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Burger King Worldwide Inc

5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.
Miami, FL
Bernardo Hees
CEO and Director
(305) 378-3000
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Stacey - 2 h ago


Burlington NC - Tiki Lane 27215 - location -

Absolutely pathetic. I have tried and tried again to give them a chance to better their drive thru service. I swear it seems to be getting worse. If you are in the drive thru line and cars come behind you - are STUCK and for a long long time. There are times when you pull up at the window to get your food and they tell you to back up so that it resets their timer. Last night there was a car backed up waiting for them to wave them up to give them their food. When it was my turn and three cars behind me, we were all told to drive around to the front and they would bring our food around to us. Since when does a fast food drive thru consistently have to bring the food around to you? Apparently on a regular basis at this burger king location. All I ordered was 1 cheeseburger and 1 french fry and it took over 15 mins from start to finish. Sadly, it is just as slow if you go inside to order. The art of a "fast food restaurant" needs to be retrained in the employees of this location. It seems like they need to spend two weeks in hard core training of staff and re-open with a class, style, speed, cleanliness and a desire to be a valued restaurant in town. I will no longer visit this location. They can not get their act together. It is really strange how I have seen the steady decline in service at this location. They are located in a prime spot that is known to be a very nice area, but they are now becoming known as the dumpiest fast food place in this area.

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Tammy - 1 d ago


Went to Burger King the other day.. Sat in the parking lot to put in the mobile order to get the 2 free kids meals.

Once we put everything thru including my husbands and my order.. We paid via the app.. Only to get a message that our order could not be placed and our money was instantly returned to our debit card. We tried this 6xs through my husbands app and then 3xs through my app. We kept getting the same message for error and our money returned to our debit card. When we went to order at the keyosk as the building is down due to the virus.. We told the woman on the speaker. Her reply was.. "We cant help you.. You have to do it on the app." I told her everything i just told you above. Her reply was.. "Yeah.. We have had some come through that does that.. Bit others are going through with no problem".

I told her.. I could show her the error message as well as our money being placed back into the bank. She told me "no!"

So that day.. My husband went with out a meal.. Only ordering a sandwhich because we had to buy thr kids meals... And my meal. Were both on disability and wanted to treat our kids that have been locked up in the house for weeks now.

What a disgrace!! Really upset!!

That woman could have looked at our proof and fixed our problem but chose not to even care!!

I would have just gone home if it hadnt been for our child having adhd, odd, aspergers etc etc. Bit she was already promised Burger King.

Sincerely a very angry mom.. Wife and customer!!!

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Michelle Hernandez - 1 d 43 s ago


Burger King is withholding my 17 year old sons check. It's been over a week and we just finally got the check but no money on the card. I've tried calling managers and cooperate offices and nothing I guess I have to try the police I don't know what else to due. No one is helping us resolve the problem.

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Nick - 3 d ago


25 March 2020 Drive though young girl did not have protective gloves on as she took my money and returned it.

Location is Lincoln Ne 3810 Old Cheney Rd --- Your commercial shows employees wearing gloves

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Linda Luhdorff - 3 d ago


I'm retired navy and I've been in places where I was stuck with Burger King as my only option and let me tell you I've never had a good meal at any of the Burger Kings I've ever been to, my question is does your management interview it's employees because half of them are clueless as to how to run a restaurant, my worst experience was at Sheppard Air Force base when ordered a hotdog with chili only and fries and a large sweet tea, what I got was a hotdog with only mustard on it and an empty cup, I told them the tea was out and the lady said oh I was in the process of making some just push that button for me and here's the sugar I gave her my hotdog back and said I asked for chili only they scraped off the mustard and added (no exaggeration) a teaspoon of chili and I had to ask for my fries she double checked my receipt before giving them to me which they were cold i trashed my food and I walked out I didn't even try to get my money back my lunch HOUR was over, I went back to work hungry. Honestly if you want more business you need to retrain your employees. my sister in Lawton Oklahoma calls Burger King ( Burger Crack ) she doesn't go there either.

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Bewildered Customer - 10 d 16 h ago


Tacoma, WA Burger King : horrible service both managers on duty were rude as well as inattentive and unprofessional...

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Anonymous - 4 d ago

Tacoma? That narrows it down.

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Jerald Jordan - 4 d ago

I am a new employee at a Philadelphia Burger King at 100 w Erie avenue Philadelphia Pa I am a Muslim man who's seeking employment. After being hired I was told to shave. But in the handbook states if religious beliefs prevents it then I don't have to. And now I'm not being called in for work. I will contact my lawyers for the discrimination.

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Anonymous - 4 d 14 m ago

to shave what? Maybe you should join the Hare Krishna's then, their religion you can't have any hair. and what the fuck? you wanna work at a place the has non Halal certified food.

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Anonymous - 4 d ago

Gots to say nice job on the remodel of the Wauna, Washington restaurant, used to be able to sit at a booth and look outside at the forest, not no more. The windows were removed and brick put in it's place, I axed why, the new owner doesn't want to have to keep the glass clean.

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Angry employee - 4 d 17 h ago


Burger King owned by carrols is cutting their employees wages by 10% along with cutting their hours.

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Amy Crowe - 4 d 19 h ago


Absolutely horrible!! We stopped at the BK at 715 W. Baltimore St., Wilmington, Il. 60481. Ordered food at the drive honey needed to eat in order to take his medication and when he got to the window to pay for his food..the manager Alex Espanoza told him he couldnt break a hundred dollar bill for his food at 11:30am. So we asked what we could do and he said ..cant help you and threw his food in the garbage right there in front of him and proceeded to take the next order! What a horrible manager/employee of your company! We have always been patrons of BK but not anymore after this display of complete disrespect!! Called and talked to the assistant manager and she said there have been many complaints about him but he is a higher up than her...he should be fired immediately! What kind of person does that to a loyal patron and a retired FireFighter of 30 yrs. SICKENING!!!

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Pt - 4 d 20 h ago

Why don't your employees wearing gloves while they're serving food? Especially with this pandemic going on.

Columbus Ohio

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Tina - 5 d ago


I'm writing to inform you of one of your franchises located at OGEECHEE ROAD BEHIND SUN TRUST apparently AS a manager that is a complete ignorant ass! She was not wearing glives as she was preparing foid, upon being asked if she would PLEASE put gloves on..her response was "I don't have to, the VIRUS WON'T AFFECT ME" are you kidding me right now!? You can think all you want but you are compromising the whole frigging town Moran. This needs to be addressed immediately, lives are at stake!! I have a picture as well showing her without gloves.

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Abraham - 5 d ago


I strongly feel this correspondence is necessary My daughter and I went to the Burger King located in Modesto California on the 1200 block. We walked in, the person behind the counter stared, then said " Can I help you?" I stated I want to see the menu she said all of our menu screens are not working but i don't know when they will, is there any thing else? My daughter replied I wanted a burger, chicken and french fries and a coke, I wanted a Whopper, fries and a coke, We were the only people in the establishment. We got our order. The fries were cold as if they had been under a heat lamp, barley worm and dry, my Whopper consisted of a small leaf of lettuce, a small piece of tomato and the same for my daughter, she stated the chicken pieces were also cold and she did not want to eat anymore.I stated I would go and speak with the server but she insisted I did not go and complain stating its' o.k. lets go. I have been by the place several times and have rarely seen any people inside nor autos at the drive in line. THIS PLACE IS IN DIRE NEED OF ATTENTION to say the least. Why do I bother to write? I wonder myself.

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T - 7 d ago

I went through a drive-thru window in St. Clair Shores, MI on the early evening of 3/19/20. The young lady running the window was clearly and visibly upset and stressed out so I asked her about it. She was overwhelmed because she was interacting with people and handling cash in the midst of a pandemic. Solid concern. I appreciate everyone who is doing the difficult job of feeding people during this unprecidented crisis. Please set up your stores so they are only accepting credit and debit cards through the drive-thru. It would be safer for the community and your people deserve a little peace of mind.

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Mary Tomlinson - 7 d 6 h ago


Immokalee store: VERY UNPROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT, rude towards the customers and their employees. To be honest I don't know how they stay staffed. Every single time I go there, there's a "lead" yelling at their employees, or a manager talking down to their leads. They can never get my order right, some employees don't even offer the discounts available to customers! Such a new and beautifully built establishment, but horrible work ethics on the inside!

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D. RICHARDS - 8 d ago


I picked up food at Store #6876 and was asked to move up they would bring the food out. A man gave me the food bags WITHOUT GLOVES, I asked him why he didn't have on gloves he didnt say anything just walked away. Needless to say I am out $17.34 since we won't be eating this food and it was thrown away. I wouldn't dare ask for the food to be replaced no telling what they would do to it. I called and spoke to the Manager Patty, she said he should have been wearing gloves he works in the kitchen maybe didn't know. I said with the Coronavirus its mandatory everyone wears gloves in the restuarant industry. I let her know that I would be contacting the Board of Health. We wonder why virus and diseases are spread because people don't want to follow rules or REQUIREMENTS!!

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Latoya Little - 11 d 16 h ago

I was a hard worker at BK in Albemarle NC.Only miss one day in almost 2years I was fired because I stood up to my manager because I was tired of been discrimation and harshment.Who will stand up for me now.

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Ellen Harbaugh - 12 d 31 m ago

At the Deforest Wisconsin Burger King Sunday March 15

About 12:30 pm

The employee waiting on us was very nice. received our food quickly

Fries were hot good food

As I was sitting at a booth faced toward service counter the male employee "wearing gloves" proceeded to wipe around his nose with his fingers, then took off his glasses and went on to wipe his full face around his eyes with his hands ... gloves on. Not sure if this is something he does without realizing how bad this can be in these current times or even 6 months ago.

Someone needs to remind employees working in the food service business that this is so wrong on so many levels. This is the same person that waited on us.

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Disappointed customer - 13 d 46 s ago


3/15/20 We just left the Burger King in Rockledge Florida. We were in the drive thru and ordered a kids meal and on the screen it indicated there was a 70 cents extra charge. We asked what the 70 cents was for and the lady did not know. We drove to the window and asked for the manager to explain what the 70 cents extra charge was. When the manager came to the window he seemed annoyed we had a question. We asked what the 70 cents was for and he said he didn't know it was just there. We asked if they were going to remove it since we didn't order anything special and he said no it was on the screen. We said but he couldn't tell us what the extra charge was for. He said it's just 70 cents and if we want the order we have to pay the 70 cents. We asked for his name and the managers name and he then said "it's just 70 cents so pay it or don't get the food". We pulled away and left the food and went to McDonald's. It was extremely frustrating and unacceptable!

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Customer - 13 d 19 h ago

Burger King, in Mt.Carmel, IL is the most filthiest restaurant I ever seen, I only see 2 employees cleaning while 6 stands around doing nothing.

Maintenance person doesn't even clean.

Need to get rid of lazy management.

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branden walters - 15 d 24 h ago

In Nebraska city NE i know an employee that does not wear gloves i have contacted corporate and they dont care that this woman has cuts on her fingers and has hep c that dont make gher wear gloves because she is allergic to them and i live rite across the street from burger king and see her still there serving food w no gloves

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Deanna - 17 d ago


Burger King on Broadway in menands ny , has an employee named Jen, she should not be allowed to wait on customers, extremely rude, she all but threw my food at me and my change. On more occasion she has been rude. Why do we have to deal with such incompetence.

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Charles amith - 17 d 11 h ago


My name Charles smith that manger you have on cortez buger king is the worst manager i ever seen i think her name is crystal she rude an loud an cant control her shift i need to talk to manager about i will never go there again

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