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Cablevision Systems Corporation

1111 Stewart Ave.
Bethpage, NY
James Dolan
President CEO and Director
(516) 803-2300
(516) 803-3134
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G - 3 d 6 h ago


Yesterday I received my bill and was taken back that I was being charged an extra $80 listed as service call fee. This charge is bogus. A month ago my internet service was not working properly. I would have internet connection and then I would not. Rebooting did not always solve the problem leading me to believe that perhaps the connections outside my home had been affected by the weather. Finally I called cable and an appointment was set up and the representative told me if I wasn't home when the technician arrived I would be charged a service fee. I made sure I was home as I live on a set income. When the technician arrived he took a look at the modem and said it was the problem and replaced it with a modem having stationary blue lights. The original modem flashed yellow lights. Internet connection didn't hold and the technician replaced the router. Problem solved. This all being said when I called cable to inquire about the $80 service call fee I was connected with a representative whose response was ridiculous - he first stated the technician had been in my yard - he also stated I could have brought my modem in person to be replaced - as though I was a tech person and knew this was the problem - my response to him was that I am 72 years old and disabled and wanted to speak to a supervisor. After countless holds he told me no one was available. Then he told me he spoke to a supervisor and I had to pay the charge per the supervisor. I demanded to speak to the supervisor directly. Finally an alleged supervisor got on the phone and strangely sounded like the representative I had been speaking with as the voice had the same thick accent. This alleged supervisor expressed his authorization was TJO whatever that means. I again explained that from the get go I had been told that a charge to me would only incur if I wasn't home for the technician on the appointment date. He in turn said the matter would be sent to a Field Supervisor. I told him one doesn't have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out what had occurred. I had faulty equipment that didn't provide internet connections - that it was faulty was not my bad but the company's bad. To be charged for the change was nothing short of a scam. This alleged supervisor would not provide name of Field Supervisor and/or number. Told me if I called back I could speak to anyone as there were now notes on file. Having been a good paying customer for years I am appalled by the lack of sensibility in handling this billing inquiry. Beyond stupidity.

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Jeffrey Williams - 7 d ago


I feel very disrespected by this company. I had my cable installed only to find my $200 .00 bluetooth speaker stolen out of my apartment from my living room TV stand . I'm not going to stop until justice is done

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Diana - 7 d 16 h ago


Very unprofessional rud

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Anonymous - 7 d 16 h ago


The worse

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Athena Clarke - 13 d 20 h ago


Good evening,

I am completely pissed at the lack of respect and customer service from optimum. I've been with optimum since June 2018 which is when I moved into my new apartment. When I was moving, there was a mix up in regards to the apartment numbers. However I called optimum and rectified the situation before installation. When the technician came for installation he also fixed the apartment number. I signed up to receive my monthly bill via email. However two months later I receive a phone call from sunrise collection agency stating I have an outstanding balance with optimum. Two things crossed my mind. 1) optimum has never contacted me regarding an outstanding balance. 2) why would you give my name to the collection agency for 85.00. I then contacted optimum and their response was it was an error on their end and the next time sunrise contacts me to ask them to call optimum directly to fix the issue. Sunrise contacts me a month later and says they can't contact optimum for me. So at this point I'm getting the run around between both companies. It is now November my name is still in this collection agency and optimum has yet to fix it. Why should I contact sunrise when I didn't give my name in to collections. I pay my bill on time every month. This is unacceptable. Optimum needs to fix this because now you are effecting my credit. I would hate to make this a legal matter but I will if needs be. In all honesty I would have preferred Verizon cause they would NEVER do this. I had Verizon for many years at my old residence and never had a problem.


A pissed and frustrated customer

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LC - 14 d 13 s ago


Called for an update on my ticket # opened several days ago with no additional follow-up. Just spoke to "kevin" who was the rudest, most unprofessional customer agent employed there. Refused to escalate my call to a supervisor despite me asking 5 times. I have a name of a supervisor Cesar Rosado and will wait for him to call me back. Could write a lot more but will give the sup a chance to rectify the issue in a timely fashion. Kevin tried to tell me they have thousands of tickets open... and how is that my problem. Talk about unprofessional and reactive. What happened to customer service!! You don't have a problem taking my money every month and yet I'm missing services that I pay for.

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Andriana Fusco-Stillwell - 14 d 16 h ago


This has to be some of the worst customer service I have ever received. I will list all the employee that has shown that no one should use your company for anything.

I had to give up my rental on October 31, 2018 - due to lost of job and health issue - I did go into the hospital on October 31st and have an major surgery. I being an customer of yours for years .

I returned my equipment and canceled my service. I did not cancel my service to go to an another company but because I no longer had an home and was heading into the hospital for 5 days for surgery. Days later I receive notication that you are charging me for an full months service $ 204.77. Which is unbelieveable. I called the electric company to disconnect on October 31st 2018 - and no problem, Called the gas company I was disconnecting as of October 31st, 2018 no problem, called the water company of disconnection as of the 31st no problem and already received finally billing until October 31th 2018 I be more than happy to send you them as proof. But not optium I am going to charge you for service that you are not using and have returned all my equipment (have a receipt showing returned back to opium on Ocotber 30th, 2018. I have used your service for over 23 years that I lived in Jackson NJ and live at many address and never been so disrespected as I was yesterday and today by your company customer service agents and supervisors. Tell me its company policy to charge customer until the end of the cycle in full. I no longer am using your product or equipment and homeless with no job all because you have no termination fee. You also have no contract. I understand charging me for the 8 days of service from October 22 - October 30 when I disconnected service and return all equipment.

I immediately called Opium on November 4th when I received an email that you would be deducting 204.98 from my account for services from October 22, 2018 to November 21, 2018, - I have no home to watch your cable or use your internet or phone service and have paid on time and direct, gone paperless just to be a good customer. But as I can see you do not care or anyone who works for you care for the customer. Your are charging me full charges for 8 days of service unreal. The gentleman I spoke with on Sunday November 4, 2108 said he would get back to me within 24 hours ( Neil or Manuel) but no call back at all on Monday November 5, 2018.

I waited until 6:50 pm and called customer service again and spoke with Edward EMP ID HWO - who hung up the phone on me because I feel I should not have to wait 24 to 72 hours for someone to get back to me, Than I called back and spoke with George EMP ID YTD after being on hold for a awhile the phone just disconnected. Than I called back and Justine answered the phone EMP ID AZI - who than got me an supervisor Roshan EMP ID WAT - who said no one can do anything he would send an email to the gentlemen from Sunday to call me back.

I understand if I canceled your service for another company at the same residence and no notice. But that is the case I moved out and due to lost Job and health Issues am not renting anything and in the hospital from October 31 until November 3rd. Than I am forced to stay with family in a spare room until I get on my feet again and purchase an home or rent another home for myself and my children. I have no problem furnishing my proof of both. But unfortunately I am having trying times in my life. But I am not afraid to show the proof because I have been an loyal and good customer for years. I am enclosing picture of my bill in which I received on November 4th via email. And if you like the a paper work from the hospital send that also and if you still think I lying I will also be willing to send my termination letter from my job.

If you like to speak to me you may contact me at (hidden), or by email at (hidden).

Thank You.

Andriana Fusco-Stillwell

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Anonymous - 16 d ago

cablevision trying to charge me $5o0 for two boxes which broke, not my fault, i did not break them, what a ripoff company

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Joe Berg - 17 d 5 h ago


A number of key stations are still blocked. Your firm has sent two courteous employees over the past two weeks and we are still unable to reach a number of key stations ranging channels 9, 11 thru 69. Your repair service needs an overhaul. Cordially Joe Berg


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Anonymous - 20 d ago


Absolutely the worst experience ever. Cancelled my service and would rather be without any type of cable than deal with this company again. Over 1 month and our cable issue was never resolved, on top of that they will not refund us even though we never had working cable. They are crooks, and could care less about their customers. It's almost as if they are trying to purposely get rid of customers. Not sure how a company like this stays operating, and the customer service is beyond terrible. The more people I mention it to the more I realize how hated they are becoming. Cablevision what the hell happened???

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Anonymous - 20 d 3 h ago

can't wait for fios to come to my area

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Susan Mathew - 22 d 43 s ago


I have signed up Optimum to be installed on October 10th. I informed the person that I am working and need t have it installed after work. No way, I was told, I need to be here between 3-8pm if I want it installed Took 2 hours off and came home and got a call that they want to cancel the appointment. Rescheduled for 17th and they informed me again that they cannot make it. Rescheduled for 24th 5-8 pm and the tech came around 7:30 or so. he has no time installed the main cable box and somehow put the other box in, still with the previous cables hanging and left.

When the TV was not working, contacted customer service again and after being on hold foe 20 minutes, finally a technician was going to come saturday to fix it. The technician fixed it and cleaned up after the 1st one, but the 2nd box is not working again. Contacted customer service and without even taking a minute to find out what was wrong, the person decided it was the problem with remote control, and he can send me another remote 5-7 days from today. In the meanwhile I am without TV and they are getting paid. this is r

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Victor C/o Lovis Williams - 22 d ago

I have been with Cable Vision for over 20years. Then came Dish and offered me a deal I could no refused, but I kept my internet service for the whole house under my daughter's name Lovis Williams.

For almost two weeks our internet went down. The first tech came in and could not fix the problem. Week later four techs came in and told me there was electric current running thru the cable wires and should notify conedison. con edision came and trouble shoot.They told me the problem is with cable vision. This morning(10/29/18) a young tech by the name of Travis Thompson(ID # 4561)came in and in only 10mins found the problem and fixed it. What made me mad is the fact that when he called the station to let them know he fixed the problem, the supervisor told him he was not suppose to do the job as the appointment was canceled and will not get paid. People like Travis should be recognized for a job well done. Four supervisors came to fix the problem and they could not. I want to give a big shout out to Travis. Thank you and because of you I will continue my service with Cable vision.

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Anonymous - 25 d 3 h ago


I have been a Cablevision customer for over 30 years. I am a widow who recently retired and moved to Florida as I could. not afford living in Rockland County, NY any longer. I closed on my NY location on Oct. 5, 2018 and called to cancel my account on Oct. 8, 2018 I was not informed my billing cycle ended on 10/7/18 by customer service and by canceling on 10/8 I would be responsible for another month. I again called customer service on 10/26/18 after receiving another bill. I spoke with Christopher, Operator ID CR4, who was not able to rectify this matter to my satisfaction I was very surprised Cablevision would no make any accommodations on my behalf. I feel Cablevision took advantage of me and strongly recommend Rockland County residents look to Fios, hoping they are a more reputable company. I will be pursuing this matter with Cablevision corporate.. My Account #07882-047494-05-5

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Sharon R - 26 d 4 h ago



I have to say I just experienced the worst case of customer service from sales, your 2nd technician and your 3 of your supervisors - to say that I was given an ultimatum well you want our service or your money back is exactly what took place. I was an optimum customer previously, but due to the poor customer service response I received when my contract ended to negotiate a new contract the service I received made me leave and went to Verizon, not that I was happy with their ridiculous taxes. But savings is savings. So I did but you offer the Alltice package I saw on TV and was interested so I called. First the young man that took the call did not complete his job, but then I would not have know about that until the first technician that came on the Saturday told me that Ms Richards he did not port your numbers over your will lose service. Ok I got on the phone called sales spoke to a very nice lady who completed his incomplete order. She set up and appointment for 10/23; between 2 -5 pm now my 80 and 81 years old parents live with me they were home my Mom let the tech in at about 2pm I left my job in Jericho got home at 8 minutes after two to be greeted on the street with the technician shouting on top of his voice that I will either like or not like what he is going to tell me. I preceded to walk into my home then addressed him as to what seems to be the problem. He told me 20 times he does not run wires, he does not run phones lines, and that the Alltice boxes in my house is not going to work, that I will have to get the old boxes. If I knew what the Alltice service is about, now I don't work for Cablevision how would I know about their service if they don't explain to the customer. So as loudly he continue to tell me that I have to move my main phone line to the bedroom from the kitchen. Now I am thinking well if he does not run wires how is this line going to be moved. OMG I immediately realized from his body language he did not want to do the job, he did not come prepared to work, so I said that to him and that to stop. I need his supervisor. Which he did call Steve Leger name showed up on his cell phone who I overheard him tell the tech screaming that I have to pay 49.00 installation fees, which was never discussed at no time. Other than I have to pay one month payment first which I did 153.95. I have to stop this was insane, told the tech to leave. I got on the phone to customer service and was told Michael will call me back he is on the phone with a customer I am still waiting today is 10/25. I called back and spoke with a superisor in sales who told me that he is not waiving the 49.00 same time my husband cam home wanting to know what happened. Took the phone from me to speak with the superivor they were back and forth then the superivor hung up. I called back and spoke to someone name Devon another superisor she told me in other words you want the service I will make appointment for a tech to come out I am not waiving any monies, or do you want your money back (153.95 my first installment). I was dumfounded I said to her can I have my refund. Well last that evening around 8;30pm Verizon texted a message verifying that I am my service will end the next day, I had to get them on the phone immediately so that I would not lose service I have my parents who are being monitored by doctors I cannot lose service. I told Verizon that I am not changing the service anymore that I am staying with Verizon. First thing your customer service staff needs work very poor service a home owner should not feel as if they are begging for your service without customers they would not have a pay check. Your supervisors needs sensitivity training after speaking to 4 supervisors your would think that someone would have had the common sense to think that this customer was badly served and help to mend the gap. I am appalled at the way Devon a supervisor told me with you either like what I am saying or your money back. Now this was the reason I left Optimum in the first place - we all have choices. If there were more competition on Long Island many would leave Optimum and not be with Verizon also because of their many taxes. But customers are people that brings in revenue to companies with customers companies will not exist or have profits or generate paychecks to pay these unprofessional employees. I would like Kristin Dolan to read my complaint and get involve a little more with her employees. A customer should not be a number we are all humans, treat people the way you want to be treated.

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Helayne - 26 d 5 h ago

Good Morning, I need some help and frankly at this point do not know where to turn. On 9/25 I signed up with your service at 319 Brook DRive, Milltown, NJ 08850 with Drew in New York due to all the flyers I was receiving. He told me the fee and that he was waiving the 49 dollar installation fee because his supervisore Adeline did after putting me on hold, and checking with her. He said I would see on my cc. These calls are recorded and so I am sure someone can listen. On 9/27 I did not see so I called Felicia at Optimum who told me she could not see the bill because it hadn't populated and she was working on Saturday and told me she would call back. She did not! On 9/28 I spoke to Beyenea who told me Felicia wasn't in essentially she couldn't help I asked to speak to a supervisor. Matthew told me the bill hasn't populated he would call me back Tuesday. He never called back! On 10/2 I spoke to Tiara from Eerie who was confused , but put me on hold to talk to her supervisor Adam, she told me he would take care of. He didn't! On 10/21 I spoke to Gashan who checked all the notes and he couldn't do anything, After 20 minutes of speaking to him spoke to Danny a supervisor, I spoke to Michael who said it requres 48 hours and escalating he would call me Tuesday. He never did!!!! I called on 10/24 again and spoke to Danny, a supervisor would not tell me where from but said could not do. Honestly, all of these calls, the customer service is awful We have had numerous problems with our system. I would like the compensation I am due Could you please help with this? I am getting such a run around Helayne Raslowsky 319 Brook Drive Milltown NJ 08850 (hidden) cell:(hidden)

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annonymous - 27 d 1 h ago


I am so done with Cablevision. They charge so much monthly and take forever to fix a service issue.

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Anonymous - 28 d ago

No wonder they have no real people answering their phone. Their motto is that the customer is always wrong. Someone ought to take ownership of their horrible user experience. And fix it. No wonder there is no way to reach executives. We pay their salaries. And for that we get rude indifferent service. Reading these complaints I can see that one of the issues I have is NOT MY PROBLEM. It's Cablevision's as I told the service rep who told me it would cost $85 for a technician to come to my house to tell me what I already know. SHAME ON YOU. THAT NO ONE IN YOUR ORGANIZATION HAS TO COURAGE TO ADDRESS AND FIX YOUR BUSINESS.

I rate you ZERO.

General profile image

Lee - 28 d 15 h ago


Hi my name is Leanne and I'm a current cablevision customer. I want to share that I have never been so disappointed in the services provided. My cable has been disconnected for 3 days due to some sort of miscommunication. A neighbor who recently moved in near my apartment accidentally used my apartment number causing my services to be disrupted. As soon as I noticed I made my first phone call to you guys and was told all services would be reinstalled with in 2 hours, 24 hours later no service is on. I call once again and am told it'll take 2 hours due to the service department not being opened. 2 hours later no services are back on. I get home 15 hours later to once again find no service on and decide to call and am told I have to call back in the morning. My biggest issue is how can my services be disconnected without my concent? A representative called me a week ago to ask if I was moving and I stated I was not and that was a misunderstanding. The rep promised there would be no issue with my service moving forward. So now getting my service back on has taken 3 days and counting not to mention I'm being charged $500 for god knows what. There's clearly a lack in security, since anyone can call and cancel services. Little to no proper customer service since when I called and got this service installed everything happened so quickly and now nothing is happening. I work part time from home and have had no access to WiFi. I have never been so upset with the service provided.

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Anonymous - 32 d 45 s ago

Horrible Customer Service and experience! We have been paying extra for 2 international channels, both of which were having technical difficulties almost all the time. We called and the rep couldn't figure out why. They said we needed to have a tech come to our home, we asked if there was a fee and the person said no. The rep came, reprogrammed the cable boxes and the problem was sold. Yesterday, I received an invoice for $80 for the tech service fee! When I called customer service I was told it was a legit charge, they could'nt credit it and that I could have been paying extra for technical support!! Unacceptable to me, since this was a problem with the service that I was already paying for and they were not providing. I asked to speak to a supervisor and told none was available. When I called back, the person said the same thing did not even address the issue and said a superviros would call right back. 24 hours later and no call back!

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Anonymous - 64 d 2 s ago


I have optimum for over 10 years and this Aug I received my bill and I was being chg a extra 52.55 dollars . So I called. Optimum said I called Aug 3rd and ask for my due date to be chg to From 21th of the month to 29 of the month. But It was not me or my husband. We were on vacation. So , I called and ask to speak to a supervisor. Told me look into it . Two months later no Call. So I call Sept.17th and talk to a supervisor and said nothing he can do. What a brunch of bull shit. So now I am calling news 7 on them

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Anonymous - 62 d 20 h ago

I also get alot of hidden charges and the reps are nasty make u feel like a criminal straight robbery all the time they suck

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Ann - 54 d 8 h ago


Report it to BBB, Consumer Protection, FTC, and FCC

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signed, a frustrated customer - 33 d 4 h ago


let me know the outcome. similar thing happened to me where i was charged a fee, promised a lower bill and the bill was double! i'm still waiting for two supervisors, as promised to call me back. they give you the run around. I've had to have one of my boxes serviced 5 times! and it still doesn't work AND being charged more. Since this Altice One nonsense came about, the service and loyalty has gone!!!

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C-los - 32 d ago


DOITT has authority and oversight over these matters. But they not doing there job.

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