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2900 Ranch Trail
Ivring, TX
(214) 596-6700
(817) 571-5841
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Jerry Lightner - 4 d 3 h ago


I recently, Monday, January 7, 2019, visited Cheddars at the Town Center, 4954 Town Center Pkwy, Jacksonville, FL 32246 for takeout. Normally, I have had no complaints about the food or the service, however, I must say that what I did receive this time, I felt was inexcusable. I called ahead and ordered a Grilled Chicken dinner with two sides and a Grilled Chicken Pecan Salad with a side order of Honey Butter Croissants. When I arrived at the bar to pick up my takeout, the server briskly verified my meals and after paying the check with tip, exited the establishment. When I arrived at home and ready enjoy my salad, I noticed that there wasn't any pecans in my salad and instead there were croutons added to what looked like a house salad with Grilled Chicken. I called back to speak to a manager at Cheddars and spoke with the manager on duty (John). We discussed my concerns and he first apologized about the issue I was presented with and informed me that I should have never been sold that salad because, at that time, the restaurant was out of pecans. After some addition conversation, he requested my email address and my cell number to further contact me if necessary. He did offer to send me via email compensation for my experience and inconvenience. That was seven days ago and I haven't heard from anyone representing Cheddars.

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Managed a Restaurant with Better Service - 5 d 4 h ago


Food is good at tumes, one thing I hate is one comes in early to beat the rush, literally as soon as doors open, and you still have to wait to be seated 10-15 minutes. Why? They're waiting for their servers to come in to sit you accordingly to them. Pretty fucked up, you don't know if we have other plans ahead. Trust me I will complain about it. Did you forget about giving great customer service. Even at that when it's slow food takes forever to come out and when it's busy it's out like in five.

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bob rainey - 5 d 5 h ago

I was most disturbed to find that you removed two of my favorite items from your menu. The chicken tortilla soup and the baja chicken were my favorites. Please consider returning these items to your menu.


Bob Rainey

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Donna - 6 d 6 h ago

At cheddars in Kingsport so clean food is great workers are clean hard working people they try to please the customers great management. Not like the one in London it couldn't eat the food for the workers looking so nasty bathrooms were so dirty couldn't use them took along time to get service needs help bad won't be in business long

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Anonymous - 9 d 7 h ago


Cheddar's Lincoln, NE

This was my first time here and me and my boyfriend had a horrible experience. Let me start off just by saying that it took forever for someone to even come over and take our orders for drinks...then it took forever to even refill drinks. The food was ok and didn't have a problem with that. Here is where my big problem came in at. We went to pay for our meal and the waitress charged my boyfriend's card 4 different times for two different amounts. Our bill was $48.27 and his card was charged for $57.92 three different times and then once more for $22.79. The waitress drained his whole bank account and then proceeded to come back over to the table and tell us that his card was declined. Luckily he had the app to look at his account and the kitchen manager was brought over. He couldn't explain why that happened and offered us no help other than to tell us that our meal would be taken care of. So then he proceeded to give us the GM name and number and told us that he would be in the next morning and that if the money is not back in that we were supposed to call the GM. Well surprise surprise the money was not in the account so we called to talk to the GM and he was not going to be in till Friday. So we have called the bank and they are taking it up with Cheddar's. But the fact is that was $200 taken from our account and nothing is being done about it. I have never had an experience like this at a restaurant and I do not plan on going back. The GM will be called on Friday and they will not like me very much if nothing gets done about this

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Anonymous - 14 d 20 h ago


Cheddars, Valdosta Ga. is terrible. Took wife to dinner for birthday. Waited for an hour for meal, nothing. Went to restroom. While in restroom, one young lady approached my wife at table explaining problem was in kitchen along with shortness of food. Had meals fixed to carry out. Being that it was my wife's b-day, didn't want to make a scene. PAID for meals & left establishment. Upon arriving home called Cheddars to speak to "manager" Mike. Was told by this person that problem was with server. Apparently a "pocket serve" or something meaning server did not deliver order immediately after receiving. The ONLY reason this wasn't made into a bigger deal was due to the occasion. Please know that I now understand why this location is no longer a prime location. Very nice day until the night cap. Thanks Cheddars. One time loyal customer

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Anonymous - 15 d 23 h ago


Centerville cheddars is awful!!! Mananger who spoke to us couldn't speak English and stared at us blankly after we sat for 10 minutes without being served. We will NOT be back.

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Greg - 16 d 8 h ago


Went for lunch on 12/28/2018. Ordered what we usually get, the fried chicken salad. We have been going to Cheddars for several years just for that salad. When we travel we try to seek out Cheddars. Have noticed that salad going downhill fast. Dark wilted lettuce, very little chicken...compared to how it was when we first started going to Cheddars. We have tried many different places,...different states and they are all bad now. The quality of the food has steadily gone downhill. Its sad. To top it off, they would not accept our gift card. They said it had expired,. we had just called and checked the balance before we went and it showed good. They told us to call headquarters to see if they could help. Said the card was old style. Noting on the back of the card said it would expire. Very disappointed. Not sure we will ever visit Cheddars again if the menu does not improve.

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Donna unhappy customer - 17 d ago


The restaurant in London Ky was the nastiest and the worst service I have ever had there was blood in the bath stalls dirt in the floors all the waitress were slow it took us an hour to get our drinks we were there two 1/2 hours getting our food it was awlful

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Anonymous - 18 d 6 h ago

The general manager of Cheddar's in Wichita falls TX is a racist and don't like to hire black people he told me at the interview he doesn't hire black people

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David - 17 d 3 h ago


Maybe you need to look in the mirror

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Beverly - 18 d 12 h ago


My birthday was 12/28 so my daughter and 3 grandchildren invited me to dinner 12/30/2018 at Cheddar's in Spring, Tx where we frequent regularly. I pulled up my email for the $1 non alcoholic drinks with an entree. We usually have water but since I had the email for $1 non alcoholic drinks with an entree why not. I asked the server if we could utilize the coupon BEFORE we ordered 5 non alcoholic drinks she said yes just show it to her when we asked for the cheque. Well when our meal was done and we called for the cheque I showed her my email. She stated let me ask my manager. Our server returned with the cheque and stated that she could discount our drinks (my daughter and myself) but not the kids because the email didn't work on the kids meal. Huh?? I called for the manager she came to our table and read the email like 3 times and then she said let me check with the kitchen manager. She returned with a duplicate receipt and said that we were only entitled to 1 drink with a $1 DISCOUNT. And that discount was applied to 1 kids meal (peach tea) drink which was not supposed to be included anyway. Had we known that Code 2 only works as a $1 DISCOUNT we would have stuck to ordering water. I didn't argue or cause a scene because clearly NOBODY knew how to accommodate my email. So I'm writing to see what can be done about the terrible customer service we experienced at your establishment Sunday 12/30/2018. Thank you for looking into this matter!!!

1 Cajun Pasta

1 Chicken Maple Bacon Sandwich/Fries

1 Chicken Tenders/Fries

1 Chicken Tenders/Baked Potato

1 Penne Pasta kids meal

3 Sweet Teas

1 Peach Tea

1 Apple Juice

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Anonymous - 19 d 19 h ago

My cheddar experience in Jonesboro Arkansas was so bad I didn't leave a tip it was really bad my email address is (hidden) I wish some one in charge would email me back so I can explain but I will never eat at a cheddar again

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Anonymous - 21 d ago

Dear Management of Cheddars,

My wife and I just left your restaurant here in Longview, Tx. We decide to dine in the bar so we could watch the remainder of the High School State Championship football game which the Longview High School team was playing in. Well as you can imagine the bar was filled with local patrons that were demonstrating their support for the Longview football team. As the game was going on one of your employees Derrick ( the bearded young man working behind the bar ) made it obvious to many of those in support of Longview's team that he was not happy because his team Beaumont Westbrook was not winning. He expressed that he was from Beaumont and that he was hoping that Westbrook would win, which would be expected since he has hometown roots there. However his frustration and discontent was demonstrated in a very unprofessional and disrespectful way when the finally play was played and Westbrook ( his team) lost the game when he turned the most visible television to the majority of the bar patrons off. When he was questioned about it his comment was "The game is over!" The fact of the matter is although the game itself was over I as well as many other of Cheddars customers were preparing to watch the post-game interviews. Derrick was very rude and disrespectful in his response to the customers objections. As we well know it is perfectly fine to support the team of your choice but when you are representing a company such as yours there is no room for personal feelings, biases or preferences. If Derrick is going to continue to bring his personal emotions to customers, and to the Cheddars restaurant environment when his team loses then he will be the cause of many of your customers not returning. As with tonight many of us left as he smirked about his choice to control the television viewing environment. I trust that you will address this matter at this level if not we will keep forwarding this incident until we know that it has been properly handled.

A very disappointed customer,


Note: This incident occurred on December 22,2018. I submitted this email to the local restaurant website review link and as of this day ( December 28,2018) have received no response.

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Muhammad Mamoon - 26 d ago


It was 21st of this month at 8:00 pm. I was there at your I-10 Baumont location with my 4 family members. Everything was good. But the food was the worst I have ever had. Everything was so salty that nobody could eat it. We ordered steak, soup, pasta etc. We left paying your bill.Last few times we went, the food was good.If you would kindly look into it why the food was so salty that we had to leave without eating. Thank you and Happy Holiday.

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Mad Security guard - 29 d ago


Cheddars manager called me spoke with me for 9min about my bad experience with his store. Customer services sucked the food was okay, the orders was all jacked up. (Wrong items was put on the plates). The manager of that store was suppose to send a email coupon so that I can give his store another try. . As of today nothing have came in my personal email account. The manager of the store in

South Arlington Tx , he is not a man of his word. Your word is your bond . He can keep his email and phone calls to himself. If that the way this company treat guest, I guess, I nor my friends need to be in their establishment . I will not every go back to any Cheddars again to spend my hard earn money.

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-N - 48 d 17 h ago


I came in tonight and was encountered with the most judgmental, disrespectful, and unprofessional staff. We came to sit down and they all gathered in a corner laughing and judging us. As soon as my sister walked by, they went hysterical. They were not on task. This is the most unpleasant experience I've had at a restaurant. I asked for the names of the workers and was disappointed to find out that it was basically everyone who works here. Apparently Serena and Abby are known to cause problems, and it makes me wonder why they continue to create conflict.

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Anonymous - 30 d 5 h ago

Why do you rhink ot was you or why do you think they was laughing?

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Clint - 42 d 22 h ago


Tinseltown location on Westport Road in Louisville, KY. Long wait for our food, the order was wrong, the manager came and said sorry as he walked off. The manager saw our drinks were empty and did not offer any refills nor did he offer us anything else to replace our order. No silverware and the resturant was dirty. I will never come back , terrible experience.

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Anonymous - 30 d 5 h ago

I stopped working at cheds and i can tell you our manager didnt care about nothing but himself and woukd never get you a refill because ots beneath him. He was horrible. Ryan mason manager in Murfreesboro, he even fired the best server he had and my good friend, he is stupid

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Lori Chapman - 37 d ago


Ok corporate--what is wrong with you? A from scratch kitchen and you do away with the PORK CHOP!!! That was the best---please look again at what pleases the guest! It would be the PORK CHOP!!

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Anonymous - 30 d 5 h ago

That pork chop was good as fuck. I jist stopped working there and they have fucked up the whole place. They got rid of tort soup, chops, 1000 island,french, and Italian. Plus they fucked up the closers sections and just made it a place where servers cant make any money so expect it to get worse

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Debbie Pace - 34 d ago


This is the 2nd time I have been to Cheddars and there are empty booths and tables and there is a 20 to 30 minute wait. Can you please explain why? I enjoy the food, just don't understand the wait when there are available seats. Thank you!

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Anonymous - 30 d 6 h ago

Hey Ill tell you why. Every server has either a 3 or 4 table section. So let say on monday night there are 7 servers working. 7 4 =28 whuch means they can seat those 28 tables in rotation so cheddars has lime 100 tables right. That means there are 72 tables that dont have any servers to wait on those tables. On busy days they schedule more servers to fill up all those sections but sometimes rest are understaffed because the job is so hard and peoe are always rude and complaining for no good reason and people dont want to serve anymore because it use to be fun connecting with people. Now instant gratification america is here so noone is fun or its just the most selfish people nowadays who look at servers as slaves instead of human beings. Also servers who are sick and call out takes away from tables too. Thats why when picky people are like can we sit way over here or away from peoole 9 times out of ten a server isnt back there and has to try to pick uo that table why they dont want to and also because its very hard to jumo from 1 side of the rest to the other. Eating out is a luxury not a necessity lime America's media pounds into your head. Allot if peopme eat out everyday being lazy and dont ever tip a server because they want to save money to eat out more which is so horrible. Everytime some stiffs a server they oay for you to eat there. Example a 100 dollar meal a server tips $3.50 cemts outs so if a part of 200 dollars stiffs a server they have to take 7.00 out of thoer other tips to pay it. Imagine you going to work a d someone who decides gor no good reason they don t want to oay for your time of you helping then so they take 8 dollars out of you 10 dollars an hour. You would say why thats wrong and illegal right? Then why do that to someone else. It makes people a horrible person with no soul.

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Jim miller Fred - 31 d 7 s ago

I can buy dezevala and I-10 Wes the master is very rude the food was served cold ask for a match or wait 20 minutes never did come out waitress was very kind, dating that's why I $68 down the toilet because the service sucks and the food sucks all the food was served cold Prairie code like I ordered chicken enchiladas it came on a hot plate for the chicken and everything else was cold like it came out of the refrigerator I was over that party at 7 I called Cheddars try to complain but the man she won't even talk to me about it he was very rude so you lost my business and everybody I know I buy a lot of dinner parties oh well

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