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Capital One Auto Finance Inc

3901 N. Dallas Pkwy.
Dallas, TX
Richard Fairbank
(800) 689-1789
(888) 412-7543
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Anonymous - 3 d 5 h ago

Beyond upset with this company. I requested a state change paper title on 10/30/2019 , capital one sent the request to the dam on 11/13/19 2 weeks later. So now I'm stuck with no car cause it's not registered. I call and call and it's always the same thing. So over a month I'm paying a car not for a car that is sitting collecting dust. Never been late on a payment... come get your car I don't need it I'll buy one I can register.

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JJ - 3 y 304 d ago


Some of you people crack me up. Ha! Pay your bills....and....learn what your responsibility is when you don't. It's all in the contract you signed! No one should be surprised when there are fees and charges when you don't hold up your end of the deal.

Made about a letter you received about YOUR insurance company making an error? Sounds to me to your are complaining to the wrong people. They want to make sure you have insurance to protect THEIR risk. If you don't have any, they will provide and bill you for it. YOUR insurance company told them you didn't have insurance and you are made at Capitol One for sending yo a letter? Really??

They should be ashamed that YOU paid too much? Some one force you to sign the loan? Not their fault if you paid too much for the car. Oh wait you much mean too much interest paid....that occurs either because your credit is bad, you over extended or you wanted a loan term with an excessive length. How is this their fault? ALL loans agreements show you what your final out of pocket cost will be if you pay as per the terms. You have all the information when you signed the didn't have to sign. My guess....your credit sucks...but I guess that's their fault too?

No I don't work for them but I had a load with them. Was approved with in minutes, (have great credit, I pay my bills, live within my means) received a GREAT interest rated, $0 money down and paid my car off early. They held up their contractual agreement, I held up mine. Everyone walked away happy. For those who pay their bills I would highly recommend them.

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Creditor - 3 y 146 d ago

Hi America: your car loan is already paid. After they securitize your loan agreement/ promissory note via your signature. So they are double dipping. I love Capitol One Auto Finance

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Anonymous - 3 y ago

Thank you for telling me this I am a secured creditor and I know this is what they have done I'm going to send them a notice statement and a copy of a deadly weapon letter and a copy of my ucc-1 in 3 showing them that I have collateral on my UCC 3 days should leave me alone after that

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Cancel you debt legally - 3 y ago


Please contact me on canceling your (hidden)



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Ms. C - 37 d ago


Will call me, (hidden), I believed for months they have added something to my car loan balance. Ms. Davis

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karennotstupid618 - 3 y 135 d ago

what is your idea of great interest? are you bragging or trying to be helpful?

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Courtney - 3 y 88 d ago


^^^ Love This.

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Jasmine - 2 y 251 d ago

Fuck off JJ. Some of us run into problems like losing an income. Get off of your high a mighty throne and be real. Asshole

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CHRISSY B - 132 d 6 h ago

Not only lose income but lose it due to having cancer and not able to work for periods of time and being self employed there is no sick leave. Yes that is ME

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Stu - 2 y 120 d ago

Yes you do.. Go back to work

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Anonymous - 143 d 24 h ago

Finally! Someone who actually gets it! People have to pay attention to what they are doing, and take responsibility. "but i wrecked my car and they didn't pay the whole thing" That's because you are an idiot who didn't get GAP. Did you think they were lying when they told you the insurance company wasn't going to pay for the whole thing? I know someone who is actually making 2 payments on 1 car because she didn't get GAP on the first one, and yet, did she get GAP on the new one? NOPE. IDIOT! Pay attention to what you are signing, look at your interest rates, dealer fees, if you finance through the dealership understand your loan will most likely change hands several times especially if you make late payments. Take responsibility for your life.

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T. Thomas - 49 d 8 h ago


I am not sure what call center she worked in but a representative named Orchid helped me so much on last week. I spoke to several agents prior to her who were rude and unemphatic. I spoke with her on October 16th or 17th and she went above and beyond to help make arrangements on my account. I explained to her my need and my issue and without judgement or hesitations what others had been telling me was impossible she made happen. The other agents were talking to me as if I was a low life who can't pay their bills and that they were coming to repossessed my vehicle. I just want to say KUDOS TO ORCHID AND THANK YOU FOR CARING, LISTENING, AND NOT PASSING JUDGEMENT. May you continue to grow in your position or in life! Your kindness will go far!

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Anonymous - 49 d 4 h ago


I have dealing with my issue for over 3 months and am so over it. Capital one can't get it right and I have been on hold with them this entire 3 months a total of 7 hours and 38 minutes. I have been run around, lied to,

Hung up no return phone calls like they said they would promise they would follow up.

I am done being nice and will do my business elsewhere and never again with this company.

I would rate them a negative if it was possible.

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Melissa - 55 d ago


HORRIBLE....I wish I would have read reviews before financing!! One star rating would be generous, zero stars from me.

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Johanne Bloom - 79 d 25 m ago


Paid my car loan in full back in June 2018. Still waiting for my title. No one knows where it is. Accordingly, I have a car that is non-transferable, cannot be sold, and cannot be traded in. Called multiple times, put on hold multiple hours at a time and still no resolution and no title. My next step will be a formal demand to Richard Fairbank and/or a call to an attorney to sue for my title and damages! Horrible!!!

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This company sucks and does false advertisement I was sent a or qualification letter presented all documents and all were good and they didn't go through with the loan. - 2 y 111 d ago


This company sucks they sent me a pre qualifying letter for a year and I decided to buy a new car. I gave them all the information they asked for and they said they couldn't move forward.

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Anonymous - 143 d 1 m ago

Those aren't real. That's advertising. It says right at the bottom you still have to have the credit to qualify. Maybe you forgot about the fine print? How do you think they get people to try and refinance with them instead of with the bank they are with? Do you know what happens if you have a car and you try to do that and they end up not taking the loan? Your current interest rate with your current lender could increase. It's all super shady, but totally legal. READ THE FINE PRINT. or maybe just do a little research.

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Anonymous - 5 y 89 d ago

You are the worst and the biggest thieves in the industry you should be ashamed of yourselves, I had a loan with you and paid every month and my car wound up costing me twice

what it was worth one of these days your karma is going to catch up with and you will be sorry for preying on poor people that need a car to go to work

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wahhh ;-( - 2 y 223 d ago


Stop crying loser. No shit you paid twice the value. Its called interest, and you probably have absolutely terrible credit due to you never paying any bills in your entire life. Pay your bills and maybe you could go through a prime lender and get 0-5% interest.

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Anonymous - 2 y 214 d ago


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Pa - 1 y 183 d ago

I'm reading your crap & find you to be an asshole. No I've no loan with capital one boyfriend did, everything ok, was looking for a phone # for him

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Anonymous - 1 y ago


What an unsympathetic jerk you are. you don't know all of this person's circumstances so have no business judging them on how they pay their bills. You probably work for Capital One and it looking for some extra brownie points! This could be you one day and see how many people give you sympathy!!

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wahhh;-( sux dick - 283 d ago


You're a troll and a total piece of shit and can go fuck yourself.

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MD - 143 d ago


Not everybody is like you. We have jobs and pay our bills on time. It is called life happens. Sometimes you don't have a choice specially if it is a health problem. Try getting in a car accident to were you are paralyzed. What if you have cancer, kidney failure or heart failure. Then you are not only I'll but then you have medical bills, medicine bills on top of your regular bills and if you can not work due to surgeries, medication (may make you dizzy), or you just can't do the job. Most companies will fire you if you take too much time off. Then hot shot what will you do? But I am no one to lecture you but God will. I was un- employed because of procedure's I had to have multiple times, I contacted Capital One Auto Finance so they would stop my automatic payment and they never did. All the charges that should had never happened in the first place cause over draft fees that Capital One Auto Finance will not pay for. I am a year from paying my vehicle off as well will pay off my Capital One Credit card next month and I will never have Capital One over again.

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Get Real - 143 d ago

Real talk guys. Any company that finances anything is going to charge interest and they don't care what your situation is. Capital one is no worse than anyone else. I have bought cars and financed from probably 10 different companies. If you don't your terms, refinance with someone else. The best situation you can have is good credit when you get the car and pay it off. Pay it on time, get gap, and hope for the best. If shit happens, they DO NOT care. Whether you have never made a single late payment or you have made every payment late, they will treat you the same. Surgery, which I have also had multiple, accidents which totaled the car and almost killed my sister, cancer, everyone knows someone. Everyone has circumstances. Banks, credit unions, buy here pay here places; none of them give a rat's ass about you. They care about their money. They make their money on the interest they are charging on your care. The dealership makes the money on the car you bought and they mark up the interest a little bit, and the bank gets their 3-11% depending on how bad your credit it. If you were stupid or couldn't do any better and went to a buy here pay here place..then you did no better than taking out a payday loan, just a really big one. Those places sell you the car for double what it's worth AND charge you ridiculous interest. What's worse is you probably let someone tell you that you couldn't do better, but you could have, you just needed a better financier and good down payment. If you can't afford it, take public transportation until you can otherwise you are irresponsible.

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