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Cablevision Systems Corporation

1111 Stewart Ave.
Bethpage, NY
James Dolan
President CEO and Director
(516) 803-2300
(516) 803-3134
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Stephen Burke - 3 d 16 h ago


I live in Long Beach, NY. Have Optimum internet. Came home from work yesterday and no internet. Called Customer Service today. They couldn't repair online. So they tell me to bring their components to their store in Brooklyn. How about repairman? Sorry, but not evenings or weekends. I work 7 to 3 M-F in the City. So I pay $60/mos for internet and need to drive to fix their system failure. Doesn't sound right to me. When I suggested this was horrible Customer Service, they said they would call if they could come otherwise.

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Frank - 5 d ago


I can't even begin to tell everyone how disgusted I am with this company. Be aware that they bill in advance. If you pay that bill and they tell you that you will get a credit do NOT believe them. This is a scam they have going on and are probably making millions off of it. I dropped my phone & TV service and they are still billing me for it. if I don't pay it they shut down my internet. They do not even care if i have been a loyal customer for 20 years. This is BS.

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Kathleen Kiedaisch - 6 d ago


I moved and canceled my account as of 3/10/19. Technician came and removed equipment on 3/10. I returned equip. to optimum/altice on 3/12. I have all the receipts. A new account with optimum/altice at the same address was begun on 3/10. I received a bill for canceled account thru 3/15. I called customer service was transferred 6 times and put on hold multiple times for a total of 35 minutes. Was told I have to pay thru the 15th even though the equipment was returned, the account canceled on 3/10 and a new account was already activated as of 3/10. I also tried to call corporate at (hidden) 3 times and let it ring for over 3 minutes... no one answered.

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Margaret Obregon - 5 d 3 m ago


I just switched back to Verizon after barely 1 month with Optimum. My billing cycle started March 8, the same day Verizon come to install my new equipment. In order to keep my phone number, I had to wait until it was up and running to cancel with Optimum. I went the drop off center the next morning and returned everything. They are telling me I have to pay my full bill of $182 (for service until April 7) because the billing cycle already started and they don't pro-rate the bill. I am livid. Optimum has the worst service and customer service is horrible. I don't care how much more I have to pay Verizon. Its worth it to not have to deal with Optimum.

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Jon J Darcy - 7 d 24 h ago


The list of grievances with this company may be too long to list but I will try:

They didn't keep their installation appointment and didn't call.

They came three days later but didn't have enough time to explain the system to me or get my equipment back on line.

They were supposed to port over my phone but ignored my request when technician was here to do so!

They tore out my Verizon Fios line and left me with no choice but to use the service for now.

Their Wi Fi couldn't reach the next room without a 75% degradation in speed. It didn't reach the end of the house at all!

Calls to the office led to them telling me that I had to pay $79 and two weeks to get my phone number ported over. Had this number for 38 years.

They sent me a bill that did not reflect the price I was quoted for basic service.

I had to spend money ( $300) and time to buy and install a better router and wiring to get a signal to my computer and the rest of my house and to get my equipment off the living room floor.

When I asked to speak to a supervisor in customer service they were too busy. They were to call me back that day but 5 days later never did.

When I called back to get info on billing they couldn't give it to me.

When I asked for the corporate phone number from various departments including sales, billing and customer service they said they didn't have it.

I finally figured a way to get my internet phone hooked up directly and bypassing their phone service and now want to cancel their phone service except I can't get anyone to do so.

This company seems to PREY on the consumer especially the seniors and the minorities who have difficulty trying to work around their representatives and systems.

The monopoly that these companies have on their regions need to eliminated and they need to be forced to share their connectivity.

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Concerned - 8 d 20 h ago

Good afternoon! I just want to report this issue that make me feel really concerned...and upset!

For so many years I have been a loyal customer for optimum

But for some reason,from last year to now my monthly balance change, even I Never use additional services.on January my last statement was $118.00..but in February I received a bill from 183.70...i contacted optimum several times,last call was made 03/15/2019..after my conversation with the representative he told me that I made$48.00 in international calls, but I don't accept the charges because is not true..A copy of my bill was requested, in order to review the international calls. but he refuse to resend via email.

He suggest me to review my statement in optimum online. I open optimum online but when i request my statement the system said sorry, and i dont receive the information. ( Account # (hidden)302).. Also was requested to speak with a supervisor, he denied my request. After faith with this person finally he transfer me to a customer service who just said "my system is down.(never ask me who I am) he just ask me my phone number in order to answer the reason of this bill. ( I Never received any response)

Today 03/16/2019 at 11:55 am I try to receive the answer requested.,the representative try to explain the international calls but in order to see the source or telephone numbers documents has to be signed and!!!!

Also I asked her why? My statement for this month is$133.00 (different amount) also she said is because you have international calls. I explained to her that my free international calls finished on 03/14/2019 at 9pm ..and I had left a balance of 8 minutes in my account .

Also i advised to the representative that i have unlimited calls with metro pcs my cellphone company. I told her that I'm planning to make a payment but because I see to many irregularities, and i planning to contact nyc consumer affairs , also that i understand why this company treat me like that because i always been ontime wih my payment , and the answer that I received was:

You have to be carefully what do you said or do, because you don't know what they cant do to you" " and that conversation should be recorder. I don't understand how your company dare to threaten. My response was : you are trying to intimidate me?

By the way that expression was in Spanish, my primary language.

Thanks in advance!

Lourdes Fanas

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Handle the problem - 21 d ago


An Employee of yours working at the Corner of Lincoln Avenue and Ninth Ave in Pelham this morning was driving the truck while talking on his phone. He tried to get close to the curb and must have went back and forth 25 times still while on his phone. He got out of the vehicle to start his safety setup all while on his phone. He got back in the vehicle to move it again , still on his phone. This went on for an hour.

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Anonymous - 10 d ago

It's called multitasking.

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dirty workers - 10 d ago


Optimum workers working on my street. I saw one of the men throw his trash on my lawn. I called Optimum and no one seems to know who can solve the problem.They are the worst in customer service no one seem to know to report this problem to.

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Anonymous - 10 d ago

I can tell you how to solve it. Walk outside, pick up the trash and throw it away. Chalk the whole thing up as a learning experience that not everyone is perfect.

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Does It. Matter? - 13 d ago


the wooooooorst.

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Tracy B - 17 d 11 h ago


Absolutely disgusted with the service, I've been with cable for about 3 months now. We've had issues with the boxes not working since we signed up. Two times within the past 3 months we were promised a technician would come and had to take off from work since they give you a 10 hour window. Both times the technician didn't show. We will be cancelling our service. We never had any issues with Verizon. After reading everyone's comments, I see I'm not the only one. I don't expect you to be staying in business much longer with the way your paying customers are treated and how crappy your devices work.

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Angela Estevez - 18 d 22 h ago


I have been a loyal customer for so many years I can't even remember. I called because I had no TV service in my bedroom during he evening only. The woman on the line gave me an appointment for Monday 3/4/19 and stated if the TV started to work cancel the appointment because they charge $80 for a tech to come out to fix it if the problem if its not their problem. I woke up during the night at 2:36 am and the clock was now working and not showing an ERROR, so I called and cancelled the appointment in he morning of 3/1/19. I believe this problem stated 2/29/19. I called to receive credit for the nights without TV and Jennifer at customer service old me she needed the dates. I made a mistake with the dates but told her to read the notes. She just kept telling me I canceled the appointment so she could not credit me for the days I was out of service which was 2/28/19 -3/04/19.

I realize I gave her the wrong dates which was my fault but seriously read the notes that are in the computer. We got nothing resolved because she just kept telling me I canceled the appointment. I said look at the notes I rescheduled the appointment the next morning. I am sure it is just a matter of $10 dollars but it is the point. If this is how you treat LOYAL customers maybe it is time to change to Verizon.

I will say the technician who came on 3/4/19 Alex was amazing! You have to reevaluate your reimbursement policy. I was so disgusted when I got off the phone especially after spending four nights on hold while calling the ALERT number I believe it was (hidden). I did receive credit for 3/4/19 only. You need to have better customer service. I am very disappointed with Optimum right now!

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sam - 20 d 19 h ago


I have never experienced such horrendous customer service in my life. I am trying to reach someone regarding my mother's bill (who has dementia). I am the only one who has ever spoken to them about her service from initiating the service 5 years ago, to making several address changes. They quoted me one price and when the bill arrived it was over $80 more. Sorry, I don't think there is $80 worth of taxes. Now they are telling me I am not authorized, she is the only one who is. SHE HAS DEMENTIA you idiots, why was I able to open service and make address changes and now that I am calling with a billing issue they can't talk to me? WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Ridiculously overpriced and since we can't get Time Warner in our location we are stuck with this BS.

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JMB - 21 d 24 m ago


I just became a new customer 3 months ago after having ONLY Verizon since they problem after another. Although, Tech support is excellent..billing and customer service are terrible. Hours upon hours on the phone , waiting for a rep who knows what they are doing.. NOW only to find out the $100 gift card promised to me as a new customer has been declined!! WHY? My payment was late ! I never recv'd any bill only to find out I was "incorrectly paced on paperless billing":! I never signed up for this..but how convenient for Optimum not to adhere to this offer..I didn't request paperless, but it was used as a reason to NOT give me the gift card! Hmnn how typical..even this site I am having difficulty posting my review no luck for the past 45 mins!!

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Davis - 23 d 12 h ago

Let me start by saying that I used to work for Cablevision and have been a customer for many years. Recently me and many of my neighbors (6 to be exact) have lost service due to the line being ripped from the Pole due to a delivery truck. My neighbors and I have made appointments to have this repaired talked to numerous customer service agents but to no avail, it hasn't been fixed yet many of our appointments have not been answered or the technicians have just not shown up to our addressess to fix the problem. They say there are to busy to fix it and it will take a week that is unacceptable. All this happened on February 27th and now there saying that they can't come out til March 8th. This needs to be fixed some of my neighbors are elderly and rely on there phone

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Orlando Frazier - 23 d 14 h ago

Good evening been waiting for a technician to come to my house because rhey said there was a problem. After takibg off work and wziting he calls and say that he xant come he will come another day . I work on Saturday I call to speak with a Supervisor I was told that they would call me back in the next 24 hr. Very unprofessional 24 hr . I am livid . If I am late u people cut me off .I am not late and I have no service and no Internet.going 2days . A very disappointed customer. #(hidden) Maybe u can help me

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Shelly - 45 d 16 h ago


Just ccing the email I have sent to customer service Have been calling them but in vain . No one seems to care . No one in the world is that busy. Except GOD


I have been calling and leaving messages to talk to you about my bill for the past 3 weeks. .I have been 20 year customer but, your customer service is such a hassle.

If no one calls me back this week . I guess optimum doesn't care.

I want to terminate my service . . I am loosing patience and have neither time nor energy for this.

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HEREinNJ - 45 d ago


try filing a complaint with the Better Business Berau. you can file a complaint online. I have use this a handful of times my self and that is how I've gotten a response from the company I was trying to communicate with. Depending on what the issue is with them you could also try sending an email to one of the local new stations as well, those companies don't like bad publicity.

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Terrible Service - 23 d 17 h ago


Thank you so much, will be doing so!

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Upset - 32 d 12 h ago


Like so many others I feel your customer service is lacking. I called to cancel my service and the rep I spoke didn't do it. I was baffled when I received an email stating I owed over 200 for a service I believe was cancelled with a complete payment. I spoke to a supervisor who was going to find my cancellation phone to verify I cancelled my account. I was informed tonight they can't locate the phone call. Therefore I am responsible for this bill because they don't have proof I cancelled. If someone doesn't correct this I am going to file by the end of this week, not only for this bill but also my wages I will lose going to small claims.

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Thieves and Crooks - 23 d 17 h ago


I have had a similar issue. I had a technician come to my home for service, he came in and services my 3 cable boxes. He then told us that the boxes were fine and left. Now I have a bill saying that I canceled the appointment and I am being charged 80$ for an appointment that I never canceled. I have called customer service and spent hours with them on the phone. The technician had given us his personal number, I called the technician personally and had to ask him to resolve this issue. When I asked the service rep "What if I didn't have the techs personal number for proof?" The technician then told me that I would just have to pay the 80$.... Can you believe this!? Neither Optimum nor the technician ever followed up with me on this issue. Now I am contacting corporate and I am going to escalate this issue. Crooks and thieves.

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Anonymous - 24 d 24 h ago



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Anonymous - 25 d ago


HORRIBLE customer service. just HORRIBLE. never saw anything deteriorate as Optimum has. As soon as i have time will switch to another provider.

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Anonymous - 26 d ago

This is by the worst company I have ever dealt with. YOu can't talk to a human being unless you are adding new service. They break all the rules of listening to your customers and providing exemplary service. I wonder what their mission statement says, I'm sure its laughable. Just got another new charge on my bill "network fee" and I don't even have cable, I stream. I dropped all cable from them, because they were a rip off, but now, they just add all sorts of fees and I'm paying the same as if I still had cable. Can't wait for more options and I will be done with these losers

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