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Burger King Worldwide Inc

5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.
Miami, FL
Bernardo Hees
CEO and Director
(305) 378-3000
Twitter IDs
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Kingkong9 - 12 h 4 s ago


On Sr 6 in Jasper fla. Do anybody know the name of the short assistant manager name excuse me she is one rude person always frowned and never wants to give out trays i think she is racist somebody needs to give her attitude adjustment i think i am going to stop going there its a nice clean place but whenever she is there her attitude pollutes the whole place bad for businesz

General profile image - 19 h 12 m ago

I've watched the same Burger King commercial at approximately 8 p.m. EST On ABC for the past week. The man who narrates, mispronounces the word onion. He pronounces it on-yun, not on-ion. There is a difference. I thought I must have misunderstood him, yet night after night he says on-yuns. I would think a company would proof read "listen" to their commercials before airing them. This strikes me as so unprofessional and ignorant sounding. Rant over. Thank you for listening

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Isaiah ortiz - 2 d ago


Burger king in edgewater is always saying we dont have meat then why is it called burger king if they cant even give u burger and the fries are always soggy and when they had meat it tasted weeks old and to be honest it should be shut down until they can actually make u a good burger and not soggy fries

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Ron H. - 2 d 10 h ago


It is now Nov. 18th, but it was just a few hours back and still Nov 17th--and this awful experience at the store I used to work for 25 years ago has made me come to hate the Burger King brand I used to love. At one time, I was happy to be a BK employee--back when quality & customer service actually meant something. Today, I was ashamed to bring the crap that passes as their best home to my family. The store number is -- #3954 located in Hillsboro, Oregon.. For months they have been remoddling the store--probably spent a small fortune on it. Well, they should have kept the old store and rather put that money into training their staff in the older methods of making a quality product. For example, whenever I order, the counter and drive-thru people keep saying..."Is that all??" They say it everytime I take a is so frustrating. I want to say.."Why do you keep saying that? Don't you want my freakin' money?" Sadly, this is just the attitude of disgruntled employees & managers who not only don't care about us customers--but, they feel that we are pests who is intruding on their time to laugh & have a good time. Why should they care? All us dumb suckers (customers) do is pay their salaries & operating costs--and they treat us like garbage. Back when I worked there, we would have been terminated for the things I see whenever I go in. The place is usually quite dirty--either the lobby, or behind the counter..and, once, it was both. I was disgusted and I actually felt dirty--like a barn animal at a filthy trough--and I see this more and more. And, you don't even want to know about the food lord, it makes me want to vomit when I lift the lid of my Whopper. They never seem to get my order right, stuff I asked for isn't there and often replaced by the items I didn't want. And, by some miracle they do get it right--there's like a dab of mayo and I have to add my own condiments from my fridge. I mean, if I have to dress my own sandwich--then I might as well make them myself and save nearly $25.00. Of course, that is exactly what the lazy staff would like. Why should they care if nobody comes in? That gives them more time to chat and gossip and act like pot-smoking chimps on crack. Who knows, maybe they do actually get high--the place sure looks like it whenever I walk in. But, what about you, oh, stately king--and your minions in the suits in you care if any of us come back? I only ask because it seems you at headquarters have so much more to lose in the end. Let's break it down--economics 101-style. You have quite a few stores in total (if my store # 3954 is any indication) possibly thousands of stores--all over the world. Yes, oh, king, your kingdom is vast--but, like so many kingdoms, it only takes something small to create chaos. I spend a relatively small pittance at store #3954...maybe $100.00 a month. To you (at your economic level) this is most likely 'chump-change' but, to me (and all the other regular chumps) its quite a bit. And, let me tell you, lately, I feel like a chump whenever I come in. But, I keep coming in because I used to believe in the quality and service that was the hallmark of your brand. The reason I'm here--@ your website is that when I called store #3954 (you see, I keep printing it so you remember) and I spoke to the manager--well, she hung-up on me half-way through my complaint call. That rips it for me. Which brings me back to my point--my yearly (Tribute, maybe) $1,200.00 probably wouldn't cover a pair of shoes for you is a lot to me. But, (and here's my main point) what would happen if all your regular chump-changers got smart, like me and decide on NOT returning?? Ohh, that kind of makes you think, doesn't it? How many regulars come in--regularly? 50? 100? Or even more? What if they stop coming in? It could happen. Times are hard financially. Why should I go in weekly to Burger King when I could go twice a month to a high end restaurant for a much better meal? I mean coming home with a sack of BK is certainly more convienent--but I HATE paying good money for the crap that passes as your best. Smashed sandwiches, barely half-full fries and service that is hostile at best. You know, I would be a fool to return ever again...and reading these other reviews, I might not be alone. If your mission is to file for bankruptcy--BRAVO!!! You are well on your way, your supremeness. And, if you don't do something to fix #3954--than I will. I will report the uncleanliness to the local health department. I'm sure they would love to know how unclean the store and its employees are. I see frequent violations where the employees don't properly wash their hands--and even touch themselves. There's this girl who rubs her lips with her fingertips. It may be a nervous tic--but, its still very gross..and there are plenty others. And, the health department is nothing. We have investigative reporters on the local news (TV--not paper) who would love to go in and see just how bad it is in there. Think of them as "Secret Shopper From Hell." Would you like to see pics of Burger King #3954 on the 11 o' clock news?? I don't know if there are Better Business Bureau violations involved--but, I would be more than happy to check. You see, I'm mad as hell--and I'm not going to take it anymore. These behaviours will continue in your staff--because nobody seems to care. If you really cared, you would have people checking your restaurants for these problems. But, you don't--and they will continue. Every time you make a commercial--you make promises to me & all the chump-changer regulars. You promise us good food, reasonably priced--and clean dining rooms and friendly staff who are happy to see us. And, I see none of it--ever. The staff is rude, the store filthy--and food-like crap I wouldn't want to feed to my dog--let alone my family. Hey, king, you have a HUGE credibility-gap. That is a term that means you are grossly misrepresenting your actual BK experience. Where I come from--that's lying. So, congratulations, you have duped us all into buying into a lie.

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A concerned customer - 3 d 3 h ago


I need help with South Holland Burger King they need to know it's not ok to just surround people with police officers because my gf was giving a fake bill from a previous store they never let her know the money was fake they just called the cops this is wrong and something needs to b done I will never step foot in there again

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Linda - 5 d ago


My food was cold I ordered onion rings they were broken up and had fries mixed in with them. Grilled chicken sandwich was burnt other sandwiches ordered were cold. Did not get receipt. Corporate should really look at all these complaints. It used to be good but now it's gone down hill

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Lynne Otto - 6 d ago

I need to know who I speak to about my pension plan my name is Lynne Otto my email (hidden)

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From the Court of the Burger King - 6 d ago


Hey Lynn,

The king is busy at the moment. When he is finished with making our delicious flame-broiled patties, I will make sure he gets back to you.


Sir Bunsalot the Third

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Adrianna the manager - 6 d 4 h ago


They telling the state they payed me and I never received my pay check in belton tx

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Joe - 6 d 5 h ago


We came into a burger king to order and the manager lady was rude contact joe at (hidden)

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Anonymous - 7 d 33 s ago


And just went to try to eat in the dining room and also the drive thru in the following Burger King was closed which I was nervous cause seen a brinks truck just leaving so I called a girl answered and said that they were closed.

232 Daniel Webster Hwy, Nashua, NH 03060.

The last 3 visits have been horrible but being close to home figured id try it again and then this so that is why I'm sending you this email.

Allan Baule


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Very Dissatisfied Customer - 8 d 17 h ago


It's been my experiences that the Burger King in Catoosa, OK. A couple of the managers (male & female) in particular are highly unprofessional and very rude to their employees as well as some of the customers (including me). Again my experience with a particular female manager repeatedly advising my child of the fact that she's 18 and doesn't have to listen to me (her parent) when it comes to certain personal, work related decisions and standing up for herself after being repeatedly insulted. Also adding to the managers unprofessionalism and rudeness at this particular burger king after repeatedly accusing me of trying to get her fired, insulting me to my child and surely I had had enough. After confronting the female manager this time the male manager dips his nose where it didn't belong. As explained by several other employees this particular male manager does this a lot. He demonstrates this (tag teamed) by threatening to fire my two girls and in fact calling the cops as a result. Again who had nothing at all to even do with this situation and who thought it was appropriate to lie on me to the cops (creating a false report). Obviously with the intent to have me banded from this particular burger king but what these two managers didn't know at the time of his report to the cops was that I walked over to them both while standing outside in back as I recorded that whole incident (including false report) of me being aggressive & posing a potential treat to both of them. Also I like to mention there were several employee witnesses to this situation. This particular male manager threaten to fire both of my girls because I confronted the female manager in my defense regarding her unprofessionalism and insulting tactics towards me & my child. All this because my child decided to inquire about a long over due raise. Especially after being employed there 5 months or more now. B.T.W. as for the food I have never had an issue...ONLY with there management team (2 in particular).

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Edward Franklin - 9 d ago


The burger king in cape Canaveral is a joke, we went through the drive through and was told it would be 2 and a half minutes we waited 15 minutes and I walked it to see what was going on and the manager gets smart with me saying it was one of the employees trying to get costumers out, well I was a costumer so they want to get rude then I'll leave it on the coporate website it was at 3:24 on 11/11/18 which is today

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Kathy - 10 d 16 h ago


My family went to the Burger King in west Valley City, Utah. The night manager was so out line. I would have given t

his name but it was scratched off his name tag. The Chicken strips was burnt. We just wanted them replaced. He asked if the people who where getting them would die if they ate them. He was so rude. We took our money back and went to Carl's Jr. done with Burger King. Any telling everyone we know how we where treated my the manager.

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Anonymous - 12 d 5 h ago

The heat has been broken at the BK in Atoka TN for over three weeks. All the regulars are leaving. The local manager assures us that she had done everything she can do. She has asked and asked for it to be fixed but no one does anything. The workers are all getting sick (we see them coughing and looking sick) and many are looking for other jobs. Someone in the regional management doesn't seem to care about the business. Ron McMillan

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Anonymous - 14 d 14 m ago

I got hurt on a handle that was broken at a Burger King in Milford NH. ,I tried to call HQ. And no Answer I have a pic of the broken handle. I will get a Lawyer involved in the matter maybe. I was hurt and no one cares it seems. Duane Duguay.. (hidden)

General profile image

Tom BobBuch - 12 d 17 h ago

It seems you have a good case. Call some lawyers---the ones who will take it on contingency (they get a % of what you are awarded) rate an interview. You will not hear a peep out of B-K unless you smack them with a substantial lawsuit.

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Stephanie Ostberg - 21 d 17 h ago


My husband and I went to Burger King located on 19th Ave and Indian school rd in phx AZ. The person working the drive-through window was very rude was not helping us pull the code for the items on the coupons on the website refused to help us and told us it was our problem and could not make or order it was very unprofessional and very rude and I will never go to that Burger King ever again I want to be contacted because they were very rude and their customer service was not professional I will be making a review on the BBB as well. I asked to speak to the manager the person working the drive-through said he was the manager he could not help us do the code it was our problem that is not how you work with customers.

General profile image

anthony - 17 d 4 h ago


dang its fast food not a steakhouse get a life

General profile image

Tom BobBuch - 12 d 17 h ago

Three Star Anthony, experience any other fast food, which is what 99% of the population has done over the years. B-K is a business in decline and cannot go bankrupt fast enough to suit every other commenting customer. So if they actually got our order right; in a timely manner,

we should give them six stars?

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Anonymous - 25 d 7 h ago

Your Burger King at 8501 Everman Fort Worth Texas is the worst or I've ever been to I love Burger King and stop whenever I see them the staff is uncourteous and poorly trained the managers are just as bad they didn't even know where the remote was to cut the TV up or to listen to caption no one knew not even the manager could ask her if they had Wi-Fi in the store I get to sausage Crescent as a crescent was stale I asked the manager to replace and they were very rude about it one worker said go someplace else this place should not even have the Burger King name on it

General profile image

Tom BobBuch - 12 d 18 h ago

Anonymous, your last phrase is misdirected. Read the other customer comments and you will clearly see that your 8501 Everman store is very typical. Since they can't even manage the TV;' do you really think they can produce clean, safe food. Read the other comments, even though top management doesn't bother to.

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G. Wilson - 24 d ago


I went inside store order my breakfast to go. We had coupons $5.00. Instead of coffees i would like unsweetened tea. She never informed me there was upgrade to change coffee to tea until she handed me receipt. I questioned her but lady acted liked it would be a lot of trouble to do. We are seniors we live on budget. We love burger king

but very disappointed we were charger 89 cents for each tea. Burger King #25209. order 11.

General profile image

Tom BobBuch - 12 d 18 h ago

G. Wilson, get you head up where the sun shines. You "love Burger King" even after they abused you.

You probably have similar complaints to the thousands of other dissatisfied customers; but have been too

to kind and generous to notice how they have been abusing you---which is their routine policy.

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