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Best Buy

7601 Penn Ave. South
Richfield, MN
G. Mike Mikan
Interim CEO
(612) 291-1000
(612) 292-4001
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R. Terrell - 2 d 12 h ago


To top management at Best Buy:

Saw your email about celebrating pride month. Disappointing, sickening. If that is what you support, then I will no longer support you. There are plenty of other stores to patronize. What a shame.

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ABD - 1 d 11 h ago

People can and will be who they are (loving, kind, accepting, tolerant, etc.) , just as you are showing who you are (not loving, kind, accepting, tolerant, etc.).

I guess bigots have a right to switch stores, too.

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Randy - 14 h 29 m ago

Thanks r Terrell I dont support LGBTQ either am disappointed with best buy have been an elite member for many .I emailed them to under randy and told them this not morally or biblically right .I pray for these peopl and love them but not the way they live .some have changed and this is great .chick filet stands for what is right and they are booming and got great turnout and support when they did .thank you for your comment if more would be bold things could turn around not on for good but others to.

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Randy - 14 h 21 m ago

The people who work in these stores and dont support LGBTQ they have a moral and bibical right to what they believe too .so I support all worker that dont go along with LGBTQ and dont discriminate and fire these great people.

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Best Buy - 12 h 29 s ago

Bye bye, we don't want you wasting our time anyway.

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Randy - 14 h 37 m ago

First I have always told people how great best buy is .I have been an elite member for many years .and a customer from the beginning of best buy coming to town.please dont support LGBTQ I pray for these people they need help and I love them but not the way they live it is morally and biblically wrong. I am not judging them we all sin but you ask for forgiveness and try to change some people have changed this is great.this is no way to raise children .chick filet does not support it and has a booming business .I want to keep being able to support best buy as I have for many years but I cant go along with this and hope you will change this .

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Best Buy Temple Tx is terrible - 15 h 38 m ago


Attn Mr G. Mike Mikan: I would like to call your attention the the Temple TX store. My experience there Sunday 6/16/2019 approx 11:15am CDT was simply insulting. At that time I simply needed to drop off my HP laptop i had previously purchased at Best Buy Temple TX and is still under warranty. I did not have an appt with the geek squad but there was no one else there (no other customers) and the geek squad clerk behind the counter was doing nothing else (literally). He could have easily resolved my issue in the time spent arguing about it. I then asked for the manager on duty and again that took more time than the entire transaction would have taken. I was treated in an extremely rude fashion by the on duty manager. He took no time at all to even explore the issue. There are legitimate reasons I could not return for a later appt as I provide healthcare at the major hospital in Temple and needed to be available for on call status. He then stated i could take my business elsewhere, which I assure you I will do. I have done a healthy business with Best Buy and that store specifically. The on duty manager is a poor representative of Best Buy and the geek squad clerk has a huge chip on his shoulder about something. These individuals should not be in the retail industry and have cost Best Buy my business. In my opinion this merits followup by Best Buy Corporate. I will be glad to contact your office if further information id required. Thank You

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Thomas from Annapolis MD - 1 d 17 h ago

I bought a LG TV from Best Buy in October 2018 ($340). In May 2019, the LG tv picture and sound went out. I went to Best Buy and they told me that I had to deal directly with LG. I called LG and they said they'd schedule me an appointment the next day with ASAP Services, their sub-contractor repair service, to diagnose the problem. The next day, I waited 4 hours and ASAP never showed up. I called ASAP Services and they said that LG had NOT notified them of any appointment with me. Wasted day for me...waiting for nothing. I called LG back and they said they would schedule me an appointment with ASAP Services for the next week. A week or 10 days later the ASAP technician showed up at my house, and said that my tv was shot -- it needed a new panel. The ASAP technician ordered it from LG. Another 10 days went by. Finally, the ASAP technician showed up at my house yesterday to install a new panel, and he discovered that that panel too was defective. So my LG TV was not fixed. The technician could not even order another panel then, due to ASAP not having "enough credit" with LG to order the panel....or something like that. I called LG several times, the technician also called LG several times, and LG would do NOTHING except (eventually) order another panel for me -- which would mean another 10 - 30 days or so before ASAP could install it. The ASAP technician told me he's had several cases where even the 2nd LG replacement panel was defective too! By that time, I'd had it with LG. I called them and they told me that they COULD send Best Buy a "code" which would allow me to go into the store and get a new LG TV free. But, LG said, they would NOT do that for me because they wanted to send the ASAP technician ANOTHER panel (many days more wait) and that he would then be scheduled to install it (another week or two wait). Fed up with the run-around, I brought my LG tv back to Best Buy, and left it there in their tv department. I then bought from Best Buy a Samsung tv ($350 +), and as I am recovering from major back surgery AND a hip replacement AND a broken femur, I scheduled the Geek Squad to come install it for me this coming Saturday the 15th of June. Best Buy charged me $200 for the Geek Squad to install my new Samsung tv, even though a few months earlier, Best Buy had charged me $200 for the Geek Squad to install the LG TV. I have never experienced such horrible customer service before. LG is the worst. My ASAP technician says it happens all the time with LG. Their products are very shoddy, and when they inevitably break, LG will NOT do anything about it except give the customer a constant run-around and wear them down. I'm not happy with Best Buy either. As an example, I owned a retail hat shop for 32 years. If a customer bought a Stetson hat, and brought it back to me because it was defective, I'd give him another Stetson on the spot, no questions asked, and then I'd address the issue with Stetson. I would not make the customer deal with the manufacturer. It's just not right to do that. Yet Best Buy forces me to deal with LG myself. Probably because Best Buy knows how awful LG is to deal with. I don't think customers should have to wait, and wait, and wait and never get any satisfaction from LG and its decrepit TVs, eventually getting so frustrated with LG that the only sensible thing to do is go out and spend hundreds of dollars more to buy a TV that works. I hope that you will take some action against LG, like having them send me a $540 check ($340 for the tv and $200 for the installation of it that I paid). Maybe that will teach LG a lesson.

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Anonymous - 2 d 15 h ago



Called 5 times to lodge a complaint about an order, hung up on the first time while giving the order number, 2nd call I asked for a supervisor and was hung up on, 3rd call I was told that I needed to speak to another department and was transferred spoke to them and requested a supervisor and was placed on hold for the supervisor and they came back on after 10 min asking if I was still there, and I replied yes and they said one moment and put me on hold and after a 2 minute hold hung up on me again, 4th call I called the corporate switchboard and asked how to lodge a consumer complaint and she transferred me to what I thought was the people I needed to speak with, turns out it was the same as the last 3 calls and I did get a supervisor and he told me there was nothing he could do for me, called back corporate office and explained the situation of my order being the wrong item and needed to lodge a complaint about the customer service and being on hold and on the phone for 2 hours now and she said hold on one moment and sent me right back to the same department that had hung up on me and refused to let me speak to a supervisor. So I guess I'm stuck with my purchase.

Save your time and go to Amazon or Target don't deal with best buy they have zero customer service and you can not lodge a complaint other than the one I found myself right here.

I hope that this helps someone else avoid this disaster of a store.

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Victoria - 3 d 9 h ago



I will keep posting this publicly until you answer or resolve the issue here. You have a man running your store #887 in Paramus in the Bergen Towne Center, who has this history here: Why are you employing this man? He is doing the same thing he did at Victoria's Secret, at Best Buy and 3 of your loyal employees tried to speak out about this to the district manager and were FIRED over it. Please address this.

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Ash M - 3 d 17 h ago


I visited the Best Buy in Baytown off Garth to get my cracked screen repaired. I had an appointment for 3:20, got there at 3, and didn't get my finished phone back until 10pm last night!! They say in a rush, same day repair, but that's a little deceiving ... I expected tops 2 hours maybe if they were busy. But come to find out, it their first day being Apple certified and nobody told me until 3 hours in and even then they hadn't started working on my phone yet. The manager on duty, Jason, did apologize and we know it was out of their/his control, but communication has got to better, training on this matter has got to be better!! Customers don't want to come in for a small quick repair and wait 6 hours ... that's just ridiculous. I don't think I'll ever get my phone repaired by Best Buy again, just a horrible first time experience.

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Addie Zolicoffer - 3 d 18 h ago


I pay for insurance when I purchased my Samsung 60 inch screen from Best Buy these people are some of the most unprofessional people the lady first told me that it only covers Parts come to find out I told her it covers more than Parts it covers replacement of my TV if they can't fix it then have an agent to come out to my house last Wednesday and told me that she will have my part but in 3 days and he would be back on Tuesday the fix my TV I took off work missing 245 dollars a day this cinnamon did not show back up I contacted them today they got me a touch with her manager hear the manager was very rude never apologize for the inconvenience and I said how do you schedule a a customer without notifying the customer that she has been scheduled for an appointment on Saturday then he says what we won't be out because the part was not due to shipping to the 22nd but if it comes in sooner will come out as a sir I work for a living He said I do too so he started to be sarcastic and can't give me a definite date when they will be out to fix my TV I would never again by another single thing for Best Buy as I have done over the years I will be contacting me an attorney regarding this incident

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ThesePeopleAreNuts - 4 d 9 h ago


This is true so help me G-d. Went to Best Buy in Palm Beach Gardens Florida to buy a complete home entertainment and surveillance system for my place. The cost was well into double digit thousands. I worked with a great guy. Truly. I got the quote and we went over all of it. Being satisfied, I signed off and wrote out a check for a refundable deposit. A while later I get a text from the tech saying my check had been refused. He gave me a reference number a phone number to call. I call it. A mechanical voice takes me through all kinds of questions, including check number and routing number and s.s. number which is very weird. This took about 20 minutes to finish at which point the me mechanical voice tells me the check has been denied because it has no prior business history with that check.

I call the tech back, he gets the store's GM involved. Bottom line is, Best Buy will not take my money! lol. I'm an ex-ceo of a manufacturing company, have sat on a number of private and not-for-profit groups. But in all my years I have never encountered a retail outlet refusing a deposit check with absolutely no effort to verify or even simply depositing it and seeing if it clears. lol.

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Dennis Posas - 4 d 12 h ago


Best Buy 190 Blossom Hill CA Very Disappointed with this Best Buy, I never tough I was ever going to write a bad review about Best Buy, bu I guess it happens, I was at the store last week because i wanted to upgrade my Two Verizon Cell Phones, this location was the only one that have them in stock I-phone Xs Max 512GB, the associates that helped me were very awesome and really helped me out (Dianna and Nick are the two i remember), I actually added Beast Headphones cases and Battery chargers , well up to that part everything was perfect, here is where the issues started. 2 days later I received a coupon From Best Buy, the coupon offered $100 if i upgrade my phones and listed the phones that i purchased, at that time i still have the phones inside the box unopened, I decided to call the store location immediately since there was $200 on best buy GC so why not take advantage of the promo plus the phones were still unopened, whell beside being on hold for almost 30 min, when I asked the associated help in regard on how to apply the coupon I was told that all managers were Busy to leave my name and number and they will call me back. I was ok with that and provided the information, well, next day was here and i never heard anything from Best buy so i decided to call again, guess what the same history they took my name and number and stated that will call me back, so i took my chances still believing in Best buy and opened the phones and transferred the information, thinking that the worst case scenario they will charge the $35 restocking fee but i will still receive a $65 Best Buy Gift Card, good deal $130 positive on credits that i will still have to use in the store. well I never got any call back in regard of that issue. next issue came in , after i activated the phones i received a message from Verizon with my next bill, I got surprised when i noticed that they charged me $80 to activate the phones. so i called Verizon and explained that i purchased the phones at BBY and none of that information was disclosed also that they never activated the phones i opted to use my existing sim cards, not good they told me i had to deal that with BBY but they did offered me a credit of $30 for the inconvenience. I decided to go back to best buy and solve this 2 issues , I was helped by Nick since was the manager on Duty, he tried to explain the situation and also stated that there was no note in regard of returning a call for me, well i tried to move on and not have to deal with that and explained the situation again to get that resolved, he didnt have idea about that coupon and took a picture of the email and went to talk to someone in the admin office. (FYI i worked for Best Buy so i know there was a MOD in the building), anyway the way that was offered to me was unacceptable and this is why I am writing this review, he told me he can honor the coupon since was still valid the day i spoke to him, that there will be a $35 restocking fee per phone , I was happy since we were going in the right direction, But here the main issue, I cant keep the phones and i have to return them to Best Buy and they have to order 2 more for me since they phones were useless after they were returned. I explained Nick i spend a lot of hours transferring my information and he just stated that was the only way. At the end I was addressed to speak to the Gm if needed, i really don't have time for that, i wont return the phones and wait for new ones, it just don't make sense. In regard of the activation fee, he stated that Verizon always charges activation fee ignoring the fact that they should disclose that while the customer is purchasing the phone since i really didn't have to get both phones the same day and i could have wait and do 1 at the time, he just say sorry, like saying it is what it is. I wish Best Buy will find a way to fix this. at this time i just felt played. i got the opportunity to get 200 offered from Best Buy but it was a lie. feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks

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JoAnne - 6 d 9 h ago


Worst Customer Service ever. Im talking about the store in the Walden Galleria mall, in Cheektowaga, NY. They don't want to do their work they want you to do their work and they get paid for it. I have been trying to find a resolution for my problem for over a week now. Everyone I have dealt with and have been transferred to is their favorite saying: Im sorry you have the wrong dept. let me transfer you to the right dept. Again you hear this. In the past week I have talked to 11 different people and not one has resolved my issue but they are the first ones to say let me transfer you or your best way to get this resolved is to do this. I have asked numerous of employees for the Area Manager or District Managers name and phone number and I get told they are NOT allowed to give it out. They can give them our name and phone number and they will contact us at their convenience. Isn't that a great way to talk to your customers. I have told these people I am going to turn them into the BBB and they could care less. One manager from this store said to me go ahead it won't go no where and this type of problem is not for the BBB instead of trying to resolve the issue.

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Ron - 6 d 11 h ago

My wife and me just recd our refrigerator we ordered online.

On the top of it was a 3 inch by 4 inch push up of the side of our refrigerator

It was done by forklift blade.

Called customer service the young lady offered us 10 per cent discount or a 25 dollar gift card.

So we asked for supervisor he comes on line what a jerk.

Asked for his name he says Robert P. Wouldn't give me anything else

I needed this refrigerator for a party this weekend..

My wife got our return label and I drove and found ups driver shipment is on the way back to you.

I will never buy anything from your company any more had it with your Robert P or what ever his name is cause he lied to me 2 times on the phone and he said he didn't have a boss he was in charge and no body was his boss I am sure Mr Mikan wouldn't be happy that he is not Robert P boss.

Good by Mr Mikan

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Rnn24 - 7 d 10 h ago


I have been fighting Best Buy for SIX months for an XBox I never purchased.I attempted a state to state pick up online and it got cancelled so I went into the store to setup the state to state purchase. I was never able to purchase it because Best Buy's archaic system cancelled the state to state pick up BEFORE I even LEFT THE STORE. My friend finally just bought it in FL on his own, and because Best Buy's system is crazy, they are charging us for TWO Xboxes and the dispute team keeps denying us although all the customer service managers keep clearly seeing and confirming that we are being double charged. SIX MONTHS, I sent in the paperwork confirming the cancellation and they are still trying to STEAL my money.

Best Buy has a horrific system of dealing with dispute and I have patiently waited foe a reasonable outcome and now I am pissed.

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St Louis - 7 d 11 h ago

Found out Best Buy's repair scheduling was open on Sundays. Tried to reach someone three different times with wait times beyond 30 minutes though the message is a 15 minute wait.

It's time Best Buy hire enough people to answer timely or don't offer the service on Sunday.

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Canton GA - 7 d 14 h ago


Company has lost what got them to the top. My computer crashed took it into Geek Squad,they would not assist in anyway as I was not aware I had to make an appointment to talk to them. I advised I was in no hurry and would leave the computer, no I had to have an appointment. The weekends are the only time I can get things like this done (dropping off computer to be fixed).

I spoke to the store Manager Lindsay her comment was "Make an appointment ".

Lack of customer service.

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Mary Joseph - 8 d 6 h ago


I went to Best Buy in Fort Lauderdale Florida store #543 and was helped by associate Justin Jones. He greeted us upon arrival in his department he was knowledgeable with the merchandise in the electronics department. He was patient and answered all of our questions as he helped my husband and I pick the right the 58"Samsung television , PS4 Special Edition console and JBL wireless speaker. He was an overall amazing salesman . He is an asset to your company. Ive been a Best Buy customer for many years and he just reinforced one of the reasons I continue to shop here. Your hiring department did an amazing job hiring this young man. I will continue to shop at your establishment and do business with your company, because of individuals like Justin Jones at store #543 . Thank You!!!!!!!! Justin Jones at store #543, you are a great example of customer service , I left your store extremely pleased with your customer service skills and with my purchases. A customer for life.....

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A.G. - 8 d 6 h ago


I visited Best Buy for a iPhone remote control. Two young representatives assisted me in looking for the device and once found, it was displayed on a rack along with several others for $10.99. Well, I grabbed the item and went to the cash register where the cashier looks at me and says $32 something. I was like "No, two of your representatives assisted me with this and we all saw $10.99, I am not paying $32 for this." Well, the two guys that assisted me comes up to the register and tells the young man, yes, it is $10.99. Then, a young lady walks up (I'm assuming she was floor supervisor), she informs me that she is unable to adjust price at the register to such a lower price. I request for the manager but was informed that he was in a meeting and could not come to the front. Well guess what? They kept their remote and I found one at Wal-Mart that had an entire iphone remote kit for $24.

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Kimmie - 8 d 9 h ago


My husband and I were shopping for a phone in Best Buy, Duarte, California Store. We were convinced we would buy a Pixel 3 XL. Juan (Samsung employee) came up to help us and seamlessly steered us to Samsung which we ended up buying. He gave us such wonderful service by transferring over all our information to our new phone with such pleasure & personality that we felt compelled to write to you. He should receive some sort of acknowledgement for his wonderful customer service which is all but non-existent today. If we owned a business, he'd be one of our prize employees. I know you usually get complaints, but we feel that praise should also be given where due. We would appreciate if he would receive a note from the CEO congratulating him on a job well done. He was so good that even though we knew we could get all the accessories far cheaper online, we bought them from him just to show our appreciation. So Samsung won and Best Buy won because of great, conscientious employee. It's not often I take the time to write about someone, in fact I can probably count on one hand, Juan is great! I will be writing to Samsung as well.

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Ron - 8 d 12 h ago


I was going to go off on a rant but after reading so many other disgruntled customer complaints I hardly think it will have any affect on thier policies, or procedures. I will simply take my business elsewhere and communicate my displeasure to all my family, friends, and anyone else who may be considering making a purchase. My complaint may not affect thier business but a decrease in customer count and purchases may. My BEST advice is to take your hard earned dollars to a business that will appreciate it.

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Andre - 8 d 16 h ago


Since last June, I have not shopped at Best Buy as often as I did in the past. The only thing I would shop at Best Buy for on a normal basis is CDs. When Best Buy carried CDs, it made it a lot easier to purchase and receive the music quicker. Personally, I never download music from iTunes, amazon, or any other place music can be downloaded from. I prefer using a hard copy disc because I will have it no matter what in case my computer cashes and I don't loose anything. Personally, owning CDs is much more fun than just downloading. Part of that is to read the lyrics along with the song and see any other artwork that comes with the music. If there is a possibility, I would love to see Best Buy bring back CDs to their stores. It will make it a lot easier for music fans to purchase music locally and not have to wait for a week to purchase it somewhere else. In case Best Buy has not gotten very many customers at their stores this past year since June 2018, there is the possibility bringing back CDs could help with that.

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Gary M - 8 d 17 h ago

I tried to contact my local store to inquire about a Brother ink cartridge and to recycle my old one. I first got a series of "to do's directing my online when I only had a simple question. Well after 15 minutes on hold I went to my local store only to find out they sold their last cartridge earlier and had no idea what to do with my old one! My point is Answer your phones quickly so you do not disappoint customers! The store told me all calls are funneled to one store in the area and my local store is not happy about it either! Lots of complaints! Way to go corporate office to disappointment your customers! Get out to a store and find out what's really happening!

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