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2900 Ranch Trail
Ivring, TX
(214) 596-6700
(817) 571-5841
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Lynn - 1 h ago


I am sitting in Cheddars at this very minute and ordered a Monte Cristo. My waiter just came back and stated they were out of Monte Cristos. It is 12:07 and this place opened at 11:00. Something is not quite right. I am at the one in Bolingbrook. It is Tuesday

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DW - 1 d ago


I had lunch yesterday evening at your Spring, Texas location. The service was horrible. The front door staffs was talking to each other and never looked up to greet the diners until I asked if they would help us. We got seated right away because there was tables available. Once seated we gave our order and it took forever to get our food. I asked to speak to the manager, but the manager never came to the table. My food was cold when I received it. I finish lunch, I left no tip (I'm a big tipper when I get good service) and left your business. Your food is great and your prices are good. I have never eaten at Cheddars and received the services that I got on yesterday. I'm very disappointed. I posted on my Facebook to all my family and friends not to eat at Cheddars no time soon because of your poor to none services.

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Larry - 3 d ago

Unless I am over looking I noticed that Cheddars does not offer an veteran's or military discount. Can you inform me why you do not?

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Anonymous - 3 d 4 h ago

Great Bread!!!!

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Unanimous - 4 d 21 h ago


Cheddars Scratch Kitchen in Longview closes repeatedly before their closing time. We are regulars there and we like to eat late right after 10. We have came come to eat Three nights in a row and the doors have been locked. The 15-17 of This month (January) but when I call they say they close at 11pm. This is very disappointing and whoever is managing should be terminated this ridiculous. I've even had an experience where the employee was locking the door right as i was about to walk in and it wasn't even 1030 yet. This is bad business and advice you guys not to go and eat there.

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Nikki - 4 d 17 h ago


Tim at Cheddar on University in Little Rock Arkansas' manager Tim said I was served a White Russian when I wasn't. He stated she followed the recipe to make or however when I pulled it up online he advised the didn't even have the items to make the drink in the store. I have pictures and am contacting the better business bureau with my pictures

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Mrs robinson - 25 d 15 h ago


On December 29 my family and I was sitting waiting to be call for our seat ,this incident that I observed happen at the cheddar in Fayetteville n.c , one of your waitress came out very angry because the family that was leaving the restaurant only gave her a $2.00 tip she wen after that family and very angry she yell and actually tell them how she felt about a two dollar tip. Inmediallety my family and I decided to leave,now I wonder what type of employee would do something like that ,and do you screen your employees before hiring them. I would never go back to your restaurant ever and I hope that family does something about it!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 5 d 12 h ago

You'd be pissed off too if someone left you a really bad tip on a high bill. You probably never worked in a restaurant so therefore you don't know how its like.

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KJ - 5 d 17 h ago


Ordered dinner for my family to go here. M wife and daughters food was fine except mine. I had the bourbon salmon with seasoned Rice and green beans. My salmon was waaay over cooked and my rice was undercooked. Called up their to speak with manager and he got on the phone and I explained to him about my food. I asked if he could just void out the payment for the Salmon meal only. He said no he couldn't unless I brought the food back up there. Then he said he hasn't had any other complaints about the rice and Salmon. Don't compare me with other customers that's disrespectful. Then he said what do you want me to do. I just told him never mind I'll go to corporate with this. I'm done with Cheddars

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Mamawicker - 7 d 4 h ago


January 13,2017, my family and I visited Cheddars in Fort Wayne Indiana on W. Coliseum Blvd. this was the worse experience we had at your restaurant, the food was cold ask for warmer food and still got cold food. The rolls also were cold and hard. Some of us ordered fish which was to hard to chew and the chicken tenders was also. We have visited several of your restaurants in different states but this was the worse. Even after talking with the manager there service was horrible. We travel a lot with volleyball clubs and will let others not to patronize this restaurant in Fort Wayne. So sad

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Former Employee of cheddars brandywine - 45 d 3 s ago


Wednesday December 7,2016 I was terminated from my job for using my phone while on the clock in Cheddars of Brandywine Md. But now I have evidence of other employees using their phone while on the clock & a manager is present in fact they on using the social media app by the name of snapchat to record him being pied in the face by used product of the kitchen. Which to me is rulely unfair because the "message " left on hot schedules by Jason S. States that any employees using their phone on the clock will deal with Consequences or result in Termination & each employee in that video still is employed. So I will be filing for a complaint towards cheddars as whole Corporation & in fact filing for unemployment towards cheddars since I have been fired for a rule they can't even be promised to hold against each employee

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Anonymous - 24 d 14 h ago


This is just sad! So you clearly did something wrong! You broke the rules and got caught and now you want to point fingers and take others down with you! Here's a thought...DON'T HAVE YOUR PHONE OUT AT WORK AND DON'T BREAK THE RULES AND MAYBE YOU WON'T GET FIRED!! Stop complaining and pointing fingers and grow up please!

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Anonymous - 8 d 7 s ago

You must be a manager for Cheddars or something cause y'all all have careless attitudes towards employees so sad

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Anonymous - 10 d 5 h ago

How can I go about getting my w2s

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Tyler L. - 10 d 16 h ago


The Cheddar's in Allen, Tx off of Stacy Rd and 75 is horrible to their customers including me. The hostess is someone I know and said no to dating in highschool. She lies to her manager saying I am her ex. Which causes him to come to my table on my date might I add. Saying that their hostess feels uncomfortable. How is this my problem for saying no to her?!

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Anonymous - 10 d 17 h ago

At the Cheddars in Lafayette, Louisiana the General Manager has his brothers and sisters working at the store he works at. This is a workplace violation.

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Anonymous - 14 d ago

Over the holidays my family and I visit your restaurant and one of your waitress was awful, becaused she did not get the tip she expected she almost attack us,this happen in Fayetteville NC ,and your manager did nothing about ,as a matter of fact she encourage her to do so, so tell me what type of employee do you have working for your company, and also your table was dirty, the floor was dirty , after we was sitted another worker came to clean the floor I will never visit this restaurant ever again and I will not ever recommended this restaurant my friend.

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Kathy M - 45 d 7 h ago


Pier Arthur, Texas. Last night 12-9-16 we had six people four adults and two children. Our waitress was amazing, I ordered the New Orleans Pasta, it tasted very good, was a little cool on the edge but started eating anyway. Had taken about seven bites, stirred it from the bottom and a small roach crawled out of the pasta. The wines sitting next to me gasp as well. I called very lauding for the first staff person to come immediately. She ran to get the manager, the manager came and just stood looking at me. I finally told her to take the plate away, the rest of the party did the same. She left and sent the waitress back with a ticket of 33.00. Our waitress was so embarrassed by the managers action. Told her to bring the manager back to the table. The manager did the same thing just stood at the table-no apology-I am sorry nothing. Told her that we would pay for the drinks and that's it. Still no apologies. I ask if they had a roach problem in the kitchen her reply was we sprayed Wednesday so that might be the reason. Really!! Done with Cheddars what a rude person as manager.

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JOCO - 19 d ago


That is horrible customer service! No wonder they are losing customers... I haven't heard much good about them lately.

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Sherry - 15 d 4 h ago


Kathy M. Report them to the health department.

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Cherie Wallace - 16 d 2 h ago

Are you interested in opening a Cheddars in Jefferson City Missouri

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JOCO - 19 d 22 h ago


We had raw chicken in our salad which they did offer to re-cook, frozen tomatoes in our salad and in my son's chicken platter, the chicken was stringy. The manager offered to take off my house salad, wow, a whopping $3!!

We will not be back to the Florence, KY location!

So not satisfied with the experience or the manager's supposed solution to our problem

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Unsatisfied Customer - 21 d 23 h ago


My first visit to this particular location will definitely be my LAST. I was invited to dinner by a friend for what was supposed to be a joyous occasion, but instead the staff was very inconsiderate and impolite. I was the last to show up from the group. There were already 7 or 8 people there at the table. Upon my arrival, I asked the waiter for a drink and was then told that he could no longer take orders from the table. The guest of honor asked to speak to the "manager", who advised us that because I was not part of the initial 8 people that had been seated, I could not order. My friend then told the manager that she PURPOSELY did not place an order because she wanted all of her guests to eat, drink, and be merry. However, the manager insisted that no one else could order anything... even after my friend, who was the FIRST person there, changed her mind and wanted to finally order food, the manager would not allow her to- which TOTALLY contradicted her statement about additional people outside of the 1st seated 8 people ordering... which brings me to my next rant! I have NEVER heard of such foolishness about only 8 people being able to order. Isn't customer satisfaction a key point of the restaurant business?!?!... I mean, really! They uncaringly turned down our money that we were so willing to spend. Furthermore, there were SEVERAL surrounding tables with MORE than 8 people at their tables, and didn't seem to have any issues. If you plan on visiting THIS Cheddar's, go alone, otherwise they'll treat you the same!

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Anonymous - 21 d 23 h ago

I forgot to mention that this was the Cheddar's located at 4830 Little Rd, Arlington, TX 76017.

General profile image - 21 d 20 h ago

My wife and I just left the Elizabethtown, KY restaurant. This was the fourth time in a row where the service was unacceptable. After being seated at a booth with no lights, we had to ask to be moved. We then waited for 10 minutes with no service. The restaurant was not busy at all. After four very poor services, I will never go back. I wanted to let you know about this because it is obvious that the staff at the Elizabethtown restaurant do not care. I actually called the General Manager's number and was placed on hold for 8 more minutes

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