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BMW of North America, LLC

300 Chestnut Ridge Rd.
Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Jim O'Donnell
Chairman and CEO
(201) 307-4000
(201) 307-0880
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Tracy - 2 h 37 m ago

How is your service center allowed to render and charge 2500.00 for a service that renders the car inoperable and suggest to put said vehicle on a tow truck and fix elsewhere. It just happened to me

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Alcon04 - 2 d 4 h ago


It's been quiet some time 5 years or maybe more I took my 04 530i to BMW Fairfax VA. The reason was the passenger seat was getting too hot. Almost like a burning sensation. The "service specialist" or my agent looked at me like well you need to adjust the settings. Since most of the time only one person drives the car and with no passenger. We didn't complain anymore. Now years later. We are commuting with this car. That burning sensation got worst! The passenger seat is burnt. The was smoke too. So I turned it off quickly. Now is winter. And I cannot use the heated seat on that side. Hopefully there's a recall. And if there's not. BMW should make the dealership in Fairfax to pay for the repair

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BIRD72 - 5 d 18 h ago


The problem with BMW North America is that they have to answer to the "Father land" back in Germany. Germany, where once a decision has been made there is no room for flexibility or compromise. The real reason for their refusal to help the American consumer is because they can't get over the fact that they lost World War II and that it was the Americans that kicked their ass!! Their inflexibility to resolve even the slightest of problems is their way of trying still win the war. BUTTHEADS!!!

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B. Villa - 2 d 7 h ago


Put this dullard (bird72) cuckoo bird back in his cage.

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Karen Heppler - 2 d 16 h ago


2011 335 broke down on highway on 12.25.17 (60k miles) Given scope of repairs and looming fire hazard, decide to buy a new 330 - my 4th three series. Two weeks later I am stranded an hour and a half from home when new car dies. This is outrageous. The dealer was aware of the battery discharge issue and assured me the new car was fine. Thinking not. FAIL. I love driving these cars, but I am done.

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Anonymous - 7 d 16 h ago

Stephen Tolias

Imagine BMW recommending parking cars outdoors due to the risk of fires under the hood until repairs are made. I was notified about the recalls last November. Still waiting to hear about the repairs. I guess now it is "BMW THE ULTIMATE PARKED MACHINE" rather than "BMW THE ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE". This is crazy and unconscionable.

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irene Gallegos - 6 d 17 h ago


Oh it happened to my parked CAR back in 2015 and guess what if it does catch on FIRE they do nothing and will refuse to admit that its their fault. They claim to have an engineer look at it but "in order for them to determine the root cause they need to dismantle the car" Wow so that means of course they take no responsibility and say well insurance is paying you. Yes premiums I pay every month and if you don't have GAP insurance your screwed.

SO YES BMW is the ultimate driving NIghtmare.

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Irene Gallegos - 6 d 17 h ago


I was the owner of a 2008 328i that I purchased certified "Welcome to BMW Certified. A Certified Pre-Owned BMW comes with more than just the thrill of owning The Ultimate Driving Machine. It comes with the peace of mind of having a comprehensive unlimited mileage warranty for one year, and the confidence of knowing that you didn't sacrifice performance for price." BMW website

Back in August 2015,the parked BMW that had not been driven in over 3 hours caught on FIRE! Fire department was called, and of course the fire started underneath the glove box or in the area. Our first instinct was to break the window and put the hose to it. Of course now there is water damage on top of a burnt vehicle. My insurance company was great but having no gap insurance didn't help me. Oh and my rates went up due to the claim.

BMW I worked with your customer relations rep back in 2015 and got nowhere, not quite sure how you expect customers to trust your brand after a terrifying experience so offering an allowance on another BMW or Mini is insulting. I fought long and hard reliving this nightmare for months no car, a balance of over $8000 and basically got me no where with BMW NA.

Fast forward to November 2017 "important safety recall notice" Yes you probably should've taken me off the list of BMW owners because as I read the letter it all made sense. BMW shame on you but thanks for the black and white recall letter and since I've been patient enough with you and this was brought to life again I will be sure and seek legal counsel. Plan to share another FB post as well.

You should stand by your Values of "safety is your priority" I am not quite sure how people work for you. You must be a micro managing culture that pays well and have no compassion for the safety of your customers. All you customer relation reps how do you live withy yourself knowing a company is at fault and refuses to help and or compensate customers. People don't bother emailing, calling BMW NA because they give you some BS they'll get back to you, they refuse to let you speak to a manager and proceed to say " Have a nice DAY" I would've never been in this mess if your vehicles didn't CATCH ON FIRE!

Thanks you BMW you have a NICE DAY!

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Bob Cumbers - 43 d 11 h ago


I am looking for a new mid-sized luxury sedan but have noticed that BMW does not have any white people in their commercials so I guess BMW does not want whites buying their cars any more. I will be visiting MB and Audio dealerships soon.

Flagged for review. 
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Tired of ignorance - 12 d 16 h ago

LMAO!!! This isn't " Twitter" take that shit back to " Trump Land". We are owners with real problems here. It's Audi and Mercedes Benz. Your broke ass can't even spell those car manufacturers names.

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Bob hater - 6 d 20 h ago

WOW I hope your care giver didn't forget your medication and they place the helmet back on your empty head

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Brooklyn - 7 d ago


This is the 3rd time that i had to drop my 2013 750i to service in bayside for them to work on the same situation. Bayside has tried to fixed my DRIVETRAIN in the past. It's 5:15 am on 1/11/2018 and im on my way to work and the drivetrain malfunction pops up on the navi, as im trying to reach the next exit to get off the LIE expressway the car is loosing power and its slowing down. I had to drive 25 mph to bayside service center and sit in the car and wait for them to open at 7:30 am.. My 750 is clearly not the " BMW ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE. Its time to switch to another company..

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Ed Hill - 7 d 19 h ago


This message is regarding Mr. Peter Schermerhorn

a BMW employee here in the Houston, TX area.

I just want someone to know the quality of customer support that I've received from Peter since I drove my Z4 out here from PA in 2014.

You may never know how important it is to have someone that can begin the process of making one feel at Home in strange lands.

It is so important to have confident transportation that can keep you safe and secure in getting where you need to go, but most important ... to get you Home.

....the Trust I have in my BMW ... AND... the Professional Support Service from Peter has made my transition much easier...making me feel more and more secure. THANKS PETER...!!!

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Debbra Brown - 43 d 20 h ago


To Whom it may Concern

I don't really have a review, just a question.....

I would like to know why BMW never send out promotional items to their BMW owner? I just got my 3rd BMW and

never have I received anything from this company for free. I have friends with luxury cars and they all get free stuff in the mail

all the time.....SMH

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Stephanie Morton - 12 d 15 h ago

I have always purchased my BMW from the dealer. And every time I get serviced I have received free items. Really nice stuff. Don't be afraid to demand those things. As much as we pay for their vehicles it's the least they can do!!!!

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Wilbur & Hyacinth Wright - 14 d ago

I have attempted to get help and to no avail. Yesterday was breaking point. Our 2016 was the perfect car until visiting BMW Albany Georgia. We came for a tire issue. They changed the oil and tightened the bolt on the oil pan past it's stopping point. We ended up with a leak and was told it would cost us $3,000 plus dollars to fix their mess up. We took the car back to Columbus for them to resolve the issue because of the imcompentcy of the dealership in Albany. They ordered a new one and installed however we were still charged a fee for installation. Now here we are Janusary 3, 2018 with a flat tire that occurred on January 1, 2018. They of course had to order the tire. We brought the car in to have a new tire installed. That is all. Once again these idiots decided to do an oil change against our specific instructions. Jessica decided to give the crew the instructions to change the oil. Our new tired ran flat shortly after we left the dealership and of course it was closed. Please look into this matter and stop this low level of service in this town.

I look to hear from you through this platform before taking the matter further

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Harriett - 15 d 5 s ago


After doing some research and reading reviews about BMW's customer service, I decided to compose my complaint.

My husband and I are the owners of a 2007 328XI Coupe. Last September we took our vehicle to Bobby Rahal's Canonsburg, PA location to have a recalled part replaced (air bag) and a diagnostic test ran because whenever I would turn on the defroster or the heat, it smelled as if something was burning and the fumes would come through the vents. We were told that a belt or pulley in the engine area needed to be replaced at once, so we gave the "go ahead" for the repair. We were under the impression that this was the cause of the "fumes" that we were smelling, but it wasn't. As the weather turned colder, I turned the heat on and was once again overcome by fumes and smoke was now coming through the vents. By this time, we received mail regarding 2 more recalls on our vehicle, one having to do with the engine. We reached out to the service department and had our car towed, once again, to the Canonsburg location. The service department, Rich, ran another diagnostic, which we paid for, and told us that we had a cracked gasket that was leaking oil onto the engine. This is what was causing the rancid smell and could cause the car to catch on fire. Of course, it wasn't covered under the recall and would cost us $1500 to repair! In the meantime, my husband called the customer service department regarding the recall, who in turn contacted the Canonsburg location and told them to go ahead and replace the 2 recalled parts. I said all of this to get to my point..Since they had to dismantle the engine to replace the recalled part, why wouldn't they reach out to us, ask us if we would want to purchase a new gasket while it was dismantled, and save us $1000!! We were told that they replaced the parts, put the engine back together, but they didn't test drive it for fear the car would CATCH ON FIRE!!! Are you kidding me? This is the worse customer service we've ever experienced!!!

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Dr. Rich - 25 d 19 h ago


I owned 3 cars. I am not prove to say that my least favorite is my 550i. This car has caused me more problem than it's worth. I will never purchase another BMW again.

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Doug Quiery - 26 d 4 h ago

Hi my name is Doug and I live in New York and had the absolute worst car sales experience of my life at the Habberstad BMW dealer in Bay Shore and I will not stop until Every person I know and come in contact with hears my nightmare story including BMW corporate.. I was shopping for a Certified BMW that I saw online on the Habberstad BMW in Bay Shore Long Island N.Y. After calling to make an appointment I spoke to a cocky, arrogant salesman named Angel. He told me to come down Friday for a test drive but I needed to call first to confirm. Since when does the customer call the salesman to confirm, first mistake Angel. When I arrived I was hoping not to be greeted by Angel, instead a salesman named Vital greeted me. After we negotiated we couldn't make a deal but we were close. I drove 40 miles back home to my bank to get financing info, at which time I got approved for the full amount that Vital and I agreed on. I immediately called Vital and told him I was coming back. Upon arrival we sat down and I was ready to sign and drive but then the old BAIT AND SWITCH fast old school car sales shinnanigans start. Vital tells me he cant sell me the car because there is a previous deposit on the vehicle. I was shocked to say the least after driving approximately 200 miles that day on zero sleep (I work in Law enforcement on the midnight shift) His sales manager Joe had ZERO remorse and offered NO solution, just to let me walk out of the dealership with my PRE APPROVED MONEY in hand. How the hell does a Dealership operate this way? Isnt there any INTEGRITY anymore? How do these people sleep at night? I am going to get in touch with EVERY possible Corporate office in the world to let them know of this deplorable , disgusting experience I had and hope NO one has to ever be treated like this at this dealership again.. Doug Quiery New York... cell #(hidden) I'm open for discussion in this matter, but I'm sure this will be just another deleted email....

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Prem Kumar Narasimhan - 30 d 51 s ago

I am a first generation member in USA and I purchased my dream car BMW-528 I Xdrive , 2012 model with Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of WBAXH5C51CDW06493. I have around 90,000 miles on the car at present. The vehicle was performing well and I maintained it like a family member since it is my dream car. I was very proud of owning it for as past 4 yrs. 11 month and 13 days.

As usual on 13th Dec, 2017 I am on my way to the office Bristol Myers Squibb, NJ (BMS) and the vehicle suddenly on the I-195 east indicated that the "Drive Train malfunction" and immediately slow down and I parked the car on the shoulder and called the BMW dealership and they towed the car and they gave me a loaner car and I continued to my work. Around 3:00 PM I receive a call from the dealer mentioning that they looked at the car and advisor says that we should change the engine due to "Timing chain and other parts it might have damaged".

In fact, the vehicle went for an annual service and the technicians at Princeton BMW attended to the extended warranty for "Engine Oil Feed Line" to the turbocharge, with 10 years/120,000 miles determined by vehicle's original in-service date (Attached the letter-1). I paid around $900 labor and parts.

I am sure, you can imagine what is going on in my head and checked the cost of fixing and they said it can cost anywhere around $16,000/- to replace the engine.

Next day I check the mail box and I see another letter from BMW which said that "Timing Chain and Oil Pump Drive Chain", 7 years/70,000 miles as determined by your vehicles original in-service date.

I discussed couple of options with dealership 1) replacing with the new engine 2) replacing with used engine and 3) trade in for a new vehicle. Based on the reviews and comments for the "integrity of BMW products" may I request your help to fix my car in whatever way BMW of North America, USA working with the Princeton BMW dealership can help?.

I am writing this email because I don't have any other option, except to seek for a generous help.

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Lena Miranda - 28 d 14 h ago


I am sorry for your troubles. I appears that they make to many promises and don't keep any. My issue is slight different. I took the car for oil change. The handler mentioned that the data had to be updated. They allowed me a loner car. I had said to the person in charge of my car needs yesterday I clean my car it's in perfect mint condition. When I went to pick up the car I inspected it (I will explain why) I noticed a speck that appeared to have been patched with paint below the right back Light. I know a one hundred fifty % that it wasn't there. I said what has happen to the valet young men. The person in charge for the service was called. He said to me not again!!! I said it wasn't there it was not there ever. He in turn called his supervisor the service manager. I had the same exchange with him he wasn't taking me serious and they were laughing. I said you all can laugh you all can dismiss what I am saying the fact remains it was never there the area was clean and smooth not like patched. This happen at Vista Motors in Cocunut Creek, Pompano FL The service manager went to get a magnifier he wanted to see the cause. I knew the case something happen at the service that made them to patch it even the color is slighted off. Don't remember seeing with a magnifier he looked at it and says it's the manufacturer paint defect. I said no it isn't it was never there until 8:00 on Monday December the 18th. I said you need to fix it he said I am not going to do anything about it. I didn't want to take the car eventually I had to go home an hour away. My husband told me to contact the BMW of North America to file a claim. The person on the phone said we can't make him do anything even if he believes it's a manufacturer defect. I said are you telling me that they damage my car then it's dismissed as if nothing happens? What is the warranty for nothing? Back in March a garden rake fell on the left back door causing it to loose the painting in 3 very small places. I took it to the dealer settle on a price and left the car by renting another to get home. Two days later I was told that the car was ready to be picked up. I thought it was quick. Went there I inspected the car with the person or the go in between the handler and the workshop next to me. I said to her you called me saying the car was ready and you didn't take the time or responsibility to look at it to make sure it was done properly? All she did was apologizing and saying what a bad job they had done. The car had about 3 thousand miles on it. Conclusion : they tried to fix the door while attached to the car body the door was damaged in different places and the paint was in form of raised dots. It was a bad day a big headache and a desapointment. The interior had paint in different places the panel had basically been sprayed witch leaded me to believe that they painted the door already attached to the car. The car went in extremely clean. 3 days later I was called in and the door was as it should have been. I also paid for a perfectly round size of a average nail head on the hood found it a day after I drove the car home at night for the first time. Because the following day I headed to Europecand when I told them I was told oh! I am sorry you should have said it right at the beginning. I just paid for it also. The people at the body shop it appears to me have very little oversight as these things wouldn't happen if they had a strong effective costumer service representative manegement. They all fail to make sure that the car was in a perfect condition before announcing to the costumer it's done. This latest incident leaves me very upset. These managers don't care they just want to sell when comes to service they don't take precautions in making sure that nit only it's done right but to prevent further damaged by taking certain steps to protect people's property. I found him the manager to be condescendent and dismissive, and basically make up his mind about the the paint being a defected manufacturer paint job. I know better it's not so. Never ever I will deal with them neither will my husband. Very sloppy very dirty delivering the car dirty inside and out. Anyone don't deal with them they have very bad service reviews when comes to service under warranty. Beast wishes A Delray Beach, FL resident

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Rafael Gregorio - 37 d 18 h ago


I bought a 2012 bmw that i took to every maintanence appointment. When it reached 69k miles, the engine failed. I called Dewey and had a terrible experience. BMW offered 50% of the total cost to fix the car. This meant i would still need to put $10k out of my own pocket to fix the car.

i called and asked Dewey if BMW could apply the $10k credit offered toward a new car at BMW, and was denied. We have been a customer for almost two decades and have owned at least a dozen BMWs. Unfortunately for me, this relationship based on loyalty was one sided. I am very very disappointed. My next car will not be a BMW.

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Lynn - 34 d ago


Exactly the same history happened to me with my 335D BMW, the dealer BMW West in Katy Texas is very unethical, my car just has 60K miles and they want me to trade for a new car. They did a poor diagnosis sayin I have to replace engine too, is awful how they want to make money with me. I don't recommend BMW to naybody and I will never buy one.

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Donald Geoghan - 35 d 12 h ago


Prestige BMW in Ramsey uses unethical tactics. We leased a car (first time ever) and live far away from there. They told us we could only return it to them, to try and get a face to face and resell us. Customer service trying to resolve this issue was filled with lies and blame game. I should've know after negotiating on the lease price and they tried to add $75/month after we agreed. Unethical, unprofessional, no care for customer service or loyalty.

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Robert - 40 d ago


Just wanted to let you know that my daughter was almost killed on December 6, 2017 at 4:30pm due to her 2006 BMW 325i catching fire. She was driving to work and the engine busted into flames. She was lucky to pull over do to the car shutting off. Smart thinking on her part to roll down the window because the door locks failed to allow her to open the door and get out. The problem is we received no recall notice and had the bmw worked on at two different bmw dealers. How could someone at bmw not know about these issues. I have owned several BMWs but no more. The value of these cars are horrible now. I guess with insurance I will take a 10,000 dollar loss and have a daughter with no vehicle. I thank God she got out, but would like to hear from BMW

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