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Belk Incorporated

2801 West Tyvola Road
Charlotte, NC
Thomas Belk
CEO and Chairman
(704) 357-1000
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Amy Sutherland - 9 d 8 h ago


You employee has attacked my religion, my race and my health and your cooperate office treated like I was a ignortant person. I shopped you store in Charleston SC and was not helped by the store cashier but was told to get the price of items by ourselves after waiting to be served this employee told my friend to go find her the dress herself. I told my friend that I was not a belk cashier and that I was not going to find the dress for her. My grilfriend stood they while your store employee came into my face screaming that I was allowing the devil to use me. I told her that she was not helping my friend She said that I was acting like a black person in front of black and white customers. I left this person because she told me to find a manager by myself. I left the area and went to a different department were your cashier toldme not to go back to her. I waited by this department for the manager to come. The person that came down told me that she was the manager and she told me to follow her back to this person. She continued to speak ill of me in front of your manger and the manager had no controll of her. She had to be held back from me by 3 people and she did not respect the manager. I then called your cooperate office and the district manager sent me back to the store manger who told me how she had worked with this lady and that she had been with the company for over 20 years. She also told me that her mother was sick with alzitemers and that she was taking care of her. I take care of my grandmother with the same illness and I felt bad for her. I called her and told her that I was not going to bother with it becasue she had enough stress and that I just did not to stress her anymore. I hang up and my husband reminded me that this same belk store had my very ill sick to be placed back into the hospital becasue that your clerk told him that he was serving the devil because he had tatoes in his face. My son had not been out the house in 6 months befroe then becasue he faired people speaking evil of him. He has mental illness. I suffer PTSD and had 2 neck surgies and a knee surgery in the last 3 years. I usually travel only with my husband but this was special for my friend up coming birthday. They sent my girlfriend 100 belk bucks and she was not attacked and offered me the same but I thought that I would be crazy to had not sleep for 5 days and my nerve upset for the last three week and your store did not want to treat me like anything more that a fool who just gave you my money. I had spent over $600.00 in the last 5months. Remember that I have been elite for the last couple and a customer for over 31 years. My grandmother bought our dress from you since I was a little girl and I sent thousands of dollars in you stores. I am 56 years old and belk has been in my life the entire time. I do most of my shopping at your store and Dillards but Ican take my money somewhere else.

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Shirley Lankford - 19 d 7 h ago

I just left bells at foothills mall in maryville TN. I bought two pairs of shoes from a lady named Elaine. That was the nicest most helpful sales person you have in that store. She was fantastic. She had a lot of customers but I never felt rushed she deserves a plaque or something. She outshines the other clerks 10 to 1.

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Anonymous - 47 d 14 h ago


I thought you may want to know of one of your stores, that is I call a run down store. I was in shock when I went into the McKinney, TX. store. There was no one at the Clinique or Este Lauder make up counters, so I said well I go shop in the petite clothing since that is what I wear. It was a wreck and I mean a mess. Jeans were on the floor and unfolded on the shelves. Sizes were in wrong spot. There was a lady close by and I mentioned that this part of the store was a mess. She told me no, the entire store is that way. I don't know if the lost their manager as of recent because this was about a week and a half ago. I hope it has been straightened since then and everything is running smoothly again. I hope you will read this and get back to me with great news. My email address is (hidden).

Best regards,

Brenda Allbritton

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Robert Hampton - 48 d 16 h ago


I just sent Ms. Harper my card canceling my acct. I was not happy when I tried to change my 1st payment to when I get paid. we're talking a few days!

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Milllie - 161 d 14 h ago


Make whatever business decisions are best for your shareholders and your company. The Trump name is a liability and no ones needs a liability. Crybabies can shop elsewhere. Belk is too sophfisticated for many of the people complaining.

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Sandra - 161 d 10 h ago

I do not consider myself a cry baby, just saying with others it is a shame that a company is acting this way, they will truly be the losers without loyal shoppers, they need to stay out of the political business and do the right. Thing by putting Ivanka merchandise back in stores.

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Deborah Patterson - 154 d 17 h ago

That's right Sandra...The liberals are the cry babies.

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Make America Great! - 131 d 10 h ago

Conservatives are right to make this a more police oriented white country. Trump knows the score, that is why his team is copying the Russian model. If liberals in USA would shut up and conform, we Can re-shape this cpuntry and once and for all silence the partisan media.

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Anonymous - 131 d 10 h ago

I agree. Lets become part of russia. They do not allow dissidents, kill the troublemakers like Putin does and make this country united.

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Red - 64 d 11 h ago

It's my understanding that the Trump line wasn't selling well. That's not the fault of the store.


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Little Foot - 54 d 13 h ago

I do think all the pulls of clothing was politics motivated. Shameful!

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Little Foot - 54 d 13 h ago


No girls we should take this country, give it back to God, put the Ten Commandments that were taken down back up in all the places they were taken down. Pray for President Trump and his family that have been tormented by the horrible media we have in the good USA. America hasn't changed, the people have. We were under oppression for 8 years. Let's take America back out from under oppression and love it and let God Bless America again.

Back to Belk, and if we do these things above and so much more our stores, that people run will be a more pleasant, prosperous and friendly place to shop. Because the way the store looked the day I was shopping there,around the May 19, 2017 it was like the employees didn't care what the store looked like inside. I wear petites, where I could usually find my size and styles. I was shocked the jeans were on floor, unfolded on the shelves. Sizes were all mixed up, it was terrible. Oh yes, I should have put this first. When I came in store the makeup counter had no one to wait on customers. I was interested in purchasing some. I was disappointed and at the petite department. The bad thing is I chatted with another customer in Belks and she said this store has been a mess. I told her it was hard to look at it this way. We had loved it before and one of our favorite places to shop. I sure hope cooperate will read our comments and help the store in McKinney ,TX.

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Candace - 161 d 9 h ago


Millie - I'm not a crybaby either and really don't like being called one. But...since you made your comment, here's mine: The only people I've seen crying on here and elsewhere are a lot (not all) democrats because they simply did not get their way. Well guess what, I'm not going to be the one who gives them a pacifier to sooth their upset ego. I'm assuming from your comment that you must be one of them - calling the kettle black??? I can choose to shop where I would like and I freely choose NOT to shop at Belk's any longer or do business with ANY company that feels that they can impose their beliefs on me. There is NOTHING at Belk's that I can't purchase elsewhere. I am quite certain that Belk's will be the one hurting and crying when it is all said and done. By the way sophisticated doesn't have a "F" in it. Please don't embarrass yourself any further and make sure you check your spelling when you are "crying".

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flo - 161 d 1 h ago

HAHAHAHA Belk with an "f" in it..... put there by Belk himself. hahahaha LOL LOL

By the way.... who or what is Belk???

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Anonymous - 160 d 16 h ago

This is not about getting your way. This is about doing what is right. Our nation is following in the steps to become a Nazi regime. Even Germany is scared for us. We are not crying about not getting our way. We don't want those who can't fight for themselves to get trampled by righteous, racist, right-wing fanatics who think anyone who isn't exactly like themselves is wrong.

And frankly, Ivanka supports her father, and that makes no better than anyone else trying to hurt the weak.

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anonymous - 160 d 14 h ago


You have been completely brainwashed by the radical far left nuts. Believe and make up lies if it makes you feel better and more empowered. Other countries are not afraid of us - they now respect us. Try uniting everyone and stop following those who want to be intolerant and divide us. It's un American.

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Anonymous - 131 d 10 h ago

Trump and Putin are lovers.

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Little Foot - 54 d 12 h ago


You need Jesus, Anonymous. Please you are just being hateful now. That isn't right of you to say such a thing, but mean. I'm sure you could be such a better person if you had the love of JESUS in you heart. Think about it.

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P. Adams - 160 d 9 h ago

The only fascists I see are those who disrespect and threaten everyone that disagrees with them since the Demorats lost.

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Deborah Patterson - 154 d 17 h ago


Anonymous....And stay that way. That's how you people are with your cute little hoodie jackets covering your face. Be an adult. Make a decision. But children can't do that...No I'm wrong my 12 yr old think that you people are wrong. Go figure.

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American - 153 d 15 h ago

When was the last time you saw Trump supporters out rioting and blocking traffic in the streets, including ambulances?


When was the last time you saw Trump supporters throwing things through widows breaking them and destroying private property?


When was the last time you saw Trump supporters covering their faces to hide their identity while taunting the police?


When was the last time you saw Trump supporters burning cars, jumping up on cars, damaging cars or overturning cars including police cars?


NEVER, that's when because that's what the LEFT does.

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Holly - 160 d 6 h ago

Well put, Candace! I think you nailed MS. Millie,assuming that' her voting I.d. Will stoop to a blanket statement rebuttal...wonder if she has to take off from work to shop? Done with Belk!

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Deborah Patterson - 154 d 17 h ago


Candace....You tell it....I'm tired of Demobrats. They are all in a pitiful state. I too will shop else where. Bella has been bought out...The quality is going down.

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GA girl - 161 d 9 h ago

Excuse me!! I am a former flight attendant who has traveled the world and shopped everywhere and 5th Ave!! Miss Millie needs to look the mirror!!

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Deborah Patterson - 154 d 17 h ago



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A patriot - 161 d 9 h ago

The dems are the crybabies. You lost, thank heaven

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