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Bank of America Corporation

100 N. Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC
Brian Moynihan
President and CEO
(800) 299-2265
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American soldier - 3 h 12 m ago


I am disgusted.Bank of America my a-- why are you not doing business with American gun manufacturers any longer?

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Disappointed - 3 d 7 h ago


Very disappointed with Bank of America in Miami, FL. Drive thru banking not available due to cutting hours of employees only one teller available inside. This is unacceptable we will be moving our company account to another bank. This has happened at the Doral Branch on 107 NW and 72 street as well as at another branch. Don't open an account at Bank if America, they are getting rid of all of their drive thru!!

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Frances Burkhard - 6 h ago

I agree with this statement.

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Anon - 10 h ago

Half a star review, and yet the sheep continue to use boa. Not me, not anymore. My deposits, which are all less than $500, are held for more than three days. This archaic rule designed to allow the banks to use my few pennies has to end. And I've been charged $35 overdraft on $9 and sometimes less. The 2-5 business day hold also must end. This isn't the 60's where businesses closed for the weekend. Transactions take place 25/8, on holidays and even Christmas so, it's just one more excuse to use our money to boost their numbers. My deposits come from the STATE, and unless the state decides to pack up and leave there's no reason to hold my money any more than 24 hours. BOA is worth BILLIONS thanks to sheep like me, but no more. FEDERAL LAWS FOR BANKS NEED TO CHANGE AND THE ONLY WAY THAT WILL HAPPEN IS PURE ANARCHY BECAUSE MOST AMERICANS ARE SHEEP. Pure anarchy could be avoided if people would hold their politicians responsible. It's my money and I want it now!

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Raymond Fleming - 8 d 6 h ago

Baffling, If my bank account was dormant and I was about to make a deposit!!! How is it I owe $22.00 ??? Some how activation to my dormant account received these extra charges in April and May...Now that I see,Please close my account, Won't be doing business with BofA at this time...Unless someone Clears up this "reiterating" BAFFLING MATTER...THANK YOU IN ADVANCE??? WE WILL SEE!!!

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Anonymous - 5 d 14 h ago

Also, I gave all my updated information...And about 2 do a Credit Check,if BofA is anywhere on it...Deformation of Character needs Applying!!!

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Raymond Fleming - 2 d 6 h ago


I know how to rectify this and others dilemma,CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT... STAY TUNED BofA your CFO's appearance will soon be warranted...

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

I'm want part

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Trista vanney - 2 d 1 s ago


I need to be in this my accouny has rxcesdivr overdraft fees overdrawing sccount $1111 .88 this is just fees no items were covered all were returned unpaid

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Josh VanReenen - 1 d 8 h ago

They have all kinds of government agencies that do it for free. The Federal Reserve is in charge of the banks. I'd start by calling them

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Anonymous - 2 d 41 m ago

They probably stole it.

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Josh VanReenen - 1 d 8 h ago

I received a fraudulent check in the mail. I took it to the bank took make sure i wasn't getting scammed out of$10,000. Turns out it was a stolen check. So to protect me, and Viber there a$$, my account was close back on April 20th. They said they would mail me MY MONEY, and it would be 7 to 10 days. Well it's June 24th and it's still not here.I talked to the federal trade commission and they offered to take care of it. I told them I'd call back after contracting you. I want MY MONEY that for some reason i can't get back out of your bank and i don't even have an account there anymore.

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Rambeau - 8 d 8 h ago


Bank of America put A hols on my checks and did not advise me it was going to happen they said because i was a new customer with a new account never with any other bank have i went through this i askes if i could close the account or if i could retrieve my check back they kept saying no they were making me angry i explained to them what i need my check for and its lime they dont care having to wait a week or more to get your money is not right it should only take 1-2 days not a whole week or more like what in the world i cant do anything not even put gas in my car. This is the worst experience ever.

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Renita Pearsob - 2 d 9 h ago


Rameau, Bank of America did the same to me and I'm not a new customer. I've been with this stupid bank for over 6 years. I deposited my payroll check through the mobile app, Monday June 18 around midnight. The put a hold on my check stating that when they went to verify the check, they received information from Wells Fargo, the bank the check is drawn off on, stating that they might not be able to collect on the check. I confronted Wells Fargo about the allegations that Bank of America made, and was told that was a lie. Wells Fargo told me to have Bank of America release the check, and they will cash it for me. Bank of America refused to release the check, stating that they've already started the process. I called my previous employer to let them know what was being said about my check, and they researched my check. My check is showing up in the system as cashed, but I have no money. This sorry bank is telling me that I have to wait until June 28th to receive my money, but in the meantime, bills are due to be paid, and I have no money for food and or anything else that me and my family needs. As soon as I get my money, I'm closing my account with Bank of America. I want nothing to do with them after this mess. I started a new job and I barely have gas to get there. This bank is messing with my livelihood and that's unacceptable. My account is overdrawn after I called them to put a stop payment on an item that I could not pay, because they won't release the hold on my check. They waived the stop payment fee because they're the reason I can't pay my bills. The stop payment was never enforced, so now my account is overdrawn over $400. I hate this bank with a passion, and their customer service is horrible.

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Anonymous - 2 d 6 h ago

Incredible, Shiesty practices BofA has...Want a word that's worst than SHIESTY...

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Anonymous - 2 d 28 s ago


An employee of of the bank stole 160 thousand dollars, from my account. I have a police report an fun report and they are not doing a darn thing. I have been trying for 6 years to get my back. They are frauds,and crooks


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Raymond Fleming - 2 d 6 h ago


Starting to wonder if some BofA branches are independently owned...If so then what you're going thru,and what I went thru even tho mines was minor it's all suspect...banking institutes just loan you what think you'll pocket next week meanwhile investing your funds...

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Anonymous - 2 d 24 m ago


My son account was hacked someone wrote a check for 3100. Bank of America took my money out my personal account to cover my the check because I'm on my son account, they investigated and found out it was fraud , but haven't gave me my funds back. Bank of America is to big of a corporation to have poor service like this . Me and my kids will be switching banks

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Ernesto Martinez - 2 d ago


As a Bank of America customer I'll be looking to moving all my banking to a Convenience Bank that have stripes throughs and customer service my phone number is (hidden)

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Ken Knox - 2 d 4 h ago

Ken Knox--not too Pleased with BOF A Right now, my Acct was hacked into somewhere between $400- $590 was taken out of my accts, Fraud dept contacted me,I went into Bof A Inman,SC Branch A Brynden Carnes waited on me, Brynden did tell me this, I hope he's honest enough to tell the truth, this is what he said, that he would set it up where my direct deposits would stay in place and roll over to the newly opened accounts, I thought that was a good idea, I took off from work on Mon 6/10 &Tue 6/11 to contact all of my bill people who draft out of my Accts on Fri 6/15 like normal my old Accts, deposits were put in them, but when I checked my Accts (the New ones) nothing had rolled over, I called the bank Brynden (hidden) after he checked he told me that the system wouldn't allow him to force transferring into the New Accts but to give it at least 2 business days and my funds would be there, so I believed in him and waited, I asked to check my old Accts and the Money was there, so I said can't I come down to the bank and at least get $100 to hold me over,he said no sir Mr Knox, we can't do that, but you'll be fine if you can wait about 2 business days, Mon 6/18 no moneyTue 6/19 no money Wed 6/20 no Money, so I email him and also his Mgr from a Corporate Center I think her name is Stephanie Bonner something like that, on Wed she sent this info in and I get an email from Brynden's Branch saying they just researched my accounts so Please call them, Well when I called the Mgr

I get the Accts are closed and nothing can be transferred/rolled over into your new accts,Brynden was the one to tell me this, So basically on Fri 6/15 I could have gone to Bof A myself and done wayy better so needless to say after my funds Sat in my old Accts they were finally sent back to my 2 different jobs, MAN OH MAN WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME now I need to get all this mess Straightened out, at the Least I feel BOf A should contact EVERY ONE OF MY BILL PAYERS THEMSELVES of course that is the Least they can do

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Joe22 - 3 d ago

Joe 22, l live in France and l have a female friend who went to Turkey on a business trip, while there she was robbed, all her money ,cards and documents stolen, some one tried to use her card so Boa froze her account, so the bank wanted documentive proof to issue another card, if it was all stolen then thats not possible.

She has been stuck in Turkey for month her family cant help her, so l am trying desperately to get her the money so she can return hope. In the mean time her hotel bill is mounting up.

I think this is disgusting, a bank is happy to have her money but can,t find a way of helping her should rename the bank. BLOOD AWFUL CORPARATION

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Anonymous - 2 d 6 h ago

Blood Awful Corporation??? Sounds perfect to ME...YUP, RIPOFF's THEM SWINDLERS

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SERIOUS HELP-Money Scam - 9 d 9 h ago

Need Serious Help to Spread the Words!

Everybody, please read the forum links provide below. There are Serious Money Scammers through Hangouts App and Google Voice number. They contact you through Instagram and Facebook and pretend to date online saying he loves you for everything and you fell and believe him. They scam your money to get thousands dollars worth of iTunes Cards, Bank wire/transfer, and Walmart Money transfer to different person in each transaction. I hope BOA knows who is Kim Kaiser Consulting, in Clovis, California bank with Citi Bank, where the money wired to. There are many female victims got scammed in different scenario like General Military, U.S Army, Family Member needs surgery, Impersonate someone works in Time Square, Floyd Mayweather, a Journalist lives in New York . They lost thousands of dollars, and they need the VOICE to report this!!!!. Many of them reported to Google, but they have done nothing but telling them to Block only. If you have the good cop, FBI, friends or families, spread this out. Even some cops couldn't do anything... Why? Chase them down with IP address and start doing the JOB! Please help to find justice and stop these bad guys to scam to good people, young females and minors. God bless. #stopscam #moneyscam #Google #FBI #cybersecurity #spreadtheword!topic/hangouts/2smTkl-hYgU to scam more good people. God bless.

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Ren - 2 d 9 h ago

People need to stop falling for the scams. I've seen situations where it was obvious that the person was being scammed, but she thought it was love. Some of the elderly fall victim to scams and that's understandable, but this generation should know better. I don't care how much a man tells me he loves me, I would never allow him to screw me out of my money. I'm not wiring anything overseas, out state, or down the street to anyone.

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Aleida - 3 d 19 h ago


I am disappointed with the new changes Bank of America has made to there fees.

I have had all my accounts with BOA for 14 years and I am ready to switch.

I have two accounts one for my bills (my joint account). One for my day to day use. It's ridiculous that BOA is forcing me to do a split deposit from my main Job just to avoid a $144 charge a year ($12 a month)

I have a direct deposit from my second job but since I get paid weekly by that job and it under one lump sum direct deposit of $250 the fee will not be waived. That's REDICULOUS . I do get 250 deposited a month but it come in weekly a total of 400. So I have decided to switch to CIty bank . They waive the charge as long as I am making at least one bill pay out of that account.

Chase also waived it as long as one of my accounts has direct deposit all I have to do is link them.


It stinks because I really do like banking with BOA but I work hard for my money and I am not willing to give away 144 a year just because. I rather invest that money in a small life policy for me.

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