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Birch Communications

4885 Riverside Dr. Ste. 304
Macon, GA
Edward James
(478) 475-9800
(478) 475-9800
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Dr. Sprouse - 24 d 41 s ago


Birch Communications is the RIP OFF COMPANY OF THE CENTURY! They are greedy bastards without any conscience! They think nothing of beating down a small business like mine to try to get me to pay for International calls that I did not make, nor did I authorize them to be made. What happened is this: In April of this year and again in July, some assholes hacked into my third phone line (I have three rollover lines for my small business). These criminals managed to wrack up thousands of dollars in International Calls. I had auto-pay for my Birch bills so I did not have to worry about the bills being paid on time and so they would not charge me $4.50 per paper bill! A rip off already! I did not know that someone had hacked my phone line in April because no one told me and I was not billed for it at that time. It seems that their Fraud Department realized these were fraudulent calls and cancelled them out, off my bill. While that was nice of them they failed to notify me!!!!!!! (Later they claimed to have sent me email about this issue when it happened in April, but I looked through every email I had ever received from them, in every email folder I have and there was no email from them AT ALL!). So either the same criminals or another group of them hacked into my third line again in July. This time Birch tried to bill me via auto-pay for over $12,0000!!!!!! I went to put payroll through that day and discovered that my bank account was seriously overdrawn by Birch trying to suck over 12 grand out of my bank account! I was flabbergasted! I hurriedly called Birch's Customer service number! HA! Calling those idiots who answered the phone Customer Service Representatives is a very bad joke!!!! They are assholes! I sat on hold for over an hour each time I called for the next three days. All I got for my wasted time was some idiot telling me that the problem would be resolved in 5 to 10 working days. When I tried to explain that this was payroll day and I could not wait 5-10 working days my pleas fell on deaf ears! When I asked what exactly was the problem? Why were they trying to charge me over 12 grand NO ONE WOULD EXPLAIN ANY THING TO ME. When I asked to be connected to a supervisor I was told NO. I asked why not and was not given any reason just the parroting of the same stupid rhetoric of "the problem will be resolved in 5 to 10 working days". I asked to speak to the billing department instead (thinking that maybe the billing department might actually be able to tell me why my bill was so big) but not a single one of the three so called customer service idiots would connect me to billing. One of them told me that she was in the billing department! I then asked her why can't you tell me what I am being charged for?" She put me on hold! So I called my bank branch manager, asked him what should I do...he suggested that I authorize him to put a stop payment on the Birch Communications attempts to extract money from my account. I told him Go For It. So he did that for me. I also went to their primitive website, logged in, took my account off auto-pay and off paperless billing so they would have to send me a paper bill from then on. I NEVER FOUND OUT FROM BIRCH WHY THEY WERE TRYING TO CHARGE ME 12 GRAND +! What happened was my husband tried to call me via the third line which we used not only as a roll over line but as an inside line after hours. He got a recording from MCI saying the dial tone was blocked with an 800 number to call. So I called MCI. I explained why I was calling and the VERY NICE MCI customer service lady put me through to their Fraud Department. The MCI fraud department rep told me what was the most likely thing that happened...that one of my lines was hacked and that the hackers then placed call forwarding on that line (more about how they do that later) so their friends could call overseas on my dime! She then told me that MCI discovered that the line was call forwarded to an MCI line that was disconnected. MCI discovered the tapering and shut the call forward down. Unfortunately the MCI fraud person told me I had to call Birch to get this straightened out. Groan...I explained my experience with the idiots at Birch.She was sympathetic but could not help me further. So groaning out loud I called Birch back but I reasoned when hearing the choices that the technical people might be better to talk with than the idiots in their so called customer service department. I was right. A wonderful lady there named Ashley found out that my third line had call forwarding on it. She stayed on the line with me while I put a code she gave me through to the third line to shut off the call forwarding. She then stayed on the line with me while routing my call to the finance department where a gentleman named Issacs started an investigation into the situation. Then Ashley kindly told me that I could call the Service department to blo9ck call forwarding and International calling on all my lines. I called the Service department and did just that. The lady there said if would take three days to implement this change in service. I told her to go ahead with it. Unfortunately the morons in the Fraud Department of Birch decided that because they supposedly sent me email in April and again in July when this call forwarding fiasco happened to which I did not respond that they were only going to dismiss 5000 dollars of the over 12,000 dollars they were trying to rip me off for. When I was told this by a bitch named Melissa in "research" I told her and the collections department that I did not make those calls, nor did I authorized those calls. I also told her that I never received any of the emails they supposedly sent to me. I repeated this many times to no avail. I told Melissa that I ran a small business with no International ties. I did not make the calls and I was not going to pay over 7 grand for phone calls I did not make. I also told her that her stupid company did not even disclose to me what the hell had happened to generate a bill of over 12,000 dollars. I told her that I only found out from a DIFFERENT PHONE COMPANY! I also told her that as soon as I found out I took immediate steps to make sure it did not ever happen again! No matter what I told her she would not budge from the Fraud department's decision against me. She said she would speak to her manager but then she called me the next day and told me her manager decided against me. I asked to speak to her manager but was denied the ability to do so...she would not connect with the so called manager. I then asked to be connected to the Fraud Department for Birch and that connection was also denied. I contacted a lawyer who sent a letter stating that these charges were fraudulent and that I should not be expected to pay for them. His letter fell on deaf ears. The collection department would not listen and they turned off my phone service because I could not and would not pay that much money. My business is a small business. I do not have an extra 7+ grand to throw away on fraudulent phone calls. I also cannot survive without phone service. I had by then switched to AT&T but those chicken shits would not force Birch to relinquish my phone line to them. I lost a lot of business before coming up with another solution for phone service. Birch Communications are nothing but a company full of blood sucking extortionists who would drive a small business into bankruptcy because I did not want to pay for calls I did not make. They contended that my phone security was my responsibility. My husband has been in the technology business for over 40 years and even he had never heard of phone line hacking! He had to make an intense and exhaustive search of the Internet to even find one small article about phone hacking. It seems that hackers dial up a business and get into the voice mail system with a machine that generates voice mail codes. They then somehow get access to a person's phone line(s) and have another machine that generates a call forwarding code for that line. How was I supposed to know anything about this when no one else, not even Birch Communications Customer Service idiots could not tell me about it. Apparently their Fraud Department knew about it but I was not allowed to speak to was not Birch's "policy" to let me speak directly to them. I told all of these jerks over and over that I never received any emails from them about this problem. If I had I would have done what I did immediately upon finding out there was illegal call forwarding on my phone line. I blocked call forwarding on all six lines and I blocked International calling as well. I also reset my voice mail to new codes that were made up by me instead of the default codes they came with. I cannot pay over 7 grand in phone bills. I am outraged that Birch is using the extortion tactic of refusing to turn my phones back on without sucking my business dry by making me pay this blood money for calls I did not make. When I switched to Birch in 2015 (Obviously a huge mistake) I made it clear several times to the sales rep and his inside rep that no one was authorized to make any changes to any of my phone lines without my express consent. Birch allowed an outside party to place call forwarding on one of my phone lines without my knowledge or consent. Birch Communications is THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER HAD THE DISPLEASURE OF WORKING WITH . THEY SHOULD BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS IMMEDIATELY AND THEIR OFFICERS PUT IN JAIL FOR HAVING SUCH STUPID PEOPLE WORKING FOR THEM AND FOR HAVING SUCH ROTTEN CUSTOMER SERVICE AND STUPID COMPANY POLICIES! DO NOT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!

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BarbaraS - 39 d 11 h ago


Birch has been the worst experience I have had in 40 years of business.On monday October 30th we called with 2 lines out, they said they could not fix this until Friday the 3rd-5 days!

Later that afternoon we called back with 2 more lines out, and out first line had so much static you could not hear so people just hung up, they did nothing but say they would start a new trouble ticket. Your customer service rep told me in was my weather, perfect say in Nashville, not a cloud in the sky when I told her that she said oh its Florida, when I told her I was not close to Florida, shes aid then it Louisiana, at that point all I can do was laugh, so she explained to me that Birch had sent it technicians away to fix other states and had very little staff her so again it will be the 3rd by 4:00. I am a small business that relies on my phone so I asked her to expedite, which her rely was I would have to wait an hour & call back. This call went from bad to worse so I asked her to transfer me to someone else which she said she could not, but could put me back on hold in the que, which I thought had to be better, however I was wrong.

On Tuesday the 31st I called again with 2 more lines out, including my main line so we were not getting any of our calls & they were not rolling over, this time I actually got a customer service rep, who knew her job was customer service she forward all the out lines to numbers that worked,( I am not sure why the other rep would not do that) she also said the call was dispatched & they would be out that day. Later in the day she also called & the ticket was picked up & someone would be out that day, which did not happen no one has showed up.

Today Wednesday November 1st I come in no line, all 7 are dead! The rep got today was not helpful at all, she told me again it would be the 3rd at least and did not see & ticket being picked up.

I am a small business , we have lost thousands of dollars over this , my agents can't come sit her without making any money.

Can you tell me how a business like yours can tell as business like mine that is a week before you can even send someone to look at a problem?

As I am sure you realize I feel at this point that I have no choice to file a complaint, contact our attorney, as well as put this review on every site that I can.


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Louann - 158 d 6 h ago

Worst company ever y'all suck. I call with problems and waiting for customer care is rediculas.

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Mike - 158 d 5 h ago

What service do you have with Birch?

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Jeanette - 96 d 24 h ago

Tyrone poguesj

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tired of fighting to keep phone service working - 96 d 11 h ago


our business phone lines are constantly going out! sometimes for over a week Birch says AT&T owns the lines and the lines need to be replaced BUT that has not been done once again my svc went out on Aug 30th I called Birch and told them AGAIN out phones are out and we have a car lot with car pmnts in the thousands of dollars all due on the first. I was promised any time between the time i called and Fri 9-1-17 no later than 10 a.m. i would have service. today 9-4-17 no one has showed up and i am again on the phone on hold trying to get service. I think I will have to go cellular and internet driven 100% and get rid of them. they have cost me thousand and thousands of dollars so far and I have no phones for a week so far!!!!!

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Anonymous - 100 d 7 h ago


I am tired of calling Birch Communication to resolve the issue of static in my phone lines. I can't use the phones. I believe it is time to stop paying for a service I cannot use. Do anyone know a Birch contact number where a live person answers?

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sick of harassing callers who won't give up - 129 d 4 h ago


They keep calling my home no mater how many times i ask to be taken off their call list and say I'll never do business with them because of the harassment I've received from them . I even found a internet page they had saying if you wanted to be removed from their DO NOT CALL LIST to enter your number and they would take you OFF ,but they didn't, they still called today. I won't do business with dishonest liers.

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Ron - 135 d 5 h ago


After a year and a half Birch have failed to resolve their issues with our Business. They continue to have intermittent dedicated lines. On top of that before I arrived they sold the worst contract to a business they could have drawn up. In 2012 you choose to sale 2 T1's to a business, knowing this speed was outdated and inappropriate for a growing business. I just spoke with Jessica, a customer specialist, who refused to provide corporate information, could not tell me the device drawing the most bandwidth, and refused to give any other information. As a system administrator with a networking background, I can tell you there was so much more information available. Your customer service was and continues to be the worst of all time!

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Customer - 139 d 12 h ago


This is a company without morals. I asked the representative Mark when would the phone service I ordered would be turned on and he said 3 to 6 business days My boss also called and talked to a different representative and the told her 3 to 6 business days. it has been 10 days and still no service. I called this morning and now they say 10 days and the rep said it would be ten days from the date I ordered which was not told to me or my boss. All of these conversations were recorded by myself and a third party. I'm sad to say that these calls will probably go to every news station I can think of because it is illegal in the US to lie to get a sale!

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Anonymous - 283 d 8 h ago

Birch Sucks! I've been calling them for the past three freakin days! The recording tells me that my wait time is 1 minute.... I cleaned 3 bathrooms, loaded the dishwasher, folded a load of laundry and threw in another load, vacuumed the bedrooms and swept the garage, still nobody answered!! I finally hung up!!! Cancelling my service for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!

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tracy ralston - 172 d 5 h ago


amen to that-me to as soon as my phone is working again I'm going to cancel ours-can't right now birch can't figure out how my phone got disconnected or why-(my bill was paid in full) sounds like their security is lacking in protection of the phone numbers they control plus the bad service-we never had problems like this with sage

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Tracy Ralston - 172 d 5 h ago


Our home phone was disconnected and an embarrassing recording was put up-even though our phone bill was paid up in full.When we contacted birch we were treated awful first by Anna,then by Cindy both even refused to put me through to a supervisor.Then I got through to an employee named Nathan who did finally put me through to a supervisor-manager Jake, and Jake tells me birch rents phone lines from ATT he insists birch did nothing to disconnect us it was a mistake that went through Att phone lines. Funny I was told Att had no info or shut off order for our phone that our phone number was held by birch - I gotta wonder how secure that is if it wasn't birch(as I was told by everyone at birch) that some other phone entity is getting into birch customers info and shutting off their phones because no one at birch knows how our phone got shut off or how the recording got there-they insist they did nothing(well that might be accurate they did nothing to help) A birch employee also insisted we agree to a $150.00 charge to come out to fix the problem,like our phone did this by itself-this goes way beyond bad customer service-I recommend if you have Birch- change before this happens to you , I'm going to call a new phone carrier as soon as I have a working phone. Tracy in Niles, Mi.

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Ron A. - 201 d 6 h ago


I have a 25 phone travel agency in Los Angeles and our service has been out for the last day and a half. This has a tremendous impact on our company customer service.

Birch is not responsive and every time I call I have to wait on hold and then receive the same message "we are looking into it". I was to have been escalated to a higher priority and receive a call back "within the hour" from a supervisor. That was 3 hours ago.

I would have a hard time recommending a company with such poor response times and who shows no motivation to fix the issue.

I have now been on hold 11 minutes and one department transferred me to another who is now contacting another for an update on my situation.

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SCAM SCAM, AVOID THIS COMPANY. They take phone number without permission, and then you can't contact them. no supervisors, no return calls, they have lawsuits against them for doing this and are still doing it. Close this company down. No one will tell you anything, if you can get someone to pickup the line. their employees are idiots and rude and want tell you anything.

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Teresa - 229 d 6 h ago


this company took my 83yr old mother phone number without permission, she has no phone service and has not since April22,2017, called they told me they had no supervisors, and they were working to get her service on, We did not ask for this service, never heard of this company, Now she has to wait to get former service restored, I've reported to BBB and local police. they also have a law suit against them for doing such matters, it can be googled. I sat on hold from 8:30 am til almost 1:00pm, for them to tell me nothing, they would contact me back. DON'T FALL FOR THEIR SCAMS,

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Jenny - 234 d 5 h ago


I was grossly misguided by a representative from Birch Communications!! They stated my current provider Century Link was switching to Birch Communications. It was a complete LIE!! And unfortunately, I fell for it. To top it off, I was sent an Early Termination Fee of $200 when I realized it was a LIE after calling Century Link and switching back to them! I WOULD NOT ever recommend Birch Communications for anything!!!

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Evan V - 248 d ago


Hello And Good Day. Is your company overwelmed with business? I'm a Sage customer for years but since the acquisition of Sage by Birch the quality of customer service is not the greatest but you can improve. The wait time for someone to answer a phone from your company is at least a half hour or more. I want to see your success as a business and even brag about Birch but @ this point I can't. Recently my lan line went out and in a weeks time is out again. Have others brought concerns to your attention? Please make corrections needed to excel above your competition and stand out. Thank You Very satisfied Birch Customer up until the past few months. Mr. V. Lan Line (hidden)

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IntubateU - 271 d 11 h ago


Roughly twenty years ago, I originally got phone service through Bell South. When I moved to a new house, I had my service transferred from Bell South to a company called Supra Telecommunications. Birch apparently bought Supra Telecommunications phone numbers when Supra Telecommunications went bankrupt. I've been with Birch ever since. A few weeks ago I decided to transfer my service to Spectrum and port my number, which I've had for 20+ years to Spectrum. When Spectrum tried to port my number, they were unsuccessful because they said my number has already been turned off with Birch. I called Birch to have them turn the number back on so that I can port it. They said they can't. They said the account has already been closed, and that even if I was to open a new account, I wouldn't get the old number back. They then give me an unbelievable run around telling me the number is owned by Supra Telecommunications, AT&T, and others. Bottom line... the number that I've had for 20+ years apparently vanished into thin air and Birch refuses to do anything about it.

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sandy - 277 d 9 h ago


I think it's sooooo wrong to charge a person 70 dollars a month for basic home phone, I don't have anything on it, no caller id, no call waiting, I'm long distance, just local calls. I do have internet, but that didn't go up, ONLY home phone, my bill went from 68.12 to 115.67, with NO warning at all. U can imagine my shock. After looking at the bill I saw that the internet didn't change but the home phone did, went from 34.42 to 81.97. I called to cancell my home phone, ( really don't want to) they said I couldnt. As much as I don't like change, birch isn't giving me much choice.

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AVOID BIRCH - 277 d 10 h ago


Our phone bill raised from a constant $36.33, to $49.57 from Jan '16 to Feb '17, & jumped to $67.88, ONLY 1 month later. When I called to terminate, they say it will take another 13 business days to cancel. As of 3/8, that 13 day extortion would allow billing to March 27, so I would have to pay for 27 days of their outrageously inflated phone rates. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

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victim of birch - 278 d 7 h ago


Birch ported my number from Century link without my permission. If they call you hang up. I have been on the phone for over 4 hours with no cooperation from Birch.

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Insurance Agent - 284 d 10 h ago


awful service and very rude representatives. the lines are a resale of AT&T and I feel that they are re-selling bad crappy lines.

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RCR Development, LLC - 285 d 3 h ago


I have to agree with the others wondering why Birch is in business. Their customer support is non-existent. I fave been without service for by business for three weeks now. Thank God for Skype, Whatsapp and Viber. Call their Customer services and the message say a one minute wait...30 minutes later they answer and tell you someone will call you back. Hold for a supervisor...LOL!! They are "on call", not even on location. And if you think someone will call you back, forget it, it does not happen.

Stay clear of this company. Turn and as fast as you can!!!

John Crane

RCR Development, LLC

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X customer - 1 y ago


I started with Sage, which later became birch. My intial bill was 50 dollars a month. Fast forward to 2016, my bill was 72. Dollars a month. Top of December my phone lost service for 10 days. They came out so called repaired and phone worked for 2 days. In the end of December. Called during xmas birch was closed for 2 days before xmas and that Monday. So no phone service. I talked with the rep. Asked for credit for days no service. She stated the problem was on me. Mind you I paid for wire service. As a result, iwent to another company service was restored December 28th. Repair service no good.

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