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Cablevision Systems Corporation

1111 Stewart Ave.
Bethpage, NY
James Dolan
President CEO and Director
(516) 803-2300
(516) 803-3134
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Diane - 7 h 23 m ago

I have called 5 times. On September 9, 2019 I asked to be out on seasonal rate being no one would be using the services at my summer home. I went to close my home and noticed that I was not put on seasonal. I called again on September 16 and a gentleman said I was never put on seasonal and he had done it. I received an email that equipment was being delivered to my home. I called on September 19 and they said that they do just send equipment out to customers to try their Altese product. Even without the request of their customers. I told the gentleman that no one lived there and I never ordered anything and that I only requested to be put on seasonal. He said I was put on seasonal and reassured me. Then I received an email on September 21 asking if I wanted to go on seasonal. I called again and was told that I wasn't put in seasonal. He, like the other reps said and assured that this time I was put on seasonal. He, like the others, refused to send me a confirmation email. He said that they did not do that. He advise pd me to call back again to see if it went through. I have been going on seasonal for the past 15 years and never had a problem. This company has gone down the tubes and I intend to file a complaint with the state. Horrible!

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Nicol Moore - 2 d 9 h ago


Absolubely horrible . Impossible to speak to someone competent .

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Rosie - 2 d 12 h ago


I have called in recently about minor issues and was disappointed to find out that your company is outsourcing service calls now. I don't need to go on about how that affects the quality of service. However, two days ago--Sept. 17, 2019, I lost my Internet service. I called in only to hear a recorded message giving me the option to get a call-back "AFTER 45 MINUTES". I NEVER GOT A CALL BACK. At this poijnt when I called in I was getting the recorded message that Optimum was experiencing high call volume and to go online to check for service updates. I could not get online! I do not have a Smartphone -- just a desktop computer.

I was running out of time to be able to get down to Optimum in Norwalk to exchange my router for a new one in case that was the problem. I went to Optimum in Norwalk and picked up a new router and still no one had called.

I called into Optimum to the sales dept. because that's the only department that would pick up the phone and I believe they found someone to call me back -- because she was a local (Long Island accent). She helped me get the router connected and get online, and I determined that the previous router was not bad after all- it was the cord that had gone bad.

The only thing that has kept me with Optimum after the endless annual cost increases is the good service I received. Now that's gone.

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jesse - 4 d ago


I have been curious about current marijuana drug policy at optimum / cablevision for employees and drug tests since decriminalization in New York state. Any recent changs?

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Cablevision Systems Corporation - 4 d 5 h ago


Blubbering about events, real or imagined, which are claimed to have occurred a half century ago, changes nothing and it is IMPOSSIBLE to ever know the truth about what a batch of hearsay (gossip) or documents, real, forged or conveniently missing, might be interpreted as. Most people simply do not care about the past. Niggerball, computer entertainment, rump humping and cocaine snorting are simply too much fun to be distracted by "debates" over the color of the smoke issuing from flammable jews.

Flagged for review. 
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Lawyerkill - 38 d 6 h ago


I call your company on August 9, 2019, to report that I lose all of the broadcast channels (2-1, 4-1, 4-2, 5-2, 7-1, etc,) on both my TVs at the same time. A serviceman came on August 13, 2019. I tried to tell me it was a problem with my TVs which I told him that two TVs have the same problem at the same time is nonsense. I've been in electronics for over 50 years. I worked for companies like IBM, Bell Labs and others in R&D. I had an FCC First Class License. For the past 30 years, I've owned a Sale and Service company and sold, service and install electronic Communication, Security and a 2000 TV system in NJ State prison. Away, he got up and said, "I'm not going to argue with you and went out the door. I yelled at him, "Are you Finish?" and he said no. He sat in his van for about 15 minutes and then drove off.

Later that day I got an email with the service report. I read the report and it has some incorrect statement. He claims he tried to bring his test set in, he did bring it in. Then he claims that I refused to sign the service report. I NEVER refused to sign the service report. He never shows or asked me to sign it. And there's an $80 service fee I'm being charged because he lacked simple common sense.

When I got the email in called Optimum Tech support and explained the problem and asked for a supervisor. I was told that she was on the phone and she would call me back. That was August 13, 2019, at about 4:00 PM. I never heard from her or anyone.

To top it off I asked my friend to bring his 32 inch digital TV over. We hook it up here, scanned and same problem with his TV.

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Roe - 7 d 5 h ago


I think it's a new scam , I'm calling corporate Monday, sending a corresponding letter to them, BBB, and the FCC. This has to stop. Imagine paying almost two a month to watch TV....PATHETIC. Greedy slimy slobs that they are.

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Anonymous - 4 d 10 h ago

What's the number to call Corp office I tried to look it up and it send me to the normal number to speak to them

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Westchester 10605 GJG - 5 d 42 s ago


Westchester 10605

I have had months and months of slow service, no service, and security cameras and Ring Doorbells not working because of poor signals after the Cablevision service person put in a new modem and a new D-Link Router.

I hired a security camera person, an internet specialist; spent $500+ but it was not all working unless I wanted to pay $1,000 plus CLOUD $99 per year for a Ruckus system which I cannot afford.

TODAY I got a gift from employee named Jared who worked tirelessly to help me get my cameras set up for my mom to be safe when the aides come to our home. He got my cameras working, my phone for the cameras, the RING devices and the internet. He is absolutely the most professional person I have ever spoken with at this company for 29 years. I hope you appreciate him and his service. He is young but patient, professional, thorough and really KNOWS his job. I only wish him the best in life. WOW! Hard to find these days. Give him a raise! He is worth 10 people and also from the Bronx! YAY! Thank you. Jared for all that you do! God Bless...

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Rosemarie Marotta - 7 d 6 h ago


Cablevision is once again outsourcing their calls to another country. These people not only are unable to understand you, BUT they hung up on me three times today. Once after they said let me check your bill, another immediately upon answering and another who had no English capacity at all. for 200 a month you would think they would at least be able to understand me. DISGRACEFUL...will be seeking alternates to this company by Monday.

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Nicole - 8 d 8 h ago


Absolute horrible experience with your representatives at optimum. I have never been spoken to so rudely and made to feel like I am to blame with my cable and internet issues. I have asked several times to be connected to a supervisor, and they refuse to put me through. I am seriously looking for new providers in my area, as I have had enough with this company. I would appreciate if someone could get back to me to discuss the issue I had today. Email (hidden). I would like to do it through email before I am forced to put something on Twitter for everyone to see.

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Jan Schneider - 10 d 18 m ago

I've had a horrendous experience with this company. My tv and internet are down and have been on phone with India a bunch of times over last 24 hours. The customer service is the absolute worst. People need internet to work, and kids need it for homework. I'm going to have to find another provider. Just beyond upsetting

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Robert Kaye - 12 d 12 h ago


This company is on life support after the latest unexplained reason why my Cable Phone & Internet went out Friday Night 9/6/19 at 7:45 PM until Sunday 9/8/19 at 8:30 AM Long story short when I requested a refund for the time lost The Foreign Speaking customer service rep refused my request Therefore I am now in the process of contacting higher authorities to file formal claim & to have them investigate exactly what happened to cause this massive Cable outage -- I want answers and so do my neighbors however I will NOT hold my breath as to getting an honest answer.

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Anonymous - 14 d 1 h ago


I have had the worst experience with optimum their customer service is horrible, The phone system is horrible. I was never able to get through to the correct department also after being on hold for 25 minutes I requested a call back I was told I would receive a call back in 45 min. I received a callback 6 hours later I will be switching back to Verizon

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King Vladeyushyi Mirom - 15 d 5 h ago


MVL ** The plans for massive global population reduction are no longer a "back burner" issue.

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galina - 15 d 6 h ago


I never experience such a BAD customer service as i did with Optimum. calls were dropped or never returned. i am being charges for services that i not supposed to be charged. Company has very abusive customer support and i an about to write to better business bureau with complain

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Unsatisfied Customer in Brooklyn - 21 d 49 m ago


They are DISHONEST! They are falsely claiming an outside wiring problem that their tech verified to me was outside and not inside was actually "both" so I must pay 85.00 service fee. This is B.S. I asked them to send me the work order showing proof of work inside and I'm getting the run around and told I must waste time to go to their location in person to get this. They have already given me 3 different descriptions of the alleged inside work. They are defusing to remove the charge. I am so glad Verizon is finally coming to my area.

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Judy - 24 d 7 h ago


The service sucks at Optimum. It seems like they have outsource their agents from foreign countries. call corporate (hidden) for complaints. I will be searching for another cable provider.

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Dawn M Mandell - 24 d 9 h ago


Im going to dish

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Teresa Dilapi - 25 d 6 h ago

I can't believe all the people have the same $80. problem . We cancelled our appt and the guy came anyway. My husband told him we cancelled and he said I KNOW I'M KILLING TIME. Then used our bathroom. That's the kicker part. I am being charged for not cancelling. Is optimum so arrogant that they think no one there is capable of a mistake. I am so very upset about the rudeness of people I have spoken to. Its like they have a script and repeat the same answer over and over again no matter what you ask them. I even asked for numbers of superiors that maybe I can call and explain. The man I spoke to would not give me any.. Not helpful at all it was like I was talking to a robot. Very sad customer service and no way to treat a loyal customer.

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Kirk - 24 d 10 h ago

They have become the worst company on record ! They really must need the money .

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Dawn M Mandell - 25 d 10 h ago


I have called on Wednesday (which was my 7th phone call) and was told corporate would call me within 2 business days, which is what everyone says. They promised that I was speaking to corporate so I would have a callback. I also contacted my bank and was advised cable cashed my payment of 320.00 and yet they have not posted this payment top my account since May. The Dolan's are a bunch of thefts and feel that they have money they can just steal from everyone else. What is wrong with these money hunger people. They should be stripped of everything for a month and see how they like being treated so poorly.

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Walt Twardos - 29 d 6 h ago


i was slander by your company once again. First of all to get in touch by phone takes forever. i contacted cable vision on 8/4 with a problem with my phone line. i was told a tech could come out on 8/6 totally unacceptable. I have no phone service. In the meantime i started to trouble shoot the phone myself and fixed the problem. When the tech came out he came in just to look at it. Nothing against him he was very nice. so he was here for less than 3 minutes and left. when i called to make the appt i was told there would be a $80 charge if no one was here. i look at my bill today and see the $80 charge on it. totally unacceptable. I have been a subscriber for over 40 years and this is how i get treated. i would like that $80 charge be taken off my bill ASAP. By the way i am a Viet Nam vet and senior citizen and am living on a fixed income. Would appreciate all the help you can give me.

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Walt Twardos - 28 d 12 h ago


Wow looking at all these reviews i don't really see one happy customer. Seems like everyone is having a problem with Cablevision and nothing gets done. I am waiting for a phone call right now but i am not holding my breath. Really would like to switch to something else.

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Walt Twardos - 28 d 2 h ago


what is going on with your company? today on FM radio 101.1 i hear an ad advertising internet and tv for $64.,99 for life. Is this fair for the customers who have been loyal customers for many years. I and many of my friends really don't think so. You have to start taking care of your good customers. I know people keep quitting because they have had enough. It is the highest bill we have. Still waiting to hear about my $80 charge that was not justified

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