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Bloomingdale's Inc.

1000 3rd Ave.
New York, NY
(212) 705-2000
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Boca Mike - 1 d 15 h ago


Boca Mike

Over the years I slowly have stopped shopping at Bloomingdale's due to their low level of service and general product quality. Today was the topping on the cake. I rushed over to the Boca Raton Florida Store to purchase items listed in the Memorial Day Sale Catalog that I received in the mail. Guess what- the staff at the store never saw or heard of the products advertised by Bloomingdale's and they couldn't even find them in the Bloomingdale's computer system.

Congratulations Bloomingdale's, I will be shopping even less now at your stores and possibly now not at all if you advertise items that you do not sell and your staff can not even locate. I also plan to close my credit card and "Loyalist" program with you as I no longer have or wish to have any loyalty to your stores.

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Righter - 91 d 4 h ago

I am appalled that a store of Bloomingdales caliber would ask its clients to pay 5 cents for a bag for their purchases. Bags are one of the forms of advertising and taken out of your marketing budget. The five cents goes into your pocket not Suffolk county's . Therefore you owe it to your customers to donate whatever fee it will cost. Take it out of the cost of the purchase. I am insulted by the question, "do you want a bag". No, I need a bag!

Fight the legislator if you must. But this is ridiculous.

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Monica Morell - 4 d ago


You must have been in the DC & Maryland area. By law, the associates are required to charge you for a bag, it is not their law, is it state law, that's why they ask.

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dodikim - 10 d ago

My name is Kimberly Kaminsky and I have spent over 20,000 in the last year primarily at the Lenox Atlanta, Georgia Bloomingdales store. The issue started on May 4,2018 when I went to the Lenox Store and the Coach Wristlet I wanted was not available in the color. The salesperson called the 59th street flagship store and they ordered the wristlet. On the day it arrived it was the wrong color, so I called the 59th street store for them to order the correct item. I called the NYC store more than 20 times that day and was transferred to the wrong department each time. When I called 59th street store I asked for the store manager more than 20 times and was transferred to the china department manager, the men's manager, the jewelry manager. I physically went to the Lenox Store and asked for the store manager twice and was refused by staff. Instead a manager named Jennifer came down and offered to put the gift cards on my account and told me to go to Macy's or Coach and would not assist me in anyway further. I went to the Macy's store at Lenox the same day and went to the Coach salesperson who was being rude, demeaning and decided not ask for her assistance based on her behavior and treatment of the young customer in front of me. Since then I made over 25-50 more phone calls to the 59th street store where finally I told a salesperson that I had seen the bag at the flagship store at Macy's in NYC and he said he could obtain the bag but I could not locate him to do it. Then Michelle Choi after more phone calls to the 59th street store at my suggestion contacted the Coach buyer to see if she could obtain the bag and she did and they promised to put a return label in with the new bag and it was never done so there would be an even exchange. I made another 25 phone calls and posted on Facebook my issues and I spoke to Julie W. in Corporate customer service she continued to make me feel as if I was not a valued Bloomingdales customer. Today, I decided to go the Lenox store because I had enough in the way I have been treated by the Bloomingdales store management of the Lenox and 59th Street stores, and Julie W. in corporate customer service due to the amount of runaround that I have been put through which they are still do not understand and are extremely unsympathetic to my situation and make unwanted comments about that they would not go to great lengths to assist me or care about me being happy or a valued customer. I returned the 5400.00 diamond tennis bracelet, 82.00 pair of leggings and the wristlets, in return I was given a 106.00 Bloomingdales gift card knowing that I have no use for this because I told Deana James, Julie W. and others that I would not return to the store or shop at Bloomingdales because I was not treated properly and feel store management, corporate management is not taking what I have experienced seriously and closed my Bloomingdales account. The response from Julie W. in corporate customer service was throw it away the gift card. I asked to speak to Executive customer care team and was given the wrong number by Deana James, the General Manager of the Lenox store and when i explained it was the wrong number she did not believe me when I told her, I called the number in front of her and it was wrong and she kept insisting it was the right number and I put it on speaker phone for her to hear and she realized the mistake but never apologized to me. Finally I was given the correct number and explained my extreme frustration and lack of empathy, runaround that I experienced so far and the person with whom I spoke with did not understand the degree of desperation and frustration II was feeling and her solution was to direct me to the District Manager which was not correct in this case. She was extremely unsympathetic and did not display any empathy, nor validated my feelings for my situation Then I spoke to Renee Geier, who was a supervisor at the Executive Team and again I felt she did not understand the amount of runaround that I have experienced and asked numerous times to escalate the situation to her boss and she refused. Again she refused to validate my feelings about the situation nor did she display empathy for what I have experienced. I was told to put my complaint in writing my Ms. Geier and that I would never receive a phone call from the CEO or anyone high up in the Bloomingdales Executive team and that nobody would be willing to resolve the situation. At this time I will never shop at another Bloomingdales again or possibly at a Macy's store because of the way I was treated until I speak to Terry Lundgren or an executive officer at Bloomingdales of my experiences and treatment.

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Regina - 15 d 18 h ago


Customer service is absolutely horrible. I have been a customer since 1978 and it will be a long time before I purchase another item from Bloomingdale's due to their billing practice and total lack of customer service. Several times during my call, they referred to Macy's and each time I had to remind them I was calling about my Bloomingdale's account.

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Margot - 17 d ago


I was "just looking" when I fell prey to a high pressure sales person. She also promised free return shipping and a fast process and crediting of my credit card.

No one had heard of free shipping when I called the store back. I shipped it and it arrived in one day, Now, almost 2 weeks later I'm still waiting for the credit to reach my credit card. It'll miss the due date and I'll be paying interest. To top it off, the Theory department manager doesn't take the call and just turns me over to the same sales clerk who only l texts that she ran the receipt (she did) and that's that.

What a torture to do business with Bloomingdale's!

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Jared - 19 d 4 h ago


This past Friday I was in Manhattan to enjoy times with friends. Although I am in NYC often I havent been to the flagship bloomies on Lexington in 20 years. I was staying in the area and the weather was beautiful so I decided to walk down and indulge. After making my rounds in the mens department I decided to hit up jo malone to grab a new scent to wear that evening. I was immediately approached my Jaeger who was great! The Jo Malone boutique was super busy but he took his time helped me secure a scent and provided some beautiful samples. As overwhelming as Bloomies can be, my experience with Jaeger in Jo Malone was memorable!. Nectarine Blossom & Honey for the WIN!

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Disappointed - 20 d 12 h ago


Be carefull Bloomingdale's offers "free returns," but in fact returns are free only under certain circumstances. I carefully repacked the dresses I had ordered online after I discovered they weren't right for the occasion. In fact, I could have more easily returned them to the store; but I imagined that since they'd come from a warehouse, the company would prefer to have them returned there. Then, I discovered they charged be for the returns!! I still haven't found the "small print" that would have warned me about the exceptions to advertised "free returns." But I guess they're there!

No more Bloomingdale's for me!

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Lidia L - 25 d 21 h ago


I recently hosted my baby shower at Bloomindale's restaurant La Provence located in White Plains, NY. I could not have asked for better customer service. The restaurant manager Adrian, was amazing. From the first e-mail exchange to the day of the event. All the restaurant staffs were amazing and very helpful. They ensured everyone's needs were satisfied. All of our guest left with a smile on their faces. I will definitely refer friends and family to La Provence restaurant and look forward to hosting future events at this location!

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Pat Gillespie - 34 d ago


I am a mature holder of a Black Bloomingdale's card and live in the suburbs of NJ where I shop in Bloomingdale's, Bridgewater.I buy expensive clothes. I believe Jodi, is the store Manager. She is great at smiling and greeting you. However, I think this store must be getting ready to close!!!! There is so little inventory in sizes. I am a big buyer of Eileen Fisher, also Layatette 148 which is not carried in Bridgewater. I must drive to Short Hills NJ store instead.

Today, I asked a representative to order me my size in EF jacket and pants. She was not the usual EF rep, but works over in Boss just across from EF. She told me I should call Short HIlls myself and order the suit. Great customer service in your Bridgewater Store. I called Short Hills, spoke with a Beth, told her my story, she is off tomorrow, but is coming in to meet me at 1:00 and helping me with Eileen Fisher. She put my size away in the suit I want. WAKE UP BRIDGEWATER.....your store help is pathetic and you should realize that most Eileen Fisher customers are not a size SMALL, and order some larger sizes. This store is in a suburb over one hour from NYC, we are a mature group of people, either retired or having kids in HS or College. Know your customer. So very disappointed in the way this store is performing and being run.

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Anonymous - 35 d 12 h ago

I waste my time going to the store n then the all acting races in that store i went for warranty exchange

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Stacy in NY - 39 d ago


Bloomingdale's, 1000 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10022 is either resisting removing me from its paper mail distribution or its systems and processes for accomodating such a request are completely flawed. It has been nearly a year of making calls to customer service and even going into the store to try to talk to the store manager (who would not make themselves available) to get this matter resolved. I am still getting marketing postcards that I put directly into recycling.

I do not give permission for my contact information to be sold or rented to affiliates or other organizations. I am registered on the Do Not Mail list for regular postal mail marketing. I am for the environment and recycling. Bloomingdale's marketing strategy of send emails and post cards about specials is not friendly to the environment. I have made several requests both online and in the store to get off of Bloomingdale's postal mail distribution and continue to be ignored.

I have stopped shopping at Macy's and Bloomingdale's due to this lack of response and respect for my choice as a consumer.

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Anonymous - 42 d 21 m ago


I spent 11/2 hours in Bloomingdales in Newton ma yesterday, and not one person in any department said one word to me! The only person that looked up from her cell phone was to tell me I could use the dressing room behind her I had to go to Max Mara dept. I go there and was told to use a dressing room full of clothes as they'd had an event. No one checked if I needed anything another size etc. I got dressed and left vowing for the last time NEVER to go back.

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Gracie - 59 d 17 h ago


I just wanted to say that as was my experience not getting any replies from Bloomindale's on my email, I notice that not one reply has been made to any of the comments on this page. This just re- enforces the fact that they do not really care what the customer thinks. This is an attitude that doesn't bode well for the longevity of a business. I never dealt with Bloomingdales before they were bought by Macy's, but I know Macy's is having financial problems. The attitude and ineptness of employees is in direct correlation to the executive management of a company. So Bloomingdale's.....start giving a damn about your customers before you don't have any!

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Gracie - 59 d 18 h ago


I applied for Bloomindale's credit card on their site. I was given the choice of a Bloomingdale's Credit Card or a Bloomingdale's American Express Card. I chose the AE card but was never given a temporary number to use until the permanent one arrived. Bloomingdales was having a great sale and I would also get 20% extra off for applying for the card. I called Customer Service.....what a joke this was! I spent 2 hours and talked to 5 people. Finally I was told by an alleged supervisor somewhere in Florida ( I was transferred to this office for some reason), that he couldn't provide me with a temporary number but he would expedite the processing of my card and have it sent to me by courier service in 3 days. Never happened! I wrote an email to the Customer Service dept praising this young man for being the only person out of 5 that helped. False! he just wanted to get rid of me so promised me what he knew couldn't deliver. Received an automated reply saying they received my email, signed by the head of the credit dept. Never received any other acknowledgement or letter from them and it's now been 5 days! I always thought Bloomingdale's was on a level with Nordstroms's. Not!! I've been a customer of Nordstrom's for over 20 years and this never would have happened there. They would have done everything within their power to resolve my issues in much less time and without getting 5 people involved. Bloomingdale's lost a good and loyal customer with this fiasco. Maybe Nordstrom could give them lessons on how business should be conducted.

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Shocked and Dismayed - 67 d ago


Terrible experience dealing with Bloomingdales customer service. I was issued a $200 gift card because of a mistake Bloomingdales had made on an order. When I went to use the card there were no funds available. They said they credited my credit card. This has taken over a year to work out, and I am truly horrified at how it was handled considering I shop there all of the time. I will be taking all of my corporate shopping needs to other venues from now on.

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A shocked consume - 70 d 19 h ago


I purchased something using my loyalist points last nigh. This morning before 9 am not only did Bloomingdales consumer protection call me but they called my father to verify the charge. I then received two emails stating that I have to contact Bloomingdales as soon as possible.

I called customer service where I spoke with a representative that was very professional and helpful. I proceeded to ask how many telephone numbers were linked to my account because I was at a loss why Bloomingdales would call my father who had no relation to this account. I was informed that Bloomingdales uses public information to contact a phone number that might be affiliated with me. At this point I was taken aback because this is a ridiculous practice. I asked to speak with a manager who was very apologetic. She said she would investigate this matter because per the emails I received my dad was contacted before me.

I am at a loss why Bloomingdales would rely on public information to discuss my personal charges with someone not affiliated with my account. I am disgusted by this.

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Charlotte - 75 d 17 h ago


I purchased a dress SS last year and it didn't fit. I lost tag somewhere so I took dress back they looked down on me like I'm a thief. Disrespected me. Didn't take the dress back I told them I have the tag I'll find it somewhere and she said yeah you do that then bring it back. In a conniving way as if I wouldn't find it. I recently moved after dlevierying my new born been pregnant for nine nonetheless I all Maria Michel and tell her I found. Tag and want to return of course she up and down apologizes and assures me she will call me back, I email it. So the. I spoke to derrick chavez who said we receive stolen items and the tag doesn't show up under your name who bought this item

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DD - 82 d 19 h ago


1 week ago Purchased a large order they never emailed me and canceled my order for no reason and I talk to for a five people and got hung up on nobody could figure out what happened and got a run around it was so frustrating because I've always purchased from them and they treated without courtesy and I was sending it to My son Who has been waiting for it I hope they have recorded this whole conversation on phone I will never ever order from Bloomingdale's again in fact I don't even want to go into the store

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Chanel - 86 d 17 h ago


Monica Rojas at San Francisco, CA is the most difficult manipulative manager (merchandising) I ever had. I wrongfully let go. I was never physically written up but still terminated without warning AFTER my probation period. I would like to further read into my employment rights as well as compensation for the 2 weeks she did not warn into unemployment. Lack of people skills, rude, insincere handshake, demanding and overall not a representation of your company.

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SherryR - 88 d 20 h ago


I got a mattress delivered. All was fine except one of 2 mattresses was not as high as the other. The delivery person made a call and a replacement was arranged. The delivery went perfectly, the people who delivered it were great,courteous, patient and kind. I wanted to complement them as they gave me a form to give my feedback. To my disappointment, the only way I could say how wonderful Marvin Pineda was was to sign up for some kind of contest. I did not want a reward and did not want to give my personal info to enter a contest so I did nothing. I think that is sad. I want the opportunity to say what great service he delivered without entering a contest. I would have given 5 stars except for the contest

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Anti Bloomingdales - 100 d ago


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Anti Bloomingdales - 100 d ago

After submitting my email I signed up for a 10% discount to be applied to my first purchase. But, at checkout the code did not apply. Ive already wasted my valuable time of 30 minutes because their system is less than par.

I reach out to an online associate to chat. She informed me the item I am purchasing is not eligible for the discount! WHAT!!! Their site said it would be applied for my next purchase. I asked for another code, but her text was snarky.."as i said...".

I then asked how I go about removing my email from their system so I am not bombarded with their emails. SHE HUNG UP ON ME!!!

If this is the best Bloomingdales has to offer, I want nothing to do with them. Would NEVER have such horrific customer service at Nordstrom! WILL SHOP AT BLOOMINGDALES!

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dichiararosa - 109 d 8 h ago

Dear Sirs

we produce hats for woman style, very good quality. we wish meet your italian buyer to propose you ur items. could help us? without obligatory appointment to the purchase, only a meeting.

email: (hidden) or (hidden)

thanks & Regards

Annalisa Mochi

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Dog owner - 112 d 18 m ago


I picked up a dress

I was told it was not possble. I asked why?

He asked if I had a pet. I told him yes. He said the dress smelled of dog! IMPOSSIBLE

I showed My friends THE DRESS They didn't like it.

So I put it in my trunk( very high end BMW ) The dress was in the trunk 2 days. No dogs ride into my car.

I was so insulting. A manger did try and make it right but I Don't want this to happen to others. It looks like a planned excuse. They need to first ask "do you have a pet ". It's a sucker punch if you respond!

I plan to call PETA

Any and all dog owners should boycott Bloomingdales!

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