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BMW of North America, LLC

300 Chestnut Ridge Rd.
Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Jim O'Donnell
Chairman and CEO
(201) 307-4000
(201) 307-0880
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kat - 6 d 16 m ago


Purchased a 2019 BMW X3 to replace my 2017 X3. The 2019 had many new updates that I thought made it a superior SUV. My salesman was great, however was surprised by the pressure I received from the finance manager to purchase additional add on contracts at the closing of the sale. I had was disappointed that once I negotiated with the salesman the sales pitch was not over. I love the way the car rides and looks. I was very disappointed to learn after I had purchased the SUV the feature of receiving and sending text messages through the SUV was not there for Android devices. If I had known this before purchase I would have made a different choice. My 2017 had this feature and never expected the functionality to go away.

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BARBARA - 17 d 14 h ago


Today MARCH 6 2019 was Such a positive day I was looking to trade out my 2011 328IX drive .

I drove into the FIELDS BMW of Daytona Beach Florida and without any pressure of any salesman, I walked in to the dealership and spoke to The genius of the auto group Brandon Barnback , He set me up with the client adviser Michael Ugarte, I was very intrested in the 2016 X3 with the wonderful staff at fields BMW,

Joe I'm sorry I do not know his last name (financial chief is the title I'm giving him)

he got me into the 2016 X3 my dream car !!


I appreciate all that you have done for me !!!


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Robert - 18 d ago

Robert Lyons

Just purchased new 2019 BMW 750i. The Owner's Manual page 8 states that the Owner's Manual for Navigation, Entertainment and Communications can be obtained as printed book form the service center. Contacted BMW dealership ( Fields BMW, Winter Pak, Florida)Robert Lyons where I purchased car and was told that they have never seen the manual.

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Olga - 18 d 14 h ago

I own a 2013 Bmw 328xi

When I was getting on a highway it just died, i got lucky I swerved into right lane without accident, had to call two tow trucks to pick it up because it doesn't go in Neutral.

One mechanic checked said engine ceased so I called second mechanic just to make sure it was exact issue same thing another mechanic said. I only have car little over a year and maintain it on time all the time. How in a world engine just ceases like that?! I'm beyond mad and BMW taking no responsibility for it !!!!! I will never get another BMW in my life worst experience ever.

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Denied Repair Process per Class Action Lawsuit - 88 d 19 h ago


My name is Terry Pickens (e-mail: (hidden)) a current owner of a 2011 BMW 750LI vehicle (Class Vehicle) with an "N63" engine that has been identified through a Class Action Lawsuit Case No. 2:15-cv-06945-MCA-SCM filed on 9/11/18 for vehicle consuming excessive amount of engine oil.

My reason for writing is that I was contacted on Dec 7th 2018 by BMW of South Kansas City stating my car was a good candidate for this excessive amount of oil consumption as I had previously reported to the above-mentioned dealer of smoke out the exhaust during acceleration after idling. My car was diagnosed as failing the oil consumption test. BMW Corporate determine that the engine needs to be replaced due to my car also failing the timing chain test which previously passed 30,000 miles ago in 2015 during the N63 Customer Care Package check. The timing chain test failure has no part in the excessive oil engine consumption and is not part or mentioned as part of the class action lawsuit.

According to the Class Action Lawsuit, the first 10 years or 120,000 miles (my vehicle 7 years @ 115,000 miles), BMW will provide up to three (3) oil-consumption test per class vehicle at a BMW Center at no cost to the current owner of the class vehicle. BMW will provide the applicable repairs, including diagnosis, at no charge to correct a failed Oil-Consumption Test.

To be considered for an engine replacement the following action must occur first:

1. The N63 Customer Care Package has been performed on the Class Vehicle (conducted in 2015); and

2. the Class Vehicle thereafter fails two (2) Oil-Consumption Test (failed the initial test); and

3. BMW cannot completely resolve the excess oil consumption issue after the second failed Oil-Consumption Test and second repair attempt (no repair attempted); and

4. the Class Vehicle is then brought back to a BMW Center for an Oil Consumption issue and the BMW Center confirms that there in fact remains an Oil Consumption issue.

I feel as if BMW do not want to perform the repair process as outlined in the mentioned lawsuit at no cost to the consumer and finding other reason to deny those necessary repairs to correct the Oil Consumption issue and move directly to replacing the engine at cost to the consumer at a prorated percentage depending on the mileage of the class vehicle. My percentage of cost would be 90% and BMW 10% of cost to replace the engine when BMW never performed the above steps for engine replacement per the class action lawsuit.

I wanted to try to resolve this issue directly with BMW NA, LLC to reconsider performing the necessary repair process on my class vehicle before offering an engine replacement as dictated in the class action lawsuit before perusing this issue further.

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CNCJerry - 53 d 8 h ago


Same issue. They didn't even attempt a repair at "no cost" and moved right to the prorated engine replacement at my cost of $8,200. My car was evaluated over last summer and I was told to wait for the Bang settlement. Last summer they said I needed new valve stem seals. Now I need a new engine after only 10 more miles! I am still fighting with them. In my case, the car, a 2010 X6 n63, started using excessive amounts of oil while under warranty and BMW said it was normal.

I am looking for others in the same position. Please send an email to (hidden) as I plan to escalate this issue with their chairman as well as the Bang Class administrator. I am proposing another class form. This is wrong!

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Tiredofbmw - 22 d 13 h ago

Same situation with my 2009 750i. Had valve stem seals replaced and new battery, and 990 miles later had to return car for low oil quantity and 400 miles after that, returning car to dealership for dead battery. The whole prorated mileage thing is a joke. Less than 100000 miles and I'm supposed to pay 60% towards a new engine. I don't think so.

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Sadek - 34 d 18 h ago


2012 BMW X5 E70 purcheased new for $67,000. Transfer case failure at 29k miles $4,600. Water pump failure at 43k miles $1,300. Oil filter housing leak at 45k miles $1,600. Oil pan gasket leak at 45K miles $3,600. Two seperate diagnoses at $165 ea. Assistance offered from BMW NA = $300. $11,430 in repairs on a vehicle with less than 46k miles and they offer $300 in assistance. What a slap in the face. This vehicle has hardly been driven. It's evident that BMW won't stand behind their product so why would I ever buy another BMW again? I own 4 BMW's, and E24, an E39 an E28 all of which were more reliable than this piece of junk and there are 2 other BMW's in the family including an E90 and a 2019 i3. I can say that to step over a dollar to make a dime and not stand behind your product is bad business. They know that their transfer cases are faulty as evidenced by the myraid of complaints.This car is the biggest lemon I've ever owned and the last BMW I'll ever buy. Way to go BMW! you lost an extremely loyal customer and his family.

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Tiredofbmw - 22 d 13 h ago


Similar experience with my 2009 750i. A lemon and BMW isn't helpful. I've also come to realize that BMW seems to be ok with losing business from loyal customers. Not loyal anymore though.

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nothappyaboutit - 24 d 13 h ago


BMW (FL) estimated $8400 to change transmission to solve my problems. The instrument panel looked like a Christmas tree. They gave no explanation. This was what the computer readout said. (They showed the printout of the test with the final assessment. A local Transmission (FL) expert went through the test and told me there was no need to replace the transmission Just an internal motor for $2800. They did. The car (BMW328xi) worked fine as I drove safely home (1,300 miles). I saved $5000. Food for thought.

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JAMES THOMAS JR - 34 d 15 h ago


Purchased a cpo BMW vehicle in September 2018. On 15 February 2019 had vehicle serviced there. Mechanic found out that the anti freeze appears to be all water. What happened during the cpo vehicle inspection? Also I didn't notice this until I have gotten half way home and I saw this on the invoice. Apparently the following work was recommended but not performed. I wasn't made aware of this until now. Now I have to make another service trip for REC. MOC COOLANT SYS. I'm definitely not a happy BMW customer at this time with your dealership. Tried contacting service manager and sales manager.

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Shahir Salyani - 40 d 15 h ago


I was cheated on the price for MPU (Maintenance Program Upgrade) for my BMW X3 at BMW of Mt. Laurel NJ

Beware of the finance people here. Last year I purchased a BMW X3 (VIN 5UXTR9C55JLD59408) in March 2018. I had a great experience with the salesperson Donna McLoughlin, but a completely different matter when it came to the paperwork. The finance person doing my paperwork - Chris Crowe - at BMW Mt. Laurel overcharged me for the Maintenance Program Upgrade (MPU) program (36 months for viper blades, brake pads, etc). I paid about $ 1,400, when other dealers around the area charge around $ 600-700. When I asked him if other dealers charged the same - he informed me that the price was set by BMW USA centrally and that it was the same price nationally. Completely misrepresentation and disingenuous of what BMW stands for - this was taking advantage of the sales process. Felt cheated!!!! Very disappointed!!!

Sincerely, -Shahir Salyani

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Pete - 41 d 24 s ago


1) BMW NA and Concord BMW have admitted in writing to the fact that my 2018 BMW X3 was sold to me with a manufacturer defect that has NOT been remedied. To date, the defect continues to be ignored by BMW NA, and Concord BMW. I have filed a valid warranty claim for my 2018 BMW X3 - and BMW NA has refused to honor my valid claim.

2) Concord BMW has admitted in writing that the defect in question is NOT ISOLATED to our 2018 BMW X3. BMW of Concord has admitted to in writing that the defect applies to "multiple vehicles" BMW Concord, CA admits they will continue to sell the defective vehicle to customers and will NOT disclose the defect to the buyer.

3) BMW NA has issued a warranty with the purchase of my 2018 BMW X3 which covers the defect noted in the email chains.

4) BMW NA is REFUSING to honor the warranty that I have purchased and that I have a right to by law.

5) BMW NA has admitted in writing that the BMW NA Software Update Website should recognize my VIN # - AND IT DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THIS VIN #.

6) BMW NA has admitted in writing that he BMW NA Software Update Website should recognize my VIN # - AND BMW NA "should have this problem fixed by the end of 2018". As of today, 2/12/2019, BMW NA has not remedied this problem.

7) FACTS - BMW NA is refusing to address each/both of the BMW NA valid warranty claims and software problems as described above in points #1-#6.

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Pete - 41 d 35 s ago


1) BMW NA and Concord BMW have admitted in writing to the fact that my 2018 BMW X3 was sold to me with a manufacturer defect that has NOT been remedied. To date, the defect continues to be ignored by BMW NA, and Concord BMW. I have filed a valid warranty claim for my 2018 BMW X3 - and BMW NA has refused to honor my valid claim.

2) Concord BMW has admitted in writing that the defect in question is NOT ISOLATED to our 2018 BMW X3. BMW of Concord has admitted to in writing that the defect applies to "multiple vehicles" BMW Concord, CA admits they will continue to sell the defective vehicle to customers and will NOT disclose the defect to the buyer.

3) BMW NA has issued a warranty with the purchase of my 2018 BMW X3 which covers the defect noted in the email chains.

4) BMW NA is REFUSING to honor the warranty that I have purchased and that I have a right to by law.

5) BMW NA has admitted in writing that the BMW NA Software Update Website should recognize my VIN # - AND IT DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THIS VIN #.

6) BMW NA has admitted in writing that he BMW NA Software Update Website should recognize my VIN # - AND BMW NA "should have this problem fixed by the end of 2018". As of today, 2/12/2019, BMW NA has not remind this problem.

7) FACTS - BMW NA is refusing to address each/both of the BMW NA valid warranty claims and software problems as described above in points #1-#6.

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a potential lost customer - 42 d 37 s ago


I am very disappointed in the new Model year 2017 Extended maintenance warranty program. My 2017 5 series has

35.5 K miles i make a decision to buy the extended maintenance from my local dealer. It turns out to buy the extended

maintenance you MUST have paid the cost around $500 when the car was new, upgrade maintenance program in order to qualify to buy the program when your car hits the mileage milestones. Research shows no one told me at the time of purchase that this is the way the program will work! or if they did I probably would have shared that is bizarre.

BMW needs to figure out how to price these costs into their business model or do a better job educating the folks who buy

and support their company There is one other issue related to this, BMW doesn't have a MSRP on their maintenance .

it appears that you can negotiate the price, which I find offensive

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Amit Srivastav - 43 d 20 h ago


Completely dissapointed with BMW NortheWest Arkansas Service representative.Horrible services and disrrespectful customer service Issue Summary : Problem reported with the Car Starting, Took to BMW Arkansas and BMW recommended to perform a diagnostic for 135 USD. Had three recalls on the Car, Air bag front and Passenger and the Fuel Pump . The car was left with BMW for the Car Start up problem, Fixing recalls and Steering wheel Oil change. Service advisor agreed to report back with the issue and we agreed for the vehicle repair and delivery by 07/08th Jan with the recall fixing and any other issues which will be diagnosed and consulted and agreed via the phone. After recall fixing and Start up diagnostic the service adviser had advised that it's a problem with the battery as one cell in the battery has a 9.5 V and the battery needs to be replaced and this was the reason for the startup and fixing the battery will solve the problem. We agreed and the battery was replaced. Upon delivery the service advisor had confirmed that this issue had been resolved and I will have no issue. Concern & Escalation : 1.Considering the car is fixed I planned for a business drive to Chicago on 12th Jan and this is where the problem begins: On the way to Chicago in St louis approx. 300 ML from Arkansas the car refused to start at the gas station and after deliberate attempts the car started and to ensure that I don't get in to the problem in the midway I stretched the drive until I reach to the hotel in Chicago without stopping the car and risking the safety under severe weather condition with heavy snow just to ensure that I don't end with the starting problem if I stop the car mid way. After reaching Chicago, Every time I stop the car and try to strart with some delay let's say 1-2 hr, The car take 4-5 attempts to start . Now I have to return from Chicago to Arkansas and I am unsure whether or not I will be able to reach 600- 700 miles with the current starting issues which has been misdiagnosed by BMW. The diagnosis error and miscommunication by the BMW and the service advisor had caused unnecessary frustration and heavy inconvenience on my business trip and I am greatly upset for an irresponsible service and diagnosis and wrong and misleading advice provided by the BMW service advisor.The symptoms and problem remained the same as before taking to BMW Arkansas. 2. The car Mileage had been significantly dropped from 21 MPG to 15 MPG per Gallon under the same driving condition from before leaving the car to BMW Arkansas and after receiving the car. I suspect this is due to the fuel pump recall fixed by BMW Arkansas. I am truly upset with the service and satisfaction received by the BMW Arkansas and would like to escalate this to BMW head office, The wrong diagnosis and advice by the BMW had caused extreme frustration and have also risked the safety of me and my family as I was forced to drive non stop under the extreme weather condition. Regards, Amit Srivastava +(hidden)

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Anonymous - 47 d ago

James hary. Bmw staff no.0079811

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MS - 48 d 16 h ago


I'm so disgusted with the service department at the Las Vegas BMW dealership. I took my car in to have my left rear tire checked because it kept losing air. It had been doing this for about a month. So I take it in and my service person was Leon. He seemed nice enough and I relayed to him that my left rear tire kept leaking air a week after refilling with air. Simple enough, he takes my car and I wait in the lounge. About an hour later he tells me my tire has a nail in it and it's located on the sidewall so it can't be fixed. He also said they had none in stock and needed to order it and it would be about 3 days. I'm like ok, it's only 8 months old but stuff happens and he did offer me a loaner which I did take him up on. Anyway, my appt was on Saturday and I received a call Tuesday that my car was ready. So, i go down there, pay for the tire and head my merry way. When I go home I noticed the paperwork said the rear right tire had been replaced and I'm like, that wasn't the tire I wanted check out for a leak. I then called Leon to explain that I needed my left rear tire checked and the paperwork read right rear tire was replaced. He assured me that it was the left rear tire that was replaced. A couple of days later, my tire pressure monitor system is telling me that the pressure is low again on the left rear tire. I decide to take it in because it shouldn't be losing air with a new tire. Leon again is my service person and he tells me he is going to take it to the tire person to inspect it. He comes back and tells me the tire that was replaced was the right tire that had a nail in it and that's the one they replaced. I'm like wait a second, you told me the left rear tire was replaced on the phone and now you are telling me it was the right tire. Then what happened to to checking my left tire for the air leak? He says, l"et me go see what is wrong with it". I wait in the lounge and an hour passes and here comes Leon telling me that the left tire now has a nail in it. I'm like WTF. Why wasn't this noticed when I first brought it in and he's trying to tell me this happened after I left the shop the first time. I'm like BullShit!! I brought in my car originally to have the left rear tire checked because it was losing air and your telling me that this just happened! I think it's disgraceful that because I'm a woman, he thinks he can BullShit me. How are you going to change out the wrong tire then tell me the tire I originally had taken in to get check now has a nail in it. Something doesn't smell right and I won't be taking my business there anymore!

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Cate - 56 d 21 h ago


Hesitate issue upon acceleration - systemic. BMW Farmington Hills lies about issues when vehicle brought in for symptoms. They do not document and look to deflect from their behavior. Car brought in for issue amounts other and for 9 months the hesitation was not fixed but software changes made for $661and quote " fix weird fault light issues" Come to find it was a faulty spark plug causing wear in coils which had to be found by a 2nd service shop. They could not find issue, 2nd shop found in 15 minutes. Miss fire cylinder 2 & 6 bt dealership only say cylinder 2 need new coil. Also says, plugs are maintenance at 50 - 60K miles but NEVER recommended a change. Mis- leader service tech Ken and Manager Dan. Says, not documented symptoms which is a lie. They even did a ccourtesy heck undocumented in their records and found nothing. Now a $991 issue for a 65K mile car. Buy a HONDA and NEVER use the Farmington, MI dealer.

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Bill - 56 d 3 m ago


Poor service and constant mis-diagnosis of issues. Told cracked gasket for oil due to leak by the Farmington, MI dealer overfilled oil. No cracked gasket! Hd to go a 2nd party for correct fix. Service group dos not document issues to claim ignorance later.

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Anonymous - 85 d ago

Here why to never buy a BMW again! I owned a 2013 BMW 650i, purchased with only 4500km on it. Last March I dropped the engine out on the highway an hour from home - had it towed to the dealer and that is where the TERRIBLE customer service began!

The car was past its 4 year warranty point but only had 47669km on it - certainly not much for BMW's high end sport sedan and I learned directly from the service consultant that most of the oil was gone, that the system clearly showed no engine warning lights. Low oil light or information to alert me to the problem and he confirmed that I had followed the recommended service - just not with the dealer. He stated that I would require an entirely new engine, at my cost both for the engine and installation and that BMW Canada would offer a discount on the engine parts only (30%) - not very generous when you consider that I am sure the mark up on engine parts is far above 30% so they in fact we still making money off the replacement of an engine that should have gone 4x times as long as this at least!

But it gets better. At the suggestion of my local dealer, I called BMW Canada myself, spoke to someone who treated my very poorly, told me there was no record of my car in the system and to contact the dealer again. I submitted an online complaint to BMW Canada and after a few more phone calls, I received an email 2 weeks later (April 10, 2018) with a contact number. I called for 4 days with no reply - I left my office number and instructed my staff to interrupt me if anyone called and no call. I emailed again and gave the person the VIN for the car in hopes of getting something moving ahead. I called daily for 3 weeks - finally got another email stating she would be available all morning and would call me every 2 hours but NO calls. We finally spoke (May 3, 2018) and was told I would be contacted by another customer care person and that she would send me their contact name etc but again no email. I should mention that she offered me a $500 credit on a new vehicle as compensation (for an almost $21 000 service repair bill which I found insulting).

Two weeks passed and not a single call or email but then May 16, 2018 - 13 days later I receive an unrelated follow up email (automated) thanking me for contacting BMW - I replied again. I finally received an email on June 19, 2018 - over two months after my first email and almost 3 months after my first web submission, with a name and contact number. Interestingly this followed an online submission to the BMW main website, not the Canadian site I finally spoke to a nice and helpful person who explained that they had been contacted by corporate BMW and ask to look into things but were not given any direction. He also stated that because the car was originally a BMW US vehicle they would not be offering any additional funding or special rates, they only wanted to close the loop on my experience! I had spoken with BMW US early in the problem and had been informed that as my car was in Canada and at a dealer they could not do anything for me.

It really appalling that my business and their reputation for a quality care means so little to BMW. I understand about a warranty but really - an entire engine without warning at 47 000km - I would be very wary of buying one of these vehicles ever. And it is not like I was new to them, I had previously owned a 645 so I was a likely repeat buyer - not now or ever. To make matters worse, early in the repair stages I talked with a salesperson at the local dealer about considering a trade in, something to allow BMW Canada to retain my business (before all this terrible customer service occurred) and keep my in a BMW for a couple more years. After 15 minutes on the phone outlining my thoughts on a new vehicle, and telling him mine was in their shop right then, he could not even be bothered to call me back! This is the definition of an arrogant car company with no regards for their customers.

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rich - 86 d 14 h ago


The sales staff at Clear Lake Advantage BMW, including their sales manager were not very knowledgeable nor helpful or easy to work with. I was in the market for a CPO 2016 X-5 Needless to say, I was looking for a good deal. After looking at a few other BMW dealerships and their online inventory I was interested in X-5 M they claimed to have only 10k miles on it for $ 42,000.00

After arriving at the dealership, the salesmen offered to get the keys for a test drive but shortly returned stating it had been sold yet the salesman's availability sheet dated today still listed it for sale.

So, the salesmen told me that he would look for a similar vehicle in his computer and their online inventory. As I was driving to another BMW dealership I received a call from the salesman stating he had found one that was similar but qualified it by stating at the instruction of his sales manager Advantage BMW clear lake was only giving a very very low ball amount for my 2014 low mileage in excellent condition and still in warranty for the power train BMW, and the price for the one I was looking for was now quoted for an amount way over market rate and it appeared they were planning to take me for a very expensive ride.

I then, went to cause me to never return to League City Advantage BMW and suggest anyone looking to buy from them go elsewhere. For the record another BMW dealership who quoted me a much better price for my car and a CPO X-5 at a much lower price without even blinking an eye.

I believe the bait and switch tactics and their overpriced asking price and the seriousness of this type of sales management issues I had with this model of BMW which had been replaced with a brand new design for model year 2019 vs, the model year of 2016 I was looking for and the way their sales manager responded, I must conclude they completely failed me as customer and I believe many other customers as well.


General profile image - 97 d 13 h ago

Loan With A Low Percent.

We are now providing funding for business investment, real estate development, personal loans, etc., without stress:

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Unsatisfied customer - 97 d 17 h ago


Every 2 months I am spending thousands of dollars for the same problem. BMW wants to get me into a new car but with all the money I've spent I can't afford it. This page is SCARY everyone has a problem. I am contacting BBB CSS as well as channel 9 news this is ridiculous. We as customers spend to much money to just continue to throw it away. These cars seem like they are being fixed just enough just to get you to come back in a couple weeks. No one takes the responsibility for anything. We need our cars to make our way to work and to other affairs, yet we are put in hard positions. It will stop! I am sure of it.

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Gaylord Freeman - 100 d 16 h ago

My brother and I have been part of the BMW family for years. We love the BMW vehicles, and we enjoy the way BMW provides and give great customer service by providing you with a loaner BMW vehicle until your vehicle is completed through the Service Department.

My cousin John Jones Sr of Pensacola, Florida was looking to buy his wife a car for his birthday. Well, I talked him to purchasing a BMW. He did just that. They bought their first ever BMW from Sandy Sansing BMW in Pensacola, Florida about a year ago. They love the BMW.

My cousins are Seniors, and they do not like complaining. Although, they do complain to me about the bad treatment they receive from Sandy Sansing BMW dealership. They have taken their BMW in for services twice. Each time the company has kept their vehicle for more then three (3) days, and not once have they offer Pastor Jones and wife a loaner vehicle. Now, this is poor and bad services. I have always had loaner car whenever my BMW went in for service.

Pastor Jones had to go out and rent a vehicle for his wife to use until BMW replace the "Run Flat Tire". Really, BMW this is how you treat your customers? What Sandy Sansing doesn't know is that Pastor was thinking about buying a 2019 BMW, and buying his grandson a BMW in 2020. Well, it looks like BMW may have lost a great customer due to poor services.

I would like to apologize to my cousins, because I was the one who sold them on getting the BMW. Thanks for making me look bad among my family. "GET IT RIGHT BMW"

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