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Best Western International

6201 N. 24th Pkwy.
Phoenix, AZ
Lawrence Cuculic
SVP and General Council
(602) 957-4200
(602) 957-5641
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Donald Johnson - 13 h 30 m ago

Stayed at The Best Weastern Mountain Brook in Maggie Valley and someone in that office tried to get a new credit card from my credit card. Thank God I had protection and was notified of the fraud. You just can't trust anyone.

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Evelyn at Lamplighter San Diego should be fired! - 224 d 7 h ago


Best Western Lamplighter gave away our reserved room on a sold out night. I called in advance to confirm. All was fine. I told the girl at the desk, as we were driving there, we'd be there in a few hours, just to reconfirm the room was being held for us. She confirmed the room was held for us via the confirmed reservation I made weeks before, printed out & brought with me. We got to the location within minutes of when I said we would, not that it matters as the room was reserved for arrival any time on that date after 3 pm. It was now 6pm. We walked to the front desk, gave the reservation print out to the girl working there, Evelyn. She told me "Someone there cancelled our reservation and they had no more rooms available...Sorry". I said, "You gave our reserved room to someone else, after my confirmed reservation was re-confirmed by phone today?! She said someone there must have made a mistake...sorry. We had just driven 4.5 hours to get there. She, "Evelyn" at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn, San Diego - should be fired for her attitude, which could not have been ruder, her tone, attitude and lack of any professionalism...and the company was supposed to have paid for a room at another location, as told to me by the wonderful La Mesa location of Best Western Plus we ended up staying at. Surely nothing will be make this right or to get rid of at least one incompetent employee at the Lamplighter San Diego, maybe two if it really was someone else there that canceled and gave away our reserved & confirmed room. Just disgusting. No help. No fixing their screw up. I couldn't rate the Lamplighter San Diego, their employees, their incompetence, their repugnant attitude and their complete lack of professionalism any lower than I now do. I recommend you stay away. They do not honor their reservations. They just cock their head to the side, look at you and say, "no more rooms...sorry."

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Rosie - 7 d 17 h ago

I feel your pain, we had 15 rooms for the Best Western Bayou Inn in Westwego, La. Talked with the manager several times to hold the rooms, even signed an agreement for the rooms. But when I called to reconfirm that everything was okay. I was told the rooms had been given away. I cannot even get the manager to talk to me on the phone (her staff claims she has been busy in and out of meetings). She does not know the stress she has caused me in trying to find 15 reasonably priced rooms in or around New Orleans.

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Anonymous - 11 d 15 h ago

Forgot to mention. RE: the bed bug incident was in Ocala FL..SW 38th Ave Rm. 325 (Lawyer). Please see my initial review submitted prior to this one.

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N. Lassig - 21 d 19 h ago

I recently stayed in a Best Western in Waynesville, NC. I was reluctant at first because I haven't had great experiences in Best Westerns before. I was on my way to Asheville, but decided I was tired of driving.

What a pleasant surprise! Super super clean. No "motel smell", very large flat screen TV. Cable and WiFi. Luxuourious towels and enough of them. Breakfast.

And...a gift bag with two bottles of water, cookies and another treat to take with me.

Price: Wait for it...$89 including taxes.

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Anonymous - 99 d 8 h ago


Staying at the Best Western airport in Austin Texas first off incidental was supposed to be 25.00but my charge to the card was 35.50 it was a charge not a pending hole when I called the front desk she absolutely did not even know how to address that to me kept putting me on hold told me that it was supposed to be 25 that she forgot to put it under City Ledger and that it's going to drop off my card anyways no it's not I had to argue with my bank about it I'm familiar with Best Western because I used to work for them we used to be with the I Care Program this Best Western obviously does not go by the I Care Program as I walked in there was a line and there was another person in the other computer but was not taken in people at all so why she was there don't know but I didn't get any apologies I didn't get anybody to offer me any points or offer me any kind of discount to my room for the inconvenience of the incidental situation I asked for an explanation on how it happened the only thing she said was it was because she forgot to put City Ledger okay whatever that means need to have more good training

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Anonymous - 105 d 5 h ago


We are staying at the Best Western Plus in Greenville Texas. I have contacted the front desk twice regarding very loud music. Sadly the first complaint was unsuccessful because I had to call back again.I very disappointed that it took me to call twice over a two hour period of listening to this loud music. I felt that my concern and the value of my complaint was not address properly and efficiently.

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Jennifer hall - 113 d 6 h ago


Recently stayed at best western in Rochester by the airport on buell rd the staff is rude and way over charged my card I called several times no manager there called customer services they were supposed to contact me within 48 hours and didn't they ripped me off and nothing I can do I suggest no one go there and get treated like I have they litteraly stile my money

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Wilson - 113 d 15 h ago


On October 22, 2017, I stayed at your hotel in Denton TX, Reservation #(hidden) for one night. I was on a road trip and looking forward to a good night's sleep. I was on the 4th floor. There was a very loud, open, spilling into the hallway party that went on for hours. After 3 calls to management downstairs - I gave up. Each time I called I was told it would be taken care of. At 2:30 a.m. it was still going on - I could actually see people sitting on floor in hallway - it was a complete nightmare. Needless to say, I had very little sleep. I asked for a refund of my room and was told they could give me $15.00. What can I say? My contract with you where I pay you and you give me a good nights sleep was absolutely void and I got nothing????

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Dwight D Washington - 193 d 14 h ago


Honeymooned at your Best Western Plaza LIC on August 1st, incurring an injury in the hotel room that required a $3,000 Mt. Sinai (Queens) hospital visit. Hotel manager Ishrtat decided that 2500 reward points ( not even 1 nights stay) was an appropriate courtesy. I, nor my attorney agree.

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Anonymous - 220 d 9 h ago

I have stayed at one or other Best Western over the years but Tacoma Dome Best Western this week enf was a disappoinment as their restraunt was closed at the dinner hour as I don't drive I went hungry until breakfast I also did not get my points or ten dollars pre night stay. Charlotte Foxhill Monroe Washington

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Very satisfied - 232 d 18 h ago

We stayed at the Best Western in Santa Rosa new Mexico and I left my pillow. When we arrived in Gallup new Mexico I found I left my pillow and phoned Santa Rosa New Mexico and told them who I was and what had happened, they had it and would hold it for 3 weeks while we were in California. We picked it up and I want to let you know what a great time we had and we will go back! Thank you so very much.

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Sylvie - 242 d 19 h ago


My husband and I recently stayed 4 nights at your Louis hotel.sheets and rooms are not cleaned,as I had to ask manager to,send staff back upstairs after finding they had only pulled unchanged sheets ,sideways on the restroom,bath towels,vacumimg or trash her been done.breakfast is cold .no cream for coffee on any day,if there is coffee while staff sits next to coffee maker in lobby giving you a dirty look or nasty comment.I can honestly say that I have never felt so unwelcome,uncomfortable or so unclean.we did speak to one male desk clerk who sympathetic but beaten down and unable or unwilling to refund.although price may be nothing to you,it is significant to some of us as is cleanliness and common,courtesy.

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Anonymous - 252 d 16 h ago


We stayed at your location in Defuniack Springs, Fl. on 6/14/17. I found prescription pill on the floor, used coffee filter still in the coffee maker, ashes on the floor even though this was a nonsmoking room. First bad experience with Best Western and probably the last.

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Brian - 264 d 12 h ago


We stayed at the Best Western in Saratoga, NY on June 2/3 2017. We had a bug infestations of a colony of ants in the bathroom.

The desk clerk first told us that the hotel was book for Saturday night. We took a photo of the ant colony, in the bathroom, we showed the photo to the front desk clerk then a miracle happen a room become available. Very disappointed

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Paula - 284 d 12 h ago

We have always stayed at Best Western at The Dalles in Oregon on our way to the coast. Tried to make reservations for June 10th and was told they have a two night minimum stay. I told them we had stayed there for years only one night. Again was told there was a two night minimum stay during summer months. I think this a terrible way to run a business.

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World Traveller - 5 y 179 d ago


To me, Best Western has a really middle of the road reputation. Of the few that I have stayed at in the United States, they have always been fine. Not bad, not amazing, but fine.

So imagine my surprise when I traveled to Europe, and saw amazing boutique hotels with the big Best Western sign on it. I thought, well, they can't be very good, just average, after all, it's a Best Western.

However, on a recent trip to Salzburg, Austria, the hotel that I was staying in was really awful, and after the first night my family and I went searching for a new one. One of the four-star hotels was a member of the Best Western network, and we settled on that one, not expecting very much.

We were wrong. The rooms were spacious and clean, breakfast was amazing, and the staff was friendly and helpful. I know that the hotel was independently owned and operated, but now I feel that when I find a hotel that is part of the Best Western network, I can expect quality that I hadn't thought would be there with Best Western before. Next trip, I won't shy away from their hotels, instead I will seek them out.

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