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Cablevision Systems Corporation

1111 Stewart Ave.
Bethpage, NY
James Dolan
President CEO and Director
(516) 803-2300
(516) 803-3134
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Anonymous - 1 d 8 h ago


Optimum is the worst company ever!!!!! I received new service at my new address and they sent me my first bill that was outrageous!!!!! They stated that the transferred a previous balance from an account that supposedly belonged to me from 2010 ( 8 years ago). The supervisor that I spoke to ID # FFM had my information all wrong and incorrect. The account number he provided me from my previous address was completely different from the one I had. This company is fraud!!!! I will be contacting my lawyer and prusue civil action against Optimum and I will file a complaint with the BBB!!!! Customer beware of this company. They have cumsumer fraud written all over them!!!!!

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Brian moore - 2 d ago


Discussed. With optimum I switched from fios .because of rude customer service ,I went from bad to worse, on my install day the tech didn't secure the cable wires,he left them loose hanging all over the place ,on top of that he installed a deflected cable box that kept rebooting it self .called Csw ,she schedule an appt,to change it out .tech came out in second box,it started doing the same as the first box.i got an appointment 4 the never showed. maybe because there was 7inches,of snow,he reported ,to his base I was a know show.thats a lie I was home waiting on him.i get my bill,and its 80 dollars on there 4 a missed tech call that's a lie I was home all day after 11 I called csw,to tell her about the no show .f received a 3rd box that nows work.if I had received a working box I would have not need a service call,the optimum manager kept me on hold over an hour,to come back and tell I'm not giving u a 80 credit because the tech clam he came to my house,the manager Ariel,I'd number XDW.said to me on top of the long hold,on the phone and his rudeness to go with it he refused to credit my account and that he didn't have corporate number.i spoke with 2 other csw same results, so optimum is robbing me out of 80dollard 4 a crime of not being home per what the tech told them ,optimum ain't nothing but crooks and thieves, that swindle,there customers out of there money .I should have never switched from Verizon. now my hard earned money is being stolen by optimum soon as I catch my Bill's in order I'm leaving these crooks. and because that manager believes the tech over the customer that sucks.if optimum hadn't installed a defected,box not once but twice .there would not have been a reason 4 me to need tech support, I'm the victim,of optimum who got to broken boxs,busted and discussedted,and disappointed with the lack of service that optimum has given.##Rob like a person in the streets.

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Luz H - 3 d 5 h ago


I've had my service disconnected twice in less than a week. Mind you the bill is paid in full. First I was told on 4/19/18 that it was turned off for non payment. The today 4/23/18 I'm being told that it was turned off because I'm moving. I will be moving in the next month and I guarantee you that I will NOT be staying with Optimum. I was on hold for more than 30 minutes and am being told someone will call me back. They are trying to restore my services that should've never been turned off.

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Anonymous - 5 d 48 m ago


Worst company you can't get any help with your service they tell you there's no supervisor available witch is a lie Carlton I'd number CSJ so he says

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Jerry - 5 d 14 m ago


10 years ago I lived in Islip N.Y. I discontinued TV service. The box was returned. The service was capped at the pole. Thereafter Cablevision billed me for service it was not possible to receive. I was chased by this fraudulent bill through several address changes. It was 2-3 years before Cablevision agreed to remove the fraudulent charge. Subsequent service was discontinued because I was not receiving the advertised level of service. A date was agreed upon for discontinuance of service. Based upon that date, I was told what the amount of my closing bill would be. once again, cablevision is billing me for more than I owe. I will not pay money I do not owe. Currently, Cablevision refuses to correct my billing. But for this billing issue, I would establish service again.

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Robert Love - 6 d 7 h ago


We have stayed with optimum even through Altice taking over because of brand loyalty even when everyone we knew was switching. What a mistake. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY to call and speak to a human being unless you call corporate escalations. Even they just don't care. This company doesn't value the long relationships Optimum built and is basically set on driving up the price point for less service, rude customer service when you call corporate and basically providing the absolute least they can for the most they can take us for. I wonder how much tax benefits Altice has made thanks to Trump? Seems like this new cablevision is your typical 1% company who only wants to cater to the wealthy who don't need to watch their monthly expenses, and if you happen to be a regular working class household they could care less if they lose you as a customer. Their competition is exponentially less and with no contract in many cases.

We had an outstanding balance but won't be paying that now for our inconvenience. Optimum can add us to their collection list and I sincerely hope that their collection services cost this joke of a company an arm and a leg. Their discourtesy and disregard for a customer who was with them for over 20 years actually lost them our entire family which is multiple households

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Jane Ittig - 6 d 7 h ago

Worst company ever since Altice took over. There is no longer any regard for long time customers. They don't care about their customers, and its impossible to even re create the old feeling we once had when we could actually call and speak to someone. The prices are ten times higher than all the competition and frankly the way the women on news 12 long island dress its just too much. The skin tight clothing and hooker makeup only further confirms that the optimum of old is no longer and Altice in no way represents long islanders.

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has - 8 d 8 h ago


I guess I'm not alone in my frustration with Optimum/Cablevision/now Altice...

Switched to the Altice One system yesterday and already have to have a new remote sent and one of the mini boxes started a reset on it's own this morning. What is even more frustrating is dealing with non-customer service. Since having Cablevision for the last 37 years, I have noticed it diminish to TERRIBLE. Too bad the service pricing isn't diminishing at the same rate.

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ANGRY CUSTOMER - 11 d 4 m ago


I purchased altice one 3 weeks ago and it has NEVER worked properly. I have had to call customer service every night to get it to reset. AND.. I was on hold for an hour and a half at one point. I will be going back to fios as soon as humanly possible and you will not receive one red cent from me. If you would like to stay in business, you may want to fix these problems. angry customer. Tell mr. Dolan he can't run this company like he runs the Knicks. Embarrassing!

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Unsatisfied FORMER customer - 22 d ago


Optimum's customer service is HORRIBLE AND RUDE. They denied my request to speak to a Manager and hung up on me.

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Happymom63 - 11 d 2 h ago


Denied my request for someone above them also.

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Anonymous - 11 d ago

Horrible service

I missed a full day of work.

Plan I am paying for is 300 mbps. My speed test check shows 100mbps. I would like to be billed 1/3 of my bill since my service is 1/3 of what i am paying. Also, I was told I would have a technician her between 8 am and 11 am. No one showed up at 11 am and i called and was told that they would be here much later in theday.

I look forward to calling a meeting with Balwant Jain, I will be pleased to have him wait 6 hours to speak with me.

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Dissatisfied - 14 d ago

New Samsung boxes ac outlet not able to be switch to the power on and off with the with the box. PROBLEM!!! WHEN POWERING THE CABLE BOX OFF THE TV STAYS ON. THE OLDER BOXES HAD THAT FEATURE. LOOKING TO SWITCH SERVICES.

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MAB - 15 d 10 h ago


The absolute worst!

3 wasted days waiting for service for a downed wire and when the technician finally came he didn't come in a bucket truck.

Missed a full day of work.

Had to bring my kids to the library their HW and write their papers due to no intenet.

Used all.our cellular data as.well.

All of this could have been avoided if someone just listed to me about the doened wire. 3 separate representatives.INSISTED that we go through the protocol to check the box. II kept telling them the wire in in my front yard. One repre we would be charged $80 if I wasn't home ....later I learned I didn't need to be home for a 'pole job'. Why wouldn't you send a bucket truck to a 'pole job'?.

Initial.appointmwnt was 11-2 then moved to 2-5pm texh arrived after 6pm and couldn't do anything. Wire is still in my front yard.

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Very Disappointed - 16 d ago

Inaccurate Customer Service Information and Agreement Provided

Over billed and did not follow through on agreement to cancel account, send last bill, and pick up equipment.

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evelyn green - 17 d 7 h ago


How about the way I feel about you and the fact that you deserve even less customer service sub zero your response to reported dangerous problems subzero the fact that you expect me to press 1 for you to continue in English last I new the language in the USA is english why not press 1 for a foreign language, you waist so of the much customers time going over the same thing name phone number address have to give this at least twice and when you move from one person to the next I have explain myself each time so how do I feel about you. well I do NOT know why but I can guess why you are the only came in my town and its not because your the best but you do own the monopoly and we the public are held captive this in my opinion is not fare trade I am stuck with you or I have to put some kind of dish on my roof now I do not want to say you suck or I hate you or one is scraping the bottom of the barrel if you have a choice and choose cable no that would be just pain rude, but that 1/2 stare at the top of this page should in all fairness be removed. by the by just incase you are interested I had bowned wire on my property hanging very dangerously across the road took 3 days to get you out that very same wire is once again hanging I would leave it but I do not want some one hurt so at 71 I got a ladder and a broom and got the wire up over a branch so as cares can travel safer down my street. would bet my bottom dollar you do NOT read this or if you do you will of course just call me a pain in the but old lady you will do nothing about this and why should you you don't care as I say you have the monopoly.

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CLOWN SHOW! - 17 d 8 h ago


The worst customer service. If I had a another option I would permanently sever ties with them. Numerous lies and unfulfilled promises. No phone, TV or net for 8 days and they offered me $26.00 off my bill! A corporate clown show.

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Anonymous - 19 d 10 h ago


It's amazing the complaints I see on here. Has anyone received a call from Corp helping them?. There will be a day that something better will come along for our cable and sadly Optimum people will be out of a job. So enjoy the crap service you give now and not care about the customers. It happens all the time. Customers are fed up with the lack of respect and treatment. For customer service people that get yelled at all day. I feel bad for you because your Corp doesn't care for you either. You are getting yelled at everyday for their lack of caring for customers which then rolls over to you treating customers with no care either. Sad company.

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It's a shame that the FCC allow the cable companies to be territorial. Because of this none of them feel that they have to offer us excellent service while charging top dollar. Where else can you go? No other cable company can offer you service outside of their territory boundries, as a result we end up with service from Optimum or Altice. The worst ever!! There is always. A problem with either one of the services or one of their devices. Please don't have an issue that you have to call the company for. First of all, your on hold forever then if you get a live person; your transferred & put on hold again. I just called about my caller ID service that I lost in March when we request to have the Altice removed, I was on hold for 30 mins. I got tired of holding. I hate the packages they offer. They have them statigously put together so that in order to get what you want you have to accept so much of what you don't want. What a racket!!! Can you tell me why I have do many foriegn languages when I only speak English? I can go on & on about Optimum. They don't care because if you want cable where are you going except be them.

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Yessina Ingram - 24 d 1 h ago


Today I was schedule for service from 2pm to 5pm I've been contacting customers since 11am today to see if there is a time the technician will be at my residence I provided two contact numbers so there will be no situation of the technician saying he/she will not be able to get in contact with me or my husband 4:30 came there was no technician yet. I called optimum and waited on hold for 43 mins for them to say the technician allegedly attempted a call and left a message when in fact he didn't. I took off work to wait for services to come into my home and the service I received was very unfair and unprofessional. I got hung up on TWICE ! I will take these manners to someone superior because this is very distasteful customer service I've received by far

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Dispicable service! - 20 d 9 h ago


This was my experience, too! They must treat all customers this way. The best thing to do is file a complaint with the Board of Public Utilites. They regulate the cable industry. Maybe if all of us who have these issues do that, they may be forced to change their ways. Good luck!

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F. Yelyel - 22 d 27 m ago


The American people (Boobus Americanus) simply cannot handle two TV spectacles at the same time.

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rgan253 - 23 d ago


Worst customer services I m holding at least more than a hour for someone to come and talk live and help me out for all three services no luck u can check how many Year I m your loyal customer and never had problems I was holding from 7pm Tuesday night and still on hold no customer services personally comes on live to talk and recording says ur wait time is more than 10 minutes and they don't come on line this is worst customer services my phone number which I called is (hidden) and my account phone number is (hidden) just to let u know that waiting 3 hours for someone out of 3 services to come to talk to customer is shame on optimum my phone number to contact me is (hidden) I know this is also going to be waiste of time because nothing is going to be done but still if u need my help call me and until now in review I was giving good customer services from now on worst customer services u can check how many times I called from my cell phone (hidden) this is a shame on optimum

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Margaret Cinberg - 33 d 50 m ago


I have been without service (land line/cable TV/internet) since March 7, 2018. In order to reach an Optimum service number, you need to look on-line, however, I do not have internet service (which I have faithfully paid for), so this involves a trip to the local library. Since there are no links from the Optimum page to any phone numbers, the numbers must be written down and called. That involves leaving the library to sit in a car and dial and wait and wait.) The number listed on the web site for Optimum service is only service for bill paying. That said, there are ways around your system so that it is possible to reach a person who claims to be associated with what they have told me are "independent contractors" who receive compensation for servicing Optimum accounts. Each time I have called, I go through this rigmarole. Each time I am told the technician will call me when he is on his way. I have NEVER received a call back from him or from any of your people. I believe, this technique for reaching your service people is deliberately awful. I called for repair. I explained that the cable line was down and draped across the yard; I told the scheduler and the dispatcher it would take two people to restore service. The repair technicians were expected on Sunday, March 11, 2018. A single technician arrived. (That technician's phone number is (hidden)) My adult son, a New York City police officer, not an electrician, helped the single technician restore our service. Within a day, the line came down again, and draped across our yard; and another appointment was made for March 21, 2018 (ten days in advance) for between 11 am and 2 pm. That day it snowed. However, I did NOT receive a call; so I called and was told I had to reschedule because of the storm. Instead of receiving the next available appointment - which would have been on Thursday, I was scheduled for Saturday, March 24, 2018 between 11 am and 2 pm. I was told, again by the dispatcher, he would arrive soon and he would call when he was on his way. He never called. The same technician from March 11, 2018 arrived, looked outside, and said he needed a different wire and would return. He never returned. He never called. Based on my previous interactions with your service department (I am being generous when I use the words "service department" as you have not performed any service.), I called at 2:20 pm. The person who finally answered the telephone told me the technician would not be returning on March 24, 2018, although he had said he would. I was told I needed to make a new appointment. The earliest would be Tuesday, March 27, 2018 between 11 am and 2 pm. By this time, I was very annoyed and insisted on an earlier appointment, and the person who had finally answered the telephone said the technician would arrive between 8 am and 11 am on Tuesday, March 27, 2018. Believe me when I tell you that I do not expect that to happen. I am betting the technician (and I fear it will be one, NOT TWO as needed) will arrive after 11 am. What would you think will happen? I expect to be compensated for all the time I have spent waiting for your technician(s) who is unable to do the job. I expect to be compensated for all the payments I have made to scan and send documents for work. I expect to be compensated for services I pay for and cannot receive because of your service: i.e. Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, and TIVO. And especially, from Optimum for not providing any service for more than two weeks. At the very least, I would love to hear any response from anyone with power or authority without my initiating the contact. I await your repair technicians (!) with far less grace than I would like to have. Margaret Cinberg (hidden) (You, of course, cannot call this number as I do not have service.)

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Thomaseana hayes - 24 d 8 h ago

I hate this company, they messed up on my bill so now they want me to pay over 400 dollars. We all should boycott Optimum....supervisor was to call me within 24 48 hours, it has been over 5 days now

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