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Audi Automobile Sales

4690 E 22nd St
Tucson, AZ
Dennis Bene
(520) 748-1000
(520) 747-7910
Annual Sales Est
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Jasmina Dimitrova - 1 y ago

On January 26, 2019 at 1:05pm I had dropped off my car at Audi Northlake (10831 Northlake Auto Plaza Blvd, Charlotte Nc 28269) to Jasmine Scott for a recall part. As 4:14pm that same day three hours later Jason Leake called me and reported that they found timing chain tensioner extended by six teeth. He reported that this was very serious and it needs to replaced right away or tow my car since I should not be driving it at all. I was very shocked due to the fact on October 23,2018 I did pass full service on my car and nothing was wrong. Also with that it came with a nice price point which was $2,069.93. I told them I had to think about it because my car was so new only at 55,000 miles did not expect such major problem so soon. On Monday morning I spoke to Gary Burke Management to see what was going on. He told me it was a class action lawsuit but my car would not qualify for it. I also asked him how did my car pass everything in October he said they do not check on timing chain, not in till November of 2018, so before November this was never done. Gary said they best they can do is pay for the parts since my maintains on my vehicle was in excellent condition and I still have to pay for labor $1,100. As of this morning Juanuary 29, 2019 I tried calling the General Manager Chad Lamprey twice still no return of my phone call. I spoke to my friend who is mechanic in Chicago, IL got Audi who stated a few things that I found very interesting. 1. It should take about four -five hours to fully remove all the part and check on my timing chain. It only took them only 3hrs from bringing in my car to call me and let me know. 2. I should be having a check engine light on which has NEVER came on 3. I should have issues with starting my car and my car should be making noise and shaking All those things have never happen. My car was driving normal no issue at all. I feel like I am being taken advantage as a woman. No one is trying to help me at all with my concern or explain to me why this is happening only at 55,000 miles. When I asked Gary Burke his answer was " I really can't tell you" which that to me does not sound like a good explanation. I am asking for help and assistance since no one is helping me. This is my first Audi and I have enjoyed it so much in till now. I have never been taken advantage like this before not with Mercedes, Bmw or Lexus. Sincerely Jasmina Dimitrova

General profile image - 1 y 95 d ago


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I am the owner of a 2014 Q5. I did not buy the vehicle new or from an Audi dealer. However, the car was under factory warranty when I bought it. I have been having warranty and maintenance service performed at Audi of Raleigh. I was pleased with my experience up until recently. Also, I was suitably impressed with both Audi and Audi Raleigh to bring my girlfriend to dealership. She subsequently purchased a 2018 A4. On several visits, including my most recent in May 2018 I asked dealer to find source of constant coolant smell. In fact I asked in both my very first and very last warranty service for deal to find and correct. I have documentation. They never could find the source. I know vehicles and know hot coolant smell. My vehicle has had coolant smell from engine since I purchased. I very mistakenly accepted the dealer's "can't find anything" conclusion in May 2018 even though the smell was obvious to anyone who got close to vehicle. I figured, again very mistakenly, that if something in the coolant loop failed in the near future, the dealer would fix as I had their "cant find anything" in writing. Well, the water pump has now failed and the dealer refuses to fix unde warranty. Needless to say that I am totally disgusted. They told me that they had elevated the request to Audi and were turned down. Please help! I feel dealer is totally at fault and should have corrected in Warranty. If they had conducted a thorough search, they would have found problem. I've never had a car that smelled of coolant when running and I feel awful that I was was trying to be acceptable to dealer and that they would correct if there was as a problem in the near future. Please help!! - 1 y 103 d ago


Mark Bolebruch

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Anonymous - 1 y 103 d ago

Wow that is bad.

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Frankie Smith - 2 y 248 d ago

I just thought that y'all should know the commercial of your showing for Secretariat Secretariat was a filly not a he need to fix your commercial because it's wrong

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Jessica - 2 y 292 d ago


My friend Maddies Audi A8L 2015 rear passenger seat wont recline i hace executive package with 4'seats instead of 5'and my friend Maddie could not recline the seat she is disabled and has to have the seat reclined i had to put her in the front passenger seat she cant drive so i have to drive her alot like 4 times daily more on weekends up to 8 times she is a millionaire and her car is in the shop dealer audi dealer waiting for seat part to come in to fiz the recline she has a loaner audi a8l 2014 also with executive package however she needs tinted glass due to skin condition so she has to be wrapped up in a blanket in it as its not tinted her email is (hidden) my email is (hidden)

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