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2900 Ranch Trail
Ivring, TX
(214) 596-6700
(817) 571-5841
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Lou - 2 d ago

We visited the Forsyth,IL location on 7/20/19, about 3:45pm. Two ladies entered before us. Greet staff (3) made them wait while they argued where to seat them. Our turn, same thing. Totally ambivalent to customers while they argued. We were finally seated. We were left sitting for over 15 minutes while servers and greet staff continued to walk through and around dining area, never once acknowledging our presence. Would look at us and keep walking. We got up to leave, informed the great staff that we never were served so we were going elsewhere. We were mockingly answered with "you have a nice rest of your evening, ya hear". Never again. Called and spoke to manager. He attempted to act surprised and appalled. No way he couldn't know what was happening.

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Shametka Britt - 5 d 4 h ago


I went to the Cheddars in Mesquite off Gross and was charged 7 dollars and some change more than what my order cost. I will never visit again....

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Alice - 6 d ago


I came to the Brownsville cheddars for my birthday and my oldest sister got to cheddars before to get the table and the manager "Tony" had advised her that it was going to be an hour wait so we waited for 45mins and they had let a party of 8 go in before us when we had been waiting for sometime! After I brought it to their attention they called my sister a liar saying that they had advised her an hour and a half! Worst service ever! Never going there again!

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

Hopefully you still enjoyed your birthday.

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Susie S. - 9 d 10 h ago


We live in the South Bend Indiana area and love our Cheddars restaurant in Mishawaka. The wait staff is wonderful and the food is always excellent. The pastry chef does a great job with all the baked goods, especially the croissants. I love the chicken and waffles! Best I have ever had. You need to put that on the menu. My waitress brought me some melted butter for the waffle, which was the best waffle I ever ate. Our favorite menu items: ribs, green beans, salmon, chicken pot pie, side salad, onion rings, soups, monte cristo sandwich, tilapia, chicken tenders, key west chicken and shrimp, vegetable plate and meatloaf. The prices are very reasonable too. Cheers for Cheddars!

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Anonymous - 11 d 8 h ago


I placed a phone in order to the Macon, Ga location at 2:03 today and was quoted a 20 minute pickup time. I arrived in 19 minutes went to the bar, where a young lady had her back to the counter counting money/never acknowledg my presence. After about 5 minutes another young lady approached the bar and spoke, went over to tend to the one occupied table immediately behind me, returned to the bar and asked if she could help me.

I gave her my name, she gave me a purchase receipt with the wrong priced meal (dinner vs. lunch). It is now 3:10 and I literally just received my food.

The place had all of five tables occupied (two were in the bar area), so there is NO excuse for this to have taken over an hour

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Very Dissatisfied Customer - 17 d 11 h ago


My family and I visited the Cheddars #2050, 5585 South Padre Island Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas, on June 30th 2019. Not only did the food take forever to get to us, but the fried chicken strips that my daughter received were raw on the inside, NOT COOKED. How dangerous is that! When I confronted the manager about it she took an attitude and reluctantly took that off my ticket. All this time they made excuses about how back logged they were in the kitchen. That is not my problem. No one seems to care anymore. No one takes pride in what they are serving. Please stay out of this Cheddars. It is also amazing how there is no telephone number on the internet to talk to anyone. I wonder why.

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Very Dissatisfied Customer - 14 d 9 h ago


Me and my girlfriend visited cheddars this past weekend for our Anniversary we loved this place but this was the last was very bad experience. The sever was very rude and uneducated on food options and also did not write down food orders. She then forgot everything we mentioned to her...On top of that there was a bug in our food!! Very unsanitary and disgusting..Very unsatisfying never going to the one in Macon again..Manager came out and spoke with us..Mr.Baskin. he just offered free food he was not sympathetic at all!!!...

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Kathy Daines - 15 d 9 h ago


We really need a cheddar in Newport KY......Really would think you would have a great business....please look to put one there

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Dissatisfied customer - 19 d 10 m ago


Went to Cheddars in Gainesville, Ga, we waited a long time for a waiter to take our order. After we ordered it took a long time to get our food and when we got it was cold. We had a limited time to eat so when the manager came to talk to us we didn't have time to wait on another meal. We agreed to get another HOT baked potato , when we received it, it was no hotter than the first one. My friends order was not what she ordered and it was so bad she couldn't eat it. The manager had told us he would discount our bill, however when we received it there was no discount. We had to wait, again, to get our bill corrected.

Have no desire to eat at Cheddars ever again!

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JD Balser - 21 d 15 h ago



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Sam & Lynne Pearson - 22 d 34 m ago

You made a big mistake in removing tortilla soup from your menu. Everyone in Texas loves it. As a matter of fact we stopped in Bristol, Va. And happen to comment about not having it on the menu. The waitress stated everyone is disappointed even here not having it anymore. The noodle soup is not as tastey as the tortilla soup.

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Judy - 22 d 12 h ago


Hello I visited your resturaunt with my children last week. My daughter who is 14 was taking "us" out to eat. We sat in the bar area with a bunch of loud adults but no problem we were ready to eat. So Our waiter who was male came and took our order and gave sub par service. Either way we tipped the gentleman cash and and left our receipt that had been charged on my Daughters debit card. Well a few days later my Daughter went to but something and Her card was DECLINED. So I checked Her account only to find out our ORIGINAL receipt had been thrown away and the waiter tipped Himself on a crumbled and discarded ticket left at the table. So we went to Cheddar to see if what we suspec was true and the manager Troy S. Brown found our ticket that for one was NOT signed and indeed was the ticket we crumbled and left on the table with an added tip. I was so upset and disgusted by it. The Mangaer comped the over draft and the tip the waiter left Himself but to my surprise He allowed the waiter to keep waiting table. I explained my concern as to how many people may have had that issue and because my Daughter only has allowance money it was noticeable because it over drafted Her account. I find it sad that He was allowed to continue to run credit cards of unsuspecting customers. When a person goes into an establishment they should not have to worry about the safety of thier bank accounts while trying to enjoy a meal. On Monday We fully intend to press charges over a small $8.25 tip because it was the principle. Sadly enough We left a cash tip. And honestly I believe my Daughter should have been compensated for the disastrous meal that lead to the whole ordeal.

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Chatney Berryman - 24 d 13 h ago


I went to the cheddars in Arlington tx, off of Little Rd. Now I have been to this cheddars several times and normally I dont complain but this time i can't take how awful this place was. I ordered my food as usual and a drink. By the time my food made it to me it was cold, burnt, and i had a kids serving of fries. When I asked the staff where the rest of my fries were the waiter replied saying they were cooking more...... Need I say any more. Why would you serve me a plate that wasn't even ready to be served? Then comes my alcoholic beverage. Whatever my drink is called I normally have it frozen (no this is not a choice it comes made this way) My drink came out as if it was on the rocks. The waiter never asked me would I like salt or sugar around the rim she just brought me a drink. As of my last visit 6/26/2019 I will never be attending this cheddars again for any function or to just have a pleasant evening of fine or decent dining

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Ms.Lizzie - 25 d ago


I was surprised to read so many reviews from disatisfied customers. Our Cheddars in Port St Lucie is great. The servers my husband and I have had have ALL been very pleasant and courteous.

We have gone with other couples who also enjoy this restaurant. Also when my girlfriends and I go to Home Goods we love to go to Cheddars for a late lunch.

The only thing that I find is some of the dishes are much too salty. I have heard others also complain about too much salt.

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Erniesha - 29 d ago

I will never in life step foot into another cheddars again in life my family along with 3 small children were racially profiled in Avon Indiana with them calling 7 police officers on my family the most embarrassing heart breaking experience ever 2 my children that were very afraid as we are African Americans and everything going on in today's society had my babies distraught the food was horrible and cold and we were not compensated in any type of way but were treated as criminals for absolutely no reason and put out the restaurant before we could even begin our dinner very horrible service and a very horrible place

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Cabdi - 30 d 4 m ago


The Cheddars in Huntsville Al has the rudest manager. We waited for over an hour and a half and sat and watched her be rude to so many people coming in. Not only was she rude she was no help to us which had a party of 24. I will never again visit this restaurant and I will tell everyone I know to not visit here either.

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Melody S Combs - 30 d 4 h ago


Cheddar's in Warner Robins, Ga has a little, young, blond manager that (Police confirm) lied to them about the near assault that happened to my elderly brother while inside their restaurant. I can't for the life of me, understand why! This happened Saturday evening, June 22, 2019. I still just don't understand her reasoning!!

There were 8 in our group. None of us will ever step foot in there again! Shameful.

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Customer of Lexington Ky - 31 d 13 h ago


Cheddars Brighten Place,Lexington Ky.. Is totally a mess of garbage.. The food wasn't the best, plus my brother n law got charged twice, and one charge was another family's order. We talked to Rob(manager is what he said his name was) and was told a refund was coming. That was three weeks ago. I will not step foot back in any Cheddars!!!

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GENE BRANNON - 32 d 18 h ago


Cheddars in Athens Georgia overcharged my credit card. When I returned home and wrote Zack the manager and included copies of my bill and requested a refund nothing was done. Not even a phone call or apology. Will not eat there again. Will have to dispute charge with credit card company.

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Marinda - 35 d 14 h ago


Went to Cheddars Friday for lunch at Exit 7 Bristol Va. The worst experience of my life. There was a pile of blood under the table and my granddaughter crawled through it! Told the manager Pete and he was a jerk about it. Claiming it was probably cool aide. So why do you come back with a Bio Hazard bag and rubber gloves to clean it?

Never again!

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Karen - 36 d ago


Went to cheddars today for Father's Day, my husband

who is blind ordered ribs. I ask the waitress to have the kitchen to cut ribs in pieces for

Him. John is very independent, only needs a little help.

The kitchen employee or employees, refused to cut rib.

Handicap or not one small request is not unreasonable.

Was going to ask for manager, but my husband preferred to leave.

Your restaurant chain should be embarrassed and ashamed for treating and refusing to help anyone,

Including handicap and the blind people. Shame on you.

If it happened to us it happens to more customers.

What has happen to customer service.

Norman Oklahoma June 16 2019

Time 14:58:51

Table 11 check #

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Anonymous - 37 d 8 h ago

Stopped at Cheddars inMidwest City Ok. To celebrate Father's Day and a birthday asked for manager 3 times will not be back.

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Doris - 38 d 15 h ago


Love your restaurants. Would you please consider opening one in Smyrna or Middletown in Delaware? Middletown is a fast growing town and I'm sure you do a great business there. Smyrna would also welcome a Cheddars there.

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Twana Holcomb - 41 d 8 h ago


My experience at Cheddars in Sugar Land, Texas store #2067 has been absolutely ridiculous today. I went in to get a gift card and it took 4 people, including the manager and a young man more interested in his cell phone than helping me. When I called to place my order I was put on hold 3 times.

I ordered the crispy chicken salad with no tomatoes and I got lettuce, chicken and croutons with cold pasta and parmesan cheese.

It will be an extremely long time before I go back.

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