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Choice Home Warranty

1090 King Georges Post Road
Edison, NJ
(800) 216-5232
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Anonymous - 1 d ago

I want to cancel my plan and keep getting transfered and no one wants to talk to me. Im on hold for 25 minutes then it drop my call. I put in for call back nothing. Let me miss a payment and i get calls everyday. Can someone help me please.

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Anonymous - 1 d 18 h ago

I had a service call for a plumber they sent a handy man, when he arrived I asked are you a plumber he said yes . He miss diagnosed the problem so I called a plumber , who fixed the problem right away. Away , I called choice to talk about thuu I s they assigned a case manager to me who never reached out to me or returned my email or phone message I need to cancel this agreement.


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Sharon Reynolds - 2 d 15 h ago


Choice warranty has the worst customer servic I have ever seen. I called six times and they don't return your call back. I am so fed up with their service. This is no longer a good company.

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Anonymous - 1 d 18 h ago


I'm beginning to agree I am still waiting on a call back for a service call I received an email that someone is assigned to my case but yet to have a conversation or a response from this person

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Anonymous - 6 d 19 h ago


Been three days and still cant get a service tech to come out . When asked what if they can't get me a tech to fix my refrigerator they said they will keep trying meanhile i have no refrigerator. Worse company ever to deal with filed a Complaint with the BBB.

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Anonymous - 3 d 22 h ago


I have been waiting for over 2 months still intil this day nothing

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robert - 3 d ago


the worst company ever. see over 5000 bad reviews with the BBB. many lawsuits due to scams. they take your money, send out poor repairman that do more harm then deny the claim.

do not waste your money here.

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Azmi Abdallah - 7 d ago


This is about the 4th week trying to get my claim resolved, claim #90099975. I had a tech come out on 7/1/2020 and misdiagnosed our issue with the AC. Which then you denied our claim. I had to get another company to come fix the issue. Long story short I was assigned a case manager Candi McLetchie (horrible customer service). Provided her on numerous times with the paperwork and proof of diagnosis and she still yet hasn't responded to any of my emails until I called and they escalated my case and she called back stating she hasn't received anything. The thing that is unfair is I have warranty, I followed your protocol, paid out of my pocket $550, provided proof and pretty much got ignored. Please look into this it's been over a month and please don't have Candi call me back and assign my case to someone else please.

How frustrating!

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Azmi - 7 d 7 m ago

I'm sick and tired of the games this company is playing ! I would still be without ac from beginning July until now if I didn't get someone else to fix it.

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Margie - 30 d 20 h ago


CHOICE HOME WARRANTY IS A RIP OFF. It seems like every time i have filed a claim they try to find a way to deny the claim.. It seems like they are notorious for denying air conditioning claims. I have had two claims and both were denied.

I filed a claim over a month ago they denied it and I asked for a review, they assigned a case manager that is positively useless, she does not respond to my calls or emails. in a timely manner if at all.. If you feel they are jerking you around you can do exactly what I am going to do join in on the class action suit that has been filed against them for this very thing

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Mark - 30 d 13 h ago


This exact thig is happen to me right now with my AC. Worst customer service ever I am going to contact a layer

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Lindsey - 25 d ago


SAME WITH ME!! I'm not letting this go!

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Clement - 17 d ago

They are a TOTAL RIP OFF. Same problem for me with AC. No return calls and no email replies.

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annmarie dambrosio - 15 d 17 h ago


worst company ever. they put ypu on the longest hold, but if you tell them you are looking for a new account, you get right through!!

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Ben - 14 d 12 h ago


I'm going through the same scenario as you. My AC unit went out on me. The technician they sent here told me that the compressor was shot. I asked what happened, he told me the fan motor seized causing the compressor to overheat and fail. I was initially denied and also assigned a case manager, Afzar Ali. I was suppose to hear from him 24hrs after I filed the appeal, but that didn't happen. I had to call and speak with him. He said he reviewed my claim and the technician's otes and said my compressor suffered a premature catastrophic failure due to abnormal use or malady. That was not the case and I tried to explain this to him. I told him the fan motor seized, causing the fan to stop spinning which causes the compressor to overheat and eventually fail.He told me that'snot what the technician sent them. I said I have a copy of the technician's diagnosis and would happily forward it to him, which I did. After several weeks of calling and emailing him he finally called me back and told me that after reviewing the claim they were go to move forward with the repair. He said he was going to reach out to the technician and get everything inline and that I should expect a call back from him in a day or two. Well two days later he, Afzar, did call me. However it wasn't what I was expecting to hear. He returned to his intial stance saying that we would have to come up with $2600 to replace the compressor, one which he found a "great deal" on. Needless to say I was livid. I went back explaining to him for the 100th time that the fan mototr failed, which caused the fan to stop spinning and ultimately causing the compressor to overheat and fail. He return to saing the compressor suffered a catastrophic failure before its normal life expectancy, I got pissed and hung up. I'm now in the process of filing complaints with the BBB, TN Attorney General's office and everywhere else I can. I'm a 79 year old 30 year Navy veteran with heart conditions and COPD, living with my with who has dementia and COPD. being without air conditioning in the heat and humidity has exacerbated our medical conditions. This is no way to run a business. No professional business etherics, no regard for their cutomers and a very fraudulent company with fraudulent business practices. Please let me know if you do hirie or find a attorney to take this horrible, fradulent company on. I'm onboard.

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1 - 10 d 2 h ago

Do you have a number to speak with management regarding issue. I need the number. The customer service number just hangs up when I complain

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

Seems like they just like to steal people's money on a monthly basis and make us suffer when we have a claim. Such a rip off of a company!!!!!

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Renee - 14 d ago


I had a whole response written but it disappeared on me, but I agree this company is a big ripoff so please send me the info to join the class action law suit bc something needs to be done with this complaint ripping people off.

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Shanda - 10 d 21 h ago


I would also like to join the class action suit. I'm sick of them sending out these sorry, inexperienced people.

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Brenda - 13 d ago

How can I join the class action suit??

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Azmi - 7 d ago

I need to join that class action law suit asap!

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Mela - 13 d 22 h ago


The same thing happened to me. So I totally agree with you.. this is not the best or a good home warranty to go with. And I had the rudest very unprofessional case manager there is.

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Agraz - 9 d 17 h ago


Terrible Customer Service, they keep you waiting for a long time and when finally come to the phone they said they will have Rohan Wallace call you back! Never happened. I made the horrible mistake to signed up for three years and paid them with my MC over a year ago! I live on fix income!

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D Boyer - 8 d ago

It's been OVER A MONTH WITHOUT AIR CONDITIONING..... our case worker won't email or call us. He said he will authorize a new unit and will send the pick up ticket to our professional installer!

Mohammad Haylo

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Shanda - 8 d ago


I'm so sorry you have to deal with this too. Unfortunately, I don't have any air also. Its been 4 days now. When they sent the tech out I had air, and now I don't. He claims I need a new unit. This is just a shame that they do us like this! Something has to be done! This guy had his son..that's not licensed or a contractor doing something to my unit and now its not working. I'm so pissed right now. At least they authorized you a new unit. He told me I would have to pay &4500! They are just sucking money out of us and providing us with little or no customer service. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. I'm just sick of them,

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