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Buffalo Wild Wings

5500 Wayzata Blvd. Ste. 1600
Minneapolis, MN
Sally Smith
President CEO and Director
(952) 593-9943
(952) 593-9787
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Cindy - 1 h 48 m ago


I went to WBW on Valentine's day!! We wanted to try a different place!! It was crowded!! We ordered the Nachos, they were great! We waited and waited!! Finally my food comes!! My french fries were cold and the wings were warm!! The bill was 52.00 $! I was upset and payed the bill and left my receipt

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DR - 2 d 10 h ago

Extremely allergic to avocados and I am extremely pregnant. I ordered the Black Bean Burger and instructed them to NOT put avocado or the sauce and I still received both on my order. This was a take out order and when I called to speak with management they were VERY NASTY and RUDE and just very inconsiderate after telling them they messed up my order. I've worked in service for multiple years and the customer is always right. I agreed to give your product back so i can get my money back. Instructions were clearly printed on the receipt and were not followed and I was denied a reimbursement. At this point I just want my money back I will gladly give you your food back because it and the service is TRASH.

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Harvey - 2 d 10 h ago


do not visit thewinston salem bww because the management there is no better than all the stories I read in reviews , we have been going there for years and now tere has been a slow decline . recently the managers sit on their asses and our watress was more interested in her phone than waiting on her customer.manager called me and didnt like what we had to say in a email .I told him if he was the manager he needed to be fired if he could not see what was going on in his resturant

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Maria - 4 d 6 h ago


Very dissatisfied with your restaurant in San Antonio TX...went for lunch wanted a coffee and they didn't have any cream or dinning experience was ruined ..why restaurant doesn't have cream or sugar for the customer..I won't go back

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Elisha Miller - 8 d 6 h ago


I had a ton of points with you all and a girl from high school that you all hired who had a falling out with me was our waitress. We are adults now and I decide to eat at your facility. She took down my account info so I could get more points this visit and then proceeded after I left to delete my entire account with over 5,000 points. Her name is Patricia Wells and works at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Sanford FL I will never ever eat at Buffalo wild wings again because I lost all my points and the manager did nothing she still is employed there

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Annoyed - 11 d 4 h ago


The BWW store in Reynoldsburg, Ohio needs to seriously consider a management change. The girl Zion at the pick up counter is the rudest person I have ever meet. I have watched her be rude to every single customer that has came in here

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Oswego IL Resident - 11 d 9 h ago


POOR MANAGEMENT!!! I was approached by a female who didn't really identify herself. She came over and started to accuse me of stealing from her as I was trying to tell her she is approaching the wrong person because i don't steal and I have no idea who she is. The lady continued to accuse me in a loud and unprofessional manor stating that I was on video walking out of the restaurant a few days ago not paying my check. Again, I explained to her that wasn't me and I have not been to BWW any this week in fact I haven't been to BWW in almost a year and that she is accusing the wrong person. At this time I realized she was a employee/manager because she stated she was going to call the police that she have a video. I agreed for her to call the police and I also asked if I could review the video. She agreed and she walked to the back for a few minutes and then came back and approached me again but this time saying "NO, IT WASNT YOU", ALL YOU GUYS LOOK ALIKE. This was a racist statement. She did not apologize for accusing me because clearly I wasn't on any video stealing. She didn't not apologize for embarrassing me in public. She did not even compensate me for not allowing me to enjoy my meal because she was putting on as scene as a manager. I'm hurt and bothered that BWW would hire unprofessional employees that make racist statements and don't get there facts together and who think all black men look alike. I'm very hurt and traumatized by this.

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Pam - 12 d ago


Well what can I say I just got back home after eating at Buffalo Wild Wings in Plantation, FL at the Westfield mall. It was the most horrible experience I have ever had at any restaurant. There was seven of us. It took an hour and a half to get our food, the manager Anthony sat on his ass (sorry) for 1/2hr to 45mins talking to someone which I have pictures of. 20mins to get our drinks. The manager in charge heard we were upset comes out and said she was cooking what and served cold food really what kind of training is done you guys are horrible. The waitress Khelsie I swear doesn't know which way to go. It had already been 30mins when we ordered and comes to us and says it will be another 6mins before the wings are done. Now we sat done at 6:30pm got our food at 8:15pm come on Burger King is better than that. The fries were cold as ice. I had the manager at Publix Supermarkets General manager at Grand Luxs caf how embarrassing is that. I will never ever go bad to Buffalo Wings again and I am writing and posting on Facebook twitter you tube at out horrible the service and food was.

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craig spinozzi - 16 d ago


buffalo wild wings in chesterfield michigan... terrible experience ever! Super bowl sunday. we called in our order and was told no phone orders they were too we asked if we came into get a carry out how long is the wait..we were told 35 minutes. so we went up there..when we got there which was 650 pm there was 5 customers in the entire eating area..we were told everyone just left 20 minutes ago..BS, so we placed our order. had to wait 15 minutes for it.we ordered 15 wings with bone in and a chicken caesar salad. my daughter sent us a $50 gift card to pay for our we paid and left.when we got home and started to eat.. the wings were very tough and hard to eat..threw half of them away because you couldnt eat them. the salad was wilted and soggy..also warm from hot chicken placed over the lettuce..also terrible..we paid over $31 for this terrible i went on their site at chesterfield michigan BWW and complained and asked to be contacted about the terrible food we were sold. never heard back..we will never go back to BWW because of this. we also told all our friends and family about our experience there and they all agreed to not goto BWW ever! This establishment is terrible!! I want to be compensated for our loss.

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Leroy G. - 19 d 4 h ago


The Buffalo Wild Wings in charlotte,NC I visited on Friday February 1,. I place my family order, they said twenty minutes , 40 minutes we had to request it. employees eating at counter standing. Another employee had purse on counter taking vitamins. Employees on cell phones instead of waiting on you.

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Anonymous - 22 d 4 h ago


Good afternoon, Today me and my colleagues, decide to have Lunch at your Buffalo Wild Wings at the 3939 Baldwin Hills Crenshaw, CA. I call several times trying to ask if there was sitting available before we got there and never once did they answer my calls, Once there we saw African American women there at the front desk, we gave her hand signals to see if we can be seated. She saw us and turned away from us with such disrespect. We waited there to be seated almost 20min, while she talk on the phone, never experience such a bad service from a manager, when there was probably no more than 2 couples. Managers are their to set examples. We often book your conference room for events, we love this place, but this is not the first time she does that. when ask her to provide me with her name, she rolled her eyes. We never had this experience with other managers. You probably think awww is just another customer, I hope you don't think that because as far as I know we do a lot of events at your place, but we will no longer be booking any events at your place anymore, we did not like the way we were disrespected. I suggest you get your manger some class on how to take care of your customers since is not her business, she doesn't care longest they get a paid check. Sorry to say you just lost a great customer. Thanks

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Annoyed employee - 26 d 7 h ago


in the last couple months I worked at Buffalo wild wings it was my first job moving here it was the one in sikeston Missouri I started working there and I absolutely loved the job I love the people and the managers were really cool but as I continue to work there and I only work there for a short. Of time because I found a better job while I was working there this staff actually contacted my husband telling him that I was having affairs with other people that worked in the restaurant and it kind of ruined my experience at Buffalo wild wings I used to love the food I won't even go inside a buffalo anymore and people knew this was going on and nothing was said about it the staff is very unprofessional it is not very sanitary I've seen so many people not wash their hands and so much stuff that happened in the kitchen that was just absolutely disgusting the managers don't care as long as they get a smoke break and if you smoke you can get a five minute break every time you want it because the managers want to go smoke to and if you're not buddy buddy with the manager they may get on your case and let their friends slide with whatever they want to do and the hours are really unreliable they hire a lot of different staff and they work you for different hours or they may have you come in every single day and you may stay for an hour and they send you home why staff more people than you need you come to work to expect to work and make money it was just a train wreck all in general but it just kind of has ruined my experience

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Live in Tulsa Oklahoma heard your homophobic commercial stop it - 32 d 9 h ago

Artice Taylor

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Michelle - 39 d 3 h ago


Finally are was closed off after being here for three hours....?

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Anonymous - 39 d 3 h ago

That was area

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Michelle - 39 d 4 h ago


Brandon Florida, BWW has a metal strip on a step inside the restaurant that needs to be addressed. Some one could fall and seriously get hurt. We have been her for three hours and everyone including staff keep stepping over the hazard.

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Louis Petraglia - 41 d 3 m ago


I am writing on this thread because it is my first step on my way to get to Corporate . The way me and my 2 friends were treated upon our visit to Deer Park Ave Babylon location was a violation in every right.It was a busy Thursday evening when me and my 2 friends went to try to sit at the bar and the bartender says the waitress will take you guys . At this point in time there are 3 men paying there bill so we figured we would wait to get a seat at the bar instead of sitting at a table.

At that point the bartender says in a rude manor......I am closing this part of the bar down so you guys have to sit at a table. It was when we got a table that we seen other customers drinking in the same spot in which we tried to sit .We kindly asked the waitress to speak with a Manager. When the Manager got to the table We explained what had happened an apparently it was a case of mistaken identity .Apparantly he thought we were some other guys that had been involved in a wallet incident.I am a Buisness owner who is heavily invoked in my Community and for someone to deny us seats at the bar because they thought we are a bunch of thief's and treated us like garbage in front of the people I got to church with. I will have nothing but bad things to say about this establishment because the way they made us feel tonight in front of a bar of about 12 people was out of line .For a Manager to come out and accuse people of things that other people did and to not seat them in a seat that is equally made for everyone is not welcome in my Community.

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Anonymous - 45 d 3 m ago


Buffalo wild wings in Hobbs New Mexico needs to be put out. Their food is and has been the worse, services gets worse and worse as the months pass and I'm pretty sure the management doesnt know a thing about customer service nor how to run a restaurant. Overall the best thing about the BW3 in Hobbs is not going!

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Tonybob - 46 d 3 h ago


My wife and I visited the Longview Texas location and after 15 minutes my wife went to the person that seated us. He didn't remember seating us. After a total of 20 minutes and no one speaking to us after several wait staff walked by we left. Made a point to tell them we were leaving and they did not apologize or try to get us to stay. Will not be back.

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Anonymous 3000 - 84 d 6 h ago


I worked for buffalo wild wings in Riverdale,Bronx N.Y for the last three years and it was the most corrupt establishment anyone can work. I served for two and a half years and bartended for six months. In order for me to become a bartender i felt like i had to buy gifts for my managers to please them. I watched people get promoted before me without the knowledge they needed. The majority of the promotions were females as they were sleeping with the managers. We had staff selling drugs on the job,(candy velez), as well as the general manager perform a sex act while she was on her shift and then come to work the next day and give out delegations. There was also a manager named Gabriel De Lo Santos intimidating co-workers and fabricating lies in order to get them fired as well as Joe Espinal. I recall an incident with one of my fellow co-workers who was terminated for stealing head phones (Jose Montilla), but come to find it the allegation wasn't true. They used the same method to terminate me. This pattern will be used for the next employee as well. The corrupt led to the point where the manager and general manager called me in to terminate in person and make it seem that i never came in for my shifts which is job abandonment. The next step is to reach out to corporate.

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K.D - 48 d 20 h ago


I understand I feel I'm being completely done wrong by management. Wasn't trained properly r at all but now 6months later I'm having hours cut due to "performance " issues. I've tried several times to speak with general manager and my manager who does scheduled for hostess. Young girls t being hired and trained and I'm still being punished for something I have no idea on what. What steps do i take . Or am I just helpless here. It's unfair and I've never once been written up . I see others breaking many rules and the favoritism is ridiculous. I'm older than almost all my managers. I am good and loyal worker but how can i handle this if its the managers that aren't trustworthy with anything i may talk to them in confidence. Any advice? I want to quit but i feel they will have got what they wanted...feeling kinda stupid

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Wong - 49 d ago


Aweful, service sucks, waited too long for food to come out

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Sherne R walton - 53 d ago


Good Evening,

Wanted to write an review about the horrible customer service I received on 12/28 at the location at, 36455 Euclid Ave, Willoughby OH 44094. Myself, and my good friend and her step daughter went to this location on a Friday night we already knew it would be a wait. After waiting in line to give our name to the greeter, the greeter and the manager never acknowledge myself or my friend. After the staff carried on a conversation for 2-3 minutes Rosa (manager) acknowledge me with an attitude we left the establishment. Someone needs to retrain your managers in professionalism. If this is the way your managers treat customers how are they training the workers? I will NEVER go back to another BW3.

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Robin - 62 d 17 m ago


Cumberland Maryland has the worst B dubs that we have ever eaten at. The only thing that is consistent is the terrible food. I sent a complaint by email and have yet to receive any response back. My husband's company's spends a fortune at B dubs in Winchester VA. You need to get some consistency with your cooks. Over cooked food, cold food, chicken buffalitos were microwaved so much or left under the heat lamp they were inedible. One day buffalo chips with a nice amount of time hardly any cheese. That restaurant does not compare to any other BWW we have eaten at which is Inn several states from our travels, A response to my last email would have been nice.

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Sam - 63 d ago

Awful the worst experience I ever had at this location first we had to clear and wipe our own table the sever took more than 10 minutes to notice that we where there after we order we wait, wait and wait and never got our drinks to what I request to speak to a manager this person came to our table with the worst attitude ever, feeling too good to even tell me his name I explained him the situation he just give me a side look and told me well he is just the breaker and just walked away ???? Really? What does that even mean? This manager who now I know his name is Tony was not professional or helpful at all he did not solve the problem, plus I felt discriminated by the way he approached and talk to us we end up leaving due to the negligence of the manager Tony and server Alisha

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