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Buffalo Wild Wings

5500 Wayzata Blvd. Ste. 1600
Minneapolis, MN
Sally Smith
President CEO and Director
(952) 593-9943
(952) 593-9787
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Cathi W. - 8 h 49 m ago


Father's Day 2019 Cypress TX - There was a row of feathers on one of the wings. Gross.

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Jerry D - 9 d 9 h ago

You really screwed up your ultimate nachos. I have had them twice recently and was no good either time. You had a really good thing, PLEASE change them back!!!!!

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Anonymous - 11 d 4 h ago


We were at the location of Amarillo I-40 East, long story short, bartender cut these guys off, they were pissed, Waitress told us they fired her, GM came to our table asked us what we saw & what we thought, we told him & he cut us off, kicked us out & said he was calling the cops! Don't ask us questions if you don't want to hear the truth!

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Anonymous - 12 d 8 h ago

I wish you bring back the nacho burger .

Des Moines iowa

I feel not sad you do not have it.

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Anonymous - 11 d 9 h ago

The nacho burger should still be available in the archived items in the system. Just ask for it.

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AK - 16 d 12 h ago


The Gaithersburg MD restaurant has an extremely rude and awful daytime manager Megan German. If I ran that restaurant she would be fired immediately. Food came out ice cold, they did nothing about it even after complaining. Restaurant was absolutely filthy. It was hard to find a clean spot anywhere on the floor. The bathroom and kitchen floor was just as dirty. Very bad experience, especially on a $70 lunch.

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Sam - 17 d 15 h ago

Don't know that this will even matter, as the Manager here in Lincoln, NE at the 84th & Hwy 2 location didn't care. We order on-line or by phone. Usually, we wait 20 mins beyond the time it tells us the order will be or is ready. One night, the order wasn't even processed until 27 mins after I originally placed it. Not once have we walked out with an order completely correct. We're either shorted, get the wrong sauce or an extremely cold order. I have spoken with the manager and was told that he has "new staff that aren't trained yet". Must be a long process or they can't keep help. Never once offered any compensation or apology. Ridiculous!

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Mike - 17 d 20 h ago


I was always a Fan of BWW, but since Arby's has taken over, you changed some things and I won't be back, we use to come for many of the games, but the food is awful now. The Caso Dip was think and Tasty, now it is like water and taste's completely awful. I have spoken to Managers at two of your locations, and they are both aware, and both said the customers are complaining and don't like it. They have also taken the spinach dip of and changed the seasoning in the Wing's. Some people in business are just too stupid to realize when something works you leave it alone. I was glad to hear, I was not the only one complaining, and yes your going to loose customers, because while at that location, sitting at the Bar, there were several others who said they won't eat the food there anymore.

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Erik Vaughn - 18 d 15 h ago


I went in the BWW location in sault ste marie Michigan last night at 11pm after seeing it was the only restaurant in the area still open but when I walked in the floors were soaking wet with mop water all the chairs were up on the tables no one was around the sign says closing time was midnight so I sat down waited 15 minutes no one was around someone could of walked in and robbed the place and no one would of even knowed after waiting around for 15 minutes i got up yelled back through the kitchen saying anyone here finally a lady comes out of the back saying there closed I'm like well the sign say 12 and the doors unlocked shes like I'm doing my paperwork were closed and you gota go no wonder this location is always dead they close when the want and treat customers like shit I drove an hour to come to eat and couldn't even get some fries ridiculous keep running your places like this thats why your shutting down locations left and right

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Chris Chadwick - 19 d 14 h ago


To whom it may concern,

Today is a special day for me. My family asked were i would like to go eat? I choose BWW since i enjoy the food and service. From the time we arrived to the time we left turned out to be very disappointing. It started when the host went to seat us and we asked for a both. The look she gave us and her body language told us that she was not happy and made us feel like we asked her to go out of her way to sit us at another location.

The server arrived with no expression and asked to take our order. I explained that today we were celebrating my birthday and tomorrow was my son birthday. Her response was oh that's good. Don't get me wrong she did take our order as a order taker but i always say anyone can take a order a server goes beyond that and make sure that you experience a great time and you walk away going i had a great time and would love to come back.

We watched as the manager walked through the dining room not even talking to any of the guest. I figured he would make his way over to the table so we might talk but i was wrong. At the end of the meal. My family and i walked away disappointed. My wife and kids didn't even eat their meals. We spent $100 today in Lafayette La on a meal and experience that really wasn't worth it.

I would like someone to contact me about this.



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Anonymous - 19 d 18 h ago


Buffalo Wild Wings in Robinson at the pointe is filled with drugs being offered to customers and the kitchen. Servers use gift cards they bought to checkout cash checks instead of credit tips

Flagged for review. 
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Tyler Bellick - 20 d 8 h ago


I visted the Surprise Arizona location and had a bad experience with and employee there.. Her name is Bree.. she was very rude to me and rude to other employees while she was working this afternoon.. She acts like she hates being there and takes it out on customer and fellow employees. Unfortunate. The food was great and the employees she was rude at did there best to make it a non issue.. would hate to have to work with her in any capacity..

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#NOMOREBWW - 26 d ago

Wow...just wow....tour Overland park store should CLOSE...ASAP....NO ROOM for RACISM in the Midwest.

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Anonymous - 21 d 6 h ago

Hey I had a similar incident at a location in Fayetteville when I said excuse me to

get her attention to ask for a refill the server turned to me and said "what up my nigga " I don't understand how they keep her employed there after I shared my concern with management any ideas how to take this up to the next level ??

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Roger - 24 d 6 h ago


Staff is not fully informed of online promotions and giving out erroneous information to customers

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not acceptable - 26 d 14 h ago


MIllie at chapel ridge fort wayneindiana is the most attituded rolled eyes dirty look waitress ever saw!!!!! she had attitude when she wanted 8 dollar tip back when ask if wanted my change back if u want refills or celery or to go boxes or if u want something on side or dont let her have all of ur 8 dollar change BE PREPARED TO BE ROLLED EYES AT AND GIVE U AN ATTITUDE AND BE GIVING ALOT OF DIRTY LOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! BE PREPARE TO HAVE AN UNPLEASANT MEAL AND BE UPSET !!!!!!!! NOT ACCEPTABLE OBVIOUS SOMETHING THERE OR KNOWED BY MANAGEMENT TO LET ALLOW THAT KIND OF BEHAVIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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rico - 26 d 17 h ago


we will never patronize your business again, you need to make sure your employees stop spitting in the food of people they don't agree with

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Stephen Martin - 37 d ago


I am a former employee of Norman, OK Buffalo Wild Wings. I am a 7 year former server, bartender of Chili's (Brinker International) and my mom has started two restaurants so I've been around this business my entire life.....BWW Norman is by far the most poorly ran restaurant I have ever stepped foot in! The managers are drama queens who feed off drama and enforce rules that they themselves do not follow or abide by. I had my mother come while she was in town.....she begged me to quit after she saw how pitiful that store was run.....I busted my tail for them and got absolutely no training (luckily I've been a server long enough I knew the basis of the job).....this store will never live up to anywhere near it's full potential because the people who are in charge......have no clue how to run a business...... (hidden) is my cell voice will be heard.....

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Alexis - 41 d 19 h ago


Went to the BWW in Cedar Park, TX. Upon arrival, the restaurant smelled like a dirty mop, no one was there to seat us, so we had to wait. Once we we're seated, it smelled even worse, I made our waiter aware of the smell. He stated they were getting the carpet changed and he believed that was where the smell was coming from. We ordered food and drinks. Food was not very good, drink was overly sweet and watered down. We split the tab equally ( only 2 of us) and left a cash tip. Almost immediately I became sick, and remained sick for the next 2 days. I will never go back. To add insult to injury. I was checking my bank statement today and realized they added 12 dollars to my bill. The receipt I have states 25.84, my account reflect 37.84! I paid a tip in cash so nothing should have been added to my bill. I wonder how many other people they have ripped off like this. I am currently waiting for the location to open so i can call and speak with a manager about the charge. Ive already disputed it with my bank! Dont ever go to this BWW!!!!!

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Markina - 39 d 17 h ago


Same thing with me my order was 56.10 and they charged me 67.32 I'm so pissed right now because they hire some of the rudest fucks in the world to represent them and don't take responsibility for their fuck ups fuck you bww

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Wayne - 41 d 15 h ago


I had received a bad order from the BW3's on Brown St. near the University of Dayton campus and called and complained about my order. I travel quite a bit so when I was back in town I called in to see if I could receive my compensation for the bad order that I had received a few weeks earlier. The manager was so rude and pompous that I will never eat there again. He basically said that his manage staff NEVER makes mistakes and that I could not get my order! What an unbelievably way to treat a customer. No worries BW3's I will just take my business to Chick-Fila or Roosters. What a way to treat a customer that has been coming to you since my college day in the 1980's

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Tom Pullins - 43 d 5 h ago


Buffalo Wild Wings / Customer Service at 838 E McGalliard Rd Muncie, IN

United States

Add a Comment

I visited the buffalo wild wings at 838 E Mcgalliard Street in Muncie, Indiana tonight. I arrived at 8:16 PM on 5/4/2016 with a party of 7. We sat in the bar area. We were greeted fairly quick by a waitress who took our drink orders. She was dark haired with a pierced lip but we didn't know her name. After placing our order, we waited for approximately 20 minutes while looking at our drinks sitting at the bar. Finally, one of the people from our party went to the bar and asked if we could get our drinks. Another male waiter brought them to our table. We then continued to wait to order food and decided to go somewhere else to eat as service seemed to be rather slow. We asked if we could get our bills. The waitress came back and asked what was wrong. We advised we had waited for quite some time and decided to go elsewhere to eat. She told us that we were not her only table. We advised we understood that and again just asked for our bill. She then brought the bills back and three of the four in our party paid with cash. She immediately asked if they needed change which they said they did. I paid with a debubit card. Once may card came back, I did not tip the waitress and simply paid my bill as I felt we had not received any service. As I walked off she picked up my receipt and says "they can fuck off". I immediately turned and went to the bar to where I told the bartender the next time a waitress tells me to fuck off it isn't going to be good as this obviously disturbed me and I had never in 46 years of my life seen or heard a waitress say something like this around a customer who simply wanted to go somewhere else because the service was sub standard. The waitress then said that she didn't say it to me but that she was entitled to her thoughts. We then spoke with the on duty manager who pretty much told us "ok" and then walked off. We then left and drove down to Texas Roadhouse where within an hour, we had a couple drinks, appetizers, and main course without incident and tipped the waitress nicely. We then returned to buffalo wild wings and spoke with another employee who appeared to be an assistant manager. We spoke to him decent and simply asked the waitresses first name so we could properly address the complaint since nobody seemed to care there. He advised me he is not allowed to give names, however, I find that odd as several of them wear name tags. Irregardless, after being a long time buffalo wild wings customer with several points in my rewards program, my days of visiting the Muncie restaraunt are coming to a halt. Nobody that we spoke to even asked our names and after returning the second time, we were asked to call on Monday. I agree an employee is entitled to their thoughts but when you do nothing but take a drink order, why do you think you are entitled to keep people's change and be upset when they do not tip you and then state that they can fuck off as you ball up their receipt in your hand. Please watch your video buffalo wild wings from 8:16 - 8:46 PM on 5/4/2019. Read through this complaint as you do and if you see anything different from what I am saying, please feel free to contact me and tell me I am wrong. She was in a bad mood, doing a bad job, and taking it out on customers who simply wanted to eat. Muncie BW's is out for me and my family in the future!



Redkey, IN

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Anonymous - 45 d 8 h ago


Just had dinner in colonial heights VA I set in there almost 2 hours waiting for our food service sucked needs new management never going back again

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Anonymous - 66 d 14 h ago

my husband and I just had lunch at bw's in Grandview Ohio, the food was good the service was great, the store was clean but I noticed a little advertising triangle on all the tables advertising Red Bull and vodka. I was curious as to the effects of this mixture and I looked it up. The article I read said Red Bull and vodka have a cocaine effect. I was very concerned about the advertisement of such a product. I'm attaching the article that I read, although it is one of many articles making the had same statement.

I'm sure you can understand my concern where your restaurants are a family gathering place and where health around Sports is something that we share with our children in that it's ok and enjoyable for you to come in a bw's to celebrate these things in a relaxed atmosphere. yet not influence others to make irresponsible decisions, specially our young people. By Carrying such advertisement's

Thank you for your time.

sincerely, Heather Morrow

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Youre some kind of special - 48 d 24 h ago

HEATHER, BUFFALO WILD WINGS IS A SPORTS BAR WHAT IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT THAT WINGS,BEER,SPORTS. If you want healthy eating buffalo wild wings is def not one of them,nowhere is buffalo wing wings a relaxing environment at all.

Signed you're some kind of special

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