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Burger King Worldwide Inc

5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.
Miami, FL
Bernardo Hees
CEO and Director
(305) 378-3000
Twitter IDs
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Anonymous - 1 h ago


Burger king in Waynesboro GA 500 Hopkins corner is so disgusting its a video of an employee who still work there and a manager having sex in the office during work hours all the manager knew but they just chose to say nothing this is not healthy at all my kids enjoy coming here but after this i want be coming back anymore this is very unhealthy and unsanitary i will be contacting the local health department about this situation.

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Vegan - 1 d ago

I wrote to the company years ago and still nothing has been done. I don't understand why you don't give specials to people who are vegetarians. You have a veggie burger but you can never get a coupon or there is never a veggie meal. I would think in this day and age you would be more accommodating. Please include the veggie burger into the meals and daily specials as the rest of your menu.

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Mzredd - 1 d 18 h ago


A Gm manager at store 22 here in ballitines irmo sc and another manager at this store need to be handle. The manager called my son a porch monkey and he blows kiss at him and my other son. The Gm told my son if she get in his face and say you fucking better clean and you dont fucking do it you terminated. I just got word they going to cut my son pay , they cutting there hours so I just want everyone to know how burger king do there employees . By the way one one of my sons is a minor and they taking up for the manager

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HUNGRY MAN - 5 d ago



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Sheri Correll - 5 d 20 h ago

I just visited Burger king in Blackshear, Georgia at 5:00 pm today. The girl at the drive thru should be fired on the spot. I told that to the manager also. She said it would be documented, ok, well this is the second time I have complained about the same person. She was rude and slammed the door at the drive thru in my face the first time when I was still speaking to her, even after speaking to the manager about her. I told a different manager today she doesn't have to be so rude, she was in such a hurry, she gave my soda to me and the lid wasn't on and the drink spilled on me. Then gave my order to me with no napkins, when I asked for them, she shoved my order back at me and slammed the door. I also did not receive a receipt. I have worked in customer service most of my life and and been a manager, neither one of those ladies handled the situation professionally. The girl working the drive thru acted as if she were mad at the world. If so, do not take it out on a customer. I will not be going back. This is the second time, same girl, same burger king and same complaint. Sheri Correll Blackshear Georgia

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Owner : Mr Schmidt - 9 d 19 h ago

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This private land / property also has the city of Auburndale, Florida water main, and sewer systems off the southside, and or front of the land / property which is also along the road of C.R. 557 A. This Private United States of America, and state of Florida Land / property " FOR SALE " is near, and located approximately ( + or - ) seven tenths ( 7 / 10 ) of a mile, and or approximately ( + or - ) 1.1265408 kilometers from the main entrance way on, and or off vehicle ramp to the main Florida Interstate Highway I - 4, and exit # 44, and businesses such as the McDonald's resturant, Arby's fast food resturant, Polk city travel stop, and Loves travel stop, and or all other businesses located along, beside, near, and or close to the Florida Interstate Highway I - 4, and or exit # 44. Approximately ( + or - ) 20 minutes to Disney World. Approximately ( + or - ) 20 minutes to Celebration Station which is near, and close to the other Disney World property, and area. 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Lopez - 6 d 5 h ago

@ Owner : Mr Schmidt ,

Go suck on some moldy month old Panara bagels.camel face.

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anonymous - 6 d 15 h ago


Hello, My Godchildren worked over at the Burger King 4626 Red Arrow Hwy, Stevensville (hidden)

They experienced racism from the manager Joe Franco, they asked for the proper numbers to call and make a complaint on him. It was denied and ignored. This man call young kids SNATCH & BIATCH(Bitch) so he won't actually be caught saying it. He followed closely behind one of my Godchildren and she felt very uncomfortable. Joe has been intimidating her to the point when she expressed her dislike they got into a argument that was so terrible that she quit because she felt she had no other choice. No one gives her a grievance paper to file, or a number to call, been ignored by the district store manger for asking for corporate numbers to report his nasty harassment.

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Jason - 6 d 20 h ago


Hi , my name's Jason Henricks I did the 90 yard dash as the king on burger Kings commercial in Alexandria, mn , I was told I would get paid this year

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I was at a Burger King at 331 S Main Street in Shenandoah Pa. today at 9:16am with my niece for breakfast. I was very disappointed that the Manager stood there and had an Employee blowing the dust out of the vents while we were eating. I also have a picture but don't know how to send it. My name is Donald L Schlier. I live at 75 E Mill St in Nesquehoning Pa. I'm srry but the cleaning like that should be done when the store closes or no customers are there. Thank You for Your time.

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Martha Perry - 10 d ago


I am a faithful customer, love your fries, absolutely the bes, but, I would rather not have any more of your fries than to support a company that treated Emory Ellis so poorly and then did not compensate him for the embarrassment and false imprisonment that followed. Make this go away in a just way and, like Starbuck's, increase employee education on respecting all customers. It does not matter if this is a franchise operation or not...your name, Burger King, is on the sign.

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Merry - 10 d ago


In Palatka, Fl. 3305 Crill St. store # 6792 I ordered 8 - 10pc. chicken nugget for 8 different people and was short 1 nugget in 3 of the packages. When I called to let them know the manager asked me what I wanted her to do give me 3 nuggets or send her employees back to school to learn how to count. I said I just wanted what I paid for and at this point I was 15 miles away at home and was not going back. I was very disappointed in her smart ass response.

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EDUII - 10 d 13 h ago


When are you going to put a store in Grovetown Ga. 30813 ? The best hamburgers EVER, I had my first in High School, 1st. store in Augusta Ga. 1968 on Walton Way. Now I live in Grovetown Ga. and have to drive 12 miles to the nearest BK. I pass two Mcdonalds and one Hardies to get there. I can't go in and eat anymore because I don't have a wheelchair Lift for my little Car. I am a Disabled VETERAN , the Va. nor Medicare will by a BRUNO ASL 700 for my little car because it HAS TRIES. A regular lift weights over 150lb. the electric wheelchair is 340 lb. WE are looking at > 500 lb. The BRUNO ASL 700 with the wheelchair adds no weight to your little car ie. Toyota Camry, Search for BRUNO ASL 700 there is a YOUTUBE video on line. THEn go to

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Ash - 10 d 20 h ago


I had ordered three DOUBLE cheeseburgers and I was given single bacon cheeseburgers. The employees gave no receipt, and this is like the fourth time in a row. Because of these people I can't even take the survey. This was in the Heath,Ohio location. Receipts would be nice..

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Monica Morgan - 12 d 22 h ago


My husband went in and bought a vanilla shake at Burger King in Whitesboro New York today. He went there because he was having a bad day. He got into a minor accident at work and was asked to go home. Well we only have one car and I was at work unable to get him he went to Burger King to hang out. He was asked by five different employees how his Shake was in a way that made him feel so uncomfortable he left. It was pouring rain outside and the closest place he had to go what is a 30 minute walk at least to my mother's house which he doesn't have a key for. The poor man called me in tears. He is a veteran that served in the first Gulf War a Marine. This man does not cry often. So my poor husband has to sit there soaking wet waiting for me to go get him. I spoke with the manager at the Burger King in Whitesboro. He said he had no knowledge of what I was speaking of and I must have the wrong restaurant. There is only one Burger King in Whitesboro New York. Words cannot express how my heart is breaking for my husband right now. So thanks a million. I will never ever go to a Burger King again

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Bunch of thieves? - 12 d 4 h ago


Visited the Burger King in Duluth Georgia and placed a drive through breakfast order. When I got to the window, I was handed a bag with the sandwich, but no OJ after I had paid for the meal. I was told they were out of OJ. I asked for a refund and the clerk walked off with my credit card out of sight for several minutes and ignored my attempts to get their attention. When they came back, I demanded to see the manager and was told the clerk was the manager (their badge didn't say they were manager). Since the person at the window was about 19 years old, I doubted this was true. In the past, walking out of sight with a customer's credit card is a good way to steal the card number. The restaurant was dishonest in not informing me when I placed the order that they didn't have OJ, and just hoped I'd drive off and not notice. Last time I visit a Burger Krud restaurant.

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burger king in 2200 bartow ave. co-op city,bronx,ny,10475.. - 13 d 19 h ago

0 to the counter taking orders...from customer..

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David - 14 d ago


Got my order wrong again!!! I don't know why we keep going back! Ordered 2 sandwiches to go and when we opened them up the were wrong! 2 sandwiches, that was it. I tried calling them and no one would answer. I'm done!David

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Anonymous - 14 d ago


Dear friends you know I live up north now I used to live down South for 30 some years I move up north and it's pretty sad going to Burger King you only see very few people that work and they're very rude and they cuss and they don't care about their employees as well you have one ploidy that have to be swing around to place to place to Burger King's and some of them are even close because they don't have enough help up north there is so many jobs up here it's pretty sad down south you have people that work and care about you and you have more than one person running the shift and not being so rude and cussing up a storm telling about their life story and today is Mother's Day and that's what I really need to hear I only eat out on the weekends because I work all week really hard me and my husband there's so many people and older people do not need to hear that rudeness of people's problems everybody has problems you know well I just thought I'd let y'all know what's going on and all this is up north of South Bend and Elkhart in between that area there's very few Burger King's up here

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Anonymous - 14 d 19 h ago


Dear Friends,

Recently, while visiting Bovaria, my boyfriend and I stopped at Burger King for dinner. We left happy and satisfied as the crew was very friendly and our food was great. Later, after traveling about an hour and a half to our next destination I realized I left my wallet on the seat beside me. We knew we had to go back but couldn't quite find our way. Eventually, we got there at approximately 11:30 PM. I was very worried my wallet would be gone but they had it!! I offered a cash reward but they refused. Please share this with the awesome crew at your Landsberg location. I don't have the street name but the Street number is 14743.

Forever grateful,

Rebecca Camey

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Lori - 14 d 18 h ago

@ Anonymous ,

You would have had a different story if you had that happened in the US.

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Andrea Holmes - 15 d 3 h ago


I'm just leaving BK.

I had a complaint about the food I recieved last night for herc.

Being a special needs mom is hard enough so when I recieve hard chicken fries and cold French frys after working a 62 hour week it pissed me off.

This isn't the first time.

The biggest thing was hercs meltdown!

This manager really didn't care.

Wanted to give me free food in place of a resolution!

Then said she needed a reciept....I BROUGHT THE FOOD BACK IN THE FRICKEN BAG!

I'm just going up call corporate I guess.

The free whatever isn't the issue here.

The insensitivity to special needs has me HOT!

I stop here 2times a day!

My kid has Cerebral palsy and a gtube. This is the only food he'll eat!

I beyond upset!

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Anonymous - 19 d 31 m ago


Burger king In newark ohio sucks

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Torres - 18 d 20 h ago

It's every where one goes. Burger King sucks big time. Need to change their name to Buger King.

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Anonymous - 16 d ago


They all stink.

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