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Books-A-Million Inc

402 Industrial Ln
Birmingham, AL
Sandra B Cochran
(205) 942-3737
(205) 945-1772
Annual Sales Est
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N Cloer - 14 d 16 h ago

Do NOT appreciate being asked to leave the store in a Dalton, Ga for not wearing a mask in the store. Governor of Ga does not mandate a mask policy for our state, so even if you are a privately owned store you cannot turn away customers who do not wear masks. If your company is going to require a mask then buy them and make them available!!!!!

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Connie Everett - 39 d 24 s ago

Hi I am writing a complaint about the book A pig in the whitehouse that are on your shelves I want these books removed from your store. This is veey disrespectful to my president. You must take them out of your inventory. God will not allow you to keep these books on your shelves any longer.i can't believe this is allowed. I will not be a patron of your store any longer. I will be telling family and friends not to patronize your store.

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Chris - 37 d 43 s ago


Welcome to the USA Karen! Where freedom of speech is still a thing.

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gender. Codner - 15 d 21 m ago

That's questionable considering the lack of truth from Twitter and the MSM.

I'm all for freedom of speech but what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

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Anonymous - 27 d 16 h ago

What an idiot! They're just selling books. There's plenty of books in the store that praise your dumbass president. Get over yourself and get a brain!

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Dutch Mitchell - 20 d 15 h ago


I walked into your Aiken, SC store today and the very first thing I saw was your "We Recommend" book display. On the display was Mary Trump's book about her Uncle. I found this extremely inappropriate (given the closeness to the presidential election) and quite revealing about corporate's political leanings. I have researched a lot about this woman and personally I feel she's a nut job and out to make a quick buck. BAM Corporate made a poor choice showcasing such a trashy book that is being laughed at. There are so many wonderful authors out there who have written spectacular books who are so much more deserving of showcasing their book on your "We Recommend" shelf at your front entrances. I will boycott BAM and will be recommending others to do same. Why would I ever trust your "We Recommend" again? It's all a game to you folks, and I'm tired of being manipulated by media and liberal corporations. I'm done with BAM.

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Conservative tears - 17 d ago


Man, stfu get over yourself. They sell whatever books be released. They sold Trump's sons' shitty ass book. You don't see folks crying about. Ya damn snowflake

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Died by covid - 24 d 17 h ago


district manger and general manger 9f morgantown location Forcing staff to ignore capacity limits for covid 19 not regulating how many can come in even though its health department order of 2 per 10000 sq feet and executive order by the governor all because the location is going out of business and they care more about profit then safety of customers and staff also won't allow employees to turn away anyone who isn't wearing a mask even though it makes the employees and other customer feel unsafe and is mandated by the governor to wear one.

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anon - 27 d 16 h ago


This company is incredibly poorly run. All the managers care about is selling cards and magazines, even if it makes the customer or seller uncomfortable. I want to specifically call out Anita Peters from the Johnson City, TN store. She is the absolute worst manager I have ever had in my life. She's rude and cruel. She smiles and gets joy out of upsetting her employees. I've had a lot of time to get over my experiences with her, and to this day I still regard her with the utmost horror and disrespect. She's racist and selfish and is the absolute worst "thing resembling a human" I have ever met.

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Concerned citizen - 28 d 31 s ago


I wonder how Books A Million would like to deal with a driver of theirs. This driver posts all over social media while driving down the road. It would be a very bad day if the driver was to have an accident while doing that. I have called the Florence AL warehouse and was told I would get a call back thr next morning. Yet it's been 6 months now. Seems his boss is always out of the office. Maybe you can get Elizabeth Brown to return phone calls.

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Elizabeth - 43 d 23 h ago


As a conservative in this now free country Iam used to the media slanted leftist reporting but was appalled to walk into your store and the entire display at the front of the store focusedthe same way while any conservative books by respected intelligent people on the VERY BACK row of the store !Seems these days freedom of thought and speech is only allowed if you drink the " socialist" lemonade ! You may not have any freedoms or actually any business if they prevail.I will not shop with you again! At the very least put all the authors on both sides displayed together so people can have an intelligent choice!

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Anonymous - 37 d ago

So people you don't agree with are automatically stupid and people you do agree with are intelligent. Good God Karen! That way of thinking is part of what's holding back the human race. Get over yourself and stop turning everything into a political agenda against YOU.

Flagged for review. 
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Concerned - 35 d ago

Good for you for speaking out, Elizabeth. I noticed the same thing a few years ago in my local Books a Million - the liberal books promoted, the conservative books hidden. I live in a conservative area. The Books a Million store has since closed, and I believe it was because of the liberal agenda.

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Jalyeah - 44 d 18 h ago


To the last that argued with right up to closing time, I WILL call corporate in the morning! The doors were locked early and I refuse to be argued with Judy because you want to listen to your music and mop the floor in peace! And by the way.. you MISSED a spot !

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concerned customer - 50 d ago


Book A Million in Merrillville, Indiana are not wearing masks since the reopening. I wont shop there again. They are rude lately.

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Anonymous - 71 d ago

From my experience plus what I have read in these reviews, your company is run very poorly. You have a very poor site online, your services email does not work, you s

Send way too many unsolicited emails and your unsubscribe button does not work or else you choose not to listen to people's wishes. Your brick and mortars are rundown, poorly managed unsafe in these times and full of rude employees, mainly the managers who only want to sell magazines. I for one will not purchase anything from your company anymore. I have spent a lot of money in your store locally and also I have purchased many things online. I will also be letting everyone I know about the poor conditions of your company. So piss off

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Anonymous - 215 d ago

every custumer is a threat to there job so ,,, kicking them out inorder to keep job ,,,, custumer at the door , talked to kfeeling threatned ,,,, women getting mad t men about not knowing they have somone age or even what they are thingking tin their head . all custumers are a threat . meaning what if i do my job wrong then what , okay illput him ou t. custumer service reps on how they can show the custumers they have undergone the testing sites and pastron of what it takes and what youwill incounter in custumer service . not well prepaired for custumer servicerep or even talk chat , ginving a argumentive cause and effect to a attorney of law and or representative of they to manacure the best decsions ways to making a verdict ----------- not guilty or guilty . all in grace in favor .... so beigng minority makes the business liable for not looking good and ran down , as all others looked highly and better then . only the miniortyies are the good behaviorial givng a employyee amplitude of justification in any sitaution to make it better by going after the miniorty thus that is even the proble in this country , in saying that making there look better in broad prospect. and well dressed white men and women are always up to something . thus even not having enough money to always buy a drink when wanting to talk to people in the building or we will be rudly interrupted by employee asking if i the business man am bothering them . as employye rudly interrupts me a nd womens conversation as the y should be looked at as special haing to have a lot tin order to total to them. manager seeing as this is a man of satisfatory everywhere he goes caring well mature but cares to much ,,,, going after an custumer in his building wanting to make a friendly getsture but turn it bad ,, as theats to say thats proper way to greet and meet . to tell to go away . empoyee talks of justice ssytmes and is preinquirious of getting people to , so i kwould tel her it isnt eerything tht you think it is ,,, she says with her being female i am number one i have the best of all thebst trining knowledge ,,, and in court we laugh at those kind of peopl as i am a secretary , defending lawyer , a soon to be judge , and or lcode defender of those noone cares about . as she talks of argumentive clauses only men can talk of such things women have no care for that amplitude or even can make any recodnition of whtthey do ,,,a sthey plunder on thae bad and love it but try look good at work by going after the miniority ,,, as they will make them low in there building field of setting ,,,, i have won many cases for alot of people and all never show any gratitude just leave and never bee seen again ,,, but i make my money by careing and keeping that in the tablet of the eye of the heart ,of mine . lawyer and defender of courts everywhere . i jsut wantt os ay hwere are the badges of custumer service completed termonology pepers , essays done and percent real percent made on the actual written and applied test they have to take ,,, for a job considering all custumers . where is you r proof of custumer service representative test tken past and speeches and classes taken for the psoisition .

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Anonymous - 71 d ago

I'm not sure if your keyboard is working correctly. Good luck in your next case. oh by the way you're racist.

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Coty Bowman - 201 d 11 h ago


I LOVE Books A Million and 99% of the time I am more than happy. Tonight in Knoxville, TN was a complete and utter shock. My mother had a bunch of Christmas clearance items and as she checked out the young lady checking her out called the manager over. He informed them that the Christmas items were not on clearance (even though there was a whole Christmas clearance display). I had about $120 of books and magazines and I said I would put my items back since they wouldn't let Mom have the clearance items. The manager had headed back to the magazines and I took my magazines back and put them down on the shelf. I turned to leave and I hear someone say loudly, "That's not where they go!" He then picked up the magazines and started throwing them at the correct racks. I couldn't believe it. He was throwing them as hard as he could while moaning and grunting at me. I put the books I was holding down on the bench and just left. I actually felt so sorry for the young lady checking people out. She apologized profusely and was absolutely embarrassed and mortified by his behavior. She was as shocked as we were. I am an EXCELLENT customer at Books A Million. Over the last 20 years I have spent at least $25,000 at Books A Million. I spent so much that about 17 years ago I got a gold card in the mail and now have a lifetime membership. I love Books A Million but if something like this happens again I may go to the dark side (Barnes and Noble).

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Anonymous - 71 d 39 m ago

I feel the same. I have always had a good experience with Books-A-Million until lately. I bought many books through the store in town and also online. Lately I have received a lot of emails and have tried to unsubscribe unsuccessfully. I have an account online but they do not offer any sort of options other than taking my money. Today I tried to contact them through their services email and it was quickly returned to me. I never looked at this problem any more than just an annoyance but after multiple times of sending the unsubscribe email, and then today trying to contact them through their services email I've had enough. If it was just an occasional email every so often it wouldn't be bad but multiple emails everyday is harassment.

I'm done, buying my books at amazon

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Dennis Sellers - 169 d ago


Books a Million does not keep their commitments. Supposedly I won a $1500 classroom make-over in Montgomery, AL. Its been over 4 months and I still have not received my books. I have tried repeatedly to contact the store manager and the district manager, but both ignore my emails. So far, of the $1500, I have only received about $350. If you are going to hold a contest, you should follow through and actually pay it off .

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bam sucks - 153 d 5 h ago


work for the company in the alabama area and I am not surprised

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Anonymous - 71 d 3 h ago

I would file in small claims court since they have paid $350 of the $1,500 they have already demonstrated responsibility. The court will take care of contacting them and chances are the remaining amount will be cheaper than the cost of hiring a lawyer. Good luck

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concerned citizen - 149 d ago


Was in your Waldorf Md. store and two employees wonted to were gloves to handle books and money, were told NO by a manager. Not doing service to your employees with this virus spreading and protection of your employees....?

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Someone Who Listens - 138 d 4 h ago


If you've actually read anything, gloves alone do NOT protect you from viruses. Hand washing, using sanitizer, and not touching your face are correct procedure.

General profile image

Anonymous - 71 d 4 m ago

Well for someone who listens you're pretty damn stupid. This person is just trying to be safe and yet you feel the need to insult them. Your parents must have moved while you were at school one day.

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