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Best Buy

7601 Penn Ave. South
Richfield, MN
G. Mike Mikan
Interim CEO
(612) 291-1000
(612) 292-4001
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david dewitt - 1 d 22 h ago


Why does Best Buy not have a Military or senior discount ?????

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Lynn - 1 d 25 m ago


For almost a year, I have been using a large Best Buy store credit to purchase top-up cards for my work phone on a monthly basis. The entire reason we initially agreed to take the store credit was because we were told we could use it to buy these phone cards. Several days ago, I went in to do the purchase as usual and discovered that BB was going to stop carrying all products and phone cards from my phone's manufacturer, Virgin Mobile. They still had some remaining, so I figured I'd use up the rest of my store credit to buy them before they were gone. Lo and behold, the store credit no longer works to purchase them! Last month, YES. This month, NO. I was told that the corporate office had changed their policy (apparently without any notice to customers) and they were no longer permitting people to use store credits to purchase "gift cards" (which is what they consider the phone top-up cards, for some reason). I looked at my last several receipts and there was no advance notice or warning of this policy change, for had their been, I would have used up the rest of my store credit LAST MONTH while it was still working. Now I am on a wild goose chase to attempt a satisfactory resolution, with the store manager telling me to call BB customer service, then customer service saying they couldn't help me and I had to deal with the store, saying they "should have given me some options," which they didn't. This lack of customer consideration is going to cost me almost a couple hundred dollars to fund a work phone that was intended to be funded by the store credit for a good while. I'm not sure why the corporate office decided to suddenly change this policy--which makes no sense--but at the very least they should have alerted customers several months in advance that this change was coming. When a company sets a precedent and customers have expectations as to how a store functions, this needs to be considered before management reverses the precedent and ends up hurting (and losing) customers that grew dependent upon a particular system. I feel angry, disappointed, and have lost all faith in Best Buy. I will never shop there again if this situation does not get handled.

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Gail - 1 d ago


I just had the best experience with Shalene from Geek Squad in Temecula. I spent literally months trying to get my Samsung refrigerator replaced, worked directly with Samsung who provided the refund, but the approval number got lost/misinterpreted between Samsung and Best Buy to track where the approval was. Once Shalene started to look into the problem, she located the correct RA numbers, and got the ball rolling with Samsung. I know she spent a lot of time working on this and I am so grateful for her dedication and professionalism.

I have been a Best Buy customer for a long time, and am now a true fan because of Shalene. She was remarkable, called me everyday to give me a status and followed up once it was delivered. A True Pro and if she isn't in a leadership position now, she should be! Thank you, Shalene!

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Kelly - 1 d 19 h ago


Had a terrible experience at the Madison, WI location. So excited to continue my ring security system purchase with BB. Last week I spent over $250+ on a few items and I was coming back because I've always loved the customer service. Amazon had this other ring camera I wanted, but I chose to go back to BB. Drove over 45 minutes.

Went in to purchase a ring stick up camera. Seen it on sale for 149.99. Go in and find out it's 179.99...they said I missed the sale. There was nothing they could do. Shut me down in front of a line of customers. Had my 3 year old who wanted her paw patrol movie and was being patient. I was embarrassed. I searched and scrambled on my phone for a matching ad to get the price match, only to have the expert who walked up to assist the cashier tell me it's unfortunate, but we can't help you. I said so I drove all the way here and by the way I spoke to someone at your store who told me I could get the offer, to be let down. Your going to make me go somewhere else? He said yes, I'm sorry. I bought by kids movie and left. I came home frustrated that I wasn't offered additional options, to be taken care of, the manager on duty, an offer to keep my business with BB. Not today. I will never buy anything from your company again. I will also be sure to tell my story. All over poor customer service. Amazon got my $200 sale just now.

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CN - 1 d 20 h ago


The worst customer service. I have been trying to get my refund for an item you no longer carry in your store and the store, which is located in Westbury NY, has been telling me that since the item was place on an Internet order and the status is shipped to address that they are unable to give the refund. It has been more than 5 months and I still cannot get my refund.

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Mike barth - 3 d 19 h ago


I tried to buy a galaxy s4 at your springfield, oregon.

Found the one I wanted ,the sales lady recommended the s4 that was on display, it had a keyboard attached to it . So I bought it .

Drove home about 25 miles, and found that it had no keyboard!

Returned to the store and they pulled me another one, I had them open it, same thing, no keyboard!

Ask for the store manager, she told me it was not part of the computer, and it no longer was available, yet it was out on display and no one told me that when it was sold to me.

All I got was [sorry ] for making two trips to your store.

I believe I was miss informed about the product and not treated professional.

Thanks for listening. Mike Barth

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PISSED OFF - 4 d ago


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Lisa Wilson - 5 d ago


Best Buy in waynesville is AWFUL after the employee opened the box adapter, we were told they couldn't take it back even though he assured us it would work! Will not be shopping with Best Buy anymore

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Douglas McClelland - 6 d ago


I understand you hired a new CEO. I wish her the best and there is no way to fix your store problems in Lincoln, Ne. Over a month ago I went to the audio and stereo department to talk about my current Sony set-up which is uncompatible with the Sonos wireless speaker and my turn table that won't wire in and so on. I understand my problem. I do not understand the fix. I first run into Austin who gives me a non-verbal look of what is wrong with you (and I would get rid of him as I have been a retail commodity futures broker for 35 years and understand the customer). I told him to get a set of social skiils of get out of retail and quit collecting a check on Friday. Tra was behind the counter, very nice young man, who understood what I was saying. He recommended (can't remember his name) a kid come out to the house and he would have a few solutions to the problem. He comes tot he house and we talk a few solution, some of which I understood, and that he explicitilly told me would would cost money for the changes. I informed him that I was in the mood to spend money and that I wanted to go as far as the exterior speakers. He said, as usual, give me a few days and I will come up with 2-3 options. Super! End of that asshole. 2 weeks went by and no return e-mail or go to hell we are not interested in sellling retail merchandise. I walk into the store and ask for the manager, who is not there and for good reason is probably never there. I get an assistant, who is maybe 25 and isn't sure how to handle my attitude of politeness and isn't sure how to talk to me. So I go back to Tra, who remembered me, and said he would get hold of the paperwork and see what he could do, as he performs the same service. Now 2 weeks have gone by and no Tra.

I am 72, retired white guy and I love my music, golf, horse and front porch (not necessarily in the order). I want to spend money. I want a compatible system. I know that my only recourse is to order something ON-LINE from another retailer or wholesaler. I will do that as my last resort as I still like to walk into a store, talk face to face with someone who can really give me a serious discussion and at the same time shop local.

From my experience Best Buy is now a relic and going down the Sears hole. If you need someone to run that store and make it profitable with a satisified customer experience, give me a call. I could use another gig a few hours a week. Really, your current manager isn't there anyway so what would it hurt.

Sincerely Douglas McClelland

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Shannon jerry - 6 d 20 h ago


Today found fraud charge on my account from my debit card which was used as a gift card on best buy .com from someone from Minnesota and i live in new Hampshire how the hell was my debit card able to be used as a gift card on your server for 399.99 and then told i couldn't cancel the order cuz my name wasn't on the order um how did you accept the payments on my debit card that your server passed as a gift card and they won't give me the name or address of the person which they have for me to file charges omg shame on this co

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Trish - 7 d 19 h ago


I'm not a fan of Best Buy, at least the one in Federal Way, WA, but my last visit changed my mind. I was helped by a young man named Keenan, who went above and beyond to help me with a phone problem. He actually stayed 30 minutes past closing time, just to fix my problem! I arrived at the store at 8:15 pm, and he helped me until almost 9:30, without any thought that the store closed. He never showed a sign of frustration, or irritation, and remained polite throughout the entire ordeal. I can't say enough about this young man, or his work ethic! I hope the store manager appreciates this great employee because I'll go back to this store, simply because of his customer service. I may not be a fan of Best Buy, but they've got my business in the future because of Keenan. The 5 star rating is because of the employee. not the company.

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Frank - 8 d ago


Can't complain about a store or a store employee. I do have a problem with your company about treatment of temporary employees (and probably regular employees) in you warehouses. My grandson worked in on for 4 days, received 2 days training and was sent a text to tell him he didn't fit in. What kind of lame brain reason is this???? This to me is a perfectly good reason why I have never been and will not go into any of your stores. What you need is a well organized work force in a very well run Union.

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Irritated and dumbfounded - 8 d 15 h ago


I had the absolute worst customer service in my 57 years on this good earth at your Rockville Md location. That's the last time I step foot in that store. The first guy I spoke to was rude about returning a product and the second guy was even ruder. They absolutely could care less about the customer, zero. the worst. I know, low unemployment so you can't find good help. Well, its just a matter of time before the economy turns and these guys will be lookin'. What a joke.

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Anonymous - 10 d ago


I'm very dissatisfied with the website service.

Was quoted one price and yet when you added to cart

It will not honor the price quoted

Called 890 number. Chatted with someone on site

Went to store as per the advise of both the 800 number and the chart person. At store they said I could only buy it online Online said only at the store near me. Bottom line I could nit purchase it and had to pay full price. I believe it's a dishonest practice. Or a website failure. Either easy I'm very disappointed that was sent an email which I answered and followed thru abd did it all correctly


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Don Roy - 85 d 13 h ago

My family has been in California for over 7 generations. There are 29 persons with just my children and grandchildren. Our extended family is considerable. Over the years we have made many purchases at the Roseville Best Buy. Our social network is extensive.

Discretion is the better part of valor. The person who made the decision to terminate the security guard for assisting our Law Enforcement Personnel used very poor discretion.

We support our law enforcement officer and thank the young man for his willingness to assist our officer. He should be honored and rewarded.

Concern for the safety of our community and law enforcement officers far outweighs our commitment to Best Buy. We would welcome a reason to continue shopping at Best Buy.

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Anonymous - 80 d 20 h ago

problem is you are in liberal hard left socialist california

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Moo! - 10 d 10 h ago

Oh please. This kind of reaction is about as conservative as it gets. Corporate America almost always fires people who get physical with shoplifters/criminals because if they get injured on the job by it, the company is liable to pay for medical costs.

Who do you think major corporations like Best Buy dump all their political lobbying and donation money into? Primarily the GOP.

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To hillbilly - 10 d 4 h ago

They would do the same thing in backwoods racist inbred states.

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Anonymous - 10 d 4 h ago

Sounds like you need to buy some birth control for the whole family. And you can't get it at Best Buy so that works out great.

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I found by accident that somebody from Best Buy, at 3415 E Foothill BLVD PASADENA, CALIFORNIA, 91107, committed fraud by using my money for a full warranty for two new computers I bought for my small business, he/or she cancelled my full warranty off $269.42 each and treated themselves by getting two new computers $209.46 each, and two wireless mouses $14.95 each.

I bought the 02/15/2018, the fraud took place at 02/19/2018. This must be investigated for your reputation and customer's sake and protection.

Now I have no warranty, and it has been more than one year and could not get my warranty instated even with paying cash for it AGAIN!!!!!!

Most unfortunate that neither the store nor the corporate phone contacts willing to do anything, only trying to shut me up and cover up for the theft their customer suffered, I have been trying for two days and always getting the run around then getting disconnected and disregarded. Best Buy is not best any more, they are not protecting their customer from being fleeced by their own Best Buy employees. Chances are it is one of the managers with wide access to everything and everybody's accounts. Help, this is likely happening to hundreds or even thousands of unaware customers.

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The clinic needs to use a better forum. - 10 d 13 h ago

So, I being a complete douche replied to a bunch of complaints here with absolute sarcasm. I was having a less than stellar day and actually was annoyed that Best Buy because I saw a job they had posted for Geek Squad posted to Well guess what, it and all three other jobs from them in my region were expired off their actual employment website.

So I did something far more useful than what you've done. I faxed them at the fax number up top of this page with a letter as to how rude and obnoxious and unhelpful that is.

It's not so much that posting online is not useful as it is that the website you are looking at is a complete joke. Scroll down and try to click that big grey button that says it will load prior comments. It will just reload to this page you're currently viewing.

This review page is a joke. Go to Yelp or Google and use their review services. They are actually fully functional. Posting something to this website is as effective as shouting into a paper bag behind the Circle K.

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I would like corporate to know what a positive experience I had with AJ a supervisor and part of your Sales Leadership team. The store location is in Baxter, Mn. My wife and I stopped to purchase 7 TV's, 2 DVD's and 7 Wall mounts. We are building in the Brainerd area. I usually dread going to a store like this because my past experiences has been less then favorable (lack of product knowledge and consumer social skills). AJ was everything you would want in a sales representative or any business representative. He have great product knowledge, super social skills, was effective in explaining options and very thorough. I have let the individual in the Brainerd area who works with those of us building in the Gull Lake Tourist area about AJ. He deserves to be recognized by Best Buy for a job well done. Don't lose this valuable employee! Thank you.

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DOUGLAS IS A BREATH OF FRESH AIR... BUT MAYBE LAY OFF THE capslock key with your name - 11 d 9 h ago

How very nice of you.

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Broom - 28 d ago


I purchased a Motorola One 64GB Memory Cell Phone ( unlocked) for a faster phone and a better Camera. I asked the Best Buy sales person for the best upgrade phone that was faster then the one we currently had. The sales person suggested Motorola 64 GB Memory Cell Phone and said it was very fast upgrade and has a great Camera. I wish I didn't purchase this Cell Phone. This phone is not fast, the camera is not great like she explained it was. I spent $379.99 + Tax and had a 10 percent off Coupon in which I didn't get off. So I paid over $400.00 dollars. What a rip off. Terrible customer service they never got back to me. I'm done with Best Buy I will not buy anything again.

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Broom should get out of the 90s. - 11 d 9 h ago

Motorola still sells cellphones? What? Wow. That's amazaballs!

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