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BMW of North America, LLC

300 Chestnut Ridge Rd.
Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Jim O'Donnell
Chairman and CEO
(201) 307-4000
(201) 307-0880
Twitter IDs
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Unsatisfied customer - 1 d 18 h ago


Every 2 months I am spending thousands of dollars for the same problem. BMW wants to get me into a new car but with all the money I've spent I can't afford it. This page is SCARY everyone has a problem. I am contacting BBB CSS as well as channel 9 news this is ridiculous. We as customers spend to much money to just continue to throw it away. These cars seem like they are being fixed just enough just to get you to come back in a couple weeks. No one takes the responsibility for anything. We need our cars to make our way to work and to other affairs, yet we are put in hard positions. It will stop! I am sure of it.

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Gaylord Freeman - 4 d 18 h ago

My brother and I have been part of the BMW family for years. We love the BMW vehicles, and we enjoy the way BMW provides and give great customer service by providing you with a loaner BMW vehicle until your vehicle is completed through the Service Department.

My cousin John Jones Sr of Pensacola, Florida was looking to buy his wife a car for his birthday. Well, I talked him to purchasing a BMW. He did just that. They bought their first ever BMW from Sandy Sansing BMW in Pensacola, Florida about a year ago. They love the BMW.

My cousins are Seniors, and they do not like complaining. Although, they do complain to me about the bad treatment they receive from Sandy Sansing BMW dealership. They have taken their BMW in for services twice. Each time the company has kept their vehicle for more then three (3) days, and not once have they offer Pastor Jones and wife a loaner vehicle. Now, this is poor and bad services. I have always had loaner car whenever my BMW went in for service.

Pastor Jones had to go out and rent a vehicle for his wife to use until BMW replace the "Run Flat Tire". Really, BMW this is how you treat your customers? What Sandy Sansing doesn't know is that Pastor was thinking about buying a 2019 BMW, and buying his grandson a BMW in 2020. Well, it looks like BMW may have lost a great customer due to poor services.

I would like to apologize to my cousins, because I was the one who sold them on getting the BMW. Thanks for making me look bad among my family. "GET IT RIGHT BMW"

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Courtney Carr-Sanders - 7 d ago


To: BMW USA Representatives

RE: Faulty High Pressure Fuel Pump

I am writing this letter because I have been having troubles with my 2013 X5 and I do not understand why. I have two problems; the main problem is the High Pressure Fuel Pump and my secondary problem is the Panoramic Sunroof.

I purchased a used 2013 x5 last year- with the notion that BMW's were "good cars" that would last forever- although it was used, it was an affordable luxury car that meets my family's needs. I just got my car serviced by having the state inspection and an oil change on 12/01/2018 and on the following Wednesday my car started to putter around as I was driving and shortly after the check engine light came on. I do not know what the cause of this problem was, but I felt unsafe and I parked my car in the garage until I was able to take it in to the BMW service department. I was able to take it to Midtown BMW on 12/11/2018- and the diagnostic came back as Faulty High Pressure Fuel Pump.

The cost to replace this part is almost $2,000- I am floored because I don't know what could have caused this part to "go bad". After looking online- I see that there were several recalls on this part with different models of BMW's and also a warranty extension on a few BMW models. Many people have also written complaints about this part. Also, I was speaking with my co-worker and her BMW had the same issue (what a coincidence). With all of the talk about this HPFP it seems as though BMW would be able to do something about this "faulty car part". I am not a reckless driver- a car with such precision should last more than 70,000 without having "faulty parts".

Secondly; back in May, my sunroof stopped working. I have also seen many reports online about this panoramic sunroof- the service center wanted $600 just to diagnose the problem. This is absolutely unheard of- a 6 year old vehicle should not be "breaking down". Also, you should not absolutely have to buy a warranty just "in-case" of a problem. I believed in BMW - what can we do to fix this issue?

Concerned and Unsure,

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Praveen Kumar - 11 d ago

Had a bad experience with Hartford BMW , New Country. They sold me a 2011 car with warranty and after 3 months I had issue with engine and were advised to change the engine . The quoted me $ 10,600 even though I had warranty and later in they informed I need to pay $5006 , After two weeks they informed that the Steering racks and wheel bearings to be changed and for that I have to pay additional $1400 . I feel so frustrated and it is like looting in the day light.

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Anonymous - 26 d 15 h ago

BMW Silver Spring, Maryland

I drop off my car for service because left side mirror when I used to close it makes some noise.I explained to service advisor his name is Kevin Pitamber then he called his dealership shop foreman look at my car and tell me need change the mirror because of mirror motor was not good and my second concern was when used rain I can't see the road from the driver side area I was very dangerous I explain to the shop foreman and he bring some Paper towel he cleaned from inside that's all then I go inside service advisor tell me he need to order the mirror I said ok then I got a loaner car and request also to wash my car. Next day Service Advisor Kevin Pitamber he called me and he says your car is ready for pickup but when i go to pickup my car I was completely shocked when I see my car It was completely disaster car wash department messed my full car all over front left side dent under the headlight and passenger side door they hit with something maybe when they was open the door make my door ugly chip and all over lots of deep scratches front hood and lots of swirl marks in my car paint, rear trunk spoiler area top roof all over side doors. I'm really disappointed completely unhappy at this moment how come they make my brand new car so ugly. Then called Kevin he came outside and I show him all over my car he says I'm really sorry your car was not like this he tell me we will take care of your car but we're extremely busy at this moment come back November 1st week, then later I called also service manager his name is Joe Diss I talked him he came outside to see my car and he tell me his service advisor explained him everything, then I take out my car from the dealership.not only that after they installed the mirror my auto parking left side camera view doesn't work anymore so when they call me November 1st week drop off my car i called Kevin to the lane just want show him left side mirror parking camera view doesn't work and tell me he will take care of that and also before I drop off my car last couple days was raining badly I couldn't see very well because left side mirror was not clear at all I do have some videos and pictures how was the front windshield, then again I got a loaner car they took one week after one week later called me and service advisor was telling your car is ready for pickup ok then go over there to pickup my car I was not happy at all because they didn't fixed all those scratches and also make me mad more because they repainted my car full bumper with out my permission and also when they open the bumper they made some extra dent I show to the manager explain him everything over again and again my car was not like that at all then he go inside bring yellow marker pen he put in circle mark if you guys pull the camera you will see that not only those circles other lots of place he didn't circles because he tell me he explain to bodyshop manager what conversation we have and he will explain also to check all over the car I find out also they made dent left rear tire upper side and he circle over there also he says he can't see anything but he will tell bodyshop manager to fixed that area. Then he tell still you have our rental car I said yes he tell me to keep the car and he will take care of my car and he will delivery my car maybe next day I said ok but they 2 more weeks and I text service advisor couple times to check my car status he told me don't rush to them I said ok as long you guys take care of my car I'm ok then when I go to pickup my car they didn't tell me or offer me to walk over the car just to see everything is okay or not when I pickup my car I came back with in 10 minutes I was damn busy at work it was before thanksgiving day so talked to manager and I tell him going to pickup my car I'm coming back to work so when I come back to my work I see the white marks on my car then instantly I go back to the dealership and I talked to the service advisor I was telling him maybe those white stuff is compound but can you check he checked out little bit then called his manager Joe Diss he didn't touch or even though he look at that place he was completely trying to ignore me and I tell him also check the camera you will see that white marks or chip was over there not only that my previous visit I show him left rear tire side has dent and he circle that area previously he didn't fixed that dent at all if you guys can checkout the camera my car front hood has some chip marks that time I'm over 100% guarantee because I know my car was completely fresh and cleaned I have lots picture about my car before I drop off even though previous couple weeks I took so many pictures about my car I don't see anything in my car at all. More funny thing is my car was over there 3 weeks but they didn't fixed my car parking camera view error still showing the same problem. Please now my biggest concern is anyone can handle my car all kinds situation which is I'm facing right now as soon as possible I don't care BMW corporate will handle the situation or the dealership member of managements. If I need to reach any BMW CORPORATE higher level please let me know. My cell phone number is (hidden)



Alim Razi.....

General profile image

Tretha - 42 d 19 h ago


my car is falling g apart i had the car for 11 months the center console is loose and the upholstery is coming out the panel on the passenger side the driver side door inst properly fixed its loose. 2014 BMW x6 that i bought from BMW SF 12/31/2017. I was told by one person it would be fixed for free if it was a defect. These are all defects because a car of this type shouldn't be having these types of issues ever. Its supposed to be made strong enough. Know ive been waiting on a return call from cooperate i was told yesterday i would get a call in 24hrs but that has past i left voicemails for the director of service and senior manager of service no one has returned my calls. This is very upsetting im disappointed and feeling very frustrated with the car and the company

General profile image

Valana Hillard - 36 d 22 h ago


I'm feeling the exact same way. After six months of purchasing a 16000 dollar car, I've paid almost 4000 in repairs. THIS IS INSANE, I'm going to speak directly with the General Manager of this lot because this is not something you do to a customer!

General profile image

kevink - 30 d ago


Had the same issue with my X3. The face of the glove box was falling off! Dealer said it was a "common problem!!!" Really? No recall? My car is just out of warranty so I asked BMW North America to fix it since it should never have happened and was a known defect. No. Meantime, the dealer said they would fix it but I would have to pay half...only $665. They lied to me. I had it fixed with a BMW part from Germany for $415 at my local garage. BMW would not stand by their product. Next car will certainly not be a BMW!!!!

General profile image

Joyce - 31 d 14 h ago

While watching the NHL game tonight, I had the opportunity to watch a BMW ad. This ad was showing a football game, with a driver in BMW driving across the football field while screaming at the coach and team. The only thing I got from this ad, was that BMW drivers have no regard for property or people. This ad reflects that BMW drivers are self absorbed and have no regard for other people or property. Ads should reflect on the positive of the item being advertised and the people involved. The ad also enforces the idea the people who can afford expensive things totally disregard or disrespect anyone below their standard. When children see this ad, it gives them the wrong idea.

General profile image

Anna - 36 d ago


I took my BMW to Bayshore BMW to have a recall done, after having the recall done I was told I needed a belt and tension er pulley replaced. I purchased the parts and went to my mechanic who has worked on BMW's for over 30 years. He took off the so called shredded belt to find out it was brand new along with the tension-er pulley. I called back BMW and was told why would he take it off if it was good. I then stated because Rob at service stated I needed it. I called to speak to the service manager (Vinny) who was super rude would never have any one go to that service area again. As of today I still have not received my $300.00 credit that Vinny said would be in the mail 3 weeks ago. STAY AWAY FROM BMW OF BAYSHORE

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32 years of BMW ownership - 94 d 16 h ago


Bravo, BMW. I have no problem with your new commercial which shows a kiss between a straight couple, AND a gay couple. The people who are complaining about it have some seriously fragile masculinity issues.

General profile image

John - 54 d 14 s ago

No we dont. But we do have a problem when watching a ball game and my children and millions of other kids are being forced to watch homosexual behavior. And I would also have a problem if it was sexually suggestive show a man and woman. Not the place to promote that kind of behavior.

General profile image

Disgusted By You - 49 d ago


No we don't. We just find that sort of behavior disgusting. You want to engage or swing both ways then fine. Shave really close so you won't irritate. However, it is NOT right to force that ideology or subliminal advertising on me, my family, my children, or anyone elses for that matter. Funny how that tolerance thing you liberals tout only works one way.

General profile image

Disgusted Former Customer - 49 d 2 h ago


Why do you as a company find it necessary to promote homosexual behavior? Do you want to sell a vehicle so bad that you would pander to the gay community by forcing the vast majority of people who do not think it is OK to see images of two men kissing? I saw it and threw-up in my mouth. I am totally disgusted by that image and by you as a company for showing that to an unsuspecting audience. You should have had a disclaimer up-front stating that you have disgusting images of homosexuals engaging in lewd behavior in this commercial and viewer discretion should be advised. Must you attempt to prove to the buying public that you are totally inclusive by promoting all of these "progressive" lifestyles? If you think it is OK then fine, but you are PROMOTING that sort of behavior and there is a BIG difference. You don't have to speak out against it if you think it's OK but you are speaking out promoting that it IS OK.'s not. I see where your morals as a company are or to better phrase, LACK of morals are so I can promise you this: I will NEVER buy another BMW as long as I live and neither will anyone in my family. You make a fine vehicle but I will NEVER support a company that promotes immoral behavior. I hope the people who make up the majority of your customer base follow suite and drop you as their vehicle of choice.

General profile image

S - 51 d 12 h ago

Sticking with Benz... thought about moving to different engineering but not after seeing 2 guys kissing. I'm out. Good luck...

General profile image

Mario - 70 d 14 h ago


This is to share my disregard to BMW Financial Services of North America. I'm trying to pass my right to lease our X3 to approved buyer through We're hitting one road block after another. At First, buyer was pre-approved but awaitng credit application for three days, finally when buyer was bombarding BMW FS for response, they found out that application form was faulty, then regular hard copy was sent. Next day that said application was not moved to Assumptions Dept. because of "computer system glitch" and again like with credit application nobody noticed something is wrong.

It's second week already I talked to two supervisors asking politely, begging - nothing works. Now they say it's IT Dept. role to remove the issue. It's so convienient to have other departments to point fingers on. Based on conversation with advisor our Transfer of Equity documents should be ready with in 24-48 hours. in our case is more then 10 days. I'm upset beyond my imagination. After turning this lease in we had our eyes on 5-series again but right now as you can imagine this idea seems to be more hideous. I hope BMW Headquarters will look in to the mess in Financial Services and Assumptions Dept especially. I will try to have BBB involve it this and will leave negative feedback on all posoble social platforms as well as sending this to BMW World Headquarters in Munich Germany.

General profile image

Ocampo - 70 d 18 h ago

I got a 2005 BMW 530i i think does cars come with factory problem on the fuel pump because know to many people with same series and 3 series too have same problem

General profile image

john hussian - 72 d ago

BMW e6061 Water Ingress Settlement. I am the owner of a 2004 545i that had water leak into the spare tire well and the PDC control unit melted. I have a picture and receipt for its replacement. I would like reimbursement for the cost of the unit.

General profile image

no name ill call back - 77 d 19 h ago


I just attempted to call the number listed (hidden) and received an recording saying the lines were closed to call back during regular business hours M-F (0900-1800 EST) it's 1720 EST I would like to speak with someone about my BMW catching fire at 0300 this Morning 10/2/2018 I have been told multiple times throughout this year that the Recall parts to prevent this problem for my 2007 328i were not yet available in my area and as of today 10/2/2018 still not avail.

General profile image

Wendy - 73 d 19 h ago


I have a similar problem - can you contact me to discuss what happened? Contact me at (hidden)


General profile image

rechercher - 73 d 19 h ago

Hi - I wrote you below message signed wendy but the blocked info for reaching me. Can you do so via electronic mail using the company that starts with the letter y and ends with hoo and the name below is what goes before that word with the at symbol.

General profile image

rechercher01 - 73 d 19 h ago

Oops I left off part of the coded electronic mail contact information so please contact me by using the name rechercher followed by the numerals zero and one at the electronic mail company that starts with the letter y and ends with ahoo thanks.

General profile image

Eric J. - 118 d 21 h ago


I have been trying since November '17 to find out when two NHTSA recalls (for Blower Motor Wiring and PCV valve heater) for my 2011 model 328i will be taken care of to no avail. Each time I call the "customer service rep" I'm told they know nothing as to when these replacement parts will be available and apparently the parts haven't even been manufactured yet. To say this is "lousy service" on the part of BMW would be a gross understatement. I've never had a problem like this with any other car manufacturer as recalls are taken care of immediately or very quickly at the least. With BMW the consumer is just SOL! Apparently BMW of North America doesn't care if the customer is taken care of or not, particularly after reading some of the other reviews already posted. I will NOT be buying another BMW!

General profile image

Denise - 103 d 16 h ago



I had a similar problem with my 2011 328I. On January 3 I began experiencing problems which caused concern with my vehicle . I called Bmw to try to get it in to be seen but was told there were no appointments available so I took it to at automotive dealership down the street from my home and it turns out it was a recall , blower motor of which I had no

knowledge of . I paid almost $1000 to have it repaired afterwards I called Bmw and inquired about the recall they confirmed this. I asked for a refund they gave me the runaround ,to make a long story short I was denied a refund so I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau . I definitely will not be purchasing another Bmw

General profile image

Marshmellow BMW - 77 d 18 h ago


i HAD the same problem mine is now burnt and melted to my driveway. Ive been working on getting this addressed since about Nov. '17 as well. Waiting to see what will happen going forward

General profile image

Wendy - 73 d 19 h ago


I have a similar problem -- can you contact me to discuss what happened with yours? Contact me at (hidden)


General profile image

rechercher - 73 d 19 h ago

I'll try again - can you contact me by using an electronic mail service that starts with the letter y and ends with hoo at the name listed below? thanks.

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