 yrs my ole man goes to jail cuz of y'all stupid ignorant fucks

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K James - 2 d ago


At&t disconnected my internet service in error. My bill is current. I have been without service for At&t's error 5 days. The customer service is horrible and this applies to the executive office. The service was quickly deactivated, but no one can restore my service that was disconnected with out a just reason. At&t has proven by this act and lack of immediate resolution the art of excellent customer service is dead.

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Sherry - 2 d 14 m ago


My elderly Mother had residential service with AT&T. She changed to Birch and within a month she changed back to AT&T. It took about a month to get back with AT&T. After the transfer back she had to move due to a renovation to her apartment. She wanted her residential line transferred to where she was going to be but it has now been about two weeks and still AT&T has not been able to transfer the line. Tell me it's an system error but they don't seem to be able to get it corrected. I have spoken with so many Representatives, Supervisors and one person Corporate and still the problem has not been resolved.

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