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Best Buy

7601 Penn Ave. South
Richfield, MN
G. Mike Mikan
Interim CEO
(612) 291-1000
(612) 292-4001
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Terry Darrell - 4 y 63 d ago


A few weeks ago, there was an article on public radio explaining that Best Buy was looking to streamline its stores. The idea is to move most of its customers to ordering more merchandise, thus making the physical stores smaller and more like show rooms, with less products and more focus on the Geek Squad, and customer service.

Best Buy has been losing profits each quarter, slowly sending it down the path of Circuit City. This is most likely behind the decision to re-shift its priorities to more of a service center with a showroom. It may or may not be the right move, but one thing is certain: They need to do something different! Hopefully for them, this is the right direction. At least they aren't staunchly sticking to what they've always done. That is the one path that will definitely lead to eventual bankruptcy.

Though this is a good business decision, It is a little saddening. The era of the "Electronics Mega Store" is coming to an end. Granted the showroom will still be there. Hopefully, the "trimming" of the store's size won't affect the variety of new gadgets there will be to test drive.

Besides, where else will men hang out while their wives are shop at Michael's?

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DrewOlsonMKE - 4 y 66 d ago

Just read about @bestbuy circling the drain. Not pulling for job losses, but my sense of schadenfreude is strong. That chain just sucks.

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AthleteWannabe - 4 y 66 d ago

@kellyolexa I usually buy my tech at @bestbuy - great service and good deals! #fftech #fitfluential

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Jangosagony - 4 y 66 d ago

Needing 7 3-pin to Molex adapters to finish out this PC build... and neither @bestbuy nor @radioshack carry them. #fail

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Douglas_BBY - 4 y 66 d ago

RT @TopherSorensen: Props to @BestBuy customer service for making an exchange/bundle match, a flawless process.

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SophiaRedefined - 4 y 66 d ago

@bestbuy getting printer cartridges! Big writing project!

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scaliatine - 4 y 66 d ago

. @bestbuy doesn't put out new release movies until Wednesday, sorry guys not coming back for it

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KateDiLeo - 4 y 66 d ago

@ambularc22 - Impressive! What did you buy? CC @BestBuy

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alltherain - 4 y 66 d ago

Mom was going to buy a stove @bestbuy but we walked out because they wanted fifty bucks to deliver after 2 pm. Super rude salesman, too.

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iChrisHarrison - 4 y 67 d ago

This nigga @Edwin__ tryna get it in with all the ladies at @BestBuy before we leave ahahahaha

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