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Big Lots

300 Phillipi Road
Columbus, OH
(614) 278-6800
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Nobody - 1 d 16 h ago


Hi i love big lots because its almost like shopping at target but not with all the hassle of big stores, so my grand daughter. Wanted a baby doll and she being a black American i looked on your shelf and you had rows and rows of Caucasian dolls on the shelf and i felt devalued with my dollars and not catered to because their are black American that give. You there money but i cant by a black doll. So right away i wanted to tell my ftiend how. -BIG LOTS. Felt about their black dollars. So please put some Black DOLLS ON YOUR SHELF. I will be back. To view your SHELF. And Reynoldsburg Columbus Ohio.

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Courtney - 6 d 7 h ago


Went to the store in West Palm Beach on Tuesday, August 7th. Was making a purchase of an item that included 3 parts, one of which was missing from the packaging. The store manager came over, and i explained that there was one missing and the response i got was simply "yeah sometimes they go missing or other customers remove them".... that is not a solution to my problem. He then explained there were more of the items in the back to which i asked him to check if they included the missing part... he came back empty handed and said "yes we have them". When i asked him to get me the missing part since it was supposed to be included in my purchase he said that they were on a pallet and he couldn't get them because the regional manager was visiting that day. He said i could come back later in the week with the receipt to get the missing piece. What kind of store manager inconveniences a customer by asking them to come back at a later date to get something that is missing from a purchase but is IN THE STOCK ROOM?! I will never shop at this particular store again.

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Lealani P - 11 d 7 h ago


My first visit to Big Lots and I needed help in the furniture dept. Debra S. was very helpful in getting our needs met. After, we got home and started to put the dresser together we discovered that we were missing the handles. I called Debra and she was so concerned, she offered to drop the missing parts off to our home after work. Sure enough there was a knock on our door and there was Debra with the missing parts. She was so apologetic that there were missing parts. Now that is SERVICE, how can you top that for great customer service. Employees like Debra are hard to find.....Iam from the Big Island of Hawaii, and we are known for the Aloha Spirit, well here in Denver you have an example of that in Debra S.

She works at the Store #1920 in Englewood Market Place 139 W. Hampden Ave. Thank you again Debra JOB WELL DONE!!

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Dan - 16 d ago

I went to my local big lots here in alpena mi. To get the 24 of water on sale none on the floor so ask sales lady on the floor if any left she went to check came back dropped it in my cart ask how many I needed told her just the one her response came back thank god think that was very rude I know it was heavy but still no excuse to say that glad I didn't ask for more I just went and checked out I shop there often shouldn't be treated that very rude

General profile image - 23 d 5 h ago

We bought Ashley Furniture and it was made with formaldehyde amongst other things had problems breathing with headaches we called Big Lots and they refunded our money because we bought the warranty and it was over the 30 days so always buy the warranty otherwise it's yours

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James - 25 d 7 h ago


Corporate does nothing about there employees thieving, giving furniture marked way down and there furniture manager flirting with male customers allows the customers to proposition her that they will buy bed if they try it out with them and they smile and enjoy the sexual advances there making at her, Hermitage store only one female manager, and she was in a serious Relationship, also.. Already made a complaint nothing done and more..

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texasfilly101 - 26 d 7 h ago


Maybe the changes in Big Lots' store layout is due to CEO Campisi's retirement? As a long time, occasional customer, I find the new layout of centralizing the junk furniture as the focal point when you walk is a complete turnoff. In order to purchase everyday items, and now with a new school year upon us, I find it a waste of time to have to walk the entire permeter of the store...around all that junk furniture. Sorry, Big Lots, I'm done. Go back to the drawingboard and I may reconsider.

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Charles Pitts - 31 d ago


manager and security harass customer manager implies security be physically violent towards customer

san francisco

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Cindy and Eugene - 58 d ago

Who does Big Lots use to ship to you free for orders over $99.00? The better furniture, fireplaces, and patio sets are in store only. The company that they use in store is crazy high that my husband and I don't want to use Progressive Leasing. To pay off in 90 days we have to buy one to two items of furniture at a time while having to pay the second company $65 to $75 to get it to our home? Wayfair is looking pretty good to us over Big Lots.

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Dont do it - 34 d 11 h ago


Dont use the outside company they suggest to bring the furniture. We had our bunkbeds brought to our house and now its infested with bedbugs and biglots has done nothing

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Frustrated Employee - 41 d 4 h ago


The Store Manager of Big Lots #564, in Tarpon Springs Florida, Richard G. on July 4th SPENT 2 HOURS TALKING TO ANOTHER ASSOCIATE. Name of the other associate was Joanna R. who is training to be Department Manager of Furniture. I was the only associate on the floor and a total of 4 associates for half of the day, I have worked in retail for come later this year 14 years. Walmart #581 took better care of the customers plus making the store look nice on any given holiday. Richard G. did not schedule enough people for the week because Amber A. (in charge of DTS) is the only one all week taking care of 3 areas: DTS, furniture and going to customer service when needed. Today we all wanted to yell at people because of little to no patience. What happened the meaning of team???? I know Walmart Store #581 treated me a whole better than Big Lots. Now I know why this company's store closed in Marshalltown, IA. I have had customers tell how clean the store is ( better than the one on Belcher Road in Clearwater) and I need to get a raise. I am divorced, raising two daughters and live paycheck to paycheck ( a lot of people do) and survive working a part time job, I was hired last year for seasonal help and no one said after the holidays I would be only part time. I know a lot stress making the choice when pay for my medicine or food which is one choice I would hate to make myself. After all medicine and food are both important items. The company may save on not having to pay benefits since everyone is part time excluding managers but rest of us need to make more do a lousy job when after all if there were customers we would not have a job now would we?

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Janice Hayes - 43 d 6 h ago


My son Dan, who is the associate on my cc went to a Big Lots in Reno,Nevada close to his home on Saturday the 30th of June to purchase a outdoor umbrella and I few others things and when he went to check out the card said declined. He tried 3 times and was in the store for over an hour finally the store called me to use my cc. I got a Big Lots card just over a year ago and it was paid in full. My son used his card last July to purchase some furniture and used the same card and had no problems with it. I called customer service today and they said that the number on my son's card should have been the same as mine but it wasn't his card number is 5304-7610-0458-0691 and mine is 7788-4012-4906-3507 there has been no other credit cards sent to me and how was he able to use the card he has last year to purchase the furniture. My son was inconvenienced for over an hour because of this and I some how want some kind of compensation for this, or after the bill is paid, I am going to cancel the card, your reply on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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Anonymous - 43 d 3 h ago

You should probably take the credit card numbers off this post. People can use them to make purchases.

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Anonymous - 43 d 3 h ago

Janice, you should immediately phone your credit card provider and inform them that you posted those two card numbers in an open public forum. You may need to cancel those cards and get new ones.

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Shops there alot - 50 d ago


Employees damaging floor model entertainment centers, kitchen islands, dinette sets in progress putting them together at the Lebanon, Ohio store. There is a fireplace entertainment center marked down due to damage. Employee states customers ramming it with carts, kids misbehaving. I told them no way a cart would have done that kind of damage that someone would have had to hit it really hard several times.

The employees were putting together a dinette table rustic faux they put it on an ottoman and left it there the whole time I was there .The kitchen island was damaged so bad he doors would not close one at a time you had to close them same time and could not close it without the shelf in it. The side tray would not stay up as the piece that held it up was broken. Getting back to the faux table I had gone back the next day and it was on the floor display damaged on the top. Now I know why they left it upside down on the ottoman until I left. The employees damages that one also in putting it together for display then they mark them down blame customers for damage. Hog wash it is. Alot of furniture being damaged in that store by employees being negligent not customer carts. I'm going to buy my furniture items at a different Big Lots not the one in Lebanon , Ohio. They were helpful and courteous but deceitful in how the stuff was damaged.

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Lebanon Big Lots - 47 d 16 h ago


Shops there a lot,

Thank you for reaching out! We're sorry to hear about your negative experience in the Lebanon location, but honestly we think you're a temperamental cunt and that you should get the fuck out of our store and never return. Seriously, fuck off you ugly ass soccer mom cunt. We hope you crash your car lmao

Sincerely, Lebanon Big Lots management :)

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harry - 46 d 3 h ago


Big Lots??????

Is this how you allow your employees to speak to your customers? I hope you identify this one and fire them immediately!

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Karl - 46 d 32 s ago

Harry, although that comment may very well have been posted by a Big Lots employee, it certainly was not an official comment from that company. This is NOT a Big Lots website, and that poster was most probably just an internet troll.

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Disgruntled Big Lots Employee - 47 d 15 h ago


First of all, this company is trash. Second of all, it treats its employees like literal trash. Third of all, the "big bosses" that run the district and HR and all that in North California are absolute trash. You idiots owe me money and have for months. If you're reading this, you know who I am. Fire me for it, I don't care; I have another job lined up already, but holy shit you assholes WILL pay me the money I am owed.

Oh, and the district manager (Brian Compton) is an unprofessional twat that bullies female employees to tears every time he visits the store (seriously, he only treats the women like that. I'm not even kidding). The guy also stands around on his phone doing nothing but talking his ass off on personal calls and does literally no actual work, just "watches" employees and harasses them and calls it a day. Fuck that guy.

Our store also has a very bad shoplifter, tweaker and thug problem (these two get very threatening and even violent with employees at times) and the district absolutely refuses to employ dedicated loss prevention and security in store. We're not allowed to apprehend thieves in store and we don't have anyone to protect employees against the many volatile types that come into the store, it's almost as if they're waiting for an employee to be attacked and hospitalized before they take such steps, despite it being an ever present threat.

Honestly, this company is shit. I hope it goes bankrupt, and I hope the people in charge of my district die in an electrical fire.

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mogo - 46 d 3 h ago


If you are NOT happy, don't work there. I personally live my Big Lots Store and ahve always had great service. Time to move on......

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KNIT PICKIN.... - 46 d 3 h ago

Your weekly ad advertises 96 count for 24.99 and coffee pods boasting LESS THAN 26 cents / cup.

Also, 80 count for 19.99 at LESS THAN 24 cents / cup.

Do the math... this is NOT ACCURATE. Both are actually slightly more $ than as stated.

I have tried to use the Contact Us form on-line but get an error message saying Access Denied. I tied the chat and was told to call in.

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John Alexander - 51 d 46 m ago

I have shopped at the Shephard store in Houston for many years I have never had any problems with anyone there until this evening they had one register open with a huge line, Another employee was standing up there on her phone,I asked to speak to the manager she was the manager her name is Ailin so unprofessional I asked her why she couldn't open another register she ignored me and continued to walk away on her cell phone,I left my items I will never shop there again.Very rude and unprofessional!

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James - 56 d 8 h ago

How to Report an Employee in Hermitage. Pa, walking around all day on phone and smoking an E cig, the manager Bryan does Nothing, wont stop texting and Harrassing. Nobody does anything , shes been told and continue, Her Name Lisa Tuchek.. You can tell her manger everyday he does nothing, she also steals taking gloves in the winter, and much more, her bosses name is Kerry and he has done nothing either, she sells furniture she sexually flirts with customers when selling beds to Males, So unprofessional, Is this how Big Lots does business, most of all is 100's of harrassing texts that have been saved while shes at work

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Be a good example - 60 d 20 s ago


I just want to say that i am very proud of my Big Lots store. I used to shop there and now i work and shop there. I have NEVER seen one of our assiciates act as badly as what i have read here. We are not perfect but we certainly try to always meet the needs of our customers even if we only have 3 people working. I love my customers!

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Frank - 62 d 26 m ago

Wish Big Lots! could be a more thoughtful community member here in Shawnee, Kansas.

Why does your Shawnee, Kansas location continue to park tractor-trailer rigs overnight on their lot against city code and wishes of neighbors wishing not to view from their homes?

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