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Big Lots

300 Phillipi Road
Columbus, OH
(614) 278-6800
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Jessica - 3 d 7 h ago


I just have to rave about an employee at the store in Kennesaw, Ga on Wade Green Rd. Philip Dawkins went above and beyond to help me in a special way. I'd been moving Mom into an assisted living facility and was so exhausted, I dreaded buying a small wooden bookshelf that had to be put together. I asked Philip if I could just buy the floor model, but he said he wasn't able to sell it. Instead, he offered to put one together for me when things slowed down a bit and that I could pick it up before closing. When I arrived at 8:30, he was waiting for me, though his time to leave was 8:00. He even carried it to the car for me. I offered him a tip, but he refused and said, "Sometimes you just have to do a random act of kindness." Now, that's SERVICE which is rare to experience these days in such a fast paced world!! Thanks again, Philip Dawkins!!!!!

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Carol from Baltimore - 3 d 15 h ago


I was in Big Lots store in Glen Burnie, Maryland looking for the rectangle shaped 9X6 patio umbrella. It was on sale. Was looking for help and couldn't find anyone on the floor until I saw an associate stocking shelves. Asked him If he could help me. Not only did he help me. He also worked with another customer at the same time. Devin Miller went above and beyond his duties. I am a 68 year old senior. I needed his help and he delivered with caring and compassion. Think he works in the back at warehouse. He deserves recognition. You don't get service like his every day.

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Anonymous - 4 d 13 h ago


I am a customer regularly at the Big Lots store here in Fairmont, WV. Yesterday i watched 2 elderly women put a kitchen pantry on the top of their buggy which im assuming weighs around 60 lbs.. The elderly women tried to push their buggy to their car to load it inside. They got about half way to their car, when the pantry slipped off their buggy and smashed onto the payment. One of the elderly women tried to save it from falling and injured her back. Now im no expert, arent the furniture people supposed to put heavy items onto a dolly and arent they supposed to wheel those items to the customers car. I dont know who is running that furniture department in Fairmont, but Big Lots better inprove something because they could be looking at a major lawsuit on their hands.. I ended up helping those ladies load that pantry, because i felt so sorry for them.


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Cindy Lewellen Deno - 6 d 18 h ago

I have never had a problem with your company until now. We had to buy a new couch and loveseat right before Christmas we came in bought the only set that y'all had paid cash and had to leave it there until New Years and when we got it home it had 4 tears in the bottom of the couch and since I'm disabled my husband had to load and unload both items and bring them in the house. So he taped the areas on the bottom of the couch and as we continued to unwrap the couch there were pull marks of material missing on the top back cushions and also on the bottom cushions, we called all around in our area and no one had anything that would fit or work in our living room we didn't get into the house until later after wasting time trying to locate something similar but no one had anything. I guess your stores were low on furniture due to the holidays, but everyday I get up I have new strips of material missing each one are atleast 4 inches or longer. I just counted the back 3 cushions and there are 18 stripes of material missing. I have people come over to my house and make ugly comments about my couch telling me that there is a defect in the material. I am disabled and my husband works 2 jobs and we don't have 900.00 to just go and replace both of them, we had to use his Christmas bonus to buy this. I have bought many couches from your company and have never had and still have a miserable experience. I have no choice but to tell people where we bought it and ugly negative remarks they make about your company I feel bad about it, but I don't lie. It was a Simmons product but it is continually getting worse and I don't know what to do. If you could call me or email me on what I can do, it's only me and my husband that live in our home. Please contact me by email at (hidden) or call my home number (hidden). I went to your store last night to see if y'all had anymore product and was told by the little black girl said she couldn't help me cause she was trying to get ready to start closing her store for the evening, I wasn't aware it took an hour to close a store when there were on 2 cars in the parking lot one being mine. Thanks for taking the time to read my problem and I hope you can help me with a good solution. Cause a defect in the product shouldn't have anything to do with your return policy. Thank you

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BBB - 65 d 14 h ago


Good afternoon,

The only way that Big Lots is going to understand is by complaining to the BBB and The Department of Labor. I know several people who work for Big Lots in the Atlanta area. I have heard stories of managers changing time, which is illegal. I suggestion to anyone who works for Big Lots. Print out your time every day after your shift. Many of the managers know one another and prevent store employees from transferring. This company hires many women which is a great thing. But they leave them to close the store with only two associates at night. Instead of promoting within, they hire from the outside. But if you want to quit, they will hire someone and expect you to train them. People be smart and play the game with this company and catch them with their pants down.

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Ulysses - 54 d 7 h ago

Im a trucker I have been waiting over five hours to get unloaded at the D C in Columbus Ohio will not be coming back here

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Anonymous - 39 d 11 h ago

I worked for them for 3 years, they are so illegal in there dealings with freight, employees,

I was fired for calling out sick.

I was a manager for 3 years..never called out.

But because i tried to follow rules, they hated me..

New store manager,what a joke.

This company is going to fail if they continue to lets people abuse their power.

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Michael - 8 d 11 h ago

I have been working there for while and I have had some problems and I did quit and I came back and now I'm dealing with a rude manager and he is rude and has an aduitude problem with the employees.

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Shocked ex customer - 16 d 12 h ago


The BL in Murphy NC is the worst. The store manager there is so rude and lazy. She uses vulgar language and makes fun of customers. There is no customer service in this store. How it remains open is a mystery. No one is ever there. If corporate really saw how this store is ean and how this manager abuses the position they would close this store or care about how it is ran

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D.C. - 17 d 6 h ago


Yes , I never been treated si rude!! I called to c if they had an item, the person in the phone jump to say No! She wouldn't even go n check!! This was at the Elkhorn Blvd store in N.H. CA. I don't think I will ship there again n I will let my friends no. I guess customers are not their priority!!! You may think they nice n work well , wen there's no one looking the real comes out!! I'm upset this has happened wen I worked at Big Lots customers on the phone or at the store they came first!! Yes we looked for item they asked for, even if we had to look in storage RM.!!!! Hope u njoy your rude n lazy employees!!!!

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Anonymous - 24 d 8 h ago


Hello I go to the big lots in hinesville ga all the time but today 5/31/17 I was never treated so badly; I went to purchase a headboard that was on display for sale the young told me that didn't have and that he could not sell the floor model and that they not be receiving anymore so I questioned if you are not getting anymore why can't I have the floor model he stated that was store policy I understand he is just a worker and not in charge of the store So I went to customer service and asked to speak to someone that could make decisions, the cashier kindly paged the young lady by the named Michele she did not come the cashier called her on the phone spoke to her and told I was waiting I stood there about 20-25 minutes and she never came to speak to me please call me or email me so can speak to someone in person!!!!

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peggy - 25 d 8 h ago


we purchase mattress from big lot over 3 month ago and having problem with that .,since we purchase that mattress my wife and my daughter they heaving problem as far as back pain and neck pain we went back to the store and did talk to manager they are refusing to take it back ,this is mattress that store did recommend to me now they dont want take the responsibility ,i been trying to contact CEO or president of company i was not successful

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Unique Monique - 26 d 9 h ago


Memorial Day May 29, 2017...I just spoke to a rep at our Hemet,CA store on E. Florida Ave. I am a disabled senior who depends on home delivery & online shopping. I called Big Lots to inquire how I could get a sofa delivered to my home no that they no longer allow big items like furniture to be purchased online. I informed them I have no transportation & that the disability makes it very painful for me to walk. I was informed that they would not be able to help me and I would have to find someone to come into the store to purchase it for me. If I knew someone who could do that I would, but I don't so I asked if I could call in my order? Again, walls were put up absolutely no interest in making a purchase from me or acknowledging the fact I am disabled. Don't get me wrong, I'm not expecting special treatment just fair and compassionate with some human kindness would be nice. I again asked if there was any way to find a solution and all I got was the same response repeated over & over, no, no way, they just can't do it. Then he threw in some credit card fabrication that anyone could call in and order from any credit card we would never know who it belonged to. WHAT??? I thought that's what the 3 digit code was for on the back of every piece of plastic is it not?!!! I will gladly spend my money elsewhere, but I'm very disappointed in Big Lots total disconnect or unwillingness to show the slightest bit of human kindness or caring. Very sad. I'm thankful there are other retailers who are willing to accommodate and work with their customer base including those of us with disabilities.

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Amanda Faulkner - 37 d 11 h ago


I have emailed my former district manager twice and have called home office and left a voicemail for Mrs. Karen. No one has gotten back with me. I have questions and concerns about my termination!!! Store# 1081 district#3

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sundar - 45 d 13 h ago

please email address to contact them directly.

pls advise me



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Mindy lane - 46 d 6 h ago


Your Port Richey 52 Florida has gone to crap with this new manager.... Done with that store

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Disappointed - 68 d 11 h ago


I have always been pleased with my shopping experience at Big Lots until yesterday, Easter Sunday, around 5:30 PM when I stopped at the Morehead Ky Big Lots and a clerk who said her name was Valerie apparently deliberately gave me back my currency $ 2,00 short. My change should have been $ 17.24 but she merely gave me back three $ 5.00 bills. I should have questioned it immediately but took the change out in my hands and looked at it when I left the store so I could not call her on it. I know the clerks probably do not make much money but taking from unsuspected customers is not a way to get more money. If she can do this to very many of the customers she may be able to get a lot of extra money. I doubt that I will go back there again.

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Anonymous - 70 d 9 h ago


I am a full time worker at big lots been there for 10-11 years now we got a new manager and hes only been giving me 30- 34 hours is this fair

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Marissa - 133 d 7 h ago

Haven't got my w2 yet need to know if they send it already.

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Upset mom - 71 d 13 h ago

Did you ever get paid.... My son works for them in AZ he is going on over 5 weeks and no pay

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Carol Russo - 73 d ago


I had the worst experience, buying a carpet cleaner... turns out, I bought someone's dirty used vacuum that was inside the box. Then they wouldn't take it back cuz they don't carry what was inside. Bullshit. I'm still waiting to hear from these people on what I do next. It's still in my trunk and I'm fed the fuck up.

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Gary Aston - 74 d 44 m ago


My property is located adjacent to your Aston, PA store. The Trucking firms with which Big Lots contracts have been making it a habit of running over my property and causing damage without having the decency to report it. I have made numerous attempts to try to get this resolved through reasonable conversation and communication. However, the problem persists.

I have approached store management but they just pass me off to United Furniture, who pass me off to the contracted carrier, who do everything in their power to claim it is not their truck until I show them the video. All I want is for this irresponsible and neglectful behavior to cease.

I would like to appeal to the sense of community that Big Lots espouses on their website to help resolve this frustrating and expensive issue. Videos and Photos are available upon request.

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Gary Aston - 74 d 44 m ago


My property is located adjacent to your Aston, PA store. The Trucking firms with which Big Lots contracts have been making it a habit of running over my property and causing damage without having the decency to report it. I have made numerous attempts to try to get this resolved through reasonable conversation and communication. However, the problem persists.

I have approached store management but they just pass me off to United Furniture, who pass me off to the contracted carrier, who do everything in their power to claim it is not their truck until I show them the video. All I want is for this irresponsible and neglectful behavior to cease.

I would like to appeal to the sense of community that Big Lots espouses on their website to help resolve this frustrating and expensive issue. Videos and Photos are available upon request.

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Anonymous - 76 d 11 h ago

There are many people that would love a Big Lots store in this city of

White House, TN. We have a grogery store that is empty on 31w and would be perfect for your store. The nearest store to us is quite far and so we miss out on lots of deals. Please check it out and possibly consider coming here. Your store would be great to have here.

Barbara O'Guin of White House, TN

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Karen - 80 d 6 h ago


I have been trying to get the manager(s) j to come pick up a shopping cart that was left in the

street right in front of our home.for 3 days now. We have a licensed daycare and it is a hazard

to the children and the parents have not been happy with it in our drive way. I was promised the

first 2 times I called it would be picked up immediately. Today when I called I spoke to the manager

and his name was Hector. He was very rude and dismissive. I explained the situation and he had the

nerve to tell me that he didn't have time for him or anyone else to deal with the problem and for me

to call the police and have them deal with it. To treat it has a stolen property issue that needed to be returned.

I was shocked that Big lots is treating our police dept. like their personal maid service. They should get off their lazy butts and come get their property themselves.I in fact did call the police but they are busy handling real problems in our community. I will never again shop at Big Lots. I am going to take it back myself but corporate is going to receive a bill from our daycare for storage for 3 days. This is happening all over town as I see their carts left around. I would have hoped they would care more about their own property as these shopping carts are not cheap.

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