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kaiserdr - 2 d ago


Last year my family visited the Cheddar's in Wheeling, WV, the food and service was GREAT! Based on that, on 4/25/17, two friends were in town from The Netherlands, so we decided to meet them at a nearby Cheddar's in Orlando. We met our friends at 3 p.m., they drove more than 200 miles, round trip to meet us. The restaurant only had only a few tables with customers. When we came in, our server was nice and friendly; after we ordered our drinks and appetizers the shift changed and the server was Taylor.

Pros: We ordered chips with cheese and salsa (free because I signed up for the online club) great, but there were four of us and no one offered to replenish any of it when they ran our, not even indicating we would have to pay for the second order (probably would have). We ordered onion rings as an appetizer, they were great, never had such fine and tasty rings, the dishes of dip that came with them were very small and no way you could dip the rings. One friend ordered a half rack of ribs, the other a combo with ribs and steak; my wife ordered fish and fried potatoes, good.

Con: I ordered red fish stuffed with crab, a baked potato and a broccoli-cheese dish. YUK! When I tasted the rice under the fish it was uncooked, I gave my wife a forkful to make sure I was correct and she verified it was RAW. The "loaded" baked potato, topped with cream and bacon bits (not really loaded) was ice cold. The baked broccoli-cheese dish was COLD and uncooked. The red fish and crab were also cols. I asked for the manager, but after about five minutes Taylor came to the table and I told him about the dish, as the manager walked up. I explained to the manager that there wasn't anything on the plate I could eat because it was cold and several items were uncooked. He did not seem at all apologetic and took my plate back to the kitchen to heat. It took what seemed like a long time for Taylor to return with the plate and by that time the other three people at the table had completed their dinners and just sat and watched me eat. I am unsure whether they brought me a new plate or threw the original one in a microwave, but the manager was not at all apologetic when I told him it was still cold. My bill for this was more than $110. I had asked the original server to split the check half for my friends and half for my wife and me--and I asked Taylor the same thing, but he ended up giving me the entire check and I was already too disgusted with this entire experience and did not want to be embarrassed by making an issue of the bill.

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Paulette - 4 d ago


On Sunday 04/23/17 myself and a friend went to Cheddars on Clinton Highway in Knoxville TN. The after church crowd was there we entered and walked through a crowd of waiting customers up to the hostess desk we were told the wait would be 20 minutes. Not a problem but when a I ask are there any available seating in the bar area I was told I could go see ( there were 4 hostess) I said isn't that your job (why should I loose my place if there was nothing available in the bar) the young man looked startled one of the other hostess stepped in and ask what was the problem and handled the issue. We were seated in the bar and enjoyed our lunch. We ask to make a complaint to a manager and she was was no help . Management needs to be retained on how to deal with customers. Our server was excellent and we both were unapply with our food. Now on to write a review on Yelp.

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Kirkland - 5 d ago

I went on-line to review your menu and prices, after which, I called in my order at your location in Midwest City, Oklahoma. I was somwhat disappointed when the waitress brought me the check, as your price online for the food ordered, was not the price charged. I visited with the manager who informed me that you had just changed your prices and that the corporate office had not updated the increased price changes online. Hard for me fathom you not updating your increased prices online. In fact, I showed the manager the price quoted online by Corporate, but he said that the system would not allow him to honor YOUR price quote and that I would have to pay the price reflected on the check......That is not the way to conduct business as I hope that you are aware......sad.

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Becky - 5 d ago

Cheddar's in Hendersonville Tennessee is by far the worst place I have ever in my life attempted to eat! No silverware, no refills, no napkins, took over two hours to get food and still no silverware. Then our food was cold, the manager offended half the people at the table (being a family of black, white, and biracial people) then they brought us new food, and one of the new steaks was frozen! We never got refills and the manager went farther to make comments that were snide and completely rude, "it was our faults if we were offended".... Seriously? Then the manager went farther to blame it all on a new waitress "Lauren"... It was my mother in law's birthday and they completely ruined it and our experience at Cheddar's.

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Sherry J - 5 d 20 m ago


Food was wonderful but our waiter wad very rude. There were several items we never got and had to ask for debit cards back. His comment to our group of 8 was "i had other people to wait on and i took your table out of the kindness of my heart." His name was Deonne and works at Cheddars in Germantown, Tn. And kind is not a word we would call him. Very rude.

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Anonymous - 10 d ago

ok, number one, i cannot believe Cheddar's allows the foul language and name calling to remain on their comment board. Secondly, my daughter is a bartender and depends on her tips for her livelihood so I absolutely understand. Thirdly, my husband and I eat out frequently, as I work long hours. My husband and I tip strictly according to the service we received or how much of a bother we were as customers. I have had my food timely but never received refills on my drinks. The tip goes from 20% to 15% on just that. If my food is cold or prepared incorrectly, the tip goes down again. If my server is rude, down goes the tip. 9 times out of 10, we tip 20% or more. If I have been an extraordinary bother, such as asking for different things at different times then, I may tip 25% or more. I have asked for steak sauce, then decide I would love extra butter and then ask for sour cream. I tip extra for me being so disorganized. I have also left 5% because my service was bad, my server rude, curt and abrupt. Popping gum while taking my order, serving my drink in a dirty glass or slinging my plate in front of me. I tip a "server" according to the "service" I received.

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Mrs robinson - 118 d 18 h ago


On December 29 my family and I was sitting waiting to be call for our seat ,this incident that I observed happen at the cheddar in Fayetteville n.c , one of your waitress came out very angry because the family that was leaving the restaurant only gave her a $2.00 tip she wen after that family and very angry she yell and actually tell them how she felt about a two dollar tip. Inmediallety my family and I decided to leave,now I wonder what type of employee would do something like that ,and do you screen your employees before hiring them. I would never go back to your restaurant ever and I hope that family does something about it!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 98 d 15 h ago

You'd be pissed off too if someone left you a really bad tip on a high bill. You probably never worked in a restaurant so therefore you don't know how its like.

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Anonymous - 79 d 4 h ago

Amen I hear that. People don't understand the process of tipping.

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Hey - 71 d 18 h ago


But it is still really rude

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Anonymous - 55 d 19 h ago

Probably shitty service

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Jh - 21 d ago

She could of sucked as a waitress!! We went to Cheddars today in Cookeville Tn and our waitress SUCKED!! She never came back to see if we needed refills and we ordered our food right when we ordered our drinks and told her we were on lunch!! 10 minutes before we had to leave she brings our salads!! We all ordered salad and I know those are pre made!! She got a dollar tip!! If you are a bad waitress you don't deserve a good tip!! My husband and I believe in giving over 20% of they are right on there game but if the suck no your not getting a good tip!!!

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Chris - 20 d 3 h ago

I doubt that. Most people are cheap ass' when it comes to tipping especially when the bills are high.

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John gorham - 11 d 8 h ago


Salads are not premade at Cheddars.

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Waiter - 93 d 24 h ago

If you cannot afford to tip 15% do not go out and eat it is that simple as that.

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Dennis - 75 d ago

Maybe the service was bad.

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Anonymous - 70 d 19 h ago

That's bullshit

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Server - 49 d 4 h ago

Total Agreeance, a lot of people do not k ow we tip out the other employees and that there tip2 not only only pays me but the also the busser,bartender and silver ware roller, but then you gotta think, they probably think it's the employers job to pay other employees not ours !!

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Jeremy - 33 d 5 h ago

Agree 100%!! Tip 15 % if someone is serving you. Tip higher if the service was great or outstanding. If you tip less then that, get the food yourself and get all the dressing, refills, and you don't have to pay your tip.

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Zoorbbba - 27 d 8 h ago


@ waiter......

What do YOU TIP asshole.

Show us the LAW that says that people MUST TIP......CUNT.

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Anonymous - 65 d 6 h ago

maybe you're just a cheap ass

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Anonymous - 57 d 5 h ago


Do you not understand what's it's like to be a server? No probably fucking not considering you're sitting here talking shit about this poor worker. I'm sure you're not aware because inconsiderate humans like you don't understand, but unlike you, us servers don't get paid hourly we get paid by the amount of money that is left for us at the end of your meal. Have you ever had to deal with a 25 person table with 7 screaming kids? That ask for everything under the sun while being rude as hell? No pleases no thank you's, nothing! No im sure you haven't because again a basic minded human being like yourself cannot simply understand that. Then when that same party ends up with a bill that $200+ and only a leaves you $2 it absolutely feels like the most offensive thing anyone could ever do to you. Not only do we bust our asses for you non-deserving pathetic people, but we do it with a smile. And in the end when we see that you have left us nothing not only does that make us feel like we did something wrong when we were double sure to do everything right, you leave us going home with out the money we need to pays our bills and live our lives. So thank you for talking out of your ass, but you can take your thoughts and comments somewhere else!

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 55 d 18 h ago

My waitress was rude, never came to check on us,forgot our dessert, the plopped the billing the table with out a word, walked away, wasn't even our bill.

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laurence - 52 d 7 h ago


a tip is earned!!! you deserve one or not.

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Jeremy - 33 d 5 h ago

A waiter is providing a service. They are serving you food and drink. You get no food, no tip. You get your food, and crappy service, give a crappy tip. And excellent service, excellent tip. If you feel you had bad experience, "MAN UP" and tell manager, so the problem could get fixed. Its a cowards way to leave no tip.

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Anon - 31 d 9 h ago

People like you shouldn't go out to eat. If you aren't willing to tip, which BTW is their lovely hood, then don't expect good service when you act like they're a servant. If you went to work for a day but only got paid on 4 of the 6 hours you worked then you would be extremely pissed off. A server doesn't work 8 hours a day, they usually get a Max of 5 hours a shift, so be considerate a give them a 15% tip, otherwise you deserve shirty service and anything better should be considered a blessing.

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Server - 49 d 4 h ago


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Someone who has done your job way better than you ever will - 22 d 1 h ago

How can you feel offended when they over tip you?

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