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Bank of America Corporation

100 N. Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC
Brian Moynihan
President and CEO
(800) 299-2265
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Unhappy x customer - 12 h 16 m ago


I don't know what is wrong with the people you guys hire but I went in to the Monroe clover branch in rochester ny I asked to see the manager. And this woman came over a KELLY Mohr and I started to ask what is going on with the girl I just delt with she said and I quote are you fix men serious I don't have time to deal with this bullshit you don't like bank somewhere else and she just turned around and walked away I am not telling you my name or business name I do a lot of big banking with you oh no I did do big banking with you you people need to clean house and start with that Kelly

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pissed offff - 12 h 31 m ago


There are 2 con artistes that use this bank company James Curtis and Aba Adussa claiming to be with modelscout company and miss leading everyone cause they use modelscout@representative . its a bullshit deal.

I rated this bank company cause how can they live with there selves.

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raked over the coals - 1 d ago


How am I getting basically ZERO interest on my BOA accounts and the CEO is receiving 20 MILLION in compensation for 2016??

Why is this CEO getting this OBSCENE AMOUNT of money when they give us nothing in return for our money in their bank!!!!!!

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Irvine Ron - 4 d 10 h ago

To day just like every week for the last 3 years i walk into not just any b of a , i walk into my branch to pull money out, just like every week before i do the same thing . the tellor always sais the amoun is over her limit and calls the branch manager over to verify ... never had a problem...

This time some guy that work there was called over. He asked me if i changed my signature i said i dont really have a set signature he than asked if i could sign a piece of paper for the second time then simply denide my withdraw..

He was holding my valid CA drivers license that was a spitting image of me and all matching info. I also swiped my atm card and typed in my pin.

I was treated unfair at my owne branch of 3 years.

I know this is not B of A's normal procedures... there are questions i could of been asked about my recent activity he allready had my DL And ATM card... i was upset and hurt and all of the above... i then went to a branch i have never been to ware they have never met me and withdrew the exact amount of money with ezz no dumb signature problem... Edgardo from Irvine you did not do your job right you represent Bank of America when i let you knoe im there every week and any tellor could vouch that was you looked at me and said "well i dont recognize you. You made me feel small . I had all the proper documents proving who i was (visa bank card/Current and accurate Drivers license... what Moore could i have given you. I DO NOT FEEL MY MONEY IS SAFE AT B OF A IF SOME NOBODY STANDING BEHIND THE COUNTER CAN SIMPLY TELL YOU YOU ARE NOT YOU EVEN WITH EVERYTHING I HAD.

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Susan - 4 d 17 h ago

I cant even cash a check made out to my husband and I. Even though he signed the check they say we both have to be there to cash it well hello he works they're not open when he's not at work what are we supposed to do now

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Anonymous - 4 d 17 h ago

Bank of America is the worst bank I have dealt with

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Anonymous - 5 d 14 h ago


The only BOA ATM for Miles around us in Colchester has been un-usable for weeks now, no one has responded to phone calls or complaints other than to send surveys regarding service.

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Mar - 5 d 19 h ago


I'm really aggravated with back of America someone took money out of my account and the total was 840 dollars this happen December 24 2016 at 5pm and they claim they are investing no I still haven't got my money now I'm behind on my bills cause y'all don't want to do your job they gave me the address to where they redraw the money from and I went and it's nothing but houses what kind of investagatoin y'all doing I will not recommend Bank of America to NO ONE!!!!!!!!

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mad as hell - 18 d 20 h ago


bank of america is the most corrupt banking facility i know of..they rip people of from their money and once you deposit money into their account they control how you get to your money and sometimes you can't even get it. i deposited a check into my account from a friend who had sold his home. he wrote me a check to pay off a loan. deposited the check which i knew i would have to let it clear which should have been only a couple of days. well after 2 days in was put into my account to only be taken back out of my account and then they charged me overdraft fees!!!!!!!! now they have put a hold on the check for 7 days and come to find out i called his bank to see what was going on and they said the check had already cleared and the money had already been taken out of his account by bank of america!!!!!!! you tell me thats not corrupt bitches!!!!!!! i am furious!!!!!

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Anonymous - 10 d 20 h ago

The Same thing happen to me they are theft

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Its my money and i need it now - 6 d ago


Same thing with me. They always overdraft my account then act like they cant waive the fee. Terrible service from one worker and great help from another who fixed my account after admitting to their mistake only to turn around and od. My acct. Two days later charging an over draft fee when there was money in my account. I had to file for bankruptcy. Behind well fargo corruption messing with my credit card payments. These banks are crooks and my mattress is more trustworthy.

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Jenna - 7 d ago

I don't know what is wrong with the tellers at Monroe Pittsford location in rochester New York but they are vary rude and and vary pussy one stands out dident get her full name but the first name is KELLY beware don't bank with that branch worst ever

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Karen - 8 d 24 m ago


Mr. Brian Moynihan, I have been with Bank of America for over 31 years, of which 19 of those years was as an employee of your corporation. I loved my job as Operations Supervisor. I retired from B of A in 1992. I am appalled at the service (or lack thereof) that is displayed within several of your branches. I now live in Englewood, Florida. Today I went to your branch located highway 776 and Placida Rd to make a cash deposit in the amount of $180.00 and also to get a check register. First, I was told by the teller that she needed my ID to make the deposit. I was floored! What! For $180.00! Since when? I could understand if it was for more than $10,000 because of the CTR, but not for $180.00. Then when I asked for a check register was told, "Sorry, but we have none and our order has not yet arrived". Well then, this is the third time within the last five weeks that I have asked for one and given the same answer (I know I can order online but had the occasion to go into the bank). At this point my temperature was rising! What in the world is going on with your bank? Who is training the tellers and staff? Fire them! The staff at the branch I frequent are not very friendly except for one, and his name is Sean. After reading the comments in this section I can see why so many people are upset. If you want your ratings to go up then pay attention to your customers, as they are the majority of the ones keeping the corporation going. If not, and you don't care, then watch your stocks go down and more customers seek other banking institutions.

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Rick - 8 d 13 h ago

The teller at the Monroe clover branch told me if I don't like it bank somewhere else KELLY Mohr is her name so I closed my account and she gave me the finger as. I left

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glenn seade - 10 d 14 h ago


I been with bank of america since 1993 i file a appeal on my charge. I supply all the information they needed.And still the people that I talk to from the bank were very rude to me, before I decide to cut my card up I want to reach out to you it seem they did not want to help me. I faxs over several email ,pic of the damage and a second opinion from a sit and sleep store with the sale person card and telephone number that they can call the store to verify that I bought the damage memory foam mattress there. I also file a complaint with the consumer affairs dept. Please help me to resolve this problem thank you.

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Why am I standing on line at 125 pm 2/10/17 and there is only one teller at the window.

1 Springfield ave..Newark NJ

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David Entsminger - 15 d ago


I've been a long time customer, and I awn a few shares of your stock, however, I am a very unhappy customer. I am preparing to leave B of A, for another bank. I made that decision when I received my tax statement. It documented that I had earned a little over $39 paid on a saving account of over $100,000. It also showed that you deducted $11 for federal income taxes. At the same time, I received a tax statement from another bank where I had a much smaller amount deposited in a savings account. They had paid me over $400 in interest. All along, I've been reading how well you've been doing. Well, you haven't treated me fairly and I'm going to undertake the tedious process of switching banks.

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Marc S - 10 d 20 h ago


Which Bank did you move too?

I need to find another bank as well

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PJM - 11 d 12 h ago


Trying to reach the CEO, VP or President to discuss an issue I have w my account as have not gotten answers w the person I was dealing with. Can not seem to find an email address directly to any of them. Wouldn't mind keeping my business w them if could get this resolved but if not I will go with one of my other banking agencies.

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Brandy - 11 d 15 h ago


Horrible Bank! I opened an account. filed my taxes for a direct deposit to my account, only to find out today they closed my account for a reason nobody could give me! now i have to figure a way to stop the deposit, which ive had no luck. I stayed on the phone with the branch i went in to finish up my account i opened online and of course they couldn't help me. i called the 1 800 number, which is a freakn joke! they couldn't help me so im stuck with no answers, my money that was in the account is god knows where! And not to mention i don't know how long it'll take to get my refund....

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Kim - 11 d 17 h ago


My husband recently passed away. I received a marketing letter from BoA and called BoA to ask what the account was related to. They could not speak to me and I reported his passing to the estate unit. I am now in week 10 trying to be allowed to find out what the account is and how much is owed on the account. I have no record of payments and still no one will speak to me. I have not received one late notice on this account, we must be at least 5 months in arrears. No one would provide a concise listing of documentation needed, so I went to a branch and they faxed in the information. Folks on the end of the line are trying but they are in a loop just like me, in the meantime BoA is dragging their feet. I will not hire an attorney to fix this as I will be paying them to sit on phone calls and get the same run around I get. I am shocked as this situation happens often enough for there to be a streamlined way to handle this without weeks and weeks on end of the same rhetoric. Maybe I should write to my Senator and the Banking Commission or unfair practices committee - what else can I do ? I cannot get ahold of any corporate customer relations officer. All I am trying to do is find out what this account is and how to address. I have provided all the legal documentation, I now have to resend (this is the third time) and I was just informed that I have to wait another 72 hours then I HAVE TO CALL BACK TO SEE IF THEY PROCESSED THE INFORMATION TO LET ME PAY THE BILL - seriously? BoA has lost all contact with customers, I am one person dealing with a death. There must be many people experiencing the same thing. I will close all my accounts as soon as this is over - if it is ever over

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Jr oxnard - 13 d 4 m ago


This bank of America is a joke I have been waiting for 30min in line because this branch only has 1 employe work at 9 am and Lord knows how long the other people in front of me have been waiting it's time to change banks...

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matt - 13 d 21 h ago

Which bank?

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boi - 14 d 20 h ago


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Let me join the list of people that are COMPLETELY DISSATISFIED with BOA! They have the worst customer service of any place (not just a bank) that I've ever dealt with. Been on hold with them for 2 days now!! Made '800' calls to 4 different one answers. Have waited for as long as 2 hours before phone just went dead. This Brian Moynihan may just meet me in person when I decide to attend a Stock Holder's meeting!! It appears that may be the only way to get though to this bank!!!

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