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Big Lots

300 Phillipi Road
Columbus, OH
(614) 278-6800
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e in regards to our local store here in Waco, Texas. I had purchased many paint brushes your stores carry which are good for my projects and at a good price. When I went to buy some on this last Sunday there were none to be found. I looked them up on your website and found it said the store here had 11 in stock and I could pick them up there since this item was not shippable. I called and spoke to manager (she said she was) and was told their count just must be off and they can't order them for me. I inquired as to how can counts be off by that much. She then informed me they prob,.,..,.., Big Lots HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Big Lots PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Big Lots HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Big Lots PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Big Lots HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Big Lots PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Big Lots HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Big Lots PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Big Lots HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Big Lots PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Big Lots HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Big Lots PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Big Lots HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Big Lots PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Big Lots HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Big Lots PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Big Lots HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Big Lots PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 - 67 d ago

e in regards to our local store here in Waco, Texas. I had purchased many paint brushes your stores carry which are good for my projects and at a good price. When I went to buy some on this last Sunday there were none to be found. I looked them up on your website and found it said the store here had 11 in stock and I could pick them up there since this item was not shippable. I called and spoke to manager (she said she was) and was told their count just must be off and they can't order them for me. I inquired as to how can counts be off by that much. She then informed me they prob,.,..,..,

,. , ., ., ., ., ., ., ,. .

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Anonymous - 65 d ago

ts during the holiday season and did not find one piece of Chanukah merchandise.

Christmas Tree Store and even Hobby Lobby carry some Chanukah paraphernalia.

This to me is unacceptable!!

I know a lot of Jews who shop in th

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Anonymous - 61 d 9 h ago

After waiting a couple of months to receive my furniture, it arrives wrapped very well in plastic, yet it's dirty on one side. HjjThat tells me it left the warehouse dirty. For the amount of money I paid for this Alexandria 2 pc, it's unacceptable on all levels.

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Anonymous - 59 d 13 h ago

v..v.. . furniture. Came in 3 different shipments by 3 different companies. Headboard and dresser were damaged. Kept the headboard in spite of damage because I had a mattress coming and I needed the bed put together before it got there. Called July 14th to notify of damaged chest of drawers. Waited over an hour. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!! Case number (hidden)59. No contact from Big Lots to update. I called July 25th told to call back July 27th, Monday. Just called on today Monday, July 27th. Waited over an hour then was disconnected. Called back and said I wasn't going to wait on hold again over an hour. Operator said she would wait on line with me till someone answered...she did not and after waiting another 10 minutes I hung up and called back. Asked to speak to higher up. Waited another 20 minutes for supervisor who again told me all she could do was transfer me to the same number to wait again. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE TO EXPECT PEOPLE TO WAIT OUTRAGEOUS HOLD TIMES ON THE PHONE AND WAIT WEEKS TO GET DAMAGED ITEMS REPLACED while my husband lives out of a garbage bag cuz he can't put his close away. AND we have out of town company coming this weekend. I WILL NEVER MAKE A LARGE FURNITURE PURCHASE FROM B.. .. .

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Anonymous - 58 d 13 h ago

ce ever , ordering furniture ! I'm on my way to the court house as I write this due to never receiving my furniture or my mon

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SCAM - 57 d 12 h ago



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SCAM - 57 d 12 h ago



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Anonymous - 57 d 12 h ago

talk to an actual person regarding hiring issues? I have called twice with no response and the store manager who hired me just keeps telling me to call the automated number. It's been over a week now and still o respo.. . . .

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Anonymous - 53 d ago

ht a bedroom set that i had to wait a week to have delivered. When i got the delivery all the hardware wasn't in the box for me to assemble the bed. Drove 25 more minutes to get the hardware and waited roughly 45 minutes for. Guess it's my fault for not checking to make sure i received all the hardware i needed because of course. i didn't. Now i have to take another drive back to the store. It's 25 minutes goin

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Anonymous - 52 d 22 h ago

As a big lots employee I feel as though with the pandemic and virus still going on we should continue having an extra $2 raise instead of goi

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Anonymous - 48 d 12 h ago

e manager in Apoka, Florida has been stealing from this company for years. He takes items from his store and writes them off and brings them home with him. From beach items to food. He even steals boxes of big lots bags to take home for his wife Nancy Alexander who used to work for Big Lots as well and was fired for stealing. He allows others to use his family discount through his wife and sometimes she is given money so that others can use Glenn's discount. Glenn believes that because he is a manager he can get away with doing these things. It's disgusting, and Big Lots should be ashame

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Anonymous - 45 d ago

Employees should get their $2 raise back for working still during the pandemic which isn't .,. ., .,., .,.,., .,

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Anonymous - 43 d 21 h ago

I am Vera Lopez by name, I live in California, United State Of America, who

have been a scam victim to so many fake lenders online between May

last year till June this year but i thank my creator so much that he has

finally smiled on me by directing me to this new lender who put a smile on

my face this year 2020 and he did not scam me and also by not deceiving or

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Anonymous - 43 d 21 h ago

i-I just want to ask you to please help stop the war on America by our own governor's. Please stop forcing employees to wear masks and asking customers to do the same. By now people should know there is no Pandemic. It is a flu virus. If people would research, they would find how many were sick and passed away in 2019, just in America. If all businesses would reach out to each other and stop the mask wearing they would see we have all been duped and it is about them trying to control us. Look at everything that has happened since March. We will lose our freedoms, if businesses don't stop with the craziness and allowing these governor's to break the laws of our Constitution and our God given rights. Please get other businesses involved. I'm 65 and have not worn a mask since the day the craziness began. I have a child that works in a hospital and had to wear a mask and she still got the so called Covid. She never saw a doctor and they told her to ta.., .,.,.,,.,.,.,.,.,

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Anonymous - 38 d 16 h ago

I went to the store in Lebanon, Ohio I wanted to purchase a sectional sofa set. I found one that I really liked but was told that store did not have any in stock. I was also told I would have to go to 3 different stores to get the whole set that I saw sitting in the Lebanon store. Does Big lots not have delivery or any way to put this whole set in one store. I am very dissapo

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Anonymous - 32 d ago

Do something about your store in mesquite Texas,

Gus thomasson Rd. These Africans are very racist to the white clientele. It wasn't this way 2 years ago. But they seem to think black lives really do matter. They don't when all you get is lazy asses

With an attitude and a bunch of weaves on they ignorant h

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Anonymous - 28 d 13 h ago

Up until recently I was a customer of your Cullman AL store, but no more. The assistant store manager did nothing but curse her coworkers with F this an F that and she didn't care who was around to hear. This is not the first time this has happened and apparently complaining to her District Manager does no good either because she is still there pretending to work (usually on a smoke break on the sidewalk). If the Cullman Big Lots' wants to bring its customers back then it is past time that they actually got in that store and cleaned house of its management team and apparently its upper mana

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Anonymous - 28 d ago

I ordered an Ashley Fallston sectional on July 23rd. I received the left Arm facing Piece but no right arm facing piece. Big lots refuses to have a right arm facing piece shipped and delivered. The phone service is horrible and no one seems to have authority to step up and order wha

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Anonymous - 27 d ago

poor Customer service.. I I put money down on the couch and was told I would be on a waiting list. When I finally got the phone call a month later, they told me they had a sectional there that was not in the original wrapping due to the original wrapping was damaged. They said that they rewrapped it and wrapping was much better In the wrapping that was on it. They said that nothing was wrong with the couch whatsoever. From what I understand the person before me on the waiting list came in to the store and skip the purchase of the sofa . When I got the furniture home and opened it I noticed several areas that had damage. I called the manager at the store to let her know , not only was I on hold for about 45 minutes so they can get their story straight ........ I was told that when they wrap the couch they saw nothing being wrong with the couch. I told them that there was no way possible they could not notice the areas if they were looking. I feel that this was a return product due to the damages of the Original shipping packaging was damaged and Caused other damage to the furniture. manager told me that she could give /.. . / /. .. /

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Anonymous - 26 d ago

Went to you big lot located. In Columbia Plaza union city. Employees not wearing face mask or under there nose. Also the m

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Anonymous - 25 d ago

oesn't know why that option is available. Both reps were from the same company & called from a New Jersey #(hidden). I called big lots customer serv. & first spoke to Sarah who stated there was nothing she can do at her level & I would have to contact the store. I called a 2nd time and spoke to Jessica who transferred me to a supervisor and the recording hung up . 3rd time It was lindsey who said it's.,., ,., ., .,

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Anonymous - 24 d 13 h ago

So glad to hear Heidi and other employees are flying high on ecstasy per Facebook posts so happy it's fine to be late as long as you do some kind of drugs it's all fine show up before time do above and beyond your duties you get screamed at and demeaned guess you weren't the one showing up with the drugs. ,,...,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,

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Anonymous - 14 d 20 h ago

Have made a purchase back on 22Jun2020. Item was broken due to poor packaging a tile table top packed in thin cardboard which should've been bubble wrapped for such a fragile item. I have submitted copy of receipt and all information required for a replacement of broken item. Still never recieved the replacement item which origin of item came from Vietnam. Now here it is going on Sept 2020 and not even an email or text message updating me. I'm

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Anonymous - 12 d 19 h ago

Hello My name is Leticia Anaya from Fitchburg MASS. I have purchasing in the beginning with Big Lots in John Fitch Highway In Fitchburg MA. with no problem. But this Last week I renew Progressing application to get a new bedroom set. I choose the want I want, and make a down payment and asked the employee if they can hold it until I get a rental truck. I came yesterday to the store, 09/11/20 on 2nd shift, the manager of the furniture department and one of her staff, gave me attitude and they gave my bedroom set to other customer. Now I have no bedroom set, I spend gas, renting a truck and gave a down payment through Progressive Lease, and I have to pay the loan with out a bed room set? the manager was pointing her finger in my face, and I

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Anonymous - 4 d ago

I live in Vancouver, Washington and was going to your store on 76th and 117th today. I was met by multiple tents in your parking lot selling goods for the upcoming election. I and many other cars left in protest and will not return to any of your stores until this problem is taken care of. I am not sure if you aware of this but cannot condone political interference to our shopping experience? If I was angry enough and feeling uncomfortable about parking I am sure you are loosing more business than you can afford during this pandemic time. Thanks for listening to

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Anonymous - 13 h 18 m ago

I purchased,and paid for a Sealy mattress set, from Big Lots, more then two weeks, ago, and I have not receive my order as of yet. I wondering if, or how I can contact their Head Quaters, regarding getting my mattress set, that I have already paid for. I have agreed to pick my purchase mattress up on delivery. I don't understand what's the problem with this purchase. I even asked if I can get another mattress set, maybe the next up grade Sealy mattress to the one I purchased. Everytime I call and speak with a Sale person/Manager, I get the same answer. They tells me that the mattress has not came in yet. I am wondering

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