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Cablevision Systems Corporation

1111 Stewart Ave.
Bethpage, NY
James Dolan
President CEO and Director
(516) 803-2300
(516) 803-3134
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Anonymous - 4 h 16 m ago


After 32 years with Optimum and predecessors (Cablevision; TCI, etc), I will be looking for another provider.

This is the story.... you have never been on time for a service appointment... NEVER. Tonight takes the cake....had a appt for service between 2 and 5 and took off from work. I get a call at 4:46 telling me that tech is running late.... ETA is 6:30 to 6:45. Now it is after 7 PM and I am being told he will not be here for another 1 1/2 hours. BTW, it took me to call.... no one provided a courtesy call.

How in heavens name can someone be this late??? What type of idiots do you have scheduling the techs (I do not blame the techs). Is this what happens when Altice takes over??? Instead of pissing money away on stupid commercials (the unmovers... really?)., it should be invested in customer service.

This is unacceptable...apologies ring hollow and mean nothing. So, now he will arrive 8 to 8:30 and I am anticipating that it will be too dark outside and I will be told it will have to be rescheduled.

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Charlie - 2 d 11 h ago


Dear Optimum, my account # is 07858-872220-04-8 this emial is in reference to billing period 6/23/17 - 7/22/17 I called 2 weeks ago notifying you all about the fact that I need to disconnect service. They informed me to call the day I want it off. I called yesterday, and they were closed. I then called today 6/25/17 and disconnected service, and the rep informed me my billing cycle started 2 days ago so even though I am not using the service (we already disconnected the optimum wire from my house) they will bill me for the entire month. I never agreed to this, and it is not fair or reaosnable to bill me about $160 or so dollars for services im not using. I am not able to pay this bill since I never agreed to these terms. I never have seen or agreed to any of your terms that say you will be able to bill me for an entire month after I cancel services. It is irresponsible for your sales reps to only mention how great your speeds are but fail to mention all the negative things associated with using Optimum. This is unfair, because consumers can not make educated decisions about which company to use. I used you guys over Verizon to try to save $10 a month, but in actuality $160 comes out to more than $10 a month. Additionally, I believe there are thousands of other consumers effected by this and other similar things that are hidden in your agreements. I even got increased bills without ever agreeing to pay these increases. They mentioned to me this was written in a letter to me. However, I never signed the letter and returned it agreeing. Agreements need to be 2 sided. I researched online and I instantly found many other consumers effected by these tactics. I am asking you to credit my account for 171.96 for this billing cycle as I cancelled this service. The lines were disconnected already yesterday. I will not be paying this bill as I never agreed to this and it is immoral for you to do this. As s business owner myself (who uses optimum in 2 of my buildings FYI) I can not pay something like this and feel igot taken advantage of. My company would never do this to a customer and I would expect other great companies to not do this to me. In the short term this might make you a few dollars but in the long term this will not be a winning strategy to win over customers. -Charlie Cell: (hidden) Office: (hidden) WhatsApp: (hidden) Skype: cfreund235

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Anonymous - 4 d 5 h ago

I just joined today my installation has been pushed back from 8-11 to now 4-6 its now 645 tech called saying he's running late i Wil be there by 8pm like I have no life on a Friday after work very unprofessional I'm so discusted please help someone anyone

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Disgusted with optimum bunch of crooks - 6 d 11 h ago


Jessica Negron

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Andrew T - 6 d 14 h ago


HORRIBLE CUTOMEER SERVICE..... Was without internet service for almost 3 weeks because of a faulty router. They did send out a new one but refuse to give credit for the down time.. Switching to Verizon, as they claim they can give me the same serives for almost $20 cheaper anyways.

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Mark Elliott - 7 d 14 h ago

Every time I call and complain about a cable or internet issue == it will never get addressed = Last night was no exception = I watched an on demand show & i had to pause it for a few minutes to answer a phone call = When I pushed play to resume == ERROR came up == Could not correct problem = had to watch new on demand show. Time to call the state senate to investigate this cable service provider!!!

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Dwight Brown - 10 d ago


I've been a long standing customer of Cablevision and have every service they offer. I found out today that my multi room box doesn't allow me to record pay-per-view. Who has a cable box that allows them to record multiple shows, but doesn't allow you to record pay-per-view something that you pay extra for? Why would anyone want a cable box that doesn't allow you to record pay-per-view, but everything else? I spoke with Brian (agent DAB) who was of no assistances whatsoever. He informed me there was nothing he could do about my dilemma including waving the fee for tonight boxing match. I asked him why anyone would want a box that can record everything expect pay-per-view. Are there people who specifically ask for a box that can't record pay-per-view. I am appalled with such a deceitful practice by a major corporation. You would think that cablevision would at least have the curiosity to inform me that the box I have doesn't have the ability to record pay-per-view. I intend to call the news station to report deceitful practices from Cablevision.

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very upset in Randolph NJ - 12 d 14 h ago


Moving made easy???

I dont think so. Took 1/2 day off work for a new move service call. Appointment between 2 to 5pm.

at 515pm call to tell us they may not make it due to manpower shortage. At 6 pm confirmed wont make it.

Cable vision offered next day between 2 to 5pm. After a further discussion, they commit to morning appointment - cant make first stop, but will arrive between 830 to 9am. Does not happen. The automated system says service man will arrive after 10:58am. Make another call and all i hear is they are escalating - but wont commit to any time.

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Very Frustrated! - 13 d 11 h ago


I went to disconnect my service and change my address, and the rep DID NOT verify any of my information on my boxes, and the rep put the WRONG address on my account for bill forwarding. When I went to make my payment I noticed this so I went to chat with a rep online and she told me I would not get any prorated change for a week of service that I will not even be using. RIP OFFS! Now the rep online is putting me through a hassle about asking me for box info when I am at work...yes people work to put food on the table. then she has the nerve to ask me if someone is at home? Okay so you have my address and I am going to tell you whether or not someone is home at my address? HECK NO! So your ripping me off for a week of services I am not using AND you have the wrong address I cannot change unless I am HOME to change it, REALLY?????????? WOW...Shame on you Optimum!

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Anonymous - 15 d 7 h ago

Optimum 1111 Stewart Ave. June 9, 2017 Bethpage, NY 11714 Account 07801--01-2 Optimum As a senior, Ms Gottfried signed up for Your services April 29, 2015 primarily to use the TV content a few hours a day. April 2016 she was diagnosed with cancer had surgery and ongoing treatments until she passed away early in April 2017. The monthly bill had been paid electronically through her banks internet account. Consistent with our religious traditions during shloshim the 30 day morning period, we attempt not to make changes related to the deceased. The Optimum services she had were no longer needed. On May 1st I called to inform your company that such services would be cancelled, after finding a way to port the phone number the family had for over 40 years. The service was cancelled April 5th and equipment was returned there after. An additional statement was received for the remainder of the month. I spoke to your representative who told me a recent change was made that payment for a cancellation during a month required payment for the whole month. WHAT Found a sentence added in the page of text on back of the statement for December 2016. That sentence was not in the November 2016 statement or any going back to when the service was started. A change of this Magnitude should be sent to customers as a separate highlighted document as other companies usually do. Not to sneak it in somewhere where customers don't reread. Especially in Ms Gottfrieds condition was she suppose to constantly read this area? Well I called your billing department Explained the facts. Was told that's the new regulation. Basically got the attitude I can't do anything. Your hard luck. Just received a written answer to Ms. Gottfried. Optimum can't do anything, but she can continue using mobile services Optimum supplies. How do I get this message to her? (See copy of your letter.) What a shame to do business this way. This needs to be corrected. Cancel you request for service when none was received.

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Katie Lanefski - 17 d 11 h ago


Good morning,

My name is Katie and I've been an optimum customer for over a year now. I was recently charged $20 on my bill that optimum explains is because a promotion I had was to an end. I wasn't aware I had a promotion. I called last year to cancel because it was very expensive and was told they were lowering my rate. Nothing was said that the promotion would end. I am now being told that I can't get a credit for the $20 and it is what it is. I was on the phone for over 2 hours last night and had to cancel my plans because I was so upset how I was treated by optimum employees. I am a paying customer that doesn't deserve to be treated with such disrespect. They wouldn't even transfer me to the right department to cancel my optimum account.

If you could get back to me about this issue, that would be very helpful. The last supervisor I spoke to was Jospeh Choic who was the least helpful. My phone number is (hidden).

Thank you,

Katie Lanefski

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Disappointed Customer - 20 d 13 s ago


I will go with out this cable provider long as this is all my property allows. The level of disrespect this company shows its customer is a shame ! i have been lied to on so many levels , call center agents place false note on my account ,saying they have made me aware of things , in fact i wasn't. I called in and was transfer to a totally wrong department just to be told they have not closed ! i am canceling as fast as i can type !!!

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G family - 31 d 10 h ago


Concerns are now more like disguised. Going to try and make a long story short. I have been having issues with all three services phone , internet and cable for over a week really didn't realize because I have too young children and run around when noticed we did everything to avoid a service call etc... ran new lines in the house got a new phone system new modem everything possible. When realized it wasn't us made several phone call and service call spent at least 8 hours together on the phone and 2 days in the house with screaming children . As a result I asked for your company to reimburse me for the week of service we did not have since you can not reimburse me my aggravation , time and screaming house. Almost all the representatives I spoke to act as if they didn't care and can't reimburse me for anything offered me free movies, again 2 kids that don't sit and watch movies. Talked to a supervisor and he explained that he couldn't reimburse me either just for the time that I called in a day before($15.60) when I know your company can see the system was down since a week ago because they are the ones that told me. At this point I lost my mind because felt like getting no where and nothing was fixed but my bill Keeps going up. Even the first service tech came out nasty and didn't want to work overtime so never fixed the problem "wanted to go home" his words, suppose to come back the next day which resulted in more phone call ( not easy) Finally Danny your amazing service tech came out said the problem was not that bad and fixed everything in 2 hours amazing that this could be done but I should of never had to flip out the way I did , he even stated that the pole was padded a week ago resulting to our service going out again your company telling us when we lost service , therefore I believe no service I should be reimburse for it. However when talking to everyone they said no because waited to call , thought we were doing the right thing but obviously not, as a result I am disgusted with this company and looking into another company that can provide the same service with courteous customer service. We have been with optimum for over 20 years it's a shame that good standing customers are treated like this.

Sent from my iPhone

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ClassactionSuitFiler - 34 d 5 h ago


One of your Optimum Channel 1 Spectrum emptoyed's exploiting optimum hacking people internet. Soon, the victims will form a class action lawsuit and sue your corporation. This is federal crime, local police is far reach when FBI step in. Be prepare for lawsuit, explanation, and a lot money to compensate.

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Unhappy - 39 d 7 h ago

I it's funny how they will not address u when referring to them over charging your bill ... I will get the news involved

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Optimum unhappy Customer - 42 d 44 m ago


450 Gardiners avenue Levittown NY 11756

Our internet always have issue. It looks as if it has been used by I identified users. It's open network! How come your encryption is not encrypted?!?!

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Remember when TV was free? - 41 d 11 h ago


check the IP address! it may be on the blacklist!

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Colleen - 168 d 4 h ago


Please stop showing the commercial with the cougar running after another animal to eat it to show how fast your service is. It is very disturbing and gives me terrible anxiety whenever I see it. Thank you.

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Disgusted viewer - 133 d 5 m ago

Hi Colleen, I feel the same way as you to. I am terribly disturbed by this commercial & have to turn down the sound & look away from the screen whenever it's on. I have written to Cablevision & answered other people's comments, just as I'm doing with yours. Please read them, under 'Disgusted viewer' & join me in bringing about a protest & boycott of this company to have them removed this commercial immediately from being aired. Go to PETA & other animal right organizations, mental health organizations due to the anxiety this commercial causes you & others, as well as myself & the impact it has on children's emotional being. Images of this antelope being chased down by a cheetah, known for it's speed, is no way to sell a product or service. It causes mental & emotional distress upon sensitive individuals, animal advocates, children who are at a young & impressionable age, that this commercial violates our rights as the viewing public. We have a right to enjoy watching the programs we choose, in a peaceful state of mind & not to have our inner self's tranquility disrupted by a violent commercial. Please join my in the protest. Thank you.

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Anonymous - 109 d 6 h ago

Hi I dislike people like you because your a coward or have issue its your problem. If you don't like something your free not to watch it. Just like it free to show what we want. No one is responsible for your sensitivity issues or anxiety.

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TooHotToGooz - 98 d 6 h ago


I like turtles.

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Andrew - 89 d 13 h ago

Anonymous - really??? you gripe about "a coward" but you list yourself as "Anonymous"??? Something about a pot and a kettle!

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Bina Paul - 82 d 11 h ago


you hit the nail on the head, andrew...this anonymous person IS the coward!

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Anonymous missed the point. - 77 d 9 h ago

Coward? anonymous? Whether you like people like this viewer or not, this company makes money by getting customers to pay them for their services. If they spend on a commercial and its alienating a number of people, youd be stupid to continue to air that commercial. This corporation is a disaster!! They seem to be alienating their customers on purpose. I hope they fold soon.

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Remember when TV was free? - 41 d 13 h ago


give it a rest. isn't there enough bitching & moaning on facebook about people's opinions? get over it anonymous. if YOU don't like the comment please keep trolling....

y'all have a nice day now y'heah?!

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Anonymous - 98 d ago

Do you know that people have to upgrade in order for their kids to watch educational channels? Gripe about that...

Copied from the reply to Colleen

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