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Bank of America Corporation

100 N. Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC
Brian Moynihan
President and CEO
(800) 299-2265
Twitter IDs
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Pamela liner - 9 h ago


Your decision to harass gun manufacturers and the fact I open the student account for my teenage son and was told there would be no fees now there's a monthly fee. Apparently you really need that little bit of money from a teenager so I'll just cancel my account and get him one at my credit union like I should have done in the first place. Bank of America just because of places like you harassing gun manufacturers I'm going to go buy more guns as many as I can possibly afford each month I'm going to buy guns and support the gun manufacturers in America who create jobs.

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Karen, Michigan - 12 h 17 m ago


Thank you for your bold move to stop financing the manufacture of assault weapons. Thank you for responding to the voices of the many Americans who are looking for a way to end violence caused by assault weapons. I applaud your brave move and am proud to be a Bank of America customer.

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Maybe you're unaware of the fact that assault weapons are not what's killing people... people who are afraid of guns clearly never owned guns. Guns don't kill people people kill people using guns knives cars drugs why don't you go after the people who sell opiates that killed 29,000 people in one year no you're worried about the gun coming to a schoolyard.

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Bob k - 11 h 15 s ago

if looks could kill, the assault weapon AR 15 that some of you Think is a weapon of war, the military would order them by the thousands. They don't because it is only the appearance that is similar to military weapons. The appearance and events are what causes this ignorant mass hysteria. B of A is not being honest or they are supremely ignorant. Before you applaud them read about how unlikely this type of gun will be used against anyone. You are more likely to get struck by lightning.

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Sarah - 11 h 44 m ago


As a state of California worker I deposited a check into the bank and you guys held my money for almpst 2 Weeks!!! Bank of America is horrible and the customer Service hotline is no help. People work for hard earned money and you guys cant do anything to help a state employee get her money from being withheld!!

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Anonymous - 11 h 50 m ago



I've received numerous calls from a BOA phone number trying to scam credit card numbers. Your fraud department has been notified.

The number used is 1(hidden)

Please do something about this.

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BT - 12 h 4 m ago


Amazing you can't get to the corporate office to file a complaint. You might want to reconsider; maybe you will realize the terrible system you have when your clients have a problem. Since I can't talked to corporate; I will contact the State' maybe they can get your trust accounts corrected.

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Anonymous - 14 h 26 m ago

Because Bank of America will no longer do business with gun manufacturers I will be closing my accounts and canceling my credit cards after more than 10 years with you.

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JRHillman, Milwaukee,Wi - 18 h 56 m ago


I ,like many Americans, condemned Bank of America for it's large scale customer fraud . Unbelievably ,the Bank's CEO was given a bonus during the time period involved,and a scapegoat was punished .

Your recent policy decision to limit financing of citizen- inappropriate weapons production is an important positive step in righting the ship.

I think you have more to do ,but I'll buy back some of the stock I sold in disgust during your fraud debacle.

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Eileen G Soderstrom - 18 h 49 m ago


I am very grateful to BofA for your responsible decision to stop financing the manufacturers of military-style weapons. These firearms have no place in civilian society. Your decision will save lives. I am proud to have a BofA credit card.

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EX-CUSTOMER - 1 d 15 h ago


I was applauded to hear on the T.V. news that B of A is refusing to lend money to any firearms mfg. or store that does not obey there anti-firearm agenda. This is very similar to what EX-President Obama had many of the banks do when he was in office. Which make me think he may still be leading the Anti-Gun movement from the back round.

I think CEO Brian Moynihan should be fired for using the peoples money in B of A to blackmail stores and manufactures of firearms this way. It" s seems as though it may be illegal. Hopefully the N.R.A. or other pro-gun groups will challenge this decision in court. As for now I am removing all of my funds from B of A and moving them to a smaller bank that does not indiscriminately use their depositors money for the C.E.O.'s personal political agenda.

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Houston - 1 d 15 s ago

I'm moving mine too. To many people don't have lany idea why the US was never invaded during World War II. Because all Americans were armed to defend this country. Why do you think Hitler did took away all their arms. Next the SS took over. Read history before handing out kudo

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Bob k - 1 d 1 h ago

I do not know what a banks charter is in this respect but it seems like politics and banking gives too much power to the bank. If this tactic were applied to other lawful businesses it could reek havoc on a large scale. "Power corrupts and total power curruits totally. ". If this tactic isn't illegall it seems it should be.

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T. Wynne - 1 d 12 h ago


Since Bank of American does not support my second amendment rights, I will be taking my loan elsewhere.

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Houston - 1 d ago

You are so right. At least you have an idea why the US was never invaded during World War II. Because all Americans were armed to defend this country. Why do you think Hitler did took away all their arms. Next the SS took over. Read history before handing out kudo

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ML Blek - 1 d 11 h ago

Thank you to @BankofAmerica for stepping up to do what's right despite facing criticism from gun rights extremists and the @NRA. We hope others will follow in your footsteps and help stop the sale of assault weapons.

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Houston - 1 d ago

Do you have any idea why the US was never invaded during World War II. Because all Americans were armed to defend this country. Why do you think Hitler did took away all their arms. Next the SS took over. Read history before handing out kudo

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CL - 1 d 12 h ago


Thank you for not lending to gun manufacturers. You are doing the right thing. Support industries that do not make killing machines.

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Anonymous - 1 d 10 h ago

Law Enforcement and Military buys guns also.....These killing machines, as you call them, may protect you some day.

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Houston - 1 d ago

Have you ever wondered way we were never attacked during WWll. American were armed to defend themselves.

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Houston - 1 d ago


Due to your stance against the second amendment, I will be shortly changing my relationship with your bank. I have been banking with you for more than 25 years in Mckinney TX.

I am sorry that you have decided to leave the banking business to engage in a war against the right to bear arms.

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Kevan - 1 d 5 h ago

The fraud department made me feel like a criminal. My account had debts and credits made on my account by a company I never did business with. I have had this account since 1989. I thought the Bank was supposed to provide some level of security on my debit card. I reported the transaction in the 60-day window. I filed a police report. I am just waiting for the detective to finish the report. I am reading online how to file a small claims court in the state of California against you. I am going to write my demand letter, so I can get my $1600 back from you.

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Hadje FoxTown - 1 d 8 h ago


I couldn't raise the new core account requirement to $2500, not a student, no direct deposit. They took $12 fee and left me with less than $3. IT was my emergency gas money card for 6 years. I only signed up with BOA so I could take it to China, to meet my wife's family. (They have an interest in or with Chinese Construction Bank) with a 16 Million dollar a year salary, I think I should mail the $3 to Brian Moynihan.....I think he needs it more than I do.

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Ik215 - 1 d 9 h ago


Horrible service !!! Customer service was no help kept getting transferred from person to person! And all of them telling me they were the manager / supervisor? And having them laugh at me when I wanted to see on my statement where the money was being processed!! The "manager" was like the online and app are not exact.

How can the online be different than the app??? (In showing my PENDING transaction, HOLDS, and PROCESSED!)

They should be insync with one another!

I'm from Houston and I spoke with the "manager" from Florida, a "manager" from California, and 3 representatives.

I'm sick of this treatment! You need to retrain your staff on BETTER customer service.

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Anonymous - 1 d 10 h ago


Dear Bank of America I would like to let the world know how bad the customer service is at Bank of America. I talked to Nick in the Global Trade Department and he was extremely rude would not give me his last name and he was not helpful in helping our company to obtain a Standby Letter of Credit. My goal is to let the world know that the experts at Bank of America do not know what they are doing when it comes to international trade. If the President/CEO Brian Moynihan would like he may reach me at (hidden) till then I will keep spreading the word about how bad the service is at Bank of America

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