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Avis Rent A Car

3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd
Phoenix, AZ
Dennis Moses
(602) 273-3222
(602) 273-3215
Annual Sales Est
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Dean Gerdeman - 1 d 14 h ago


Avis are a bunch of crooks. They over charged me $250.00 because they told me I upgraded. I didn't upgrade, but got no where with there manager. I'll never rent from them again

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Kathleen chiavetta, Aloha,Oregon - 2 d 12 h ago

When I booked a rental with Avis i was told there could be two drivers which I know is standard with all rentals. When I went to pick the car up today at Hillsboro, Oregon, my step daughter was with me to show her ID as the other driver. I was told only a husband could be the other driver and she would have to pay an additional 30 some dollars a day to drive the car. Well we are the only ones that are driving so that did not set well with us so I did not rent the car. Going to be a problem now as we plan on going somewhere very early in the morning

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Lori Smart - 3 d 9 h ago


I am so disappointed with Avis. I reserved a car for Las Vegas. # 13129878ca6. Costing me $82.00. I have since found an avis deal for 9.99 and called avis customer service and was told by Luis employee #2324991 that he cannot help me in any way to get a better price. I am suppose to pick up the car tomorrow. Please help

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Anonymous - 35 d 11 h ago


I will never rent from AVIS again.

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Unkonw - 3 d 10 h ago


Please don't. I'm also never ever rent from Avis . I'll tell my community not to rent from avis.

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MAD GRAMMA - 15 d 17 h ago


Avis 'customer service' is an oxymoron. They do NOT help anyone it is totally INCOMPETENT at the Corp. level . Each department is kept in a little bubble, they cannot communicate with each other and they don't know what the hell they are doing. Even supervisors, who you would THINK would have a clue, want everything sent in writing and want you to wait 24-48 hours for a response. AND, let's add insult to injury, the phone number listed above is not even a working number!

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Anonymous - 14 d 20 h ago


Totally 100% agree!

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Unknow - 3 d 10 h ago


I agreed with u. It happened to me too

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Johnny Cadena - 4 d 10 h ago


The worst service provided by Avis, Anchorage AK. Manager Daniel worst, Avis you need to drain the swamp, your contaminated.

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Victim of Corporate Extortion - 5 d 19 h ago


AVIS Rental engages in highway robbery. I rented a car in Kansas City, MO. I prepaid for the rental and a day after I returned it, they charged me an additional $19.28 for something called RSN. It's very odd that the agent never mentioned anything about RSN, which I found out later stands for Roadside Service Network. They automatically enroll you in it whether you want it or not but again the agent(s) fail to tell you about it. It's simply a way for them to make extra money at a customer's expense. I wouldn't recommend renting a car from them because this is a shady way to conduct business. I, as a paying customer should be notified what I'm paying for upfront. I'm sure the believe they've done me a favor by offering to refund 50% of the charge. I accepted it, even though I'd prefer a full refund. If I have a flat, I don't need roadside assistance, that's something I can take care of myself. So if you use AVIS in the future, call them up and report any little thing you find wrong with the vehicle so you can ensure you get your money's worth since you're going to be charged anyway. AGAIN! CHARGING A CUSTOMER FOR A SERVICE WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE IS A TERRIBLE AND DISHONEST WAY TO DO BUSINESS. I'm going to spread the word to everyone in my circle and on social media in order to shed light on your despicable business practices. If you would to discuss this further, drop it in an email. My email is (hidden). I'd be surprised if I hear from anyone so prove me wrong.

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It doesn't matter what my name is my credit score isn't good enough for you guys, so fuck you - 7 d 4 h ago


Avis just now , fucked me bad. I've rented from them back in July of 2017. I gave them over$ 2000.00 from my bank in the past. I needed to rent a car again for two days. They told me my credit score was not good enough . They had no problem taking my money before. I promise you .l will do everything I can possibly do, to bad mouth Avis car rental on social media as much as possible. And I will be filing a complant with the BBB also. Your company flat out fucked me up. Your company sucks. I am sorry I ever gave your company a fucking dime. I will spit big loogies on every Avis rental car I see. For sure. Fuck your company. I will say that, every time somebody asked me about a rental car. I hope some day you get shut the fuck down . Fucking screwed me up big Time. You motherfuckers. I even signed up for your fucking emails. I know a few people who will never rent from you again. And I'm sure you won't do nothing about this review. Because your companies a piece of shit company.

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MS - 7 d 12 h ago


I would never rent another car from Avis. They over charged me @2,335.00 for a rental that I returned and it was not damaged. Because it was over a month they charged my account $3,445.00, because they have no records showing where I contacted the company to extend my contract. I am still fighting with them for records of the courtesy calls they made to me letting me know that my rental was due back on a certain date, and the calls I made to hem letting them know that I needed and extension and they agreed to it every call I made. The workers don't know what each other is doing. I talk with a gentle in customer service to find out where was the Corporate office located and he told me he did not know. They have repeatedly send me information that I did not request. The over seas workers are so scripted and program, you can not get any help from them. I will be taking legal action against them. I tried working with the franchise office manager, but she was not cooperative at all, and I always rent from her. No 30 day rental should be $3,200.00.that is just price gauging. I went to another car rental dealer and asked them their policy for a 30 day rental and they stated that they only charge the daily rate that was quoted.

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Fritz - 14 d 12 h ago


Since my son reports to drill once a month and our vehicle is old, we have been renting for the past three or four years from various car rentals located at our local


I can not say that any one car rental is better than the other. Today, we had reserved a full size vehicle from Avis (have rented from them many times) and when

we arrived at the check in counter inside the terminal we ended up with a person of color and I must say he did the least amount of work to check us out. I believe

we have had this person in the past and his attitude has not changed. My son has a very bad back (was blown up in Iraq) and only a few cars are comfortable on

his back. The full size cars in inventory were not an option so we ended up with a Ford Fusion Hybrid, which is not to bad for his back. The car is parked quite a

ways from the terminal and when we found the car we were shocked! There was a noticeable dents and scratches on the rear driver's size, the car was not properly washed, and the seats were dirty and something had spilled on the back seat. Here comes the surprise - the car was from Payless Car Rental. By this time,

my son had to leave to drive to drill in southern Calif. so we did not have the time to go back to talk to Avis and see what else was available.

I don't plan to rent from Avis again.....and I don't appreciate the fact they did not say the car was from Payless Car Rental.

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Never to return customer - 17 d 11 h ago


Worst experience ever!! The Kalamazoo airport location absolutely unprofessional! !! Customer service as well!!! Would not recommend you guys to anyone! !! For the sake of business do something immediately! !!

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Anonymous - 20 d 11 h ago

I worked for your Duncanville Texas location. I know what they put on my 1099 is inflated and untrue..

Please look into Scott and Julie .

Please send to right channels

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Casey - 22 d 12 h ago


Worst customer service ever from this company! I would not recommend this company to anyone I know

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Frustrated father of 3 - 23 d 18 h ago


Over 1 hour in line at the Budget office at Palm Beach Airport on 3-28-18 with three small children. What a disgrace! The manager should be fired.

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Not happy in Jacksonville Florida - 25 d 5 m ago


I would never rent a car from Avis, theft by deception....

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Anonymous - 26 d 9 h ago


The system was down when I rented my vehicle so the agent placed a manual order and charged $250. About 4 hours later there was a $260.12 charge from Budget. I called the 800 number and was told to send an email for the dispute. I was on the road driving and I told the agent but she said sorry there's nothing I can do to help. I couldn't send or take the email information. This was on a Sunday so I gave them the benefit of the doubt that the additional charge would fall off. Tuesday came and the charges were still there. I called 800 number and the place I rented the car from. The agent said they were getting ready to close and he would call me back tomorrow. He never did. I also needed to extend the rental an additional day. He didn't tell me I would be charged immediately but I was. The customer service agent opened a case and advised since I had 3 charges they would honor the original charge with a copy of the receipt. On the trip back the car ran out of oil. I had to continue to replace the oil. I'm assuming there was a leak. I tried calling the location and the 800# but no service or answer. Upon the return of the vehicle the agent practically called me a liar when I explained about the oil. Told me all their systems plus phones were down for 2 days that's why I couldn't reach anyone about the maintenance of the vehicle. She charged me $339. Said their system didn't read to the customer service system so she didn't have a clue I had a case open. I spoke to customer service and they said it would be up to 15 days for response and refund if I get one. I will never recommend Avis. From reading the reviews it seems as if this is common. Then when you try to speak with corporate they say mail your complaints and someone will get back with you. I figure if I call the media to investigate Avis then maybe this won't continue to happen. Please do the right thing and get back to me ASAP

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Anonymous - 27 d 10 h ago

Avis clearly has a management issue in Tampa

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Anonymous - 27 d 10 h ago


How come you cannot figure out your Tampa problem.

How can you not have enough staff in hand to clean cars for the start of your busiest time of the year.

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Anonymous - 27 d 10 h ago


Last time ever for Avis

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Anonymous - 27 d 10 h ago

You have a huge problem at the Tampa location

Apperanty you do not have enough clean cars. This is a disaster! No manager to be found.

Get someone here to straighten this out

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Chelsie - 29 d ago


This has been the worst experience ever. Terrible customer service, misinformed me multiple times, and over charged my credit card

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Valresa White - 30 d 4 h ago

I, too, will NEVER rent another car from Avis. My husband and I rented a car from Avis at 7850 W. Grand Parkway South in Richmond, Texas on Mar. 21. We thought we would need it for two days, but as the work was finished on my husband's truck the following day, we returned the rental car after one day. The car was only driven 48 miles and was still full of gas. When asked if we had refueled, I told Markessa no because it was still full. She then told me to refuel it or I'd be charged $14.95 for gas just because it had been driven. So I hopped back in the car, refueled, and returned. We were initially told that we had unlimited mileage, but upon later inspection of the final bill, we were charged $14.99 for an "Under 75 mile flat fee"!! To make matters worse, I asked if I could use the restroom there. I was told that they didn't have a "public restroom "! (I'm a 69 year old female, by the way.) This was right around the 6:00 pm closing time. I said, "Wow, and I've got to walk home, too." Her reply was to inquire as to the whereabouts of my husband. I told her he was on the other side of town. Her response was, "You need to call Uber". Now I really didn't expect her to take me home (a twenty minute walk away), but an offer would have nice or "I wish I could give you a ride, but I have a prior commitment ." By this time smoke is coming from my ears. She gave me my receipt and disappeared in the back before I could put it in my purse. I yelled to her, " Is that it?" She yelled back, "Yes, that's it!" Luckily the medical building was still open and I went there to use the restroom before starting on my trek home. Markessa can rest assured that she will NEVER have to be blessed with my business ever again! I will make sure to tell all of my sorority sisters and my husbands frat brothers to avoid this place at all cost. It's worth the drive to Rosenberg or Sugar Land to Enterprise for better customer service! What an awful experience!!

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