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Bashas Markets

P.O. BOX 488
Chandler, AZ
Edward Basha
Chairman of the Board
(480) 895-9350
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Anonymous - 53 d 15 h ago

I have shopped at Bashas for over 20 years. And now I am going to switch to Albertsons. Our local store is undergoing its second renovation. They are moving to just have the self-service check-out. This is STUPID! You will no longer be able to large shopping trips, there isn't any space for more than a handful of items. The people that work at the store are part of the reason that I've always shopped there. Down sizing to self-serve check-out only means my shopping at Bashas is over. I feel extremely bad for the staff who are losing their jobs to make someone else's bottom line a bit more padded. Shame on you, Basha's - I'm going to Albertsons.

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CeeCee - 77 d 3 h ago


I have shopped at your Sun City store for many years now and want to say that they are the nicest people. They are all most helpful and always smiling. I especially want to thank 2 depts. for the wonderful service they provide. The bakery and meat Depts. These 2 depts are always clean, well stocked and the people behind the counters truly make you feel welcome at this store. They go above and beyond to make sure that their customers are always well taken care of. Thank you to Rebecca (bakery manager) and Cary (Meat manager) you both show professionalism and a genuine care for your staff and customers. Bashas is very lucky to have you!


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Pearl C. - 168 d ago


Chinle Bashas western union is asking for a Western Union Payout location. Since when does Western union want to know. This location you also have to wait a couple of hours before anyone gets to you. How ridiculous!

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Mary Melcher - 173 d 6 h ago


On April 28, I stopped in at the Bashas at 1133 N. Ellsworth in Mesa. It was very warm, and I had been running errands for a few hours. I became a bit faint, probably dehydrated and asked cashier where water fountain was--it was at the rear of the store and I was feeling unwell. The carry out boy and the cashier were so kind to me. They got me some water--and were instructed not to charge me for it. Then they assisted me to my vehicle. I could easily have fainted or fallen had they not been so alert---and so kind. The cashier was #0127 it shows on receipt. I did not get her name or the name of the carryout boy. I wanted Trey Basha to know about these fine employees. They reminded me of the Basha's of old! Thank you!

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Anne - 216 d 3 h ago


I ordered tea sandwich bread and asked it to be done by 12pm . My husband went to get a 12:15 . It was not ready until 1:15. My husband is in a wheelchair, the employee joked , well at least you don't need to look for a place to sit '

He also had shopping to do and asked for assistance. The manager told him he did not have anyone available and he was on his own. We will not be going to this store again . This store is located on Signal Butte & Main st in Mesa .

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Randall - 248 d ago


Dear Basha's Headquarters,

I am a regular customer of your Sedona Bashas and have been for 17 years. I was appalled at the way I was treated. I went to the bakery and no one was there, I went to the deli and c asked if I could get some service. There were 3 guys there and Walter who v was waiting on a customer told me someone would be there to assist me in just a second. I stood at the bakery counter for 10 minutes without any help. I finally got help from a gentlemen wearing a vast on his right arm. I believe his name was JJ. I thanked him and went to check out . I b was waited on by the Manager Phil and when I told him of the instance he just laughed and said that happens sometimes.

I hope this isn't how you train all your Managers.

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Tom Chacon - 254 d ago


Dear Chairman of the Bashas Markets Corperat Board Mr. Edward Basha. We are Snow Energy and Telecommunications LLC. We are a Native American and Veteeran Owned Company. We Specialize in New Technology "High Resulation and Night Infrred Night Vision Surveillance Camera's, and Security Equipment, And Drones. And In Two Way Radio, and Remote Telecommunications Technologies. We also specilize in Copmuter and Software Technologies. We wanted to know if your are Connected to the Bashas Markets on the Navajo Nation Reservation? We would like to Speak with Somone on this behalf? here is Our Contact information; President of Snow Energy and Telecommunications LLC. is Mr. Tom Chacon his Cell is 1(hidden), website is

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Linda - 2 y ago


Staff in service deli at Sedona store are awful!! Linda, the manager of the department is ill-equipped to be a "manager." She is clueless to customer service & the understanding that if the customers go, so does her job!! I can speak up for myself, but I truly feel sorry for the many elderly customers that experience the lack of respect & appreciation of a customer from your deli staff. Was in store today, 11/18 & spent $273.00+. Purchased boar's head 2lb meunster & Lacey Swiss cheeses, 2 lbs of sweet slice ham & turkey breast. The associate stuffed 2lbs of item into 1lb bags & when I asked why he didn't put items into 1lb bag each, he replied "I am the only one here!" & Linda, the manager laughed.

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pakman - 261 d ago

It's a corporate cultural environment. They seem to encourage this type of Behavior. I visit 2 of their stores 1 frequently, not necessarily as a Customer, 2nd on occasions. Both seem to have issues with discrentled and Hostile work environment. You really get tired of the disrespect. No wonder they had to file bankruptcy, and restucture. Bashas needs to use this information to stand back and look at environment They culture. It can be fixed. But it has to come from the HEART.

To Bashas: Don't let your competition be the only 1 to win this difficult Battle.

General profile image - 1 y ago

Dear Bashas, I was just in your store Kolb and sunrise tucson

would have left but didn't have time

Domestic Feta cheese at 15. per pound last time i buy cheese there

"Atlantic" Salmon from CHILE

yellow peppers advertised at .99 per lb

was charged .99 for one

mgr said oh no, always by the each


i went back to produce and produced sign clearly marked .99 LB

three strikes

maybe come back 123 months but not before

General profile image - 1 y ago


Dear Mr. Basha,

I had placed an order at your Basha's at Carefree Az on Oct. 10 for my mothers funeral on Oct. 13.

We placed orders for bakery trays and a large fruit tray from the deli both to be picked up at 8 am on the 13th. When my husband got there at 8 am he got the bakery trays then proceeded to the deli. At the deli they claimed not to have an order. I described the women who took the order to my husband over the phone and he was told there was no such women working there. The deli manager said she would make up a fruit platter for us to be picked up at 10 am after the service. He agreed and when he returned to the deli at 10:15 she had not even started the fruit platter. This is such poor customer relations. We could not wait again for them to fill an order that was placed way in advance. This was such and emotional time for me and my family. We were having a house full of people and this added stress and aggravation was not necessary. I have shopped at your store for many years and was never treated so poorly with a nonchalant attitude, There was not even an apology or any remorse.

I would like to bring this to your attention so you are aware of the poor customer service at the Carefree Basha's.

Thank you for your time,

Barbara Lautazi


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Lee - 1 y 57 d ago

Deer Bashas I've been a customer of your store for 17 years since I moved to Arizona when I worked in California I was employed by Lucky's Market I've noticed recently when I go into your stores to 2/3 of the check stands are being used for storage for trash for extra cards empty water containers and go packs when I work for Lucky's who would not allow this to happen in front of the store as that as what the customer first sees when he walks in to see cash registers being used for for storage leads us to believe that your store never planned on being busy enough to use them when I work for Lucky's we always kept all of our cash registers clean and look to look as if they were ready to be used at any moment to walk in and find storage and trash in the front of your stores the store that I'm tickly talk about right this moment is store number 22 but I've noticed it that it's a habit and all of your Mesa stores if you wish to contact me you can contact me at my number (hidden) my name is Arthur

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Dissatisfied Customer - 1 y 82 d ago


This Basha Woodlands Village Store in Flagstaff Arizona sells rotten apples. I called the store and explained to a store representative that I did not have receipt, but I had the Basha's shopping bag and the rotten apples. He said "Too bad, you need the receipt" and basically hung up on me. I should have been allowed to return the apples but I guess Bashas is not interested in believing an honest person who has shopped at Bashas for many years. I won't be shopping at Bashas anymore. What a way to treat your customers....Horrible. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

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David - 1 y 111 d ago


Bashas, Why Don't you respond to any of these complaints?

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Gen - 1 y 278 d ago


Are you aware that your store 093 Food City in Avondale has their employees clock out and continue working until their task is complete because they are short on staff and they don't want to pay the extra time. And are told they will get let go if they don't do so as told.

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Anonymous - 1 y 178 d ago

They need to call the labor board.

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Badger Gal - 1 y 254 d ago


Bashas - Maricopa

This is not the first time this has occurred and each time I say something to the manager on duty but nothing get resolved. Today I went to do my regular shopping and to pick up a few special ad items. I found the sale items easily but could not find an item on my list so went up to Service Desk which was being manned by the manager. I waited approx. 4 minutes while he spoke to a man; once during that time he said "just a minute". I waited another minute then decided to check out without continuing my shopping. There were at least 6 people in each of the cashier checkout lines so I went to self-service. As I left I saw him and said "you are woefully understaffed". He replied "this is what I have for today". I should note that an oriental woman was standing at the self-check out when I went up to the Service Desk waiting for the manager to help her; her screen said "wait". I had completed my check out and she was still waiting for help. This is very, very POOR customer service. For me, unless there is some item that is on an extremely great sale price, I will begin to do my major grocery shopping at Frys. It is too bad since you are a "hometown" grocery chain. I don't know whether the manager did not staff appropriately for a Friday or whether he is constrained on labor costs. I am not willing to stand in long lines or not be able to get help from staff to find an item just to save a few dimes.

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