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Bloomingdale's Inc.

1000 3rd Ave.
New York, NY
(212) 705-2000
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A disgusted client - 14 d ago

I am one of your best customers. I spent thousands of dollars recently furnishing our second home. I will no longer patronize a store that puts their own political agenda before that of their customer's. Not all of your patrons support the bashing of our President and, I think you will find you will be losing a large number of your customers if you decide to remove the Ivanka Trump clothing line. Stay out of politics and do what you do best, merchandise sales!

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a disillusioned customer - 13 d 17 h ago


Ivanka Trump has style and class. Stick with merchandise sales. It's unbecoming for such a reputable retailor to be bashing the president's daughter's clothing line. You've dropped a notch, in my estimation.

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Humanity - 13 d 5 h ago

Morality > Handbags.

Please. Knowing that corporations are now considered "people" it's great to know that these "people" actually have HEARTS too.

Dump Trump.


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Simone - 11 d ago


Stay with Ivanka and don't bow to political

Bullying . Watch your sales exployed in a very positive way ! !!!

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Sandra - 10 d ago


It is about making money off their high profile government positions, you deadhead. Who cares what you think of her "class". She does not have the class to divest herself so what class do you mean? I would not dirty my hands buying her trash.

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American - 8 d 6 s ago

You are clueless, classless and just promoting the hate filled agenda of the left who lost.

Now go run off to your safe place, they have hot chocolate waiting for you.

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Trump USA - 8 d ago


Aren't you merely just a jealous, envious female letting your hate consume you?

I hope you do not have daddy issues. That would be sad.

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Anonymous - 7 d 27 s ago

I agree with your comment to Sandra.

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Anonymous - 7 d 48 m ago

Just listening to your comment Ivanka has more class and style than you.

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Anonymous - 5 d ago

Amen sister!

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For Sandra - 3 d ago

You are wrong. Ivanka Trump divested herself from her company.

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Betsy greenberg - 13 d 7 h ago

I too have spent thousands at your store over the years. Until you remove the trump merchandise I will no longer frequent Bloomingdales! It is Nordstroms for me for now on!!

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American - 8 d ago

Then go to Nordstrom and quit harassing Bloomingdale with your politics of personal destruction.

Now go run to your safe space and whine to Shannon Coulter someone called you out on your bullying.

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Saw the Truth - 8 d ago

Good. Go to Nordstoms.

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Logic - 13 d 5 h ago

Political agendas are what move this country in a particular direction. If you think that your continued support for a Fascist's daughter is going to by any means help out a business, you are sorely mistaken. If Hitler had a daughter, would you bash a retailer for dropping her handbags. Common. Put your heart and brain where your wallet it.

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Lisa - 10 d 20 h ago

President Trump will be very successful during his tensor and so will his daughter !!!!!!

We are so fortunate to have him !!!!

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a proud democrat - 10 d 6 h ago

"we are so fortunate to have him"

what universe are you living in?

you must be as crazy as he is!

plus you cannot spell. what the heck is "tensor"?

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Ashamed Democrat - 10 d ago

To "A Proud Democrat" - i too am a Democrat, however, the actions, verbal abuse, and nonsense displayed by my party line peers, from the Senate & House of Representstives to every day citizens, makes me ashamed of my chosen party affiliation. Conducting ourselves as adults in a civil manner is far more productive!

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a proud democrat - 8 d 3 h ago

To Ashamed Democrat - Donald Trump ( as president) should be the shining example for all Americans of honor, decency, ethics, morals and intelligence, as Barack Obama was. Trump has fallen so far short of that that there are almost no words. Everyday is worse than the day before. He has picked a handful of idiots to surround him, from Kellyanne Conway, Bannon, Spicer, etc. to Flynn, who now had to resign in disgrace.

I am a proud Democrat but right now I am ashamed to be an American. Trump is trying to change America and undo all that we have achieved since the American Revolution and the principles put into place by the Constitution, written by the brilliant, forward looking founding fathers of our country. He is trying to position himself as a dictator but it will not work. The events of the last 24 hours, I believe, are just the tip of the iceberg, which will eventually, hopefully be his downfall. Hopefully he will realize that he is in way over his head and will resign; and will then check himself into a psychiatric hospital for some much needed help as he is a narcissistic, delusional sick man.

Your last line about conducting ourselves in a civil manner is correct, but just look at the example that Trump set throughout the entire campaign and his first three weeks in office. Democrats have not displayed nonsense at all, but rather sanity at the insanity that the Trump Administration has portrayed.

Flagged for review. 
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Reply to A Proud Democrat - 3 d 6 h ago

Reply To "A Proud Democrat".......

While your personal thoughts & beliefs deserve respect, how sad you are ashamed to be an American. Many, throughout the years & centuries, have sacrificed so that we all can enjoy freedoms, including freedom of speech by those who make remarks without giving thought to their possible consequences Being an American is a privilege, not a right. If someone is ashamed of this privilege , perhaps they would be happier living elsewhere.

Side note:: You might want to research "dictator" & all it encompasses (as well as concrete evidence) before making accusations.

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The man won! Pull up your big girls pants. - 7 d 20 h ago

A proud democrat,

You know that person meant tenure and autocorrect often changes words, you mean idiot.

I agree with her.

I am also in that Silent Majority sick of the very disgusting, unstable, ignorant, progressive left. You are a true example but on the smallest of levels.

Enjoy the next 4 years. Trump and family "ain't" going anywhere.

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A proud democrat - 7 d 7 h ago

I won't even stoop to your low level. I will quote Hillary - "when they go low, you go high".

"trump and family ain't going anywhere"

HA. Time will tell !!!!!!!

(this is an answer to The man won!Pull up your big girls pants)

PS and if she meant tenure she should have said so. I take it back. I will go low. You are as much of an idiot as she is. You say I am a mean idiot. You are a stupid one.

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American - 7 d 7 h ago

Hellary didn't say that, Manshell said that.

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A proud democrat - 7 d 6 h ago

At least spell her name correctly. It is HILLARY Clinton. I do not know who Manshell is, but perhaps Hillary quoted that person. It is a good quote and one that we all should aspire to, but when anger takes over it is difficult. And in this political atmosphere, anger is the order of the day.

Trump will be going somewhere soon when the investigations into the Russian connections and the release of his tax returns (which he promised to release after the election was over and did not; he is a LIAR) will show treason was committed and his presidency will be HISTORY.

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American - 7 d 5 h ago

President Trump will be leaving in 8 years most likely.

BTW, Target, Best Buy, Penney's, Gap, Auto Zone, Walgreens, Jo-Ann's, Tractor Supply all meeting with President Trump right now.

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a proud democrat - 6 d 8 h ago

to American -

Trump will not make it to 4 years, let alone another term. You also are living in an alternate universe if you believe that. FAKE NEWS!

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For A Proud Democrat.... - 17 h 17 m ago

Just a FYI...

There is no law requiring Presidential candidates to release their tax returns... they are only reqired to complete and submit financial forms established by the election committee. It comes to mind that the first canidate to provide personal tax information was Govenor Romney (Mitt Romney's father) & this was a political decision he made on his own.

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Pants - 7 d 28 s ago


Anyways, Michele Obama borrowed that quote and Hilary stoled it from her.

There's a good reason Hilary lost. She is utmost immoral as slick Willy. However, people liked him much more.

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a proud democrat - 6 d 8 h ago

You have a point in that a lot of people did not like Hillary, my husband being one of them although he did vote for her because of the alternative, Drumpf. I like her a lot, she is smart, totally qualified to do the job, and had she won (did win by almost 3 million votes, popular vote) the government now would be taking care of business, instead of the insane chaos going on. We would not have to "make America great again", it is great, she would be making it better.

And you can't compare her silly email "scandal" to what Drumpf and company has done, colluding with Russia to influence our election outcome. TREASON !

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Anonymous - 7 d 15 s ago

Thumbs up! Make America great again. Don't listen to these snowflakes.

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Restitution is a comin' - 8 d ago

If Hitler were leading, all who bashed him or his family would suffer and be killed and that includes Shannon Coulter and her "girlfriend" behind "grab your wallet". Where is Trump posing a threat to anyone? He loves this country and wants to protect her citizens.

Oh, no sense going into it--- ya'll never open your minds to comprehend. Ya'll just know hate.

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