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Canon U.S.A Inc.

1 Canon Plaza
Lake Success, NY
Yoroku Adachi
President and CEO
(516) 328-5000
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shut down Imagex in Reston,VA. - 4 d 11 h ago


I would like to file a complaint against a partner company that sells Canon scanners. The business name is Imagex in Reston, VA. They are a very shady practice, also they mentioned to me several times they sell scanners to other Canon partners even though they are not supposed to. They sell scanners to a company called Benchmark, about 10 to 20 a week and have bragged about Canon not finding out. They have demonstrated they are doing something they shouldn't and I feel it is unethical so I wanted to let you know.

General profile image - 13 d 12 h ago


An appeal to save my passionate work that halted due to financial crunch Hello, I am unemployed and am going through a financial crunch and somehow manage to pay up my household bills. I have passion for saving old family photographs into digital images and permanently store those on DVDs. Now I am unable to continue this as I have been revoked my access to the scanner of the person I used. You are financially well established person. I hope you can buy me a scanner to help me proceed with my passionate work. Please don't pay me cash. I will be glad if you can arrange to get my desired scanner only. The model is Canon PIXMA MG2570S Scanner cum Printer. My computer has become very old and can run only on Windows XP (SP3). I have no money to upgrade it and I don't need to do that if I get the required scanner (cum printer). I don't need to print, but I have chosen that model as it is cheap and supported by Windows XP. Waiting for a positive response. Any query will be entertained by me. Please give it a thought and I urge you once again to move positively to help me. I will send you any other details you may need, if you respond. Required least costly scanner as per my requirement: Canon PIXMA MG2570S Scanner cum Printer. My Address: 86/1/1/2, ABINASH BANERJEE LANE, DISTRICT: HOWRAH. LANDMARK: SHIBPUR UNITED CLUB. INDIA. PIN - 711104. Thanking you, With warm regards, Siddhartha Bhattacharyya.

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Mike - 101 d 11 h ago



PIXMA 922 fails to stay wirelessly connected. Hundreds of internet threads on it and Canon fails to admit it is their problem, fails to support the issue and each tech guy contradicts the one before him. Will never buy Canon again!

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Laurette - 138 d 13 h ago


Beware Cannon printer driver downloads! "Extended survey" that downloads with printer drivers is an invasion of privacy!! Get out of my computer with your "collecting" of usage information monthly for a year or more. I guess we're supposed to TRUST that's all you're collecting...

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Sandy - 168 d ago


Purchased Cannon heated mattress pad, king size and last winter it was too hot even on level 1. This year it seems to be working well but now after one week the one control won't light up and won't heat anymore. This is a lousy product and defective. Rest warmer was a much better pad than this./

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Sergej Levcenko - 194 d 10 h ago


Dear! Please help me give annonce : man 44 year , invalids 2 grupp , Inventor seek help in money for medik operation . Need 20 000 euro / hard Illness urologist/ My account Swedbank LV80HABA(hidden)576 Sergej Levcenko /Latvia/ my phone : 29588411 , my gift you idea - dzakuzi video, mattress -"weather",drink " coala ", Baggede reklama, biotock sleep with birds, motel "Saint Pavla"in Californii / big garden/ Thanks! Love and blessing! Sergej Levcenko

Flagged for review. 
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lee - 213 d 20 h ago

sorry canon, i love your ergonomics and build of the c100 and c300 series, but I can get 2 ursa mini 4.6k camera's one with ef and the other with pl mount option for less what you guys are offering for one c300 mark 2. You guys have lost it IMO. you will lose many customers for being out of touch

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lee - 222 d 12 h ago


this is not a review but a customer request. Well, this is more of a wish and hope for thefuture, I am in the market to upgrade my canon 70 D to a proper cinema camera, I love the c100 Mark 2, and can"t offord the C300 or c300Mark 2 at this time and your new c700is out of the question. So, I was hoping that canon was updating the c100 model to include 4k recording, with a few other upgrades, cause I must say, " the Ursa mini 4,6k camera with the new 4.0 firmware update is looking real nice for just $5000". If you guys are currently working on an upgrade with new specs, could you please let us loyal customers know cause... I am real close to pulling the trigger on the blackmagic unit. any announcement would be cool,, like canon making updates to it's c100 model to compete with black magic and Sony's 5000-$7000 models.. your support answer was this...ear Lee Ewell,

Thank you for contacting Canon product support. I understand that you have questions about upgrading from your EOS 70D to something in the 4K range. I can certainly help you with this today.

At this time there are no plans to retro fit so to speak the original EOS C100 to 4k compatibility. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you at this time.

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Thank you for choosing Canon.



Technical Support Representative..

i am sure this was just a typical employee corporate response to my ? so i will try to go furthur up the mamagement chain

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Lokesh - 289 d 4 h ago


Respected sir,

This is Lokesh Kurra, I am very much serious and angry as my product order was cancelled.

This is regarding a complaint, my product order number:135093472. I ordered rebel t5 on Tuesday so that by the end of the week. I could attend a marriage and Niagara Falls. But yesterday at 4.24pm I got a mail the order was cancelled and today they told me to re order. The new order number was :135113387nd now the shipping is on Monday. So my whole schedule was gone and now depressed.

They didn't even call me regarding the order getting cancelled and moreover they say the reason we don't know. That's not an answer for the question I asked.

So I don't know whom to complain regarding this.

I want to know why my product order was cancelled even though I paid the money.

Thank you soo much. I hope you would react to my mail asap.

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DISGUSTED - 305 d 6 h ago


a few weeks ago, david villa-customer relations 866 886 1901x2222 was checking into and was going to find a solution-he has never called back.-hence-one problem is your customer service had disintegrated to zero on all levels. I was told to go to image garden to scan as a work around since canon stopped using mp navigator. When I get to Image garden to use as directed by canon, It reads"CANNON DISPLAY THE SCAN RESULT IN MY IMAGE GARDEN BECAUSE YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TP ACCESS THE FOLDER IN WHICH THE SCAN RESULT IS SAVED. - HOW CAN I NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO ACCESS A FOLDER I CREATED? I AM NOW AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN THE OWNER OF THIS COMPUTER.


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Lousy about order # H37062237 - 305 d 13 h ago


I was promised to be contacted by the corporate offices in writing four days ago within 2 business days to no avail. From my point of view they should reimburse me for a $7.90 payment to Fedex office because HP told me to return to them TWO to boxes but the prepaid postage label was only good for one and I had to pay for a larger box and some insulation to send them both back. They reimbursed for the copier cost but not for for the additional expense.

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Grouchy Gran - 1 y ago


I have a Canon SureShot Camera and a Canon Printer and they do a GREAT job for me.

The problem I have is I have to many emails so I am deleting all unnecessary ones.

I CANNOT "Unsubscribe" to Canon Advertisingg emails Because the 1st letter of my email address is lower case and either Canon Or my iPad insists in making it a capital and then it will not be accepted. Anyone else have such a problem. It is Very Annoying!

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Purchased mg2922 printer. Manuals. Did not describe that model. Helpers on line to sell own service of ??? No progress after 12 hrs +_ of all. Blaming others why no wifi.

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Jerry Kaye - 1 y ago


I own a GREAT MX892 printer! it recently had a problem and it referred me to the manual.

Unfortunately, It is no where to be found!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

G. Klafter (Boca Raton, Florida

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Marius - 1 y ago


This is in regard to Repair ID: RNA17579.

I turned in my Canon 5D MkII in to my local Canon FSC for repair after my toddler pushed the camera off a table and the mode dial was damaged but not broken. Nothing else was damaged, and the drop was not big. I was quoted $211.89 for the repair, which included $19.99 for the Mode Dial, Labor, and $129 for an 18-point DSLR Maintenance Service, which he said was mandatory with my service. I questioned the $129 charge, but was told it was a requirement included in the repair. If this was a lie, please discipline your employees when they lie. Today I received a revised estimate of $316.67 without an explanation. I called the Canon FSC and was told that a technician determined that I need a whole new Top Cover and that my USB connections are damaged and need to be replaced. Again, please discipline your employees when they lie. The top cover does not need to be replaced, nor were the USB connections damaged at all. I have photos from before I turned in the camera showing that none of these were damaged. I've been lied to before, but this takes the cake. I've taken cars to mechanics that were more honest. I was told that all these parts are needed for my camera to be returned to it's original factory specifications, but I NEVER ASKED for the camera to be returned to original factory specifications. I only asked for the mode dial to be repaired. Your service is tantamount to taking my car in for an oil change and having the mechanic revise my request to include a complete engine restoration that I didn't ask for. Please know that we don't live in the 1970's where things like this were easily swept under the carpet, and I don't intend to allow it to be swept under the carpet.

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George - 1 y ago


Canon #1 in my book

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DenisO - 1 y ago


Canon factory in California and Repair # for a Canon Camera 5DS --- RN982856 & RN991722 -------------------------------- I cannot believe the shabby customer service from an alleged world-class company. My livelihood depends on reliable photographic equipment. Unless this camera is replace with a new, not refurbished Canon 5DS THIS WEEK it is my intention to file a claim in the Small Claims Court, and report the matter to the Consumer Affairs Dept. My claim for (a) reimbursement of the cost of the camera (b) Multiple UPS charges (c) Court filing fee and (d) professional humiliation. I reported an intermittent fault with the camera "freezing" while shooting, with the only way to get it working again being to remove the battery and try to restart.. this fault started shortly after I bought the camera at the end of January Canon gave me all the usual excuses.. not using Canon lenses etcetc.. I only use Canon. THIS CAMERA HAS AN OBVIOUS MANUFACTURING DEFECT AND WILL NEVER BE RELIABLE. The first time in for warranty repair I don't believe anything was touched or fixed. The second time you stated "circuit board broken so that the power supply did not operate properly from time to time." THE CAMERA STILL FAILS !! Yesterday I was publicly embarrassed at a Habitat for Humanity ceremony, where the keys were being handed over for six houses. This was a large gathering. I was shooting (no lens changing involved) and it froze again and again while shooting more than 70 images. There were witnesses to this failure. In addition to your apology I demand a new, not refurbished camera be shipped urgently THIS WEEK. I will return this faulty manufactured camera to you. Reimburse me also the multiple UPS charges. (hidden) (hidden)

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Mike - 1 y 75 d ago

Dear Sir I hate a Pima IP 6600 printer it has been working great for over 9 years ,but now it stopped printing I tried new ink's and still won't print . Is the print head available or cane I send the old print head to Canon to refurbish. Thank you Mike

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Paul S. - 2 y 164 d ago


Dear Sir,

I bought an Image class MF4770n a few months ago. Had not used fax until recently. I have had 3 separate MF4770n's sent to me because the FAX jams in the feeder. It appears everything else works. I'm more than frustrated because I need the auto feed on the FAX. I was told I would have to take this machine to a dealer about 35 miles away and let them fix it. This seems to be a very unacceptable resolution to me. I bought your product, it doesn't work. I have already spent a lot of time and effort re boxing old product, setting up new one, and time spent trying to get it fixed. I can assure you this will be the last time I ever purchase a Cannon product again if this is how your company treats it's customers.


Paul Stipp

10025 Bugle Dr.

Fort Worth, Texas 76108



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Anonymous - 1 y 131 d ago

I had the same problem.

Mike Giddings : Halethorpe, MD 21227

I am tired of buying junk.

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