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Avis Rent A Car

3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd
Phoenix, AZ
Dennis Moses
(602) 273-3222
(602) 273-3215
Annual Sales Est
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Margaret Sewell - 1 h ago


Extremely poor. 2 hours at LAX to get a car. Still dont have one!

WILL NEVER use Avid again

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Disillusioned Avis customer - 2 d 5 h ago


First time Avis customer...and last! Reserved and PREPAID vehicle for 1 week to p/u at JFK...received email that described how I would receive text at airport directing me to lane to p/u car...upon arrival no text...walked into office and there were 2 agents, one had no line the other had 4 in line...explained my situation to the free male agent who asked for a preferred #, offered my reservation #, he said i had to wait at the end of the other line so i went to that side...once i moved over 4 other people went into the line i just both agents are assisting people in the "preferred" line and the other line is getting longer and longer. I asked the female agent why they were not alternating lines...she became very snotty and said she would not respond to anyone who raised their voice....approximately 45 minutes later she assisted me and was still obnoxious...upon receiving my p/w, i commented on her attitude and said aren't you afraid that people won't smack you for your poor customer service. At this point she started cursing at me so I gathered my papers and went to my car lane. Once i reached my vehicle i discovered she had put me in a jeep renegade when i clearly requested a full size car so I went back inside only to discover she voided my contract...i asked for a manager and explained the situation to him and offered all the customers still in line as witnesses - he said the female agent claimed I threatened her and the contract had been voided and he could not assist me (if I had indeed threatened the agent I am sure police would have been called and I would have been detained at a minimum or arrested) and he could not refund my money nor could he rent a car to my wife as she was considered a "walk-in" and they don't assist anyone without a reservation - he gave me the customer service number and said i had to call them in order to request a refund. I called CS and they said they could not assist with the car but said my wife could rent a car (manager said no) and they would process a refund but it would be 5 to 7 days. The interesting fact is the manager I spoke with was also the manager of Budget Rent a Car right across the hall who had no problem renting me a vehicle for a week but at 81.00 more than my prepaid price at Avis. My plane landed at JFK at 2:00 and I did not depart the airport until well after 5pm.

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Avis does right by its UNSATISFIED CUSTOMERS...THANKS AVIS - 18 d ago


I wrote my review and posted pics the last two days, emailed the dmr no response, i wrote the CEO TODAY, GOT A FULL REFUND AND A CALL, it never should get to this point, mark at the 259 wmkt street location told me since i contacted.corp its out of their hands and id know.that if i worked in corp.america i been working in corporatw america 26 yrs, MARK.WAS STEREOTYPING ME. All my friends is like NOW THATS SERVICE. i grew up 1 block from budget/avis and always rented there over my years,, NOW I HAVE TO GIVE THEM ANOTHER CHANCE.

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Unhappy and frustrated customer! - 12 d 32 s ago


Do you have the CEO's name and address. I am having a similar issue with not getting a response from the Las Vegas airport or the customer service. I, too, would like to contact the CEO in hopes of getting my issue resolved. I've only rented with Avis for over 20 years and the first time I encounter a problem, no one wants to return phone calls as promised. I would really like to get my issue resolved before I never rent from them again and before making a complaint with the BBB.

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Wallace - 4 d 31 s ago

Do you have contact info for him

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Robert Muniz - 4 d 4 h ago


We have been attempting to contact someone at Avis that can help with a charge to our VISA. There were several situations with this rental we had in Europe. Several phone calls have resulted in no one who can give us information.....

Our name is in the system as we have been using AVIS for at least 20 years....where is the help ?

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Richard Fackrell - 6 d 7 h ago


Rented a car from Avis which had unsafe tires. All the tires were under 2/32nd tread. One tire started losing air pressure, that's when we found out the other tires were essentially bald (Have pictures) Checked the body when picked up the car. Didn't realize that you need to do a full safety inspection of standard parts of the car. Do you need to check belts and hoses too? If you chose to rent from Avis you'll need to bring a mechanic with you when you pick up the car.

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Richard Perry D.C. - 8 d 6 h ago


First of all the number above is no longer in service, Wonder why.

I contracted with Avis for a 15 person van. I reserved the van two months in advance. Had a conformation number and everything. The day I was to pick up the van I was told that there wasn't one available. But some how that same day they were able to locate a 12 person van. I took it hoping that it would serve our purpose. It did not. It was filthy and in dis repair windshield wipers broken, dog hair and mud through out the van. Since I had picked it up on a Saturday at noon, and the facility was closed at noon on Saturday and closed on Sunday I had to return the vehicle on Monday. I was charged for three days use when I was unable to use it at all.

Don't try to get some one to help you it isn't going to happen. I was hung up more times than I care to mention. NO Corprate office or number to call.

I WILL NEVER USE AVIS AGAIN with the kind of treatment I have recieved.

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Redamy - 10 d 6 h ago

I'd like to tell you of an experience I had watching a counter person dealing with her supervisor. I could hear the Supervisor on the phone yelling to the sale rep. This Supervisor of this location is horrible. I've seen and heard about the horrible way she handles her counter sale reps. Corporate Office should do some investigating on this woman. The location is Charleston WV Yeager Airport

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Robbie Siemens - 11 d 7 h ago


I think that Avis is on one let me tell you a little story about how I went online just yesterday to search for prices to rent a car Avis at the best deal at 187 for a week for a compact so I got that 187 together but it took me about 12 hours so the next day I called Avis and I'm like can you help me out with that deal they said No Deal Trump our prices are subject to change from one day to the next well let me tell you this people it didn't say that on the website yep and that's why I think a Avis Car Rental is on one get it together people

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Ridiculous Customer Services - 16 d 3 h ago


Drug Car On July 18th, I picked up a car from the Syracuse Airport location for a five-day business trip. When I got in the car it had a unique smell. I thought it was from the cleaning chemicals used because the car was still wet. I drove the car to Utica and the smell continued to get worst. On July 19th the smell was so bad I could not drive with the windows up. I started to search the car to see where the smell was coming from and what I found shocked me. In the glove compartment was documents verifying the smell I thought. MARIHUANA!!!!!. The car was rented on 07/13/2018. The person driving the car was stopped for a traffic violation, unlicensed operator and of course unlawful Possession of Marihuana. On July 19th, I call customer service to pick up the car, because the smell was unbearable, and it got worse when the car set in the sun all day. The first person I spoke to was very nice and apologized. She understood my situations and gave me a case number to refer to when speaking to road side services. When I called roadside service, they understood my concern but made it very clear they would come and take the car I had, but not bring me another to replace it. They offered to pick me up at the hotel the was staying at 10:30 PM drive me an hour back to the airport in a tow truck with a stranger to get another car so I could drive an hour back to my hotel in Utica. RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER SERVICES. I denied the pickup. I left the widows down each day and night I had the car just to be able to drive the car. I had a headache each day I drove the car as well and probably experienced a contact high from the smell alone. Proper inspection and cleaning of the car would have avoided the car being put back in service. The personal documents of the marihuana user would not be in the hands of a stranger whom we will refer to as Mr. JC and I would not have had the worst renter car experience ever. To I now own a copy of the following documents: 1. JC's appearance ticket for unlawful possession of marihuana dated March 20, 2018 2. JC's original ticket for traffic validation, unlicensed operator and marihuana dated July 13, 2018 3. Budget's rental agreement with JC's family 4. JC's original ADP Earning payroll check from is employer. 5. JC's Court documentations receipts, driving restrictions and more 6. JC's official New York License System Search listing the complete driving history. Thank you, Avis/Budget for providing ridiculous customer services to people who used your cars for the right reasons.

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Anonymous - 16 d 9 h ago

My corporate office rented a car

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Anonymous - 17 d 6 h ago


Long story short i rent every 3 weeks to go get treatment

Ive had a issue 2 times both with the same person Omar he says he is the owner of the solon ohio location

No problem

The problem is the way he belittled humiliated and insulated my intelligence in front of customers he stated to me i didn't want your business he said ma'am did you know that the last time you were here you didn't leave with the vehicle he's absolutely right because he was there now he wants to accuse me of smoking in the car that was not even cleaned when I picked it up he charged my credit card over $500 my bill was $218

I need this issue to be address immediately

My contact is (hidden)

Lavoris Simmons

My Son Rodney Willis

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Not a Happy Customer - 18 d ago


My husband had a business trip in the US and the company requires them to use Avis. When he made his reservation he asked reservations if it would be possible to include the company's name on the bill as that is the only way he can be reimbursed for the charges and he was assured it would not be an issue. When the car was turned in the agent informed him that was not the case and he would need to contact customer service to get the company name included on the receipt. Since we currently live overseas he has been trying the past 2 days to reach customer service and just now he was told that there was nothing they could do. He asked to speak to a manager and was told none were available. He asked for the corporate phone number and was also told they did not have that information. My question is, how difficult is it to include a company name along with the individuals name on the receipt? I've been in billing for almost 30 years and we've always been able to include whatever the customer needed for their needs. Why is AVIS not able to do that? You have great reservation people, why can't your customer service team or should I say non-customer service team be like them? Supposedly someone from AVIS is going to email him. Only time will tell! If we have to eat this charge ourselves we will NEVER use AVIS again. Budget at least is more accommodating and is always willing to assist us with whatever our needs may be.

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Customer service hung up on me!! - 22 d 11 h ago


I rented a van through the neighborhood location in which the agent did not share with me that I did not recieve unlimited mileage. When I returned the van I was charged double the cost of the rental.The agent did look at the return and suggested I call the toll free number. After speaking with the rep then a supervisor the fees were reduced by 40%. I check my account the next day and Avis had charged me an additional $496 for what I don't know. I called customer service and asked Mario to speak to a supervisor. He asked for the number which I didn't have access to at the time and shared with him, I asked again and said connect me with a supervisor and I could get the number while on hold, He hung up on me!! I was a loyal Avis customer yet never again.

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Denise - 26 d 4 h ago


We had a disastrous experience renting an AVIS car at the Rome airport. It took them over 1 1/2 hours to find us a car even though we had pre-paid through a third party and had a voucher. The worst part was that my husband left his laptop on the counter and we did not realize it until we had gone. They did not bother to contact him (even though they had his email and phone number) We sadly learned that there is NO procedure for retrieving left items. The employees at the counter do not pick up their phones....ever! They responded to none of the emails we sent and the AVIS headquarters for customer service would not lift a finger because we booked the rental through a third party. We will NEVER rent a car through AVIS again. EVER!

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Heather M - 47 d 7 h ago


Horrible experience when returning the car. We booked with Avis after talking to a woman representative that was kind, helpful and treated so well. We were in a sudden situation when my husbands car broke down and we needed a vehicle immediately to be able to go see our daughter at Stanford Hospital (less than a week ago she had a double lung transplant). We were able to get the car, get checked out, and feel good about the service (prior loyal Hertz renters, but they had no cars due to busy holiday week). We felt like maybe Avis could be a new go-tonfor our rentals. We were assured we could return the car Sunday between their small open window (11am-1pm) and so on Sunday we filled the car to half (same as what we received it with) and went to return it. We got there at 12pm. Right in the middle of the window we were told to return the car. Immediately jokes about charging is extra for. It parking it in the right spot. We laughed. Then a comment that we didn't fill the tank. We assured the man we are returning it same as it was provided to us. Then came the... "You need to pay a full day as you are an hour late returning the vehicle." We calmly explained that the woman told us to return between 11-1pm. Arguing began with him saying she would never have said that and saying it will be another full day rental. We calmly repeated what we were told and asked if he could check with staff because it was what she told us. He refused. It was horrible. Accused of lying, not verifying what was told and really... 1 hour and he chose to fight new customers? We still calmly stated that the woman was awesome and kind and now we feel like the experience was going from great to horrible in a flash. He was ride and continued to argue and tell us we are wrong. My husband said we are new customers and will NEVER be back. And I agree Car was great, although smelled of pot. Woman was great and wish we could have continued to work with her the man (manager?) Nothing short of horrible.

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Anonymous - 26 d 10 h ago

Were you in solon ohio ?

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unhappy customer - 26 d 20 h ago


I got a letter after I was home a month charging me $160 for a new tire! First, that is wear and tear. I didn't do anything to get a nail in the tire. But, since I didn't buy their insurance, they were charging me. Excuse me? I didn't get in an accident, I didn't drive in an unsafe manner. I didn't even drive in a construction zone. Why is it my fault? Also, does no one understand patching a tire anymore? It's a nail. It's a small hole. You patch it, you're back on the road.

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L. Baug - 30 d 9 h ago


My family and I rented a car from the Jacksonville Florida Airport, to go on vacation. The experience to rent the car was horrible. We stood in line at 6:30pm for and hour. The people at the counter acted like they were doing us a favor by coming to work today. They all were slow moving and rolled there eyes a lot. Finally we were told to pick up our car in the garage at the valet. After waiting another 20 minutes in the garage, a guy brought us our vehicle. It had a big scuff and scratch on the drivers headlight. The guy did not speak English...he motioned for someone else to come over and that guy told me I have to go back inside to have them note the damage that he couldn't help me. I was furious. ...One week later we return the car, and some how a plastic folder with our birth certificate, driver license and $800 in cash got pushed up under the passengers seat on our 5 hour drive back home. I returned the car and realized I did have the folder when I got back home. I raced back to the airport and called Avis on my way. Penny, the customer service rep that answered my call way wonderful. She contacted the airport location and got Alexandra, the night manager to look for my folder. She looked in lost and found and could not find it. She actually located it in a dirty towel bin, where the guy who cleaned the car stashed it. The cash was gone but he left the identification. Since this happened, I have made 6 calls to Avis Customer Service, all telling me that someone would call me back. I spoke to Jacob the day after this happened and he was going to watch the video and see who signed to clean that vehicle. He never called me back. I have sent emails to the district manager, Nicholas Ebert, and have gotten no response. I am not sure how this company stays in business. I am not the type to give up, I will continue to call Avis and continue to send emails until someone acknowledges that they have thieves working for them and retribution is made.

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Linda - 35 d 4 h ago


The Avis at Roanoke Virginia airport rents their customers illegal cars. My son and I realized 3/4 of the way to our destination that the car Avis gave us had no insurance, no registration, and had illegal plates. When we called to complain they told us they rent illegal cars all the time. We took pictures of all the illegal documents about the car and when we showed it to the supervisor at the counter at the airport, he told us we are lying.

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K. Thompson - 43 d 48 m ago


My husband and I reserved a car online with Avis and prepaid for the vehicle to expedite the pickup time. When we arrived to pick up the car we were told that we had to put an additional $100 deposit, even though this was done through a corporate account and a member of the Avis Preferred program. I presented a credit card and was told that they could not accept the payment if the credit card was not in my husband's name (the reservation was under his name) and that they could cancel the reservation and reserve a car in my name. No problem to us until we realized after the fact that they were going to charge us for the original reservation as well as the reservation they made at the counter with us. This is completely unacceptable! The Avis representative that assisted us NEVER mentioned that we would still be charged for our original reservation and the one that we had to remake. So we technically paid for 2 vehicles. This is terrible customer service, this should have been told to us while we were there trying to straighten out the issue. Why should it matter if the payment was in my name or my husband's, you received the money regardless!! We should recieve a refund for the amount charged. We have been renting vehicles from Avis for several years now and have NEVER had to put a deposit (we rented a vehicle in March and no deposit was required) and never had any issues with a form of payment. This is very dissapointing to be treated this way when we have been a returning customer. This is the last time we will rent a vehicle from this company. I recommend anyone who is considering to rent from Avis to reconsider.

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William G. - 43 d 7 h ago

Avis at Atlanta Dunwoody area is the worst. Avis Agency Operator Mariko was very unprofessional and disrespectful.

Do not rent from 5477 Chamblee Dunwoody Road

Dunwoody Road, Dunwoody, GA 30338

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Anonymous - 44 d 9 h ago


On June 29th, I rented a car at the General Mitchell Field airport in Milwaukee, WI. At the reservation desk, I made it a point to ask if there was anything I should know about the Ford Ecosport that I was assigned. I was assured that there was nothing out of the ordinary. It took no time at all to figure out I was missing a crucial piece of information when traveling with luggage and products.

It was nearly impossible to locate the trunk release. There was no button visible on the inside, back door, or key fob. Not being able to use the trunk for my products ruined my entire trip. When returning the car, I pulled up to the booth and asked the clerk working if they knew how the trunk worked, they did not. Two more employees came to try and figure this out as well. None of us could figure this trunk out. Another woman was walking by and was called over to help. This is why I am writing. This employee was extremely rude. She made comments as to how easy it was to open and how she couldn't understand why we were unable to do so. I really do not appreciate having my intelligence questioned. Especially since she too was unable to open the trunk. She tried for approximately four minutes before finally figuring out that the button was not only on the back light, but in fact up underneath it. After she found the button, she said, "see anyone can do it". She could not just do it and she works for a car rental business.

I have one car that I drive on a daily basis. Avis employees are in a multitude of cars on any given day. It should be their job to know and educate patrons on said cars. It is very upsetting that I was treated so poorly for not knowing where a hidden button was.

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Pippa m - 46 d ago


Preferred hey this customer know more. I picked up a car and was double charged taxes and fees. Three hours after driving the car I noticed vomit between the seats dried and stuck to seatbelts. Obviously the cleaning is not preferred hey this customer know more. I picked up a car and was double charged taxes and fees. Three hours after driving the car I noticed vomit between the seats dried and stuck to seatbelts. Obviously the cleaning is not thorough. When I went to switch out truck I expected customer service -it was awful. Upon returning back to Colorado I asked to remove the $276 duplicated charges and provide some form of compensation for gassing two trucks spending three hours breathing vomit and spending half an afternoon switching cars. They promised it was done it was not all completed. Two weeks later I am still trying to get hold of Avis. Called corporate office headquarters and the rep told me to hold hanging up on. Avis has no form of customer service.

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