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Avis Rent A Car

3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd
Phoenix, AZ
Dennis Moses
(602) 273-3222
(602) 273-3215
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SweetStory - 1 d 16 h ago


I have been trying to get through to the Lost and Found agents at the BWI AIRPORT for two days. No one ever answers the phones. I really need someone to contact me as items are in the car that I need. Please have someone answer....

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Kerri - 2 d 17 h ago


Rented a12 passenger van for a family vacation paid 4 months in advance show up to pick up the van and they inform me it's on it's way from Louisville they will call me as soon as it gets there... I wait hours go back out to the office they closed for the day. So they have my money I have no car call customer service and they tell me I can set up another rental and repay and wait ten days for my refund.... so pretty much screw me.... Worst company and even worse customer service!!

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Anonymous - 7 d 13 h ago


I rented a vehicle on 6/19 and the rep advised me to extend it'll be the price of my daily rental and a $10 fee. I've been trying to call all day to no avail, so I finally agreed to be directed to the national rental office. I was told that the price would be approx $70 more since I'm using them. TOTAL RIP OFF!!!!

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Shacoy Walker - 8 d 13 h ago

I rented from the City Line Ave location in Phila, Pa this place really needs some retraining. The customer service is HORRIBLE its the closest one too me I shouldn't have to change location to patronize corporate needs to crack down ASAP.

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James Griffin - 17 d 8 h ago

Conformation #18847160us3 Avis at the Airport in Newbern N.C.ripped me off for $60. When I returned the car, their famous sign was there be back in 15 minutes. So I dropped key in box with paperwork and e-mail account to get final receipt. 2 days later credit card was deducted $298 but should have been $237. Called customer service and the said Newbern charged for pet hair cleaning. Now i had 4 adults and 1 child in this car,good luck on get any pet in the car with us to Michigan. Now I know if you check who rented the car before me the got hit for pet hair cleaning because they were the one to cause this problem. That being said who cleans the car could not get all of it out.When I brought this car back a week later and no manager at counter when car was dropped off felt like they could just rip me off $60.Enjoy the money because if problem is not solved soon I will be glad to tell everybody I can about how Avis of Newbern Airport like to screw customers. Call my bluff if you want to, but that is some shady shit.

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Latonya powell - 25 d 4 h ago


Confirmation: 12591187US0

I rented the van on a one day rental. I was not told nor notified that you moved locations nor was I told that the location would be closed. I included my rental reservation showing that the vehicle was reserved for one day and the address I was supposed to return the vehicle too. When I got there on May 29th a note was on the door telling me to take the vehicle to a different address. Not that Avis was closed. I took the van to the address opened the door on the morning of May29th and a black man with dreads and a accent told me to pull the van around to the back of the building. I did he took the keys and the contract and v you're telling me you charged me for a 2 day rental after i went beyond to get your van returned on the correct date. Without being told that you were closed. Also without knowing that the person that was inside of the Avis rental car that took that keys and contract was not an employee of Avis? Why would you think you can hold me accountable for your screw up? I want my money refunded to my card asap.

I want this situation sent up to corpoarate managent asap. Enclosed is a screen shot of my reservation showing the return location and address. I do not know why Avis is going this far too steal money from me. I have used this company several times and v have never been stolen from. I am appauled and this is causing me a great deal mental anguish.

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Kim - 27 d 15 h ago


I am hoping to reach someone at the top. I reserved a luxury car from Avis, because my SUV was being seviced and I had a business dinner with a very important client. The reservations was made to pick up near my house since I did not have transportation. I received a email prior to pick up stating I needed to pick up at the Airport which was over an our from my home. I made several complaints to several ppl a general manager was also invoved I was told they gave my car away do to the prom and there where no other Luxury cars in the city at all I have dealt with this company for 25 years and I am very ashamed of the customer service I was given I will continue to try to reach someone at the higher chain of co and truly I very dissatisfied customer.

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Pissed of to the max - 27 d 18 h ago


I rented a car with avis and the car was impounded cause i didn't have my id on me. And i called to get my things out of the vehicle they had the vehicle over a week said they would call never did just called them back and they said the car is rented and they bag my stuff and its lost.

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W Ezell - 28 d 8 h ago


Avis is THE most horrible company. The lies are unbearable. They have bad business practices and inconsistent pricing. When they are called on the carpet for their wrong they doings, the customers suffer.

I will definitely not do business with Avis again. There are other companies in the business to give my money to. Good thing we have choices.

The bad part is that they claim to not know their corporate office numbers and the gate keepers keeps you from getting to the people making these crazy decisions.

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Very Very Very Unhappy With Avis. - 42 d 12 h ago


Horrible HORRIBLE Company! They made my reservations for the wrong month! We called in March 2017 for October 2017 and it was booked for later in March! Thank God we discovered that when we printed the reservation and when we called to correct the date, WE WANTED OCTOBER NOT MARCH, they NOW want over one hundred dollars more and it is for a 4 day weekday rental!!! And we wanted to secure it SEVEN MONTHS before we need it! Sooo we called to correct it and protested the rate change AND they hung up on us! Then when we called back, they kept us on hold and never picked it up again!!! DO NOT EVEN BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY! PLEASE DO NOT NOT NOT BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY!!! By the way, Hertz gave us a MUCH BETTER deal so this is good after all, we will NEVER NEVER NEVER Book with Avis (or Budget, Avis owns Budget remember!!!) again! Good Riddance Avis!!! You are a Horrible Company!!!

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FeeFee BB - 44 d 16 h ago


My first time renting from Avis at the Jackson-Evers International Airport on Hangar Drive. Long story, short - the staff needs more training on the knowledge of the rental terms; they didn't greet me with a smile; they don't answer the phone when I call the counter to ask questions; they didn't seem to be interested in the concerns I had; and basically they are not helpful representatives. Also, the representative told me that Avis requires that I take the gas fill up option whereas they hold an additional $28.19 on my credit card for gas, eventhough I told them I would rather just return the car on full myself. They told me that once I return the car on full, the charges would come off my credit card. Also, when I returned the vehicle, my rental charges increased because they tried to charge me a late fee, eventhough I actually returned the car early. It took two people to fix this problem in the system. Renting from Avis was not a smooth process for me. I am disappointed.

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Gerard - 63 d 7 h ago


classis say one thing, charge another car was prerented then upcharged for a car drove it only 50 miles and was chared over 500dollars

General profile image - 78 d 15 h ago


Classic bait and switch. After the Avis agent tried to charge us for the insurance which we denied she said the she was going to give us a Denali but never mentioned it was an additonal $85 per day on top of the $78 they originally charged us. We originally asked for a full size SUV so when she said she was giving us a Denali SUV she never indicated that Avis considers that a luxury car. A five day rental went from $516 to over $1,200. Upon speaking with a supervisor they said they could only give a $253 credit leaving a disputed of over $436. Will never rent from Avis again if not resolved

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Mrs. Sharpe - 90 d 17 h ago


I didn't even receive service from them and they are held my money like I owe them something I will never attempt to rent from another company again before checking the ratings especially a rental car establishment this is the worst. 3-7 business days but it only took 10 minutes for them to take the money from my account this is insane and horrible for the customer.

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Maxine collins taylor - 92 d 10 h ago


I am on dont rent and i dont owe avis or buget no money

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Jo Anne Liston - 104 d 8 h ago


I want to say how nice my experience with Avis was in Kona. The night employee Bruce Jukawas so accommodating to me when I had a flight delay. He was able to allow my daughter and I to stay in the rental a few extra hours and didn't charge an extra fee. He was polite, understanding and quick in fixing our problem. Thank You!!


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Mrs.Florentino - 113 d 16 h ago


I WILL NEVER rent from this company. They are complete SCAM artists. They cannot explain the fees we were given and was charged $342.00 MORE than we were supposed to be charged. Called multiple times and was all that they have to said they are charges from location , I have over $991 in charges and they can only "justify" $510 of them. The rest that cannot explain. DONT RENT FROM AVIS.

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L Florentino - 110 d 14 h ago


The worst nightmare ever renting a car from Avis , I been renting since 2005 from Avis rent a car this time i did from Charlotte International Airport the rental weekly was around $150 i got the car for a week and then 2 more weeks, but when i went to pay they charge me $991 in total the rental was $571 with taxes and some other fees , but $420 were airports extra fees and taxes to much for a rental for 3 weeks . i will never rent from the avis . DON'T RENT FROM AVIS AT THE AIRPORTS LOCATIONS SINCE THAT WAS THE EXCUSE FOR THE EXTRAS FEE

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Anonymous - 107 d 13 h ago

If u paid with a card. Dispute the difference. Your credit card company should honor your request

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Lynn - 124 d 5 h ago


Wish I would have read these posts before! I just got scammed out of another $100.00 because of the Avis counter persons incompetence - I could say "illegal practices" but it's a fine line and I'm trying to be nice. It's not the $100.00, it's the principle! Hertz may be a little more expensive but not in the long run! I'm going back to Hertz!

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Denise - 127 d 10 h ago


I will never use AVIS again! I made a reservation in December and my credit card was charged $242.48. On January 16, 2017 I had to cancel and was told I would have to pay a $50 cancellation fee, which I understood and the credit would post to my card 3-7 business days. Today, I have made my fourth (4th) call to Avis to check on the status of my refund. Again I am being told it takes 3-7 business days for a refund. At this point I should send Avis an invoice for all the time I have spent contacting them.


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Rhonda - 145 d ago


Avis is the WORST company I have ever dealt with in my entire life!!! I have told everyone that I know to never, ever rent from them.

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NEVER rent from this company. They are complete SCAM artists. They cannot explain the fees we were given and was charged $700 MORE than we were supposed to be charged. Called multiple times and was told it was in my contract, which it wasnt. asked for a copy of my contract and they said it would take 7-10 business days to get my contract. I have over $800 in charges and they can only "justify" $320 of them. The rest that cannot explain. DONT RENT FROM AVIS.

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Ms Lea Hazzard, Manager Rude Insensitive Unprofessional - 158 d 5 h ago

We booked and pre-paid for a rental car for Avis Sacramento Airport on Priceline and had all documentation to prove it. We paid with a MasterCard Debit FDIC Insured and we were insulted and refused rental by Manager Lea Hazzard, who while inusulting us, was loud, obnoxious, insensitive and unprofessional. She had the worst customer service and insulted and over spoke to her customers. This was a terrible experience with Avis Rental Car Sacramento Airport. She did not answer the phone when Priceline called regarding our immediate complaint, refused to rent to us and she had no intention on facilitating our refund. SHAMEFUL.

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Sacrament Airport Deplorable Manager and Horrendous Customer Service - 159 d 31 m ago


My husbands mother died and we made flight and car reservations through priceline to rent an avis car. We actually had to go to the process twice, because we were unaware that we had to select debit instead of credit and we were charged for that simple mistake. This reservation was made with a debit card and accepted and my husband was told he would not be able to use his debit card, not with a bank.

I spoke with Lea Hazzard, manager at the Sacramento Airport, and i was very frustrated in speaking with her, because she had the worst customer service I had ever had, she would not listen and spoke over me the entire time I was speaking and told me, that "She was the important one here, not me". WOW. She was insensitive, unprofessional, rude, and absolutely displayed unacceptable behavior towards me during our phone call, for the entire call. She and Avis should be ashamed to call this manager an employee.

She made our experience and trip to Sacramento a nightmare and she should not be working in any customer service capacity. We will tell everyone I know about this experience and urge them not to use your company. Rated F- for Customer Service and Overall Professionalism. .

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