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Belk Incorporated

2801 West Tyvola Road
Charlotte, NC
Thomas Belk
CEO and Chairman
(704) 357-1000
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Joseph lamb - 16 h 29 m ago


Belk in Columbia is a bad place there people are not right he really hurt me for no reason I was not out store yet and I'm going to sue them !!!!!

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Connie Cowan - 2 d 19 h ago

You send out flyers with coupons that is said can not be used with Doorbusters. If you have coupons for $10, $30 off that says clearance sale store wide should be able to use. Train your employees better in BG Ky location. My family spends a lot of money in your store.

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BethF - 6 d 32 m ago


I have tried contacting Belk customer service via email, feedback and phone. I have not received any return email and the phone wait was entirely too long. My first two attempts to contact them via email was to ask why a coupon would not work on an item that did NOT show on the massive exclusion list. Needless to say, that coupon has long expired with no reply email. I ordered the item anyway on June 1. I also ordered other merchandise at that time. I have received most of the merchandise I purchased except that item. That item was shipped from Huntsville, AL. THE SAME CITY I LIVE IN! Here it is, June 15, and I still have not received the shirt. This is not the first time I have ordered online and items shipped from my own city have taken 2 to 3 weeks to receive. It's like they sit it in a corner somewhere for a week or two before sending it to FedEx. I left feedback at about this. Nothing. I have tried calling. Too long to hold, so I hung up. WHERE IS CUSTOMER SERVICE?? I was a long time Parisian shopper and continued with Belk after they bought them out. I have never been as happy as I was when it was Parisian. Shopping in Belk and trying to find a clerk is a nightmare. Using coupons is a nightmare. Get it together Belk. I'm about to say farewell.

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Anonymous - 8 d 12 h ago

I ordered Christmas presents in Nov. Fed Ex tracking show they never delivered. Been trying to get a refund since Jan 2018. It is now June 2018, Here are my email threads. Still waiting on refund. Obviously cancelled my Belks card after shopping there 20 years. But the lack of reply from them shows me they do not care. Tara Kinman Feb 28 to Janet, me Hi Donna, I sent the information to Janet Ferguson. I know that she has been in contact with our IT department to get the order updated and reflect paid, so a refund can be processed. As of right now they are still working on it. She is contacting them again this morning to find out the status. Thanks, Tara Kinman | Financial Analyst (hidden) O | (hidden) F 2801 W. Tyvola Road Charlotte, NC 28217 | to Tara, Janet Any update. This time line is really crazy. Unfortunately it makes me feel very uncomfortable about purchasing on Belk on line again Remember this was suppose to be a Christmas present and it is March. Tara Kinman Mar 1 to Kenneth, me, Janet Hi Donna, I asked for an update this morning, and was told that customer service was suppose reach out to you. I have been told that a refund of $132.93 was issued yesterday to your account. I am going to copy Kenneth Elliott on this chain as well and ask him to call you. Kenneth, Please give Mrs. Harris a call. She has been working on getting this order situation resolved for months. Please let her know what the refund for issued for yesterday. Jun 5 (7 days ago) to tyler_hampton, Randy_Garrow, don_hendricks, Jacob_Hawkins, Tara, donna-harris Tyler, I could really use your help with this matter. This situation has gotten beyond ridiculous, Can you please look into this and provide update. My next course of action is small claims court. I hate to spend time doing that, however it appears I may not have a choice. Jun 7 (5 days ago) to Tara, tyler_hampton, donna-harris, Randy_Garrow, don_hendricks, Jacob_Hawkins I guess no one is interested in helping. Really? I am due this credit, I did not receive the shipment Obvious no one from top down care about correcting they error. Bummer. I guess I have to go to small claims court for $132.

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Beachnutt76 - 10 d 17 h ago


I live in Florida and have shopped at Belk for years, however in the last six months I have had some utterly terrible shopping experiences. In the St. Augustine, FL store, I encountered a nasty employee in the Lingerie Dept. during Christmas 2017. She was rude to me when I asked her a question and even though I waited in line, once it was my turn to check out, she completely disregarded me and waited on one of her friends who just walked up. She really seemed to hate her job, and people. In that same store just last week (June 2018), the lady at the register in the Misses Department was very rude and nasty. She was extremely pushy about trying to get me to open a Belk Credit Card. I politely declined SEVERAL times, at which point she developed a nasty attitude. Additionally, it was the 55 year & older discount day, and she nastily asked me my age very loudly, to which I responded by asking her if she needed my ID. She rudely said "No", then completed the sale and just pushed my bag on the counter, ignored me, and started waiting on the next customer. How do these people keep their jobs??? The Palm Coast, FL store is no better. I recently (June, 2018) returned 3 items with receipt and the same sales associate that sold them to me did my return. I assume she was mad that the return was on her #, so she never said a word to me, just looked totally disgusted and mad, and when she completed the transaction, she just handed me my receipt. I THANKED HER, and she said nothing, just handed me the receipt with a mad look on her face. Now, my most recent encounter with an associate in that same store was the final straw and has turned me off to Belk for good. I had on a pair of shorts that I had bought recently at a different location, and wanted them in a different color, so I asked one of the Associates in that Dept. where these shorts were. She responded by asking me to turn around, then she pulled up my shirt and dug down my shorts to see the label on the shorts. What??!!! Are you kidding me? One would think that if an Associate knew their merchandise, they would have recognized the item. All I can say is that Belk hires low class, tacky, and unprofessional sales associates. I will no longer be shopping at Belk - there are just too many other Retail Establishments where I can spend my money, and know that I'll be treated respectfully, and feel like a valued customer.

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Anonymous - 15 d 16 h ago

I have always loved my Gallatin, TN store, but now it's always messy and I'm not find of shopping when everything is a mess. Please clean our little local store up!!

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Divegoddess - 15 d 19 h ago


I am considering cancelling my Belk's card. The West Little Rock store seems to ALWAYS be out of my FREE GIFT in the Clineque' department. It is the closest store to my home at nearly 20 miles. Conway is 30 miles, and Hot Springs is 50 miles away.

Yesterday I drove the 20 miles to LR , and they were AGAIN out of the free gift of Clineque'. I was told twice as many gifts tickets were mailed out as product they had to give. The P.A. announced, "if Belk's is out of the product you want we will GLADLY mail it to you". When I asked about this I was told it did not apply to Clinique' products. THIS IS VERY BAD BUSINESS! I phoned the HOT Springs store, they refused to mail me the gift. AGAIN VERY BAD BUSINESS!

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Upset - 16 d ago


I worked at Belk (Bridgestreet) for an entirety of two weeks because the staff was just awful. I had problems with my floor manager and I did not receive my pay check until two weeks after I should have received it. When I called to ask about my pay check, they ignored my calls, and when I finally spoke to a representative (HR assistant), she was nasty and very very disrespectful. I have been a heavy Belk shopper for most of my life and I refuse to shop here anymore. I wish my experience here could have been different.

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Sally B. - 19 d 13 h ago


BELK'S computer system is TOTALLY F-D UP!! I recently returned some items via mail. Accepting returns is an insane process where they send an e-mail for each item saying it has been returned and credited to your credit card (I do not have a BELK CC and don't intend to get one). I have now received about 25 notices stating the last item ($21.70) has been returned and processed. I get 5 or 6 a day! I called Customer Service more than once. Was told they couldn't do anything about it. Couldn't believe it! No offer to try to find someone to help me. No corporate phone # (I just found this now, of course they are closed). I continue to get BELK's SPAM!!! HEY BELK -- YOU DO HAVE AN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT, YES??? Get your asses in gear and fix this glitch. I'm totally pissed off and will never shop at BELK until this situation is remedied and I receive a formal apology. What a piece of crap company!!!

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Dorothea - 21 d 14 h ago

I recently bought two tee shirts (one long sleeve and one short sleeve) by Crown and Ivy in Navy blue at the Gainesville, Florida store. Love the tee shirts but after I had worn them both I saw that each one was dotted with very tiny holes scattered over the shirts.....and was called to my attention by a friend while wearing one of them. I was very disappointed by the quality of this item on closer inspection and this is not necessarily a low end item sold in this store. Very disappointed since I shop at your store quite often. Feel this product should be pulled or inspected better before placing on racks to be sold.

General profile image - 22 d 10 h ago

I love shopping at the Beklk store in Bossier City la, the associates are outstanding with the customers. There's a manager by the name Annette with a nasty ass rude ass attitude,and I have had enough of her crap. Somebody needs to do something about that and I mean fast.

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Mrs. Taylor - 24 d ago


I was at the Bossier City location on Sunday I must say the service was amazing my cashier was Tanger she was very patient in explaining to my mother how to apply for a Belk credit card. I will shop with her again. On another note the manager think her name was Annett or Anna can't remember but she was rude which me me think Tanger was in trouble for waiting on me and my mother. Belk's Bossier you have helpful employees but your manager Annett needs help

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Calabrese Bill - 25 d 18 h ago


The store in Clarksville TN is very dirty.. employees are not helpful. Not one employee asked me if i needed help or greater me the entire time my wife and where shopping. We shopped for almost 2 hours. Sad, very.

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Pissed off consumer - 26 d 19 h ago


I was falsely accused and wrongly detained for shoplifting. I never passed a cash register or even got near an exit or the dressing room. Asked the so called loss prevention officer to show me the tape several times and he refused. I will be pressing charges for false arrest

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Suzy - 29 d 11 h ago


I visited our Belk store in Hot Springs today(May 22, 2018) and was appalled at the condition of the women's department. It looked like a thrift shop sale. There was row after row of long rack loaded so full of clothing that you could not look at what was on the racks. There was only 1 cashier in the whole department so it was impossible to to get assistance . I did go into the dressing room to try on a blouse but it was so hot in there I could not stay very long. There was a fan on the floor but it did not help much. Also, the carpeting in this store's dressing rooms is terribly dirty. I don't think it would take much to turn this around. Come on Belk's. Can't you spend a little money updating your stores to make it a more pleasant shopping experience for your customers?

This was so disappointing as I have always loved Belk's since we lived in Charlotte in the 1970's. It was a beautiful , high class store then and I was very excited when I found out that they would be opening a store in my town. It is sad to see it deteriorating this way.

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Suzy - 29 d 11 h ago


I visited our Belk store in Hot Springs today(May 22, 2018) and was appalled at the condition of the women's department. It looked like a thrift shop sale. There was row after row of long rack loaded so full of clothing that you could not look at what was on the racks. There was only 1 cashier in the whole department so it was impossible to to get assistance . I did go into the dressing room to try on a blouse but it was so hot in there I could not stay very long. There was a fan on the floor but it did not help much. Also, the carpeting in this store's dressing rooms is terribly dirty. I don't think it would take much to turn this around. Come on Belk's. Can't you spend a little money updating your stores to make it a more pleasant shopping experience for your customers?

This was so disappointing as I have always loved Belk's since we lived in Charlotte in the 1970's. It was a beautiful , high class store then and I was very excited when I found out that they would be opening a store in my town. It is sad to see it deteriorating this way.

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nj - 39 d ago

The conditions of the "carpeting"in the ladies dept. at Belk Valley View in Roanoke, Va. are despicable. It is beyond filthy. The fitting room floors (carpeted) are a health hazard; think I'm exaggerating? Just go in them - if you dare - and see for yourselves. Belk should be ashamed and should take immediate measures to remove these. It has been this way for years: stained , smelly, filthy and inexcusable.

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nj - 38 d 19 h ago

Also...some of the shoppers at Valley View Belk, Roanoke, Va. are the ones who created this deplorable mess by doing "only God knows what inside the fitting rooms;" however, Belk Valley View management needs to take a trip to the New River Valley Mall in Christiansburg, Va. to heck out their UNcarpeted, sanitary and appealing fitting rooms. C'mon, have some pride and FIX this mess at Valley View by going UNcarpeted. Now!

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Phyllis - 30 d 11 h ago

It is the same at the store in St. Marys, GA, I have stopped going it s filthy!

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KD - 32 d 8 h ago


Please stop advertising coupons that are not going to work. This is getting really old you are misleading your customers. I was in your store today in Flower Mound Texas. I purchased a few items on a rack that had an an advertisement that said text a number for a coupon. I texted and it sent me this code. BELK: TODAY ONLY! Take 25% off reg/sale purchases w/code 70972823 . Ends 5/20. Excl Apply. Text JOIN to 23551 to receive future offers. Msg/Data rates apply. The items were not on sale. Might I add. When I get up to the register I'm told the items don't work I should read the fine print. what fine print. There wasn't any fine print.

This is not the first time one of you coupons or advertisements has been misleading or an out right lie. Please start being honest with your customers. I'm on my last leg with your company. My entire community is. There have been lots of complaints on our social media page. I'm going to take a break from shopping at BELK for a while. Too many other store value my business. There is a JC Penny just 2 doors down. And the even worse. The cashier lady Barbara could have car d less that I was upset. She didn't even say sorry. All she said was learn to read the fine print.

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Kelly - 33 d 11 h ago


Please for the love of god put a limit on the dressing room.

One - people will go in there with a bunch of clothes and throw it around everywhere! I hate going in right after someone that just left OVER 30 pieces clothing!! Only one associate can do so much while tending to their customers so no it's not their fault.

Two - people will go in there and steal countless of items!

People are able to get away with stealing countless amount of items! Store will go out of business and people will lose their job. That's sad!

I've worked in retail before. The company really should consider changing way with the dressing room situation.

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Bobbie - 35 d 14 h ago


I had ordered, from Belk, Clinique's Clarifying Lotion, which comes in a BOTTLE, and blush, which comes in a box. I paid $20.00 for overnight shipping. My package arrived today. However, when I opened the package, the Clarifying Lotion had spilled out in the inside the envelope and the blush box was soaking wet and the blush was ruined. I was mortified! What kind of warehouse does not wrap a BOTTLE in protective wrap when shipping glass???? I am still outraged. I called Belk and told the rep what happened. Although, not her fault, she got an earful from me. Although I was reimbursed for the overnight shipping and replacement items will be arriving on Friday, there is absolutely no excuse for what happened. These incompetent workers should be taught the proper way to prepare a bottle for shipping. It's not the first time that the bottle arrived half empty. However, this time, the bottle was completely empty. I hope that Belk offers training to their warehouse staff so nothing like this happens in the future to me or to anyone else.

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Karen Theiss - 35 d 16 h ago


This correspondence is a plea to get a Belk store in East Louisville, Kentucky. Your stores in Elizabethtown and Bowling Green are too far away for shoppers on the East end of Louisville. I was introduced to Belk when I lived in Memphis, TN as a young girl. Since then I have not lived near a Belk, yet shop in one when I am in the vicinity. While my daughter was a student at UNC Wilmington, I shopped in Belk every time I went to visit her. Then, just last month I was in Roswell Georgia, saw the Belk, and purchased summer clothing items for me and my family. I love Belk. I love the Crown and Ivy brand as well as your other brand selection. I love the price point, variety and styles (southern fabrics). East Louisville would be a perfect location. Oldham County, a large bedroom community to East Louisville has the highest per capital income in the state along with the number one public school district. Most of the families in that county and those living in East Louisville would so embrace Belk. We have Macy's, Dillard's, Kohls etc. but none of those stores has the feel, the ambiance, the helpful staff, the variety of merchandise that I have found at Belk. I know currently stores are closing and brick and mortar is struggling....but look into East Louisville and in particular the Springhurst area and The Paddock Shops area. I think a data analysis will prove Belk is needed! I will continue to shop with you online or when I visit my daughter in Atlanta, but I much prefer shopping in your store. Thank you for considering. I am soon to be a retired English teacher and would be willing to work for Belk (part-time) It means that much to me to have a store here and see it succeed, Blessings to all,

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Hot momma - 36 d 24 h ago


I was at the Belk, Turkey Creek, Tennessee. It was SO BRUTALLY HOT in Belk's, that me and several other ladies had to leave. I do not care to shop and try on clothes when I am sweating.

You would think they would keep it cool and comfortable and people would stay and spoend $$$'s.......smh

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Cher - 38 d 46 s ago


I placed an online order. Two items did not fit. Called to exchange only to find out to do an online order exchange you have to go to the store to exchange the items. This defeats the purpose of online ordering. Once at the store, I wanted to pay my balance. The return really confused them on my balance. It is simply subtraction! The clerk, who was very kind but her ability to assist me was greatly restricted by company policy. I went to my car, called customer service and 48 minutes later they finally figured out what I owed and wanted me to pay them $10.00 to pay them! I left a credit balance on my card to cover the cost of the items I had reordered and closed my card. Belk then decided to cancel my order. I called customer service for a refund and was transferred to Synchrony Bank. They do not allow you to speak and will not return you credit to the credit card you paid your bill with 'because they can't credit a card that is closed'! WHAT? Bottom line, they are mailing me a check which I should receive in 5 to 15 business days! Suggest ordering from a company that cares about their customers, offers customer service and understands the meaning of 'online ordering'. Done with Belk...there are too many other, better options to online shopping!!

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