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Cablevision Systems Corporation

1111 Stewart Ave.
Bethpage, NY
James Dolan
President CEO and Director
(516) 803-2300
(516) 803-3134
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susan - 6 d 10 h ago


still waiting for severence pay, It has een 4 months and several phone calls

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bbh - 10 d ago


webmail has gone mia for iPad again. 2nd time in 2 weeks. support hung up on me and i had to log the complaint w/ billing. still no eta. if you can't professionally provide a service, maybe you should either drop it or hire professional help.

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Colleen - 48 d 15 h ago


Please stop showing the commercial with the cougar running after another animal to eat it to show how fast your service is. It is very disturbing and gives me terrible anxiety whenever I see it. Thank you.

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Disgusted viewer - 13 d 13 h ago

Hi Colleen, I feel the same way as you to. I am terribly disturbed by this commercial & have to turn down the sound & look away from the screen whenever it's on. I have written to Cablevision & answered other people's comments, just as I'm doing with yours. Please read them, under 'Disgusted viewer' & join me in bringing about a protest & boycott of this company to have them removed this commercial immediately from being aired. Go to PETA & other animal right organizations, mental health organizations due to the anxiety this commercial causes you & others, as well as myself & the impact it has on children's emotional being. Images of this antelope being chased down by a cheetah, known for it's speed, is no way to sell a product or service. It causes mental & emotional distress upon sensitive individuals, animal advocates, children who are at a young & impressionable age, that this commercial violates our rights as the viewing public. We have a right to enjoy watching the programs we choose, in a peaceful state of mind & not to have our inner self's tranquility disrupted by a violent commercial. Please join my in the protest. Thank you.

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Eilish - 34 d 10 h ago

The commercial where the cheetah is chasing an antelope is disturbing to say the least. To broadcast a commercial that children will be watching is beyond reproach. There must be other ways to indicate speed than a frightened animal.

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Disgusted viewer - 13 d 13 h ago

Hello Eilish, I made the same complaint to the company about this ad. Children are so impressionable & to have such a horrible image implied, even though not showing the capture of the antelope, the IMPLIED image is just as damaging to the subconscious & innocent children's minds. I hope you will read my complaint to Cablevision & other people's replies I wrote, just as this one & join me in complaining to PETA & other animal rights organizations, as well as mental health associations due to the damaging & lasting impact this implied image casts upon children & sensitive individual's subconscious. Everyone knows advertising is designed to play upon the public's subconscious. I worked in TV & Radio advertising for many years, as well as studied psychology & have learned how the subconscious motivates us into taking actions & making decisions based upon certain images we form about a product or service. Please join me in this protest. Thank you.

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Leberta Deyglio - 33 d 32 s ago


When is Cabelvision going to stop running that commercial with the leopard chasing that born animal for a meal. I find it personally offensive especially when the commentator STATES "YOU PROBABLY SHOULDN'T CONTINUE TO WATCH THE REST OF THIS COMMERCIAL". I'm surprised PETA hasn't shut the commercial down. Everyone knows the laws if survival but we don't need to see it every day and all day long and feel terrible for that born animal running for his life. I'm so sorry I have Cablevision and they support this image.

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Disgusted viewer - 13 d 13 h ago

I agree with you & have complained to Cablevision & am taking action to get this off the air. By taking them to court, creating a protest & boycott of this company. By obtaining the backing of animal rights organizations & even mental health associations, because of the implied violent nature of this commercial to sensitive people, such as myself toward any form of bloodshed animal or human, will create more of an impact upon this company. The more people complain about this commercial & organize, a negative image for Cablevision upon social media will cause people not to sign up for their poor service.

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Libby - 33 d ago


What a horrible commercial that Cablevision has been advertising for months. I'm referring to the commercial where the cheetah is chasing that born antelope in the field. To think that this commercial is going to make more people even think of getting Cablevision is ridiculous. Altice needs to fix it and dump that commercial and in addition apologize for ever showing it. We all find it very offensive to watch and to think what this commercial does to the many children watching tv as it is shown all day long every day. My next comment will be to PETA, hopefully that organization can reach out to someone at your marketing dept. to dump that commercial.

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Disgusted viewer - 13 d 13 h ago

I too wrote a protest comment to Cablevision about this ad & said, I shall sue them if it is not removed immediately, due to my sensitive nature to any form or suggestion of animal or human violence or blood shed. Implied imagery is just as mentally & emotionally damaging to the subconscious as the actual viewing of a violent act. You can read my complaint message under "Disgusted viewer". I am also going to PETA & other animal organizations. As well as, mental health associations for the impact this violent commercial has on the subconscious, especially upon children who are very impressionable at a younger age. Even though, it doesn't show the cheetah pouncing upon the antelope, it is implied of the capture, by the narrator saying, "you may not want to see this part", as the camera changes view. It is that implication that I find so terrorizing & unsettling within my peaceful enjoyment as a viewing public. My mind instantly goes to the antelope's ill fate. I find this emotionally disturbing & subconsciously unsettling.

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Disgusted viewer - 13 d 14 h ago

STOP PLEASE STOP running that ridiculous commercial with the cheetah running down an antelope, as the ad goes on to say for "it's dinner" & even the ad says, "you may not want to watch this part". This is disgusting, distasteful advertising. I worked for many years in Y&R's TV/Radio advertising & my colleagues & I would find this totally off limits. Firstly, you are insulting all animal lovers, people sensitive to killings, blood shed of any kind, human or animal. Secondly, certainly you can make your point of being a super fast service using a more wholesome image. And thirdly, if anything, this controversial ad most certainly turns many customers off completely about your product. What moron approved of this commercial. The exec who gave the approval of this ad, must be a wildlife trophy hunter. So this is all your think tank could come up with, well, they certainly have no brains for intelligence or good taste, that is for certain. If this ad is not removed from the air waves, internet, smoke signals, immediately, I shall sue you for insensitive imagery disturbing the peaceful enjoyment of the viewing public. And bring about boycotting of your company & protests from animal advocates, people against violence & public viewers with sensitivity to blood shed of any kind.

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Highly unhappy new customer - 13 d 16 h ago


Worst company ever! Doesn't matter if you make an appointment or not they will just reschedule based on there own needs and then charge you anyway. I have never had trouble with any other cable company other then optimum. And there customer service is the worst. No one knows anything. They have zero training and just make up anything they want and then the next person tells you something different. And the so called supervisors are just as bad and useless. If your thinking about getting optimum services I would highly recommend you go with another provider.

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Customer - 16 d 18 h ago


I just wanted to go ahead and write a review on a woman named Laurie that works in the billing department as a supervisor. She was the most rude disrespectful customer service representative I have ever spoke too. I came to them with an issue about needing a extension to pay my bill because unfortunately we struggle very hard.. which she could not accommodate . Which is okay but the way she spoke to me was disgusting. She degraded me by the way she talked to me like I was nothing. I think it's disgusting to have to pay a company that has someone like her working there . Telling me oh let's look at your first slip up in such a sarcastic tone she talked down to me like I was garbage. Cutting me off didn't let me speak .. and some other rude remarks that I don't even want to repeat . I think it's disgusting and I hope someone treats her that way one day so she could see how it feels to struggle and try your best and get treated like crap n made felt not good enough. She was horrible her I'd number is WTG. If she didn't lie. She was the most horrible customer representative supervisor I have had ever spoken too.

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Optimum Never Again - 17 d 17 h ago


Fraud, Fraud , Fraud. Dolan should be embarrassed for the scammy company he runs. Nice way to treat your fellow Long Island neighbors. My dad died and we returned the equipment and cancelled the service. On the same day of the return/cancellation he had a $30.00 credit. Now a bill shows up charging him for a whole month after his cancel/return and when we call they cannot do anything about the $30.00 they owe him and they still want to charge him for a whole month after cancelling and returning equipment. Oh and wait, when he was in the hospital they told us just suspend service and you will save money. When he got home they charged him more money for less channels as their "promotion period had ended".They feed off the elderly because all the smart younger people will use streaming devices and will not even order wifi from them. DISGUSTING. Will share with all my social media friends.

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LI Customer - 18 d 21 h ago


I am a customer of Optimum on Long Island. I had a problem accessing my TV to Go service and called your Custumer Service for help. This was a nightmare. I spent almost two hours on the phone and spoke to six people. Each one just wanted to pass me on to someone else. Finally, the last representive past me on to Engineering who said it would be about three days for someone to call me back with a solution. I just received the call. Someone name Andrew told me it was a problem with my old business account and would need three hours of me not using the system so he could reset the system to residential account. He told me this should work, however, I would lose all my settings of my phone service and all setting of my DVR. This will be a lot to reset. It is planned for this Sunday 9am - noon.

I ask Andrew what Optimum will do to repay me for my inconvience. He said nothing. I asked him to connect me to a supervisor. After waiting on hold, he came back and told me that the supervisor cannot do anything for me and would not even get on the phone. Again, another Supervisor who refused to even talk to me.

I have sent the following :

- Two hours on a phone with people who did not care to help me. Including supervisors.

- not having the this service for over one year.

- dealing with the worst Customer Service people I have ever had to deal with.

I think you should strongly look at better training for the people in your company that talk with your customers. They really need improvement?

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Donna - 20 d ago


I called and canceled my service with Optimum Cable on January 21,2017.I was transferred to the retention department,a supervisor was not available at the time of my call. I was transferred back to the billing department. The representative from the billing depart. took my name and cell # and said a supervisor will return my call. A rep.named Carlos called me back Jan.23rd,2017 and finally cancelled my account. Optimum is charging me for a full month of service, when I didn't use a full month of service.

I don't have a problem paying for 2 days of service. Optimum did not do their part on calling me back to cancel services. The retention dept. of course wants to retain my business. I was not interested but they have on file, that I officially canceled my account on Jan.23rd, which is incorrect. I requested Optimum to do a call review to see I did call on Jan.21 to cancel my account and they declined and said they can't do that. I will pay for 2 days of service,a whole month is fraud.

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Anonymous - 20 d 18 h ago

I am damn tired of getting at least one letter a week, one hangs crap on my door . This has been going on for about two years. I am not going to buy your service, I don't want it and I wish you would just leave me alone. I have called a local office and asked but they say there is nothing they can do about it.

Jack Layel

Lake Havasu, Az.

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j pinz - 32 d ago


i cancelled my service after 3 days into by billing cycle and they are telling me I have to pay the full month even though I only used 3 days of service. They claim because they bill the whole month they can not adjust the bill for the 3 days. they are out their minds

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H.H. - 31 d 19 h ago


Having the same issue, I am going to cover every channel. I had their service for 10 days, it SUCKS and they quoted me a price with 4 boxes and came with 3. They told me I can pay an extra $10 for another box. I am not paying more for something that they quoted wrong. Now they expect me to pay $190 to have service until Feb 24th. I will be trying to reach someone in Corporate office to rectify this issue.

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JM - 24 d 19 h ago

Same problem here. What do we do???

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Judy Ruttkamp - 25 d ago


TO: James Dolan,

I received a letter in December starting with my February bill, Optimum is pleased to offer me a NEW DISCOUNTED RATE. When I received my February bill it was $15 higher than my January. Where is my "new discounted rate"?? When I called I was told that I am getting a discounted rate on the TV portion of the bill. The truth is that amount is the same as it has always been. The Internet charge when up from $29.95 to $44.95. I have been an Optimum customer for 17 years and the reasoning I got from customer service didn't make any sense. They said they have to pay higher prices to the TV stations....then why did the internet portion of my bill go up? Could someone with a brain in their heads answer my questions?

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FIX IT NOW - 40 d ago


THESE PEOPLE ARE HORRIBLE!! I want to make it known that I contacted the customer service as well as dialed the number here listed above for the President, CEO and Director, James Dolan. The phone rings and rings and no one answers. And the option that it gives takes me right back to the useless automated voice system. I need to speak to a representative and they will not allow you to do that. I chatted with a representative by the name of Harold on their live chat, and he was USELESS. He could only quote policy but could not and would not offer assistance to rectify my situation. They failed to disconnect my service as requested. I moved to another residence, yet I am still being charged internet service at my old residence, and the new tenants can NOT get their own service to use because Optimum refuses to disconnect my service. Although it is their error that keeps it on. Yet they want me to pay for a bill that I have not accrued. I THINK NOT! If I have to take this to court I WILL!! All the way to the highest level. Because it seems that I am not the only one with this same issue. They want to ignore calls and blow off customers with their horrible and condescending customer service. It will not go unnoticed by me! James Dolan I am calling you out!! You are the head of this company, so therefore you need to show the people that pay your bills some respect. I am not pleased at all by this. As all a customer wants is to be treated with respect and for their time and investment in this company to be valued. And right now, I am only seeing that you value my money and not my service or customer loyalty. This is not the end of this. I will not stop until change happens! Get it together NOW and FIX THESE ISSUES!! Or you will be paying out of pocket instead of me!

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Krystal Semmens - 29 d ago


I truly believe that this company will have a huge lawsuit on their hands soon. We have been out of our house since 07/2015. We just moved back in a couple weeks ago. They stopped charging us when we informed them back in July that we would be moving out and would have to reinstall when our construction project was completed. I was looking at our bank account and noticed charges from them dating all the way to 02/2016. It is bad enough that the reason why we have been out of our house for this long was due to a contractor stealing our money and not finishing the job but now we had cablevision stealing from us for 10 months now. We don't even have a CO to live in the house because it was unlivable up until a month ago. We have called cablevision multiple times begging for our money back. Since we have had them on automatic pay they have been taking advantage and have been charging as they please. The last time my husband was on the phone with them they stated that their supervisors/managers won't take these calls anymore. That they are more than happy to cancel our service and send us off with another company. Obviously you are more than happy to because you owe us over $1,500 in charges. If we don't have the equipment how are you able to say you were providing a service? It is illegal and they will have it coming to them.

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Anonymous - 25 d 17 h ago

I am having the same problem! I moved to a state where there is no Optimum and they still won't disconnect my service. I don't know what to do. This cannot be legal!!

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Anonymous - 30 d 7 h ago

Anthony should be promoted to player/coach.

Mr, Jackson should become consultant.


Best Regards, Mark

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