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Barnes & Noble

122 5th Avenue #2
New York, NY
William Lynch
(212) 633-3300
(212) 675-0413
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General profile image - 1 d 12 h ago

We live in South Dakota 6 months of the year and the rest of the time in California. In July/August we renewed our membership as they said it was about to expire at the B & N in Sioux Falls SD. Now being back in California we went in and purchased over a hundred dollars of books and was told our membership had expired. My question is do you honor the membership from another state? My local B & N told me to contact you. You apparently don't issue cards anymore as we didn't get one at either location.

I would appreciate your response. Thank you!

General profile image - 1 d 18 h ago


I am absolutely and completely disappointed with your online ordering, I ordered an anniversary gift on November 23rd with express shipping promised to be delivered no later than November 29th as my anniversary is December 3rd, I never received the item and was unable to track delivery progress as tracking information was unavailable, I contacted customer service and requested a replacement which was promised to be delivered within 2 days, never received that replacement nor was tracking information ever available on that order, I have contacted customer service yet again and was again promised another replacement or refund, I opted not to get a refund because I really want what I ordered, which had been paid for since I placed the first order, I am disheartened by the lack of accommodation, abs still without an anniversary gift 2 weeks later. I would have bought the item in store but it was not available, this leaves me an absolute bad taste in my mouth for a store that I was an avid fan of, needless to say never again

General profile image

T. Welch - 2 d ago


I ordered a book from Barnes and Noble online, for Christmas on the 5th of December. When completing order, they wanted me to pick shipping that said my book would be to me on Dec. 27th if I only paid 3.99 shipping. But, if I paid 6.99 they could have it to me on the 14th? This seems like ransom to get your gift before X-mas. I mean, it has nothing to do with weight, it has nothing to do with overnight or evens 3day mail? Sorry, that is a scam. For s6.99 shipping, they can get it to me by the 14th, but 3.99 doesn't get it until after x-mas. They are not using any expedited mail service? So, why the double charge? I don't get it. If I order the 5th, that gives over three weeks to deliver standard mail? They want to hold order, for ransom, and mail it when they want. They don't mail it when they get the order, they mail it when they want. They hold it so that you will pay more to get it before Christmas. I know the holidays can be shipping nightmare, but when you order 3 weeks in advance, there should be no problem. This is becoming common with online ordering. The shipping is where they are making a killing. It doesn't take 7 dollars to ship a 11 dollar book....sorry barnes & noble.

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Barb Menard - 3 d 11 h ago


My daughter and her partner had a sad and very disheartening experience at the B&N on Colorado Blvd in Denver, CO today. While sitting cross legged on the floor across from each other, selecting a wedding planning book, they shared a brief, tender kiss. An employee approached them and scathingly declared "this is a family friendly place!". There was more, but I'll let them share the rest of the details. They asked to speak to the manager, but it turned out the employee in question WAS the manager. The response was underwhelming to say the least. B&N Fail on the so called "Family Friendly" front... because a loving family was unwelcome today due to a managers obvious homophobic mind set. #InclusionTrainingFail

General profile image

Jay - 2 d 8 h ago

Per the 12/5/2016 comment from Barb Menard:

Is Barnes and Noble going to commit to taking action such as a notice to all employees nationwide AND mandatory training to prevent similar affronts to GBLTQ individuals & couples in the future? Is the offending employee going to be reprimanded? Demoted? Dismissed?

We need a clear commitment to action, and follow up that shows action was taken!

Flagged for review. 
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Barnes and Nobles - 2 d 17 h ago


A worker is very rude and accused a person for stealing. They will discriminate you on purpose.

General profile image

Anonymous - 2 d 11 h ago


She also made a boy suicidal.

General profile image

Linda - 3 d ago

I have a choice in where I spend my money, and, until your firm makes a VERY PUBLIC apology, I refuse to shop at a homophobic store. I will share this story (not mine) with everyone I know, and will continue to do so, and to encourage others to do so, until we hear from corporate's lips that this employee has been reprimanded, that you have instituted new employee policies, and that you are issuing a public apology. If people do not like two people sharing a kiss then they need to look the other way just as they do with racism, people being attacked physically or verbally. A manager or store employee should not express their opinion on a private matter. Your stores need to be open to all people.

General profile image

KG - 4 d 11 h ago

Saddened to learn that the B&N in Bay Plaza in the Bronx is closing and NOT relocating anywhere else in the mall...WHY??? In its place a Saks is scheduled. Too sad.

General profile image

Cheyenne - 5 d ago

We recently had a Hastings close here in our town in Alamogordo New Mexico. Many people here are very saddened by this. I heard our store here brought in a a good amount of money however, this alone could not save the Franchise altogether. Would love to see a Barns and Noble come here! The eight year old Hastings building would be the perfect set up! What are the possibilities and details that go into making something like this happen? Thank you for your time and consideration.

General profile image

John Stamey - 6 d 17 h ago


Several months ago both the store manager and district manager of Barnes And Noble location in DeWitt NY said they were "looking into" getting an automatic door because their present door is very difficult for wheelchair using customers. In addition, it presents a hazard because when someone in a wheelchair (or pushing a baby stroller) tries to open the door the weight pushes them (me) down the ramp into the parking lot.

Apparently B&N doesn't give two dead flies about the disabled because, several months after the contact was made - and both managers said they were already aware of the inconvenience and hazard - exactly NOTHING has been done. And, judging by the hostility I got when I asked if it had been fixed exactly nothing WILL be done.

All the chin music they hand out about concern for the disabled evaporates when B&N finds out it will cost a few bucks to walk it like they talk it.

General profile image

Stephen - 7 d 17 h ago


My mother, a few days ago, attempted to purchase "Under The Dome" by Stephen King for my daughter. The sales woman that she talked to actually had the audacity to ask how old my daughter is, and then tell my mother that my daughter is too young for Stephen King. My mother was very insulted and disgusted to say the least, and so am I. We are a family that appreciates fine literature, and from an early age, my daughter has been an avid reader, and the young teenager books just weren't cutting it anymore for her. She tried reading "adult" books, and got hooked, and me and her mother fully supported her. Now, if this particular sales woman has anything against words, (because a book is usually composed completely of words) I respect that, but who is she to tell my mother that my daughter is too young for a book? We know what kind of book that is, and in fact, I've read it a few times myself, but our daughter is a very mature young lady, and we have raised her to be prepared for the world, and sometimes in the world, there are words that not everyone thinks are acceptable, but they're just words. That was at the top of my daughters Christmas list this year, and we told her about the awful sales woman at the store, and she was very upset. Not because she didn't get her book, but because that woman, who knows nothing of her, just assumed her maturity level because of her age. It pains me to do this, but thanks to this awful experience, and the disgusting circumstances, we will have to find a new place to purchase all of our books. A place that appreciates and understands a love of fine literature at a young age.

General profile image

Lucyde - 24 d 16 h ago

I am very surprised at the treatment I received when I appeared at my local B and N store to ask for assistance with a non performing Nook that was purchased last year as a gift from my children. The Nook no longer charges up...... the screen remains blank. I Oulu think that a Company as reputable as yours would do a better job of covering their own product. To offer a new Nook at a substantially high cost would not work for me, as a senior on a fixed income. Can we no longer live with the assurance that reliable companies such as yours will "back" their own product?

General profile image

Anonymous - 22 d ago

lol rekt

General profile image

Mari Nolan - 9 d 17 h ago


If your children purchased the Nook with a credit card that extends the warranty to another year, then you need to get ahold of your children.

Warranties are in place for a reason; most (98%) of products are already deficient before the end of the warranty. I find your attitude about being a "senior" seriously lacking, as I am a senior as well and find your words in poor taste to a really good retailer. Quit your complaining and making the rest of us seniors look bad - or pretty soon retailers will all hate us.

General profile image

Elizabeth - 26 d 10 h ago



M regular customer Barnes Noble, tenjoying reading books,

I don't have a problem before in coffee shop

Last week, I was harassed with your manager female, with food I bring outside it was Aliitle French fries, I bought a tea and cookie,

Today I went coffee shop, she staring water I bring, feels like a prison camp

Please correct this issue,

Coffee shop so dirty if you ask I will show the picture, selling tainted cookies,

I can bereaved 629 317-4480

General profile image

Grayson K - 25 d 14 h ago


This is the funniest review I have ever read. Sorry about your English skills. Get well soon. Toodles.

General profile image

Anonymous - 22 d ago

lol rekt 10/10

General profile image

Jonathan Leveatt - 9 d 17 h ago


Guantanamo is our prison camp and it is NOT Barnes & Noble. Perhaps you should know that a book store cannot allow people to bring in drinks and food and read books. The books get ruined and so do the magazines. Those are not your items, they belong to the store - it is just wrong that you think by bringing in your greasy French Fries and your own water that the store will be welcoming ---- this is a retail establishment, not your living room.

General profile image

RAFI QADRI - 19 d ago



I bought recently about three books in a week and while i was exiting out the alarm beeps they checked the books and receipts and updated about some magnetic problems i am very surprised about their racist behavior of checking my stuff or jealous behavior whatever and then later he added oh its probably the bag so i give my bag to that person he checked that and he found the books with receipts .

I am a regular customer ,So is it my problem when they don't use the machine properly.

As we all know that the paperless era is already ruining the books market where some classic people like me wants to read and ethically bought some of the books as well.

Whats the point of checking the bag when all the books were purchased along with receipts.

Barnes and nobels at 2701 Parker Rd , Round rock Texas

Best Regards

Rafi Joseph Qadri

510 925 9458

General profile image

John Lakemore - 9 d 17 h ago


Sometimes the machines are just ultra sensitive, especially around the holidays. There are massive amounts of goods stolen. Having those machines actually cuts the cost of doing business and likewise provides you with better selling prices on your items.

The staff at the store did what they were trained to do. If the alarm goes off and they don't check (unless you just paid at the checkout and the clerk sees you and waves you on) they can be fired from their jobs. If you don't like our country's policies on preventing theft, I might also note that European stores have cameras, detection devices when you carry an item out without it being decoded and they have surveillance teams watching everyone.

It may interest you to note that most stores now have cameras which survey their stores, along with professional security agents they hire to pose as a customer who watch everyone.

General profile image

What is the right action? - 17 d 17 h ago

Located in Estero Fl, at a mall named Coconut Pointe. What is lawfully allowed in Lee County on dogs (plural) which are not service animals. It is Sunday, Nov. 20th at 6:00pm. There's two dogs in the food service area, barking. Management is not interested.

General profile image

Joanne - 9 d 17 h ago


You might not know that now there are dogs who are certified for anxiety and which are allowed in all areas along with regular trained service dogs. Management has to be very careful when addressing this issue because they could be cited by authorities in prohibiting certified dogs.

You may be interested to know that dogs generally make less mess, are better-natured and are usually no threat (guns, knives, etc) to the public as are human beings. In fact, look on the bright side, they also are very protective and know what people think. That could save your life one day.

General profile image

Accosted by a B&N Manager in Florida. - 14 d 13 h ago


HORRIFIED at the treatment I received at the West Melbourne, Florida Store. A creeper followed me around the store and addressed me several times - wildly inappropriate! Clearly he was overzealously implying that I, a respectable middle aged professional woman who spends big bucks at your store, was a thief. NEVER has this happened to me in all my years of shopping. When I asked to speak to the manager I was LIVID to discover that the man who harassed me 11/23/16 8:30 PM, was the manager. Clearly something is lacking in your training &/or hiring practices. This man was vile. The staff at the caf, however, was pleasant and professional.

General profile image

Mary - 9 d 18 h ago


Does not sound like anyone actually "accosted" you or anyone. Perhaps it was just your sensitivity to everything, which is what it sounds like. I might suggest that you, yourself, become more gracious and humble as it seems you think a lot of yourself by mentioning your professional/age status as if it counts for something, which it definitely does not - at least here on Earth. How we are treated is in direct relationship to what our mind has in it - your behavior sounds as if you may have needed something, or you were thinking about the fact a man was watching your actions - if you are middle aged as you state, and you are unaware that what you think comes across to others, then I suggest you begin thinking nicer thoughts.

Condescending another human being is inappropriate.

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