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Bloomingdale's Inc.

1000 3rd Ave.
New York, NY
(212) 705-2000
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Kassandra - 1 d 13 h ago


Poor customer service and discriminatory practices! Upon returning a pair of shoes that were not comfortable and slightly worn - they had been purchased in the last 60 days and I had my receipt. I was asked if I was a black cardholder. I was told if I was a black cardholder they would accept returning them if not they would be unable to return the item. I was unaware there were different "return policies" for platinum vs black cardholders; etc. I was under the impression the return policy was "uniform and equal" for all Bloomingdale customers.

I was a taken back by this sales person and the managers approach to the return policy.

Please let me know where this policy is clearly written in your store or online - I did not see it online.

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Christian Blanchard - 5 d 10 h ago


I can't believe you guys caved on the fake news shirt thing! I wanted to buy one! I normally don't like anything in your store and have never bought anything from there. You would have had a new customer and I would have bought one for everyone I know!

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Lenny - 7 d 13 h ago

Hey Bloomy's,

Where's my Fake News T. I read your " so sorry " response and pull the


very week ? Pathetic.

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Golden - 14 d 13 h ago


Golden, Re: Loylatly reward cards. I have been a customer for 40 years, and never get the same answer on my rewards total. I resent the fact that they expire every six months, and that i have to use them in the time frame! i usually like to save them in order to purchase something bigger, but every time i go to use them, they are wiped off my acc't. I use Bloomingdales Amex in every aspect of my life, but i am now looking to make a change to a better reward card system. I feel cheated and disappointed by the way you handled your reward system! I feel like i lost out on many many reward cards!

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Robbed in California - 22 d 7 h ago


worse customer service experience ever. Last Christmas I needed to exchange a pair of jeans for a friend and get a bigger size. Since the item was a gift as part of a secret Santa, I did not have the receipt, but item had all original tags and proof of the purchase sticker. The manager told me that I cannot get an exchange without the receipt and that the only thing she can do would be to send me a credit voucher in the mail in the amount of the return, and that it would take 10-15 business days. 2 months later, I never heard or received anything. After calling over and over, i was told that my jeans had been shipped out to the warehouse and that they are requiring the original receipt in order to send me the credit voucher. I explained how I already informed the manager who accepted the return that I didn't have receipt because it was a gift. So, Bloomingdales is keeping my pants and refuse to give me my item back or the credit. That is theft. I am suing them, and will never do business with them again.

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Elaine in Florida - 27 d 7 h ago


This is the worst retail experience Ihave. My online account has not functioned for a year despite numerous reports. I placed two orders by calling in - what a nightmare. You have to read in endless numbers of item numbers to someone whose primary language is not English (God bless them - they are trying hard but they are placed in a call center where you can hear every other operatir yelling into the phone. Everyone is just trying to be heard. My online account still does not work even though all my prior irders have been wiped off my order history. Now, Bloomingdales is sending me emails that I have items in my shopping cart. I do not.

You know what I am doing right now? I have been waiting in the Bloomingales Outlet Store at Mirimar Outlets in Estero Florida. I have been here 4 minutes short of ONE HOUR. I came in to return four items that I had order by telephone (hello 19th century).

I carefully checked online to see if I could return items at an outlet store. THE BLOOMINGDALE WEBSITE SAID YES! I have been told by 3 clerks they can't do it. When I say their website. They hoped I would take their word and leave. I said your website says you will. They admitted that it did. I could go on but I'm done. I WILLNEVER SHOPSTBLOOMINGDALES AGAIN AND IF YOU WANT TO SAVE YOURSELF AGGRIVATION, YOU WON'T EITHER!

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fred - 27 d 12 h ago


Be careful dealing with Bloomingdale's they have no problem charging your credit card but will not credit back the card when They debited my account in error.

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Mumsie - 35 d 5 h ago


It took 24 hours to figure out how to send out a dress from Atlanta to Ohio

The Marella representative old orchard copied the credit card numbers wrongly

The people in the Atlanta store refused to assist the woman to ' get it right'. The manager - Justin failed to bother to come to the phone

My blood pressure WAY UP.


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Darrell M. - 39 d 10 h ago


I placed an order for a birthday gift for my wife. I paid extra for premium shipping to be here 2 day before her birthday and they still didn't deliver and when I called they said they would waive the 10 fee. I'm like call the warehouse put it in a box and ship the damn item. The rep. I spoke to and manager only can say sorry we did all we can do. I made suggestions like pick up the phone call the warehouse. It's call going the extra mile when you drop the ball Bloomingdale's.

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Anonymous - 42 d 7 h ago


On hold 50 minutes trying to determine when my hacked loyalist points will be returned. Horrible Bloomingdales, just horrible.

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Horrible Customer Service - 49 d 8 h ago


just called. told wait is 30 minutes to speak with rep. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Going forward, shopping only at Nordstrom

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Super Annoyed Client - 54 d 6 h ago


Bloomingdales has the worst online shopping, Customer Service. I tried to order almost 4 times, and they messed up everything. First they will send me an email to complete the verification, once verification is complete they will transfer me to 6 different people giving me totally different details. One person got my order wrong, the other one got my name wrong, pick up store wrong, everything is all messed up. Last order I made same thing, verification, then once completed they transferred me to a non so helpful agent just to tell me that my item is no longer available. These people do not know what they are doing. Piece of advice, when transferring a client to a different department please make sure to relay all the details so Customer don't have to repeat everything, please tell the reason why you are transferring , and make sure you are looking at the right account. Terrible service!!

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sherry Rivera - 55 d 5 h ago


Loyalist Rewards points - great deception/disappointment:

I am so disappointed in Bloomingdale's and how they handle the much publicized Rewards Points. Because of how I have been treated with these points I am loathe to purchase from the store any more. I earned 500 points when we purchased 2 mattresses and frames.that were no inexpensive. I was saving them and used it for one or two small things perhaps using 150 of those points. Yes I may have bought something with them and then returned it but still i should have the money or the points. Suddenly I was told that I had no points. I could not understand. I called and was kept on the line for 45 minutes talking to a person who didn't know what they were doing so she would go off and ask a person and then come back and try to explain to me what was just explained to her. What a waste of time. As a child I played telephone and learned early on that much is lost in the translation. I want to speak with a person who knows the answers. This contributed to the fact that after 45 minutes my problem was not resolved and I was told I would have to hold to speak with a supervisor as I asked for. I waited another 10 minutes and hung up.

I get lots of marketing material from Bloomingdales which you spend lots of money on, perhaps some should be spent on customer service. I still want to know what happened to my points. I was just going to order makeup and thought I am not bothering to deal with this place as they are so unethical. I won't take advantage of the 10% off and pay more at a place that I feel better about. As I say that it is sad as most of the people at the beauty counters in Bloomingdale's are helpful and good but my feeling for the company seems to be overriding that experience.

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Michelle McLoughlin - 58 d ago


I was a Bloomingdales customer for years and a Loyalist. Back in March I received an email telling me my renewal card was on its' way. By the middle of April I hadn't received it. I called customer service and they said it's on the way. First week in May still no card. I call again to explain the situation and they connect me with a manager. He promises to send it out overnight express. He gave me his direct extension and said to call him if I didn't receive it. I waited a week and never received the card. I called him back and left voicemail messages. He never returned my calls. I called customer service again they gave me another manager. The same story will send it overnight express. By this time it's the middle of June and needless to say I never received the card and finally called customer service and told them to close my account. They didn't even ask why or care. I was a good customer. I paid my bills on time and was a Loyalist. I guess Bloomingdales doesn't need or want good customers anymore. It seems as if I'm being targeted and or discriminated against.

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Kathryn Sullivan - 58 d 9 h ago


I went to use my $175 loyalist reward yesterday and was told I wasn't able to due to fraudulent activity. I've spend alot of money at Bloomingdales these past few months and rather than do right by the customer, they're telling me I have to wait 4 weeks for an investigation. The cashier scratched off the security code right in front of me so I'm not sure how this $175 was used elsewhere. If these loyalist rewards cards are being compromised, why is Bloomingdales still issuing them? I feel like returning everything I bought and never shopping at Bloomingdales again. There is no reason the customer should be punished because the cards they're issuing are being "compromised." They did not do right by me and I'm furious that I have to wait 4 weeks to "maybe" get this money back. I didn't even receive a confirmation email saying that it's under investigation. Really Disappointing.

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Anonymous - 59 d 3 h ago


Today I went to bloomingdales and I was completely surprised and shocked at the service, better, a lack thereof, I got. My family has been a loyalist for so many years and today just made me never want to go again. I stood in the shoe department in the Chicago store on Michigan and I got no help. So then I went to stand at a desk to wait for someone. Again no help. I saw some ladies at the back of a counter and they saw us. Still no help. I think that's completely inappropriate and I no longer feel welcome or a want to go shop there.

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Loyalist - 65 d 8 h ago


To Bloomingdales Customer Service,

I am writing to you to tell you about my GREAT experience with Bloomingdales TELEPHONE Customer Service representative Christian Employee ID #91152631 and his Supervisor Nicholas.

Yesterday Sunday December 16 I tried for OVER an HOUR to "check out" my Cart, ONLINE at and the website would not apply my mailed to me coupon Valid 10/10/18-1/1/19 for $50 off of $200 (code ZQQ57Y43363A) purchase so I tried eliminating items out of my cart and tried again with the $25 off of a $100+ purchase AND STILL the coupon code ZRP57Y43363A would not work on regular priced gold appetizer dishes for an upcoming gift.

I THEN tried the "LIVE CHAT" on your website where I was online in "Chat" with "John C" for over an hour, I made dinner, ate dinner and did all of the family dishes and JOHN STILL COULD NOT answer why my code was not working and he offered NO SOLUTIONS!! I asked to speak with his supervisor and THAT was taking over 15-30 minutes so I went ahead and called the Customer service telephone number listed on the website.

THIS is where your employee Christian ID#91152631 was GREAT and OVER THE TOP COMPETANT and took care of my purchase smoothly and quickly!! Christian needs to be the STAR employee that all customer service reps try to emulate. Christian SAVED THE DAY, SAVED THE SALE, and MOST OF ALL SAVED MY PATRONAGE to Bloomingdales.

Christian should be the trainer for all customer service reps to educate them on how to come to a quick but precise solution for customers. Christian needs to be commended on a job well done and for providing over the top EXCEPTIONAL PROFESSIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

Please commend Christian for his outstanding service and please extend gratitude to his Supervisor Nicholas who also was over the top professional when I spoke to him to tell him of his superior employee! Nicholas obviously runs a great customer service help line and MAYBE you should put him in charge of your ONLINE CUSTOMER LIVE CHAT Customer service department!

I have managed HUGE retail stores for over 30 years and your online "Live Chat" system is a failure and needs to be changed on how it solves customers problems which is the entire point of a "LIVE CHAT"!! I believe that your employee John either needs readily available resources to help find quick solutions to customers problems or MAYBE it's your system. Either way I will only be shopping in store or by phone and NEVER AGAIN ONLINE from your site.

Again, THANK YOU FOR CHRISTIAN and NICHOLAS in the Telephone Customer service department as they are superior employees and should be the role model for all Customer service at Bloomingdales. It is because of CHRISTIAN and NICHOLAS that Bloomingdales retained myself as a loyal LOYALIST!!

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annoyed - 72 d 9 h ago


I agree with all of these posts regarding customer service at Bloomingdales. I think we need to put a complaint to the better business bureau too. I also ran into problems with a large order for the holidays on their website. The woman on the phone clearly did not understand anything I was asking her. She kept repeating the same answer even though it was not in response to my question. Then, when I asked for a supervisor, she hung up on me. So I wasted 1/2 hour on the phone and got no where. Basically I had to order as a guest on the website, forfeiting my loyalist points. and then I go it to work.

The whole order took hours. It is no wonder we all prefer shopping on Amazon. What is happening to our retail stores that they cannot provide its customers with any sort of customer service? Overall, what should have been a nice experience, wasn't. Worse than that, Bloomingdales coujld care less.

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Candice - 75 d ago


This afternoon I was doing a little Christmas shopping at the Bloomingdales in Chicago,IL . 900 N. Michigan Ave.

I went to the fragrance department to buy my mother a couple bottles of perfume. A lady approached me to offer her assistance. I was going back and forth on a few scents, the sales lady says I should go with the option she picked because all "African women love this scent" I immediately felt uncomfortable and walked to the next counter to ask for a Manager. The young lady knew that she had crossed the line at that point and started to apologize. Her apology was just as bad as her comment... " I'm sorry, I always joke like that". "I have black friends" " I'll give you the hookup girlfriend". All of the comments continued to make me feel more uncomfortable. I was told I could go to the customer service desk on the fifth floor and a manager would meet me there. The manager I spoke to was very apologetic and I did explain I didn't want the sales lady fired I suggested sensitivity training. I also spoke to Chris who was the store manager he was ver understanding and agreed that some form of training is definitely needed he also gave me a gift card for $100.00. I thought oh that's very nice to offer me some kind of token, to apologize for what I experienced. But I walked the store trying to finish my Christmas shopping and my entire mood was changed. I work in the area and have shopped here plenty of times and the experience left me feeling horrible. I went home without doing any of my shopping I've never felt like this before.

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Anonymous - 78 d 8 m ago


Bloomingdales customer service is horrible and useless. I work for Bloomingdales in Fulfillment and have been receiving my orders with a fraudulent phone number on the label addressed to me. I receive the package but this is not my phone number. I was on the phone with Bloomingdales customer service for 2 hours at which point the so-called supervisor who was the last one I spoke with hung up on me. My online Bloomingdales account, loyalist, addresses, orders, credit card all show my phone number however the shipping label has a fraudulent phone number on it. It is the same phone number that was used to steal my identity last year. I spoke to at least 6 people who were all useless and had foreign accents. I am disgusted to work for such a useless company. Thank goodness my position is seasonal. I will be writing to Bloomingdales corporate regarding this horrible experience. I'll be closing my credit card and loyalist account and my online Bloomingdales account after my employment terminates at the end of the season. Absolutely horrible.

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Victoria - 79 d ago


Good Evening,

I have never been treated so badly or have ever had a more disappointing experience like tonight. Speaking with your customer service department in the Phillipines. She said her name was Alexi but I don't believe it because I called separate times and they always say Alexi or Sam......She was so rude and after I was on hold for 50 minutes she yelled at me and raised her voice speaking a different language! When I asked her to stop yelling she hung up the phone! I think this person needs some coaching on customer service. I am very dissatisfied and disappointed in Bloomingdales which was once a fine department store. You should be ashamed. I know I'm disappointed.

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Sonia - 123 d ago


OMG! Shopped in Bloomies 59th today for a pair of sneakers. OMG! It took me till I got home to put it together! I'm, a 73 year old Black woman. The young white girl not making enough money to support herself gave me a mismatched pair of $200 Adidas sneakers to try on.

I didn't notice, at first , cause I only tried on one shoe and it was too large; I never tried on the other. She had given me a size 8 and a size 5 1/2 "pair". And she checked me out every few minutes. I only noticed as I was on way out.

OMG! White folks are fucked up! Can't get over Black folks having money! Specially when they don't have.

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Anonymous - 80 d ago

This comment is so offensive.

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Anonymous - 80 d ago

Bloomingdales customer service is horrid.

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Anonymous - 80 d ago

Still waiting for a replacement card.

Promises for 8 days coming by fedex.

Everyone passes the buck, noone can explain where the card is.

I was peo.ised my card by FedEx 8 days ago.


Noone cares and am a very good bloomies client.

Bloomies dies not gave its system in ace.

As an aside over punishing when uh return s/t and too many programs

Will stop shopping there.

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