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Auto Nation Dodge

16406 N 26th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Lance Iserman
(602) 896-2000
(602) 896-2100
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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kaycee - 300 d 14 h ago


I took my 2013 1500 Dodge Ram into AutoNation CDJR North Fort Worth on Saturday April 6th because it was overheating and we knew there was a crack in the radiator. Service advisor told me they would have to inspect the truck for further damage since it had overheated and wouldn't stay running. I got a call back from service advisor the next week that diagnostics said there was something wrong with engine but hey would have to tear the engine down to find out what exactly was the issue. On Friday April 19th I got a call saying the engine needed to be replaced and it would be a total of $13600. I advised them I needed time to think this over. I called them back and left Stephen Scott the service adviser a message telling him to just put engine back together and I could come get truck and have it fixed at a letter day because i could not afford the price. He called me Monday April 22nd at 10:49 am and said he could get the price down by not fixing the starter and getting an engine from LKQ for $5050 and the new price with labor and replacing the radiator and radiator shroud would be $11,100. I advised him this was still too much to just put vehicle back together. He called me yet another time at 12:12 pm and said he could waive some labor cost and charge me only $10,000. Once again I advised him I could not afford that just to put the engine back together. I asked him if he could at least fix the radiator and radiator shroud, he said no because the engine doesn't work and they couldn't test whether or not the radiator would work correctly. He then called me again at 5:21pm and said the engine was back together and I could come pick it up but that Id have to have it towed because it doesn't start. 1st concern, is he told me it would take 10 hours to tear the engine down which is a cost of $1500 ($150/hr x 10 hrs) but yet they got it back together and ready to go in 5 hours. 2nd concern, when I had the tow truck driver pick the truck up, it started right up and he drove it onto the wrecker. (I was told the truck didn't run). 3rd concern, if the engine was torn down, why would there still be oil and all other fluids in the truck and why would the batter even be hooked up if the engine was so called bad and needed to be completely replaced. I am requesting my labor cost of $2260.00 be refunded to me, I will pay for the $146.90 for tow that was charged to AutoNation and I will pay for the initial $150 charge to do diagnostics on the truck because I do believe I owe these 2 amounts. To sum this up my truck was in your shop for 2 weeks and nothing was ever done to it and I was charged $2406.90. There were no parts replaced on my vehicle and the engine was never torn down like stated. I have taken my truck here before and trusted them enough to take it back and I feel like the took advantage of my and charged me for work not down.

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Anonymous - 87 d 16 h ago


WOW on my second engine too, they only last 100,000 miles is what the dealer told me in St.Augstine

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joe brown - 87 d 16 h ago


Tried to send to mr payments at the wattanty group and server not found, this is the second bill i have NOT been covered for , please review and advise, thank tou Joe Brown (hidden) This is the second time ive been stuck with the bill, makes me wonder why i bring my car to you, Joe Brown never will return to a autonation rip-off warrenty group= say we will cover rental then i get stuck with bills and threting letters from Hertz because you fail to pay for my SAFTY issues getting fixed < Also i bought extender warrenty WOW another rip-off WAS TOLD RHAT CORPRATE IS FIGHTING WITH HERTZ AND NOTHING THEY CAN DO.... Really?

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Sandra - 261 d 15 h ago


Auto nation Dodge S. loop W. Houston Texas Worst service Dept Ever. Would never recommend them for sales or service

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Brandon - 299 d 10 h ago


I brought my 2014 Charger R/T in to have airbags replaced on 4/22/19 with 81,9XX miles on it when I got it back on 4/25/19 it had 82,082. Nobody has yet to return my call or give me an explanation of how all the extra miles got on my cay. I called and spoke with the service manager he was supposed to call me back after reviewing the tapes but no call back and no answer at the service department. I consider this auto theft since I did not authorize anyone to drive my car! I will not sit back and be lied to nor taken advantage of!

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Ronnie - 1 y 153 d ago


Autonation Alliance is the worst...Bunch of lying crooks!

Don't waster your time or money, they will do there best to screw you over!

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Derrick - 1 y 225 d ago


AutoNation dodge mobile Alabama

This place need to be shutdown they service department is the worst I've ever seen you guys need some lessons on customer service from joe Bullard Cadillac Mobile Alabama I will never buy another car from this place again this is said and I hope you guess will correct it are you won't make it far in Mobile Alabama

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chuck - 2 y ago

i had 2005 dodge ram 1500 the rearend went out and kile dodge in athens tn said it was cover for recall on rearend and its been 3 weeks and they said they suppose get in week ago and its still sitting in same spot for 3 weeks i only have 1 can to get around in and i have to use personel ttime to get offer to take my wife and boys to dr and etc i need truck asap i think they had truck long enough they said it take day to fix it and truck has not been look at in 3 weeks

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Anonymous - 2 y 238 d ago


My name is Christina Ho .i have go to your dealer north richland hills. Ft worth -TX .this please is big MESS MANAMENT AND UNPROFESSIONAL, i been they are back and for a week to buy heavy-duty ram 3500. We make adue they and ne agreement on number they keep change no around .we want done business nore we try more they pull around with us .This is NOT PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS. I let every one know DONOT GO THIS DEALER DO THE BUSINESS. YOUR NEED COME THERE AND SEE YOUR SEE HOW MESS THEY IT .GOOD LUCK

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Mudbug42 - 3 y 76 d ago


The Albany ga auto nations service department is terrible at keeping appointment and making appointments.They have the worst turn around time on getting to cars for warranty work.They do not like to call ppl back either.There service department sucks.

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RJDissatisfied - 3 y 194 d ago


The Columbus georgia auto nation Northlake dodge office has the worst service manager ever. Donnie Tyler was rude, arrogant, and very belittling to me. I would never trust them to work on any of my cars. It's hurtful because I've always purchased my cars from this dealer (Carl gregory) but since they've been bought by autonation they suck!

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