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Belk Incorporated

2801 West Tyvola Road
Charlotte, NC
Thomas Belk
CEO and Chairman
(704) 357-1000
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Anonymous - 2 d 14 h ago


Mr. belk

You need to get a handle on the distribution center in Jonesville sc it is a mess you need to investigate your LP supervisor he and some others are starting trouble among associates they flirt with the females they need to lead by example you do not have no good leadership i

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Disgruntled Employee - 8 d 13 h ago


This company is a complete rip off to their employees. I started work there, spend my time doing all of their training then was thrown on the sales floor with no help at all. I was told I had to learn like everybody else on the cash register. The registers had no markings on the keys so you know what to push and missing keys! But we're supposed to just magically know how to do it. My supervisor kept yelling "sell, sell, sell!" at me the "go clean the dressing rooms. But why haven't you sold anything? The store was filthy with clothes on the floor, piled on the cash register station. There were dirty cups and paper left on the display racks. Once my boss told me she was sending me to 'the war zone" to clean up the clothes. Alone, no help but I'm also supposed to be selling. Amazing! The last day I was there I couldn't take the rudeness of my boss and co workers and left. I waited two weeks for a paycheck for the time I did work. It totaled roughly 20 hours. I go a direct deposit from them today for $8.00! $8.00! I'm pursuing this as you can't deny someone's pay. Sickening experience. I'll never walk into a Belk again.

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Stanley Moore - 11 d 10 h ago


My checking account has 2 pending charges against my available balance. 1 charge is for the entire order amount and 1 charge is for one item that shipped separately. I have a reference number I received from a customer service rep (10013049) in regards to this matter, but the additional charge (authorization) still remains. I need this matter cleared before any additional charges I'm expecting to clear my account come through. I can't wait 2-3 business days for the incorrect authorization to come off.

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Kjw4164 - 13 d 16 h ago


Dear Mr. Belk

I was shopping in your Rock Hill, SC store last Thursday, April 5. I was in the women's department - almost in the undergarments area of the store. Laying up against a clothing rack, fully extended and on an angle into the tiled pathway, was a clothing hook used to reach the high racks. One of your employees who was working in the department walked past this "hook" of danger three times and didn't stop to pick it up and make the area safe for shoppers. I personally steered four older customers away from the hazard. I took Photos of the hazard. I couldn't believe how unsafe and the total disregard your employee had for your patrons safety.

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Darlene Dalton - 15 d 15 h ago


In the sale paper for Belk"s 2 day Doorbusters forApril 6 and 7th 2018 on page 13 top left is a aqua duster and white floral shirt that cannot be found. No name brand. Manager at Shelby NC tried to find item and suggested I contact corporate for help finding this outfit. I need a size 14. Unhappy with Bell's for advertising items that can't be found..Hope you will be able to help me (hidden). I am a premier card holder for over 50 years

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former Belk shopper - 17 d 12 h ago


Thomas Belk

I was in your store this afternoon, April 4,2018, in Greeneville, TN. The time was around 4p.

the strangest occurrence took place during the time I was visiting.

I was there to purchase shoes. I went directly to that department. I found three pairs and all I wanted was to find out if they were in my size. there was one associate (cashier) and one patron. they both were standing at the register. I took that time to look around and kept looking believing the cashier would acknowledge me in some way I stood ... stood ...and waited to no avail. it seems the patron and cashier were involved in an in-depth conversation and I did not want to interrupt. again, I began waiting and waiting. still no acknowledgement. I expected her to politely but firmly suggest to the patron that she needed to see what the other individual (me) wanted and end the conversation. but no, that did not happen. I have been a customer of belks in south florida and here somewhat because this is not a solitary event. it happens frequently here. I have been involved in customer service since I was a teen age girl. I have owned my own business as well as other well-known organizations and this is by far, the worst treatment I have received and I have never treated anyone like this. I will never shop in your store again and when people finally get tired of this treatment you might begin to find that sales are dropping, hence, profit. in view of so many stores closing I would consider how I want my employees to serve the public. I hope you consider this to be a teaching tool for your current employees as well as your new hires. it could be advantageous.

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Mark A Knight - 21 d 6 h ago


I'm employee of belk as of right now. I have always shoped and liked belk before I started working for them. I lived in Charlotte ,north Carolina and now in Mississippi. I thought going to work with this company would be great. I'm only part-time but I work two jobs for a reason. I have never been told how I was doing for the year and today they cut my pay because I didn't make my sales goal for the year. Great company. Thanks belk.

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Anonymous - 21 d 17 h ago


Employees are targeting other employees by going to managers and complaining about "attitudes" or " tone of voice" they use. Management assumes complainant is correct and punishes the targeted employee. Threatens write up or dismissal. Usual statement involves "in front of customer". Complainer is always correct.

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Traci Hesser - 21 d 19 h ago

The ladies restroom in the men's department at your West Town Mall location is disgusting. I have shopped at this location for three years and it has never been clean. Please make it suitable for your customers.

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Lena - 22 d 11 h ago

Dear Thomas Belk

I am writing this to inform you about several orders I placed online on March 12 2018. They put a sale on several name brand boots. I ordered several pair. I never received an email that they had shipped so I call in and am told that my order has already created a shipping label and would be shipping out that day or no later than next. So I wait a couple more days and still know email so I call your rude customer service department and was told several different stories as to why all my orders would be canceled. For one if they were a system error then why did dale stay on for 2 days 2nd why did they wait two weeks and hold everyone's money before they sent out cancellation emails 3rd why did they tell so many lies about this. I am very upset and I think that you should see that these orders are honored. I am a huge customer at Belk and have spent a lot of money to be treated this way. If your employee are causing these issues you should replace them immediately because they are costing you lots of customers. I hope that you will resolve this issue in some way. All I have been offered was a lousy $50 gift card and 20% off my next order. That won't even buy one pair of the boots I ordered.

Thank you for your time!!

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Vince - 24 d 8 h ago


This message is for Thomas Belk. The Belk women's department store located in the mall in Florence, Alabama, is a total disgrace to our community. The carpet is stained and totally unclean or vacuumed. The tile floors have not been cleaned or waxed for months. The bathrooms will make you sick and the dressing rooms are filthy. There are always clothes laying in the floor everywhere which should be put back on the racks. You have to walk all around the store to finally find someone to ring up your merchandise. In contrast, we just visited the Parkway City Mall in Huntsville, Alabama, and the Belk store there is top notch....totally clean and elite.

Someone needs to immediately inspect the store and Florence and clean it up before it is too late!

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Anonymous - 24 d 10 h ago

March 28, 2018 Mr. Thomas Belk Since 2014 I have been loyal customer with Belks Department Stores in Greensboro, Burlington and High Point North Carolina. In particular always purchase my perfumes in either location mentioned above. Recently bought eighty dollars in perfume from Belks Friendly Shopping Center Greensboro, North Carolina. The perfumes purchased did not have normal fragrance. These perfumes were basically non fragrance. This was odd. Mr. Thomas Belk your consideration for at least half my purchase refunded or gift certificate to purchase new perfumes would bring great appreciation to my loyal shopping with Belks. Sincerely, Sharon Sanders 1502 Julian Street Greensboro, North Carolina 27406

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Linda - 32 d 9 h ago


Curious, how many Laredo boots were shipped out at 14.99? I'm betting none!

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Not a one! Im still waiting on my supposed call after my order was reviewed. Order # 64892617. Every person I have dealt with at Belks is a liar! On top of their false advertising. - 30 d 15 h ago


Angela Mathis

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Unhappy Customer - 24 d 16 h ago

Good luck with truth from this company. I have been told some of the worst lies ever from one phone call to the next.

Don't ever plan on getting a refund.

I have learned my lesson, don't buy from Belk, don't be shorted your money for a damaged piece of merchandise.


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Shelia - 24 d 18 h ago

I would love to know why you have items ADVERTISED in the mail outs to customers that NONE OF YOUR STORES HAVE. BELEIVE ME I HAVE CALLED THEM ALL. I would love to have a call back to me with regard to this as I have been a customer of yours since the Parisian days!!!! I am very disappointed. This purchase was for a youth shoe that advertised. All the stores have this shoe in Toddler only. The item is a Rampage youth Lil Epadrille Unicorn in pink Would love to hear what the explanation is for this one. . . .Thank you!

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Marcia - 25 d 17 h ago


I've been a loyal Georgia Belk customer ever since they bought Parisian, and until recently, was Belk's biggest cheerleader, always qualifying for "Elite" status. In the past year or so, the Marietta location has gone from tops to the worst. No more Customer Service Department, no more gift wrap, no more free mailing. Searching for a clerk to pay for a purchase is a real treasure hunt, although when one is found, they are generally nice and helpful--and seem to agree that the store is going downhill fast. Many departments have closed--Coach, girls' Ralph Lauren, specialty Women's. The store looks junky, with terrible selections. Women's shoes looks like a bad Payless. The girls 7 - 14 is appallingly tacky. Belk had all my department sore business at one time, but I no longer see any reason to shop there.

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Maryjane - 26 d ago


I just saw your Easter season commercial on WISTV in Columbia.

I was a APPALLED to see that the young children in the back seat of the convertible as it was being driven down a street were sitting close together and obviously NOT wearing seatbelts. While I realize this was only an advertisement, and clearly your marketing team felt that the artistic vision would have been lost had the children been properly and lawfully restrained, it REALLY bothered me that those children were sitting freely in the vehicle.

Had that been an actual family on an actual road, the man driving would definitely be cited for those children not being in appropriate safety restraints. Or worse, those children could be thrown from the vehicle in the event of an accident.

So disappointed. I rarely shop at Belk, and I have a feeling that my visits will become even less frequent. And I will be pointing out the flaw in your advertising to EVERYONE I know.

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Southport lefty - 26 d 6 h ago


Contacted you by email about your filthy try on rooms in mall in Wilmington nc. Sent pictures of hair balls. No reply from you. Wrote letter to CEO also enclosed the same pictures. No response. Obviously I am not that important to your company, nor is the cleanliness of your try on rooms. All you had to do is reply to me and say thank you for your input. We will check this out. Such a basic simple thing to do. But you didn't. If this is being southern, maybe you should review the reason why you are in business.

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deborah - 27 d 17 h ago


thank you to julian who helped me on a phone order and went way beyond to do all he could to answer my questions...

great employee!

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Patti Gederberg - 28 d 17 h ago


I like your store but you seem to cater to short women. Please start adding clothes for taller women. All of the pants you carry are average or petite.

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Chrystal - 28 d 19 h ago

Not happy with the company. So many opportunities wasted on people with little to no experience because they are friends with management. In my store, we had many long time workers apply for key holder positions and they were given to people who hadn't been there long and never did their jobs. One even quit without notice. Not only did they hire her back but they immediately gave her key holder position. She wasn't even full time and always calls out. But, she's friends with the store manager. That's abuse of power and unfair to those who deserve a promotion. Several of our long time employees are quitting over the matter. Bell needs to do more to take care of employees who deserve it. And give raises!!!

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K Campbell - 29 d 3 h ago

I am in Germany:

-Belk has only an 800 number to call, expensive from a German phone and they kept me on hold for over 30 minutes with no manage coming to phone.

-Belk ships Fed Ex to an APO which means we never receive. I ask them over and over, ship USPS

-Belk locked up my web access when they saw someone was accessing from outside the country, but then they want to send me a verification text to an American number...that's not going to work. They should send an email that I can check.

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Very upset customer - 32 d 16 h ago


The worst online shopping experience I have ever had. The customer service is horrid. I have been told multiple lies about my orders from being shipped, to I'm sorry they are cancelled, to we charged you again because they are shipping, 2 hrs later get a email saying all orders cancelled. You hold money for longer than 3-5 days. Also put a duplicate hold for my orders 6 days later!!! Always say I'll get a call back and NO ONE does! Are y'all going bankrupt? What is the deal! Your company advertised these boots and now won't honor them because there not in inventory, website error, trying to ship all or out of stock. I have heard it all! I have called almost everyday just to see and get answers on my money! And why my stuff is cancelled!

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Unhappy Customer - 33 d 15 h ago


I was just curious if Belk was going bankrupt? Nobody answers the corporate phone at lunch or if they are in a meeting. Does this mean two people work at Belk Corporate Office? That is what all customer service representatives stated when I called today.

Also, how long does it take to get a refund of money due after you pay for an item, it is damaged and when returned there are none in stock. They also don't plan on getting anymore. Then, you call to find out where your refund is, wait two months for a refund to your credit card and still haven't received it This is the most horrible customer service experience that I have ever had.

I wouldn't be so upset but this was also a Christmas present. What is also questionable is that my sister ordered an item for Christmas and it stated it shipped. She found out it was out of stock, yet nobody told her so she had luckily checked and inquired and found out that it would not be there by Christmas. These are two incidents in the same time frame.

What is going on with Belk? Thomas Belk, you are the name sake as the CEO, Can you help with any of these questions. Is Belk truly belly up and just buying time? If so, I can face I lost my money, but with customer service like this, Belk will be bankrupt if in indeed it is not already.

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