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2900 Ranch Trail
Ivring, TX
(214) 596-6700
(817) 571-5841
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Barbara Jean Bailey - 13 m ago

I need my w 2 as well I no longer work at cheadders my name Barbara Bailey (hidden)

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Leteruis Bentley - 7 d ago


Hey my name is Leteruis Bentley I'm trying to get my w2 I no longer work for cheddars and been getting the round around. All I want is my w2. Thank you

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Anonymous - 3 d ago


ive been having the same problem

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Anonymous - 19 h 31 m ago

Hi I was having the same problem but I finally got through call this number 1(hidden) press 2 for them press 6 it's gonna take you yo someone to speak to give them an address so they can mail it out to you guys I just did it mine will be to me on 4 days please do this guys it's the only way

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Taylor Salazar - 18 h 22 m ago

whats the number? I'm having this same problem,

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na - 3 d ago


i have been trying to get my w2 for the last past two weeks and have been getting the run around any suggestion

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Disappointed diner - 3 d 15 h ago


Cheddars in Harker Heights, TX. Had to ask for a menu. After ordering, my salad arrived 20 minutes later. After another 10 minutes I asked the waitress to check on my food and she said "it really a busy time, there are people waiting outside." She promptly brought my food. It was room temperature, obviously had been sitting on the counter for a while. The salad was below average, the food would have been okay except for the temperature. I won't go back.

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Disappointed Customer l - 6 d 50 m ago


On Thursday, 2.15.18, at 7pm we arrived to Cheddars on Jonesboro Rd. in McDonough, GA and experienced the worst in customer service. We were a party of 20+ celebrating our basketball players. Highlights of the poor customer service: 1. Cheddars was not prepared for our event. A parent previously talked to the Manager & reserved seating for our party via the phone. And confirmed again on Wednesday of this week. 2. Waited an hour to be seated. 3. Manager only provided us with one waitress. 4. There were no utensils on any of the tables. 5. No drink refills. 6. Appetizers, salad and soup orders were late arriving to the tables. 7. Parents asked to speak to the Manager numerous times with no immediate reaction to our response. 8. The Manager never walked back to our area to greet us or apologize for the lack of service. 9. Waited 2 hours for our entrees. 10. Once entrees arrived, there were about 8 entrees still missing which meant an additional wait time. 11. The Manager still had not come back to our section. 12. No refills for all of the guests. 13. Food was not hot and not prepared as ordered. 14. Sweet Baked potatoes were ordered, but Cheddars ran out of potatoes with no prior communication. 15. We then sat patiently and waited for our checks. Parents continued to get up & ask for the manager to discuss our experience. 16. No checks and no manager. 17. Waitress finally arrived with checks with no adjustments made for our inconveniences. 18. Parents from our party were standing outside the kitchen waiting for the Manager. 19. Manager continued to tell them to wait. 20. The kitchen was addressed that we were leaving the checks on the table if Manager doesn't come out. 21. The staff & manager immediately focused their attention towards us. 22. I explained that we shouldn't have to state such words in #20 to get the Manager's attention. 23. Instead of immediately apologizing the Manager defends the bad service by stating that we didn't wait a long time for our food & he was understaffed. 24. We explained to him again that we kindly asked for his presence and he refused to come talk to us. 25. The Manager explained that he was understaffed and not staffed for big parties like ours & that he was handling 'other' issues. 26. Manager finally apologized after other parents stating that the wait time was just disrespectful. 27. Only a half-off discount was given. 28. We paid for our checks. 29. Cheddars will never receive our patronage again. 30. This event was to celebrate our kids. Our intelligent & talented students. This was not a good experience. Additional training needs to be implemented to Cheddars' managers. This issue started at the top. And if this type of service continues then we will see Cheddars leaving McDonough, GA as we welcome better restaurants whose customer service aligns with the community's desires.

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Anonymous - 4 d 16 h ago

You have no idea how the restaurant industry works. Especially with 20+ people coming to eat in 1 group. Nobody is going to feel sorry for you or care about your comment here. Move along buster.

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Nina - 4 d 20 h ago



Honey lime The best ever. This was my favorite restaurant. Might have to change

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A Cheddar Decline - 5 d 17 h ago


Wow what a change in Chadders from increased drink and menu prices from back in the day to now allowing pimping at its Greenville location that is clearly obvious in collusion with restaurant staff.....very sad.

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William Beachem - 6 d ago


My name is William Beachem I work for Cheddar's from January till October Daren's had nothing on me for ad w-2 information, all I want is my w-2 address is 1301 Alexander DR dothan, ala 36301

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An Apology Goes a Long Way - 7 d 17 h ago


While visiting the restaurant in Alliance Town Center on 2/13/18, I had family with me from California. We decided to eat at Cheddar's because they had never eaten there before. I ordered the New Orleans Pasta. As I started eating my dinner, I noticed that there was a piece of hair in my food. The waiter, Gabby (at least this is what she said that her name was) assisted with getting the manager to come to the table. Once the manager arrived, he was very nonchalant about what was found in my dinner. He did ask if I would like for them to prepare me another plate of pasta or if I would like anything else to eat. I then stated that I did not want anything else. With all of this being said, I think what hurt the most was that there was no apology from the manager whom the staff member stated his name was DJ. I then stated to the staff member that I would like to have the corporate number and she then leaves the table and returns with a number on the back of the receipt. When I called, the number was to Department of Human Services. I am not sure why I ended up with this number, but I personally am a nurse manager and I have to problem solve every single day at work. An apology goes a long, long way. I know that people make mistakes and things happen, but are you going to educate your staff? Why did I not get an apology. I problem solve on a daily basis and when we make a mistake, which happens, then apologize and rectify the situation. I have frequented this restaurant on numerous occasions, and nothing like this has ever happened. Just for future references, apologize to your customers when something like this happens in the past

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Disrespected... Shocked ... and, Appalled! - 7 d 20 h ago


Disrespected, Shocked and Appalled are the three words that resonant in my mind when I think about my and my family's experience at CHEDDAR'S in Lafayette, LA on Johnson Street)... to use the cliche' "you wouldn't believe..." would be an understatement from the numerous other negative experiences by those who have encountered CHEDDAR'S... to put it mildly our experience was HERENDEOUS ! .... we were made to wait more than 30 minutes to be SEATED when the restaurant was (at best) a quarter of the way full ... we asked several times to be seated rather than stand around in the lobby doing nothing except waiting (for a shift change where more "experienced" servers and waiters who would be coming on. Needless to say, even after the shift change we continued to stand in the lobby and not be seated. Again, we asked if we could be seated and at least place our order .... and, again we continued to be ignored. This time we were told none of the "experienced" workers came in and the ones there were inexperienced and did not know how to take orders ?! ... finally, we asked to see the Manager ... he was even more pathetic and less incompetent than his staff under him. He never even made an attempt to hear us out... he said he could not have us (a party of about 17 people including children and the Birthday recipient for home we were honoring ... her 13th birthday ) just sitting and doing nothing ... the flip side of that being it's okay to stand in the lobby (now more than 45 minutes) doing nothing. Well, long story short after we asked again to be seated, the Manager became so irate with us he told us to LEAVE! ....

WHAT???...LEAVE!!! ... because he and his staff were all shamefully pathetic, incompetent, rude, disrespectful, coupled with ignorant, appalling behavior. What a sad commentary and pathetic testament to CHEDDAR'S.

Finally, we did have my great-niece's 13th birthday celebration with our family who came from North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, and Texas as well as other towns in Louisiana .... just not a CHEDDAR'S (NEVER AGAIN!!!) ... but, at BJ's where were treated royally, with respect ....

Shame on you CHEDDAR'S ... shame on you ... how sad that your INCOMPETENT staff chose to embarass your establishment and themselves by passing up an excellent opportunity to be relevant and great ........... Nonetheless, BJ's thanks you for passing that golden opportunity on to them.... they received it and produced "EXTRATI-NAIRE" !

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Kieda - 9 d 17 h ago


I have been going to cheddar's for a very long time and I have never ever ever experienced what I experienced on Saturday, February 10th 2018. I arrived at Cheddar's here in Waco, Texas at 5:45pm. The host reserved a table for a part of atleast 25 people and told me the wait time was from an hour to an hour in a half. Long story short me and my family didn't get a table until close to 8:00pm. The tables we were seated at were nasty underneath with food and crumbs on the ground. The waiter wasn't that good as well. We ordered our food.... (me and another family member were the first ones to order)...everyone got their food....I still didn't get mine....after 15-20 mins of waiting she tells me "they made your food but gave it to someone else...but they are making you another one"....15 mins go by and she comes back and says "have you gotten your food yet".... in my head i am thinking if you are my waiter shouldn't you know that or not?....I told her NO.....another 10-15 mins go by and still NO FOOD!!! at this point I am beyond irritated and ready TO GO! So I tell her to bring me a to go box and I'll just take mines home. She comes back with a receipt.... how you expect me to pay for food I haven't even got?!!.... The overall experience was not good and to top the of the workers was trying to argue/fight with my pregnant cousin!!!! Very unprofessional and very downright rude!!! I will never eat at cheddar's again unless it's a call in order to be picked up!!! I understand it can get very crowded and busy...but take into consideration no one wants to wait 3-4 hours to eat or to be seated!! You have people with health issues that probably haven't had anything and wanted to save their appetite to enjoy a meal in your establishment...but they can't because they have to wait so long to be seated!!!

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Stephen - 9 d 18 h ago


Cheddars Hendersonville TN...Feb 11th, 18....We have been going to this restaurant since it opened and being a Real Estate Broker dealing with the public, we have sent many friends there. ALL has changed for the worse. The last 4 or 5 times there we had issues, one being the waitress we think scamming our card and the manager got involved. Restaurant conditions are deplorable each time. Trash on floors, sticky tables etc. Last night, celebrating my 71st birthday it was so horrible we cut dinner short. The mens restroom was so filthy and nasty it would make one sick, Toiler paper rolls on the floors, trash can was piled up at least 2 feet over the top spilling on the floor, Paper towel machine broken...nasty dirt and debris on the floors, pushed and piled against the walls. Stall door broken, stall broken off wall brackets...some kind of liquid had run down and stuck to the walls all around the nasty I used paper towels just to open the door to exit. Our salmon was way overcooked and dry.. After exiting the restroom we cut dinner short, not even a shared desert and got the hell out of there. NASTY. Should have taken pictures but did not want to linger in that filth any longer.

VERY disappointing after enjoying it for several years that it has degraded to this level. It was just gross, not wanting to touch anything there. Hope the kitchen was not the same but would not be surprised.

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N/a - 9 d 19 h ago


Went to Cheddars in Greenville SC on Saturday 02/10/18 and lets just say it was a horrible experience...our server did not write our order, I had to wait over 30 mins to get a frozen drink that was watered down...My sister in law and niece received there salad after there meal and still no food for me, cold food for the others and a bloody steak...nor did we have silverware or straws...the manager took $10 off,gave me a free drink n desert...then server quit in the middle of serving...Im so upset because I love Cheddars but I dont know if I will be returning...

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Kisha - 10 d ago


I went to Cheddars 2044 (Mesquite, TX) on 02/06/2018, with my family at 19:23:46. My family had the waitress before. If you can view my ticket from this day you can see my order. By the way my family was going to this location two or sometimes three times a week. I would order the same thing which would be Tilapia and all the way cook broccoli with garlic butter and then have an extra garlic butter on the side. Now I have been receiving what I ordered but on this day our food was cold when it came out and the waitress informed me there is no garlic butter at this time. So I told her when you took the order back to the kitchen they should have let you know so I can replace/substitute my sides. The manager came over. It was a white lady with black hair, she was short and petite. She came and asked what was the problem. I told her about the food being cold, and that I wasn't notified there was no garlic butter at this time and I wasn't given the opportunity to change my sides. The manager begin talking with her hands and saying we never carried garlic butter we never give you that. I asked what was I given then for all these times I have been coming here requesting the same thing. I told her not to lie to me in my face. I wasn't please with my experience there. I told my family I will never go back and I will tell everyone about the terrible experience I had there.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 11 d 15 h ago

We are currently at cheddars in waco, tx. And have been waiting to be seated for over 2 hours. I understand they are busy but 2 plus hours is ridiculous. When my daughter got here @ 5:30 they told her we would be seated at 6:30. It is now 7:35. Can we fix this!! My name is LaShenta Tallon my number is (hidden).

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Andrea Walker - 12 d 2 s ago


We walked in your establishment in Liberty Missouri you had one gentleman that agreed of than you had to White young female standing and leaning on the bad... That didn't want to speak ...They very rude very disrespectful unprofessional, then when it was time for her to seat us She asks do we want to be seated at a bar the answer was quickly no... then she put us in a booth way back by ourself by the kitchen me and my daughter just feel like WHAT THE HELL....WE got up walk out..up and walked out ..

I normally don't pull the racist card but that establish down in Liberty Missouri is very racist and I really think that you need to reevaluate your workers

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Shneda - 16 d 12 h ago


Poor CUSTOMER SERVICE; worst experience ever for the 2nd time at your restaurant 10601 Westpark Dr, Houston TX, 77402. First off long day at work, decided to do something different whereas I normally cook at home. Decided to visit your restaurant on 02/05/2018@8pm family of 5; 3 adult and 2 children. We waited 15 minutes for a waitress, and then my daughter went to the check-in and ask for a waitress. I am not sure of the waitstaff process or how they are trained, but I will tell you what it was right. We order our soft drinks, appetizers, and an alcoholic drink. Stephanie which was our waitress stated she would put the order in and will be right back. She didn't ask not one time were we ready to order, Stephanie brought our drinks back and that was the end of her. She moved to a party of 8 that sat behind us and ask them everything she didn't ask us, which puzzled me. She got their drink order, ask them if they wanted appetizer and were they ready to order. So, I was sitting here like she didn't ask us if we were ready to order. We knew what we wanted to order because my son and his wife has been here before and order the same thing every time they come. So, we ask for a manager to let him know what was going on, as we explained to Anthony the manager on duty he stated he saw us when we came in, and he also saw the waitress pass our table 3 times. We stated exactly, now we were unsure of our waitress but Anthony assured us that we would get the best service possible and that our appetizers and drinks would be free tonight we said thank you. Well few minutes later that same waitress comes back with the alcoholic drink bumps me and slams the drink on the table now reader of this letter this could have gotten ugly at your restaurant is all I'm going to say. I got up out my seat and went to locate this waitress and she was nowhere to be found. So, the manager Anthony saw me and I ask to speak with him again, I told him I am not sure what the waitresses problem is but I am a customer and and work in customer service every day and you just don't treat people that way. I explained to him that Stephanie was in the wrong line of work. I also told him I would never eat at this location ever again due to Stephanie. I gathered up my family and we left your establishment and to never return. I will be in touch with my attorney for Stephanie who bumped me and seeing about filing charges again her for assault but I am going to seek counsel for the behavior of that employee. But, I can tell you that Anthony tried to help by sending another waitress but by now we have lost our appetite. And to think we were trying to decide between Chili's or Cheddar's and we choose your establishment. Wow

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Esther - 17 d 16 h ago


Cheddars in Elizabethtown, Kentucky has been my family's go to restaurant after church on Sundays, I've had a few bad experiences but nothing major. Today was definitely an experience that I will never forget. Family of six arrived to the location, we were sat down pretty quickly and ordered our drinks and appetizers. Our waitress Alison took our order, we were all having a great time. Our food took a while to get to us but that wasn't a problem, our table ordered two lemon pepper chicken, four chicken and ribs, before we can even enjoy our food my rice came out ice cold and chicken was cold. I thought it was just my food but everything else on the table was cold. Once Alison came to the table we told her our food was cold she mentioned that she already told the manager and she was heading to our table. When the manager came to the table, she touched our food and noticed the meat was cold and the sides was ice cold and one of the chickens was not cooked all the way, she ask us if we wanted her to re-heat to the or re-make it. We told her to remake it because it has been siting there for a while waiting for the waitress. Throughout the entire ordeal we were joking and laughing and in good spirit. Once our food came back everything was fine, then the checks came out. Two of the checked was double charged and one triple charged. By this time we have been in the restaurant for 2 1/2 hours. When we asked to fix the tickets the manager (May) said that she couldn't make the decision and would have to speak to Kyle the other manager. We ask to speak to the manager we were told the manager on duty (Kyle) is refusing to come and talked to us. Finally May went to fix the checks we were still double charged and triple charged but she took 50% of the check. We told her that's not what was supposed to happened, she said nothing she can do about it to call the General manager. Although the tickets was incorrect we went ahead and paid for the tickets, because by this time we were in there for almost four hours. The manager Mays refuse to listened to the fact that we were over charged and have been here for almost four hours. When asked to speak to the other managers on duty, Kyle refused to talked to us and GIGi she said had just left for the day. By this time our table started to get very frustrated, then the hostess sat a couple behind us. Mays then told us that this section is closed and that we have to leave the restaurant, after being there for four hours waiting for someone to talked to us and being over charged. The issue wasn't the fact that our food was cold, being the for 4 hours, or even being overcharged, the problem was the fact that the manager on duty Mays continuously lied to and told us to leave and the other manager Kyle refused to come and talked to us in order for to explained to him that we were being overcharged. We didn't want a free meal, we didn't make a scene when the food was cold, we just wanted to talk to the manager and Kyle refused to come and talked to us. As a Human Resource manager I've never seen anything like this before. Managers on duty (Mays, GiGi, Kyle)

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Marlon - 17 d 18 h ago


Worse experience of my life when it comes to dining at a restaurant. Our family (6 of us) visited the Cheddars location in Elizabethtown, Ky after church today, and the service was down right terrible. First, our food came out cold, the entire table, and our waitress and one of the managers (Maye) verified it.. So, we had to wait another 30 minutes or so for our food to be remade and we were extremely patient with the waitress and manager (Maye). When it comes time for our bill, we were charged for both the cold food, and the food that had to be remade.. We asked to speak with the other manager (Kyle), who refused to come out to talk to our table. We asked Maye to ask Kyle to come put, but he still refused to come out to even address us. I have never been to a restaurant where a manager refuses to come out to speak to a customer, but that certainly was the case here. After another attempt to ask Kyle to come out, he still refused... To make matters worse, the manager (Maye), then started lying to us and even told us that the section was closed and we had to leave, but they had just seated a couple right in front of our table.. I truly felt a certain type of way at this point and came to the realization that Kyle, a manager, refused to come out and address us because we were African Americans.. I really thought that Cheddars was a better franchise then this, but boy, was I wrong. If the managers act this way, what does that say for your business??? Terrible service and extremely terrible management at this location.. Maye and Kyle are very unprofessional and does not k ow the meaning of customer service..

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Jev - 17 d 18 h ago

I wish I would have read the reviews before we went to your place. It appears many people feel the same as I do. The bad thing is, it appears all your locations are TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mrs Sullivan - 17 d 19 h ago


Mrs Sullivan

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