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Bloomingdale's Inc.

1000 3rd Ave.
New York, NY
(212) 705-2000
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Anonymous - 2 d 4 m ago

Hi, I'm a loyal customer and a fan of your brands and wanted to let you know that although I love the products, I'll unfortunately no longer be able to shop there unless you decides to refrain from carrying Trump family fashions. I hope that happens soon so I can return to shopping with you regularly.

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Becky - 11 d 29 m ago


Definitely not one of, but THE WORST customer service Ive ever encountered. I had $4000 in gift cards that were "deactivated" and no one could help me figure out how to activate them, reissue them or who to call. The people I called were rude and disgusting. I'm still calling offices left and right but it may very well be that I lost thousands. This is the end for Bloomingdales. I am now officially on a mission to ruin them using my reviews and circle of friends to publicize their horrible ways. I can't express how ticked I am.

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Anonymous - 7 d 2 m ago

This SAME thing happened to me. Today. This is deplorable.

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Patti - 8 d 3 h ago


Bloomingdale's has added 43 products with family pet rabbit fur. Rabbits are the 3rd most popular in home, companion animal in this country. I've had family pet rabbits for 25+ years. They are Pet-Therapy bunnies in Seniors home, children's facilities and disabled veteran communities. Bloomingdale's thinks this is funny - They also buy their fur from China - which does HORRIBLE things to animals. China? Really?! I've seen a video from China - chop their legs off, then half their face, tail and finally chop off their head. It was no big deal.. Rabbits are prey animals so not one bunny screamed while being chopped apart. THIS is what Bloomingdale's is PROMOTING! They also added a long list of other tortured animals to their clothing..... bad news Bloomingdale's.

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As a loyalist customer and a life long customer, to say that I am beyond displeased with Bloomingdales customer service would be a gross understatement! I do not understand how a "luxury" brand can allow such poorly trained people to assist their clients.

I have made a purchase for a client from their Bridal Registry. A day later I received an email indicating that further action was required. I had my assistant call the number given and heard the exchange of conversation with the customer service representative. Needless to say, the rep did not communicate clearly or effectively. Secondly, after being transferred from one rep to another for 30 minutes, the supervisor proceeded to disconnect the call. I personally called back the number given and received yet another run around with people barely able to speak coherently. 45 minutes later, and extremely aggravated the problem has yet to be resolved. I would suggest to whom ever reads the posts about Bloomingdale's that they take a very serious look at how they conduct business. You are loosing dedicated customers and forcing them to be greatly displeased.

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Angelica A - 14 d ago


I m a Bloomingdale's costumer for many years now and I also have a credit account with Bloomingdale's. I've ordered A Shampoo and a Conditioner, first time I received a box witch included the Conditioner and a little plastic bag of samples, the Shampoo was not included in the shipment but the slip inside showed the shipment for Shampoo and Conditioner,each a value of $30 each, total $60. I called Customer Service and I was told that the Shampoo will be resent to me. When the shipment finally arrived on 10/11/16, it was a envelope containing a Lipstick sample only and a paper slip indicating that the Shampoo and samples were included. I could not believe it, so I called again customer service and the person I was talking to hung up the phone on me. I called back again I got another agent on the phone who tried to be nice and gave me his e mail address "in case this happens again" after he said that the Shampoo will be shipped again"

I would of never expect this from Bloomingdale's, this is extremely poor service, it s unacceptable. I would also strongly suggest that some one would follow up and look in to who ever is fulfilling the shipments because if a shipment is made twice with the same issue there is a problem. If I'm charged for something I don't get that's called "stilling". Definitely this was my last time ordering from Bloomingdale's online. What is very interesting now I got two e mails from Bloomingdale's where I'm asked to return the the "items" fora a replacement. Ok, to return what? something I never received?. Hopefully I will be contacted by Bloomingdale's in clarifying this matter.

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Betty - 15 d ago

I received an email today regarding an order that I placed. I called the Customer Service number and got someone who didn't understand or speak English very well. He did not identify himself as being with Bloomingdale's and could not explain whatever the issue was with the order. He then transferred me to someone who answered the phone very casually, didn't speak adequate English to be able to understand, and did not identify herself as being with Bloomingdale's. I asked her if she was in the United States and she said no.

I hung up. I will not give any information to someone who can't speak or understand English or that can't effectively communicate in order to resolve customer service issues.

If this is the way that Bloomingdale's customer service is going to be handled, I don't think I will continue to order from them

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Sandra - 16 d 23 h ago


OMG!!! I thought I was the only one who experience HORRIBLE customer service off of the 800 #. They are the worst, can barely understand what they are saying. This experience makes me not want to order off of this site again! You have lost a very valuable customer!!!!

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ROSIE - 20 d ago


Alway considered Bloomingdales to be a first class shopping experience. I can no longer say that. I've had better customer service at Target and Walmart. I had difficulty placing an order on line for a gift card. after several attempts i called the customer service number. was not happy to be speaking to a customer service rep outside of the U.S. I was uncomfortable giving credit card info over the phone. I finally was able to place order on line. I ordered an e-card thinking i would receive it within a few minutes or at most an hour as I've experienced with other vendors. When It didn't arrive i called customer service was told it would be 24 hours. Funny how my credit card company called to verify the purchase within minutes of placing the order. I was told by customer service it took 24 hrs to verify my credit card. I purchased the e- card

thinking i could print it out & mail it with a wedding card today. I was very frustrated asked to speak to Bloomingdales in the states after holding for several minutes i was given number of corporate office in N.Y. only to be picked up by an overseas operator. When I asked again to speak to someone in the states to expedite my e-mail


the gentleman

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Alice - 20 d ago

Customer service at this number is horrible. When order became tangled up I asked for customer service in USA if I had heard this from someone else I would thought it was a joke. It was like speaking to a frat house on friday

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Natalie - 22 d 15 h ago


Trying to contact someone to help me with an issue. I've made about 50 phone calls and hours on the phone. Please help!

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LMZ - 23 d ago


I just had two Rewards cards stolen out of my Loyalist account, and after four phone calls to the customer service people working in the Loyalist program, one finally admitted that I wasn't the one who used my rewards cards!!! So, she has to file a theft report, and I - the wronged customer- have to wait 30 days to have it resolved! What's to resolve? I'm the wronged party! Why should I have to wait 30 days to get my hundred dollars back??? I'm disgusted with this company. DONE with Bloomingdales!

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Kathy C - 62 d ago


I will never shop with Bloomingdales e-commerce again. After never receiving an order confirmation and claiming my card was declined, I rec'd two charges on my card. I have called three days in a row to resolve and all I hear is I need to wait 4-5 days from a customer service person who doesn't speak English. Worst customer service ever experienced. I will never buy or shop from them again. I used to be a faithful online shopper but now they have totally gone down.

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Renee - 41 d 19 h ago


I'm glad to know I'm not alone. They told me their site wasn't working and they charged my paypal account 4 times for one order. When I contacted them they said there was nothing they could do. Thank goodness for paypal. They investigated and discovered Bloomingdale's fraudulently charged my account. I will not ever shop at Bloomingdale's again. Horrible customer service.

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Ter - 29 d ago

I feel the same way. After talking with them over and over and over again, I still have no resolution. Sorry you had to face the same ..

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Anonymous - 33 d 19 h ago


Are you serious? Killing and ripping the skin off poor defenseless animals is "glamorous and luxurious"?! Have a fucking conscious! I know, it's so hard when those dollar signs in your faces.

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Kira Cobb, Sales Associate - 35 d 47 s ago


I wish to commend Sales Associate Kira Cobb (New View) in the South Coast Plaza Mall for her professional attitude, informative, excellent in sales and most of all her kindness and caring of me on Sunday Septeember 18, 2016. I was shopping and asked her for help in selection of several items. She went our of her way to help me, searching for a particular item I needed for a special occasion which she found. While running around the store I lost my drivers license and asked her if I left it at her counter. She looked all over and could not find it. However, she was kind enough to take my information and prommised she would keep on looking.

I went home thinking first thing Monday morning I was off to the DMV for a new license. Yuk!

Instead, Kira called me and told me that my license was found and she would be sendinging it to me in the mail. I was so excited by her call.

Kira is a gem and definately a wonderful Sales Associate of Bloomingdales.

Please share this letter with her.


Lois Sefton


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Anonymous - 36 d 13 h ago


Stop selling rabbit fur, or any kind of fur! HOW horrible!

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Ruthann K - 36 d 17 h ago


Would you please stop selling products made from rabbit fur. Rabbits are pets! This is not the 1980's and a large company like yours should be more responsible and sensitive to the millions of pet rabbit owners out there. I don't see you selling cat or dog fur products.

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Very unhappy customer - 37 d 2 h ago


The most horrible customer service I have ever experienced for online orders.

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Mjay - 41 d 12 h ago


We are Words of Another looking to team up with you.If you are open to new product ideas.We would like to talk.

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Not Impressed - 63 d ago


Someone, who apparently works there keeps buying gift cards using my Chase account. After three attempts, Bloomingdale's allowed another attempted purchase from my account AGAIN today. I'd be wary of any fraud detection systems they have. In the meantime, I have to wait until it "drops off" before I can get the money available in my account again. It's an employee.

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JB - 78 d 16 m ago

I recently ordered a few small clothing items online. My package arrived in a plastic bag. After seeing the documentary "Plastic Paradise" and learning what an environmental disaster plastic is, I try to be very conscientious about avoiding any unnecessary plastic. If Bloomingdale's is s going to continue using these plastic mailers, I am going to switch my online ordered to Nordstrom. They use boxes!

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@Bloomingdales - 94 d 13 h ago


Your sales associate needs to know to keep their hands off customers. Very poor customer service when calling on the phone to report incident; operator and sales associates both give excuses why they cannot connect you to a manager(they keep putting you into a voice message) . Called numerous times and demanded to speak to any manager before finally getting one on the phone.

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SummerBonner - 4 y 66 d ago

RT @Lavesq: Ur go to fav 4 cookware now also carries cutlery - exclusively at @Bloomingdales! RT 4 ur chance to win @AllClad knives

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