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Big Lots

300 Phillipi Road
Columbus, OH
(614) 278-6800
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Mrs. Brown - 177 d 5 h ago


On 11/28/2014 My family and I paid a visit to the Big Lot's located on 2128 Ft. Worth Ave Dallas, Texas 75211. We noticed that the Security Guard followed us throughout the store while on a couple of aisle's he came un-comfortably close to our person while making direct eye contact in an angry demeanor. He wore a smirk on his face very taunting espression directed at us in particular! We were made to feel very un-comfortable! I complained to the store Manager "Nesly Molina" who I feel was very un-caring and very un-professional by making this comment " you guys don't look like yall came here to steal" her comment was totally out of place as well as very unnecessary to even be said! I informed her that I would be contacting the Corporate Office. My family and I spend big money with this particular business on a regular basis! I (we) were made to fill very unappreciated and not at all valued customer's that we apparently are not! :-( I would appreciate if someone from the Corporate Office call me back and allow me to explain further in more detail of the events that took place with their employee's on Black Friday 11/28/2014@ 6:15pm

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JAN - 1 y ago


I try to get reward points. But don't get any. The site won't accept my register receipt. I registered. I get THIS ( it only talks Buzz points ) I spend 60.00 to 120.00 every time I go to your store. I shop at 2 stores. I change the location numbers for each store. I USUALLY FREQUENT YOUR STORES 3 TO 4 TIMES A MONTH............I will be back and tell you more. When I have more time.. I also will

try to contact you. Janet

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spontaneous_susan - 2 y 276 d ago


Big Lots has been a life-saver! It is a small store in our town. But it's so convenient! Between grocery days, it serves as a much quicker way to get mid-week necessities than Wal-mart. It's also less expensive! For being a "close-outs" store, they keep a solid supply of good products, including international foods and organic options. Often, my husband and I have grabbed cool, new, and interesting dishes for those last-minute dinner ideas on the way home from work.

It would be better if they had a way to refrigerate drinks. They often get these small-company sodas and drinks in stock that seem great to try as we walk out the door, but they are always room temperature. If only they would add cold drinks, it would be the ultimate stop! At $.75 for drink, though, it is understandable.

The service is always friendly there, as well. They smile and say "Hi!" when you come in. They offer to help you find something if you appear lost. They are quick at the register and keep the lines moving. Even if there is a difficult customer in front, they manage to keep it under control and keep everyone happy. It's a pleasure having them in our little town of Enterprise, Alabama!

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