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Buffalo Wild Wings

5500 Wayzata Blvd. Ste. 1600
Minneapolis, MN
Sally Smith
President CEO and Director
(952) 593-9943
(952) 593-9787
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Denise - 4 h 10 m ago


Y'all never answer !! Why is it that it takes you over an hour to have our orders ready

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Anonymous - 1 d 2 h ago


Ordered to support business during this time and once again the order was completely messed Up and we waited way longer than the pick up time as well as needing to come in and wait with 3 people to pick up. This does not seem like good practice or business at this time. We will no longer support Monroes Buffalo Wild Wings with this type of service.

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A mess - 1 d 12 m ago


Just ordered 48.00 worth of food

My daughter ordered spicy garlic (and thats what the sticker said) when we got home we learned it was some kind of habanero. My daughter and my fries were done just cold

My boy friend fries wasnt done! They werent even cooked (we have pictures). His wings was suppose to be wild they were plain.

This is horrible

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Concerned mother - 2 d ago

I came here with an entire different complaint but after reading all these awful complaints I wish all you people complaining would understand something! These people are doing their best! I bet most of you complaining aren't even working during this horrible time!! These workers are leaving their families everyday working their butts off, going hame and falling into bed exhausted, sleep their entire day off, and risking contacting Covid 19 to server all you ungrateful cry babies! How do I know this? The reason I came on here to complain in the first place! Not about food, how long I had to wait, how rude an employee was because they have had to put up with people being rude, complaining and not understanding all day but to complain about my child working their ass off! I watch as they come home shower and fall into bed! Working HOURS after they are supposed to! Not even getting to spend time with spouses or children. And on days off having to be on a conference call! My child is a GM at a Buffalo Wild Wings and my heart goes out to them and all the team members at ALL BWW's ! And I'm scared! So scared because they are working so so very hard and so worn down that I'm afraid if they contact Covid 19 that they won't make it! And also because I'm elderly and at risk because of health issues. You see I live with this exhausted child of mine who comes in contact with 100's of people daily that could possibly give it to them therefore all the family! I came on here to complain about how hard my child is working and that something should be done ! I came on here to threaten a law suit if my child gets sick! You see if my child chooses not to work it probably wouldn't look good and they would probably lose their position and also they would have to go on unemployment which we all know isn't full pay! They don't even get hazard pay like most essential workers! So they chose to go on.

So during this crisis just shut your mouths about how long it's taking and if your order is wrong and try being understanding and THANK these hard workers and tell them that you sympathize with them!

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

You are absolutely correct! Yes, its frustrating when cite don't work or things take a long time. However, our system was not built to have the entire country ordering everthing online, nor were restaurants made to do delivery for everyone. So, try and be patient and say thank you to our front liners.

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Karen Munch - 2 d 6 h ago


So disappointed in you - you have horrible reviews everywhere and do nothing to fix it. I called all of your local Chesterfield VA restaurants to pay over the phone and have curbside service (for no contact). All said "Nope, we don't do that." EVERYONE else IS doing that. Shame on you. If anyone goes out of business during these difficult times it should be Buffalo Wild Wings. New ownership absolutely despicable.

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Concerned mother - 2 d 32 s ago

Please read my post

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Lisa - 2 d 6 h ago


We ordered from Buffalo Wild Wings and just received our order. One of the items ordered was chicken quesadillas and I have to say hugely disappointed is an understatement and its a shame I cant add a picture to this review. They had about 2 pieces of chicken in each very and I mean very little cheese and a TON of onion. They were over the top salty. I threw them out.

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Tom - 2 d 10 h ago


So I placed an order for pick up at the Monticello location last evening and I waited an hour after placing my order, arrived at the scheduled pick up time to chaos in the parking lot, people lined up in the entryway not social distancing to give the order name, vehicle make and color before being directed back outside to wait. As I wait patiently in my vehicle and look around at the other 8 silver jeep Cherokees in the lot I can't help question how they plan to identify mine when my order is ready? Another 45 minutes later and I am finally approached with food, I roll down the window and as she is handing me the bag she says with uncertainty, Roland??? Damn it, that must be one of the other 8 cherokees! I watched employees aimlessly walking around with orders going from car to car until they finally found the correct person...painful. I asked for a status update on my order and I was told that I was still 10 pages away and orders are still at least another hour out, since it had already been 2 hours I asked her to cancel mine. I paid online so she was not able to refund my order, I am working through that with the store. Just to be clear, I am not upset at all. This is a very stressful and difficult situation and I understand that people are trying to figure things out on the fly, your people were doing the best that they could. Some suggestions... Add a field to your online ordering for vehicle information including license number, this will give you the information you need and reduce the amount of people that come inside. Include as part of the instruction that they will receive a text or an email when the order is ready. Update your estimated wait times to more accurately reflect what is real, no surprises. Have your team monitor and assess the situation in real time and stop accepting orders when it becomes unrealistic, people will understand and it is better than the disappointment of waiting for hours only to be turned away. Just some friendly feedback, we'll get through this!!!

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Sheena - 2 d 15 h ago


Very unsatisfied with BWW. Ordered through their website online for delivery last night and never got our food. Called BWW after it said it was delivered and they said it was actually sitting on the counter and that we could COME AND PICK IT UP INSTEAD! What!!???? I am not going to come pick up my COLD food that was sitting on the counter for an hour after I had already tipped the delivery driver! So I asked to be refunded instead and they said that they could not do anything for us because their orders go through DOORDASH. Spoke with doordash and they have none of our information because we had ordered and paid through the BWW website. Called BWW again and told them that they were the ones that needed to refund us and they said "we are too busy right now, we can take your name and number and FIGURE IT OUT TOMORROW". EXCUSE ME??? I just paid for an order that I NEVER RECEIVED you need to deal with it now. So at this point I don't know what to do and am frustrated. Gave them my name and number and waited. 4 hours later a new dasher approached our door with our food. Are you kidding me? It's now 9:00 at night, we had already made food for ourselves and child. What am I going to do with this now? Is this their way of "dealing with it later"?? I refused the order because I obviously DID NOT want it, at least at that time. I would have accepted it if they did that hours earlier. Called BWW again for the third time and told them again that THEY were the ones that needed to refund me. Manager puts me on hold and comes back saying "oh I see you are in our system after all, we can refund your order." Wow, just wow. Did anyone not think to maybe check on that hours before? This all could have been avoided if they just CHECKED to see if we were in their system. I definitely WILL not be ordering food from them ever again.

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Kelvin - 3 d 10 h ago


Worst customer service ever

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Shay - 5 d ago


Ashley the manager in Prattville, AL is the absolute worst. No customer service skills.

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JKKlin - 5 d 8 h ago


Called Canal Winchester, Ohio location and was put on hold over 11 minutes. Wow with everything going on I would certainly think that the customer service would be top notch not lacking. There is a reason we generally go to privately owned restaurants not a chain. Way to represent your organization.

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VB - 8 d 5 h ago


Are you aware your Virginia Beach, VA location on Laskin has the patio opened? Do you want the city to have shelter in place? If restaurants are not going to be responsible, the citizens will have to pay for foolish behavior. You can do better.

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Don't worry you'll call me - 18 d ago


The one in DICKINSON IS A FUCKING JOKE AS WELL. I come in and the COVID19 is all the rage. So all the dipshit people working there based on the what I was told the owner KEN HERSLIP, wear disposable nitrile gloves....apparently that does what? It keeps his employees safe. And not once did I ever see then change the gloves from handling food, money, wiping things down, picking up dirty plates etc. By the way Mr. may want to drug test your employees as well since I have smelled pot on your employees namely your manager coming in from breaks. Ally, has come in time and again when I have been there smelling like pot and she is your manager. Great drug policy you have. There is a reason you have a shitty review on Yelp of 2 stars. By the way. When it is SLOW and all of your employees are standing around picking their noses doing nothing it might be advisable to have someone clean the bathroom walls that have had mens genetalia inscribed on the dirty walls, washed off and also have all the spit stains washed off the walls below it. Sadly I come here because I like some of the people here...but the managers are absolutely worthless, lazy and don't have a fucking clue. KEN HERSLIP this is for you bud. Your Dickinson location sucks big time.

Flagged for review. 
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Wing king - 8 d 8 h ago


Stop snitching i bet your husband is miserable.

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Loyal Worthy - 8 d 8 h ago


I've been trying to redeem rewards points for over one year now.This isn't a negative knock on BWW at all. At least 3 employees one of which was a manager have tried to get the matter rectified. I just would like to be able to redeem my points when need be. Can anyone help?

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Scott Brummel - 8 d 11 h ago


I know that the times aren't great....but I chose to get pick up once a week and I chose buffalo wild wings and they forgot my fries. It was an order that included wings + fries, how do you forget the fries. I would like a free meal or proably done going there.

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Wontgetmymoney - 9 d 5 h ago


BW3s has truly gone downhill....Their service is horrible and I hope they go out of business to teach them a lesson!

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Johnboy - 10 d 3 h ago


Once again the Buffalo Wild Wings in Mt Prospect showed screwed up they are. We called several times to place a to go order but as usual no one answered the phone. So once again we went to you competitors. Management at the Mt Prospect location suck.

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Kelsey Mead - 13 d 15 h ago


I am absolutely disgusted by my experience last night. Being a chef for over 10 years now I've always understood that things happen, but this is just unacceptable. Especially for the amount of money I paid for SIMPLE wings. When my order arrived through Door Dash I opened up the boxes and wanted to vomit. Between the traditional wings and boneless wings I bought, we ended up throwing away because we were that disgusted as well as didn't feel safe eating the product. Here's why:

1. Both sets of wings had absolutely NO sauce on them, I shouldn't see a little bit of sauce and all wing. When someone asks for sauce on their wings, they want sauce. If they wanted naked wings, then they would of said so.

2. The boneless wings were hard and extremely over fried. As well as the traditional wings, so incredibly over fried that the lack of meat was stripping off the bone because it was that dry. $16 for 10 traditional wings that look like they were eaten, refried, and sold again as "wings".

3. I found BEARD HAIR in the boneless wings box, which is disgusting in itself but even more atrocious with the sickness going around right now.

4. I paid an extra $2 for sides of dressings and got NONE!! That is just pure laziness which is absolutely NO excuse, especially when people are giving you their hard earned money with what is going on in the world today.

I do NOT want to hear how this was Door Dash's fault, because it is no where near their fault, they did their jobs(very well actually), BWW did NOT. I'm not here for excuses. I'm not here for some story about how BWW dropped the ball and will do better next time. I don't want to hear it. I want to SEE it.

BWW should be ashamed.

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Anonymous - 15 d 14 h ago

Hey I have a lawsuit with this company, fuck em...

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Dinah Conley - 17 d ago


Totally same type scenario that happened to me tonight. Spent over $60 for some wings and 1 order of mozzerella sticks. Got completely wrong types of wings with incorrect sauces/seasonings and no mozzerella sticks. Called our local restaurant and they wont do anything about it. Wont even replace if we come pick it up ourselves instead of having Door Dash redeliver. We had to contact DD and of course no number, so waited via chat for 10 min. Typed and wouldn't show up. Logged off, retried..waited 10 more minutes and finally gave up. Couldn't even eat the wings that were sent because they were too hot..oh and they were cold. Tried to help out the restaurant/delivery industry and I get screwed. Wont be using either business again. 2nd time with both businesses. Sorry this happened to you. It's alot of money to spend to get treated rudely. This was at the Pekin Il restaurant.

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Danyale Gregory - 17 d 5 h ago


Manager Tim Cook at bww westmelborne FL is rude and nasty to customers ! They messed up my order and sent me home with all boneless Wing for my carry out order when I ordered traditional and boneless . When I called he said I must have made a mistake when I placed the order. He argued with me that it wasn't them, when I had the order confirmation in front of me. After he looked up the ticket and seen that they made the mistake and I had to drive all the way back up there,he rushed me out and didn't apologize or offer any kind of accommodation for the inconvenience and their mess up ! He was very snappy with me when he was speaking to me. He has terrible customer service . Tim Cook should be fired !! This was my 3rd bad experience at this location and I will

Never spend my money here again !

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Anonymous - 18 d 12 h ago

I will just contact a lawyer because i believe it was $ 12100.00 not only $ 121

Our organization did a fundraiser at Buffalo WILD wings and was cheated out of money. For 6 weeks we had tons of business there for graduation etc. We were there for graduation parties for 5 hours and 5 different classes came in all using our services. The cashier did not enter code after HTA information presented. And we were cheated out of thousands of dollars to go towards school supplies for area youths and sports scholarships. We had 10 parents that expected our services for sports payments that had no choice but to unenroll their children. We were raising money for 2000 backpacks and school supplies to be given to area youths. All they gave was a check for $121 when it was clearly a mistake. We had a fundraiser for one day in Kenosha Wi and received $94. The Gurnee fundraiser is completely wrong to say there is nothing they can do to fix this. Very disappointing and irresponsible on behalf of BWW. Staff of Gurnee IL. This is unacceptable. Where is there to be honest fundraisers. Who should we speak with regarding this dishonest program. WE HAVE A BACK TO SCHOOL GIVEAWAY AUGUST 25 FOR THE MY FATHER'S BUSINESS YOUTH AND NO BACKPACKS OR SCHOOL SUPPLIES NOW NO FUNDS TO PURCHASE. SUCH A DISGRACE AND DISSERVICE ON THEIR BEHALF

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