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2900 Ranch Trail
Ivring, TX
(214) 596-6700
(817) 571-5841
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Anonymous - 23 d ago

I can't believe that Cheddars doesn't offer a discount to our veterans. Especially noticeable on Veterans day, and especially in military towns like Killeen (Fort Hood), and Fort Sam Houston, Lackland and Randolph AFBs). I guess profits trumps patriotism and gestures of appreciation to our military veterans.

Robert Ruiz, MAJOR, United States Army, retired.

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Terry - 7 d 50 m ago

Major Ruiz,

I go out of my way to go to Applebee's because they are so generous and appreciative of veterans.

US Army E4 50 year ago.

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very very bad customer service - 7 d 11 m ago


Went to the Tucson, Arizona location on 11/26/2016. I used to frequent this location about once a week if not more. Tonight their customer service was the worst I have ever saw. My 8 year old son always gets the grill cheese. As long as we have been going here ( well over a year) I have always asked for his grill cheese to be lightly grilled and to cut the crust off. Tonight the waiter said " oh no we don't cut the crust off", I explained to him that they do it every time we come in. He walks away and sends the manager over. I do believe this manager was about the 4th or 5th done the manager chain at this location. I explained how I wanted my son's grill cheese and in his words to me" I would be embarrassed to ask my cooks to do that". That was to grill lightly and just cut the crust off. I had already ordered an appetizer and our sodas. I looked right at him and said " I would be embarrassed to spend another penny at this location ". They were very very rude when I asked for the managing partners name and phone number. My kids and I got up and walked out without ordering our dinner. We left and went to Texas Roadhouse where customer service is impeccable. Maybe the management at cheddars should go there and eat to see how great restaurants treat their customers that re paying their salary.

This place was really bad and I encourage anyone not to go there.

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M Lee - 8 d 20 h ago


I went to Cheddars in Pigeon Forge this evening. I ordered my usual favorite ... chicken tenders. When the order came the coating was not the same it was chewy not crunchy. The chicken was not moist as usual. I asked a manager and she said it was the new recipe. I asked her to please tell you this is a mistake. Bring back the good chicken i have been eating for years at restaurants across Tennessee and other locations. If this is the new chicken.... I won't be back.

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Cyd Collins - 9 d 31 s ago


I am at the west Monroe, Louisiana restaurant on 11/25/16 at 2:00pm. The host was not welcoming at all. We had to finally ask for a server. Several years ago I swore I'd never come here again because of poor, very slow service and no apologies for either. I decided to try again and things haven't changed. Is this the overall policy of your organization?

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Anonymous - 11 d 9 h ago


Went to cheddar a for my daughters birthday. Had some issues with our food steak was undercooked and the ribs that I ordered were literally cold in the middle. When I went to dig in to my favorite side red beans and rice there was a French fry mixed in the cup. I notified the manager and they took my wife's steak back tossed it on the grill a little longer and I got a new rack of ribs. Again the were cold in the center. When I complained about to the manager Ubaldo he was prepared to speak and was being a jerk. He stated that because I got a new rack he had to charge me regardless if I ate it or not. My wife just told me to pay and let it go but I was adamant to speak with someone else. He told me to fill out a survey. When I asked for the corporate number he said no just fill out this survey. I then states I will get it myself he walked back to the kitchen wrote it down and stated is there anything else that's wrong with you. I stated excuse me wrong with me? I stood up and he left without any explanation. I woke up this morning vomitting what looked like undigested meat. I strongly question the way they handle their food. I don't believe the manager is looking out for the best interest of customer satisfaction. This occurred in Odessa TX.

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Matt T - 11 d 19 h ago


Went to the Duncanville, TX location. Waited 20 min on a Tuesday night to get a table (half the tables were available but not being used). Finally get a table and asked for a high chair to accomadate my 2 week old daughter and the only tables they can offer barely fit our party of six and can in no way fit the babies car seat. We ask the manager if we can use one of the larger tables not 5-10 ft from current guests that are being waited on, and he says he doesn't have any servers in that area.....literally a handful of steps from where they are currently serving. The man clearly didn't want our money because he basically told us "sorry we can't help you". Every single Cheddars I have ever been to has been crap and judging by the reviews, I'm not alone in my assessment. Wish they would just close down and let decent restaraunts move in.

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Anonymous - 14 d 16 h ago


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Not for display- Bonnie Wolf - 14 d 19 h ago


This is about the McDonough, GA location. Five friends and I went there today. We arrived at 4:30,were seated at 5:00, waiter took drinks order at 5:20, which came about 5:40 (non-alcoholic), and also the appetizer order, 1 order of onion rings and 2 chips and cheese with hamburger. At about 6:00, he took of our orders for the meal. About 6:20, the salads were brought, we said we wanted the appetizer brought first, then the salads with the meal. Never did get the salads. Appetizers came a few minutes later, and almost right away, the entrees, four of the six, and two of them were wrong, and the waiter gave my order to one of the other guests, the others were either the wrong entree or the wrong side dishes. Me and another guest had not received ours by 7:00, and we said just make them to go, now it's 7:10, not much resolved, and by the time we got the bills which were all but one the wrong charges, one lady had to go to get home in time for work, so she just paid the bill. The manager (?) said some would get half off as we didn't get the meal for so long, but two of them had to pay after all that mess and wasted time . Now it was 7:30. I worked as a waitress 15 years and never had seen such a mixed up mess as this was. We were dealing with 4 people and they couldn't manage to do what I used to do all by myself!!!! That is, bring the menus, take and bring the drinks order, bring the appetizer, refill drinks, bring the salads, then the entrees, and the bill in under 1 1/2 hrs. They couldn't manage it in three hours with 4 of us getting the wrong or mixed up order, and two of us leaving as the dinner was being brought out. This is progress?? B.W.

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Sheila - 15 d 23 h ago

Terrible service today waited 25 mind and I went to ask for a waiter only to receive terrible drinks and awful food

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Pam Barker - 18 d ago


Service at Cheddars Restaurant in Pooler Georgia is horrible. Managers are not helpful. They talk about customers when you are standing there waiting on you to go orders. Staff are rude and they act like they are doing you a favor by allowing you in the restaurant. Do not even try to place a 2 go order. Minimum wait time for them to take your 2 go order is 20 minutes. I am sure that I will not get any correspondence back from Corporate office if the restaurant in Pooler Georgia is anything to go by.

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Mike - 20 d 8 s ago


Dear Sirs, We love your concept, we love your food, BUT WHY IS IT WE CAN'T GET A SMALLER PORTION OF ONION RINGS with a sandwich. Charge $2.99 so we don't have to waste the onion rings. YOUR EMPLOYEES SUFFER THE BRUNT OF THE DISCUSSION. Stop being stubborn and do it.

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Donna - 20 d 3 h ago


We went to the Macon GA location. We always stop there going to or coming from Savannah. Always look forward to it. This visit was beyond disastrous. We only ordered a bowl of potato soup and the fried shrimp. The two couples that came in after us got their salad then their meal. We still didn't have anything. 45 minues later the lady waiting on us (after I went to find someone) came and said they had to warm it up. What......45 minutes later and you are just now warming it up? We never got the soup. We both just shared the shrimp dish I ordered. I would still go back but my boyfriend says he won't. The manager was real nice. Thanks. Donna Nealey (hidden) or (hidden)

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Mark - 20 d 9 h ago


Me and my family went to the Ashland Kentucky Cheddar's on November 14th for lunch as we do at least 3 times a month. We ordered our drinks and chips and salsa. The waiter returned we asked if we could have two more sauces he went back to get them come back and said the manager said no asked him why he said I have no idea the manager said no I said let me talk to the manager the manager come out I said we cannot have two more sauces he said no eat what you got first I said what he said you have to eat what you got then you can have more I said are you serious he was very rude and shaking mad finally he said I'll get your salsa and walked off when I was talking to him so me and my family got up and left will never go back again

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Cindy - 21 d 4 h ago

Hire and train people friendly people. There is a female bartender in Greenville, NC that needs to be fired immediately. She is snarly, rude and hateful to customers and other employees. I took a group to this restaurant after the ECU football game. OMG- I was so embarrassed.

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SONNY NORRELL - 22 d ago



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Keep your hands off the staff - 26 d 5 h ago


I went in for dinner on Nov 7, 2016 and as I was waiting to be seated I saw a manager shove a young girl up front. He asked her a question about some tables and she awnswered the question to the best of her knowledge it was at that point he shoved her and told her to figure it out. We got sat next next to a section where the poor server got blown away by the hostess with wild hair and was tall I couldn't see her name. I just thought her hair was very unprofessional and her attitude was bad. Our server was good and the food was not what we expected for the price WAY OVER PRICED. I couldn't help but think of that poor young girl up front and how hard it must be to work for a place like this. Please send someone in under cover if this is a problem then it needs to be investagated. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO WORK LIKE THIS. I WILL NEVER GO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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JS - 27 d 19 h ago


Second time I have not been able to access the Cheddars Survey to be eligible to win $300. Website times you out when you haven't even gotten to the survey page. Excellent food but what's with the survey/prize?

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Anonymous - 28 d 3 h ago


We l

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Anonymous - 28 d 8 h ago

I am not very happy, cheddars stop serving the mac and cheese and the fish tacos. I really liked those fish tacos please bring them back. That is my favorite. I go to the cheddars in Fayetteville North Carolina

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Unhappy - 29 d 23 s ago


This is for Cheddars in Katy, Texas. My mother and I like to have lunch at this location. Recently, I have noticed the more we go the more grossed out we are. I have also began to view this place as a source of ridiculousness and entertainment. It is without fail something strange or completely inappropriate happens everytime we go. First, all of the wait staff with long hair has it in the food and all over the place. It is so gross to think how many plates have hair in the food. Second, the wait staff can't communicate. I usually wave someone down and ask for a waiter. I have even witness an arguement that a customer had to jump in and defend someone. Third, they are always breaking dishwear. Although, I understand accidents happen they happen here a lot. The reason this scares me is because once when something broke from far glass managed to land on us. They were small pieces but I am pretty sure some customers ate glass that day. I don't understand why Chilis and Applebees can get their act together better than this place. Anyways, Cheddars food items are good but so are so many other restaurants that offer a better and safer restaurant experience.

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Cliente super disgustada - 35 d 4 h ago

Servicio horrible, empezando por los gerentes o "managers". Ayer tuvimos q esperar mesa para 10 personas por mas de 1hr y cuando nos llaman encontramos que nos quieren sentar en mesas separadas. Pedimos hablar con gerentes del restaurant. Vino uno y dijo q esto era lo que haba. Y luego vino el otro supervisor llamado Henry y dijo q no podian hacer nada al respecto. Se le coment que haban 2 mesas disponibles para nuestro grupo y dijeron que no por que esa mesa era para otro grupo de personas. Le hablamos y pedimos que nos dieran la mesa debido a que somos muchas personas, nunca se nos dijo que nos iban a dividir y adems habian 2 mesas disponibles. En especial la de atrs caban hasta 15 personas y estaba disponible. Henry nos dijo que no nos poda dar esa mesa y punto y que no iba a discutir con nosotros las polticas de la compaa. Que falta de respeto de un manager hacia un Cliente. Aqui se puede notar el pobre profesionalismo y tacto desde los gerentes hasta los meseros. Horrible experiencia! Finalmente con 3 embarazadas en el grupo y nuestros familiares nos tuvimos que ir del restaurant sin poder cenar debido a la mala gerencia que nunca pudo resolver la situacin. Horrible Servicio! Malo!

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Richard - 35 d 4 h ago


,We eat at your restaurant in York , Pa several times a week and have always been satisfied. Sunday 10/30/2016. 921 100 000 106 315 0. I had ordered the combo chicken and half ribbon meal. It was not good. Greasy and Fatty. This is the 1st meal that was not good. I thought that is was good to report. The people and the service was very good.

Richard G Rehmeyer (hidden)

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ABaerga - 35 d 4 h ago


So so horrible service starting with management! Yesterday we were waiting for a table party of 10 at Chedar's Loop for more than an 1hr. When they called us we went to our table. We find out that we need to eat in different tables. They split us without any notice and having a table available for a party of 12 that came after us. We ask to speak with the manager. Came one manager first and then the other manager Mr. Henry and we discussed to him about the situation and mentioned that are 2 table available that don't need to split my people. Henry told us that he can't give us the table of 12 because is for another party. We said that we are first and that they do not make reservation. So why we can't sit in that table together if it is available. Mr. Henry said that he is not going to discussed Company policies with us. Three pregnant woman and family waiting for a table for more than an hour, they split us without any notification or advice and after wait fior so long the Managers never resolved and we have to leave the place to another restaurant to celebrate my birthday with my family. Increible the hirrible quality of management in this company.

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Trichatdsob - 38 d ago


Was a faithful customer!!!!! Worst customer service ever...had to wait 40 minutes for water then the next two tables which were white recieved their food before us after a hour of waiting the location is Lil road in Arlington the server was Stephanie didn't even acknowleade us will never return good rittens taking my business else where

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