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Bank of America Corporation

100 N. Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC
Brian Moynihan
President and CEO
(800) 299-2265
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Bzl - 8 h ago


I recently went to my local bank Saint Lucie west blvd in Port Saint Lucie, Florida to get something out of my safe deposit box. I was told that the only way I could do that was to get in the teller line and wait for all the people ahead of me making transactions. This policy is mismanagement and foolishness that there is no other way to get to my safe deposit box. I have been a Bank of America customer since the beginning of its inception. I banked in Lauderdale Lakes for 23 years and the safe deposit customers never had to stand in line to get to a teller to access their safe deposit box. You signed in and were called when it was your turn. Either change this policy in this branch or I will change banks. This is absurd.

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Helen - 11 h 44 m ago


I went to my local BOA in Westlake Village Ca yesterday to make a withdrawal. The teller asked me for my cell phone. I asked her what she wanted my phone for...she said "I just want to look at something". I told her "No, I'm not giving you my cell phone. What do you want to look at?" "You have my account # and driver's license. What else to you need?" You just shook her head and gave me my money. I can't imagine what that was about? Why would she want my cell phone?

I called the bank today to speak to the manager. No one answered the phone.

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Unhappy victim of boa theft - 19 h ago


Owed $112 on boa credit card, without authorization they took $5200. After many calls they are going to refund it. This is after transitions were overdrawn, and what did they offer to do NOTHING. Never again run from this bank. We are contacting police, attorney general and private attorney as we think this is electronic theft.

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Jasminia - 4 d ago


I have been a customer for almost 8 years and never had an issue and always been loyal. Friday (feb 15) I received a automatic phone call that failed 2 times and the third time I spoke to a rep, that told me there were 3 transactions being made in South Carolina. I live in Knightdale North Carolina, and was making purchases near by in Durham NC. Suspicious enough that your own bank called to verify the charges and I was thankful for that. The rep seemed pleasant and canceled my card, dropped my pin and even said would overnight my new card! I hung up Happy it was caught but concerned how someone got my info and I continued to monitor my account. 30 mins later I noticed there were 4 transactions made at a Target in Jacksonville NC 3 of which were the exact same amt of $518! These were never mentioned the first time had actually posted to my account! I called the service center and this is when things went left. The rep I spoke to first did not care and advised me the original rep I spoke to never closed my account, but then proceed to tell me they do not see anything that indicates I spoke to anyone! I asked to speak to a supervisor who told me he had to research some info and placed me on hold. Holding for 20+ mins and then he hangs up on me! I immediately call back and speak to the manager in TN and he tells me the previous supervisor is showing offline and has left for the night! My first thought because the service I've been receiving thus far is horrible is that this man disconnected because it was the end of his shift and didn't want to be bothered!

The manager in TN stood firm on BOA not placing my funds back in my account until they do an investigation which can take up to 10 days!

I understand an investigation needs to be done! I will like one to be done because I really would like to know how took my information! However as a loyal customer the money should immediately be placed back in my account, while an investigation is being done. This scenario is a pretty cut and dry situation. Clearly I can't be in two places at one time making purchases and the transactions made that are fraudulent are ridiculous! Who goes to target and makes the same exact amt transaction THREE times in a row!?

I am a mother of two little kids who need food and other supplies! My acct has been drained down to $5.42! How do you expect me to live off of that for 10 days! I do not care it MAY be less than 10 days because right now it's the weekend and I can't get any answers from anyone! Nobody cares that I have been held hosting my own home because I do not have the funds to do anything! I am reserving gas to go to work this week and will not have funds to eat for myself because I have to feed my kids first! But BOA does not care about that! I have never been so angry with a company in my life! Friday night I had an anxiety attack over this and I haven't slept since! I already feel violated that my bank information has been stolen and yet BOA has done NOTHING to make me feel like y'all got my back! I am closing my account as soon as my money is back to me! It's a shame you are losing customers over this!

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Not happy with BOA - 1 d 15 h ago


Funny - this sounds so similar to my situation.

The bank sent me a text alert of security activity on my account. I called them and let them know immediately this is and was not me doing this and there should be no activity on my account. I requested the customer service rep to lock/freeze my account. She confirmed there was no unusual activity on my account. Then after twenty minutes going over this with her while on the phone with her my account was charged over $2,000!!. Then she forwarded me over to the fraud dept... and I was bounced through 3-4 other areas of the country re-explaining my story/ situation. They then started a fraud investigation it would take two weeks. In short they put this on me as my fault. So to start I am filing a complaint with the Dept. of Banking and insurance, next will be the FTC then a letter to the CEO and if that still does not work I will file complaint in small claims court.

Oh and by the way I have been a customer of BOA for 21 years!

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Mc - 19 h ago

Terrible. Try to call this number-

It's a person at the headquarters.

1 (hidden)

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Paul not happy camper - 15 d 15 h ago


Been a customer since a child in 1958 and was screwed by the check fraud division, left hanging and no one in the bank cares, no one is accountable. Tried to file a complaint on the B of A website and when you hit submit it goes to "missing llnk"

I had to close and re-open an account because of check fraud. The fraud section posted my retirement check into my account and then returned the funds to sender without telling me. A month later when I was paid my next check they seized the money because they had returned the previous check and left me with no funds to pay bills. It will take me 10+ days to get a re-issue on the returned funds from my retirement. Now all my auto payments including mortgage payments will be subject to late fees and I get the a credit hit.

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Billy Consumer Advocate - 4 d 4 h ago


File a complaint with the Federal regulator, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Put some heat on them. I would also file a complaint with the local Better Business Bureau. If you state has a Consumer Protection division thru its Attorney General, file a complaint with them also. Put some heat on them for their faux pas.

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Frustrated - 19 h 17 m ago


If you have a tax check go in the bank and they tell you that you can't touch your money till Friday and it posted Tuesday, something is very wrong

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Anonymous - 1 d 10 h ago

Do Not Do Business With Dallas Customer Service They Are Very Rude They Hang Up Phones In Your Face Without Saying Hold On Keep You Hold For 46 Minuets

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Anonymous - 1 d 14 h ago


Bank of America you suck I switched banks and you're still robbing me you're all crooks from the top down what A disgusting company may you burn in hell

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A Non white - 6 d 20 h ago


Why does BOA red-line? I was questioned about my citizenship, if my income was from other sources than my job.

The US is not allowed to ask citizenship statues. But the Bank can?

Yes they can when they doing a SAR report. It seems only non while sounding last names are asked the question before the credit cards are locked.

You cannot close out the account without effecting your credit score. But you can stop using them and report to your States AG. for class action considerations.

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Billy - 4 d 4 h ago

Talk to your congressional rep to get credit application procedures revised if you do not like them. They are just following the legislation set forth by Congress and their regulatory authorities.

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William LaValle - 4 d 4 h ago


I conduct much of my business with B of A, in part because my wife once worked there. I have my mortgage, credit cards and IRA (with Merrill Lynch, the sub) with B of A and have had accounts for in excess of 20 years. Recently, I was sent a flyer offering a credit card in my business name that carried with it a statement credit of $200. All I had to do was apply and voila, it would be granted. I did so online and was rejected without reason presently. I have several credit monitoring services that peg my credit score between 820-830 range (with the highest being a possible 850 score for anyone). If these people are going to send me a solicitation, they should at least acquiesce to the request, having already pre-screened me to send the offering anyway. I really abhor having them make a credit inquiry with a turndown as it inimically affects my credit score, i.e., credit inquiries. Had they not offered, I would not have applied for the credit card. I also have a 100% on time pay record with All CREDITORS.

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Hardeep - 5 d 13 h ago


Nobody took any action for the complaint. No leaving choice to change the bank. Mr. Brian Moynihan, can you please give me update on the Case # 190202CR0007094 or Complaint # 190202CP007074.. Look forward to hear back. Thank-you!

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Anonymous - 5 d 15 h ago

I played those games real lottery I verified there legitamacy it was legit my money got put in a bank of America card now I'm trying to track it down and have it put on my prepaid net spend card however if bank of America would contact me with it I'll gladly let them open a account up in there bank provided they give me the account number routing number so I can go to my local bank of America and get some cash I'm broke and need my money thanks ray kerr very upset

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Paul a wehmeyer - 6 d 11 h ago


You really should put more real info on you're internet sights. I looked up forien exchange. Said bank of america. I went there was in a bad way at the time and was told cant exchange money after 2oclock. I was in the bank at ten after waited in line almost 25 min. Thank you for you service. When I'm walking home in the wet weather I'm going to think about how much I want to use or refer you bank mor ao much as to an enemy much less anyone I like.

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Charlotte T. - 6 d 19 h ago

Unethical practices is all I have to say. On February 1st. I pulled up to the ATM at BOA Cumming GA. To make a cash deposit. The machine asked me to deposit the cash 2,900.00 and when I did the screen said temporarily unavailable. I was shocked and took a screenshot of what the atm said parked and went into the branch. The manager explained they don't have a key and a 3rd party handles the atm but not to worry and call the number she gave me and they would help me. Of course I called the number and they connected me with claims. I couldn't believe that would be the process. Amber told me they wouldn't give me a temporary credit and to make it worse I had to wait up to ten days. After 10 days had passed I received a completion letter stating they can not find proof of the transaction. Of course I'm fighting for it and refuse to give in. Perhaps someone pocketed the money? I will be closing my business checking and personal checking once they figure out where my money went. Infuriating

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Vl - 6 d 15 h ago

I would have called the originator of the check explained the problem. Had them cancel that check and give you a replacement. It would have been resolved much quicker than this crazyness. They could also tell you the status of the check....IE cashed etc.

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linda - 6 d 15 h ago


I have been a customer with BOA for so long it's amazing I am still alive. My first contact with the BOA was contentious. At that time I was a graduate student with a new BOA account. It was so long ago that while my classmates and friends were obtaining student loans through BOA with ease, I was refused because I was an unmarried woman and therefore likely to change my name and default. If this had happened a few years later, I would have sued, obviating the need for any loan at all. As things were then, I contacted a corporate officer and said that when I opened the account I was unaware of special rules for "spinsters". He who arranged the loan through another local branch and apologized on behalf of the BOA. I tell you all this to show you that I am a long-term customer who deserves a little consideration, and that I have never been a lady who took things lying down. Still, it would have been much harder to arrange that loan right now. Since then, banks have learned to insulate themselves from customers and obstruct requests for individualized help. They do this with endless phone options to nowhere and front line phone agents without training or authority to do anything. Poor things. Personally I try to be courteous, but other people might get very angry. For instance, today I told Lisa in the Fraud Department in Maryland that she was a lovely girl and I appreciated her effort to sound understanding when she claimed that no one at the BOA could help me. I strongly suspect that people at other levels at the BOA could, but poor girl, what else could she say, they probably listen in on her calls. Let me clarify what happened. Yesterday, I tried to transfer $1000.00 from one checking account to another. The money was immediately deducted from the balance in the donor account but did not show up as a deposit. I spent about 15 minutes finding a way to talk to a customer service representative who was quite helpful in identifying the problem. Apparently I clicked a credit card account for "deposit to". My error, my fault. But there seemed to be no way to correct this except to wait. I really found this hard to believe but at that point was trying to be cooperative. I waited until this morning. Nothing had changed. I find this whole situation ludicrous. You may wonder why I called the Fraud Department. I tried desperately to reach another customer care agent this morning, but voice menus repeated themselves for 5 minutes before I could even get the option of waiting for a customer care agent, and then the wait times (surprise!) were excessive. This is how they get people to just give up. (As an aside, if you are in this position and have time to wait it out, this is how you get to have an option of speaking to someone: you yell "emergency"or "fire" at every voice prompt while hitting 0 instead of menu options. You practice diaphragmatic breathing to remain calm, light a candle, hum a little new age music, maybe paint your toenails. If it is later than 6 PM, you can also have drink which helps a lot.). So how did I get to the fraud department? This was actually one of the voice prompts. I was pretty sure that it would connect me with a sensate human being licketly split. And, as I explained to Lisa in Maryland, there was a question of fraud. You see, when I did the initial transfer, I may have clicked the wrong account, but I definitely when clicked an option to transfer the money "one time, immediately". Lisa said that didn't actually mean immediately. You see - a fraudulent option. Lisa reiterated that I would have to wait, only now it I would have to wait longer. Apparently it takes 24 hours to process the transfer from a checking account to a credit card account. I assume it will take another 24 hours to get it transferred in the other direction. Lisa said that no one could influence this process. I expressed my disbelief, but also realized that her hands were tied. She couldn't help. Lisa thanked me for many years of being a loyal customer. I don't believe first of all that last night, after the error, someone couldn't have cancelled the transaction, allowing me to start over. I don't believe if this were a large corporate account I would be having trouble now. Shame on you, Bank of America. I'm not sure where to go with this beyond asking for a response here. I certainly will copy this account to people like the AARP who may find it helpful if it is part of a pattern. I am also thinking of an Op-Ed piece although I might have to disguise the name of the bank for legal reasons. Do you think the New York Times might like it? If anyone in this community can suggest something else lease do. I'll keep you posted.

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Anthony Weston Jr - 8 d 8 h ago


I am very disappointed in the way customer service treated me, the gentleman(Justin8FGPV) hung the phone up and me made me wait a whole hour, how do i know....i have two numbers that is listed and the secondary number i used was a shorter wait time and all I wanted to do is speak to a supervisor regarding overdraft fees that did not add up. I am highly upset and disappointed with this situation and you guys as a company should have better qualified staff when dealing with customer related issues. thank god you guys have recorded phone conversations...the phone reps are saying that the supervisors have the same access capabilities as them and they are going to give the same response lol, what is the point of even trying to resolve an issue if there is no trust with an institution who obviously do not care about their customers being fustrated due to minor error...I ask for the number to contact corporate and nobody wants to give it to me....after going back and forth with tanya(FZ58J) she finally waived the fees for me and basically made it clear that she wont ever do it again lol...what is a person to do? im just over bank of america...i been with you guys since 2006 and i feel like im being treated wrong in how you guys handle simple, logical situations....

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Nancy - 8 d 14 h ago


Bank of America Dr. Phillips, Orlando Florida location is a disaster. I am a professional guardian and I am in the branch often trying to secure/close/or review statements for my clients bank/credit card accounts. These clients are normally elderly people who are being exploited financially by their own family members. Every professional in this bank is clueless... Not only don't they understand the role and responsibilities of a Court Appointed Professional Guardian, they don't seem to care that their lack of of oversight and compliance makes them one of the highest offenders of the exploitation of seniors. The amount of my time wasted by visiting the branch and constantly re-verifying my information is both exhausting and costly to my clients for no good reason.

This Company really needs to brush up on Elder Financial Exploitation as defined by the SEC.

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Anonymous - 8 d 16 h ago









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Hans Georg Huber - 9 d 20 m ago

Please send me the e.mail address of the office of Mr. Moynihan, President and CEO, thanks


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Anonymous - 9 d 7 h ago


I had fraud charges on my credit card and attempted to call your company for 3 and a half hours. I was finally able to get someone to cancel my card and reorder another one but after spending my whole evening 2/11 from 4pm to 7:45 on hold I gave up. I have been with your company since 1997 and have never had this happen. If I can ever get in contact with u I plan on cancelling my account with Bank of America because of HORRIBLE customer service. There is no excuse for this poor of service. As I write this at 7:42 pm I am still on hold. I started trying to report these fraudulent charges around 3:45 pm. So almost 4 hours ! Insanity Roxanne Martin (hidden)

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