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2900 Ranch Trail
Ivring, TX
(214) 596-6700
(817) 571-5841
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family concern - 2 d 11 h ago

i am upset that staff say they dont get a break or lunch break

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brenda young - 4 d 6 h ago


i had a horrible experience at the Cheddars in Webster Texas it is located off hwy45 south and Magnolia street I will never go there again I talked to the manager 3 times andnothing wasresolved.We got dessert first and our appatizers came with the food an hour after we got the dessertThe store was not that busy and all the servers were standing in the hallway laughing and cutting up That store has very poor management

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Josie terry - 6 d 6 h ago


Its a Sunday afternoon at Cheddars in Waco TX & we sat in the bar area & we had to stop for a waiter to help us....there are 12 employees in the bar area & no response..we had to ask to b waited on....sad because we luv cheddars Need more traing at this restaurant!!!

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Charlotte DelValle - 12 d 11 h ago


I went to Cheddar's at the Harker Heights, Texas location for an interview on 9-3-2019 at 15:00hrs. The manager didn't show up and I was told by the 'lady' that was assisting me that I come back next day. The problem is not whether I can come back next day or not. The problem is that the manager could have use a text, a phone call, or an email to let me know that he was not going to be there. I never received a call from him. What a way to do business! To me, this is pretty bad when the manager does not even call you.

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Kayla - 16 d ago


I worked at Cheddars for Four years I worked very hard and went through very low points at my life including losing my best friend that lost her life that I actually got hired on there!!! They fired me oveeerrrr fours years bc I used coupons that everyone was using and that I actually have proof of from manager Text and ect that I can prove! I never tired to get anyone fired but I felt so so sad that they would do this to me knowing this!!!! They didn't care I am a single mom of three kids and they just fired me I should have called corporate but I didn't bc I didn't want anyone losing there job but as my life goes on and how I keep hearing them bashing my name I wish people would just know where I am coming from I have text messages and everything else that I can prove that iiiiii am right!!! And what I was doing wasn't wrong

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Jeremy Williams - 23 d 21 h ago


Im Jeremy Williams and I work at the Cheddar's in Elizabethtown Kentucky. I was putting a suggestion in to see if Corporate will pay for was to make a commercial? With everyone at the restaurant on camera saying, "At Cheddar's we say 'Cheese' with a smile" then everyone smiling. The commercial ends with "Come join us for a good time and a good meal!" Gives restaurant's address.

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Anonymous - 30 d 8 h ago


my granddaughter and I went to Cheddars yesterday our waiter arrived to take our order but also had a trainee with him. we already knew what we wanted and lefted the menu on the table. he told us of the trainee and got our drink order as well as our appetizer order and told us he would be back to take our food order. we got our drink order and another waitress bought us our appetizer. we ate the appetizer and my granddaughter drank all of her tea. still did not have our order taken for food. here we sat. finally i got up went up front told the male hostess i wanted to pay the bill becase we had not even seen our waiter again or had been able to order. you have to go thru your waiter to pay for your food, had to wait for him to be trackled down and pay him. both my granddaughter and i worked/work in the food industry and knew this was no only lousy service but how the hostess handle this was completely wrong. wont be going again nor will i recommend this restaurant again. I'm sorry that it has come down to this . I tried to call your corporate number (hidden) could not get thru thank you c rice

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Mike miro - 30 d 11 h ago


I used to love cheddars and ate there often. Gotta love corporate pencil pushers who are completely out of touch what people want. They've officially made Cheddars identical to chili's and applebees. Food quality has been reduced to bland and very average. They got rid of their unique potato skins and their baked spasagna. Now there's absolutely nothing that sets them apart from every other restaurant. Nothing to make them even cross my mind when considering a place to eat. This last time I went there specifically for baked spaghetti and it's been removed from the menu. Me and my party left without even ordering drinks and went to outback steakhouse. None of us who were cheddars regulars will ever set foot in their restaurants again. Even my boss has recently decided to stop haveing our quarterly company dinners there. Well done corporate pencil pushers. You've taken a wonderful unique thing that people would wait in line for and turned it it just another run of the mill cookie cutter establishment.

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Truthful - 31 d 9 h ago


When Cheddar's opened in Ocala FL, a few months ago, I went quite often, and was very satisfied. Then, in the past couple of months, it went downhill fast. The food came out in half portions, cold when it was supposed to be hot, and makeshift. For example, I ordered chicken fried steak today, and got two pieces of fried chicken. What a disappointment. Will never go back to this restaurant again. It's a shame, because, the competition for reasonable and good lunches in Ocala is substantial. They are failing, and will not be with us too much longer If they don't go back to the original way of doing business they will fail totally.

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Karla - 32 d 4 h ago


I would of really liked to be able to talk about this to corporate but since u cant find numbers to contact I guess this is it. You guys served alcohol to my children (9&7) on 8/19/19

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Never again - 35 d ago


We are from Joplin Missouri and my daughter in law was really looking forward to having dinner at Cheddars here. They called ahead 2 hours to let them know we were bringing a party of _20_


They confirmed and wrote it down only to tell us when we arrived that there was going to be an hour wait!


We moved the party to a competitor who was ready to seat us with 5 minutes notice.

Needless to say the manager was informed that it was really a bunch of crap that he would do this to someone on their birthday.

He was also informed that the party of 20 that would have brought in a good deal of income was gone......forever.......hope corporate gets with this guy. Not good things.

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Cheddars in Charlotte NC - 36 d 12 h ago


As I celebrated my day in Charlotte NC on August 10, 2019 everything was going wonderfully well. Cheddars was my choice of restaurant for dinner following a huge event. My party of 14 arrived approximately 5:30 PM. I understand there would be a wait as this is the weekend and a Saturday. We were informed the wait would be 45 minutes to an hour. We were then informed our party would be separated if we wanted to be seated earlier. I was still OK as long as we were able to be in the same section. The temperature outside was over 90 degrees so we were ready to dine and go home. Finally we were seated and we received our drinks and appetizers. We watched as others who were seated after us receive food orders. I was very upset and disappointed. Members of my party even left due to not receiving their food orders. I asked for the manager and he came over as I left the building to apologize to my guest who had traveled from SC and were leaving. Upon return to the table, I returned to my party and called to the restaurant to have the manager come to my table. It was explained the restaurant was unaware of a graduation, and their order system held our order which it does for large orders. At this point the time was after 7 pm. We received food around 8 pm. Then the next problem was the check which was not resolved and we finally left the restaurant around 9 pm. We still had to check into our hotel, I missed my alumni gathering and was very disappointed. There were several tables and areas that were not being used which led me to believe the restaurant was VERY much understaffed. I have never in my life waited that long for food. I was embarrassed as my guest left early and still had to find somewhere to eat.

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Cathy Evansville IN - 37 d ago


Am truly disappointed with the declining quality of Cheddars food. I've been eating there for several years, my favorites being chicken pot pie & light lemon pepper grilled white fish, however after dinner there last night at our local Cheddars, I won't be coming back. In the past year, I've ordered a pot pie that had filling the consistency of noodle soup...watery, the replacement was better but it was still not the great pot pie I'd had in the past. Six mths ago in Terre Haute IN, I ordered the lemon pepper grilled white fish, it was half raw when it was brought out, gray and watery looking...definitely NOT white and flaky as it had always been before. The replacement was the same, so I wasn't charged for it but I also didn't get to eat as everyone else was done by that time. Yesterday, in our local Cheddars, I ordered the white fish again, thinking that the prior incident was just a Terre Haute is a company wide problem with a change they have made in the way they cook their "grilled" white fish. Identical situation as before, both order & replacement were half raw. I ate my vegetables but said I would need a box because I wasn't going to eat it half cooked, so I'd take it home and cook it more. The manager did not charge me for the meal, both manager & server were excellent....only problem was with the cooking of the food. The grilled fish is no longer cooked on the grill as before, now it lays on a conveyor belt and runs through an oven of sorts like a pizza oven. It is a predetermined setting that controls the temperature & cooking time which is why the replacement orders were exactly the same as the first fish. It is not cooked long enough and 135 degrees is NOT a high enough temperature for cooking raw fish. SO BEWARE WHEN ORDERING THE WHITE FISH. Our Cheddars is normally swamped every night of the week, last night I was surprised that it wasn't but now I think that maybe their bad choices in the way they prepare their food now might just be catching up with them and is costing them business. I will certainly not be going back again.

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Dissatisfied in Macon Ga - 37 d ago


Seems Cheddars has a problem everywhere. Macon, Ga worst experience ever. Ordered Dijon Chicken with a loaded baked potato and steamed broccoli. Took 30 minutes to get my meal. It was barley warm no baked potato. Waitress came and checked on me when I was almost finished with my meal, to ask if I wanted to know if I wanted a refill on my tea. I told her no thank you but I didn't receive my baked potato. She said she would get me one.I told her no thank you, she could just take it off my check. She said she couldn't do that because my meal came with two sides. She said I could take it with me. I told her no I'm going to work. She said I will get your check.I told her take the tea off then or something. She said okay and did I usually tip 20% based on the service I receive. Needdless to say her sorry service cost her 10%. There were about 20 customers in the restaurant. Was greeted promptly by waitress but went downhill fast from there. WILL NEVER VISIT ANOTHER CHEDDARS EVER AGAIN!!!!

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Debra Otto - 37 d 9 h ago



Had the worst service ever at cheddars in Findlay Ohio on July 29th . I filled out the survey that was attached to my receipt . To my surprise I was contacted by Chad Middleton for more information of my visit and promised reimbursement. I also received an email from the manager with the same promises . Guess what !! I have heard nothing more ! No follow ups or anything ! Definitely will not be back to this restaurant

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Terry L. Brooks - 58 d 9 h ago


Extremely upset with the new policy that requires customers to sit in in my favorite servers assigned section . If her section is full, and there are available seats close by, we must now wait for an available seat in her section only.

I find this offensive and formally make this complaint .

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Anonymous - 40 d 11 h ago

First, if you are so upset, why would you give it 5 stars. Second, if she is so amazing (probably related to you), maybe other people want to be seated in her section. It's pretty selfish not to let other people sit in her she supposed to just sit with an empty section hoping that you will just show up every night? She should be offended that you want her section to be empty with you as the exception. Seems pretty self-centered to me.

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Anonymous - 41 d ago


I have tow location

#1 is 12355 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75243

Bad service where was waiting more then 45maints to get the to make the order

And then where wating for the food to arive and it was cold

#2 is 5445 N President George Bush Hwy, Garland, TX 75040

The service was extremely bad and rude

We was 9people&2kids

Where wating almost for one hour to get a table

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Anonymous - 40 d 11 h ago

You thought it wouldn't take a long time to get sat and then get food when you have 11 people total? That seems like maybe you were expecting a little too much. That's going to happen everywhere. That is a large group. Did you expect immediate seating with 11 people? Really? I mean, the food should not have been cold, but still, it's not magic...but I would imagine you expected it to come out immediately even though they were trying to cook not only for a table of 11 but an entire restaurant. I don't even like Cheddar's, the food is nasty...but still, you need to be realistic.

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Victor Franco - 41 d 5 h ago


El Paso, Texas

We have been going to Cheddars for years, today's experience was just awful!

My wife and I went to Cheddars and she ordered Salmon (blackened) dinner plate with a salad. When the waitress served our plates, my wife notified the waitress that the Salmon was over cooked and dry. So the waitress notified the manager and they served her a new plate of Salmon (bourbon sauce) not blacken. When my wife notified the waitress that her order was wrong she went to call the manager to our table to speak to us. The manager didn't come to our table and offered to take off the Salmon for our ticket. My wife waited at least twenty minutes for her salmon the second time so it could come back wrong!

The manager didn't come to us a at least appolgize for the salmon being over cooked or for the wrong order. Management needs to be trained on courtesy and proper etiquette on management. El Paso needs better management at Cheddars!!

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Anonymous - 42 d 7 h ago


The Cheddars on Colerain Avenue in Cincinnati Ohio is the worst. We came today for lunch. The place was packed with only one server taking care of a large majority of the tables by herself. Our food took an hour to get to us. It was so bad that cooks were bringing food out to customers because there was noone to do it. The hostess was the most unfriendly person we ever met. We used to come here a lot but this will be our last time. This place needs some management changes and get more staff on the floor.

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Shana - 43 d 10 h ago


Cheddars on I- 20 and Hampton, they suck. I hate even going to that one and the bad part is I stay right there by it and work behind it. I love cheddars food but not that location I will drive to the one in mesquite or grand prairie before I pull up to that one.

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Jeannie - 47 d 4 h ago


I was at the Brunswick Georgia cheddars and decided to order a hamburger... Well let's just it was raw inside of it and burnt on the outside.... I have given Cheddar's multiple times and never ever will go back again!!'

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Thank You Katie Macaius - 47 d 7 h ago


So, my husband and I were having dinner at the Kenosha WI Cheddars location a few weeks back and somehow my husband lost his wallet in the restaurant. He didn't realize it was gone until an hour or so after we'd left. We raced back and we were handed the wallet with more that $300 bucks still inside by the manager Katie Macaius (I hope I spelled her name right). Not only had she found the wallet and secured it she refused to take a Thank You reward. We appreciate you Katie, we need more people in the world like you. - The Marshalls

And oh yeah, dinner was great as well :)

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Linda - 47 d 9 h ago


We have always enjoyed Cheddars until this past week. We went with family on a friday night and next day with another family but experiences of the food was awful. Friday my husband ordered ribs. They were so hard they looked fossiled. I had chicken tenders and shrimp. Not sure if recipe was changed on the tenders but it was so hard and their was barely any meat. They were more like dried up chicken nuggets. The next day it was not our choice it was picked by another member to go there. I realize things happen give it another chance. I ordered the fried shrimp dinner. Once again the coating on shrimp was fried so hard i couldnt bite it in fear i would break a tooth. I ended up peeling off the coating so i could eat the shrimp. Once a favorite place to eat is now i wont be going back there if things dont change. I craved the tenders they have always been so meaty and barely any coating that was delicious. Im sad we cant count on Cheddars anymore for family dinners. We did tip the waitress well as it was not her fault. New cooks or back to old recipes.

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Linda - 47 d 9 h ago

This was at Cheddars in Delta township/Lansing on W. Saginaw hwy.

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