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Belk Incorporated

2801 West Tyvola Road
Charlotte, NC
Thomas Belk
CEO and Chairman
(704) 357-1000
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lighterpayne - 1 h 44 m ago


Very disappointed with Belk. Nice store, good items, but just do not want to refuse to honor their ads. Had a coupon for 20% off but clerk would not honor it for both items. Ad that I received in the mail said I had $15 in Belk bucks, but clerks said I could not use that, even though I had spent over $100 just a few weeks ago and was told I had earned this much. Seriously thinking of cancelling my card.

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corvextc - 11 d 7 h ago


The big nigger manager, Leon, needs to be fired from the Mt Airy store... He is a fucking jackassed nigger.

Flagged for review. 
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Claudia Wilson - 12 h ago

The fact that racist vomit remains available for consumption 10 days after posting is troubling. Does Belks read reviews, or is it that having read this hateful 'review', approve of the statement?

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Claudia Wilson - 12 h 11 m ago


Belks is in Disarray Christmas Day I placed an online order with Belks. The order has not been delivered. I have a chain of emails identifying the problem and Belks ineffectual two attempts to get my order to my address. Belks, in a phone conversation, told me I would not like their final solution and they are right. They continue to hold my money and their corporate policy apparently is designed to keep money that is not theirs as long as possible. Why won't Belks: 1. Deliver the goods 2. Promptly issue a refund Claudia Wilson Texas

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Dodie - 2 d 7 h ago


I have been at least 6 Belks in the last year and I am totally disappointed with the appearance and the way clothing is displayed. You cannot find an item because they are not together - they can be in racks all over the area. Sale and new items are mixed together so you do not know the price. I have always felt Belk as my go to store with quality merchandise. Now if they had an item I would want I wouldn't be able to find it because of the mess. The floors are also dirty and full of clothes that have fallen off the hangers also. If this was one store I wouldn't complain but I have seen this in at least 5 stores in different town. I am very sad.

I wear petite and am having trouble finding much in this area also. I am not the only petite person either.

General profile image - 3 d ago


You don't care anything about your customers orders being delivered to a wrong address and aren't trying to solve the issue. Well let me tell you it is with the software you are using. I am tried of chasing my stuff and empty promises by Belk staff with excuses oh we fixed it. But you did not. All the last person was concerned with is where stuff I ordered was delivered well for sure it was not to me I even told the person where it got delivered and the response was I'll look into it and call you back. I'm still waiting and this has been going on for a week

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Kim - 4 d ago


The floors at the Belk Store at Hamilton Place Mall appears to not have been vacuumed in several months. Truly, there were dust bunnies every few inches with a diameter of about a quarter. When contacting management, they stated that they were having trouble with maintenance. The floors were SOOO dirty, that I don't understand how they can have a problem with maintenance for that long and just ignore it. I just don't understand with a corporation so large, why they cannot hire contract labors to clean the floors. It was filthy. JC Penny and Sears even with struggling stores are cleaner than profitable Belk. It definitely has the appearance of a second hand store with the floors that filthy.

Also, even with the successful sales, the dressing rooms had about 15-20 items in each room. They did not have enough employees on the floor to keep the dressing rooms picked up. There were clothes all over the floors, and hangers in the floor. The aisles are so jammed with clothing, you cannot push a stroller thru the aisles.

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Mary - 4 d ago


Bell bucks are a scam. Spend 75 then you only get 15 dollars off. That's it. Can't use the coupons in conjunction with anything or another coupon. Bad business.

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H.T.B - 9 d ago


The Belk Bucks is a scam similar to switch and bait. I shopped at a Belks store in Metro Atlanta numerous times for Christmas. I have always been a loyal customer but no more, they have lost an Elite Customer due to this deceitful practices, I feel betrayed. I was given over $200 of Belk Bucks which are worthless because to use the them i have to spend another $1000 just to get a 10% discount what a scam. This is not how this "Rewards Program" was presented by your sales associates, they presented it as being similar to Kohls cash, this was a not true, not even close. This is one of the most deceitful programs I have ever seen. GOOD BYE BELK, hope this so called reward program was worth it.

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A. F. W. - 10 d 7 h ago


I have shopped in Belk Stores since at least 1954 at which time it was a pleasure, BUT TIMES HAVE CHANGED. Your present stores are crammed with merchandise so badly that negotiating the aisles is almost impossible. Also, I received a gift card which I may have accidentally thrown away. I have been trying to go through the steps to determine thee value which was ion the card WITHOUT success. Dealing with your automotive credit system is impossible. I am to say the least frustrated. If and when this is resolved, I may well dissociate my dealing with your company completely. I realize that I do not buy many things and my shopping would not be a great loss to you. Once several years ago I had an unfortunate episode with Belk's and discovered my account but then reinstated it. My shopping day with you is probably coming to and end

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TamalaHG - 11 d ago


Tamala Henry ~ WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! DON'T TRUST WITH IMPORTANT INFO! Customer Service Rep literally said " I'm just not in the mood for this today" HORRIBLE! I will never do business with Belk again. I was not trying to do business with them this time. I still have not received a credit back on my CC. I am now filing a complaint with the Attorney General of North Carolina. I would think it would be in Belk's interest to handle this situation since they compromised my personal data. Tomorrow I will spend my spare time making sure that everyone that has a complaint with Belk has a link to the BBB and NC Attorney General, especially people who have had their CC's compromised.

NC Attorney General Link: Link:

Sharon Payne Thompson~ I ordered some Estee Lauder online...showed Gift With Purchase; I even saved a screenshot of the order.... Now, they're saying my order didn't qualify.... SERIOUSLY?!?!?!? When I was "checking out", I was prompted to pick which of the 2 choices I want...

I've sent 2 emails & talked to numerous Customer Service Reps... When my order was being placed, the Belk system went down & even the CS Rep had trouble getting the order placed... I've attached pics of my online order in the emails I've already sent....I wouldn't think a "gift with purchase" would cause so much hassle!!!

Woot Woot a website that will let me give Zero Stars!!!!!

General profile image - 11 d 10 h ago


WHAT GOOD ARE BelksBucks? Really

From November 16-December 23, 2017, I purchased most of my Christmas Gifts at Belks in Greenwood, SC (The only thing not purchased there were 4 gift cards for Lowe's for the men on my list - their stocking stuffer). I have receipts for 9 trips in the store, all were over $125, with one at almost $1000. I even purchased presents for the residents of the new women's shelter and gift cards for all of the women on my list from the Belks' store. I was given Belks Bucks and was told that they are just like Kohl's - use them like cash - I still have 28 of these cards.

In the past, Belks has ALWAYS been my go-to store for all gifts and for my personal purchases, I even LOVE their Clearance Racks! So I held onto these cards and thought this is great, after Christmas I will do some shopping for myself. But when I got to the store with my mother on Sunday, January 7, 2018 It was a totally different experience. I was so frustrated I handed back the 5 that I had taken with me to spend. Oh, I spent over $50.00 but the $15 cards are not like Kolh's cash at all, you can only use one at a time and you have to spend $75.00.

I was even going to ask about opening up a credit card account (because I do not like how the checks cleared my account) but I changed my mind about that, also!!! You see, my husband of 38 years passed away in October, 2017, and I do not have credit cards, and I was going to apply for one, to help establish credit history in just my name. My accountant suggested this to me and even said a store card since I shop there a lot.

I doubt I will go in the store again, as I feel that I was told a lie. I am going to contact the corporate offices in the hopes that my opinion will be heard, but yesterday, the clerk said that I was not the only person to be upset and that maybe if corporate heard from enough shoppers then they may do something about the "false" impression.

I am taking my business to Kohl's store as I feel that they honor their BUCKS.

Patricia Z. Crawford, Greenwood SC

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Eli - 12 d 11 h ago


I've been shopping Belk on a regular basis since 2008. Since 2008 I've found your stores, particularly the Waynesville location, to be unbelievably messy. Granted, it's understandable at the holidays, but all year long there is merchandise on the floors and isles so narrow you can't make it through without knocking hangers off racks. I tried shopping for shoes after Christmas day and was so frustrated I finally left because of not being able to even walk through the department without tripping over boxes and shoes left laying all over. Train your staff to spend idle time picking up and putting away. On a good note, however, eliminating the ear-splitting buzzers at the dressing room entry was a relief. I had stopped going into Belk because of it, but was pleased to be spared the embarrassment of being subliminally labeled a shoplifter when I went to try on undergarments...

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Anonymous - 14 d 13 m ago


I live in Laurens, SC and have shopped at Belk for many years......recently ALL petites were removed from the store. I have been purchasing PXL 's on a regular basis. I sent in a written comment at the time. To date, petites have not come back. I am particularly interested in exercise pants and shirts, sweaters etc. I replace these on a regular basis.

Surely with a county of 50,000 persons there are enough petite persons for you to serve. Now I have to hem the pants, the arms, and sometimes the shirttail so they will fit. I have made several trips n the last few weeks looking for appropriate sizes.

I want to support a local Belk store and be be to shop regularly, as a retiree I do not want to have to drive to Greenville. Recently, I was in Greenwood and their stock was no better!

I would be happy to talk with any buyer or (hidden)

The future of our county depends on having access to quality goods and service.

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Deborah Alston - 15 d 6 h ago


Your Belk Bucks are the biggest scam of 2018!!!!!!

We had to spend $75 to get one and now you want us to spend $75 to get to use it!

I have over $200 worth of Belk Bucks so you do the math how much we spent! I wish I knew then how it was going to work!!!!

The employees kept making it sound like we could just spend them in January! You all are a Scam!

Go take some pointers from Kohl's! If you spend $20 you get $20 Kohl Cash!

That's who will get my business! I will be posting you Scammers on Facebook and every Social Media I have and ask my friends to forward!

Shame on you Belks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lesley - 17 d 6 h ago

I love Belks...its the only store i shop in at our mall in Gainesville Ga.but today i am considering driving to rhe next county had no help in the entire houseware section ...1 cashier in mens...1 cashier in children...when i spoke with the manager she said thats all they had and she was sorry...she said there should be someone in housewares (not where customers were) and then instead of offering to help me (i told her i just needed a price) she said that they had other customers...she was pricing not assisting...i know its after christmas but Belks cannot be customer unfriendly

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Angela Sintef - 21 d 11 h ago


The executive management of Belk's clearly does not care about customer loyalty or satisfaction. Their promotions like "Belk Bucks" and Black Friday gift cards are all a hoax. They are really coupons that are no better than the ones that come in the mail. There are too many stores like Kohl's and Ulta who appreciate my business for me to shop at Belk's again. I hope all customers realize how deceitful your policies are.

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Charlie Page - 22 d 39 s ago


Customer Service gone at Belk. Order USC Gamecocks shorts, received clempson shorts twice. Incompetent workers can't tell difference between orange and Garnet. Management worse 20 percent discount offered for 4 hours of trouble and a disappointed son for Christmas. I can get 20 percent everyday so no great compensation. Consider me a former belk customer

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Not doing this again - 29 d 21 m ago

Probably the worst customer service in the history of customer service. Thinking you should change the name of that department to "Don't Give A Flying Fig About Customers". I ordered 4 gifts and PAID for 4 gift boxes with gift notes attached to be delivered to St Marys GA. Ordered is delivered with no gift boxes. After repeated (5-7) calls to the DGAFFAC dept was told it was being taken care of. Then low and behold, the gift boxes arrive at my home in LaGrange IL. More calls and more lies. End of story, no sticking gift boxes sent to correct address and yet still charged for them. Quite a racket Belk has going. Called the corporate HQ and they were all gone by 5:00pm. What kind of a retail corporate office closes up shop 4 days before Christmas at 5:00pm? Probably out spending the money I was charged for the phantom gift boxes.

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Anonymous - 30 d 3 h ago

When I learned about Belk not allowing the Salvation Army to set up on Belk prooperty, I was very dismayed. They do many good things for thousands of people in this country, I will never shop at Belk's again.

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D L King - 30 d 5 h ago


I have always found Belk to be a step above, until recently. Clothing quality has dropped, material quality and styles are more in step with Wal-Mart than the former higher end Belk standards. Yesterday I went Christmas shopping at the Belk store in Charlottesville, VA. and I found lice on one of the coats they have on sale. I called a floor representative over and explained the issue, she called two more representatives over and the three of them stood there, 3 feet away from the rack, staring at the coat a flashlight, too afraid to get closer. When they left the area, they did not call a manager, they did not remove the items affected, and they did not post a sign to spare their customers. In short, they did not look out for their customer base. When I asked one of the three floor-representatives how their manager was going to handle the problem, I was told, "We didn't get talk to a manager, but if you really want us to, I'll try to find one now". This is reprehensible! Any company that will not take care of their customer base does not deserve my business. Moreover, I will make sure every person I know hears about this despicable show of customer service! If I come down with a case of lice, there will be other outlets for my disgust.

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Patrick Ward - 32 d 10 h ago


Been a Belk Shopper since coming to NC in 1976 - just had the absolute worse exprience with any store I've ever encountered.

Placed on order via the Website for a set of shoes advertised as in stock on 12/11. By the 14th they still hadn't shipped - I called Customer Support - they told me "oh they are shipping today and guaranteed for delivery next week. Checked again on Friday - hadn't shipped called again - "Oh we are sorry for the delay I will expediate them, have them shipped today and someone from Corporate will call you to apologize" No call ever came. Checked today, Monday 12/18 - still hadn't shipped - called TODAY and was told they were "back-ordered" - I asked to speak to a Supervisor and was told

* We don't use Back-Order as a term - we are out of stock

* Your order will not ship in time for Christmas

* We do not PROACTIVELY notify customers of this - you will receive a notification of cancellation - when the system decides to cancel it - (maybe 10 days)

* We cannot go ahead and Cancel your order - if we do get them they will ship and you'll have to return them.

An absolutely antiquated and as inefficient Customer Support. Basically - if I hadn't been proactive and pestered Belk - I would have been sans a gift - (which of course I have to source elsewhere now as their inventory management doesn't work well either).

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Anonymous - 34 d ago


I have been a Belk customer since 1976. Fours weeks ago my credit card would no longer let me place an order on line. This is the way I usually shop Belk because my town does not have a Belk store. I called customer service and they were going to send me a new card with a new account number. They sent me a duplicate of what I had. Called customer service again and was told to call the credit card company. They issued me a new account number and the card still did not work. Called again Wednesday, 12/13/17 and they were going to turn it over to corporate and I would get a email or phone call by Friday. I did not get either one. This morning 12/16 I was able to place one order. I tried to place another order and it would again not let me order stating their was a problem. Since I am Christmas shopping I am very disappointed in Belk. They have currently sold out of several items I wanted to purchase for Christmas presents.

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Linda and Bruce Stennett - 34 d 5 h ago


If you won't support the Salvation Army, we will no support you here in Virginia or elsewhere. We are telling others about this selfish , shameful decision.

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Jay - 37 d 5 h ago

I have shopped at Belks ALL my life. I ordered a Hobo purse and when I received it, the security tag was still on it. Then I had to drive to South Park mall in Charlotte (I Live in Huntersville, NC) since that is the store of my preference to return the purse. I was really upset that I had taken the time to shop but the people in shipping couldn't take their time to remove the security tag. Then when I told my sister what had transpired and that I had returned the purse; she ordered it for my Christmas gift. I was so happy but then when I received it today, the security tag is on it. Is it such a hassle to remove the security tag. It was shipped from Belk - 5 S Tunnel Rd in Asheville, NC 28805.

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