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Burger King Worldwide Inc

5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.
Miami, FL
Bernardo Hees
CEO and Director
(305) 378-3000
Twitter IDs
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Anonymous - 15 h 27 m ago

I had a sexual harassment charge at the manager at store 1212 in Roanoke va. I been working bk for almost 10 years an have never been through the things I dealt with at that store

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Ken Diefendorf - 19 h ago

Was HORRIBLE ... traveling to Ohio from Florida went through the drive through got back on highway food tasted like it was cooked yesterday and I ordered a milk I took a swig and through up the milk was almost 2 months expired I tried calling the store and no one answered... I'm thinking of calling my attorney

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Jim - 1 d 41 m ago


None of the nine burger kings within reasonable driving distance of me, in La Mesa Calif, next to San Diego, Ca, (not in the boonies) will honor the two fir $5 offer in your advertising. You should either

1) Not advertise offers that your outlets / company will not fulfill


2) Make your franchises / outlets follow and fulfill your TV advertising offers.

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Anonymous - 1 d 3 h ago

I put in sn application for one of there restaurant location, come to find out i msy have become a victim of identity theft

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Kat - 1 d 10 h ago


Your location in Tamaqua Pa is horrible. Sat in line for not once but 7 times for at least 25 minutes. They will take an order then make the next person sit at the speaker for at least 9 minutes. Once the person in front of you leaves the drive through they will take your order and have you pull around to the window to pay. WTF is that all about! This location has been a shit show since Harry left over a year ago. Corp has been in to "fix" things. It has gotten worse, not better. You are loosing all of your customers, please save us from agony and just close this location!

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Anonymous - 1 d 15 h ago

Every BK restaurant has green signs which say "cleaned for your use." NOT SO. Your Franklin, New Jersey location is filthy, not a clean table in sight for a customer to feel safe. WHY? Corporate BK you brand is being tarnished by these irresponsible employees who wouldn't know clean if they saw it. Please take action and do something about these dirty, filthy stores. Thank you.

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JD - 1 d 18 h ago


I had a bad experience a few weeks ago at BK in HIghland, IL. I wrote a letter the old-fashioned way, using the address on the website. 5505 Blue Lagoon Dr., Miami FL 33126. The letter came back. I thought perhaps there had been some sort of snafu so I put that envelope in a larger envelope, checked the address, and re-sent. It came back again. Does anyone have the REAL address for customer service? (I also sent a copy to the local BK -- no response. That pisses me off. I took the time to send them something and they should have enough professionalism to reply. Help?

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Tammy - 5 d 11 h ago


Over several years I've had problems with Burger Kings. They can't or won't make coffee for my mom. They don't take orders correctly and then argue with the customer over the order. I was really upset that my appointment was moved to Apopka Florida. I had planned to go to another part of town to take my mom out to breakfast after my doctors appointment today. Unfortunately I was forced to go to Burger King in Apopka. I had many bad experiences at the store and completely have stopped going there. Today I was willing to give them a chance. Apparently they've gone out of business. So I went down the street to the one in Rosemont Florida. I gave the person my order. They could not make coffee. When I got to McDonald's to buy my mom her coffee, I noticed that my order was wrong. So I went into McDonald's and ordered her a sausage biscuit. I return to the Burger King to give them a suggestions after breakfast.

My suggestion was to simply listen to the customers to make sure the order is correct. I'm not sure if this is how they train their employees but immediately he began to argue with me about the order. I explain to him that we should not be arguing he should just say thank you next time I will listen more carefully to the customer. After hearing my suggestion, he still was arguing with me. He then went on to explain that it's very hard to work in Burger King being the only cashier. The dining room is not open and his responsibility is the drive-through window. I knew I wasn't going to get any solution to my problem He didn't offer me any money back. He didn't ask what could he do to solve the problem. He simply blamed me and continue to argue. I think Burger King needs more training on customer service. I want to eat. I want my order to be correct. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that. If I complain that I didn't get the correct order, I don't want people to argue with me over it. There are a lot more restaurants out there that I can eat iat and Burger King doesn't have to be one of them. What do you think?

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Joseph dollinger - 2 d 7 h ago


I will never eat at the burger King on Campbell Avenue again because of the losey service and the fact that they can not get the order right and don't want to fix it

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JEFFREY SANSONE - 4 d 13 h ago

Went to Burger King at 6400 W Irving Park in Chicago, Illinois. First the 1 cashier ignored me when I first came in. They only had 1 cashier at 5:00 in the afternoon! Then he came to me with an attitude. Took my order for dine-in got the food, but not the way we asked for it, no big deal we ate it. Then before leaving, I placed an order to go, completely rude was told they had no shakes right after I saw someone get them in the drive thru. Got my whoppers burnt. When told thats the way they come, I asked for a receipt and was told they don't have to give me a receipt. When asked to speak to a manager was told by manager I am busy right now.

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Mad woman - 2 d 9 h ago


Wow how rude is that. That isn't the way for a business to take care of customer. They need to shut that place down

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Jennajay784 - 4 d 16 h ago


Ordered breakfast for my family, 35 mins in a drive through line....Was given the wrong food. Specifically asked for no egg. My toddler freaked out and then I did not have a replacement. That's what she wanted and asked for it so I decided to give in and make it happen. (Was given eggs. ) Got back in my car, drive all the way back to exchange it, management (nick green) told me I was shit out of luck. First he told me I had to wait 10 mins bc he was short staffed. Then I had to come back tomorrow In order to correct it and get the order that I paid for. Really? Funny part is, wasn't even a big deal, he made it one. Just give me what I paid for so I can move on with my day. No, we closed breakfast 2 mins ago and even though you paid for breakfast at the correct time, since it's 2 mins after... o well, sucks for you. Couldn't give me something else without eggs? ANYTHING to bring back instead of something inedible??? An order of fries perhaps?? If it was a hamburger that has mustard on it, could of wiped the mustard off. It had nothing on it but eggs. Hand her a croissant wasn't even the "rules" that bother me, it's the fact that you tell me basically to F off bc it's inconvenient for you to give me what I paid for. No effort to even TRY. Absolutely the worst possible customer service. And now I have a child in time out and have to go somewhere else to spend more $$. Just a bunch of nonsense instead of just considering to take a second to THINK. Will never go there again. Doubt losing my business will effect anything, but maybe others will see my review and consider spending their $$ elsewhere to avoid rude service. Complete waste of time and $$. Should of flushed $5 and saved my gas/time.

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Rose - 5 d 11 h ago


Good afternoon, please close or reorganize the Burger king in Whitman, MA. It is very dirty, I have been there 4 times over the past few months, service is terrible. There are only 2 woman working all the time and one can't make change. Burgers are hard and cold. I will continue to go to McDonald's on the next corner with my grandkids. So sad, it is so run down I don't know how it stays open...

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Pissed off - 5 d 13 h ago


I like the burger king whopper. But I will not eat them again. Not with the political stance the company is now taking. I do not want the gay issue pushed into my face. I just want a burger. Thanks Burger King for taking away from me one small pleasure. Good luck with your business from here on out. I'm done with you. I'm done with the sports teams that support BLM. I'm done with so much of my life. I can't stand it anymore.

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Anonymous - 5 d 13 h ago

I had a problem with a manager names Sarah O in Appleton WI. I was suppose to get 2 coupons for fries. I only got one. So I called & talked to her. She said. FRICKEN come in and I will give you 2 fries. No manager should talk to customers like that. I would like a coupon for 1 fry. I will go to another Burger King. I had a problem with Burger king last year. It was the same one. You should hire better managers. Thank you! Renee Mazan

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N/A - 6 d 7 h ago

I wanted to inform you that the Burger King in Tannersville Pennsylvania is serving guests contaminated buns. They have a mouse problem. The mice are eating, pooping and peeing on the buns which are still being served. Two distric managers are aware of the issue yet service as usual. I didn't want to have this on my conscience if someone should fall ill from this issue. So I decided to inform you due to a food born illness can cause a lot of bad policity for Burger King.

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lraf - 7 d 6 h ago

I found your recent ad running in Finland to be absolutely disgusting! If you care more about making social statements than making food, our family is done with Burger King. Sad, because we've long enjoyed having Burger King for lunch. Our money will not fund your agenda!

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Johnny - 7 d 18 h ago


Johnny . : to: Mr.Bernando Hees, ; the cleaning procedures are not been met , according. To covid 19 procedures, when consumer , enters the facilities ,that procedure is ok , but when the consumer uses the table ,and departs tables are not being cleaned post use . please verify ; I use facilities in northern. Part of of Puerto Rico . lavatory area should be evaluated also as to cleanly ness . have a good day.

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SJ - 9 d 12 h ago


I was shocked to see your latest flagrant and culturally divisive advertisement from Burger King (regarding the King and Clown kiss). If you are looking to offend and ostracize your customers, you have done so. Many of my circles will not patronize your store as a result--and that would have included any heterosexualizing ads, as well. It is wholly inappropriate for a formerly reputable company to engage in such sleezy advertising. Families today still desire to take their children into wholesome environments that guard their youthful innocence and enjoyment. I appeal to you to reestablish your reputation to one that is service and customer satisfaction oriented. Thank you for your consideration.

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Trice - 9 d 17 h ago


I use the Burger King app frequently it's introduced to it by T-Mobile my cell phone company. But after last night event and then this morning phone call I'm absolutely positive I will not fund this establishment any longer. Last night one of the Burger King employees threatened the fight a Marine veteran right in front of all of the customers because not only did they get his order wrong but they didn't have the item he paid for. And they didn't tell him they didn't have the items until he received his order. I had already paid for my order I just wanted to get my items and leave I was too afraid to ask the staff for my money back or even complaining that they had gotten my order wrong. The Burger King employee was very upset and very intimidating. Having to experience that last night was horrible you couldn't imagine how I felt a few minutes ago when I received a call from the Burger King manager who defended the actions of the employee. She says that the employee told her that the customer threaten to shoot him which never happened. I explained to the manager that called me it is called back was to defend the employee was false information then there was no point in even calling me back. I asked for the corporate number she could not provide it for me and told me I had already reached out to them. I feel so sorry for that Army veteran addressed it in the survey that I wrote to Burger King. They wanted to say that the veteran implied or said that he would shoot the Burger King employee and that was a lie. I will never return to this establishment I can't believe they even call me back to make such false allegations and excuses for their employees Behavior. We are not slaves to Burger King but we must come and spend our money there it is a choice. Bring that good customer service and you may begin to get your customers base back.

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Eleanor - 10 d 10 h ago


I am very concerned about the commercial currently being run in the USA advertising how cheap it is to purchase two Burger King sandwiches but showing a morbidly obese man indicating he had better hurry and purchase them before Burger King changes its mind on the price.

This is particularly disturbing taking into account that there is a very high rate of corona virus among black overweight persons who may be plagued with many underlying illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, etc., due to being obese.

By running such an advertisement you are not being a good 'corporate citizen', and indeed, show no sympathy to the many blacks who have died and are dying. Some say that due to these same fast foods that your corporation so richly financially benefit by selling have caused obesity among these black people in your country and elsewhere.

Please do the right "corporate citizen' thing and immediately scrap the subject advertisement.

Thank you.

Eleanor Albury

Nassau, Bahamas


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Burger king employee - 11 d 7 h ago


Having major issues with a manager at my burger king at 3409 arden way in Sacramento California. Choosing favorites with employees while sending the others outside to clean up bird Dookie. We were cleaning the awnings in our drive thru so reasonably I put some cones at the entrance so we wouldnt get water or bird poo on/inside of customers cars. The manager moved the cones 3 minutes later and had 3 customers complain about their car smelling like "shit" The manager responsible is Jason Wayne. He has 2 of the minors on our team work through their 10 and 30 minute breaks. This is completely selfish and outrageous. I demand someone investigate this man before I file a lawsuit.

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Anonymous - 11 d 15 h ago

The Burger King in Springfield il on sangamon sucks will never go back they stop selling whopper at 9pm and just sell chicken when I was told that i said what this is the home of the whopper not chicken if I wanted chicken I would go to KFC I dont know who bright ideal that was but not a smart one. The manger came out yelling at me worse place ever

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Anonymous - 12 d 14 h ago


the Burger King is 1621 East markland avenue in Kokomo Indiana I sat in their drive through for 20 minutes and there was still eight cars in front of me I just left there and it is now 11:16 p.m. I spent all but five minutes my lunch break in that parking lot they won't answer their phone and they're not moving the line I will never in life eat there again

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Westminster - 13 d 12 h ago

Shyteria smith was smoking meth in the restroom at burger king in westminster

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