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Bank of America Corporation

100 N. Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC
Brian Moynihan
President and CEO
(800) 299-2265
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Horde - 2 d 7 h ago


I hope that someday you Trump lovers would ask your boss how he intends to defend our borders by shipping our soldiers overseas on hunting and fishing expeditions. While we are busy imposing a democracy we do not have, upon others who never asked for it, I would think some foreign power just might take notice of the fact that there's no one left on these shore to defend this asylum.

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Ade - 2 d 10 h ago


Shameful, shameful, shameful. What a Bank of America? What an employee?

On 8/15/19 in the morning, I attempted to complete merchant purchase online for $130. I entered my bank of america card number & other info, click enter, merchant respond with Bank of America page requiring me to click whether code be sent to my cell # on file, I checked the oval next to cell #, waited and waited for code but with no code, called Bank of America, transferred to fraud/approval specialist, spoke to a so called fraud specialist who requested card # & 3 code on the back of the card, but then refused to ask other questions, directed that I go to a branch to complete transaction. Despite all efforts at encouraging this so called fraud specialist to ask more verification questions, he won't budge. Then I provided my most recent transactions & where, he won't budge. Lacking any reason for his cold response, I told him I have no choice but to conclude that his conduct may be found in my accent and to have a nice breakfast, went to Bank of American branch, closed my checking account, sadly met a manager who have spoken to me about opening biz account with B.O.A since my biz account is solely Chase Bank. I called B.O.A to close my 2 credit cards. In any event, I use my chase card to complete transaction and as soon as I click enter, chase called to verify transaction, I confirmed. Transaction done. God Bless JP Morgan Chase.

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MAUREEN - 2 d 11 h ago


absolutely horrible way to contact the, the most terrible banking customer service contacts

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Taz B - 3 d ago


They are fraudulent. Have proof a company has my items returned and still wont issue a refund. Took $197.00 has proof and wont refund my money.

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Gregg mcquillan, Covina Ca - 5 d 9 h ago


I lost a $20 bill at a atm withdrawal. I called

Customer service Monday morning at 7:30 am.

Being on hold until 9:00 am, I got the right person.

This is customer dis service.

Wells Fargo here I come !

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Jordan Nguyen - 8 d 8 h ago


Bank of America does not answer phone calls. I've called all of the locations in Tulsa, OK, each multiple times not being answered. You're customer service is garbage and as "The Bank of America" you're such a joke. There's no convenience and there's clearly no respect for the peoples' urgency. Then I tried to call corporate offices and of course there's no answer there either and you have to enter a phone number or account number to talk to someone. Bank of America just doesn't answer phone calls? Very unsatisfied and honestly disgusted with such lack of unprofessionalism and your title of "The Bank of America." Should be "The Bank of no phones calls and dog crap service.

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Chris - 9 d 5 h ago


The worst bank I have ever dealt with they will steal from you right in front of you. The customer service has been trained to stay on script and screw you with no lube. I will be closing out my account ASAP I hate this bank I hope they go bankrupt.

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R F - 10 d 16 h ago


Good morning,

I would like to tell you my experience on Monday August 5th, 2019, when I visited your BOA branch in Cross County shopping mall, 851 Kimball Ave in Yonkers, NY 10704. I went to the bank because my husband asked me to get him $20 in quarters. We are both long term clients of BOA. When I went into the bank at 12:56, there was two female tellers at the counter. Both tellers had a customers at their window. Two minutes after I was in line, one of the female tellers closed her window to take a break. The other teller dealt with her customer for over 20 minutes. Within this 20 minute, no other customer was served. I stood in line for 28 minutes. Everyone on line was complaining to each other and getting very aggravated. I asked the female that was working the desk by the front door, did she have anyone else to work behind the counter. She said no, the female that was on a break, was pregnant and by law she has to be given breaks. After waiting 28 minutes on line the counter girl told me, she didn't have quarters. She told me to see the female that was working the desk by the front door. What kind of teller, does not have quarter in a bank? Why did I have to stand in line again to get quarters? There was at least 5 other staff members walking around and sitting in offices. Yes one or two of them are working for Merrill Lynch, but you can't train anyone else to help at the counter?

I have no problem with anyone taking a break, pregnant or not. Everyone is entitled to take a break. My problem is management at that bank knows they have one female pregnant, so they know she may need extra breaks, so they should of staffed the counter accordantly. Why does BOA customers have to wait 30 minutes in line, because management can't staff their branch. Everyone knows Mondays and Friday are every banks busiest days. If I had any choice I would of left that branch, 15 minutes into that wait time. But that would mean visiting the BOA branch at 928 McLean Ave, Yonkers, 10704. I stopped going there because they only have one person working behind the counter and I waited over 30 minutes to pick up EUROS, several months ago.

I don't get it. Why did BOA close a branch in Woodlawn, Bronx, NY, 10470 and not staff the surrounding branches accordantly. This is totally not acceptable for their customers and to the staff member that have to work the counter by themselves. I and my husband are seriously thinking of taking our banking elsewhere. My time is very valuable and so is all of BOA customers. I have to squeeze a lot of chores into my one week day off. Because of all the recent wait times at your branches, I do not feel appreciated, as a customer at BOA anymore.

Yours sincerely, a very disappointed customer, Rosie Flynn.

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Brian Brunetti - 11 d 20 h ago

I have been a bank od America customer 10+ years and I have experienced the worst customer service (from Barbra in particular) that I have ever heard of in 40 years. I am disgusted and appalled by ALL of the representatives that I have spoken with. I am currently on hold for over 35 minutes (and a total of over an hour after my 4th call) and I will shortly be terminating my banking with BOA. I will also encourage from this moment and untilthe moment I decease to boycott and express my disgust worh BOA and their piss poor service.

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Larry - 16 d 8 h ago



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Cherilyn Kowalski - 23 d ago


I have been with BOA for over 15yrs, never have I had such poor service from you until now. you have placed an unreasonably long hold on a deposit. this is not a 3rd party or hand written check, nor is it from some obscure business. It is from a large insurance company and a large bank company but BOA has placed a very long hold on the check despite the fact that both the insurance company and the bank have verified that they have paid the check but BOA refuses to release the money. Both my family and I have been with you for a very long time, the only relationship to have lasted longer is the one with my family. I have been a faithful and loyal customer, I have been put on hold, transferred multiple times without anyone being able to give me a reasonable explanation why they are holding the funds or the release of funds. This is not some fraud activity or scam yet I am being treated like I am a scam. I am ready to leave this bank after this experience. i'm fed up.

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Anonymous - 16 d 12 h ago


Me too! I've been a customer for 20 years and they are willing to lose me for 200.00 in wrongful fees when I have close to 15,000 in my account. Greedy sob's

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QAZI EBADULLAH KHAN - 20 d 9 h ago


Dear Sir, I, Qazi Ebadullah would like to speak to Ms. Andrea B. Smith, the Chief Administrative Officer at BOA regarding some complications arising from the transference of my funds to my account from BOA. Please provide me her direct contact number so that i could speak to her to resolve the issue relating to remittance which she is aware of it. Regards/ Qazi Ebadullah Khan

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Anonymous - 16 d 12 h ago


Haha good luck. They don't care about humans.

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Bill - 23 d 7 h ago


If Brian Moynihan ever called into his own Customer Service number (and he never will) and had to wait 30 minutes to speak with a customer service rep and then be told you have to be transferred to another department and wait on hold for 18 more minutes, the S*IT would hit the fan! Listening to the ads while On Hold, how in the world did BOA win a JD Powers Award. Huge payments must have been made!!!!!

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Anonymous - 20 d 8 h ago

----You are absolutely right- just had same experience - even waited 40 min. to pay my bill with all the transfers and constant ads. Come on Mr. Moynihan, read your reviews and check out your customer service. I'm going to try to contact JD Powers to find out what the story was. Amy

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ora - 16 d 12 h ago


This company is a joke and I hope they all go bankrupt

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Anonymous - 16 d 12 h ago


I was just told my wait time would be 30-50 minutes. Your company is a joke and i will be pulling all my money out. I informed BOA I would be out of the country. When I came back, I came back to 200.00 worth of fees because I lost my preferred Status and my overdraft fees were not zeroed or anymore. They never sent me a notice and there were over 15 fees charged. Not one email! Now they won't give me those 200.00 back! Thieves! Don't put your money here. They have no sense of decency or ethics.

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Sasha Segal - 17 d 4 h ago

I was so disappointed with customer service. I tried to disputed charges. It was fraud charges from my credit card. I explain everything what happened to customer services. I was out of country for awhile, but when I called them today they told me it's my fault and they cannot dispute this charges, it's to late. I hope you going to solve this problem.

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Kay Hall - 17 d 9 h ago


Customer service is awful. On hold for a very long time. When you ask for the number to the Regional Director in the area, they tell you that they don't know the number. Really, come on!!!! Considering switching my account to another bank. It is so bad that I opened accounts at several credit unions in anticipation of getting away from Bank America.

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Done with BOA - 20 d 4 h ago

After claim decision came back, they took all the money out of my account , instead of informing before hand. Didn't even offer to make arrangements . account is on zero and unable to make financial obligations this month, very disappointed in BOA. I will be closing my account.

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A Marine Corps Patriot - 24 d 14 h ago


Mr. Moynihan,

I read your statement on Fox News about cutting ties with detention facilities companies:

Bank of America made the decision last month after a public outcry over the conditions of several border facilities. Moynihan said difficult decisions like these are made "reluctantly" by a group of senior business people and teammates.

While you personally may have your own political views, I do not believe as a public institution BOA should be making a business decision based on a misleading political "fake news" point of view. I ask you, have you or your "teammates"once been to the facilities in question? Or better yet offer to use some of your $27 million salary per year to improve the conditions at the border. As a longtime customer of BOA and ML, I'm rethinking my relationship with your company.......

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frustrated - 20 d 11 h ago

I agree. By making this decision BOA is basically supporting illegal iimmigration.If you aren't detaining people who illegally enter our country, then what is your solution? Open borders? There are over a billion people on this planet who live in poverty. Are you going to let them all into our country? If not, which ones do you let in? Which ones do you keep out? How do you keep them out with no wall, no borders, no detention?

You people are blaming g a contractor when you should be blaming g Congress

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NORMA MEAGHER - 22 d 10 h ago


BANK OF AMERICA is the worst, I'm having problems too! Horrible customer service from checking to credit card services. I made a deposit 5 days ago, which had cleared, but, they have not put into my account. So, I paid my credit card with another source, which has not appeared either. I'm going with another banking system..sick of them! PLEASE CALL ME SOMEONE THE MANAGER SHE IS CRAZY PLEASE CALL ME (hidden)

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Bill - 23 d 8 h ago


I called into your Customer Service (800) number and a recording says I have to wait 25 to 30 On Hold.

This is the worst customer service I have ever received by a bank!

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