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Anonymous - 2 d 13 h ago


My family and I went to Chedders I Webster Tx.tonight party of 8 waited an hour and 1/2 to be seated once seated..we all ordered drinks my sister-in-law ordered a martini it was half filled No olive sent it back..get it back it had 2 olives still half brother had to bring it back to the bar to make sure they knew how to make a fucking drink!..then we all ordered food..then the waitress came back to the table to inform me that at 8 p.m. they had ran out of baked I ordered chicken fried chicken w mashed potatoes no gravy! my food chicken and mashed potatoes had gravy I had ordered corn not fucking green beans,which it was not our waitress es fault ,the incompetent servers couldn't get their shit that point I just gave up and got a Togo box. The maneger said the banquet room wasn't open on Monday's,however once we got seated and got some of our food,they opened the banquet room for 2 fucking people! so when we were leaving my wife asked to see the manager when he showed up she asked why we had to wait so long to be seated because the banquet room apparently wasn't closed at that point,even though it only had 2 fucking people in it all he could say was he was sorry,well he was right he was a sorry mother f**jet because that's the last time Chedders will ever get a dime from us ever again!! Don't even waist your time at that place because that's 3 hrs ill never get back!!!!

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Antonio - 3 d 15 h ago


Went to Cheedars 551 in Brunswick Ga 31525 tonight with my family for the first time.I had never been to a Cheedars before tonight and never heard of the restaurant until this one opened in my city a few months back. Co workers had mention to me about the bbq chicken and ribs dinner was pretty good so I decided to give it a try. My wife and son placed their order and it was my turn,I asked for the dinner I've been wanting to eat all day when the waitress informs me that they have no ribs and I would have to make a different selection. I had a taste for a specific meal all day and didn't want anything else so I chose not to eat at all and watched my family eat instead. I asked the manager why this restaurant that's open from 11am to 11pm have no ribs when it's a menu item I was informed that he wouldn't serve inferior food to the customer and the next time I come they should have some. The manager didn't come out and say the cooks burned them up or anything like that but since he mentioned inferior food I took it as that's what happened. It was my first time ever eating at a Cheedars restaurant and I'm greeted with the words we don't have any so choose something else,I will never find out how good the food might be at their restaurant because I'll never eat there again because who's to say the cook or cooks wouldn't have done the same thing next time. I think what bothered me the most was the manager who didn't have a menu item available for the customer and not even say I'll take 5 or 10%of your bill because of our mistake or even provide a voucher for the possible return to the restaurant. I will just take it as the customer isn't right so choose to eat elsewhere which I will. By the way my waitress was on point and deserved her proper tip even though I chose not to eat because management didn't do there job. The waitress is the only reason I'm giving 1 star.

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Jim E - 5 d 4 h ago

Cheddars Store # 2104 on Westport Road Louisville Ky has extremely lousy management.

We had the unpleasant experience of not noting that they had switched our credit card with another patrons of same credit credit card company.

This lead to us needing to cancel that service and apply for a new one.

Upon contacting management we were told we were going to receive vouchers for items for this inconvenience and a apology.

We gave them all our contact information and received nothing.

Called again to point this out and again gave them same info.

I now don't want anything from them just want to say they are incompetent knuckleheads who deserve to lose business at this restaurant which they have done with me.

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Anonymous - 6 d 19 h ago

The Cheddars in Pigein Forge, TN was very disappointing. Beginning with the host/hostess who were to busy do their own stuff to bother being sure customers were taken care of. It certainly wasn't busy, so we waited and waited and waited to be seated. No one else was waiting. They need to be taught to be cordial. Your restaurant in Clarksville, TN puts this one to shame

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Anonymous - 8 d ago

went to Cheddars in melbourne, Florida and I often go to your restaurant, but had an awful experience. Was seated at a booth where we waited for about twenty minutes before or server came. I ordered the beer battered shrimp and our server completed my order, he said goes good with corn. The order took half an hour to get to our table. The server disappeared and someone else bought or food. When the server returned he said he was helping the cook because they were in between shift changes. My shrimp was cold and I never got the corn instead I got some rice and cheese awful. He never bought us water either we had to al for it. The bill was forty dollars as I was dining with my sister. We waited several weeks and returned to the restaurant and asked to see the manager and explained what happened the last visit to include the fact that I didn't eat my last meal and she said I'll make sure your meal is done right this time. Again the shrimps were very spicy and I couldn't eat them and paid for the full bill again. Not happy at all. I really thought she was going to take them off my bill which she didn't. Your restaurant was such a pleasant place to done when you first opened, but things have changed immensely. Not sure if we want to return back

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Anonymous - 10 d ago

Well I wrote a complaint that needs addressed. How long does it take you people. Do you even care

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Karen - 12 d 19 h ago


Sad to report we had a horrible experience today at Cheddars in Columbus, GA. Hostess was sloppy and barely whispered. Took us to a booth to wait for our server. Server brought our waters and then we noticed we had no silverware/straws. Had to ask three times to get them. Our server took our orders, as we told her two tickets. She didn't write anything down, and approached another table that had just been sat, after leaving us. In about 5-10 minutes she approached our table and actually said the words "I had a brain-fart" and tried unsuccessfully to repeat our order. We corrected her, and she left the table. In a few minutes she brought our salads. We still had no silverware to eat with, and when she brought them my daughter noticed that there were no eggs in our salad as was usual. She blamed it on another server who "helped her" and disappeared again. Next our meals were brought to the table. When she stepped back my daughter asked again about the eggs for her salad, and we showed her that both of our steaks were cooked well done, not the medium we had ordered. During her next trip past our table I asked her to put our steak in a to go box when it was ready, as we had finished the rest of our meals. She came back with the steaks and took the to go boxes off our table that she had dropped off earlier. She then took our plates off our table and put them on a DIRTY table across from us to box up our steaks She left again and came back with our ticket. Note I said ticket, not tickets. She apologized and brought back two separate tickets. This time my daughter noticed that she had charged us again for our steaks! We had our original steak and ribs charge, plus another charge for another steak on each ticket. At no time did a manager stop by our table as we are accustomed to...guess we aren't doing that any more. Sorry to say, I cannot imagine that we will be going back anytime soon.

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A Guest - 13 d 16 h ago


Went to Cheddars on Clinton Hwy, Knoxville TN Today an saw A Manager Micheal Kirkland Yelling at a tall young server (male) about something right in front of my table!!! dunno what it was about but he turns to another manager an i quote " I hate that server" Then i seen the server leave. Im very worried about eating there an it seems to me the managers are causing alot of drama . I wont bring my family there ever again! Feels very uncomfortable.

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Debbie - 13 d 17 h ago


We've been eating at Cheddars restaurants for many years and have always enjoyed your delicious and consistent food. We feel Cheddars is missing a hugh opportunity not locating in Denton Tx. At Razor Ranch also wish you could get back the Shepards pie, it's hard to find and yours was the best

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Anonymous - 14 d 8 h ago


Went to the cheddars in McDonough, Ga and everything was great. I paid my food with my card and tipped with cash. A few days later when I checked my account, the waitress took out another tip for herself on my card in addition to the cash tip I left. Spoke to the manager, Genie or Jenelle and even after she said she would return the money to my card, she still has not. I will not return back to Cheddars.

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Anonymous - 14 d 16 h ago

Now we come to enjoy a beer and watch sports. Why can't we?? Why because they didn't pay the bill. So now we have hot beer and no TV.

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Anonymous - 15 d ago


Is the most racist place in the work in Oklahoma medwescity

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ejgray - 18 d 18 h ago


I love Cheddars - many people do. The food is delicious and at a price many people can afford - that's the best part. Too many restaurants are too pricy for the lower income folks. I understand that Ceddars was started based on the desire to allow many levels of income to dine. I hope that the new owners will not feel the need to change that.

One complaint I do have. The new owners have discontinued the Apple Pie. There was not better apple pie anywhere than Cheddars and I cannot say how many times my family and I enjoyed it. The Apple Crisp that you have replaced it with is really not that good and certainly could not hold a candle to the wonderful large slice of Apple Pie. I realize that all the Cheddars did not serve the Apple Pie and it was always something I missed when I was travelling and eating at a Cheddars. Please take the apple crisp back and put the APPLE PIE back on the menu!!!!!!!!!! Thanks

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M Baxley - 18 d 19 h ago


Columbia SC needs desperately to have Cheddars. Please get me a Cheddars.

General profile image - 23 d 17 h ago


you discontinued the Hawaiian chicken salad. This was my wife's favorite thing on your menu and the only reason we came to your restaurant. Please bring back that salad so we can come enjoy your restaurant because without that on the menu my wife will no longer continue to visit your restaurant

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Golden Triangle Area - 19 d ago


We have the Hawaiian Salad at the Port Arthur & Beaumont Tx locations!!!

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Sherry - 21 d 15 h ago


Service was horrible in Clarksville. I have been going there a long time and service was just horrible. I was in a party of 7 for a meeting, we have been having meetings there for the last 4 months, but we will never return there again. We are the Pillsbury group, first of all they tell us we can not go to table until half the group gets there, we been going when at least 2 get there order drinks and appetisers. Ok cool when every one gets there like I ordered fried fish, loaded potatoe and salad. I get salad after I finish salad I get potatoe then I get fish, my husband orders hamburger an fries, he gets hamburger after he gets an eats hamburger he gets fries, another one in party orders food to go gets half her food she just happened to look inside before she leaves, ok we ask for manager she wa very nasty. I have been going to Cheddars since they opened and never service like this. I will tell everyone I know about this. The next meeting we have will not be at Chadders very poor service, we always tip good, very good, we will not be going back

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mary camacho - 22 d ago


I had vowed never again to go to Cheddars due to my last horrible experience there. Despite all my hesitations I was talked into going to the cheddars in Brownsville tx roughly about a wk or two ago and I'm glad i did. I had the best service experience id ever had thanx to a server by the name of Angel. This boy was on point. Never had to ask for even a refill as I was finishing one drink the other was already being set on the table. He was even able to sell me a painkiller which I only purchase because the evening was going so smooth. Thank you so much Angel from Brownsville cheddars. You truly are an Angel. I hope your employers know what a gem they have found!

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Anonymous - 23 d ago

The worst customer service and the manager was very unprofessional at the Erie PA location. Have been going there for years but will never go back after the experience that I had during Labor Day weekend!

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Anonymous - 23 d 17 h ago

I was highly upset when I got to Cheddars today and was told that they do not have the Hawaiian Chicken Salad. That was the only reason I wanted to eat there tonight.

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Vickie S Edwards - 24 d 19 h ago


Today we dined at your Decatur,Il. restaurant. We have frequently stopped there in the past. Today however was horrible. First I asked for a table . There were several open ones available but we had to wait to be seated. Then we waited for a server to come to our table. She was clearly overwhelmed. She was a agitated and took our drink and food orders. Returned with our drinks then we didn't see her again for over an hour. We were left to sit with no refills or food. Finally a young man brought our food from the back. She finally came to our ta ble and I had to ask for refills on our obviously empty glasses. This was the worse service I have ever encountered at a Cheddar s. This place is a 45 minute to an hour drive from our home. Thank heaven our food was good. Really dissatisfied with the way we were treated.

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Anonymous - 25 d 15 h ago


This has been the worst experience ever!!!!!

Never, ever coming back!!

We are a party of 25 and we had 6 people walk out !!

Please reply!!!!!

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Frank Lopez - 27 d ago

I had a very bad experience I went to eat at the Cheddars in El Paso Tx.and the manager a black lady was talking to a fellow employee and she was saying how much she hated mexican customers an wish she wasn't here in El Paso and she said she wanted to get rid of all the fucking mexican girl serving I will never ever go there or my friends or family toCheddars as long as that black manager is there....I think her name is Kendra

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Emily Parris - 29 d ago

========================================================== Recently, you opened an e-mail from us highlighting our new 'Early Dining' program. Well...we shouldn't have sent that to you, and we apologize. Early Dining is something we're offering only at a handful of locations, and unfortunately your local Cheddar's isn't one of them. -=========================================================== This is what I received in my email. We were very excited about having a SPECIAL of $8.99 for dinner from 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm Monday Thru Thursday at our restaurant which is located at 95th and Quivera in Overland Park, Kansas. (It is NOT on your list for some reason). Then I got the above email saying there was NOT a special from 3-6 Monday thru Thursday. My first comment is that this is very mean and unacceptable. With the email club you should be fostering good will and encouraging people to come to your restaurant. Otherwise, why have the email club? When I got the first email I immediately texted my husband. I was very excited because we used to go to Sweet Tomatoes Where they had a senior special from 2 - 5 Monday thru Thursday. We went all the time, but then the restaurant closed down. I thought that Cheddars was going to be the replacement for our old Sweet Tomatoes because I enjoy your food. I like to get the broccoli Rice casserole along with the baked potato and put them together. It is delicious. I often order you vegetable plate since it is a good value, But it would be better for me to have protein (such as the salmon) along with my dinner. Anyway, we were very excited and planning our next visit to Cheddars when we got the 2nd email saying - NO - YOU DO NOT HAVE a SPECIAL. This is not good public relations to have a special that is ON again / Off Again. What happened to your public relations department? ? ? (hidden)

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Pastor Mark - 29 d 11 h ago

I think it's sad that a employee that lost everything in a hurricane can't get days off to find shelter for her children.. Who is not shown the same respect as the men in the BOH... She explained she asked for time and couldn't get it.. Then has the same qualifications as men in the kitchen doing dish put is told to be a janitor by your Chef.. It's 2017 ppl... Where's compassion ...jacksonville Florida

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