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Best Buy

7601 Penn Ave. South
Richfield, MN
G. Mike Mikan
Interim CEO
(612) 291-1000
(612) 292-4001
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CurrieQ - 1 h 54 m ago


I understand corporations as large as BestBuy provide these forums as an avenue for disgruntled customers to blow off steam, in the hope that their neglects or incompetence is isolated here rather than placed in other social media forums. Well, for me, I see this as the beginning of my outreach efforts to let consumers know what they are potentially in for when things go wrong.

As a person who follows the market, I always wondered why BestBuy had such ups and downs as a company. I always thought of the company as well operated and managed with good products reasonable consumer service. This thinking was created from afar, and with my most recent experience (first after about eight years) I better understand.

To that end, I will return to offer the details with a later post in hopes of saving, maybe one person, the mistake of purchasing from this company. I only wish I had come here first before my purchase, which I assure you will never happen again. So, with that said, stay tuned...

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Kevin Whitbeck - 1 h 30 m ago


On 02DEC17, I placed order BBY01-(hidden)72 for an XBOX ($189.99) and a controller. I received the controller a few days later but no XBOX console. Tracking information shows that UPS never received the console from Best Buy. I waited a few more days and called customer service who informed me that the shipment never went out from Best Buy for unknown reason. Customer Service then informed me they could re-ship the console out to me but it would cost $229.00. Why would I pay $40 more for the same item that I was supposed to receive with no explanation as to why it did not ship in the first place? I cancelled the order for the console and re-bought at for $189.00. Sound fishy Best Buy, I have been a customer for years but I will look elsewhere for my electronic needs in the future.

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KIM - 3 h 3 m ago


On July 20, 2017 I bought 2 DVD portable players as birthday gifts for my grand-daughters, I had never opened one of them until a couple weeks ago, to put in my daughters car, and come to find out it would not work in her car, feeling sad, I called the Best Buy store in Alexandria La, for them to tell my son-in-law that you either take a 70.00 gift card or nothing at all, and they still got the dvd player, which I did pay about 140.00 each and all we wanted was equal value of what I bought, but because of the 15 day return, which I think is just CRAZY!! THEY NEED TO CHANGE THAT !! SO now they not only got my money full amount but I/m out 70.00 and a dvd player :( so I WILL NOT BE BUYING NOTHING ELSE THERE NOR WILL MY FAMILY OR FRIENDS ALL we wanted was the product we bought or something to equal value, no cash, no card and even exchange, how hard is that !!!

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JOHN P JONES - 3 h 38 m ago


Hello, On Sunday, December 10, I went to my local Best Buy in Hyannis , return an UNOPENED 55" LG 4k TV. I purchased this for my daughter and her husband for christmas, not knowing they had already got one! Sooooo....I was met by a very, very rude and huffy manager, this was right after the store opened that morning, who told me that I have brought back to many items and cannot return it. UNOPENED! Receipt in hand! Granted, I admit, that while trying to find the right TV for my new man cave, I have returned ones that I was not happy with,,,ALL in the same manner in which I received them...same box, neatly packed etc. the policy says right on the receipt...return with in 15 days. Im an elite member CC holder! NOT a good way to treat ANYONE! BESY BUY needs to train their management in how to treat their valued customers....sad this one will never return.

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Anonymous - 4 d ago


It regards complaint # 20131274.

My order was miplaced by ONTRAC, your shipping service company. I received no notice and find out at your bestbuy store to file a complaint. Your corporate employee assure me that the package WILL BE READY AT THE STORE ON IMPERIAL BLVD, FULLERTON CALIFORNIA ON 12/7---1 DAY SHIPPING. I RECEIVE AN EMAIL VERY LATE LAST NIGHT THAT WILL BE DEALAY UNTIL 12/21.



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Anonymous - 1 d ago

There is eternal theft from the workers. Pretty bad now

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Scott - 3 d ago


Best Buy,

I have been trying to place an order with you since November 23rd 2017. It is for a Westinghouse 32" SMART TV for $99.99. When I placed the order on the 23rd it came back a couple minutes later as I tried to place the order again. Again, it was cancelled. So we tried my wife's card and to no surprise that order was cancelled as well. After the frustration set in I called my bank and they verified that nothing was on hold and the acceptance was going through just fine for the order. I then called Best Buy Customer Service...they said some information being sent through on my card was not matching what Best Buy has in their system and they sent a ticket to the verification department for resolution and I would hear back from them withing 24 hours. Once the issue was taken care of I would get the product for the advertised price on the 23rd or November.

As of December 4th I never heard back from the verification department so I called Best Buy again. The customer service rep said that I was missing my middle initial and that is why the order wasn't processing. She gathered my card information and placed the order. Since it was no longer on sale she had to place the order at its original price and give me a $70 credit, which was fine as long as I received it for the same price as the 23rd or November. The service rep saw the acceptance go through on her end from my back and said everything looked like it processed fine. About 5 minutes later I received an email again saying the order was cancelled. So, today I called AGAIN and was given the same line about the verification department needing to process the order. I asked if I could just use a different card thinking the card was the issue. We tried using a Mastercard this time and to no surprise my order was cancelled again. The rep on the phone said our only resolution was to wait for the verification department to figure out what is happening. She said that this has been an issue with Best Buy recently and the customer service could not help. At this point it has been two weeks in verification with no contact explaining to me what has been happening. I have spent over 8 hours on the phone trying to get this resolved an worse yet, my card is now being declined at the store as well. I am coming to the conclusion that Best Buy doesn't want my patronage.

This is also not the first time I have had ordering issues with Best Buy...about two months ago I tried ordering $15000 worth of computer equipment from for a business and had the same issue as my personal account. I ended up buying everything from Amazon. I really like Best Buy and would like to support them in the future for my business and personal needs but I cannot go though this every time I purchase something.

I am writing in hopes that this can get escalated and I can get a response from somebody. The order from November 23rd is a Christmas gift for my daughter and I will have to order it elsewhere if this doesn't get resolved quickly.

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R. Tinn - 2 d 8 h ago


@ Scott,

Maybe "someone" is trying to tell you not to order junk. How long do you think that 100$ TV is going to work??

Stop being a blockhead.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 1 d ago

You have a name like Tinn and you call him a block head.

Learn respect Tinn head

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Feeling Fed Up - 1 d 19 h ago


I too bought an S8 online with the promise of a 350.00 egift card that I have never received. I also have the screen shot showing the deal was to include a 350.00 egift card. That is the only reason I got the phone. I could have went elsewhere and saved myself this headache. I am returning this phone and boycotting Best Buy, I will tell everyone I know to boycott best buy. This is false advertisement and my opinion you are phishing customers on the promise of an egift card. I called 4 times to customer support, 3 times I was disconnected in transferring me and the last time I spoke with someone who was very rude I even asked "are you having a bad day", she said their system was down and suggested I go to the store and speak with a manager, so I did only to be told there was a system glitch and he could not do anything and again given the same customer support number to call. I am just fed up.

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Sorry Kids No Presents! - 1 d 19 h ago


What has happened to Best Buy? My most recent purchase is an on-going NIGHTMARE! I purchased on IPHONE 8 on line from Best Buy because your advertised sale was that I would receive a $200 gift card (research your advertisement). I went to the store to pick up my order and the cashier didn't know anything about a gift card. A salesperson in the phone center told me it would come via email as a digital gift card. One week later, no gift card. I called customer service filed a claim and not only have I not received the gift card, I haven't received a phone call back. I call again today to check on the status 888-bestbuy, I am now on the phone, and counting, 1 hour and 15 minutes - have been transferred 3 times, twice out of the country, and told to call a different # for Gift Card Support. When I asked the person's name that I have a difficult time understanding I ask what department are you in, "uhh um back office" then continuously hello? hello? WHO ARE YOU HIRING to represent your brand??????? Unbelievable! This is laughable, still on hold - the quality of the hold music is garbled and a statement comes up, "your opinion is important to us" WHAT? Seriously? Now, 1 hour and 20 minutes later still on hold for another department, listening to the worst quality audio.

$200 I am waiting for 10 days before Christmas. I am unable to finish shopping, thanks Best Buy!

Just in case your interested, still on hold 1 1/2 hrs invested on this call.

Oh, and Merry Christmas

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FU - 2 d 13 h ago



Once again, I purchase a product that does not work as promised. Once again, there is no tech support to assist me. I hope youre enjoying your evening in your big mansions while you screw the rest of us. I hope that karma evens the score.... sleep tight and sweet dreams

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Vinu - 3 d ago


Case No : 206286865 Order No : BBY01-(hidden)16 Team, I wanted to express my disappointment on your customer support rep and supervisors, they dont seem to understand the problem and are not able to provide a resolution. Let me state the problem again , I spoke to several people , few name I could remember (Anu/Ana-supervisor Sydney) Issue : -I placed an order on 24th of Nov for HP Laptop and I was charged twice on 30th Nov on my Best Buy credit card for 1271.99 (product was returned to Best buy) Reference No : F903800AM000DXSUD ; F903800AM000DXSUD Best buy claims the have charged my card only once , however charges amounting to $1`271.99 has been posted twice same day with two reference numbers and the same has been confirmed by Citibank. for no fault of mine I have been charged twice for the product I did not receive. I spoke to several people and they dont seem to understand the problem. Can some one own this,investigate properly and issue a refund for $1271.99 twice on my credit card . Iam moving out of the country for six months and will be reachable on (hidden) only till 18th Dec . I hope a sensible person reads this email , understands customer pains and responds with resolution. regards

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Yu - 4 d 22 h ago


Bestbuy Novi MI is the worst store I have ever seen!!!!!! Bought new washer dryer and fridge from them, scheduled for installation and toll away the old ones. Wait 4 hours for installation people to show up, I called and was told by customer service that they won't let me know when they come, just grounded and wait. Finally show up, said they have wrong cord for dryer and can't take out the old fridge out of the door, which was too big. I tried schedule a 2nd time, and took the right cord from them, days later, wait for 5 hours and the contractor came saying they were only told to take out the old fridge. The contractor quickly left saying he will call bestbuy and I will receive their call back in 5 min, which never happen. I am very frustrated and already late for my afternoon job. I postpone my job and went to the store again, the staff and manager are rude and nobody ever apologize for anaything. So proudly saying: you can cancel your order! It is not our fault! Or if you want your dryer to install, I cannot guarantee how long it takes! One female staff also laughed when I was telling I am two days behind my job already to get this done! One staff said rudely, do you want the dryer to be installed, just say yes or no. I said it depends on if I have to wait there for another 5 hours and find out things still cannot get done! He said proudly, that I cannot control! So I said cancell the order! The guy quickly sacasticaly said: bye! And going minding his own business. I said that's it? Don't you need to give me any schedule to take it away? He said that is it, we will call. Then later customer service called my husband saying they charge for 15% re-stocking!! They never mention it in store, they never give solutions nor apologize for their disconnection in the service loop for the first two times failures!!!!!! I think there should be a way to regulate those people who do not respect & fool their customers!!

I went out of the store crying, actually, felt being disrespected and left no option, or being bullied.

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Anonymous - 4 d 24 h ago

Dear sir

My name is v VEERASHEKARACARY from INDIA I have seen Facebook page best buy mobile's I contact him by what's app through +(hidden)086 this number 1st deal only 30k 1st payment 10k after delivery 20k payment this is the deal. Only I ordered 2 products 1 MacBook and Samsung galaxy s7edge after 10k payment his saying like this coustms heald your product you have to pay Rs.17500 after this payment his saying delivery charges Rs.15000 after this payment miss package that's y your getting 6 products so you have to pay extra Rs.60000 after this payment finally settlement Rs.40000 you have to pay after this I have paid Rs.30000 but still his not delivery y can you give me the explanation because around I have paid Rs.153500 lakh paid still not delivery simply his saying they are not release I'm not the responsible person. I'm crying like severing.

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Dissatisfied360 - 4 d ago


To whom it may concern,

On Black Friday I placed a pretty sizable order with Best Buy on line. Had to select in store pick up for a 55" Samsung curved T.V. Went to the Owensboro Best Buy to pick up my television, the employee loaded it into my truck flat. Two days later my husband went to hook up the telivision and half the screen was black. He called Samsung and they said the telivision was defective, that it had acrack in the screen and to take it back to Best Buy. We returned the television to Best Buy, they had another in stock. Their return counter was very disorganized and had about 5 employees standing around. They brought out the new television and plugged it in to make sure it worked. It did, they loaded back into the box and failed to place foam padding in front of screen. They then loaded the box into my truck flat. We got home, we hooked up and this time there was about a 5" wide strip from top to bottom that was black. I went back to Best Buy and to take the second television back. I explained to a different counter person, that we didn't do anything to this television and what it was doing. He went to talk to someone and came back and told me they had already given me another television and since they checked this second one before we left they couldn't give me another one, all while smiling and no sorry or nothing. I said that they had failed to put foam padding in front of screen after they showed us it was working and boxed it back up. He said there is no foam padding that goes in front of the screen. I said your not going to stand there and tell me I'm out $600, get a manager. The manager on duty then comes over and says no you won't be getting any money back and we cant replace because we showed you it was working before you left. She walks over to the television and runs her hand down it and says these t.v.'s are really sensitive and you've guys have put a thumbprint on it which we caused it to break. By this time I'm a little crazed. It's not everday I have 5 people standing around looking at me like I'm the crazy one and that I'm just out $600. I point out the neglected foam padding again, when she says there is no foam padding, basically have been called a liar twice now. I ask her how do you know that when your employees loaded the television back up they didn't put a thumbprint on it. Also if the television are that sensitive why wouldn't they have pointed that out when I brought back the first one. I ask her to get who ever is over her head. She informs me he is at home with his family, he won't be back til Tuesday. She then gives me the Best Buy. Com number. I tell them to load up my broken t.v. They put back in my truck flat. I call the number I was given in the parking lot and am told there is an hour and 5 minutes wait time. I stay on the line and drive home, an hour and a half later a person answers and listens to what I have to say and tells me there is really nothing she can do, but suggest I go and talk to a different manager at the store. I then ask if she has a supervisor. Her supervisor tells me she can send e a return label and when they get the television, I will be credited back on my card. I ask her if I try and talk to a different manager and decide not to use label if that's okay to. She says yes and gives me a number about our transaction. The next morning I call Best Buy and ask who is the manager on duty, the gentleman tells me the same manager as the night before I had the displeasure of dealing with. I ask when will another manager be in, he tells me 1 pm. I ask do they have a district manager, he says Don or Dale , but he rarely is there and they can't reach him. I then call the Evansville Best Buy and ask for a manager, apparently Owensboro answers calls for Evansville and refuses tomput me thru to a manager there. The lady that I'm talking to tells me the person I had just talked to 10 minutes before that didn't know who their district manager is , is a manager. At this point, I am being given the run around. I've never experienced worse customer service in my life. I call the Bowling Green store trying to get a district manager's name and contact. The manager at that store is more sympathetic than anyone I have talked to in Owensboro, but can't give me any contact info for district manager. At this point I decide to return television and pray I'll get my money back. I start writing reviews, which I don't normally do. I then notice at the top of television box it does have a small box saying not to squeeze screen and that it also says not to lay television flat, which the Best Buy employees have done each time they have loaded into my truck, while there would have been plenty of room to load into back seat straight up or even in back of truck straight up, as I have cables to hold straight. Was never once told about this warning and feel the Best Buy employees should know this. I then decide to call Samsung and ask them have you all had alot of complaints about thumbpress cracking your curved television. The rep says no, I tell her the story and she says that Best Buy caused it by laying the screen flat each time. I then ask her is Best Buy out any money when they return these televsions to you , don't you guys just fix them and get them out again and she tells me that no it doesn't cost Best Buy anything to return these televisions. She gives me a transaction number to give the general manager. I want them to know they caused this not us. I call to try and find out when I can talk to the general manager personally, when an employee at the Owensboro store who seems sincere and apologizes to me and says it sound like some things where mishandled informs me he is going to leave a note and email for general manager marked urgent to call me the next day. I never get a call and when I call the store shortly before 4 they inform me he has already left for the day. So after a long weekend, the general manager doesn't even work an 8 hour day. I want to know that I'm going to get my money back, I want an apology and want to know what is going to be done about the rude manager and un-trained employees. I want to feel the over 10 hours of time I have invested in this is for a reason. No one should have to deal with this. I then call the corporate office and am givin a district managers name, phone and email. When I call the number it is a Best Buy in Norridge Illinois, they tell me that he isn't there and they dont even know if he works for the company anymore, so I say your telling me the corporate office doesnt even know who their district manager's are. I call the corporate office and I guess a different person answers and this time tells me she has no contact info for district manager, she just works the switchboard. I'm surprised Best Buy is still in business. I suspect the only reason is their pricing and financing. Thanks for your time.

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Pamela - 4 d 41 m ago


Went to Best Buy to do a price match for an Apple Watch last Friday ,the hassle was real. Showed pictures of several ads, nothing was convincing. They argued over color when the sale was on whatever color there was. Beware of PRICE MATCH....

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Barbara and mike - 5 d 44 s ago

I have wasted 8/hours waiting for your geek squad people and they never showed

Your service is horrible

I would never recommend u to anyone

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Chuck in Md. - 5 d ago


On April 30, 2017 we purchased seven appliances for my kitchen for a total of $7307.69. Receipts attached. Induction stove Refrigerator RF263BEAESR $1529.99 Dishwasher Microwave oven Washer Dryer Pedestals for washer and dryer I purchased three year service plans for all of the items except the microwave oven. On May 4, 2017, I discovered I needed a counter depth refrigerator instead of the one I purchased. I went to the Best Buy store choose a new refrigerator #RF22K9381SR $2788.10 and asked to have that exchanged for the one I had purchased. The new refrigerator was $1500 more. I asked and they said they were transferring the three year service plan. Recently the icemaker on my Samsung refrigerator is not working. I called Best Buy to get it repaired. I was told there was no three-year protection service plan on the refrigerator. I went to the store to find the problem. It turns out when they were exchanging the refrigerators they ( Best Buy ) removed my three-year protection plan from the refrigerator and placed it on a microwave? This is a Best Buy mistake, not a customer mistake. Why would I not purchase a plan for a major appliance but one for a microwave? I was told since it's been six months since I purchased a refrigerator that I can no longer get the three-year protection plan which I originally purchased. The salesman in the store and his manager said they could do nothing for me. Since I did NOT make the mistake I do NOT understand why Best Buy can NOT provide me the warranty I had purchased for the refrigerator. They transferred me to Samsung for the one year manufacturers 1 year warranty. I'm currently working with Samsung to try and get the ice maker fixed. Samsung has told me many times that someone would be contacting me and after weeks and weeks that has NOT happened. Since these was Best Buy error and not mine, I think Best Buy should make good on this and give me my three-year protection plan on this refrigerator and/or promise to pay for any repairs for the 2 years after the manufacturer warranty expires. That is "IF" I can even get the manufacturer SamSung to contact me?????????

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BBY01-805516504956 - 7 d 3 h ago

I placed an order Friday, late afternoon, for a washer & dryer. A seemingly knowledgeable person at your company gave me information. I was told the machines were all about the same dimensions, so I read some reviews and asked the opinion of the person helping me on the phone. I explained that I needed this right away, as my washing machine was leaking. I cancelled the appt I made to fix the machine, and placed this order, to be delivered Friday the 8th. I was told it would be followed with a confirmation email. Later that evening, a friend encouraged me to measure my existing machines to make sure they were comparable size. Having never received my confirmation email, I had to go back on line and sort through my purchases. Thankfully I did. The machines I ordered were way larger in size. I immediately called to make a change to my order. I cancelled what I purchased and attempted to order different machines. Since Friday evening, I have made 3 calls to rectify this order. I spent over 2 hrs on this!!! I was told the confirmation email mistakenly went to another person with a different name and address ( this stranger was now given my information!!!!) but that it would be corrected. To date, I still have not received any emails at all. I was so incredibly frustrated and said I would place the order with PC Richards if I couldn't get this done immediately. I was told a supervisor would call me within 24 hrs. Never heard from anyone!!! Like YOU, I work!! My time is very important to me!! I would never get away with this at my company!! It is outrageous that this large establishment can't get it together enough to take care of what should be a simple procedure in placing an order. At the very least GET MY EMAIL ADDRESS RIGHT!! This has been a colossal waste of my time. I have no washer & dryer. And, the person who was going to fix my existing one is not available now until next week. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE BEST BUY!!

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BBY01-805516504956 - 5 d ago

Still nothing!!!!!!!! No accountability!!!

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Anonymous - 5 d 18 h ago

Hello my Name is Laura Thurman , I'm writing to you to let you know how rude the Best buy in Tallahassee people you have hired are the worst ever. I have contacted them about a product I bought on line and its supposed to be here on this day but I was hung up on 10 times trying to find out where my item is, now if your employees cant do better then hang the phones up on people that have spent there money on Best Buy products then maybe some of them don't need a job. Id like to know where my item is, Ive been waiting for a while now and all I get is someone hanging the phone up on me . Thanks Best Buy for the great service . Maybe you can help me and fix this problem, I will be going up there in the morning to find out who was working at 730 at night in customer service I don't forget voices, and he needs someone to talk to him. This was just wrong of him to do. My number is (hidden)

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Worst Customer Service Skills Ever - 6 d 43 s ago


Bought a laptop here 2 years ago. Got a ransom ware virus on it and it locked up completely. Got an appointment and brought it to Best Buy. After waiting 10 minutes for my appointment time, I asked the very apathetic lad behind the counter what could be done to fix my computer. He told me it could be fixed ... for $200. I felt it wasn't worth it and asked about new laptops. He pointed me toward the back of the store. I spent about 20 minutes looking around, obviously needing assistance and no less than 3 employees made eye contact and walked away.before I could speak to them. Bear in mind, the store wasn't that busy - only one of them was helping someone else. Mentioned it to the employee at the door and he just gaped at me. An employee who was leaving said "Gee that's not right" and left. Frustrated, I left the store and went directly to Staples. I was greeted by the manager when I walked in the door. She summoned a knowledgeable tech person to help with computers. Even though he was due to leave in 15 minutes, he stayed for 30 to help me choose the right replacement computer to fit my needs. He was polite, friendly, and took time to explain the pros and cons of each model. The Black Friday price was mistakenly still on the computer and I was given that price. We discussed warranties - which I bought. We discussed security programs to protect my computer. He advised an inexpensive one that will serve my needs. All in all, a very positive experience. I spent my $350 well - at your competitor - and got the service and product I wanted and deserved. It was more than I had intended to spend but I appreciated the personal attention so much, I didn't mind. I see why most of my friends and co-workers said "Best Buy? Don't go there!" Now I say it too. Won't be back.

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Anonymous - 6 d 15 h ago

BUYERS BEWARE!! I ordered a TV on black Friday online and it turned into a horrible experiencing. So it started with not receiving a phone call 30 minutes prior to my delivery.. I called best buy at 7:55 And asked why I hadn't received a phone call or delivery yet (delivery was supposed to he from 4pm to 8pm). The woman on the phone called the drivers an her end and informed me they would be "a little" late but that I would still receive a phone call 30 minutes prior to my delivery. 8:48pm the delivery truck pulls up and the guys start unloading a bunch of huge empty boxes.. I decided to go outside and see what was up.. one of the guys saw me and started approaching my steps complianing "man look at all these steps! I'm tired.. this stuff is heavy" with NO hello or introduction.. he begins walking up my hallway still complianing.. I show him where the tv is going and he goes back out to the truck (my ID or order have not been checked, the guy doesn't even know if I am the person who ordered lol) About 9:30 They turn the truck off and I see them rolling a washer and dryer towards my steps.. I ran outside and said stop that's not what I ordered. They scratched their heads and said what did you order.. I said a TV. So back to the truck they went but this time it only took about 10 minutes.. They brought the TV up and left. It's nowabout 9:45 and I realize they gave me the WRONG tv! I can't call them because they never called me 30 minutes prior to the deliver so I don't have their cell number.. best buy was closed at this point so my only option was to deal with this in the morning. I went to bed. At about 10:45 my phone starts blowing up.. 3 calls in a row and voicemails.. I didnt know the number soni listened to the voicemail (who is calling me at almost 11pm?) The voicemail STATED "we are on our way back to your home we have you the wrong tv" "we're coming back now". I was startled by this message and extremely uncomfortable so I called them back and said you are not coming to my home at 11pm at night. And he again stated "yes we are we have to. In said I am uncomfortable with 2 strangers in my home at this time of night.. you should not be calling me never mind coming to my house. He said "you don't have a husband where is he?" (At that point I was terrified.. I do live alone so why was this guy calling to come to my home at 11pm and being extremely forceful?) I said have someone call me from Best buy please. He said ok and hung up. I received a call from a girl named Kelly at about 11pm now who was just as unprofessional and rude as the delivery guys. I told her I was uncomfortable and asked her if she understood and she said in a sorry way "honestly, no and they are coming back. She was completely sarcastic and nasty with me.. and finally she said "ugh, I'll just have someone else deal with this in the morning" and hung up on me. That was the last I heard from them.. I stayed up late worried that these two angry delivery men would show up at my home. I called the next morning Sunday at around 830 and Leena was supposed to review my file and call me back. She never called. I called about 5 times, spoke to different people every time. No one could help me. Then I get a voicemail Monday stating They want to schedule a delivery give me the correct tv. I call back and speak to 4 different people and no one is willing to work with me as far as compensation or allowing me to keep the tv they delivered to me.. it was THEIR MISTAKE yet somehow I am the one being treated like total garbage for no reason. So basically I was harassed by these delivery people.. Best Buy does not value their customers.. this experience is one I will never forget and I will be sure to spread the word.. i dont wish this on anyone.. really horrible and scarey experience. It's still not resolved.. they're threatening to charge me for thr TV THEY CARRIED INTO MY HOME lol... honestly I'm extremely uncomfortable with having these aggressive people come back to my home.. I'll be reaching out to corporate tomorrow so this doesn't happen to someone else. It's not safe.. and just creepy. Also, they offered my a $50 gift card as compensation lol like really?? I WILL NEVER shop at best buy again.. how about a credit?! Or let me keep the TV you mistakenly gave me!

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rrcarpio - 7 d 1 h ago


Please give me the status of my order( BBY01-(hidden)38) as it has being delivered twice to the wrong address.Your online-ordering system is wrong. You guys should confirm the shipping address to avoid wrong deliveries- you loss time and money .

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Linn Sexton This morning I spoke with Kathy in your gift card problem s ... 

Barnes & Noble
Veteran Just wanted to now why do I need a Barnes and Noble discoun ... 

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. I have a very harsh problem I bought tires from one of my v ... 

Applebee's Boycott NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!

Church's Chicken
Rigo I served three years in prison and always dreamed that I wo ... 

BOB Ever try the "Sunbeam heated throw" sold at Costc ... 

Apple Computer
Mitzi Addis I hope someone from Apple actually reads these comments. I  ... 

GameStop Corp.
Luis C GameStop falsely advertised a Cyber Monday deal. Online, th ... 

Ford Motor Company
mohamad javad Name of God

Hyundai USA
Anonymous So, I wrote a comment this morning and see it has been pull ... 

Margaret James I want to speak to someone in the United States someone who ... 

Taco Bell Corp.
Ashly Carter Hello my name is Ashly and I work for a locally owned compa ... 

Toys R Us
Anonymous Same exact problem here. they cancelled some of my order st ... 

Lg Electronics USA
Eddie Email it to me at (hidden)

Consumer Protection Needed for Macy's online costomers One month of 100% unresolved online purchase problems which ... 

Spirit Airlines
Adrienne manocchi Why can't you get a phone number for a corporate office

Ashley Furniture

Dollar General
Bewildered in Tequesta florida Visited the Dollar General a day before Thanksgiving. There ... 

Cricket Communications, Inc.
Anonymous You guys have representers in the local stores who steal yo ... 

Bardoin Hi's an interesting tidbit about Lowes, 2016 ... 

T-Mobile USA, Inc.
Kay T-Mobile has employed the most rude people at there locatio ... 

Rent a Center
akuehner they also do not repair phones laptops or tvs.

Honda Motor Company
Anonymous Dear sir

Shawn I'm reading all these BAD reviews on cheddars and it seems  ... 

Groupon, Inc.
Anonymous I'm in. This company needs to go away.

Greyhound Lines, Inc.
Barbara Powers-Anderson I am having major issues with the greyhound when you call i ... 

Forever 21
anonymous I am a current employee at forever 21 @ the deer park long  ... 

McDonald's Corporation I have work for the company for 28 yrs. Over the yrs. I hav ... 

Haven 12 Well done! Boycott the corporation who employs such a disgu ... 

Anonymous I conclude with the others. Absolutely the worst. Trying to ... 

Sears Holdings Corporation
maverick winston Paid for refurbished dell laptop on Nov 27, it's now Dec 11 ... 

Dell Computer
Linda I'm also in. Dell has got to be one of the absolute worst c ... 

Pep Boys
no more busness im a comerical customer and own a shop i get parts from the ... 

Rooms To Go
Juanita Hernandez.. I Juanita Hernandez, need to talk to someone who can help m ... 

TGI Friday's
Marissa Seeing the last time I wrote no one really got back to me a ... 

Ace Hardware
Bob Wood For gifts, I ordered four atomic clocks with indoor outdoor ... 

Billy H Keep getting emails, which I never sunscriibed to, even whe ... 

Bank of America Corporation
Anonymous The AtM at my local Bank of America took my four 100.00

Gold's Gym International, Inc.
X Gold's Gym Bethlehem Pennsylvania ripped me off out of a mo ... 

General Motors
Christina Darling I have a 2010 same problems !!! Ufh

American Express Company
C. Murphy I have been an American Express member since 1986. I recent ... 

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