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2900 Ranch Trail
Ivring, TX
(214) 596-6700
(817) 571-5841
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GG - 20 h 19 m ago


Warner Robins Ga Cheddars is the worst restaurant I have ever encountered. I will never eat there again.

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Joy Hall - 2 d 4 h ago


The cheddar's in Warner Robins Ga is soo unprofessional and the manager Eddie needs to fired he is very rude and not professional at all. They sent out Togo food waste all in the bottom of the bag.

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Anonymous - 2 d 4 h ago

Togo food poops?

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Anonymous - 2 d 19 h ago


Went to Cheddars on Clinton Hwy Knoxville, TN today. I will never go there again. Food was terrible along with service. Never again.

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Anonymous - 14 d 8 h ago

Two members of my family and I ate at Cheddars on North Eastman in Longview.Store # 2025. The food was awesome. But our waitress decided to give herself an extra $6.89 for her tip. I call and complained to the manager about what happened, even sent a copy of my receipt via email . He said he would check into it . He didn't because it came out of my account. Sorry the waitress was good but not worth a $10.00 tip. Very upset and angry that the manager did not resolve it and went ahead and took the extra $6.89.

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Anonymous - 5 d 3 h ago

A party of 3 at Cheddar's and you felt that a $3.11 tip was appropriate? You need to stick to Taco Bell.

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Laura hedges - 5 d 8 h ago


Please put a cheddars in Castleton or Carmel Indiana The hedges family.

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Christelle S Washington - 8 d 3 h ago


We went 2 cheddars restaurant number 2183 1965 Jonesboro Road McDonough Georgia 30253 for my birthday dinner March 9th 2019 we got there 6:30 they told you it was going to be an hour wait we will not seated until 9:30 the restaurant closes at 11 we got a text at about 8:30 dad said I table was ready we go to the Des they say it was a complete it computed glitch and I'll take it was still not ready if we hadn't put up or arguments we would have been still sitting there when it was time for them to close their receipt and everybody else that came in with big parties at same size as ours what really pisses me off is it was a whole big two rooms that were empty the whole time we were waiting then we get in there everybody's orders was messed up and I ordered along with a ordered my meal two to go items spinach dip and alfredo about 11:15 it was time for us to go I asked I waitress where was my to-go plates is it was too late to put them in so I couldn't get what I wanted to take home with me and I put the order in when I put my regular food order in did she had the audacity to get mad cuz we wasn't giving her no tip from the person at the desk to your manager was very rude and disrespectful if you want customers to keep coming you need to check your staff because the deal with people they need to have a better attitude and better manners now I have been to Cheddar's in Columbus Georgia and Athens Georgia never had this problem dented this one twice before my birthday celebration with a large crowd of people I never had this problem and we're not the only ones complaining if you want customers in that restaurant your staff needs to do better cuz you never know when it's going to be a large group coming into that restaurant I have 11 children and 16 grandchildren so with us it's always going to be a large crowd y'all need to make it accommodating for people with large crowds cuz it can be some businesses coming in there with a large crowds and your workers treat them like crap is not good business

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Steven Jones - 12 d 18 h ago


Dear Cheddar CEO, what is it going to take for you all place an establishment in the West end of Pearland? My wife love and enjoy eating @ your establishment. We have to travel 1 hour away to partake and enjoy your food. Pearland is growing tremendously and it would be great to dine in. Thanks in advance for the opportunity. Mr. Steven Jones!

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Nth - 15 d 31 m ago

Very disappointed that ever time you keep removing items from menu example Chile soup.tortilla soup, French dressing. These item our common in mid west

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Carol - 17 d 18 h ago


You need to bring back the spasagna. The last time we were there was last year in October. Went there for my Birthday dinner and when we seen that cheddars no longer served the spasagna I was very disappointed and have not been back and won't be back unless spasagna is back on menu. I check the online menu from time to time to check to see if it's been added and no luck. I just end up going to my other favorite place instead and that is Texas Roadhouse. You need to .listen to you customers. You need to add thousand island dressing and French dressing. My husband was disappointed with that also.

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Trinity D - 19 d 18 h ago


Just returned from Cheddars in West Melbourne, FL, a favorite of ours until this evening! We ordered our usual, Lemon Pepper White Fish over Rice, green beans and carrots....OMG!!! The food and the service were the worse I have ever experienced anywhere! We have gone to this same restaurant numerous times for lunch and had the exact same meal and loved every morsel, NOT TONIGHT!! The fish was SO salty that I ( a super salter by nature) could not eat it, the green beans were unbelievable (half of them raw, bright green and hard and had been mixed with cooked muted green ones!). Our server seemed to have an interest in the bar area because she surely did not pay attention to the needs of her customers in her assigned area! A quick run through seemed to be all she could manage. NOW, let us address the managers handling of her customers,(perhaps she had too many complaints this evening), we found her trying to make excuses to include trying to convince us that the green beans were simply due to a change of brands instead of the fact that raw ones had been added to cooked ones!!! She did comp the meals but her demeanor and rudeness was enough to assure our never returning for an evening meal at this location.

After reading the many reviews here I rather doubt that things are being addressed on the corporate level but I truly hope so. We have loved and enjoyed Cheddars in several states but "one bad apple" so to speak, can truly change a customers choices!

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Robbie - 21 d 2 h ago


We visited the cheddars in Knoxville Tennessee on Monday 2/25/2019 to find that hardly any customers were there ( not a good sign ) we were seated along with a couple that were there even before we were seated. We sat there more than 29 minutes and never seen a waitress or water so as we were leaving (still no food ) the other couple were trying to call the manager on duty (probably to no avail) so as we were walking out the door there was two girls standing at the seating booth and they looked as if glad you are going we want have to wait on you. The problem was not that the restaurant as busy, they simply don't care, all I have to say we will never darken this door again. Am I not under these condition, this restaurant will soon close !!!

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Anonymous - 22 d 20 h ago

Just finished our meal at Cheddars on Outer loop in Louisville Ky. We ordered 4 meals...two salmon and two dijon chicken. All four meals were served without rice. When we asked the waitress what happened to the rice she brought the manager who said they ran out. No effort was made to discount the meal .

We regularly eat at Cheddars on Westport ...not accustomed to such poor service.

Cheddars is our favorite restaurant because it is like he at home. Please help them fix their problems.

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Violet - 24 d 34 m ago

Cheddars in El Paso is slow and get the orders wrong. All they do is apologize for getting it wrong. What they need to do is get the order right the first time instead of trying to make excuses why the food takes too long and why other tables that got there after we did got here got their food before us. Both the chef and the server were unhelpful and dishonest. Rather than accepting that they made a mistake with the order they blamed the order we placed on their tardiness . I have to say I'm disappointed with today's staff.

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cheddar's chicken quesadilla lover - 25 d ago


I want the chicken quesadillas back!!!!!!!! worst ratings until you bring them back.

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Melody - 25 d ago


Went to Cheddars in Columbus Ga for my cousin and I Birthday dinner. It was a disaster. We got there at 4. Was told it would be an hour and half before we could be seated. Ok cool it was 20 of us. When we finally got seated the server took our drink order and order for appetizers. Our drink order came right on out. Our appetizers took a while to come out but when they did come out we had no silverware to eat with. We asked our waitress along with the manager and others waitress for silverware. After about a 20 minutes pass by still no silverware. We had family members who ordered salads and it's just sitting there getting sogger and others appetizers just getting cold. The last straw was a family was just being seated in front of us and given silverware with nothing to eat yet while we had been waiting for about 45 mins still not receiving anything to eat with. It was to the point where we had to get up and just leave. We tried to pay for what we had received but the manager said he would take care of it because he knew that wasnt right how we was treated. We will never go to Cheddars in Columbus again.

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Rose - 25 d ago


Very Dissapointed in Cheddars descision to remove the most common Salad Dressings such as Thousand Island and French! Not all of your guest like Ranch or your other Berry type dressings (guess that's why you got rid of the most popular dressings so you could save a ton of money:( because your customers will not pick a salad now and HOW EMBARRISING that your custoemrs are bringing their own dressing to yoru resteraunt. You cannot say it's due to lack of usage because your own servers knows the 2 favorites the customers choose and you would not listen to them. Our large family ate at the local cheddars at least 2 times a week; and sometimes my husband and I would go for a burger, or sandwich also (and we tipped very well:)) but the Service has really gone downhill and with the latest rude experience from our Server, we decided there are so many resteraunts in the Elizabethtown area that our hard earned $ would be much more appreciated at. Our family and several of our friends will not be returning to Cheddars. So sad as we used to really love eating there. We have heard the same from some of our co-workers as well. Cheddars Corporate, you better get a grip on what's going on there or your $ will be declining quickly.

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J.C. Bankhead - 27 d 25 s ago

Hello. My name is James Bankhead and I am a representative for ChaUright Training Consultant LLC. For years my associate and I have gone from corporation to corporation helping them reestablish the values once held. We have noticed the newly acquired Cheddar's falls within that category. We are offering our services to you in order to make sure your brand doesn't close it's doors within 4 years. We have been apart of over 100 grand openings, but have never been a part of a restaurant closing. We also have helped restaurants go from a failing health score to a passing grade. I would love to set up a meeting with someone in the Training department, or someone who want the Brand to succeed, because I feel my associate and I can bring Cheddar's back up from the 2% decline it has been facing from the previous year. I look forward to hearing back from someone in the near future.


James Bankhead


ChaUright Training Consultant LLC


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Email: - 29 d 3 h ago

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Won't be back - 29 d 20 h ago


2/17/2019. Went for a late lunch in Evansville, Indiana today. Took an out of town friend with me at a time that was not busy but it took 40+ minutes to get our food and we probably wouldn't have gotten it then if I hadn't said something. Steak was fatty and tough. Fries were cold. Very embarrassing and definitely didn't make a good impression with me or my friend.

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Anonymous - 30 d 34 m ago


Here at cheddars on Lil Rd in Arlington TX waited for a hour for a 15 kin wait when i got here... then when we got a table after waiting the table was DIRTY AND THE HOSTESS JUST TURNED AROUND AND LEFT...CAlled a manger over who said my apologies.... so we finally got a waiter and then we ordered croissants and the orders was incorrect my food was pasta was dry as hell asked for more sauce and he brought out some white sauce...then the drinks was nasty and no carbonation...then the maui drink i ordered was watery and waited for them to replace it and i never got it...and then i got croissants afterwards and none with the salads and then the waiter was no help qnd not concerned qt all... we come here at least 3 times a week and today was a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE FOR ME AND MY FAMILY....This was my sps bday dinner and again a bad experience.... now at the end of this the manager NEVER CAME BACK TO EVEN CHECK TO SEE IF WE WERE OK OR IF WE NEED ANYTHING JUST RUDE AND I HAVE TRIED MY BEST NOT TO GO OFF.....PLEASE SOMEONE CONTACT ME

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Don - 30 d 24 m ago


Cheddars 2193 ID#7723 44386 1528 (Wendy Palmer) 2655 Roosevelt Blvd. Clearwater, FL 33760

Dear Sir:

In regards to my visit @the above, I must say I was not satisfied the way my salmon was insufficiently cooked. As well , the salmon had a very strong fishy smell to it. I consumed the meal without complaint.

Furthermore, my wife had joined your Eclub days prior to our visit but this free be was added in to my final ($4.99 +tax)..

I did not take notice at bill pay as the waitress Michelle K provided with exceptional service.

I am bringing this to your attention because it is an incident that relates to your image. Thank you.


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Lynda M - 31 d 15 m ago


Cheddars location in Poor Georgia. has been terrible ! My husband and I moved here over a year ago . We have tried to eat at this location well more then five times and have only eaten at this location once . Reasoning because the wait is well over an hour for a Table for two however , if we bring the kids with us much longer of a wait .Very disappointing because this is one of our favorite restaurants . Upsetting because when we go in and see several tables open . I understand this could be due to lack of staff but maybe this location should take reservations if this is the case . This is a business and waiting well over an hour for a table for two is rediculous .

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