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Bank of America Corporation

100 N. Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC
Brian Moynihan
President and CEO
(800) 299-2265
Twitter IDs
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Amberd6001 - 6 d 20 h ago


How do you get in touch with the CEO, Brian Moynihan! I'm totally disappointed with the way I am being handled. I have been victimized with $1,800 of fraud on my account. This is almost an entire month later and no resolution. Today I find out my claim was entered incorrectly on BOA behalf and it was denied. I've bwen on the phone with 3 different people, 1 being a supervisor only to be told they have to look into this further. I haven't been able to pay my rent due to this and am now facing evictions. This all had been explained to BOA and they simply do not care. This is no way to treat your customer that has been with you since 2006. I am so stressed out and BOA is falsely advertising fraud protection. I'm the victim and I'm being treated badly.

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lmazzei - 3 d ago

You have the option of filing a complaint with the Federal Reserve Board.

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Jung - 13 h 15 m ago


You are protected under Regulation E. Check out the law. The bank has to return your money within 10 days from the report of the fraud.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


I have disliked Bank of America for years. They are the type of organization that thinks they can do whatever they want and not be accountable. In 2012, after 25 months of letter-writing and phone calls, I finally received a loan modification on my first mortgage with Bank of America. This mortgage originated with Countrywide until Bank of America took over. Well, before the ink was even dry on the first modification, I was told by B of A case manager, Ms. La Shon Settle, that "you don't need to worry about the 2nd mortgage (HELOC). We wrote it off. I believed her as she made this statement repeatedly to me. Fast forward 2019. I received a recorded document from the "servicers" of the HELOC account. They are attempting to FORECLOSE on my home. I have sent docs to Mr. Brian Moynihan's office in North Carolina. Mr. Moynihan is B of A's CEO. Well, they passed the buck to a meek woman in Texas, Ms. Celena Wesley, who did absolutely nothing and was unable to answer questions. I found out, by watching YouTube videos on "how to stop foreclosure" that when a person has a first mortgage AND a HELOC account, they banks usually do not approve loan modifications as the HELOC account is considered a "credit card." I did not know this until April 16, 2019. Anyway, I am trying to work out a settlement agreement with the investors of my HELOC account. Wish me luck. Investors don't care about people; they care about the bottom line $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. If you have any suggestions, please contact me. I am 65 years of age and on social security disability. God bless, everyone. Arlene M. Gonzales 4130 W. School Avenue Visalia, CA 93291 (hidden) (hidden)

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Carrie - 2 d 23 h ago


I have been trying to get an issue resolved with my account for 2 months and in one week have been on hold 3 times for longer than an hour. I would like to speak with Brian Moynihan President and CEO. I am disgusted with the level of service I have received and the practices in which my account has been handled. I am cancelling my accounts if my issues are not resolve within 24 hours. I have called the customer service line, my local branch in Williamstown NJ and the number listed for Brian Moynihan and have still not had my account issues resolved. I am writing a letter to the corporate office as well to notify someone that the customer service at this bank is unacceptable!!!!!!

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Cynthia - 2 d ago


This bank is a complete joke! First of all, no drive up windows at any of the BOA banks near me. Today on my way to my office I stopped to pay a note that is in my husband's name. I always pay it on time and always for more than the amount required. I didn't have the account number on the check. The teller told me she was not able to accept my payment because it didn't have the account number on the check. I told her there is only one account in BOA in his name, I was giving her a check with both of our names on it, couldn't she look it up on her computer under his name and take my payment?? "On nooo.....I'm not allowed to pull up his information unless he is with you." What?? In addition, I go into this bank (small branch bank) every month to pay it so you'd think these birds would know who I am and just take my damn payment! I'm trying to make a payment to them on our joint checking account and they can't take it or look up the stinking note number so that I can pay it?? I've been in business well over 50 years. I can't envision a time when I would decline a payment from a wife on her husband's account because he wasn't with her! Outrageous. A bank that refuses a payment?? Simply outrageous. In the 70 years I have been doing banking, this was definitely a first - and a LAST.

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Monica - 6 d ago


I think we should do a class action law suit against Bank of America. After reading other people's reviews it seems that they do the same thing to other people. I'm talking about them holding funds for 11 days after they have already cashed the check within 12 hours.

I'm guessing the attorney general might be interested in their criminal practices?

They did this to my husband and I and we had proof that they took out the money within 12 hours of the check being deposited but kept OUR money for 10 more days. Why isn't anyone looking at them? They are criminals

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lmazzei - 3 d ago

File a complaint with the Federal Reserve Board.

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lmazzei - 3 d ago


Here is a cut and paste of the complaint I just filed with the Federal Reserve Board:


Complaint - To help us get the investigation process started, provide a brief description of the complaint including dates and the names of those you dealt with.

Do NOT include any personal information such as account numbers or Social Security numbers.

This is a complaint against Bank of America regarding handling my EDD account. When my EDD was approved, I did not receive a debit card from BOA. I had difficulty finding a customer service number to call. When I finally found the number, (hidden)) I called and could not get past the automated system because they required a debit card number to speak to someone. What if someone didn't receive a card, or lost their card? There are no other options to speak to someone through the automated system unless you have a debit card number. Next, I tried walking into a local BOA and was told they couldn't help with getting a card. I also emailed the corporate BOA office, and to this day, NO REPLY. At this point, about 4 weeks went by and still no card, and no access to my money. One morning I woke at 3 AM full of anxiety due to this problem. I was so upset I decided to call that number our of shear frustration, and by some fluke of the universe, a human actually picked up the phone and helped me get a card. WTF? I'd still be without a card if this fluke hadn't have happened. In the meantime, I left my full time job, and this month, needed access to funds to pay my mortgage. I logged into the account to transfer the money and received an error "An unknown system error has occurred. Please try again later." Meanwhile my mortgage is due. I called the number on the back of the card, and got someone who told me I would be transferred to a "transfer specialist." Before being transferred, I asked if I there were routing and account numbers associated with my account so I could simply go online to my mortgage company and change the banking info to BOA and have it deducted from the EDD account. No such luck. I was told there are no routing and account numbers associated with EDD accounts. Next I get transferred. I waited about 20 minutes before an auto message offered to call back so I wouldn't have to wait on hold. I accepted the offer, and guess what? NO CALL BACK. That was yesterday. I called again today, was finally able to get someone after telling them I am filing a formal complaint. They put me through the ringer asking not just my security questions, but routing and account numbers of the bank I'm transferring to even though these were already logged into the website, even all the amounts that EDD deposited into BOA, social security number, phone number....excessive/incessant/repetitive questioning to the point I felt harassed. Main point: This "banking institution" held and had access to the use of my money, for up to 5 weeks before I could even obtain a debit card, and continued to have access to the balance in my account for two days before I could resolve the problem, all the while making it extremely difficult to have access to staff who could resolve the problem in a timely manner, causing me financial problems and added stress.

How can your complaint be satisfactorily addressed?

It seems there must be regulations in place to ensure that the public has access to their money in a timely manner after deposited by EDD, and to protect them from having their money held hostage by a banking institution. There should also be regulations in place that assure we have timely access to help should we not receive a card in the mail, or have lost a card. If BOA would have had an option to speak to a person from their automated system, or had they been able to help me at the branch, had given me a call back, or had even replied to my written concern at the corporate level, part of this would have been resolved early on. Also, if there were routing and account numbers assigned to EDD accounts, I would have been able to pay my mortgage, hopefully without having to deal with "system error" error messages. It seems there should be action taken against a banking institution who withholds access to the money in your account, all the while using that money for their own good. EDD should not rely on them to disburse OUR MONEY. Being on medical leave and not getting your full pay is stressful enough! People like us live pay check to pay check and having our money tied up for weeks at a time is UNACCEPTABLE! Who is protecting us? Action should be taken against them at the regulatory level.

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Hertz I rant a car from them&i pay out and I retain them car - 4 d 7 h ago


Hi my name Saad farid Mansour I have account number (hidden)74 my account got att king last 2weeks &you guys stop the attacking yeastarday &I give coode nobody could do everything with out that code why I found my account mines $602 I don't own no body eneything please disputing that and I thank you very much this Saad Mansour

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nicky - 8 d ago

Bank Of America is the ABSOLUTE WORST BANK EVER!! Their employees are EXTREMELY rude and VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!! I have (2) recorded conversations of them being being so disrespectful to me, after opening my son's very first student checking account. Three weeks later he Still has NOT received his card and when we called about it, they had the audacity to try and charge us $15.00 to expedite ship him a new card. When I declined that offer they then tried to charge me $5.00 to replace his lost card. YOUR BANK LOST HIS CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO I SHOULD NOT BE CHARGED FOR YOUR CARELESS MISTAKE!!!!

Bank Of America are a large banking entity of assholes and morons who could care less about their customers. People, take my foolish advice and switch over to Wells Fargo! I have been with them for 27 happy years! My family, friends and I will NEVER bank with Bank Of America, EVER AGAIN!! We are closing out his account tomorrow. good riddance!!

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UPDATE: My son and I went back to Bank Of America today for our 3:00pm appointment to CLOSE HIS STUDENT CHECKING ACCOUNT. We drove directly across the street to SunTrust account and opened another student checkings account for him. Upon arrival at their bank, we were greeted by a very nice bank employee who (after explaining the ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH BANK OF AMERICA) told us that they have ALOT of customers who LEAVE Bank Of America and come over to Suntrust because of terrible customer service and many many complaints of fraudulent activities. I am positively CERTAIN, that none of these complaints on this site were read Or addressed by Bank Of America corporate because they don't care..and what's even worse are the number of complaints...over 4,000 poor customer service complaints. Well the good thing is I have a very large social media platform that I can use to address my concerns and I will use to to my advantage. GOOD BYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE BANK OF AMERICA

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Riz - 7 d ago


I've called in even went into the branch for help because my checks and cards was stolen my account was hacked and I never got any help the rep I spoke to over the phone said to me after explaining my issue "I'm ok Anyways" like let's be honest who speaks to someone in that manner remember when you don't have a customer you don't have a job. I've been in the hospital for two months with pneumonia after my father got hit in his wheel chair by a driver and killed a week before I took sick you guys don't show no respect to your customers and then to top that there's no way to contact corporate? You have to be kidding me Bank of America sucks and I'll be sure to continue giving bad stars the way you give your bad customer service

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sophia - 7 d 25 s ago


This bank is a joke. Have issue with my business account that has not been solve for almost 4 months now. Tried to contact corporate office and same automated system that is useless answers. Go figure....Closing my accounts and going where I get better service

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SLO Tired - 8 d 19 h ago


I have not been to our local BofA without witnessing long lines with workers that have personal conversations, one teller, long lines and an attitude that "I really could care less" Our branch in San Luis Obispo is just such an example and today is the end of the line. After watching a manager treat a woman who's husband just died like trash while twiddling his pen did it. We all witnessed him cut her short, gesture that she is taking up his precious time by twiddling his pen and she closed her account over it, all of them!!! There was we thought one teller because he engaged the other worker in a long conversation we could hear nothing to do with work that could not wait. Then she proceededly slowly to stack papers, paperclip, neaten up the place and asked if she could help the next customer!!!! We could not believe the attitude, we were sure she must be part of the office staff otherwise why would they take up so much time doing NOTHING WITH LINE OUT THE DOOR. Now another person needs a money order and we are 11 deep, with two long processes and the manager is coloring. Yep he made a photo copy and had to highlight something and it took a long time to color in those lines. The he turned his back to the line and continued on his computer. Still no one helping. Ya think the manager could give a crap and step in? I know he knows how to do it. I have seen him in the past playing with items dazing off while one teller does the work and he just sits there and so has the other people in line. We have videos and if nothing is done it is going viral!!!!

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Deborah Radclif, - 9 d ago

Victory Hello, From

Deborah Radcliff

The Only Daughter Of The Most High God

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Post off - 9 d 45 m ago

This bank lies to you just to get your money. Will never bank here again

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Heartknowledge - 9 d 28 m ago


I went into a BOA today. It was after 2:00 pm. There was only 1 teller & 11 customers standing in line. I asked Maria if we could get another teller with so many people in line & she said, No, we just have one teller and walked off.

Then I ask one of the Customer service personnel if I could get the manager's card. She said she was with customer & shut the door in my face. I went back & stood in line , still waiting. Finally when the 1st lady I spoke with walked out again, I ask her for manager card. Then two different Latinos came up to her & she stopped to help each of them before finally going to get me the manager card. She was so rude, I took a picture of her so that I could report the rude cudtomer service I received, to corporate. She told me I would have to delete the picture & I said no. She said it was policy no pictures of the bank. I did not take a picture of bank, only her.

I then noticed that every employee was Latino. I was American. She ignored me & then stopped to help 2 other Latinos before getting me the manager's card. I hope this situation gets resolved, as this is discrimination. I hope to hear from you soon concerning this matter.

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Concerned BofA customers - 12 d ago


We live in Reno, Nevada. We are long time customers of BofA. I am noticing that each BofA bank I have gone into in the last few months has one teller and one banker. Standing in line for 20 minutes or more is not good customer service. Trying to see a banker is by appointment only. I believe that sometimes it is inconvenient to wait for an appointment. Customers are people who run

Businesses, and time is important to them also.

Please revaluate how to give services to customers as they contribute to BofA's customer

base and creates continued business for BofA.

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Bank of America cashed a $4000 check (proof of check clearing is in posession-3/12/19) and are holding the funds for 10 days after cashing it. I wrote the check to my son, we went the bank together to attempt to resolve the situation. It appears that this bank has a lot of customers with the same issue, someone needs to really take a hard look at their banking practices. Very suspect practices. I wrote the check and was present to show they cashed it, but the manager kept telling my son that they would need to hold it until 3/20 regardless. No reason, obviously the person who wrote the check was present also wanting to know why the funds weren't being made available. Clearly this is not a case were the bank wants to be safe and protect the customer, the person who wrote the check to the owner of the account was present making it clear it was a legitimate check. To the contrary, Bank of America seem to be making this practice a norm regardless of circumstances and probably profiting on all the holds that they process daily. The manager immediately gave us an attitude and proceeded to ask me if I thought that the way I was acting was really going to get me what we wanted. Yes, I was upset that Bank of Americas is clearly refusing to make funds accessible, because making a profit from a deposit is clearly more important to them then making the funds accessible to customers who own the money. I can only assume that the horrible, unprofessional attitude that the manager had at the Cherry Creek location is a norm for Bank of America. Their tellers were just as rude to customers while we were present.

Shame on you Bank of America, profiting off of my hard earned money while refusing to make funds available for no good reason!!!!!!!!!!

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Pissed off customer for 18 years - 37 d 4 h ago


I am going through the exact same thi g on rhe same day just 15000

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No name needed - 31 d 14 h ago

Do you not know how a bank works? Educate yourself first.

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Veteran - 23 d ago


I gather you work for the bank! I don't expect you to answer truthfully! Not everybody understands on the same level as you! You are shallow & don't look at the big picture! What a *******!

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Bank of America is the WORST Bank - 37 d 4 h ago


This has happened to me as well. Deposited $3000 cashier's check in my account on 3/14/19 and it is now on hold until 3/23/2019!!!! Shame on BoA and its predatory practices! The check cleared and money was in my account on 3/15/19. On 3/16/19 I began to receive notices that my recent bill payments were declined and BoA had the nerve charge me returned check fees!!!! BoA is profiting off my hard earned money and causing me to pay for their greed.

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Bank of America Nothing but bad banking - 12 d 18 h ago


Same is happening to me on vacation and bank card got locked for no legitimate reason when called BOA was told it would be resolved in 48 hours now on day number 5 with no answers and still unable to access my own account.....

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