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BMW of North America, LLC

300 Chestnut Ridge Rd.
Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Jim O'Donnell
Chairman and CEO
(201) 307-4000
(201) 307-0880
Twitter IDs
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Debra Shannon - 8 d 2 s ago

My name is Debra Shannon. I purchased my 2011 BMW X5 August 2010 and I have been a loyal customer that took very good care of my automobile. I made sure all of my maintenance requirements were up to date and followed the suggestions of my service advisor. I am contacting because I took my car in because the engine light came on stating "Engine Malfunction Reduced Power." I picked my car up January 22 ,2018 it cost me $2,701.67. The same light came on February 22 ,2018 I was upset because I was told that something else was now wrong costing me another $1938.00 on March 1, 2018 I went to pick up the car because I was contacted that my car was ready. Well I actually stood in the pick up area so long because they were having problems locating my car. I went to the waiting room and I saw my car was in fact not ready but was still elevated in the maintenance area. Well I received another notice to pick up my car. I drove out of the shop and the SAME LIGHT came on. I drove my car back into the service area. The lead tech took my car back in the maintenance area and put back up and tried to turn the light out. BUT it was another 3 weeks when my car was ready March 20th. My car drove well until May 5, 2018 The SAME LIGHT "ENGINE MALFUNCTION REDUCED POWER" Of course I was told that my car now has another.......different problem. I am now expected to pay another $2000.00 dollars. I am Livid. I really believe that my car was never repaired the first time I brought it in. I also just purchased a set of new tires spending another $1200.00. NOW my service advisor in suggestion that trade my car in. I can't understand why the dealership can't repair my car, especially after I have already spent $7000.00.

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Becky Muller - 3 d 14 h ago

This sounds EXACTLY like my experience with my 2011 BMW X5! The past 3 months, I've put $5,000 in my X5 and light is still happening. Now they say it's the turbo and $7,000 to fix. I have been diligent and purchased 3 BMWs from this dealership. Very distraught! What was your outcome?

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Gigi - 1 d 6 h ago


This sounds like the same problems I'm having with my X5, & 645CI!

I'm really considering a class action lawsuit!

Customer Service of NORTH AMERICA is a joke! They only take the complaint!

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Frank Taylor - 2 d 6 h ago


The purpose of this letter is to explore my options as a recent BMW purchaser when I am not convinced the car is safe to drive.

Background of request:

The frontal collision warning feature does not work on my X3 m40i as stated in the owners manual, nor BMW's video: nor in the literature given to me at Classic BMW in Plano. But more importantly it does not perform as other BMW owners have told me their's perform. Safety features are the number one reason I purchased my BMW.

Classic BMW found nothing wrong with the car but could not make the frontal warning system performed to my satisfaction. BMW North America representative also told me the system is performing as designed. If it is working as designed then what prevents a BMW representative from demonstrating it?

I've reviewed all the circumstances that could prevent the system from working. Proper functioning of the KAFAS stereo camera is necessary. There is a calibration process upon delivery of these cameras. I was not furnished documentation of this calibration.

I am not willing to take it on faith that everything is ok. BMW should have a means where they can demonstrate the functionally of the warning.

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Jim O'Donnell - 2 d 7 h ago

To: Jim O'Donnell,

I've been trying to call contact someone regarding my resume thru which routed me to your BMW site about 2 weeks ago for the Sales & Marketing Manager for the Central Region. I never received a call nor an email regarding this position. Can you have someone contact me at (hidden). Thank you, Felix Vasquez

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Reuben - 3 d 8 h ago



I just want to correct my recent comment. I'm here at the dealer right now waiting for the X3 to be fixed. First off I want to commend Harris Fetcher of bmw of Escondido. Didn't realize that my last comment was going to singled him out. In fact he was trying to help me out and follow up this appt. He's the best in my book.

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Nazrul Islam - 8 d 39 s ago


To Whom It May Concern, I am writing this letter to highlight my love affair and my hate for BMW F10. When I first saw the 2011 F10 I fell in love with the car, the shape of its body and the curves, perfectly placed interior and the gear shifter non like any other. I first drove it when my ex-boss bought a 2011 F10 black with peanut butter interior for his son and I had the pleasure of driving it to his house that's when I knew that this is my dream car and not a Lamborghini Murcielago. At the time I had a 2009 Infinity M37X which was fully loaded with entitlement package, reclined back seats, perforated leather all around, safety package with lane departure, the sound of the engine was amazing. The car served its purpose and more only to wonder why I would ever trade, oh yea I fell in love with BMW. So my first BMW was a 2011 F10 Sky blue with black interior, she was a beauty also she was used but in really good condition. She was really good to me until the honeymoon ended sooner the expected with the xdrive problem, the differential and the transfer case, it was very expensive ordeal but I loved her so I put up with and got it fixed. Then one day I saw a 2013 F10 so I traded the 2011 F10 for that. Just to make things short I have experiencing the same issues and already got it fixed once as my first BMW marriage and the same problems keeps coming back only difference is that now I am broke and have no money to afford this expensive repairs. I wish that BMW will find a solution to my problems so I can enjoy the beauty and the power that they produce. My name is Nazrul Islam and I have a 2013 BMW 535I xDrive VIN#WBAFU7C58DDU70965. My phone 1(hidden), Thank you for your time and reading this email, I hope that you or someone art BMW could find a solution for me.

Best regards,

Nazrul Islam

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Tony Murray - 9 d ago


BMW X3 2012 3.5L, ordered direct from manufacturer single owner, no accidents, all services done at local BMW dealership Bert Smith St. Petersburg, FL however the car has been nothing but a money pit. Oil leaks, oil leaks, and more oil leaks. Car has 100,000 miles and the engine is blown and been at dealship since Jan 2108. Dealership recommended calling manufacturer which hasn't returned any of our phone calls once we created a file. After speaking to the service manager she was able to speak to the manufacturer whom closed the case offering no solution. This is our second BMW and it really speaks volume regarding the brand and it's loyalty to its customers. The car obviously has a manufacturer defect but manufacturer doesn't want to take responsibility. After reading thread after thread of all the issues with customer service and service issues with BMW I would never recommend the brand to anyone. It's sad you pay good money, do all the required services, spend thousands of dollars in repairs at local dealership but manufacture offers zero help. BMW should redo their mission statement and provide better equipment and service for their customers.

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Glen - 10 d 11 h ago


Park Avenue BMw continues to be granted service awards yet the service I'm provided continues to be poor quality . I re ently stoppped at their South Hatkensack faculty for a quote on body repair. My car was taken and I was told I would receive a quote within 24 hours. 9 days later still no quote, I followed up and was told they have no record of the service. Can the dealer be trusted with your car and how was the service award granted?

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Ann - 42 d 10 h ago


Anyone out there with flashing light that says DRIVE TRAIN malfunction on an X3 sometime around year 2013 model? Let me know because I think we need a class action suit. I have read all over the internet that this is a problem. I have had it in the shop 4x times to fix problem. Upgrade computer system, replace turbo system and fuel line, and one other $900 thing. Never got fixed. NOW I am getting charged $2,500 to look at the Vanos system to SEE if that's the problem and, if so, fix it. But, there's no guarantee it will be fixed. I still have to pay the $2,500. How does BMW make a car that they can't figure out the problem? And better yet, the customer gets charged 25% of what the car is currently worth, just to find out if that's the problem. This is crazy. This is a lawsuit.

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Tina - 37 d 10 h ago


Ann-I also have a drive train malfunction to my 2013 528I and I am told that I need a new engine. The dealership here in Georgia I went to is Nalley BMW. They are the worst. This is my fourth BMW and after this nightmare with Nalley BMW and so-called corporate office, I am certain that this will be my last BMW purchase as it is not worth the money that I have spent thus far. I am so over them

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JP - 10 d 13 h ago


OMG, same problem here and they claim they put a new engine in that look nothing like a new engine and the problems continue. We bought the most expensive warranty for five years and it hasn't been five years and they keep telling us that this is not covered and that is not covered until we get ignorant on their asses, then suddenly it is covered. I am surely getting out of the BMW family.

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Maria H - 11 d ago


I just sent you a review. Please delete my whole name and phone number.

Thank you

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Maria H - 11 d ago

I sent you a letter on May 5, 2018, and another one on February 12, 2017 in regards to the tires of the BMW 328i that I bought in 2015. I never received a call or a written response. I called Customer Relations several times, and they told me that there was no problem with the tires, that every time there was a fluctuation in the weather, the tire pressure decreased. This is almost 2 years ago. Lori, from the BMW Customer Relations, finally told me today that this was NOT a BMW problem but the tire manufacturer's.

Why did not I get notified before about this? Obviously I took my car today to Bridgestone, and I am having to replace the 2 back tires for $550. This is bad Customer Relations because, first, I did not get any response from you, and second, I only have 20,400 miles in my car.

I expect one of your managers to send me a written response as to why I did not get a valid response, and why do I have to pay for new tires after I have driven my car only for 20,000 miles.

Maria Haase


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Michele Pajak - 28 d 6 h ago


I'm writing you because I don't know where else to turn right now.

The disrespect I just received from Tyler a extension 7389 is beyond comprehension.

He basically made it known that he represented the manufacturer and did not care about the issue that we are encountering on our brand new 2018 x3. Our 3rd BMW

The dealership and bmw of N America agree with what we are asking. The issue is beside the point.

He over spoke us. He said the other agent had empathy but he didn't.

He got us so heated with his cold and sarcastic personality. I admit that by the end of the phone call it got heated. I have been in customer service for 30 years and he made me go to a place I have been able to avoid.

Like I mentioned earlier. We will work out the issue at hand but I cannot overlook the arrogance of your representative.

I hate to say but I doubted buying this car because what I heard about the new BMW customer service but went ahead. I'm doubting my decision at the moment.

Since Tyler said he was the only person I was allowed to talk to I would like to know what I can do about this situation.

Thank you

Michele Pajak

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PChase - 11 d 4 h ago

Go there & speak to his boss.. or the General Manager... that's nonsense... if that fails the District Manager or the dealership owners... "ALLOWED" to talk to... everyone has a boss... these things worked for me in the past..

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Valeria - 25 d 8 h ago


I have had one bad experience after another with BMW. I took my 2017, BMW X3 in for service. I was told I needed new tires, instantly, I replied I have the tire warranty so I am covered. NOT!!! only to find out my tires have exceeded the thread depth. Now I am responsible to buy 4 new tires and pay for the balancing and alignment. Conveniently, my financial advisor failed to inform me of the thread depth, also this information is not written on my contract. The dealership fail to support me in this endeavor which clearly reveal the value they do not have for their customers. Secondly, I paid $600.00 in order to be able to extend my warranty beyond 36000/miles for maintenance. After the tire situation I decided they will not get any more money from me as it relates to warranties. I cancelled this warranty and still to this day have not received my refund. It has been 2 weeks now. Every time I call the dealership I get the run around. There is no financial advisor available, after leaving my number twice with the receptionist, I still haven't received a call back.

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ASwiny - 11 d 5 h ago

Call the warranty company to make sure they received your cancellation. Go there & speak to the FA... if all else fails contact the general manager... I got sick of dealing with service advisors & playing phone tag... I have a similar situation but I have a loaner which they are not getting back until I get results..

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B Williams - 23 d 11 h ago


I have a BMW 528i that I haven't been able to drive since Dec 2017 due to a recall issue. I just got the recall part replaced, and right after they replaced the part on my car my check engine light came on, the car was shaking badly, and the car has a horrible whistling noise. I immediately called the dealership(Valley Auto World BMW in Fayetteville, NC) and made them aware of this issue and they stated I should make an appointment and bring the car back in. This was all happening a couple days after the recall part was replaced. I took the car in and the service "advisor" stated all the problems and then told me it had nothing to do with the recall. I originally knew they would do this because they are always after money. So I then sent documentation showing him that if the car recalls went too long without being fixed that certain things would happen. Everything that would happen was happening to my vehicle. So I then call BMW and they took the dealers word and now I'm trying my best to figure out what to do next. My vehicle is at their location and they are asking me to pay almost 2000 dollars for the repairs. I am hoping for justice because Valley Auto World are becoming fraudulent and scammers.

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Showard - 11 d 5 h ago

Call the GM for that area as well as within..(GM) the should get results... it's a waste of time notifying Englewood Cliffs...

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Jackie P. - 11 d 7 h ago


I am just gonna keep this short. My husband and I bought this BMW 4 years ago and it has been in the shop more times than we can count, the car was laid up for a long time while they claim to have an engine shipped from Germany and the car didn't even have a lot of mileage on it. Now for the past six months, every 2 months the engine light comes on and to top it off, the service crew isn't very nice. Management won't return calls, this is so disappointing since we expect so much more from a car like BMW. Instead of feeling proud and worry free of our accomplishment of owning a nice car, we worry everyday what's next with this damn car. I finally told my husband, let's go for another brand of car that we can depend on. I think we are tired now of this BS. The news media needs to be involved and expose this mess. This is a rip off. Payment is always on time tho.

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Gontano - 21 d 6 h ago


N63 engine was the worst design ever! Perhaps the engineers need to collaborate with the mechanics. Very disappointing reliability and who keeps coating the plastic trim in rubber that peels off? Very tacky products over time. This from a previous owner of E30, E31, E32, E38, E39, E65, now E64 and F10!!!

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Cyan - 50 d 15 h ago

These reviews are creating an apprehension for my interest in purchasing a BMW for the first time. I may have to look for a more reliable car that is supported by its manufacturer. :(

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Al - 22 d 23 h ago

Get a Lexus, I hear bad about it.

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Al - 22 d 13 s ago

Get a Lexus I hear nothing bad about it.

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