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Capitol Chevrolet Inc

711 Eastern Blvd
Montgomery, AL
Phil Marshall
(334) 272-8700
(334) 270-9313
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Anonymous - 41 d 17 h ago

If I don't get corporate number now I will put my wrath on this company and make sure nobody ever shops at this dealership ever again

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Jaden - 1 y ago


It was an absolute nightmare. I got my car ok found my sister a car and co signed on it she traded in her truck and was told it was going straight to auction 8 hours later it's posted on Facebook from their used car department with a nasty post about the color(yellow) asking double the trade in value. I get you have to make money but lie to us and then posted in a very unprofessional manner. Her title came it was supposed to have a check with it for the remaining balance of her trade in, nope had to call them to have them "find" the check. They say they got her a better interest rate ok great. 2 Weeks later we get a call that the finance guy made a mistake so we go in for 3rd contract signing. He tells us NOTHING can be done to bring down the payment closer to what was promised so I ask to speak to a manager. They get me the New Car Manager Chris Taff he's extremely rude and condescending and gets us down a little bit on the payment. Meanwhile I asked for s quote on electric windows because my new 2017 car comes with manual windows. The sales team says they were going to try to get me s good deal since I was a good customer aka bought 2 new cars. The senior guy tells his associate to contact me telling me he still working on the pricing. She calls but doesn't leave s voicemail. Instead she calls my sister leaving her a voicemail saying she has something urgent to talk to her about. My sister calls her back and she wants my sister to give her a good survey because according to the sales lady she got chewed out because my survey want good. I email the executive manger and get no reply but I get a call from her manager telling me she was talked to about not calling me not my survey. He then tells me he'll call me back with a quote one the windows. I finally hear from him and he's says it's a little high let him see what he can do. No call. I call him on another matter and he answers and says let me call you back in 30 seconds. Never calls me back. So I'm short I will never go here again. I will vehemently discourage anyone from ever coming here. In fact as soon as I can I will trade in my car. This is all in less than 3 weeks!

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Libby - 2 y 84 d ago


Took my camaro in for a diagnosis on my a/c. Christopher Kynard told me that my compression was bad and needed to be replaced after keeping my car for 3 days.My a/c only blew cool for one day. That Saturday morning I telephoned Christopher that my a/c isn't working after paying nearly $1700.00. He told me to bring it back in and kept my for 2 days only to tell me now I'll have to pay $1900.00 more to have an evaporator core replace. I call for the service manager Joy Elmore to resolve this issue and was of no assistance. George the mechanic explain to me that he told Christopher that it could possibly be something more than the compessor but Christopher failed to tell me that. I am very frustrated that Capitol Chevrolet Montgomery has gotten over on a woman trying to get cool a/c during this hot season. $1700 paid and a/c still is working. Christopher and Joy were both very nonchalant about the situation I was put in. I just didn't have $1700 to give away! My blood pressure is up and I'm feeling very depressed.

General profile image - 2 y 242 d ago

Recently purchase a 2013 chevrolet silverado at capital chevron the 9th of Jan. Drove it a wk.R.R.TIRE went flat took it to a tire place (Discount tire)answer from them Tire hadanold rubber plug put in side ways. Well had to purchase new Tire cause no one would help me from Dealer . sales person Andrew name is Manuel &Lucia Garcia (hidden).thanks.thatsmy 3rd vehicle at capital chevrolet.

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Disappointed customer - 3 y ago


Your mechanics is not looking at the work nor doing the work your service rep quoted me to get something fixed that was not broken.

I complain to the service manager in the service manager did not care.

Capital Chevrolet mechanics are ripping people off

I got charge for a service fee and the service was not rendered.....

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