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CarMax Inc.

12800 Tuckahoe Creek Pkwy.
Richmond, VA
Thomas Folliard
(804) 747-0422
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Isaiah T Williams - 20 h 12 m ago

I'm writing this letter to inform you of my experience and Troubles with the Carmax in RiverGate Tn. My experience has not been helpful. I Purchased a 2015 Chrysler 200 S. I seen it the night it came right off the new truckload 06/22/2018. As far as the sales man said it was not fully inspected an no work was done to the vehicle for resale. Not even a detail done to this vehicle. I even found mail in the car from the previous owner when I took the car home. I liked the vehicle so I took it for a test drive just like anyone else would have done. But the car had a rubbing sound an it was a lil shakey. But not compared to now. I was told by the car sales man it's no big problem that it would be fully fixed. An I brought the vehicle in a few days later for it to be fix an the transmission. They told me the rubbing an shaking is do to the rims witch really didn't make all the sense in the world to me. So they put new rims on that took over a mouth. an I found out recently they never checked out the transmission I was lied to. An the car still had the same exact problems I then asked if I can get a different car because this car has so many problems an I was told it would be fixed but it was not. They then told me no I can not have a different car because my 7 days had ran out there is nothing they can do but fix the car. I said well the vehicle has been at carmax the hole time. An they never fixed the shaking and the rubbing sound. I dont want nothing to do with this car anymore. I feel I have been treated very unfairly I pay way to much money to be having a car that's unreliable to even get me to point a to point be. The car won't even start half of the time. I just got the car back again this week 2-11-2019 an its 2-15-2019 an my car is broken down again it wouldn't start up this morning. And I happen to try again an it finally started but my check engine light came on and my headlights went out. This car is factually known to be a lemon. There are so many recalls on this car its ridiculous. My shiftingknob was suck in neutral they fixed that an over charged me I have carmax car. And i had to pay $370 an i was told i cant have my car back if i dont pay the $120 extra that I shouldn't even have to pay. An I got my car back an it looked like someone slung mud everywhere on the inside of my driver side door an mud was everywhere on the floor of my car I also took pictures of this. I hope I can have the truth an real professionalism an honesty an most of all satisfying experiences with car max. I don't want this vehicle I'm sick of looking at it I'm scared to drive inside of this vehicle for the safety of my kids with all that's been going on to the shaking and all. An I'm scared that it won't start I'm missing to much work because of this car.


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Donald - 4 d ago


CarMax Service department in Oaklawn, Illinois has to be represented by the worst service employees ever. And Ive been subjected to plenty of bad experiences. February 11, 2019 Keisha, the service rep at Carmax in Oaklawn was very rude, unprofessional and disrespectful. After bringing my vehicle in for repairs, I was told that I need repairs and that it would be a wait for parts. Therefore I'm eligible for a car rental. I said ok, but I asked what parts are needed and what repairs to what will be done. Keisha, the service rep then said "do I want the car rental or not"..And then she refused to explain repairs and walked away from me. I was confused of if I asked a wrong question, so I asked Keisha again for explanation. But then some type of work summary was shoved into my face without explanation from her. On February 12, 2019 I returned a missed call from Keisha the service rep. that I wouldn't receive car Wednesday as promised but my car wouldn't be ready until Friday instead. During my call back I was ask by phone operator. Why I was calling back if Keisha the service rep had left a message. Oh Wow. Then the Phone operator and Keisha the service rep asked me, "why I didn't take my car to the Carmax I purchase it from"? and I should refer to my work order papers for repair info. But at my service visit, Keisha never gave me paperwork on service. I bought my car from Carmax in Hillside,Illnois. Ive moved since purchasing my car. The Carmax people was friendly in selling me extended warranty. I didn't know rude and unprofessional behavior would come afterwards when repairs are needed.

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Hope Koestner - 4 d 5 h ago


After 2 wonderful experiences with Carmax, we decided to deal with them a third time, NOT a good experience. TWO times Carmax in Charleston has promised us cars shipped from different locations and NEITHER time have they delivered.The dealership does NOT reach out,, we have had to call them numerous times and NO ONE has an answer as to why the requested car has not yet arrived here. I have gotten TWO confirmation emails that the car has shipped (one for each requested) and after a week and a half of waiting on the first one we were told it was damaged and would not be arriving. Thinking this was a fluke, we requested the second car, and was told via email it shipped 5 days ago. As of today the dealership here said it has NOT!!!! I called national customer service and was given NO answer. I think this company needs to change their name to NOMAX

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Anonymous - 42 d ago


Brought in my 2012 Ford 6.7 turbo diesal. Got offered $4000 for my $15000 truck. Got a mile away from dealership and engine took a dump. Supervisor at the Roswell/Alpharetta Ga wouldn't even take my call. Told customer service, not my fault, not my problem.

We'll be in touch.

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Mpoweredone@gmail - 59 d 8 h ago


Wow, After working with the now defunct circuit city for 6 years. Top 10% in country in sales was I . Later contracted Carmax work in Atlanta , I'm surprised at all the bad reviewers. My experience was they ran a tight ship, with customer service being at the top.

I had dinner back then with CEO Todd Sharpe who is no longer alive. Maybe that's the problem. So Mr folliard@carmax you should get in touch with me and I could help you turn this around!

Rick Castleberry

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JoeMargolis Sr. - 62 d 6 h ago


I live in Boynton Beach, Fl. I have allergies and I am also borderline Chemically sensitive. When I was car shopping, I made sure to stop at car max. I have bought two crs there in the past. In the hour that I spent walking around the lot getting into many cars that I liked, I wold say that 60% of them had some kind of fragrance sprayed inside them to cover up some kind of odor or problem. Especially in South Florida in the Summer, it gets real hot and these odors are amplified of the chemical in the air fresheners. Do you know in the hour that I walked around, not one salesman came out to see if I needed any help. This was the second time in a row that this happened. I guess they want me to go back into the building and beg them to take my money.

I decided that I would not enter the Car Max lot ever again and purchased my new Honda Accord at DelRay Honda. The service was great there and that is where I will purchase my next vehicle. I went inside carmax and spoke with the Manager about the air freshener smells in the cars and even offered a solution to that problem but he did not even give me the courtesy of paying attention to me. I sent many people to car max that purchased a car. No more!

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Rick - 59 d 8 h ago

They try and clean the air con\ heater system out from people smoking..cigarettes. That chemical they use is what you smell.

It should go away with the windows down in a few days.

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Dayan Hamze - 81 d 18 h ago


Worst customer service ever ..they sell damaged car for the customers ..we should do a big compaign against carmax ..they not helpful ..and they sold us a lemon

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Dayan Hamze - 81 d 19 h ago


Bad customer service and u sell damaged car for people ..less 1 year the engine broke down from our kia sportage 2012 and no body helped ..bad bad customer service ever.just stop selling people bad cars its not fair .just take the bad cars to auction

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worst care dealership ever - 95 d 11 h ago


Bought a Dodge 1500 year 2013.

When to go refinance it 5 months later and it was only worth 17000 and I bought it for 27000.

Called carmax in Savannah Georgia where I bought it from they said depreciation is the cause of the difference in prices.

I don't think in 5 months a vehicle depreciates $10000. I talk to the financing people at Savannah

They were not helpful and very arrogant.

I've bought many cars from carmax I am dissatisfied completely with their customer service and the prices of their interest rates in vehicle prices.

They will rip you off do not trust their pricing of the vehicles

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Anonymous - 117 d 11 h ago

Great Service , Great experience completely satisfied with the F350 i purchased in July 2018

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Anonymous - 134 d 7 h ago


Place is a joke sold me a 2016 wrangler after two weeks transmission blew fighting me over a rental fighting me over replacing vehicle. Worse place I have ever dealt with in my life do NOT buy a vechile from them place is junk an very unprofessional currently in process of suing them

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Brenda Davis - 138 d 10 h ago


Bought a car from car max took it in to have a sway bar put on and 2 days later i had an antifreeze leak took it back and they told me that they fixed it .They said they flushed the radiator. Inwent through 4 gallons of antifreeze in 1 week. And the last time i took my car back my ac stopped working so i went throw the summer with no ac. Still adding antifreeze to keep my car from blowing up. They think since im a female that they can get over wrong.

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Sandi R. - 161 d 9 h ago


Went to get a car for the family. My husband had all his paperwork ready. He even got the pre approval on line. He turned in all his information to the representative. Then they say that his social security card is too old and not legible. They said they'll have to check with the company who is going to finance him if they'll accept the card. Four days later we received a call saying that he was approved but he had to go in and print everything that he took in at their office. Do they think we're lying about everything? We ended up going to Dodge and getting a brand new car for cheaper APR and payment. I will not recommend Carmax to any of my family and friends.

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phillip davis - 177 d ago


bought a 2014 jeep cheeroke sport about 5months ago just had the transmission replaced and oil gauge jeep is charging me 900 hundred to get the gear box replaced because its not covered under the warranty the jeep only has 35,900 on it i feel i was sold a lemon

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Mandi Settlemire - 215 d 6 h ago


Horrible horrible horrible...just purchased car on 3/1/2018....been back to service department SIX times, problem after problem and still one particular problem not resolved (already had TWO

LOANER vehicles) SEVENTH appointment coming up on 7/24, CAN'T WAIT....

Once you buy a car from there, they just stop giving a crap about being a customer and simply EXCUSE you and basically blame YOU for the problems....I even have the extended warranty and the service consultant not only talked OVER me when I was trying to explain the problems AGAIN, he WALKED AWAY from me. I have a video.

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Mandi Settlemire - 215 d 6 h ago

5/1/2018 was purchase date, not 3/1

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Herbert smith - 224 d 4 h ago

Saw online where car max could give us a little history on car we wanted to purchase concerning whether or not it had been in an accident. Gave them the VIN number of the car plus the outrageous amount for the report. All that came back was it was a one-owner car which we knew!! Thought we were gettting some vehicle history. A rip off....Beware!!

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Stephanie mason - 242 d 8 h ago


My sales lady was Rhonda she was very helpful at the location in Fort worth Texas .My problem was that when i bought my car 2017 Hyundai Sonata didnt notice till days later that the drivers door was a total different(darker) red than the rest of the car.I was called and emailed picture the service dept set me up with a day to bring in and leave and supplied me with a loaner vehicle.That was something that should have been notice before the vehicle was sold.Picked up my car the following week to notice that its still dark and looks the same way.Took new picture and emailed and called and back up here again 4 people looking at the car and one already gave knowledge that its two different colors but,when supervisor comes nobody see the color difference :( When clearly i would not be complaining if was the same color.That is the only problem that i have with them and have me very upset to pretty much tell me i am color blind and my pictures i took from my phone are not correct.I retook the picture while they were standing there and no flash no nothing pics still came out the same way and the car right there in front of us.I have left reviews ,I have received numerous emails (no calls) from customer relations to only just getting a call from the service manager at the location.If i wanted to deal with them there at the location i would not have reached out to the customer relations.If this was something minor i would let it go.But to make me out like im loosing my mind and seeing things is beyond disrespectful and i will not let this go.His is beyond horrible.

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Cody D. - 253 d 7 h ago


Dear CarMax,

I would like you to hear about my recent experience with the purchase I did at your Murrieta, Ca location. After researching and finishing the car I like, I paid and had it transferred from Las Vegas to my local dealer. My salesman called me to let me know that the car has arrived. I made an appointment on the date when I be there to complete the paparwork and pickup my car. After arriving at the dealership at 3:30pm the salesman told us that they have not transferred the paperwork from Vegas location to California and should be completed shortly. After waiting two hours, I told my salesman that I will go to lunch and call me when the paperwork is all completed. I received the phone call to go back that the car is ready for pickup. Once I got there, he informed me that they are almost done and should be few more minutes. After another hour and half he came back to let me know that the price of the car has gone up by $500 and the interest rate is one more percent higher! I ask to speak to the manager, after half hour manager came to tell me that he is working on the paperwork and should be completed shortly. Another two hours went by they came back to let me know that driver side window is not working properly and they have to fix it. An hour later I went to see the car and the window was still not working. By 8:30pm finally manager came to let me know that all is set with the $500 and the one percent has been adjusted and nothing to worry about. He said all they have to do now is to wash the car. At 10:30pm everyone was gone and I went to the sales associate asking if the car was washed and I can leave. Come to find out the car was washed and no one informed until I approached my salesman. Finally, I let with my new car! I have never had such a experience! We have purchased several cars at different locations and never been treated so poorly and unprofessionally. I need your upper management to be aware of this kind of situations to keep your team focused on the importance of customer service. I hope to hear back from you!

Thank You! Cody D.

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Eric in Madison WI - 256 d 4 h ago


From what I can see if you are a buyer this may seem to be a simple process at face value. Living in Madison WI and have worked in the automobile retail end for more than 22 years up to 2013, let me say that your systems are as old as time and no matter how much you project an image that you are something different you will not be. Greeted as I walked into a very vacant (show room) told represented I was here for a specific car, was pointed in the direction and left on my own, maybe just ask just a few more questions other than sending me on a hike. I reached out the following day since I was doubtful this would be easy, provided all the numbers that I have from 3 other transactions in hope to get the exact color and equipment from your organization. I was told that I had to bring the trade in for them to evaluate it, 2017 Ram late model not hard to work with. I took the time to show up to go through the process and again was greeted by nice rep, he took my keys, insisted on playing 20 questions when I had already provided any information they needed the day before, old line (it is the process), ask for manager and was introduced to him, I am not sure if he had a pulse and was repeated his process line again, he confirmed that he had read my email from earlier in the day with no acknowledgement that he would try to help. I waited 25 minutes for the brain trust to come back with a number on my trade equal to rough book, $4000 to $5000 less than the other three deals I have worked at roughly the same retail number on the same used car elsewhere. It is not rocket science, it is the car business. I do not begrudge you making a profit, it makes the world go around. Where I do not agree with your philosophy is that you are just like all's, tell everyone what they want to hear to get them in, then treat them worse than everyone else out there doing each day better, quicker, and with more respect. You have changed the market in the fact that you are driving down margins for dealers who provide service and making it harder for individuals to make a living doing it. Thank you for the absolute waste of my time. Buyers beware they are sharks!

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B Maxey - 259 d 3 h ago


After our experience last year, I was cautious giving CarMax another chance. But, I am in the market for a used car for myself and they, unfortunately, have the best selection. I started the process a couple of weeks ago while I waited on my bonus and asked for a vehicle to be brought over to test drive. I was contacted by John, who received my inquiry via their web page. He got the car scheduled to transfer (which took quite a long time for being so close...but that may be logistics). While transferring, I went into the Dayton store to look at some other vehicles. I went in without notification and was not surprised the John was with another customer, so they put me with another employee. Fine, no worries, I didn't tell him I would be in. I drove a couple of cars and then left, noting that I would be back that weekend. Again, no set time, so he was unavailable, no biggie, I tested a couple more. The next time, I did tell him I would be in about 7 on a Friday. I had also requested another vehicle. I called later that week because I had not heard about the transfer, where he told me that he had not seen it and would get it processed (I don't know how he could have missed it). I told him I was coming in Friday with my wife to look again and get her opinion. Surprise, busy. Now I am with the third person (whom always go through the same script, "what kind of car are you looking for, blah, blah, blah). Do they not add this to my profile? Do they need to keep asking? Well, the test drive went okay, but again, no John. This happened the next two times, always with different people. Finally, the other car was in and I told Victoria (his second) that I would be in at 10 am Saturday (6/2). I go in and, guess John (he was on a charity walk) and no Victoria. In the meantime, the guy at the front desk saw John coming in and said he would let him know I was there. I told him I would be in the lot browsing and to have him meet me there or call. At 10:45, I had had enough. I went back in and John was sitting with other customers, I guess appointments mean little to the Dayton store and of course still no Victoria. I told the desk guy I wanted to speak to a manager, and he said he was one. I informed him of my extreme dissatisfaction with the process (it mirrored last year) and told him that corporate WILL hear of this and I would go down to the Cincinnati store (40 min out of my way). Monday, I will make sure they do. With the prices they charge I expect a few things in return from CarMax: Clean mechanically sound cars, a clean showroom, and exceptional customer service. The customer service at Dayton is not even mediocre, The Cincinnati store was the exact opposite as far as service. IF, and that is a very big IF I end up buying a car again from CarMax, it will be because of the Cincinnati store. I will be talking to corporate, and you better belive that I will go out of my way to warn others looking for cars in Dayton to stay away from CarMax, Dayton.

Up until today, I have had a good experience with CarMax. I bought my Genesis from them and could not be happier. However, our experience this time while shopping for a car or SUV for my wife has been less than acceptable. I had them bring a Kia Optima EX up from Cincinnati to test drive. It went fine, though I have worked with three different people now, but it was fine except for a seat heater that was not working. I requested on their website, later that night, for a Murano to be brought over from Louisville as the one they had was a base model. I received a call today from one of the three people we have talked to that 'management' was balking at having it brought over. We've had one other car brought...from 35 miles away...and it's their policy all over the website that they will do this, with no commitment. IT"S ON THEIR WEBSITE AS A POLICY. They, according to the caller, say we've drive too many varied cars (it's my prerogative to find what we like, correct?) and even apparently thought I had asked for those cars to be transferred (they were on the lot, and it shouldn't matter it's their policy, with a happy freaking face). So, in summary, it does not matter how many cars/SUV's we've driven, it should not matter we asked for two from close CarMax dealers to be transferred, it should not matter if we are looking at cars AND SUV's. What matters is they have a corporate policy, they need to stick to it. If I had asked for my 5th car to be transferred, sure, that seems excessive (though not against their policy), I didn't...just two. Will I buy now? Maybe, but they will need to win my business back.

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3 Months 3 Cars SMH - 274 d 8 h ago


March 9, 2018 my daughter bought a car from Carmax in Waukesha Wisconsin 2012 Hyundai Veloster.right away there were issues check engine light steering sunroof oil they took the car to service it for four days and said the only issue was the Cadillac converter which took them supposedly four days to fix. Drove the car home had more issues lost 3 quarts of oil in one day took the car back once again the service department kept her car for 26days only to say they were fixing the sunroof and the radio and they

completely forgot about working on the oil issue until the last four days. They then told us we need to have the car and drive it for 500 miles bring it into them and they will check to see how the Oil is brought it in there and they said they're not sure what's going on cause there is no oil. Now they have to tear the car apart with Frustration we left and took the car with us.GM called us and said we are so sorry about this we will get her into a newer car 2nd car we got May 5th it was a 2015 Hyundai Elantra right away I noticed issues the coolant went from full to empty in 1 day the breaks had so much lube on them to quiet them down steering was way off and the driver's seat wouldn't stay in place when she would break it would rock out of place. When she tried to adjust it her hand was covered in grease.. So again in the first few days nothing but issues. Now here comes the best part of it all the service department from day 1 lies to us saying they didn't notice all of the issues but when we asked for a detailed report of the first vehicle the report was so long it took hours to go through. Also they sold us a car that had recalls which they didn't disclose until we brought it up to them and they took upon themselves to fix instead of sending it to the manufacturer. The GM in Waukesha apologized to us several times saying this never should've happened the first time the second time he didn't say much besides lies telling us she will get the car that she wants she only needs more money. Then they go on to tell us she never should've been financed through them because she is self-employed threw a delivery company. They knew from the beginning what her job was so any car she gets now she cannot have an extended warranty. Are you serious? We have been on the phone with Carmax Headquarters for the last month and they are leaving messages for the manager who won't reply to them or when he did reply stating he talked with my daughter and they got the 3rd car and it's being shipped. I have all the phone records not one call from Randy the GM only a text message from another sales person. The 3rd car she has told them she doesn't want it's been in a car accident and was a rental car for 2 previous places. Also they told us if it was a rental car they would have to tell us by law. Nope the Elantra was a rental car and it had several issues.

So now onto the FACTS Carmax got sued for not reporting recalls. My daughter has lost out of over 3 months of work so far which is around $8000.00 you can call whoever you want at headquarters the farthest you will get is customer relations which they are very nice but have no power to do anything but call the local dealership and try to talk with them. Last but not least I can provide paperwork of all repairs recalls that they tried to cover up. Voicemails from service department with them back tracking there lies. And texts from Carmax workers. You may ask why I'm not getting a attorney and having this handled quickly well here's the answer. Quickly means quietly which means I can't warn others to stay clear of Carmax. I will post everyday on every darn review page social media page until Carmax owns up to there lies and deception.

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CarMaxed Out - 296 d 7 h ago


I'm greatly disappointed in CarMax. After purchasing a used 2015 Kia from them in October, it's been anything but pleasant. To make a long story short, I've been to my local CarMax dealer at least 4-5 times for the same problem, a leaky sunroof. I can't imagine they didn't know about this problem before selling me this car, but I guess the weather was on their side with it didn't rain until later than month and hence the leaking started. First I was told it was the tubes draining from the sunroof that must have been clogged. I was assured it wouldn't happen again but every time it rains inside. Then when it got warm enough to open the sunroof, the rubber folded over and I had a gap which meant more water on the inside, but I took it to the dealership and after 9 days of my car being in the shop, 3 days later when it rained...Yep!! Rain inside again. So now it's back to the dealership and they are going to take it to a body shop and they "assure" me it will be fixed, but they said that the last 3 times. In the meantime, they can't tell me how long it will be before I have my car back and follow up is horrible. So I'm basically paying for a car that leaks or I'm not driving. It's so sad that they make everyone believe they have their best interest but honestly they are just hoping you tire of the issue and just live with it. Btw, the loaner car they gave me the tags are about to expire in 4 days. Way to go CarMax!

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Carolyn Henson - 297 d 33 m ago


A company full of crooks!!! My son went here, has an excellent credit score and bought a car in his name to help a friend, so his friend would have good transportation to get to and from work, they ran his credit, it was approved, he gave them cash for a down payment... he returned 2 hours later because they noticed the car has a bent rim. Upon returning to the Sawmill Road location where they purchased the car and advising them that the car they just purchased has a bent rim they got angry and they immediately decided they wanted to revoke the car and the deal. They called the finance company that approved my son's purchase and demanded that they cancel the contract with him, that they were no longer willing to sell him a car because "It's against the law for him to purchase a car in his name with the intention of allowing his friend to drive said car". MOST RIDICULOUS THING I'VE EVER HEARD... ALSO... NOT TRUE! There is no law that states that, it's no different than a parent purchasing a car for their child, it's his prerogative so long as he's insured to drive it and the payments are made, no laws are broken and no finance company would ever deny a paying customer for these circumstances. So at this point my son is fine with them taking their car back, he no longer wants to deal with them, who could blame him but now they advise him that the cash money he gave them 2 hours ago cannot be refunded to him on the spot, even though they are cancelling a contract he entered into with the finance company and demanding the return of the vehicle on the spot, sounds A LOT LIKE THEFT TO ME! They informed him that he must wait on a check to arrive in the mail in 7-10 days. I advised him to call the police, I sure hope he did. They also refused to give him the name of their General Manager on 3-4 different instances. What kind of business are these people running and how exactly do you think you can get away with concocting lies like this just to get out of replacing a bent rim on a car. My son has worked extremely hard to build the credit score he has and now this ludicrous transaction has resulted in a hard credit inquiry, and an approved car loan only to be cancelled 2 hours later. Well FYI, we are contacting the BBB to file a complaint, the attorney general and 6 on your side. NO ONE SHOULD EVER HAVE TO DEAL WITH CROOKS LIKE THESE! Also be calling their corporate offices tomorrow to file a formal complaint against everyone involved in this ordeal and anyone and EVERYONE else that will listen to this ridiculous ordeal.

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Get it together It's rather interesting that if I miss a payment you guys l ... 

Chick-fil-A, Inc.
Duane Just a shout out for excellent service at the Tara Blvd Dwa ... 

Melissa Croll ***Corporate***

Outback Steakhouse
Hayley My experience was disgusting at the Bronx location in Bay P ... 

Belk Incorporated
Barb Belk in ILM. At the Independence Mall. Is filthy. The carpe ... 

Best Buy

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Damn =====*****MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!*****=====

Anonymous Lowes Store at the Rim, San Antonio, Texas has by far the w ... 

Gold's Gym International, Inc.
Tim I signed up for 1 year contract and was informed that every ... 

Sprint Nextel Corporation
Sherry Sprint sucks and so does the customer service they lie to y ... 

Rite Aid
ramona i have been trying to order on line the calcium citracal sl ... 

Hulu LLC
Teachrpmff1 Thought this would be better than the cable companies...NOT ... 

McDonald's Corporation
Rose Neal I just want to say that McDonald hamburgers are dry buns an ... 

Office Depot
Shawn T Office Depot Manager in Upland is Horrible. Maria is her na ...