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2900 Ranch Trail
Ivring, TX
(214) 596-6700
(817) 571-5841
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Mrs. Cooper - 13 h 14 m ago


The Cheddar in Pooler, GA is the pits! Me and four of my friends went there July 14th and it took 15 minutes for someone to even acknowledge that we were even there. Then the server that we did get was yawning, checking her cell phone, and only put in a partial order even though we ordered drinks and appetizers. Two of my friends ordered their entrees and never got them. Then, after getting our orders partially right... The server began to vacuum while we were trying to make the best out of a bad situation! Who does that? To add insult to injury, the manager named Gabby was unpleasant and rude as ever! Gabby had no idea of how to appease the situation and tried to down play our concerns by saying she yawns also and saying that I was disrespectful to her employee by stating my opinion on the server based on my experience with that particular server. I quickly corrected her and had to let her know that I was entitled to state my opinion just the way I wanted to. Did I mention that one of my friends never even got her food?? Yea so with that being said.... I will never return to Cheddars in Pooler GA.... Not even with someone else's money! I highly suggest that if you want good service with happy servers and a Manger that has a clue about customer service, don't go there!

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Anonymous - 20 h 10 m ago

Why is it always so dirty, the menus are sticky the workers always hang out in the bar area. It use to be a nice place to enjoy a great meal but now it really needs some upgrading.

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Baptist liberal - 2 d 3 h ago


Tried to get a job at Cheddars at the Denton location. The only day of the week I asked for off is Sunday's . The manger that was interviewing me cut the interview short and said that I have to work Sunday if I want the job. I was willing to be flexible with the other days of the week but he told me to leave when I was not willing to work on Sunday. I could had sworn this was an EOE . company

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A Proud US Vetean - 3 d ago


I used to go to Cheddars but I am done. My last visit to any Cheddars was July 14, 2018 at approximately 125pm. The restaurant was dirty. The staff was either not trained or not visible. I got up and walked out. I'm glad I did. If it's dirty inside the dining room imagine what a health hazard it is in the kitchen. I will eat at a 7 eleven before 8 got to this dump again. Food truck is better and cleaner

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Hailey - 3 d 3 m ago


They took fish tacos off the menu!!!

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Merrill Corbitt - 4 d 5 h ago


We went to Cheddar in Brownsville Texas. Enjoy the food. Worst service ever had. Brought crescent rolls. Waited and waited for drinks. People who came after us got their drinks not us. Got my salad after got my meal. Wife did not get mustard for hamburger. Refills took forever Waited for our check. Almost went to manager to get our check. M

General profile image - 4 d 18 h ago

Sat in chedder for an hour still no food. These people don't know how to run a restaurant. Even talked to the manager. Finally had to leave as I am diabetic. Iwent to McDonald's sat at the drive thru they served 10 cars in less than 15 minutes. Maybe chedders should recruit there help from there'.

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Amy Wood - 7 d ago


Absolutely horrible, broccoli casserole was hunks of cheese dip no broccoli, steak ordered Med-well first attempt came out well done, next attempt it was still mooing. Manger and waitress was very apologetic, but didn't correct the fact my sister meal was fine, and I had to go seek food elsewhere. Very very very unhappy first time customer

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Barbara Ingle - 16 d 23 s ago

I have been a customer of cheddersf for years. I live in alexander, North and my husband have given gift cards for Christmas presents. We tried eating there today with some friends ,and 2 grandchildren. We arrived at1:15,was told it would be 35 to 40 minute wait for a party of 8. We understood . We were seated after a timely wait . The waitress took our drink orders.she brought our drink orders 2 was left off so she went back and brought them.we ordered 2 onion rings appitesers we waited a long time for. they were brought but we had no plates. She returned to get them . Was to long to wait again before we got our plates. Our orders were taken.

1 sweet tea,1 water 1 water w/lemon,1 child sweet tea,1 kids hamburger/fries,1 chicken Alfredo with a croissant which did not have on the plate 1 chicken tender platter with a salad substitute with ranch dressing instead of slaw. Was not with the meal slaw came was almost finished with tenders when salad came . No crossiant was with my salad. My husband white fishhouse salad . His meal came he was eating when they brought the salad for me so he canceled his. We ate in almost/ shifts .our entire table was like this. Water ,tea and drink for out table was a lot to be desired.we left your resturant 3.10 having been there from 1:15. There were many empty booths . Couldn'tunderstand the reason for the service. When our waitress came to get refills she brought some and not all made many trips which was long in returning. We did nit get the grandchildren dessert ,because we would probably have been the until 4pm. We gave our waitress 18%tip jut to show that as Christians we were setting example to the grandchildren. No matter how bad the services you try doing the right thing . Our table was#81 check#16349 our bill was$ 43.67. To those whom it may concern our entire table had expierenced.the same bad services but once again for the third trip . We had a conversation amount ourselves. WE would not be back for awhile if ever. Third time is might need to check in this place it had see to be sliding downward. This is the first time I have ever written a compliant note .just so you know this kept my husband from calling out the manager. I don't care what you do with this review .I am doing as it ask on the recipet. May you fix this problem soon. So that others will not leave also.

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Dissatisfied - 17 d 40 s ago

Went to Cheddars in Fayetteville NC to pick up a to go order. As I was being given my food two customers came in and demanded there to go because they had to go. So the employee set my food down and went and go their food. Even though I arrived first the rude customers were taken care of while my family's food sat on the counter to get cold. The employee just said to me it happens all the time. I do not see how completely stopping what your doing for a customer and serving customers that are rude benefit a business. I will not return to the business for being disrespected. You need to retrain your staff at Fayetteville NC Cheddars to handle situations like this appropriately.

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Anonymous - 17 d 22 h ago


Well tonight me and my wife went to dinner at the Cheddar's in Alcoa Tennessee and this is the second time we've gotten less than acceptable service our food quality this time my wife said something I left because if I didn't I would have been in jail probably but we had a waitress that when she can car table took our food order and then walked off never asked us what we wanted to drink or anything we had to search her and find her to tell her we wanted some water we got our salads and no egg no crescent rolls we were told the crescent rolls were being baked well we ate our salad our food finally came out which was the chicken tenders and the chicken tenders were cold the french fries were just flat nasty the coleslaw was I like eating a bowl of sugar and if the end of our dinner when she came back to give us our check she said oh I haven't forgot about the crescent rolls they're just not done yet really after 20-plus minutes give me a break what it is or bunch of young punks working in their millennials and all they want to do is hang out with their friends in there and flirt with them and talk with him or what guy she likes or what girl he likes and they're all self-absorbed punks needless to say Cheddars will never get my business again I will be sending an email to corporate and I will be posted on Facebook Twitter every social media out there this is ridiculous not one adult to be found anywhere well one that acts like an adult and when my wife asked to speak with a manager these young kids came out that didn't look like they were out of puberty yet I guess Cheddars is more worried about quantity in the money they can put in their pocket than keeping customers and they were very rude to my wife they didn't even adjust a dinner didn't offer to take care of it after it was actually the awful thing I've ever ate they flat suck I would rather have went to Cracker Barrel or to Zaxby's way better food

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Donna Goodwin - 35 d 1 h ago


June10th 2018 I called our Cheadders in Dothan ,Al to reserve a space for 30 people on June 11th at 6:30 pm . The young lady said they didn't do reservations but could do call ahead.but she said she would go ahead and put it on the book.

June 11th we arrived at 6:15pm told the hostess we were part Of the 30 party for Lowe ,she said you mean Thomas I said no and told her I had called on Sunday .she said oh your name was put down for Sunday night and y'all didn't show ????

Well that's because it was for tonight. So you don't have the sitting ready ! No it will take about 10 min. Well I was very disappointed that our party of 30 had to sit scattered at tables and booths. Thus was my Sisters 60th birthday and we wanted it to be a special night for her. It turned out to be the worst. They put on waitress for 30 people. It took about an hour for us to get our drinks an hour and a half to get the appetizers .mean while unknown to us the entire kitchen Staff walk out. Not one manager came to let us know what was going on. When our food finally came out. My niece had to send her burger back twice because it was blood red. One waitress that brought it out for smart when my niece told her the second time the burger was still not well done. My niece said she would just order something else the waitress response was well were not taking the burger off your ticket . EXCUSE ME! I have worked in food service as a manager for over 30 yrs. You do not show or have that kind of attitude.

Our waitress Brooke Grantham was the best she never lost her composure, she never showed any frustration, she kept apologizing because it was taking so long to get our food. That girl needs to be recognized for what she did Monday night.

My two brothers ,sister-in-law and my self were just there on Saturday night June 9th and it took a while for our drinks and appetizers to come out then. I called the Dothan Cheadders today to speak with the GM he was a a conference call. The lady took my name and phone number for him to call me back . I still haven't gotten a call from him as of yet. This is unacceptable poor management ,all kitchen Staff walking out right in the middle of dinner rush. Truly Cheadders wasn't really busy our party was the biggest there.

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Anonymous - 17 d 4 h ago

Haha sounds like they walked out because of your 30 top unannounced! If you have been in the restaurant business so long, you should know what she meant when she said we don't take reservations only call ahead seating. Did she make a mistake by putting your name down anyway? Yes. But you were trying to make a reservation when they do not take reservations. Sounds like you really screwed them by trying to break their no reservations policy!

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Millie - 26 d 9 h ago


Went to the Hendersonville TN location on Tuesday the 19th of June specifically for the Salmon Salad. After waiting for 5 minutes to even be recognized as coming in we order our drink and placed our salad orders. After another 10 minutes our waitress came to inform us that they had run out of Salmon. Seriously, this is one of your signature dishes for the summer. So please tell me how you run out of Salmon???? We left and went to your competitor, O'Charleys and had what we wanted. Very disappointed.

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Anonymous - 17 d 4 h ago

Maybe because its their signature dish of the summer! LOL... they probably get tons of orders for it and may run out! Think about what you just said...

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C.B - 19 d 7 h ago


1st and last time dining at Cheddars in Findlay, Ohio. Food was cold, when I asked the manager Casey for a refund, he said "he could only give me a gift card" clearly if that's the only option for an unsatisfied guest, they're are used to getting complaints about the food. Never again!! Both the food and customer service was disgusting!!!

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Anonymous - 17 d 5 h ago

You probably ate the food and then complained it was cold. If it was that bad that you want a refund you don't eat the food and complain after. Offering a gift card is more than generous for "cold food."

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Jean - 17 d 6 h ago


First went to Cheddars while wintering in Texas. Love the bourbon glazed salmon & southern green beans. So happy to get home to WI & find a new one 35 miles away in Appleton, WI. Been there 3 times now and VERY disappointed each time. Food has never been hot when we get it. My husband had pork chop that was tough. Yesterday asked for well done bacon on my burger and twice it came back almost raw! There is serious issues in the kitchen. I'm beginning to think I will have to wait til I get back to Texas in November to have a good experience at Cheddars. Really too bad!!

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K in Camden - 19 d ago


This evening was my first time dining at a Cheddars restaurant in Camden, Delaware. I was accompanied by 2 family members and a friend. The service was good, the waitress was competent and the wait for our orders was okay. However, my choice of entree was not appetizing due to the rancid taste and smell of the mango-tomato salsa on the Tilapia and shrimp. The small chunks of tomatoes looked limp and had a smell of tomatoes about to turn bad. Once I tasted and chewed on the salsa I could taste the turning of the tomato, which made the nicely cooked tilapia taste bad. Even when I scraped off the salsa from the fish and ate the fish without the salsa, the tilapia still retained the rancid flavor and

odor. In addition, my order of steamed broccoli was over cooked, dull and mushy. The broccoli tasted like it passed its freshness. (I should have taken a picture and a video of the dish!) The manager came to our table and I conveyed my dissatisfaction with the meal and she offered me another order of the Tilapia and shrimp without the mango-tomato salsa and I declined. The manager added that she tasted the salsa and it tasted all right to her. By that time my plate had already cleared and the evidence was gone. Being from Miami, Florida, and knowing how fresh well prepared mango-tomato salsa tastes, I knew that the manager really is unaware of how such a dish should taste and how the freshness of the salsa on seafood is extremely important! After being asked a third time if I would like another Tilapia dish I had to decline because of principle and for my health!

PS: If Cheddars is using a packaged mango-tomato salsa, especially during mango season, then shame on you! Also, the restaurant needs to take best care in ensuring freshness in their served foods! Chef's, cooks, mangers and staff need know what fresh we'll prepared food tastes like. Will Cheddars food pass the Gordon Ramsay test?

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Elias miranda - 19 d 20 h ago


I visited cheddars in Orlando tonight 6/27 everything was horrible, first steak was under cook and raw the second one was exactly the same, no manager came to the table, i need my money back please.... i wish I can send you the pictures i took

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Gloria - 20 d 7 h ago

My Family went to Cheddars located in Harker Heights Tx we had a party of 25 we waited 2 hours to be seated once seated it was closing time which was 10pm we ordered drinks alcoholic and non it took forever the alcohol drinks never came they said the bar closed. We ordered food here it is 11:33 no food has come out at about 11:40 my husband got his New Orleans pasta which was definitely a smaller portion than normal and very dry he asked for a side of sauce that never came out. 11:47 ish my Key West chicken and shrimp with a side of broccoli and cheese casserole came out which was horrible it was NOT the key west chicken and shrimp i know bc i get it here very often as we WERE regulars (We will never return). My green beans never came the waiter was scared to hand me the plate bc she knew for a fact that chicken was dry and half portioned and no toppings were on the meat just plain meat on old rice but they said it was taking so long bc they were making it fresh long story short no one got to eat (Party of 25) it was almost midnight and we had been there since about 8:20ish.

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Anonymous - 20 d 20 h ago


My family of 10 went to Cheddars on Outer Loop Louisville Ky tonight to celebrate a family members birthday. We were seated at 5:45 and waitress took drink orders and then food orders. Thirty minutes later we had to stop her to ask where the salads were. She soon came back and said the computer messed up and she would have to take our orders again and would expedite the order. 7:05 we still had no food and asked for manager. Manager came and had no explanation but said our food would be right out. 7:35 part of our order was delivered but the food was cold and could tell it had been setting for a while. My 4 year old grandson is a type one diabetic and needs to eat on a timely matter. We told that to the manager and all she said is I have a son too. We finally at 7:45 offered to pay for the drinks that we got no refills for and left. Worst service I have ever seen in any restaurant. The manager was rude and did not seem to care what happened. She didn't even come back to our table. The waitress is the one that said our drinks were taken care of. I used to love Cheddars but I don't know what has happened. We were not the only ones complaining. We saw at least 2 other tables complaining.

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Rudy gutierrez - 22 d ago


The cheddar's in corpus Christi is nasty. The bar area is digusting. Crap all over the actual bar. Dirty glasses everywhere. Counter sticky. Totally disorganized.

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Jackie - 22 d ago


Eaten at Cheddars twice lately In Jackson TN. 1st night took 45 mins to receive food. 2nd time had my grandkids with me on a Sunday afternoon and they didn't even have French Fries. I have always loved Cheddar's but seems like it's going downhill.

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Michelle stroup - 23 d ago


Dined at the colony restaurant tonight! Service was subpar at best her name was Avery,she at least was trying to do her best in the situation. Her only negative was she sat the drinks down while holding the top of the rim with her nasty long fingernail."GROSS" ordered the key west chicken and shrimp,all came out cold and the chicken was so dry! Husband ordered the new orlens pasta which the noodles were soggy! Chips and salsa was runny! Gross food long ticket time and poor service all could have been fixed if a manager was involved???? We saw a old lady walking around but seemed to be just doing that!

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