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Bank of America Corporation

100 N. Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC
Brian Moynihan
President and CEO
(800) 299-2265
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Marol - 6 h 12 m ago


They just lost another customer today, judging from the number of complaints I see on every site, they must not care. So long to you and your discriminatory practices. Bank of America holds checks deposited in certain areas longer, they suspected my deposits as fraudulent though I never had a returned check. They even held my deposits a week after the check was paid by the other bank, said they were still "verifying" the checks. Mind you, the other check was written from a BOA account. I guess it takes a week to verify their own checks.

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Kasey Jones - 6 h 27 m ago


I have been with BOA since before they were BOA. However once they changed over to BOA i have nothing but problems after problems.

1. When i deposit large amounts of a check. I have to wait for them to release my funds (hidden)683293894 days later.

2 When i dispute transactions and provide them with the proper info They still rule in the other party's favor.

3. Customer service is helpful in SOME states

4. When i need to speak with a manager (who i think is capable of handling it) usually isn't any help.

The list can go on and on. However im to tired of the bank to KEEP complaining.

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Anonymous - 8 h 9 m ago


The call center in Texas if terrible. The agent didn't know how to handle the call or account. She kept telling me that there was no notes on the account from my last call. She also tried to tell that a lead and a manger or the same thing. But because of my line of work i knew that was incorrect.

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billie dowdy - 7 h 49 m ago


when you call the call center from your home in texas.... i at least got a lady named tamara hartz who said, after i asked, she was located in utica york, i suppose.. ugh. she was rude. knew other about my account...kept calling me by the wrong name, i asked for bank of america's national headquarters, she said there were none.... OMG> she said there was only a number to the head of the call center. jeeze louise. testing her, i asked if BOA was on the stock exchange, she said no. i told her of course they were, and of course there was a corporate national office. she said no in a mean mean tone. i do not want this lady handling or being privy to my monies. this is ridiculous....

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CrystaL Hawkins - 1 d 29 s ago


So, i have been going through a claim for $159 since Sept 1st 2018, It is now Dec 11th 2018. I spoke with a rep when i opened the claim and told him that i moved and to update my address. Instead of him updating my address, he placed my address in the notes and sent the form i needed to complete my claim to an old address. A month goes by and the money was taken back out of my account. I called BOA to let them know what happen as well as let them know the purchase i made on line was a mistake and tried to cancel the same day which was Aug 31th. All I have been getting is the run around. I ask for the corp address from a supervisor name Amber. And she disconnected the call. I have been with BOA since 2012 and I have been treated like a piece of shit since. I started in 2015 when me Tax funds on $8100 was placed into my account and they froze it. When i call to ask why. A rep told me; when you find out if the money is yours we'll release it. WOW!!!!! I want to sue this bank so bad for emotional distress..... This is just un heard of!!!

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Slic Vic - 10 h 28 m ago

This is the worst bank ever !!!!

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Nick kelvin and gustavo - 2 d 8 h ago


To whom it may concern

Your employee by the name of nick kelvin and gustavo at security dept did not release the payment of $10.000 downpayment for house improvement for no reason this is a legitimate transaction they got the contract between the license contractor and the home owner they hold the fund for 22 days until we decided to cancell this people has no right to work for boa pls remove them they are more qualified person in that field ty

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Hate - 2 d 11 h ago


No words needed.

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Phuc Hoc - 5 d 10 h ago


this p.o.s which is what it was in the beginning stole my emblem while I was asleep and made the emblem for itself, the emblem of a virtuous red color is my hard work

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keith gallaher - 5 d 10 h ago


there is a reason i quit using b of a , the customer service is the worst i have ever delt with , i keep getting a run around , completley un profesional,

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michaele - 6 d ago


I sent a money transfer in October and one in December the one in October went to bank of America on brickle ave in Miami Florida and this one I sent on the 3rd of December went to NYC what's bank of America doing it seems to me they are really screwing up everything

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Frustrated - 6 d 10 h ago


The Manager, Julie at the branch at 3094 S. Orlando Drive, Sanford, FL took it upon herself to "change the policy" of NOT calling in for the codes when dealing with "Comp Cheks" that truckers use. She wants us to call in ourselves and write the codes on the back of the check for them. If you turn the Comp Chek over, it clearly states on the back that a "Bank Representative must call the check codes in themselves for verification". I called her but she was so rude and kept defending her "new policy". So basically, you can go to this branch with a stack of comp cheks, write any number on it yourself, get the money and walk away without anyone verifying anything. Maybe the Manager will think twice before changing policies when her branch gets ripped off a few times. I tried to help her but she wouldn't listen!

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michaele - 6 d 47 m ago

That's another reason why I don't like bank of America, all their employees are ignorant

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Mike - 6 d 7 h ago


I've just been told Bankf America does not take cash deposits.

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Joanne - 7 d 13 h ago


I just got back to my office after waiting in line at the Port Richey on Little Road branch for 40 minutes. While the line grew longer there was only one teller for a good portion of my wait. Then another teller finally opened a window to give some relief. The linw was to the door and people were saying they were going to change banks, write letters, complain etc. This is the norm at Bank of America. I used to use the Ridge Road, New Port Richey branch because it was closer but it closed like so many of their branches.

If my mortgage wasn't with this bank I would not use them.

They are redecorating the outside but they don't have money to pay more tellers???????? That's just wrong and poor customer service.

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Natasha - 8 d 9 h ago


This is the absolute worst bank i have ever had the displeasure of having to work with. This bank is in Albuquerque, NM on Carlisle. Never have I heard of a bank make it SO difficult to make business deposits. I run a very small store open 9-7 with just one other associate. My store runs on billed transactions which incure interest if we do not get them done on Mondays. Every time we have to go to the bank if we are alone it take 30 mins at least which requires us to close the store and inconvenience customers. The branch manager told us to drop deposits off in the morning and go back to pick them up. That's fair, since there are 5 or 6 deposits for the week. But then when we go back to pick them up (another 30 min wait and lost sales) they're never ready! Its happened 3 times!!!! Now today she said we are only allowed 1 deposit a day. I called other locations and the managers each said wow and invited us to go to their location! Which i will be doing. If you have a lot of time to waste, this is the right bank of America location for you! If i could leave negative stars i would.

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Bank Of America Is a Loser!!!!! - 8 d 10 h ago

Bank Of America was always very helpful with a problems on my credit card.

Now things have gone South with this crummy bank!.

Their system of applying payments to credit card balances has

become awful!!!!!. Not to mention their recording.

I have some anxiety that Bank of America will screw up my

balance to the point that payments as the one I had just

applied with my checking account recently,,,,, will not

reflect or lower my balance and have the balance fully paid

off to zero!!!!!!!!.

Try another bank and best of luck to you.........


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AC in Laguna Beach - 9 d 4 h ago


The most miserable online banking customer service possible - worse than the US Postal Service!

I didn't recognize a charge on my credit card statement and filed an online dispute. That was AFTER calling 3 different B of A 800 numbers - none of which were in service on Sunday (so much for 24/7 support). And of course you don't tell anyone that no one's available on Sunday until AFTER they've had to go through your miserable automated system.

A while after filing the online dispute I realized the charge was valid so I called today, Monday, thinking I'd get through to someone (silly me) to retract the dispute.

After 30 minutes on hold listening to mind-numbing "music" and a reminder - EVERY 60 SECONDS - that I could call the merchant to resolve the dispute - I hung up.

Then I called the 800 number on the back of my credit card and actually spoke with a live person who wasn't empowered to actually do anything (though he did apologize profusely for the frustration) and he transferred me. More horrible hold music and another voice thanking me for my patience - I hung up after 5 minutes.

B of A you're one of the wealthiest companies and this is the customer service you offer? Shame on you!

If I could give you a negative star review it would be negative 10!

Oh, by the way - I have other credit cards and I'll be using them from now on.

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Not a Happy Camper - 8 d 14 h ago


I'm so appalled with BIA. I understand your frustration.

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Bank Of America? No WAY!!!!!!!!! - 8 d 11 h ago

I am now holding supervisor, Bank of America REFUSES to credit my

credit card for a payment. I even have a confirmation number plus

Bank of Bank is the top transaction posted today 12/3!!!!!!!.

How could they give a correct balance if the withdrawn money from

Bank of America was not posted until today Dec 4th?

I (was a customer with Bank Of America over twenty Years).

Did you ever notice that Bank of America might be the only

credit card department that does not send confirmations by

E-mail's!!!!!!!!!!. Their recording message is so stressful,

that alone is reason to choose another bank!

Bank of America is a horse's ---!


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Frustrated - 8 d 11 h ago


Their automated phone system STINKS! Can't get anything other than the obvious "check your balance" stuff. THERE IS NO FRAUD DEPARTMENT OTHER THAN LOST OR STOLEN CARD!!! HEY, BofA, there are OTHER kinds of fraud that need reporting IMMEDIATELY! Finally get somewhere on stupid phone system and then it hangs up on you! After 15-20 min on hold and navigating those stupid prompts. It NEVER tells you how long you have to wait on hold and THERE IS THE TECHNOLOGY TO DO THAT, so WHY don't they have it?

A fraudulent check was paid out of my account. Not my name on the check, but my account number was on the bottom of the printed check.

BofA did do the right thing and put back in the amount of the fraud and the bounced check charges. BUT then put a stop on the entire account so no more of those fraudulent preprinted checks can go through.

Consequently ALL MY MONTHLY PAYOUTS ARE BOUNCING! Now black eyes with those companies!

They put ME through the wringer to ID ME instead of the fraudsters! Asked me all kinds of questions "to make sure it was really me". I answered several but those weren't enough apparently. Didn't satisfy them enough on Friday, transferred AGAIN to wait on hold for INDETERMINATE time, was on pre-paid phone, used ALL MY MINUTES, about two hours worth, no one available on the weekend, auto payments declined, had to purchase more minutes, NOW WHAT???? They have to give me a new acct number to go with my ATM card. They said I COULD go into a "banking center" to verify who I am BUT THEY CLOSED THE ONLY ONE IN THIS TOWN AND THE NEAREST IS OVER AN HOUR'S DRIVE ONE WAY! Now what?????

I have been with BofA for decades, since the very first. That is about to change. There is NO customer SERVICE!


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Tommy James3 - 8 d 11 h ago


Hello me name is Tommy James3/ Toughguy Moving. I first at only company I started five star quality only this calculation of just $200 I immediately took care of any negative balance. I was no more your best decision was to BLACK LIST do you no how long how worng life went Now do you no what happening I promise I will Show explain such Bank of America policy standers are destructive to have to go with no way of saving checking account EVERY WERE locked out it poverty with a 100 persent your discussion that still you not to explain why Tommy James3 deserve set only to fell.

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Not a Happy Camper - 8 d 14 h ago

I accidentally made on online bill transaction twice. I called BOA to stop payment. I was told that the payments would be stopped for a $30 fee which I asked to be waived. Thank God because when I woke up this morning my account was overdrawn. So, I called and a new representative did all she could do. Still I'm left with my account overdrawn. Once this problem is corrected, I'm sad to say I'll be leaving the BOA family. How do you have supposedly professionals giving out incorrect information. Unacceptable!!!!!

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Anonymous - 16 d 9 h ago

I'm sick and tired of going into my bank and waiting in a long line. Just 2 tellers! One for inside and one for window. Terrible service. My branch is Simpsonville South Carolina

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sick of waiting - 9 d 8 h ago


me toooooooo!!!! i complained about it today and was ask "then why do you still bank here" are you kiddung me!!! i can't find anyone i can complain to about it either.

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