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BP Oil

British Petroleum
501 Westlake Park Blvd
Houston, TX
(281) 366-2000
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Patsy - 3 d ago


I have been a BP customer for many years. However I am not happy with a particular gas station where I am forced to pre-pay on my BP credit card. I understand that some people drive off without paying but that should not affect people who use credit cards. I can understand that if you are going to pay cash. If this policy does not change soon, you will lose me as a customer.

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Yvette R Moore - 14 d 5 h ago


I am very disappointed in regards to the lack of customer service within your company structure. I have a business and in the process of building credit the last thing I have time for is the lack of communication coming from any of your representatives. I spoke with a rep of your company by the name of Debbie today, after the fact that I requested to have monthly billing on my account on 9/15/2016. Today was the 1st time that I heard from anyone in your company, yes she apologized for not being able to accomodate me but 30 days later, what type of company are you running ? I have never dealt with such tackiness and unprofessionalism. There is no concern for my companies creditbility. I have requested to close this account out and will be contacting the better business bureau to file a complaint.

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envivo - 16 d 21 h ago

Check you statement for BP gas is been fraud .. my CC was charge 3 times same date diasel for more then $282.00 .. My husband account also got charge and this charges are comming from Florida .. we life in Iowa .. so be aware of this fraud we notice because our balance got so high suddenly ,, notice those charge and call BP C/S the open a case but will take longer

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Anonymous - 20 d 7 h ago

I when to buy gas at the broadway station and the woman behind the counter put a sign in my face the sign said 10 minutes for gas so she can have her lunch and I was late for work and now I'm out of a job thanks. Bp

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Tamara Smith - 23 d 10 h ago


We stopped at the BP gas station off of exit 59 in Ohio to get gas, coffee, snacks and use the restroom. To my surprise, there was no inside restroom (additionally, I was ignored by the staff when I asked where the rr was, so another customer told me where it was). I was appalled by the disgusting, filthy portapotty outside of the store. This is a store that advertises a bakery and sells foodstuffs! Needless to say, we only got 8 gallons of gas and quickly left without purchasing Anyang else. Shame on you BP. No more BP for these folks.

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Robert Gill - 29 d 7 h ago

Hi : My Name is Robert Gill and I work with a sports marketing company called , CM-2 motor sports we are a marketing company that handles the sponsorships for all the 3 divisions of NASCAR racing We would like to speak with someone in your Markering department about a possible sponsorship program for the 2017 season starting in Febuary in Daytona Beach Flordia and ending in Miami Flordia in November , we race cars and trucks in several states across the USA. And up into Canada , If there is an interest in this or a possibility , Please contact Me (hidden) or (hidden) Thanks !

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Anonymous - 34 d 31 s ago

Your new commercials do not inspire to buy your fuel ,your commercials basically say you're stupid if you do!!!

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Mohammed R Lehra - 38 d 7 h ago

Have been a loyal costumer and fill up only at Bp . Stopped to get gas at this location 80 Essex Street , Lodi , NJ on 09/10/2016 at around 7:30 pm (have sale receipt , pump number 2) in my Lincoln MKT 2010 , drove towards Bloomfield for dinner where my car stalled right in the middle of the street while I was driving in Belleville , to cut the long story short I eventually Ubered back home that night ($30.00) , took my mechanic to the spot where the car stalled the next day Sunday ($100.00) , finally had to get my car towed to the garage in Englewood by AAA ($90.00) , where he told me that the gas in the tank had diesel mixed or contaminated tank that caused harm to my engine and the timing chain as well . He checked everything possible that could prevent the car to start up , but the engine sounds like diesel engine sputtering and dies off. Estimated price to fix or replace a new engine $3000.00 . Please reply to me at (hidden) .

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Mohammed R Lehra - 36 d 1 m ago


No reply as of yet .

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F. Montag - 37 d ago


I want to know why the BP gas stations in Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina do not accept my BP gas card? Why am I forced to go inside the store and pre-pay for my gas? I obtained my BP gas card to avoid this time consuming and tedious problem when purchasing BP gas. Also, it is frustrating to wait for an employee to wander up from the back to get around to my purchase. The employee's attitude was "why are you annoying me with this"? She stated the reason for pre-paying was my "BP card was from the wrong zip code". I was also not eligible for rewards or discount price (which I always use in Illinois). I am not happy about this terrible service. This happened the last two trips through the south to visit my Marine daughter in SC.

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James cooper - 44 d 43 m ago


When to a station in Aberdeen n.j ,great job Gus no bathroom and only cash for cigarettes. Not very convenient. Will never go back

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Anonymous - 47 d 47 s ago


I want to a BP gas station today that I spent probably 3 to $400 a week at getting gas. When inside first time in a while to let them know their pumps card readers were not working the manager behind the desk a gentleman was talking to a female employee seem to be upset that I interrupted. Said he was going to go outside and check the pumps I asked a girl if I could pay. The manager stop turned around and came back in after I paid for gas at the at the cash register sitting getting a white people like the pumps have been working all day as I was walking out the door I turned around and told him the pumps were not working that's the reason I came in they wouldn't take my debit card and it wasn't the pump and I was on it was all the pumps were saying the same thing I started to leave again and he called me an ass ho I stopped turned around ask him if he just called me the app he said yes repeat it again tell me if you didn't if I didn't like it I didn't need to come back into the gas station ever. That BP is on County Line Road between Hudson and Pasco County Florida I tried calling the number and never did get an answer. I hope that's not the way BP trains their people. Thereare 5 gas stations in a 4-mile radius I don't think I'm going to be using BP for a while I'll give my business to 711 or race track

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Emran - 48 d 4 h ago


I went to the bp station on 2624 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY, Kings County 11223 to fill up on gas, I go into the counter had the guy a $50 note and tell the guy jibran (that's what it says on his name tag )of premium gasoline the guy looks at me and say "your driving a piece of shit why don't you put the regular gas" which upset me b/c I love all my vehicles no matter how old, I told him the truck isn't stock, so can you please give me premium, he replies "fancy gas for a piece of shit and it's piece of shit owner" I ignored him because I didn't have time to play around so I'm pumping gas and it stops at $35 so I go inside and ask him for my change back he's on the phone with some girl name Layla and I tell him buddy I need my change he tells me "what change? I don't have change for you if you want change go beg for it on the streets" I told him look I gave you $50 and it stopped at $35 so where's the $15 he replies "it's tip money it goes into my pocket now get out of here with your piece of shit" I told him my truck can beat any car you drive he points at a red Lexus and says "that's my car you can't beat that now mother f**ker get the f**k out of my gas station" I told him you know what keep it it's obvious you need it more then me that's when he got offended and tried to throw something at me... I spent about $800/Month on gas at BP only always when to a bp gas station from now on speedway or shell or anyo there gas station except BP can have my business... BP need to respect cars and car owners

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Lori - 50 d 5 h ago


They are scammer not cool

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Linda S. - 59 d 7 h ago

My BP gas credit card was compromised on Tuesday, August 23,2016 at 1211 Mayport Road, Plaza Drive, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233. Within 2 days charges were put on my card that were not authorized by me at random retailers.

I have not lost my card and it was still in my possession, so someone scanned my card when it was swiped to purchase gas. Today when I phoned this station to report theft to manager or assistant, I had to leave a message as they would not be available until the next day. Of course corporate BP office is closed until Monday.

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Sandy B - 66 d 27 m ago


I am a home health nurse. I went into the Castrol oil business in Sapulpa Oklahoma. I asked for high mileage oil change. He quoted me a price of 5499 which I said was fine. The manager then came up to me and showed me a clean almost perfect White filter that had a few feathers and a little bit of grass stuck in the edges of it and said that my filter was dirty and it really needed to be changed. He quoted me a price of 1799. I felt like since he brought me a brand new filter to sell me another one that if I were to turn him down I would risk something happening to my car so I told him to go ahead and change the filter. I'm not even sure I got a new one he may have just pulled the feathers and the grass out of my old one. I got Pennzoil in Tulsa a lot of business because they were so good to me as a customer several times. Because I'm more in the Sapulpa area I decided to try this place. Not only will I never go there again I will let every home health nurse that works for our company as well as three or four of the surrounding offices know what happened to me at this Castrol oil place. And I will go back to taking it to the dealership.

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Trina Swann - 70 d 10 h ago


I have been a loyal customer with BP for over 10 years. Within the last 2 years, I applied for the BP Driver rewards card. " THE WORST POINT SYSTEM EVER". The problems I have had with this card are: The card is not acceptable at all station. The discount is not always loaded on the card, therefore you have to call to add the points. When calling to add the points, customer service have a bad attitude. The communication between the customer and card rules are different. On the lower right hand of the card it states "Rewards expire at the end of the month that is at least 90 days after issuance". However, when speaking the Customer Service Ms. Wanda. She states that the rewards point expires after a year. Therefore, when you are building points for a year, your points are expiring and you do not have any knowledge. BP customer service doesn't have a process to add your missing points or expired points back on to your card. However they can see that you did not use your points.

I will be using the remaining points on the BP reward card. BP will not have me as a customer or stock holder anymore. One thing I can't I have is a company with bad customer service. I feel as I'm not appreciated with this company. A devoted customer should mean a lot, however with this company it means spend your money, we care less about you and your vehicle.

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Frugal Fred - 73 d 25 m ago


Quality and price is all that matter when I shop for fuel. Hi overhead taj mahal locations are better rest areas than shopping places. I refuse to buy anything in those type places. Discounts for cash are required to get my cash. Refuse to pay transaction fees averaged into the same price for all. Local BPs have had problems with low quality fuel delivery in the past. Several cars died on the road because of this. BP rates pretty low as a brand destination for me. BP Whiting Indiana refinery problems really put the company to shame. And let's not forget that little problem in the gulf of Mexico.

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Tina - 89 d ago


Hi my name is Tina Upright I am very disappointed in the BP station and Jonesville North Carolina off of the 77ex my parents and my niece and my nephew were traveling through my niece had to go to the restroom when she goes and she asked the lady if she could use a restaurant the lady told her none unless they bought gas she was not allowed to use the bathroom she said oh yeah by the way if you want to wash your hands you'll have to buy your own site to do it with I think this is out rages uncalled for and unnecessary when you tell someone they cannot use your bathroom and you tell him they can't wash their hands and less they used or bother own set up this is out rages if you need to contact me you can contact me at 704 307-6085 anytime

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Outraged - 101 d 4 h ago


No more oysters no more seafood from my home town ,all because of your dereliction of duty. PBS series was a saddening sickening wake up call for what should be for All Americans! When I saw what has become of my childhood home I became nauseated.The men in that court room all 5 of you should Rot in Hell but that would be too good for you! Just how stupid do you think people are? BP is Pathetic !!!

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Juanita R. Rodriguez - 102 d 3 h ago


I used to work at ARCO in downtown Los Angeles, CA. How do I get in touch with human resources, please? My email address is (hidden) I am a satisfied customer. I like ARCO gas.

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Anonymous - 104 d 6 h ago


I will never purchase anything from another BP ever ..I was in a jam and needed a jump i walked to the first gas station I saw BP purchased a set of cables and walked back to my car only to find out that the cables purchased was not sufficient and could not handle enough wattage to jump my car. I took the cables back explained my delema and was told by the clerk that they don't do refunds....really I responded please show me where its posted that refunds are prohibited (this was not posted) I was not only dismissed as a paying customer I was threatened by the clerk that " since you don't understand ill just call law enforcement to explain it to you" OMG not only was i being illegally denied a refund on an item purchased but I was now being threatened with my freedom. I videoed the entire incidence as to not have this denied BP is not a customer oriented business and I personally will never spend my hard earned dollars here ever...incident occurred July 13 at approx 1pm please view the store video

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Mavis Adams, - 122 d 10 h ago


I have used bp for many years, however, as of this week, all bp stations have gone out of business within thirty-five miles. There are no stations in Gardendale, Fultondale, Morris, Warrior, Mt Olive, or Kimberly. The City of Kimberly does not have a service Station at all. Morris has a new Station Shell, which is doing well. I do want Shell, so I am looking for a new oil station and will have to apply for a new card. This is sad, I am assuming you must not be doing well in the State of Alabama.

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Anonymous - 136 d 11 h ago


This is the complaint about your location in bayonne NJ 07002.Iwent to fuel up there

I ask for fill up

The attendant name David is a piece of shit

He was attending very rudely

I touch the nozzle bcoz it was full

He was very. rude bcoz I touch the nozzle

I never saw in America like this kind of rule

He was really an. ---+++++

I asked about owner name

He said my owner is BP

What a an answer by stupid

Need reply from management

Today 06/11/2016

Time 7.44 am

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R. Crawford - 138 d 9 h ago


On June 3, 2016, I stopped by BP (Quick Change #74) in Tifton, GA to purchase gas. While attempting to pay at the pump, I noticed that the gasoline meter started at $0.07 instead of $0.00. Instead of pumping the gas, I went into the store, alerted the clerk (Asian woman) of the problem and asked her to reset the pump to $0.00. She immediately became defensive ;and told me to take my business elsewhere. I then asked her if she would credit my credit card for the amount of $0.07. She refused again and told me that all of the pumps were out of order. None (ZERO) of the pumps had "Out of Order" labels on them. After I asked her for her name, she told me that it was none of my business. If you like, please review your store surveillance camera, 11:43 AM, 6/3/16. I left there and drove to another BP right up the street in Tifton. My experience at the next BP was totally different than Quick Change #74. I WILL NEVER shop at this BP again. I'd also like BP to issue me a $0.07 credit.

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