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2900 Ranch Trail
Ivring, TX
(214) 596-6700
(817) 571-5841
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Dayla Threatt - 3 d ago


Started to have dinner with my cousin that was visiting, then I seen a couple roaches on the table the time I was there. When I told the manager she was calm about the situation like it was normal I just left!!! That's crazy!!!

Midwest City, Oklahoma location

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Kay - 3 d 18 h ago


Had dinner with friends tonight , our server was Brad and he was excellent. Efficient and friendly. Food was fantastic and it was a wonderful time for all. This was the Coralville Iowa location

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JP - 4 d 7 h ago


I was in the Cheddars in North Garland last evening. I was with two additional people sitting at the bar. I had my service dog with me due to a condition that I have. I have long been a customer of this Cheddars and have continued attending there as I have a lot of people that I consider friends. We waited on our food for over 40 minutes; had one drink (not even finished); I requested the bartender (Rob) for another round to be told that I was cut off. I had no reason why. No one had said anything to me regarding any unusual circumstances. I was sitting talking with another pair of friends. Upon hearing that I was unable to order another drink, I went and asked for the manager on duty, ACE. He was terribly rude; immediately told me I was slurring my words (which is completely untrue) (I have know Rob for several years, and he has never stopped serving me) (sometime as many as 3-4 drinks). Nothing else was discussed except your 12 year old Manager that has very little business sense, then went on to accuse me of being aggressive. He was the one being aggressive and threatening. I don't know how people feel when being accused of something that was completely out of line, but most react when you have an ignorant Manager on duty. Judy, another Manager that I have spoken with and known for several years, ran a much better restaurant.

After my upsetting experience with Cheddars and ACE, I went home and had a medical condition that required medical attention. I will be speaking with lawyers regarding this outrageous situation and will never eat or drink in any of your establishments again.

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Linda S. - 10 d 10 h ago


We recently had one of the worst experiences ever in your Melbourne, FL restaurant. We arrived around 3:30 PM on January 5th, 2020. It took 10 minutes for anyone to even come to the table. Please note that the waitress was a very nice young woman throughout the whole experience, and nothing that happened appeared to be her fault. We had an appointment elsewhere at 4:30, and thought we would have a nice, leisurely, early dinner before that. She took our drink and food order together to save time. She came back after 20 minutes to tell us that the food was being fixed and should be out shortly. After almost an hour we still had no food. She kept checking on the status, but by 4:30 we told her we had to leave and were missing our appointment. She went to talk to the manager, and in the meantime another female brought food to the table. My plate was cold, and so was the chicken. My partner had ordered a full slab of ribs, and half was cooked but the other half was NOT. Also, his food was cold. We were still given a bill for $16.00 for the iced tea and 4 croissants we ate while waiting for our food. I could not believe that we were expected to pay for horrible service, and cold and inedible food. Unbelievable. I was tempted to talk out without paying anything, but was afraid the waitress would have to pay our bill herself if I did. There are many restaurants in this area with good service and good food, so we will absolutely NOT be going back to your restaurant. Needless to say, refunding our money would be the appropriate thing for you to do.

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Anonymous - 11 d 19 h ago


Cheddars , used to be a great place to eat , but like almost every place you go now days , the service , the cleanliness , the food , is bad , but business won't fire idiots , because that's all they get to work ..... glad I grew up when I did ....

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Anonymous - 12 d 44 m ago


Rashee McIntosh

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MaryB - 14 d ago

Had lunch at Cheddars in Columbia MO. My fish had a dark thick hair on it. Told the waiter and they removed my order and said a new one would be prepared. The manager came over and offered me a salad while I waited. She apologized and said she would remedy the problem. Shortly after, the waiter returned w/a hot order of fish. As we paid our bill we noticed we were not charged for my entree.

We frequent this restaurant quite often.

Again, good service, good food.

Mary Brondell

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Derrick williams - 16 d 21 h ago


I'm at cheddars in fort smith ark . Right now. Wife and I had ribs and shrimps dinner. The shrimps was great. But the ribs where hard an rock. I'm disappointed . So manager said he would re do the order.but he never can back. And I was charge 20.72. . My cellphone (hidden)

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williamsderrick466@gmail - 16 d ago

Later manager returned. And gave us more ribs still hard as a rock. My stomach hurting

Do to the hard blue ribs. I will never eat thier again.

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Claudia - 16 d 50 m ago


Went to the Cheddars in Brownsville, TX last night and it was the worst experience ever! According to the waiter, who didn't even give us his name, they were so busy they ran out of French fries, ground beef, baked potatoes, Cesar dressing, and several other things! This is absurd! He didn't bother saying anything until we finished ordering. I made severa Comments about the manager and he didn't offer to have someone speak to us. He brought our food out and was never to be seen again! I had to get up and ask another waitress to hunt our waiter down since we needed the check. Another family walked out as they were seated but never helped. This is an outrage Cheddars! Get it together!

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Kelly - 16 d 4 h ago


Been waiting for Chad to contact me had the worst service ever greenwood IND took my wife and two more friends to eat had male waiter and he was so rude my food was cold and he said he didn't have time to do anything about it and he slammed our food down in front of us I spent a lot of money that night and I have been trying to reach out to cheaders and I get the run around we were there on 12/22/19 please contact me asap please

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Dianne Renner - 105 d 6 h ago

We always loved Cheddars. Our complaint is now you do not have French dressing, Red Beans and rice, and on the Triple treat Sampler, you cannot change anything

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Christina - 16 d 19 h ago


Yes I agree they need to bring back some of the foods on the menu

Christina Ferguson

Springfield mo

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Anonymous - 25 d 26 m ago


The Cheddars in McDonough, GA need to screen their waiters/waitresses better, the utensils, after unwrapping from the paper napkins, were filthy! I spoke to my waiter, he didn't say anything just reached over to retrieve another wrapped utensil, this was filthy also!!! I again spoke to him and asked if they had plastic utensils, this is what I ate my dinner with...both sets of dirty utensils still on my table, no apology, nothing...this young kid waiter could care less about customer service...Oh well, that was my second bad experience with this Cheddars, this is my LAST time dining at


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Chelsey nunnery - 18 d 44 m ago


I definitely agree. I've been 3 times and each experience gets worse and worse. Definitely won't be back

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Mary s - 21 d 13 s ago


Cheddars has been a favorite place to eat for awhile. Yesterday I had lunch there with five other ladies. What a disaster. Two of us ordered the Monte Cristo which we were told they were out of this sandwich. One ordered broccoli soup and was served potato. The others ordered salads and our entree was given without our salads. When we asked about this, we were told they had to cut up the lettuce and it would be awhile. My Buffalo Chicken wrap was cold. We finished our entree and had to wait for our salads. The service was not the best but the food was a total mess. The ID #1798 63243 9395 is for my receipt ($9.17)at the Greenville, SC location. I would like a refund of my money. Needless to say, we won't be back. You need to clean up the kitchen and service. If I had read the reviews, I would not have visited this restaurant.

Mary Smith

Email (hidden)

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Anonymous - 27 d ago

Anybody have corporates number?

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Anonymous - 27 d ago


Lmao dawg I hate it here. The one in Grand Prairie, Texas off of Carrier. Like do better. We was waiting for over 2 hours just to even be seated. Horrible manager, just fire them all.

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renee - 29 d 6 h ago


Every time we go to Cheddar's in Mesquite,TX.. We get treated like crap ,.. We never get Croissant unless we ask.. it takes forever before we get a drink .. they always messing up our orders ..

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Nicole - 31 d 8 h ago


I'm December of 2018 my family and I were at the Cheddar's in Albany, Ga. my 2 daughters and a cousin went to the restroom and on the way back from the restroom one of my daughters slipped on the tile floor in the restaurant! No wet floor sign or anything! It has been almost a year a Cheddar's has yet to resolve this issue! We were once in touch with a company representing Cheddar's but No one is returning phone calls or emails! My daughter was so embarrassed after she fell in the restaurant! Everyone was laughing at her when she fell. We left the restaurant and went straight to the emergency room and was there all night! Not to mention we now have a bill that they should take care of! I can't believe Cheddar's is displaying this type of professionalism!

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Rob - 39 d ago


While visiting Fayetteville, NC on 12/10/19 during shift change around 4 pm, I was being served at the bar. The on coming person on duty was rude with absolutely no customer service or Interpersonal skills. It is ridiculous that Chadders employees staff with no customer service skills. The ladie actually refused to take my payment.

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Sad Pete - 47 d 7 h ago


Since scratch kitchen has bought out Cheddars the food has fallen off , so much we use to go at least one a week and some time more , the one in Knoxville is about a mile away for our home and it gust me and my wife, and we are both retired, but the last time we were there with my daughter and husband and 3 daughter, the food was so bad we have not been back since , about four mouth ago , and I notice there have to advertise on TV , witch there never had to before , and I notice there not as manny car in the parking lot , I sorry because we enjoy it before.

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No name needed - 66 d 5 h ago


Cheddars located at I75 Valdosta GA. Service was terrible we were completely ignored for 20 min after seated. Finally waitress stopped and took drink order. She said we were seated at table that had no waitress assigned. REALLY !! After another 25-30 min food arrived. Grilled chicken was rubbery and undercooked. Horrible staff and food. Will never go to ANY Cheddars again !

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Anonymous - 66 d 4 h ago

Just avoiding this 1 would prove your point. They aren't owned by the same person so blaming all of them is pointless.

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Austin Lee - 67 d 22 h ago


I went to the Cheddar's establishment in Roanoke,VA on 11/09/2019. I was told it would be a 20 minute wait which is something I'm totally fine with although after my friends and I were seated we waited at least 25/35 minutes for a server to take our drink orders but no one bothered to show our table any interest. I hated to get up and alert the host staff of this situation but if I didn't I'm very certain we would've been sitting there for at least another 30 minutes until the staff would've noticed us. After I brought this situation to the staffs attention they then took our drink orders. While the drinks arrived the shot glasses were foggy/greasy looking as if there were someone lipstick residue still on them. DISGUSTING! It makes me wonder how is that place still open. The manager apologized and gave us a sample of crescent rolls which fell extremely short of compensating for the inconvenience. The service is absolutely dreadful and the cleanliness or lack there of is at such a low standard it feels as if they have a "we're doing you a favor so deal with it" kind of mentality. I really like everything about this establishment except the service and cleanliness . Word of advice : obtain a more face paced staff that have a keen eye for detail/cleanliness or just shut the place down for good! I received better service from fast food places. (And I'm not even talking about Chic-Fila)

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