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Burger King Worldwide Inc

5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.
Miami, FL
Bernardo Hees
CEO and Director
(305) 378-3000
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Gary Bentley - 1 h ago


i Stopped at a Burger King at a rest stop in Tipton River in Ohio on Sepr 23 2019. Very nice building...i walked up to the Burger King Resturant it was 10:10am est...I was 5th inn line.. They only had 2 workers there that i could see the young gentleman taking AND processing orders and a young lady preparing them. The people ahead had a few large orfers. It was finally my turn and as i asked for breakfast number one...which was a crossaint with sausage ..egg and hash rounds....the sign changed to dinner menu. i told the young man that id like a breakfsat sandwhcih at which time he stated they have run out of hash rounds and sausage. i had asked for a manger which a lady came out from an office...She asked me what was wrong i the stated that I had been inn line sine 10;10 and finally got to the front and have been told that they were out of food. she then proceesed to talk over me which irrated me a bit. i then told her if she would stop yipping her mouth and nstop talking and listen to the customer.....i then said she had poor managerial skills as there were alot of people waiting (at this time there were aprox 12 waiting in line) and she had no help and no food this time she turned and left.....I was irate at that time will NEVER stop into that Burger King again....VERY VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM THE MANAGER WHO IS IN CHARGE OF THE STORE!!!!!!

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derrick j jeffries - 4 d 14 h ago


I am a senior and asked for a senior discount that is 10 percent off I was told that they dont do this then why is burger king any different from any other fast food establishmen that i was refused the service and this burger king is located in east orange, new jersey. i will feed this info to the media you want news then i am the one the owner of the franchise does not honer any of this and i think this is unfair to senios i am 60 yrs old and i am blessed that i made it this far but not to be treated this way. my name is derrick jeffries and i will be talking to some powerful politicians and local and national media about this and not all burger kings honor anything this is unfair......

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Good afternoon, I went to the burger king in Lawrenceville, GA and I ordered through drive thru. I ordered the 2 for $6 whoppers with no onions, pickles or tomatoes cut in half with bacon. When your manager in drive thru rang up the order, what I ordered wasn't on the screen it was just the 2 whoppers for $6 and the screen didn't show the special order. I then asked the lady did she have my order and she said she did. When I got to the window she asked me if I ordered two veggie whoppers. I gasped and said NO, I asked you at the order screen if you had my order and you told me yes so I asked her again if she had the right order. Well, when I got my order, I went to check it and as soon as I opened one flap or one side of the wrapper lettuce fell into my lap and down the side of the driver's seat. Your manager, an African American female with dreds, stout and short became rude before I could even say or ask why the sandwich didn't have the extra wrap so this wouldn't have happened, she was all over me with her attitude and when I clapped back to ask her to redo it again she walked away from the window and she had another young girl come to the window. The 2nd asked me about my problem and wanted me to pull away from the window. I told her to have her manager come back and I gave back the food asked for my money and when I saw that my money was back on my card, I left. This is not the first run in with this particular manager and she's always rude. I had just finished my infusion for lupus and cipd and all I had a taste for was my special whopper, and it was ruined because your manager is always in a bad mood. I refused to have my order redone because of the previous run ins with her. I was at the burger king off grayson highway. Store #6427, 445 Grayson Highway in Lawrenceville, GA 30045. I don't care to ever see that lady again. No one wants aggravation like that after having an infusion for pain!!! You just want to eat and lay down!!! I love burger king, grew up on it every Friday as a young girl and I gasp every time I see that lady and I go someplace else to eat. I took a chance again, hoping that I could get my special whopper from this particular bk and again I was leaving hungry yet again.

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ricardo - 5 d 13 h ago


BK# 13260

I do went to the drive thru and one of you workers was having a really bad attitude that I will no be able to talk to me people with a bad attitude on work in a public place like that and also she do not have manners at all here name is cole

9/18/2018 8:58pm check:30236

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Linda Holder - 6 d 12 s ago


I want to commend a Burger King manager, Megan at #2798 in Easley, SC. I was eating breakfast there August 20 at about eleven am when a customer wanted a deal she got at her own local BK. The girl at the counter, whose name I did not get, was very polite in informing the customer that this BK did not offer that deal. It was her BK that did and not all BK's offered the same deals. She apologized. That did not satisfy the customer who asked for the manager on duty; that was Megan. And although Megan politely explained the same thing, the elderly lady kept telling them HER Burger King did. Miss Megan then politely gave her what she wanted. I think she should be commended for her hospitality...I hope corporate will do so.

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k - 11 d ago


I k went to burger king margate on 9/12 at 12am and after beeping my horn 10 times with no answer and I could see an associate, I then proceeded to the check out window and beeped my horn for another 10 times and I could see the associate hiding and she seen me, I then used my umbrella to tap on the window and finally she answered and refused service, I asked her for her name and said I would file a complaint and she walked away

The next morning I spoke with manager Jennifer and filed another complaint

Later that afternoon I filed another complaint with awa at Corporate headquarters, at this point i have heard nothing

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Concern customers - 7 d 14 h ago

Go viral and blast them take recordings like I did and have everyone share because I just posted and if it dont get taking care of and I hear from any other employees that they are getting harassed like the employees have said crystal and terry and kim are harassing the same after shelly was already told I will put all videos viral and how they act tards their employees and customers that because people have no problem going somewhere else to eat.hoping corporate does whats right

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Adwells - 7 d 17 h ago


On 9/16 from 5:30pm-5:48pm I had to wait in line for 15 minutes because the manager and his or her employees had a car with their friends waiting on 2 big bags of free food. The car never pulled up to the speaker nor the window, and was blocking the drive thru until the worker in the window waved for them to get the bags of food. When I questioned the girl at the window she didn't deny it, but also told me that it's the cooks and managers friends not hers(even though she handed them the bag) . Not only is this horrible customer service, but your franchise basically has a manager and employees that's stealing. If your inventory is coming up short or your losing more money than usual, I suggest you check to see who worked that day around that time because of course she wouldn't give me her name, the manager wouldn't come to the window, and she slammed the window in my face. I will no longer patronize burger king.

18021 Kelly Rd


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Concerned customers - 7 d 15 h ago

Bay city is terrible to they dog the employees and I've went here for years and the management can't keep no one they keep walking out .and the ones they have they treat terrible even customers walk out they built a new tree house playland to bring more people but they need new mangement not a new playland and when is grilled burgers fried sick you won't believe the recording me and to other customers took and it's sad when the management smells like weed if you do it do it at home and keep the attitudes at home to I read the management name tag that had the strong smell of weed kim and her attitude is so rude especially when you hear it through the whole place don't corporate watch their videos they kerp it up no one will eat there no more smh

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Concerned customers - 7 d 15 h ago

Yes their bay city. Michigan mangers I been in there more than 5 times when their managers have talk to their employees like they were dogs I've also been witness to people walking out because of the way kim and crystal talk to them I've called corporate and was at the counter when I heard them say to hurry up and fry the burgers when did grill burgers became fried I also have recordings of them talking to employees very very undermeaning .I asked an employee when they were leaving if they talked to corporate or direct manger shelly they said yes they have been treat worse they are losing business because customers can hear them in the front.the way they treat people I know over 8 people that have in just a few months they weren't even letting employees watch the videos and because one of the employees said something to shelly his hours were cut and others quit because of not being trained because they didn't see video someone needs investigate all the employees will tell you the same if they don't quit first

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Phyllis Alexander - 7 d 17 h ago


We had to wait 20 minutes items to get food. Terrible service. Not the first time.employees are more intimate talking also short staffed. Burger king 2106 101 north DuPont highway New Castle Delaware. Time 529. Cashier was %f

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Susan hixon - 7 d 19 h ago


Awful service - actually no service to sunday sept 16 2018. I ordered 2 double hamburgers. I waited in que 20 minures. Got out of drivethrough line and went inside and the rude saidvsorry we only have 2 people running this ehole building.

Ok. I left. No service. Just rude with 7 cars in que. Exact money only or cards. Inside frustrated people in line.

Just thought id share that

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Fredrick Johnson - 8 d 24 m ago


I was at Burger King in Paul Mira Pennsylvania today and the service was very lousy want to park in the drive-through for a few burgers and there was no one even behind us. This happens to me all the time at that Burger King I told her I was not parking just give me a refund and she allowed to say and I need to learn some manners and then refunded me three dollars on a $46 bill so I went back in and told her she had to fix it and you continue to be asinine

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Anonymous - 8 d 10 h ago


The people where very rude and the food was cold

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Kelly - 8 d 18 h ago


Your store at 1800 brookpark rd has the worst service..I will never return.

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Gary - 9 d ago


Our Burger King is on fry road in Katy TX 77449. I have noticed they are all Mexicans employees, the cashiers don't understand English because my order is always wrong when I get home.

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Bonnie - 9 d ago


I recently visited a BK in Raleigh, NC. We went there for a meal and had the word service they I have ever seen. We went inside and each of our party ordered what they wanted and I was first and then the other 3 people ordered theirs. Then we had to wait it seemed like they had to go kill the chicken and prepare it. I was the last to get my order and the cajin chicken sandwich was completely cooked black. Everybody in our party had something wrong with their order while the employee was walking around acting as if they were lost. We have younger people in Monroe, NC working at BK that acts and wears the unoform better than these young men at the one we visited. All and all the service was extremely lousy. I might have understood better if they had a lot of customers, but we were the only ones for a short period. Since there isn't an address on the receipt, I can give the telephone number, it is as follows (hidden). The store number is 8513.

General profile image - 9 d 5 h ago

Dear Burger King Management and staff!

My name is Davit, I am writing to you from Yerevan, Armenia. Since I had a very good and positive opinion of your company as a competent, responsible and occupied with professional staff.

I always had a desire to work in a company which is as world known as you are. Several days ago, I saw a statement for a director's position announced by your company. I sent my resume and received the interview invitation.

The interviewers were Inga and Karine. What about my work experience, I have long year experience in management of restaurant and hotel. Since this moment, I had worked as a director in electronic and computer market. The interview passed in a very warm atmosphere and I was told that in your company ones should pass a probation period in cash desk, kitchen, and then pass examination for the position of manager or director. I liked the policity of your company. As for me, it is more liberal and professional approach from your side. So I asked the ladies when I could get start working and the answer was "Just Now". But, as I have already mentioned, at that moment I was working as a director in another company. I asked the ladies to give me a time to decide. They agreed with me and gave to me Karine's mobile number.

After one day thinking over it and discussing it with my wife, I decided to pass the way, which was taking me to the director's position. I warned my current company that I leave my job and passed the medical examination that was payment. I called Karine to ask my further steps but her phone number was unreachable for four days. I felt my first disappointment as I had already lost my current job. On the 30 of August I went to one of your branches in Yerevan and the branch director told me that Karine didn't work yet and gave me the telephone number of Inga. I called Inga, introduced myself and she said that she was busy at that time and would call me back later. Some hours later I called her back , she switched the telephone and since today I wait for her call.

Dear Burger King Management and staff being not USA citizen and being too far from your country have its negative points. But I like my country and I want to preserve the moral norms, working ethics and high sense of responsibility. I am very amazed that how the person who has a high position in a company can be such irresponsible and no professional. I would write this letter to the local office but I am sure that my letter will be lost and never get its proper answer. So I hope your soonest reply and cooperation and hope this situation is misunderstanding and has no connection with the high reputation of your company.

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Yvonne Michelle Autry - 9 d 17 h ago


I have a complaint against one of your employees The name that she gave me was Rosa! She was a young Spanish woman! Yesterday! Sepyember 13, 2018! This woman made me wait 5-10 minutes before she asked me just what I wanted to order! I had been standing at the counter for approximately 5-10 minutes! Then she finally asked me if I wanted to order! It was NOT BUSY at that time! It was NOT A BUSY TIME! IT WAS NOT BUSY AT ALL! As a matter of fact, no one else was there waiting to order; just me! I am a young Black - African American female! So! I do believe that this issue / occurance was racially motivated! The employee was Hispanic! As a matter of fact! ALL of the employees are Hispsnic! This particular BURGER KING is in an ALL BLACK neighborhood! WHY AREN"T THERE BLACK EMPLOYEES IN AN ALL BLACK (or prodominantly Black neighborhood)? THIS IS DISCRIMINATION! THIS CONSTITUTES DISCRIMINATION! F.Y.I. Just after I had been served and after I had sat down with my food; some white tourist customers walked in! They obvioisly were tourists! They did NOT know how or why that they had found themselves in an ALL BLACK NEIGHBORHOOD after dark! lol! B.T.W.The white patrons were ASSISTED IMMEDIATELY! And I do mean IMMEDIATELY! I could NOT believe my eyes! The Hispanic cashier RUSHED to assist them! This CLEARLY SIGNIFIES ,REVEALS & IS INDICATIVE OF VERY DEEPLY INGRAINED & MORE DEEPLY INDOCTRINATED WHITE SUPREMACY! AGAIN! WHY AREN'T THERE BLACK EMPLOYEES WORKING AT THAT BURGER KING IN THAT PREDOMINANTLY BLACK NEIGHBORHOOD? For this; for each & every record! I was CLEAN! I was WELL dressed! Maybe too WELL dressed! Perhaps SHE WAS JEALOUS! WHITE, JEWS & HISPANICS ARE DISCRIMINATING AGAINST BLACK PEOPLE MORE! THEY WANT AN ALL WHITE SOCIETY! Well! What ever the reason! I am bringing this CASE OF RACIAL DISCRIMINATION TO YOUR ATTENTION! I usually eat at either SUBWAY or CARL Jr's! Their service is ALWAYS FAST! ALWAYS PROFESSIONAL! No matter how that they feel about you! They are ALWAYS professional! I just happen to like BURGER KING's ONION RINGS! Unfortunately! Because of yesterdays, BLATANT DISREPECT & RACIAL DISCRIMINATION; I THINK THAT I WILL NO LONGER CHOOSE TO DINE @ BURGER KING! NEVER! NO! NOT AT ALL! NOT ONLY THAT! I WILL DISCOURAGE ALL OF MY FRIENDS & FAMILY FROM PATRONIZING BURGER KING FURTHER! DISRESPECT / DISCRIMINATION WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! 0 TOLERANCE FOR DISRESPECT! 0 TOLERANCE FOR DISCRIMINATION!

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ken - 11 d ago


I ken Middler went to burger king margate on 9/12 at 12am and after beeping my horn 10 times with no answer and I could see an associate, I then proceeded to the check out window and beeped my horn for another 10 times and I could see the associate hiding and she seen me, I then used my umbrella to tap on the window and finally she answered and refused service, I asked her for her name and said I would file a complaint and she walked away

The next morning I spoke with manager Jennifer and filed another complaint

Later that afternoon I filed another complaint with awa at Corporate headquarters, at this point i have heard nothing

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Grubhub Driver - 11 d 14 h ago


8801 staples mills rd burger king service is terrible im a grubhub driver and you tell me that your customers and driver thur come before grubhub the closing manager at this location 9:12pm sept 12, 2018 is not a good i have to wait 20 mins just to get my order after driving 15 mins to the restaurant and being talked to rude i dont think i would ever buy food from this restaurant in the future. Grubhub are your customers to

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Mrs Snyder - 12 d 37 m ago

You store in new Martinsville Wv is very rude . We know for a fact that you server hamburgers for breakfast because two weeks ago me and my husband were in there around 9:00 in the morning and got burgers . You manger refused to sell us the burgers as he said and I quote I have worked here for a year and a half and I have never serves hamburgers for breakfast . Me and my husband think you might want to have a conversation with your manager Rob at the new Martinsville store . Thank you for your time . Mrs snyder

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Never Again - 12 d 16 h ago


Went to the 1333 Hingham St, Rockland, MA 02370 location at lunch on 9/11/18. Service has been progressively getting worse. Today the full line of people waiting to order were waiting to be told that they would not have their orders taken once it was translated into English, about 5 mints later while we waited for service. The reason... they were too busy and the cooks were too slow. We all looked at each other for a moment, then the group of us left ...amazed. I had never imagined that a fast food place would turn customers away at lunchtime, due to lack of competence?? Honestly, Mac Donald has a new lifetime customer!

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Rooster Cogburn - 13 d 18 h ago


I left my keys on the counter while counting my change at Burger King in Irving, TX. I tried 2 call them up, but the # wouldn,t ring. I tried to get their # from another nearby off the website because #s listed didn't work. THAT # didn't work BUT a nice lady TOLD me their #, not the same. No answer there. I finally tried to get through to B.K. in Houston for a #, but the number listed on their webpage was "NOT A WORKING #.", I tried corporate in FLA, off their website, & IT ACTUALLY RANG. IT rang 39 times & disconnected. Repeated attempts gave the same results. UNLESS YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO WORKS THERE, DON'T BOTHER GOING BY. Apparently their automation is on strike w/everything & everyone else, bottom to top.

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Glenn D - 15 d 11 h ago


My kids and I eat out a great deal. They like Burger King the best, but the service is lousy at both Bossier City, LA locations or they are out of something each time. Tonight, I drove 15 miles to the Burger King #9066 in Bossier City, LA. I wanted to place an order for five people. I attempted to place an order and found out that they were out of tea for the third time. I wish people would understand that some individuals can't drink sweetened drinks or carbonated drink and that they also get tired of drinking water. I canceled my order and went to the nearest other Burger King in Bossier #10739. This is a 24 hr BK. I started my order. They were out of Sprite for my son and had no tea. I canceled this order and ordered just two fries and two chicken sandwiches. I had to wait over 10 minutes. I got my order and left. After getting down the road, I discovered that they did not leave off the lettuce and mayonnaise like I requested.

I headed back home and went back past the first BK #9066 in Bossier that stopped at earlier. I did not order everything I intended, bu ordered two whoppers, two fries, and an order of chicken tenders.

I left both locations disgusted and head home. I didn't order for myself because I was so aggravated.

Customer service sucks today. Workers take no pride in their job anymore. Even CEO only care to rake in the profits. They could care less about the customers who pays their salary.

I'm sure I will not get a response from this website. I intend to video my future experiences and show Facebook watchers how lousy service is at these locations.

It is now worth going out in the rain and Friday night traffic for some poor service and taking the chance of getting hit by a drunk driver or teenage driver.

To the CEO that reads this. Bottled sweet and unsweet tea is a menu option to give customers.

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