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BMW of North America, LLC

300 Chestnut Ridge Rd.
Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Jim O'Donnell
Chairman and CEO
(201) 307-4000
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Alisa - 4 d 14 h ago


My 2013 BMW 5 series was in the possession of BMW of Daytona for 10 days due to powertrain issues. When I finally picked up my car I noticed a loud noise coming from the right AC vent as I was driving home. I was informed by the mechanic that a rodent ate through the filter. When I informed Patty (my service rep) that I never had that issue prior to bringing my car in for service, she had the audacity to say perhaps it occurred at my home or work place. I park my car in a garage at both places, I absolutely do not have a rodent problem at home and the only species I've noticed in the garage at work are birds. Patty claimed there is NO rodent problem within the lot or WOODED are outside the dealership. She also stated that perhaps I did not notice the sound before! I've been a register nurse for 22 years, noticing abnormal sounds is part of my specialty. I don't like when anyone insults my intelligence. Now with that said I will never bring my vehicle into that location again!

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F.David. - 6 d ago


I just bought a 745i BMW, and I was told that is known of oil leak problem. I didn't wanted to believe but I just found out that this is true. Its so BAD that a very expensive product and the BMW company doesn't fix this problem. it was our first test of the BMW, so now I'm for sure the word of mouth get out to anybody that I know. The dealership that I went to reconfirm the problem, and I was told that all the other trucks and cars have the same problem. WHICH I WILL TELL YOU ALL THAT IS NOT TRUE. PLEASE FIX this problem on YOUR CARS.

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Jack Jones - 7 d 1 s ago

TO: Jim O'Donnell Chairman and CEO (BMW of North America, LLC My wife is/was the proud owner of a 2013 BMW X3. This is our 4th BMW and up until now have been very satisfied. The car recently went into a mode(can't think of what its' called) where she could only drive it about 10-15 miles per hour giving her time to park it and have a tow truck take it to Medford BMW, Medford OR. This happened happened five days ago. Today they called her to tell her the car has to have the lifters and sensors replaced. BMW has always had an impressive reputation regarding its automobiles, especially their drive trains and engines. The car only has 54.000 miles on it !! I was shocked to hear such a problem would/could happen with a BMW engine which makes me rather skeptical about purchasing another in the future. Medford BMW would or could not give us any reason why the engine failed having only 54,000 miles on it. Sincerely, Jack Jones 4360 N. Foothills Rd. Medford, OR 97504 (hidden) (hidden)

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MOONDO LEE - 7 d 13 h ago


My name is Raymoondo Juan Kwatoko Lee!! I'm an aspiring Motivational Speaker 2 our young youth and I created an Awesome, Inspirational Clothing Line called, "MOONDOWEAR" 2 Inspire and Motivate our youth, 2 "DREAM THE POSSIBLE DREAM" 4 THEIR LIVES!!!! I only have great words 2 say about a great lady, Gen. Mgr. Tania Eubanks. What an exceptional and incredible experience I will never 4get!! I had an issue stemming back from 2016. I had a phantom electrical issue causing many shutdowns in my car, ie: Windows, Inside Flashers, Windshield Wipers, Door Indicator Light, Door Locks, Ignition Key Alarm, Sunroof, all stop working @ a drop of a hat. I was told by my mechanic and triple AAA Mechanic, I needed a BCM=Body Control Module. I bought a used one on eBay but didn't work. So I purchased a new one from BMW of Dallas but was told my car was 2 old and BMW techs didn't work on my car year anymore and was sugested another shop for installation, BIMMERS ONLY!!. WHAT A DUMP OF LOAD I THOUGHT @ THE TIME!! That's when I called and meet an angel not know yet, Tania Eubanks, Gen. Mgr. BMW of Dallas. I expressed my dismay and we even became Face-Book Friends from the interaction. I took my car 2 "BIMMERS ONLY" and Pedro and a few other mechanics tried 4 9 hrs 2 program my car computer system. U can only imagine by the end of the day I was "SPENT" but appreciated their efforts. They didn't charge me and said I needed 2 coming back 4 further testing. I never went back and my nightmare with the phantom ghost problem continued from 2016-2018. Now, late 2017 my battery started 2 go dead!! When I would get a boost my ghost problem would go away!! My components in my car would start 2 work 4 about 1- 2 minutes.= "WEIRD"!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called my Face-Book Friend, Tania Eubanks Mar-8-2018 and told her of my nightmarish story. She said, why didn't U tell us about this in 2016!! I told her my new electrical mechanic just diagnosed my car Mar-6-2018 and found the problem 2 be the BCM=Body Control Module purchased in 2016. She said I will have Miguel 2 call. In about 15-20 minutes. Well, Miguel didn't call. Sheldon, the Director of Service called. What a great and honorable man who told me 2 come out 2 the dealership and he'll take a look @ my car. Mar-12-2018. I took my car @ 8:15 am and met with Sheldon, my 4ver friend, bother and supporter 4 my "DREAM" CLOTHING LINE "MOONDOWEAR"= "PRICELESS". I even took a few samples & showed him and likes my line. After 31/2 hours BING!! BING!! BING!! WE GOT A WINNER!!! THEY FOUND THE PHANTOM ISSUE!! A CD CHANGER WHEN I PURCHASED A NEW RADIO IN 2015 WAS CAUSING ALL THE MANHEIM!!!! PRAISE GOD THE PROBLEM IS FIXED & ALL SYSTEMS ARE GOOD 2 GO!!! I WANT 2 THANK, GEN.MGR.& FRIEND, TANIA EUBANKS AND THE MAN OF THE HOUR, SHELDON WHO DIDN'T WANT 2 BE ACKNOWLEDGE 4 A JOB WELL DONE. I CAN'T SAY THANK U! ENOUGH 2 BMW OF DALLAS 4 HELPING IN A TIME OF GREAT NEED. I'M 4VER GRATEFUL!! THANKFUL!! & HONORED!! 2 CALL BMW OF DALLAS= FAMILY!! IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE WITH YOUR CAR & YOU LIVE NEAR DALLAS!! CALL TANIA EUBANKS OR SHELDON & THEY WILL HELP YOU IN A HEARTBEAT!!!! TELL THEM "MOONDO" SENT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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DAVID G. - 8 d 4 h ago

I recently purchased a 2013 BMW 300 series, from "CARMAX", along with an EXTENDED WARRANTY! I am a VETERAN of the U.S.NAVY and not a member of "THE ROCKERFELLOW" family and therefore not "rolling in money" but being in my early 70's, just attempting to fulfill part of my "bucket list" (so to speak)! I was not looking for this particular car per se but when the first car I saw and liked was not available for sale I was shown other cars and this one quickly grabbed my attention based on it's good looks! Price-wise it was a bit out of my range, but as I stated, it was my "dream car" and I, after hearing about the car and being told and shown that it was in the "best of shape," made the decision to give it a "GO!" After driving the car for about a month the "Check Your Engine " light came on! I immediately returned the car to the Carmax dealer who had me take it to the local BMW dealer's service department! I left it with them for several days and later picked it up after paying close to $800.00 dollars for whatever it was they did but at the time the only thing I was sure of was that while checking the car out the mechanic noticed that the original SPARK PLUGS were in the car and they "supposedly" changed them, other wise the car was in good shape! I say "supposedly" because when they told me I had agreed to their service in a prior telephone call I could not recall that particular conversation, but,, upon picking up the car, I asked to see and have the plugs and was denied and given some scenario about how they were required to keep them for some sort of "inventory" reasons. I questioned the money and was told that I failed to mention the extended warranty to which I responded: "Well I am telling you now!" Anyway! after some going back- in- forth verbally and physically, driving back to the (BMW) dealer I was offered $200.00s and feeling I was not going to be fully satisfied, decided that something was better than nothing, and accepted it with verbal reservation! within a week or so the light came back on and I returned the car again and the service department had the car for close to two weeks before calling me to let me know it was ready for "pick-up!" This time I drove the car for about two weeks and now the light has returned and has been lit for ever since! today is Monday, March 12th and I took the car to them on the previous Thursday or Friday to alert them that after all the time they "supposedly worked on it, the same problem of the light has returned but I didn't want to leave it with them at that time and would be bringing it to them this week! bottom line, my "dream-car has turned into a sort of "NIGHT-MIRROR!" before I have had the time to actually enjoy it! On top of the money I had to spend with the BMW service, and only having the car for about two months I suddenly and surprisingly hit with a letter from the DMV to register the car which I assumed, like every other car I have ever purchased in my life, the CARMAX DEALERSHIP should have paid when I bought the car,( After all, I gave them a cash down payment of $1,000 dollars! Anyway! after complaining to them and getting nowhere, that ended up costing me an additional $391 dollars! so between the two dealerships it cost me over another thousand dollars and of course I am unsatisfied with the return of a mere $200.00 and the original problem of the engine light is still not corrected! I love the car but I, like so many of the persons complaining here, find that I am having serious regrets in making BMW my choice of purchase! I have to ask: "Where do I go, besides litigation, to get a satisfying remedy, if not DMW, itself! I do not wish to do anything rash, but as I stated: I am not a "ROCKERFELLOW" but I refuse to be treated unfairly without some sort of recourse! After all, that has sort of been a staple in my lifetime as a black man and quite frankly, I'm "fed-up!"

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No - 8 d 12 h ago



My I own a 2007 3 series sedan. Let me start by saying I was on hold on the hotline for 35 mins with no answer so due to wasting my whole lunch break for nothing I'd decided to email. I have a recall for my blower motor wiring on the vehicle in which I didn't know until last week. I'd just purchased the vehicles last month I'll start here. On my way home from the detail company I was driving it had been raining for some time this day being 03/02/2018 I live within the Dallas Texas region, so I was traveling home with my radio on and I had the Heat on full blast in the vehicle due to it being cold outside when all the sudden my vehicle filled the whole inside of the car with a plastic burnt smell with lots of smoke the smoke was so thick that I tapped my brakes an was going to attempt to pull over. The smoke got worse to where I couldn't see I then rolled down the windows and attempted to pull into a vacant parking lot when all of the sudden the vehicle got side ways an slide into a curb stricking a light pole on the back right side which I have pictures that I can provide. The damage resulted in two front brand new M3 wheels bent an rashed along with tires also it had bent my front right brand new coil over causing major camber also bent the back right subframe arm damaged the back bumper and back right quarter panel. I then called my local tow company to have the vehicle towed home. The very next morning I had to fly out of the country which I'm just getting back today. I have several other BMW's in which I'm a huge enthusiast of the vehicles. I'd like someone to contact me regarding this issue I'd get to get an estimate yet for the repairs my BMW mobil technician had came to look at the vehicle indicating it's needs. I had yet to start it since the accident due to being scared of the burnt plastic odor an smoke resulting in an accident, my son was going to start driving the vehicle although he cannot now due to the damages I'm sure it's going to be costly as for I feel as if I'm not responsible for the incident due to this faulty wiring on the blower please reach out to me asap as for this is very important to me and I'd like to resolve the issue in a frequent manor.

Thank you,

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Donald Paul - 11 d ago


I would like to open a query for my headlights , I have a BMW 320i 2014 , the headlights are not bright at night and i have difficulty in driving .

I has stock headlights and bulbs .

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Gabriel Shimunov - 12 d 32 s ago


Hi i have a BMW 135i, with the N54 engine and I have experienced High Pressure Fuel Pump failure, Injector Failure, Water in the trunk which destroyed my RDC and Comfort access modules. The cost of the repair is more than $8,000, that I had to pay, when calling BMW customer service they said that my VIN is not covered for the repairs and the extended warranty. I am furious, this is absolutely unreal. All of the N54 engines are problematic, i have the receipts to prove this. i am seeking reimbursement. Please call me at (hidden) - to resolve this. i have already contacted my attorney.

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George G. - 14 d ago


Mr. O'Donnell

I have 2015 435I convertible. Called you customer service department regarding problem with the front seats

Car has 26K mi and both seats are falling apart - side leather support is flaking off. Your representative told me that is wear and tear. Really?

Luxury brand $70K and seat are design to fall apart after 25K mi. If that is the case this will be my first BMW and last one.

Pease make a disclosure on every vehicle sold - seat replacement necessary after 30K miles !

Second questions, why are your employees so secretive. No open communications, no email or contact to any supervisor.

They hide !!! Where is the pride of German quality and craftsmanship??? All gone... sad

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Very Disapointed - 15 d ago


I bought a 2011 BMW 328i on Christmas eve 2017 This is the 1st foreign car I ever owned While doing research all I ever heard or told was the dependabilty and performance they had It was a no brainer I immediately had the car service 5 months later I had to replace the complete valve cover to replace the crankcase ventilation valve Being that the car was used i took it to the local foreign car shop He has been in this area for over 40 years That cost me over 700 dollars 2 months later it started doing the same thing again It was backpressure threw the oil fill cap causing it to whistle I went to Valley Auto in another town and they would not even speak to me without making an appointment I walked outside to leave and a sales rep overheard what he told me and took it to another place in that same town So he fix it with Genuine BMW parts and that the other man use a cheap replacement part That took care of it That cost me 998 dollars 3 months later eccentric shaft sensor went out among other parts goes bad So I go back to the man that fix my car This time it cost me 1670 dollars Then 5 months later it goes out again That same sensor among other parts They recommend going to Valley Because the warrenty had changed so they called them and I called them also to get the car fix I was told the parts and labor would be covered I still had to pay 792 dollars to be able to pick the car up I would get my money back from YOU A total of 5 phone calls between YOU and Valley still has not yielded any results Because YOU and Valley tell a different story about what is covered and what is not So I say maybe the result will still be good because this is a work in process But my opinion of YOU and Valley and the car will not change And that is not good

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Ashley - 15 d 42 m ago


Greetings Mr. Jim O'Donnell,

I would like to respectfully ask for your assistance with repurchasing my 550i xDrive. As a promotion gift ( I'm in the Army) I purchase a 2015 BMW 550i xDrive Sedan / vin# D979476 in July 2017. From August 2017 through January 2018 Ive had four maintenance issues with my engine and fuel system. Each time I would have to drive an hour and a half to BMW and back to drop off my vehicle. I would then drive another hour and a half to pick up my car and another hour back. That is a total of 24 hours driving back and forth over or course of six months to have my vehicle repaired.

As of today I have been denied twice for my vehicle to be repurchased. My goal was to purchase a luxury dependable and save vehicle however I have received the latter. I am constantly separated from my family and loved ones and do not have anyone to assist me when I have issues with my vehicle. In December I was offered a extended maintenance plan by (hidden) in case in case I had additional issues after being denied for a repurchase the first time time. Within the next month I had another issue with the fuel system so they replace the fuel sealant in air filters because of the fuel leak. I requested again to have my car repaired his but was denied as of today by Kurt's supervisor (hidden).

I no longer feel safe, secure, nor happy with driving this vehicle. I have coordinated with Kurt and friend regarding this matter and they said that there is nothing else they can do.

I I feel deceived and taken advantage of because I have no one here to assist me with this matter. I am loyal to organizations and businesses that provide quality service. I only request that my vehicle be repurchased due to the amount of faults that I've had in such a short period of time of purchase. I appreciate your time and patience and I hope you know that I am coming from a sincere and disappointed stance. I am a customer who only wanted a luxury, dependable and safe vehicle after receiving a promotion in the military. Instead I received a car that looked good but had consistent faults.

I appreciate your time and patience and I look forward to hearing from you. Because of my work environment email will be the best method of communication to contact me. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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Ashley - 15 d ago


I can be contacted at (hidden). The dealership that I was working with is located at Tuscon BMW. I appreciate your time and patience.

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Greg gido - 15 d 7 h ago


Bought a 2011 335ixdrive,,was thrilled to have bout one,,,thought German craftsmanship was suppose to be good but my car proved that to be far from true,, on average I spent 2000$ a year on repairs,,, runied two vacations and financial killed me,,,,still like BMW but not impressed,, this car brought on more depression than I have ever had in my life,,,be nice if BMW could stand behind there car and help me out,,,I understand now why a 50,000$ car is only worth 20,000$ 5 years later,,, waiting on a part now to , another 800$ problem,, maybe BMW could at least buy me a gun to kill myself,,

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Eugene Burke Esquire - 18 d ago


Hi he/her I was wondering could you please send me a 2018 BMW Motorcycles catalog because I obtain some Money and I'm Working on a Driving Permit project address 1241 Brownstone ave apt 107 akron ohio 44310:number is (hidden):Name is Dr Eugene Burke thank you have a good day by

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Ashutosh Ruparelia - 19 d ago


Hi all, I have being discussing the issue with a problem on a 2012 535i. The customer service is bad and they will not look into the matter. This is from the Executive Customer Care Customer Relations and Services (Chris). I have never had this bad of an experience with Lexus and Mercedes Benz. I would like to advise not to purchase BMW because if there is an issue, they will not provide any service or try to compensate even though you have evidence that shows that there was a defect. BMW claims that their product is reliable. This is not true when you spend over $60,000 on a car and within 5 years you have all these issue. I have written 2letters to the CEO (Jim O'Donnell) and have never got any respond from him. My letters were directed to Chris (Executive Customer Care Customer Relations and Services) Ask yourself this, would you buy a car when the CEO will not respond to you and the Executive Customer Care Customer Relations and Services (Chris) writes this to you. The reason we are writing a letter to the CEO is because the authorized dealer is not doing anything. BMW of North America will not be providing assistance toward repairs on your vehicle. This decision is final. We are closing our file on this matter. Should you have any further questions, our authorized BMW centers are always available to assist our customers. I want to make sure that future customers are aware of the service you can expect. DO NOT BUY AN BMW unless you are willing to spend a lot of money on repairs because their cars have lots of problem and customer service will not help you resolve it if you have past your warranty.

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Hassan R Babar - 19 d 4 h ago

HI, This is Hassan, I got the recall notice of my BMW 2008 VIN number WBAWV535X8PO78561 registered with name of Sadia Shuja I took my car to the dealer ship in Bellevue WA Belred Road USA . I picked up my car next day and when I came home I saw my airbag was totally loose on the stearing wheel I went to the dealship again and told them to please fix it. first their service manager was trying to send me back making lame excuses but when I insist to check it she called a foreman to check and he pulled the car to the workshop and after one hour he came back and said it was like this before we can't fix it you have to change the whole stearing wheel, I said it was not like this before but they were not listing me and the service manager was very rude to me, she said you come again tomorrow we will check it when I went their again the foreman changed his previous conversation to a new one, now he was telling me some one pushed the airbag very strongly and the metel down their is not in its original position so that's the reason your airbag is loose. My question is I never opened the airbag they opened it and put it back now how I know you pushed it hard to fit in the stearing wheel and again he was keep telling me you have to change the whole stearing wheel . Why I should spend money to change the stearing wheel when its not my fault. I want to fix it as it was before I don't know if they change the stearing wheel or if they fix it like this . The lady in the service department who was in service manager's office was very rude and don't know the customer service and working thier its amazed. Hope so your office will take action.

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Stuart, a former proud owner - 25 d 7 h ago

Dear BMW, Once signing the dotted line and taking my first seat as an owner of a BMW, I truly thought that I would never have to write a complaint or poor review. Unfortunately, that day has come. I am currently astounded and appalled by the recent news I just received about my 2016 340i. My family has been proud BMW owners for over 16 years. My father has had 2 BMWs, currently looking into getting his third. Up until a few moments ago, I was also a proud owner of "The Ultimate Driving Machine." I was absolutely in love with my 340i, it is an animal under the hood and sleek as can be in the seating compartment. But here is where I am so disappointed. This past week I was driving home from work late in the afternoon. As it was in the mid 70s and winter here in Houston, Texas is more than likely coming to an end, I turned on the A/C to cool down but alas, no cold air. During my hour long commute home in Houston rush hour, I was sweating my tail off while sitting in my comfortable red leather sports seat. Eventually I got home and started troubleshooting. Being a mechanical engineer and having what I would say a very knowledgeable mind of automotive troubleshooting and experience, I took a look under the hood. I started off with the basic steps of troubleshooting A/C issues and came to realize that BMW has supplied the 340i with a separate liquid coolant system for the A/C with its own coolant reservoir. So I unscrewed the cap for the coolant reservoir for the A/C and come to find out, the liquid level is so far below the minimum level required for the reservoir that I cannot even see it. The car is only 17 months old and still under the warranty so I immediately got on the phone to my local BMW dealer and service department. I brought the car in the next day and described what was going on to my BMW service advisor. I left the car with them and waited for a call. The next day I received a call from my advisor with horrifying news. The issue was that the separate A/C cooling system has its own radiator/condenser at the front of the car in the center of the bumper. Well this radiator had a leak. Once getting off the phone, I left work early to make it to the BMW dealership before they closed so that I could see the damage myself. A technician took me to my car, hooked up an adaptor pump for the A/C cooling system. Sure enough, he pumped up the pressure on the reservoir and a strong stream of what I assume is water and Freon started spewing out of the front of the lower radiator onto the ground. The culprit? An object, most likely a small stone or rock hit the radiator while driving at some time earlier that week. My service advisor then told me that the radiator needed to be replaced and the job would be roughly $1400 and since this was damage due to driving it would not be covered under warranty. Immediately I was outraged! I thought, "how is this possible? 1400???? What?!? Are you kidding??" This is over $60,000 car, less than a year and a half old and a small rock which hit my car just while driving is going to cost me $1400??? No way! Absolutely appalled! How in the world, can "the ultimate driving machine" (capitalization not deserved) be brought down by a pebble. A PEBBLE MIND YOU?!? My $60,000, 320hp, 0-60 mph in 4.9 second car is defeated by a minuscule pebble. What in the world were the BMW engineers thinking during this design? In fact, I almost consider myself lucky that I made it 17 months without this happening. Who's to say that this wouldn't have happened 20 times already and cost me god knows how much because apparently a small rock can defeat my car. You may ask, well how do I know is was a small rock or object or whatever it was? Well, there is a grate/grill which is in front of the radiator. But guess what? The grates are segregated by holes which are nearly an inch in diameter. The grate is not damaged at all so it was a very small object that went made it's way through and destroyed the radiator. You may also say, well insurance should cover that. Well also guess what? I have quite a large deductible to meet before insurance helps out at all so that idea is pretty much out the door. Now I get it, BMW is about efficiency and performance so perhaps the results of this new liquid cooled A/C design far outweighed a more traditional design. But with this in mind, have some sense while designing! You cannot have a radiator which is less than a foot off the ground (where nearly all small rocks and pebbles are going to hit constantly) and have it protected by a grate which uses large enough holes to allow penetrating objects to make their way through. At the very least there needs to be a much more heavy duty and dense shield in the way to stop this. So before, I was a proud owner of "the ultimate driving machine" but with an engineering design as thoughtless and flimsy as this, I can no longer say that statement. Now I have to shell out a large sum of money for something, which I and many others I am sure feel, that could have easily been avoided. This saddens me, I love my BMW but apparently you cannot get a reliable car for $60,000 anymore. With a design like this there is no guarantee that if I pay to have this fixed then I won't be back next week because of another pebble. Thank you

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I bought 2018 BMW 320i xDrive from Baron BMW, Kansas. The car has many problem, the BMW connected app, doesn't support. I called the customer service but the answer is I don't have authority this vehicle is already fleet registration. But the dealer said it is brand new. - 30 d 7 h ago


I bou

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Jason Jorgensen - 32 d 6 h ago


Mr. O'Donnell,

This may be a complete waste of time, but we are at a point where we are left with limited options.

My daughter bought a 2011 BMW 328i two years ago from Nalley BMW of Decatur in Georgia.

Recently she had a Vanos assembly break on this car. This is a problem that occurred with her model, however there was no recall. We had the car towed into the dealership and two days later they diagnosed a broken Vanos and some leaking gaskets. Two days later we received a text stating that the motor now has a knock and needs replaced. We received three different quotes and the dealership offered to half the cost with us. Upon conversation with the service technicians we learned that the car ran for 20 minutes before any knock was heard and after seeing the repair order more that the oil pan had to be removed to remove broken pieces of bolts and metal and replace the sump pump. My husband is very mechanically inclines and knows that the motor likely got metal in it and ruined a rod or bearing. We have requested help from BMW of NA and a technician came out and suggested that the car was improperly maintained. The head service manager told us himself that he reviewed the service records and could see that the car was in fact properly maintained. This car only has 60,000 miles on it and is meticulous. The extended warranty just ran out two thousand miles ago and the car passed emissions two days before the Vanos assembly broke. My daughter is a professional race car driver and knows cars, her boyfriend is a GT mechanical engineer and his dad works for another BMW dealership. Between all of us we own 7 BMW's. And I can assure you, know how to maintain them. BMW issued a statement in the New York Times that a faulty Vanos assembly can cause catastrophic damage to the engine and we believe that this is case. Observed by the technicians that started hearing a knock after 20 minutes of the car running. When the car is started now, the knock is immediate! We received an email yesterday stating that BMW will not help with any repair of the car. We have tried repeatedly for two days to reach the service manager and assistant service manager to discuss this, to no avail. And there is no reaching the GM Jason Branham. He does not list a number, email or his name on their website and you cannot get connected to him when you call.. with this type of customer service I see why. My daughters car is not worth the cost of a new motor, especially when a known faulty part under warranty ruins it. The BMW iPromise has not delivered and the BMW of NA technician only attempted to cover the dealerships technician by checking the codes. The service manager told ya he was only there a few minutes. So our request and satisfaction is not of concern, and we are so disappointed as a BMW customer of 25 years.

Any help with this matter would be appreciated.

Jason Jorgensen (hidden)

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Angi Debowsky - 31 d ago


It seems like we had similar issues with BMW within 23 miles apart. I'm stuck in another situation as well. I can't get any where with this dealership in Duluth, Georgia as well. Have you tried to contact the Corporate Headquarters? That's what I'm going to do next then possible an attorney. My husband and purchased 4 vehicles from them it's been a nightmare and we live in another state. I just posted my story. The CEO at corporate office headquarters is Jim O'Donnell #(hidden)

or email

I hope this helps. It's horrible how they take advantage and treat there customers while selling us fairly new cars and all have major issues. They all need to be sued for selling customers cars that they have never inspected.


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Angi Debowsky - 31 d ago


BMW of Gwinnett Place in Atlanta, Georgia has been the worst experience in every way. I would think after purchasing 4 BMW's with selling us bad cars that are obviously not being maintained on there lot or properly inspected and horrible customer service and cannot get a call back with no courtesy or care. They seem to just take your money and sell you cars with major issues. Especially my husband and I traveling from another state after purchasing a 2013 BMW 335I CPE in March 4, 2017 and spending over 1000.00 after just purchasing the car the engine was bad. The car stayed in the repair shop. Feeling so taking advantage of in every way. My husband and I had to drive back to Atlanta a state away to purchase another car 2013 BMW 335I CPE on March 25, 2017. We had even brought the receipts of the car we had to return with all the expenses and time and travel wasted. We never was reimbursed or a sorry for the inconvenience nothing at all. Worst customer service ever. Even the fianancing was horrible. I was getting charged again another 699.00 on my contract the numbers were off. I just realized it as I have both contacts in front of me of both of the cars. It is very clear to me how they screw their customers. How could I have a negative equity to my new contract both cars with exact year, color, model, BMW the only difference was 5,000 miles. Why should I be recharged certain fees when I was sold a lemon BMW. I have had BMW' s for 20 years never in my life have I experienced this nightmare. My paperwork the second time after purchasing my second car in 2 months was mailed to me. I am so upset and frustrated with this place and do not trust anything they say with another major situation. Because of the horrifying experience of my first purchase of the BMW on April 4, 2017, with my second purchase on May 25, 2017. I wanted to make sure I wouldn't have any worries about the vehicle, I purchased the best extended warranty I was told for 2199.00. We'll come to find out that was a lie. I currently had to have my car towed to the same shop were my first Beamer went again and they are denying my claim and said I need to upgrade to a better contract and call my dealer in Atlanta who did my financing. I can't get a call back from Alex or the salesman Jordon. Leaving multiple messages and confirming with the receptionist that they are there. My coolant recovery tank is split it's not covered makes no sense the repair shop said they never seen this before and couldn't believe it themselves when they called it into the claims department. I mean after purchasing a 5 series with nothing but problems, M6 2010 problems, 335I twice less than 2 months this place of business especially BMW the worst I have ever seen in my life. I have bought all my other beamers in Florida with such the most excellence and above all customer concerns, needs, questions, and care. The cars on the lot are very clean, maintenance and always very pleasant and very thorough from beginning to the end. Do not buy beamers from this place!! They just run cars in and out you can clearly even tell by the lot. Especially when you purchase a vehicle it's always very clean inside and out. Definitely not this BMW of Gwinnett Place 3264 Commerce Ave Duluth, GA 30096. You will get taking advantage of selling you telling you anything to sell you that car that has issues because they don't maintenance every car. They don't care no calls back no customer service and tell you lies while looking straight at you and take your hard working money. The finance department only cares to close the deal assures you with your questions then down the line realizing you have been lied to and taking advantage of an got screwed again!! This is not a mistake it is the most dirty and shady dealership ever. Such a shame for BMW and there customers. I now have to go to the extent to hand this over to an attorney. If you have purchased from this horrible place keep all your paperwork always!!! I promise you when you get into a situation like this it all speaks and shows the evidence itself with all your receipts and paper trails and phone logs. I hope this will save anyone in the future no customer or even repeated customers should never ever be treated like this and taking advantage like this. Not even a call or response back, leaving you frustrated and upset and stuck without a care in the world. I hope anyone out there if this has happened to you to please report them. So this won't keep happening to innocent people. DO NOT BUY FROM BMW OF GWINNETT PLACE IN DULUTH, GEORGIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nakia Campbell - 31 d 39 s ago


Angry bmw owner

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Anonymous - 31 d ago


I'm sending this email because I own 2 bmw, BMW X3, BMW 328 I, that I have enjoyed that's why I made a 2nd purchase because I assumed these two cars were great purchases, but the experience I have received with my "RECALLS" for both of my vehicles are unbearable. I contacted bmw in Greensboro North Carolina and the representative stated that he would order my part for my airbag on my x3, I have waited a month and half for someone to contact me back NO RESPONSE... I don't understand how you could live with yourself knowing that me & my children & grandchild that rides in these cars everyday knowing that it's not safe to drive these cars because of the recall. I pray nothing happens to me & my family due to these recalls that you guys will not fix. My next move is to contact the corporate office about this matter because if you guys don't care I do and I will not stop until both cars are recall free. I need for someone to contact me at home (hidden) cell (hidden) husband phone number (hidden) or email. This will not stop here..

Concerned BMW owner,

Nakia Campbell-Davis

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Jeff - 33 d 19 h ago


I am simply disappointed to put it nicely in the quality of my bmw 328i. Upon multiple trips to the dealership the same issue I took it in for is still occurring. The communication about diagnosis was two days after I had initially bought the car in. This poor service was executed by Leith BMW in Raleigh NC. I'm tired of wasted trips and money on this brand so I will definitely won't purchase a bmw ever again. I hope this message is taken seriously as this is unacceptable on all levels. I will be pursuing this matter further

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Mike - 34 d 23 h ago


I husband owns a BMW 435i msport 2014 and the wheel hubs are rusted. The car is still under warranty but when we took it to the dealership they would not do anything to fix this that is why I am reaching out to Mr. O'Donnell to get this corrected and would like a response from him. If this was you would you like to drive around in a beautiful car with rusted hubs. I look at other BMW's and they don't have this problem. They must be inferior and I hope you do something to rectify this problem.

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