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Best Western International

6201 N. 24th Pkwy.
Phoenix, AZ
Lawrence Cuculic
SVP and General Council
(602) 957-4200
(602) 957-5641
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GUest No More - 28 d 18 h ago

Guest No More Part 2

BW I stayed at was 6125 Moror AVE SW

Lakewood, WA 98499

As a avid traveler. Why would my ID be held for the entire check-IN process which took about 20 min. and given to me at the end? It was out of sight.

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Guest No More - 28 d 18 h ago

I have stayed at several BW and every time I have had a horrible experience. I have decided to tell my company not to book me at these hotels anymore.

My last experience was on 2/20/19. While checking in the front desk asst Melissa held on to my ID for the entire check in. 15 min into the check-in I asked where is my ID. She stated, I have it. She walked away from the front desk to the back and I'm thinking what the heck is she doing with my ID. When she came back to the front I'm looking for my ID with my wallet open. When she gave the ID back she reach under the desk to get it. At this point I'm thinking ID theft.

I was so bothered I went back to the front desk around 4AM to see if she was there. It was another attendant. I told her what happened and she looked surprised wondering why would my ID be held that long. I then asked who was the Manager she stated "Oshca". That morning when I spoke to the manager and told her the situation and was visibly upset her response was a cold "OK."

I have alerted my credit monitoring company, and will be following up with BW corporate. If I experience any theft, I will pursue action against BW.

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Candace - 54 d 9 h ago


I worked for the Best Western in Santa Rosa,CA at 890 Hopper Avenue. The staff is completely unprofessional. Most employees are wearing tattered jeans, baseball hats and distressed t-shirts including management. Most of the staff are consuming the continental breakfast all hours of the day. Especially housekeepers entering the breakfast room to help them selves as guest are trying to enjoy their breakfast instead of bumping elbows with the swarm of housekeepers getting their grub on. I don't know how this establishment in away represents the best Western brand in a good light.

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Maria - 39 d 12 h ago


Be happy employees could wear whatever they wanted! If the housekeepers want to eat let them! All the employees are underpaid, and if they can eat there why not? The food is gross anyways, you should be happy someone is eating it. You clearly have an issue with the hispanic population. Get a life.

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Going to make public - 79 d 19 h ago


They treat their employees like crap

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Anonymous - 55 d ago

Yes, they do, they can date each other there to. I do believe this. I'm going to see if they do see all the reviews from people, would they actually do something about it or just sit on their asses, not allowing anyone to date their employees at a hotel...Best Western "Whores" Thousand Oaks Inn..

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Toni Lewis - 59 d ago


I am a regular guest of Best Western. But my most recent experience was horrible. I left my bracelet in the room and returned at about noon to get it. The cleaning lady was still in the room at the time. She was asked about the bracelet and she said she didnt see it. And then she left. We turned the room upside down and no bracelet. I reported the matter to the housekeeping Manager Stephanie Bricento and she said they looked in the linen... nothing.

What was totally unacceptable was when i reported the matter to the Asst. General Manager, Aaron Horvwalt. He spoke to me in the corridor by the laundry in front of his staff. By this time i was ready to leave the hotel for the day and I asked him if there was some report that could be made because up to this point nobody had asked my name or phone contact in case the bracelet was found, This most unprofessional person said to me, a guest to BW, how can I prove that i had the bracelet in the hotel. To add insult to injury he then sarcastically asked if I had a receipt for my bracelet. He added that there was no form to fill out and that I would have to call the police. I recommended checking the cameras. He replied something to the effect cameras are against the law in corridors. With that said I realized that he was useless in this situation and so I turned and left. He then flippantly shouted have a nice day.

I returned to the hotel later that day and spoke to the GM. She gave me an incident report form which I had asked the The Asst. Manager for, the very same form he said did not exist. I filled out the form and left it. My bracelet was purchased in The Bahamas. A David Yurman cuff bracelet. I am not in time wasting business.

My experience at Best Western, Dania was awful. The Asst GM, Aaron Horvwalt, is most unprofessional and needs training and a course in diplomacy may help in the development of his non-existent management skills. He needs to learn from his housekeeping Manager as she was empathetic and at least appeared to be concerned.

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Anonymous - 55 d 35 m ago

Sorry to hear that. Yes, they take stuff and don't return anything back if it's valuable, my concern is why do they allow two people dating at the hotel isn't that a conflict of interest, ones a supervisor and the other one is a manager at the of Thousand oaks inn. I should know, to top it off they live together. So that tells you they don't care about their guest or their employees if they can sleep with their Co workers at the hotel when the General Manager isn't around. Now that's some shady bs there....Oh and please I advice you not to rent a room at that location someone hung himself in a room, I know they don't tell you these things either.

Best of luck

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Anonymous - 55 d 22 m ago

They should be stop, not allowing anyone to date their Co workers at any site. The hotel I am referring to is Best Whores Thousand Oaks Inn...It's wrong of them and they should be fired...

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NB - 56 d 7 h ago


Best Western Plus Woodway- Waco, Tx: Horrible experience. BW should be ashamed to have such a poorly managed hotel as part of their franchise. The manager and his staff are con artists and highly unprofessional. My experience: They charged me for an extra room because Adrian at front desk confused my reservation. When I arrived the night person, Whitney, promised the manager would correct this and make it right. She told me tit was too late to cancel and she didn't have authority to cancel. The manager, Andy Patel, could care less about your experience or complaints. Took him one month to call me back and he refuses to resolve the issue. Very rude and unprofessional not to mention he is highly unethical. The persons working the front are no better. They don't answer phone....rings over and over. Took me 5 tries to get them to answer the day I was coming in. Then I called the corporate Best Western office and they won't respond. Also look at other review sites...this same manager, Andy Patel, has done similar things to other travelers such as charging them $60 for blankets and then takes weeks to return their calls to dispute the charges. Their front staff has also been trained to say "we have no way to reach the manager. He only comes in a few times a month". If you ask to call his cell they say they don't have it which is a LIE because one of them slipped and told me they can text him. FRAUD, LIES, UNPROFESSIONAL. Best Western- clean up your act. I'm making sure you are removed from our corporate travel list of General Electric

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Cintia S. - 60 d 19 h ago

RE: November 18-19, 2018 Caldwell Inn and Suites - BW Plus 908 Specht Ave, Caldwell, ID 83605 In mid-November 2018, I was driving across the country with my dog Urso. I had just come back from staying with my Fiancee in the Bahamas and since I won't fly Urso, we drove. About day 6 into the trip, I had a sudden onset of severe abdominal pain around the Caldwell Idaho area. It was so sudden; I could barely get off the freeway. When I did, I noticed a Best Western Plus. As a former EMT, I knew this pain wasn't normal and I was likely going to have to go to the ER. My worry was, "what am I going to do with Urso?!" I pulled into the BW in Caldwell and stumbled into the lobby. The clerk, Mason, had to show me to the bathroom because the pain was so severe, I was vomitingI didn't tell him at that time much other than I didn't feel well. Mason helped me check in and finally I was in the room with my Urso hoping whatever this was would pass, but knowing it wasn't going to. I ended calling Mason at the front desk and asked him to get me an ambulance. My hope was that I would be able to drive to the hospital only 1.5 miles away. But that wasn't how it turned out. This all took place around 3 in the afternoon. My recollection isn't the best since it's been a while, but I believe he had the assistant manager on duty, Cybil, come to my room. She was very supportive but as any good manager was worried about what I'd do with my dog. I told her Urso is very well behaved (and he truly is), but I was aware that leaving him unattended was not allowed. Cybil was able to arrange for Urso to "hang out" with the maintenance person while I was transported and being evaluated at the ER. I promised I would call and check in with updates. A couple of hours later, it was found that I had an 8.8cm (softball size) cyst on my ovary and that it had twisted and cut off circulation. Needless to say, I wasn't going anywhere without its removal. I phoned the hotel back and Stacy, the General Manager, spoke with me. She was well aware of the situation. I told her that I was going into emergency surgery, but I likely would not be admitted. Regardless, I wouldn't be released until after midnight. Stacy understood my concern with Urso. Stacy said she would see that he was taken care of and that I had nothing to worry about. I was in extreme pain and so stressed, I can't tell express the amount of relief that gave me. I underwent surgery and they removed the mass. I was released late in the night (technically early the next morning); around 1:30am on November 19th. The hospital called me a taxi and I was back at the hotel by 1:45am. What I found when I got there is that Stacy had called her daughter Brenda who happily took care of my Urso while I was in the hospital! I was alone (my fianc in another country and my family could not arrive in time to assist). Stacy, Cybil, Mason, the unknown maintenance man, and Stacy's daughter Brenda all became a family to help someone in a pinch! That is customer service! I meant to write this over 5 weeks ago I want Best Western to be aware of the amazing staff at the Caldwell Idaho location and if I'm driving anywhere near there again and need to stop for the night, that is where I will stay.

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daniel hale - 81 d 12 h ago


I recently stayed at one of your inn and suites .right before Christmas one of your stores stole $380 dollars from my debit card and ruined my Christmas . if you could send me an email and let me know how your going to fix this please contact me

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Richard Rodgers - 127 d 14 h ago


So now Best Western has decided to team with the high pressure membership sales with Diamond Resorts. This is just one of the sleaze industries out there that make promises broken and manipulate monies from every walk of life they can.. Constantly skirting the edge of fraud and must have hundreds of lawyers on retainer would be my guess. Shame on you Best Western! There are other places to stay and although I have been a loyal rewards member for some time and have enjoyed such, I can forsee changing to a different venue and company. Please reconsider this extremely poor business decision that will only serve to destroy your customer's reasonable faith in your product. No one likes to be fooled....not even a fool.

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Sandra berreth - 140 d 12 h ago


I have been a long standing customer at best western of Hartland mich.I have stayed there numerous times and always got exceptional service until the evening of Oct 30-2018.when I went to check in I was told they COULD NOT give me a room due to something about on my last stay I trashed a room.I HAVE NEVER EVER DONE THAT.I was not back charged for it .a few years ago we were down there for a family reunion and I had booked 2 one of the rooms small kids found a crack pipe next to the was reported to mangement and I was not charged for that room.I HAVE NEVER EVER TRASHED A ROOM AT YOUR HOTEL BUT BECAUSE OF THE RUDENESS OF YOUR FRONT DESK CLERK THAT NIGHT I WILL NEVER EVER STAY THERE AGAIN AND I WILL TELL ALL FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO NOT GO THERE.WE GOT BETTER TREATMENT ATA HOTEL 20 MILES DOWN THE ROAD.MYSELF AND EVERYONE I KNOW ARE NOW BOYCOTTING BEST WESTERN

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TANIA - 185 d ago



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Richard Brundage - 197 d 19 h ago


My name is Richard Brundage, a 5th generation family from the town of Dillon, Montana. I had made reservations at the Best Western Paradise Inn in Dillon, Montana, for the nights of the 7,8,9th of September. I had just found out for health reasons that I would not be able to attend my 60th (and presumably my last) class reunion there on those dates. When I called to cancel, I talked with a "Chaz", and after explaining the health situation, I was told - without I might add any "Oh, so sorry you won't be attending", or anything comparable to that - "That rate is non-refundable", and you'll be charged the full amount - that's the way it is." As President of my own corporation, I find that kind of employee response totally unacceptable, unreasonable, and certainly uncaring to say the least. I have already posted a review on Trip Advisor, and will continue to do so on other sites.

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Bad attituted - 215 d 17 h ago

I stayed at the Best Western in Addison Texas and I am completely appalled at the lack of customer service and complete disdain for having to be at work the room smelled of mold and must and housekeeping began trying to rush me out at 10 am twice someone opened the door and tried to gain entry to my room . I was told by the front desk Mickey was the disgruntled gentleman not helping me that this is what they do? So apparently at this establishment they are rude,uncaring,hate their life and job people who throw you out of your room before check out also they are not a service animal friendly establishment in fact I would go as far as saying the discriminated against myself and my service dog I think I may contact an attorney and ask if my rights were interacted a pon. This is by far the worst experience e I have ever had any a hotel I will never stay at a best western again ever

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Shana S - 198 d 47 s ago


I'm in the same boat and my daughter is disabled we r in rock hill sc and they act like we r prisoners they made u feel bad about even eating there cereal bar I will never stay at another one

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Mike Gry - 206 d 19 h ago


Best Western arrowhead lodge and suites in black river falls,Wi is littered with bed bugs. I typically submit a review through my email from best western, however this time around after having an issue with bed bugs I never received an email. Seems a little fishy. I didn't think too much of it until I heard from a few of my coworkers that the same thing had happened to them after they had an issue with bed bugs. Seems like there's something up at this property. I would highly suggest corporate looks into this property. Because of this experience myself and the rest of my coworkers will not be staying in best western on our trips.

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Dave and Herb - 210 d ago


Flew into J. Tunes airport, needed a room for the night. Stayed one night, Aug, 13, 2018, at Belle Meade Inn and Suites in Nashville, TN. The room was fine as was the service in general, but I write this review to highly commend the Manager, Ben. He was very accommodating, pleasant, and informative. Had several good conversations with him and would hope his supervisor reads this and extends our appreciation.

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Ken - 219 d 16 h ago


Ken. Stayed at the Best Western Plus wine country in west Kelowna on Carrington road Aug 7, 8, and 9. All of the employees were friendly, cheerful, knowledgeable and efficient. I would definitely reccommend this facility very highly.

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Landa - 221 d 20 h ago


This place is not right an they are very racist people. 99% of the employees are Spanish and don't speak English. Today I was fired because yesterday I refused to clean a room which had bed bugs. I told her I didn't want to take them home but the crazy part about it she took the room off a Spanish chicks sheet an put it on mines. They don't like black queens an kings. Us queens will get 15+ rooms a day while the Spanish people gets 7 an less. SMH it's all good the because I know my worth just make sure you know yours 511 HAVE BED BUGS!!! Front desk employees are rude an no one speaks English.. DANIA BEACH FL

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Nikki - 220 d ago


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carol - 225 d ago

I have to change the channel on my t.v. every time your commercial comes on the air. Best day of my life is one of the most annoying songs ever!! It is shoved down your throat all over the airways.

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tjakko - 259 d 19 h ago


Best Western St Catharines Ontario Canada does not believe they need to abide by local codes and laws. There antiquated fitness and pool areas do not meet code standards in many area, The quality of work is that of a poorly trained handyman. The local government for many previous years have provided substantial grants to update facilities to accommodated the handicapped but nothing has been done in these areas. Cleaning of the area is extremely poor and in some areas non existent. Complaints to staff and management are met with a laugh. Complaints to the municipality that much of the facilities utilities due non meet code are meet with the same indifference and they can not make the owner bring the facility to code which should have been done when it was built. This week i asked the owner to provide alternate handicapped parking due to resurfacing of the lot in segments. The owner told me that no accommodation was being provided and if i complained to the local authority my membership to the club would be revoked. So if your a handicapped person avoid Best Western Hotels unless you want to end up like myself with no place to go to help with my disability because the owners of this franchise also own the other major hotels in town and the only other facility that has the items that help is the Ymca and the price per year is more than double.I would have preferred to have made this complaint to Best Western Management but finding the CEO online was not possible. But if Management would like to discuss my complaint regarding Best Westerns Treatment of handicapped they can reach me at (hidden)

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