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Cable One Inc

1314 N 3rd St # 3
Phoenix, AZ
Thomas O Might
(602) 364-6000
(602) 364-6010
Annual Sales Est
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Sad and confused - 20 d ago


These caps are a joke. Been with cable one for 15 years and now I am having to change services. 150mbps for a 600gb cap make no sense these days. Everybody in my neighborhood has switched to AT&T already but being old and dedicated is not the normal any more. I am such a sad person right now. Why have high speed with such a low cap? I wished someone would help me understand their logic.

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GregC - 20 d 30 m ago


Cable One's payment website screwed up 22 Jun 2018 while paying my bill via electronic check. First attempt it showed errors and didn't go thru. Backed out of system and tried it a second time and it went thru as it always has for the past 8+ years.

Called local billing office today. They said, well it will take almost 30 days to refund that double payment because it was paid by electronic check.

I CALL BS! You can take my money in 5 seconds but now tell me it takes 30 days to get it back!?!?!?!?

You have NO right to hold that payment hostage when the fact is YOU caused the error, NOT ME!

I suggest you find a way to fix that BS and refund my payment IMMEDIATELY that YOU-Cable One made without my authrorization! I authorized 1 payment, your system took 2.

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Pharmaceutical & Cottage Industry Research & Development's Founding Partisapaint . t - 47 d 24 h ago


Publicly disclosed Request to communicate personally I would like the corporate administrates phone # A.S.A.P.I am the the you may email it to Getten Stone @ (hidden) . I kindly thank you for your respect of MINORITY INDIVIDUALS.. 1. Fundamental principles; recurrence to


Section 1. A frequent recurrence to fundamental principles is essential to the security of individual rights and the perpetuity of free government.

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jww - 69 d 19 h ago


i have had this service since september and what a mess it keeps disconnection from the internet.I have call numerous times and still the same thing.

1. first time change modem

2 second time change modem

3.third time change modem

and it keeps going no fix but still taking the monthly payment.

Now they are saying that its the apartments fault to replace a cable and last week a field supervisor was suppose to come to the complex and get to the bottom of the problem as you can guess 2 weeks have passed and no supervisor just want to get it fixed or just try and use another company this is just crazy.[Thanks]

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Wendell - 1 y 135 d ago


Cable one is the absolute worst Business in any customer service area of life, I have been a customer by force, (Monopoly Service) for over 25 years and virtually every interaction with them is a nightmare for me. The latest comes from trying to get my service aligned with my budget, Their solution to my problem is to deny me the ability to do so by demanding an increase to my Internet cost for me to be able to also get TV Cable service as well.... Customer Service is worthless and will not listen to the issue from my perspective or my solution. Their only goal was more money coming to them..

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Anonymous - 153 d 13 h ago

To match the budget!!! how about getting offline and get a better job loser.

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Chased away sale - 137 d 27 m ago


And what a complete douchebag you are. Only a pathetic fool would try to critique someone they know nothing about. Obviously works for them, lol.

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AXE MAN - 74 d 49 m ago

anonymous on here is an A-H_LE.

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Chased away sale - 137 d 31 m ago


Tell me about it, we dont even have service with them, just called to get a quote as we were considering switching but someone named Louis in the Sikeston call center put me through a hassle. I told him at the very beginning of the conversation that I was short on time and that I just wanted rates for the cheaper internet bandwidth package. Instead of answering my question he tried to probe for info from me, "what types of things will you be using the service for" I AGAIN explained I was short on time and now patience and JUST wanted to know the cheapest rates for bandwidth. He persisted, I got loud then he said goodbye. So I called back, he answered again, I calmly asked for a supervisor but now he wants to sell me again, I asked 4 more times in a calm tone and plainly told him I no longer wanted to speak to him and that I wanted to speak to a supervisor, he said nothing and hung up on me AGAIN! These people are such a complete joke! Obviously its a good thing this happened as we WILL NEVER be using Newwave as an ISP. ALL he had to do was answer my question.

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Evelyn - 74 d ago


I have been paying $48.48 for internet service for a very long time, a couple of months ago my service went to $ 56.00 something. I called for a better price and was given a $10.00 a month discount for a few months which brings me to $ 46.00 something until that ends and then it goes to $ 63.00 something.

I simply can not pay that and I have been a good customer, I will have to cancel at that time. I also found out that not

only did my bill go up but the cost of my modem that I have payed $8.00 a month for went up $2.00 to $ 10.00 per month.

Why would a modem that has been in my home for two years need to go up $2.00? That new fee should only increase for me and existing customers if I need a new or different modem.

Our area here in Boise Idaho is growing which I know means more equipment and updates for you guys but that should be charged to the new comers flooding the area, not your existing customers, we have already done that. I don't feel

that you guys are competitive at all I feel used and robbed Like it or not these are the kinds of thingsMr. Trump wants to fix too. GO DONALD.

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Kristi - 79 d 19 h ago

I have had issues with my internet for over two weeks now. They were suppose to send out an advanced tech, and haven't. I have called, and called they have sent request after request to my local office, and the do not respond to me nor the supervisors that I am speaking with at the time. I have called corporate multiple times, and it just transfers me back to the tech support line. I guess I will just have to cancel service, and if the think they are getting there monthly payment of 179.00 they are out of there minds. POOR way to do business if you ask me.

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Jean - 1 y 95 d ago


I pay my bill in full every month although each time I receive my bill the price increase every month. However for this month when I received my April bill it covered a late payment plus a bill for April 22, 2017 for a total payment due of $395.00. I just made a March payment for $204.00. I have no late payments. Something is clearly wrong with your billing system. I do not have this problem with any other company. Please contact me.

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Anonymous - 153 d 13 h ago

Oh jean..learn how to do math!

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Kathy - 1 y 128 d ago


Not sure why I'm doing this since the monopoly that is CableOne doesn't care. I have to vent! Apparently due to their reported 4th quarter losses Cableone increased our rates earlier this year. When I called to complain, I was told "more channels will be added." Not the case. Instead, in our area (Boise, Idaho) on March 1 we lost three prime, popular channels (GRIT,GETTV, and H&I), which were replaced with one channel that is hours of infocommercial and other nonsense, some strange cartoon network, and I've yet to figure out the other's purpose. Obviously, the replacement channels cost CableOne next to nothing; those that were removed were entertaining and, despite the cost increase, though still unhappy with the price increase, I might not be complaining now. I'm disappointed; I'm angry; and I'm definitely for the first time looking at other options, which CablleOne knows are limited. Not being able to speak to anyone in Corporate is ridiculous! Who does that? It must be horrible to be an employee of this louzy outfit!

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Another unhappy customer - 1 y 89 d ago

Amen!!!! Go to another carrier

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Anonymous - 153 d 13 h ago

You live in Boise, ID..??? Monopoly???? do you know what that means dipshit

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Cable one disgruntled user - 1 y ago

Horrible customer service. Internet data caps, like they think they are a cell phone provider. And I did I mention absolutely the worst customer service I have ever dealt with.

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Anonymous - 153 d 13 h ago


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Tasha shiffer - 1 y ago


Cableone is absolutely the worst customer service I ve dealt with maybe ever. The data cap crap they are pulling is rediculous. They send out the only notice that it's the 3rd time you've gone over and they raise your bill . They tell you they sent warnings but they didn't . I was then told I have to pay higher bill (500 gb )for 3 mos. then I can go back down it now that it's been 3mos I'm told I can't go over 300 bytes for 3 mos or I can't go back to my previous plan. So let me see if I've got this right. Cableone is forcing me to pay for the 500 plan but I can't use it or else I can't change plans? I'm paying for it I should be able to use all of it if I want and it shouldn't affect if I want to change plans! Since when does a paying customer need to PROVE anything to a business to use their service!! I don't work for you, you work for me. Hence the paying you for service part! I had 2 accounts home and business . I've already cancelled my business service and now I'm canceling my home account. I'd rather have nothing than continue to be raked over the coals by cableone. I'm also encouraging my friends and family to do the same. Hopefully others will follow suit and cableone will have to be accountable for this stupidity . I see that it's not just in Idaho so I hope people see this post and think again about using cableone.

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Anonymous - 153 d 13 h ago

Tasha grow up.

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

Cable One is the worst. I have been trying to get the internet for 2 weeks. The technician continues to lie and says he went to my home and also said he called but he has done neither. Then they tell me they can't setup another appointment for another week which is insane. I just want my money back and forget the service. They have the worse service and technicians.

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Anonymous - 153 d 13 h ago

Learn how to follow instructions.

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Tom Might - 205 d ago

Mr Might,

Because of the ignorance and stupidity of Cableone the Mississippi coast does not have espn 3.

Our local cableone loads up the channel with absurd meaningless programs.

Why not try doing what's right.

Phillip Shroyer

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Anonymous - 153 d 13 h ago

DIP SHIT ESPN3 is not a channel its now called WATCH ESPN..its an online streaming service?!?!??!?!

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Lora Rodriguez - 194 d 3 h ago


I've have tried since Nov to get a hold of your office about how your office in my town is treating people here I've had problems with the tech they keep sending out. I've never had this many problems ever with one company I know if 6 people in my town that has changed because of the office staff here I'm beginning to think corporate office could care less about your customers my service has been turned off because I refuse to pay for something I haven't been able to use on a regular basis day since June 2017 . I'm sure I will not even get one person to respond to this why should u after 7 months. Thanks

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Anonymous - 153 d 13 h ago


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