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Buffalo Wild Wings

5500 Wayzata Blvd. Ste. 1600
Minneapolis, MN
Sally Smith
President CEO and Director
(952) 593-9943
(952) 593-9787
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General profile image - 3 d 16 h ago


My name is Tonya White. I visiting your location in Federal Way, Wa. I have been waiting to eat for well over an hour and a half service is bad and food just came out cold. This is very bad service and I will not be a returning customer. I have been in food service upper management over 30 years. Maybe some customer service training classes will be helpful.


Tonya White

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Tony Hutson - 5 d ago


I've been to buffalo wild wings in Fairfield CA, two times. I have set for 20 minutes and never get waited on.

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C White - 8 d 12 h ago


Taco Supreme use to be great. I notice BBWINGS changed Taco supreme to the cheapest quality of food possible. I hate eating poor quality food. I know great tasting food and you guys need to close for selling that garbage. I will never return. Stop changing the menu/quality of food to cut back so BBWINGS can profit more money. Chicago Ridge, IL was the location and I will never go back.

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jodi c. festog - 9 d 14 h ago

My husband and I ate at your store in Dublin, Ohio this evening. We have been going there for years. We have loved the chips and queso dip and couldn't wait to order it. We waited a while to even be noticed at the door. Once seated we waited a good while again as I watched three servers cleaning off one table next to us and discussing their personal lives. Finally, once we were acknowledged, they took our ordered. We order queso dip as it's our usual and some wings. The dip arrived and we dug right in. Instantly, we knew something was off. Honestly , I thought maybe the meat was spoiled in the chili they added to it. My husband said "it's so watery". It definitely wasn't the same as we usually get. When our serving asked how things were, we said right away that it wasn't very good. She said " yeah it's not very good, they changed it and now it's really watery". She said "if you don't want it , I can take it off your bill but you have to stop eating it now". We just thought that was a weird way to handle it. We kind of wanted to eat it because it was our favorite in the past. We did eat more but it was not pleasant, as I said, I thought it was spoiled meat tasting. That was a perk to coming in and getting our usual wings. We both decided we will not be going back. If you change recipe back to what it was please message me so we can start going back. Why change a good thing? Maybe your servers should warn you before you order, that it's changed, so you don't order first, then get told, "oh yeah it's terrible now". So disappointed!

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Anonymous - 13 d ago

my husband and I just had lunch at bw's in Grandview Ohio, the food was good the service was great, the store was clean but I noticed a little advertising triangle on all the tables advertising Red Bull and vodka. I was curious as to the effects of this mixture and I looked it up. The article I read said Red Bull and vodka have a cocaine effect. I was very concerned about the advertisement of such a product. I'm attaching the article that I read, although it is one of many articles making the had same statement.

I'm sure you can understand my concern where your restaurants are a family gathering place and where health around Sports is something that we share with our children in that it's ok and enjoyable for you to come in a bw's to celebrate these things in a relaxed atmosphere. yet not influence others to make irresponsible decisions, specially our young people. By Carrying such advertisement's

Thank you for your time.

sincerely, Heather Morrow

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Former employee - 14 d 13 h ago


BWW is the worst company to work for .... I was treated terrible and no one cared ... I worked for one in IL and I cried all the time for how my gm talked to me ... and instead of calling me and telling me I was fired she told the rest of the staff ... and still has yet to call me its been two weeks ... I'm supposed to be suspended , was unaware that I was fired ... I will never want to work for this company again ... My gm was brought on the change the store and make it better , but she has just made it worse by calling her servers bitches and throws trays at them the regional manager doesn't care either .. I hope the person in charge of responding reads this and feels bad ... Cause the was the worst experience I've ever had working for ...

General profile image

Chell - 14 d 17 h ago


Worst service ever ! I'll never be back to Mt. Clemens.

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Marie T. - 16 d ago


Went to lunch on Sunday April 7,2019 with a party of 7 at BWW location of Rinehart Road,Sanford,Florida 32771...arrived at approximately 12:45,and the restaurant was maybe 1/4 full...we were told like a 5-7 minute wait....okay no problem....then the hostess (not very friendly btw)comes back a few minutes later and said do you want high top or low,I said either one is fine.So we were seated at a low top where our server,Tra,only had one other table at the time....tick tick....about 10 minutes before he took our drink orders (tea&waters) ... tick tick before we finally got those.Ordered our food which consisted of fried pickles and nachos for apps and 3 individual wing orders,a philly steak wrap with salad instead of fries,and 2 burgers (each withholding different condiments)...done ...should have been easy right?!Apps arrived with no plates or silverware-had to ask for both...and those requests arrived about 10 minutes later...our drinks were never refilled by our server-I (a customer)refilled our entire table!!!Food arrived with both of the burgers not fixed as requested,salad that was ordered as a side with the philly wrap came with no dressing.Dressing was requested 4 times and the burgers were sent back one at a time to be redone.The rest of our party was finished with their food by the time the burgers and salad dressing were brought!I sought out a manager on duty and was told that she was in the kitchen helping with the orders!When she finally appeared to speak to me and I voiced all of the same as above complaints,she just said oh...I'll speak to your server about this.I informed her that we had never been to BWW before and that we would not be back,and she said "oh sorry to hear that ".

Paid a bill of $100.00 and for what-horrible service,food that was done incorrectly, and drinks that I as a customer had to refill for our table?!No thank you!!!One of the worst experiences at a restaurant EVER!Oh,and I sent an email to corporate yesterday...wonder what the response time is on that!!!

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Anonymous - 17 d 15 h ago


Rachel angel has been an awful service to me and my family by shorting drink measurements and refusing to serve a customer for no reason. she has shown nothing but anger.

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Rachid mou - 17 d 16 h ago


Hi I m writing to let you know about my experience today I have been going to your restaurant at 2097 skibo rd I usualy order the same thing all the time ice tea Chicken quesadilla and salad So I know how my food supposed to look and taste Tonight i feel like i was ripped off There was hardly any chicken on my meal and the salad Was hardly anything there So i asked the waitress Riley if there was a change in management she said no So i said there is hardly any chicken and the salad is barely anything there I said i order this all the time so i know how it supposed to look So the manager stopped by and i explained to him what was going on ,he was like i let them know. Ooh ok No explanation no correction I was in the food business for 20 years so i know managers will try to make the numbers by controlling portions and short change the guest Im not a fan of that and it only make you loose more customers Any way tonight my experience was not up to par Im not a fan of your restaurant anymore You go above and beyond to please and keep your guest A lost guest is a loss of 10 guests Rachid mou

General profile image

Anonymous - 17 d 18 h ago


1st time every going there was the worst place I ever ate at never again

General profile image

Emily Patton - 21 d 10 h ago


We recently went to the BWW near Wolfchase, in Memphis, TN. I believe the location is: 8385 US-64 #101, Memphis, TN 38133. My parents are a part of the promo program and one of them had a promo for a free order of birthday wings and we were looking to get in and out quickly, it was between 1/2pm when we got there, there weren't very many tables in there.

Our server, named Jalia, was okay at the beginning. Not super nice, but efficient. (I've been in this industry almost 30 years now, FOH, serving,management and now bar & management so i have an idea,lol) I ordered the chicken sandwich with everything but the cheese on the side and switched the cheese to cheddar. ( I have health issues that limit what i can eat) I also exchanged the fries for mac & cheese because of my health limitations. She said that was fine. The food took forever to come out and we didn't see the server the entire time while waiting.

The food FINALLY came out and my sandwich was like i asked for it, but the stuff i asked for on the side was missing. My mom's partner told the server when she finally got her, that that stuff was missing. Jalia rolled her eyes and went and got the sides. Now, I let that slide because I figured everyone has a bad day. And even though it SHOULDN'T affect your service, my mom's partner is a little blunt so, I get it.

So then, we get the bill and my mom's partner sees that we were charged FULL PRICE for the side of Mac & Cheese. NO WHERE on the menu does it say that. I also chose a side that I could eat that cost the same as the fries for that reason and the server never said a WORD about having to charge us full price..... Or even an upcharge at ALL.. Also, not only did we get charged for it, she didn't even serve the sandwich WITH fries or bring the order of fries that was apparently the ONLY thing you can get with the sandwich without being charged....

And here is the REAL issue..... Jalia ROLLED HER EYES AT LEAST 4 TIMES behind my mom and her wife's back while they discussed the extra charge and wanted to know why they weren't notified beforehand AND why we didn't receive any fries. What's WORSE is her response WHILE continuing to roll her eyes..... Which was: "Um, okay, well we charge full price for anything other than fries." And then when asked even if that WAS the case, We should have been notified beforehand BY THE SERVER..... even if it IS posted anywhere, (which it is NOT and this was my first time IN a BWW),should have said it clearly..... and still offered to bring the fries out for the others at the table.

Her response to THAT was, "I mean, i can go get you the fries now..." Which we didn't have time to wait for and no offense, but that's BESIDES the fact at this point. Oh, and I asked for a to go container for my sandwich, my toppings, sauce and my mac n cheese. She handed me ONE sandwich box. And when my mom's partner pointed out it wasn't big enough for everything, she didn't make a move, she just stared until I had stuffed everything I could in that tiny box..... To top EVERYTHING off, she walked away and NEVER.CAME.BACK. She definitely knew we needed to go, we had already told her that...... But she still didn't come back. I literally timed 5 min, got up, saw her no where on the line or that I coupd see from the walkway and finally went to the bartender and she not ONLY got me a container for my mac, but got me lids for my toppings and sauce.

Oh, on the way out, there was a young lady swiping what looked like a manager card on the pos, (and not that I have ANYTHING against piercings in the work place, my hair is purple and i have my lip pierced, but she had a tongue ring in case that will allow you to I.D. her) and i stopped and asked what the GM's name was, she said "Emily Keith's", smiled and went RIGHT back to doing stuff on the pos. And I'm not saying she did anything wrong, she was nice, polite, answered my question with a smile, but having been in the GM position before myself, I would expect my managers to check and make sure everything was okay and there wasn't anything they could do RIGHT THEN. BWW may have a different policy on that, though.

As a new customer to BWW, your food was great. But will/would I go back? Probably not. I count on good service and I start at a 25-30% tipping rate depending on the place and my bank account and go from there. We had even left Jalia SOMETHING, even after all that, because my parents know what the industry IS.....But when she just DIDN'T come back with a to go box, delaying us even LONGER, we ended up scratching it off and I gave the bartender a $5 for getting my containers out of my OWN pocket.....

I will contact the GM hopefully tomorrow about this as well but to be honest, this is bad enough that I think corporate should know as well. Hopefully, that isn't how y'all intended my first experience,(or really ANYONE'S experience), to be and that's not how y'all run your business. I sincerely doubt y'all would still BE in business if so!

Thank you so much for your time and patience, i know this was a bit long.


General profile image

Former employee - 19 d ago

Hi, Emily. I read your response from start to finish. I've worked in the restaurant industry myself for about 10 years (including a few years at BWW) so I understand your frustration. It really sucks that your first experience was like what you had mentioned. Having said that, I have to give you credit for still leaving a gratuity after such an experience. That being said, here's what I can tell you based on your story. The price listed on menus only serve fries as the default side item that comes with all burgers/sandwiches. Every other side item is an up charge and the amount is different depending on what you pick. You are correct that the server should have told you about the up charge before walking away. I've had my fair shares of bad days working at restaurants as well (and I'm sure you have too since you obviously know the industry) but I've never rolled my eyes at a customer. I can't take away from what happened in your first experience but I hope you'll at least give a different location another chance. I've been a customer at BWW for years before I finally started working (and I worked at 3 different locations) and I've eaten at more than 10 different locations. Of course not every single one of those experiences were perfect, but none were so bad that I decided to stop going to BWW even now as a customer. I hope the GM gave you a professional/apologetic response since posting this!

General profile image

Former employee - 19 d ago

This location is 1873 East Big Beaver Road in Troy, MI. I used to work there for about a year and a half and then I left. This has to do with a shift lead that works at that location and he is part of the reason why I decided not to continue working there. Since I started working there, this man had issues. He was one of the worst people to work with due to his constant screaming at co-workers, using profanity whenever he's angry, throwing temper tantrums, and being a negative individual every time he enters the place. I've never worked with someone who is supposed to be in a leadership role carry a negative attitude like he does. I did address to the regional manager on my way out and though he did listen to me, it was when I had already decided to leave the company. I could have just left the place without saying anything but when it comes to him, something had to be said based on how he is as a person, especially when it's an individual who is in a higher position. Needless to say, it was never a good shift whenever he was around. I will add that I am a military veteran and this has to do with being in a position of power and he's abusing his role. I've seen it happen during my military days so I know when I see it. A higher position is not there for someone to talk down to and insult other employees. Of course I'm not sure how someone with these issues got into the position that he's currently in but there has never been a pleasant shift that I worked whenever he was on the same shift that I was.

General profile image

Rachel Vasquez - 50 d 19 h ago

I had a very unpleasant experience at #0174 North Las Vegas, Nevada. The hostess was extremely rude. I was meeting my friend for lunch and was seated at a table. I noticed the surly attitude but sat and waited for my friend. My friend walked in and asked if I minded a booth. I didn't care so she asked the hostess if we could move. The hostess looked at her with a blank expression and said "I'll be with you in 10 minutes" and turned and walked away. My friend and I were puzzled. The hostess returned and asked for our friend smiled and said,"no worries I can carry them". The hostess just walked off and we presumed to follow. My friend and I were conversing as we entered the booth, meanwhile the waitress in a loud voice stated, "YOUR WELCOME" in a very sarcastic tone. It was unnecessary and unprofessional. We spoke with Alyssa, the "manager" who half heatedly apologized but did not correct the actions of the hostess. We were glared out throughout the entire meal. I wasn't sure if our food was going to be soiled or if she was going to assault us. It was an awful experience.

I won't be going back.

General profile image

Text b - 46 d 16 h ago

On top of all that, the waitress used the wrong form of "Your're" - how frustrating that must've been.

General profile image

Just an Opinion/Concern! - 21 d 9 h ago

'You're' offense meant, but if you are going to complain about it,please at least spell it correctly.... some people :

1. Don't have the same access as others do to an education.

2. Does it REALLY MATTER how she says 'you're' vs 'your' ? Because.... And this may just be ME, But I would rather her do a great job with the service she gives me than worry about her using correct English....


3. Also.... last, but not least, I am from the south and when SAYING the different forms the word, there ISN'T a lot of distinction between the two, unless someone distinctly says "You are" instead of "You're", in which case, they literally said both words instead of the contraction..... So im REALLY curious as to where this was that you could LITERALLY tell, so easily, which one she meant.....

General profile image

To Just an opinion - 21 d 4 h ago

You really don't know that the 2nd poster was making a joke about the 1st poster?

General profile image

Anonymous - 21 d 12 h ago


We always loved BWW in Eagan, MN. The past month since you went to real dishes (if that's what you want to call it). The service is terrible, the food is terrible, there is no one to help clean off the tables, it's horrible! I didn't want to come back tonight! But my husband wanted to go there, But after tonight, I won't come back to BWW! If you want to add all the dishes, you need to help your servers with a busser! The manager finally came and helped the poor girl after it was completely dead. In my college days I was a restaurant manager and I would have helped them way more then these worthless managers did. I felt terrible for our server! I probably will not come back to BWW again. Plus, I had points that I used but they didnt work today, but my points account was depleted, the waitress had me send a request to have the points reapplied to my account...I may try another BWW, but the Eagan location has went to the dumps the past 2 months.

General profile image

Correen Rosenberger - 21 d 19 h ago


Just experienced the worst customer service ever! Bww on smelling Avenue in St. Paul got my order wrong and they take no responsibility! No apology no what can we do..... just sit there and say nothing! I finally hung up. That's how they deal with problems... wait till the customer is so fed up they hang up. They also could not find my rewards...

General profile image

Jim - 25 d 20 h ago


I live in Berks County PA, population over 400,000 yet no Buffalo Wild Wings is located here. The population is stable and would support one. There are numerous opportunities in the Wyomissing area where other retail/restaurants are located and where there are some current vacancies. I enjoy your restaurant.

General profile image

Teresa - 56 d 6 h ago


I just wanted to tell you about our poor service last night.

We sat at a table in the bar area.

It took us having to find someone to take our drink and appetizer order.

It took over 35 min and we still had not received our order. The server talked to the manager and we waited 10-15 more minutes and still no order. We asked for our check and to speak to the manager.

He came over and said he was sorry for the delay but they were busy filling the to go orders. So had ordered to go we would have received our food promptly.

That was his only response. I asked what about us dining in and he said sorry we were just slammed with to go orders.

We noticed in the bar area alone there were 15 tables and no one had food. As we left we also noticed the restaurant area only a couple of tables had food.

We won't be back. We have noticed recently that the staff is not friendly and this restaurant has been going down hill with customer service.

Restaurant located at:

1301 N. Collins St Unit 101

Arlington Tx 76011

General profile image

Brittany - 26 d 42 s ago


same experience ! same location

General profile image

Michele crosby - 26 d 15 h ago


Worst service I have ever had in Fayetteville NC by Kate not only was the service slow and absent when I got her attention because I wanted a refill she turned around and said "yes my nigga" where on this planet is that okay and accepted when I showed concern to the bar manager she said I will have someone call you nope no call what some ever

General profile image

Evelyn - 28 d 10 h ago


Did work for your store in New York and did not get paid.

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