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Cablevision Systems Corporation

1111 Stewart Ave.
Bethpage, NY
James Dolan
President CEO and Director
(516) 803-2300
(516) 803-3134
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Anonymous - 4 d ago

Everyone should start filing their complaints with the FCC and BBB.

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MARILYN - 2 d 13 h ago


Yes, also take them to Small Clams Court

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anon - 4 d 5 h ago


I hope one day they shut this money grubbing business down. Seems like I pay for cable twice a month every time I look at the bill its 600+for basic cable Ig got charge a $80 fee for your tech to plug my phone into cable box..then was told they charge for fixing..nothing was fixed rest of my phone outlets dont work

General profile image - 5 d 12 h ago

No phone service in the morning for 2 months. Several visits by repairmen to no avail. Going with verizon

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Kelly - 8 d ago


We thought it was bad when Dolan ran the place ( LOL ). The new policy ( that NOBODYS know anything about ) of canceling & returning the equipment before billing cycle ends or getting slammed with an extra months service is pure FRAUD ! Avoid this company like the plague - It's worse than ever. Notifying Congressman King, BBB, N.Y. State Attorney Generals office.

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Valeriy fishman - 20 d 5 h ago


Dear Mr James Dolan

I would like to tell you what methods uses your staff trying to make money from your customer.Fraud and forgery it is basic activities for your billing department. My 2 years contract expired 10-07 2016 In September 26 2016 at 5.00pm I called to Optimum to get information what services and prices I could expect if I make new agreement. I had by phone conversation with customer service reoresentative about a new service. First of all I said that I will not pay more than $128 per month (It was my payment for 2 year contract) I also said that I donT need DVR. i gave my e-MAIL and asked send me services with price because now TV customer choice.To my surprise when I called to Optimum because I never recieved E-mail I found out that my conversation without my consernt converted in 2 year agrement.My conversation was recorde tAfter more than dozen calls and E-mails staff send me letter with amount of the costs of all services and summ $128.I have this letter and wiil send it Consumer Affair Burea because my bil at november 22 2016 unexpectedly increase for $168 without any explanation. When I try print the new bill it disappeared from screen.When I try chat with representative conversation stoped.l In new bill I had notice that crooked staff included DVR and price for TV turned to $89 was $69 I am tired from shameless people from Optimum. Thank you for your time what you spend reading my letter My name Valeriy Fishman address 1580 E 18 st apt 2G acc#07836-356484-05-9

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Kathleen Carlson - 12 d ago


I commented above. They are a bunch of frauds it's awful. We need to do something about this

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Kathleen Carlson - 12 d 5 m ago


Mr Dolan

I have been in contact with your corporate people. One of your techs forged my signature. I was refunded for one month of cable. Guess what this is not exceptable. I told them it's not. I also mailed a letter and emailed it. I want to know where my lawyer can send a letter because if we don't settle on something. You will be having a huge lawsuit. I have never been so disgusted in my life. Funny thing the tech is still working because I see him around town. He will keep doing it and no repercussions. Sick. BEWARE THe TECHS FORGE YOUR SIGNATURE when your in the house to lazy to even knock on the door

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Francisco Lugo - 18 d ago

To whom it may concern I work for ERC BPO in the Dominican Republic. I wanted to know if its true that your company does background check. I have a past but I al ready paid my debt to society.

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Sue C - 22 d 10 h ago


Seems like we are not the only Optimum customers being scammed.We turned in our equipment as we do every year for the past decade and were told that our bill would be adjusted. When I called today I was told the the new policy was that we were responsible for the entire billing cycle not the 3 days we used it. What a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not donating money to Optimum!!

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CHaines - 23 d 10 h ago


I had been a cablevision customer for over 30 years. Due to their higher prices, I decided to change services. I called 10/31 and was told that in order to do that, I had to return the boxes and it was best to do that before the billing cycle ended 11/7, Never was I told that if I did not do that I would be charged for THE ENTIRE NEXT MONTH. In addition I was never told that I could have cancelled my services by phone. I would have done both. I did return the boxes at 10 am on 11/8 and am being charged $195 until December 7 for a service I cannot access. $195 for 10 THAT is an expensive cablevision package.

Their answer - read the fine print on your bill (page 2 of 6) and this is the industry standard, and basically tough luck. Oh yes, they did tell me I could go back to the store and get my boxes back and use them till Dec 7.

What a way to cheat customers.................I am glad I left such a company.

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SA and W BakerNutley, NJ - 31 d 11 h ago

We have moved to a new location with my daughter, she and her husband have Cablevision service in their home. Two days into the billing cycle I tried to cancel service at our previous home. We were told we must pay for the WHOLE month! You bill a month in advance, not for services previously received. Not allowing a customer to cancel service is a sham and a disgrace. My husband and I have been your customers for over thirty years, this is a disgraceful practice!

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Anonymous - 32 d 5 h ago



I spoke with Jay yesterday #FSZ from Long Island, NY.

He was tremendous and most helpful.

Thank You, Jay!


Fairfield, CT

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FJVG - 44 d 6 h ago


since cable was sold the customer service is TERRIBLE it took me over an hour to speak to a human and that was because I called corporate

offices and was told there was no pending changes forthcoming about their customer service. FIOS IS LOOKING GOOD they closed the office in Freeport so now I cant even go there to return boxes or remotes the South shore has been abandoned by CABLEVISION

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detemplejj - 45 d 6 h ago


Gentleman. Your policies related to changes in service smack of fraud. Your people tell me you cant downgrade service unless your at the location where service is provided. I am 70 miles from the service location and this represents a hardship in terms of costs and time. This was not the case when I upgraded my service to gold. I didnt have to drive to the service location for the upgrade. This is a complete failure on managements part in having consistent policies. Look at Well Fargo, they blew it and your approach is very similar. Yes, look the other way. You have managed another week of service from me but lost a customer in the process.

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Anonymous - 49 d 46 m ago


Your commercials are dreadful particularly the one with the person in the red dress, The ones with the supposed space men are equally stupid. You give good service, you need to provide good advertisements.

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Ana - 58 d 4 h ago

Good afternoon mr. Dolan in the times they were living you should be aware that this some unsavory unfair unequal treatment of some of your employees there's blatant disrespect for once dignity behavior going on Madison Square Garden Arena HR is covering people whom already privilege your employees are being harassed mistreated and humiliated by people that think that they are running a modern-day Willie Lynch Plantation. I know it's very easy when you sit on top not think of the people in the bottom I supervise the stand that both you and your father get burgers from and I was treated with blatant disrespect more than once the first time I didn't lose my job because I recorded how I was being treated but the second time I lost my job because I didn't record.

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Vex Loyal customer of 5 years - 61 d 5 h ago

The amour of mistakes were made and if you do not check your bills there would be surprising charges of which billing refused to adjust I WOULD NEVER RECOMMENDED THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE DEPLOREABLE RETENTION DEPARTMENT AND BILLING DEPARTMENT THEY DO NOT CARE AND QUALITY IS -0! They say it is fixed and it is not where billing is concerned! Recorded calls should be reviewed by the highest level especially when customers calls in more than three times to ask if issues are resolved. I do not trust their words!

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Just Me - 61 d 6 h ago


Tried to watch the Giants game last night on ESPN. Lo and behold the channels for ESPN & ESPN2 would not come in (just had a gray screen) on the living room box. the other 2 boxes worked fine. I rebooted the box 3 times and still nothing. Called customer service, they tried rebooting, still didn't work. Customer Service told me the problem was that my box was old (from 2014!). Wanted to charge me for a service call to bring me a new box; otherwise I'd have to waste an hour of my time going to their "store" to change it out. I spoke to that person's manager who just kept repeating the same thing. Went up the chain further and spoke to another manager who also wanted to charge me for a service fee to get a new box because my box isn't old (contradicting his own CS rep) and he has had his box for 9 years with no problems. After all the money I pay for the monthly service and 3 boxes, I shouldn't have to put up with this and I shouldn't have to swap out my boxes and remotes once a year when they keep failing.. The last manager I spoke with insisted there was no one higher than him to talk to. He then heard my husband talking in the background and actually had the nerve to ask to speak to him, instead of me! I told him that was sexual discrimination and would be suing for it. I have been a customer for 20+ years and deserve to be treated better than that. I'm switching to FIOS.

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Anonymous - 63 d ago


To James Dolan

I am a cable vision customer and want to tell you my feelings on the commercial you promote on television.. I am not of the black community ,but do feel the commercial makes that race look lazy and ignorant's a terrible message it sends to the youth of today..if I was a black person I would feel offended by this commercial...why is it that the black gentleman is asking "how much work"? And asks what is a culdersac? Did you ever feel that this is improper and prejudicial? Please try to find another way to promote your product,,

Regards , long time customer

Kim giannotti

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Fuckyourselftodeath - 66 d ago


Your company is a fucking disgrace, my internet nwver works. You obviously invest nothing in infrastructure and pay the cheapest fees to rent towers.

You should all lock yourselves inside the corporate headquarters and set it on fire.

No one would evwr know the difference.

You don't even have the decency to alertt cuatimers of outages or maintenance because you are useless garbage profiteer cunts who should suffer the indignities of your own absentee landlordism.

You are fuxking garbage, not worth the adrenaline running through my blood right now while.I'm trying to get work done but can't because you are so fucking invomopetent, useless, and clueless.

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Barbara Gould - 141 d 7 h ago


I have been with Cablevision since it came to Deer Park, NY 11729. I have NEVER changed service. I get mail from other services,and do not change. I also get mail from Cabelvision for a great deals, only if I was "new".

Iam please with your service. I can contact you at all hrs. , day or not and get prompt help.

I don`t want to change because of the service I receive. Recently, I did get an adjustment. I am thankful for that, but it is only good for yr.

Wouldn`t be nice if you did more for the customer who has stayed faithful for ALL these years, Mr. Dolan?

If you could give us "old timers" a better rate, I am sure more would stay with Cablevision instead of "cable hopping'. Now , I give you 4 stars. Give us a"gift" and I will give you 10stars!

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RAYMOND - 76 d 33 m ago


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Hector R - 66 d 11 h ago


Well you must be one in a million that is not having problems with option on line ??? Well welcome to the present , I just got it in stall in my Home day one problems after promblems. The All the HD Chanel's are not clear all movies are half screens . Very fuzzy all Chanel's From day one . TV colors dull dark . and they have no one to drop boxes any thing to your home you have to pick up at their office 1/2 hour alway round trip 3 hours and they bill you one month in avence (why) this doesn't make sense and they don't want to work. Whith you or corpate ps this cable is no good I,, I rate it o ,,

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Anonymous - 102 d 11 h ago


they are the WORST!!!! but when you call the number above, they transfer you to Corporate Escallation Customer Relations... I spoke to someone there and i have to wait until next week Tuesday for an answer. i just want my bill credited and i will stay with them. otherwise, its off to FIOS i go

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upset cablevision customer - 86 d 7 h ago


I just called their corporate Escallation Customer Relations department and spoke to someone there who said they would try to call back next week as they are on 1960 technology meaning they won't text or email me but would call during the day when no one is home and possibly leave a message telling me I can call back and not speak with someone that will address my issues. CABLEVISION SUCKS!

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