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Cable One Inc

1314 N 3rd St # 3
Phoenix, AZ
Thomas O Might
(602) 364-6000
(602) 364-6010
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Fake - 29 d 12 h ago


They disconnected me even when the bill was paid he didn't look st m account I've called all day now they tell me the day is over I'm so pissed

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LJ - 45 d 12 h ago


Cable One has been out today, their servers? They can't do anything to help, at 5pm, the billing dept. will close and no help will be available if the servers go back on line,.. Not even 1 star for them. The occurrence of the employees not able to access their own company computer,is ridicules. I have called every hour. They should have an after hour staff to help us as soon as the computers are up, ARGH! Even if it was for 2 hours, at least some of us that pay then can have internet in home... Disappointed, the screen should give us a notice, not tell us to activate our modem, but telling us there is an issue on their side. One star for todays corporate issues.

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Anonymous - 52 d 13 h ago


Well, attempt #3 at a service install in a new home.

Attempt #1: said they called numerous times and left a message. Had no missed calls or message. Waited for 4 hours. Customer service said the noted log says calls were made and vm left.

Attempt #2: answered call, tech said he showed up and no one answered the door. Wife was home waiting the whole time! Called, again stupid service person said, log says there was no body home.

Attempt #3: appointment scheduled for 1-3... finally get the call at 2:20 saying tech will arrive between 2:45 & 3:35. Called customer service and said this was unacceptable. We have planned our day to have home be here at the appointment time. She said, 2:45 is still before the appointment time.... anyway, she just didn't get it. No answers, no apologies, no working to make something work. Just another customer...

Absolutely a giant corporate conglomerate who takes your money and could really care less about anything else.

If you have any other option for service, use it! Cableone is horrible customer service!

Eagle ID.

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Anonymous - 57 d 12 h ago

I would love to get my refund from you guys it's been 43 days and still not got my money after you promised me service installation in 3 to 5 days I have been told since December 10th that my money would be refunded I've been told twice the check has been mailed it's been 43 days still no refund I'm turning this over to an attorney and a collection agency you have a wonderful company that made fortunes off of people and not give them their money back

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Aidan Brean - 62 d 13 h ago


I scheduled an installation on the 18th of January and instead of coming out to do it they "made phone calls" that we didnt answer so they canceled it and when we called after waiting all day for someone to come out all they did was reschedule to Monday a full 5 days after they took 115 dollars out for a service they cannot provide in a timely manner or do anything to rectify their mistake.

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J.J. Gagne - 72 d 15 h ago


Cableone has increased our bill $20 every quarter til we have been paying $160.00 a month for just Internet; no TV, just Internet.

There is just 2 of us in our household my husband and me. We stream our programs but still my husband is at work and only watches TV, 2 hours a day

When I called to cancel service, we were told by Gail, in the Biloxi office, that I could not speak, nor know the last name of the office Manager. Cableone makes $386 million a year in revenue and they can't talk to one of their customers.

I will shout from the highest forms of Twitter, Facebook and internet about this crummy company!!!

And our internet service was awful, slowing down, even when we paid $160.00 a month.

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Mark - 98 d 8 h ago


Took 2 months to bury the line in my yard! Since you buried it my tv breaks up all the time! I've tried to call your support but they just want give you run around! I'm only home 1 1/2 days a week and I'm paying you $153 a month for this! Either fix the problem or I will go to another provider! It's your choice!

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Hish - 142 d 16 h ago


I like Cable on service and I feel complaining about my experience might help improve their process. Honestly as a Oklahoma customer, it is very hard to find good internet providers. Most of them are dish and with the weather conditions like we have, cable one is ideally #1 option for me as I do business, complete my online graduate work and also play some video games.

That been said, I have noticed lot of people complaining about caps limit. I personally don't have an issue with that as long as it's fair. I am set for 300 gb cap. Couple of months it went over ( approx 350 to 450 gb) and my bill just increased to $30-40 per month, until I can limit the usage (i.e. 300gb or below)... I did have a problem with that, because when i looked over my data usage for all other month (out of 10)...8 months i was using approx 50 to 150 gb less per month and never did Cable one credit me for using less.. I think you should look into that and make it right, because technically speaking, I have used a lot less and have paid more for a plan that I don't even that much. Other than that, I luv cable one!

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Wanda - 147 d 15 h ago


We have been with Cable One since 1994. Our trouble started when they went with fiber optics. We have had lightning take out 3 50 inch plaza TV's due to lightning. There ground connection was lose going into the ground but tight going to the house. The wire going to the grounding wire was not connected. Lightning blew my TVs Cable One told me to file my home owners insurance. There modem stopped working and when we returned it the lady shook the piss out of it and made something rattle now they are charging me 100.00 for damaged equipment. This is the worst I have seen them in the last 5 years they have become a company I really dont want to do business with any more. I think AT&T is looking good now. Think I will check with them.

Cable One YOU STINK!!!!!!!!


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Sad and confused - 268 d 13 h ago


These caps are a joke. Been with cable one for 15 years and now I am having to change services. 150mbps for a 600gb cap make no sense these days. Everybody in my neighborhood has switched to AT&T already but being old and dedicated is not the normal any more. I am such a sad person right now. Why have high speed with such a low cap? I wished someone would help me understand their logic.

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WSanda - 147 d 15 h ago

These idiots have no logic. They are money hungry

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madmoney - 186 d 13 h ago


What in the world is wrong with these horrible caps. The worst part of it is I have been a customer for 15 years and everyone in my area is getting better plans for cheaper. I am so aggravated right now.

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Wanda - 147 d 15 h ago

I live in Ocean Springs Ms. Cable One is like that here been with them since 1994. Modem broke and they want to charge 100 to replace because it rattled when the lady shook the piss out of it. sick of these people.

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Anonymous - 149 d 11 h ago


Still suck cable one!! Can't belive you have cap.. I think you should roll over any data it's not used for the month like old cell phone companies did back in the day at least do something to help your customers

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Anonymous - 151 d 9 h ago


You are a rip off . How can anyone stay under data caps with everything in your home now running off of Wi-Fi. You guys are the only one to service this area and have stupid stupid caps. And you don't tell anyone about this you do not show them how to use your little website to monitor your data usage until you send him a letter automatically upping the bill. You are the worst company I've ever dealt with on any level horrible horrible customer service.I wish I could write you a zero but unfortunately I can't. Don't you get up with the times the Internet was designed to be free not for people rip other people off . I read all the reviews every customer hate you but they can't do anything about it because you're the only one in the area not think that's called monopoly. Whatever happened to your customer service I know time warner charter every other major cable company has no data caps why don't you try something better for your customers .

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Anonymous - 226 d 15 h ago


Piss poor company up here in little Fargo ND.

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Anonymous - 183 d 14 h ago



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English - 183 d 14 h ago


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Engkish - 183 d 14 h ago


Cable ONE is the worst service EVER!!! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE

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Anonymous - 240 d ago


Just had an install at my new to me, but old house and separate rental in Boise ID. Tech's overcame several difficulties and were great! This followed an outstanding experiance with the call center while placing the order. Bruce in Boise

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Jean - 2 y ago


I pay my bill in full every month although each time I receive my bill the price increase every month. However for this month when I received my April bill it covered a late payment plus a bill for April 22, 2017 for a total payment due of $395.00. I just made a March payment for $204.00. I have no late payments. Something is clearly wrong with your billing system. I do not have this problem with any other company. Please contact me.

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

Oh jean..learn how to do math!

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CM - 245 d 11 h ago


why are you anonymous? If you want to reply to customers complaints show yourself. Are you a coward? Pick on little girls and puppies? Wait, You drive a bright yellow car don;t you, and we all know what that means.

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Cable one disgruntled user - 1 y 259 d ago

Horrible customer service. Internet data caps, like they think they are a cell phone provider. And I did I mention absolutely the worst customer service I have ever dealt with.

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Anonymous - 1 y ago


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Nobody - 247 d 21 h ago


You are a fucking idiot. You have nothing better to do but make stupid comments about another persons issues with a piece of shit company. You must work for them or you are licking the ass of someone there. My guess is you are the CEO. That's how ignorant you are. This company is trash.

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