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Ivring, TX
(214) 596-6700
(817) 571-5841
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Nancy Bridges - 1 d ago


My experience was horrible.. Looks like all of these reviews are horrible, too. How do they stay in business??? I ate at the one in Grand Prairie, Texas. I live in this town and have eaten there many times. I will never go back. I have never seen a restaurant go down so fast in all my life. I have eaten there many times...but no more. I'm spreading the word to all my friends! The manager is a jerk! Don't go there.

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Anonymous - 1 d 19 h ago


good evening, my name is Travis Pickrom 1223 Teal St. Houston, Texas 77029- i attend your Cheddars in Pasadena Texas and course everyone know we in the place, due to i at least 2 to 3 time a week to watch baseball games and football as well, i am requesting the company to bring back red beans and rice and also add spaghettis, please review and advise, thanks

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Tina Goebel - 6 d 15 h ago


I want to let you know this is the worst experience we have ever had.

First we call ahead to see how long the wait would be for 6 adults and 8 kids. They said they had a table ready. And it was at 4:38pm.

So we got there they and was seated right away.

The waitress took our drink order and the kids order for food. The drinks took over 30 minutes to come out and she kept smelling them so she would get the drinks to the right person. Then she took our food order it was now 5:10

And we have now drinks but she took our food order. Finally at 5:30 we got our drinks. Still waiting in food at 5:45 some people got their food.they forgot my fish and another guy's chicken fried chicken. The waitress asked us where our food is . I was going to stand up and yell but I didn't. Then the manager in training came over and said is there a problem I said I don't know I still haven't got my food and everyone else is done eating. I said I am. It.pating for it either. He just stood there a minute and said I will go see where your food is. My husband said again we are not paying for it. He comes out and says they are cooking it now. OUR YOU SERIOUS it is 6:30 how long does it take to cook fish?? Well at 6 45 I finally get my food. The kids are tired and want to go this was truly the worst experience I have ever had here. Omaha Nebraska.

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CincyRed - 6 d 18 h ago


My family and I enjoy eating at Cheddar's in Colerain, Ohio, at least 2 to 3 times per month. Recently there have been several changes in the menu, and the staff explains that it is corporate trying to "pinch pennies". There food used to be very good and always well prepared. Now the entire service staff and the managers are below average. The food is no longer "quality", and the new staff members are not doing very well at there jobs. 9-13-18, we were standing at the entrance waiting for a hostess to acknowledge us, but they were too busy gossiping about how they have to keep there jobs or they will lose their government assistance. I politely asked the ladies if there were any available booths, and she rolled her eyes and ignored me, as if I didn't exist. My wife then approached them and asked if we could seat ourselves. The woman didn't acknowledge my wife and said "Jus follow me". After waiting at our table for 10 minutes, I had to go find someone working there who could help us get our drinks and place our order. The restaurant was not very busy and there were plenty of staff members, but none of them were polite or inclined enough to help. After being ignored for over 15 minutes my family and I were ready to leave, and on our way out, I stopped and told the so called manager that we will no longer be attending their restaurant due to the disrespectful and rude staff members. The manager politely appolagized and assured us that if we stay "he personally would take care of us". After we refused, he offered a discounted price and reassured us that everything would be prompt and he would talk to his staff about these current situation. To end this long story, we left after finding out that our order wasn't placed and the manager "forgot" about us again. By far the worst place in Cincinnati to enjoy a good meal with your family. 0 out of 10. Horrible management, lazy and rude staff members, and the food is obviously getting cheap and easy to prepare. (Not our typical Cheddar's that we knew and loved). Our entire family and friends will no longer attend that restaurant ever again.

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Genine Perschbacher - 7 d ago


We were at Cheddar's in Fairview Heights, Il last nigh 9/14/18. The service was the worst in history. They sat us in a booth in the bar area, the waitress finally game and asked for our drink orders and we ordered our food at the same time. She was so busy talking to everyone and doing other stuff it was a good 10 minutes before we got our drinks. My husband had asked for lemon to go with his tea, he had to ask a total of 3 times. Then came the food which was alright, but I have never seen spinach artichoke dip with just spinach in it. It was terrible. I drank all of my tea, she said I will get you another, that never happened. She brought the bill, my husband put the credit card in, she never came back.. I had to take it to the bar to get someone to take it. We have had terrible service there before but thought we would at least try again. I doubt if we ever go back. Her number is B109, Chelsea.. Out ticket number is 6031 90884 3264.

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Vionette Hernandez - 14 d 15 h ago

Love cheddars but I really, really,really miss the best bread pudding I used to hsvr there.

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ARON - 15 d 4 h ago


Tried to get a job last year at the Cheddar's in Webster,Tx they had a few open cook positions.

Had what I thought was a fantastic interview with their kitchen manager Guadalupe she told me she would be in contact. I called her back three days later and she said the position was filled what she didn't know was that I looked online and saw the position was still open.?!?!

So I did some digging and called back the next day because I wanted to know why she said the position was filled but online it says hiring. When I called back a few days later she wasn't there but I guess her back up was there I guess he had been drinking that day but he said that the position was open but I couldn't work there because I couldn't speak Spanish, and that it would make it hard for me to communicate with the cooks. I asked him isn't the recipes in English I felt that this was discrimination I spoke with the GM as well the next day he assured me that it wasn't the case buy couldn't explain to me why I a 32 year old black man with a full wife and family couldn't get a job in AMERICA because I can't speak Spanish....which I can!

I put this on my children these are facts

I'm not exaggerating and I can't be racist.

I just need Cheddar's to explain this one

Thank you

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Claudette Caldwell - 18 d 2 h ago


Went to Cheddar's Sunday Waco Texas. The service started out fine. They proceeded to seat us so the waiter came over took the drink order. We ordered spinach dip as an appetizer came out it was fine but we were having to swap at flies. . I almost knocked the drink over swinging at the Flies. The food we ordered came out and we ask for more chips to go with the spinach dip. We asked the waiter to stand at our table and swat at the Flies he told us he did not have Jujitsu training laughed and went on. Before the chips made it back to the table a fly landed in the spinach dip. The manager came over I began to tell him what was going on and he said he was going to get an exterminator I looked at the drinking glasses and they were all dirty so I asked for a take-out cup the manager proceeded to tell us that they may may be low on soap. The manager took the spinach dip off the ticket and that was all I don't know what's going on with Cheddar's but the service and the quality of the things in the store is not the same. Will think twice about going again

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Wayne BRYANT Knoxville Tennessee - 19 d 16 h ago


After reading the other reviews I realize now that it's no sense in complaining to corporate. Apparently corporate does not care about their stores nor their customers. After going and ordering our meal and I are drinks my wife did not receive her drink until halfway through the meal. It is a crying shame because I think chatters ribs are on the top of the list for being the best. When I complain to the manager about the service he just rubbed it all like nothing to it. This store was on Clinton highway in Knoxville Tennessee. We went there one time before and had bed luck with the meal being cooked properly but felt like we would try it again. That will be the last time I go to that store.

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Anonymous - 20 d 16 h ago


Never been to Cheddars before, but while on trip to Louisana ate at one in Slidell. Great experience and great food. Friend recommended Cheddars after he ate at Huntsville location. One comment. WE NEED A CHEDDARS IN PRATTVILLE AL. It would be a great mix for our community and your restaurant. Plz look into locating here.

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Heartbroken ex-customer - 22 d 15 h ago

Upon entering the Columbus, Ga location this evening, we were sat rather quickly, which doesn't come as a surprise, due to the lack of patrons in the restaurant. Our waitress came and took out drink orders, but we went ahead and placed our order, as we already knew what we were ordering, being regulars to the location. 15 minuets After placing our orders, we received our 3 drinks. 27 minutes later our meals followed, with no refills to our original drinks. My wife ordered a chicken and shrimp meal with green beans. Her meal was served on a dirty plate. I ordered a chicken tender platter with loaded mash and Mac and cheese. I had different pieces of chicken, as though they were from mixed batches, which would have been fine, had any of them been hot and not hard to the bite. Also my potatoes were just as cold, as they remained home to a solid sphere of butter, while I waited an additional 10 minutes for the sour cream I initially requested. My daughter had the same issue with her chicken tenders, but stated that baked potato was fine. While waiting on the waitress, I had to request a manager with the hos. After my wife and I both expressed our issues with the manager Chris, he the responded that he take them back to be redone. My wife then cut her chicken in half to ensure she would not get the same food back, when Chris asked her "why did she do that?". She responded "to make sure I don't get the same cold food on a different plate". To which Chris replied with "whatever", and walks off without my plate. 15 minutes later, Chris returned with my wife a new plate, but as she was trying to explain to him that she no longer wanted it, he sat the plate down on the end of the table and walked away. Only to be stopped at a neighboring table for them to complain about dirty plates as well. I waited for them to finish so I could ask for his name. This was by far the worst treatment I have ever received at any restaurant.

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Adrienne A. - 22 d 15 h ago


Ate at the Cheddars in Arlington on Little Rd. It was pathetic! My boyfriend tried to order a Midelo Especial, waitress came back and said they were out. Ok, not that big of deal. Next he ordered a Dos Equis, waitress comes back and they are out of that too. He orders a Double Captain Morga and Sprite. She brings the Captain Morgan and Sprite in 2 separate glasses and NOT a double! What?!?! Then to top things off, my medium rare steak was medium and both baked sweet potatos we ordered came out as regular baked potatos. I will say the Brocolli Cheese Rice was on point. Complained to the manager. He apologizes and offers a free dessert. Seriously dude?! Now my boyfriend does not ever want to eat here again.

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John - 24 d 12 h ago

Went to Ceddars on my Birthday 8/27/18 about 4:05 and receive

About the worst service We have ever experienced there. To bad

It was 1 of my favorite places to eat.

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Sarge - 24 d 18 h ago

To whom it may concern;

First thing the front door service was very unprofessional, seating was poor, I'm not the one that normally complaint we been coming to this cheddar since it first appeared we never had any problems or complaints I noticed the change of staff at the front door very young and enmortue unprofessional kids I really disappointed with cheddar. Hopefully I will me able to mustard up the nerves to return it really must be the people that's operating the faculty .

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Big B - 26 d 22 h ago


Service was horrible, we waiting an daughter in law asserted hostess " how long was the wait?" Hostes reply was "when someone gets up"......when we got our food it was cold and salads appeared to be a day old ....lettuce was wilted, asked for the manager he came over, I explained to him in reference to salad and meal being cold he suggested " he prepared the salad"......never apologized, just took it off of our check....

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Stanley Huddleston - 26 d 19 h ago


After reading all the other complaints about Cheddars I can only guess there is nothing more to say, however, I like to point out that today was the first bad experience that I have had in many years. I can only say that they must have had someone that didn't know how to be a hostess running the show. This Cheddards resturant is located at 3521 Outer Loop, Louisville, KY. When we got there you can always expect to have to wait a little bit because there is always a line on Sundays. My wife asked how long is the wait and they told her no more than fifteen minutes. I said that was fine so let stand up like everyone else and wait our turn. As we are waiting we see people getting frustrated and leave, I'm thinking that we will get to be seated early, however, I notice that people that came in after us was being seating first. I asked her why is this and she told me that she documented our time as 12:28 and those that got seated before us had gotten there earlier. I told her that was a lie and she new it. She didn't care and brushed my compliant aside and started letting others still go before us. I told her I guess that I would go ahead and leave, about this time a young black man who worked there also stated to me to have a good day. I told him and her that they ruined my day with their attitude. We waited more than 25 minutes, ten minutes passed what they qouted us when we arrived.

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Anonymous - 27 d 4 h ago


I have always been a fan of Chedders until yesterday. My daughters took me to Chedders in Fortwayne IN on 8/25/18 for my 50th birthday. We met up with other family members. My dad is handicap and is in a motorized wheelchair. When we arrived my oldest daughter told them we had a party of 19 they told us that there was approximately a hour and half wait. It was almost 2 hours before they said our table was ready. When we started to file in the hostess (who we later found out was the dining room manager) rolled her eyes and said "Well, you didn't say you had someone in a wheelchair, could he walk down stairs? I told her NO that's why he is in a wheel chair" then she proceeded to say "Its going to be a bit longer for your wait" Another hour went by - we were finally seated. It took the waiter/waitress about 10-15min longer to come to our table to take our order. By this time, we had been at their establishment 3 1/2 hours waiting for a table and then ordering. HALF of our table DID NOT get our food for another HOUR, I am a diabetic and hadn't eaten for quite some time, my blood sugars began to drop. I had to ask for OJ to help me through until I got my food. By the time I got my food everyone else that had gotten their food beforehand had already finished. When I got mine, I asked for a to go box because it was now 10:30pm, I only nibbled on the food. I asked to speak to the manager, who is the one that rolled her eyes at me when she found out we had a handicap person with us, I told her that it was ridiculous that we had to wait as long as we had, she made sure she said it again, blaming us for not letting her know about the handicap person. I told her that besides that, it was ridiculous that we had to wait another hour for our food and we still hadn't gotten it when we were speaking to her. She then said "I can discount your food, I told her NO you will REFUND our food, she said she would only refund the persons who didn't get their food when the others got theirs. She did NOT apologize for the poor service, but continued to place blame on us. I am furious that we were treated in the manner that we had been. They may have good food, but their POOR customer service and hospitality makes me NOT want to go to their establishment ever again.

Sandra Stephens - Fortwayne IN

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zachery Ellis - 27 d 14 h ago


Cheddar's Columbus Ga has the worst customer service , lying to guest and not following the corporate values. I was a loyal customer but as of today I will never frequent your location in Columbus again. Horrible service lack of integrity and respect for the guest. 20 plus years as restaurant owner/gm/consultant, I am really disappointed, ruined by selfish employees.

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Anonymous - 33 d 9 s ago


Went to Cheddars in Dallas on Greenville.. went to the bathroom while waiting on my table to be ready. While I am washing my hands, an employee comes out of the restroom and did not wash her hands. Seconds later, I see her on the floor serving people food. I tell the manager and he says he will handle it, that he talked to her, but yet she was still serving food. Just nasty!!

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Adel feliciano - 34 d 5 h ago


Worst experience I have ever had!! Getting served alcohol when asked for a virgin drink that my kids sipped on, didn't even get the right food and all we get is " we can't change what happened" . giving my kids and my mother who has been sober an alcoholic beverage!!! So disrespectful and unprofessional. She couldn't drive home!!!!!!

Worst of it all server has nothing to say even when we asked her if she is sure it's a virgin drink. I am beyond mad at this point.

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Anonymous!! - 34 d 15 h ago




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Kelvin - 34 d 18 h ago


We been going to cheddars for years since they open the location 10601 Westpark Dr

Houston, TX 77042

United States

Which has been years! Lately their service has gotten really bad! Sorry to say it but ever since they got filled with young people, they have gone down the drain! Therefore today was the worst!!!! We waited for almost 2 hours for our food and they kept telling us it's almost out "that the kitchen was really busy" therefore the host was the one who took our drink order after waiting 30 minutes. After the waiter finally showed up and took the order. After 2 hours of going back and fourth with the manager the waiter comes and ask for our order again because "he lost the ticket" almost 2 hours after of waiting. We spoke to every manager and supervisor here and it's ridiculous. These managers don't act like managers. You see them chilling and cracking jokes with the waiters when there are tables waiting! We were not the only table with the problem. The table aside asked 6 times for refill and only brought them 1 time. During their whole food they only got one refill. The waiter that was with us was the same one for them and he was already giving their check with their card to someone else! This is insane and ridiculous!!!!!

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Anonymous - 35 d 15 h ago


I was in cheddar in Columbus Georgia I order a steak and shrimp dinner and the food was burb the rice was over cook the service girl was very nice but my meal was bad everyone's at our table was not happy with they food they do not let them take your food back cause they might do something to it why people say that never again I wish I can get money back from this place ps PMB

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Anonymous - 37 d 17 h ago


Melanie Loving

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Cara - 37 d 18 h ago


I love Cheddars!! Please bring Cheddars to Utah! We are missing out!

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