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Belk Incorporated

2801 West Tyvola Road
Charlotte, NC
Thomas Belk
CEO and Chairman
(704) 357-1000
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Sandi Bryant - 48 d 9 h ago

The Belk in Kingsport TN is disgusting. The staff is so unhappy with the new manager. People who have worked there 20+ years are leaving or being forced out by the incompetent management. I will not be shopping there much longer.

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Anonymous - 48 d 8 h ago

They are getting like that at all Belks.

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How Can This Happen - 22 d 14 h ago

Sounds like a description of the Hot Springs, AR store,, only the VP and manager plot together on how they can terminate personnel to replace them with prior Victory's Secret personnel under VP Andy Oyler. He just did this with a vacant SM position another store in AR. Oyler does not promote current employees instead he is building his own little empire.

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Anonymous - 15 h 41 m ago


Same thing at Belk Kingsport. They continue hiring under the Peter Principle. Promote people to their level of incompetence. Nothing but unethical people, all from American Eagle.

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anonymous - 22 d 15 h ago

If corporate was aware of the unethical practices and hostile work environment at the Belk store in Hot Springs, AR executives would be appalled.

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Check it Out HQ - 22 d 8 h ago

Corporate does not care the VP, regional manager, recruits his old associates at previous positions he, Andrew Oyler, is not ethical. If the truth was revealed he is recruiting managers with whom he has more than a professional relationship.

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Unhappy employee - 15 h 44 m ago


They know, they no longer care.

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Concerned Shopper - 22 d 7 h ago

Who would fire a black, female mid-level manager in her 60s, with the company for more than 15 years? Amanda Patton and Andy Oyler under the direction of Beth removed her support and set her up for failure. SM minion, Ashely V... approached several associates and asked them to get information on the STM to support termination to replace her with Brian who previously worked for Amanda. Ashely has been promised a STM position in the the SM. Brian was promoted to STM when there was no STM position available..

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Unhappy employee - 15 h 45 m ago


Same thing going on at Belk Kingsport. Hired a mngr from American Eagle. In one year she has systematically removed older employees and replaced all but one manager with American Eagle employees. They stash products for their purchase later, give better hours and pay to their pet American Eagle employees, have hired their mothers to work side by side with them, won't hire other belk employee relatives, the store is so screwed up. Worst part is corporate doesn't care. Just hired a division mngt who doesn't wear socks and wears his shirt unbuttoned. Obviously doesn't care about its image any more.

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Sandy - 64 d 14 h ago


8-12-19 Very disappointed in the Belk Clinique counter today in Lynchburg Va. Clinique is having a free gift promotion and has been promoting it for several weeks. I went to get 2 eye makeup removers to get my free gift and they were out of it. OK there is a promo going on shouldn't they have product? They ordered it for me but will get on Saturday. The sales clerk said they probably have it in the back but are short staffed to get it to the floor. Really? I am rating Belk GOOD with this caveat. I love the Belk store in Lynchburg. Thanks,

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Jackie Frazier - 19 d 8 h ago


Sandy , I myself had the same issue with the Cartersville GA store .

The lady who initially took my order at the cosmetic counter sn't there any longer. Preordered before my birthday weekend for free Este Lauder 7 pc gift with purchase of $37.50 or more , was told one of product was out of stock and couldn't reorder them . Proceeded to ask to pay for my one product and pay enough to buy the promo offer and was told by management "they'd lose money ". Thought I was a valued customer since 1976... what was I thinking ?

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Mary - 20 d 18 h ago


I have been a Belk cardholder for many years and have received their USPS flyers until January 2019. I have been trying since January to get the flyers mailed to me again. I have spoken to customer service and store managers about this situation and was assured I would be receiving them by September 18th. I was told initially it would take 90 to 100 days to begin receiving them. Seriously, in this technological age it would take that long. However, I still have not received the first flyer. Not one person seems able to accomplish this small task. I would also like to point out they have no problem sending my statements to me. My purchasing has dropped significantly since I no longer get the flyers.

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NA - 25 d 11 h ago


this corporation is a joke no ethical standing at all management is horrible and dont give shit ABOUT CONSUMER JUST LIKE CORPORATE

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Concerned Customer - 22 d 15 h ago

Corporate does not appear to be concerned about VP and managers.conduct. Associates are intimidated and threatened instead of supported and motivated.

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Sad to See - 22 d 14 h ago

I do not think corporate is that naive. They do not appear to have any checks and balances to review and evaluate store managers, they depend completely on regional manager who appears to operate completely independently.

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Debbie - 26 d 14 h ago


I went to Belk to buy bras and underpants. The sales clerk wanted me to buy things I did not want. She then asked me to do a "pre sale". I agreed and when I went to pay she refused to use my Belk Bucks. I was not happy but continued with the sale. I let her know I was not happy. About 45 minutes later I went back to the register and told her I just wanted to buy the items and take them home. After calling a manager, I was informed I could return the items and rebuy; however, the return to my Card would not take place for six days. I have had a Belk Card for over 34 years and I am done.

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Kyle Gray - 27 d ago


My sister told me to open a charge acct with Belks because they mail you wonderful coupons, etc. I did that 3 months ago and not one circular or coupon. I called customer service and asked; was given all sorts of crazy answers and was told it would take 90 days for me to start receiving them. Then I received another call saying they could not find me in their data base?? I definitely have a charge there, my card is in my wallet. I do not have time for all of this nonsense. I just wanted to spend my money at Belks and I cannot get them to send me info on sales or the coupons. If I do not receive anything soon, I will close my account and shop at Macys or Nordstroms. Horrible customer service!!!

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Thomas - 29 d ago

Whats Your HR Manager Name At Belk Clothing Ltd. Canada, Toronto Plant Sir ?

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Barbara - 29 d 6 h ago


I recently placed an order with Belk for a pair of women's slacks and a light weight sleeveless blouse. I looked to see if the items were in stock and the screen showed they were. I needed them for a funeral and decided to use the express option. Unfortunately, I encountered an issue. The slacks were shipped, but not the blouse. I called customer service and was informed that it was back ordered. If I had not called, I would not have known. The company should have the IT department make a minor adjustment to the program. Customers should be informed of any back order. I then tried to cancel the item and couldn't because it was after the 15 min time limit. REALLY!!?

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Cortez - 44 d ago


> > > What a wonderful, loving, sharing we're-in-this-together place this is. We share our money and their diverse diseases. God must have loved mud for He created so much of it.

Flagged for review. 
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Ze-bra - 45 d 26 s ago


When the goyim see a jew, they appear as transfixed at the deer when it sees headlights at night. When approached by snakes, many rodents stand motionless as if hypnotized. This is the goy when a jew approaches. There is something almost supernatural about all of this - helplessness, nay, a willingness, to cooperate with that which will devour you.

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Riped Off Customer - 45 d 15 h ago


Horrible Customer Service on a Return

I purchased a purse from Belk online, I returned it to the address that was on the slip in the box, where it said to return it to. It was delivered back to Belk on July 29th, and I STILL NOT RECEIVED A REFUND. Customer Service refuses to give me a refund even though I have tracking showing the delivery back to Belk. They say I sent it back to Belk Distribution (which is where the slip said to send it) and therefore they can not ve5rify it. WHAT???? So they know I sent it to Belk but now they have the item and my money. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I would like to hear a response to how this is proper business protocols.

Address returned to: C/O Northbay Distribution, Belk, 2050 Cessna Drive, Vacaville, CA 95688

USPS Tracking - 9405 8036 9930 0747 0251 68

I am including the tracking so anyone reading can see it was delivered.

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Mistreated Customer - 47 d 19 h ago


I purchased a pair of shoes at the Danville Belk with a $5.00 gift card given away on Charity Saturday and with a Charity ticket, worth $5.00. I did not try them on because I had a blue/green plaid pair just like them. These were red/black plaid (Crown & Ivy). Once home I discovered that one shoe was a 6 and the other was a 6 1/2. I took them back to the Martinsville store where I live. I encountered a new clerk who was not familiar with returns for purchases involving charity tickets. She called twice for help and no one answered so she summons the store manager who was nasty. He told me that he could not make a shoe. One would be insane to think he could. When I told him it wasn't my fault that the shoes were not the same size, he told me that it wasn't his fault. Argumentative was his goal and I told him how offensive I felt his comments were. He went on to defend himself with some craziness about he didn't intend for it to be taken that way. What other way could it be taken? I saw no signs indicating shoe makers or cobblers in the store.

I've called to air my complaint and received a call from one of Kloss' store manager) associates. How could she rectify the situation when she is his subordinate? I asked for a return call from his supervisor and received none. I then called a second time and expressed my feelings and late last night received an trite email with an apology that resembled one a child might be asked to write. So I've written again.


This is my third attempt to speak to a supervisor who is over the Martinsville Belk. My complaint is about the store manager and first an assistant responded to my complaint, but because the manager is her boss and she was his subordinate, I asked for his supervisor to call me. Then when I did not hear from Kloss' supervisor, I called the 800 number once more. Last night I received some trite email from the manager with a bland apology that was more like a child's apology similar to one that says, If you think I did something, I'm sorry. That is not admitting that you did something inappropriate. It is a backdoor way of saying that he doesn't believe he did, but if I think he did, well then, he's apologetic.

Your transplant from the north is not going to make it here in the South with his nasty attitude. I am far from perfect so I did some investigation and discovered that my feather was not the only feather he has ruffled since being given this assignment. You might want to send him to customer service training and then offer some assessments to see if he has mastered the technique of serving the community without snide comments.

This time I do not want to receive a message from Kloss. I want the district manager to call me. No manager should tell a customer that he cannot make a shoe. Who would be simple enough to think that he could? When I stated that it wasn't my fault that two different size shoes were in the box, he stated that it wasn't his fault either. No, he may not have inserted the shoes of different sizes in the box, but as a representative of Belk and management, he does bear responsibility because he is Belk.

No one has ever talked to me in this manner who was upper management and I am 59 years old. Your store has a long standing reputation of great customer service. My parents shopped for me at Leggett's in South Boston, VA when I was a child. I worked at Leggett's Department Store as a high school student in South Boston, VA. I then married and worked while teaching at the Collinsville, VA Leggett's. Thus, I know how Belk has fashioned its motto and mission. What I received in the store on Monday afternoon is not it.

I look forward to a response from supervision not from the Martinsville, VA store.

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Lynnette Corkern - 49 d 10 h ago

I love Belk's store. I shop at the store in Lady Lake. Florida. Rarely do I get out without buying something!!! My BIGGEST complaint is that there is NO price check in the lady's areas. I have to go to a checkout to ask the prices on things I want to purchase. Sometimes there are too many people in line to checkout and the clerks do not have time for a "possible" sale. The only price check is in the store is directly diagonal from the lady's department. It is ANNOYING!!! Please, please fix this. Thank you.

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Antique Lady - 54 d 14 h ago


I went to Belk earlier today in Rome, Georgia in search of appropriate apparel for a funeral tomorrow. I am a senior citizen on oxygen. I thought I could shop in Belk and would be assisted by a knowledgeable associate who would assist with at least the direction of the location of the department I needed. No such luck! So, I found the necessary department and began to look for an associate who would help me. Continuous walking with an oxygen tank is very tiring, but I needed apparel for a funeral. After approximately 30 minutes of looking for clothing and an associate, I gave up. I left the store without purchasing what I needed for a funeral tomorrow.

In closing, I would like to say that the next time you wonder why people are not shopping brick and mortar stores very much anymore, please think of this example. Your customer assistance needs work!

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