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Books-A-Million Inc

402 Industrial Ln
Birmingham, AL
Sandra B Cochran
(205) 942-3737
(205) 945-1772
Annual Sales Est
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Zeke - 281 d 11 h ago


Do the associates at BAM do their own maintenance like lightbulb changing? Ladder stuff?

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Anonymous - 160 d 8 h ago

Yes, the Customer Service Associates are told to get up on a ladder and replace bulbs, replace damaged ceiling tiles, and more. Often when they are busy with the millions of other things that their managers have them do.

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Anonymous - 3 d 13 h ago

Sounds like the managers need to set a better example.

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BDT - 1 y ago


I have shopped BAM for at least 5 years in the Vero Beach, FL mall location. The first two years i did pay for a membership but found no real value in the coupons and lack of in store discounts for books, so the third year I declined to re-up. Even though I know the manager, every year (and every visit) I feel totally bullied into a membership or "free" magazine subscription or now it's "coffee for the groups", which for $10 bucks and a very small package, I would think it would at least be a 1 for 1 type donation. I'm sure they have coffee in the military for heaven's sake. Bottom line, I spend more time saying no politely and being pushed and pushed to buy something else than I do actually purchasing books, etc. I finally purchased the one magazine they carry (late in store every month btw) through a reputable publisher at a better cost and 0 hassle. Another male employee went on and on and wouldn't complete my transaction as he berated me because I wouldn't buy one of the three items mentioned above. In front of my child I got very curt with him and asked him to just stop already and ring up my purchase. I have tried to stay loyal because of the one employee but the last time sealed the deal. At 8:45pm a middle aged employee decided she would not longer accept cash for purchases and asked cash customers to leave. The mall closes at 9pm. The store hours state 9pm to close. I feel totally discriminated against. Because I have cash only I'm asked to leave? I had at least $50 in books in my hands. Very suprised she didn't Hussle her "free" magazines as WE were ushered out the door. Disgusted and Done with BAM. Stop the HUSSLING!!

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Anonymous - 160 d 7 h ago

1. it is "Coffee for the Troops" not groups

2. They are told to pitch these POS Sales to every customer, it is their job.

3. Managers are notorious for pulling the cash till before 9pm so their associates can go home at a decent time.

4. You are not offered the three free magazines if you only use cash.

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Chriscnb - 3 d 13 h ago

Joe's Mugg's is the best coffee, certainly not a military grade, but a superb flavor coffee. I even wrote the CEO and recommended they spin off Joe's Mugg's into a seperate enity in 2000, retain controlling interest and use the funds to sell the packaged coffee. Wish I could get it in Kcups!

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C cubed - 1 y 83 d ago


I understand the "one star" rating. A couple of years ago, I put in a request for an out of print book that was said to be available in a few months.

I heard nothing after a few mobths, then found out that that location had closed with no notification.

I went to the location that was open, but they said they had no record of my order, but that the book was still said to be available soon, so (like an idiot, I paid for it..

Of number of months later, there was still no word, I asked them to check. They had never heard of me or my mobey, and unfortunately I had misplaced my receipt, and I was just plain out of luck.

I placed my order with Amazon, and while I'm still waiting, they keep up with it, and know who I am.

Should have gone with them first. I'll certainly never go back to BAM again.

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Anonymous - 160 d 7 h ago

Your card is not charged for an online order until the book ships, I hope that makes you feel a bit better, Also a store does not just close. They will have signs up left and right. It is literally impossible for any corporate store to call every customer and let them know a store is closing.

Also if you ordered at a store, that store is the only store that will have that record.

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Anonymous - 3 d 13 h ago

That's terrible. Even a small corner bookstore could have done better.

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Dr. Robert Hodges, Lexington, Ky - 75 d 19 h ago



I travel from Lexington, KY, to Greensboro, AL, and Florida. Frequently I stop at your location just north of Birmingham on I65, Its a good place to take a break. I usually buy a few books. $50-100 a pop. The last several times I've been badgered by your employees to join a club, and increasingly I have found that to be rude. Why? Because it isn't that they just ask once, its persistent badgering. The last time I stopped in to buy Alabama Cravings. I had looked for it in you Meridian Mississippi store and it wasn't there, so I gave BAM a second shot. Sure enough I found it, and like a good customer. I browsed for a while and picked out a couple other books. When I went to check out, the young lady started the routine about joining the club, and I said I was not interested, and she badgered again, and I said that wasn't interested, and yet she proceeded badger more, to which I said, "look its like this, do you want to sell me these books or not?" So she stopped after 3 or 4 attempts, and I gave my credit card and paid, and no sooner had she finished the transaction than she slapped a flyer in my face and asked which free magazine I wanted, at which point I said, "that's it, I asked you if you wanted to sell these books or not, and now you are starting this promotional business again. I want a refund." Then she demanded my phone number, which I refused to give. My phone number wasn't required to charge my credit card, and as a business owner myself I know it isn't required to issue a refund on a charge that had just been made on that card. When I threatened to call the police, she said "fine." At that point a young man, who I presumed to be the manager stepped in and issued the refund with his own telephone number. At some point in this process one of them advised me that they were required by corporate to do all this.

I am writing only to tell you that I won't be back. Ever. I bought the books I was looking for on Amazon yesterday.

There is absolutely no good reason to allow or direct your employees to be rude to customers. I'm fine with asking once about the book club, but when a customer clearly indicates that they aren't interested, persisting is just rude. And to resume the process, after I'd made the ultimatum that if she didn't stop I wouldn't make the purchase ... well, that took rude to entirely new levels.

At this point, I hope your stores fail. And I will do my small part to make that happen by never going back.

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Former employee - 66 d ago

As a former employee I can verify that the upper management do in fact insist that the employees push the discount cards. The employees jobs are threatened on a daily basis of they don't sell a certain percentage of cards a week. They even issue coaching slips on a weekly basis. Its a miserable company to work for. Its a shame really because I love their products but refuse to give them a dime of my hard earned money.

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Chriscnb - 3 d 13 h ago

They need to realize that offering a card to a customer is a service. Badgering the customer to accept the service is detrimental to their image and runs off customers!

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Ernie D. Port Richey FL - 296 d 9 h ago


Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion You guys have all the "in" "fancy" words! Have you tried these words.....Customer Service?

I look at your pages and pages online and it sounds like you are trying too hard to be "hip" to today's youth!

Each and every time I go shopping at my local BAM my family all holds hands in the car before we get out and pray. We pray that when we go into the store and find something we can buy we just go to a register and buy it !!! Novel idea? Not from my day.

So here I was, with two items in my hand. One customer was at the register and one was waiting. Yupee I would get in line and be second. I would be able to get and pay for what I wanted to buy !! (very rare here) I walk up and get in the number two position and stand there. I wait for a while and then I hear the word "magazine" from the associate. OH NO !!! Not the dreaded Magazine word !! I stop and waited and waited and finally said out loud..." this is ridiculous" to my self. The associate who never said anything to either me or the other customer in line said to me " I paged for some help". After a few moments, the lady in front of me asked if it would be a while before she would be helped. I guess she was told yes because she was directed to your coffee area. (like I had been so many times) . I followed the lady over there. Not very happy I waited my turn. I told the lady behind the counter that this was not the way to handle customers who want to buy from you. I was told that they are on a skeleton crew and that the other lady who had just come back to the front register had been on break. She wanted to argue the point that everything was how it was supposed to be handled. Big mistake.

This has happened to me 25% or more of the time I shop at that store.

Why in the world would you hold up everyone from buying from you so someone can take all day to pick out magazines that they want to get?

This is your policy?

In training, you tell your people to ignore everyone in line and just keep talking about magazines??!!

I know they must get something for this ridiculous interaction at the time of sale but give us all a break!

The only reason we were going to the coffee area is because I said something! Nothing would have been done to allow us to buy from you !

This associates may all be hip and cool but you need to show them what old fashion customer service is.

I am not even going to mention the obvious .....Amazon ...sorry it slipped

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Former BAMFam - 160 d 8 h ago

Associates are forced to "Pitch" the free magazines to every customer, in their training they are told to ask three times before they are to give up. If an associate is not able to sell the magazines or refuses to, they can be written up, hours cut, or even fired. So maybe next time you want to be rude to an associate pray for them, because they have to deal with you every time you come in.

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Angel4teresa - 129 d 15 h ago


They don't tell u the magazine don't even come until 6 months later and ur charged within weeks without getting any free magazines. Then to cancel takes a act of Congress. I finally had to cancel my bank card which was a pain cause I pay a lot of bill with this card. They kept charging a large amount every month. Never again! And then the company don't care they don't even help u resolve the problem.

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Former employee - 66 d 50 s ago

All to often the cashiers from the BAM stores take the heat and are accused of bad customer service. Here is the thing. The only thing the cashiers get out of magazines and discount cards is not fired. Yes you heard me right. They hand out weekly coaching slips if you don't sell a certain amount of cards and magazines. The employees jobs are threatened on a daily basis. Maybe the ones that need the training are sitting behind a desk counting their magazine and discount card money somewhere while evil laughing because a single mother just got fired from her minimum wage job for missing her quota by one card.

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Anonymous - 3 d 13 h ago

That's ridiculous. No one should have to put up with that. However, I'm guessing that was a poor excuse for a store manager pushing the cashiers and not the corporate offices. Perhaps Mr. Finley or Mr. Anderson should go undercover and find out what's happening in their stores. Hollywood would love to have them on the show I'll bet, especially if the show is still on.

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Sandra Cochran - 33 d 12 h ago


Hello I am trying to get a hold of the corporate office CEO. I guess that would be you Sandra B. Cochran......this is regarding my brother who is in the Kentucky State Prison....He sent you a check for books ordered but was told that you do not send books to this prison. Yet he still has not gotten back his check yet. Now I am his sister, I send him money every month to live on it sonly a hundred a month so you see he spent more than half of his allowance to get these books and he really needs that check back in his account real quickly. I am on limited budget myself and cannot keep sending him money. so please look into this matter. thank you.

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Chriscnb - 3 d 14 h ago

Sure hope your brother got his check back or the books. It would seem like the decent thing to do. If it were up to me, I would give your brother one of his books as a bonus for his troubles. I admire a women who has got her brothers back.

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Joe - 250 d 7 h ago


Buyers BEWARE! I placed an order for 2 items, got conformation, next day 1 item was canceled due to limited stock, day after that I get an email showing the item still in stock, so I ask why. Customer service says it was a computer glitch and sorry but I could re order. I decided no thanks I don't want the item. a week after that I get an email stating my order didn't go through because of my credit card, so I emailed an asked what was going on, they told me that they had the order they cancelled but my credit card didn't work. I didn't understand why the credit card didn't work, but reiterated I DO NOT WANT THE ITEM, no thank you. Today I got a text message saying my order has shipped, WHAT? what part of no did you not understand. So they apparently kept trying my credit card until it accepted. So I sent an email asking what was going on and I was perfectly clear I DO NOT WANT THE ITEM, they replied by sending me a return slip. Is books a million STUPID? I cannot believe after they cancelled it , their definition of cancelled is no back order, cancelled. Then without my authorization charged my credit card 2 weeks after I placed the initial order. I have all the emails as proof, and after all the conversations they still did not listen. I'm looking in to legal action because my emails could not be any clearer that I did not want it, it was canceled, but they charge my credit card after I SAID NOT TO. Who the fuck do they think they are? I'm so pissed off. To me after I said no, they did it anyway, That is theft, this is the stupidest company or stupidest people I know of, so I hope their CEO Sandra B Cochran sees this and knows her employees DO NOT LISTEN TO THEIR CUSTOMERS ONE BIT and are thieves! This experience blows me away, they are low down petty criminals and should be locked up for stealing

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Anonymous - 160 d 8 h ago

Sandra Cochran has not been CEO of Books A Million in 10 years. It is Terry Finley.

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Anonymous - 24 d 10 h ago

that just proves how behind bam IS IN TECH.

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Paul - 31 d 10 h ago


Bought online what was suppose to be a hardcover book. What I received was a pocket abridged book. Typed so small I need a magnifying mirror. I asked for a postage paid return label and have not yet received one and on Tuesday I dispute the charge as misrepresentation.

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C Peterson - 32 d 19 h ago

The phones at the corporate office are never answer by a person. If you get a person in the wrong department they transfer you to someone else's voice mail. This happened once. That person never answers his phone. I have an important issue to settle with them and can't get it done.

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Greg - 37 d 12 h ago


I am writing this email as frequent customers and loyal visitors. As a frequent visitor and customer I am very disappointed in the Waldorf, Md store. The cushioned seats in the Joe Muggs cafe are in disrepair. The cushions are torn and the foam exposed. The chairs are so bad, my daughter will not sit in the chairs and there is a risk of being cut with the torn edges. When staff is asked about the plan to replace the seats, the response is often they " they have always been that way". You often get the "deer in the head lights" look. As a customer and resident, it is embarrassing. To my amazement, the staff is not embarrassed. If this issue is not addressed, we will just go to the local library.

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