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Bloomingdale's Inc.

1000 3rd Ave.
New York, NY
(212) 705-2000
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Abraham M - 17 d ago

I downloaded the Bloomingdales app and tried to link my loyalist account to the app but forgot password so when I requested a email to reset my password it never sent one so I called costumer service and was transferred 12 TIMES one said his system was down and told would give a 25% discount for inconvenience and another agent hung up on me when I asked to speak to a supervisor and when I tried to do the live chat got transferred AGAIN To the chat supervisor Jennilyn G and said sees no records of my phone number on file that I called then told she couldn't help me I took pictures of the chat and pictures of the phone calls and amount of time wasted

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Bad experience/Shopping while black - 19 d 16 h ago


My son is getting married. I went into Bloomingdales to buy a pair of shoes for my gown. After I left the shoe dept. I looked at some necklaces behind the counter. (She was nice). I walked through the men's dept and looked at a rose gold watch on my way out. By the time I got to the door an undercover store detective followed me out to see if I set off any alarms. As I approached my Mercedes, he walked away. Note to self, never shop at Bllomingdales in Willowbrook Mall again. PS the shoes were horrible.

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Anonymous - 34 d 16 h ago


Totally disgusted with Bloomingdales. Online ordering was a terrible experience. Received wrong item twice. Advised to go to Macy's, their sister company for item which would be price matched. Macy's does not price match. What a run around. I only went through this because my daughter had item on her bridal registry. I am now asking her to take down her registry at both Bloomingdales and Macy's. I still haven't received an item which has been on back order. Very poor customer service.

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D.Martin Ph.D - 38 d 8 h ago


As a die hard New Yorker who, due to job demands, relocated to Orange County, which necessitates my stopping in Hackensack to shop with distinction. While I am an account holder in all of the high end stores( Nordstrom, Henri Bendel, Lord and Taylor , etc) and have access to shopping in them, I have always deferred to Bloomingdale's in Hackensack ( at Riverside) because of the extraordinary staffing and customer service. I have worked for Bonwitt Teller, Lord and Taylor, Bendels and Macys and have had exposure to both good and bad service. This store is outstanding as a whole but I have experienced an outlier who even surpasses all of the expectations that management at this store must have for their staff. While I do not know her last nam, her first name is Becky and she works for La Mer and, while a salesperson job is to sell, this employee went above and beyond, thoroughly explaining the products and their customer individual value and purpose. I am a retired educational supervisor, consultant and former superintendent but , as a single mother of four have limited resources to invest in this pricey line which I explained to her. Not only was she gracious but went out of her way to find a product within my price range. So impressed by her service I went back the next day to try an additional item . I felt that you would want to be informed of such excellence and hope that you will pass this acknowledgment along to reward this level of commitment

Thank you

Deirdre p. Martin

3086 new prospect road

Pine bush, NY 12577

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Joni Archer - 42 d 11 h ago


Not sure if these scathing reviews do any good. No one is responding. I sent a letter about a nonworking Bloomingdale's gift card to 4 "executives' and got no response. I then was told to write to Corporate in Mason Ohio (?) Still no response.

You would think what with the death of retail, they would want to excel in service.

It used to be a beautiful, trendy, fun store.

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Amara Qureshi - 47 d 16 h ago

My name is Amara Qureshi and I am a student in eighth grade at the British International School of New York. In school we are doing community projects and for mine I have c hosen the topic animal cruelty. I believe that this is a very important cause that needs immediate attention, animals are being tortured, skinned alive, bled to death. How can we stand here and watch this happen? Nevertheless support it by selling the products made from these animals. So please take a moment to watch the video I have created. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. A response would be greatly appreciated as well. you can email me at: (hidden)



Amara Qureshi

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Anonymous - 49 d 6 h ago


To whom this may concern, I was shopping in Bloomingdale's today on 59th street. At around like 5:30 An associate by the name of Devon who works in Prada, was walking up behind really close to me, I asked "can you go around"..his response was to get up close to me, wave his hand in my face while asking me if I had a problem? Not only was he doing that but he began to escalate his voice casuing a scene..he then walked away quickly but I proceeded to look for a manager in his department. In the process of me speaking to other associate in his department to get me a manager, he kept telling me "I don't care you can get a manager", the entire time speaking very loudly. He then said to me "it's bullshit" out loud about what I was complaining about, Weather he thought I was wrong or right you don't speak or treat customers like that!. It was embarrassing, I am disgusted by his behavior. Never have I had this experience shopping in other places!.

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Sue - 58 d 14 h ago


Zero customer service, it used to be a great store, no longer.

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Pam - 59 d ago


This email was sent 3/2/19 and I received a message (see below) but have not heard from you to date so I resent my email 3/21/19 and still no reply to date. To: (hidden) Your online shopping went just fine. When I went to return items, is where there was definitely a problem! I went into the Ala Moana Bloomingdale's "Dress" department to return several of the dresses I purchased online - didn't fit me. I was standing in line waiting to be serviced. 2 girls were in front on returning an item. The sales person (Asian girl - didn't get her name) was every pleasant to the customers she was assisting. Then Napa the manager intervened and finished the transaction - something to do with credit for return would go back to the credit card that was used to purchase the item. As Napa was completing the refund on the register, a Caucasian gal came by and stood on the side of me waiting to be helped also. After the 2 girls left I was next to be served but instead, Napa called the Caucasian gal even though the Caucasian gal said I was next. Napa didn't even look at me and told the Caucasian gal "I'll help you". The Asian sales person also mumbled "She's next", pointing to me. And all through this horrible experience, Napa had her "nose" in the air like she had a nose bleed!!! The Asian sales person took me to another register to process my refund. Associate 72000101 was at the register and did my refund but she was not the sales person who escorted me to the other register. Associate 72000101 was very pleasant. Napa apparently needs to brush up on her "customer service" skills, especially being a store manager. This was my very first purchase experience shopping at Bloomingdale's Ala Moana. Received this message: Your question has been received. You should expect a response from us within 24 hours. My email was sent 3/2/19 then again on 3/21/19.

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Doris Green - 64 d 15 h ago


Good morning ,I'm a customer , who purchased by phone the channel blue parfum..for my husband as a gift arrived Saturday March 16 th 2019 ....I spent $163.31.. This so called cologne absolutely has a small smell ...what's in this bottle water ? I am so disappointed..that as a senior ,I would never purchase any fragrance from bloomingdales I have to travel to one of your location to return it (sad,).I have a difficulty traveling ..I certainly will rate this transaction as horrible ..I purchased this from your white plains, New York location with representative Barbara...As a customer I should be compensated ...Ruined my husbands birthday March 17 th ..I'm just displeased..Thank you Doris Green 347-613:-6641

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Robin Wilson - 68 d 9 h ago


1st time shopper to your store. Have been long time Nordstrom guy. Horrible experience at your Sherman oaks store when I tried to return a jacket that didn't fit me right. Embarrassing to your brand. Tags still on jacket and impeccable condition worn once. I will just throw it away and lose 1,000 dollars over stepping back into your store.

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Emanuel, Wedding registries department - 75 d 8 h ago

I have purchased a wedding gift for my friends from your Chevy Chase location in DC and paid a good amount of money for shipping and gift wrapping as well. The young lady who assisted me with my transaction was very friendly and polit. However, my gift never made it to my friends.

I called to inquire about it and spoke to Emanuel, who claimed to be the Manager. He was exceptionally RUDE! and didn't even want to understand my frustration. After I insisted in finding out what happened, he decided to look into it and found out that the item was scanned; payments were processed, but the item hasn't been taken off the registry. He was surprised and told me that he will follow up and get back to me the next day with a tracking number. I waited a week without hearing from him and called again and left a message. I waited another week and tried my luck, this time he answered the phone. I was happy to finally get a hold of him and asked why he didn't call me with the information? Oh no! Emanuel immediately lost it. He screamed at me saying "I was out sick for two weeks and you could have asked someone else to assist you." WOW! No apologies for not getting back to me as promised or for not assigning someone to follow up. Instead I was at fault for inquiring about my purchase and bothering him.

I have been in customer service for over 15 years and I have never seen Customer Service at its worst!

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lynne Levine - 84 d 16 h ago


Your customer service is horrible I spoke with Jennifer Zuupe whoi the "manager" of store home goods area and have not received any notice of my delivery for today for the error the salesman caused on my purchase I will never order form the store again horrible unprofsesional staff

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Kassandra - 91 d 14 h ago


Poor customer service and discriminatory practices! Upon returning a pair of shoes that were not comfortable and slightly worn - they had been purchased in the last 60 days and I had my receipt. I was asked if I was a black cardholder. I was told if I was a black cardholder they would accept returning them if not they would be unable to return the item. I was unaware there were different "return policies" for platinum vs black cardholders; etc. I was under the impression the return policy was "uniform and equal" for all Bloomingdale customers.

I was a taken back by this sales person and the managers approach to the return policy.

Please let me know where this policy is clearly written in your store or online - I did not see it online.

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Christian Blanchard - 95 d 11 h ago


I can't believe you guys caved on the fake news shirt thing! I wanted to buy one! I normally don't like anything in your store and have never bought anything from there. You would have had a new customer and I would have bought one for everyone I know!

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Lenny - 97 d 14 h ago

Hey Bloomy's,

Where's my Fake News T. I read your " so sorry " response and pull the


very week ? Pathetic.

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Golden - 104 d 14 h ago


Golden, Re: Loylatly reward cards. I have been a customer for 40 years, and never get the same answer on my rewards total. I resent the fact that they expire every six months, and that i have to use them in the time frame! i usually like to save them in order to purchase something bigger, but every time i go to use them, they are wiped off my acc't. I use Bloomingdales Amex in every aspect of my life, but i am now looking to make a change to a better reward card system. I feel cheated and disappointed by the way you handled your reward system! I feel like i lost out on many many reward cards!

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Robbed in California - 112 d 8 h ago


worse customer service experience ever. Last Christmas I needed to exchange a pair of jeans for a friend and get a bigger size. Since the item was a gift as part of a secret Santa, I did not have the receipt, but item had all original tags and proof of the purchase sticker. The manager told me that I cannot get an exchange without the receipt and that the only thing she can do would be to send me a credit voucher in the mail in the amount of the return, and that it would take 10-15 business days. 2 months later, I never heard or received anything. After calling over and over, i was told that my jeans had been shipped out to the warehouse and that they are requiring the original receipt in order to send me the credit voucher. I explained how I already informed the manager who accepted the return that I didn't have receipt because it was a gift. So, Bloomingdales is keeping my pants and refuse to give me my item back or the credit. That is theft. I am suing them, and will never do business with them again.

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Elaine in Florida - 117 d 8 h ago


This is the worst retail experience Ihave. My online account has not functioned for a year despite numerous reports. I placed two orders by calling in - what a nightmare. You have to read in endless numbers of item numbers to someone whose primary language is not English (God bless them - they are trying hard but they are placed in a call center where you can hear every other operatir yelling into the phone. Everyone is just trying to be heard. My online account still does not work even though all my prior irders have been wiped off my order history. Now, Bloomingdales is sending me emails that I have items in my shopping cart. I do not.

You know what I am doing right now? I have been waiting in the Bloomingales Outlet Store at Mirimar Outlets in Estero Florida. I have been here 4 minutes short of ONE HOUR. I came in to return four items that I had order by telephone (hello 19th century).

I carefully checked online to see if I could return items at an outlet store. THE BLOOMINGDALE WEBSITE SAID YES! I have been told by 3 clerks they can't do it. When I say their website. They hoped I would take their word and leave. I said your website says you will. They admitted that it did. I could go on but I'm done. I WILLNEVER SHOPSTBLOOMINGDALES AGAIN AND IF YOU WANT TO SAVE YOURSELF AGGRIVATION, YOU WON'T EITHER!

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fred - 117 d 13 h ago


Be careful dealing with Bloomingdale's they have no problem charging your credit card but will not credit back the card when They debited my account in error.

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Mumsie - 125 d 6 h ago


It took 24 hours to figure out how to send out a dress from Atlanta to Ohio

The Marella representative old orchard copied the credit card numbers wrongly

The people in the Atlanta store refused to assist the woman to ' get it right'. The manager - Justin failed to bother to come to the phone

My blood pressure WAY UP.


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Darrell M. - 129 d 11 h ago


I placed an order for a birthday gift for my wife. I paid extra for premium shipping to be here 2 day before her birthday and they still didn't deliver and when I called they said they would waive the 10 fee. I'm like call the warehouse put it in a box and ship the damn item. The rep. I spoke to and manager only can say sorry we did all we can do. I made suggestions like pick up the phone call the warehouse. It's call going the extra mile when you drop the ball Bloomingdale's.

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Anonymous - 132 d 8 h ago


On hold 50 minutes trying to determine when my hacked loyalist points will be returned. Horrible Bloomingdales, just horrible.

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Horrible Customer Service - 139 d 9 h ago


just called. told wait is 30 minutes to speak with rep. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Going forward, shopping only at Nordstrom

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Super Annoyed Client - 144 d 7 h ago


Bloomingdales has the worst online shopping, Customer Service. I tried to order almost 4 times, and they messed up everything. First they will send me an email to complete the verification, once verification is complete they will transfer me to 6 different people giving me totally different details. One person got my order wrong, the other one got my name wrong, pick up store wrong, everything is all messed up. Last order I made same thing, verification, then once completed they transferred me to a non so helpful agent just to tell me that my item is no longer available. These people do not know what they are doing. Piece of advice, when transferring a client to a different department please make sure to relay all the details so Customer don't have to repeat everything, please tell the reason why you are transferring , and make sure you are looking at the right account. Terrible service!!

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