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BMW of North America, LLC

300 Chestnut Ridge Rd.
Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Jim O'Donnell
Chairman and CEO
(201) 307-4000
(201) 307-0880
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Todd - 2 d 11 h ago


Good Evening,

I attempted to use the Chat Box for the Zimbrick BMW Dealership in Madison, Wisconsin. I "chatted" with ab Kimberley B. And I requested to place a deposit on an X5 stock model and she took my name, phone number and email address and told me someone would contact me today. No one ever contacted me. I had purchased two other BMW X5 models from this dealership over the past 8 years and i serviced them there as well. Poor customer service. I guess customer loyalty counts for nothing from this dealership. NI'll never buy another BMW from them. I wouldn't recommend them to any customer either.

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Katherine - 6 d 20 s ago


worst experience with the dealership in Chandler, AZ. about to contact an attorney to get this 2017 X5 remote start figured out. sales guy sold me on something that was not even on the SUV! the dealership wouldn't take responsibility.. finally they agreed to install remote start .. but 6 months later and it still doesn't work straight and it seems NO ONE CARES! POOR SERVICE! once I get this SUV paid down I turn it in and NEVER get a BMW again for the way I was treated! They think because I am a woman I don't know what poor service and unfair service is!

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BMWMailin Bala cynwyd - 10 d 12 h ago


I am a proud BMW owner and fan. I Purchased my 3 series a few yrs back and made the switch from Audi. Being a proud and loyal customers it is very important to report horrible experience at a dealership that represents BMW. More importantly this feedback will help you to hopefully approve service in the Bala Cynwood location. Communication - All staff needs to communicate better with each other, maybe keeps notes in a computer log and briefly update each other on the statues of a vehicle. Show empathy - Most staff member very very caring and directed me to the right place. But the team that I was forced to do business with seem to not care at all about trouble that were not caused by me. People use their cars for transportation and without it, things can get a bit complicated. Getting to and from work, planning errands etc. become challenging. Loaner car service. I was informed that their were no loner cars available. I find that hard to believe but if this is the case, that is really unprofessional. Hire the right team. - Hire people that if not care about their career at least care about the people they are their to service!! Hire friendly people who can carry themselves in a professional manner. YOU ARE BMW. YOU are GREAT don't hire mediocre. I don't want anyone to ever have the experienceI I had, which is why I feel as though its very important to notify you of the experience I had in the month of July 2017 at 225 Bala Ave, Bala Cynwood, PA, 19004. I have gotten my car serviced at different places such as west German BMW, Sloan Honda, BMW of Turnersville. But for the first time I have taken my car to BMW of Bala and the experience made me want to sell my car and never deal with BMW ever again. Dropping my car of June 30th 2017, I was quoted $910 by Billy, we discussed an passenger air bag alert, car cut off with AC all the way up, and trunk open. After not hearing anything from the shop for a little while. I kept being directed to a voicemail. I left two messages, Mike left a voicemail on my phone, I called again and finally spoke to Mike. Who made it absolutely clear he wasn't sure whats going on with my car, he placed me on hold for a while then told me I would be charge $3000 I asked about over heating he explained it could be fan but they are not 100% sure. Also not sure about truck, not sure about passenger alert. Only way to know is to continue diagnostic. So why are you attempting to charge me 3K - It seems as if your not sure about anything.He expressed that the car is old.. that would be total after re wire, fix battery harness and all diagnostic along with plugs and oil change. - I replied, "no thanks, just complete plugs and oil change and inspection - whats the cost? 1,100 ok. He then called to say he couldn't complete inspection because he can't find my registration which was in the middle console but ok I emailed it to him. He then called me to inform me that my car was ready for pickup. I informed him that I cannot make it to the shop till Saturday. I asked if there will be anyone there I can speak to incase I had question he replied service is open till 5 on sat so I will be fine. When I went to pick my car up, not only was Mike unavailable, but I was told the price would possible be doubled by a older women named debbie, who obviously hated her job, or just was not in a good mood that day, either way I am a customer and should not have to deal with her personal issues!!. Unfortunately, she had to deal with customers (don't put someone who hate their job in a position where they are the face of the service) She told me that I had to pay and wait to Monday to be reimbursed, to top it off my car is now not properly functioning. I left with my car and after driving for 20 mins it sound like a plane is about to take off, my car began to thump when parked or at a red-light, and my truck is not opening at all anymoreAfter calling and speaking to debbie, I was told to bring my car back to the shop, after driving all the way back to the shop I was told nothing could be done. I begged to speak to a manger and for someone to at least go on a test drive to see the problem. Debbie insisted to tell me there are no loaner cars, though I haven't even asked for that service, then informed me that no one is available and that I have to wait till Monday. I explained I need my car, I paid for a service my car should be operating properly. She began to get a bit loud and frustrated and said there was nothing she can do. I asked her do she think this is right? she said its not, but no ones fault and to come back on Monday. Its not that simple my car was already in the shop for almost two weeks, I cannot just take off from work to drop my car off again just to possible be again overcharged and my car still not function. Finally on my way out I asked one of the gentlemen if there is a manger I can speak to. A young male said Nick is available he apologized for the inconvenience and said he would get Nick the sales manager. Debbie then came out and said she would get someone to go on a test drive with me. A guy came out I believe his name was Nick He seemed in a hurry but he was a lot nicer then the lady. He drove my car and noticed the issue immediately (when idling, either in park or at a stop sign or relight my car would thump and the RPM would jump) he asked what did they do, I explained everything except what we agreed on!! He said it looks like they did change the spark plugs and that could be the issue. maybe it was one put in the wrong spot but its a quick fix. I explained if its a quick fix, can someone just do it now. he said no one is available. I explained my experience briefly to him. He said debbie is here by herself on a weekend which is why she is probably a little upset. And that it is a lot of work that needs to be done today. I explained to him That I should be the one upset but instead I am trying to be as humble as possible . I just want my car fixed as promised and for the price to be corrected. I am paying more then what was agreed to top it off Customer service is horrible and my car is given back to me worst then it was before I dropped it off. I left the dealer ship baffled. I can't understand how a top of the line service is so mediocre. My feelings are hurt! I will make sure that a review is written on every social media page I can think of including yell and google, but more importantly I hope this letter finds its way to someone who can make sure that though I had such an experience no one else have to go through anything similar.

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Fatoumata Kamara - 11 d 11 h ago


Bmw Gwinnett Georgia

It's been 2 weeks that I have been waiting on an update regarding my BMW X5 2012 . I had lost my car key and ordered a new key with bmw which I had received . The service department was not able to programming at all . I have spoke to a lady at bmw Gwinnett place service department . Her name is Linsey . I have been very patient waiting on her to call me and give an update, after she promesses me she will get back to me in 3 to 5 businesses days . With no contact back . This is very frustrated . I would like to talk to general manager of bmw of Gwinnett because I believe as a customer I smdeserve to be treated with respect . (hidden) my contact number . This is not my first mar with bmw and I was interested to buy a 2017 bmw but I am so disappointed about the way they handling my isse that I feel like not to do business there no more . Lack of taking ownership of my issue and empty promesses from Linsey who claimed to be Assistant Manager!

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Anonymous - 13 d 13 h ago

I have 2013 mini Cooper roaster s with 23,000 miles on it. It was in for service in March for oil change. Now I got stuck on July 9th and they say it's the fuel pump which they are giving me 30% off the bill only. My extended warranty just ran out in end of March. Please contact me at (hidden) I really think it should be good willed. This is my 2nd mini and I am a good customer.

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Anonymous - 15 d 11 h ago


I live in Anchorage Alaska I go to the BMW of Anchorage. Every time I go in there for the Last 5 Years I leave and there's something else wrong with my car. Today I went in for a standard oil change. Now my vehicle is leaking transmission fluid.

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Anonymous - 16 d ago

To: BMW Dear President Ludwig Willisch & Financial Service Department Leadership My name is Ann Harris account number#: (hidden). My X5 was purchased on April 05, 2016; Richmond BMW located. At that time, the sales person in accurately registered the most incorrect information on the vehicle. I signed all documents. Next an incident occurred. My business has been jeopardized financially. Because of BMW"s incompetency, I have lost over twenty-five thousand dollars. Please see attachments for proof of statement and factual documents. Additionally, my father, who was helping financially to make partial payments has deceased as of April 03, 2017. Senior Rep. "MATT" (Failed to give Last Name) from corporate office has harassed me, negatively has verbally, used insulting, unprofessional language and he has unnecessary threatened to Repo My vehicle. He has not indicated any options to help reduce my monthly payments or ask me to submit any benefits insurance documents in regards to Father's Death Benefits. "Matt" has proven to assist the most inhumane behavior, when communicating. I have sought emotional help. So although, you, (BMW) with your fraudulent improper business practices have harassed me during my true of bereavement. I am willing to contact social media as well as I have contacted my attorney to help make decisions regarding your fraudulent operations. Requesting at this time: To place a hold on my account until all matters have been settled and discussed. Thanks again, AH Thanks again, Ann Harris Cell: (hidden)

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Anonymous - 20 d 19 h ago

Loaner car while mine in there repair center BMW Arlington Michael Coleman called loaner into police reported stolen and while I was I'm jail Actioned my car if you need to contact me (hidden)

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Mr. Bill - 23 d 19 h ago


I have had my 2011 550ix GT with the N63 engine in the shop far more than any other car I have ever owned, first for major work while under warranty, and now several more times for similar problems over and over again. After spending several thousands of dollars for various repairs and supposed "wear and tear" that I have NEVER experienced in any other car, I am being told that the car burns oil and needs an $8,000.00 valve job. Problem is: it didn't burn any oil until 2 months ago when after engine misfiring lead to having all ignition coils replaced at a cost of $1,400.00, it now uses a quart of oil every 1000 miles!!! When I explained that I see no sign of leakage on my garage floor, work parking space, and no smoke from engine or exhaust that would be typical of a leak, I get chronic double speak from the service advisor. I have tried to call the BMW corporate Customer Relations line but have been disconnected today so many times that I give up. I am completely fed up with the nuisances of this car, and exasperated by the lack of care or support by the dealership or the entire company. This will ABSOLUTELY be the last BMW I ever own. I have a 2002 Mercedes ML with over 150K miles on it, and have never experienced any major problems with the car, dealership, or the company. I am in my mid-60s and have owned several other "top line" cars and NEVER experienced such calamities as I have with BMW! I am done with BMW, they have deteriorated and become a classic rip-off!!!

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Annabelle - 59 d 19 h ago

In March 2017 my 2004 BMW M3 would not start and was towed to Cain BMW in North Canton who diagnosed and replaced the fuel pump and Relaycost $1,114.76. Car was sold to a Fremont resident and on her way to work the car quit running while driving on a busy highway in Toledo. Car was towed to Yark BMW of Toledocost $200.00. Service Dept. Scanned car for faults and found that fuel pump relay faulted---replaced relay and was told car starts and runs. New owner was called to pick up car. When she tried to start the car, it would not start at all. She asked that I take the car back and she bought another BMW. Yark ran the car through another diagnosis and suggested replacing the batteryCost $631.61.

Again I was called to pick up the car and told that it was running fineI was told the Service Dept would be closed and the keys would be at the front desk. I drove 3 hours from Navarre to Toledo on 5/27/2017 and when I got there, it took a while for them to find the keys to my car because their service dept was closed the keys were not at the front desk. Again, the car was a slow start. As I drove it out of the parking lot, it felt sluggish. I thought once I opened it up on the highway it would be OK. It started running fine and then three miles later, I felt it power down and no matter what I did, it just felt like it was not getting any fuel. The gas gauge was showing a full. I didn't even make it to a gas station. The State Highway Patrol called for a towing co. and the car was towed back to Yark BMWCost $150. My question is why would I be told the car was running fine then only after a few miles down the road it looses power completely? I might understand if the diagnosis was done at a non-BMW dealershipbut that is not the case.

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Michigan - 28 d ago


There is a recall on that part and they keep saying the part is not available. Called corporate and they said the part would be available the of the month. Well they still giving us the run around and I have set out to seek legal actions.

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Michigan - 28 d ago


Received a letter regarding a recall on the fuel pump December 2016. We keep getting the run around that the part is not available. Talked with a Supervisor from the Corporate Office of BMW and she told me that the part would be available the end of June. Called the dealership and they told us bring it in they would put it on the diagnostic machine and we would have to pay for the diagnostic test. All we want is to get this recall taken care of. Corporate said keep driving it till something happens and until they send out the next letter. When you read what could happen with this fuel pump it states the car can hesitate to start, car can stop on you, crash and the car can catch fire. Help me understand why they wont fix the recall problem like other car companies have. Never buy anything else from BMW and I'm going to make sure to spread the word.

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Anonymous - 35 d 13 h ago


Hello my name isAzzulla. For the fist time I visited BMW inAnchorage. I had the worst experience. I actually will be writing the corporate office in reference the the customer service.

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Scratch - 37 d ago


The worst, these vehicles are junk, pay a enormous price for something that want give you more 100,000 miles. BMW will not stand behind anything, they are fast to take your money but hell on getting anything fixed. If the computer says fix this and they charge you 2k for the work and your drive it off the lot and it breaks down for the same reason, guess what, thanks for the 2k, but here let's try this for 2 more thousand and maybe that will get it. DONT BUY A USED BMW, they look good but want run! I have owned 3 of them and swore I wouldn't buy another after the second one.... but... I have climbed up the chain on a deaf ear, don't waste your time. Your just stuck with it or you have to pass it on to some poor individual he needs a running car.... I can't do that, so I ate the 12k I owed on it.... that X5 4.8I sure is pretty to look at. You been warned, have a nice day!

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MP - 48 d ago


My husband and I were BMW lovers until my X3 died without warning. We were driving the car and the engine went without notice. We contacted BMW and they will not replace the engine. Now we have to go spend $10,000 for a new engine.

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Jorge M pinto - 41 d 17 h ago


Same here , last year I took in my car for a recall on Vanos bolts and 2 weeks later I had to replace my engine , 15k out of my pocket. Last month I took it in and it was diagnosed as a valvetronics issue which would cost 5k, turns out it was misdiagnosed, it was fuel pump which is under warranty SCAMMERS !!!!

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I M - 50 d 11 h ago


I have 1999 M coupe, great car and love it my only problem is the battery will go stone dead over night!! Taken to dealership 3 times and nothing is wrong, does anyone have any idea why?

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Don Led - 48 d 13 h ago


Check your alternator you can take it to a non BMW garage and have them test it. I would also recommend if the alternator is in good shape try replacing your battery entirely. Check for any pinched/exposed wires

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HARRY HARRISON - 49 d 11 m ago


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DSilk - 50 d 21 h ago

I own an e92 M3 coupe. Last spring (2016) I received a recall notice for the Takata airbag, which needed to be replaced. I have been calling and calling the local dealerships about getting this recall notice taken care of since I first received the recall, and keep getting the same response. "The airbag for your vehicle isn't in yet." After more than 1 year and the part still isn't available? I also own 2 VWs and an Audi, all with the same airbag recall, and all have been replaced. I sent an e-mail to BMW-NA a couple of weeks ago and have yet to receive a response.

I have owned 5 BMWs, and this is my second M3. I doubt that I will be looking at another BMW in the future.

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Disappointed - 50 d ago


We have worked with BMW Financial Services for the past 3 days and the people are friendly, professional and try to help you in anyway. The downside to BMW FS is the urgency needs of the customer. They don't consider the importance of the customer's request in a time of urgency. They seem to be robotic and following a script to respond to each and every customer. It's really sad that a well-known company as BMW be treating their customers this way. Really would be nice if they could read these comments and provide better customer services to those customers in a desperate time of need.

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Bob Ferrall - 71 d 3 h ago


Please take me off your email list. Due to your politically correct response to not advertise on The Bill O'reilly program I will no longer purchase BMW products

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wally pudenda - 65 d 24 h ago

If you're stupi enough to watch Bill O'Reilly who would want you on their list

General profile image

Jesus Christ - 59 d 19 h ago

Bill is my uncle and he's far from stupid! He is just willing to point out assholes like you that are liberal dickheads. Unfortunately, he has has neither the time nor inclination to address the paranoid unintelligible and ignorant people of the world who are so busy being negative that they never learned how to spell..."stupid" Stupid.

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Anonymous - 55 d 5 m ago

It's spelled "B-I-L-L"

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Anonymous - 50 d 17 h ago


Wally Pudenda shows that ignorance can be blissful

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