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Boar's Head Provisions

PO Box 929
Forrest City, AR
St Francis
Richard Schultz
Plant Mgr
(870) 630-1638
(870) 630-0274
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Nick b - 16 d ago


I wish u guys can open up a boars head deli. In the center of downtown Detroit. Why not. We are an up comming community

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Gary pal - 17 d ago


I like your products they are a cut above what is sold in supermarkets. I live in San Francisco and its hard to find good pastrami for fact the only good pastrami is made with brisket. Why in hell would you choose top round .

I talked to the sales person and he said brisket was called First Cut from the round. He was not very knowledgeable. Whats up?

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Marie Viola - 21 d ago


Shame on Boar's head for reducing a pack of frankfurters from 8 to 7. At a price of $6.49. I WILL NEVER BUY YOUR PRODUCT AGAIN. WHAT A RIPOFF.

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Clay and faye - 22 d ago


We purchased boars head cappicola at the military commissary today. It was the worst cappacola we have ever tasted. We are 70-80 years old you should rename it fat loaf. We will not let our friends buy boarshead meats. We had one sandwich and threw the rest, where it should have been before it reached the market. Shame on you!

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Terri Lee - 40 d 5 h ago


I purchased Boar's Head Fully Cooked Bacon at Ingle's in Waynesville, NC. I thought because of the name and the excessive price, it would be a real splurge for me, after all the package says 14 slices. Well, those 14 slices are the shortest (length-wise and width-wise), thinnest slices I have ever seen; more like 1/4 of an ordinary slice. I expected that the slices would be packaged flat and separate, but instead they were all curled and tangled together, making it impossible to separate without tearing or breaking. And lastly, it tasted AWFUL! I had to throw most of it away. Needless to say, I am very, very disappointed!

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Geri Lainhart - 72 d ago


I am interested in purchasing Boars Head knockwurst. from a store or distributor/ purveyor in the Virginia Beach area. Four to a package. Not having any luck. Please help. Geri Lainhart at (hidden)

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J.G. - 93 d 5 h ago


Your Lebanon Bologna: It is less that great. Try Seltzers !

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concerned NM citizen - 139 d 6 h ago


I would like to let you know about one of your drivers. This morning at approximately 5:30 am MDT, your driver did the following in Las Cruces, NM.

1. Changed lanes in the middle of the intersection of Motel Blvd and Amador.

2. There are 2 left turn lanes to get on I-10 and he started out in the right one, they half way down moved over to the left on almost cutting me off.

3. When he turned onto the entrance ramp, he crossed back over to the right lane, which is illegal

Perhaps this driver needs to be taught about traffic laws and how to drive.

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Robert Turbeville - 207 d ago


Purchased your fully cooked bacon ( (hidden) ) which appears to both overpriced @$5.99 and amoug the thinest experienced thus far! However, we have noticed that most of your products appear to be a bit overpriced and perhaps you are raisinf money for the Clintons?

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Robert Turbeville - 207 d ago


Sorry about the typos!

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zin - 164 d 47 m ago


There needs to be a new distributor for this area. zip code-- 37066__ Koger, manager said they order the blue cheese wedge's but the delivery man doesn't leave them

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epp - 164 d 33 s ago


Board Head Blue cheese wedge 7 oz has been out for over 3 weeks at the 2 Kroger stores here in my city Zip code-- 37066 Kroger Grocery stores

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gina woodward - 199 d ago


great worth the money can you tell me how to get one of those pink ball caps wear it tom advertise you foods

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denise - 222 d 6 h ago

I learned the ingredients for the boars head golden classic chicken breast is fried in cottonseed oil which is very high in saturated fat, how is this ok for healthy eating for your heart?

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Reggie w. - 1 y ago


I broke down and bought a pre package boars head.honey smoked turkey 8 oz .

It is too wet and feels slimy. I have been buying boar head products for more than 60 years. I am from Queens, NY and I a so happy that it is now in Arizona.

The problem is that here in Az the people who work in the deli sections are too slow. And the food chains never have enough people working the deli counters.

Things are just slower here in the southwest so I thought why wait just get the pre package turkey etc.

I probably will never do that again

I will just have to wait for the deli counter slice as you order.

I love all the boars head products and won't give up on them I will just have to be more patient. That's hard for a NYer.

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