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Bank of America Corporation

100 N. Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC
Brian Moynihan
President and CEO
(800) 299-2265
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Your not GOD - 3 h 19 m ago


If your gonna take (steal) money from people's account your no better than a robber,and further more you need more ATMS......

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Indigoblue - 2 d 4 h ago


Bitches of America

Im going to reward bitches of america with a -5 star rating.

Just the most terrible place. And only terrible people work here.

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OMGosh - 3 d 5 h ago


I gave my son a cashiers check and was told it would clear in the morning. It didn't clear for two weeks. I paid my son's insurance because they the check would clear so quickly. He gave me a check to pay me back. I waited two days and put it in my account at Chase. It bounce.

That cost my son $32 and me $12. I took a new check to Chase to deposit but was told that BofA put a 10 day hold on it. Seriously.

I took the check to BofA and they said to cash it would cost me $8 because I don't have an account with them. My son was at work and couldn't get me cash for a day or two

So that cashiers check ended up costing the above $52 plus the of buying it for $15.

Two and a half weeks of great frustration and no use of the $3000 in a cashiers for that long. Another couple to get my part of it back.



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WordofGoD - 3 d 7 h ago

This is literally the worst bank to have. There is literally nothing worse than this bottom of the barrel bank. If i had the worst of all, i would do everything in my power to keep my customers satisfied. How can you run a crappy bank with horrible pointless policies that leave you owing money for no reason,, and still have horrible customer service on the other end. Die bank. Just Die entirely.

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WordofGof - 3 d 7 h ago


This is literally the worst bank to have. There is literally nothing worse than this bottom of the barrel bank. If i had the worst of all, i would do everything in my power to keep my customers satisfied. How can you run a crappy bank with horrible pointless policies that leave you owing money for no reason,, and still have horrible customer service on the other end. Die bank. Just Die

Flagged for review. 
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Maribel - 3 d 13 h ago


I called BOA because my payroll check was taking so long to get clear to avoid a Negative balance I called customer service to get information why my payroll check was taking so long and I need it to make a transfer ---customer service fix the problem and he said do not worry everything is clear he will make transfer for--2 days latter I find out that my account was O/D I called again and spoke to Amanda --New your and they do not want to take any responsibility in this matter ---she put me oh hold for a manager and is an hour and steel waiting for a manager-----I b/ with BOA for over 18 years an they do not care about they customers

Well It is quite apparent after reading all of these comments, negative comments mind you that customer service is the last thing B of A cares about. After trying to call the corp. office, that # just goes to their automated system I have decided it" it is time to leave B of A. We have had our checking, saving, visas, and multiple home loans over the years, I guess that means nothing to B of A.

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bobkirk37 - 5 d ago


I shy from "on line banking" because of all the news of hacked accounts and problems with electronic forms of transactions and prefer to do business face-to-face at a local BoA branch. I had two credit card bills due on Columbus Day and, since Oct. 9th was a bank holiday and both the bank I wrote the payment check from and BoA were closed that day, I made the payments in person on the 10th. I asked the clerk to confirm that, since all banks were closed on the due date, my payment would be considered on time and no late payment would apply. She replied that, even though the bank was closed and the checks could not be processed until the 10th, I would be charged late fees. The exorbitant late fee for each payment will be $35.00 for a total of $70.00. There seems to be no reason for this policy but price gauging BoA customers and I would like to see a written policy on bank holiday payment due dates along with justification for charging late fees for payments that could not be processed by BoA on the due date but were made on the next business day at a local branch.

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Rude is the new nice - 3 d 15 h ago


Yea, Don't they love to quote the policy at you but yet when you ask for it in writing there's nothing they can give you. They make up rules as they go along. And when I wasn't satisfied with her mumbling answer, I asked for corporate phone number and she couldn't give me that either I said you know what, I can Google it. I have no problem gaining access to your corporate office. Thank you for nothing. That was Tatianna in the Miami Dade office. Hey Bank of America....have you considering hiring some adequate employees

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Cekwell - 4 d 9 h ago


My mom passed before she left on vacation we,went there for see if my name should be added on account oh manager said since you are executive of the will power of attorney you don't need that that's all you need to get into the account now that she has passed we have to spend more money that we don't have to go to Probate Court we have all the documents that says I'm in charge we don't know if we have enough in there to pay her bills now she work too hard for her house to be lost how dare you guys our time of need we came in with the proper paperwork and this is the thing we get so I will be putting something in the newspaper in our area about how the treatment we are getting from Bank of America plus I'm calling our local news TV in our time of need we needed this b******* so I'm telling everybody do not put your money in this bank because I've been to three other banks we had the proper information her will everything you are the one who told us my mom didn't need to sign that and we were ready to sign it before she left for vacation where she got hurt I will never let anybody or family be part of this bank I will be putting the sign anywhere I can just say that

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Ditto - 3 d 15 h ago


I have A similar situation with the BOA on Biscayne Blvd. in Miami. The bank manager, Tatiana is extremely rude and so was her assistant manager, Yeli. I am having extreme difficulty gaining access to my uncles safe deposit box for almost 2 years now. Been there six times and every time we go it's another reason why we can't get in. by the way, they tell you to come down and drive 45 miles, and when you get there they tell you they need two people to go into the safe deposit box to do an inventory count and you'll have to come back because the manager is on vacation. Although Yeli said she was empowered to access the safe deposit box. . All I can say is we hope we did the right thing for his burial since we could not gain Access at that time although the executor of the will made every attempt to do so.

It's their loss as we are not required to further pay rental for the box and there opportunity to rent it since their team is so Uncooperative, unknowledgeable, untruthful, Condescending and malicious. I'm so glad this is almost over I will never have to do a Bank of America ever again.

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Angry customer - 5 d 5 h ago


Been a customer since 2002. Lately my account has been hacked multiple times. I am the victim and I have to wait 3-5 business days to get my money back? Called "claims" and they said the best they could do is refund until 12 pm and I would have to reopen old debit card while at drive through and close it right back. Guess what? I drive all the way to the bank and was told by the next representative that they could not reopen my card. It had already been purged from the system. Word of advice. Do NOT try to call the company where the fraud occurred. Bank of america states you may get your money back faster. You do NOT, cause you have to wait until that company refunds you. I'd stick to calling fraud at least you can temporarily get your money back. The associates obviously do not know what they are talking about either.

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Anonymous - 4 d 8 h ago


How Bank of America Ditched 1,597 Branches Across the U.S.

The bank that once proclaimed "bigger is indeed better" is now downsizing, especially in rural America

The deal that cost Bank of America $50 billion - and counting

Some of WikiLeaks' Bank of America data destroyed

WikiLeaks' Bank Of America Bombshell May Have Been Destroyed

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J. Lee - 5 d ago

I have an email, supposedly from Brian Moynihan president/CO bank of america, telling me B of A must deposit a check for me for $1,500,000, from Africa, into a US Government account for unclaimed funds because I didn't send some other individual, obviously not from B ofA, a processing fee of one hundred dollars. Is this legitimate? A new day if not, they're using a lot of your information.

contact: (hidden)

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Anonymous - 4 d 8 h ago


RE: Countrywide and Bank of America Settlement Denied Notification

Sent By:

Jose Fraga On:Oct 10/10/17 12:46 PM

Thank you for your email. This email is intended for inquiries relating to a settlement of trust-based claims belonging to 530 Countrywide mortgage-backed securitization trusts. The beneficiaries of this settlement are investors in certificates or notes issued by the said trusts. This settlement does not relate to homeowners or their mortgages.

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Tawana D Anderson - 4 d 10 h ago


The Columbus Georgia branch, The only branch in Columbus is the worst run branch in the whole company! Every time I go there there is something wrong. The ATM machines are never working. They were finally upgraded last year. There are never enough Taylor's and the executives their work in the offices when they see that the line is long they continue to do their paperwork and I know that they have been trained as Taylor' there are never enough Taylor's and the executives in the offices, when they see that the line is long they continue to do their paperwork and I know that they have been trained

as tellers. Both ATMs were down today. both ATMs were down today. Most people standing inside the bank only had simple transactions that could have been done if the ATMs were working. The person I guess is the branch manager came out telling us about using apps if I wanted to use the app I would have downloaded it and not being at the bank. I cannot use the app to deposit cash. If this company would stop worrying about as person's credit history and credit background and hire some people this problem could be alleviated. Many customers are being lost to Wells Fargo. I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment by staying. The branches in Atlanta are bad, but Columbus is Absolutely the worst!

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Raymond Vorbeck - 4 d 13 h ago


I stopped by the BofA , Suwanee, GA yesterday to get some $100 bills. I walked in and smiled at a formally dressed man sitting on a stool by a computer. He did not welcome me but scowled! His name is Richard. Hey, everyone has bad days. I walked behind the wall to the tellers stations. I was 7th in line with only one teller. After waiting 15 minutes I went out to the lobby and asked Richard if someone could help this poor teller. He frowned and said "not at this time." I went back to the line and now there were 9 people in line including me. The teller made a $100 error and called that customer back to the window. Two people later he erred again and asked that patron for patience. He was clearly stressed. The next customer was a small business lady with a multitude of transactions. After about 10 minutes she turned to the waiting line and said "I have more transactions but I'm going to stop for today because you have been waiting so long. When my turn came, just short of 30 minutes had transpired, I approached & was helped in a most efficient manner. And given an apology. This can't be the Bank I know! Private Bank customer and patron for >25 years. I was steamed and disappointed. I went to the lobby and thanked the business lady for surrendering her position. The man named Richard was still at his post on the stool. I asked if there was a Branch Manager and he said "yes, it's me." He still scowled. I didn't want a confrontation so I asked for his business card and told him quietly what was obvious: "this service is terrible, your teller needs some help!" He said nothing, handed me his card and shrugged. The line was now backed up around the corner nearly to his throne. I mean stool. Both Cumming branches greet me when I come in. Some of the tellers recognize me by name. If there are people waiting in line someone invariably comes up and asks if we have specific transactions that he/she could help us with & pull those out of line. Richard Walker, Financial Center Manager II, whatever that means, is one of the worst employees I've ever dealt with in all my years at the Bank. I get that you want to reduce headcount and become more efficient. Who doesn't? But at the cost of service? I'd send a tiger team to this location and replace at least one "manager!"

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J. Turner - 4 d 16 h ago


My church reimbursement for items that I had purchased and the check was drawn on a local bank, Chase. It took BOA 3 days to release the check! Really~ OMG!~

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Oakley - 5 d 6 h ago


Ya' know the guy who calls you from Nigeria and tells you that you have a Dead Relative and he left you $8 Million Dollars and all you have to do is give him a little information in order to collect your "Reward"? I'm fairly certain that I know who he got his "Business Model" from......BOA. If I could give them MINUS 2500 Stars, I would.

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Carol - 5 d 10 h ago


Well It is quite apparent after reading all of these comments, negative comments mind you that customer service is the last thing B of A cares about. After trying to call the corp. office, that # just goes to their automated system I have decided it" it is time to leave B of A. We have had our checking, saving, visas, and multiple home loans over the years, I guess that means nothing to B of A.

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Diane Marciel - 5 d 11 h ago


I am a long standing mortgage customer and have an unresolved issue that I have been addressing for 9 months. I have spent 11.75 hours trying to get it resolved. Every time I speak with a customer service representative or bank official, they promise it is resolved and every month I get another letter requesting the same information. I have taken time off work to spend on something that should have been a short phone call. The reps are friendly, and assure me the issue is resolved, but no one has fixed it, or followed up to make sure it has been resolved. I would never recommend BOA.

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Susan Adams - 6 d ago


I went to the Mission Viejo branch on Marguerite Parkway and the sprint seems to have the most unhappy employees I've ever seen in any B of A . The women tellers are snippy the gentleman who came and walked past us and opened the company door for himself to get in did not say hi or anything . One of the tellers got snippy with me and hurt my feelings when I was trying to do was find out if she was open and ready to work . I later called customer service and could not get to a live person because even though I have a home mortgage with the bank I do not have a savings account and since I was putting money into a friend savings account I did not want to use their account number so I could not complain. Since I couldn't speak to a real person customer service I thought I would call the branch back and talk to the manager the lady that Answer told me she was the manager and when I told her my issue she proceeded to defend the person so then I asked her if she was the person and then she denied it and said that she was the manager .

I think you need to seriously look at this branch go in there and asked the teller to do anything that's above and beyond them just cashing a check and look at the attitude you will get you will be very disappointed

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Jow - 6 d 4 h ago

I ne d my account to be check some one went online and changed my password in online banking

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Kashif Sheikh - 6 d 10 h ago


BOA hire crooks as tellers.. In Houston TX They have tellers working at the galleria branch with many theft and drug abuse cases on their background. To add more they even have history of domestic assault and family violence. How do you trust a bank with your money who hires crooks thugs.

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Joe poteat - 9 d ago


Someone is tracking me every time I use my card how is this,are they using your software

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mark - 9 d 5 h ago


So the B of A starting charging fees for the small checking accounts that disabled people have to have for Social Security to pay through ( A representative Payee account). Basically, of the $130 monthly SSI income my son gets, he has to pay $12 in fees for the account to stay open. Really Bank of America? A disabled person pays 10% of their monthly income from Social Security in fees for an account required by the federal government to open? As they say on Game of Thrones: Shame Shame Shame.

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