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Burger King Worldwide Inc

5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.
Miami, FL
Bernardo Hees
CEO and Director
(305) 378-3000
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Anonymous - 20 h ago

On Jan.18th, 2020 Iam at the drive thur from 6:09 it now 6:15. Still waiting and haven't moved. This Burger King is in Oroville, Ca. I dont know what going on but theu need to step it up. Now its 6:21 still havent moved. They are aways like this bad busness.

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Andrea - 1 d 2 h ago


I stopped by the BK at 16878 Foothill Blvd. Fontana and went through the drive thru for the kids since they really wanted burgers. I ordered 2 burgers with their choice of toppings which were simple (2 items) each and BOTH burgers were made wrong. I had to go inside to have them fixed or the kids would not eat them with items they don't like. I don't like to complain but it was dark and cold outside and the 3 yr. old was sleeping so the kids had to be left in the car while I went inside. Then I had to wait until the outside orders were finished.

This was a total inconvenience and all because they couldn't get such a simple order right....definitely makes me question their overall hygiene standards if that lame. No more BK for me.

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Rayray - 2 d 5 h ago

Prescott valley az store I asked for fresh potatoes they were like warm and not cooked all the way.then lies to my face that they just came up then became a snot, yeah I told her were to go. The sand wasn't warm and tasted old you lost my business.

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Anonymous - 2 d 8 h ago


Yes I'm with Carlos ever so you know we are going to look into this it don't sound right and he was put on suspension without being talk to the other they said he was talk to and he said he was signed some papers he said he didn't sign the papers and when we would put in a two weeks notice he was told that he had to signed to kind of paperwork and saying why he was quitting see this don't sound right he's worked all kinds of places and he's never had to do this before we think this is discrimination and we are going to look into this so as far as we know we're not going to let him go to work on Burger King on Breiel in Middletown Ohio

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Sharon - 3 d 21 h ago


Went to store number10338 in Saline, MI on Michigan Ave. My husband and I placed our order and waited and waited and waited, in the meantime food was flying out the drive thru window and another person who ordered after us had gotten their order, was seated and enjoying their meal. I went up to the counter and asked where our order was, the manager swung around and yelled loudly that ours was coming and that they were filling them in order they received them which was untrue he said they were on number 31 and we were number 50. Now mind you we were the only people inside this restaurant and No WAY was there 19 vehicles in the drive thru when we came in. This manager was RUDE, LOUD AND HIS WHOLE ATTITUDE WAD UNCALLED FOR!!! We have scratched Burger King off our eat out choices FOREVER!!! Good riddance!!

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Randy - 3 d ago

My wife stopped at the Wayland Mi. Burger King tonight and ordered two whoppers in the drive through. When she got home we unwrapped them to find each one had a bun and a burger patty , nothing else . We tried to call the store and the number listed thru google was disconnected! Very disappointed in this location!

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Mr Gagne - 3 d 6 h ago


I was at store #13016 the girl that took our order was great but two other female workers were behind the front couter being loud and using vulger lanquage swearing about beating a bitches ass ect then the manager comes over and just stands there smiling and doing nothing this is not appropriate behavior at a public work place

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Isabel - 3 d 7 h ago


"Card Thief" at Burger King located at 9211 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL. 33612. My card was taken 1/11/2020 and used the same day after a drive thru visit to this location.

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Anonymous - 3 d 18 h ago

I visited the Branch on Lem Turner Rd. Tonight. Located by a Walmart. There where people, " workers" extremely loud. The one that seemed to be in charge, was also not helping. He smelled like alcohol. We Will NOT RETURN

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Anonymous - 3 d 19 h ago


Why dont you just close the Burger King ar 3402 south high st columbus, ohio. In fact why not all of them. Most look like they are abandoned anyway. But the one on south high, always got some problem. Burger king has lost so much money from my family. Every time there is a problem, we will go months without eating at Burger King figuring the time span will give the location the much needed time to pull their head out of their ass. We have had every situation from them and including not having whopper patties on a friday night. How do you not have patties to your signature sandwich?

Tonight was equipment problems. I wanted a double whopper with cheese. My ol lady went to go get it. To get told at 8pm they had problems with equipment and they had 4 whoppers that's it. So she brought me 2 whoppers no cheese, that I of coarse had to get cheese, disassemble your whoppers, put cheese on them, pick off the pickles, onions and the pitiful excuse for lettuce off it. Reassemble into a double whopper using all 4 slices of tomato that when put together still didnt cover the pattie.

So why dont you do the world a favor and just shut down. Your product your using is sub par. Your patties are dried out, the sides like lettuce and tomatoes are an absolute joke. When ever I have gone inside your restaurants they are dirty and let's face it I havent seen a Burger King in the columbus area ever busy enough to warrant the excuse of being dirty. And the outsides look like they have been abandoned for months with tall weeds in the planters. Reader board signs that are poorly lit and sometimes the menu boards not even hung properly. So again since none of your stores seem to be run with any pride, why dont you just shut them down.

Joe Leach

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July Jones - 5 d 5 s ago


I was in a Burger King in Houston on Gessner on southwest side of town brought in a coupon for a free chicken sandwich they told me to open up the app open up the app it's nowhere to put the code in no one help me there they told me no one knew how to do it there and I usually don't take the coupons so why would you offer a coupon and no one knows how to except the coupon worst service ever . The last time I was in Burger King there poor service I won't be back rude rude rude

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Ih8bk - 6 d ago


Burger Kings app stole 15+ Dollars from me and no one will refund my money, I need an email where I can send my screenshots of the fraud y'all have going on.

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Jim j - 6 d 26 m ago


I haven't been in one of their locations since I heard their "damn" commercial and I Don't plan to do business with them in the future. Children should not be exposed to foul language on prime time tv. Management needs to take a close look at who approved these commercials and find him or her a new zip code.

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anonymous - 7 d 26 s ago


good evening it seems like that every time that i go to the burger king on 14999 old hickory blvd Nashville,TN 37211 they have always a problem with me and my husband and its always with us and the manager and employee always talk about us and laughing and they treat us very bad at the register and I have spoke to one of the corporate manager it just so happen when he walk through the doors of pepboys i help him out to get a belt for his store that was in this location that i wrote and i was tell him how i had a horrible experience every time i go in there to get my lunch and he told me to grab one of his card at the location and to contact him and just so happen when i went there the next day they were even more rude and i ask the lady that was checking us out if they had his card and she 'no why do you want it " and i reply back i told her i need to get in contact with corporate and she said 'oh well'. so i have been trying to get in contact with because he said if they were to treat me bad the next time i visit to contact him. i have been in customer service for more the 18 years and i never ever had so many bad experience.And its sad to i know how this world is coming to and i would think that you guys are such a big company that you would solve customers problems. if we can all just have great customer service we would not be in this problem now. And you have this lady has an manager treating Latin customers so different we should not be treated differently. i just hope you guys make changes to that location and there is only one lady that treat us so nice and i think she is a manager i don't know her name be she African American tall and she blonde tips she is the best don't change her she is good customer service. but other then that i think there should be changes in that store. thank you and God bless and have a wonderful day

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Chuck Sizzle - 9 d 16 h ago


Why in Detroit Michigan the secret menu at no location offers the suicide quad burger. I almost got arrest workers thinking I'm causing trouble. Asking for a secret menu first then asking for a suicide burger. Help please. Or send me some coupons. Thanks.

Charles Pryor (hidden). I even asked to add a patty on my bogo whopper an they said no I don't know how to do it.

Go figure that too.

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Anonymous - 10 d 21 h ago

To who It May concern

They have a deal right now 5 for $4

The Burger King's around my way to not serve that they say it's in their religion so whoever concerns please get in contact with these people in Brooklyn New York Broadway a Brooklyn I think the address is 576 Broadway between Grant Avenue they are very jst with a fool and they serve you and I have a picture to show you highly so people these are Indian people they do not hire black people that's what the manager said

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Edith McLendon - 10 d ago

We went to the Burger King store at 5490 US highway 1 in Keywest, FL... needless to say it was the dirtiest store I've ever seen especially for a fast food place. It was even dirty outside, trash on the floor inside, dirty tables with looks like mop water and dirt on the table legs. We will not go back I we will tell about 550 campers of our experiences there. It's no telling what kind of condition takes place in the kitchen or what we were served. The health department needs to be notified and I'll try to do that myself.

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Douglas Legere - 10 d ago


I went through Burger King yesterday. After I got home with my food and was about to eat I found my food and the the paper it was wrapped in all smelled from lotion or perfume. I threw the food away. I called the store yo complain and they would not accept responsibility or even off an apology. In fact the manager lied by saying only men were working when I could see through the window my food was being packaged by a women.

You can go away now Burger lost me as a customer

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Hungry Sam - 10 d ago

I just half ate the worst whopper jr. With cheese ever. It was so cold the cheese did not melt, bread was hard the sandwich was just thrown together. If the employee made this for themselves it would not have been like this. Won't be going back!!! I'm giving it one star because l got it quick

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Anonymous - 18 d ago

Why does Burger King have to use curse words in their meatless burger commercial spoken by the cowboy? I would not want my child to repeat what they heard after eating one.

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Susan - 11 d ago


I agree! All commercials are getting pretty non-family oriented. I guess people like us are outdated!

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Anonymous - 11 d 24 h ago


Bernardo, Why are you still employed. You have all these cases and you according to this site are incharge and nothing is getting resolved. Shame on you.

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Anonymous - 11 d 9 h ago

Goodmoning my name is guerla I working for 12year at Berger king since sabrina come to the store 89 she make so much discrimination because if she like you can't work in the store she a evil person yesterday she put me out in her store when she do something to somebody she take the other employees phone to make survey to let we know she do good job we need to visit these store

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Tory - 12 d ago


I went to BK Sunday evening to try the 5 for $4.00 offer. I ordered the bacon cheese burger with no ketchup. Which would mean I would get mustard pickles and cheese and bacon. It took over 10 minutes to get my order. The burger was cold. Nothing on it but a slice of unmelted cheese. No bacon, pickles. My fries were also cold and the chicken nuggets were cold inside. The only thing that was warm was the cookie. The employees were not interested in waiting in customers or customer care. They were busy yelling out thru the drive up window or complaining about relationships. At first I wasn't going to bother complaining because it's $4.00. But it shouldn't matter how much the meal cost. It should be as advertised and as I ordered. I wasn't comfortable sending it back.

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Bernardo Hees /ceo - 12 d 9 h ago


*****"To us jews there is only one thing of value: money.

How we gets it.... makes no difference."

- The Eternal Jew, 1940*** GRB

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