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2900 Ranch Trail
Ivring, TX
(214) 596-6700
(817) 571-5841
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Marcellus Morrow (Server) Jonesboro,Ar - 14 h 44 m ago


On Nov 19, day starting @ Monday I myself and & Matt had an disagreement. So while working another at Cheddars Scratch I assisting two ladies & one male. While dinning the guest say & assure to me their food is cold I'd say yes mam I'll get a manger to speak with u and get this matter resolved quickly. You know so as I walk back into the kitchen I see Matt who is the only manager this night I rarely try to answer him bc I feel bellowed and feel like at times he is races. But fact of a matter is while asking him to void ticket and I would be needing a remake of the order he says too me "what do you want me to do about it did u see why and what they wanted " I say to him "there food is cold Matt what do you mean confused" I'm already frustrated bc the manager Lauren had me picking up extra tables outside of my section bc they walk in and seat themselves and smashing me with ever set of guest repeatedly. Bc I'm moving on and on working continuously. I had at least 6 tables that night , even a manager who is new coming on who name I cannot remember but was one of the 6 even knew I was working good. So after telling Matt about the food u should know my temper raises when he says too me what do you want me to do about it. So now I am frustrated but now he goes handles the customer and I comes back and tells me nothing about the table just remakes the food and takes it out not saying to me anything and treating the guest as if he was a king and they were rats. Which me and the three guest that night are African American by the way. So I'm working on other tables now and the host comes up to me and says Marcellus your cutt. Well I close so how is that? I ask Matt he says your not going too talk to me like that. What did I say wrong for you to talk to the guest and make their food I'm sorry but I'm not going to respond well to someone saying what do you want me to do!! When you are the manager at that night. Bc I can't just put the order in without a void and then resend it. But I will need the manger to get it expedited so the guest can eat with the other guest and be able to receive a tip and as make up type deal. You know but the matter is Matt got frustrated really didn't wanna go out to the table and the guest said their food was still cold after bringing it out. & after being escorted bc of all the tension brought out after that bc I dint understand why I was cutt so I was upset. I was trying to please the guest. Which is my number one priority when on the server floor. I love serving I have been serving for years and I think people dislike me because of hard I work and I don't know maybe they thing I still they sunshine or something and pick at me. I knew I was only a final for a false accusation. But you give me a final with never being written up prior or never being late. Someone framed me then I work well u should see how i work a lawyer yesterday a lady gave her card Robin S. Kuykendall,JD (hidden) & another guest Charlie Brown executive director of people get a great experience with me at Cheddar's and I love my guest. A manager was lazy, discriminated as I feel & then trying to flip it on me bc the guest food had to be remade and was still cold! Ask guest number is (hidden) Yolanda I believe an attorney general & officer whom name I don't know these where the guest who got a a blimpse of the entire ordeal. Her complaint will becoming I assure you. I was removed from the premises by the police in a calmly matter. Why he called idk I was upset I never said anything to him but he was wrong and that wasn't right. Ask Matt why I was mad or upset! Ask Matt why was I cutt after the food being remade. Ask him what did I say to him about the table. Which I said " Table 103 food is cold can your give me a void and talk to the table for me" What's wrong with that?? That is his job!! This matter that Matt handle himself in was not chief in charge like or professional. I don't know sometime I'm not listened to and it hurts. I just wanted the guest to be happy and I was ignored and fired of my skin and being on a final a way to pick at an employee to excel a situation that is very much hand-able. I hope this is resolved in an orderly fashion . Guest are the #1 priority & too some it's just a list of something to do at work. Contact me @(hidden) @(hidden) Someone help me please! It's not fair

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adolphus james - 1 d ago

i hope my pay check is right the cut me off of the portal where you can see you check ... i have a copy of my hours ... but they are full of it.. ashly with her racist self

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

i hope my pay check is right the cut me off of the portal where you can see you check ... i have a copy of my hours ... but they are full of it

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adolphus james - 1 d ago

hello i work for chedders in Ocala and was just terminated because i was called a racial slur and pushed and because i pushed the person back i got terminated is that far ???? the called me a racial slur first and was the ones acting up ... please any help will be appreciated i am calling a lawyer now

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John C. - 3 d 13 h ago


I was hesitant about writing this, but if a customer doesn't speak up then sometimes a matter goes unnoticed. I will know this for certain if I don't get a response to this review. I spent thirty-six years of my life giving the best service that I possibly could to all of my customers. I was in the small package delivery industry and part of our company's name was Service. That being said, I really appreciate hard working people that try to make dining out a pleasant experience. Out first meal eaten at a Cheddar's was in LaVerne, Tn. and we were well pleased with the service, the food, and the prices. I even told my inlaws that this was one of the best places to eat that we have found. Returning home from a doctor's visit to Nashville we decided to treat both of them to a meal. I ordered coleslaw and it was served in a small bowl. When I took my first bite I felt something not quite right in my mouth. I then pulled a long black hair out of my mouth and it sickened me. Looking back I wish that I had handled the situation differently. I should have just spit the offensive item into my napkin, excused myself, and asked to speak with the manager in private. Instead, I asked to speak with the manager at our table and when she arrived I berated her about the food preparers not wearing hair nets. I made a scene and spoiled the situation for everyone within earshot of me. To make matters worse when a replacement bowl of slaw was brought out it was by a woman with long black hair that was down over her shoulders. I said something to her but she just seemed to be offended by it. Afterward, I felt ashamed of my behavior at having ruined my inlaws and my wife's meal too. The manager was very apologetic and told me that there would be no charge for my meal. I objected to her offer but she insisted and was very sweet. Since this happened we have eaten at this location several times as well as the restaurant in Murfreesboro, Tn. There we have had Tracy for a waiter three times now and he is one of the best anywhere, hands down. On Nov. sixteenth we dined there and my wife was told that thousand island dressing was no longer served anymore. This upset her greatly for she will only have this on her salads. I also ordered the twenty oz. steak so that I could take half of it home for another meal but was told that they were out of that item. We were there just before noon and I thought that this was unusual.

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Ohio Kristi - 4 d 6 h ago

You took away french dressing and other popular dressings??? Why? Our server was as dumbfounded about popular dressings being taken away as we were!! Ridiculous! Bad business move! You have lost our business! Ordering salad was the main reason we went to Cheddars!

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Not Happy - 5 d ago


Went to the Murfreesboro, TN location and ordered a side salad with Thousand Island. Was told Cheddars no longer had that dressing, nor French, as they were bought by a different company. What difference does it make what company bought you? Why would they change the salad dressings? Bring back your dressings please.

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Ssgt Watts - 8 d 18 h ago

Why are you offering free appitzers on line and you are not honoring them

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Todd - 9 d 18 h ago


I cannot believe you guys got rid of the backed spazania, that was the only reason I ate at your restaurant, I won't be back again . Why fix what isn't Broken !

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Nancy D. - 14 d ago


First off cheddars has always been my favorite restaurant. We just went to the one on kingsport tn. I ordered my favorite the crispy tender salad and when I asked for French dressing I was told they didn't have french any more. I am not pleased with this and the only reason I will return is,the spinach dip.

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Debra Jackson - 14 d 4 h ago


My favorite appetizer potato skins ?????? The best in town. Why would you get rid of them?????? Havent been back in months......

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Anonymous - 15 d ago


We was at the Cheddar's in Kingsport TN, and an employee of theirs backed up and slammed into the front end of our new vehicle. We have had this car less than a year, The general manager along with multiple other employees walked out to be nosey as I'd put it nicely because other than them being concerned this poor kid had just also gotten the car he was driving they wasn't concerned about much else. It was the middle of dinner on a Saturday night, our vehicles safety sensors shut it off and we was never once offered to step inside where it was warmer, to feed us a dinner, hell no one even asked if we was ok and my husband is disabled. Then the icing on the cake was not only did the kid (the employee of Cheddar's)keep hollaring he was going to jail, but he lied to the cops about the whole situation and of who was at fault, and the manager was standing there going along with it. Which is fine cause the accident report clearly stated he was at fault. But then we find out that this employee HAD NO CAR TITLE, NO INSURANCE, NO DRIVERS LICENSE NOTHING !!! and the manager was well aware of his situation and was letting him drive on there property putting others in danger..the way he backed up if it'd been a kid etc they would be dead. According to the police being in Cheddar's private property he couldn't arrest this employee, he could only give him a citation to appear in court, which considering he already is on probation and has prior driving on suspended charges I'm not betting to much on him showing up. I think considering the Manager was well aware of this kids situation and continued letting him drive on the property that Cheddar's should also be responsible for the damages done to our vehicle. It's sad you can't go out to eat without thing's like this happening, not sure what his position within the restaurant is but the Manager should be more aware of how the employees are treating customer's beyond inside the restaurant. Just trying to eat dinner will now cost us a few thousand dollars to repair a vehicle we just bought back in April.

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Billy bad ass - 24 d 17 h ago


Ay man I just want y'all to kno y'all shit was ass on my sister birthday the food was cold and this lil bihh had a attitude like lil shawty are you ready to get off then niggas in here throwing shit like lil cousin you can't do that almost slap shit out him then this lil bihh thinking she finna get a tip no sirrr that's not the case y'all need to do better...

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Anonymous - 17 d 19 h ago

And you need to get a 4th grade education....

General profile image - 18 d ago


Worst experience at this restaurant in Macon Ga.Sent food back two times.We will not come to this place ever again.Manager would not come.

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Ricardo - 19 d ago


Worst customer service in the food industry

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A real one - 21 d 23 h ago


There are no chicken wings brandywine md location they have chicken tenders but not wings and they have a bar makes no sense whatsoever should really add chicken wings ji like yesterday slim on movas yall in the way

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Bonnie - 22 d 4 h ago


Wish there were a Cheddars in Chamblee GA! Would be a great location and attract loads of fans! We went to Cheddars in Valdosta...FABULOUS!

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Me - 22 d 19 h ago


Cookeville tn. My family and I went and they didnt have no thousand island or French my dad will not be back. He comes to chedders for the dressing and the great salads. Please bring the dressings back

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Ray - 23 d ago


Used to visit cheddars in north Colorado Springs because of their salads made with mixed greens. Very good. Menu even states mixed greens in the description. Went last night and got salads made entirely of iceberg lettuce. Very poor. Will never go again.

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Was a customer. - 24 d 46 s ago


Went to Cheddars in Bristol V, Exit 7 and this experience was not very good for this type of restaurant. The menu was changed with most popular food items removed. This was a disappointment. The whole atmosphere was there was total confusion through out the establishment. Food was cold, not brought in a timely manner, waiter seemed confused. Pretty sad!!

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John Kelly - 24 d 19 s ago


I went to your Cheddars today Saturday, October 27, 2018. First they forgot about us after they seated us, and took awhile to get drinks. Appetizers were cold, and my entree was wrong. Horrible service will never eat their again in Fayetteville, NC.

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Me - 24 d 17 s ago


Went to Cheddar's restaurant Smyrna Tennessee... Had to wait to get water.. And our orders taken... Silverware was dirty... There were five of us that I was paying for... Steak was ordered well done but it was pink inside... salad dressing with watery... And we finally got two orders the side dishes for cold and skimpy small portions... I spent a lot of money on food that was really not edible... And when I complained they said they would reheat the sides and put the steak back on.. No that is not acceptable... They did not offer to make fresh meals or anything... I am highly disappointed because Cheddar's has gone downhill since they open food quality and quantity isn't good anymore and prices are higher...

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Abdul - 25 d 24 h ago

I am hard worker please get me chance I need a job got rent to pay for parents live in africa I made mistake in the past . The restaurant locate in garland tx interview bye victor thank you. I am on food stamps and ssi. My parents cannot support me. I like to start as dishwasher worked my way back up. I have prep worked background and graduate from le cordan bleu. I regret mistake I made thank you

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Anonymous - 25 d 8 h ago

Went to your UNC Charlotte location last evening with a party of 8, ( Birthday). Your Sanitary Rating was 80. Could not believe you are open with a rating that low. Shame on management. Obvious we did not stay and do not plan to return to that one or any other.

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