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Boar's Head Provisions

PO Box 929
Forrest City, AR
St Francis
Richard Schultz
Plant Mgr
(870) 630-1638
(870) 630-0274
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Diane - 5 h 11 m ago

I have used Boar's Head cold cuts for many years. It is the only olive loaf my family will eat among others. I went to Acme and asked for a pound of olive loaf. As the man was cutting it, he said, be careful because I am picking out olive pits as I am cutting. Sure enough, I make a sandwich and there are hard pieces of olive pits in the meat. What is that all about? I have never had this happen and when I spend money on something, I like to be able to enjoy it.

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Eddie.k. - 24 d ago

Hi on Sunday I bought a 1/2 lb of boars head roast beef at Publix fortmyers it was extremely tuff I've had it many times and it was great,I hope this was only a one time issue. Eddie.k

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Alison - 33 d 6 h ago


Bought a sandwich today....when I took it out the box it was made with 2 bread crusts....I have never made a sandwich with crusts...that's the bottom of the barrel for me...BUT $7 and bread crusts...awful and never again.

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Pat - 39 d 3 h ago

What is a premium advantage?

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Bob - 48 d 13 h ago


Who in Gods holy name do I file a complaint with ?

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Linda - 48 d 14 h ago


To whom it may concern, I purchased BOAR'S HEAD CHIPOTLE CHICKEN (which we have been enjoying for the past 1 1/2 years from .......... and ............ Market only!).

Yesterday my daughter (19), my brother (39) and me (43) had a chicken sandwich. About 20 minutes to 45 minutes after that all of us had severe nausea, followed by throwing up and diarrhea. The same symptoms went through the whole night and kept us up all night. This morning we feel just a little better with light nausea and headache.

As I said we enjoyed Boar's Head Chipotle Chicken for the past 1 1/2 but after this experience we will for sure not buy it for a very very long time.

Maybe the Chicken was not cooked thoroughly of if it was just old. I still have a little bit left and took pictures for you to see.

I don't know what you will do with this information but I needed to let you know so it will not happen again.

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Tom Wozniak, Vero Beach fl - 52 d 10 h ago

I love your hot dogs, but as many of my friends we won't buy them anymore. Their are only 7 in a pack and rolls come in packs of 8. Why can't you put 8 in a package??? Many more people would buy them because they are probably the best on the market, but 7, I don't think so.

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Carole - 57 d 14 h ago

As I will no longer shop at Publix because they are donating record sums to Adam Putnam's Florida gubernatorial campaign, I would appreciate the names and addresses for other stores in my area ( zip code 33467) that sell Boars Head products.

Thank you

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Paul - 129 d 9 h ago

Pubix Sarasota Stores are no longer selling my favorite products and when you tell the store employees. they tell us they hear it all the time. Please encourage them to stock the lesser selling items too, as we buy all our weekly cold cuts in the store, and will not go to more than one place to get them. If you want me to buy expensive cold cuts, please keep the product selection- Spiced Ham, Cooked Salami, Olive loaf- among them,

Also, have the stores take pride in the cutting and packing of the product, not just throwing a wild pile of cuts into a bag so it looks like so much garbage.

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meow - 92 d ago


I just wrote similar about Publix in N Palm Beach , Fl hahhahahha and I sent a copy of it to Publix corp office

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Meow - 92 d ago


Publix is a joke when is comes to Boars Head cold cuts. And Boars Head company needs to st8n them out! Publix, cuts up Boars Head's cold cuts and puts the meats in plastic bags and sells them ! Haven't Boars Head told these biz's not to slice until a customer orders right up front ?!!?!?!?!? What is this, Subway ????? Im from Sheepshead Bay. This is gross what is Publix and who knows what other grocery stores outside of NY does! I live in Florida now. THERE;S NO PLACE LIKE HOME THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME NEW YORK !

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Erin - 123 d 18 h ago


Just a question that I would like addressed please: why on this fabulous planet would you even think of packaging your amazing hotdogs in 7ct amounts when buns are in 8ct ?!?!?!?!? That to me speaks of insanity on the marketing committee! I work in retail in a store where your products are sold. Plus, the price point on the dogs will not lead me to purchase another package to use up the one leftover bun. BH dogs are wonderful but seriously? 7???? Go back to the drawing board people!

Thanks ;)

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john pacifico - 142 d 14 h ago


Shopping At Harris Teeter

St Simons Island Ga

Your new self serve cold cut case and cheese/ This is faster than waiting in a long line at this store but the cheese is always stuck together and difficult to pull apart to make a sandwich. This is not the item packed at the plant these cold cuts are cut up at the deli in the store. This will be the last time we buy product from that type of selfserve case . We have also noticed that your yellow American cheese taste different these days it no longer taste like real cheese more like cheese food that you buy in the dairy case. We no longer buy your product at Publix in Brunswick GA due to poor handling of your cold cuts and long wait times. We have been maken the 25 mile drive to Harris Teeter that's one way but will re think that forward as now their service is also terrible. My wife and myself now question if the cheese is Boar's Head Brand or bait and switch with another product. They have a large deli department and it seems that your product is lumped in on table tops with their cooked food at Harris Teeter.

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Nancy - 148 d 12 h ago


I have been a user of Boars Head products for about 5 years. I have had no problems with any of the products that I have purchased up until about 1 month ago. I have been buying Boars Head lower fat and lower sodium american cheese for at least 4 years and all of a sudden it does not want to melt. Have you changed the recipe or something? I find this very frustrating when trying to make a grilled cheese sandwich and it does not melt. What is going on? I never had this problem before. Just to let you know I switched to Boars Head after finding out that Land O Lakes is not real cheese but a cheese product. Could you please clear this up for me? It would be greatly appreciated. I still love the products but I will have to change to another cheese.Thank you kindly, N. Mazrolle, Windsor Ct. 06095

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Janna - 202 d 16 h ago


I wanted a SMALL ham for Christmas because it was just going to be for my husband and I. Couldn't find a small ham that I was used to getting sooooooo I decide to invest in a boneless 3 1/2 lb boars head. Paid $24.00 for it.... yes....$24.00. It said it was sliced...but it wasn't. It said to apply the glaze on it, but I had to buy the glaze. (another $4.00) I baked it according to the directions and it was HORRIBLE. The cheap hams that I'm used to buying are always so moist. This ham was tough and dry. I knew I didn't OVER cook it. I actually baked it another hour just so we could eat a little. The worst ham EVER. I will NEVER go broke again for boar's head ham. I was going to try to make ham soup with it, but it's just to tough. Thanks Boar's Head. You ruined my Christmas dinner.

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AllieD from Pa. - 154 d 9 h ago


You only have to warm it up for about 20-30 min in a low oven 325 degrees covered. Add a 1/3-1/2 cup of water to the bottom. and the only ones that are sliced are the Applewood smoked hams, not the Sweet slice. hope this helps. I demo these hams and they are the best. In five years, I've only come across one or two that have a tough spot in them.. You don't have to cook them, they are already cooked. Only warm them up.

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cw - 167 d 5 h ago


Bought smoked turkey some of it still had the plastic wrapper on it not all just some Expense Plastic and meat

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Not Happy! - 174 d 8 h ago


Bought a salad from Publix that states handcrafted with Boars Head and it had a rubber band in it. Maybe not Boars Head's fault but their name is all over it!

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Austin - 183 d 15 h ago


I use to work for this company and it was great at first but as i continued working for them the owners became VERY GREEDY. They got to infatuated with the money they were making they seemed to forget about their employees. I would like someone to contact me so i can have my information on my 401k as I'd rather deal with the someone other then the provision i worked for. Thank you! My name is Austin and i can be contacted at (hidden)

General profile image - 188 d 9 h ago

What boar's cheese has the lowest sodium?

General profile image

Boar's Head Maple Glaze Ham - 197 d 6 h ago


Dear Boars Head .

I am a die hard fan and don't mind paying $10.69/lb for premium product . However, the last several times I have purchased this product it is full of fat , grizzle. Why is this ham suddenly disgusting? Even the dog gags on it .

General profile image

ket20 - 214 d 3 h ago


special ordered from publix simplicity bacon about $8.00 for only 12 oz. I should have had them weigh the package because the paper thin very moist meaty slices shrink to half the original size giving off over a 3/8 cup of fat that has been used to plump up the 6 slices of meaty bacon i cooked on paper towels to absorb the fat .! i was only able to twist out 3/8 of a cup of fat from Bacon! This shows me that you are injesting liquid bacon grease into this supposley simple natural bacon before its sliced. whoever is producing this Canadian manufactured bacon is cheeting you as well as me. or your inspector is corrupt! iI expect to buy bacon with consistent in thickness! yours is one or two thick than so thin it cannot be separated into slices but sticks together creating inconsistent slices . but all 12 oz. so thin that. it cannot be easly deprecated! Maybe you like your bacon that way but it's too much money for inferior quality control. I usually special ordered 6 to 8 packages bacon usually frozen I thaw them as told to do. When i order this bacon it takes 2 to 6 weeks to get it.

it has a very good flavor not salty excellent!

BUT!....all that extra injected in fat is irresponsible of you. i'm disabled senior on limited income who has chemical intolerance disorder I have to save up to get enough money to have, so publix will special order a box of "simplicity " bacon which always has bacon missing from box when i pick it up. the first bacon i bought was when Publix had a introduction new product sale . the Bacon was thicker cut and consistent in slice Now you are selling it for over $6.00 an ounce and tablespoon of added fat with each meaty moist slice ! Was this last batch just an expirament to see if we noticed this consumer may be gullible but not stupid !

I'm including the packaging information I regularly buy: rare beef natural casing liverwirst corned beef,prosciutto, lacy cheese. " Simplistiy " bacon, ham and turkey and cheeses when needed excellent flavor but short shelf life as exspected as preservative free natural.

How are you going to solve this disalusioned gullible poor disabled senior consumer loss of money for irregular faulty fat soaked moist super thin sliced raw bacon?

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Very Important - 225 d 12 h ago


Need to report a serious matter concerning one of your New York City distributors. The distributor is giving past sell date and tainted meat products to a certain Manhattan Supermarket (large chain). The owner is aware and authorizes it. I am aware of more than one deli worker who get paid by said owner to receive the meats. I also know of a number of supermarkets which have outdated meats products which are not tainted which are also and sold to customers and the owner knows and approves of this as well. I will check this website again to see if I receive a response.

General profile image

David - 239 d 16 h ago


General profile image

David B. - 247 d 18 h ago


I am writing about the publix's deli in Hallandale Beach. I have tried for 5 days over the course of 9 days to purchase boars head ever roast chicken salad. They never have it out, I don't even see a place for it on the shelf and when I ask one of the managers they give me a bunch of attitude.

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