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Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

535 Marriott Dr.
Nashville, TN
Philip Dobbs
Chief Marketing Officer
(615) 937-1000
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Anonymous - 1 d 14 h ago


I'm employed at the Kings Mountain plant I work in the quality Department. Any time that the quality manager is off for vacation. Area manager tries to use the plant manager's name as a threat to you to let things go that quality specs and the qad says to do in a different way. This needs to be addressed.

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Angela - 3 d 16 h ago

I would like to voice my concern for the workers of Bridgestone Tires in Florida ,not because we don't have snow doesn't mean that these workers can't have a couple of space heaters in the shops.Sometimes the temperature gets down to the 40s and it is very heart breaking to see these workers out there in the cold,can you out of the goodness of your hearts supply these shops with heaters so that the workers can work in a more comfortable environment.Thank you

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Anonymous - 15 d 12 h ago

The worst experience I have ever had ..lied to all day just to have my car put back to gather with faltering old parts to risk the drive home with my famlie......IAs you DO you Firestone have any American PRIDE left in you.........why do you think living to the people like this make this right!!!!!!

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Runflat - 29 d 20 h ago


Hi Phil,

I recently had a Bridgestone Drive guard tire blow out after only six months of use.

Bridgestone offers a 1 year warranty, but the dealer and customer service only seem to respond with reasons they


It states free repair or replacement. The dealer tried to prorate and charge me, even though it was within the warranty limit

You shouldn't advertise a warranty if your dealers are not authorized to honor it,

And Bridgestone will not back it up.

I wanted to let Management know about my experience, so that either Bridgestone or the franchise will be accountable

I have heard many others have had the same issue.

Thanks you for your attention to this matter


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Phyllis Blair - 68 d 15 h ago


My name is Phyllis Blair I had my oil changed less than 4 months ago I am at least ,3 quarts low of oil

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VB - 144 d 7 h ago


I filed a complaint via Customer Service, about 3 weeks ago now, and it has not been resolved with the area manager, so it was escalated to corporate. To this day, after waiting for 2 weeks for corporate to contact me, no one yet has. The customer service that has been provided to me, all the way from the store managers down to the district manager and to the area supervisors , has been absolutely SUB PAR. The only people that have actually honestly listened to me were the customer service agents What happened to your Mantra that you have on your website as follows about customer service This is what your website states on Customer relations which I have yet to experience. "QUALITY & CUSTOMER VALUE Creating customer value and trust To create a global framework in collaboration with all related Bridgestone entities and stakeholders to proactively identify, prioritize and address customer quality issues in keeping with the intentions of our founder to "Serve Society with Superior Quality." A representative from Corporate needs to contact me to resolve the several issues that have occurred with Firestone. Wrong Car Battery provided by store manager Won't honor battery warranty due to the store manager mistake Store manager left my Estimate, that had ALL my personal information, on countertop visible to every customer that walked thru the door, violating Privacy Breach And Store Managers, Area Manager and Field Manager all seem lack time for customer concerns and don't want to be bothered

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Truth - 74 d ago


I have lost faith in Firestone. The store managers are the ones who enforce fraudulent needed repairs when in reality the presented cases are a bunch of lies. I wonder if the regional managers reinforces these lies upon employees and are originated by the corporate office for profit and gain? The most menial repairs always end up costing in hundreds of dollars in unscheduled maintenance fees. A simple oil change under $100.00 ends up becoming over a $500.00 invoice. A simple wheel alignment at $79.00 ends up becoming a $700.00 invoice. This shit goes on all of the time. Every customer is scammed and the American people are taken for it everyday...

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Me and my husband is having the same problem with Firestone 11 Mile Gratiot Roseville Michigan his car originally was in to have the shocks done which they didn't do right so they told us to bring it back while they had the car they damage my husband vehicle front bumper and split it on his race car and scraped up his expensive paint job we took pictures of his car sitting on top of the yellow median after calling two times a week to customer service and speaking to the store supervisor it's been 3& half weeks.. and the only thing they say is they're waiting on the guy who specialize in doing his shocks and the store manager still hasnt contacted us about his bumper customer service even told us he is aware of this issue my husband went today and the supervisor told us the manager said it didn't happen here but the supervisor told us he knows which mechanic done it we even have pictures of it sitting there over the yellow curb because the car sits low they drove over the curb they even had to lift it to get it off the curb because they didn't want to put it in reverse and pull the whole bumper off so I guess we're going to just have to contact a lawyer to add to that we've had four vehicles in this shop getting suspension in the last 2 months and each one of them had to go back we're talkin At least $1,000 worth of work each car and this is how they treat us any advice.

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ROSE BASTONE - 146 d 14 h ago



This group, headed by Rafael Avila, Manager and Anthony, Sales person, do very little to enhance your reputation. Actually, they are liars and scam artists.

When my friend contacted them, after visiting several competitors looking for Michelin tires, she was told they had a Michelin tire in stock. She left her car, waited for the tire to be installed, paid for it and only after she arrived home did she realize it was not a Michelin, as she had requested,but a Firestone brand. When she returned to the store and told Anthony and Rafael, they both insisted she never asked for a Michelin and agreed to the Firestone. FALSE!!!! She would have stopped at the first store she went to if that were the case.

No one likes being accused of lying - she knew what she wanted, asked for and thought she was getting. No way will she, I, family members and friends ever be future customers of the BRIDGESTONE FAMILY Group. Your customer service is lacking in integrity and honesty!!!

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NuoTang - 6 y 116 d ago

@Bridgestone @Tire_Rack now says backorder for availability, it was expected for 8/17 to be in stock. Any update? Tires are going bald.

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Aid4ASDKids - 6 y 118 d ago

RT @TheBuckNation: Thanks, again, @Bridgestone for supplying tires to @Aid4ASDKids. One less worry. Support those who support #autism aid. Buy #Bridgestone!

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TheBuckNation - 6 y 118 d ago

Thanks, again, @Bridgestone for supplying tires to @Aid4ASDKids. One less worry. Support those who support #autism aid. Buy #Bridgestone!

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John_McMichael - 6 y 119 d ago

@Bridgestone I bought 4 of your tires today. I want you to know that I bought Bridgestones because of your support of the PGA Tour.

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M4rkH4mi1t0n - 6 y 119 d ago

What's wrong with these #MotoGP tyres? Three world champions crash at turn 14 #Indy Can't all be their errors surely!? @Bridgestone

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FlaHockeyDad - 6 y 120 d ago

RT @neilkod: Hey @Bridgestone, should a tire catastrophically blow out out at only 21k miles, causing loss of control of the car? PS it was one of yours.

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neilkod - 6 y 120 d ago

Hey @Bridgestone, should a tire catastrophically blow out out at only 21k miles, causing loss of control of the car? PS it was one of yours.

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FedInsCanada - 6 y 121 d ago

Cool contest! RT @TreadQuarters: Looking for 100th follower in the #PuckDrop Contest! @Bridgestone Performance Pucks on the line! #TireFun

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ShellRotella - 6 y 121 d ago

Thanks! RT @SpeedcoPM S/O to our partners @shellrotella @Bridgestone @Fleetguard! #FF these awesome brands!

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