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Buffalo Wild Wings

5500 Wayzata Blvd. Ste. 1600
Minneapolis, MN
Sally Smith
President CEO and Director
(952) 593-9943
(952) 593-9787
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Richard J Wanta - 4 d ago


Morning I did not receive a check for my New Berlin Athletics Teammate fundraiser please call me at (hidden)

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Human - 8 d 15 h ago

Just found this bit of distressing news about Buffalo Wild Wings in Michigan:

Buffalo Wild Wings is a major donor to Republican campaigns, contributing $84,500 to federal GOP candidates in 2018. That included $5,000 to former U.S. Rep. Mike Bishop, who was beaten by Democrat Elissa Slotkin, and $5,000 to U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg, R-Tipton.

I'm officially dumping BWW until they stop giving money to Repubs. The orange man, the GOP elected politicians and his supporters are downright racist, crude, sickening, traitors, and criminals to name just a few. Any complaints about political correctness is a FARCE....they are hiding behind their racist crap. The orange man 45 is a criminal who is destroying the USA and because these idiots are racist they want to support him. Supporting this traitor and his crime family who is basically destroying this country for Russian is crazy. We are the A-wipe for Russia, North Korea, Turkey and Saudi Arabia (yep, the people who killed over 3 thousand Americans on 9-11). So disappointed and distressed about BWW...but I'm not going to support anyone or any company that support these racist criminal that's destroying America. I'll make my own wings and they'll be better and less fattening too. To the orange man supporters...Enjoy your time...if you don't go to prison, Hell is waiting for you because you won't escape death because of your opioids, guns, bible, vape or something stupid because you're ignorant.

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To Human - 7 d 16 h ago

Is your name Hillary?

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Human - 4 d 9 h ago

"Is your name"....another example of ignorance from the orange man supporters.

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Anonymous - 4 d 7 h ago

That's correct. So other than the poster being a Trump supporter I don't see any ignorance. Although that is plenty in and of itself.

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Jannie - 5 d 18 h ago

If I could give this hole in the wall zero stars I would. Saturday I went there for my daughters 7th Birthday party and from the time we got there til when we left the service was horrible. We were first told the didn't have any soda to drink because the machines were down then we waited a hr for food. That wasn't the biggest problem because we had 18 people in the party but what pissed me off was we were served cold food and the manager got mad because we complained. Got in my face yelling in front of my children and being unprofessional in front of all my guest. When we got back with him he called the police on us and lied and said we threw food on him and they asked us to leave. The police let us take our time and was upset they were called due to a false report. I WILL NEVER BE VISITING THIS LOCATION AGAIN. He took nothing off our bills nor offered to remake the food. We visited this location 10/12/19 around 615 PM. Royal Oak Location

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

Couldn't find the correct location but this incident was at the Bella terra location in Houston Texas. Your company is shit. Im going to be filing lawsuits & sexual harassment against the GM Roosevelt. Will also be going to the local news if nothing is done about this madness. I witnessed him drinking before going into work in his infinite vehicle parked in the parking lot. Not only was he intoxicated on the shift he wasn't yelling cuss words at specific employees & foaming from his mouth. I witnessed him make one employee cry & storm out the building. He screamed so loud his entire cooking staff came out. I demand him fired or this will be blown out of proportion. You guys are lousy as a company. This will be taken to local news stations like I said. I have proof & pictures of him yelling at employees & no action being taken. Is this a man you want representing your business? Thanks again. Take this into consideration before the citizens do it for you. Tired of piss poor managers degrading employees.

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Blair evans - 9 d 15 h ago

I found out you cancelled President Trump visit ,have spent a lot of money

at your restaurant,but will never never never never go again,and will bad

mouth every chance I get

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Great Job you got a new customer - 9 d 14 h ago


Great Job The guy in the orange hair is not worth it

Blair evans: You wont be missed, the place is better off from people like you.

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Anonymous - 8 d 18 h ago

So you, as a Socialist Democrat, agree to cancel a food venue at the last moment is acceptable?

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Anonymous - 8 d 18 h ago

No more Buffalo Wild Wings for me. Dissing a group of Americans is wrong.

Paul S.

Loganville Ga.

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Anonymous - 8 d 18 h ago

Shame on your organization for not providing food for a Pro Trump assembly.


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Heloguy82 - 9 d 13 h ago

I am officially dumping your restaurant, which is unfortunate because I travel for work and went there often, I am tired of the woke culture, do your stocks a favor and focus on making food.

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Rick - 9 d 15 h ago


BWLD I wonder what your stock price will do tomorrow? You sell chicken wings Sally! Chicken wings should get out of politics and so should you. I wonder if Socialists eat chicken wings? There are other places to buy dead chicken parts. Idiot. Previous fan, current enemy I think Chick Fil A could make wings.

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Sue - 9 d 15 h ago


So Buffalo Wild Wings you and your corporate infinite wisdom cancelled the Presidents event after the rally tonight in Minnesota....Thank you for making my decision to not patronize your establishment any longer. Also notified all of my friends and business contacts on my social media.

Way to go....I won't miss it

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Anonymous - 9 d 15 h ago


They told Trump rally they're not welcome there, and canceled a rally in Michigan. New company name Buffalo Left Wings.

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Richard DiOrio - 9 d 16 h ago

What the heck not allowing a American president to eat at your place, Bullshit your going to regret that decision cause your about to loose millions in protest revenue , Dumb Dumb move ill never eat at one Again , fools

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Betty - 10 d 8 h ago


OMG! I have never been treated so bad from any employee when I posted a negative comment about really bad service! How ALL THE FEMALE SERVERS DID NOTHING EXCEPT HIDE IN THE SERVERS STATION !

Them I receive a posting that either from one of the female servers or the manager!, I don't know who posted a NAME CALLING, INSULTING AND DISRESPECTFUL!, because they posted ANONYMOUS!


The store is in MEDFORD, OREGON

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Stephen - 13 d 11 h ago


The absolute worst service I have ever had 3 plus hours no food couldn't get refills talk to manager he didn't seem to care twice never got to eat and still cost me 70 plus needs new management

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Beatrice - 13 d 18 h ago


Me and my sister are handicap in wheelchairs. We decided to try Buffalo Wild Wings in Waterbury, CT. We went in. The hostess was busy doing something but got up immediately. Helped us to a table and made sure we were okay and handed up our menus. She then went back to what she was doing. We looked through the menu about three times and no one even came and asked if we wanted a drink. We sat there listening to pop like music. We sat there for three songs. No one. We even started to thumb through the menu and then the drink menu and nothing. We sat there for four more songs and not one person came to get our order. We left without even being able to order nor did anyone notice that two adults in wheelchairs had left. Called the store and talked to the manager who said hold on left me get the head manager. He comes back and says he is not available right now. Let me take your name and we will get back to you. I said do you need my number. I gave him my number it is now 24 hours later and no one has bothered to call back. Not very friendly or handicap friendly.

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Steven Joseph Dusza - 13 d 19 h ago

Whats wrong with this place???

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 16 d 10 h ago

Wow! Sally Smith. Is this really the CEO.

It's sad to read all these reviews. Probably would've have if we weren't screwed over. I did not know Buffalo wild wings was not playing the national anthem. regardless, we have eaten here many times at least once a week we questioned our bill a few times thinking they were overcharging us on drinks, adding on a round. this time we decided to question it in person and the manager showed us the times we ordered drinks and we disagreed on the amount .we asked her if there was a video she said yes but corporate was the only one that had access to it? We told her we would not be back and she did not care she said okay. final result, we did not tip the bartender so he ate his own tip by overcharging us for drinks we did not have!!!

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Valerie - 17 d 15 h ago


On Tuesday, September 24, I went to Buffalo Wild Wings at 10090 Grant St, Thornton, CO 80229. I left cash on the table and wrote a zero with a line through it on the tip line. My waitress decided to take it upon herself and add a 1 in front of it. I got an email asking me if it was my intention to give a 45% tip. I called the restaurant at 10:30 in the morning to complain and ask for my money back. They never called back. Again today nothing. I gave them all the information they needed. Well Josette Guaripee is still working there. I confronted her and she wouldn't even talk to me. In fact she walked away from me. I had my phone out and she had the audacity to try grab at my phone. I was asked by management to talk with them outside so I went. I thought they would help me but instead accused me of hitting their employee. I told them to look at their cameras etc. I know it's "only" $10 but I work an average of 60 to 69 hours a week. People that know me, know that I would have given it to her if she needed it. But that's my choice. Not for her to steal from me. Plus I left her a bigger tip than she deserved to begin with. It has been three days, and I have yet to hear back from the manager. I left a formal complaint on your website and have not heard back.

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Lily - 19 d 11 h ago


Who do I contact to make a complaint with Buffalo wild wings in Orange at the block manager here is Fernando

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Deanae Roney - 20 d ago


I ate plastic that was in my blue cheese at Buffalo Wild Wings

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