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Buffalo Wild Wings

5500 Wayzata Blvd. Ste. 1600
Minneapolis, MN
Sally Smith
President CEO and Director
(952) 593-9943
(952) 593-9787
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Alan Karwowski - 1 d 33 m ago


The Washington Township Michigan location participates in the 15 minute lunch guarantee (or so we are told, but that changes from week to week month to month ). Problem is each time we visit, they either don't supply a timer or tell us they don't have any working timers or do not allow more than 5 persons to participate (6 or less from original launch of the promotion)...we don't understand the inconsistency with this promotion. Can you please clarify? We as a group of up to 6 have been going every Friday for close to 3.5 years. Went today, they did not provide a timer, there were 6 of us and the lunch didn't arrive for 20+ minutes. On top of that the waitress was terrible and it took 10 minutes to get our bills and forever to get our change. We only get an hour for lunch folks!!! We are loyal customers and deserve answers PLEASE!

Thank you.

Alan Karwowski

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Alan Karwowski - 1 d ago


(hidden) Customer Care corporate line automated system does not work!

General profile image - 2 d 11 s ago


So I went to the Columbia garners ferry Devine Street location the nastiest bathrooms I've ever been in my life and I am in the service industry myself i've told multiple employees and nothing was done and on my way out the door I spoke to a manager and let her know because nothing was done in the 2 hours I was there and it makes me not want to come back to that restaurant thanks for the time to express my comment

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Michaela - 7 d 22 h ago


Former employee here, no bad blood from being fired, I love my new job. The management at Alamogordo, NM store is a joke. One manager sexually harassing a cook, another manager having a sexual relationship with another cook. I put the word out that I was going to Human Resources with all the backwards stuff that was happening in the store, and was fired within the week. Under the pretense of "too many write ups", yet, I wasn't warned I had too many, I wasn't aware AT ALL that I had an alarming amount of PCR's, I was just fired when I tried to clock in for work one morning. Management is harassing and bullying the young hosts, and the hosts are too scared of repercussions, that they won't call HR. I'm so glad I was terminated and am out of such a toxic environment, I feel so much happier as a person.

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Anonymous - 3 d 6 h ago

do you have a number for hr, i have a bullying situation

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Anonymous - 7 d 15 h ago


I would be thrilled if you brought back the handheld games at your stores. I loved the poker!

Congrats on your new store in Costa Mesa CA.Its real nice!

I am at your stores almost once a week! Take care.

Kent Hassell

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S. Miller - 8 d 19 h ago


My family and I just visited the restaurant in Lee's Summit MO. on Chipman Rd. We were told our wait for food would be 35 to 40 minutes, which we were fine with. After an hour and 20 minute wait and still no food we walked out of this establishment and will never return.

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Corey - 8 d 20 h ago


You guys took away honoring promos for take out?? I was told today by two different locations in the south metro of the Twin Cities that this was the case going forward. Even the employees I spoke with said it was ridiculous! That's right, your OWN employees were bad mouthing this without hesitation over the phone even before I could express my disappointment. Take out and promos like "Boneless Thursdays" are some of the main reasons I choose to give BWW my business. Very disappointing!

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Tracyi - 14 d ago


We just visited the Roseville Minnesota location. Service was slow and mediocre at best. The celery and carrots were bruised and slimy. The employees hung out and chatted while while we sat and waited for service. One of the host's wore his pants below his glutes. I would not recommend this location.

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Lisa Spicer - 17 d 21 h ago


Went to the location on Anderson Ferry in Cincinnati oh. Ordered online and waited over an hour .... had to have them refund me because I couldn't wait any longer, even tho more than 4 other people that came in after me got their food. Sooo slow there Not happy at all

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Bob Geesaman - 18 d ago


I am from cedar rapids ia, the last 2 times I have been to the restaurant on Edgewood Rd SW in cedar rapids, the service has been terrible, we could not get a manager to talk to us. New years Eve was a mess,. Table of 6, only the bartender. She could not get a order correct, 15 minute wait for A beer. I watched six people walk out, and when we talked to the bartender about our bill that was all messed up. We received a applause from all the tables. Something needs to be done about this location, we enjoy your food, but I am going to go somewhere else, as the service is terrible.

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Jimmy7777 - 18 d 8 h ago


I need a corporate manager call me to discuss why the Sanford, Fl. Location is always out of so many ingredients to the dishes? Last night I ordered the Santa Fe Salad and it came out with only a tiny bit of chicken, stale squished tortillas. NO AVOCADOS and NO TORTILLA STRIPS. I get them all the time and they are usually great but when I asked the bartender and manager where the AVOCADOS (the most important ingredient) were they said they were out of them. Then they actually said "it's still good though". Every week this location is out of something and it makes no sense as it is never that busy there.

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Thomas San Filippo - 18 d 20 h ago


Sent my son to your location in the Southland Mall in Cutler Bay Fl on 12/29/19. I gave him a DineTogether gift card with YOUR NAME ON IT and you clowns could not figure how to accept it. He ended up having to pay cash for the order. I knew it was always bad ordering from that location but not taking the card is ridiculous. I will never step foot in tinat location again.

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Anonymous - 20 d ago

Do you know you have a girl at 41st and Sheraton behind the bar at Buffalo Wild Wings that is on felony probation with a fake liquor license in Tulsa Oklahoma

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George Gagnon - 23 d 4 h ago


You call yourself a "Sports Bar" but here I sit watching a great hockey with no sound. They are playing music so I ask if they can put the sound on, the answer I get is no because they don't eat us to put the sound on unless it's a big football game.. I thought this was a sports bar?? Extremely disappointed

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Mi - 23 d 20 h ago

I was on BWW Salinas last Friday , and there was an employee on her uniform harassing / touching couple of managers and guest (men) who were sat in the bar top , she was super drunk, stumbling !! I had a contact eye with one of the managers but still this lady was walking all around the restaurant drunk , my kids were scared, I figured out her name Yvonne ,

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Dave B - 29 d ago


Took away trivia and my friends and I will not be back. You all lost some good business!!!!!

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Dredd - 24 d 35 s ago

Who cares they'll get other business!!!

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obhave - 25 d 4 h ago


I have been a loyal customer since this company was BW-3. I now live in NH and ate at the Rochester NH location. I was served raw chicken my last visit that I actually ingested. I have seen this location go down hill recently. During this visit I was told there was only one person working in the Kitchen and that they were short staffed. If you are serving food that if not cooked can kill someone, I would think you would at least have your managers expediting the quality of your food and not sitting in the back room or managing tV screens during staff shortages. I hope someone at corporate is monitoring this page, I love this company but someone needs to visit this location. It's kinda interesting and telling that there are no corporate emails or contacts for this company, I would have rather spoken to someone in person rather than posting on here, If there is someone in corporate that actually cares about customer service they can reach me at (hidden).

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Quincy, IL Location - 25 d 7 h ago


My friends and I have enjoyed BWW in Quincy, IL for several years. Over the last 6-8 months, the Quincy, IL location has taken a nose dive from a food quality and customer service standpoint. After our experience on Thursday Dec. 24th, I would deem the issues at store level have now escalated from extremely poor service/quality to 100% horrendous service/quality and my friends and I will not be back. It is of my professional opinion if the food quality and customer services issues are not addressed immediately, the Quincy location will not survive.

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Melinda Garcia - 25 d 16 h ago


Att: Sally Smith

My Friends and I Walked in about 11:30pm just to be told by management that the kitchen was closed for the night, so after my 12 hr shift to fulfill my wing taste buds I drove across town to another location that was able to serve my needs, I find it confusing and unpredictable when to visit the location closest to my residence, because on some occasions its even closed well before closing time.. I get having to save payroll but at the same time I'm sure I wasn't the only one of the other 20 visiting this location wanting food and not just alcohol, for best experience after a 12 hour shift I assume I will have to choose another establishment this suit my needs, I expected more from BWW

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Melinda Garcia - 25 d 16 h ago

@7638 82nd, Lubbock Tx

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Cristina m - 26 d ago


They didn't put sauce on half of my orders they were literally just chicken and on the ones that should have been lemon pepper for my toddler they were spicy nuggets that caused him a stomach ache. The cashier was so rude I had a horrible experience!

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Mia - 28 d 8 h ago


I order a medium order of traditional wings and half of my wings didn't taste good so I asked the waitress could I take it off and get something else she told me no. I literally didn't touch none of the wings but one. So I had to order a snack size and pay for all of that I didn't eat. I was very disappointed I never experienced this before.

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Furious - 30 d ago


Terrible service terrible management

Cold food

Never again

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