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Buffalo Wild Wings

5500 Wayzata Blvd. Ste. 1600
Minneapolis, MN
Sally Smith
President CEO and Director
(952) 593-9943
(952) 593-9787
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Clocgutierrez - 45 m 45 s ago


This location needs to be better supervised i have been here 1 hour wait staff is not trained . our party of 9 has a waitress who supposedly is on her second day . and manager came out and walked back in without a resolution to the problem . we are in odessa tx first and last time coming i will be contacting corporate in morning with names complaint and bill

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Anonymous - 9 h ago

Unhappy patron

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Anonymous - 2 d 15 h ago


Went to the Florence, KY location Saturday Nov 11, 2017. Arrived at 5:30 p.m. with 6 adults and 2 children and 1 infant. Took over 30 minutes to get a waitress to our table because no one including the manager knew whose table it was !!! By 7 / 7:15 p.m. we finally received our food and it was ALL COLD! Sent it back and by 8 p.m. still had not received our food!! Finally packed up and left after 2 1/2 hours of dealing with this place. Manager never came to our table after several requests were made to speak to them. Waitress told us the general manager was in the kitchen and his message to us was to "give us what we wanted." I filed a complaint to this location and the auto-generated email summed up by apologizing for their service "not meeting my expectations." Are you kidding me??? My expectation was to simply receive my food as well as the other people I was with! I have NEVER IN MY LIFE experienced anything even remotely close to this. I cannot believe your company is still in business. I've read some of the other complaints from different locations and it seems like this whole company from top to bottom is nothing more than a disaster. I will never step foot in one of your establishments again and I will be sure to spread the word about this company. Social media does wonders nowadays!!!

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David - 3 d 3 h ago


My name is David Cooper. Went to BFF in Morehead Ky. Last 2 times before this we waited so long to get served that we left and went to Reno's. No problem with service at Reno's. Less than 2 minutes. Thought we would try 1 more time at BFF. Well this was this evening. 5:45 pm when we left and was seated at table 88. Last girl talked to us name was Brooke. Had all the other waitress watching while she talked to us. While it was pouring rain outside my girlfriend had left her purse in the vehicle and her ID was in it. The 1st waitress had asked for my ID and I showed her. I'm only 57 and my girlfriend is 47. Said she had to have her ID to serve us. Told her if we went outside in the pouring rain that we would go to Reno's. Now don't get me wrong. It's ok to ID. But not 1 time have we been I'd at the bar. I should have asked for her ID because she sure didn't look of age to serve alcohol. Looks like all works there is a bunch of snot nosed brat college students that have everything handed to them. Guess that 3 times in a row piss poor service is enough. Should have not went back this time. Hire some more college brats and run some more business off. Guess when we go to Buffalo Wild Wings we will go to Portsmouth Ohio where we get good service and treated with respect. If anyone gives a damn and wants to eat and drink in MOREHEAD KENTUCKY PLEASE GO TO RENO'S. Thanks. David Cooper

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A - 5 d ago


FYI, waitresses in angola indiana are not carding. Buncha boys in there drinking underage.

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Veteran Not Honored - 6 d 16 h ago


VETERANS DAY.... Ur company DOES NOT HONOR VETERANS !!!! The CEO needs To be a part of undercover boss to realize how trifling your management staff is apparently nationwide based on the comments and negative experiences customers have had on this site alone with these horrible reviews . Management CEO president board staff and shareholders are you listening to the people you will soon be out of business if customers who like the food don't get better service for the customer service is everything we can gladly take our money to other restaurants that serve great wings and have pleasant customer experiences.






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Anonymous - 7 d 9 h ago


My name is Randell I had waited 1hr 30 min for 6 wings and a fries and still did not get my order on veteran day I was very disappointed in the service and will not ever go to a buffalo wild wing again all I hear is the workers there complain about this and that so good look this location is Flowood ms

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Anonymous - 7 d 10 h ago

My name is Robert Oaks and I would like to report that I have had a bad experience at Buffalo Wild Wings in Albany Georgia on Veterans Day for bringing veterans in and was approached by the manager with his hands out talking loud and told us we cannot come in and sit outside we wanted to go to the bar but we changed our mind yet said by the manager I have to sit chairs and tables up outside so y'all just have to wait outside first time coming in would not be returning to Buffalo Wild Wings again and will report this to someone else because I feel that it was very very rude of the manager to handle this situation on Veterans Day the way that he done for veterans please give me a call (hidden) or (hidden) thank you again my name is Robert Oakes bad service at your local Buffalo Wild Wing in Albany Georgia management is not nice and I would not return

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Jess - 11 d 10 h ago


Buffalo Wild Wings, West York...A lot of favoritism and unprofessional staff ...I didn't think Shift Leaders and Servers we're allowed to hang out and be friends? A lot of favoritism between Shift Leader Chris and Server Tabbie..

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Leeah - 18 d 9 h ago


They have people who sniff pills Xanax working for them

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Kevin Wright - 19 d 24 m ago


Nothing. That's what I've heard after leaving a less than favorable review of the BWs in Independence, Kentucky. Requested call back. Nothing. Let's see what happens now. (hidden)

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Anonymous - 19 d 15 h ago


I ordered 28 wings and a basket of fries online, went and picked up after waiting 15 minuets past the promised time, the lady handed me my order, I got home ( 20 minuets away) opened the order and no basket of fries were found. I called once I introduced myself the lady said I'm sorry ma'am I forgot to put your French fries let me get my manager to help you. Now the assistant manager that deserves the WORLD WORST ASSISTANT MANAGERS AWARD ;John; came to the phone

1- no apology was given

2- very rude VERY rude tone with I don't care kind of attitude.

3- come and pick up your French fries if you want ( that was the only offer).

I'm definitely not dinning there anymore.. $5 wasn't the problem, the attitude and the horrible service made a huge impact on the group who heard the conversation.

**Good luck John** !!!! I will share my experience everyday everywhere I go and I hope that makes you realize the damage you did and start working on your service skills as a manager.

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Donna Hurst - 21 d 8 h ago

1st of all I have lived here in East Tennessee for many years. Always look forward to eating at Buffalo Wild Wings in Sevierville Tennessee until today. We ordered pamasian garlic chicken wings as always. The chicken came out raw and not done. There was blood running out the watriess there was very nice and always made sure we had drinks. We told her and showed her the wings and she went to get the assistant manager came out first and told us they check every wing that comes out to make sure it's done. Showed him the wings he said they were done and they veins in the chicken were suppost to be red that they were put in a steamer and that's why the chicken was runny with fluid coming out. I said oh no so he goes and get the manager. He comes out looks at the chicken and said oh I can assure you that there done wecheck or of the biggest one that comes out of the batch. First of all there's two different stories here by supposably a assistant manager and a manager. I'm sitting here with my family and we are looking at raw chicken and he argues and still says it's done. Ok that's fine I have got the chicken and been told it's done. When it's got runny water coming out and blood, so when I'm in the er wrhfood poisoning I can contact my lawyer and she if this chicken looks done to him. With that being said I will never eat here at Buffalo Wild Wings agin and will make sure everybody I know does not either. Poor poor management and very rude.

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Jason.s - 43 d ago


We always go to buffalo wild wings in robinson point in pittsburgh pa.there was a girl tara who used to work there, who was started as a gec there,and i do have to say she was amazing,very friendly always made us feel welcome and was great as gec always changing tvs to how i wanted them,then she moved up to shift lead and i was very proud of her and it was a great move by the managers cause she could do it all there.she had a heart of gold and always seemed to help everyone else out.well recently i find out she had been fired due to another employees lies.and i am gonna say that i will never go there dare they get rid of probably one of the best employees there over lies.dont you have to have facts.i just cant believe it.i really cant. fireing her was such a bad move.and im going to spread the word to not go to the robinson location ever again.she was the employee there that made that resturant what it was. And it will never be the same without her

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Anonymous - 63 d ago


No Buffalo Wild Wings I did not bring my 6 month old daughter to watch the fight! No Buffalo Wild Wings I will not pay $20 to have the "honor" to sit in your restaurant that I have been in for 2 hours already because the fight is coming on. Beyond disappointed in how Buffalo Wild Wings handled a situation tonight. We were at Buffalo Wild Wings near Disney after some time in the park to grab some food and watch college football. Apparently a fight was coming on and right before we left, they tried to charged $10/person before we left. Are you kidding me?!?! Why don't you charge our 6 month old while you are at it? Needless to say we did NOT pay it and we will NOT be going to a BWW EVER AGAIN!! "Manager" actually made me get up and point out the hostess who didn't tell us about the cover charge (2 hours before the fight). Yeah sure guy, let me hand off my daughter and get up to do something that you should have handled way differently from the start. Thanks to a great waitress, Kristina, for trying to do the right thing even when management tried otherwise. #NoBWW #neveragain

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#B-DUBS4LIFE! - 45 d 6 h ago



Flagged for review. 
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John - 55 d 5 h ago


Worst Service Ever ! Just visited the Tonawanda Ny one ! Will never go back ! The male bartender was the RUDEST EVER !!! Rolled his eyes at us and even made comments about us to others at the bar !! He seemed to pre occupied with other things and his phone ! WILL NEVER BE BACK !!! I have never EVER had such a BAD EXPERIENCE like this before !!

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Fran - 58 d 1 h ago

Homestead, FL BWW: waited in entrance lobby for husband to arrive to be seated: waitress tells hostess that a table is complaining that they have been waiting long time to place order. Hostess shrugs shoulders & gives face of "And? What do you want me to do?" Waitress apologizes & tells her she knows it's not her problem. Another employee tells a waiter that 2 women are complaining about the wait for a server to Also waiting to place an order. My husband arrives. We are seated in bar area. Hostess gestures with her head to a waiter that my table is his table. He rolls his eyes and walks into the back. The ENTIRE TIME I was there I had full view of the bar. 5 employees (including the bartender) were "busy" taking pics of themselves with huge mugs of beer at the bar. Every customer is in full view of the CUTENESS going on while we all waited for a server to even say hello. I seriously could not believe what I was witnessing.Between the "that aint my job" attitude from the hostess and waiter to the 4 or 5 employees posing for pics with beers in hand.The lack of respect for their job and no type of "embarrassment", for the lack of a better word, that EVERYONE in the restaurant can see they were unconcerned. My husband and I walked out (so did the 2 women who had complained) & went across the street to a different restaurant where we were waited on less than 1 minute after being seated. Side note: Homestead was hit by hurricane irma. Some people still don't have power. Eating out is the only option.

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Francine Steiner - 59 d 13 h ago


I was at Buffalo Wild Wings in Lawrence Kansas yesterday I informed the bartender that the parking lot really needed some attention there was dirty diapers beer bottles and cans and other trash but just look disgusting and she said she would let the manager know and all the time I was there there was three to four employees standing in a huddle talking and no one bothered to go clean the parking lot it is still that way this morning when I drove by that is disgusting

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Ron - 65 d 9 h ago


Ref the cowardly response your company made in reference to the Eastvale location where one of your employees took it upon themselves to turn off the National Anthem before an NFL game Monday night on the 16th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.. The employee "said the anthem is too controversial, and it was company policy not to play it." Ok, that was what is often called a "one off" and could be brushed aside and forgotten. What is troubling is the cowardly non apology, apology from your company. "The franchise owner apologized immediately for that employee's behavior and also apologized in a statement and said the company has no policy regarding the matter. Come on, grow a pair. That's it? No "policy"? How about releasing a much stronger statement and your plans to keep this from happening again.

Look, I love your Restrurant. Great wings and burgers! I go at least 2 to 3 times per month. I'm afraid I can and will find some other place with great wings. Right now I have no intention to patronizing your place again unless you can nip this crap in the bud.

Flagged for review. 
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Marc Tritle - 60 d 6 h ago


A agree. Another company cowering down to the vocal few because " They might hurt somebodies feelings" What about my feelings

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Marc Tritle - 60 d 6 h ago


No National Anthem at your location? Sorry I see no point in companies bowing down to this type of behavior. Here we are again. The silent majority caving into the vocal minority. SHAME ON YOU. No more business from me. If that is your stance to be silent on this I am done with your company period........You deserve what you'll get.

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Anonymous - 105 d 3 h ago


Fort Walton Beach, FL

A long time customer of this place.. Had the luxury of meeting good people that work here and have a true care for customer service. I had the unfortunate experience of being waited on by a Melinda Kay. After she told us of two different tables hitting on her.. TMI. Don't care. I ordered my seventh beer and was told that she would no longer serve me, after no heighten voice or activity from myself that this was the last beer. Two of the people at my table had already been serve eight of the same size drinks. She explained this was her right in the state of Florida to terminate alcohol sales to who she deemed worthy. I had no backlash but she could tell I was not happy.. She then walk pass our table that was close to the kitchen door and kick the door in a hasty manner so much so that everyone at the table notice she was clearlyvery unhappy. 20 seconds later she showed up at the table stating she wasn't "trying" to be rude, but could tell that I was unhappy without any communication at all between her and myself. She then said she had every right by Florida law to cut anyone she felt necessary if deem adequate. As a frequent visitor of this place over the last five years, I have received great service from the likes of Dionna, Rena, Gavin, and a now Manager Kristen.. And association with Earl, another manager. As any of these people can attest too, myself and many of my friends frequently visit this bdubs and not only spend lots of money there, but are very generous with the tips because we also work in the industry. Being a previous manager of buffalo Wild Wings in a different state I would have never tolerated such rudeness and a complete disrespect to any costumer. If the situation deemed necessary to cut me or the group from drinking the order would been received in a professional manner had the one server Melinda not took it upon herself to be completely rude. I have received a response from the GM of the store:

Thank you for your feedback regarding your visit with us last night. I do apologize for my server's behavior once your alcohol service was terminated. She is the one who is held accountable by the state of Florida for the responsible service of alcohol to all of her guests. It is our responsibility as a company to ensure that all of our employees are properly trained on the warning signs and proper ways to cut someone off. We do request that the servers immediately involve a manager when cutting someone off to avoid any blow back from the guest and as a safety precaution in case the situation were to escalate and become violent. That doesn't appear to have happened last night. As an employer, we cannot force her to serve anyone alcohol. We CAN manage her behavior though. I will be counseling her on her behavior last night and the proper way to handle cutting someone off.

I hope that you understand being cut off isn't always something personal. I recently shared an article with my staff out of Indiana where a 22 year old kid was bar-tending and over-served two already intoxicated guests. The two gentlemen died in a car accident that evening and the 22 year old has been arrested and charged. That kid's life is basically ruined. It may honestly be that Melinda still had the article on her mind when you or one of your peers said or did something that triggered the RSOA warning signs in her memory. I know that all my bar servers compete to have their guests request them on future visits, so I don't believe that she intentionally made you angry. None the less, she did.

Knowing Melinda for a few years, I can tell you that although she is very tiny, she is very outspoken and does not bite her tongue in altercations. Most people see that as a flaw, but I actually respect that about her. If she has a problem, she's going to let you know without actually being mean and just being "straight forward". If she thinks you are upset with her, she is likely to approach you with an apology or some type of explanation for her behavior to resolve any conflict. I hope it doesn't put you off that I share this with you, but since you said you were a regular patron of ours, I figured I'd warn you so that you're ready. You do not have to have Melinda wait on you if you choose not to. There is always a second choice and many of our "regulars" have their favorite servers. We don't want to lose you as a guest at all, but please be aware that we will always be concerned with your safety no matter who is serving you alcohol.

Thank you again for the feedback and we hope to see you soon.

Julie Theiss

General Manager

Buffalo Wild Wings

99 Eglin Pkwy, Suite 3A

Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32548

My complaint is not that I was unjustly cut off due to the laws in Florida. Nothing was ever said to anyone once the action had taken place. My complaint is that the server who stated she wasn't trying to be rude, does NOT give her permission to be exactly that, RUDE!! The Owner/GM has every right to back the employee in what was technically a just act of terminating alcohol to the table due to the alcohol laws in the state, but to tell me the servers "straight forward attitude" gives her the right to be very disrespectful to anyone, after all it is the service industry. I can not and will not return to a business that obviously is ok with, as well promotes the actions and employs curt and down right rude people. As well to be warned of the backlash i may receive if I was to ever return. I understand that many of the restaurants are privately owned and operated, but the restaurant does carry the corporate name and therefor should carry the company policies and standards. I can only hope that this person learns that the service industry is about service.

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T cole - 106 d 14 h ago


Our organization did a fundraiser there and was cheated out of money. For 6 weeks we had tons of business there for graduation etc. We were there for graduation parties for 5 hours and 5 different classes came in all using our services. The cashier did not enter code after hta information presented. And we were cheated out of thousands if dollars to go towards school supplies for area youths and sports scholarships. We had 10 parents that expected our services for sports payments that had no choice but to unenroll their children. We were raising money for 2000 backpacks and school supplies to be given to area youths. All they gave was a check for $121 when it was clearly a mistake. We had a fundraiser for one day in Kenosha Wi and received $94. The Gurnee fundraiser us completely wrong to say there is nothing they can do to fix this. Very disappointing and irresponsible on behalf of BWW. Staff of Gurnee IL. This is unacceptable. Where is there to be honest fundraisers. Who should we speak with regarding this dishonest program.

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Shaking Myhead - 107 d 9 h ago


Moline, Illinois location...this place is terribly managed and has one good manager while the rest just gossip and hang out in the office on their phones.

The new hires are worse and worse. Current management has no clue how to run a company, with the exception TJ. He tries so hard and he's smart too but he cannot carry this establishment on his back as if he's Christ.

The rest of the managers hole up in the office and play on their cells. There is no accountability or structure. There is no organization. There is no line of communication between management and staff except with TJ. There are no rewards for doing extra and there are no consequences for not doing your part. There is no teamwork. This location makes it clear that they do not value us as employees or people. Its getting slower and slower every day. If I were the CEO here I would be doing some firing like yesterday, and put in place a few PROFESSIONAL MANAGERS. SMH.

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