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2900 Ranch Trail
Ivring, TX
(214) 596-6700
(817) 571-5841
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Exemployee - 12 h 14 m ago

That place is flooded with drugs Yo!!!

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Alex - 12 h 17 m ago


Reported a waitress that was serving customers under the influence of cocaine to the manager and was told to mind my business.....don't know what kind of degenerates they having managing these restaurants but they are obviously lacking management skills or just don't care that they have doped out waitress serving customers....oh yeah this was at the Port Arthur Cheddars...FYI

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Neddy Boudreaux - 3 d 4 h ago


We do not have a Cheddars in New Iberia, Louisiana; but when we do you won't be on our list.

We went to the Cheddars in San Angelo tonight, arriving around 6:45. We were seated immediately, three people, then nothing. Two other tables were waited on with no waiter coming to our table - we lweft.

Ned Boudreaux

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S.K. - 3 d 5 h ago


So upset! Went to location in Selma, Tx. They sat our party at 12:30 took them 30 minutes to get drinks to us after ordered and when they arrived, you could tell the frozen pina colada was melted and had been just sitting at bar before delivery. It took almost an hour for the appetizer to arrive and hour and a half before the entrees arrived! Didn't get my ticket to leave til 2:30.... WTF, never have I waited so long for service while already sitting at a table. HORRIBLE !!!

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Anonymous - 3 d 7 h ago


Worst had to wait 21/2 hours after being told to arrive an hour early so unprofessional staff rude first and last time here said they didn't have the staff to wait on us so they kept pushing the time back for us to wait

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Marcele - 4 d 3 h ago


Went to your emerson Ave indianapolis cheddars 2160 check number 60275 8:59 pm on 5-18 table 105 . First we ordered margarita shakers top shelf took 25 minutes for them to tell us they couldn't find any shakers did you just want house margaritas. Then ordered white zinfandel Oh we're out of that.ordered salad with dinner never brought it.shrimp was cold. Never ask if we wanted a refill. Asked to talk to manager she came out and acted like it was an inconvenience to talk to us she said she made adjustment to the bill for margaritas when all she did was charge us for house ones and took the salad off. Unbelievable terrible service and no one cared.

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Anonymous - 4 d 7 h ago


Your're company in El Paso is so unprofessional starting with your management. Your management staff in El. Paso Texas is the worse , they are highly unprofessional and too personal with their staff. There is a hostile environment including sexual harassment .

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Got burned in Firewheel - 4 d 8 h ago


We loved Cheddars when they opened in our area. In the past year we went twice to find that the portions are smaller and the food is not as good as when it opened. Also, I ordered a drink each time. One was a margarita and the other was one of their signature drinks. These were separate occasions. They both tasted like they rung out the bar towel into a glass. The signature drink didn't even look like the picture and the margarita looked like water. They used to have really good drinks at a reasonable price. They are not as crowded like they were when they first opened. Why did you change?

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Lana McGehee - 6 d ago

I was one of the five celebrating a friends birthday in Tulsa. I have never been treated so rudely. We were not offered dessert and our birthday friend was given a cookie to go. Needless to say we will not be returning.

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Anonymous - 6 d 4 h ago

I just left the long post about Tulsa and I'm not anonymous I'm Vicki Fjeldsted. 7403 S Oxford Ave. Tulsa Ok 74136 and is like to hear from someone.

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Anonymous - 6 d 4 h ago

Celebrated a friend's birthday with 4 other friends in Tulsa tonight. We are in our 59's and 60's so we are not loud nor do we make trouble. We all eat at Chedders frequently with our individual families. I've personally eaten there 3 times in the last 3 weeks. We sat down and waited 10 minutes to get our drink orders biggie. Two of my Friends ordered Vegetable Plate which comes with Salad and Croissant first. Our food arrived by a different waitress and my Friends said that they hadn't received their salads or croissant. She apologized and went and got salads and said she'd bring us all a croissant. We began eating and one of My Friends mentioned She was missing her sweet potato and our waiter who we flagged down saud they were out. She said Well what about our croissants and he said we are out of those also. Come on...Chedders is known for their croissants... had to be alot io angry customers in Tulsa. Well we finish eating, never got offered refills and we are sitting visiting and the Manager walks over and says Can I clear your dishes...we are very busy tonight. We looked around and there were two long booths open and 6 empty 4 toppers. He took our dishes, stood at a wall and stared at us with his arms crossed and we thought perhaps we had better leave. As we stood, I heard Him say They are leaving. You know I was so angry at how we were treated, two of us went back in, asked to speak to manager and they sent a different guy out. We very politely explained everything to him and He apologized, said he would speak to manager. His parting words were I HATE for You to leave with a bad taste in your mouth. Well we did times 5. Customer service is a thing of the past and that makes me truly sad. Good manners and caring about your customers dining experience were truly lacking tonight. Tulsa Chedders management needs to step up their game and the same goes for whoever orders good. I went home and told my husband and He said So are we crossing Chedders off our list and My answer was I'm so angry....nit a good time to ask me that. PS. We all left goid tips and were really angry with ourselves for doing that.

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Anon - 7 d 6 h ago


The Cheddars in pleasant prairie Wisconsin normally is a fine experience. But the manager Henry has been rude to his employees and even to other customers. I'm a regular here and I've seen on several occasions him being mean to his employees and other customers. It's unnecessary because that encourages poor behavior to those workers. I've witnessed a server start crying because of his actions. It's absolutely ridiculous.

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Doug - 7 d 6 h ago


Took 15 minutes to reach a person to place a to go order! Repeated the order twice & it was still wrong.

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Alicia - 8 d 10 h ago


My Daughter and i had the most unpleasant experience at the location in Dothan AL than I've ever had ,and it was a part of our Mother's Day celebration... The hostesses were pretty friendly but the waitress and manager( Jason)who i asked to come to my table, so that I could make him aware of my experience so far were the worst combination of customer service, I've ever experienced here in my local city or any where else... If the management is unpleasant and acts as though they are not grateful that you chose to dine with them, then how could you possibly expect any better out of their staff members??? I am totally disgusted with my recent experience!!!

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Steven - 8 d 14 h ago


This is for the restaurant in Huntsville Alabama.. This was the absolute worst experience I've ever had.. Service was horrible watched a girl drop a roll of silverware while setting a table and picked it up off the floor and put it back on table.. The floors were extremely nasty like they haven't been cleaned all day.. Ordered chips and queso and started eating then and as soon as we got our food our waitress took our chips and salsa without asking and we still had half a plate of chips left.. Our waitresses name was Whitney M. I used to frequent cheddar's often and today might have been my last.. Ive had bad restaurant experiences but this was hands down the worst.. You need to get your restaurant together. I'm also gonna be contacting corporate. But I'd also like to give a shout out to the cook's because the food was amazing. They should get the tips not the crappy waiters/waitresses..

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Wanda Gonzalez - 9 d 7 h ago


I am really disappointed... We're arrived at 3pm, party of five under the name "Gloria Gonzalez", our ticket number was 50, the host stated the waiting time was 50 minutes. At around 4pm, we went to the counter and asked for the waiting time again. The host stated another 50 minutes. At approximately 4:45pm, we went back again, the host stated another 45 to 2 hours. We gave our ticket and called the manager Joe we informed him what had happen and how disappointed we were with what had happen Joe was rude nasty and did not care about our concer Osceola

Parkway Cheddar needs to understand that it is a special holiday it was raining and the restaurant was over capacity. My mom and many other mothers who love cheddar wanted to enjoy her mother's day at cheddar it is not the first time that we or another customer had a problem with this restaurant your employee needs to have training on customer service and leave their attitude and rudeness someone where else. The manager showed no concern what's so ever and no interest in our concern I guess your employee are trained by his rudeness that he hung up the phone while I was trying to example and let me informed you number 50 and my mom names Gloria was no where to be found the manager was right there when the rude and nasty host ask who gave number 50 so whose fault is this your manager and the employee who needs to be sent back for training

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Anonymous - 9 d 5 h ago

We went to cheddar ion 1960 in Houston to celebrate mother's day and have the same problem with the manager is so rude that I will never go back to that place.

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B Davis - 9 d 6 h ago


Manager at Cheddar at San Antonio tx on location 410 are very rude and cut u off when addressing an issue

We go there for the reason we enjoy the meals n drinks but it gets to the point that we rather go to 54th street hot food n friendly service

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Chris m - 9 d 8 h ago


My wife and I are at a Cheddars in Jonesboro there are 5 employees at the greeting desk there is a 20 min wait but several couples as well as us notice that there were more than 5 empty tables and no they were not reserved for anyone so why these seats are not used even when people where having to wait while 5 employes handled the waiting is a Mistry to us thanks just wondering

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Ms. Price - 10 d ago

My friends and I had the worst experience this evening at Cheddars Scratch Kitchen (Store #2045, 7403 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78245). When we first arrived we were asked how many people were in our party. We replied with seven people and were placed at a small booth in the back, big enough to fit five people. Our waitress (waitress #1) said she would When the rest of our party arrived (minus one), we asked if we could be moved to a bigger table. The manager, Patrick Coco, came to the table, while we were having a conversation, snapping his fingers and said, "Hey girl." I replied with, "Excuse me", as I was very baffled by what was happening. He snapped his fingers in the air again and said, "Don't act like you weren't doing this (still snapping his fingers) when I walked up." I said, "Really, was I?" I do not snap my fingers while talking so immediately I felt uncomfortable because we were a group of four black women and two Hispanic. I left the issue alone and we proceeded to tell him that we were requesting a new table that could seat all of us. It took about 30 minutes to be moved to a bigger table. We were told that we could not order drinks or food since we were being moved to another table, so we waited. We then were given another waiter, Devin (Waiter #2), and were allowed to order our drinks and appetizers now. When our table was ready, Mr. Coco came over to get us. We, being all Christians, said, "Thank you Jesus" and proceeded to get up. He said, "Jesus had nothing to do with this, this was me." We again had an, "Excuse you" moment, as he repeated himself. We were told Devin would be our waiter at the new table when Alejandro (Waiter #3) arrived to take our food order. He was extremely apologetic and also very flustered (nice young man). My friends ordered drinks and when the drinks never came was told that the restaurant was out of glasses so there would be a wait. There was never any silverware brought to the table, so when two of my friends received their salads they began picking at it with their fingers (we were extremely hungry by this point). When I did not receive the salad that came with my order I mentioned it to our waiter and he apologized and once again left the table. As the food was brought out, I finally received my salad, but still no drinks. Two of my friends went to the bar to see if they could rectify this, which resulted in one of them having the police called on her for, "Speaking to loudly." Her and her seven year old son were forced to leave. My friends were finally able to get their drinks from the bar and rejoined the rest of us at the table. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to eat their food because they were too upset, so we asked for to-go boxes. Two more to-go meals were order, despite all that we had gone through. The manager was then asked to come back to the table so that we could attempt to talk things out and come to an understanding. My friend, who is hispanic, did most of the talking. She explained how uncomfortable we were made to feel and about the lack of service. The Mr. Coco then said, "Oh really! So you're going to play that card! I made you feel uncomfortable when your friend was snapping her fingers." I interjected and advised I was in fact not snapping my fingers, I am in education and don't even talk like that. He said he would not be doing anything for us and stormed off. He actually ended up comping the meal and we only paid for drinks and we generously tipped our waiter because we did not feel that any of this was his fault. I have never received such poor service. I was insulted tonight by Mr. Coco, as were my friends. He insinuated that since we were minority women we were loud and snapped our fingers. As if we go around looking for trouble. He also mocked our beliefs. I could not wait to leave that place ( I actually cried in the car) and will NEVER step foot in a Cheddars again.

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anonymous - 11 d 4 h ago


As my husband and I are standing waiting for our table, we watch every worker that pass us. What we notice and disgust us are their hair. Their are are not properly brunch back in a bun cut short enough to where the hair will not get in the food. I'm terrified to see who will be my server. I definitely don't a server to be dealingour food when it's not brush into a bun and for men to be serving with long hair. That look tacky and unprofessional. Also for African American have their hair fix like an Afro I don't want them serving my food as well. Y'all need to tell them to star looking professional and be considerate about the customer and their foods.

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Doug - 11 d 7 h ago


took you to long to respond, we already ate their yesterday, never got a receipt. Not happy with the restaurant. I had to send my steak back 2 times and it still was pink inside, guess your cooks have no idea what well done is. My wife said hers was over done and tough. She asked for medium well. My wife ordered strawberry lemonade and said it tasted like it was old and her salad did not taste right. She even asked for steak sauce and never got it. Even though the manage said that I did not have to pay for my meal it is the fact that I had to sit without food while my wife ate. It also took a long time just to get our steaks. This was our 1st ever visit and will be out last. We drove all the way from Huber Heights, OH to Centerville to eat there, made a special trip.

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missy - 11 d 8 h ago

Please help settle an argument. Was there a chaddars located on Hurstbourne ln I lou ky? If so when did it close?

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Kathy isaac - 14 d 7 h ago


To whom it may concern

The cheddars in pigeon forge Tn is awful my family and myself along with another family was at this establishment on Saturday May 5, 2018 I asked for a table due to my husband is more comfortable at a table the host stated it would be about 20 minutes which was fine.we set in area for 30 minutes and they proceeded to set us at a booth even though I still asked for a table. The host stated the the booth would have to do. I stated no a table was better but we were hungry so we took the both since they wouldn't let us have a table. We finally got drinks after about another 15 min iof sitting there, finally waitress came took our orders after sitting another hour and a half still did not receive any food and we walked out of your establishment. The waitress was behind us at the table I requested and never acknowledged us leaving this cheddars is very poorly run and we won't visit it again thank you Kathy Isaac from Louis ky

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Sad customer - 14 d 12 h ago


Food nasty & the service is also nasty! Never again will I eat here at the Newport News, VA location.

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