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BP Oil

British Petroleum
501 Westlake Park Blvd
Houston, TX
(281) 366-2000
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R bell - 2 d 9 h ago


Bp miller rd Wilmington de. Employee told me "get your shit together" because I gave her the wrong # of a lottery scratch off I wanted. Said "I'm not losing my fucking job because you made a mistake". Just awful

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Chris Kimsey - 6 d 4 h ago


I'm going to file a lawsuit for being discriminated for being a diabetic and being accused of being on drugs because I'm manic and I have a legitimate medical condition and was threatened by the employee at the night time BP I chose to go to I would advise highly that I be spoken with quickly because I'm Monday I will speak with my attorney and I will find out what I can do to sue either the entire company as a hole or the gas station by of self. I want that woman fired. I want her fired or I want her somewhere else I never want to see her again for threatening me for my medical condition.I was discriminated against and I take that very seriously and I will contact my attorney on Monday and I will find out what I can do to sue unless I am taking care of and a very efficient manner and I want that woman fired or I'm going to have a serious my knowledge is illegal to discriminate if somebody because you're diabetic because they have medical condition.

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Wanda Orli - 7 d 19 h ago


Went to get gas at BP gas station at Belmont Ave in Youngstown Ohio 44505. You owe me money. I put $10.00 at 2.12 per gallon. I was given 4 697 and it should have been 4.716, you owe e 0.09cent. That means, you are taking about nine cent per customer. If don't fix it I will do step Two..

Unsatisfied customer.

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Hardy - 15 d 12 h ago


I was at a BP station in Raleigh Nc to make a purchase. I parked in front of the door and was asked arrogantly for me to move my car. I agreed and asked if my purchase could be ready when I came back. I moved my car went back in and was denied service, because the person working was a asshole! I will be contacting corporate!

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Mercedes Rodriguez - 51 d 14 h ago


I'm on vacation in Newark NJ and I went to put gas on the one coner of Franklin Avenue and gave 20.00 dollars to put gas in my car drove away and notice that the attendant at the pump did not put any gas in my car went back to claim they told me to call the police of course they new that I had no prove so they were all laughing at me so it looks like they are giving your company a bad name. This happen around 6 in the afternoon on October 24.

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Vico Peiker - 89 d ago


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Anonymous - 214 d 18 h ago


The sign on the station on25 in St. James New York had the charge for oil at $2.23 9/10 and I was charged 10 cents more per gallon and the attendant did not know what to do. He tried calling you but got no answer. A sad way to run a company.

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Asiya asad - 214 d ago


Wow big deal a whole 10 cents! Omg its the end of the world!! Stfu!

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T-K - 92 d 18 h ago




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Nick c. - 214 d ago


I was at the bp in cambridge ohio and a skinny girl with brown hair was constantly on her phone and ignoring us.. At first we thought she was another customer due to her not even being in uniform and playing on her phone. Then she loojed right at me and said they dont pay her enough and would give me a blow job after she gets off work for 50 bucks! My wife overheard her say this and it created a big fight. We wont be back.

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Austin Tim - 119 d 17 h ago

I'm sure it did cause a fight.

She undercut your wife's price of $75

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Anonymous - 92 d 18 h ago


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Austin Tim - 119 d 18 h ago


Many stores charge for ice. But that has nothing to do with Chai minimizing his role in this whiny nothing burger story or taking responsibility for his own actions.

They let you use the restroom. You should have washed your hands and then cupped them to drink from the faucet. You said you were very thirsty and didn't want ice.

Not a big fan of BP due to their lack of commitment to clean up their mess but a moron going thirsty doesn't bother me at all.

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T-K - 92 d 18 h ago

You r such a sad person 2 be putting down a place u don't like urself.

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Anonymous - 96 d 14 h ago

My son went to get gas from BP ON 2326 Dave Lyle Blvd, Rock Hil,SC.He went inside to pay for his gas. After he left the store the tow worked tried to continue to run$100 off the card. I called the store and two workers were rude and disrespectful and continued to hang up the phone. I will NEVER use that gas stair ion ever. The worked are theifts and steal money. If the corporation does not address this matter then I will NEVER USE BP gas again.The owner of theis store is RICK and the employee claim they never know when the manager comes in if he even comes in at all.

I willbe reaching out again in the AM in hopes the management cal address the issues,if not I will Again reach out to the corporate office

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Eileen - 108 d 19 h ago


This Company is the worst. I acquired a FleetCor (BP BusinessPlus Gas Card) for my business and it has been a nightmare. I was informed that I would be charged monthly, and it was switched to bi-weekly without being informed of this change. Additionally, I was informed to place a deposit on the account when the account was opened. I was charged 77.00 for being two days late (I thought I was paying early, but the payment was late when my payments were unknowingly changed to bi-weekly). I closed the account, because I was beginning to feel as if I was being ripped off, and immediately asked for my deposit. I was informed that my deposit would take six to eight weeks once it was processed (it took over two weeks to process the check). It has now ten weeks later (after the > than two weeks to process the check), and I am still getting the run-around concerning the check being mailed out, and no one returns my phone calls (this process "has to" go through BP Business plus for FleetCor). I would steer clear of this company, and I will write a review on how long it actually takes to receive my check going forward. I decided to change my business gas card to Exxon-Mobile, and the results have been excellent. Not only did I "not" have to put down a deposit, I received three times (3x) the credit limit (from what BP provided), and a discount on the gas cost. Additionally, the customer service is excellent.

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Anonymous - 109 d 18 h ago


Stop to get gas at B P at 7113 Lone Oak road in Spartanburg S.C. on 8-25-2018 used my debit card and it charged me twice the cashier 0n duty would not do any thing about it wouldn't even call the owner. Saw the number on the wall when I started to dail it the cashier took it down. Also the cashier was very rude. As far as I'm concerned it's the same as stealing. Trust me will not shop there any more and will tell all my friends not to shop there. Also the cashier told me I would have to come and talk eith the owners on Sunday which WAS ON 8-26-2018 when I got there the owner was not there but the cashier that was on duty was kind enough to call the owner and the owner talked with me and said you got my number call me Monday 8-27-2017 and if the money is not back on my card I will pay you your money. When I did call the owner, actually I had to call the owner 5 or 6 times before they answered the phone and all the owner wanted to do was make up excuses and will not give me back by money.

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Anonymous - 115 d ago

Amoco Saline mi I bought something for 6.35 he charged me twice and would refund me...very rude and short. Like it didn't matter he did this on the regular. Shooo'd me away because other customers started to come in. Sad

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ginny townsend - 275 d 19 h ago


Today I visited BP service station on Lake Dr. SE in Grand Rapids Mi I attempted to purchase lottery tickets for myself and my co-workers I accidently stated one more than I wanted and did not have my purse on me so I apologized and told the clerk give me a sec I'll go to my car. I returned with 60 cents change and 14 bottles she then advised me she couldnt take my returns in a plastic bag, I said fine I have more in the back of my car that are not in plastic as I went to my car to collect and return I dropped a couple as my arms were full I picked them up with help from another customer then proceeded to enter the store before I dropped them all on the floor I let them loose on the counter the not so friendly cashier stated I'm not taking those I said why there not in plastic she said because you threw them on the counter! What are you serious clearly you could see I was about to drop them as I did outside. Okay I then went to my car to look for more loose change after a couple of min I returned inside the store and said you know what just cancel the last ticket.Meanwhile i'm texting my boss to let her know whats going on as I was on break when another employee starts screaming at me I cannot record or take pictures I said what are you talking about she said I saw you I showed her my phone screen with my screensaver clearly displayed of my grandson and cussed all three of them out on my way out of the store. I'm sorry it was shift change and you didn't want to deal with my empties but I will never spend my money at this BP ever again and will happliy tell everyone I know not to,

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Austin Tim - 119 d 17 h ago

Bottles, change, and lottery tickets.

I don't even know what to say.

Other than from all these stories/comments I've just read, you just changed my mind.

I always thought being an cashier/order-taker at a burger joint was one of the worst jobs. Now after listening to the bs you expect gas station cashiers to put up with from your sorry selves, I'd rather be a greeter at Wal-mart.

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Disgusted by their inaction - 206 d 23 s ago


BP on McCartney Road Rt.422 in Campbell Ohio not to be confused with the one in Coitsville,Ohio needs to be avoided at all costs..I was assaulted and my home robbed last night.Fortunately I was able to track the Assailant to this Station this morning at around 2 AM..When I ran in I was still in my Pajamas and asked the Attendant to call the Police for me which he promptly refused.His reasoning was that he doesn't have to call the Police for anyone and was actually protecting this person.Fortunately the Police happened to come by and ended up coming to my Home..Amazingly our Fine Force in Youngstown had apparently picked this person up earlier but unfortunately they did not know what happened when they did..After coming to my Home and taking pictures and a report this person will be charged with the offense today..I want to thank the Youngstown Police for their fine work and warn people about this station..The person was drunk and on drugs at the time and apparently this is the norm for that station..Warning:be very careful and wary of them as they wont help you with even a phone call to the Police..

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Austin Tim - 119 d 17 h ago

No cell phone to call police? No pay phones around? Tracked the assailant to the gas station? At 2 AM?

Story sounds made up?

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Brenda Beecham-Ellijay, Ga - 293 d ago


Me and my adult son of 39 years old went to town to purchase a carton of cigarettes, when we got to the store in East Ellijay, Ga at about 2:00 am on 2/25/2018 he made the comment, no she is here, I said who, he said that cashier, I said what is the deal with her, he said I have trouble with her every time I came in here, I said no big deal I will go in, I went in and asked the cashier the cost of the carton, she told me I went back to the truck and told him the amount, he had a 20.00 bill and the rest was quarters, she got mad at me, she said we are not suppose to take money like this, I told her it dont matter if they are pennies, nickles, dimes or quarters they are still money, she said I got to roll them, I said well then roll them, she got a quarter roll and started to count the quarters, well she couldnt do that either, I told her to check me out and give me my cigarettes, then she slung the quarter roll on the counter, if she wasnt on drugs she needs some.

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Southerngal - 195 d 14 h ago


Yup sounds about right. The loitering group out front well one of them literally ordered me to move my car and I was not even in the way as he indicated. He does not even work there! lol the finest rednecks of Ellijay will be found there. I only pulled in to see my son. We do not go in there any more due to the loitering group both inside and out! Gross! Oddly I couldn't find out how to get in touch with "Jack" the owner. But I will find out and will file a complaint.

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Austin Tim - 119 d 17 h ago

Any story that starts off with, "Me and my adult son of 39 years went to town" probably won't end well. Add in the fact that it's 2 AM in the morning and you make me wish I would have been there to see it.

Your adult son was afraid to buy a carton of cigarettes? Because of the cashier? Smokes are more than $50 a carton. $30 plus in quarters? Quarter rolls hold $10. $30 is 120 quarters.

A few things.

Kick your adult son of 39 years out. Tell him to get a job.

Both of you up at 2 AM? Sounds like you and your son are on drugs.

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