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Belk Incorporated

2801 West Tyvola Road
Charlotte, NC
Thomas Belk
CEO and Chairman
(704) 357-1000
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Antique Lady - 1 d 3 h ago


I went to Belk earlier today in Rome, Georgia in search of appropriate apparel for a funeral tomorrow. I am a senior citizen on oxygen. I thought I could shop in Belk and would be assisted by a knowledgeable associate who would assist with at least the direction of the location of the department I needed. No such luck! So, I found the necessary department and began to look for an associate who would help me. Continuous walking with an oxygen tank is very tiring, but I needed apparel for a funeral. After approximately 30 minutes of looking for clothing and an associate, I gave up. I left the store without purchasing what I needed for a funeral tomorrow.

In closing, I would like to say that the next time you wonder why people are not shopping brick and mortar stores very much anymore, please think of this example. Your customer assistance needs work!

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Antique Lady - 1 d 3 h ago


I went to Belk earlier today in Rome, Georgia in search of appropriate apparel for a funeral tomorrow. I am a senior citizen on oxygen. I thought I could shop in Belk and would be assisted by a knowledgeable associate who would assist with at least the direction of the location of the department I needed. No such luck! So, I found the necessary department and began to look for an associate who would help me. Continuous walking with an oxygen tank is very tiring, but I needed apparel for a funeral. After approximately 30 minutes of looking for clothing and an associate, I gave up. I left the store without purchasing what I needed for a funeral tomorrow.

In closing, I would like to say that the next time you wonder why people are not shopping brick and mortar stores very much anymore, please think of this example. Your customer assistance needs work!

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Carolyn Chrisman - 6 d ago


Just read that the Belk store near my house (Knoxville Center Mall) in Knoxville, Tn is closing. This is very upsetting to people in this area of Knoxville. There are three stores in west Knoxville but none in the north Knoxville area. There is plenty of room in Halls, or Powell to support a store the size of the Turkey Creek store, or the Sevierville store. Many people, especially the Seniors will not drive the interstate to reach West Town or Turkey Creek. I have not felt safe at this mall for some time so most of my shopping had been online, however I would love to shop a5 a neighborhood store. Thanks for your consideration on this idea.

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Newport Beach - 7 d 4 h ago

Extremely Upset with Belk Corp and their intent to remove the Eileen Fisher department located at the Belk Columbiana Mall! After moving from Southern California to the small minded town of Columbia South Carolina, I at least had a place to shop for clothing which I am accustomed to. I stopped shopping their Wacol Department when they switched managers (it is now messy and dirty) so I moved that business to Dillards in the same mall. I seldom shop Eileen Fisher at Dillards due to the lack of variety. I am a valued customer of Belk (I believe), however I will stop shopping there with this department going away. I don't know what you folks are thinking, numbers are numbers, but it's my understanding that the numbers were not an issue- the gal handling that department Nicole, has been a blessing! Bonnie was good, but she wasn't a Nichole- so you will be loosing two good things for that store- On another note, you finally have a store manager that can be as good as Jeff Zona was- however, my business will take me elsewhere for Eileen- I do not drive weekly or daily for that matter to Charlotte, so that is not an option.

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Sandy - 11 d 35 m ago


8-12-19 Very disappointed in the Belk Clinique counter today in Lynchburg Va. Clinique is having a free gift promotion and has been promoting it for several weeks. I went to get 2 eye makeup removers to get my free gift and they were out of it. OK there is a promo going on shouldn't they have product? They ordered it for me but will get on Saturday. The sales clerk said they probably have it in the back but are short staffed to get it to the floor. Really? I am rating Belk GOOD with this caveat. I love the Belk store in Lynchburg. Thanks,

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Melissa H - 11 d 4 h ago


I was in the Galleria Store in Hoover Al. The clutter of clothes and the lack of associates has sent me to other stores.

Was shopping in young men's area and there was dust on the doors, clothes piled up everywhere ! Not an Associate in sight!

I just hate what that store has become.... NASTY

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Unhappy customer - 17 d 4 h ago


I was shopping at the Belk in Seneca, SC on yesterday. I found an item and was interested in the price. The sign reflected the item was 25% off. I asked the sales person (Mattie Tucker) at the register if she could check the price for me because the price printed was very small and I could not read the price with clarity. She asked me if I saw the price checker in the area where I picked up the item. I replied I did not and asked her again if she could check the price for me. She reluctantly checked the price and then she pretended to put numbers into the register. It was 8:00 p.m. and there were no other customers in the store. She acted as if I were inconveniencing her even though she was just standing at the register. Ultimately she told me that the item did not scan at 25% off. She told me that I had to find an associate in the department where the item was located. I walked over to another sales person and asked her if she would mind scanning the item. She politely scanned the item and told me that it was 25% off just as the sign reflected. I did not appreciate the way I was treated in Belk. I am a regular shopper and I found this treatment to be rude and unprofessional. I believe Mattie Tucker really did want to assist me with my purchase. I was once a Dillard's shopper, but came back to Belk. This incident makes me wonder if I should go back to Dillard's where I was always treated with respect. I can be contacted at (hidden) or at this email address.

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Mr. Upset - 22 d 6 h ago


AP is very difficult to understand, very thick accent. Email is difficult to comprehend. Please bring back AP to America.

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Anonymous - 24 d ago


It has come to my attention that there is no Belk store in Scott Depot, WV. Several people have said they would like a store there, Is this possible, They only had an Elder Berman and many do not want to drive to Huntington, WV to shop.

Please respond, if possible.


Sue O'Neill

2636 Brick Drive, Longs, SC 29568

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Elizabeth - 35 d 5 h ago


I'm the paralegal working for an estate of a client. I called to inquire about the mailing address (not a PO Box) to give Belk the opportunity to make a claim against the estate. The person who worked in Customer Service seemed to have no clue what she was doing. I was put on hold 4x. She then gave me an "email address" (hidden)). Turns out, it was completely made up on the spot. Unprofessional and disgusting.

It's no wonder these companies are getting shut down. Train your employees properly.

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ANGRY MOM !!!! - 49 d ago


I have an issue with the Belk in kinston,NC this female associate is very rude and disrespectful she continues to harass my child who works there as well i have complained several times to the manager who thinks its Funny, so as of NOW i have got the Cops involved because my next move will be JAIL I don not play about my child. Cor[orate does not respond back when you have a complaint either so it will be as it will.

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Joe Morgan - 49 d ago


I placed an online order 07/01/19 at 7:30AM for 6 pairs of shorts that were in stock. I also paid for overnight shipping as I needed these items by no later than Monday the 8th . The website said I should have them by 07/02/19. "bold claim" I expected on the 3rd. Well Nothing! Called customer service who could not tell me a status other than processing. So late Wednesday I get notification that order shipped. Meaning they printed a shipping label.

Friday morning I get a notification from UPS that my order would not be coming Friday. It has not been picked up yet. So I call customer service who could not answer any of my questions as to when my order would ship. They did give me a case number and said someone would be calling me. Then Friday evening I get a notification of a new order having been placed. "This was not placed by me" I called customer service and now they are telling me I "probably" will receive by 07/09/19 Tuesday. Well guess what I leave on my trip Tuesday morning. I cannot cancel the order either.

So now I have to go out and spend that money locally AGAIN! Also the items on the "new" order have different UPC codes than the ones on my original order!

This is a terrible way to treat your customers!

You can bet I WON'T be buying the shorts I need for my trip from the local BELK store.

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Teresa Holbrooks - 50 d 10 h ago

I have shopped at Belk since I was a child. My mother was an avid Belk shopper. As a matter of fact I think in her latter years she went every single day. And probably purchase something every single day. But, because of the stand Este Lauder has taken with abortion. I will cut up my Belk card unless Belk takes Estee Lauder out. It is apalling to think that someone would want all their new customers for the future murdered.

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Roslin Wilson - 53 d ago


I shopped at Belk's last May for the charity Sale and bought a Movado watch for 1,064.00 and the watch broke. I want to fix it but Movado said I have to have the receipt. I went to the store and the lady at the jewelry counter said it would take 60 days to get the receipt. I will never buy any more jewelry from this store every again. And will tell everyone I know about what happen to me.

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J D - 58 d ago


I have had numerous problems with Belk Customer Svc. They are rude and will not help at all. They have messed up two different orders for the same item and refuse to take care of the problem. They said it would be 3 or 4 weeks before the problem could possibly be solved and they would call me then. They shipped the wrong item twice and refused to take care of it. They said it could not be corrected, because they did not do what I asked. What I asked of them would have solved it, but no they would not do that. Their customer service dept. is a joke. I feel sorry for Belk customers.

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Mahi - 59 d 4 h ago


The most DISHONEST, UNETHICAL and LYING company I have EVER used - BELK. I ordered 5 qtys and belk shipped just 1 and 4 are back ordered. Even belk reps I talked to (3-4) had clearly confirmed they are indeed back ordered (Why do they accept back order if they were shipped). But they charged for 5 and refusing to provide refund for 4.

Raised a BBB complaint and going to file a small claim.

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James - 62 d ago

Received a Fathers Day catalogue on June 21 and the catalogue sale date stated June 12-16. How can this have happened? Wonder if Belk will honor the sale? Poor service for sure

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Anonymous - 61 d 20 s ago

Probably not because they send out coupons and usually it says can't be used on doorbusters and they mark everything as a door buster.

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wayne bass - 64 d ago


Please bring back the men's saddlebred polo shirts the way they they made a couple years ago . thease shirts were the best on the market , Now they are one of the worst they are cut to small . Every shirt i purchase i take back for a refund . When something is not broke why try to fix it . I know styles change but they should be for the better not for the worst .

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Anonymous - 119 d 21 h ago


The store manager in Dothan Alabama treats his associates like crap for no reason at all and not with respect and does not go back and apologize either he is not running the place right nobody in that store likes him or the way he is running the place the associates and managers there will go in and work their butts off and he'll still talk crap to them or about them that place has gone downhill ever since he started there as a store manager it completely sucks it use to be a great place to shop and a great place to work now it isn't at all a good place to work or shop at just being honest several people have quit their jobs there because of the way he treats people something needs to be done and something needs to be done quick too!!!

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"A" is for "All in" management - 71 d 34 m ago

Anonymous - if you couldn't find a private HR phone number to discuss this issue, you did the next best thing, and hopefully, SOMEONE in Corporate will see this and look into it!

There are always some "sour grapes" who look for any reason to criticize their S.M., but, in my experience, a manager who is hard working and fair, generates employees who are hard working and fair.

There is no better way to alienate your employees than to indulge in idle gossip about them, vindictiveness (or passive aggressive behavior toward them, to be unwilling to "get into the trenches with them", or to withhold approval from them. Even when employees don't know for a fact that any of the above is going on, intuition normally rules. They WILL know!

Depending on which of those traits (and how often), a manager provides, they can contribute or detract from employee morale and productivity.

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Scott - 64 d 7 h ago


That has got to be the longest sentence I've ever read! Have you considered soliciting internal channels for support in reviewing the allegations?

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Tina - 70 d 8 h ago

I was wondering if all the Belk's store have eliminated their mis-mate shoe policy or just the one in Florence Alabama. I am a mis-mate shoe customer and that is the main reason that I shopped at Belk. I was devastated when the sales associated informed me of this.I hope that you will reconsider this policy and reinstate it. My feet are a size and 1/2 difference and insoles and heal pads just won't make enough difference.

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Annoynmus - 114 d 7 h ago


I work at Belk and was told that our location was going to close with mall back in March, here it is May no change. The other Belk store in our city closes early why cant we. It costs the company more money to stay open then to close 30 minutes to 1 hourearly. Belk worries about credit and email capture and needs to focus customer service and maybe charm would up. Store manager sits in office and doesn't help associates on floor.

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Northgate Belk - 114 d 2 h ago

My store manager stays in her locked office with the loss prevention guy.

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See no, hear no, speak no.... - 71 d 24 h ago


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