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Belk Incorporated

2801 West Tyvola Road
Charlotte, NC
Thomas Belk
CEO and Chairman
(704) 357-1000
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Marge - 14 h ago


I have been a Belk customer for many years but the retail store has changed dramatically in the few years. The service areas are seldom staffed. I often go through 2-3 departments before I can find help. Cosmetics, home and shoes stay staffed, other departments are severely understaffed. I often drive an hour now to go Nordstrom's because the service is good and they have higher quality. Eileen Fisher's rep is very helpful for that brand but also must juggle all the other clothing areas,too.Management needs to study Nordstrom's, it will succeed on-line too. Placing an order with Belk on-line is problematic. Sizes might be out of order, the advertised sale does not remove to adjust the correct price. I followed up with a phone rep and it took him almost 20 minutes to find items and make the price adjustments.You have big problems all the way around, this is unfortunate as Belk used to be my favorite department store.

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MD NURUL AMIN - 4 d 16 h ago


I will come to your company to work, sir my +(hidden)54 whatssapp diract call no same

Please help i am poor man sir

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Anonymous - 4 d 16 h ago

Please 1work please

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Linda - 5 d 17 h ago


I would like to be an advocate for Belk"s non-profit division to help women in need. I would love to hear from you. Linda

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Rene - 6 d 22 h ago

I NEED YOUR HELP. I sent a certified letter to Mr. Belk weeks ago and have not been able to get a response. This is a very delicate and important matter and it has to be resolved as soon as possible. Please e-mail me at (hidden). or call me at (hidden)

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You need to get better clothes. You used to have really nice clothing what has happened it's like cheap clothes so sad I used to love to go to Bell not any more I hope others are letting you know how bad it's gotten please do better - 8 d 20 h ago

You need

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A Concerned Customer - 13 d ago

As I was shopping at Belk in Trussville, AL. I noticed some of your management like predators towards your sales reps. It was like time one customer leave, the manager (Pam was on her name tag if I'm not mistaken) she was in the faces of the sales reps in the makeup department(s). It seems as though she was pointing to do this do that. Management can be a company's best asset or their downfall. Micro management is the worse. Your reps already have to deal with the different attitudes of the public. Management riding the employees backs adds more stress. When managers uplift employees that are doing their best, the employees will work harder and more efficiently because they will feel they're working for a company/a team that cares. Your employees were probably smiles forcing for the customers because being in customer service for year as management and a rep/agent. The display of your management stood out. Maybe you should have them take a training course.


A Concerned Customer

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Hr - 17 d 11 h ago

Kelvin jack

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Maude - 33 d ago

Shopping at Signal Hill Mall in Statesville Belks makes my head hurt....It has a mold odor, I don't know how anyone works in there, when ask they say it was sent to corporate headquarters ok...what are they going to do about it? Its a shame to put workers and shoppers thru that...

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Anonymous - 66 d 14 h ago

I ordered Christmas presents in Nov. Fed Ex tracking show they never delivered. Been trying to get a refund since Jan 2018. It is now June 2018, Here are my email threads. Still waiting on refund. Obviously cancelled my Belks card after shopping there 20 years. But the lack of reply from them shows me they do not care. Tara Kinman Feb 28 to Janet, me Hi Donna, I sent the information to Janet Ferguson. I know that she has been in contact with our IT department to get the order updated and reflect paid, so a refund can be processed. As of right now they are still working on it. She is contacting them again this morning to find out the status. Thanks, Tara Kinman | Financial Analyst (hidden) O | (hidden) F 2801 W. Tyvola Road Charlotte, NC 28217 | to Tara, Janet Any update. This time line is really crazy. Unfortunately it makes me feel very uncomfortable about purchasing on Belk on line again Remember this was suppose to be a Christmas present and it is March. Tara Kinman Mar 1 to Kenneth, me, Janet Hi Donna, I asked for an update this morning, and was told that customer service was suppose reach out to you. I have been told that a refund of $132.93 was issued yesterday to your account. I am going to copy Kenneth Elliott on this chain as well and ask him to call you. Kenneth, Please give Mrs. Harris a call. She has been working on getting this order situation resolved for months. Please let her know what the refund for issued for yesterday. Jun 5 (7 days ago) to tyler_hampton, Randy_Garrow, don_hendricks, Jacob_Hawkins, Tara, donna-harris Tyler, I could really use your help with this matter. This situation has gotten beyond ridiculous, Can you please look into this and provide update. My next course of action is small claims court. I hate to spend time doing that, however it appears I may not have a choice. Jun 7 (5 days ago) to Tara, tyler_hampton, donna-harris, Randy_Garrow, don_hendricks, Jacob_Hawkins I guess no one is interested in helping. Really? I am due this credit, I did not receive the shipment Obvious no one from top down care about correcting they error. Bummer. I guess I have to go to small claims court for $132.

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ML - 34 d 17 h ago

OH CRUD! I'm in the same situation! Did you ever get this resolved???

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Lois Alger - 35 d 13 h ago


I was very disappointed that the Belk flyer advertised a 32" tv, and when I went to the store, they said they sold out and would not be getting any others. However, I was told by the Harrisonburg Belk personnel that Charlottesville, Va store had some. I called the Charlottesville Belk, and I was told they had sold out on Wednesday, too, but were expecting some on Friday. However, it was a first come first served basis, and the customer rep did not know how many would be coming. I called the Staunton, VA Belk, and I was told that store had gotten 4 of the 32" tvs, and they sold on Wednesday, and they would not be getting any more. Today I went to the Harrisonburg, Va store, and I was told again that they did not have any, and they did have a sign displayed that said they had sold out very quickly. I do not feel Belk provided enough of these tvs. Belk credit card customers were informed that the sale was July 11-17, but the circular in the daily newspaper had July 13-17, and all of the tvs had already been sold at the Harrisonburg and Staunton stores on July 11. I do not know if Charlottesvill had any today. It is a 60+ mile drive, and I could not completely understand the customer rep I spoke to on Thursday so I do not know if she comprehended that I was inquiring about the tvs.

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Dianne Arver - 35 d 15 h ago


I went to the Belk in McComb, Ms. after receiving a sale flyer in the local newspaper. The flyer stated the sale started today July 14 and ends July 17. After speaking to a CSR was informed that the specific item I came to purchase had sold out Wednesday July 11 when the sale "began". FALSE advertising? Local employees giving family and friends a great deal before the rest have a chance?

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Mary Storey - 36 d ago


I had my first and last shopping attempt at Belk! To me the merchandise in the ladies clothing department does not reflect what I think a 'Southern lady' would every want to wear. The first thing I thought of was the 'dukes of hazard' when I saw some of the garish, skimpy clothing being offered. From what I could see in passing, the men's department looks quite nice, but the quality of the women's wear is below average! Even in the so called 'designer name' clothing it was cheap quality.

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Ahmad Flemming - 37 d 12 h ago

My son was racially profiled Tuesday 07/10/2018 in Belks of Jasper, AL location, by Brian Key and Kristen Justice store management. He is 14 years of age and was harassed and humiliated in front of everyone too the point he was crying. He was forced to lift his shirt and empty his pockets for no reason at all. Management was extremely nasty with him and very unprofessional.H e is a 14 year old kid and does not ever want to go back to the mall. I am his father and I will be pushing this issue forward with any legal avenue possible and contacting all media outlets to bring attention to the poor management staff.

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Neeraj - 39 d 7 h ago

belk clothing company which is situated at

24 Anthony way Toronto Canada


Registration no::4117383

Serial no::85279973

Law office assigned location code::M60o

Is this your authorised office

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Mary - 42 d 17 h ago


What is going on with Belk? Our Gallatin TN Belk used to be so nice. now it's so messy you can't shop for clothes! It looks like someone ran through the store pulling clothes off the racks and throwing them on the floor!

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Skidog - 42 d 20 h ago


Who ever the Belk is that runs this company should do 2 things. The first is hire a customer service guru. That is someone who understands what service really is, including managing your phone system that does not work.

The second is that the Belk who runs this company should be indicted on fraud and various charges relating to running a mismanaged business. This Belk should take a vacation to a prison to see what it is like for him to be there more permanently. I hope the inmates don't violate you too much. But don't count on it, as I am sure that judging by all the negative comments posted on so many sites there will be someone in the prison that has been blown off by your business.

Let me also say that if I was a neighbor of yours, I would immediately move for fear of the neighbor's friends knowing that I know you and how other people would view me associated with the likes of you and your schlock business.

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Gaynell - 43 d 13 h ago


I have encountered errors in the July Home circular. I went into the Belk store, Northpark Mall store, Ridgeland. MS. I wanted to purchase a king size 5-zone Foam Mattress pad, that was offered in the circular Twin - King at the cost of $19.99 and was told that the store did not receive any kings nor was the item showing online but the ad states 5-Zone Foam Mattress Pad Twin-king $19.99, your choice. The manager, was called but could not give a substitute because of the difference in price.In my opinion, as a customer. I should have been accommodated with a comparable item or the next item up no matter the difference as a sign of good faith and standing by what was published in the circular. I also spoke to a customer service rep. to which I was told that some of the items may not be online and the item number was needed to be able to check other stores for availability. Well if they don't have the item, I surely wouldn't have it...The bottom line is, the product in king does exist or is not offered in king but yet the item was advertised that way. I was given the run around. This is very disheartening, as a customer.

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Anonomyous - 49 d ago


The belk at Southpoint mall in Durham NC. The store manager Tiffany Correa is racist. I heard an associate came to her about a scheduling issue. The associate African American girl and the manager told her she made her uncomfortable. That is rude and disrespectful I wouldn't shop at the store ever again until she is gone.

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noneya - 46 d 14 h ago

I can see why you use that alias name! 90% of people that call someone that they do not know a "racist" are either ignorant to what the a racist even is or

they themselves are the actual racist,,,,,,,,,So maybe b4 you go on a public blog with nothing more than a hunch about someone in the future try and present stronger evidence than one 2nd hand accusation to back it up?!

You may want to take a look in a mirror!!

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Connie Cowan - 61 d ago

You send out flyers with coupons that is said can not be used with Doorbusters. If you have coupons for $10, $30 off that says clearance sale store wide should be able to use. Train your employees better in BG Ky location. My family spends a lot of money in your store.

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Maggie - 47 d ago


Why would you shop at a store that decieves you on purpose. They advertise a product and only have 6 shipped to a store knowing you won't get it but you'll buy something else. I know I'm a manager.

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Nancy Smith - 47 d ago


Will not order from Belks .I ordered 45 piece silverware and was Surpose to get 20 piece place setting free with purchase .Called customer service the day I got order and was told they would call me within 48-72 hours .After me calling them back twice was told they honor this on first come basics.Very unhappy

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Ellen - 56 d ago

HI, I was employed by Bon-Ton Corp, now owned by Liquidation Co. Ever consider coming to Indiana and open stores? My town is known as the "Orthopedic Capital of the World" Warsaw, IN. Town needs a nice Department Store!

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