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Buffalo Wild Wings

5500 Wayzata Blvd. Ste. 1600
Minneapolis, MN
Sally Smith
President CEO and Director
(952) 593-9943
(952) 593-9787
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Lavell Manager on duty - 1 d 11 h ago


BWW Lake Charles Louisiana is running a shit show during phase two for the pandemic. No need for curbside pickup because everyone that has also placed orders can just walk into the establishment and wait for orders no social distancing, no organization. Waited in line for a hour and forty five minutes for a order that was never placed.

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Diane Turner - 2 d ago


This is in reference to your store in Englewood Ohio . I have had two bad experiences. Last year about this time of year we visited for dine in for dinner we sat for hour until I complained about no service. When we checked out we spoke with the manager. He spoke with broken English and basically what I could understand states sorry about your luck no apology no discount. From that point I have never returned. Last weekend we ate at your Richmond In store great service enjoyed. Last night my daughter who eats at BW3 at least 3 times a week said let's go for a carry out. We had 2 orders I ordered Dirty tops pulled pork on the side with Chili on top . This was a on line order . When we returned home order was like I order expecting them to have Chili was not added. We called back my daughter spoke with Molly who said we could come back for correct order . Being disabled 9:00 PM I had to call back and we would take a crate for next visit or refund . Molly stated the Mgr could only do that. He came to the phone stated we were not charged for it and basically in his broken English he was doing nothing. My daughter tried explain up charge for the Chili was not a problem so who ever complete the order did everything but put the Chili on . He point blank said sorry. I felt you should know what this mgr who speaks poor English and doesn't care he is a poor representation of your company.

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Rewards and app are worthless - 3 d 9 h ago


The rewards and customer service are the worst form of service. I call customer service as directed because the app didn't work for my visit today and Was told to call another number after being on hold. Why can't customer service help all customer issue????? Horrible service. Also after my visit to the Chesterfield, MO store last week the bartender did NOT enter my rewards as promised. Count me out!!! I also noticed that BWW has increased the points necessary to redeem rewards - sticking it to the customers when we are down too.

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Kolleen spencer - 4 d 13 h ago


Whitestown indiana. Walked in server prompt (shannon) food quick and yummy. All of a sudden went South quick. Manager (Maya) called a meeting, pulled all servers of the floor. What is she thinking!!?? Such bad management!! Took 40 min to try and get our bill. People left, because hello, they was no servers. Hey Maya, we r the ones paying your salary. Hope all BW's do not have this type of bad managers

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Megan - 6 d 20 h ago

I came into the nampa ID buffalo wild wings around 5:30 last night they were not busy at all. the server we had was horrible when the server took our order he sat next to my boyfriend in the booth as he was pouring sweat and wrote down what we wanted. we asked for refills never got them we waited 30 mins for our check never got it so I had to ask the host if we can have 2 boxes and our check then 20 mins after that our server finally brought our check and boxes. so when I got the check I gave my card to the server then 20 mins later he finally came back with my card and a receipt to sign I DID NOT leave a tip due to the horrible service we had. I even wrote a note on the credit card receipt and put a line through the tip spot and then today I checked my card statement and the server gave him self a 13 dollar tip.

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Eman - 7 d 7 h ago


Buffalo wings in Leesburg VA

Has a very rude manager , gave me an attitude keeping his hands in his pockets with very rude look .

The buffalo wings were very very dry and there was buffalo sauce on it.

The street taco was the same , the chicken was very dry and after all of that he didn't like to comment on that food .

Very bad food and very rude manager

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sherri declark - 7 d 10 h ago


I went to this place in gulfshores al. this place is so gross and the girls there are so rude and more worried about eating and the staff in the kitchen then the paying coustomers. you spend allot of money there and that is that kind of thank you get.

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Concerned mother - 89 d 9 h ago

I came here with an entire different complaint but after reading all these awful complaints I wish all you people complaining would understand something! These people are doing their best! I bet most of you complaining aren't even working during this horrible time!! These workers are leaving their families everyday working their butts off, going hame and falling into bed exhausted, sleep their entire day off, and risking contacting Covid 19 to server all you ungrateful cry babies! How do I know this? The reason I came on here to complain in the first place! Not about food, how long I had to wait, how rude an employee was because they have had to put up with people being rude, complaining and not understanding all day but to complain about my child working their ass off! I watch as they come home shower and fall into bed! Working HOURS after they are supposed to! Not even getting to spend time with spouses or children. And on days off having to be on a conference call! My child is a GM at a Buffalo Wild Wings and my heart goes out to them and all the team members at ALL BWW's ! And I'm scared! So scared because they are working so so very hard and so worn down that I'm afraid if they contact Covid 19 that they won't make it! And also because I'm elderly and at risk because of health issues. You see I live with this exhausted child of mine who comes in contact with 100's of people daily that could possibly give it to them therefore all the family! I came on here to complain about how hard my child is working and that something should be done ! I came on here to threaten a law suit if my child gets sick! You see if my child chooses not to work it probably wouldn't look good and they would probably lose their position and also they would have to go on unemployment which we all know isn't full pay! They don't even get hazard pay like most essential workers! So they chose to go on.

So during this crisis just shut your mouths about how long it's taking and if your order is wrong and try being understanding and THANK these hard workers and tell them that you sympathize with them!

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Anonymous - 89 d 9 h ago

You are absolutely correct! Yes, its frustrating when cite don't work or things take a long time. However, our system was not built to have the entire country ordering everthing online, nor were restaurants made to do delivery for everyone. So, try and be patient and say thank you to our front liners.

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Anonymous - 77 d 14 h ago

i don't know your definition of a front liner is but this is not it. Grocery stores are front liners they have contact with 1,000 of people a day. Not just answer phone calls or take an order and say wait outside.

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Anonymous - 72 d 46 s ago


Well said!!!

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Bill - 50 d 51 m ago


I am always courteous and patient with BWW frontline staff and understand the difficulties. But it isn't too much to ask that your staff wear masks during a pandemic like other businesses are doing. BWW Medford OR.

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Anonymous - 84 d 12 h ago

Amen, you are right! XO

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Jessica Knowles - 79 d 17 h ago


Try this. All the employee let go had to hear a kit it as a Facebook rumor. No calls. HR hasn't Approved unemployment and it's been 4 weeks. HR says talk to the Manager. Manger won't answer the phone and won't let anyone not On schedule in then building. They've screwed all their employees out of unemployment. It isn't retroactive. Benefits can't start until the paperwork is filed and corporate won't file.

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Karen Hines - 71 d 12 h ago

I'll get my wings elsewhere from now on. That sucks. Plus order missing drinks two weeks in a row and manager dont even offer them

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Anonymous - 30 d 23 h ago

Did you get it?

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Anonymous - 77 d 14 h ago

It must suck to have a job right now during this time. It must suck to know you're going to get a stable paycheck to pay bills and food when others were force to not have work. Yeah, this complaint or rant was too much. You wanna talk about how your son works for a restaurant who during this time knows they have the littlest contact with people now because everything is order online or pick up and even then you're asked to wait outside. Please save your boohoos for actual front liners and real essentials workers that come in contact with 1,000s of people a day of all different kinds of race, health issues and just background. Those are the ones that are more at risk to this COVID-19. I'm sorry your son is still working and receiving a paycheck every 2 weeks

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Anonymous - 72 d ago

You are EXTREMELY correct about all you have expressed, but all that has NOTHING to do with the fact that people are supporting during this time and paying money for at least a decent meal, but to not receive a good portion of your order is uncalled for!!!! As your assuming, I WORK OVER 40 HRS a week, my Husband works two jobs including in the medical please don't assume and don't judge cause I'm extremely sure you have felt or would feel some type of way...if you you received poor service...mind you, let's not make excuses for bad service...because I myself and my husband give our 100% daily regardless of what's going on!!!

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Bill - 50 d 22 h ago


I agree that they are working during difficult times. And I appreciate that. What really concerns me is the lack

Of a corporate policy to wear masks. I wear one to protect them. Why can't they wear them to protect us? They are handling food, communicating with customers, touching multiple surfaces and methods of currency and need to wear masks! They honestly are the only business I've seen in Medford (OR) that aren't wearing them. I've been to Kohl's, Costco, Natural Grocery, Starbucks, Outback, all local gas stations and they ALL wear masks. Why can't BWW provide customers with similar safety? It's the BWW in Medford OR. Please address this. Thanks.

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Also Working thru China Virus - 36 d 9 h ago


Masks are a placebo cure...

They don't work for this...

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Also Working thru China Virus - 36 d 9 h ago

You are absolutely delusional Concerned Mother...

After the 2nd line, I already knew your kid works at BWW and comes home and complains of the horrible day they had to endure?

And here you are helicopter parenting! Stop coddling your kid, your kid is a grown-up still living with his or her mom...

There's not a person that needs to shut anything up especially their mouths! There's a reason free speech is a right, if your kid can't handle the heat (or a conference call in his/her office), have him or her get out of the kitchen!!

By the way, tell your kid to go make me a sandwich!!

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DEE - 8 d 38 s ago


Thank you for posting. Thank you for your support. It's terrifying going to work everyday!!

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Anonymous - 36 d 9 h ago

I'm wondering why Sally Smith is listed as the President CEO and Director?? I thought Lyle Tick was the President and Sally stepped down???

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Anonymous - 30 d 51 m ago

I wonder why no one from their office has replied to any of these comments to cover their bum. It's like they just don't give a hoot.

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D W - 8 d 37 s ago


I work there and I am in shock right now! I love our customers here in West Virginia and hope that they don't have any of these complaints! Sorry guys.

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