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BMW of North America, LLC

300 Chestnut Ridge Rd.
Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Jim O'Donnell
Chairman and CEO
(201) 307-4000
(201) 307-0880
Twitter IDs
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Jeff S - 2 d 17 h ago


After 30 years of experience with BMW's, I have had it. I find simply no benefit in owning a BMW that is not outweighed by horrific service, dismissive treatment, and illegal practices.

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Anonymous - 2 d 18 h ago


I have a bmw 530i and I would like to no why dove the outside driver mirror favor I cannot get no answer that car is to at Spencer for the cost that I paid for. Do y"ll have a recall on 530i bmw 2006 let me know.

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Anonymous - 3 d 4 h ago


I have a bmw 530i and I would like to no why dove the outside driver mirror favor I cannot get no answer that car is to at Spencer for the cost that I paid for.

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Kinda Haddad - 4 d 11 h ago


I had the worse service at BMW Winter Park Orlando, I am trying to fax a letter of compliant to Jim O'Donnell, not sure if this the write fax they have on this web. I keep getting failure notice

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Jack Gallagher - 8 d 9 h ago

Jason day wins BMW car. Yet it's never shown. Seems to me a waste of advertising $$$$

U need to call them so I can see the car

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NotToBuyBloomfieldBMW - 8 d 16 h ago


Bloomfield BMW is the Ultimate scamming dealership. They do not stand behind their vehicles. I have had BMW'S for 20 years and I have never been treated like this at a BMW dealership. STAY AWAY from Bloomfield BMW. There are many dealerships in NJ so it should not be a problem.

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Never BMW - 9 d 8 h ago


BMW Ridgefield, CT - Sales person had the car I wanted. He offered to talk to his manager and "advocate" for me the best possible price - I did not ask for a discount. Fifteen minutes later, he returns to his desk and presents a price $100 ABOVE the List Price on their website for that VIN, that exact vehicle!!! When I pointed it out to him, he called his manager and said, "Just fyi, you gave a price $100 higher than List." That was it. He said I should return with my husband if we wanted to negotiate a lesser price. Not only will I never buy from that dealership, I will NEVER buy a BMW, period!

Insulting and sexist!

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Anonymous - 11 d 19 h ago


I would love to have the email addresses of all of the corporate people so I can spam those bastards at 12 at night like they do to me.

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Megan - 14 d 5 h ago



Since the date of purchase of my pre owned vehicle, it has had to be serviced 3 times and has not been in my possession for 3 months out of the 5 months I have owned it. It is now having a transmission problem which I have been informed is a common problem for this car. I am requesting this problem be dealt with by BMW at no charge to me considering i was not made aware of this problem through any BMW site, store, or representative. I would be more than happy to stay with the BMW family if this problem is rectified. If not, i may have to seek legal action. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.

This was the email I wrote to the BMW service rep through the BMW website and got a "failure to send" "returned" message back. The last 5 months has been nothing but a nightmare and I've only been able to drive the car for two of those months. All of my in-laws have always had BMW's and still do but after this experience, if things aren't straightened out and fixed properly so that I have a RELIABLE car, i will make sure everyone knows how horrible BMW really is. This is ridiculous. Even the dealership near me has been terrible. Took it for an oil change and 2 days later, I'm getting an alert to add oil and there is an oil leak. I was told they were not at fault for it and still have to add oil to my car every 2 weeks or less and it only has 68k miles on it. This is terrible. Engine problems, Transmission problems, oil problems.... When exactly does this become a reliable car that I can actually drive? I guess I'll be looking for a lawyer very soon.

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Bruce Stevens - 14 d 12 h ago

On or about 8-26-2017 I took my K1200 TO BMW Motorcycles of Riverside Ca to have both front and rear tires replaced. The service manager quoted me a fair price and they changed both tires.I returned for the bike on 8-29-2017, noted the technician was Keevin Murray, He noted the fork seals were leaking, this I noticed also. I rode the bike for approx. fifty miles and had a rear flat! I called the tow co. and had the bike towed back to the dealer who installed the tires The service manager called me back with news that there was no puncture. The technician had not replaced the valve stem on either front or rear wheels! Thank GOD i was not traveling at freeway speeds when the valve stem failed. I have been in the tire industry for decades, and would not install new tires on any vehicle without installing a new valve stem first! How can I trust a technician to service/replace fork seals if they can not service a wheel correctly?? I need your help in this matter, paying for the tow service, my time and trouble. Again thank GOD I or my passenger was not injured due to the low quality of service that was performed on my 2002 K1200#WB10555AX2ZD78664. The invoice number is 6017098/1

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Carlo - 18 d 8 h ago


ABC covered a story Oct 26, 2010 "BMW Recalls Some Turbo-Charged Cars Following ABC News Investigation". I own a 2008 BMW 535I with a N54 engine which I have been the only owner of and have had issue with the check engine light popping on and going off since the purchase. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars trying to get the issues fixed. I took the car into the local BMW deal here in Germany and the representative informed me that my N53 injectors have an issue. I asked for a print out of the screen and then informed him I have a N54 engine and then asked, Why do I have N53 injectors in my car? He immediately tried to convince me that that's not the issue and told me that I should not have the print out he provided me and tried crossing off the N53. I contacted BMW in the USA about this they kept telling me you have not warranty. I informed them that this is not a warranty issue the car have the wrong injectors. Then they stated you have no open recalls on your car. I then informed them that there was a recall on N54 injectors. I was told your car does not have these parts in it. I then said I know because it has the incorrect injectors that's why you can say that and asked was this why my injectors were not replaced and if this was their way of covering up the issue. I also said I wonder how many other cars are out there like this. I was told that because I am now in Germany that I should contact BMW Germany. I contacted BMW Germany as directed and informed them of the issue and they told me that a service center near me would be contacting me. They did but the only thing they told them is that I am having an issue with my car to call me and handle it but never said they would take care of the cost. I called them and also e-mailed asking what was going on they stated that they need to verify the issue. I took the car in and received a call from the service cent stating that I need to cover the cost for the inspection. I called BMW in Mnchen Germany again asking why do I need to pay if it something they wanted to know. They E-Mailed me stating we won't cover the inspection. I told them to perform the inspection. I was call by the Service Center and was given the OEM numbers of the injectors which confirmed what the print out I have is true. The representative told me he would contact BMW in Mnchen and let them know that all 6 injectors needed to be replaced. I talked to him the following day he said they are not going to do anything that he put in the system that these were not the correct injectors. I called them up again they stated that the issue is complicated because it's a US Car and something with BMW North American. But he stated that he would see what they could do, about 4-5 day went by and after numerous calls they stated in an email the wont do a goodwill. I contacted BMW North American during the time I was waiting and was told that they can't do anything since the car is outside of the USA and that it need to be diagnosed by a BMW dealer in the USA but I can get it fixed and after I return to the USA they can revisit it but can't guarantee me anything. I asked how they would diagnose the problem if it's fixed. I was told that's why I can't guarantee you anything and said sorry. I informed him they should be able to pull the coding he said I am sorry. I have a strong feeling that I am not the only one with this issue I was just lucky to catch it. I feel that this was a cover up for the recall on the N54 injector recall and that people need to know this and this need to be publicized. I can provide all of the e-mail traffic, the OEM number of the incorrect injector, the correct OEM number and the sheet showing I have N53 injectors in a N54 engine.

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OSI - 20 d 4 h ago

I am shocked beyond belief to read all these horror stories about inconsiderate, incompetent and incorrigible BME dealerships and their less than desirable service depths. On my third 5 series with zero regrets. Just like the "E" class in Mercedes, I only buy the 5 series. First two were 525i, and my third and current one is a 530xi. Secondly, and very important, lease it for only two years, or buy it used with 12 to 18 months from a place like CARMAX or AUTONATION. Please buy their in-house warranty - it's worth every cent. And if you own it, find a good auto shop in your area that works only on European cars. I live in San Antonio, Texas, and I have been going to the same auto shoo,European Car Parts, since 1998 without regrets and with so many referrals. You can call and speak to the owner any week day, and he makes time to answer your ?s and allay your concerns. I actually feel good handing them my debit card or paying with cash - because I would be paying about 30-40% more at the dealership for a less skilled mechanic.Hourly rate there about $95 and worth every penny. I probably sound like a commercial for this shop. But do this: Google and call this shop, ask to speak to the owner, and be prepared to be spoiled with service advice, respect and knowledge of European automobiles.

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Chuck Drescher - 23 d 17 h ago


Very interesting to read these posts. I wish I would have done so before I bought my car.

I will spare all the details but the bottom line is my 60k car has been nothing but a headache. In

And out of the shop since I bought it. Over 12k of uncovered repairs with only 54k mi on the car and it currently remains Undriveable.

The service people are arrogant, seemingly uninformed and act like spending thousands is routine. They have no time to discuss or explain and expect that u approve spending $$$ by responding to texts. Most disturbing is that No one stands up for the brand. The only concern is to maximize dollars out of owners pocket. No surprise that their y-o-y sales down more than 10%. I will never ever buy another BMW and would strongly advise those that might to reconsider.

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Gerald J. Jabara - 26 d 14 h ago


I leased a 2017 X3 from BMW Manhattan. The sales person seemed as if he would rather have been a the dentist then selling me a 50k car. He was in such a hurry to make a deal, he really did not tell me what my alternatives were in turns of options. He had that car in SC and truthfully, I found the entire experience so distasteful, I wanted to get the car and get out of the showroom. He advised that no banks were financing ( untrue ) that someone from the dealership would call and I could come in and review the various functions ( untrue ) and he spent maybe 5 minutes in the car showing my the most rudimentary functions and scooted away.

Experience 0.

Then to the notorious BMW finance unit ( recommended by the rep ) He did not write the correct mailing address on the lease, ergo bills were going to my country house. This was exacerbated by the fact I inferred ,mail was to be sent to a PO Box.

I then receive a call from your credit department, who must be the most obsequious clerks in the universe. Interspersed with threat so the credit bureau ( 30 days late ) they were persistent to the point of rudeness. To obviate the matter I had him e mail me the bill which I paid the following days. two days later I get another call re bill. I advised him I sent check-he said that they hadn't received it and made additional demands for payment, again using the credit reporting threat. I succumbed again: no credit cards, debit card okay. I go through the debit card process and he tells me they do not take Chase debit cards. ( PS Chase is BMW bank ) The call is then dropped and I do not get a return call. I arranged through the computer to pay the bill.

I like the car, but all of the activities associated with its purchase and fulfillment are execrable. Clearly, I will not be a repeat customer.

I do have a very close friend who is the CEO of a very large hospitality company and he does give speeches on thee importance of customer service and treating the client correctly as a means to build loyalty. If you like I will give you his name.

General profile image - 29 d 11 h ago


A BMW has always been my dream car. I have a 2009 328 xi. I love it and would love to trade it in for a new model. But I am really disappointed that it burns oil. And it's a known fact that most BMW's have this problem. They are supposed to be a superior luxury vehicle. I even purchased an extended warranty on the vehicle since it had 66,000 miles at time of purchase. I am at 83,000 miles and none of the work is covered. I don't get it. I think this is why people buy Japanese made cars. 100,000 miles is nothing on their vehicles with proper maintenance. Love the car. But very disappointed in engineering

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Raj Sengupta - 30 d 14 h ago


Leasing a 2017 BMWX40 the car, but the fun was spoiled by the dealer. Open Road BMW of Edison NJ. Worst customer service ever. Could not are less once the deal was done. Never bothered to call with registration until I realized, it was the last day, went there to pick up the plates, first they lied by saying they had called, then the said they may have made a mistake and call a wrong number, "after all we are humans." Al they had to do though was say sorry it was an oversight. Don't know who told them never to admit you are wrong. Never again going there.

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SNS - 30 d 15 h ago

the cars are excellents .......

the stupid ignorants dirty ass " MECHANICS " are the ones responsible for the ultimate failure machine .

especially the ones in SAM LEMAN bloomington ILLINOIS .

you wanted know how please replay ....

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Frank Fiorenini - 32 d 9 h ago

I have a faulty steering column, part #(hidden)8, will BMW not correct a dangerous and defective part? I need to pay $4000 to fix? I have almost wrecked due to this issue, and my wife refuses to drive my car, does the Ultimate Driving Machine only apply to those with newer models? I was planning on purchasing my wife a 6 series, but with my having to spend a significant amount to correct a known issue, I cant see myself supporting BMW any further. I plan to blast every BMW forum that I am on about this issue.

If BMW would do the right thing and fix this issue on my car, which was not caused by me, I would then have my faith restored in the Ultimate Drive, and get my wife her dream car.

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Frank Fiorenini - 33 d 6 h ago

I have a faulty steering column, part #(hidden)8, will BMW not correct a dangerous and defective part? I need to pay $4000 to fix? I have almost wrecked due to this issue, and my wife refuses to drive my car, does the Ultimate Driving Machine only apply to those with newer models? I was planning on purchasing my wife a 6 series, but with my having to spend a significant amount to correct a known issue, I cant see myself supporting BMW any further. I plan to blast every BMW forum that I am on about this issue.

If BMW would do the right thing and fix this issue on my car, which was not caused by me, I would then have my faith restored in the Ultimate Drive, and get my wife her dream car.

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Tiffany W - 36 d 17 h ago


On August 15th I took my car into BMW of Birmingham due to the air not blowing properly, was advised the last visit that compressor may be about to go out. The following business day Dustin advised me that they didn't see any issues with air, nor did they find any codes come up on the diagnosis test and that he will follow up with me again the next day. August 17th Dustin calls and advised they found out the issue may be the water pump but can't guarantee if it will or will not fix the issue. So at this point I'm thinking "water pump"??! He goes to say they found a diagnosis code, I asked the code didn't come up yesterday but came up today? He replied yes. Something didn't sound right so I advised Dustin that I will be picking up my car that evening to bring home. I get to BMW Dustin states he didn't get my message I left about picking up my car, so it wasn't ready. Spoke to the specialist who repairs the car he explained the issue with the car, I responded and asked why didn't diagnosis code show up today and not the day prior. He said he couldn't answer the question and that with the readings it should have showed. To get to the point, Dustin came out and said that maybe he didn't relay the correct info(basically he lied). I took my car home and half way home the noise begin again on the car, which Dustin claimed he didn't hear the 2 days they had my car. Left with car filthy, horrible experience. If I can help it I will never go back to BMW of Birmingham.

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Eric - 38 d 18 h ago


Reeves BMW Tampa Dealership scammed my wife by not honoring her warranty for replacing a defective key FOB. They replaced both the key FOB and the key (which we had and did not need). SVC MGR Eldin Dzaan said they reprogrammed the new key and her old one. However when I found my missing FOB and it still worked. So they lied and didn't do what they charged her for and also didn't honor her warranty and overcharged her for something not requested or needed. Corrupt dealership. Service Mgr name is Eldin Dzaan. I am filing a BBB complaint and notifying BMW corporate customer service. Unacceptable.

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Ellie - 39 d ago


BMW X5 SUV 2014 issues with the drivetrain

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BMWMailin Bala cynwyd - 69 d 5 h ago


I am a proud BMW owner and fan. I Purchased my 3 series a few yrs back and made the switch from Audi. Being a proud and loyal customers it is very important to report horrible experience at a dealership that represents BMW. More importantly this feedback will help you to hopefully approve service in the Bala Cynwood location. Communication - All staff needs to communicate better with each other, maybe keeps notes in a computer log and briefly update each other on the statues of a vehicle. Show empathy - Most staff member very very caring and directed me to the right place. But the team that I was forced to do business with seem to not care at all about trouble that were not caused by me. People use their cars for transportation and without it, things can get a bit complicated. Getting to and from work, planning errands etc. become challenging. Loaner car service. I was informed that their were no loner cars available. I find that hard to believe but if this is the case, that is really unprofessional. Hire the right team. - Hire people that if not care about their career at least care about the people they are their to service!! Hire friendly people who can carry themselves in a professional manner. YOU ARE BMW. YOU are GREAT don't hire mediocre. I don't want anyone to ever have the experienceI I had, which is why I feel as though its very important to notify you of the experience I had in the month of July 2017 at 225 Bala Ave, Bala Cynwood, PA, 19004. I have gotten my car serviced at different places such as west German BMW, Sloan Honda, BMW of Turnersville. But for the first time I have taken my car to BMW of Bala and the experience made me want to sell my car and never deal with BMW ever again. Dropping my car of June 30th 2017, I was quoted $910 by Billy, we discussed an passenger air bag alert, car cut off with AC all the way up, and trunk open. After not hearing anything from the shop for a little while. I kept being directed to a voicemail. I left two messages, Mike left a voicemail on my phone, I called again and finally spoke to Mike. Who made it absolutely clear he wasn't sure whats going on with my car, he placed me on hold for a while then told me I would be charge $3000 I asked about over heating he explained it could be fan but they are not 100% sure. Also not sure about truck, not sure about passenger alert. Only way to know is to continue diagnostic. So why are you attempting to charge me 3K - It seems as if your not sure about anything.He expressed that the car is old.. that would be total after re wire, fix battery harness and all diagnostic along with plugs and oil change. - I replied, "no thanks, just complete plugs and oil change and inspection - whats the cost? 1,100 ok. He then called to say he couldn't complete inspection because he can't find my registration which was in the middle console but ok I emailed it to him. He then called me to inform me that my car was ready for pickup. I informed him that I cannot make it to the shop till Saturday. I asked if there will be anyone there I can speak to incase I had question he replied service is open till 5 on sat so I will be fine. When I went to pick my car up, not only was Mike unavailable, but I was told the price would possible be doubled by a older women named debbie, who obviously hated her job, or just was not in a good mood that day, either way I am a customer and should not have to deal with her personal issues!!. Unfortunately, she had to deal with customers (don't put someone who hate their job in a position where they are the face of the service) She told me that I had to pay and wait to Monday to be reimbursed, to top it off my car is now not properly functioning. I left with my car and after driving for 20 mins it sound like a plane is about to take off, my car began to thump when parked or at a red-light, and my truck is not opening at all anymoreAfter calling and speaking to debbie, I was told to bring my car back to the shop, after driving all the way back to the shop I was told nothing could be done. I begged to speak to a manger and for someone to at least go on a test drive to see the problem. Debbie insisted to tell me there are no loaner cars, though I haven't even asked for that service, then informed me that no one is available and that I have to wait till Monday. I explained I need my car, I paid for a service my car should be operating properly. She began to get a bit loud and frustrated and said there was nothing she can do. I asked her do she think this is right? she said its not, but no ones fault and to come back on Monday. Its not that simple my car was already in the shop for almost two weeks, I cannot just take off from work to drop my car off again just to possible be again overcharged and my car still not function. Finally on my way out I asked one of the gentlemen if there is a manger I can speak to. A young male said Nick is available he apologized for the inconvenience and said he would get Nick the sales manager. Debbie then came out and said she would get someone to go on a test drive with me. A guy came out I believe his name was Nick He seemed in a hurry but he was a lot nicer then the lady. He drove my car and noticed the issue immediately (when idling, either in park or at a stop sign or relight my car would thump and the RPM would jump) he asked what did they do, I explained everything except what we agreed on!! He said it looks like they did change the spark plugs and that could be the issue. maybe it was one put in the wrong spot but its a quick fix. I explained if its a quick fix, can someone just do it now. he said no one is available. I explained my experience briefly to him. He said debbie is here by herself on a weekend which is why she is probably a little upset. And that it is a lot of work that needs to be done today. I explained to him That I should be the one upset but instead I am trying to be as humble as possible . I just want my car fixed as promised and for the price to be corrected. I am paying more then what was agreed to top it off Customer service is horrible and my car is given back to me worst then it was before I dropped it off. I left the dealer ship baffled. I can't understand how a top of the line service is so mediocre. My feelings are hurt! I will make sure that a review is written on every social media page I can think of including yell and google, but more importantly I hope this letter finds its way to someone who can make sure that though I had such an experience no one else have to go through anything similar.

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Anonymous - 45 d 9 h ago


Just wait until it catches on fire.

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Tom T - 39 d 11 h ago


We have a nice 2012 X5 diesel. I have only 10,000 miles on it. We have the Sport model so suspension is stiff but my question is what replacement tires would you suggest? We have a lot of noise from the Dunlop tires and a harsh ride. I want to replace the tires with a brand that will ride softer and quieter and fit my factory wheels. Any ideas?

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