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Bloomingdale's Inc.

1000 3rd Ave.
New York, NY
(212) 705-2000
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Jo Ann - 1 h 13 m ago


I had a horrible experience with a manager named Rachel in the appliance dept at the Bloomingdales located at willowbrook mall Wayne nj.

I tried to return a broken scores so coffee machine that cost 275.00 and Rachel says she cannot return or give me a new coffee machine. I have closed my account because of the terrible service due to Rachel. I left the broken coffee machine there and closed my account.

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Rick R - 8 d ago


Extremely disappointed with the service I am receiving at Bloomingdales on 59th Street. Purchased some makeup at the Clarins Department on 3/24. One of the items was not placed in my bag. I called the store as soon as I realized the item was not in the bag. The salesperson asked if I could return the next day to pick up the item. As were in the city for a vacation, had plans with friends and were then leaving the city, I asked for the item to be sent to me. Over a month later, and multiple calls to the store and to the department,I still have not received the item. I gave the rating for this star as a 1 not a 0 because when I was in the store the saleperson was very nice. The followup to this issue has been just horrible!!!

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A. Schwarz - 8 d 8 h ago


Why are you charging me $ 2.00 iinterest when I pay my bill in full. That is a rip off .i tried to contact you and have to wait 15 min. and more actually I am still waiting for someone to answer the pphone , this is it, I am closing my account after 40 years

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A disgusted client - 78 d 24 h ago

I am one of your best customers. I spent thousands of dollars recently furnishing our second home. I will no longer patronize a store that puts their own political agenda before that of their customer's. Not all of your patrons support the bashing of our President and, I think you will find you will be losing a large number of your customers if you decide to remove the Ivanka Trump clothing line. Stay out of politics and do what you do best, merchandise sales!

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a disillusioned customer - 77 d 17 h ago


Ivanka Trump has style and class. Stick with merchandise sales. It's unbecoming for such a reputable retailor to be bashing the president's daughter's clothing line. You've dropped a notch, in my estimation.

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Humanity - 77 d 5 h ago

Morality > Handbags.

Please. Knowing that corporations are now considered "people" it's great to know that these "people" actually have HEARTS too.

Dump Trump.


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Simone - 75 d ago


Stay with Ivanka and don't bow to political

Bullying . Watch your sales exployed in a very positive way ! !!!

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Sandra - 74 d 19 s ago


It is about making money off their high profile government positions, you deadhead. Who cares what you think of her "class". She does not have the class to divest herself so what class do you mean? I would not dirty my hands buying her trash.

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American - 72 d ago

You are clueless, classless and just promoting the hate filled agenda of the left who lost.

Now go run off to your safe place, they have hot chocolate waiting for you.

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Trump USA - 72 d 21 h ago


Aren't you merely just a jealous, envious female letting your hate consume you?

I hope you do not have daddy issues. That would be sad.

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Anonymous - 71 d 2 h ago

I agree with your comment to Sandra.

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President Perv - 49 d ago

Daddy issues, really? How about that photo with his hand on her ass. He is a perv.

Flagged for review. 
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Proud Democrat - 47 d 6 h ago

Amen. If I were Ivanka I would be afraid to be alone with him. He is perverted and disgusting and that is an extreme understatement.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 45 d 19 s ago

Some females think Trump is sexy.

They are not human... but what the hey

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Proud Democrat - 42 d ago

No normal female could think he is sexy. All they see are dollar signs and if that is what turns you on, to each his own.

His is fat, pudgy, orange and ugly - inside and outside.

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Anonymous - 71 d 2 h ago

Just listening to your comment Ivanka has more class and style than you.

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Anonymous - 69 d 17 m ago

Amen sister!

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For Sandra - 67 d ago

You are wrong. Ivanka Trump divested herself from her company.

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Proud Democrat - 50 d 7 h ago

No. She did not. And neither did daddy divest himself from his companies, just put his sons in charge.

He is breaking the rules of the Constitution and SO FAR getting away with it. But not for long. Mark my words.

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Proud Democrat..... - 49 d ago

Issue #1. Per CNN January 11, 2017 Ivanka Trump did divest significant assists, including all common stock & converted her equity in the Trump organization into fixed payments. Likewise, she has stepped away from her clothing and accessory lines - Attorney Sheri Dillion addressed this issue January 11, 2017.

Issue #2. President Trump stepped down from his businesses- an independent Ethics officer has been been put in place to oversee the trust as the Trump SON'S and Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg make all decisions for the organization without consulting the President. All these actions were explained in detail, before the press, by attorney Sheri Dillon, January 11, 2017 and reported in more detail by the Bloomberg Report of January 11, 2017.

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Proud Democrat - 47 d 6 h ago

I am going to research this. IF I am wrong, I will admit it. But I would not be surprised if the Trumps, with all their money, hired great lawyers and financial people who find loopholes to only make it SOUND like they divested when they really did not. Like Daddy Trump with his "legal loophole" to avoid paying any taxes for umpteen years, while the rest of us with not that much money pay through the nose.

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P D - 42 d 1 h ago

Didn't pay taxes for "umpteen years"?? How about the $38 million President Trump paid?? Guess this doesn't count in the Democrat/ Liberal world. Oh yes, President Trump paid a higher tax rate than: former President Obama, Senator Bernie Sanders and Mitt Romney.

Let's all take a deep breathe & stop being so negative about everything.

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Proud Democrat - 38 d 5 h ago

One-once he paid some taxes. And $38 million is probably low for the amount his businesses must have made.

Two-higher tax rate because his businesses generate more income than probably Obama, Sanders and Romney make combined, just guessing.

Stop being so negative about Trump, his lies, racism, bullying, sexual history, illegal collusion with Russia, conflicts of interest with his businesses and his presidency, misogyny, criticizing everyone, including press and reporters who dare to disagree with him or call him out, HIS OUT AND OUT LIE ABOUT OBAMA WIRETAPPING HIM, and on, and on, and on........

"being so negative about everything" - are you kidding me? There is NOTHING to be positive about where Trump is concerned.

As I write this the Congressional hearings are being broadcast with Comey and company. To me it looks like Trump is screwed. It has only been two months. With Nixon it took until his second term and well into it. This one is some kind of record.

So why don't you take a deep breath yourself while your guy hopefully does what Nixon did-resign before impeachment!

Us Democrats knew all this well before the election. If Hillary was president, as she should have been winning by almost 3 million votes, the government would have been taking care of business and looking out for the citizens of this already great country, instead of the absolute circus that has been going on since the orange one took office.

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Proud Democrat.... - 38 d ago

Sorry to disappoint you but President Trump was/is not my guy. With that said, I prefer to look st the big picture & not follow group think. President Trump is a businessman who knows how to surround himself with accomplished personnel (this is common practice in a successful business) as well as listen to their thoughts and advice. He has also chaired listening sessions with those of small and big bussiness, unions and those affected by Obama Care to name a few. One finding one specific accomplished of Hillary Clinton during her government tentures would be difficult. Just ask those loved ones of the Benghazi tragedy. Yes, if we had not followed the Constitution which dictates that we are products of the Electoral College, Hillary would be President. Let there be no mistake, she is a member of the Democratic/Liberal party that has placed us deeper in debt, as well as produced more people on food stamps than any other period in our history. The election is over - let's move forward in the American way.

While I respect your views, we might all be better served if the pro's and con's of all concerned are taken into consideration.

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Anonymous - 37 d ago

We saw a tax return for one year only. He paid a higher tax rate that year because he made so much more than those dignified, intelligent and honest men.

I would say, "wake up," but it wouldn't help.


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Proud Democrat - 31 d 8 h ago


And only a partial tax return and one he probably leaked himself to try and shut everyone up. But it won't work. We need to see all of his complete tax returns.

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Bob - 25 d 6 h ago

The topic here is Bloomingdale's, not the president's tax returns, or his fight with the press, nor even his hair color. Get a life "proud democrat."

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Proud Democrat - 21 d 8 h ago


I have a life. This Bloomingdale's site became relevant to people like me ranting and raving, for and against Trump, due to Bloomingdale's carrying Ivanka's shoes and clothes. Her stuff is not the best quality, the clothes are made in China (which proves daddy dearest is a hypocrite) and some of us think that Bloomingdale's continuing to carry her line is a political statement; besides the fact that most of the merchandise that they carry is of much better quality than hers. And we are entitled to freedom of speech. And I have not seen Bloomingdale's shutting down our comments so why does it bother you?

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Proud Democrat - 26 d 10 h ago

I believe Ivanka stepped away from day-to-day operations of her clothing line. She still stands to profit from them. The latest news is that her and hubby have real estate holdings, assets and business dealings worth around 700 million.

Daddy is worth more than that. His sons are running the businesses. They are still his businesses.

The Trumps are profitting while we, the taxpayers are paying for their Mar-a logo outings, Melania's security in NYC, etc. Every other presidential family has lived in the White House. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP.

And it will. The noose is tightening around his pudgy orange neck. The congressional investigations are not going away. His days are numbered.

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Anonymous - 26 d 18 s ago

How dare our First Lady be concerned about relocating her 10 year old son at the end of his school year. My, my a Mother who cares about her child!! What is the world coming to?

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Proud Democrat - 25 d 10 h ago





Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 37 d ago

Watch the news. What she is doing is unethical. She learned from daddy.


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Proud Democrat - 26 d 10 h ago

Absolutely correct. Ivanka and hubby are raking in, or have assets worth, about 700 million, according to latest news! And we, the taxpayers, are paying for this family's vacations and security! Unbelievable!

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Proud Democrat- From An Independent - 26 d ago

Jealously is unbecoming.

Don't forget the many vacations with added security taxpayers were responsible for when the Obamas travelled - especially when they used 2 airplanes instead of traveling together.

Whether one likes/approves of President Trump is immaterial - the fact is that his money, as well as his families, was made in the private sector and not as result of being a politician with ties to many, heavy donors/lobbyists or foreign governments.

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Proud Democrat - 25 d 9 h ago

It is not jealousy, believe me. I would rather be a righteous, ethical, moral and good person with not much money that be a racist, obnoxious, immoral, unethical liar businessman like Trump. And whether he made his money in the private sector, well that is now immaterial, because now he is an elected official the highest in the land unfortunately and he and his unethical children are also using that to further their own business interests. The ties to foreign governments i.e. Russia, will soon be proven and the Drumpster will be out on his fat ass.

Flagged for review. 
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Proud Democrat - 26 d ago

Proud Democrat -- Don't overlook the fact that President Trump is only taking one dollar ($1.00) salary per year. He did not want to take any salary, but law requires he take at least $1.00. Quite a savings for taxpayers - oh yes, Ivanka and Jared are neither one taking salaries either.

Sorry to tell you but President Trump's family has not taken any taxpayer vacations - Security is reqired by law.

Points of interest -- The Obama's travel expenses totaled over $96 million during his eight years as President. Additionally, the home they rented each year in Martha's Vineyard rents up to $50,000 per week. (According to Judical Watch in December, 2016).

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Proud Democrat - 25 d 9 h ago

Are you serious???? Drumpf does not need to take a salary as he is still making many many millions from his businesses that he did NOT divest himself from, just put his idiot sons in charge. Ivanka and Jared are worth 700 million, see the latest news. They do not need a salary either. And neither of them should even be in the WH with no govt experience, it is unethical and nepotism.

Drumpf has gone more frequently to Mar-a-lago since he became pres.than Obama went on vacation in a year. Get your facts straight. And Obama's children and wife lived in the WH and did not cost one half to one million A DAY for added security of taxpayers money That is about $60 million already in a little over two months. And you are talking about $96 million over EIGHT YEARS !. Yeah, quite a savings for taxpayers.

He want to defund Planned Parenthood, the arts, environmental protection, etc. to pay for his family's trips. The amount of selfishness and narcissism is beyond belief. He is supposed to be a president FOR THE PEOPLE.

That you can defend this shows what kind of a stupid moron you are.

The fact that you can even defend this shows what kind of a stupid moron you are. You probably voted for him.

Flagged for review. 
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C. L. - 24 d ago

Ivanka hasn't divested herself from her company or her father's. Bloomingdales should do more than just take down the signs directing the customers to her line. They should stop carrying it. I shop in Manhattan. Her shoe table is the only one that is not labeled. Her clothing line on the third floor is without signs. You have to stumble across her merchandise. Not enough!

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