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Bank of America Corporation

100 N. Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC
Brian Moynihan
President and CEO
(800) 299-2265
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TG - 5 h ago


PATHETIC, PATHETIC, PATHETIC.....My banking back in the 70's was with a local bank that went through many mergers before bank of america took over. What a deference in service, there is no service with bank of america. with a rating of half of a star out of five you would think that they would care. Unfortunately they do not care. take your money to another financial institution as i am planning to do. There are better banks out there then bank of america.

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Asfoora SC - 7 h 34 m ago


25 year Customer and Business Banking customer. Had to make 2 visits to Banking Center-the first, the agent was on hold for 45 minutes. I finally had to leave for a scheduled business meeting, so I had to return the next day. The following day, the representative was on hold for an hour and 15 minutes before we finally were able to reach the wires department. I sat in her office waiting, and she filed a complaint with Bank of America while we waited.

Two days, 3.5 hours at the Banking center, and still no resolution. No one can tell me who I need to speak with to resolve the issue, and I am sent from one toll-free number to another. Bank of America is increasingly out of touch with its Customer's needs, growing more and more impersonal, charging high fees for everything, and incredibly bad customer service.

We have made the decision to pull all of your accounts out of B of A, and move them to a Bank that actually remembers what Customer Service is, and cares about their Customers.

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Eric - 5 h 50 m ago


This bank is a complete JOKE. I went to cash a check that one of their members wrote to me and they want to charge me a "convenience" fee of $8.00 to cash it. WHAT THE HECK!!?? Why should I have to pay a fee to cash a check your member wrote to me!!??? This bank cares NOTHING about it's members or potential members all they care about are fees. I even heard another teller tell a member "You should quit going to 7-11 ATM's. Bank Of America charges you a fee to use their ATM's. You should use BOA ATM's" When every other bank here in OKC doesn't charge you to use an ATM at a 7-11. Again, it's nothing but a money hungry, fee charging bank. I will NEVER put 1 penny in this so called joke of a bank

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Alan kahn - 1 d ago


Worst customer service ever waited on hold 59 min nothing resolved 30 year customer over 1 million dollar relationship with bank will transfer all my money if i dont receive a call back can be reached at 954 -559-8808. Alan kahn thank you worst customer service ever (Alicia vigil no manager skills in new mexico office very condincending and rude) Thank you

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Karen Beasley Merrill CASE #3230 - 1 d 6 h ago


I have been working with B of A for 2 weeks trying to get a re-conveyance on a Deed of Trust that was filed against my parents property in September 1985. This loan was PAID OFF over 20 years ago. I have contacted 3 different departments. The last one was Priscilla Pena in the Research Dept at (hidden) x 467212. She claims she sent it to the Expedite Dept and they would contact me within 24 hours. That was over 8 days ago. As the BofA employees refuse to answer their phone you call and leave your name. They claim they will return your call within 24 hours NOT TRUE I am now calling the CEO @ (hidden). The call was answered by a Vrenka who then transferred me to the Mortgage Dept. Yenna could not find anything even showing up under my parents name or social security numbers . She then transferred me the insurance department Angela then transferred me to a Mortgage Representative Shanee. After 30 minutes she found I had a new case worker Roberto Araniva who is "out of the office today"

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

I am trying to di the same. Thing I am not almost three weeks in with this problem ive spoken to to maybe 50different people been told some will get back to me I made a complaints but to bo avail I am at my wits end if you get any results please leave a comment for me will greatly appreciate any help and if I am abke to give get any info I will pass it on

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Anonymous - 1 d 25 m ago

Please call me at(hidden)

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Anonymous - 2 d 36 m ago

I am a bofa customer for over 7yrs I never experienced anything like I did within the last couple of weeks I've been calling and being pass off to this customer rep or the next and each have a different ans for the solution.

I have made complaints and no one has return a call in regards to my complaints this situation is time sensitive I am not sure what's going to happen but I know I don't want to do business with them.

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Michelle - 2 d 5 h ago


My mother passed away in 2015 - we have been trying to close her checking account ( $ 541.44) since that time. I have never dealt with a worst bank than the B of A in Fountain Valley CA ( corner of Slater / Brookhurst ) and the Estate Unit customer service line( on hold for 45 minutes both times then disconnected ). The last person I talked to today Willie finally after me faxing the documents again - is telling me to go back to the bank since their process has changed !!!!!

It is bad enough to loss someone but to not be able to finalize all her accounts and have some closure is just making this a terrible experience with this bank.

We will never bank here again.

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Angela ramsay - 2 d 15 s ago


Angela ramsay

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Ann - 2 d 6 h ago


BEWARE: BANK OF AMERICA WILL LOCK YOUR ATM CARD AND LEAVE YOU STRANDED OVERSEAS WITHOUT MONEY!!! Setting up a "Travel Notice" is pointless! You will spend a great deal of time, frustration, and money - on endless hold - attempting to get Bank of America to resolve the matter!!

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srinivasan - 2 d 15 h ago

last 3 weeks i am struggling with bank of america. I am internaitonal because of i lost job and moved out of the country. wife has health issues and kid college stuff sorted out now. i was having a 's' corp account and bank of america closed both my accounts. I i spoke to compliance department multiple times. they closed the account and send a cheque to one of my local US address. i have been repeatedly telling bank of america i do not have another company account in another bank and i have to deposit only the money to bank of america again, as the cheque is in the name of company.

i told bank of america please help me as i am going through multiple crisis in life (health issues for my wife, job loss ) . i send out a leter to Tampa address. even i told them i have very little option at this. dont know what to do

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Danielle - 3 d 20 h ago


I just wanted to put this information somewhere because I feel it's important. I recently purchased a home, my lender was Justin Hutchison. He serves the North County San Diego.

He was fantastic! I contacted Justin a year prior to this purchase, but things didn't work out for me. Fast forward to now and Justin not only remembered me he made the process as easy as possible. Justin always took my call and talked me off a few ledges. He is what made this experience worth it. Justin's customer service was impeccable. I truly would not have made it through this process without him. He is the best! Any other purchases I make will definitely go through Justin.

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My name is Jerry Prater and my email address is if you want to contact me. Thank you very much. - 4 d 9 m ago

I thought you might be interested in this. I received it and it has the name of Mr. Moynihan on it as CEO of Bank of America.Bank Of America. Corporate Office Headquarters 100 N.Tryon St Charlotte, NC 28255 United States Of America. Our Ref: BOA/IRU/SFE/15.5/WD/011 Working Hours: Monday-Saturday 8 a.m.-9 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) TRANSFER UPDATE OF YOUR INHERITANCE FUND WORTH THE SUM OF $27,000,000.00 ( TWENTY SEVEN MILLION UNITED STATE DOLLARS ) Attention: Beneficiary, This is to alert you that we received your inheritance fund worth the sum of $27,000,000.00 ( Twenty Seven Million United State Dollars ) From the Federal Government of Nigeria in Africa through Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) for your immediate payment, You are informed to quickly respond back to this Bank today and reconfirm to us your personal information and your banking details where you will like or desire to receive your fund for an accurate transfer of your fund into your account, The information required from you for the transfer of your fund into your account is such as below. Your Name In Full:..................... Country And Location Home Address:........... Telephone Numbers:............ Occupation:................ A Copy Of Your Identity Card:............ Age/Sex:................ Bank Name:.................. Bank Location Address:.............. Account Name:............. Account Numbers:............ Next of Kin:............... Thank you for your kind understanding to this Bank as we look forward to receive your required information and your banking details today for the proceed and transfer of your fund into your account. Best Regards, Brian Thomas Moynihan, CEO/Bank Of America Phone Number: 1(hidden) (SMS) Email: (hidden)

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Lucien - 4 d 6 m ago


This bank will close soon. I have been dealing with a serious situation with this institution for over a month. Every time I talk to someone, they don't know anything. and they send me to talk to another department repeating myself. Three days ago I talked to four different people from Risk, Fraud, Claim and representative. At the end talking with the fourth person, he told me that" the case was properly summited". Can you believe this? in one month nobody did it right. He told me that in 48 hours I should receive a pone call. I am still waiting. I don't know where to go . I am thinking calling my local channels maybe they will help me to solve my situation.


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Jeanmcgow3 - 5 d ago


Cancelled my acct with no answers why Risk department is the most unprofessional people there working person name is Armanda really rude she needs to be replaced I made it my mission to advise everyone and posted on Facebook&tweeter of my experience E Mcow xxx8630

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Courtney Lopez - 5 d ago



**Ive been having trouble with my online banking. Can someone please call me so i can explain what i have going on. Im not going to tell my business on here but the service i have been geet w u guys is so horrible ive never had this problem. And why does everything have to be automated?! I can never get a real person to talk to anymore. **

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Cheryl Hudson- Walker - 5 d 5 h ago


The location on Independence Blvd. never has enough staff and the lines are always so long. The drive through is limited to one lane and that teller, has to work the window and the drive through. I questioned it and was told to go to another location on Albemarle Rd. Friday and Monday are the busiest days of the week in the banking industry. Why isn't the bank fully staffed?

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paul - 6 d 5 h ago


I would suggest that Bank Of America give their reading lessons-I an getting sick and tired of the idiots you have that cannot read paperwork or dont seem to understand what they are reading or trying to comprend.-

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Marie - 7 d 4 h ago

Dear BOA,

I was hung up on today from your head office

Left on hold for a long time. I am a customer if your bank with a business and personal account. My request seems to be so differcult for your staff to handle. I just want to be able to go in bank and just like you ask for rolls of pennies, nickles, dimes etc, I want rolls of gold coins PLEASE. Yes I know they may be mixed gold silver in roll I've been told this SEVERAL times more like to deter me than anything. They are legal tender not collectibles. Do I have to transfer banks just to get coins. (hidden)

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Anonymous - 7 d 5 h ago



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Joan - 7 d 9 h ago


My son is a minor and I opened a bank account for him a year or two ago under my name as his guardian at Bank of America. In May this year, he let a girl use his ATM and gave her his pin # card to deposit a check, and she cashed it. Periodically, she would ask him again and my son let her use it at least 4 more times. In June, he got a notice stating his account had been closed. We also found that because my son only had $21.00 in his account when the first check was cashed - the bank emptied my account and my husbands account because our accounts are related.

I went to Bank of America several times called to find out firstly, why these checks were cashed in the first place. The money was not in the account to cover the checks and permission was not given to the bank to cash these deposits in a minors account. I was told it was a courtesy. I could see courtesy once, but not 5 times. Yes, if my son were more responsible in checking his bank mail - he would have seen that these transactions were being charged to him. Now they have closed both my husband and my accounts, even though money had been taken out of our accounts. Please contact me: Joan (443)538-6110. Thank you

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Fed Up. - 8 d ago


A.P. Giannini should be rolling in his grave. He opened the bank after the 1906 quake, on a sidewalk, giving loans with a handshake and created one of the most respected banking establishments in the US. Yet, after 111 years, this has become one of the most hated banks and with good reason; BofA forgot to move the Customer Service department when you moved from S.F. to Charlotte, N.C.. Gone are the days when the customer is treated like a human being.

My particular beef, is with my local branch in Alameda,CA. I have notice a decline of service the past many years, but I believe their philosophy is that I should bow down and kiss their feet for the privilege of banking with them. I will only conduct my business with a teller, in person, since I have had problems in the past dealing with mailing in payments, they say they didn't arrive in time; it takes 2 weeks to get from SF to Delaware? Note; they said they all arrived the day AFTER the due date; how convenient. I have had problems with using the ATM when making deposits, so I now use the teller and force them to make the entry in my check book as well as the receipt. However, I must now set aside at least 30 minutes to conduct my bank business since BofA has eliminated 80% of their tellers. Today, 10 people were in line, including "merchants", which take a lot of time to conduct their business. There was only 1 teller. A bank employee came up the line, which is suppose to be the customer service person, asking what we needed to have done at the window. Well, that's great except they can't do anything that requires taking cash, distributing cash. Boy, that helps a lot. They just take your check, give you a written receipt and you have no idea when your transaction will actually be done. 4 people walked out after 20 minutes and the line had moved by 2 people. When we ALL complained, the "customer service" person said she wasn't a teller so couldn't help behind the window. Baloney, she's helped me from behind the window many times. 4 people sitting behind desks, one walking around and one teller. What happens when the teller has to use the bathroom or wants to take required breaks or lunch? Do they close down the bank for 10, 20 or 30 minutes since, apparently, no one else in there knows how to be a teller. I have learned from another "floor walker" at another BofA, that within 3-5 years, the goal is to be that there will be no more tellers and all business will have to be done on-line or at ATM's. Time to start putting my money back in the mattress so when the power goes out and you can't get cash at the ATM or you can't pay bills because you can't do it on line and good luck when the bank gets "hacked" and you find your money missing, BofA will be right their to help you....HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 8 d 6 h ago


Hi! My name is Gloria L Lomeli account # is (hidden), since 1986. I would like to make a complaint. Yesterday, 08/08/17 around 2:40 pm., at La Playa branch, Hesperian Blvd., city of Hayward, ca., I am a disable woman with "chronic" body pains and with body limitations. I get anxious of lots of people around me. I enter the bank directly going to the disable window. I rang the bell and no one, was coming to help. I saw an executive head officer of the bank, about 50 feet away. He saw me and never came to me for assistant. I saw him go to the back side door to the tellers area. After waiting more time, didn't know, "WHAT WAS GOING ON! I rang the bell a few times in a despret way. Finally a gentleman and the manager came to me. I was a little upset about waiting and not beig helped. The manager, after; I told him my situation of being disabled with chronic body pains. He said; You need to wait like other people in line not fare for people standing in line and I just help you! I told him No! I need special occomadations! After trying to make him understand, he left. A gentleman teller started to help cash my check. I am already traumatized by going to this branch, after, unprofessional mist treated from Mr. Fernando, the manager last year. I was in the area and took my chances to cash a check, needed the money to buy something at the mall. After reporting many acomplaints from few branches, here, in Hayward. Your bank never had the courtacy to send me an oppology letter. l left the bank very stressed shaking and very weak. I attempted to call you and was left on hold, for a very long time, finally had to hang up. I did mentioned to the representative on the phone that I was upset, in my car in front of the bank. I finally left the bank, to the mall that was bext to the bank. Today 08/09/17 just finished talking to a representative after being on hold from 9:00am to 9:25am tranfered to a Ms. Keisha, on hold also, for another few minutes. This call finished at 9:27am? I decided to send this complaint by email to make sure, I have get heard. I will be waiting for your respond. Have a great day! Thank you!

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Gloria - 9 d 12 s ago


BOA has been my bank since the early 2000s. But now they're going to lose the business of both my husband and I. And all over a $35 overdraft fee. I made a mistake but Bank of America took the largest amount out first and made another item bounce on my account. Now if they had done the lower amount first then I would only been hit with one overdraft fee. Mind you all I forgot to do is transfer from one Bank of America account to another. And the problem was rectified the first thing the next morning. But they refused to refund me one of the overdraft fees. I didn't ask for both just for one. Now Bank of America got fined for this years ago for the way that they were doing these overdraft fees. So I'll be taking my business and going to another bank.

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