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Jean - 1 d 7 h ago


Had 2 separate couples and wouldnt allow us to use 2 separate coupons. If we pay sepatate

Why couldnt we use them.

Thats WRONG and we come once a week

Now may find new place to go with friends


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Wendell Boardman Davis - 2 d 11 h ago


The Cheddars on Noggle Way in Indianapolis used to be a good restaurant until recently. That's when my wife and daughter got sick from food poisoning. We visited this establishment one week from today. My daughter ordered the chicken sandwich and my wife had a salad with chicken in it. After meals arrived, the chicken sandwich that my daughter ate half of, was pink in the center. My wife thought her salad tasted odd. When Jeff our waiter was told of the situation, he asked if we wanted a to go bag... WTH!!! Long story short, we complained and was supposed to be comped. for the meal. It never happened and we won't be back. Primanti Brothers just built right next to Cheddars, they get our business from now on.

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Carla Brooks - 2 d ago


I just ate at the Greenwood Indiana (noggle way) Cheddar's restaurant tonight with family and friends. I've eaten here many many times before but its been a little while. Tonight I alerted the waiter to a flour bug in my salad after dinner, after I paid (because I didn't want to be someone to ask for a free dinner). Manager eventually came out and said they wash the lettuce, with out any further explanation or compensation. But asked if I wanted another one. Uhm, no. Then during our after dinner conversation I noticed another bug, different kind and bigger this time, in the salad. The salad bowl was still on the table; because I never ate any more of it. I took it up and brought it to the manager's attention. He'd forgotten I had already told him about the first one! He again tried to tell me the salad gets washed multiple times and no further explanation again. He again asked if i wanted another salad to go. NO. Not once did he offer any coupons toward further meals or a dessert on the house or anything a normal manager would do. I told him I doubted I would return. He did not care one bit. NOT HAPPY AT ALL WITH THE MANAGER OR THIS RESTAURANT.

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Anonymous - 3 d 4 h ago


Service sucks but food is good

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Charo - 4 d 9 h ago


I took my daughter's Nana here yesterday for her 70th birthday. I had never gone to Cheddar's. I had heard nice things about the place so I was looking forward to a great meal/time. How wrong!!! I ordered a glass of merlot from bar and then was immediately seated at a table after paying. The glass was dirty. Our server must have been hour 3 into his 1st day on the job. Though he was nice, he was also incompetent and slow. When I showed him the dirty wine glass he just stood there like, "ugh. There's nothing I can do". He actually said that. I then asked him to get the mgr. I showed him (mgr) the wine glass which was still full because I would not put my lips on a dirty glass, to which he asked if I would like another. No thank you. He then came back to the table with a $10 coupon for Cheddar's to apply to the bill. Fast fwd..slow service mediocre food inept wait staff...trying to be cool because it's Nana's birthday and I drove 2 hours to spend this day with her. When the bill came, I paid with my card. I even tipped the server because again, it was obvious he was new and I wanted to encourage him that in time he will get better (fingers crossed lol). When gathering my car keys I realized the coupon was still on the table. I brought this to my servers attention and advised I wanted a refund of my 8 dollars as there is not a Cheddar's near me and Nana had already stated she never wanted to go back. To which his reply was the same, "ugh. There's nothing I can do." Me: I'd like to speak to the mgr. A different mgr comes over this time and after hearing a recap of the events, me stating I would like a refund for the drink amount I paid earlier, I won't be in need of this coupon. He replies, "Well why did you leave the bar to sit down if the glass was dirty?" To which I replied, "Isn't the real question why you would serve someone a drink in a dirty glass?" This guy tells me he cannot give me my money back. I can call blah blah blah tomorrow ect and request a cash refund from the corporate office. WHAT!!!!! I'm a woman and he's a male...could this be chauvinism? I'm black and he's white...could this be racism? I'm highly intelligent and he clearly lacks intelligence....could this just be plain stupidity? Being a black educated woman you can imagine how this ended, I left with my CASH refund in hand. I paid in CASH and would settle for nothing less. Will I ever go back to Cheddar's....NOT ON YOUR LIFE.

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MinMau - 5 d 1 h ago


I took my son here tonight, the bathrooms were filthy even after alerting the bartender of the problem and she said she would take care of it, she didn't, before leaving I used the restroom again and it was still filthy toilet paper rolls and toilet paper all over the floor the sink was filthy The floor was so greasy throughout the entire place my tennis shoes were slipping around but the people wearing heels were having trouble walking they had to hold onto the wall small they want because the floor was so disgusting, I grabbed the manager on my way out and alerted him but heaven knows he didn't do anything, he looked like he was there just too collect a check because he didn't appear to care.. Last but not least the food was less than terrific; the steak that my son ordered was so small it wasn't even the size of his palm. It was probably 1" x 2-1/2" it looked more like 3 or 4 bites. What a waste of time and money. Never again. This place won't last.

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Anonymous - 5 d 1 h ago

This was near Liberty missouri

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MinMau - 5 d 1 h ago

This was the cheddars off 152 hwy near Liberty, Missouri.

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Anonymous - 14 d 4 h ago


So I guess Cheddars got bought by a larger company... and I'm already not likening the changes!! They took away the CATFISH from the menu!! I've been eating here for years and that's all I've ever ordered! VERY VERY disappointed, and will be patronizing much less now. Why "fix" something that isn't broken?? This was a popular item too. DUMB!!

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Anonymous - 5 d ago


I'm with you. We just found out today that the catfish has been taken off the menu. That was our favorite and we ordered it all of the time. We asked our server about it and was told the whitefish was the catfish. It wasn't anything close to it. We are so disappointed, we probably won't go back.

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Morris - 5 d 32 m ago


My husband and I dined at your Cheddars location in Independence, MO today and were very disappointed with our meal. We have always enjoyed eating at Cheddars and do so frequently. When we looked for our usual favorite meal, grilled lemon pepper catfish, it was no longer listed on the menu. We asked our waitress about it and she stated that it was a new menu because they had gone to a corporate restaurant. She insisted the whitefish that was listed was still the same catfish that we have always ordered. When we received our meal, it was not the catfish filet that we were used to. The taste wasn't anything close to the same. To say the least, we are very, very disappointed with the change in menu and being told we were getting the catfish. We will think twice before returning to your restaurant because of this.

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Anonymous - 5 d 11 h ago


On May-13-2014 my family and I was very disrespected by group of young boys that entered the building shortly after us...So when I told the guys where to get off at the Manager by the name of Johnny came and asked us to leave the facility and the young guys as well ..I went and asked Johnny since you making us leave how long will it be until I am able to return( his reply was whenever just leave for tonight) Johnny never said I was banned or anything (he just asked us to leave)so we did with no problem. I returned back to Cheddars on May-20-2017 for my daughter birthday gathering had drinks and ate with my family and (no1 asked me to leave) June-1-2017 I called and asked Johnny if we came around 4 pm will he be able to accommodate about 15-20 people ,he said yes cause that's when his other workers come in..I was running a Lil late but half of the party had already been seated and Johnny was the one took me to my seat (never once told me to leave) That day was terrible a Waiter dropped all our drinks on the floor and my pregnant friend found a WORM in her green beans..(Aaron Crater) gave her two 10.00$ gifts certificate for the worm in her food so we all just paid for what we had left(with no problem) July -22-2017 was there again with my niece eating and everything was ok and Johnny was there and (nobody had asked me to leave) July -30-2017 I was there again with a party of 15 people Johnny was there we talked and everything and he did not tell me to leave... We ordered food and it was cold as ice some sent there's back ,others received the wrong meal so we spoke to Johnny and said that he was going to fix the problem unfortunately that night he didn't...So one of the ladies had told the waiter to go back and get Johnny but they told us he was gone for the night...(nobody never asked me to leave)So August-12-2017 I went to cheddars with a friend for drinks and we ate they messed my order up and I told the guy he had a attitude so I told my waitress to just give a burger ..I asked for a manager but nobody never came out to speak with us..So we ate our food and paid left with no problems we left went to the movies and it was still early so we decided to go back for a few more drinks...Well when we sat down Aaron Crater walked up to us and told me I was banned from Cheddar... I asked him why when I haven't did anything... He said one of my staff members took a picture of you and sent it to Johnny and he said you was banned...I asked him isn't that against y'all policy to take pictures of your guest without permission (he replied NO THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT) I said well let me see the picture cause maybe you have us mixed up with someone else and Aaron said no cause Johnny has the picture...Now I have been to cheddars numerous times as you can see and Nobody has told me to leave... Aaron Crater told me he didn't know what I was banned for he just doing what he was told... I asked him how long was I supposedly be banned for ,he told me for life...I asked him why didn't u make me leave when I was here at 6:30 why u didn't ask me to leave than...Aaron replied it was just brought to his attention.. I really think we was did wrong last night at Cheddar people was looking at him..I'm such a regular there they know me by name so I asked to of the hostage how many times have been here while Johnny was here ...They told Aaron several times and Johnny never told us that she was banned...I know y'all probably not going to read this ,I know y'all could careless that this happen to me but for your managers and staff are able to take a picture of the guest is wrong...Johnny has seen me on numerous occasions and never told me to leave....Just in case y'all find it in your heart to search these dates I'm sure you will see Johnny was there the times I was....This absolutely don't make any since to me I asked him for the corporate number he told me he didn't know it...This is the Cheddar's here in Tyler Tx just in case you will consider of getting to the bottom of this...I don't know Johnny last name but the other guy is Aaron Crater both her TERRIBLE MANAGERS.....

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Anonymous - 5 d 10 h ago

My name is Lakisha Johnson Tyler Tx..I'm the one that just. Made this post...

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Kenneth Harris - 7 d 9 h ago


This is the second day in s row that I tried to call a order in at the MacArthur location and held for over 20 minutes, today I came in an placed my order. I asked to speak with the manager to inform him/her of the issue I waited 15 minutes more and no one never appeared. Also while waiting for my salad customer return order for being I placed my order grill chicken Cesar salad at 1:16 I received it 1: 38..... The last two times have not been a experience I want to remember but one I will tell others about

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Toni - 6 d 23 s ago


Hi just wondering if your salad you ordered had REAL Grilled chicken or lunch meat on your Caesar? First time I ever ate at Cheddars and ordered the grilled chicken ceasar and had lunch meat on it. Was told that this was a grilled chicken breast that was shaved.

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Anonymous - 6 d 4 h ago


The Cheddas in Columbus GA. is awful we were told it would be 45 mins to be seated an hour and 15 mins later we still haven't been seated asked how much longer they said they had larger parties that they had to seat them before us and it took up all their tables and it would be another 10-20 mins.It was ridiculous!

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Anonymous - 7 d ago


I just wanted to let you all know what a dreadful experience I had with your host Justin, in your Kettering Ohio location. I called today at 7:38 and spoke with him in regards to my friends going away party. This is her favorite restaurant she is from the Phillipenes and is going back home. There would be 10 of us coming, and as a courtesy I called today to let them know we would be coming in tomorrow. Being a server and restruant manager previously I understand the value of being appropriately staffed. Not only did Justin not care, he said in a rude, dismissive tone "We don't do that" then he rudely grumbled that " you need half of your party here before we can even seat you otherwise it is not fair to the servers. And Saturday's are our busiest days so you all better come early" I then explained to him that I would be there but I felt it was tacky to need 5 additional people there, he said "Welp that's corporate policy there's nothing I can do" so I responded with " so you are suggesting because clearly Cheddars is not accommodating to parties we should go to a different restruant that cares more about there customers then their servers." He answered "yes" I am not one to complain in fact previously working restruant and retail I can honestly say this is my first complaint. But I will make sure everyone knows how Cheddars does not remotely care about there customers. The way your host answers the phone is unacceptable, and that is a direct example of poor leadership. I will also be posting this on all of my social media accounts.

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Anonymous - 8 d ago

How does Cheddars Restaurant plan to stay open with all these negative reviews? I guess corporate never reads the comments just don't care.

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Anonymous - 8 d ago

I was at the Cheddars Restaurant on Jonesboro Road in Mcdonough GA. on Thursday evening 8/10/2017. I was a customer with my family and over heard this. The waitress was waiting on a table of Afro Americans. They called the waitress a sankey white bitch. The waitress was in tears. The management did nothing. If you were at any other restaurant these people would have been refused service. The waitress had to continue to wait on these customers. I felt so bad for the waitress. This needs to address why management did nothing. I told the waitress I was going to call the corporate office and got her phone number.

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sad - 9 d 7 h ago


I'm trying to submit a lengthy debrief/observation on the homepage/contact us tab. It won't let me submit. There are no errors/omissions. It keeps saying there's a problem with my submission and won't take my feedback. Reading through all the reviews here I can see others are sharing my frustration.

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Sonia Carasella - 9 d 16 h ago

Very disappointed this time around. My mom was treating her two kids and grandson to a nice dinner. When we walked in the host was very smug. When he brought us to our table we felt sticky substance on the table and booth seats. There was also crumbs and straw wrappers on the floor by our table (which no one ever came to clean the entire time we were there.) My ordered a virgin strawberry daiquiri with no dairy and it came out with whipped cream. Her fish had a very fishy smell and came in two pieces instead of one like the past. Our server was a female and had curly hair. We sat to the left in near the fish tank. My brother ordered the Caesar Pasta salad with no chicken as he is vegetarian and it came out with chicken. Don't know what happened yesterday but it was the worst visit we ever had.

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Park Leigh - 10 d 10 h ago


Hi! I am writing to you today in reference to our experience with what should have been an enjoyable family dinner. First off, here is the information from our receipt. Check # 71180 Table # 19 Date 08/07/17 Time 07:35pm Server: Hannah To begin- We arrived to a restaurant that wasn't busy. We waited a few minutes to be seated since we were a party of 5 and requested a table. We then ordered our drinks and got them rather quickly. Once we received our drinks we placed an order for Onion Rings. Time went on and we ordered our food. Steak and Ribs w/ House Salad and Mac-n-Cheese Steak and Chicken w/ Baked Potato and Corn and House Salad Chicken Fried Chicken w/ baked potato and green beans New Orleans Pasta w/ House Salad We received our salads before we even got our appetizer. No biggie but not correct. The wait time for the refills were disastrous. There is NO reason to have to wait nearly 20 minutes to get something to drink. This happened not once but twice during our visit last night. Moving on, our meal arrives. The Steak and Ribs was missing Mac-n-Cheese. The Steak and Chicken was missing the Baked Potato and Corn. The Chicken Fried Chicken was missing the gravy and the Baked Potato. The food was ok--and that's being nice. Sometimes there are issues in the kitchen so again no biggie--the issue with this entire trip was the people who work at this restaurant. Primarily our server. We waited on everything entirely to long even if the restaurant was at full capacity the wait time was unexceptionable. The only thing that we didn't wait long on was the ticket. It's amazing at how fast they can hustle when collecting there money. Our ticket was cashed out at 7:35pm. At 7:50ish we walked out without the bag that we requested and the to-go cup because waiting for that long of time for an item is ridiculous. She returned to our table to inform us that they were out of cups and she had checked with the manager but here's the kicker....after waiting that long guess what she doesn't return with? The BAG. So she heads off on her merrily little way to go fetch us another bag. Frustrated, I get up and begin to walk out. The first manager that we passed offered for us to get a bag at the front from the other manager. As we are passing by her comes our server with a bag in each hand. This is the part that ticked me off to the point of sending you and email---Flapping the bags (she overheard the manager offer us a bag) she proceeds to say "i was going to get their bags they just left too fast" She said it in a snotty spoiled brat whine and it irritated me beyond belief. Too fast? Waiting from 7:35 to 7:50 was too fast? Come on--the service is a complete joke and the kitchen is questionable but like I said everyone can have a bad night or perhaps someone new is learning. I have no problem with that. Everyone has to learn somewhere. However, for disrespectful and down right pathetic service there is NO EXCUSE. I walked out of the restaurant HOT from her unnecessary comment. I thought for a moment and let the people waiting on a table get seated. Once the hostess station was cleared other than the manager and the hostess, I walked back in and told him how crappy the service was, how we would not return, and that her comment was uncalled for and completely unprofessional and that I should go back and mark out her tip because she did not deserve it but I couldn't do that because i would feel guilty. I don't think I was even told sorry but I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he may have said sorry but definitely did not handle that as a manager should. I am completely blown away by the experience my family and I had. It was horrible. This was suppose to be a nice night out where I was treating my Aunt and Uncle to dinner for something kind they had done for my little family. Instead, it turned in to a disaster and throwing away nearly $90.00

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Glenn - 12 d 4 h ago


TO whom it concerns.YOUR OWENSBORO MY chedders has turned into a dirty bad service small portions franchise compared to the chedders in BOWLING GREEN KY.WE DO NOT GO TO YOUR OWENSBORO REST ANY MORE.IN LAST COUPLE OF YEARS IT IS POOR.

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Anonymous - 13 d ago


I have been to Cheddars multiple times, even had a birthday dinner there (which did not go well at all). However, tonight was my WORST experience ever. Went for my friends birthday tonight and the hostesses and manager were beyond rude & extreme. We had a party of 25, (we requested the patio so everyone could be together) a few went early so we could get our name put on the list. Waited for a little over an hr and then when they called us, they took us to the back of the restaurant & attempted to place us in booths. But not all the booths were available. We kept getting different information from the hostess and them finally the hostess said she could seat 18 of us on the patio, then when the party that was currently seated left they could push those tables together for the rest of us. The manager then came over to us & told us there was not enough room on the patio and we would have to wait another hour. We then stated that her hostess told us something different, she then took my friend (Birthday girl) to look at the patio then took us to the back of the restaurant to a long table but we would've still been separated. She then told us that we asked to be separated, and we advised her that we NEVER said that. I then told the manager because she kept speed talking that the communication with the staff is horrible to where "the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing." I told her I had the same similar issue on my birthday and she tried to speed talk with me about that. She then began arguing with me and I told her I didn't have time for it. My friends husband then said, "I asked for the corporate office # and she told me, "they didn't have one but just the restaurant manager." I told her she was incorrect because the corporate office is in Texas. She then told us we could be seated, wait or leave. We chose to leave. The manager that we spoke with stated her name was Tejonna & the hostess name is Annie. When I asked for a card for corporate Annie told me they didn't have any. I will NEVER go back. The way they treated us and argued with us as paying customers was beyond rude. If Tejonna is a manager then she needs to work on her customer service skills and how she talks and addresses people.

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Anonymous - 13 d 4 h ago


Bring back red Beans and Rice. The blackened Salmon with red beans and rice should be it's own entree.

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