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Books-A-Million Inc

402 Industrial Ln
Birmingham, AL
Sandra B Cochran
(205) 942-3737
(205) 945-1772
Annual Sales Est
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General profile image - 4 h ago

your decatur al. store orderd the wrong book wont take it back

my name is charles penn can you help

General profile image

Spring - 6 d 6 h ago


I notice a trend here with complaints of bad customer service. As a former employee (quit last week) I will explain.

BAM does not value their employees!

They pay a barley livable wage and they expect you to push magazines, promotions, memberships, and even donations. The store I worked at was 231 and my ID was 140154. The store was constantly understaffed which left overwhelming work for employees. They expect you to dress nice but your clothes get ruined because you have to clean bathrooms, mop, vacuum, dust, sweep, ect. You basically are doing chores in nice clothes and they don't pay enough to replace them so you end up looking raggedy. On top of all that they have ridiculous policies. Which is why I quit. I request a leave of absence for 10 days for an important trip in December (that is 3.5 months from now) and my boss told me if I took the trip she would fire me. She said it was because corporate would fire her because you can't request off in December.

I don't regret leaving and wish I would have sooner. The day I quit I got hired at another place that pays $2 more per hour and is way better.

I love books and thought I'd love the job at bam...but after 6 months I realized they only care about profit.

Would love to be contacted by corporate if they would like a further review of my employment.

The store has my info.


General profile image

Donald L. Yates - 8 d 11 h ago


I am Donald L. Yates. I am following through in submiiting a Prospectus in regard to my book for consideration to be a part of the inventory for Books A Million. I emailed ealier about a desire to have a Book Signing in the local Books -A-Million here in Huntsville, Al. The Book is titled, A Life Committed to Its Intended Anchorage and Soar: The Harmony Between Spirtual Principles and Sound Science.

I am placing a copy of the book, along with the Prospectus in the mail. Thanks,

Dr. Dr. Donald L. Yates

(hidden) (Email)

(229) 407-1313 (Mobile)

General profile image

Mr Amazon Prime - 28 d 4 h ago


Wow I love books, so I bought 3 at the store in Cullman, AL today. All I wanted was to buy books. I just wanted to pay and leave. First I was aggressively pushed to get a books a million card.

Then I was asked to donate to charity ( I donate to St Jude's)

Then I was asked to pick some magazine subscriptions.

I left and will never come back. I can have books at my house in two days with Amazon.

Books a Million just list me forever

General profile image - 62 d 15 h ago


My daughter and I shopped at the BAM store in Bradenton, Fl today. I am disgusted at the way that the two employees that were working ignored the shoppers at the store. We had a line with 5 groups at the register that was open. The two employees were in the middle of the store on their raised help platform chatting away. The male indicated that the female that she should run a register. She looked put out, and made sure everyone knew it. However, she was not going to run the register that had a sign stating that it was open. Instead, she told the people at the end of the line that she would take them at the register at the coffee counter.

This store has been getting steadily worse for the past 2 or 3 years. My wife and I used to shop at this location at least once every two weeks, now we will be driving to Sarasota to shop at Barnes and Noble. When you have successfully lost all of your Bradenton shoppers you will know why.

General profile image

Christi - 97 d 12 h ago


went into your store in Panama city ,Florida to exchange a book had awful experience with cashier made me feel like dirt and so I called and spoke to the store manager and she made feel better she said she would speak to this yomg lady i just want say thsnkyou for having good manager's at your store it's appericated

General profile image

TenaciousT - 105 d 10 h ago


one of the paperback books I received-For Each Other by Lonnie Barbach was in very poor condition

It looked like they searched for it in someone's basement and had been sitting there for many years, the book was mildewed and had turned yellow from exposure. I just wanted Books a Million to know I would never considering ordering older books on line again from your program. It would have been better to see you did not carry the book than to send something like that to a customer. while only $6.00 it was a real turnoff to open a package and receive a product like that.

General profile image

Greenspirit - 120 d 9 h ago

Is Joe Muggs breaking Health and Safety Regulations by telling Cafe Lead to take home all the aprons and wash them ? Not only that ? Where is the compensation ?

If they are not breaking Health and Safety Regulations , then surely the person doing the washing needs to be compensated for washing soap, water and electricity.

Or Joe Muggs needs to invest in a washer / dryer on the premises

General profile image

Namea - 163 d 16 h ago


As a store books a million is wonderful and fun. The customer service is wonderful as well.

As an employer...that's a fully different story.

My husband works for Books a Million full time as a cafe lead and makes only 12,000 a year with which to support our family. So many people have left his store because the pay is so bad for the level of work and commitment required. My husband needed a job for his terrible resume in which he could move up and gain some sort of management experience because finding a job was extremely difficult for him. Books a Million has been a wonderful work environment and he loves his job so much that he's hesitating to quit even though we know he cannot support us even with the salary he makes now (9.50 an hour) We know he'll make more next year because of his promotion but it's still not enough. If we wanted their insurance benefits it would cost fully half of what he makes every month. If you're looking for a job I'd suggest heading over to costco instead. They know how to pay a living wage and they just raised their minimum pay to 13.50 company-wide, even in states like ours that still think 7.25 is an acceptable minimum wage.

General profile image

Paul Dunwoody - 176 d 13 h ago


In mid-February my wife and I were in your Pensacola store looking for a certain book. We asked one of the clerks, a young lady for help. She told us she was "off the clock" and couldn't help us. Another clerk offered to help, and took us back to the Reference section to look for the title. The young lady walked back there with us. If she was "off the clock" then why did she feel the need to come back there after refusing to help in the first place?

I've contacted your Customer Service department several times about the matter. All I've gotten has been a runaround and that "the clerk will be calling you with an apology." She never did. All I was asking for was an apology either from her or the Pensacola store management for treating us in this manner, but they have yet to contact me. Until I get the apology, I will not come back to BAM, where I've shopped since 1989.

General profile image

Sandy - 198 d 7 h ago


BEWARE ORDERING ONLINE!! I placed an order online for a total of $49.93. They charged my checking account the whole amount and then I saw an additional charge of $19.99. I called in and I was told a 72 hour hold is placed for the whole amount and they also charge the amount of each purchase individually. Nowhere on my ORDER SUMMARY or ORDER PAGE did it tell me this would be done. Very poor management, this is my FIRST AND LAST ORDER WITH BOOKS - A - MILLION.!!!!!!

General profile image

S. Garcia - 199 d ago


I was just in the Cookeville, Tn store. There was a man filthy, smelled beyond horrible. His hair was matted. He wasn't wearing shoes, he was wearing a long black trench coat and a disgusting blanket wrapped around himself. He was mumbling to himself. He kept pacing, going in and out of the store. He would walk up behind me and stare. It was VERY unnerving. You could not see what was beneath the blanket and you could not see his face due to his disheveled hair. As i stated previously he smelled horrendous. My husband wanted to leave because he kept going over to him also. I saw other customers leave. When i asked the staff at the store if they could do something they said he buys drinks there occasionally so there was nothing they can do. I guess you let this filthy, shoeless, person who is intimidating people to go right ahead with his conduct because you are too afraid to speak to him and or tell him to leave. I guess it's better to get a dollar or two from him occasionally then to have customers in the store who buys books and don't threaten people. The night clerk said her manager does nothing and they just follow him around with lysol aas they laughed about it.

General profile image

Dorothy Wahl - 224 d 15 h ago


Dorothy Wahl

Was automatically charge on my Visa $25.00 for membership. Disputed it, my cardholder service jut sent me a letter they attempt to collect reimbursement

and were not successful. If this happens again I'll go to the Florida states attorney office. I feel I've been had. Maybe, someone should look in to all the

complaints I'm seeing on line. Will never shop a Books-a-Million again. Since the last time I bought a book there was in 2015. This charge was on my card

in 2016.

General profile image

Not A Happy Camper! - 233 d 8 h ago


I have just returned home from the Trussville, AL, Books-A-Million store, where I was mislead into signing a register receipt, which I thought was giving my approval for the book purchase I made with my debit card. The salesclerk told me they were offering a free magazine trial and handed me a card listing the selection I could choose from, as a courtesy for which I could cancel if I did not want to order a subscription. After giving her the information she requested, I read the receipt which stated that they would automatically renew the subscription and charge the cost of all the magazines to my debit card. I told the salesclerk that I did not want an automatic renewal of magazines or my debit card number given out. She then told me it was too late, it had already been done. If I wanted to cancel it, I would have to wait for six-weeks, and then contact a phone number on the selection card to communicate with an automated system, to cancel. Meanwhile, the card stated that the charges would be deducted from my debit account until it was finally cancelled, minus the charge for magazines sent. After considering this dilemma, my husband returned to the store to speak to the manager and was told we would have to wait until the next day, for the matter to be handled. He did not offer to delete the transaction or return the authorization receipt, which she had placed in the register. I think this is a very unscrupulous way to conduct business. Now, I have to watch my account for charges that are in dispute. This is because the store only makes this so-called "risk-free special thanks" offer to customers paying by debit or credit cards! Please be careful, customers should not have to worry about such matters.

General profile image

Anonymous - 245 d 7 h ago


Very poor customer service and support. Purchased an E book that was needed for a test would not down load. Called support several times they kept sending me an email stating it would allow me access wrong. So would call back no help. I was told by customer my calling was unnecessary that there was nothing they could do and they would not refund my money really!! Purchased from so called books a million but a third party hmm. Books a million sold the e book to me and they can't refund. Wow BBB is getting emailed Angie list etc. Very rude tech and customer service .

General profile image

One P*ssed Customer - 252 d 12 h ago


Absolutely Horrible. I was sent an RMA to return some books I ordered, and show through USPS tracking that it was delivered to their business in Chicago IL on January 3rd. My refund hasn't been granted and it's been 8 days. Support tells me they have no warehouse in Chicago, so where exactly was my package delivered to? All I did was use the RMA that was sent to me and now I'm out $50 because support cant send me the right RMA, and I no longer have the books either. Chat support won't help and I've dealt with 3 different representatives. So, beware of sending books back because they can simply say "have not received" and never give your money back.

General profile image

Concern customer - 259 d 12 h ago


I was in the GulfShores store with my daughter on Monday 2 2017 in the afternoon between 4 and 5.We had just sat down in cafe to enjoy are drinks when heard the most foul language coming around corner. I thought to myself this supose be family store. They were workers 2 of them. One girl had stright long red hair n other one thin with very short black hair. I could not see their name tags. But after that we got up left. I will never bring my daughter back again. My service in cafe was good n so was drinks but will not return because these two employees. One time faithful customer no longer.

General profile image

Ron - 1 y ago


I've been a "regular" of Books-A-Million Inc for 10 years now, and I've got to vigorously protest the recent price increase at the Cafe. Raising one cup of Tall coffee from $1.55 to $1.95, a 25% increase, is significant, especially for someone who orders 5 cups per week. Yes, I have a membership card and even with the 10% off, I'm still paying $1.88 after taxes. But the issue is more than this price increase; now, to offset it, I'm simply putting less in the tip jar; before I'd put $.45 in, now I put $.12 cents). And I've been told by numerous customers that they too are following suit. So in the end, Books-A-Million's profits increase and their scantily paid workers - already struggling to earn a living - suffer as per the typical corporate greed cycle that fuels so much anger among the middle class. Great job BAM. Score one for the middle man, and less from my pocket to yours.

General profile image

Ticked off - 1 y ago


Up until recently I have had no complaints about BAM.

That changed this past week. After making my selections and in the process of paying, the sales associate asked if I would like to receive a two month "free" trial magazine offer. From the selection offered, there was only one that was of interest to me. I made my selection and my information was entered. It was only then that I discovered I had signed up for auto pay, and renewal on my card. At this point The clerk was told to delete my information and cancel my offer.

Well guess what? I have discovered that I was signed up for three magazines, and the first test charge has shown up on my card. Do you think I'm a little pissed?

This is a deceptive practice. Books-A- Million is misleading customers with this approach. "BEWARE, ACCEPT NO OFFERS AT THE REGISTER".

General profile image

Health-Minded Bookworm - 1 y ago


Books-A-Million is a great place to get a decent selection of books and other cool stuff. Their staff in my location is friendly and very helpful.

HOWEVER...and it is a BIG HOWEVER: I find it absolutely appalling that they do not provide nutrition content for their Joe Muggs cafe menu. Even if you are not watching your weight, a calorie-count brochure, or a nutrition content page on the BAM website would not only be helpful, it's absolutely essential in fighting the obesity epidemic. While it is true that, for the waist-watchers, eating the stuff on the Joe Muggs menu should technically be reserved for "cheat days," they still want to be able to record what they eat, if recording their food helps them maintain discipline.

So, overall, BAM gets an "A" for item selection and friendly staff, but an "F" in the realm of providing nutrition info.

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