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Barnes & Noble

122 5th Avenue #2
New York, NY
William Lynch
(212) 633-3300
(212) 675-0413
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Concerned Grandmother - 22 d 8 m ago


It did not take me long to figure out why my 15 year old grandson wants to go to Barnes and Noble all the time. Especially after he was banned from the internet because he was looking at inappropriate internet sites and Youtube. I called the store and was told that there is no filter on the website access at Barnes and Noble stores. Yes, it does take a village, so please do not give kids these tools.

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not a controlling grandmother - 19 d ago

a 15 year old boy is gonna find a way to look at porn even if you abandon him on a deserted island. Stop being such a control freak and give the kid his privacy.

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Winnie - 3 d ago


The right to acquire knowledge & information supersedes the desires of a grandmother who apparently wishes to treat a 15-yr old like a 5 yr old. He is not a little child; he should be allowed to make choices & decisions on his own without his grandmother looking over his shoulder & deciding for him.

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R.B. Roberts - 19 h 36 m ago

HI Concerned Grandmother!

We immensely salute your pro-activity in this matter. Such comments as you being "controlling" and your grandson not being a "child," we find without substance. These, are the opinions which are without practical merit.

You're his grandma. He isn't of age. He" is "a kid." And, we agree with you 100% about the store (or any other of this nature) which has pornographic and other non-productive adult content to take special measures to ensure that children don't have access to them. In addition, applicable staff members at the store (and all the others) should be required to occasionally monitor the child's viewing because of intact legal and practical restraints against it.

CG? We believe that you aren't the only guardian of children in the country who has this issue. Since this is really a personal one, of deep concern, you'd probably fair a lot better notifying B&N corporate to take special measures and/or to forward an all-store memorandum to daily enforce and/or to modify policy(if intact regarding this) towards respecting legal mandates and parental wishes against their under-aged children being so vulnerably exposed to this sort moral disease and all its related infestations and troubles in life.

Your gripe, we believe, is probably better heard and acted on through communicating with staff at executive headquarters in NY whom are delegated to effectively addressing this sort of intra-retail deviation or negligence against which there are strict, intact legal parameters and commercial penalties. Corporate may not be aware of this high-risk situation which irresponsible staff are very probably playing with on a daily basis.

In all, as I always say:" The greatest women in the world are moms. But, the greatest moms in the world are PRACTICING!" How great you ARE! You bet! Grandma?

God Bless You, You Family, & Your Home!

*As for those whom object to grandma's exercising her proper, ethical, and natural concern and diligence in this matter, please, know that in order to have an argument you must have someone to participate. So, please, don't waste your time. You can only argue with those whom choose to engage idiocy. That only makes you part of that dysfunction. I've said what should have been said. It's done. No one home!

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Anonymous - 20 d 23 h ago

I have done much business with this store but I will boycott Barnes & Noble if they DO NOT remove Ivanka Trumps book "Women Who Work!!!"

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Anonymous - 13 d 15 h ago

Who are you that you should decide what people will read, or buy or sell? That's censorship.

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Anonymous - 10 d 19 h ago


Boycott: to not take part in an event, or to not buy or use something as a protest

Censorship: the process of removing parts of books, movies, letters, etc. that are considered inappropriate for moral, religious, or political reasons

This is not about censorship, but about about making a protest against someone who supports the policies of a President who has been proven to mislead the American people on countless occasions. If Ivanka, for example, supports her father's pledge to bring jobs back to America, she should not have merchandise with her name (or pseudonym) on it manufactured overseas. It is ironic that you would accuse me of censorship when in fact the President has made it clear that he feels the First Amendment provides individuals and the media with too much protection.

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Regina - 9 d ago

Who are you that you should decide that someone can't boycott something? Did you not read Anonymous's comment? Anonymous said that they would no longer do business with the store. That, is that person's right to do so. I also agree on the comments below that "protest is an exercise of free speech". So to tell someone they shouldn't exercise that right is censorship.

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Anonymous - 11 d ago


You don't want free speech at B&N?

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Anonymous - 10 d 19 h ago


Protest is an exercise of free speech.

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Hope - 9 d 4 h ago

I have a complaint about the difference of online and in store prices at B & N. I found the Lose your Belly Diet by f Travis Stork on line for 17.07 ( on the B & N) internet page) but I happened to be close to a store and found one there for 25.95 plus tax. I preferred that bc of the immediate access and no shipping fees.The check out clerk explained that B & N does jot match the internet price and that I had to pay full price. The diff was about $13 more for in store and I know the postage would not have been this much. This is just ridiculous! I feel that the internet offer for the same book was false advertising! I know I am a lone voice in the crowd, but I am seriously considering abandoning all shopping at B & N whether internet or in store. I am very unhappy and hope that the folks in charge of B & N policy will seriously consider correcting this situation! No wonder the big box stores are losing out to internet shopping!

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Sherry Friedlander - 12 d ago


Freedom of speech is wonderful. It makes the imagination work. Sherry Friedlander

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Anonymous - 10 d 19 h ago


As I stated earlier, protest is an exercise of free speech.

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Jean - 13 d 15 h ago

There is a photo on fb that shows Ivanka Trumps book displayed along side of books about children of emotionally disturbed parents, narcissistic parents etc. This is a good laugh among liberials and librarians. The photo was posted from someone in Santa Monica, Ca. If B&N is taking a political stance, and is mocking authors with conservative views, I will no longer support your business. Your mission statement claims that you are a place of aspiration where people enter to pursue their personal passions, cultivate their minds and nourish their dreams. Does this apply to everyone or only to people who don't support the Trump family? The implied insults imply censorship. Customers who wish to purchase her book should not be insulted and stripped of their constitutional right to freedom of speech.

No one should be brainwashed to conform to your political point of view.

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Anonymous - 14 d ago


I have spent the entire morning trying to get someone to get me the access code for a NOOK book I purchased in a physical store. Email on the receipt is correct, email never arrived (yes I checked spam). Access code comes up "not found".

Nook content support says "if you didn't' buy it electronically we can't help"

Store says "we can't access the email to resend it"

Customer support on the phone says "go back to the store and get a refund" REALLY?? Nook books are non-refundable.

Off the store to see if my physical presence can straighten this out,

Normally I LOVE Barnes and Noble.

Beginning to change my mind.

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Kylie and Brian - 14 d 19 h ago


We just left your store in Ventura California and my girlfriend's crying because Fat Rebecca - the manager there - stole her coloring books from her that she brought into the store herself, saying that they were the stores when they weren't. The bitch snatched them from her hands, and wouldn't give them back.

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Anonymous - 20 d 47 m ago

I have done much business with this store but I will boycott Barnes & Noble if they DO NOT remove Ivanka Trump's book Women Who Work as well as Ivanka Trump's book The Trump Card!!!

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Tammy B. - 19 d ago

Couldn't agree more. The majority of the people want her merchandise removed from stores, that is why the high end department stores removed her clothing line.

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Yawnny - 22 d 25 m ago


Recently I ordered a used book version that was advertised as a "Big Book" version, which even gave actual dimensions of the book from a third party seller: Hippo Books from the main B&N website page. On receiving my "Big Book" of Chicken Soup with Rice. . . . it actually measured about 4X5"!!!

After trying to respond to my initial online order with an e-mail, I did not receive any response at all.

After further trying to send an inquiry to B&N, I wasn't able to even set up an account to send an e-mail response!

What a 'nightmare'!

If you are going to do e-commerce with your book business, at least know your sellers, design a workable website for your customers, and be responsible for actual communication with your online paying customers!

I am through with B&N from now on. . . . . and will do business with Amazon instead.

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Sue - 25 d 18 h ago


Just pitiful! My husband went into the Beaver Creek OHIO Barnes and Noble and there in eye view on the magazine racks are marijuana magazines. The manager said the order came from corporate. Keep that stuff on the bottom shelves, not at eye level!

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Littleton store - 26 d 37 m ago


Consistently the worst customer service of any company I'm currently dealing with. Finally, after wasting 90 minutes of my time and with a come on, I asked myself, why do I go to this store. It is always a low performer.

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Mark - 34 d ago


why does an internet search for a replacement charging/data micro usb cable for a Nook Color bntv250 not indicate that it can still be purchased at B&N.

This search brings back overseas knockoffs that do not work properly, or crooks who buy the $10 cable from B&N and then resell it for $49.

I double checked with B&N and found they do indeed still sell it.

Perhaps B&N would prefer legacy Nook owners ditch their still functional devices and upgrade to newer models instead of buying a ten buck cable.

Unfortunately some of B&N's customers are being ripped off.

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Suzette - 35 d 22 h ago

Regarding my post, this particular incident took place at the B & N located in Hillsdale, CA, but there have been similar incidents in other locations as well. Clearly B & N is relying on some highly dubious method of targeting/profiling people based on 'predictive behavior analysis' minus any actual proof or evidence.

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Suzette - 35 d ago

Apparently I have been targeted/profiled as a 'suspected shoplifter' because once again, no sooner did I enter the store when this time a dark-haired, heavy-set male dressed in dark shirt & wearing clip earpiece emerged from the back room, determined to see just what the 'suspected shoplifter' was doing.

This has become a common occurrence whenever I enter a B & N. They even went so far as to have a female security guard come in & stare at me when I previously paid a visit to the restroom. Funny, I see fewer & fewer people in B & N; it isn't all because of online shopping. Their atrocious behavior & treatment towards customers undoubtedly has something to do with it.

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Mrs. Edwards - 41 d 4 h ago

I just entered your Florence location at 10:22 in the morning and there's trash and debris all over the entire store in the women's restroom looks like it hasn't been cleaned since yesterday. Shirley this is an acceptable from your store.

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Dorothy - 35 d ago


Sorry, I do not know your location. I ordered 3 cookbooks from Cumberland B&N location, Atlanta, via telephone, I was told delivery would be Friday, 04/21/17, no delivery that day or Saturday, I wasted my time waiting, finally Monday, 04/20/17 icalled store& got tracking #, UPS tells me that today they will hand it over to USPS, pretty stupid, now the delivery will be days later, B&N pays 2 different companies to delivery books! It could have already been delivered using just 1 company. You get a F in customer satisfaction, days later I might receive the books I already paid for.

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