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BMW of North America, LLC

300 Chestnut Ridge Rd.
Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Jim O'Donnell
Chairman and CEO
(201) 307-4000
(201) 307-0880
Twitter IDs
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Bob Ferrall - 12 d 5 h ago


Please take me off your email list. Due to your politically correct response to not advertise on The Bill O'reilly program I will no longer purchase BMW products

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wally pudenda - 6 d ago

If you're stupi enough to watch Bill O'Reilly who would want you on their list

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Jesus Christ - 1 d 2 s ago

Bill is my uncle and he's far from stupid! He is just willing to point out assholes like you that are liberal dickheads. Unfortunately, he has has neither the time nor inclination to address the paranoid unintelligible and ignorant people of the world who are so busy being negative that they never learned how to spell..."stupid" Stupid.

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TJ - 1 d 46 s ago

Who cares if you don't buy BMW products. You must be as crazy as Bill O'Reilly himself.

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Annabelle - 1 d 21 m ago

In March 2017 my 2004 BMW M3 would not start and was towed to Cain BMW in North Canton who diagnosed and replaced the fuel pump and Relaycost $1,114.76. Car was sold to a Fremont resident and on her way to work the car quit running while driving on a busy highway in Toledo. Car was towed to Yark BMW of Toledocost $200.00. Service Dept. Scanned car for faults and found that fuel pump relay faulted---replaced relay and was told car starts and runs. New owner was called to pick up car. When she tried to start the car, it would not start at all. She asked that I take the car back and she bought another BMW. Yark ran the car through another diagnosis and suggested replacing the batteryCost $631.61.

Again I was called to pick up the car and told that it was running fineI was told the Service Dept would be closed and the keys would be at the front desk. I drove 3 hours from Navarre to Toledo on 5/27/2017 and when I got there, it took a while for them to find the keys to my car because their service dept was closed the keys were not at the front desk. Again, the car was a slow start. As I drove it out of the parking lot, it felt sluggish. I thought once I opened it up on the highway it would be OK. It started running fine and then three miles later, I felt it power down and no matter what I did, it just felt like it was not getting any fuel. The gas gauge was showing a full. I didn't even make it to a gas station. The State Highway Patrol called for a towing co. and the car was towed back to Yark BMWCost $150. My question is why would I be told the car was running fine then only after a few miles down the road it looses power completely? I might understand if the diagnosis was done at a non-BMW dealershipbut that is not the case.

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Anonymous - 3 d ago



On 8/20/15 I bought a BMW 328d from BMW of Beverly Hills. I bought it because it was supposed to get excellent fuel economy, even in the city (31 mpg). Indeed every time I read a review about the 328d, it's excellent mileage is mentioned, with many getting 25+ mpg in the city. I haven't been so lucky, averaging 12mpg in the city, and 16mpg combined. The car also has required frequent oil changes. It's barely 2 years old and has only 9100 miles on it, yet it's required 4 oil changes so far, and the computer says it'll need another one in 3800 miles (this number drops rapidly, so I know I'll need to bring it it way before that). The car is supposed to have it's FIRST oil change at 12,000 miles. The first time I brought it in for service at BMW of Beverly Hills, they added a non-BMW oil additive, something that the owners manual warns may void the engine warranty. The car frequently suffers from "Drivetrain Malfunctions" (as displayed by the onboard computer. When these happen, the engine races but the car loses all forward motion. Annoying and dangerous! Obviously there is something very wrong. BMW of Beverly Hills service just changes the oil and says the car is performing as designed and that perhaps I should consider a battery charger as I have owned the car for 33 months and my excessive oil usage is due to the fact that I only drive 3300 miles a year and this why I have this problem. When I reply that I have only owned the car for 20 months I get no response. I asked for more information from the technicians, and all I got were what BMW calls "key reads" which outline how many times a particular component has been serviced. These raised more questions than answers as it appears that my NEW car had been serviced prior to my owning it. Again, BMW of Beverly Hills had no answers. They refuse to provide a service history report for my car (something they easily printed in the past when I asked for prior BMWs I had). They have kept the car for over a week more than once, but provide no clue as to why it has been there so long. I personally have had to learn more technical information about my BMW than any common driver would ever want to, and wasted hours and hours trying to get answers out of BMW of Beverly Hills. All of this has prompted me to demand a refund for the car. I was forwarded the email you see attached by a BMW Parts and Service Manager, which puts things into perspective. In it, Damien Warchol of BMW USA who is the Center Assistance Manager for the Western Region, praises BMW of Beverly Hills for putting BMW's interests over that of the customer by reducing the number of buybacks of it's cars. I wonder how many of those customers are like myself, owning defective, possibly dangerous cars that are made to appear as though they are in working order simply by neglecting to test for, or properly document problems that exist. Additionally, I need to consider that my car is now worth less when traded in with these unresolved problems, as I chose to buy it instead of leasing it not to mention the safety hazards which I could be passing on to others as BMW of Beverly Hills has not protected my investment at all and indeed has put BMW's interest over mine.

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Anonymous - 3 d 13 h ago

My Daughter is having so many problems with her truck. It been in the shop 3 times in the pass two months.and the warrenty,is not what it says it is.

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Dennis - 4 d 12 h ago

Jim O'Donnell

May I please have the privilege of a commerical Actor opportunity with your 7 series. Its a beautiful car. I am a US Disabled Veteran victim of a financial abuse crime. Thanks.

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Tammy Sanchez - 23 d 12 h ago


I bought my dream car which happens to be a BMW 428i at McKenna in Downey Ca.

My car is a convertible hard top. When it rained this 3 months ago. I had a leak from the headlliner on the passenger side. I took my car into Mckenna dealership. The dealership kept my car for a week and told me nothing was wrong. So the I asked for the service manager named Armando Lopez. I asked him what was done to detect the leak. I was told that they put it through the cares she at there dealership. I advised him that when it was raining it was pouring. So it's a big difference. Between a car wash & pouring rain. So I left with my car. Then we have poring rain again. This time my seats & floor mats are soaked due to the headliner. This time I videotaped the leak area and emailed to the manager Armando. My car was in the shop for 2 weeks. I was told when I picked up my car that the issue had been fixed. I was so happy. Then it rains again. There's still a leak. OMG, so frustrating. Do I went online and surfed the net. Other people with the same make & model of my car had the same problem as I. So I read that a humidifier test is needed. So I took my car back & demanded that they do this test. I was told that the BMW team from Northern BMW would be involved. At this point I got the the Managers boss involved named Brian Kim. Which really did nothing. So I asked that they call Mr.Mckenna the owner. Everywhere in the dealership Mr. McKenna has poster stands around stating if you have questions or concerns leave your name & phone number with any of his employees & he'll personally call you back. I did leave my name & number several times. No response. I even sent the manager emails. No response. Since then. I have taken my car to Shelly BMW.

They have over exceeded my expectations. I want people to know that. Once you buy your BMW. Your not treated the same. All they asked is that if I receive a surgery from Northern BMW to please leave a good review. I will call Northern BMW, to file a complaint during the week. Hopefully no one else has to suffer this issue.

Tammy Sanchez

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grutzius - 6 d 17 h ago

Dear Ms. Sanchez, I too have a problem with the passenger side of my 440i hard top with water coming through, much like you I purchased my dream car only to be very disappointed with the customer service, just like a used car salesman in a bad movie but with the name BMW, other then the name, they are con artists that will sell their grandma for a sale! Sorry about your troubles, I'm trying to return mine, and get my money back, This has been a nightmare, and I want to part of it down the road.

G. Grutzius

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Grutzius - 6 d 17 h ago

Absolute worst customer service I've ever experienced after spending the funds that I have, I have been working with Jared Caraway, to no avail or assistance (Get this he was promoted for good customer service) go figure that one out. Next I went to sales manager Max White all at Momentum BMW spoke a few times, again to know avail and no customer service, so I now go up to BMW of North America and speak to a MR.COLE and now we're playing phone tag, wind screen is faulty and unable to use it, two months of trying to get it replaced as it is under warranty! Guessing a lawyer is the next step. So unfortunate, so unhappy, expected a lot more from BMW.

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Shane - 6 d 18 h ago


My bmw 320i is under warranty until the end of the month the rear rotors are warped and they told me that they are not covered under warranty I asked for an explanation and still have heard nothing. No one is calling me back or letting me know anything from BMW of Murray UT. This is the worst service I have ever received i will never do business with them again.

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Get Better Managers - 7 d 1 h ago


I've been trying to refi my mothers 328i since April 7, 2017. We finally got things resolved so we thought... May 5. Here it is May 22 and still nothing done! Now MVA is going to suspend my drivers license and report my insurance because BMW Financial hasn't completed the process? Each time I call I'm 'Reassured' the process will be complete in 48 hours, 4 days or a week.... not 17 days or 6 weeks later!!! But to have someone waiting on BMW to send paperwork and then to have my drivers license threatened based on something they're NOT doing is ridiculous

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Michael - 7 d ago


I am a new BMW owner and love the car. The issue I have is with the sales process. Manipulation and deceit - the West Houston dealership adds optional items to sales sheets and fails to explain these items. The sales person said "the dealership makes the sales people put the optional items on the price sheet". If these are optional items then they should be explained with the other optional items. When I noticed these items I asked Tariq - financial consultant at BMW West houston - and he said "those items are already included in the price of the car, they just need to be line itemed in a different area on the contract." When I confronted the sales director about these items after the sale, his only response was "well you signed the contract." Where is the honesty and integrity in America? After reading other experiences with BMW this doesn't appear to be the first time manipulation and deceit has happened to customers. So I'm left with - sorry you're out of luck or better yet sorry you were manipulated but you're stuck! I would recommend to my friends, if buying a car from BMW of West Houston, beware of wolves in sheep clothing. Same issues, same problems - dealerships do not have their customers interest first they have their money they want first!

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John - 11 d ago

I currently own 2016 BMW's that is still under warranty. I have been unable to close the sunroof and need to get it fix ASAP. I've called 5 dealers and each of them asked that I bring the car in for service, but none are able to give me a loner car. I have been told the earliest would be next week Tuesday. (Today is Wednesday) This is very disappointing that 5 dealerships in a 25+ miles radius don't have loner cars available. As part of my agreement with BMW this is a service that is provided. I've owned a Mercedes Benz and not once I have I ever experienced a problem with getting a loner car.

If some at BMW is reading this complaint, I could certainly use your help. I cannot go without a car. This is a problem that I did not cause.

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Al - 20 d 17 h ago


When will the $200 payments be made for the elimination of roadside assist?

General profile image

DaveS - 11 d 17 h ago

Heh. Been waiting since October. Dealer says call customer service, Customer Service directed me to the payment servicer. The payment servicer sent be back to the original marketing company. Pretty useless process.

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Susane Seidman - 12 d ago


I just bought my 2013 BMW X5 in for service and noticed a loud sound in the engine. The car is 4 1/2 years old and only has 25k miles on it. I have taken very good care of this car. The service man advised me that the repairs on my care would total 5 Thousand dollars!!!! In addition the general service will be $1,500.00. When I drove off the BMW lot, the engine noise was still there as loud as ever. Needless to say I've never felt so ripped off. I think they know very well what is wrong with the engine, but they said they could not identify or replicate the sound. After being a loyal BMW customer for years, I am now a loyal Mercedes customer. I'm done with this dishonest company who takes no responsibility for their product and blames everything on the driver of the car. They had the audacity to tell me that the issues were based on the fact that I am a "low mileage driver". I guess that means that their new sales pitch should be that if you are a low mileage driver do NOT buy a BMW. Buy a Mercedes!!!!

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Steven Givens - 13 d 17 h ago


my 2010 750LI randomly caught fire last month. Arson was suspected until witnesses contacted me that were in the parking lot informed me there was no one there when it blew up in flames. Weeks later a story broke about this happening all over the world. I am currently seeking representation, and trying to contact the proper channels to have this investigated the right way and HOPE BMW stands behind the brand and does the right thing for its consumers. Enthusiasts arent buying new BMWs, without the good of the name i'd say most people would be quick to switch to Audi or Mercedes.

General profile image

Steven - 13 d 17 h ago

I suspected random arson to my 2010 750LI on april 13, 2017 until the story of bmws catching fire came out. I want to know what will BMW as a business be doing to investigate these fires. I currently dont have a car and im just GLAD my car wasnt parked in my garage.

General profile image

Bennet - 17 d 15 h ago


The engine on my 2013 BMW X 5 blew up. A BMW dealer had previously had to the top end of the engine apart and obviously didn't get the problem fixed. It remains to be seen what type of customer service will be provided. It's started with a unacceptable response from the dealer not to mention the engine failed as I was passing a vehicle the outcome could have been far worse

General profile image - 17 d 17 h ago


I am writing tonight to ask BMW not to be like Volkswagen and address and take care of the problem causing the vehicles to catch fire. Under normal circumstances, when a vehicle has been parked for 5 hours , there should be nothing that would or could catch fire. Trying to blame these incidents on the customer or rodents is a joke..

I purchased a 2016 x3 that will starting tonight and until you determine the problem and fix it will be parked outside.. That is out of SAFETY concerns for my family.. I want BMW to do what they need to do for the SAFETY of my family as well

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Ashok C Solsi MD - 18 d 13 h ago


I am a long time BMW customer. I was trying to place an order for new 6 series convertible , with application build your own. It is frustrating to navigate new web site. It is not accepting the options clicked. I have an excellent sales rep in our dealership Mr Bits Faradjo. He also had problems with web site. You should seriously consider customer user friendly functional web site.

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Gerald - 32 d 19 h ago


I too am through with BMW. We've purchased seven BMWs since our first 740IL in 1995. We also purchased 3 Series models for our daughter and two of our four grandchildren as high school graduation gifts. The two remaining to graduate will not receive BMWs nor will I ever again buy a BMW due to the fact that BMW caved in to the Radical Left and caused the tarring of Bill O'Reilly. I had my issues with O'Reilly but I am even madder at the ploys of the Left in total hypocrisy themselves.

General profile image

Randy - 26 d ago


Bye Gerald, you wont be missed

General profile image

D~ - 25 d 32 s ago

That's rude. Who are you Randy? Do you even work for BMW

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