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Big Lots

300 Phillipi Road
Columbus, OH
(614) 278-6800
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big lots customer service has disappeared - 1 d 3 h ago


i am a big lots customer.i tried to e-mail its corporate office,and NO CONNECTION,including customer service.i wanted to complain about their sea salt popcorn that they "distribute".at first, it was delicious;now it's quality is terrible.i am returning two bags;one unopened.

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Frenchy - 2 d 18 h ago

Hello I'm Michael pisani my employer no was 1745894 I like to know why went got my back hurt why I had to pay my Dr and other cost and lost pay I'm asking your I know that is not right

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Rafaela Gomez - 10 d 17 h ago


My name is Rafaela Gomez I used to work at big lots in Indio almost five years ago. My manager then was JOSH I walked out of my job because of Josh the reason was because he would get to work late while I would be waiting for him to open the store and when he would get there be no would tell me not to clock in that he would do it so it showed that I clocked in on time but he would not. Also I reported this one guy I was working there with me for sexual harrasment then Josh had him fired then rehiried to work with me I also was doing a lot of things that Josh had me doing that he was suppose to do. I applied this week for the season and spoke to maurisio the manager now he told me to ask corporate if I'm a rehire I would like to go back to work there I enjoyed be working there. I wrote corporate be a letter when this happen and I was told the only thing I did wrong was to walk out that I should of call the corporate office but I could not because it was at three o'clock in the morning. After all of that Josh was fired . I would be like to work there again I really enjoyed working there. Please contact me my number is (hidden) or email me at (hidden) thank you

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Marie Johnson - 16 d ago


I have always had a problem with the store not being stock with what you came in to buy. One day last week I went to the big lots store looking for some curtains after checking out the display as always the ones I needed was not there. I asked a employee who was stocking at the time if he would check and see when they would have the curtains I have been looking for. This was the 4th time I had been in the store looking for these curtains. He was very nice he went in the back and came back told me that a truck had been there and they probably wouldn't be stock until Thursday or Friday. I was there on a Monday,explain to me why it would take that long. They need extra people to help out with stocking. Then they had 2 20% of your total bill days, I once again looked for the curtains, why would you have a sale and nothing is available?

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PAMMMM - 18 d 17 h ago

I routinely shop at the Novi MI store 5158. The cashier Deandre [so] was asked by me to let me know when I was near $75 for Friends & Family. I asked twice nicely to be sure he gave the ore discount amt. Upon ending the same, he said it did not take off $15.. He rang to 90+...i reminded him I asked to $75. He became loud, belligerent, confrontational when I repeated my original request. He yelled at me "...youre not my mother...i can say whatever I want...i don't care if you write a complaint.. I don't care what you think"

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Bu - 62 d 12 h ago

Better cashiers no one wants to wait 15 minutes in line for cashier to explain a survey . Wait is to long

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candlestick - 25 d 13 h ago


I am a former Big Lots Associate and the problem is that they only have two registers in the bay for returns. And two more as checkout lines. They should have a least 15 registers for check out and to hire more cashiers. Instead of just scrapping by with the cashiers they and and calling sales associates off the floor. And leaving the floor empty with on one to help the customers which in turn frustrates them and they leave.

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Anonymous - 19 d 38 s ago

I agree 100& with you i also work with big lots and can not understand why we dont have the help we need one person on the floor to do the

recovery then called to . Help on the front this leaves thecdoor wide open for shop lifters. I could go on and on. But if they would take the time to listen to thev associates and really. Listen. Because we as a team are the store and knows what it needs. Thank you

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Mary - 19 d 13 h ago


We drove for 40 minutes to get to our nearest Big Lots (State College PA) because my friend wanted to purchase a massage chair. We were greeted by the cashier and he was friendly. I told him what we needed and the Furniture Manager was working so he called him to help us. From the moment the guy finally came to the department (we waited for almost 15 minutes and we had two toddlers with us) he was rude and unhelpful. We asked if he could plug the chair in somewhere to try it before we buy it since we dont live close and his response was nope. We even offered to help him move the chair somewhere closer to an outlet.. his response .nope not doing it. Then he told us we didn't want to buy one now anyway we needed to wait till this weekend and get it cheaper. We were willing to pay full price and buy it then. At that point I said do we need to drive another hour and go to Altoona and get help and he said yeah probably or just buy it and take it home and it doesnt work then bring it back. Im not sure we will ever step foot in this store again! If you dont want to work go home but you better learn customer service!

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Conti Alice - 28 d 2 h ago


i always have a good experience in New Castle,Pa 16101 Most of the staff are very friendly and welling to assist customers .They also greet you at the door. which is a very important respectable employee!!!!!! Thank You guys in NC

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Disgusted ex customer - 35 d 2 h ago


I was a regular customer of the Big Lots in Murphy NC and while being used to the lack of customer service that you get at other stores I would still shop there. The store manager is always in the furniture department huddled with other employees so no one helps you. The last few times i have been i left without purchasing because i was just so digusted by the store managers behavior. One instantace she was loudly cursing an employee and on another instance she was making fun of a customer with another employeed. Does this company not care what kind of people they employ? I will not support this place as long as behavior like that is permitted.

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Kathleen Slater - 37 d ago


I was in the Cape May Courthouse, NJ store in August and had a bad experience after spending 249.00 then realized I could have used a coupon and the Assistant Store Manager Greg refused to honor the coupon because it is to be used at time if sale. The store manager called me and refunded the coupon and gave me a 20.00 gift card.

I went back to the same store 1 month later and again the Assistant Store Manager made a rude comment to me as I was checking out that I was looking for a coupon and then when something rang up wrong because the sign was in the wrong spot he would not honor the price.

I filed a complaint and the district manager called for for the 2nd time to try to smooth things over however it is to late - I will never step foot in the Cape May Courthouse, NJ Big Lots.

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big lots, new haven, indiana - 44 d 9 h ago


Went to big lots in new haven, Indiana and the manager Roger was very rude, I asked him how much the rugs costed because they were all marked clearance but they had no price on them, and replied very nasty tone they are priced as marked after saying that twice and coming to see for himself that they weren't marked, he became upset and started snatching all the rugs off the shelf cause they were placed there by mistake by a employees, then started yelling at the employees wanting to know who placed them there, I just left the store not buying anything and I will not shop there again and will discourage anyone I know to not shop there also.

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Gingerbread - 62 d ago

Better furniture choices pull out sofa beds and toddler beds more selection in colors for sofas and sectionals

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Anonymous - 49 d 20 h ago

people need to stop complaining about the services because you're not getting your ass kissed every time you walk in

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Anonymous - 52 d 41 s ago

I have Never been treated so badly, I used to be a regular shopper, I will Never shop there again and I will discourage all my friends and family

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Anonymous - 56 d 2 h ago

Fax number payroll

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Mkh - 56 d 16 h ago


I went to the Big Lots in Owensboro, KY today, and I am unsure if I will return. One of the salespeople was super friendly, but the guy at the checkout became very snarky and rude. My sister was behind me and asked a question. I said in a low voice just to her because he didn't answer, "he's not real friendly. " Well, he heard me and snapped that he was working. He had already refused to do a price check for me and set the item aside. Well, he just went on and on making rude remarks . I stopped talking and my sister was trying to be extra kind to him. Finally, I just laughed and said to my sister"I give up." We left. Both of us saw something else we would have bought, but neither of us were willing to go back through his line.

I was shocked because people have always been friendly and helpful at this store.

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Megan wright - 62 d ago

FAster service sometimes very slow

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Bbj - 62 d 12 h ago

More coupons and deals not everyone's has email more permotion

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Anonymous - 62 d 12 h ago






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Hi - 62 d 13 h ago


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Uuu - 62 d 13 h ago


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Beach it - 64 d 8 h ago

Hi I work at store 5273 freehold and I want to remain anonymous in what I'm going to say . ive had serval employees at my store and one from another store complain about Corey rivers and how he has been sexual harassing staff members. My coworkers have came to me in confidence and I don't know what to do . He has threatened one of my coworkers jobs pulled out his private paper and showed it to a coworker. And has said other sexual things to them and it's taken way out of handAnd it is unacceptable and nothing is being done about it .

Flagged for review. 
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Beach it - 64 d 8 h ago

And they haven't came forward yet trying to get them to speak to someone

Flagged for review. 

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