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BP Oil

British Petroleum
501 Westlake Park Blvd
Houston, TX
(281) 366-2000
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Mary Riga - 10 d 3 h ago


had a promblem with 1 your station.

was suppose to get a discount because of krogers and didnt get it

my phone no is (hidden). and my name is Mary Biga

Flagged for review. 
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Dan Lester - 10 d 11 h ago

Places in St Louis Missouri cool Valley 1600 on the pumps their credit card machine doesn't work on any of them that's so you have to go inside to pay for it I work right across the street and hasn't been fixed in months the big scam I think you guys need to look into it

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Anonymous - 10 d 11 h ago

St Louis Missouri cool Valley go to the DP like 1600 address it go there and they never ever have their pumps working through credit card and get the scan to make you come inside will you check into it

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Laura - 11 d 4 h ago


I have lived at the same location for 17 years there's a gas station just at the end of my road that I have been a regular customer at for 17 years BP but the gas station out and ever since that did it is the worst gas station I'm disappointed that such a company moved into Community oriented area it's dirty the people they hire is the worst customer service their coffee is always burnt they raised their prices on everything but can't keep their shelves stocked

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Robin Surber - 20 d 4 h ago


In regards to the The BP in Dyer Indiana

An employee named Kim in Dyer Indiana BP across the street from the st. Franciscan Hospital this lady was very rude to me the whole time of the checkouts the black lady in the background was awesome we're rude never caught her name because she was sitting on her butt eating in front of people laughing because the other lady Kim was very disrespectful I want something done about this!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 23 d 4 h ago


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Anonymous - 28 d 8 h ago

Just stopped at a BP station at South Carolina route 95 north at exit 7. Selected the station because of the BP brand even though there were two other choices. the place is a dump. You should be ashamed of yourself being affiliated with that a operation.

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Darlene - 29 d 22 h ago


Why did I just have to pay $7.29 For one quart of Quaker state 10w30 motor oil? I didn't find any alternative brands and had to get oil now. That is ridiculous and in my opinion is price gouging. Very upset at the lack of caring about your profit more than operating an ethical business and treating your customers fairly. Won't go back to another bp, ever!!!

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NeverBP again - 29 d 9 h ago

Pumps never work on chagrin and Warrensville center rd in shaker heights ohio 44122 and the cashiers never warn you. They'll let you pay for gas at a pump the last customer JUST told them doesn't work and then refuse to refund, claiming that it only charges your card after pumping but not if it didn't pump. They'll have this argument with 100 customers instead of simply putting an out of order sign on the damn pump. Then they get mad at you for being mad at their bad service. You can't get an attitude. They'll literally threaten to come from behind the counter and fight you.

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Rachel Blest - 32 d 47 s ago


There is a disturbed guy running around on dating sites pretending to be the gm of the Northeast Region...he is a sick individual...i really hope this guy doesnt really work for you, I would really worry about your company if he does.

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Melodie Andrews - 86 d ago


We received UNREQUESTED BP Visa cards. The hype was that our previous BP cards had been updated. What was NOT disclosed is that once the new cards are activated, the old account is cancelled, which affects your credit score. Our daughter, who is an authorized user, received notification that her credit score had dropped. Upon investigation, it was due to the previous card being cancelled. Seems very dishonest that none of this was disclosed when the cards were sent out. BP needs to address this situation as this is very unfair to their customers.

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Lisa - 59 d 3 h ago


Melodie BP does not care about customers little lone their complaints!!BP employees can be rude to customers and even threten them they donot care!!Complain all you want you are wasting your time!!Been there done that!!BOYCOTT BP IF YOU WANT TO GET THEIR ATTENTION!!!

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Jeffrey Rice - 69 d 4 h ago


Did not want the visa cards only the gas card but that did not seem to be an option. Finally activated the visa cards and imagine my surprise when it would not work at the pump; had to go in the building and basically per-pay with the BP visa card. Totally unacceptable.

Called customer service, could barley understand person due to extreme accent. Was told that I could not cancel the Visa card and get just a gas credit card. I would have to cancel the BP Visa card (WHICH I DID) and reapply.

HOWEVER, when I went to reapply on line I discovered the following language "By applying you agree that, if approved, Synchrony Bank may provide you with a BP Visa Signature Credit Card, BP Visa Credit Card or a BP Credit Card.

Note how it says they MAY give you one of the three card options but no way to request just a gas card. HEY BP YOU JUST LOST ANOTHER CUSTOMER

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Lisa - 59 d 3 h ago


Jeffrey Rice BP doesnt care about their customers!The employees are rude and threaten customers yet nothing is done when people complain!!!THEY DO NOT CARE PERIOD!!BOYCOTT BP!!!

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Lisa - 59 d 4 h ago


BP gas station at 8787 Sheldon Rd Canton Mi 48170 has a rude punk kid that not only is nasty to the customers and thretens them!He also told a African American lady they didnt want business from niggers!Notified mgnmt no response of course!Boycott this location!!!!

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Diane - 82 d ago

Wanted to do a shout out for the BP station at the KG Market @ 10511 Red Arrow Hwy, Bridgman, MI 49106. I had a flat tire nearby, made it to the station, but did not have a cell phone. They were great about letting me use the phone to call my husband and insurance roadside service. Also, I had just purchased ice cream and they let me put my groceries in the freezer until I was ready to get back on the road. This happened on Sept 11, 2017. Thanks to guy behind the counter!

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Sarah - 86 d ago

Bp station on Route 175 in Odenton Maryland never empties the dumpster or clean the area around the gas station. The dumpster is overflowing with nasty trash as well as other items that have been dumped there..I tried to call them they won't answer the phone.

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Mel - 86 d ago


Not happy with the fact that new, unrequested BP Visa card acceptance cancelled the old card and affected our credit rating. BP should have TRANSFERRED the old card to the new card to avoid this. HUGE mistake!!!! They did NOT advise their customers of this fact. Do not activate your " new,improved card" unless this isn't important to you. Apparently, it IS an option to not accept the new cards. They did not disclose these facts. We have been loyal BP customers for many years, but this has made us rethink who we are doing business with.

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Bernie - 100 d 11 h ago


Yesterday stopped at a BP for a fill up price was $2.04 put my card in entered my zip then went to pick up pump and the price jumped up to $2.19!!!!!!!!!! REALLY??? My payment had already been excepted then it goes up 17 cents before I start pumping!!!!!!!!! NO MORE BP FOR ME!!!!!!!!!! And I will advertise this for you free of charge!!!!!!!!!!

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Tom Lynch - 103 d 18 h ago

Tom Lynch

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angry pennsylvanian - 105 d 10 h ago


B P station on rt. 1 north just outside Rehoboth De. filthy disgusting restroom , pumps had no regular gas, store area was dirty. I'll never use B P again. I never posted like this before but this place was really BAD.

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Judy - 110 d 10 h ago


BP location at 120 st East and Ridgeview Rd in Olathe, KS is terrible location and we will not return. Run down exterior, interior, horrible bathroom. Car wash not even in working order with over gown weeds all around building. Seems only priority here is price gauging the customers as they are 50+ cents highER than other BP stations. How do they get away with that??

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Anonymous - 135 d 11 h ago

I have contacted your customer service on several occasions regarding an incident at your gas station located at 440 S Broadway, Tarrytown, NY 10533, I wrote a letter to the owner of the gas station about the incident but I don't know who they are or where to contact them. I asked customer service to provide me with this information. Your customer service emailed me saying that the owners would contact me directly. This incident happened July 11, this is the end of the month and I have no resolution to this matter that has left me shaken.

I would like your office to contact me. I am running out of patience.

Chris Meyer

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Anonymous - 122 d 5 h ago

Do I have to contact a lawyer to get an answer from you?

Chris Meyer


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Anonymous - 132 d 6 h ago

BP GAS STATION 10444 CALUMET MUNSTER IN CASHIER HAS NO TRAINING ON HOW TO USE THE REGISTER MY CAR WAS ON PUMP 6 SHE RANG ON PUMP 2 CASHIER COULD NOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO CORRECT I HAD TO DO ANOTHER TRANSACTION FOR GAS DUE TO CASHIER NOT KNOWING HOW TO CORRECT HER ERROR My question to the idiot cashier is what if i didn't have another way to pay ..... since she ran my credit card the first time i have to wait til 3 days later to get my monies refunded from the first transaction

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