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Buffalo Wild Wings

5500 Wayzata Blvd. Ste. 1600
Minneapolis, MN
Sally Smith
President CEO and Director
(952) 593-9943
(952) 593-9787
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Wayne - 5 d 11 h ago


On August 9th 2018 at 7:15 in the evening me and my wife was at the Buffalo Wild Wings Cafe in Houston Texas at 510 Gray Street we're outside waiting on our shuttle bus to pick us up when a manager was confronting a homeless black man outside the business tell me the black man that he was a member of the KKK I will never visit another Buffalo Wild Wings Cafe again this is unheard of in this day and age

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Wayne - 11 h 9 m ago


It's really sad when you hear a manager making racist comments to a homeless black man and can't get a follow-up call from nobody corporate after numerous phone calls and the bad thing about it is my wife Puerto Rican who heard the same thing I did

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Discriminated against for NY accents - 14 h 48 m ago


We were there on 8/8/ and then on 8/10. Long story but they thought we were the same people that skipped out on a check out 8/8 because those people had ny liscence plates! The waitress had the manager come over and make us prove that we paid ! If this is your policy on how you treat people from NY then me ,my friends and family will never step foot in any of your restaurants ever again!

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Cierra - 1 d 14 h ago


Terrible place. Matt Kusiq was entirely unacceptably rude. Not only did he deny me my request that every other manager grants almost every single week. But when I called back to get the name and number of the person to contact about my experience he mimiked and mocked me for not receiving my discount asking me if I am mad. I have worked in a food industry and this behavior is unacceptable I will never eat at Buffalo Wild Wings ever again, and I will never refer someone in a ll my life I have never been treated so poorly and the degraded when asking a question. I will continue to take the necessary action to make sure that disciplinary action is completed. Joel has called me from the franchise department with absolutely no help or remorse for the inconvenience this company is a joke. I will make sure that the public is aware of how careless Buffalo Wild Wings is as a whole.

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Current Employee - 2 d 11 h ago


I have been working at Buffalo for about 6 months and my experience hasn't been great. I've been harassed by kitchen workers as well as other servers. Ive reported and nothing happened. I am constantly belittled and ignored by my managers. I request off days months in advance then am expected to work or find someone to cover my shift. I have a manager who though I've told him my concerns has done nothing. My general manager is snappy and has an attitude every time I try to talk to her about what's going on. I've had money stolen off my tables. I am mocked by other employees and I don't know how to make it all change because I like my regulars and I like the restaurant but the people are just not that good. I'd really like to get in contact with corporate if that's possible. But I don't want it to be led back to me because I don't want to receive more backlash.

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Grandma Bev was robbed by server ! - 2 d 18 h ago

On August 8 , 2018 me & my grandson had dinner at BW3's Bridge water falls location Princeton rd . Hamilton , Ohio Fairfield Township .

My bill was more than what was on my card so I told the server to take $40 from my card and gave him the rest in cash he brought me back a $1 which wasn't correct change but figured what's a couple of dollars and signed the slip authorizing the $40 ***Tip ***amount 0/ cause I left left $6 tip cash money on table . Yesterday Aug 12th I was notified my card overdrawn -9.52 got checking transactions to find out after tracing it all down I was charged $50 on August 8, 2018 Buffalo Wild Wings 031 . Strangely I was confused and called BW3 after a lengthy wait the manager Katie called me back to say the server gave his self a $10 tip using my customer receipt copy not my authorized receipt that I signed with the zero slash tip amount . Katie offered my $10 back to me plus $25 in store credit and apology . Not Satisfied I told her sorry not your fault but that was straight theft . I do plan to pursue theft charges if corporate doesn't do me better than Katie had offered . Charges should be brought against him and most certainly should no longer be employed by any business handling cash or credit transactions . I've been emotionally upset now for two days and hope to hear how corporate plans to handle this .

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Grandma from Manteno - 3 d 4 h ago

Just writing to say how disappointed I am in your corporation. My grandson worked for your Bradley Il location for 7 years. He left for college and all he got was a hand shake. Thought you cared about your workers.

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Anonymous - 3 d 23 h ago

They don't care about anything

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Ex Employee - 3 d 23 h ago


Store # 540 Daytona very unprofessional The servers eat off of the customers plate before serving the food they use there bare hands to remove ice cream out of the cup to serve it to a guest the manager Was Seen Comsuming alcohol during his working shift I also witnessed a customer ask for corporate a phone number and the GM HISSELF gave her his personal business card with the phone number to the store Sexual harassment is a big problem I was insulted every day I worked and touched ON CAMERA By an employee reported it and nothing happen I tried to transfer to a different store to avoid confronts my option became limitless I do not recommend any guess to dine in or out or work at this store

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Mike Oliver - 3 d 6 h ago


I went to your restraunt in Elkhart IN on Sunday 8 12 2018 and ordered the monster Cuban sandwich. When the sandwich arrived it looked nothing that was showed in the menu, I was very disappointed and let the manager in charge know, he comped my bill 6.00. I believe your picture of the sandwich is very misleading and I am very disappointed in bw3.

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Tara - 4 d 7 h ago


I ordered through Door Dash in order to have my food delivered. I ordered two chicken tender kids meals and shrimp street tacos. I called into the restaurant to request shrimp instead of chicken because they did not have the shrimp street taco option online. Once I received my order from Door Dash I did not receive my drinks nor did I receive shrimp tacos, they sent chicken. I called BBW and spoke to shift manager Melanie Hutchinson and she was very rude. She told me incorrect information that BBW does not sale Shrimp Street Tacos, which I have ordered numerous times at this location. In the mist of me asking her how to get the missing items and correct tacos, she rudely stated "You should have ordered directly through BBW, instead of using a 3rd party" and rudely hung up in my ear. I tried to call back but the person who answered the phone said she was busy. I am a regular customer at BBW and I have never had such a bad experience when it came to "management". I still do not have my drinks and shrimp tacos that I paid for.

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Lori - 4 d 8 h ago


I was disappointed that I could not order my favorite wings, which are butter and garlic. I was told that they have butter and parmesan. Sorry not the same thing. Why don't you have butter and garlic wings?

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NachoSaurus - 5 d 21 h ago


Las Vegas. Hualapai and Flamingo location. My best friend and I went in there at midnight to gamble, eat and have a few drinks. My friend played $20 and ordered 1 drink (vodka cocktail). I played $40 (cashed out at $80) and had two bottles of beer. Upon receiving the bill, we noticed that not one single drink was comped (for gambling). The bartender informed us that since Arby's bought BWWs we needed to gamble through $300 to get ONE comped this correct information? Anywhere in Vegas, industry standard is $20 played=1 drink, and even thats just the super uptight places. But $300??? Is this accurate info or just the normal douche baggery we've come to expect from this particular bartender? Either way, it's completely unbelievable and unacceptable. My boyfriend, who plays at least a grand per sitting, and I can certainly find other bars that are more "player friendly" to spend our money. My friend and I are very upset...we were just in there a couple weeks ago, had a different bartender, and did not encounter this problem-- Which leads us to believe that the bartender did not want to comp our drinks for personal reasons. (I could go on about him) Please help me understand this supposedly new $300 policy of yours and if it applies to all players during all times. Thank you.

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Brenda - 5 d ago


I had a horrible experience tonight and I tried to form a complaint online and the website will not let me submit my form so I called the corporate number, sent me a to a voice recording and then said the mailbox was full. I literally cannot complain to anyone at corporate about this. I am beyond mad right now.

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Bria - 5 d ago


I had order a Southwest Black Bean Burger to go and was told that it would be ready in approximately 30 mins. When I arrived at the restaurant about 45 mins later, I checked my food and noticed that instead of a black bean burger, I was given the buffalo burger. So, the waitress went back into the kitchen to remake my order. I sat and waited another 45 mins for my order to be made which is extremely unacceptable. I usually love ordering food from Buffalo Wild Wings but the service at this location has been quite terrible lately. About a month ago, I had ordered a black bean burger to go at this same location, drove all the way to the restaurant just for the cashier to tell me that they had run out of black bean burger patties... I think it's safe to say that I will never order food from here again. I am extremely displeased with the service.

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Anonymous - 5 d 12 h ago


Never ever go to the Buffalo Wild Wings in Macon off Tom Hill. I order my food thru the waiter app and it took 2 hours for my food to get to my home. I spoke to the manager on duty he said that their was nothing that they could do about my food being cold. It sat in the heat warmer for an hour and half. That is crazy never will I order from them ever again nor will I go inside to eat

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Gina Brown - 13 d 12 h ago


Our sorority has has 3 fundraisers at Arlington, TX (N. Collins) and was told we had raised $420. And then had an additional fundraiser and once we received the check. It was $110.40. How do we get resolution.

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Anonymous - 70 d 10 h ago


Let me start out with this review is not only from a customers stand point but also from an employees stand point. I've been on both sides and I am done seeing this stuff happen to other people. As an employee the stand in GM would treat us like crap. He is rude, disrespectful, and extremely thoughtless. He doesn't at all know how to run a restaurant smoothly. He gives all of his staff anxiety. He doesn't help his employees with anything even if they are all going down in flames so to speak.

Now from a customer standpoint it looks even worse. Just today I was in there and listened and watched as he yelled across the dining room to an employee asking what she did wrong and what was he about to walk in on with a table asking to see a manager. This all occurred after 10 minutes that the table waited to speak to him. Afterwards he proceeded to get extremely short with his employee. He is the reason that almost all off the staff at this location end of leaving. I'm sure if someone doesn't put an end to this he will co to us to be the reason that people leave and the reason this location gets such terrible reviews. I'm sorry to rant on here but someone needs to stand up for the employees at this store!! They dont deserve to be treated like this!!

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Concerned Mother - 62 d 9 h ago

My daughter loved her job at BWW and majority of all her co workers except for the GM that treats his employees horribly and I'm just wondering what store location you are referring to? I manage a law firm and I am even thinking my daughter should file a suit against the manager she had to deal with.

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Chad Robert Bohanon - 61 d 20 h ago


I've worked for bdubs Anderson Indiana for over ten years. I'm a certified trainer. I was a bartender. I showed up for my shift on time and never late. I got a call three weeks ago from Chris Robinson I guess bar manager and he wanted to talk. I called store but was told to call his personal phone. He told me I must work more than one shift a week bartending and I told him there is no rules on how many shifts I work and he recorded this phone call for no reason and that's against the law in Indiana. He's trying to be a GM in Fishers and I m not trying to be this guy but I'm being left out side. I always loved working for this company and would do anything right for this company but this bar manager is corrupt. Please respond to me my number is (hidden). I have many team members and regular regulars that have my back. I've been bartending over 20 years and this is horrible..

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Anonymous - 50 d 3 h ago

Please read my post! MADD mom

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Felecia - 16 d 8 h ago

It seems all the gm or cruel.

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Anonymous - 62 d 23 h ago


I almost bet this is the Lehi, Utah store just from a customer stand point. They treat their employees awful there. especially the assistant GM Peter. I've watched that guy yell at all the employees there about how stupid and terrible they are and he is just going to fire their asses, etc.

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Upset - 47 d 5 h ago


The service and food is excellent, however Bob the manager is a disgusting human. He needs to be trained how to talk to people. My meal was ruined by listening to him constantly scream at his employees . He walks around with a scowl on his face abusing his staff and doing nothing himself. Scores to look his way in case he screamed. Bad for ithaca ny

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Anonymous - 16 d 13 h ago

This must be a requirement for managers since it seems to be happening at many BWW. Our manager verbally abuses the employees. He tells them they are terrible people. If you request time off or need to switch shifts, you are threatened with your hours being cut. Coincidentally, his name is also Peter. Why does corporate put up with this?

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