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Bloomingdale's Inc.

1000 3rd Ave.
New York, NY
(212) 705-2000
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Audrey Freeman - 5 d 12 h ago


Why does no one answer the phone at Bloomingdales Sherman Oaks or Santa Monica?

Why did the Aqua cashmere hoodie I ordered online arrive in a scrunched up bundle, competely wrinkled, poorly wrapped and with little dust bits on it?

Too bad-- they sell such nice merchandise but their over the phone customer service is non-existent....

I guess no more online orders, and since closest store is over 25 miles away, I won't make the effort to become a regular customer.

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clombardi - 8 d 4 h ago


Bloomingdales Flagship-- much used 2nd floor Ladies bathroom! Why, why, why, why would you not add another bathroom stall???!! There are women waiting in ridiculous lines who are there to SHOP not wait to pee.

This MUST be fixed! #ADDASTALL

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They do not know how to handle online sales, I had multiple canaxrllations and gave up, did not get what I ordered and lost my cyber Monday deal because I trusted Bloomingdales - big mistake, do not buy online from them - 10 d 7 h ago


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Anonymous - 13 d 3 h ago


I want to Wendy's on Tuesday night at 11:40pm I ordered spicy chicken sandwich and I get one free I told them I want pickles on one of the sandwich and they did but they put cheese on my sandwich I didn't want any cheese on it so I've been calling them but they are not answering the phone I always have problems with them. They always make a mistake with my order. The Wendy's that closed down in county farm rd and Army trail rd was the best Wendy ever they never make any mistakes on my order

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Patrick - 13 d 17 h ago


Ordered sweaters for same day delivery. They never arrived end now have been on the phone for over an hour trying to get the situation resolved. The company can't handle it's business and its no surprise why they can't compete with companies like Amazon. Incompetence at the highest level.

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Jennifer - 16 d 13 h ago

I ordered clothing via telephone. I have been waiting for the email notification and after 4 hour I called to find out why i have not received the notification and was asked to verify my email address. They had sent the notification with my name, address, confirmation no, last 4 digits of my credit card, and all the items I ordered to the wrong email. I asked them to cancel the order and they told me no. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold and eventually they disconnected the call.they. This happened for 3 more consecutive calls.. I called again and i am once again on hold waiting to speak to a supervisor. My next step is to call my bank and explain about this beach of my secure information, I have been on hold for the entirety of writing this email and before. Isn't it common courtesy to come back on the line and give me an update?

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Diane - 20 d 19 h ago


You guys have some nerve! I bought a pair of miss marked earrings at your Walt Whitman store the other day. Somehow the price for these Nadri earrings did not seem right at $195.00. Went to the Roosevelt Field store to check and sure enough they were not the same earrings that came up on the bar code. They told me to go back to Walt Whitman. Went back and they said I have to return the earrings and they can't resell them to me since they don't have a bar code for them. End of story. Terrible customer service all around! No one seems to care about anything. No effort -No apology - nothing. I think I will get rid of my Bloomingdale's charge card after so many years as a loyal customer.

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Irrate consumer - 17 d ago

I bought a registry gift for my granddaughter online yesterday. In today's mail a well known store was selling it for $100.00 less plusa 20 percent discount. Called customer service and was on hold between 2 people for 30 minutes with no satisfaction. Finally after I said I would cancel my credit card charge he offered a 20 percent discount which I should have received originally because it Black Friday. The customer service department stinks. Does Bloomingdale's think they can be charging so much more for the same item. One less person buying at Blomingdales. Word spreads fast. Not good business practice or PR. A letter to Corporate will follow

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Anonymous - 23 d 2 h ago

Having a horrible time cashing in m,y giftcards. They said come back monday. Not happy!!

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Cimone Campbell - 26 d ago


I spent hundreds of dollars to obtain rewards. When I bought defective Chanel so call water proof eyeliner I tried to refund it with my Bloomingdales Card. The Chanel counter would not help me without my receipt. Even though I bought it WITH A BLLOMINGDALES REWARDS CARD. When I finally got a receipt sent via email I went back to exchange. I did not like the product so I wanted a return. They did not put it back on my account or toward my new purchases. I had a horrible combat experience with Supervisor Patricia Campbell. She refused to put the $35 towards my Chanel glasses $300 purchase which was after! I hate this store now. Getting their credit was a nightmare. I called to change banking info. They can't change it unless I make another payment! They do nothing to help satisfy the customer.

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Sharon Polley - 27 d 16 s ago


I received a gift card for bloomingdales from Coconut Creek casino as a gift And I have been trying to place a order with it since Nov.9,2017. I bye mistake put wrong last four numbers called four times and they said they could unblock the gift card without problems well that is a big fat lie.imntryingnti place my order for the items I have in my bag #2247-92106 all items were in sell now showing price change customer service is so bad with this company period. If someone from corporate office could call or put my order through I would greatly appreciate it. My email is (hidden) PLEASE HELP

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Yeshua - 32 d ago


God bless you u r Amazing!!!!

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Anonymous - 34 d 18 h ago


Worst credit department ever. They begin to place "holds" on all my payments which cleared my bank account for no reason. I am a peron that aleays pays off my balance, pardon me for being such a great customer -'I'd sure hate to see how you treat customers that do not pay in a timely manner!! I will never use my Bloomingdales charge card again. Also I reported them to the BBB and I strongly encourage anyone that may encounter wrong doing to report them to BBB also.

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Fedupin WP - 41 d ago


Your White Plains, NY store's parking lot has been OVER RUN with films crews ALL the time They are rude and aggressive and park everywhere and every which way. Is your business retail or,parking lot? They bring a gas tanker in to refuel the vehicles. This is dangerous and I imagine illegal. They are abusive to your customers.

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MRW - 43 d 5 h ago

If you continue to sell Donna Karan merchandise..... I will no longer shop in your store.

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Barbara Wolloff - 55 d ago


Is't it abuse when your GM. In Atlanta T Abrams .... HiT his 67 yr old woman associate on the top of her head while she was bent over helping non English speaking customers because he couldn't get the sunglasses he wanted ASAP.

It sure seems like it to me.

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Fred - 68 d ago

To spend lots of money for a full page ad in the New York Times (October 5) and not be able to spell

loyalists correctly (Bloomingdale ad- Loyallists) reflects poorly on their whole corporate culture. Can't spell or can't proofread?

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Egoz30 - 72 d 13 h ago


I have twice in the last month tried to buy purses on Bloomingdales on line. I have a $100 gift card credit card so I wanted to put this money toward my purchase and then the balance on my Bloomingdales card. The customer service person told me I can't use 2 credit cards on line. I find it hard to believe I can't spend this money in Bloomingdales the way I want to spend it. Anywhere you go you are allowed to spend your money the way you want. They would rather lose a sale then take my money the way I want to give it. I skipped over my first time trying to use this card for a different purse and the 10 different problems I had which ended in no purchase also...

I'm not sure anyone with any title at Bloomingdales actually reads any of these issues people are commenting on here. I have been a good customer since the day Bloomingdales opened in Aventura, Fl. but will definitely not be shopping there anymore. They have really done all they could to push me out. Will have to shop at Nordstroms for all of mine and my family needs.

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Karen L - 79 d 8 h ago

Customer service for online orders is horrible.

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Ali - 86 d ago


Horrific, horrific non service too, lied to, even after placing an order, getting a Bloomingdales credit card which took 3 weeks to come order cancelled because I called credit where is my card ? After receiving a mailer from you to Change my password. I had no card. I called credit was told it should not take this long, let's cancel this card and issue you a new one, which I still did not get. This past Thursday got an e-mail item will ship on the 26 th. When I spoke to credit I told them I had had order in on the card they were canceling, he said "don't worry they will bill the new card when it ships. Today I got a e-mail saying my order was cancelled. After 4 calls being hung up on and insulted by your credit dept. person including her sighing into the phone when I said "Don't lie to me the item is out of stock now that's why I was cancelled. Thursday I got shipping confirmation it was being shipped. They billed the purchase to the card that your credit dept cancelled, and did transfer the charge to the new card number. How dare they insult me as to why, I am 69 yrs old. Purchased many and I do mean many items online never have I been told it is out of stock that is why they automatically cancelled's because of your incompetence. How dare you treat the public this way. But, I tried to call corp. was told you only except e- mails. Read some of your e-mails while I was at it. You need to take some lessons from other companies about professional handling of customers all around .Companies like Nieman Marcus is a professional company all around who I do a lot of business with, you need to go back to school and learn the corp/customer relationships all around.

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serenity - 222 d ago

As an ethical matter, I felt an obligation to make you aware that a boycott of all of Signorelli's brands has been called for not paying their employees. Meredith Garrett, the President and CEO of Singnorelli, Inc, and Signorelli, LLC closed her location on Regent Street in Huntington Park, CA, and left laid off employees without their last paychecks and benefits.

We are asking that you put Meredith Garrett on notice that if she does not work with corporate raider Black Oak Capital Partners of Utah to pay those employees right away, we will seek to boycott all companies that continue to do business with Signorelli, Inc., at The scheme Garrett and Black Oak Capital Partners tried to pull is depraved. They left their employees struggling in great distress, while they attempted to hide their new (same) name and location from unpaid employees.

People work hard to earn a living, and everybody has basic human needs that must be met for daily survival. What Meredith Garrett and Gregory D. Seare and Ryan S. Cheesman of Black Oak Capital Partners did is immoral, unethical, inhuman, and illegal. It is wage theft. You must demand these vulture capitalists pay their former employees or cut ties with Signorelli Brands.

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Jesus - 158 d 35 s ago


Meredith Garrett moved to Nashville buying a huge house for cash. Black Oak Capital facilitated the fraud. I carry a spray bottle of dog urine that I spray on their clothing products in stores.

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Sammy - 89 d 4 h ago


I love this, I love what you do to the clothes!! This is one of the funniest things I've heard in a long time!!

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Julia - 137 d 20 h ago

You may want to work with as they are looking into a class action lawsuit.

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Anonymous - 91 d 5 h ago

Hi serenity, was ur issue every resolved r did no one contact?


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