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Champion Homes

6420 W Allison Rd
Chandler, AZ
William C Griffiths
(520) 796-8700
(520) 796-8701
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Jim Booker - 47 d ago


Bad communication and no answer to my home issues for 4 months and still waiting. Bad roof and tile in home cut from the factory and replace 3/4 of it with a different style so now I have 2 different types in my new home. Very bad experience . Topeka office should be ashamed of the communicate skills and willing to help there customers. Rob Beechie does not communicate and lied several times to me.

General profile image - 53 d ago


Purchased home from Jay Berger @ High Touch Homes in Mansfield Ohio approximately 1 8 months ago. After paying off home when it was delivered we have had none of our major problems repaired. No one from High Touch Homes or Champion will return my emails or calls. Do yourself a favor & dont deal with either company. They lie & ignore their customers.

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Calling OSHA next!!!! - 59 d 22 h ago

The Lake City FL plants are poorly managed. I've worked in const for over 20yrs and I've never seen such costly/wasteful habits of the lead workers, and what's worst is that they are not capable of training the new employees because them selfs do not not how to do the work. I thought it was a joke at first , but now i see that. It's true that management is sleeping around with most of thier employees, and that's the only way to move up to lead. What's even more concerning is all OSHA violations. It's clear that the only concern is the bottom line and not the health and well being of the employees.

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Anonymous - 87 d ago


Ryan Duke does not know what he is doing at Lillington Champion Homes

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Anonymous - 87 d 23 h ago


Ryan Duke is a sorry so called production manager at the Lillington Plant. If only his wife knew what he is up to

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Anonymous - 103 d 15 h ago


Ryan Duke of Champion Homes Lillington is very unfair to the Supervisors and employees. He will make it harder on the ones that he does not like. He is the worst Production Mananger that Lillington has had. The plant is so messed up!!! He will preach in meetings on how the employee should do but does not do it himself!!!!! Champion Homes needs to get this taken care of before Lillington Folds!!

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Unknown - 1 y 65 d ago


I can't believe Champion Homes in Lillington will let there female workers wear the things they do.These females are walking around with there breast hanging out of there shirts,they wear tight yoga pants and there's inmate workers in there as well.And Ryan Duke is letting this happen as well as other issues.Maybe he gets off on that kind of stuff but other employees don't and it's pretty sad that employees don't have no one to turn to on all the concerns because Ryan Duke blows it off and will not listen.Some men don't like seeing that kind of trash.If females going to work around alot of men they need to cover there body up because y'all will be getting sued over sexual harassment issues.

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Disappointed at Issme Homes and champion - 213 d 19 m ago

Maybe why must house less than 8 months old has had to replace well everything. So thanks for explaining how anyone could be so miserable and concered about the next party that they could care less that the home the ste building for an American family is something they would never live in. Shame on them. I have had factory reps out here and they can't belive the shabby work. So much for the American dream

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Anonymous - 105 d 13 h ago


I agree 100% Ryan Duke lets the women get away with this because he likes to look at them. I will get a lawyer concerning this situation because Ryan Duke has sexual harassed me on numerous occasions. Corporate really needs to get this under control!!!

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Estevan, Sk. - 190 d 6 h ago


This company does not care about it's employees at all! After 28 years of doing quality work they are getting rid of their roofing contractor for someone to do it for $13 an hour. Just remember you terrible people who are just trying to line your own pockets and don't give a shit about anyone else. Karma will get you, I just hope we can watch it all unfold. You claim to make quality homes? Paying someone $13 an hour is not going to get you quality! Obviously I will never recommend this company to anyone. You people have ruined 2 families lives because of your poor decision making and trying to save a buck.

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Pauline - 276 d 9 h ago


VERY POOR customer service!!!! I have been trying to get my front door replaced and the cracks inside fixed now for about 4 months. Jake and the office lady keep telling us the door is in and Duane(?) will be calling to schedule. I have been told the has been ordered and is in for months now!!!! Now when I call they will not even answer their phones. I guess my next step is calling the BBB and the Attorney General.

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Disappointed in Iseman Homes kearned nebraska - 213 d 25 m ago


Welcome to hey thanks for buying our home, and it's your problem now. We all need to get together. I have been taking pics also call HUD . They may help you. At least save another family

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Disappointed - 213 d ago


Wow if you are thinking about buying RUN RUN NOW. Besides all the other problems I have had after 8 months no storms my roof is actually coming off. Insurance adjuster said he had never seen such a mess. They surfaced nailed and then painted the nails with tar so you wouldn't see them in the sun . I called Issme Homes where I purchased the home said wasn't his problem .kearney nebraska . My water lines were crossed hot water out of cold. Faucets were all leaking. AC didn't work for the 1st month once again not Champion problem so I started calling company in z Indiana she has been trying to help. Water lines all froze even with heat after I got the furnace to work. I will try to attach all the pictures of all my problems. Good news in 5 months this house will be a year old

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Concerned - 214 d 32 s ago


You should check your crew at the Benton KY plant if you want to know why you have crappy homes coming out well you have supervisor going out every 20 minutes smoking with their group leaders this is a big problem ... That is one of the many reason they don't get there houses out.. and your production manager is no better .. they have had a bigger turn around than Fleetwood ever did an there where a lot of Fleetwood people there that have left do to management

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Concerned - 1 y 182 d ago

Hello Mrs. Marino,

I would like to express my concerns about the services that we have received from the Weatherization Program. I am grateful for the improvements, but is very deeply sharpened by the contractors that did and are doing the repairs. They never call before just showing up nor do they schedule or even knowledge myself worth as a person. I feel they do not care about my livelihood or me as a person or my husband. My husband has been there for the repairs that they have done this far, but it been like pulling teeth for them to do what they have done. They are not professional at all let alone respectful. The have made racial, drug and very demeaning commits toward my race and my neighborhood. I have never experienced this before in my own home. The contractors wife is very unprofessional as well. I'm not sure how to this issue will be solved but I would like something done about this. It makes the program look really unorganized and unprofessional. I really feel racially profiled. I am very concerned to how this affects the community. If you need to contact me please email me or call (hidden).

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Anonymous - 1 y 203 d ago


Never buy a home they to not honor there work!

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Tavis Aguilar - 1 y 255 d ago


Mr. Griffiths i purchased a module home from you all back in 2010. I have been having insulation problems from the second year i've had it. Ever since the second year ive had to put plastic on my windows. Then this year it has gotten so bad with keeping heat in that my furnace kicks on every 5 to 8 minutes when the temp gets to 30 degrees. The plant out of Topeka,Indiana have been giving me the run around. They did send 2 contractors out and they said my vents were not regulated right which i knew that wasn't the problem.They insist that it's not a insulation issue, but i know that's false. On March 4th i had brand new windows put in, thinking that's the problem. But obviously, that didn't work. The temp does get nice in here, but in about 5 to 10 minutes it gets cold. About 3 years ago when the temp got really bad here in Ohio, it was horrible. That spring i took the trim from around the doors and windows and found out there was no insulation around them. That is very poor building. I feel that the plant cut alot of corners and put this thing together horribly. To tell me that its not an insulation problem is pretty sad. When the windows i had put in are very well done. There is no air coming in them at all. So the only solution that me and friends of mine have said is that its an insulation problem. I really hope you can get this fixed. Im a very unsatisfied customer. I would really like to hear from you and explain in detail what i've tried to do to keep me and my 6 year old daughter warm. When i get my daughter, i don't let her stay here when it gets cold and that upsets me and also her. Thank you for listening and look forward to hearing from you. My email address is (hidden)

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Dave Cameron 47 - 8300 Gallagher Lake Frontage Road, Oliver,B.C. - 2 y ago


Mr. Griffiths my wife and I purchased a Moduline Champion home from Moduline Industries in Penticton British Columbia Canada on Oct 6,2015. We are for the most part quite pleased with the home,however, there is one problem which Moduline refuses to address and it pertains to the incorrect placement of the kitchen island. The blueprints clearly show the island to be forty-two inches from the edge of the stove counter which would center the lights above the island as well as the kitchen table. The island is however fifty-three and one half inches from the stove counter. This placement error means the lights over the island and kitchen table are off-center by eleven and one half inches which quite frankly looks ridiculous. I presented this problem to Doug Willis - Customer Service Manager shortly after moving in and asked to have the island moved to its proper location but this request was rejected. I have since contacted Dave Edwards - Production Manager with the same request with the hope he would have more pride in the workmanship of his crew but to know avail. It appears the hole in the floor for the electrical wiring for the island was drilled in the wrong place and rather than plug this hole and re-drill one in the correct place they decided to just misplace the island. Any help you could give to resolve this problem would be greatly appreciated.THANK YOU.

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