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Chapman Automotive Group LLC

6601 E Mcdowell Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Jerry B Chapman
(480) 970-0740
(480) 994-4096
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Crooks! Run! - 11 d 9 h ago


Back in March, we took our GMC Acadia to the Chapman Auto center in Payson, AZ where we had bought it from for it's 2nd maintenance ie; oil change etc. Trusting they'd take care of our vehicle we decided to keep the business there and took the car there for maintenance at their Service Department. Of course when we were considering buying, they preached about how they were all about the service and "taking care of their customers" and how they would like to serve us and our kids with our Auto needs and yes, we thought, local business they couldn't be that bad. Not even a year later and here they are showing their true colors! As mentioned, back in March we took our car in for maintenance, a few hours later we were called and told all was good to go. Family and I went to pick it up, my husband and 5 young kids!! We picked up the car and was on our way home, we hadn't made it home and while still on a highway, the car started acted funny and finally the warning came on "turn vehicle off immediately, no oil pressure" and car just dies out. Called Chapman's in Payson immediately and told them of the situation and right off the bat, the service person had no urgency or concern, just told us to bring it down and they'd look at it when it was our scheduled appointment. That scheduled appointment was a week and half later for a different thing we wanted to look at but it was related to the front passenger tire. We understand that it's busy, but to have just picked it up from your location after maintenance and now parked on the side of the road, stranded and no vehicle?? This is how you take of your customers? "we'll look at it when it's your scheduled appoingment"?? We had no choice but to get a Rental car and paid out of pocket, we have work and 5 kids to provide for! A couple of days after our scheduled appointment, still nothing from them as to what was going on, rental was expensive so yes, I called and asked what was going on. We finally get a call back from Chapman's Payson, "the engine blew" and quoted us close to $10,000 to have it fixed, uhm what? How, why? The only explanation that was given, "something within the engine" and everything said after that was vague. We did not get a straight answer until one of our certified mechanic friend called them and they told him it was a "spun rod" and even our mechanic friend's questions weren't answered with clarity. We were trying to figure out what was going on, vehicle was only a little over 84,000+ and we only use that car for work and family needs ie; groceries etc. My husband was involved in a MINOR accident about 4 months prior, so we checked with our insurance if it was related to that, the process with that came back stating that there was no physical damage that would indicate that the engine blew because of something related to that accident. So we contacted GMC to see if they had faulty engines, if so, they needed to caution other customers incase somebody got seriously hurt. During our communication with GMC whom by the way is an EXCELLENT example of how a TRUE business should be with customer care, they live up to their company motto of caring for their customers and SAFETY! GMC customer service is the epitome of professionalism and caring for their products and services! After GMC research, they have had no recalls or other engine issues with GMC Acadia's but found that there were reported issues of the lift gate and offered to get that done for us, even though we didn't have any issues with it BUT FURTHERMORE, they didn't have to but because they listened and understood our situation, GMC offered to pay half of the expenses to get our car fixed, even though our communication with them was asking why our engine could have blown and just a little under 85,000 GMC went above and beyond for their customer, can't praise them enough! Chapman's Payson can deny it all they want but during our quest to find out why our engine blew, we truly believe, something happened during that maintenance service that lead to the damage of our engine! We explored other avenues hoping that it couldn't be them, because we did trust that they'd "take care of us"! Beyond the engine issue, they did some work that they NEVER even discussed with us nor got our authorization to go ahead and work on it, and they call us telling us about it after the fact and have the nerve to tell us the final bill and the unauthorized work they did on it was added to the bill!! Just WOW! Also, communication with them is a HUGE joke! The no call backs unless I called after being frustrated of waiting and the run around, only then they would call and give some type of story or explanation! Communication with them was a nightmare. UNPROFESSIONAL!

This is going over 5 months later, we're still renting a vehicle, we have no choice because we have 5 kids to take care of and it has taken it's toll on us as one can imagine! Not only financially but in health, it has been an enormous stress factor to say the least! Since GM had already paid them half of what they quoted, my husband went in hoping they'd at least let us have our vehilce so we could return the rental and any payments can be figured out later, but OMG what an experience that was!! The manager, service manager I believe of course treated my husband like a criminal, stating they aren't turning the keys over until we paid in full, uhm first of, I sincerely do not believe we owe you anything, becasue I truly believe you people caused the damage to our engine and second, the unautorized work you took it upon yourself to add on to our bill, you should cover, we never agreed to you doing any of that! My husband explains to them that this is our only family vehicle, we needed to get to work to provide for our family, and this manager's response? "NOT MY PROBLEM" seriously?? and this is the company that preached "taking care of our customer" and "we hope to serve you and your kids" and "all about service" really?!!? Our engine blew, THE SAME DAY, MINUTES AFTER picking it up from your service department after you said it was good to go after a regular maintenance! IT IS YOUR PROBLEM! My family and I were on a highway going back home when it said "turn off vehicle immediately, no oil pressure", we could have seriously been hurt but thank the good lord above it wasn't busy on the highway that day and we were able to park safely! But of course you don't care, you're getting your money flow in from the customer's who you deem as worthy right? I maybe one voice in your thousands of customers, but I can be loud. So I will pursue what I believe is right! We believe in truth and doing things right, and this is not to get out of something.. this is because we genuinely believe the damage was caused by Chapman's Payson service center and I believe our family was wronged and continued to be wronged when we had every trust in this company, thinking they'd keep their word and live up to what their company preaches! Every service we've ever gone to them for including our buying our vehicle, we've faithfully paid but this, we whole heartedly believe they are in the wrong! If my loud voice will atleast prevent 1 family from living the nightmare we've lived, then it will all be worth it. My family and I will take our story to whoever will listen and take necessary actions to let this company know, we as a family matter and we as a family believe you did us wrong!

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Disappointed - 24 d ago


Tried to purchased a Ford F150 from Chapman Auto Group in Horsham, PA. What a terrible experience. When I was ready to order my truck, I made an appointment with the salesman who had helped me pick out the options. When I went in for the scheduled appointment, he was too busy to work with me. He actually told me to go home and he'll email me the final numbers. I cleared my afternoon and arrived at 3, with my checkbook in hand. Who tells their customer to go home and wait for his email? I took my checkbook and drove down the street and purchased my truck with John Kennedy Ford. Completely different experience! My new truck arrives in 4-6 weeks and I couldn't be happier. Chapman may want to check with Kennedy Ford as to how to handle a customer..

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Kimberly Tocco - 55 d 4 h ago


3 weeks after buying a brand new Mustang, my husband and I went back in to buy a brand new Ford F150, using the quoted price ON THEIR WEB SITE. After the typical back and forth regarding my trade in, they quoted me $500 less for the trade in then they quoted 3 weeks before (I did not end up trading it in previously just parked it so NO ADDITIONAL miles) they came back with a price for the truck at 2 thousand dollar OVER what was advertised online. I showed him the online price and the store manager said this, "Nobody gets that price, we just put that in there to bring people in" BAIT AND SWITCH IS ILLEGAL!! Congratulations, lost a loyal Ford buyer!!

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Ernest Rhoades - 81 d 5 h ago


Audi of Tucson ,run do not walk ! these guys are the worst .

Incompetent does not begin to to explain these folks from the top on down ,they do not return your calls or push you off to someone else that has no idea of what they are doing.

1. Car broke down at delivery took two hours for them to try and fix it .

2. More problems the next week called for service appointment ,we will call you back ,you got it never happened ,Had to call Audi USA to get a service appointment.

3. Two months later and they had not paid Volkswagen credit for the trade in ,by the way same financial company as Audi , so i have been paying two car payments so it would not default the Volkswagen loan.

And as you know by now they have not called me back!

So would you want to buy a 58,000 dollar car from these folks i think NOT!

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Disappointed in tempe - 131 d 6 h ago


I have been going to Chapman Chevrolet Isuzu in Tempe for many years. They were the best service department ever as far as getting my vehicle in and out for service. Seems like the last 2 years it has gone down hill. It takes for ever to get my vehicle in and out now. Whats happening to my home town dealership? You have a service director that won't talk to any body. A stupid dumb blond women that they call a service manager. She gets the shop foreman to talk to me because she can't handle customers that have been there to long. The shop foreman says they are very busy. You look around the corner into the shop and there are a lot of empty car spaces with no cars being worked on. What the hell is going on? You guys need a whole new management crew. They don't get it. I will be going to earnhart Chevy. The hell with this shit

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DisgustedinPhx - 268 d 6 h ago


Why didnt I find these reviews before visiting Chapman Value Center?! Is it really a wonder why car salesmen are the least trusted profession on the planet? I bet they've dealt with Chapman before coming to that conclusion!!!!

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To head of sales - 274 d ago


Good evening Jerry,

I had found a 2017 Ford truck on your website and wanted to see it. I left a request on your site, were a short while later I received a call from Anna Theodosopoulos thanking me for my inquiry and asked me when I would like to see it. I informed her I live in Sun city west and that I would be there Monday sometime in the afternoon, she said she would have the truck cleaned up and ready for me to see. I got to your Ford Dealership in Scottsdale and was met by a salesman who had no idea what was going on or who she was. We looked up the truck on the internet and proceed to walk over to your dodge store to look in the lot nothing. Your salesman went into the showroom and came out looking more confused he stated we can look one other place nothing. We went back to the Ford showroom and he came out with a manager who stated the vehicle is down the street and will can take a ride to the other store about 10 minutes away. I stated ok and waited outside for your salesman 5 minutes later I see your salesman bullshiting with another employee. I left. I should also state that during the interim I called Anna and left a message to call work in regards to this. I got home an hour later and received a call from Ken a sales manager who left me a message asking if I was going to show up. What a joke. You need better messaging and who ever is your inventor control person is should be fired, when your sales staff can't find your inventory. Sad. You lost a $32000.00 cash sale.

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George - 1 y ago


I purchased a new vehicle in March of 2017. I have had the vehicle in 7 times for the same problem. I emailed the general manager about the problem and that the vehicle is covered by the AZ Lemon Law.

All I get is Sorry you are having problems.

After reading the other reviews, I guess I am SOL. You have the same attitude and could care less about trying to get repeat customer buiness.

I have submitted a claim with the District Attorney and also 3 on your side.

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Anonymous - 1 y 119 d ago

I have been getting my truck and car serviced since it has been opened.I brought my windstar in for service .The kids that change the oil said I had a blown head gasket because there was antifreeze all over the motor and the reservoir was empty without checking the problem out that was there conclusion even the service writer agreed with them.If I had a blown head gasket it would have been missing and over heating.So you have lost a customer to Buy and for Service can't. Trust your shop

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disappointed - 1 y ago

Do you ever find out what the real problem was? I am having issues too!

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Bob - 1 y ago


The entire sales staff at Freeway Chevrolet epitomizes the reason that people think that car sales people are the lowest form of humanity. They smile to your face and promise you the world but stab you in the back the minute you turn around. I would never buy another car from any of the Chapman dealerships

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The Munoz Family - 1 y 103 d ago


If I could give this dealership negative stars I would, but the lowest grade is 1 star. BUYER BEWARE!!

We received full funding from our own bank and went to Chapman Jeep on McDowell to purchase a new Jeep Wrangler unlimited.

When we got there, we had the price in hand printed out from the online inventory, and the salesman came back to us from the sales manager's office and stated that they "locked in" the pricing.

The sales manager came back out after we were presented with a price that was significantly higher than what we were told and agreed to by the salesman per his conversation with his Sales Manager. What happened next can best be explained as one of the most condescending instances of arrogance we have ever witnessed.

The sales manager explained that we had no business getting the "best deal in town" on a Jeep and that he was basically doing us a favor, even at a 3K higher total price than what was agreed to initially. I then questioned the additional charges and he said that the widow tint was extraordinary along with the entire package. I responded with, "is the tint on the vehicle currently", and he said no. I then asked that the package be removed and he sent his 20+ year old salesman, who was having a tough day as it is with this dealership management team, to inform me that there was going to be no deal. The sales manager also said that because MOAB, their largest fleet customer, why should we get a better deal.

I certainly hope that at the very least that this Jeep dealership starts representing their place in the community as a value to folks instead of a fleecing stain on legitimate dealers that work hard and provide good customer service without commuting fraud like we witnessed yesterday at Chapman Jeep. Also they were very proud that they are moving to the new Auto Show location by the 101 in Scottsdale, buyer please beware of these crooks and read everything they put in front of you, as there is a greater chance that they will be committing fraud than not. Shame on the Chapman's for allowing this behavior to be what their legacy is starting to look like.


Desert Package $695

(Did Not Explain This To Us-Just Charged It)

Lifetime Nitrogen $99

Window Tint (2 Front Doors Only) $399 - SUPER FLEECING

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Bob - 1 y 189 d ago


Chapman lies and flase advertises. I have a printout with an ad that states a certain vehicle is listd at $21,999 but thwnr you deal with the dealership, chapman at the philadelphia auto mall, they say the price if the vehicle is $34,000 when you email them, they dont respond. I have posted this in 34 different sites right now and still going strong. What they are doing is called bait and switch. Its illegal. Bob. (hidden). Avoid

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RR - 1 y 205 d ago


We recently had a new engine put into our 2008 JeepCommander. It was not cheap but we felt it was worth it to so we would not have another car payment. Chapman of Payson AZ did the work. After 30 days, my wife noticed a smell in the car that smelled like something burning. I climbed under the car and found oil leaking from the oil pan gasket. It was making its way to the exhaust system burning and smelling. We returned the vehicle the next day (Thursday the 19th) and asked for them to take a look. This was at 06:30 in the morning. At 2:30 PM I called them since I had not heard back from them. I was told then that the oil pan gasket needed to be ordered and it would be Monday (the 23rd) before it could be fixed. I asked about a loaner and was told they only had two for Jeep owners and that they were both out. After spending $7.000.00 it seems that maybe I could at least get a loaner. Not a pleasant experience so far.

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D.S. - 1 y 241 d ago


I have purchased a vehicle from Chapman on Palo Verde in 10/13/2016. The salesman Frank Tyrrell sold me a 2013 Hyundai which all of sudden died completely. I called Chapman and an agent had offered to have the car towed, provide a loaner car and get my car fixed since it was under the 90 days warranty. Based on the contract there is no mentioned of any 3,000 miles warranty but that was the excuse that Manny at Chapman provided us and that we should have been offered an extended warranty but Frank never offered us one. Chapman on Palo Verde refuse to help us and continue to give us the run around. Dealer number is L00010296. This was the only transportation that we have and spent our last of our money that we have saved for a car that does not work. Can someone please help us.

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Charles Kelly - 1 y 284 d ago


I recently brought my car remote which I purchased online to our local Chapman Chevrolet here in Philadelphia on October 27th, 2016. The service department said they could program it for a fee of 75.00. I agreed, after about an hour I left and the remote was working. Last night Nov 3rd the remote no longer is working. I went back today with my remote and receipt only to be told I have to pay another 75.00 to reprogram it. Then the associate said because I bought it, the remote online it probably broke. He tested it and it was good. So the serviceman who programmed it Johnathon probably did not do something correct.. They kept saying because I bought it online it probably was no good. THEY KNEW I BOUGHT IT ONLINE WHEN THEY PROGRAMED IT. If they thought that from the beginning they should have said we don't program other remotes. Now I am out 75.00 . Not a good customer service place.I also told that to the people who were sitting in the service area waiting for their cars. I am really mad and the next t letter is to our local news customer service problem solvers.. Charles Kelly (hidden). 2740 S Cleveland St Philadelphia PA 19145

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