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Cablevision Systems Corporation

1111 Stewart Ave.
Bethpage, NY
James Dolan
President CEO and Director
(516) 803-2300
(516) 803-3134
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Robbi - 17 h 25 m ago

My husband got a Google pixel phone October 2016 and from that point on has not been able to use the Optimum app because of the Nougat software. That was six months ago. Two days ago I had a software update to nougat on my Galaxy S6 and now the Optimum app no longer works on my phone device either. When I spoke with technical support today, the rep was aware of the problem but offered no information as to when an app update would be sent out for phones that have the nougat software. I'm paying for this app as part of my optimum package and its supposed to work on all devices. In 6 months still NOT available. Seriously?!!!!

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Cupporting Cyber Terrorism - 3 d ago


I have called your office and there is no option to speak with your abuse department. As you can see below, Scott Whitney had sent you the information yesterday at 08:48 and as per your recorded message "this is a time sensitive matter", but there has not been any response and these pings are still occurring.

Please assist immediately or I will be forced to call the Deputy Director for Cyber-Terrorism for the FBI, Donald Good, and report this issue and your lack of attention to resolve this matter.

You quick resolution to this matter would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Ken - 12 d ago


Cablevision should go out of business they are the worst company to deal with I have been trying to get new service for a Fire Dept. Emergency center and I just keep getting a run around nobody has the decency to return a phone call or respond to messages. I called the (hidden) number and all it does is disconnect you. The people I have talked to on the phone hang up on you and don't call you back either. I would really like to hear from somebody in the corporate office but nobody has any balls to call back.

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Ken - 11 d ago


So here we are 24 hours later and no contact what so ever CABLEVISION SUCKS

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Ken - 11 d ago


What a joke my comments were approved. REALLY

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COME ON VERIZON - 4 d 16 h ago


So here we are a week later and still no service nobody in this company knows what is going on it is just one big CIRCLE JERK.

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Wt12547 - 10 d 51 s ago

Cable vision/ Optimum needs to train there customer service people about respect and the automated system needs to go away because it never send you to the right place. I have been through 4 agents and two over chat and still nothing. I needed to speak to a manager and have yet to do so because you get a song and dance about there has to be a reason and there is but not good enough for the customer service asshole who have no respect! There is no reason a manager can not call me back. The customers service against say the manager can not do anything either and I am like how do you know that if your not a manager and if your so smart why are you not a manager? Will find the CEO and write to him like I did for Verizon.

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Down with Cablevision - 11 d ago


I really wonder if anybody from cablevision actually reads these comments there are more complaints than anything. I just get the feeling NOBODY CARES.

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Anonymous - 13 d 27 s ago

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Disgusted - 11 d 20 m ago


Contact Verizon

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Not Happy - 11 d 12 h ago


A $100 credit. That is what I have been offered. I have a special needs child who used the remote to purchase $287.00 worth of Disney movies On Demand over a period of 4 or five days. I had no idea he even knew how to use the remote to purchase using the On Demand feature and when I saw him watching movies, I thought he was putting in DVD's. He has them all. You would think with all the money we pay for this average service, they would have an alert system in place for such erroneous activity.

There is a PIN set up now, a little late.

I suppose I should be grateful that I am getting any break at all. What was I expecting from a billion dollar company?

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unhappy coustomer - 16 d 19 h ago


To Whom It May Concern

I was just on the phone with customer service and I was told I could not be helped because of the situation witch is about my bill and you all not getting it on time and not posted properly so this became my fault. I have no been hung up on and spoken to very rudely and I am about to cancel my service with you after all of these years and that goes fro my home as well. And I am also telling all of my friends that you do not stand by your customer's and to use VERIZON.

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Colleen - 108 d 14 h ago


Please stop showing the commercial with the cougar running after another animal to eat it to show how fast your service is. It is very disturbing and gives me terrible anxiety whenever I see it. Thank you.

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Disgusted viewer - 73 d 12 h ago

Hi Colleen, I feel the same way as you to. I am terribly disturbed by this commercial & have to turn down the sound & look away from the screen whenever it's on. I have written to Cablevision & answered other people's comments, just as I'm doing with yours. Please read them, under 'Disgusted viewer' & join me in bringing about a protest & boycott of this company to have them removed this commercial immediately from being aired. Go to PETA & other animal right organizations, mental health organizations due to the anxiety this commercial causes you & others, as well as myself & the impact it has on children's emotional being. Images of this antelope being chased down by a cheetah, known for it's speed, is no way to sell a product or service. It causes mental & emotional distress upon sensitive individuals, animal advocates, children who are at a young & impressionable age, that this commercial violates our rights as the viewing public. We have a right to enjoy watching the programs we choose, in a peaceful state of mind & not to have our inner self's tranquility disrupted by a violent commercial. Please join my in the protest. Thank you.

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Anonymous - 49 d 16 h ago

Hi I dislike people like you because your a coward or have issue its your problem. If you don't like something your free not to watch it. Just like it free to show what we want. No one is responsible for your sensitivity issues or anxiety.

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TooHotToGooz - 38 d 16 h ago


I like turtles.

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Andrew - 30 d ago

Anonymous - really??? you gripe about "a coward" but you list yourself as "Anonymous"??? Something about a pot and a kettle!

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Bina Paul - 23 d ago


you hit the nail on the head, andrew...this anonymous person IS the coward!

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Anonymous missed the point. - 17 d 18 h ago

Coward? anonymous? Whether you like people like this viewer or not, this company makes money by getting customers to pay them for their services. If they spend on a commercial and its alienating a number of people, youd be stupid to continue to air that commercial. This corporation is a disaster!! They seem to be alienating their customers on purpose. I hope they fold soon.

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Anonymous - 38 d 6 h ago

Do you know that people have to upgrade in order for their kids to watch educational channels? Gripe about that...

Copied from the reply to Colleen

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Loco - 56 d 18 h ago


Hahaha it chewed it good too

Cablevision is a racist company

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Anonymous - 49 d 16 h ago

then don't what it deal with your own problems. No one is responsible for your sensitivity

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Lou - 38 d 6 h ago

It's a cheetah. Do you know that people have to upgrade in order for their kids to watch educational channels? Gripe about that...

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Disgusting company!!! I was being charged for a premium channel that I did not order! Customer service was rude and pretty much told me to go elsewhere. I did. When I called to cancel my service on March 26 I was told I had to pay for the next month even after cancelation!! REALLY!?!?!?! Ive called ALL the numbers that appear on my bill. The number for bill issues is a loop of advertisements trying to sell me trips to florida. You would rather rip off a customer spending 180$ a month than to keep that customer???? WTF. How stupid is that???

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Not Happy!!!! - 56 d 17 h ago


I have been a dedicated customer for 10 years.. During that time my account was shut off ONCE and that was due to the after affects of Sandy in 2012. I was an employee for 8 years(Made them a lot of money!!)

I am being charged a $10.00 late fee, yes I am late. Keeping the roof over my head, car insurance comes first. I have the basic package. AGAIN IN THE 10 YEARS, MY ACCOUNT HAS ONLY BEEN DISCONNECTED ONCE!!!

Cablevision claims they appreciate your business but when it comes to showing it... they do the complete opposite!!!!

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Another Unhappy Customer - 48 d 10 h ago

Totally agree, worst customer service ever. I have been a customer for 16+ years and detest calling the Optimum customer service dept. I asked to speak to a manager/supervisor regarding an issue that the reps could not resolve and was told that I could not. Can't blame the employees, however, considering that

they do what they have been trained to do. I am currently researching other service options - enough is enough.

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