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Bloomingdale's Inc.

1000 3rd Ave.
New York, NY
(212) 705-2000
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Judith - 27 d 24 h ago


Ordering egift cards from Bloomingdale's involved hours on the phone with representatives situated in India and the Philippines after I thought I'd completed my order. One of the gift cards was cancelled without my knowledge because I didn't respond in time to the security number! Who could get through???? All this nonsense for $200 cards when a $1000 order from Saks, ebay or Amazon would have gone through in a New York minute!

Cancelled my card.

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Debra Sawicky - 38 d 8 s ago

I am closing my account, after several years of supporting you as a consumer.

Allowing Ivanka Trump's merchandise in your stores is deplorable!!!!!

Debra Sawicky

Palm Desert, CA

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Anonymous - 30 d ago

Bloominddales customer service is the worst! ...and i agree, allowing Ivanka Trump's merchandise in the stores is bad taste!

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Eva - 28 d 18 h ago

Just why the Dickenson is it bad taste to allow customers access to Ivanka's merchandise? Some of you people are really sad. Reminds me of the ones interviewed on Watters World!

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Eva - 28 d 18 h ago

I believe you will discover in a short time that the American voters (legal ones), made the correct decision on who to guide thus nation.

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zhuman - 27 d 15 h ago


Trumps a racist, and a bully. What makes him qualified to run this country? Or are you apart of the white elite who feels you are not apart of the groups he's targeting? NO empathy. Shame on you. Trump will lose and get impeached watch!!!!!

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Eva - 28 d 17 h ago

Glad I live a long way from California. You people do not live in the real world. My state went red, big time. We want a better life than we have had for many years. We must spent US dollars on US needs. On US citizens needs! We cannot and should not be the world's policeman care takers, we simply can not. Also, it is not good for people to be "kept up" they need jobs to put in honest days effort. If one wants to make more money, learn a trade or get more education so one is worth more. Demanding more is not the way. That is just going to cost jobs. I hate putting fuel in my car! Long for days when a starter job might be m a teen putting the fuel in, cleaning my windshield, checking my tires, my as ntifreeze, a s part of thenserbice, like on Andy Griffin! Yes, it was like that before wages got out of line. Of course, one could go to the movies , get popcorn and a coke for a dollar or less! I think McDonalds started at 12 or 15 cents. Someone is always going to be at the bottom. That is just the way life works. Stay in school, get additional education or training after HS, don't have babies until married, fonthave more children than you can afford. Don't buy more house, car, TV's and such than you can afford. Housing costs should be no more than one week take home. No rent to own buying. No paying by the week, no pawn your title or payday loans, they only get people in trouble. I call them, I gyp you finance! Used to work for one.

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Jason Brightson - 83 d 20 h ago


My family and I have been loyal customers of Bloomingdales' for many decades. However, we can not continue to shop

at Bloomingdales' until you stop selling products by Ivanka Trump. Ivanka actively campaigns for her father,

Donald Trump, who supports policies we find abhorrent.

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Anonymous - 66 d ago

It's disgusting to carry Ivanka Trump merchandise. Won't shop store until her line is removed

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Patti - 55 d 13 h ago


I agree - she carries a huge line of "real fur" products. Disgusting!! I have pet rabbits - over 26 years - they are in their store.

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Eva - 28 d 17 h ago

Why? If you do not want, then stay out if that department. Does not take a lot of smarts to do that. In 7 months time, you will see that the people who voted legally made the right decision. In order to salvage what is left if this nation, Trump was the only sane choice to make. He was not my 1st chice, but in the end, the only choice. What is the problem with the store giving people a choice? Ivanka appears to have a nice line which is reasonably priced. Kelloggs us a product I will no longer buy, but will not boycott a store due to them offering such. I was not pleased with the 08 or 12 election results but gave the man a chance, which he has royally blown! He does damage to this country and the world daily.

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michael peterson - 66 d 30 m ago

shut the fuck up and cry somewhere!!!

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GZG - 59 d 24 h ago


So true. What the hell is wrong with America today! People have a right to personal opinions and VOTING this is what America is about. Just because you don't like someone who won, BIG DEAL. Suck it up he will still be President and you can't change it. Don"t go asking a store like Bloomingdales to side with you, your a crybaby. A store is neutral. Its not run by ONE, its run by a GROUP of people who also VOTE for who they want.

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Rabbit2Silly - 58 d 3 h ago


your problem you can't connect dots!

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Eva - 28 d 17 h ago


I've it is you who cannot connect the dots. Several sources ar ed relating that the US may have been evolved in the assination of the Russian ambassador. I hope noy, but with what is ruining (correct word), it would not surprise me. Just hope we do not a pay a heavy price for such stupidity. You are aware that an assination started WW1?

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Patricia - 60 d ago


You need to get a life! Companies need to remain neutral! After all 63 million people don't feel the way you do. They are the ones who voted for Trump and probably have spent more money at Bloomingdale's than your family. I know my doctor friend did! Move on!

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CP - 58 d 18 h ago


If you don't like the process, LEAVE THE COUNTRY!

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Eva - 28 d 17 h ago

Gee, and I like Trump polices! May I suggest you do some honest, unbiased research? Do you know the dirty dealings Hillary has done? One thing that happened while they were in Arkansas is told about in the Arkansas Bad Blood Scandal. Info is online. A number of books are available on this subject. Really sick and evil people.

Why would you want someone so corrupt back in the WH? Please, give Trump a chance. Be fair, give him a chance, I truly believe you will be much better off, your children will be better off.

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Rita Elegant - 48 d 17 h ago


I can no longer shop at Bloomingdale's due to the sale of products by Ivanka Trump. When the store stops selling these products I hope to continue being your customer. Business as usual is no longer acceptable when our nation is threatened by the Tyranny of Trump.

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Eva - 28 d 17 h ago

Good grief! Cannot believe you people! I may go to Bloomingdale's do that I CAN purchase Ivanka's merchandise! So many people do wrong this election! Just cannot believe you! Just do not buy what you do not want!

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Anonymous - 38 d 22 s ago

Will no longer shop at your store due to your trump merchandise and promotion. In case you haven't noticed trump is associated with racists, nazis and misogynists. As long as you carry trump products you are supporting that behavior and I cannot support the Bloomingdales brand anymore.

L. Herman

Los Angeles

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Eva - 28 d 18 h ago

You are so misled! Tru,p is none if the negative things you claim!

Obama and Hillary are! I was not happy when Obama won in 2008, but I did not act a fool and gave the man a chance. Before the 2012 elec7, I did research, discovered the man not legal to serve. Your Pelosi and co.went around the vetting process, I trully wonder about the $$$$$ gains she has made from that. Does nomatter wher he was born (online bc says Kenya), his adoption by Lolo Soetoro made him Indonesia, can find no evidence he has ever been a US citizen. Mom being US was not adequate to give him citizenship. Ample info us available onlibe. Even 30 minutes will help educate you. Sheriff Joe and Mike Zullos UT out info on 12/15/16 about the fraudulent green BC.

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Mark - 29 d ago


Cancelled gift buying because you support trumps!

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Eva - 28 d 18 h ago

Why would you support anyone other than Trump? Do you not want to do better? Look at what is happening in Venzuela. Hillary would have had us in WW3, in full blown communism, in a financial situation like Venzuela. Do you not realize that many, many of today's serious problems are due to Obama and Hillary's bad decisions!

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Gail - 30 d 16 h ago

Purchased a Canada Goose coat on 12/10. It was supposed to be shipped out on 12/11 using "premium shipping" to reach me by 12/14. As of 12/19 the coat is not even enroute to me. Despite hours spent with customer service at the 800 number, repeated messages left at Chestnut Hill distribution center and dealing with 1/2 dozen people at my local White Plains store, the coat tracking still shows "just shipped" but it has never reached fed ex. various people have promised to follow up but no one has called me back to resolve this issue. Very frustrating

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