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Big Lots

300 Phillipi Road
Columbus, OH
(614) 278-6800
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DOROTHYP - 77 d ago



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Lisa - 1 d 17 h ago


I am also having trouble with a fireplace paid for it then had them to plug it in.It didn't work. It has been all most three weeks.I was told from the beginning the Manager said he had brought in a new insert.He plugged i init didn't work.I am still waiting was supposed to call me when the remote came in.Have not got that call.

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Anonymous - 4 d 19 h ago

I would like to share praise for Toni @#526 in Melbourne,Fl.Toni is bright, energetic ,pleasant and has a firm grasp in the retail business, she would make a great manager!

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sharon - 8 d 18 h ago

just wanna know why we bother to have online scheduling when 90% of the time it's always blank

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The Lady with the Cane - 11 d 10 h ago


How are you BigLots..Just want to share that in your Biglots in Clifton Rt.46 you have such a wonderful team of dedicated workers..Theres a wonderfull lady name Maria V and a gentleman by the name of David i think his the furniture manager, These wonderfull people took their time to help during the past storm and manage to put everything in my car. If there is anything i would like most is for you to give this two wonderful person and appreciation moment and let them know that i will always go to their Biglots in Clifton..Thank you, David and Thank you Maria

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Marissa - 16 d 12 h ago

Haven't got my w2 yet need to know if they send it already.

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Trapper O'Brien - 21 d 44 s ago


Good Morning, I work for big lots for two years, and I really enjoyed it had to take some time off for some personal business. Now I am ready to go back to work, both my manager and my district manager want me to come back. But I cannot seem to be able to get my rehire application sent to the store 1781 Conway South Carolina. I would really like to get back to work. The manager of store 1781 called me to see where my rehire was. I told him I that I sent them but he has had no reply. If anyone can help me please let me know. (hidden).. I would really like to go back to work

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Trapper O'Brien - 21 d ago


Good Morning, I work for big lots for two years, and I really enjoyed it had to take some time off for some personal business. Now I am ready to go back to work, both my manager and my district manager want me to come back. But I cannot seem to be able to get my rehire application sent to the store 1781 Conway South Carolina. I would really like to get back to work. The manager of store 1781 called me to see where my rehire was. I told him I that I sent them but he has had no reply. If anyone can help me please let me know. (hidden).. I would really like to go back to work

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Charlotte - 26 d 17 h ago

I worked at the big lots in Columbia mo and now I can not file my taxes because they do not give u the right Employers ID Number that the IRS has for them. Really sucks when your taxes keep getting rejected for a number u can not control. Ugh. This number is 402900922 but not what the IRS has for them. Really love help with this thanks.

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Debbie T. - 28 d 18 h ago



Store# 5331 Speedway IN

Through the tons of receipts over the holiday season I held on to (2). I knew that I needed to write a review, this store was AMAZING. I would like to send a huge JOB WELL DONE to a cashier by the name of Paris. Such a delightful person during a busy shopping day. I observed her while waiting in line ( it was Christmas!!!) and she was polite and professional to every customer and from my point of view, that was not always reciprocated. I have never worked retail but if I did, I would want this person on my team!

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Meg - 30 d 13 h ago


I would like to publicly thank Nancy, Store Manage of Big Lots in Vestal, New York. She took the time to mail me a letter when I left my purse in the store. I went to the store immediately after receiving the letter and all contents were still safely in it. Thank you Nancy for going above & beyond!! I am grateful!!!!

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Anomous - 30 d 19 h ago


I am a current dts lead, Have been in this position for almost 2 years. I have been mentaly ,physically harrassed by upper mamagement. I have gone to bumam resources, was promised no retribution. That was a huge lie. I have since been transfered, hours cut. Treated like am idiot that does not know my job. Been forced to come to work on my requested and approved days off. Being forced to close store on sumday nights and be back to work monday morning at 5:30 am to unload truck. Being forced to unload full loads in 2 hours or told i will be fired. Extremely hostile work enviorment. All of these new managers this company has hired from kmart are rude, and extremely bostile towards myself and alot of other associates. They want me to do twice what biglots policies are as far as truck time and freight push. I have to have open availability,but i dont get enough hours or make enough hourly to pay my bills. Constantly made to use my own phone to take pictures of store and truck unloads. My phone is paid for by me. Not biglots. I am currently seeking another job, But until i find one i am forced to stay and put up with this harrassment. Cooperate really needs to come and see what is happening to their stores under these new managers. Your company is in serious trouble if this continues. Customers are starting to complain daily, they are not returning anymore. Goid employess are seeking other employment. Very sad, i used to love my job, i loved biglots. But not ao much anymore.

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Anonymous - 31 d 13 h ago


We really enjoy shopping at your stores, but we would sure enjoy one in Sioux City , Iowa. We a large K Mart store in great area in town, on Hwy 20. Has good traffic & also walking distant housing nearby.We sure wish your company would consider our fine city as great place for Biglots Store. thank you for your time and energy for your help.

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Stephanie - 74 d ago

I am a new employee at Big Lots. My first pay is to be this Saturday. I requested a pay card for my pay; however, I was unaware that I had to sign up for it (no one told me and gave me instructions on how to). So, my first pay will come by check in the mail. Are there any employees for Big Lots that can give me an estimated time on how long it takes for checks to get sent out? I have been told by management "If you get a check mailed to you ... who knows how long it can take for you to get it".

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Marisa - 70 d ago

I chose the same option to receive a paper check it has been 4 weeks and i still havent gotten paid. Im callimg corperate to complain today

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Still Waiting - 38 d 12 h ago


Still Waiting on my first check that was mailed 15 days ago! I was not ask about signing up for anything! This is the most unprofessional place I've ever worked for is about the only thing I know! I have called and called corporate countless times..given a run around every single time I've called, that is if a real person actually answered the phone. I've been in management before and I cannot imagine an employee telling me the problem I'm having and me saying I'd call corporate if I was you!!

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Anonymous - 40 d 16 h ago

I work at the big lots in lumberton and the boss repeatedly gives me one day a week to work. Im not the only employee who gets one day a week.

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Anonymous - 49 d 17 h ago

I was @ the store in Gardena of off Roscranse and Crenshaw.. Buying some stuff for the house when, I look to my right' their was a huge rat the size of a cat!!.. I couldn't believe it! Sii walk towards were the rat ran to,. wish it was towards the bread, section" I look toward the bottom and their was rat feces is!!! I began to take pictures! Then I asked if I Could talk to the "manager"., they paged him twice' he never came out!!.. I told the cashier to tell him "I was going to report the store and him"!!

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Irritated in Panama City, Fl - 53 d 44 s ago


I was not happy when I asked the cashier if she would hold a toy for my son until two hours later and was rudely told no and she would only hold it for one hour and no longer. I then asked to speak with the manager and he came up and rudely interrupted me in mid sentence and again said no way that it would not be held longer than one hour. Then I asked who his supervisor was and he then again chimed in and cut me off a third time and said but she will tell you the same answer. I was so disgusted and realized that they were petty, rude and nasty. I don't like being disrespected and talked to like an illiterate child. That policy is pathetic and ridiculous. I don't plan to go back and even if I did want to buy that toy I will buy it from a store that wants to make my shopping and buying experience a positive good one. Not make a huge deal out of some small detail like another hour of hold time. Most stores believe in accommodating their customers and that the customer is always right. What has happened to good old fashioned customer service? I walked out of there and was determined to not go back. I did not like their rude, unhelpful, nasty treatment and negative attitude and their obvious determination to not help you with their arrogant attitudes and rigid irritated demeanor. The girl at the register slammed her drawer shut and sighed and threw my change at me just because I wanted to speak with her manager. It was awful, avoidable and unappreciated. Keep your junk and I will shop elsewhere and that is no problem!! BTW, your prices have gone way up and even beyond the competitions prices. I thought you were a discount store???

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Alex - 104 d 7 h ago


nasty shopping experience around 6 15 pm on 11 14 2016

long time costumer and a big spender until that day I was rudely harassed by a new employee because I had a backpack with me. In the past I was never bothered or fallowed around the store because I had backpack with me I had done business with this store for over 7 years and spend thousand of dollars there. so I decided to refused to accept the lack of professionalism and not deal with it when I finally got a hold of the evening manager he made matter a lot worst he acted like a mad man and got loud and ignorantly rude until a point I decide to leave and not ever give my business to that location because they acted more like kids them adults. the behavior was unacceptable all the way around until a point that I will never return to that location and let my close family and friends not to do business with that store. sad to said I do understand that stores have policies but they never enforce them with me in the past and why now. I don't have a problem complying with new rules and regulations. but I have a issue when people are rude unprofessional and nasty with me or other costumers period. this could it be all avoid with simple politeness and respect with human skills not trying to be hyper defensive in front of a new employee and other costumers. but the damage is already done and there no turning back any more they lost my business for good along with other people as well too just because some people can't act they age or be professional at the work place.

820 Water St, 16335 Meadville, United States

(814) 333-2515

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irishrose. - 62 d 10 h ago

the problem with a lot of Asst Managers at stores like Big Lots, Family Dollar, Dollar General is that they type of stores is not where these people want to be either a Store or Assistant Managers for they usually have their sights on stores like Target and higher. But that still does not excuse them from treating you the way they did. I have worked in a Big Lots and did not like the furniture department but never let the customers know that I tried to help them when I could but when it got to a point that I could not answer their question I made sure to find someone who could help them with completing the sale since I could not ring on the register in furniture.

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Anonymous - 63 d ago


So, I started at West Columbia, SC Big Lots. In our interview the day before we were warned of the Assistant Managers nasty demeanor. Even told if we were sensitive we should probably not work there. Desperate for work and knowing my excellent people skills, I accepted the job. First day there I was told to watch cashier a while. She rang up 2 customers and gave it to me. No training what so ever! She walked away and the Assistant Manager A showed me once how to print labels and had me putting out stock in between customers instead of learning register and return policies. Very non professional man! I tell the cashier he is exttremely rude to me and she says, oh hes an asshole to everyone. I told her that I have seizures from stress and he needed to lay off some, I mean I had only been there a couple hours........Needless to say, I woke up in an ambulance! Black eye, bloody nose, bruises and almost needed stitches in my lip. Thank you A! Three days later, I decided to give it one more shot. No problems most the day until A came in. Fussed at me for not restocking my bags, hadnt had time nor knew where to find ANYTHING! Needed help with a handicapped voice he said "read the screen" which I was, word for word. Been in retail 20 years, including Management and uave never seen such non caring, un professional people. To B the manager.....I would have respected a Manager that did not subject his employees to a KNOWN asshole. Please, call the people in the class I was in....they will tell you truth!

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Ex employee - 68 d ago


Have you no compassion for people. How can you make people work till 10 pm on Christmas Eve. I am glad I no longer work for you or shop your store

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LaVerne Poston - 69 d 4 h ago


Why did you stop carrying the boxed snickerdoodle cookies at Christmas. I used to get them every Christmas. This is the 2nd year I havent found them with the boxed cookies in your store. They were very reasonably priced and delicious. Could you start stocking them again or give me the brand name and the company that made them. Sincerely, LaVerne Poston.. email address: (hidden)

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Mamaw - 76 d 7 h ago

Yes. I have worked for this company altogether. For. 24 years. And I'm really upset. To think. That our store will be open till 10:00. Christmas. Eve. When I first came I to the company. On. Holidays. We. Closed at. 6:00 p.m. and on Sundays. To. At 6:00 pm. You know. You big guys can have family time with your families on holidays. While we. As. Associates. Work all holidays. Is it to much to ask. That we close. At 6:00 on Christmas eve. Or even on. Sundays in the past. This company. Was all about their associates. Now it is like we don't even exist. If you would check your sells. After a certain time on Sundays. And. Holidays. You would see its nor worth staying open like this I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. So. While you and your families. Enjoy Christmas. Eve. Together. Think of your associates. Not being able to be with their families. Look. At it. This way. Would you enjoy working on Christmas eve. I think not. Retail is nothing but all. About money. Money. .

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