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Casino Arizona

9700 E Indian Bend Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Roy Weiss
(602) 850-7777
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Anonymous - 241 d 16 h ago

This is an incorrect phone number

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Casino management - 266 d 11 h ago


I don't think the casino police did there job by going and looking in my wife purse saying there looking for guns and and she showed them there wasn't any and they took her in a room and looked again with out her being able to watch them saying they found a pipe in it . And gave her a compant ticket for court. I have hired a attorney to fight this . I will tell everyone not to go there because they target people by saying there looking for thing . They lie to people. See you in court

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A Proud USA Supporting Native American - 1 y 108 d ago

Don't waste your money on this Prejudiced, Self Entitled Place! They Hate White Prople and are Completely Rude About It!

My family went to this Casino and received Horrible Treatment! The Staff and Management at this place are Biased and feel Entitled! My Great Grandfather was

Chief Pierre Bottineau and he would never have stood for this kind of treatment!

I do not have dark hair and have light skin, therefore appearing white. My sibling has dark hair and appears Indian. She was treated with the respect that a customer deserves, I was abused verbally, threatened by staff to throw me out when I asked them to not speak to me so rudely. Then a manager came up to me with two men, threatened me, told me "not to bother the staff, they belong here". I told him that his staff shouldn't be so rude.

A couple of the staff ignored me and turned their backs on me and made rude comments about my kind taking everything from them and that if I didn't like it, too bad.

Don't spend your money there! There are plenty of places that will treat you better!

Keep in mind that these Casinos and the people there do not pay taxes nor have to follow any law but their own. We pay taxes and follow the law. What irritates me the most is that my family doesn't take a free ride, pays for college and our taxes that we all pay supports this place and all of the people there! We could have taken the free ride, but we have self repect, dignity and support the USA instead of denying it and ignoring our Flag!

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