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Buffalo Wild Wings

5500 Wayzata Blvd. Ste. 1600
Minneapolis, MN
Sally Smith
President CEO and Director
(952) 593-9943
(952) 593-9787
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Nic - 2 h 36 m ago


Good Evening. I recently went to one of your Houston area restaurants on Washington Ave. The experience itself was pleasant. However after the charge completely processed, I discovered the bartender helped herself to a $10 tip. What makes it worse, I tipped $10 in cash. After calling to speak to the manager, all he could tell me was he cannot find the transaction. He refused to provide the contact information for the General Manager, then placed me on an infinite hold. He stated his name was Matt Weisenbach. He offered no additional assistance whatsoever. I will be blogging on this matter and encouraging people not to utilize your business. In these times, no one can afford to be stolen from and then insulted. If you feel this matter is important enough to be addressed, please contact me at (hidden). I am pursuing theft charges and possibly more

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Ronda P. - 4 h 10 m ago

BW3 in Alliance, Oh @ 6 pm today, Sept 24th. HORRIBLE experience! On a scale of 1 to 10; my husband & I give them a negative 5!!! Restaurant not clean, server didn't even know chardonnay was a wine, served in a dirty glass; had my own glass which the RUDE Mgr told me I couldn't use. I'm 70 yrs old & due to pandemic I bring my own glass & have NEVER been told at any restaurant I could not use my own glass. DISGUSTING RESTAURANT! !!

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Tiffany Rand - 8 h 28 m ago


Horrible experience! My chicken club didn't have avocado, and the chicken was rubbery.

Was not hot after i should up 15 mins to get it.

Fries where hard.

I am NOT satisfied.

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Brenda Snyder - 11 h ago

Is the restaurant in Clarksville, IN still open for business?

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SMH - 1 d 26 m ago


I bought 50 wings (Dover, DE) last weekend and they were terrible. They were small, hardly no meat. Almost freeze dried. I would rather buy from you competitors. At least I know I will be full eating just a few.

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Derek - 1 d 10 h ago

Who ever is the third party that does blazin rewards is not very good. My points have been stolen 3 times in Colorado and I am in Nevada. I emailed at least five times and no response. My points were returned only to be used again and still no resolution.

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Brittany - 2 d 3 h ago


I have never been so disrespected in my life. My family of four children under three my wife and I decided we wanted to go to the local B dubs after work. We have been up since 5am! We had to wait 5 minutes for a table to be cleaned off which was no big deal! Then we waited an additional 20 minutes for a server to come take a drink order, then at least another ten minutes for drinks to be delivered. We ordered our food and the server came back and told us we were waiting on wings. Our food was delivered and nothing was remotely warm. We ordered my oldest daughter a salad because she loves them with ranch. It was delivered with a vinaigrette dressing when I requested ranch. So she didn't eat but maybe two little pieces of lettuce. I ordered a southern chicken sandwhich hold the slaw and add hot sauce and ranch. When the sandwich was delivered I thought it looked bare. All that was on it was pickles ranch hot sauce and red peppers. So I requested to speak with a manager but was told she was busy. Which I completely understood. So after waiting some while I asked our server to give me a menu which he did. The sandwhich I had received was completely different than what I had ordered. So the manager comes after asking three or four different times to speak with her and my wife tells her that our food was not even hot for waiting for as long as we did. The salad we requested to have ranch had a vinaigrette on it and the manager literally walks away from her while she is trying to explain the situation to her. I saw her had our server the receipt and after he hands it to me I asked him to please get the manager again as I would like to speak with her. He does so and she comes back so I asked her why she was so upset as to walk away from us while trying to communicate the issue and she says that she wasn't upset at all. So I attempt to explain to her what the food issue was and I couldn't even explain to her what was wrong because she continuously interrupted me. Told me there was nothing she could do because "we had eaten all of our food". I did eat some of my sandwhich because like I mentioned earlier I had been up since 5am to go to work. I don't get off till 5pm and I work on the north east side of town. Which is a good 30 minutes from my home. So yes I was hungry but I knew that sandwhich was not what I ordered. For this proclaimed GENERAL MANAGER to keep dismissing me while I'm trying to, very respectfully, explain myself and the situation at hand is baffling! She told me that I had explained to her 7 times what my issue was but I had to keep repeating myself because she kept interrupting me. I could not even explain the whole situation before she told me and my family to leave. While we are putting our twin baby boys in they're car seats to leave the table diagonal from us starts to talk to us. The general manager who goes by JESSICA LYNN comes up and tells me to "stop taking to my guests like that". The man then tells JESSICA LYNN that he started the conversation and there were no issues. He then told me that the way I handled the situation with 4 CHILDREN UNDER 3 was impeccable and he even gave me his contact information because he was going to Corprate about this as well. My wife and myself have been managers at fast food and dine in restaurants before and I would have NEVER dismissed a customer or repeatedly interrupted them while they were having issues with they're food. I have no idea how she got the position as a general manager but my three year old daughter has better manners than JESSICA LYNN. I'm an absolutely appalled. I will be expecting a call or an email regarding this situation. Employees like this should be coached and retrained PROPERLY. I would have immediately demoted this JESSICA LYNN woman if I were her boss. Before leaving the restaurant she met us at the exit and was telling us how poor of parents we were and that she will be calling CPS and HOPES PIR CHILDREN GET TAKEN AWAY FROM US. I was nothing but respectful and was treated like scum.

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Julio Hernandez Jr - 3 d 6 h ago


Yesterday we went to the corpus Christi Tx location. As we were waiting to be seated I was going to lean against the wall and I had a nail puncture my skin from a loose panel. I informed manager and she never once asked how I was if I needed anything or anything like that. She said ok thank for telling me. And as we were still waiting like 20 minutes later an employee comes out and and tries to cover the loose panel with tape which makes no sense as the nail would still poke through the tape. I hope my puncture don't get infected .

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Samantha - 4 d ago


We decided to take bdubs up on the free delivery tonight and low and behold they COMPLETELY ruined the order. We ordered the 15/15 with 2 flavors and fries and what they gave us was 15/15 of just buffalo wings and NO fries. Then when we actually received the meal 15 mins late. It was ice cold. What a waste.

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Brad Lloyd - 4 d 4 h ago


I just returned home from attempting to eat at the losal b-dubs. initially, we tried to eat in the r"restaurant". There was a table of very young children, obviously unsupervised and uncontrolled, literally running loose, yelling and screaming. We requested our food to go, since the noise was unbelievable. the waiter finally brought our food to the table. Upon arriving home and opening our packages, we realized we could have gotten a better valu by going to Burger King. At least McDonald's has a deal on two big macs. for what we paid, we were ultimately robbed. I'll never go to this craphole again.

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Shannon Fuchs, Pendleton, IN - 4 d 5 h ago


This evening, we ordered BW3 for dinner, especially with the ad on tv about a free delivery. However, we had to go pick up the order because they could not offer free delivery to us. A neighbor was over so she included an order for herself. My husband drove and picked up our food. Our order was less than we anticipated. Here was our order:

6 wings with Caribbean jerk (on the side) and ranch dressing (the wings were naked, no sauce on the side)

1 10 piece bundle with fries, sauces requested were dry lemon pepper and garlic parm. We were not charged the 'bundle' price even though I mentioned it when ordering. The half order that was supposed to be garlic parm, were spicy garlic, a sauce I would not order. The fries barely covered the bottom of the container.

2 chicken Caesar salads, no problems here except that the chicken was not cut.

We were disappointed with our dinner. When you get a taste for something, which is what advertising is for, and it doesn't come through and deliver, really is a let down.

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Rich Roderick - 4 d 7 h ago


I am a 54 year old man who was at the Newport, Ky store 233, 9/20/20 with my son and father, we go every Sunday to watch the Cowboys play, which we have done since this store opened. Normally I have no issue's. This Sunday, the manager, which I do not have a name is a white man approximately 6' to 6'2". We were watching the game as the tv sign stated Cowboys and Falcons, during the game, he was messing with the tv that we had been watching for about 5 minutes, changing channels. I finally went over to ask what was going on, at that time he told me, not to worry about it and go sit down and put my mask on. In the hour or so that we had been there, I had noticed over half of the customers who went to the restroom, up and about had no mask on along with most customers waiting on the inside for their to go orders. There was no reason for this manage to talk to me or any other person, be an adult or child,

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kenneth lynn - 5 d 6 h ago


Ordered a wing bundle over the phone did not get what we ordered and nothing was done to correct just took my money and that was it

General profile image - 5 d 7 h ago


Very Dissatisfied Customer! Just Visited You Restaurant and Bought 5 Beers! Could not get the Same Menu Item Available to Go 10 Wings and Fries for $9.99. Came to Your Restaurant Watched College Football Spent My Hard Earned Money on Some Beers to Watch College Football. Would have Cost me $3- more to get just Wings No Fries Whem So physically walked through the Door and Spent $ on Beer We which the Customer that Just came to buy can buy Cheaper and Get Fries. Walked Across the Street and Bought Chinese Food. Won"t See me Walk through Your Doors Again. Smart Business Decisions! Cost You My Business.

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Anonymous - 6 d 3 h ago


Manager by the name Joe

At Short pump VA location

4300 Pouncey Tract Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23060

Was extremely rude! As a "manager" you have to lead by example! Poor customer service and bad for business. Because of him, myself and my team would no longer go to your establishment.

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Order 20050 table 0 server was Sydney walk in..order was 20 wi GSM and boog - 6 d 12 h ago


Get afternoon my name is Justin.. I was a faithful customer to Buffalo Wild Wings for bout 1Oyrs.Thursday night I ordered wings and was very specific on how I wanted them. wants arriving there I noticed a long line on getting wings. Server did greet me and was very nice. The wings were for occasion to take to a friends house for a football game that was being played. The Drive way 30 minutes away I did not check the order and till getting to the house. There i notice that the order was wrong the wings were supposed to be wet wet and they were Extremely dry. I did not wanna call back because I was angry.. I waited to the next day to calm down I called Buffalo Wild Wings in explain to the manager Jason my order. Jason asked me 12 questions..nothing about the wings..but he was trying to to find out why did t I call last. I told Jason that I wanted to calm down because I was mad...Jason said I should be still call..MAD OR NOT!.. I'm not sure if its the company policy to interrogate each customer once they explain that their order was messed up by the restaurant but if it is his very disgusting and Unprofessional. So in conclusion Jason finally stated that there was nothing that he can do for me. It was too late to submit a refund. Jason also said that he could not replace the order of chicken wings. Jason did offer ONE Solution..(and he TRIED TO BE FUNNY BY SAYING..ILL BUY YOU LUNCH) Once again I found that very unprofessional. I feel as though in this time of need there should have been some kind of compassion or solution for the customer in this particular situation I explained to Jason that I do have the receipt I read to him the receipt order number that time that it was picked up hes still do not gave no solution. At 1 point in the phone call I really think that Jason did not fell like I ordered the food by the type of questions that he was asking. Once again I love your restaurant but I have to take my valuable appreciate and money to another Restaurant.

Store in Brandon by the Mall


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Charles - 6 d 18 h ago


My wife pick boneless wings for me when I got home from work and I have my supper when I got my wings they had no sauce on them and it been like the for passed two weeks it's not hard to deep fry boneless wings and then put in a bowl with sauce and mixed that's not hard to do but when there no sauce that just lazy and I am a cook

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Trenesa, Lenny and Susan - 7 d 3 h ago

Yes we my friends and I were in the Buffalo Wild Wings in Charlottesville Virginia tonight 9-17-20. After waiting for 45 minutes to get our food we decided to get up and just leave. Everyone else was getting their food. Poor service. You should be ashamed. There wasn't many people in the restaurant either, so I don't understand why we not served in a timely manner. I refuse to give you any stars.

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Nathan Neuber - 7 d 8 h ago


Very disappointed Buffalo Wild Wings removed Hot BBQ and Buffalo Chips.

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Anonymous - 7 d 9 h ago


BWW at Richmond, West Broad Street location, Virginia. The lady taking the order was rude, arrogant, she hung up on me 4-5 times. Did not send celery, carrots or even the blue cheese and ranch which I ordered. I ordered 30 wings and for just 26. She started yelling at me instead.

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Anonymous - 7 d 11 h ago


I didn't want to give this BWW any stars. Lousy customer service and a don't care attitude towards orders that they got wrong. They delivered me a wrong order. We had to drive to their store and return the order. Then, they gave me the wrong order again!!! They wanted me to come back again to return the order. I was not refunded for the delivery charge or the wrong order. The manager blamed the driver and took up for her staff. I will not return to BWW at 74 South Weber Rd in Romeoville Illinois. I'm very disappointed.

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Margaret - 7 d 12 h ago

I ordered bww through grub hub and the order was not correct. No celery and carrots or blue cheese which I paid for. The order was over 30 minutes late and ice cold when I got it. I called the bww store and they said once grub hub picks it up, they aren't responsible. Grub hub says if the order isn't correct it's bwws fault. The girl I spoke to refused to make it right and even hung up on me. Won't go back to the west 5th Avenue store in Columbus ever again.

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Lane - 8 d 29 m ago


I am appalled that i went to BW3's located at 6340 Prentiss School Drive St. Canal Winchester, OH 43110. I ordered 12 traditional wings and a small fry, and i was given a quote by Haley of $12.74, which sounded reasonable enough. However, when I picked up my wings and got them home there were only 6 wings in the bag and a fry, so when I called back to ask about my wings I was first of all told that they only had me down for 6 wings and fry, however, she claimed that those 6 wings and a small fry were $12.74 which doesn't sound right, but then she went even further as to say they allow orders by 12, as if to insinuate that I'm lying over wings, SERIOUSLY. I couldn't be more pissed and will never order these dry wings again there are WAYYY too many other places these days that sell wings, and way to many people selling wings that actually taste as good as the ones you can cook yourself. I am a nurse and not trying to put my salary on blast, but trust me I don't need to con anyone out of 6 freakin wings, so I asked for the manager because I wanted confirmation that 6 wings were $12.74 considering I looked on=line while i was waiting for over 20 min for John to get on the phone and it said $6.79 for a kids meal of wings and a fry, so I should have been offered that deal, so horrible customer service in many ways. Anyway, I can hear John/Mgr in the background basically saying he doesn't want to talk to me, Haley tells me he's busy and throws me on hold for 20 minutes the line kept ringing back to her and finally John gets on the line, so I explain what happens and he 100% unsympathetic, unapologetic and even more dry than my 6 wings, so i'm not sure who made him a manager or if he even was a manager, but he basically brushed me and my question off by saying you can drive up here and pay for 6 wings and as I told that rude jerk I can certainly pay for 6 wings which is why I ordered 12 in the first place 6 for me and 6 for my son. If they couldn't sell 12 which makes no sense considering I got 6 then they should have said that and i wouldn't have been expecting what I asked for (GO FIGURE). I'm not looking for any hand outs which is why I placed an order and actually paid for it. I though i was paying for 12 wings, and he could have been a lot more empathetic, and less rude and unprofessional about me inquiring about my order, and last but not least of course they never gave me my receipt.

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Anonymous - 9 d 4 h ago


35,000 BDub points which means I have spent more than $4000 and get treated like crap. Got email saying 6 free wings for my birthday month. Great I call and all the locals restaurants say "we don't honor that" we'll give you an ice cream. REALLY

WHAT A BUNCH OF FALSE ADVERTISING. Now I'll go to Wing Stop instead.

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Del Robinson - 9 d 14 h ago


I have been informed I have been banned from my local location. Avon lake, Ohio.

On 9-14-20 I placed an online order and went to pick it up. The manager proceeded to tell me that my mask was not seems appropriate. I told him it was the only mask I owned to which he replied "buy a new one". I asked if my mask was not acceptable would online orders be brought curb side to which I was told no. I told him I would not wear buy a new mask to which I was told I would not be allowed back into the location.

I finished lying and then the manager told me don't come back. I responded with see you next time and referred to him as sunshine do to his oh so pleasant demeanor.

When I returned home a wrote an email to the store. Today I received a call from the general manager Jack Macintosh and was informed that I have been banned from there store for my action on 9-14-20 and 9-12-20. Of which I was not there in person or Togo order on 9-12-20.

Jack told me that they support there management staff, evidently even if they do not have factual information.

My next question will be sense I am claustrophobic and wear a breathable mask to be "compliant" what is the viable option? My mask is not appropriate for your location and you do not accommodate a curb side for online deliveries. So your company is in turn telling anyone who cannot wear a mask due to medical reasons that they are not welcome in your establishment. Which I turn would be a violation of the Americans with disabilities act.

I am highly angered by this and will be continuing to make calls and write until I receive a response and actions are corrected.

Rude staff is not needed. Passing judgment based on half a story and nonfactual information is a poor means of doing business.

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