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Avis Rent A Car

3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd
Phoenix, AZ
Dennis Moses
(602) 273-3222
(602) 273-3215
Annual Sales Est
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Jay - 21 d 19 h ago


I'm going to SUE you all for 10million dollars

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Anonymous - 24 d 14 h ago

I made a reservation for today...I got my confirmation email and number with the words Savannah your car has been reserved you are all set to go. Got a Lyft ride to Avis only for the guy behind the counter to tell me they have no cars for me..Yes he sees my reservation but apparently this is what Avis does. They allow you to reserve even if no cars are available then tell you there is nothing they can do! So I needed having to walk home cause I wasn't going to pay for a Lyft ride home since I should of been driving an Avis car home. Called customer service and they are just as bad...anyways Avis has horrible management, customer service and policies to allow this to happen constantly. I will never use them again!!! Luckily I called Enterprise who picked me up and had the car I reserved there. I had no problems with Enterprise they are professional and courteous.

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Ed - 27 d 17 h ago


The worst service staff at 1101 W. Darthmouth Av CO. Rental # 689206484

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It's me again - 27 d 18 h ago

Why is the computer and phones lines always down at the Catonsville, MD rental place? Why Avis? It's 2019 and no excuse in the world for the computer to be down everyday.

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JRD - 27 d 18 h ago


This is the worst company to ever deal with. This is a insurance issue so I needed to rent a car. I am dealing with Avis located at Catonsville, MD. The computers and phone lines are always down. I couldn't get through using the local number so I called the 800 number to rent a car. I was told by a rep that no cars where available at the Catonsville location. Like really what car rental place not have cars especially if it's not a Holiday. I went to the location office and come to find out they have several vehicles available to rent. I was able to get a car and as soon as I started the car it needed gas. I immediately went back to speak with the woman. I was given another car but one thing I don't like is they do not do a walk around with the customer. So I said something to the woman to do that with me. I took pics of everything because I just got a bad vibe. When returning the car of course the computer was down and the rep thought I was going to drop off the car and keep it moving. I told him to write down the date and time I returned the car. Also that it has a full take of gas. Again I had to take pics because the person did not walk around the car with me. Again this is an insurance issue and the Insurance agent can't even get hold to verify anything because of the computer and phone issues. So since no communication between the insurance company and Avis, Avis charged my account even though it should've been direct billing. The 800 number to Avis is no better. I was to get something by email yesterday and of course when I called the Avis rep put in the incorrect letter to my email.

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Anonymous - 28 d 19 h ago

Ann Butler

General profile image - 33 d 20 h ago


I booked a Chriysler 300 or similar on the Avis website confirmation number 14700609CO0. I received the confirmation email and it stated that the car is really the Chysler 300 LTd 3.6, then I received another email with the vaucher. Both emails with the same verification numbers. But when the JFK airport store gave me another car. I'll stay until Saturday here in the United States and ask them to replace the car that gave me a Jepp Compass with the Chrysler 300 or similar. Otherwise, I will hire a lawyer to defend my case in court or ask for compensation.

I ask you to help solve this problem.

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King Vladeyushyi Mirom - 39 d 18 h ago


IIV * The plans for massive global population reduction are no longer a "back burner" issue.

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CTX - 40 d 15 h ago

I filed a complaint & request reimbursement 7/29. I have a recorded voice mail from the Avis agent on 7/29 -I had not returned the vehicle on time. When I landed & returned the call at 5pm, my credit card was already charged an addl fee for $100 addl day. the CS agent told me the car showed to be scanned in after 1pm. Which is incorrect. I dropped the car off at the airport on time at 4:40 am. The agent at the airport didnt scan my car in they had prob w their scanner & couldnt give me a receipt. I provided the CS agent a copy of my flight information which showed my flight departure. Its been over 40 days now and they closed my ticket and provided me with another excuse on why I was charged-different location.

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Myron - 40 d ago

I had a problem with Avis recently also. Did you file a corporate complaint? If so how did you go by doing it? And do you have the different email addresses and the people to reach?

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Luis and Maricela Cruz - 42 d 15 h ago


We will never recommend Avis to anyone rented a 12 passenger van this past Labor Day weekend (2019) to go sightseeing and in the middle of our drive to our destination we got a flat tire not even 24 hrs after renting it, my husband had to personally changed the tire right on the highway but I'm sure that you don't care, only that you got paid is all Avis cares about, I find it inconceivable to know that it had not been inspected like it should of had been, it had a screw and a nail in the same tire. I'm sorry but what would you have said to me if my family would have had an accident (I'm sorry???) well that would have not been good enough, the fact that this interrupted out family trip was excusable, is just not right how careless this company is I hope that the safety compliance (OSHA) gets an ear full to all of your lacking in safety regulations. Accident/Incident Report was filled out not sure not what avail that will help.

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R0J484 - 42 d 19 h ago


I attempted to sign up for the app. My mistake, I put aol instead of gmail for my address. When realizing the mistake I called the app customer service- their techs truly lack in understanding that concept. I was yelled at, told the problem can't be fixed and after waiting 15 min on the phone for a supervisor (my second call) And getting disconnected, I called again and was admonished about needing to wait in line for a supervisor because there were other customers in line (Inas one of them and got disconnected). I waited another 15 min and called back. This last one was willing to cancel my reservation rather than help me out. I asked him twice if he was sure he would rather cancel my existing reservation and lose me as a customer rather than assist me. (I told him I highly doubted corporate would want that).He put me on hold for the supervisor, I reminded him of my total of 30 min wait and to his credit he got on every 2 min to show me he had not forgotten about me. I hung up after 15 min.

So now I ask you/ corporate office- after taking ALL of my information online- are you okay with losing a customer or would you like to fix this. All I need is an activation code sent to the correct email address. Seriously/ that's all I need. "Gabriel" "Karla" "Melissa" and even "Roger" could use an

In-service in customer service and company loyalty. I can tell you, my staff is not allowed to act in the same manner as your staff is.

Let me know what you decide. R0J484

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Irate Cust - 57 d 7 h ago


To Nora Henry and all, 1(hidden) (hidden) Rental date: 07/25/2019 Rental#: U255150486 VCR#: VCR2850041 Case#: 2955508 Why should I have to pay $253.70 (total expense for services & repairs) for your mistake in giving a rental car (VW Jetta) that has defective tires and no spare tire. You all have not reported it to the federal agency as this is a safety issue and could cause injury to other people. We were given a 2nd car in Orlando airport with same issue until after a 3hr ordeal they gave us a different car. I have all the pics even from the towing company. It is not my fault and you all need void this bill in full. Manavi Sallick (hidden)

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Marks - 59 d 19 h ago


Avis is the worst car rental company!

I had a ONE DAY rental agreement in Florida with a contract of 592 USD and they charged 1.611 USD without any notice. After charging back the amount on my credit card and several Emails to the rental location in Port Lauderdale, I received an official letter today from Avis headquarter, that "due to my non payment, my car rental privileges at Avis, Budget and Payless have been terminated". Thank you Avis for terminating my privileges at the worlds worst car rental company!!! I promise to never come back to your company!

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Anonymous - 62 d 16 h ago


Stay away from this place. They are the most rudest and untrusting people ever. I have been trying to reach corporate headquarters to solve this problem but none of them will give me a answer but sending me to customer service. Hope to here from them soon. #(hidden) I will go to BBB and whatever it take to get my $1300.00 dollars back. For giving me a horrible truck that left us stranded for 7 hrs on the road plus the 2 hrs it took to fix it. I am so upset that you have people that can treat us like this.

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T. NEALY - 65 d 10 h ago

I rented cars from AVIS from January 2019 to May 2019 over 5 separate rental agreements and deposits and noticed after my last rental return that my deposits was me never refunded back to my account. Also I booked with Expedia twice and was charged more at location when picking up cars. I will never rent with these scam artist again at the Baltimore Washington International Airport in Hanover MD

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HR - 67 d 18 h ago



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Holly R - 67 d 18 h ago


Worst place ever to get a rental. Nothing but a bunch of crooks. Rented a Tahoe from the Philly Airport location. Told them the tank was not on full when I was doing a walk through, they said no problem we'll make a note, just bring it back at the same level so I did. When I returned the vehicle they said I owed them for the fuel. Took the ticket inside and explained to the people in there, they were understanding and took the fuel charge off, gave me a new bill which I paid for $556.63. 5 days later I get a charge for $111.56 for fuel, which is unauthorized. Been trying to call the Philly location all morning, no answer were talking 23 times so far. Talked to the world wide customer care, no help at all so I asked for a manager. Talked to Tory, no help at all said they would not reverse my charge. Still trying to get in touch with Philly to no avail. Called my bank and put in a dispute. I'm furious beyond belief that they would charge my card after they took it off. I will never use or recommend AVIS.

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Dan F - 69 d 11 h ago


This has got to be the worst rental car company in the world. I was in the middle of booking a intermediate suv with a price of $230.37 and hit the pay now rate and the price went from $230.37 to $401.09 plus fees for a total of $539.37. When I called customer service I was told prices change all the time. How does a price change in the middle of a booking? Or is this Avis way of scamming people out of money. I will be reporting this to the BBB. These companies need to be held accountable for their scams

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Linda Grodin - 69 d 18 h ago


On July 16th 2019 I picked up a Mitshubishi at Albany, NY airiport. My windshield was so dirty it was hard to see. The women who showed me to the car said she was busy and had to go back to her booth. I drove around to find someone with a Avis vest on that I could ask for some help. He cleaned my window, connected my blue tooth, found the outlet for my phone charger and marked the scratches on the car. He said very nicely, "I am not customer service, but I can help your". The next day my check tire light went on. I checked the tire and was not flat. Three days later I had a flat and was told by 24 hr Road Side Emergency Service operator that it was my responsibility and I should take it to a gas station. I did, on a floppy tire. They found the leak, tried to plug it but it was too large, They went to change the tire; opened the trunk, to find no spare and no jack. I was eventually towed to another Avis rental place and offered another car. I declined. I was told that some cars came without spares. The potential danger this practice and this attitude portends is why I recommend no one ever rent from Avis again.

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THE BRIDE - 70 d 19 h ago



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Tracy - 80 d 9 h ago


The worst rental company ever. Personally I think it's best you bit the bullet and spend your money at a hertz budget or any other rental company instead of them. I was charged 1291 for two days in which they took 500 off my card and still said the total amount was 1291 they explained to me that it was nothing they could do even though they caused the problem they literally changed my contact. The very next day when my contract ended I was told it was 1110 they wouldn't check my case number nor did they give me any information why they wouldn't. WORST COMPANY EVER!!!! Never ever use this rental car company

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Jossie - 84 d 10 h ago


I reserved a car to be picked up at 12 pm a week before pick up date. I went to the store to pick up the car but it was not ready. Lisa form the store told me that my car was not there that I had to wait until 3 pm when they had one available. I was very surprised, so I needed more information on why I needed to wait. Lisa kept telling me that she had no car available for me, all she had was a pick up truck which I did not want because I did not need a pick up truck, and that was it. I was telling her something when she went to pick up the phone, living me standing there talking to the air. Lisa finished her conversation on the phone, but was not professional enough to come back to me to continue talking about the situation. 2 other people/worker were there, did not care to asked me if I needed help. The other lady who works there as well came up to Lisa to talk to her and she did not care I was standing there. Lisa has no customer service what so ever. She needed to find out if there were a car available at a nearest location and notify me. I don't know how Avis train their employees, but for sure they don't teach them how to solve a situation. So Avis charged my card when I reserved by 12 pm, but Lisa thinks it was ok that I needed to wait? I called customer service all they did was apologized and find another car in another location. Not even a 5 dollar discount at least for all the time wasted. I needed to be at a place by 6 pm ad I was not able to go thanks to great employees at Avis in Orange City Florida. I will remember the horrible experience and I will continue to rent from other places better than Avis. I won't even care about the price. I rather have better customer service and my car on time.

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Julie - 88 d 19 h ago


I was treated very rudely by Lurunda from the customer service department. I was respectful and polite to her but she was not. When I asked to speak to her manager she said she didn't have a boss but that she would file my complaint in the "manager's box" and that they would contact me. That didn't happen. She also said she would email me my bill, which she didn't. I will hesitate to use Avis again due to her treatment of me.

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Gilbert Olivera - 94 d ago


I'm a 61 year old disabled Navy veteran who needed to rent a car for my wife on July 9th, 2019 from a Santa Monica, California location. The amount that I needed to debit was $62.00, which I did at around 12noon. The person that I spoke with was a Badra, who debited my card for $62.00. The following day I saw two debits of $124.62 and $71.34. when I called about this problem to Avis, Mr. Badra said he was sorry for the mistake, and did not offer any help or refund. This is absolutely wrong and disrespectful, not to mention illegal. Avis should be reprimanded from operating their car rental business, or at least reprimand the employees who do wrong, and find a way to refund the overcharged money back to the customer. At the moment, I'm still waiting for my transaction dispute to be processed from my bank.

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