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Big Lots

300 Phillipi Road
Columbus, OH
(614) 278-6800
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Former Employee - 7 d 9 h ago


The Big Lots in Bluffton, SC has one of the nastiest stores managers. He was reported on sexual misconduct charges to the HR department, and Big Lots HR didn't do a thing but give him a pat on the hand. He was messaging one of the former employees on a dating website, and this man is married with a child. The employee quit due to being uncomfortable around him, and he still was able to keep his job. I think it's unfair how women are treated in the workforce no matter what position you hold. He should have been dismissed from his position so that it would set an example to all the other male supervisors within the company. Big Lots has no respect for women, so I'm going to report this to the news channels and the Me Too Movement, and see if I can light some fire under their asses and get something done about what he has done. Better action should have been taken and this all happen in July 2018. I will be sending the messages out to the news media, and to the corporate office, also finding a way to the Me Too Movement to get a copy. I have heard that he use to work for the Hardeeville, SC Walmart, and was making sexual advances towards the women there too. How can this pervert keep getting these positions and being such an nasty ass towards women, and not respectin them are his own wife.....

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Crissy - 7 d 13 h ago


The Big Lots in Murphy NC is the worst. I have been in several times and the manager is either berating the employees ir talking bad about customers. I will not support someone that is so rude to workers and customers. Does not represent Big Lots well.

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Dianne M Luine - 42 d 5 h ago


I was hired for the Redlands CA store Oct 30, 2018, I was scheduled to work from 9-3 I came in and was put in the break room alone to watch 10 videos, I assume it was training, I never saw the manager the rest of the day, so my shift was over and I came back the next day Oct, 31, 2018 expecting to watch the rest of the videos instead I was put at a register and told to take my tests, I told the manager I haven't finished all the videos, I would flunk the test, she wouldn't listen, so the tests say, has the manager discussed this with you?, I punched in no, well that stopped everything and said contact your manager, well I did and she was really mad, she said answer everything yes, well that means I fail the tests, I said I haven't been trained all the way yet, she then said Want to quit? 3 times to me, she said you can't even finish training! Your too slow, This is why we give the job to young kids, I don't understand why she wouldn't train Me! She also said give me your resignation letter now and I'll put 2 extra hours on your paycheck! Her name was Kathleen, I was so sad and upset to be called names in the front of the store where theirs customers! I've contacted a lawyer, and I hope she gets fired! I've never been treated like this before, I was only in the store for three hours the first day, and within an hour of the second day, she said I had to quit! Don't you people train your employees, I deserve what every other employee gets! My lawyer and I will be pushing this matter to court, I've told anyone who listens, don't shop at Big lots, they are liars and like to humiliate employees in front of customers! What was this game of hiring me the day before then making me sign my resignation after only 4 hours of work, only 3 hours of training!

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Holly - 21 d 13 h ago

Dianne Luine

How could you have only worked for 3 hours if you were scheduled 9-3? That's 6 hours and the employee training videos dont take anywhere near 6 hours. Also there are videos to go along with the "tests" you were going to do on the register. Actual physical training comes after all the videos and computer stuff. Obviously the manager wasnt able to properly communicate that to you but that's how it works.

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rishm - 25 d 18 h ago


Im amazed the store sold me a chair 20 days ago .. They have the same chair on black Friday sale that they ran on Thursday for 100 less .. Now I can bring this chair back for a full refund of 289... But were not going to sell you a chair for 189 because that ended last night .. Ok So I bring the chair back they can give me a refund because im in the 30 days . Do they honestly think ill buy another chair from them seriously ??? The Lewiston Idaho store isn't terribly concerned about repeat business . In this small area that wont last to long Ill take this chair back tomorrow Ill get a refund on my card and wont go back . absoultly silly you ask me

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Jared jeter - 28 d 15 h ago

How do we in Marianna get our layaways I need my bed

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Noddy - 30 d 25 m ago


why the call is not connecting?? am calling from last one hour.... please chech because your contact no is not working

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Robert Eidukot - 30 d 18 h ago


Extremely poor customer service. Emailed them several times about a canopy top that sunjoy the company that made them said they were going to replace. Big lots has not responded to any of my emails.

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Rob Tuttle - 32 d 19 h ago

No wonder it is so hard to get hold of a live person at Big Lots. I told my wife we would no longer be shopping at Big Lots where we used to find some deals. Really disappointed that you choose to be open on Thanksgiving Day and disregard our Nation, History, and our sacred Heritage. And on top of that some deals are listed as only good on Thanksgiving Day. You could take a page from Chik-fil-a and realize you reap what you sow. As far as our family Big Lots doesn't respect America. I am sorry for this sickening trend. Thanks for allowing me to express my concern.

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Lisa Davila Steele - 36 d ago


My sister and I were in the Ritchie Marlboro Road, Maryland location on Sunday around 4:30pm and had an unpleasant experience with both the security guard and Craig, the manager of the store. My sister has a service dog and entered the store prior to me so they were not aware that we were together. While I was in line waiting to pay for my items she left to go to another store. I overheard the security guard speaking with someone about a woman entering the store with a big dog and claimed it was a service dog. He stated that the dog should not have been allowed in the store at all. After I paid for my items I went over to speak with the security guard and informed him that the dog was indeed a service dog and not only did she have on her vest my sister was wearing her I.D. card around her neck. He stated he knew the law and the dog was not a service dog. I informed that not only was he incorrect but also that my sister was on the Disability Commission for the state of Maryland and he should learn the law. After leaving the store I sent an email to the corporate office about the exchange and have yet to receive a response. The situation got worse when I went to retrieve my sisters business card to give to the manager. Upon returning to the store are requesting to speak with the manager, Craig introduced himself as the manager. My sister informed him about the situation with his staff and stated that she had a similar problem two years ago and had filed a complaint with the corporate office. She was assured by the corporate office that the store would implement a training policy in dealing with persons with disabilities. She informed Craig that obviously that had not taken place. When she went to hand him her card he pulled away and refused to take the card. The security guard stated he was speaking with his wife about the dog and not an employee. I'm not sure why he felt the need to discuss this matter while on duty about a work matter. She is filing a formal complaint against the store and has planned a boycott of the store.

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Shops there alot - 176 d 18 h ago


Employees damaging floor model entertainment centers, kitchen islands, dinette sets in progress putting them together at the Lebanon, Ohio store. There is a fireplace entertainment center marked down due to damage. Employee states customers ramming it with carts, kids misbehaving. I told them no way a cart would have done that kind of damage that someone would have had to hit it really hard several times.

The employees were putting together a dinette table rustic faux they put it on an ottoman and left it there the whole time I was there .The kitchen island was damaged so bad he doors would not close one at a time you had to close them same time and could not close it without the shelf in it. The side tray would not stay up as the piece that held it up was broken. Getting back to the faux table I had gone back the next day and it was on the floor display damaged on the top. Now I know why they left it upside down on the ottoman until I left. The employees damages that one also in putting it together for display then they mark them down blame customers for damage. Hog wash it is. Alot of furniture being damaged in that store by employees being negligent not customer carts. I'm going to buy my furniture items at a different Big Lots not the one in Lebanon , Ohio. They were helpful and courteous but deceitful in how the stuff was damaged.

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Lebanon Big Lots - 174 d 7 h ago


Shops there a lot,

Thank you for reaching out! We're sorry to hear about your negative experience in the Lebanon location, but honestly we think you're a temperamental cunt and that you should get the fuck out of our store and never return. Seriously, fuck off you ugly ass soccer mom cunt. We hope you crash your car lmao

Sincerely, Lebanon Big Lots management :)

Flagged for review. 
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harry - 172 d 19 h ago


Big Lots??????

Is this how you allow your employees to speak to your customers? I hope you identify this one and fire them immediately!

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Karl - 172 d 15 h ago

Harry, although that comment may very well have been posted by a Big Lots employee, it certainly was not an official comment from that company. This is NOT a Big Lots website, and that poster was most probably just an internet troll.

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Anonymous - 81 d 19 h ago

The big lots timberlake VA store manager worse up seen he very dispectful

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Harley - 108 d 18 h ago


Listen you uneducated ass hole. Your mother should have crossed her legs and drowned your ass. How old were you when you could tell you we're different than all the other little girls?

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The right one - 45 d ago


Now this must be the typical Big Lots professionalism that is a near everyday occurrence. That is classic ignorance blended with arrogance.

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Jeff - 45 d 28 s ago


The store in Lexington Park, MD is running a shell game with it's so-called third party delivery guy. If you make the mistake of purchasing furniture items, the store manager Shawnee never mentions the fact that the delivery company does no setup after delivery. It was only mentioned after two extremely large sofa boxes were dropped on my floor and having paid an extra ordinary amount of money for this affectless delivery ($150). They tried to get more out of me. Of course I complained to Shawnee the manager who had nothing to say about why she does not inform customers about the bait and switch delivery. Simply inexcusable, unprofessional, and sloppy business practices! No I won't purchase for there ever again.... I do not have time and patience for games at Big Lots from their managers.

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Lucia M - 48 d 19 h ago


I went to my local Big Lots today because I had seen a Christmas display I wanted to purchase. I had gone a few days earlier and they did not have any in stock so I decided to go back today. Still there was nothing in stock. I asked one of the clerks if they knew where I could find the display (I was thinking maybe I was looking in the wrong spot for it) The clerk could not find it and said maybe its in the back, let me call my manager. The Manager (Rachel) came over to where I was standing and said nope we don't have any in. I asked her when she thought they may come in, she responded "we have our delivery in the back and I didn't see any of these back there" I asked her if she would sell me the display and she said she could not because it was to early. I am just wondering why would you have something on display if you haven't had it in stock ? She said they had they had received the new delivery and that, that specific item was not in the shipment. I really was willing to pay full price for the display, I'm now sure why the display couldn't have been sold and a new one put when/if the item came in on one of the shipments. Lost Sale

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Charles - 50 d 19 h ago


I had to ask 3 times for the manager to come to the front to talk to me. He came reluctantly and appeared to be upset that I asked to see a manager. He was sarcastic and I had to remind him I was a customer seeking help with an issue regarding a $5.00 coupon that was good for only that day (Saturday 27th October 2018).

The managers name was Xavier. Store location: 5580 Northwest 167th Street, in Miami Lakes, FL .

He tried to brush me off and told me to call a number and get another coupon. I reminded him again that I was a regular customer and that he had the power to rectify the matter right away.

He then snatched my coupon and proceeded to calculate the discount. Even though he fixed the problem it leaves me wondering if I should ever shop there again after being a customer for over 15 years.

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pissed off - 55 d 24 h ago


biglots in Stockton is a joke they really need to pay attention to their managers like Kyle and Francine they do nothing but talk about other people behind their backs and Kyle like to tell people he is interviewing about other associate and how they aren't really anybody that they just get paid a little more on there check to make them happy all while he's sleeping with three different associate while he's married one is Francine she is lazy and rude and causes problem in the store nobody wants to work with her she follows the higher up manager around the store like a puppy she doesn't like to ever be on register so when we need back up she walks away she didn't earn her position the right way which is unfair to the associates that work their ass off and when we complain she always finds away to Flip it on them we are all sick of it and something needs to be done !! each one of us will keep making complaints until something changes every day all day if we have to

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Westlane biglots Stockton ca - 69 d ago


they only have a few good employees i always go in there i went to buy some furniture and i was seating there for almost 5 min noone came and said nothing i finally got helped and she was just about to punch in if i remember her name was desire and she apologized and it wasnt her fault she got there after that she stayed and made sure i got all the help i needed explained the price hold progressive i walked out happy

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Fedup - 69 d ago


Big lots in Stockton .ca 4105 two or three of there managers are rude that store is all about gossip they are always giving there friends or people they like more hours down grading other associates and to top it off the head manager knows and just looks the other way and they never give credit when it due take credit them selfs and recently the male manger hire girls he finds attracted and is involved with one associates. Its unstable always unprofessional and it makes u not want to work. Its unfair how there running that store and are racist working there is like high school

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Brenda gaddie - 69 d 16 h ago


Do I send my payments to Oh.or is there a closer place other than the computer I don't do computer

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Anonymous - 74 d 4 h ago

I have never been one to really go into big lots. We recently acquired a contract to do floors.. The manager with an accent is not only crass and rude he treats us like we are beneath him. His own employees say ugly things when he not there. The first three months we not only sat and waited in the parking lot for someone to show up, when he finally did he would nit pick our work with only an hour left to clean. They complain about dependability but they are not dependable. They complain about informing them of changes but they don't return the favor. Of course he doesn't tell others of his own behavior. I lost my temper so bad, that I disgraced myself in the parking lot with him.I called back after calming down to appoligize, but of course he didn't apologize back. If he hasn't have been ugly to begin with, I would have never spoke out. I recently talked to several local businesses and they all said the same thing. We are the second floor crew he has treat like crap. I hope they change contracts soon. Of course to hear him tell it, the blame is all ours. I will never shop at a big lots after this experience. If we are beneath him to work, my money is to.

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