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Big Lots

300 Phillipi Road
Columbus, OH
(614) 278-6800
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James - 4 d 9 h ago

How to Report an Employee in Hermitage. Pa, walking around all day on phone and smoking an E cig, the manager Bryan does Nothing, wont stop texting and Harrassing. Nobody does anything , shes been told and continue, Her Name Lisa Tuchek.. You can tell her manger everyday he does nothing, she also steals taking gloves in the winter, and much more, her bosses name is Kerry and he has done nothing either, she sells furniture she sexually flirts with customers when selling beds to Males, So unprofessional, Is this how Big Lots does business, most of all is 100's of harrassing texts that have been saved while shes at work

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Cindy and Eugene - 6 d ago

Who does Big Lots use to ship to you free for orders over $99.00? The better furniture, fireplaces, and patio sets are in store only. The company that they use in store is crazy high that my husband and I don't want to use Progressive Leasing. To pay off in 90 days we have to buy one to two items of furniture at a time while having to pay the second company $65 to $75 to get it to our home? Wayfair is looking pretty good to us over Big Lots.

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Be a good example - 8 d 3 h ago


I just want to say that i am very proud of my Big Lots store. I used to shop there and now i work and shop there. I have NEVER seen one of our assiciates act as badly as what i have read here. We are not perfect but we certainly try to always meet the needs of our customers even if we only have 3 people working. I love my customers!

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Frank - 10 d 3 h ago

Wish Big Lots! could be a more thoughtful community member here in Shawnee, Kansas.

Why does your Shawnee, Kansas location continue to park tractor-trailer rigs overnight on their lot against city code and wishes of neighbors wishing not to view from their homes?

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coty - 15 d 18 m ago


I need help with a led vintage chandelier I purchased from a store in Metairie, La. Chandelier goes on without using the remote. I can not control the on off switch. Can I call the head office for help.

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K - 21 d 3 h ago


Big Lots 409 N Litchfield Rd.Goodyear, AZ

Staff needs to check the food. There are alot of expired foods not being removed from the shelves and coolers. I bought eggs and looked at the expiration date when I got home and they were a week expired.

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Anonymous - 26 d ago

My husband and I walked into your Gloucester Va store this afternoon , the first thing I heard was the three cashiers standing around talking about who would take the first break.We were very interested in buying two recliners , there was also another customer shopping at the same time, There was nobody in the store to help us. As we left the store I noticed the store was well fronted with condiments ,yet no people in the store except three employees huddled around a. Computer bitching about how they had been called in on there day off. After we got home I talked to a woman named. Cathy trying to get some information, she gave me a rude answer I wasn't too happy with. I knew it was the last day of the sale , so I called back again and talked to Charlie. He was even more disgruntled and said that he couldn't, help me"as he was chewing big gum" he said go over my head. I have never made a complaint before but today I was mad. I. Am disabled and I hardly ever leave the house anymore, so I was looking forward to a good experience. Today. We were willing to spend some money that day but now we are. Ordering from Walmart. If I were you I would check your receipts. For Monday Memorial Day in Glouchester Va. if we had better service it would have been much more. Please look into this situation. By the way Charlie said"good luck". Thank you for your time, Barbara. Baecker

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Mr.Garcia - 27 d 6 h ago

Shopping at the store in the heights area Houston Texas around 1:30 today Sunday Memorial weekend.This is retail people busy weekend,Can you please get more than one cashier to check out you had two managers up there who couldn't get on!Instead of the young lady with red hair complaining that the other manager should open, however he was busy helping the one cashier they had,just ridiculous to have about 8 to 9 people in line with one cashier, some one dropped the ball and when she checked me out she was very rude not welcoming at all..i believe her name is Ms.Ailin NEEDS TO BE RETRAINED waited in line for 20 minutes.

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Caitlin - 37 d 17 h ago


i used to work at store #1911, and I had to quit my job due to an assistant manager harassing me. I told my boss about it and when he went to do something he got fired and was replaced and the harassment claim basically disappeared. I was having such bad anxiety attacks that I would leave work after only working for 30min and have to take some medicine just to calm me down. I told the manager in charge of the schedule that i COULD NOT WORK WITH HER, the next week I was scheduled all week with her and i had to call out that whole week due to my stress buildup and anxiety attacks happening way more frequently. in the end, i realized that my managers weren't going to do anything, they don't care about the employee's like they say, they only care about themselves. i really do wish I never worked for this company, now i have to see my therapist every other week to keep my breakdowns and other mental conditions in check. what ever you do, DO NOT WORK FOR BIG LOTS ANY OTHER COMPANY IS WAY BETTER. THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU, THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT THE MONEY.

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Anonymous - 29 d 7 h ago


They only care when they are dating one of their associates. An assistant manager at the Longview, wa store is dating one of his associates and they work the same shift and it doesn't seem to matter.

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Anonymous - 29 d 7 h ago


Since when is it ok for an assistant manager to date their associates and work same shifts. Very unprofessional acting too. Never will shop the Longview, wa store again.

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Anonymous - 31 d 3 h ago


- New store associate. Good Afternoon to all of the corporate members of my favorite store to shop at which is in fact...You Guessed it..BIG LOTS! :-) After reading the reviews on here thus far; I shall not communicate in the same manner however I would like to discuss a few concerns I objectively hold pertaining to the Big Lots brand, Leadership & Overall direction of the company as a whole. 1. When an individual is hired on/brought into the Big Lots brand/family; Example..a Store Manager; it doesn't HELP our company in any way when ''Said Store Manager" hires previous co-workers especially when it regards a higher authoritative position Such as Assistant Manager or store lead..etc.... Result: Disaster. Why? Very Easy yet very simple. This Allowance if you will creates almost a nepotism type of an environment while the direction of the company becomes lost. Why?...Because the said "previous co-worker/co-workers" that are now BUDDIED in/hired for Big Lots as LEADERS are able to operate with full immunity without actually leading.....makes sense right? But wait why is this a problem? When this happens or better yet present tense while this is currently happening; Accountability, integrity and overall "TEAM" environment within the company is lost. What does this mean for the Big Lots company? 1. Loss In Profits. How? A: Poor leadership leads to higher turnover. Said poor leaders/ Poor leadership leads to loss morale, loss incentive to do the RIGHT THING on the said "BUDDIED IN EMPLOYEE" such as leading, creating a team while also being a part of it. Make Sense? Due to the IMMUNITY FACTOR involved; I believe this to be very damaging to our company. MORE TURNOVER MEANS MORE TRAINING, MORE TRAINING MEANS MORE MONEY THAT IS WASTED>>>MORE CUSTOMERS THAT DO NOT RETURN DUE TO OUR MANAGEMENT TEAM/LEADERS NOT LEADING COST THE STORE>>>EVEN MORE MONEY>>>AND OVERALL THE WORST YET EFFECTIVE WAY OF ADVERTISING>>>WORD OF MOUTH>>>IN THIS CASE OR THESE CASES>>>"BAD PRESS" VOCALIZED MARKETING THAT HOPEFULLY ALL OF US HERE AT BIG LOTS ARE AWARE OF IS THE WORST. 2. Loss in perpetual/repeat business from our customers. Why is this important? A: Not only do our customers make Big Lots what it is, but so do our employees; together is what makes Big Lots the team we all aspire for it to be. 3. An awesome company with an awesome reputation is becoming tarnished not to far astray from all the reviews in which I have just read on this open forum platform. P.s Not to be cynical, but I am very confident that I will not get a reply back due to the fact that it would only be a reflection of the disastrous direction in which the company seems to be heading in. Thanks - Anonymous

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No name please - 32 d ago


I just started to work for big lots. For the first 3 weeks my hours were about 16 a week. The next 2 weeks I got 4 hours each week. They said I need to put 21 boxes up in an hour ( stock) For one I do not know where things belong in the store yet. Still learning only if I had more hours. So I guess if your slow you get less hours. Store PORTAGE, INDIANA. 46342

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ABCthriftstore85@gmail - 34 d ago

Wayne Davis

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Anonymous - 38 d 3 h ago


My daughter works for your store and is being bullied by another employee. I can not get a hold of anyone at corporate to report this.

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steven - 68 d ago


I was in the store on4/7/2018 I was not sure but I went in to the store and was looking for some for my back yard and with in a one min a person a worker came up to me and told me his name shook my hand and help me out for a good time oh his name is francis, the store is in Gastonia north c, well any way I just injoy him working with me and told me every thang they had and I was happy and I bought the shadow crew set and it was one hours got it home and than I went back to the store to get to more chairs that go with the set extra chairs I went up stairs toget one person to help me but got one person but refuse to help me so I was so made than I seen francis and I ask him if I can get a nother set of chair to bye and he said yes I will get them and be right back I did and in two min he hade it and he was good.i was in there tusday 4/15/2018 and I heard that francis is looking around for a nother job,and leaving ther at big lots well if he leaves big lots than I am going to shop some were els francis is the best person yoy got there you are all dome if you lose him I did not see him today.but he did told me I will be there tusday .so I will look for him and I do not see him I will not go in and shop.yes I do not the store is clean but they need to get rid of the person up stairs I never got his name but he was realy big and very heavy.he never gave me his name but he need to do some thang than seating down all the time I just cant under stain the reason to keep him there.sorry but if francis leave thqan I am gone also

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P. Dunn - 46 d 3 h ago


That's because you were down south. Apparently the North doesn't train very well!

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P. Dunn - 46 d 3 h ago


I was shopping at your South Plainfield, NJ, location this morning and as a retail employee as well as consumer, I watched this young lady stocking the shelf's, she was taking the items out of the box, but, before she could place the stock item on the shelf, she had to go to the front to one specific register to print out the price. Shouldn't that be your warehouses responsibility before shipment of the product, why don't your Stocker's have something portable on hand, how much time is being wasted seems backwards! Even as backwards as Family Dollar is, at least the products were priced and label from the warehouse. I think whoever is responsible for receiving needs to address this issue, along with a very sloppy store! Ridiculous!!!! I left the store. I'm surprised that location is still operating. You need to visit your location and see for yourself!!

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Rita Oraa - 46 d 6 h ago


Big lots doesn't care about it's workers or it's excoworkers. I have been trying to get a w2 for over a month and all i get is a lady saying she can't help me? What can I do then if you have contacted human resources? Do you contact human resources part 2 with good customer services or just not file my taxes

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Neil Harris - 47 d ago

I have worked in retail for many years,what I witnessed on the Sheppard location in Houston Texas was mind blowing, on Saturday I was in line to purchase some items the customer in front of me seemed very nervous and for good reason the employee and manager were giving her a huge discount and what I mean by that is they only charged her for 3 items when she actually had a basket full.It was obvious they knew her I didn't get the cashiers name no name badge but the managers name was Ailin, this was upsetting and disappointing for us paying customers. I will not shop here again!This says alot about this store. I really think some one needs to be informed lost prevention, corporate someone..Theft is never good for a business especially when it's getting done by your own employees and my god a manager too.

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Herta Walsh - 49 d ago

Went to big lots on Thunderbird in phoenix that's the store I usually go to.

Amongst other items i buy my LA CROIX Water there . The big cases of water are stored way up high on the shelfs where maybe only VERY tall people can reach it.

I fondly found a nice young man that had to get a latter to get me a few cases town, wich all took some time.

So I asked for the Manager Calvin to mention the problem and asked if the can store some of the casas further down . His response : when they bring the items to the store then we have nothing to do with it any more. I asked if he could mention it to his superior . His answer that's the way it is and off he went to turn his back to walk away.

No wonder that the store is mostly empty compared to other much friendlier stores . My daughter also had bad experiences there bevor with the stores exchange policy and is after me not to shop there any more.

So now I will take her advice.

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Anonymous - 49 d 5 h ago


I work at the big lots in Hamilton New Jersey. Its horrible working there. One boss is very rude she curses at everyone for no reason and the manager Jim always tells me that he that he has the hours to give me but never gives them. He alwaus seem like he's lost and doesnt know what hes doing.

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John smith - 49 d 13 h ago


I would like to inform the corporate office, I was shopping at the Shephard location in the heights area last night,Houston,location worst experience I was looking for a certain item, so I had to ask an employee up front she pointed somewhere ,still had no idea so I literally had to go hunt an employee for assistance, found a manager a young lady Ailin I believe her name was., however she was to occupied on her cell phone.and extremely rude just walked away and left me there.i mean seriously I was willing to spend like I always do I have shopped there for many many years with no problems, i will never shop there again! So unprofessional.

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Carolyn - 51 d 13 h ago


Big Lots, a nice place to shop, but not to work, the put me in a hazardous conditions could have been very bad for my health and my FAMILY'S health, it actually cost me money to clean myself and my vehicle, sad part is after trying to contact corporate for over a week NO one gets back to me, shows me they DO NOT care about their employees safety, just about the $$$$$$.. Sad because they lost customers over this and will continue to loss them because I will tell my story to anyone and everyone that will listen.

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Jackie - 53 d ago

I was shopping at the Shephard location in Houston Texas today. I was interested in buying a table for my mother so I asked an employee what was the price on it she didnt know so she asked the manager on her ear piece,the manger said 50 dollars I was in shock I asked for all four chairs too she said yes,I was ready to purchase it, I go to the front she changes price, i feel like like she should of honored it or gave me the right price to begin with or came around to see exactly what I was asking about.I was so upset it was embarrassing.i will never shop there again she should have honored the price she gave.. Her name is Ailin ,she needs to be retrained or out.Thanks Ailin

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