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Burger King Worldwide Inc

5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.
Miami, FL
Bernardo Hees
CEO and Director
(305) 378-3000
Twitter IDs
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AH - 3 h 9 m ago


I have an ole man that loves whoppers. I go to Burger King on Buena Vista Road in Columbus, Georgia almost everyday that I have a coupon for the whopper meal. That restaurant is convenient, however it has the nastiest parking lots of any restaurant on Buena Vista Road. If it wasn't for the fact that he loves whoppers, I would not spend my money with Burger King, PERIOD!!! I posted the pictures on Burger King Facebook. Check the pictures out for yourself.

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LU - 4 h 36 m ago


I went to Burger King # 7129 Lancaster, CA and I spent $50.00 for 4 meals. First they charged my card twice and then had to reverse one of the charges and then they short me a whopper with cheese. I live to far away to drive back to get my missing burger. I won't be going back to that restaurant any time soon!

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Je - 3 d 4 h ago


Went to the Burger King on Boyotan plank road in Dinwiddie Virginia - not one worker was wearing a mask or gloves - so much for the commercial that shows BK caring about the customers

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Robert - 4 d 6 h ago


im glad that my race affects how i am treated at Burger NOT so king

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Larontae - 6 d 20 h ago


I was waiting for help at the drive thru at burger king on Ann and Simmons in Las Vegas Nev. The close the store 15 minutes early. I was on the phone with my wife. Drove up to the window waited 5 more minutes and the manager came from back hiding with a smile saying that they were closed. I said I was at the drive thru for 15 minutes waiting because I just got off work at Albertsons and was hungry. Then he said the fryers and grill are off. I looked at my phone and it was 11:52 please hire employees that want to work and make your business successful.

Hungry and unsatisfied customer

Larontae Glasper


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Joe57 - 7 d 4 h ago

Why can't they serve breakfast meals all day. Some people work pm shifts. And have to have Hamburger s for Breakfast. Other fastfood restaurants do all day long. ?

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Nikki L - 8 d 42 m ago

I'm interested in the ingredients in the new impossible burger and other meatless offerings. Do these contain soy? Is it GMO and /or pesticide levels. A great deal of soy has both excessively high estrogen levels and one of the highest pesticide loads of all foods. Neither are healthy.

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Anonymous - 10 d 8 h ago


?? Does corporate even read these comments/complaints so thy can hv better customer service n stay open??!!

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Anonymous - 10 d 8 h ago


I went to ur branch #13132 very disappointed. I gv cashier $ bill was 10.47. He gv me $10 bck. Before I can tell him I gv him only .27 cents he tells I owe him $.25 I told him I gv him $20.22 so I can get change bck. He had me digging in my purse for .25 n my order was incomplete ..missing a croissant. So 1 of my boys didn't get his food! Cashier shld always chk how much customer pays before giving change! He was rude n nobody at this place knew their math cuz thy all insisted I owe .25 cents when I gv him $20.22!! Teach your employees elementary math...retraining is a must at this place n a little courtesy to ur customers!

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BK hater now - 10 d 11 h ago


You should be ashamed BK!! Police officers visited a BK in Valdosta, GA and BK wouldn't serve them! That is awful!!!!!

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Anonymous SD Customer - 13 d 7 h ago


This Burger King is located in Aberdeen South Dakota, to start out with we find it really strange how this Burger King is always out of certain food products like the Original Chicken Sandwich's perhaps if the Burger King in Aberdeen South Dakota cannot keep food in stock which they have a truck deliver to them weekly than maybe Burger King in Aberdeen South Dakota needs to close its doors for good we cannot count the times that we have came thru the drive thru and order and then get up to the window to pay and be told "Oh we are out of that right now" or be told be really carefull the fries just came out of the fryer I don't know what planet they are on but normally then they should be really hot these were barely luck warm. With the Covid 19 Virus going around and most fast food places need customers Burger King in Aberdeen SD sure is doing an terrible job of providing good quality hot food when or if its available to its customers. Perhaps they need a complete new crew from top to bottom. I do not and will not suggest Burger King .

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Anonymous - 16 d 12 h ago

I live in Central Point Oregon and there's a Burger King there that I go to to buy breakfast for my crew every morning you have two people that are working here it takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to get breakfast this is absolutely ridiculous I run a gas station and it doesn't take this long for any of my customers to get anything I've never seen anything take so long and there's (hidden)

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M - 23 d 10 h ago


I have been working for your establishment for a minute now my checks are incorrect my hours are messed up and they work me like it's no tomorrow I am on the level of quitting I hate that this establishment I do unprofessional

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Tammy - 25 d 4 h ago


I went to the drive up window to order my food. I asked for the receipt showing the exact amount I was paying. I went through my bag to confirm and I didn't get it. I didn't like the customer service so I called the Burger King Corporate on May 27, 2020 and Jun 5, 2020 to make a complaint and they said someone will call me, but it never happened. The location that I went to was closer to my home and the people there are not very friendly or don't have good customer service as I told corporate office that.

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Kathy Brown - 26 d 7 h ago


Could you please send someone knowledgeable on what all food items are supposed to be included on the Eggnormous breakfast burrito before pawning it off on their Drive thru customers at your restaurant on Blichton in Ocala, FL at the Eggnormous burrito price. Strike 2.

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J - 27 d 7 h ago


Been working for one of your restaurants in california. The management is terrible and their excuses to not help when I brought up a problem with another coworker only made things worse. I would appreciate if someone looked into the place so they can see that they aren't treating their employees correctly

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Achilles14All - 27 d 9 h ago

On the go, I eat a lot of fast-food. Not saying I'm an expert but I have tried them all Wendys, McDonalds, Hardees, even Long John Silvers. Here's my complaint. Picking up my order in the drive-thru at your Franklin, New Jersey restaurant none of the employees in the drive-thru had sanitary masks on. NONE which is dangerous in the pandemic. The service was so slow you think they were grinding the meat up in the back of the store. The line was long, the wait to get my food was longer. When I did get to the window, the person in charge, believe here name tag said Andrea, acted like I was inconveniencing her. She acted like a female HITLER. I got short-changed but was running so far behind to my 1:00 PM meeting I didn't go to the trouble of driving thru again. Burger King it's your sign out front. You people should take more pride in the people you hire in your stores be they owned by the company or a franchisee. What a horrible experience. Don't you train your store management to be professional?That's all I have to say.

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Undervalued Customer - 28 d ago


I received a chocolate milkshake delivered by door dash and the cup was completely exposed. The Blue Bell, PA store sent my drink in a cup with the huge hole the use to mix the shake. And then left the drink outside on my front step exposed to more elements including flies etc. In the current conditions we need to be more careful of the food ordered and pay close attention to seals

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Jeff - 29 d 6 h ago


Burger King here's a thought try to at least hire people that can read and understand simple English. I don't mean because ones I've delt with here are. One English people but when you have to repeat yourself over and over at the menu board for a simple order and you get to the window and have to explain it all over again more than once and still when you get home the dam. Thing is completely wrong. You built a new store here last year why spend the money if you can't get competent people to work there . It's absolutely ridiculously they can't get a damn food order right . And I got no receipt no ice in my drinks so they were barley cold last time for me tired of them wanting higher pay when they can't even do a simple damn order . I blame that on you it's your job to hire competent people and train who you have and have basic standards of business

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Anonymous - 29 d 6 h ago



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Anonymous D - 29 d 7 h ago


BURGER KING HAS EXTREMELY GONE DOWN!!!! What is the problem?! I know they cannot control how many people apply; but Burger King CAN CONTROL their SERVICE and QUALITY!! I have 4 Burger Kings close to my home; AND ONLY ONE IS OPEN!!! This has been going on for OVER A MONTH!!! What is the issue!! Other things have opened back up; so why not these stores? It took me OVER AN HOUR JUST TO LOCATE the open Burger King and order my food; WHICH WAS WRONG WHEN I GOT IT!! If you are going to keep the stores closed, THEN COVER THE SIGNS SO NOBODY PULLS IN THEM!!! IT IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!! IT WILL BE A LONG TIME BEFORE I RETURN; IF EVER!!! BURGER KING, YOU NEED TO STEP YOUR GAME UP!!!! Hell, if I order on the Uber App; where the hell are they going to get it from?? MARS!! All the stores are CLOSED!! Either open them back up or COVER THE SIGNS TO SHOW THEY ARE CLOSED!!! I am a HIGHLY UPSET customer, and VERY DISAPPOINTED in Burger King!!!!!! :(

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Redd - 30 d 4 h ago


The Burger King off of slide here in Lubbock is absolutely terrible. They have rude employees that haven't the slightest clue what customer service is, they ask you to pull up from the drive thru and give you hours old food instead of making it fresh and the only time I asked them

To remake my cold stale chicken fries I was told they just made them, the fact that I almost broke a tooth clearly states otherwise. I've tried calling corporate 100 times on this store and I guess because of the number of awful reviews received they no longer allow voicemail and no one is ever in the office so maybe this 100% honest review will get their attention.

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lynn cifka - 30 d 11 h ago


i live in traverse city mi and was looking to place an order through grub hub, but noticed the stores are closed, although on their web sites they say they are available as is delivery, so which is it i am confused! sometimes i just have to have a whopper, i ordered about a week ago, if they are open on certain days what days are they available? i just need those questions answered

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Anonymous - 31 d 3 h ago


Please improve your marketing plan

The stone face king is just scary looking!

Your food is great! Please improve your marketing!!

Please evaluate your teams in the Athens area

It's not the food that's hurting your business

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John - 31 d 11 h ago


I was a customer at a Burger King location in Sparta New Jersey. And was given the completely wrong order. The worker was completely rude and stunk of marijuana when they opened the Drive through window. They will not make good on the order or reimburse me my money. $30. I've called customer service over and over with no response back.

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