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Best Buy

7601 Penn Ave. South
Richfield, MN
G. Mike Mikan
Interim CEO
(612) 291-1000
(612) 292-4001
Twitter IDs
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Steve - 9 h 11 m ago


BEST BUY is "WORST BUY" they SUCK !!! They will lie cheat and steal from you like they did to us. We have a $415 credit due to us that we cannot use. We purchased $4,150.00 + worth of appliances. We were told we would receive a $415 credit to use on anything, (wrong) After 12+ phone calls, talking to store manager today. We gave up.

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disgruntled customer - 2 d 19 h ago


Customer service is THE WORST!!! Lied to by agent. Will Never SHOP THERE AGAIN.

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Ruthie - 5 d 22 h ago


It's no wonder company like Amazon are taking over. I've purchased several electronics from BB in the past. Always had wonderful service. Decided to purchase a Samsung TV and have installed by the geek squad. Also paid to have the old one taken away. Installation went well but the team showed up in a smaller truck to they couldn't take the old tv away. Suggested we put in the front yard and they would send someone in the next day or two to pick up.....yeah, wouldn't that look great. After waiting a couple days and not hearing anything, I decided to call and schedule a pick up date. Good....set for Saturday morning. While I'm at work on Thursday, I get a phone message that they are on their way to the house to pick up the TV. What? So I call back....takes 10 minutes to get through the voice recording about some gaming system that's not available. Finally get a human....who doesn't identify themselves, put on hold, then disconnected. Ugh....another guy comes on. All I want is to make sure we're still on for Saturday morning. Finally he assures me yes. Saturday morning show. Check the online system, it was scheduled for afternoon. Great....have to wait the rest of the afternoon for someone to show. Guess what? No show. Call the store and again after 10 minutes finally talk to a human. I'm put on hold. He comes back and says, I'm checking on what's going on, hate for you to be on hold for so long. Can I call you back in 10 minutes? You guessed it......he never called. Wow.....I am shocked at the lack of customer service Best Buy has displayed. It's been almost two weeks now and the old tv is still sitting there. Must admit, it this doesn't resolve itself in a positive manner I will never purchase another item from Best Buy. Shame too.

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Anonymous - 14 d 11 h ago


I bought a 55' Samsung (open box) along with a 75' SONY just 4 months ago. One day I came home and when I turned on the Samsung the screen was black with a line across the inside of the screen. I received the worst experience from the Manager who was not pleasant or even helpful at all, I did not ask him to return the TV for me, and I asked to get it fixed. He then said the Geek Squad was not going to send it out because it was damaged and that I was sol and I should buy a new TV because "you physically damaged the TV". I asked him to show me where the damage was he is said "maybe you hit it with a ball". His remarks were out of place, uncalled called for and yet he said I should just go buy a new TV. Towards the end he said he was going to push it out for fun! I questioned him because at first he said there was nothing he was able to do then he said Geek Squad will not send to Samsung because they will not fix and there was nothing he can go since the Geek squad department was separate from Best Buy then he said he was going to override it and send it out for FUN! I called corporate and no one has been able to return my call. I asked to speak to another manager his response was I am the only one here today and in charge. Some like Timothy Parks should not be representing Best Buy/Magnolia. I've been a Best Buy customer for years and this is unacceptable, this is NOT how Best Buy treats their customers. My claim number is 194246291 and I'd like for someone from Corporate to call me back as I was told someone would when I filed the complaint on 3/5.

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Kamal - 18 d 4 h ago

Hi in your company Mr.Mohammad has working or not? Bcoz i have one deal with him. So that pls confirm.

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DDTTPP - 23 d 20 h ago


Ordered a dishwasher through customer service. Called the next day to get some installation info. Never told that it was a third party installation. I was transferred to 3 different depts, spoke with 3 different people and received 3 different lines of information. No one was on the same page. So frustrating. Installation day came which was separate from when they delivered my dishwasher, the time allotted, was missed. No call to let us know the service man was running late. At Your Repair support called after my husband called Best Buy to complain. 2 other people called as well to find out what the issue was, which have no idea what their job function and why all these people called in the first place. The At Your Service support person confused the heck out of me. She was completely off trying to explain the delay in installation and details of my order. They also pushed out my time window without telling us or Best Buy obviously cause they still had the same time listed that I received a confirmation for. Greek Squad support was involved, and they seemed very confused cause I had 2 deliveries scheduled for the same week. This is obviously a very confusing situation for them. Obviously they can only handle 1 order pp on the same week at a time. The At Your Service man was great. What an ordeal!! Never Never Never will order another appliance from Best Buy. I think my dogs would do a better job at communication then these Best Buy employees.

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Bill Smith - 28 d 18 h ago


I was told last Friday at the Northlake Mall in Charlotte that I had to make an appt to pick up my computer. That, despite already being in the store. Also. I explained, I was in a great deal of back pain - on top of the left side of my body being paralyzed. I cannot schedule an appt, because I do not know when my condition will allow me to make the trek. Is there ANYONE who can please help me arrange it so that I can pick up my computer at MY convenience and not BEST BUY'S? I'm having a back operation next week and would really like to have my computer back. This whole episode has already convinced me to never do business with Best Buy again. Please help so that I may get my computer and move on.

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Carolyn Melius - 32 d 4 h ago


My husband walked into your Waldorf MD store ready to buy a phone system that your website said was available at the store. He went to three different employees and got referred to another department each time. He could not find anyone that could help him. This is why we rarely shop at best buy. I found this way of asking for help by going to google. We don't call because we end up waiting on the phone without ever getting to speak to anyone.

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anderson - 42 d 3 h ago


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... - 74 d 3 h ago

A cashier at one of your store asked me to go take a picture of an item for scanning purposes, wtf, it's your job, do your fuckin job. Don't ask your customers to do your job for u.

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Patricia Davis - great customer service - 100 d ago


Regarding Best Buy in Seattle, WA (Tukwila) wow! The Operations Manager there: Michael outstanding customer service. I will buy there again! thank you !

note: any Best Buy Executive reading this? Please ensure that Michael gets this compliment in his employment review. Patricia Davis, West Seattle, WA 98116

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Gail Lepore - 147 d 15 h ago


I ordered a washer and dryer from best buy back on sept 26th after the first one came smashed, waited for the second one it never came on the day it was supposed to come, I thought third time would be the charm but I was wrong third time washer came first load was banging like crazy. I order a new one they said it would take two weeks delivery date oct 24th. that day came and they called to pickup broken washer but no new washer they told me they had it but it never came. reordered another one they said it will come nov. 7th if its not here buy then I told best buy to come and pickup both dryer and broken washer. This is the worst service I've ever had. I will never buy from them again

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Terry Darrell - 4 y 212 d ago


A few weeks ago, there was an article on public radio explaining that Best Buy was looking to streamline its stores. The idea is to move most of its customers to ordering more merchandise, thus making the physical stores smaller and more like show rooms, with less products and more focus on the Geek Squad, and customer service.

Best Buy has been losing profits each quarter, slowly sending it down the path of Circuit City. This is most likely behind the decision to re-shift its priorities to more of a service center with a showroom. It may or may not be the right move, but one thing is certain: They need to do something different! Hopefully for them, this is the right direction. At least they aren't staunchly sticking to what they've always done. That is the one path that will definitely lead to eventual bankruptcy.

Though this is a good business decision, It is a little saddening. The era of the "Electronics Mega Store" is coming to an end. Granted the showroom will still be there. Hopefully, the "trimming" of the store's size won't affect the variety of new gadgets there will be to test drive.

Besides, where else will men hang out while their wives are shop at Michael's?

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DrewOlsonMKE - 4 y 215 d ago

Just read about @bestbuy circling the drain. Not pulling for job losses, but my sense of schadenfreude is strong. That chain just sucks.

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AthleteWannabe - 4 y 215 d ago

@kellyolexa I usually buy my tech at @bestbuy - great service and good deals! #fftech #fitfluential

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Jangosagony - 4 y 215 d ago

Needing 7 3-pin to Molex adapters to finish out this PC build... and neither @bestbuy nor @radioshack carry them. #fail

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Douglas_BBY - 4 y 215 d ago

RT @TopherSorensen: Props to @BestBuy customer service for making an exchange/bundle match, a flawless process.

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SophiaRedefined - 4 y 215 d ago

@bestbuy getting printer cartridges! Big writing project!

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scaliatine - 4 y 215 d ago

. @bestbuy doesn't put out new release movies until Wednesday, sorry guys not coming back for it

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KateDiLeo - 4 y 215 d ago

@ambularc22 - Impressive! What did you buy? CC @BestBuy

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alltherain - 4 y 215 d ago

Mom was going to buy a stove @bestbuy but we walked out because they wanted fifty bucks to deliver after 2 pm. Super rude salesman, too.

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iChrisHarrison - 4 y 216 d ago

This nigga @Edwin__ tryna get it in with all the ladies at @BestBuy before we leave ahahahaha

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