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Keith RW - 6 y 56 d ago


Blockbuster still exists? How is this possible? How is a company that was so bad at what they do not steamrolled by the march of technology?

When I drive around, I see that there are still Blockbuster stores around, but what kind of person actually goes into them? Now that I can watch movies and TV shows online with things like Netflix, why on Earth would I ever submit myself to the utter torture that is a Blockbuster store?

I see they offer mail-order and streaming video now, and I guess that's how they stay in business, because their B&M stores are just awful. The staff is consistently idiotic teenagers managed by one middle-age manager on a power trip. Back when I actually had to rent movies in a store, I had dozens of bad experiences, from paying late fees that I didn't incur, to being blamed for breaking a DVD that was broken when I took it out of the box, to simply being ignored for long periods of time while the staff was outside smoking.

For those of you masochistic enough to still be Blockbuster customers, I pity you, and ask you a simple question, why?

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President and Owner - 1 y ago

Sorry you feel that way but I know that something big is on the horizon for us.So stay tuned

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SYLVIA - 102 d 4 h ago

will you sell your movies to the public BEFORE AND after you close

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Rosie - 1 y ago


I used to work here. Wonderful company. I was given my own store. How can someone verify my employment?



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Becky - 277 d ago

I have been wondering the same thing. I loved working for them too

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SurfsUpLover4000 - 228 d 25 m ago

hey rosie sorry for late reply, my names connor i don't answers for your particular siduation but if you could help a friend out because u have connections with the company could u possibly get me a receipt for surfs up the major ocean picture. thanks hope u find ur answer also

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Kat - 1 y ago

I have a $10 gold Turtles record store gift coin. All I can find is that Turtles was an Atlanta based company and it looks like Blockbuster bought them out. My question is does anyone know if my coin carries any value?

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MatthewAndreas - 6 y 64 d ago


Most other big rental stores have shut their doors. We no longer have a Movie Gallery, or a Video Warehouse. Obviously, more efficient, new companies like Red Box and Netflix have taken the market, leaving Blockbuster all alone against the inevitable wave of change. But rather than let the change wipe them out, they have done some really great things to keep up with the radically evolved business of movie rentals.

They have a Blockbuster Pass, which is like Netflix, but instead of having to mail movies back and forth, you just stop by the store and change out your discs. Unlike Netflix, there isn't any extra charge for either Blue Ray discs or video games. Switching to this from Netflix is much better for people who enjoy more spontaneous movie nights.

It also gives you access to web-streamed movies like Netflix. All for one monthly price.

My hat goes off to Blockbuster for this move! It is not a perfect system, but at least they are willing to change the way they do things in order to keep up. That is how companies survive for generations: They evolve with the times. It is the same way Barnes and Noble has thrived in the midst of an ebook world. They saw what people were asking for, and they responded.

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JordanChyzowski - 6 y 64 d ago

@blockbuster I'm tweeting back to you guys super slow to mimic the effects of arthritis

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StefanEJones - 6 y 64 d ago

@p4ul @netflix @blockbuster What are these . . . 'discs' . . . of which you speak?

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BlackSamEnt - 6 y 64 d ago

RT @blockbuster: We're giving away Bernie DVDs signed by Jack Black this week to celebrate the release of the movie! Watch your feed tomorrow.

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J_Derm - 6 y 64 d ago

Should u guys be giving away money? RT @Blockbuster: Want to win $2,500? Sure u do! Enter our Dr. Seuss' The Lorax $2,500 Sweepstakes today.

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JordanChyzowski - 6 y 64 d ago

@blockbuster do you guys have saving private ryan?

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aaron_arterburn - 6 y 64 d ago

@TopherStew @blockbuster I say keep it!

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blurzieblurz - 6 y 65 d ago

Thinking about switching from @Blockbuster to @GameFly to rent games (by mail). Blockbuster is getting way too slow for me.

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arefourtwozero - 6 y 65 d ago

RT @JensenClan88: Makes sense, both of u will be gone soon. RT @blockbuster: Anyone watching tonights Bunheads season finale on @ABCFamily? We love that show!

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LezMikeO - 6 y 65 d ago

@blockbuster paranorman was great. Another great feature from group that made coraline.

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