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Surface-Tech - 2 h ago


I will NEVER EVER do business with your company ever again. I made 6 calls on 03/24/17, regarding an account that equipment was returned on 11/28/16, All equipment had been returned and received. So in Feb I received another bill to my surprise. On 3/24 I spoke with at least 6 people was disconnected every time I ask to speak with a Manager or Supervisor. My 2nd to last call of the days, was I was told that a supervisor would immediately return my call. Well after an hour no return call. Supervisor (ID#JF423A) on February 24th, assured me that they had received everything for all 3 accounts. Now I'm being told I owe you 2 receivers (does anyone, but me see the problem with this?). When asking your company why if this unit had 6 receivers in it, why was that bill exactly the same price as a unit that only had 2 receivers in it. I was promptly told, the deal was the same price for 4 as it was for 2. Come on guys, you charge for every dam thing, why would we get 4 receivers for the price of 2. My next questions was, okay, send me a copy of the order for the service with my signature on it. Okay then send me a copy of the install service order, that would have what was installed and what the serial #;s are. Since your call center can't seem to deliver "Customer Service", I would like to speak with someone from Corp by the end of next week (03/31/17) regarding this matter. You can reach me at (hidden) and provide me with a contact name and phone number (direct phone number, I'm doing the voice prompted crap anymore). I think 6 calls (and 6 hang-ups) along with spending over 2 hours of my day deserves a little personal treatment.

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DARLENE LECESNE - 2 h 23 m ago



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Velecia Middlebrooks - 2 h 50 m ago


Last year when I started my service after being a Sprint customer for almost 20years, I moved to a location in the country where Sprint doesn't work as well. I went to a AT&T store in Irmo, SC on 1131 Dutch Fork Rd because a representative told me that I would receive up to $650 per line to switch. I brought in 3 lines. I also was supposed to be selling to AT&T my brand new Note 5.

On top of that, I got Direct TV with phone and internet, as well as AT&T Digital security. In return , I NEVER got my credits. I have called and visited this stpre numerous of times to get the problem fixed, and all I get is that the manager is looking into it. Now the rep is not there and the manager keeps telling me someone else is looking into it because they were bought out (confused). I want my credits. I could have gone to Verizon and give them another 20 years of loyalty. Please someone contact me at (hidden). Thanks.

Velecia Middlebrooks

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Anonymous - 4 h 13 m ago


Today I was in your Valley View store in Roanoke Va, and have not been more offended in my life. The woman who appeared to be the manager, Lacy, stood behind the counter, playing on her phone while there was a line of people waiting. She proceeded to verbally attack two of the gentlemen about not moving quicker, one being my salesman, another being the African American. She refused to speak with me directly when I requested, stating there was nothing she could do to help. I am an 87year old woman, and do not understand all of this technological stuff-I NEED the help. I thought if she did not want my salesman to take the time to help me, maybe she would. She eventually disappeared for about 45 minutes, while there was still a line, and did not come back until she had a lady caller request her. She continued to stand there talking to the woman for 15 minutes, and then proceeded to heavily kiss the woman on the sales floor. There were people actually photographing this!! I am truly appalled if this is the direction that management at AT&T is taking!

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Gwendolyn Rogers - 4 d 1 m ago

I don't like this one year thing on my phone.

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Dworks307 - 1 d 33 m ago


Representative couldn't even take the time out to help. Rushed through helping me, gave misleading and incorrect information, and left me on hold. Called back only to find out the call center had closed! For as much money as at&t recieve from there clients, (more than any other provider) they are extremely careless about the satisfaction of their clients and the bad devices they send to theiron clients. This will definitely be the last year I renew anot here 2 year contract with this provider!

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Anonymous - 1 d 7 s ago

We are discussed with AT&T service. A technician came out to install service at another apartment and without checking cut out line and did not fix it before leaving that was at 2pm on Friday my day off. He had the nerves to say I've stalled the neighbor but I have to get someone to come and fix your line. Appointment suppose to have been today 4-8pm after 7pm called to see what was up. Told oh I'm sorry the lines are down walked outside and three neighbors TVs were on. We want a tech to our home tomorrow morning without failure. Phillip (hidden) what an awful way to provide service. Randal Park Orlando Fl

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Anonymous - 1 d 50 m ago

Meant disgusted the incompetence of a tech cutting the line without checking is unbelievable we have no TV/Internet and it's the weekend.

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Donna - 3 d 8 h ago


Just switched over to at&t couple months ago. Was promised the switch over rebate for both phones, turned in the phones. Got my first bill, was almost $300.00. Was to told to take in the bill to get the get the activation fees waived by the manager who was at the store when we signed up. Was also told they would send visa cards for the payment of other carrier. Took in bill, he SAID he waived the fees, they showed up again the next month. This was first trip to store. Went back, he said he would waive fees again, this time it worked. Still waiting to get the gift cards, cause you have to pay off your other carrier. Called a couple of times, and I agree their customer service sucks and no one knows which end is up. They all tell you different. Told me to go back to store to follow up. 2nd trip to store, now they tell me to bring in bill from other carrier and they have to process it from there. Gave them bill, they said it would be sent in. Never got sent in, 2nd trip to store. Waited to hear anything, finally called, then you have to call yourself to the rebate company and turns out they only processed one line (we switched over 2 lines). Called 4 times speaking to different people to figure this out and of course they are all stupid. Asked to talk to supervisor finally and Jennifer said she could not transfer without trying to help. I told her forget, I was tired of being switched around. Hung up. Now I have a large bill from the other carrier and the store tells me just to pay it and wait for the gift card. I asked them to borrow me the money !!! HA. I am trying now to go back to original carrier, there was really no problem with them, just wanted the discount price for my direct tv. I plan on writing on every web site I can for complaints. This company sure does suck !

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Dee - 1 d 46 m ago

We finally got a notice after 12 weeks of patiently waiting and it said we don't qualify because we didn't turn in our old phone, which we did. Have to get the original store (in Twin Falls

, we live in Kingman, AZ) to e-mail our original paperwork. Can't reach a human. Goes straight to voice mail. Grrr.

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Anonymous - 1 d 3 h ago


In November of last year, we switched from Verizon to AT&THE. We were patiently waiting for our refund for early termination of the Verizon account when finally we get a notification stating that we don't qualify since they show no record of us turning in our old phone, which we did at the time of purchase in the Twin Falls location inside the Magic Valley Mall. I'm told I need to get them to e-mail me the proof that we did turn it in. I can't reach them by phone and have to leave a message. Why can't any store bring up my account and if Twin Falls has it, then why does this say we didn't turn it in? We're talking $180 here! Somebody messed up and I expect that it should be made right as it was through no fault of our own.

I can be reached at (hidden)

Account #(hidden)79

Denise Mulverhill

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Camara McGee - 1 d 9 h ago


I had a question about my billing so I thought I would call the 1-(hidden) number that was listed on the paper invoice I received. When I called that number it gave me a 1-(hidden) to call disconnected the call without an option to speak to somebody. I called the 888 number which disconnected me as well before speaking to an agent. I then googled the corporate office number 1-(hidden) and spoke with a "billing agent", Ramz, who is entirely unhelpful. She was unable to answer some of the most basic questions and kept ignoring me. I asked for her immediate supervisor who happened to be Zyra. Of course she was not available at that time to speak to me and I was told she would give me a call back. I asked for her extension and was told they are not allowed to disclose any numbers. I asked if she could give me a number to any one of her numerous supervisors it which point she repeated again that she was not allowed to disclose any phone numbers. This is the worst run around customer service. My advice to you is do not get a phone with AT&T.

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william gray - 1 d 9 h ago


i totally agree not one person working there knows what they are doing. I hate AT&T. Will never do business with them

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Bob - 1 d 9 h ago


Was told I would get my GM 22% discount on my new unlimited data plan, they LIED and said they would e-mail me all the info. I asked for a conformation number or a ID # and they told me they don't have EMPLOYEE numbers or any way of confirming anything they tell you. I have been sent 4 different bills for my service this week, as a customer I can not believe anything the customer service people tell me. I tried to get up with ATT corp. headquarters but can not find their number. General Motors is probably there biggest customer and they don't want to honor the 22% discount, WHY???????

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Anonymous - 2 d 49 s ago

They don't keep appointments, can't get a live person in American on the phone, and they outsource their employees overseas. Worst company ever.

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Irene in San Antonio - 2 d 3 h ago


DEFINITELY the WORST experience of my life trying to get help on an account. One Month of multiple calls, placed on hold after providing my situation and what i needed then promptly disconnected i would say total of 8 times. had 2 agents promise to help and supervisor to call me back still waiting since Feb 10th. finally spoke to another agent who this time states has access to all and can help then a new bill of 643 comes in. you are freaking kidding me. You offer a special for bundle services with no mention of hidden cost or details. Say it will be corrected then a new of 800 by April 2nd.

BEWARE PEOPLE, Agents are rude sarcastic then you get a nice one but yet get back slapped later.

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Kim in San Diego - 2 d 5 h ago


Just read where AT&T technicians are on strike, no surprise here!! They don't pay their bills to other companies either so no surprise that they treat their own employees poorly!! The government and court system needs to keep this company accountable before letting them just buy other companies and leave their bills by the wayside and treat employees like trash!!!!!

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Anonymous - 2 d 7 h ago



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Anonymous - 2 d 8 h ago

I need At&t Corporate Office in Columbia SC number

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Jeff - 2 d 8 h ago


Called customer service today and spoke with agent rc1535 Robert. He was a smart aleck from the very beginning. Ended up calling the executive office of At&t to try to get a simple billing issue resolved and to complain on this agent. So sad that companies could care less about their customers. When I called this agent out on his behavior, he tried to make light of it, which insults my intelligence. He tried to make out like I just misunderstood him. Oh well, you guys just lost a customer for life. Home phone, 4 cell lines, home internet, uverse tv, business phone, business internet all cancelled. whew!!!!! Felt good to give you guys the boot after the way you treat customers.

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Angela Arrington - 2 d 9 h ago

Could I please talk to someone about my bill because every time I talk to att it's always something I know my bill is not 1100dollars I just paid my bill off in full February the 25th now they say it's 1100dollars in I have called 25times even more then that about my plan in each time they come with something different far as my data plan I'm tired I had to go to the hoisptal for my blood pressure due to this matter so if someone from the corporate office give me a call so I can resolve this matter I do not want to talk to no more att repersentive or supervisor i need to talk to someone up over them

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Keith - 2 d 10 h ago


Was informed I would continue to have a corporate discount when switching my plan. Double check my account after plan was changed ,discount was there, checked it recently and discount is now removed. I also have the printout that AT&T printed for me with the discount showing. I called and inquired about the removal of this discount and nobody can help me. I feel I got scammed into a higher priced plan that got even higher due to the discount being removed. I have had nothing but issues with AT&T for the past 6 months.

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Sean M Carlin Westlake, Ohio - 2 d 12 h ago


Every time that I think about my experiences with phone, cable or internet providers I think how bad AT&T used to be. This organization has now hit "Horrible". These idiots could not negotiate a deal with the CBS affiliate in Northern Ohio and have their customers locked out of the NCAA tournament. I spend about $170-180 per month on Uverse and Internet with AT&T. I travel about 10 nights a month and therefore use the service the other 20 days. You travel all week and think about sitting back, relaxing and watching the tournament and you get home to stare at a blank screen. I call to discuss the issue and get something about 100 miles south of incompetent in AT&T's West Virginia call center. She was obvioiusly in training as she constantly was hitting the mute button and discussing my issue with somebody else. This moron had the audacity to tell me that they are going to hit me with charges for leaving while under contract. I would have thought that I was the sales person and she was the customer if it wasn't for the fact that I have not dealt with anybody recently that was a stupid as this woman. Glad to see that AT&T has replaced the competency of the past with people that they recruited from Walmart. Good riddance to AT&T and their horrible customer service.

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F*ck You Celine - 3 d 4 h ago


Changed my plan and bought a phone through one of the AT&T agents available on chat through the AT&T website since my account wasn't allowing me to add a new device online. Completely bought a new phoneme went through security checks and payment plans just as if I was doing so in store. A day later I get an email that my phone has been shipped and on its way to me, awesome! A couple of days later, I get a call from AT&T Fraud department that someone has not only bought themselves a new iPhone that WAS already on its way to them in Florida but also added a new line one my plan. Furious and will never trust AT&T agents/customer service when dealing with them over the phone or Internet. I can only trust people in person now.

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