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Bank of America Corporation

100 N. Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC
Brian Moynihan
President and CEO
(800) 299-2265
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Julie Barkley - 3 d 17 h ago

Before I post my complaint, along with the obviously numerous other upset BOA customers, I'd ask: "Does anyone within the BOA Corporation EVER take the time to respond to these customers?" I'd fathom a guess, they DO NOT!

This is my 2nd post based on being subject to two separate incidents within the past few months that have me begging the question of, "who within BOA Corporate takes the time to provide 'Quality' checks and balances on the services being provided to the customers?"

My BOA checking account was subject to a court order, due to a prospect pressing charges for receiving an unwanted automated call. Unfortunately, I'm ceasing all online business activities due to the $4200 loss. The price paid to try and work my business with calls to contact prospects like this person is too high, especially when there are thieves like this Jay Connor waiting to extort money from unsuspecting people like myself. As he has been said to have done the same to two others within my online business (that are known about anyway) and likely using our own legal system to process his financial gains from 'baiting' and then cashing in on the DNC laws.

My gripe is that BOA didn't even inform me that my account had a court order placed on it. Only because an email sent to my husband about our balance going below -0- did it raise a red flag to call the bank about the matter. My husband called - and only after being on hold for inordinate period of time was he able to make contact with a representative. My husband inquired about the nature of the lower balance and was told about the court ordered levy placed on our account by someone (he was not given a name) in PA. When my husband asked the name of the person placing the court order, the representative did not know. He said he'd have to ask the legal department, he put my husband on hold and returned with the name of Jay Connors. The representative gave my husband the wrong case number for Montgomery County, PA. He told my husband he would have to speak with the Bar Association in PA regarding more details. He called back BOA (not sure where the department he was speaking with was located). I, Julie, was asked to speak with her, since the court order was against me. The representative provided the case # (different from the one my husband was given, which is how we know the first one was incorrect). She let us know the amount taken out of our account and the balance that was due to cover the amount in the court order. We asked what about automatic payments, or checks due to come through our 'blocked' account (i.e. NSF's that could result, etc.), she said they would be credited???? Meaning????? In knowing we have our life insurance, cars, loans, etc. automatically set up to debit the account, we didn't want any issues or to find ourselves also eating NSF charges, so I deposited money in the account to address the court order amount and any incoming transactions. Angry beyond words at how this could happen to us.

Now I ask you, "How do you find your bank account decreased to the tune of $4200" without anymore information than what was provided by these reps.?" We received no notice on the pending court order before action was taken to remove the funds from our account! The representatives we spoke with didn't have enough details to explain how such actions could be performed without either our knowledge, or an opportunity to dispute, defend or speak to anyone before the process was implemented. Due Process? Where was that in regards to this matter?

As I noted in my posting, this individual has not only done this to our account but two other cases exist where he was able to do it to two other people. Hmmmm, do you think he has figured out that this is an effective way to extract money from people - knowing he has the law on his side to simply serve a court ordered document to a bank and have them take out the funds without the account holders knowledge? Or, perhaps he has found a loophole or huge hole in the legal system that serves his purposes for shaking down innocent people with this process? I'm not sure, but I do know that he is as much of a thief than anyone else accessing our bank account - Unauthorized.

This matter will be pursued, since BOA didn't have the best interest of their customer at all as a concern to assist us in any way, shape or form that resembled customer service.

I can simply add: BEWARE. If all of the privacy act, and other so-called protections for the consumer are in place, then I'd truly appreciate knowing how something like this could be enforced without us knowing about it until after the fact?

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Anonymous - 10 h 27 m ago

This site is not connected to any corporate office of any of the listed companies. Its basically a blog for people to share comments. Go directly to the company's Corporate Office if you're looking for follow up.

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Snsmith - 16 h 5 s ago


I live in Virginia. I recently sold my house in which I had my mortgage through Bank of America. I was never late on my payments and was in good standing with the bank. I closed on my mortgage Dec. 19, 2017 and was told I had $ in escrow. The check was sent to the sold address first and then issued again to my current address, however, it was never processed. I was then told I would receive a certified check through UPS and would be delivered February 19. The last call I was told that a certified check was not able to be processed to that address and it was sent by regular mail and I would receive it March 1!! When I asked if the money could just be transferred to my checking account I was told that was not possible. In the meantime, I have been hit with a service fee for my checking account because I no longer have a mortgage and do not have direct deposit. I am a former teacher and now stay at home mother, I have had a Bank of America account since around 2000 and I do not want to close and move to another bank. I am sending this email to let you know how I have been treated. I suppose I am just supposed to wait around until March 1 and hope I get a check? And if it doesn't come what do I do, call again? Because that has worked so far.

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Anonymous - 1 d 13 h ago

To the bank of America corporate headquarters. I have a message on my Gmail saying I have money in your bank that is about to be turned over to JP Morgan Chase Bank in New York. It's about 15.5 million dollars. My email is (hidden) and Yahoo email is (hidden). When I hear from you I will give you the person's info ,bank account name and transaction number and location the message came from! Thanks waiting to hear from you.

General profile image - 1 d 14 h ago


I have been a customer of Bank of America for 15 years.

I use the branch in Haines City Florida.

There is only ever 1 or 2 personal behind the counter to serve both counter and drive through.

I personally have waited over 20 minutes to get served when there are only 2 people in front of me when I walked in.

This is not a unusual it is the norm at this branch of BOA.

I on many occasions have heard other customers say they are going to change banks, and I am thinking of doing the same thing.

There are staff walking around doing nothing, it is as if customers are being treated with contempt .

George Schofield

Phone number. (hidden)

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Anonymous - 1 d 15 h ago


Bank of America Stealing money! Shame on you!!! Very bad service!!!

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APPALLED- No wonder ppl are getting ripped off - 1 d 19 h ago


Cannot even CALL the bank if you are not a customer. I eventually reached "Customer Service." I was calling to report that a check written out to me from a BOA customer has been stolen and that the perpetrator is probably going to come in to a bank in the Spokane WA area to try to cash it. Not only would the woman I spoke with (Sharon in New York) NOT take the alert, she hung up on me when I asked for a number or a person who could take the alert. She said they do not know who I am and therefore cannot take an alert from me.

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BILL - 1 d 19 h ago



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Billh - 2 d 7 h ago


I ask BOA on several occasions both in the bank and on line to remove my full account number from my credit card statement. I am concerned that someone will get my credit card account number because I have had mail taken out of mail box several times. BOA never removed my full account number from my VISA statement or contacted me about why they could not do this. If you do not contact me within 30 days I will close out this credit card.

If this is you idea off customer service I will move my credit card account to another bank. No other credit card that I have puts my full account number on my statement. Why do you want to expose all your customers to potential financial risk???????????

See BOA survey I completed on this date for my contact info

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Clear Water Florida Bank - 2 d 11 h ago


I think this Bank is sad. When you told someone at the bank that your account is being scamed and the money is not released and the bank lets them take it out anyway. And it's brought to the Bank Managers attention right away. They refuse to replace the funds. Not to mention it's a pregnant women that need her money for groceries . They don't want to help. So sad

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preferred customer b - 2 d 15 h ago


attention: Year end summaries - I have amex and citi bank but BOA late as usual. I complained to a supervisor and was promised a call within 48 hours from a manager a week ago. Nothing yet. So much for being a preferred customer.

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Anonymous - 7 d 17 h ago


Amazing incompetence. No Notice on line to indicate when year end summaries will be posted. AND they suggest they are taking until end of February to post YET they are trying to sell other services and charge fees. It is just like a 3rd world culture.

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Dark Angel - 6 d 14 h ago



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preferred customer b - 2 d 15 h ago


Year end summaries - I have amex and citi bank but BOA late as usual. I complained to a supervisor and was promised a call within 48 hours from a manager a week ago. Nothing yet. So much for being a preferred customer.

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Anonymous - 3 d ago

To Everyone in Northhollywood,ca 91601.'Note!' Do not use the Bank of America Branch at 5025 Lankershim blvd,Northhollywood,ca 91601. (hidden).The Manager at this branch Fat ads Norma is a Fucking Thief along with the Buisness Managers Nathan Aftshin and Guermo.Guermo Broke into my Safe Deposit Box and removed my new spare key's for my Apartment and my Storage unit to Break & Enter to steal my Passport,Drivers License,Social Security Card,Birthcirtificate and other Documents to help someone in Alhambra,California to steal and use my Buisness DBA paper work and my LLC Kit,paper work to Commit Bank Fraud,Tax Fraud,Wire Fraud,Breaking & Entering to Commit Fraud to get loans,property,etc The Bank Manager Norma has all Police Reports that were Filed with the City Attorney,FBI,IRS, My old Land Lord who Illegally Evicted me from a Rent Controlled Building I lived in From March 2000- April 2017 at 11419 Cumpston st.#5 Northhollywood,ca 91601 is also involved because her son helped with the Burgulary of my Apartment and my Storage unit.Juarez Tax Service in Northhollywood,ca wad my Tax Preparer from 2000-2015 .Juarez Tax Service was also the Tax Preparer for my old Land Lord Juana Andrade for 15 years and I had no knowledge of that at the time,so they forced me out of my rent controlled apartment so they could get more money for the apartment ad well ad her son is using my Buisness name,Mr.Delivery in Alhambra,California to Commit Bank Fraud,Mail Fraud ,etc.The Bank Manager refused to take my complaint after Guermo had Broken into my Safe Deposit Box at,5025 Lankershim blvd,Northhollywood,ca 91601.Manager Fat Ads Norma can be reached at,(hidden). "Please Note!" I warned you all as to my next move! " May God be with you all!

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Tony Avendorph Associates LLC - 3 d 17 h ago


To Mr. Brian Moynihan

President and CEO

Bank of Ameriuca

During the summer 2017, I decided to have Bank of America take out my car loan payment, and send it to the Credit Union who has my loan instead of every month going there. I travel frequently, and on occasion I would not be in town on the due date. For the first several months everything was going well, until I received a late notice from the credit union. They told me my payment from Bank of America had not be received. Now, please bear in mind, this credit union has made life miserable, because they are simply not professional, and their "customer service" agents tend to talk down to their customers. For the past five months my payments have been late, and late notices affect my credit standing. At one point Bank of America told me I had cancelled bill pay. That was far from the truth. I told Bank of America, that since the payment was late, I would take care of it, and to begin the next payment as scheduled. Another time the credit union said Bank of America was sending my payments to the wrong address. There has always been an excuse by both parties. In January, 2018 I spoke to bill pay, and he put the credit union on a third party conversation, and he heard how rude and non caring they are about my money. This Bank of America employee was very professional, and told me my payments would be sent on time, and we changed the due date to coincide early, so the credit union would receive it on time. We also went over the correct address for the credit union. On February 19, 2018. I received a late notice from the credit union. Because February 19th is a holiday, Bank of America is closed. Before all of this chaos, Bank of America would send alerts ten days before the send out date, and a second alert three days before mailing. That stopped four months ago. So out of Bank of America's 282,000 employees, there must be at least one or two that does not say I'm sorry, or blame me or someone else. Bank of America touts bill pay as an effective way of dealing with bills. That is not true. One woman employee said she listened to a telephone tape of me asking to withdraw bill pay. That never happened, and once again another excuse. As a retired forty year veteran of Law Enforcement, I was expected to do my job, and show empathy to victims of violent crimes. No one had to tell me how to do it, because I was raised the correct way. However there is no customer service with Bank of America, there is just idle talk with no action. Therefore, if I do not hear from Bank of America, and Bank of America does not get this straight, I will pull out and withdraw my accounts and put them with a bank that is efficient and customer friendly.

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Anonymous - 3 d 18 h ago

To mr.brian moynihan,,president

My name Rodolfo. Munoz

I am calling from Dallas Texas

I need to talk to you .

I also need to know if a Leo Joseph is an employee there

Do you know him

He keeps sending me emails and text messages from there bank. Of. America .

Need you help Mr . Brian

My number (hidden)

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Julie Barkley - 3 d 18 h ago


Before I post my complaint, along with the obviously numerous other upset BOA customers, I'd ask: "Does anyone within the BOA Corporation EVER take the time to respond to these customers?" I'd fathom a guess, they DO NOT! No matter. As I've not only taken the time to post my two most recent negative experiences with BOA (locally), but have also contacted the Federal Reserve and U.S Department of the Treasury regarding the same. A letter of Gratitude and Chronology of events sent to the recovering bank, Regions Bank who we've transferred our accounts to are noted below: Hi Chad, Again, thank you so very much for all of your support and diligence in working on our case! Your empathy, insights and willingness to release our money back to us today is truly appreciated beyond words! Based on what we discussed and per your instructions, please find attached a breakdown of activities that transpired from the initiation of the Bank Wire Fraud to this point of recovery of our funds (at least $7,493.00 out of $12,500) that remains in the Regions Bank account from our bank wire funds sent to a fraudulent account in Tupelo, MS. As I shared, we felt completely left 'hung out to dry" by our own bank, Bank of America. In particular, by the branch below that was due to provide customer service in assisting us in recovering our funds - to no avail: Thomas and Ty's contact information: Thomas L. Crum, Officer, Relationship Manager and Todd "Ty" Doemel, Branch Manager Bank of America Financial Center Point Meadows Plaza 10925 Baymeadows Rd. Jacksonville, FL 32256 Ty Doemel: (hidden)-Bank Thomas: (hidden)-cell The details attached reference (NOT Attached to this post, but available): 1. Accounting/Summary of how the wires were sent to the fraudulent lending group 2. Official Police Report; 4 Affidavits,Detective Adams Directive and Wire locations. 3. My documented communications with Thomas, Ty, both are Bank of America reps., Nicole, in Redmond, WA (our local branch used before relocating here to FL). Nicole was enlisted as a very helpful resource to encourage the Baymeadows bank reps., to follow up with us in a more timely manner. As our calls and emails weren't being responded to, leaving us no recourse but to contact our branch back in Redmond,WA. 4. Enlisting Regions Bank to help us-Chad Echols. Our documented communications with you in the Corporate Securities Dept. at Regions Bank. Nicole's contact information: Nicole Hale Bank of America/Redmond Ridge Branch 22340 NE Market Place Drive Redmond, WA 98053 (hidden) Your contact information: Chad Echols Regions Bank P.O. Box 10105 Birmingham, AL 35202 (hidden) Only adding, that you, Chad, were the sole resource we had helping us and who has been genuinely concerned and cared about assisting us in this matter. "Your support will be forever remembered and greatly appreciated. Thank you. Gratefully, Julie Barkley

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joann james - 4 d 16 h ago

well this is joann james of 48 WINTERHAVEN DRIVE,AXTON,VA UNTIL THE 3RD OF NEXT MONTH MARCH. IM GETTING KICKED OUT AND IF I9 DONT MOVE, MISS PHILLIPS AND HER 3 KID WILL I KNOW THROW ME,ALL MY THINGS,And my 8.4 lb dog out,but dont worry im coming to NORTH CAROLINA IN GUILFORD COUNTR and i have forms to get my $14,945-02 breast cancer money back and $!!,000.00 the cost of mind and my mothers housecosted when the man brought it after social services made her go to a nursing home in reisdsvile,n.c. (SHE PASSED AWAY THE (1-25-2015) and if i dont get it the next time and get my money back il filled chaRGES AGAINST YOU IN HIGH COURT AT THE COURTHOUSE IN REIDSVILLS,N.C. AND YOU BROUGHT TO REIDSVILLE,N.C. I JUST THOUGH ILL TELL YOU IM COMING ATER WHAT BELONGS TO ME THAT MY MOTHER(mary mabe james) LEFT ME 2 AND ONE HALF YEARS AGO AND INSTEREST AND I STILL HAVE THE PROOF AND SO DO YOU PEOPLE. IM COMING SOON!!!!!! joann james

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MugsyToo - 6 d 11 h ago


What amazing incompetence is right. Last week they charged me $35, twice, for an automated payment that did not go through. Waited 45 minutes on the phone, was furious, drove to a branch. Waited 15 minutes to talk to an associate. Associate waited 20 minutes on phone. Then I had to go to the teller, waited 15 minutes for the teller. whole afternoon gone. This week I tried to set up from my credit union an external transfer... they did a test deposit and a test withdrawl of less than $1. Had a balance of over $200, and they rejected the test debit of 24 cents and then proceeded to charge me $35. Just spent 90 minutes trying to get the $35 refunded. Then they have the nerve to charge me a monthly fee of $25 for my account. Tried to get my account changed and get the last 90 days of maint fees refunded - of course the mgr I was speaking to could not do it.

Take my advice - DON'T GO NEAR THIS BANK.

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Christina J Moran Spokane Financial Center thieves!!! - 5 d ago

they used to be pretty good, now they just rip you off don't even put your full amount on your statement for credit I think someone is illegally poscketing $$$

Now I will have to make shure they do their job right!! what the hell! they should have my money set aside that came out extra..........put it where it was suppose to go!!!

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Christina J Moran Spokane WA 99201 - 5 d 38 m ago


Good morning! I have been dealing with Fraud & Identity theft through BOA they are not friendly at all! It has been a huge headache talking to the bank guy & he stats telling me they will give me $100.00 to change checking & savings over to them! I thought that was so rude here I am dealing with some crap & he wants to sell me on switching over! I have credit cards & realize I been getting short changed!! For how long I don't know but now I am mad my acct got really messed up & I blame BOA! They allowed someone to use apps to get my money Stripes, Merchant, Gateway, Taxemo I called asking what that was & they just put it off as nothing! I did not do that, it is not where the money went but how -by a scammer who I owed nothing too! The bank not giving me my full amount I deposit!! I now want my account gone through to see how long they have been shorting me! The statements are very confusing! And should be posted immediately before you leave so you can see it got posted right! Wow I can't believe that & it is not an accident it happened just about every month! I expect my account to get back in order & credited the money you have taken. I have checks to verify! Is this your common practice? My cancelled checks are my receipt and my statements from you are NOT correct! I moved here 2009 & wonder if it has been common practice taking peoples money! That is theft & I can include that in my fraud claim! BOA better get my account in order! no wonder it looks like they add my payment into what I owe. Statements need to be bigger print & make sence if I see a $ amount it should show what that is! Full credit when payment is made!! Feb. I was shorted 100.00 Jan shorted 100.00 when I pay 300.00 they post 200.00! My checks are at Chase Bank so easy to verify! Banks should be honest & NOT cheat people out of their money! About the first year back are all short! 2018 jan feb 2017 all short!! I want it corrected NOW! Or I will report BOA in my theft report! NOW! I will never go back to BOA they are rude! They can't even offer advice or suggestions for fraud & identity theft but yet paperwork with statement says they offer a fica report. BBB suggested I go to credit bureau put a fraud alert on my account! BOA treats me like I am not being honest because they are not! Supervisor lady Donna tells me I only have 60 days to report. Another employee laughs when I tell him I am dealing with FRAUD! Then send me a letter they have credited my credit card acct 400.00 but if it's not fraud they will be taking it back! What they treat me like I am lying! Trying to figure why my account is so off from my records I got to looking close-every deposit I made was posted short!! Spokane Financial Branch 601 W Riverside Ave. This month I paid 300.00 posted 200.00 & the next one same way. I post 200.00 on 2 accts they post 100.00 on 2 accounts!!! What! You expect a bank to not make mistakes. I pay by check you think they would reference my check to the payment. I don't see what was posted for 30 days when the new statement comes out! How long have they been practicing this kind of business? And yet treat me like I am less of a human! Their attitude is terrible! One card says I been with them since 2008 another says since 2004. I have been with them since SeaFirst changed to BOA in 80-90's. I hope it gets more than just posted, I want my money back & BOA has no right to keep it! I had excellent credit 900 now with BOA banking it is looking bad!!! Don't they do their checks & balances?? What did they do with all my money I want it posted on my account as paid!! I am so mad learning I have been getting cheated by BOA!!!! Also I been dealing with Seattle branch on fraud charges that are not mine. There is a Cricket Wireless from Florida!! Does the bank not verify & check your account anymore? Otherwise they would have called me to say there are weird charges from Apps stripes merchant gateway gib hub taxemo and many many more! Florida ? I live in WA & have a cricket phone!! That charge is for $45.00 I pay Cricket $45.00 electronic but this is a purchase! Was not me!! They don't even act like they want to help you! They act like your wasting their time but yet they steal my money!!! I want my payments checked since I been there! I did not realize your practice is unethical! SHAME ON YOU! I want my money back now ASAP I want all my transactions with BOA checked & verified from the beginning! That is very crooked, its not right. Let me know how much money was stolen from me by the bank for no reason no reason at all!! I will let them know Tuesday but I am not happy at all! My checks are my receipt I paid but my credits every month were short! If checks & balance are not right you go back until they balance. You took my money!!! I want it back credited to my account & all easily identifiable $ paid vs $ credited =$ owed it is my money that did NOT get credited to my account like it was suppose to. What is wrong with them?????

General profile image - 5 d 17 h ago


I go to the bank today on 2/17/18 the parking lot is packed and the inside also so I pull around to drive thur and all the drive thur lights are red and this is 11am. I pull up to window and a lady starts pointing for me to go around and I don't get it drive thur is closed and inside is a line of people to door. I continue sitting there she finally gets up comes to window and tells me the drive thur is closed and if I want to make a payment I need to come in or put it in drop box. I asked her why the drive thur is closed she said they do not open it on Saturday so I put my payment in the drop box which I don't like to do I want a receipt because anyone can make a mistake. When I got home I looked the bank up for hours of operate no where does it say drive thur closed at this bank in Douglasville, Ga across from Golden Corral. I don't know about everyone else but being in a bank with a line of people and only 4 tellers is scary. You don't know if any of these people are dishonest and just waiting for the right time to pull a gun. Here are all of these people standing out in the open room in a curvy line with security outside. So please explain to me why the drive thur would be closed on a Saturday because they know people are doing business. This was not a safe environment today. If someone had drawn security is outside and all of your customers are in the middle of the room Really.

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Shirley - 7 d 13 h ago


What Bank does a $500 home appraisal before your loan is approved? Bank of America did!!! How sad when you are retired and on a fixed income, Thanks Bank of America for this!! Looking for other banking options...been a customer for over 20 years and this is how a long time customer is treated! Shame on you for terrible customer service!! But, why would you care!

General profile image

Dark Angel - 6 d 14 h ago


Wait, what??

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