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Bank Of The Ozarks Inc

12615 Chenal Pkwy
Little Rock, AR
George Gleason
(501) 978-2265
(501) 978-2350
Annual Sales Est
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Bill Codner Sr - 11 d 6 h ago


I made a deposit this morning of over 5,000.00 dollars. The bank is holding a portion of it until the 15th, balance the 22nd of June. How much interest am I to expect within this "holding of funds"?

The tellers are very nice at this bank but the banking company seems impersonal, aloof, dis-interested so I am contemplating a change of bank by year end.

I need a bank that can be more helpful in times of need.

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LIKE (ADDED TO ANGRY) - 19 d ago


I would like to say, however (as a 2nd part of my "ANGRY" review that I forgot....the Branches at both the Loganville GA, and the Grayson GA,,,,,are VERY, VERY nice (as is Wes Alexander-the Grayson Branch Manager) The are the ONLY credit to your company I have found, and if I decide to stay with you, it's because I like dealing with them so much (They remembered who I was, by name, after the third time I had come into the branch!!!) So my ANGRY reiew DOES NOT reflect on them....ALL the tellers and Bank associates at BOTH branches should get paid more money....they are the people who are currently keeping you customer base...IN TACT!!

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ANGRY - 19 d 3 m ago


I think that, as a new customer, NOT having an "at least" 12 hour Customer Service line is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!! I am having a problem lodging into ANY of the "Bill Pay" information (after I had to GO INTO the Bank and get them to "write down my log on information AND IT'S WRONG,,,,Who has ro "register" for Bill Pay at a BRANCH anyway!!!) So, I'm trying to get bills to go out, and I will have to write checks and deliver them to my utilities, because otherwise they'll be LATE and I'll get charged a LATE FEE!! (Is Ozark going to pay that for me???) So I'm seriously considering switching my bank because of this! If I NEED HELP, I EXPECT my Bank to be available for me!! I don't want to be sitting here at 7:00pm EST...with no ability to get into my account on my computer!! It's a GOOD THING their app on my phone works...or I would definitely be switching my account!!


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RonaldTimothyJonesSr JONES Energy's ITF Unit 69 - 22 d ago


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disappointed customer - 33 d 6 h ago


very rude service at the branch in hot springs on central ave. the teller there spoke to me and my husband with a very bad attitude, she even rolled her eyes when we asked further questions as to why they would not cash a check that was drawn on their own bank that was good and had enough funds in the account to cover it. She does NOT need to be working in the public or this bank needs to find better people to serve their customers.

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Joshua Freeman - 34 d 6 h ago


This is a horrid bank! I presented a legal document to a branch and was informed it would have to be approved by their legal department which I was fine with. I then get a call stating they have to approve it with the person who signed the document, If it is notarized no verification is required under state law. After having to inform the branch worker as to what the legal requirements are for this document I get a call the following Monday to tell me they are denying it based on the date it was signed. Apparently the branch teller has a medical degree and took it upon herself to tell the attorneys that the person who signed couldn't be mentally competent which NEVER came up in our general conversation because the person is not.

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Marcella Shorter - 297 d ago


I am very disappointed in this bank and their practices. They gave me overdraft protection and then took it away. My account now is overdrawn 145.00. They keep hitting me with these 35.00 overdraft fees and they are not paying the items. I think this is bad practice ! I am a senior citizen and I chose this bank because it is nearer to walk to from my home. That Valdosta office the people are nice but that branch manager has to go. If you are not paying for the returned items don't charge 35.00 if you're not going to pay it

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Ronald JONES Energy's ITF Unit 69 - 40 d 20 h ago


Thanks for the inquiry and I will see what I can do to fix this matter tommorow morning. Thanks again

General profile image Jones Energys ITF United Community Bank - 40 d 20 h ago

1 Tim Jones - Executive Vice President - Commercial Banking ... Tim Jones - Assistant Vice President, Commercial Relationship ... Tim Jones - Secondary Market Mortgage Loan Manager - United ... Officer Name NMLS Number State Branch Location Baxter, Beverly ... Locations | Bank of the Ozarks In-House 102417 Mortgage Loan Originator Former MO House Speaker discusses private sector politics, recent ...,13938 A Conversation With ... Dr. Timothy Jones | SBJ Thanks again for all the people who have been impusonating Tim Jones Oil Company and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Elizabeth AndersonHester - 292 d 11 m ago


Just recently (last week) sold my house and currently the seller is no longer allowed to be given a check for the proceeds of their sale. Everything is done by "wiring". My money was deposited in my account on Friday but I was surprised to see that there is a $5 charge for incoming wire fee. When I called to discuss this with the bank, I was told everyone pays it. That is the way it is. It is a nominal fee. Most banks charge more and it is for my protection due to fraud. Well in my thinking, for my protection would be not to charge me, just to protect me so that I would continue to be your customer. The bank is using my money every minute that I leave it sitting in there to make them more money. They say $5 isn't a lot of money and someone had to be paid to get the wired money into my account. Well let's see, if you took all the houses that are sold in one day and multiplied that by $5, I bet you would have a staggering amount of funds there in your name. This is stealing my money without even using a weapon. The weapon you have used is that of "taking advantage of a situation that the consumer has no control over." It is basically holding my funds hostage through cyperspace. Whoever thought of this idea was a genius, but in my opinion a genius THIEF. I don't see how you people sleep at night. What will you charge me for next???? It is a constant cat and mouse game. Shame on all of you. Mr. Gleason if you are a man of honor, you will stand up and say enough is enough. We will treat our customers as such and quit charging them for using their money!!

General profile image - 40 d 20 h ago

Thanks again for your inquiry and I will see what I can do about this matter tomorrow morning at my local Bank CEOs and get back with you on this matter. thanks again

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Tee brown - 304 d 23 h ago

Hi my name is Teakelia brown and I have a check I been trying to get cash but it's in my father name David brown but I'm his POA and I have to have some things for him for when he come home Monday and I have been to 2 different banks and Haven't heard anything can u please give me a call at (hidden)

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Moved on - 1 y ago


The worst company i ever worked for. Very hostile employee enviornment. Management threaten by new employees and new ideas. Couldn't leave fast enough.

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Anonymous - 1 y 129 d ago

This is a Bank that needs to go back to school. I am paying extra to pay off my Loan faster and they won't let me!!!! They stopped sending me bills because I payed to much. YES on purpose people!!! I have never heard of a bank who won't take extra money on a loan.. HELLO need to go back to school people!!!

Can't believe it!!! Scary... Really scary.

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Michael - 1 y 141 d ago


You have the worst bank, Close my accounts no big deal, But my social security direct deposit was sent to close account , Will not let me pick up my own ,money & will not return to treasury today. Your the worst

Flagged for review. 
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Richard Starr - 1 y 141 d ago


You bought out the bank I was with and now I get my debit cards declined for no reason or because I am overseas a lot or most of the time. I have never had such a problem with any other bank it is a night mare. I don't even need a pin number for my cards and the bank in Cumming GA. can't give me answers so I told them that I am going to change banks because I can't operate this way. The response was we respect your decision. I have never been so upset over a bank before. you don't care about what is going on at all. I have a business and a personal account with you and it don't matter to you if you loose them what a shame.

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Valerie R - 1 y 285 d ago


This bank bought out our community bank 3 weeks ago and we have had nothing but horrors. Money missing from our accounts, money transferred from our account into a strange account, ATM withdrawals that are shown as multiple withdrawals at the same time, same machine, when only one withdrawal was made. Constantly locked out of our accounts and ATM cards, The list goes on and on, and yet we can never reach a single person at the bank. NO ONE answers the phones, no one calls back, for every mistake made by this bank, we are expected to drop everything and go to a local branch, time away from jobs adding up, not to mention my son in Florida who has no local branch near him and they expect him to drive to Atlanta to resolve the issues caused by their mistakes. This is a nightmare of grave proportions. I don't know who to reach out to, we are not getting any help from this bank, but I am looking into reporting all the fraud and will definitely be closing the account. What a serious, serious situation this has been for everyone who had their bank bought out by this bank.

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C.L. Brown - 1 y 159 d ago

I am of total agreeance with you on the same subject you just touched on.

We also are dealing with the same issue at the same bank of ozark in Fort Smith Ar.

Transactions after transaction after transaction at atms, at stores in towns we don't go to. And we got all recipes from every purchase or transaction we have ever made to this account. Dates don't match up, prices don't match. I could go on and on about this.

Let's top it of with we have never received a bank statement in the mail...

Went thru the drive thru and asked for a withdraw of a lumpsome amount and money was handed directly to my wife who is no where on my account and was never asked for a ID they informed me they have face recognition when they type your name in the computer (but how are you going to do that with only a name and no ID).

One last thing and I'll stop ranting We also was informed that even though there's a limit for an ATM withdrawal in a 24 hrs period that if you go to an ATM and try over and over and over the bank will eventually allow the transaction to go through even though the balance in our statements went down each time.

This is all insane to us.

And the way they treated us when we have went in to dispute this is ridiculous..

When this all First happened the bank informed us the fraud protection would be calling. We have yet to get a call from them and this problem begin 5 weeks before Christmas..

Something has to be done. This is our lively hood. And has and is causing many dilemmas in our lifes..

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lefthandgal - 1 y 199 d ago


After over a year of trying to resolve a very simple problem, I moved my banking to Regions. Could not be happier. Regions knows what they are doing and treat you like a valued customer.

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L. Reed - 1 y 202 d ago


I too have been trying to reach them for weeks. No return call or Email. We financed a Truck with them and overpaid on our down payment. The over payment was supposed to be applied to the first 3 payments starting in January 2017 and we still have yet to receive any contract, or statement of explanation but they Debited our account on November 21st. I can not get anyone to return my calls or E Mails. This is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I am at a loss other than to close that Bank account till I can get there attention.

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A. Brown - 1 y 275 d ago


I have had nothing but problems since Bank of the Ozarks took over my Community and Southern Auto Loan. Bank of the Ozarks mistakenly processed a double payment for my loan that was apparently taken out of another account other than mine. I have made 8 phone calls and submitted the online help form on the bank website. None of my calls or other communication have been returned. This is a joke. I will also be filing a complaint with the BBB.

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kp - 1 y 271 d ago


complain to the office of the controller of the currency

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Brooke - 1 y 270 d ago


Same here!!! Just awful

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J. Zelczak - 1 y 239 d ago


I've had nothing but problems also. I am looking to file a complaint with the F. reserve. Terrible customer service.

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Brian S. - 1 y 209 d ago


Yeah. They pretty much suck with all the other brick and morter banks. I'm shopping for an online bank that won't make me foot the bill for all their overhead.

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