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Avis Rent A Car

3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd
Phoenix, AZ
Dennis Moses
(602) 273-3222
(602) 273-3215
Annual Sales Est
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Anonymous - 2 d 15 h ago


They are a big rip Off I won't rent from them ever again

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Kristal - 4 d 10 h ago


I rented a car in Oct and was correctly charged. Then in NOV I was charged when I did not rent a vehicle. I was also Schaefer twice for toll roads. This company uses your information and charges you multiple times even when you do not do business with them. It is going on two months since I started this dispute of charges. Do not do business with Avis, they are a shady business and are scammers. Go any where else for a rental car.

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Cynthia Nyeche - 30 d 6 h ago


Cynthia nyeche l rented a suv from avis in the city of Ontario ca. On the return date,l asked for a extra day,on the next day l lost the key? Called l believe the main office they transfer me a three party towing company ,he came with a flatbed since it was a Ford explorer 2019,when the driver arrived he said he needed to call another truck, l was confused he came with a flatbed! 9 hours later another truck called said he had a flatbed, here's where l get suspicious, 3 days past truck was not moved,called again for services, towing company calls stating his at my place,l say ok then he said the same as the others in a text"l have a flatbed lm sorry l cant pick your truck up,l was tired of these people ,today my nephew called them, same story they told me we will send someone out,same procedure which is costing me??????? Today is December 25,2019

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A. Martinez - 86 d 17 h ago


Oct 19th I had a flat tire and called Avis to let them know about this, they sent me over to there dispatch unit to contact a tow truck to pick up car. I was told i would have to ride with the tow truck back to the airport rental office to pick up new car. Tow company texted me it would be 120 mins before pick up, now I am upset cause I have a 5 am flight on Sunday morning, and it is 1900 on Saturday night. As i wait for my tow truck that never arrives, I called the dispatch unit again, they dispatch a new truck and it will be another 120 mins till pick up. By this time ist be almost 4 hours and have had it.. I call Avis and let them know the car is parked in front my aunt's house and keys will be there. I am head to hotel to go to sleep. I take Lyft to the airport, stop at Avis rental counter to explain the situation and why the car is not with but parked at my Aunt's house with a flat tire, also letting them know the tow never came. The lady at counter assured me that there manager would make sure the car was picked and back that day. (sunday) On Monday mid day my sister text me to let me know the car is still at my aunt's house. So I call Avis a four time and explain the situation again to the agent, he starts a investigation why the car hasn't been picked up. He has the another Tow truck to pick up car, 5 hours later they are there to pick up car finally. I think its the end of hit..... but i check my credit card and they charge me two extra days even though it there fault car hasn't been picked up. I call customer service a 5 time, i explain to the agent again the story, he starts another investigation, in 5 to 7 day i will get an email whether they will credit me the two days. I also called an Employee name Janis (866-724-822 ext 6249 ext: 62496) i leave a message for her to call me. Janis never called me, even though i left her a second message. I used Costco travel to book my car and this is the company they recommended. I let them know of my horrible experience with Avis and suggest not to rocommed the ever again;

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MONIQUE R HODGE - 36 d 17 h ago


they did the same thing to my daughter ON 12/17/2019 I am reaching out to BBB

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MONIQUE R HODGE - 36 d 17 h ago


Do not rent there my daughter rented a car for business and was on the interstate and car overheated they were to pick her up and after an hour told her they could not find her. So she let the car cool and called again. The Avis rental person told her she would have to switch out cars after litterally 6 hours between waiting on tow and getting to the nearest Avis they did not know anything of her arrival. She was told to stand outside and after standing for 15 minutes and all the customers in front and back of the line had gone she was finally given a car not even close to what she had. which was a 2020 Dodge Journey. She now has to drive a KIa which is a car. I am so upset after this I will reach out the the BBB. It is too much going on in the world, and not to mention when the tow driver picked her up he told her she was the second car out of Atlanta to need tow. The guy Alex at the Atlanta airport is no help roadside assistance is a joke. Worst rental company I have ever seen. Can't wait until she takes them back there crap and from now on Walgreens needs to do business with Enterprise or Budget and I will let them know as well.

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Ms J - 50 d 16 h ago


Do not rent from them. I've been trying to get back a mere 185 dollars for a lock that I never used. They take forever to email you back and say that I am right and then 3 weeks later I email them again due to no response and they say yeah sorry you did use the service. No I didnt and I called the towing company as well as the rep and told them both I found the key.

Total RIP off. I will never use them again and so much for taking care of veterans. Good job Avis with the manager making a salary of over 100k and you cant gove me back 185 dollars. Wow

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Juanita Rann - 52 d 10 h ago


Hi, I rented a car from Avis and the car broke down the same of the rental leaving me and 6 passengers stranded. The Avis Towing Car Service came and picked it up. I went back to the same location that I rented the car and paid for the day of service which I did not have the car the entire day. I have been trying for 3 weeks to get my a refund of $630 that I was charged for a car that I did not have. This has been the most frustrating thing that I have dealt with in getting my money back. I am still going to keep fighting until I get my money back.

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Step - 63 d 9 h ago

Did Avis car rental have 401k 2014 for workers

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susan t - 71 d 15 h ago


My name is Susan T. ,. On Sunday November 10, 2019, I received a phone call from a hospital located in Springfield, Mo. It was a call no parent ever wants to hear. They let me know this was an extreme crisis and my daughters was desperately holding onto life, I immediately called the nearest car rental office which was 'AVIS/Budget'. The manager was so very understanding and said he had a car for me and that they close at 1:00 pm on Sundays. My husband and tried to get there before the Rental Office closed but we were nearly 20-30 min. late So, I called the manager and explained to him that my daughter was in critical condition. He was nearly home ...but turned around and came back!. I was in tears trying to let him know 'why' I had to be with my daughter. This Branch Manager, Mr. Mike Rudolph meet me at the door and by then I couldn't hold my tears any longer. He helped me with the paperwork and quickly explained things to me .Also let me know if I needed the car longer to just call and we would work it out later and to NOT WORRY about anything except getting there safely. He showed compassion... I cannot thank him enough.. I've never experienced such kindness with a business. To Mike, Thank you sincerely, Susan BlessYou

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Carissa Ann Carisse - 79 d 7 h ago


Rented and returned a car with no damage at the Denver Airport Location. The return was accepted by an Avis employee on 8/18/19 at 1156. At 1326 on 08/18/19, I received an email with the final bill for the amount I expected to pay. On 10/15/19, two months later, I received a letter saying I was being charged for a cracked windshield and charged me $210. There was no crack per my two witnesses and the employee who checked the car on return. They did not respond to the calls or emails I sent them when I received the letter. They never provided proof of any damage or that the windshield was even replaced. I received an email confirmation that they received my email on 10/15/19 and would respond in 3-5 days, but they still have not responded 20 days later. They just charged my credit card. I found two other complaints on this Denver location's Facebook page for the same scam about the same time. I could never rent a car from Avis again due to the lack of integrity ripping people off.

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Toy Corbett - 84 d 16 h ago



My husband and I rented a car from PAYLESS rent a car which is own AVIS. We had made reservations ahead of time so that once we landed we could pick up car and go, BUT!!, no that's not how it went. We had 2 wait over 2 hours 2 pick up our car BECAUSE they had NO!! CARS @ all, wow. Then upon our return home VIRGINIA BEACH, VA I remembered I left 2 items under the seat of the car that were quite expensive, their LOST and FOUND DEPARTMENT is a JOKE!!!, they would keep me on hold forever then they'd hang up, give me wrong numbers to call, sent me a email saying they didn't have it, but when I called them they said I needed a vehicle #, but they couldn't provide it for me I needed to contact location we rented the car from BUT they said they do not have phones at that location. They would not provide me with a corporate # or any other number or suggestions that would, or could HELP ME RETRIEVE MY ITEMS. So the company I work for, coworkers, family and friends will never rent a car from PAYLESS / AVIS RENT - A - CAR again, because they understand how valuable the items are to me, and how important and valuable GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND TO HAVE INTEGRITY MEANS!!!

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Former Avis Employee - 83 d 15 h ago


As a former employee (twice), I can tell you this happens all the time. They overbook on purpose. EVERYONE does. It's how they make sure they make a profit. If they had a car waiting for everyone that had a reservation, imagine all the people that didn't show up. Then imagine all the money they would lose on each rental. Now I don't know what day of the week you arrived, or the time, but may I suggest that in the future, you get there as early as possible or as late as possible. The weekend rentals will be returned or returning and if you get there late, the daily rentals will usually be turned back in. Or reserve an offsite rental location. As far as your lost item, first, you left it there. It is very possible it wasn't noticed by the service agents and picked up by the next renter. Cars are turned over fast at airport rental locations. You said you didn't know the #, but I just googled it. Avis Car Rental Virginia Beach, VA (hidden) Open Closes 7PM Avis Car Rental Virginia Beach, VA (hidden) Open Closes 6PM Avis Rent A Car Virginia Beach, VA (hidden) Open Closes 5PM Avis Car Rental Chesapeake, VA (hidden) Open Closes 7PM Avis Car Rental Norfolk International Airport Norfolk, VA (hidden) Open Closes 12:30AM Avis Car Rental Bromley Shopping Center Norfolk, VA (hidden) Open Closes 6PM Try to be a little proactive. You found this site.

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Kiss my butt Gavin - 89 d 16 h ago


Avoid the Monterey, CA Avis/Budget tag team Mother-Son combo of Gavin and Colleen Brown at all costs. They have absolutely ZERO business operating a customer facing franchise. To say they lack customer service skills (actually skills to interact with human beings) would be an insult to those that lack those skills. NEVER have I come closer to getting into an actual fist-fight since I stopped playing hockey. This mama's boy was taunting, condescending, rude, obnoxious and aggressive....and momma was just as bad.

I will pay 3 times the amount to not have to give this company 1 dime of my money going forward.

Calling customer service is a joke....the entire enterprise is protected by layers of CS reps who will do nothing.

I do have the entire event filmed on my phone....deciding what to do with that....

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Felix - 94 d 12 h ago


Rented a car in glasgow scotland for 16 days. Got charged $156 cleaning fee after I was told at the desk alls well.

No upholstery stains were left just normal foot tracking. There was no contact with me just a charge on my credit card.

I complained to Patricia in customer service hotline that we left the car in good condition and was told to " PROVE IT".

I have never encountered such a scam in the 35 years I have been renting cars.

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Jay - 121 d 17 h ago


I'm going to SUE you all for 10million dollars

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Anonymous - 124 d 12 h ago

I made a reservation for today...I got my confirmation email and number with the words Savannah your car has been reserved you are all set to go. Got a Lyft ride to Avis only for the guy behind the counter to tell me they have no cars for me..Yes he sees my reservation but apparently this is what Avis does. They allow you to reserve even if no cars are available then tell you there is nothing they can do! So I needed having to walk home cause I wasn't going to pay for a Lyft ride home since I should of been driving an Avis car home. Called customer service and they are just as bad...anyways Avis has horrible management, customer service and policies to allow this to happen constantly. I will never use them again!!! Luckily I called Enterprise who picked me up and had the car I reserved there. I had no problems with Enterprise they are professional and courteous.

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Ed - 127 d 16 h ago


The worst service staff at 1101 W. Darthmouth Av CO. Rental # 689206484

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It's me again - 127 d 16 h ago

Why is the computer and phones lines always down at the Catonsville, MD rental place? Why Avis? It's 2019 and no excuse in the world for the computer to be down everyday.

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JRD - 127 d 16 h ago


This is the worst company to ever deal with. This is a insurance issue so I needed to rent a car. I am dealing with Avis located at Catonsville, MD. The computers and phone lines are always down. I couldn't get through using the local number so I called the 800 number to rent a car. I was told by a rep that no cars where available at the Catonsville location. Like really what car rental place not have cars especially if it's not a Holiday. I went to the location office and come to find out they have several vehicles available to rent. I was able to get a car and as soon as I started the car it needed gas. I immediately went back to speak with the woman. I was given another car but one thing I don't like is they do not do a walk around with the customer. So I said something to the woman to do that with me. I took pics of everything because I just got a bad vibe. When returning the car of course the computer was down and the rep thought I was going to drop off the car and keep it moving. I told him to write down the date and time I returned the car. Also that it has a full take of gas. Again I had to take pics because the person did not walk around the car with me. Again this is an insurance issue and the Insurance agent can't even get hold to verify anything because of the computer and phone issues. So since no communication between the insurance company and Avis, Avis charged my account even though it should've been direct billing. The 800 number to Avis is no better. I was to get something by email yesterday and of course when I called the Avis rep put in the incorrect letter to my email.

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Anonymous - 128 d 17 h ago

Ann Butler

General profile image - 133 d 18 h ago


I booked a Chriysler 300 or similar on the Avis website confirmation number 14700609CO0. I received the confirmation email and it stated that the car is really the Chysler 300 LTd 3.6, then I received another email with the vaucher. Both emails with the same verification numbers. But when the JFK airport store gave me another car. I'll stay until Saturday here in the United States and ask them to replace the car that gave me a Jepp Compass with the Chrysler 300 or similar. Otherwise, I will hire a lawyer to defend my case in court or ask for compensation.

I ask you to help solve this problem.

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King Vladeyushyi Mirom - 139 d 16 h ago


IIV * The plans for massive global population reduction are no longer a "back burner" issue.

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CTX - 140 d 14 h ago

I filed a complaint & request reimbursement 7/29. I have a recorded voice mail from the Avis agent on 7/29 -I had not returned the vehicle on time. When I landed & returned the call at 5pm, my credit card was already charged an addl fee for $100 addl day. the CS agent told me the car showed to be scanned in after 1pm. Which is incorrect. I dropped the car off at the airport on time at 4:40 am. The agent at the airport didnt scan my car in they had prob w their scanner & couldnt give me a receipt. I provided the CS agent a copy of my flight information which showed my flight departure. Its been over 40 days now and they closed my ticket and provided me with another excuse on why I was charged-different location.

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Myron - 140 d ago

I had a problem with Avis recently also. Did you file a corporate complaint? If so how did you go by doing it? And do you have the different email addresses and the people to reach?

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