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Barnes & Noble

122 5th Avenue #2
New York, NY
William Lynch
(212) 633-3300
(212) 675-0413
Twitter IDs
General profile image - 1 d ago


When will you put the new Victoria book by Julie Baird on the Nook?

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Pat - 3 d 1 m ago


A rare day has come, customer service is alive and well in the form of Krista, Kristia at the B/N store in Pensacola. She was awesome. I apologize if I've mispelled her name. Bottle her ability to come across in a genuine fashion, make all drink that elixir. I am stunned. My day is better for having been to your store. Thank you.

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john - 3 d 18 h ago

I keep mailing a letter to the CEO. never get a damn respond.

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Lori - 3 d 3 h ago

Same here. I haven't contacted the CEO yet, but have contacted numerous other execs about their Leatherbound Collectible Series asking them to put the table of contents in the description so that we know if they are duplicates because they keep publishing different covers. No answer from anyone. Very Frustrating!

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Anonymous - 3 d 16 s ago

I think he resigned in 2013. Just found out as I have been trying to fax something to the corporate response.

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Anonymous - 3 d ago

Okay, thanks.

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Suzette - 3 d 22 h ago


I don't think they pay any attention to customer complaints. It's all just spam to them. As far as they're concerned, "The customer is always wrong."

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Friend of Amazon now - 4 d 16 h ago


Barnes and Noble #2324

201 e. Central expressway

Harker heights, tx 76548

Cashier : Cameron L.

I went to pay for my items and Cameron didn't want to give my discount using my promo code that was on the website...he told me it was expired and I told him NO, It doesntc expire until jan.17th. He finally gave in and put the code in and it worked ...the customer behind me wanted to use it and she wouldn't allow him to use it bc i already used it. IT'S ON THE BARNES AND NOBLE WEBSITE! IT'S NOT A ONE TIME USE CODE. I told him he wasn't allowed to do that and that the store could get sued and his response was "I wish someone would sue..." really? Great customer service there, pal!

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Anonymous - 10 d 12 h ago



I was harassed by Mateo at the 731 North SAN FERNANDO Boulevard in Burbank California. I am a black woman, working minding my business. I attempted to sit a table at the back of the store because it it cold upfront; he came and said they were setting a display right at that moment i could not sit there- an hour later no display. I sat on the floor reading and completing my work he came and said I could not sit there, there were several white men sitting in the floor in the middle of the aisle and he said nothing. He needs to be disciplined for his behavior that the second time he's done that since i've been visiting this location within two weeks. My email is (hidden) I would like a response.

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Suzette - 9 d 14 m ago


B & N seems to have launched a new program of treating customers badly, black or white. Everyone who visits B & N is now viewed with hostility and suspicion and treated like a potential criminal.

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Southlands employee - 6 d 1 h ago


For the potential of a great product, PEOPLE still love books, the staffs attitudes and management interest it providing great customer service and employee relations has lead to lost productivity and animosity.

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Ex employee - 6 d 1 h ago


Terrible training, impossible scheduleing, lost PTO due to inept managers.

My next step is to report these practices to the Co Dept of Labor.

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Anonymous - 9 d ago


Wow. I can see why this has one star. Phone courtesy is awful!

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Letiesha - 7 d ago


I just experienced the same issue..,

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Richard Butler - 9 d 20 h ago


Dear Barns and Noble,

I contracted your tech support today and have never been so frustrated in dealing with a customer service DEPARTMENT. I was calling about re-setting my pass word so I could order a couple of books, both audio and hardback. First of all, they don't understand english, nor reason for my call. All they did was continue to repeat what they thought they heard in broken en which was always not the reason for my call. Good grief, how to you expect to stay in business with when you can't even support your own customers. , After three attempt, the third person finally got it...

I think Nook is one of the best tablets on the market, but I will probably never buy another tablet due to your terrible customer service. Suggest you hire people who understand english and and can address the problem.

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toistorr - 10 d ago


i ordered a planner and a book. Got the book, the planner is on replacement number two and barnes and nobles sent it through lasership which is the mecca of lies when it comes to mailing anything off. I cant understand why would you use the same company that messed up the first time. now without my planner for 3 weeks with lame sorry excuses about using a subpar company who is either stealing it or lying about it.

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EJ, Minneapolis, Minnesota - 10 d 14 h ago


The new look of the Galaria store in Edina,Minnesota is a huge disappointment!!! No Starbucks ,no gluten free items, just high calorie snacks, high prices for food items, no puzzles, high shelves and too stark a look! This is NOT the BN I have frequented nearly every week.

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Suzette - 11 d ago


This complaint deals with an unsettling incident with the B & N store security in Hillsdale, CA. I entered the restroom, and after exiting the stall, a female security guard quietly emerged from her stall, and proceeded to stand directly behind me as I washed my hands at the sink. As I left, she then proceeded to open the door a few inches and peered out after me, watching me leave.

Creepy, disturbing, and unsettling, but then I've grown to expect that from B & N store security who apparently have nothing better to do than stalk and creep out book browsers, especially those who use the restroom.

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angry parent - 11 d ago


i ordered from barnes and noble on 12/21 for my duaghters college classes. check out page stated books would be delivered in 1-3 business days. no where on checkout page did it say a preorder book would delay delivery. I contacted banes and noble on 12/31 when i still did not have books and thats when i learned one book was holding up all of them. I told representative to cancel prepaid book and to rush the rest. I still do not have all the books and one book which my daughter needs and cannot get and has a test on is still not delivered, with no contact from barnes and noble on when it will be! class will probably be over by time i get book

General profile image

Jaz - 13 d ago


I order from frequently. Sadly, I have had multiple problems with orders getting lost, only to turn up weeks later after a credit was issued and the items replaced. I once received a book that was intended for someone else and sorting that out was a nightmare.

Contacting Customer Service is frustrating; many of the people answering the phones have such heavy accents that it is almost impossible to understand them. As a foreign language student, I get how difficult it is to learn a different language and I accept that the people I speak with have worked hard to get as far in the language as they have, but their ability to deliver customer service is lacking. Due to communication issues, I decided to use email. The email response I received today was full of grammatical errors, and reflected poorly on the company.

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Jezreel - 16 d 19 h ago

Do you have it in your company plan to establish a barnes&nobles book store in Imperial Valley, California? If not I'd like to put in a request to do so. Thanks.

p.s. I suggest implementing a large spanish-book section as Imperial Valley is located minutes away from a large consumer group in Mexico.

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Jezreel - 16 d 19 h ago


Do you have it in your company plan to establish a barnes&nobles book store in Imperial Valley, California? If not I'd like to put in a request to do so. Thanks.

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Anonymous - 17 d ago

I am in Jersey Channel Islands and have now had several emails from you concerning and order for Lauren Miller who lives in the US where you are. my email address is (hidden) so please stop sending me emails.

General profile image - 17 d 5 h ago

Was my order delivered to jim kerr in nyc ny a coffee break and calendar

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B Harrison - 18 d 23 h ago

I have been a loyal Barnes & Noble customer for decades. My first generation Nook lasted for years & only replaced it when it was no longer being supported. Since then I've been through 4 Nook Glow Lights. Each has malfunctioned & had to be replaced. My last one froze up after owning it for 4 months. I'm so disappointed in the Nook & have seriously thought about changing over to a Kindle. I'm ready to lose all the money I have spent on books in my library because I'm fed up! My latest Nook keeps closing out of the book & going to the home screen without me touching the sensor. I also hate that it's no longer a button because it closes the book too easily!!!!

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