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Cablevision Systems Corporation

1111 Stewart Ave.
Bethpage, NY
James Dolan
President CEO and Director
(516) 803-2300
(516) 803-3134
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New york - 1 d 8 h ago


I've contacted this customer company on numerous occasions to let them know that I can't receive or send emails from my iPad, They still have not resolved this issue, it has been about 3 months

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Mike - 1 d 15 h ago


Truly if not the worst company I have ever had to deal with they are certainly in the top three. I can echo so many of the complaints here based on customer service being extremely poor. Can't put a finger on if its poor hiring practices or poor training. They took custody of my equipment on Feb 6 2020 and cancelled my service as of that day. They decided to continue charging me for service through the month of Feb despite having custody of my equipment (No service from Feb 6 2020 till now). I've called several times and have been transferred till they found a line that would terminate when it came time to connect (equivalent of hanging up) or would get someone trained well enough to tell me I would receive a call from a supervisor concerning my bill within the next 48 hours. Over six calls of this nature with no return from Optimum. This has transpired till April 8 2020 Truly will never ever use this service ever again and have had people I know choose Verizon over Optimum based on my experience with Optimum customer service. My fix has to been to pay them the pro-rated amount and send a letter to both Optimum management and the credit reporting agencies explaining the situation of my attempts to correct this situation.

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Jeannette - 3 d 13 h ago


I have spent the past three days trying to get a cable extension on my mother's service during this time of quarantine. I have never experienced the terrible customer serive I have with Optimum. You should be ashamed of the way you are treating your paying customers. I have spent hours on hold, to be disconnected. James Dolan, you have the worst customer service of any cable company! Get your act together!

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07837-514951-02-0 - 6 d 14 h ago


Disgusting in every aspect!

I am a longtime customer of Cable Vision/Optimum/Altice one - whatever you people call yourselves.

My bill was due on 03/23/2020, I called and requested an extension through the automated line and it was granted until 03/30/2020, that same day I called to make sure that my extension was still in effect, luckily I was able to get a representative right away and he that told me, I didn't need to worry, due to the COV-19 outbreak, services would not be interrupted until MAY 13TH 2020, I was happy and though that that was very considerate of Optimum. Away march 30, 31 - April 1, went by not problem, Yesterday 4/2/2020 at around 5pm while my 3 children were doing Homework my service was disconnected due to nonpayment, clearly stated on the screen. I was very upset and called optimum, waited on the phone for a Representative for 1 HOUR /40 MINUTES, I even took my sons phone and called to see if I could through faster. how stupid, I had 2 cell phones in my hand waiting to get through, Never happened, I hung up and had to pay the bill, mostly likely I was charged re connection & fees?? Your company and staff are a bunch of LAIRS, don't say the service will not be interrupted, then you shut customers down after the fact at 5pm in the afternoon. Refund people there fees, and stop stealing from the innocent people who struggle and live pay check to pay check, especially in this unforeseen crisis this the country is in.


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erlinda martinez - 5 d ago


Ive been calling too no success email and the rep on chat told me to call from 8 -6pm.

After i told them due to cov-19 im out of work and not well. That i need there help.

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Anonymous - 6 d 10 h ago

I change my service over a month and still getting charge for services I no longer get. Customer service is a joke since they were suppose to resolve this over a month ago. Will be canceling the service soon.

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Cynthia Weber - 7 d 10 h ago


Your service sucks!!!!!! Was without service for 5 days last month and now without TV since Monday and can't reach a human being

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Teresa - 7 d 10 h ago


Terrible customer service for optimum

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CP - 7 d 14 h ago


Customer support is a complete failure!!! Cannot speak to a human and voice prompts are a waste of time.

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Anonymous - 9 d 10 h ago

Try to call all you get are recordings and if you do reach a representative is always "we need time to look into it and will call you tomorrow " tomorrow never comes. The representatives are nasty and act like they are doing you a favor. I would join in on a lawsuit any day as would others in my townhouse community.

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Anonymous - 9 d 10 h ago

As customers there has to be something we can do. Optimum is worse than ever. I was in the hospital all summer due to a severe accident at work. I called Optimum from the hospital on my cell about lowering my rates since there was no usage. They told me I had to pay full price. I have been trying to reach billing and they have cut their hours. Which I understand HOWEVER WHEN YOU DO CALL DURING THE NEW HOURS THE RECORDING TELLS YOU THAT THERE IS A FORTY FIVE MINUTE WAIT TIME OR YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR NUMBER FOR A CALL BACK WHICH I DID NEEDLESS TO SAY NO ONE CALLED BACK. My rates increased twice within the last two months and my services declined. I have a relative who began Optimum two years ago he lives a few miles from me. He called and he now pays fifty dollars less then I do with more services and the price is LOCKED in for two years. I've been a Cablevision customer for twenty years and when I finally reached them they said new customers receive better rates WHAT? THEY ADVERTISE THAT YOU CAN WATCH CABLE FROM ANYWHERE ON YOUR DEVICES. WELL THEIR APP HASN'T WORKED FOR OVER A MONTH. WHEN YOU CALL ABOUT A CREDIT THEY TELL YOU NO BECAUSE YOUR NOT PAYING FOR IT. WELL WE ARE AND OPTIMUM USES IT IN THEIR ADVERTISING. Our condo development now has fios. We had a write in meeting and have all decided to find out all the particulars.

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Stephen - 10 d 8 h ago

They are the worse when it comes to customer service half the people should not be employed, they all lie, and they never ever put a supervisor on the phone do the even exist???? You ask for a corporate number that doesn't exist!!!! All I can say there a scumbag operation

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DN - 12 d 6 h ago


Disgusting customer service. Was hung up on an agent who did nothing to help me but continued to shout at me to pay my bill.

Times like this you would think the agents would be trained on some basic human decency and empathy. I'm canceling my service as soon as I can.

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Barbara Wood - 12 d 16 h ago

why don't the cablevision companies feature more uplifting films during these dark times, covid 19. People don't need dark movies there is enough negativity???????

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Danielle Johnson - 14 d 13 h ago


Hello my name is Danielle . i am a new customer and i have poor or no service. For the last week your technician have not come out to fix my issues my children can't do there work because we have no internet. I have no phone during the corona outbreak. I called and spoke to a rep by the name David Peter id#2326 "so he said" and he wouldn't even get a supervisor for me to speak with. He hung the phone up on me which i find very rude. I paid up front for services i am in recieving and being treated like garbage this is not how customers should feel. Mr.James Dolan please help my children need their internet services!!!!!

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Stephen - 13 d 7 h ago

They are a scumbag corporation they do nothing for there customers

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Anonymous - 14 d 14 h ago


Three calls to service center for downed wire. Three contracted temps sent... no one can reach the pole to re attach. Contractors have NO ability to call a bucket truck to fix. What are we to do trying to keep our kids education going and maintain jobs working from home. What do I do!

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jenn - 14 d 15 h ago


Just awful. Spent 30 minutes on phone a month ago with no resolution, they said a supervisor would call me back. No surprise that call never came. Have ordered 2 movies and was not able to replay either and watch again. DVR replays are sporadic and error messages. Company and customer service is awful.

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Robert Douglas - 15 d 6 h ago


My cable box is reading CM Registering for 3 days. IT was unable to assist so a Tech was sent out and must of offend the man because I asked him to wear gloves, mask and something on his feet. He decided that I was asking for too much and refused to change out or restore my service. The Tech stated that Optimum doesn't supply the works with protect gear and that he has to purchase all of his safety gear. Due to COVID 19 Optimum should be provide protective gear and I need my service restore so you need to get it together. The Tech's needs mask, cloves and booties for there feet. period.

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Patti - 17 d 10 h ago


Hey Optimum how about doing your part during this corona virus epidemic. There are thousands of people quarantined at home without pay that would love to be able to watch some pay per view movies without incurring cost! Maybe you could offer some premium services to subscribers at no additional cost for a month or so! Would be nice

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Teresa - 21 d 8 h ago


Customer service horrible

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karen - 22 d 14 h ago


they disconnected my Wi-Fi in December 2019. Never told me. I felt like I was paying a bill all the time, to find out I have no service. I cancelled them in January 2020 for horrible service. Called them several times. Spoke with girl who said I only owe 49.77. that all other fees were waived. Paid the 49.77 in March. Now they sent me another bill for 98.00 I called them again. Asked to speak to manager. told me the manager will tell me same information that I owe money. This company is the worst. I waiting to see how long it takes the manager to call me. Not paying another payment for service I had never had.

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C. Solano - 23 d 5 h ago


Have been in contact with Optimum since last week, spoke to 5-6 different reps, have been place on hold for hours at the time waiting on supervisors, only to be offer a call back that never comes and escalation that does not go beyond their words in hopes to just get you off the call. Great job optimum. The moment I do get me transfer to a supervisor, I'll be canceling this lousy service you're proving me with after so many years.

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Jace Reiken - 171 d 9 h ago


Huge problem with resolving a billing issue with Optimum. I am considering a CLASS ACTION SUIT if not contacted and issue resolved soon.

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Anonymous - 170 d 14 h ago

i am with you .

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Anonymous - 170 d 11 h ago

I with you &)) for one month!!!!! and I just got there service !! only have wifi and1 cable box cheapest package!!!!!!! and they don't know what to do with my account!!!!! still waiting for super visor after weeksssss!!!!

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Ld - 116 d 9 h ago

You ever get supervisor

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