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Blue Bell Creameries

423 N Norton Ave
Sylacauga, AL
Jon Searles
Plant Mgr
(256) 249-6100
(256) 249-6195
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Whitleyyyy - 111 d 15 h ago


Fudge Nut Brownie! Bring it back to Texas, please!!!!!! The new Rasberry Fudge Brownie is really good, but that Fudge Nut Brownie is life changing :) can it just be a year around flavor not just seasonal....sometimes! ???

Thank You!

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Leonides Soler - 117 d 5 h ago

I want to present to you my recepy of ice cream

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Anonymous - 148 d 6 h ago



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Marcia-Wallace - 177 d 13 h ago

Great ice cream. I need to know why you can't find the light vanilla in stores anymore.

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Anonymous - 234 d 4 h ago

chocolate peanut butter cookie dough get it back in tx asap!

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Anonymous - 234 d 4 h ago

please bring back chocolate peanut butter cookie dough please

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JoJo - 263 d 5 h ago


Just want to say that I love Blue Bell ice cream. Your new flavor Spiced Pumpkin Pecan is very good, but the candied pecans ruined it for me. The pecans have a funny taste to them. So I'm trying to eat the ice cream and discarding the pecans (what a shame). Wished you had just made it without the pecans, I would be stocking up like always. Thank you for letting me express my thoughts.

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Manchukoda rajan - 278 d ago


Namesty sir we want supply to in vizaga

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Gayle - 1 y ago


As I look at the many advertisements for Bluebell ice creme, I have noticed the lack of people of color included. I do know that many people of color buy and enjoy your product. This should be taken in consideration when choosing actors to be the face of your product.

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Anonymous - 1 y ago


There is a supervisor for the north side of Euston I am a customer at a store that I used to work at he harasses me every time he sees me he harasses this Store employee if this is your policy your policy his attitude is iwhere is your policy And your ice cream if he keeps it up I will sue year but I'm not playing

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DJ - 1 y ago


Let me start out with I love blue bell homemade vanilla hands down its the best.

Today I had my bowl full and was about halfway finished when I felt a different texture on tongue . So I Reached in and to my surprise pulled out a round piece of plastic about the size of a dime. Wow I understand that things happen sometimes that are out of our control but I'm sorry to say I will not be buying blue bell ice cream again .

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Mom of Five - 1 y ago

I found a sharp piece of plastic in Dutch Chocolate the same week this was posted. I contacted the company; they have been completely unhelpful, thanking me for being a "loyal customer" and offering me more potentially dangerous ice cream. This is ridiculous, and indicative of the sort of company Blue Bell has become. They have zero concern for the safety of their customers....

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Patti Hutchinson - 1 y ago


Best ice cream EVER!!! However, who decided to stop production on the quart size BUTTER PECAN!!!???? WRONG! You make the best BUTTER PECAN and now we have to purchase another brand.....not near as good as yours! PLEASE, bring quart size BUTTER PECAN back to the shelves. We know you make the tiny pint size....a waste of time!


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Kris - 1 y ago


Would love to try the great divide Cant wait for it to be in our area. I love chocolate and vanilla. And since there's a division in our family where someone likes chocolate and someone doesn't like chocolate and someone likes vanilla I think that's a great name for it the Great Divide cuz we are divided in our family of what flavor of ice cream we like so thanks for bringing them both in one tub of ice cream love that idea. Saves me money of buying two different tubs of ice cream and have the division in our family thanks

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LizAnn - 1 y ago


While spending 3 months in Ft Myers FL I had the opportunity to buy Mocha Almond Fudge. The most scrumptious ice cream ever! Evidently others thought likewise. It would disappear from the shelf immediately. I can not find this in eastern Oklahoma. Approached WalMart and Harp's Grocery and have not been able to find it on the shelf. Is this a southern flavor or what? Please consider sending to zip code 74344.

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

Bring back the red velvet cake blue bell ice cream!!! That's the only one I eat and after the recall on your ice cream that's the one you've failed to bring back. Walmart, food city or any other store has it...

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TMACTXTX - 1 y ago

I was eating a bowl of your Pineapple Sherbet when I bit down on a fairly large piece of something that looked like the leg of a large roach in it. A close up photo was taken. The number on the containers' bottom, which I'll gladly send to you is 030520 & 532.

I took a picture and have kept the piece and and the plastic container for evidence.

I noticed several other people describing similar experiences, so this doesn't appear to be an isolated incident.

After all the recent issues B/B has had, one would think your QC department would prevent this from happening over and over..

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A. Randolph - 1 y ago

I was eating a bowl of your Dutch Chocolate ice cream when I found a fairly large piece of plastic in it. One end was broken and it was sharp. I took a picture and have kept the piece of plastic. Please reply. I'd like you to get in touch with you directly. I noticed several other people describing similar experiences, so this doesn't appear to be an isolated incident.

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Judy - 1 y ago


Blue Bell has always been my go to ice cream. Homemade Vanilla, best ever. As a child I always knew that one day I would have a pie shop and sell Blue Bell Homemade vanilla to go with my sweet pie. Well, that dream came true. I opened the pie shop, and always served Blue Bell as the only ice cream I would carry. I didn't have enough storage in my shop to buy huge cartons every week, so, I would just buy Blue Bell from whatever grocery store had it on sale. I considered myself a "customer" of Blue Bell. Since I tell customers, and we have plenty, that the ONLY ice cream I will serve is Blue Bell, they were always quite happy. I tried to purchase a neon Blue Bell sign from Blue Bell, but they said no, because I was not their customer. I buy on the average 10 1/2 gallons a week. Would like to buy 3 gallon containers; however, storage was an issue. I do have an account with them though, for when I was able to make it work. I called today to place a big order for a festival in Grapevine this week-end, and was told NO that I was no longer their customer. It wasn't even a polite NO. Something about they would have to reopen my account and on and on. They must be behind on technology. Anyway, I was prepared to place a big order today and was told no. I was shocked. That's OK. Ben E. Keith sells Bordens Home Made Vanilla and are more than happy to sell it to me. Good thing I didn't order that Blue Bell neon sign to hang in the pie shop window. I will never eat Blue Bell again :-(

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Will - 1 y 83 d ago


hi i am a child old enough to have tasted the flavor "happy tracks" flavor of ice cream i loved it so much every time we went to the store that is the flavor i got always no matter what. but they have discontinued happy tracks i think if bluebell brought back happy tracks it would increase there income. i need my happy tracks bluebell!

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Mike - 1 y 85 d ago

Love your ice cream but when will you start making pineapple and vanilla again. Loved it

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Anthony Wayne - 1 y 120 d ago


Let me first by saying I am a big fan! Love your ice cream! But I do have a question. I guess about 5-6 months ago.. and excuse me if I do not use the right terms.. but the ink outside on your half gallon homemade vanilla rubs off and makes a HUGH mess. It did it at a birthday party and the ink was everywhere and I was so embarrassed. Is this normal? I have never noticed this before. Will it always do this? I wanted to give 5 stars but couldn't because of the packaging ink. Sorry.

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Donna p. - 1 y 130 d ago


Hate you're strawberries and homemade vanilla ice cream! Won't buy again, loved the strawberries and cream before. Your ice cream has changed since you came back.

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Tash - 1 y 139 d ago


I was eating butter pecan that I recently purchased at the grocery store near my home, 77070, and a piece of plastic was in the middle of my gallon. It was a circular piece of plastic that I found in a spoon full of buttered pecan that I put in my mouth. My 2 year old was eating some too and I'm glad I received it and not her. That would've been worse. As much as I love your ice cream this has ruined me eating your products. This is really unacceptable!

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Andrea - 1 y 157 d ago


Purchased a blue bell cookies and cream gallon tub, and found a factory part in the ice cream! I am by far disgusted and very disappointed.

Have picture but can't seem to post it on here.

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