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Cablevision Systems Corporation

1111 Stewart Ave.
Bethpage, NY
James Dolan
President CEO and Director
(516) 803-2300
(516) 803-3134
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A.Ortiz - 8 h 42 m ago


Good day i would like the time to stress a serious concern I was a verizon phone customer for approx 25 yrs and had cablevision as my cable service for approx 15 yrs. My dad and I decided to get a bundle deal from cablevision thinking it would be better due to the new technology and internet service. We joined and received an incomplete install from a contractor whom installed the router and internet device where he wanted not where we requested it this has caused me not being able to have no wi-fi service I have called the bronx office since july 12, approx 10x and have spoken to a number of customer service rep. who have told me a supervisor will be contacting me in 24 to 48 hours well its been 11 calls and a month and a half waiting and nothing what should I do next go back to Verizon and hell with cablevision I live in a building with approx 115 families and I am part of the building association committee who has no problem in informing tenants of the lack of customer service the Bronx county is providing.

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Sharon burwin - 14 h 40 m ago


Ms burwin why doesnt cablevison do anythingg for low income and disability

People who cant afford to pay the high

Prices you charge.answer that question

I want to really know.

There should be special packages for them.

When will you do that.

Ms burwin

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Anonymous - 1 d 14 h ago


I have spoken to so many reps as well as Mr.Dolans Secretary to only get promises of lies months of terrible service and the credit I was promised only received twice and not the full three months.I'm sick of them and their services.thank you Mr Dolan for nothing.any recommendations for a different service.

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jackie - 34 d 6 h ago


cablevision has not provided me my $200 gift card for switching from Verizon to Cablevision. It's been over 7 months, contacted them about 15 times for this issue, and each and every time I receive a different excuse. If I don't receive the gift card by tomorrow (7-21), I'm cancelling service and going back to Verizon.

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M. Obrien - 1 d 16 h ago


Having the same problem. I received the card but not in the amount promised . No one ever gets back to me. Customer service sucks!! Thinking of cancelling also.

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MJ - 5 d 13 h ago


The company sent a bill to my home in the name of someone else from their collections company, Convergent, several times. I finally sent a formal letter to them in March advising that my name was not the same name as the rightful owner of the account and to please locate the account owner and stop sending the bill to me. I have never had an account with Optimum, have another company that I have had great service with for several years, and just based on the reviews I would never do business with this company.

I received another bill, this time the company had changed the account name from the original owner to mine. I have contacted the collections company Convergent, who confirmed that the last couple of numbers of the social of the original account holder do not match mine. Also sent a formal letter requesting that they locate the rightful and original owner of the account and leave me alone. They have chosen not to comply. Contacted their customer service who provided me the fraud units information. Contacted them. The fraud unit wanted me to send in my personal information that included social security number, proof of my address/residence for that time that this other person has had their account. I told them they were crazy if they think I am going to submit personal information to help them connect this account to me.

I filed a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General for the state of Washington, which is where the collection agency is based out of. They in turn submitted the complaint to the Executive office who contacted me about a week later and assured me it would be handled and I would not get any more notices. That was this past Tuesday. Thursday the Optimum Fraud team contacted me and advised me unless I provided them with MY personal information, they will not be able to stop sending me the collection notices. So, you want me to send you my personal information so that you can stick the account to me instead of getting off of your dusters and locating the correct owner who signed up for services?? Instead of pulling your paper or electronic files and doing the right thing you think you can bully someone in the general population take ownership of an account they've never had?? NEGATIVE.... Looks like legal counsel is needed for this one and filing a complete against this corporate company so that it gets the attention of someone on the executive team that can truly get it resolved

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Maria DeGennaro - 6 d 6 h ago


Continuous & ongoing problems and issues with my home phone, internet & TV services. Failing on all fronts to ensure my service with you as my provider is met with the highest standards. I have made constant calls & complaints as my home phone service as of the past 3 months keeps cutting in & out, my internet is painstakingly slow and my TV on several occasions as of late has a message stating "please wait while we update your service". I have had technicians to my home - in which NONE of them have solved any of the ongoing issues with all 3 of my services; yet Cablevision continues to gauge me with price increases while failing to adhere to your original contractual agreement between me the consumer & you, the service provider. I am baffled by your lack of consideration for your consumer / customer as it pertains to all aspects of services. On the phone now for over an hour to try to solve all the constant painstakingly annoying & aggravating issues with Tyra ....1st rep could not hear me after 10 minutes of our conversation, as my phone keeps cutting in & out---(service issues which I had complained to your organization about on serval occasions. I had to call back - this is when I spoke with Tyra , then I was on hold for along to time to get a supervisor-----then the credits finally issues ---however no solution to my services issues. 1st call at 6:10pm tonight....non stop until Finally off the phone at 6:54pm ..........................................totally unacceptable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am now officially late for my nieces surprise dinner at 7pm I will never make it there until after 7:20pm...... it should not take a person 45 minutes to get a simple resolution & or to inquiry about their service. Shame on you................................your company is terrible and I will be looking for an alternate carrier to supply me with phone, TV, internet.

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Anonymous - 6 d 13 h ago


Never received a phone call from optimum from field supervisor although your agents many times said i would.Your technicians always have an excuse for not properly fixing my optimum service problems. NO FIELD SUPERVISOR EVER CAME TO MY APT.

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Jorge N. - 8 d 9 h ago


What a piece of shit company, You pay a month in advance and when you call to cancel, pay your bill completely that covers you well into the next month they try to hit you with a $10 late fee.

Flagged for review. 
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I am reaching out to you for help. Sometime ago your company installed your service at that time I did bring to the person doing the installation that it looked very sloppy excessive wires left in my living room. I hae sent at least 9 emails, spoken with a few representatives who told me that it s on the supervisors book to dispatch someone t me. That was over a week. During last week I was sent an email that I would be contacted within 24-70 hours, well we are past that. Cablevision is very quick to turn off people service if they are not paid exactly on the date due. But I am at their mercy to get something done. I have told them in one of my emails that I would not be paying this month's bill until the mess is cleared up. Well so far, no response and no one contacting me to take care of the mess. I am an elderly person who lives alone, the stress that this has put on me, I am truly drained. I hope you can help me with this situation.

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MrFico - 14 d 9 h ago


Cablevision aka Optimum located at 1111 STEWART AVENUE BETHPAGE NY 11714-3581, appear to be running a reverse Ponzi scheme by forcing customers to pay ahead and charging customers for unprovided or previously cancelled services.

The scheme is tied into over bloating statistical data so that certain television frequencies appear used in order to auction off these barely touch television channel, at higher (or lower) rate. Their hands are in nearly every deal made between the FCC and Mobile Communication Providers based tainted data, which might be true, but based upon steering through unethical corporate policy practices funneled down to the customer service representatives which enable the big guy to move billions anyplace he wants!

Mr. James Dolan may or may not know the obvious fact that his company is being run by a group of shysters out to sabotage his good name, or he is just plainly incompetent to practice ethical business moral via internal policy. Either way, ignorance is negligence and the proof is all over the world wide web!!!

Attentively yours,

Mr. FiCo

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Luis - 14 d 14 h ago


Luis Bosques to Optimum

1 min

I am very disappointed with the treatment and level service I received. I made multiple phone calls today to dispute being over charged on my internet bill and NOTHING WAS DONE. I got the run around, condescending attitudes, and one very rude supervisor.

I spoke to a supervisor about a 1 month pro rated credit I recieved, in which she kept denying me, when i asked to speak to her supervisor.....suddenly she was MAGICALLY UNAVAILABLE.

I have been mistreated, made to feel like crap, and put on hold for more than 30 minutes.The supervisor i spoke to is named HEIDI, and her EMP ID: OAH.

Way to treat long time paying customers.

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Tara - 22 d 7 h ago



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unhappy custommer - 22 d 14 h ago

the absolute worst company anyone could ever think of dealing with. cant get in contact with anyone.

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Nancy T. - 33 d 11 h ago

End of June I called Optimum to move my service to my new home.

On July 1 when technician arrived he said there was no cable service coming to my house. His supervisor came and advised they would need to get service moved over to the utility pole in front of my home and this would take 5-7 days. Followed up on 7/12 and was told wire was run to the house. Called technician back again to come install. He advised we still do not have service to the pole. Called optimum again, Sales Support said someone needs to go survey and install a tap.

It's now 7/21 and I am 21 days without internet, phone and TV service and no answers. My Survey # is 540684. I email (hidden) and no one responds. I call (hidden) and get the run around.

Very very frustrating.

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S K Clarke - 40 d 11 h ago


The un-patriotic, treasonous, and FAKE " NEWS"on CNN, MSNBC, and most other stations other then FOX, is appalling and UN PATRIOTIC. I REFUCE to watch those involved in the "coup' / deep state. Yes, the media is paid and implicit in disinformation, wich is not entertainment, but rather undermines the very FREEDOMS AND DEMOCRACY, that should be our American Right ! They cry out for "freedom of speech ,.. I don't like "FICTION", I cry out for " TRUTH IN INFORMATION / CULPABILITY FOR DECEPTION. Rationale and informed people demand the same.

Make a bundle without all the FAKE NEWS and al the LIBERAL ASSHOLES LIKE; Mayer, Griffin, Colbert, Fallon, etc,...l Put more TRUTHFUL / Right winged / CONSERVATIVE NEWS ON and more CONSERVATIVE HUMOR. Conservatism is the new radicalism !

Flagged for review. 
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Misleading Charges Not Refunded - 43 d 11 h ago


Optimum Active on Facebook Messages Optimum Telecommunication Company 12:08PM I feel I was taken advantage of by your associates. In late January 2017 I called to have my serve moved from my old address to my new address. I was told I would have free Showtime. I told your associate I do not watch showtime. She said take it it is free and IT WILL ROLL OFF YOUR ACCOUNT AFTER 3 MONTHS I DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING. I have been charged for the last 3 months I only received credit for 1 month. I wasted 30 minutes yesterday calling Optimum. After I called they removed Showtime but they also removed my live TV rewind option. I had to call back and waste another 30 minutes on the phone. I have a business account with Optimum and my personal account with Optimum. I am pay almost $300 a month between the 2 accounts. I told this story to my customers today. Half said why are you not switching to FIOS and the other half who are Optimum customers experienced the same fraud like you did to me. Another thing, it is very unprofessional for your Supervisor to say"THIS IS OUR POLICY." I hope you know customers care only about what is fair. It is not fair to lie to someone and say you do not have to do anything when you actually have to call to cancel the service that you were forced to receive. THIS WAS A HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE. I am still waiting for the supervisor to call me. The supervisor was in a 2 hour meeting that just so happen to just start. This is the same lie that was told to a few people that I know. Please return my call and credit my account the 3 months of showtime that I did not request. Optimum We are sorry to hear you had that experience and feel you were mis-communicated information. Unfortunately we are not able to credit or backbill over 30 days worth of service as a courtesy, as you receive a bill every month stating what services you are subscribed to. I understand "this is our policy" is blunt, however we cannot break from our policy by giving exceptions to it, as normally we do not credit/backbill these types of requests. If you still wish to escalate this, please contact us at 1-(hidden) for further assistance. ^TJS I will escalate through the BBB Better Business Bureau and all the outlets on social media. I have spoken to 10 people that have had similar experience of being lied to by your associates. We are building a case to receive the funds back that we were charged. I'm not upset because you were blunt. Your customers are upset for being mislead. Optimum I understand, and we would hate to mislead any of our customers. The Account Details section of your bill indicates when the promotional discounts and special offers are set to expire and what they will roll over too. At this time we are unable to offer any additional credit to you. Please contact us via phone or Live chat if you have any further questions or concerns. ^TJS When will I receive the $29.95 credit for the first 2 months Optimum Again, we are not able to credit $29.95 for the prior two months of you having Showtime. We apologize for the inconvenience. ^TJS So what you are saying is that I can not trust your associates. That I have to record the conversation to prove they are misleading and then I have to compare it to your Account Details. That seems like alot of work. WHY NOT TELL THE TRUTH AND NOT MISLEAD YOUR CUSTOMERS. Can you please escalate the matter your Supervisor? Optimum I am not saying that. I am advising you that we credited you 1 month of Showtime already as a courtesy and that we cannot credit you for the remaining two months. If you wish to escalate this further, please call us at 1-(hidden). ^TJS I do not have another 30 minutes to waste hearing the associate say "It is our Policy." Business owners, parents, teachers, adults with responsibilities do not have time to micromanage a bill. Your associate stated it was free and it will roll off on its own and I trusted her. I stated I do not want the serves. Now as her supervisor you need to do something other than protecting your stolen profits.

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Anonymous - 43 d 16 h ago



I received the payment reminder. Due to a holiday paid in a few days later when I call for the amount I receive one number by the automated system when I went to pay the account exactly 4 hours later the amount had going up $300 naturally I call Optimum and they told me that the system updated and within 4 hours I went from 30 days late to 60 days late I called customer service talked until I was going to had Migraine. NO one could explain why in a matter of hours the bill can change. this is beyond ridiculous. Read the other post on the complete page and yes I agree with all the negative comments Optimum advertising bookkeeping customer service all of it is very unprofessional and dishonest.

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Charlie - 59 d 13 h ago


Dear Optimum, my account # is 07858-872220-04-8 this emial is in reference to billing period 6/23/17 - 7/22/17 I called 2 weeks ago notifying you all about the fact that I need to disconnect service. They informed me to call the day I want it off. I called yesterday, and they were closed. I then called today 6/25/17 and disconnected service, and the rep informed me my billing cycle started 2 days ago so even though I am not using the service (we already disconnected the optimum wire from my house) they will bill me for the entire month. I never agreed to this, and it is not fair or reaosnable to bill me about $160 or so dollars for services im not using. I am not able to pay this bill since I never agreed to these terms. I never have seen or agreed to any of your terms that say you will be able to bill me for an entire month after I cancel services. It is irresponsible for your sales reps to only mention how great your speeds are but fail to mention all the negative things associated with using Optimum. This is unfair, because consumers can not make educated decisions about which company to use. I used you guys over Verizon to try to save $10 a month, but in actuality $160 comes out to more than $10 a month. Additionally, I believe there are thousands of other consumers effected by this and other similar things that are hidden in your agreements. I even got increased bills without ever agreeing to pay these increases. They mentioned to me this was written in a letter to me. However, I never signed the letter and returned it agreeing. Agreements need to be 2 sided. I researched online and I instantly found many other consumers effected by these tactics. I am asking you to credit my account for 171.96 for this billing cycle as I cancelled this service. The lines were disconnected already yesterday. I will not be paying this bill as I never agreed to this and it is immoral for you to do this. As s business owner myself (who uses optimum in 2 of my buildings FYI) I can not pay something like this and feel igot taken advantage of. My company would never do this to a customer and I would expect other great companies to not do this to me. In the short term this might make you a few dollars but in the long term this will not be a winning strategy to win over customers. -Charlie Cell: (hidden) Office: (hidden) WhatsApp: (hidden) Skype: cfreund235

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Niurka - 45 d 8 h ago


Did they help you. I'm going through the same issue

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Joe - 51 d 5 h ago

Our line to our house got cut. Called around 9:45 for an appointment and notified them that we work from home so internet is required. Told that someone would be there between 10am-8pm. Large window but understandable because emergency service needed. When no none came, called back at 5 to make sure someone was coming. Customer Service said they cancelled the apt but didn't have a record why. Promised they would send someone out free of charge between 6-8. Now its 7:30 and on phone and they said they can not get anyone out until 6-8pm on Weds costing us days of work (Tuesday is holiday). This is not acceptable customer service. Had 2 appts no show and have to wait 2 more days. Pls fix our situation now.

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Anonymous - 53 d ago

Optimum is absolutely the worst business I have ever dealt with. I was supposed to have my service installed today between 2pm and 5pm. When the technician failed to show, I called Optimum. After being bounced around to different people it was established that some moron at the company put into the system that my service had already been installed when it hadn't. Now I'm being told that I can't have my service installed until at least July 7th... almost a week! At one point it was suggested that I might like to try installing it myself. This was after 3 hours on the phone and on hold with countless incompetent representatives. Im awaiting a call this evening from one of them, who is going to "try his best" to get me a sooner appointment. I have absolutely no faith that will actually happen. Your company is irresponsible and disgusting.

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Anonymous - 57 d 5 h ago


After 32 years with Optimum and predecessors (Cablevision; TCI, etc), I will be looking for another provider.

This is the story.... you have never been on time for a service appointment... NEVER. Tonight takes the cake....had a appt for service between 2 and 5 and took off from work. I get a call at 4:46 telling me that tech is running late.... ETA is 6:30 to 6:45. Now it is after 7 PM and I am being told he will not be here for another 1 1/2 hours. BTW, it took me to call.... no one provided a courtesy call.

How in heavens name can someone be this late??? What type of idiots do you have scheduling the techs (I do not blame the techs). Is this what happens when Altice takes over??? Instead of pissing money away on stupid commercials (the unmovers... really?)., it should be invested in customer service.

This is unacceptable...apologies ring hollow and mean nothing. So, now he will arrive 8 to 8:30 and I am anticipating that it will be too dark outside and I will be told it will have to be rescheduled.

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Maddy~ - 56 d 12 h ago


sounds familiar appoints are never on time....I had an appt. between 2-5 and a tech didn't reach my home until 9:15PM

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Anonymous - 61 d 6 h ago

I just joined today my installation has been pushed back from 8-11 to now 4-6 its now 645 tech called saying he's running late i Wil be there by 8pm like I have no life on a Friday after work very unprofessional I'm so discusted please help someone anyone

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