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Best Buy

7601 Penn Ave. South
Richfield, MN
G. Mike Mikan
Interim CEO
(612) 291-1000
(612) 292-4001
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Holly Dunbar - 15 h 39 m ago


Order # .........6017992,

Order was placed in plenty of time to be delivered. Noticed that package had a Fed Ex number generated but never was received by the Fed Ex hub. Called 12/14/2018 to customer to say package got missed. I sat on the phone for over an hour and was then told a manager would call me back. Never received a phone call. My time was wasted sitting on hold but having horrible customer service from another country. I don't want to listen to somebody take 20 words to say they're sorry to me. Empathy is expressed not only in words but in tone of voice and these customer service people do not have it. I asked to speak to a manager because I know the customer service rep would not be able to admit that the package had not been sent to Fed Ex. Also they didn't have the authority to say OK let me put something in the system and we can generate to get you the product you need to pick up in store that way you don't have to take your money to another store and buy that same item. Sitting on the phone on 12/15/2018 and being told by the customer service person that I would not speak to a manager today really upset me enough that I took all the purchases that I have made for this holiday back to my local store for full refunds. I am extremely disappointed in the customer service and the lack of management staff willing to interact with customers. Shame on Best Buy and I will never be a customer of yours again. There are too many other businesses out there selling the same products that you should not be treating customers this way. Target just got all the money I had spent at Best Buy. I need the items today. If a customer calls and says there's an issue with a delivery and it's your fault take ownership don't try to blame it on Fed Ex. I need the items today 12/15/2019 not 12/20/2019.

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Wadsworth - 1 d 18 h ago


Order #/(hidden)385

I Purchased a Maytag Floor Model dishwasher on 12/5/18 from the Akron, Ohio store on Rothrock Ave. It was delivered on 12/12/18.

I hired a contractor to install on 12/14/18. As he was setting it up he saw that there were no clamps, and no drain hose included with the delivery. The Open Box Merchandise Form I received at time of sale has no markings or statements about any missing parts.

I called the Fairlawn store and asked to speak to Don Norris, our salesman. He was off, so I spoke with a Larry in appliances. He checked around and told me he found "some parts that may work for me, but I'd have to come and get them, because he has no way to deliver."

I then called customer service in Kentucky and was told the parts are there for me to pick up, and if I'm not satisfied I have to deal with the store directly because it was an open box item.

I paid $69.99 for delivery, have to pay my contractor for a useless service call of at least $130-60. Then drive to Fairlawn to pickup parts that "may work," and then reschedule and pay my contractor a second time to install.

After sending this email to the Akron store, Larry called me and said he could have the parts delivered next week. At no point did he apologize for the screwup (which I know wasn't his personally), and then proceeded to give me attitude on the call after I persisted about all the extra charges I'm going to incurr. Finally offering me $20 for my trouble.

I'm not sure at what point in this, any customer service came into play. I need someone to call me and rectify this situation, or come and pickup the machine and refund my sale and delivery price.

Thank you.

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M Schulman - 1 d 19 h ago


Please look into the personnel at your Manhattan Store on 86th Street. The employees are on their cell phones or talking with each other instead of customers. I just called the store at 10 am and chose sales, I am still on hold at 10:10 am and I am sure your store is not jammed at 10 am in the morning.

I really like Best Buy, please have someone deal with the management of this store!

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Anonymous - 2 d 13 h ago


I purchased a protection plan last year well the TV was knocked over in fact the screen look just like what's on this Geek Squad Renew now flyer well your protection plan I paid for did not do split about my TV I threw it in the garbage your protection plans do not pay for anything I will never shop at Best Buy take my mailing address of your list 1909 SW 354th St Federal Way WA 98023

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JH - 2 d 15 h ago


Worst delivery service ever!!!!!! I had 2 appointments scheduled for delivery and installation both times they never showed up! Called several times for updates was assured "they were coming", but never did. BEYOND disgusted with the way I was treated it's really to bad since the sales associate who helped me was one of the best salesmen I ever had. Guess once you leave the store the rest goes to crap!!!


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Criss - 2 d 16 h ago


I had a good experience with the appliance so thought that would translate to TV....however what I got was:

No show for an install that I took work off for

Wrong times for the next dates...changed again

Install guys were nice but couldn't finish, they had to get to the next job...WHAT...yes, we finished set up by ourselves...don't get much for $4,500

Wait there is more, my TV won't work with the local provider...I told the sales person and the install person...the store Assistant Manager took 10% off so that was good

Now....No TV for six days and someone showed up to repair today (wrong day again) Q.. Why can't best buy figure this stuff out..Airlines do it, car rentals do it, hotels do it

Wait there is more...went outside my house yesterday and there is a five inch hole in the exterior of my home...WT*!.

Called Best Buy and they said they would have the manager call me he was in a meeting...Okay, 3 hours later I called back, he was not working that day!!!!! Not Good

No call back today..Solution? They sent me to the call center in the Philippines (what a joke and pathetic customer service or lack there of)..., next time for absolutist certain I will use Cost Co and will not use Best Buy again .......Nice people to talk to, friendly etc but inept. For the men, not a great way to make your wife happy on Christmas after getting her to agree to get a $4500 TV.

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Barbara Whitten - 2 d 17 h ago


I have no idea how to begin this, for years I have been a customer at best buy I have been nothing but a satisfied customer,and hears the hard part my grandkids lost their mother ages 15 and 16 years old they lost their mother on the 26th of December last year, it has been hard being s the kid's father is a bum, I am unable to work because of my health my husband works hard at the expense of two more kids and Christmas is very hard this year I don't know if anything that I can get them I don't have any credit and we just buried someone else and had to pay for that funeral we are out of money and I desperately need at least a present for these kids they're wanting a notepad one of them Square pads that's about 12 by 8 that's what they want and a set of good headphones that's all they asked for this year, if any way you could help me get these I would pay you back it may be March before I could do this but I would pay you every penny. Thank you so much you may contact me at (hidden) I live near Humble Texas thank you so much for reading this and for your consideration.

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Oksana - 2 d 20 h ago


Happy Holidays! I am writing to you today in regards to the recent experience my son and I had at the Best Buy, Rockville, MD store while having installation of the rear and side view cameras done along with the remote start. First of all, after having the cameras and remote start installation done the last Friday in November this year (my car was at the shop for seven hours), I had to come back to the store the very next day as my son and I realized the next morning that the front passenger seat door cannot be open from inside. We knew right away that it was obviously an issue with installation as we had no such problem with the car in the past. So, we came back to the store on Saturday morning where we were greeted by the person standing in the middle of the doors chewing the food with his mouse open. We found it to be very offensive and an inappropriate. The first thought comes to mind - is this how employees at the best Buy, Rockville, MD location are trained to greet the costumers at that store? Are not they allowed to have break and lunch? Second, that same person, who had no name tag (at least it was not visible to us) asked us if we need help and we asked to talk to the manager. It took a while before Joe Baez came to greet us. We had explained that we came back after realizing that installation was not done properly and we are not able to open the door from inside. He told us that Nate Metcalf, the person who had done the work had family emergency and did not come to work. He suggested we come back and I gave him my number asking to pass onto Nate that I need to bring my car back. I got a call from Nate on Sunday morning. He asked me if I can come at 7:00 pm. I explained to him that I cannot come at that time as my son and I had plans scheduled. This year is especially difficult to us as I lost my husband to ALS last year and am a widow and a single mother now. Nate then suggested 12:00 pm. When I had entered the store little bit after 12:00 pm that Sunday I was greeted by the same person, chewing with his mouse wide open asking if I need help. At that time I had the car fixed by Nate and had decided to take upon Joe's offer to ask for a discount for inconvenience which he had mentioned on Saturday he will be able to grand after Nate is done with correcting the mistake. It made sense to me, so I came back to the store. When Joe saw me, he acted as he had never seen me before. He was acting unprofessional, inappropriate and disrespectful. I asked him if the reason he is treating me that way is because I am a woman he replied he feels I am harassing him. I cannot understand why he would get such impression. I came back to take upon his offer and he acted as he never heard of it and does not understand what I want from him. Then he went to Nate. I came from the customer side and had witnessed him whispering with Nate after which he reluctantly gave me $53.00 discount which I felt was not enough to justify the treatment I had received at the store along with the service. In addition, he asked why I chose this particular store and wished I never came. I also noticed that Nate's license, which is displayed by the window at costumer's side in the shop had expired in 2017. When I asked him if he has a current license, I had received a very unclear answer which sounded as he has it, but he had not received it yet. It sounded very strange as we are entering 2019 and the expiration date was listed as in the middle of 2017. I wish I had noticed it earlier. How is it possible that Nate allowed to work under expired license? One thing I have to say is though Nate did a mistake, he obviously is a hard worker who knows his stuff, but clearly overworked and needs at least another person at the shop. I had noticed that he did not even had a chance to eat which made me feel very sorry for him as a human been. This was a very disturbing experience. I was living in this area for over 21 years and though I was aware of the Best Buy's reputation I thought I should give this chain a benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, it was big mistake on my part.

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Jenny - 3 d 7 h ago


Keith Morse of kissimmee florida was absolutly amazing. He deserves some recognition as he was helpful, informative, personal and truly a pleasure to have had helping us. He truly vares and will spend time answering questions as we had a lot to ask. Keith is the reason we will return to Best Buy

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Samantha Brooks - 3 d 9 h ago


The Best Buy in White Marsh MD is the worse Best Buy I've ever been too. I purchased a game from them which was 64.59 total because I did donate a dollar to st. Jude. (Making a long story short) I purchased the game which I don't play these stupid games but it was a gift for my boyfriend, I wrapped it and gave it to him as an early Christmas gift, he opens it only to find the game MISSING AND REPLACED WITH A DVD, how did this happen I have no idea but people are very smart I guess, well the person who actually did it is getting away with it while I get to look like a thief, and Best Buy is treating me as a thief and said we aren't doing anything for you. I also called the police because I was prompted to do so by the online Best Buy, but the assistant manager at Best Buy lied and said they had to call the police on me which is far from the truth. So basically I'm getting treated like crap, and I'm out of 64.59, and a game. This is how Best Buy treats there customers. I Currently have submitted a claim to BBB, and have an investigation going on as well. I truly hope and praying that justice is served.

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Robert - 3 d 13 h ago


yesterday i took my adult son to the Gainesville FL Best Buy store looking to purchase either a PS4 or a Xbox one - He uses a wheelchair, and is physically impaired, so we needed the best system for someone with a disability. The person helping us pointed out the features on the boxes of both systems, and showed us the controller selection, but had no idea about which would be best for someone with a disability. So we left and I went online to shop, only to discover XBox One has an adaptive controller specifically designed for persons with disabilities, and even has been advertising it on TV! So I purchased this system from a competitor, but was most upset that your "experts" had no idea, and among the many styles of controllers shown there was not even a picture of the adaptive controller. So much for your supposed commitment to accessibility!

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Paul Smith - 3 d 19 h ago


To whom it may concern, several issues in regards to 1 TV, Ridiculous. VERY disappointed in customer service at the East Brunswick Location ESPECIALLY with management team.

Took a warranty TV into Geek squad. Original person checked it in said it was covered under warranty. 4 day later get a call saying it was not going to be covered it had a broken screen. It didn't not have broken screen when I took it in.

2 weeks later a Greek Manager called and said he was the GM of the store and there was nothing he was going to do to make it right. His associate was wrong and misguided. I will offer to get rid of it and not charge you $75 to dispose of. I confirmed with him he was the GM. I said I will take to corporate if thats the best you can do. He was aggressive, did not listen well, all he did was talk and say we wont do anything for you.

Later confirmed Rob is the GM not the Geek manager.

another week, another associate says we need to resolve this, I asked for the GM Rob, he was not available. I asked to have him contact me personally.

Another week goes by and NO phone call from the GM..

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Debbie - 3 d 20 h ago


To whom this may concern:

I was in your Potomac Mills Store, # 287 on 5 December, 2018 around 3:00 and I wanted to let you know how extremely dissapointed I was with the service we received from your General Manager Tim Murray. I wanted to buy a Samsung 7 Tablet for downloading & reading books only but the disrepect we received over a price difference over this product was harldly worth his bad attitude. The tablet originally cost $129.00 but there was a sign left out from I guess a previous sale for $119.00 and this particular arrogant General Manager Tim Murray decided that under no circumstance was he going to honor that price. All he kept saying was the price clearly says this product is $129.00 and there was not changing his mind. After we explained to him that the price was already there and that he should honor that price as a store courtesy he became even more arrogant & rude. So I said to him, you'd rather loose a copmlete sale than to honor that $10.00 difference and he said yes. I later responded by saying wow, I can't beleive you'd do that. I understand that you can't give away your products for free but the sign was clearly there regardless of how it was placed on the merchandise. He took the sign folded it up and put it in his pocket. His arrogance, and lack of customer service skills caused us to leave your store and take our business else where which is exactly what we did. But, before I left I went to the customer service desk and ask if I could get the number for your corportate office because I needed to make a complaint. The number that was given (hidden)) I was told didn't take complaints for Managers on this number which made me even more upset. We left your store and brought a better tablet from somewhere else for the same price we tried to buy it from your store. In the future,I would suggest you may want to train your management staff (Tim Murray) in this case on his customer service skills becasue he clearly seems to be lacking that. More mportanly, if he treats his customer's like this how does he treat the employyes of that store? You don't ever have to worry about me buing anything else from this store and I think that's a shame becasue the price of $10.00 made you loose a customer forever.

Thanks for your time and have a great day & a Merry Christmas!

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neonspyke - 4 d 1 h ago


The Best Buy on Thunderbird and I-7, Phoenix, Az sux. I went in to look at cameras and ask questions. It took like a half hour to get someone's attention, then he says, it's not my department so he got someone else. I asked him the question and he says, I don't know I'm new. I'm standing in front of another employee, there is a lady before me so I wait. Someone else just walks up and the employee helps them. You would think it's important to sell someone a camera but I walked out buying NOTHING and angry. I want you to know that.

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Anonymous - 3 d 20 h ago


That's a common theme at all Best Buy's.

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Kenny - 4 d 8 h ago

I ordered a computer on the 28th of November 2018. I paid for the expedited shipping. My computer was supposed to be here Monday December 10. I called best buy Friday the 7th of December and was assured by the customer service agent that my computer will be here on the 10th. On the 10th, my computer didn't show up. We then received an email that stated that there is a delay in my shipping. I called customer service on the 11 of December and was told that my computer is at the warehouse waiting to be picked up, but I won't get it until January 9th 2019. I was told that somewhere, someone messed up my order and that my computer was given to another person. The customer service agent told me that my computer is not in stock at the warehouse. When I asked why he first said it was and then changed his story and said it wasn't, he changed back and said it was there. He then told me that it will be sent to me shortly. He also said that if I don't get it by January 9th, then my order will be canceled. I told them that they need to fix this and send me the computer they promised me. It doesn't take a month to ship anything in the United States. I was told multiple times that they would make it right, but so far I had a horrible experience with best buy customer service agent that gave me the name Justin, but kept going back and trying not to tell me they messed up. All I want his to get my $2500.00 computer before Christmas. It is my Christmas present. I wish that since best buy messed up, they should have to ship it overnight for their screw up with my product. I can't reorder the computer if they canceled it. They are completely sold out of this computer online.

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Tod - 4 d 11 h ago


I went to your Parker Colorado store to buy a new clothes washer. My current washer was an LG. I was looking at a top loader to save some money, however you had a good LG front loader on sale. I specifically asked the salesman if this model would fit onto the existing pedestal.. He said yes it would as long as you go LG to LG. With this information I bought the LG front load washer. Upon delivery I am told that Best Buy can not use my old pedestal. I called the store and was told again that yes it can be used and he would escalate my order to get it done. I then received a call from the "Geek Squad" saying that NO it can not be done.

The ONLY solution according to the Parker Best Buy was for me to come in and buy a new pedestal!!!! So instead of me saving a few hundred dollars buying a top load, now I'm spending close to a thousand dollars on a washer PLUS buying a pedestal??? Totally unacceptable.

I hope someone at BEST BUY will make this situation right.

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James - 4 d 14 h ago


My Wife & ordered an LG Range & the cord to be delivered to our home. Well, the Range came damaged & we sent it back that day. The driver called someone & some girl came on the line & told us that they would call to schedule another delivery date with a new Range. What a mistake that was to return it, OMG. We never got the call to reschedule so I had to call. I was waiting on hold for 30 mins, finally someone comes on & told me they were researching it, I even gave case # of the issue. They hung up on me & a message said the order was cancelled. It was Sunday then, so I waited till Monday & chatted online as I was working that day & the chatter told me rest assured we would get everything that next Friday. I asked for an email confirmation & he said sure. When I got the confirmation, we only saw that the cord would be delivered. So, we called again & I asked to speak to a Supervisor & then he reassured me it was all good to go, not to worry. Friday came & the driver called & said they were on the way with the Range cord. I asked did you have the new Range on the truck as well. Sir, we'll have to call you back is what I was told. They called back & told me they didn't have the Range. OMG, are you freaking kidding me. I then was called by someone & told me they would cancel the cord now & you will receive a refund. That didn't happen, now I call today & you people tell me to get the refund it has to go through some warehouse to check inventory & approved? This is a bogus company. We have spent many $$ at this company & can promise you will never happen again. I will only do business with Amazon going forward, they have their shit together. I have had issues before with Best Buy, but this one ends it for sure.

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geri - 4 d 17 h ago


I was on the phone with a gentle man by the name of TROY from corporate office today, If I may say so he was so nice he did not pass me on to someone else like so many do, he was willing to work with me, and solved my problem, we were on the phone for some time and he always tread me nicely! what a rarity. Thank you so much TROY.

gerry lott

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Loyal more - 4 d 20 h ago


Purchased a 4 appliance package on Nov. 24 at the store in Norridge, IL, and I was extremely happy with pricing and sales personnel. These were to be delivered to my home on Dec. 3. The delivery window was from 12 noon until 6 pm. My husband sat at home for 6 hours waiting. At 6 pm I started calling geek squad to get some information......dead end. Calls don't go thru, sat on hold for 1 1/2 hours with no answer. At 9 pm the delivery person called and said that he should be at my house at 11 pm!! Rescheduled the delivery for Dec. 10 with a window of 2 to 4 pm and still no delivery but have 1 angry husband. My thanks to Brandon (a tech person) at Geek Squad who tried to help find my appliances and told me that the delivery service could not locate my gas range. ABSOLUTELY NO COMMUNICATION FROM SO CALLED THIRD PARTY DELIVERY SERVICE. Have been a loyal Best Buy customer since they built the store that I normally shop at.......but NO MORE. Luckily all my appliances still work so today I am cancelling my order. I wonder if anybody at BB corporate reads these will be the next big retailer out of business with service like this!!

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Angel Cordero - 5 d 14 h ago


Horrible Service!! We waited until Black Friday to buy our washer. We chose Best Buy in AF. We went in and purchased our washer. Our first experience was that they were going to deliver the washer in 1 week. My husband called on Sunday to see if they could deliver on Monday. They said no so we said ok just deliver it on Tuesday.

We received an email that they would be here on Tuesday to deliver the washer. Both my husband and I work pretty far from home. My husband left work early on Tuesday to be here and wait for the delivery. At 6:30pm we noticed that they had not arrived yet, we decided to call. The manager told us that we were not on the delivery schedule. This made no sense. He said that since we asked to have it delivered early it took it off the schedule. We were never told that they moved our scheduled dryer.

We told them that we needed our washer today! The manager said that he could deliver the washer the following week. He also said he does not control the delivery. This is ridiculous!!! Now you tell me, they are 15 minutes away!! We made a purchase from Best Buy not the delivery company!!!

We told him we need the washer by tomorrow in the evening and he said there was no availability on the delivery schedule. We told him then we want our money back, cancel the order. I then called again and said look we need the washer and he said he could do nothing for us and if we wanted to purchase it it would be at the full price. The thing is he said that Best Buy do not have control over the delivery, We did not do negotiation with the delivery company, was with Best Buy, all company have to guarantee the delivery, they are the sell company. the first lady on the phone said that the Washer is not in the truck.

We will NEVER purchase from Best Buy again. This company does not care about their customers. I have never felt this much anger over a company.

I I'm the manager of the store, I will delivery by myself if is possible, for the best satisfaction of the customer. We loose the opportunity to buy the Washer in the black Friday just for this stupid company. I will never put a foot in this company anymore.

Due to this we have decided to rule out Best Buy forever and never purchase from them again.

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Sam - 6 d 10 h ago


Bought smart tv @ Memphis TN Best Buy. Need help with set up. None available in store or with toll free Geek Squad #. Numerous calls to toll free # to no avail . Customer service rating ZERO. TV setup only available I am told is with tech service contract for $199 per year. TV cost $199. Does service contract make any sense for a $199 purchase?

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Renee Agosta - 6 d 15 h ago


I am so disappointed with Best Buy store #402 and Mike, who I assume is a manager. I spoke in length with an associate on December 3 about Tile Mates, that were displayed on a 4 sided shipper. I had the 4 pack in my hand as we spoke about the $49.99 price and the free Google Home. The 4 pack Tiles were spread out on the whole side of the shipper with the $49.99 price label that said "Tile 4 Pack"... which it also said on the box. I went to checkout and the Tiles rang up $69.99. The cashier called to the back and spoke with someone who said they were coming up $69.99. I walked to the back and saw that all of the tiles were now gone from the side of the shipper with the $49.99 price sticker and Mark was pointing to a UPC and had an associate with him. I told him I was the one who had the Tile at the register and the right thing to do was to give me it for the lower price since they were clearly flexed on the shipper by an associate. He told me I couldn't prove it. I said a customer wouldn't have flex a whole side of a shipper....wrong product or not. It wasn't 1 item in the wrong spot, it was many...spread across all of the pegs on 1 side. He told me they were all out of the $49.99 Tiles and the more expensive ones were on the other side. He told me I should have read the UPC code. Well, the man helping me when I had questions didn't read the UPC. The associate who flexed them didn't read the UPC. I bet the associate Mark was pointing the barcode out on the peg didn't read the UPC.....but I should have?!?! I'm the customer...that isn't my job. I did read the description...and the tag said the same as the box. As a store manager, we go above and beyond for our customers. We are "Yes!" people. We make them happy even if it isn't always our fault. If there is a survey complaint we give them the world. Many items in the incorrect place means an employee misplaced it. The customer gets it for that price on the peg.... regardless of the description or price. We would never tell a customer to "read the UPC code", or "prove a customer didn't hang a those in the wrong place"! I shop in brick and mortar stores because that keeps hours up and employees keep their jobs. I wouldn't have left angry if I had shopped online. I will not shop at store #402 anymore. Either will my family, friends, co workers, and I'm sure some of my social media friends and family because I have shared my experience with everyone.... even strangers while waiting in line and customers in my store. May not make a huge dent in their profit or bonuses, but it makes me feel better. Losing a lot of business over $20. Kind of rediculous!

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Anonymous - 8 d 14 h ago

I think it's outrageous that while I wait for help that I get obscene advertisements while waiting for help -- Norwalk, CT!

General profile image

Mohamed K. Ahmed - 15 d 16 s ago


Waiting for new fridge to be delivered since 3pm, given a time frame of 3pm-5pm. Old fridge emptied by 2:30pm... by 6pm no call or text, we called and were advised running late but would definitely deliver today. We were actually called several times advised still running late and if it was still ok to deliver late and we said of course we've been here all day. At 9:24pm we got a call that they won't be able to deliver and we must reschedule with another department tomorrow!!!!! By now all my food has spoiled, who knows when the refrigerator will be delivered and "l'm sorry"and a $25 gift card is supposed to make me feel better!!!!! I really don't know how you jokers stay in business.....

General profile image

Charlie - 14 d 20 h ago

Good luck on another appointment. Nobody cares at Best Buy.

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Outback Steakhouse
Charlie outback Copperfield Houston take out

Discount Tire
very angry had them repair the tire with instructions to lock key in c ... 

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Perez *******Hey M. Dukey Pukey, you can run but you can't hide!

Burger King Worldwide Inc
Tom ===== Tis the season to rob the Goy, Fa la la la la, la la  ... 

Enterprise Holdings, Inc.
Anonymous Dear Sir,

Anonymous That's great Jeff, but 50+ yrs ago they made great furnitur ... 

Taco Bell Corp.
B.D. Taco Bell in Pittsburgh, Pa /1603 S.Braddock,ave 15218, is  ... 

United Parcel Service, Inc.
Unhappy customer I will be posting a video shortly of a ups driver deliverin ... 

Payless Shoes
Rita Your store in McKinney has an unfriendly,unhappy young man  ... 

Six Flags
Anonymous Horrible customer service and membership service! Lost 5 me ... 

American Home Shield
Ajit A. Tavkar I requested a service to repair Dishwasher and Refrigerator ... 

Food Network
Lynne Good girl Emily for sticking to your guns!

Citigroup Inc.
James H. I had a computer "scam" which I charged on Citica ... 

Panera Bread
Frank P 3 times I went to your independence location and no selecti ... 

Google Inc.
Kris I have had nothing but problems with google ad. We used the ... 

Verizon Communications, Inc