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Choice Home Warranty

1090 King Georges Post Road
Edison, NJ
(800) 216-5232
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Madelin - 80 d ago


This is the worse company to deal with. How can you treat your customer's so rude. I called in for a claim regarding my furnace that was making a very loud noise. They sent out a company name just cooling. He turned on the furnace the noise was so loud he immediately turn ed it off. He took pics of the inside of the furnace and there was a crack on both sides in the inside and he stated carbon monoxide was an issue an not to try to use it. The tech wrote up his report and sent it to choice stating that the furnace needed to be replaced due to the cracks and the carbon monoxide coming from it. By the time this tech sent his report, a mintue latter they were spending me an email stating they denied my claim. The tech stated what he put on his report, they will use other words to denied the claim and that is just what they did. I have referred friends to this company. This company want your money, but when it comes to fix something they will find all the reasons not to keep there word. Now I'm going to the media and the tv station to let people know.I advised the person I was talking to, that suppose to have been a manager when I told him about going to the media he didn't care. I had several claims with this company and it has always been an issue. I ended up finding soneone to fix my dryer, and my frig. I will tell everyone I know and the media NOT to use this company.

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D. Decay - 76 d 24 m ago


Ms. Madeline

When you go to the media please include me in it. Just what you wrote is exactly what they do. This same exact thing happened to me. I have had contractors tell me how they operate.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago



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Mary Greenberg - 46 d 27 m ago

I'm dealing with the same issues! What would it take to start a class action lawsuit? We should all be getting our money back plus what we have paid out of pocket to get our furnace replaced!!

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Anonymous - 17 d 4 h ago

I'm having issues with this company. Did you get any info on refunds yet? Email me please. (hidden)

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Anonymous - 1 d 31 m ago

please include me!!!!!

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S Williams - 31 d 1 h ago


My oven broke and it was not repairable because the parts were discontinued. They refused to replace it and would only agree to send me a small amount that would cover parts to fix it, but the parts don't exist. They said I would get the check within 30 days and it's been 29 days -- no check.

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Gina - 7 d 5 h ago


Identical scenario with my refrigerator. They absolutely refuse to replace the appliance and will ONLY send me a few bucks which will in no way possible allow me to replace my refrigerator.

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L. Smith - 48 d 12 h ago



I have a pending lawsuit against them..!!

Read your contract..!!

If you ever need something repaired at your home and they send a contractor to fix it and they suggest to Choice that your merchandise needs replacing, they may tell you that they will send a whole other contractor to your house for a second opinion. According to your contract they reserve the right to do so. If the second contractor claims that the first contractor that worked on your merchandise did something i.e. tampering, that is causing the second contractor not to be able to fix your merchandise, they WILL DENY YOUR CLAIM even though THEY are sending these people to your home..!! Their reason..?? Choice will claim that they are not responsible for ANY negligence on behalf of ANY contractor that they send to your home that messes up your merchandise. The responsibility to fix your property will now be between you and that contractor..!!! They have been using this tactic for a while now as a loophole to take customers money and not replace their property but they have gotten burned by folks who do take them to court in regards. AGAIN......STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY......!!!!!!!!!!!

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SRayman - 16 d ago


Have you considered a class action lawsuit? My husband and I are gearing up for a fight,


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FrankP - 66 d 6 h ago


I have been a customer for over 5 years. They refused to provide service and denied all claims on my A/C unit in the middle of the summer. They claimed that "they paid out more than they received in premiums" and this and all future claims will be denied". I hired an attorney and they send CHW a letter to their legal department in August 2018 in Edison, NJ which they have not bothered to reply. My attorney suggested that I try and get a hold of them before we move to the next level. Guess what? They don't even publish a phone number for the Legal Department. Well, they are given us no "Choice" so we will escalate this to the next level.

My son bought a house earlier this year and I suggested they use CHW. They did and when they called in their first claim, they were denied and ended up paying over $300 to fix it themselves. How can a company like this is allowed to continuously lie and stay in business?

This has the making of a class action lawsuit. Any attorneys out there interested in taking the lead?

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Joyce - 16 d 3 h ago

Thank you for this post. I have American Home Shield and after 9 yrs not happy with them as they dropped appliances from my contract without telling me. Plus they are also impossible to reach to speak to anyone. I'm looking for a new company, but will avoid this one after reading your post.

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Vitarose - 20 d ago

They just started the "game" with us in regards to replacement of AC compressor.

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T. Canfield - 37 d ago


To: Choice Home Warranty To Whom it May Concern, As your records will show on Dec 2, 2018 which was a Sunday night we called so that we could get on Monday list that we were having toilet issues. Toilet backing up and in shower next to toilet noises coming from drain. (Please don't quote the days, have lost track since then. Can check your messages to have the right dates.) So on or around Tuesday still no one calling or showing up at our home. So my wife calls and the excuse is there is no one available in our area to do this kind of work. But it was posted so someone would see it eventually and respond to the posting. Wednesday morning walking our dog, water shooting up out of ground next to house. She called again and say that it is getting worse and that it looks like a sewer problem more than a plumbing problem. You said thank you and that would make a difference on who to have come out to us. My wife said why no one has called either from you or a contractor. All that was said was that our issue was posted and that there want anyone near us to help. So I asked why do we have to wait for someone near us, that we have larger cities around us an hour away. The answer was oh. So I gave your company the names of the cities around us. We called Friday, answer no one has answered the posting. I asked to cancel the contract that we have with you. I was transferred to another person. This person asked for the whole story and then promise me that it would be taken care of. To give your company a last chance to take care of this. Saturday the 8th in the morning we get a call from a company that they were on the way to check out our problem. About an hour later two men in a beat up pickup with no writing on the side drove in and look at the situation and said that it was a sewer issue and not a plumbing problem. I said I knew that and that we also said that to your company. They were plumbers and we needed someone to dig up lawn and follow the piping. As it was a sewer problem. Because so much time went by I had dug up the the area next to the house that the water was shooting up from. So these men took pictures and send them to their boss and he said that he would be letting your company know that it's not a plumbing issue. Here it is Wednesday the 12 the in the evening and no calls from anyone. Yes we were told that we could call someone and pay them and may get reimbursed if we filed all the requirements. Being on a fixed income and not being from around here we did not find this an option. Also that's why we had a five-year plan for protection which we find out we don't have. So here we are STILL with a sewer problem 17 days later. Sewer on top of ground and under house SMELL'S GOOD ! I have read so many many bad reviews online about your company and how I know why. I'm seriously thinking about getting a hold of better business bureau. When I asked about canceling and getting my money back, I'll just say that I would be getting screwed that way too. All we ask is please take care of this issue once and for all or please be fair and give our money back.

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Frederique Rich - 66 d ago


TERRIBLE experience 2/2 times...

1. AC: Service company technician assigned by CHW stated that my AC was hit by lightning and needed to be replaced. Claim DENIED. Had another diagnostic done by another service company who determined it was a broken switch which could be replaced by electrician. Total of 9 days and $160 later FIXED at my own expense.

2. HEAT: Service company technician assigned by CHW stated it was pressure switch - had to order parts. Replaced pressure switch and then stated that it wasn't pressure switch and the air exchange had to be replaced because the vent stack showed corrosion and may be clogged. Claim DENIED. Had another diagnostic done by another service who stated that there was a mud dauber nest in pipe and he promptly cleared it - heat turned on right away. 2.5 weeks and $98 later FIXED at my own expense.

There were long delays due to contracted company technicians wrongly diagnosing problem both time and suggesting that I replace items = could not be repaired. Both service calls were a waste of my time (off work) and I had to pay to have repairs made myself. Customer for years...

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Lil - 67 d 5 h ago


On June 3, 2018 I called to request service for my air conditioner - they sent out a service person that I ended up paying the service fee to and an additional $300.00 to fix the problem whatever he did froze my system completely and we had condensation dripping from the vents. I called back to CHW and told them what was happening and neither of us were able to get in contact with that contractor. They were going to send out someone else and when I called to see what their background was (there was nothing on Google) they had never installed an A/C system! One of the key reasons that I picked CHW was that for any issues we could use a contractor of our choice - I contacted 3 contractors that had been in the business for anywhere from 20-30 years and they all said that the system could not be repaired and I received "13" different quotes for different sized systems for our home. On October 5, 2018 the new system was installed but not before the contractor spent an hour on the phone with CHW to get an authorization number for the install they would not give him a number after an extensive conversation including sending multiple pictures of the problem etc.. We picked a larger system but got the quote for the system that CHW would install and I asked that we be refunded half the amount that we paid. I called them and sent messages several times to the account center with no response and finally received a call back from a Spaggeana Geffrard who offered first $100.00 - than half of the leak detection fee $150.00 (no one knows if that was done) and the final offer of $200.00 I told her that was totally unacceptable and that I wanted at the very least 1/2 of the amount I paid back. She was extremely nasty and when I asked for her manager she told me she was the one in charge so I asked for the President/CEO of the company and she refused to give it to me - which I then googled and will be reporting my experience with the company on the BBB, Facebook, Linkedin, with local realators and on our 35 different neighborhoods in my area on line network. I have asked that they contact me back by this Friday, 11/16/2018. They have many posts on my claim page. Most people on a limited income carry a warranty to take care of things like A/C, plumbing and electrical issues -I carried extra for additional items- so that income can be used for items that are not covered such as roofs etc.. Even with all this going on I still get at the very least 4 phone calls a day to renew and even more emails!!!

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FrankP - 66 d 6 h ago

Ironically, Spaggeana never even bothered to return my calls, so I hired an attorney.

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Donald Facundus - 67 d ago


This Company is a absolute joke. Do not waste your money. My air cond. repair was rejected. still waiting for my refrigerator to be repaired since Feb. this year. Claims repairs not covered.

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Gracie - 69 d 6 h ago


You are a shame of a company, what you do is fraud, I'm seriously thinking on bring this case to the news and media, my Acct #207808577, we are retired military and I can't believe how low you operate, I'll do everything in my power to let everybody know about your bad and shameful service!

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Kimberly Cosme - 70 d 14 h ago


Worst experience with Choice Home Warranty, I put in a claim for my refrigerator and was emailed an appointment time for the next day ( Great Right ! )With TJ appliance repair. The time frame was scheduled from 11 to 3 so I waited, After 3 I assumed they were not coming so I tried to call the number and only got an answering machine. Well around 5 I received a call, it was the technician he was on his way and I was not at home. He tells me that he can only except cash which was a problem because I already explained to him I did not have cash I only had a check that I wrote out to the company that morning. I rushed home to meet him. When he arrived he examined the refrigerator and starts to try to tell me that the company might not cover the repair cost, I started to ask why when the technician than asked me for the cash which surprised me because I already told him I did have cash. He became very aggressive demanding that I write another check to cash or directly to him. We went back and fourth about this because It just didn't sound right and with his aggressive behavior I just wanted him to leave. I contacted Choice home Warranty after he left and the company would not assign a different repair company.I explained the situation and it was never communicated to me that TJ appliance repair only accepted cash. I also did not feel comfortable with TJ appliance and their technicians coming back to my home. Choice Home Warranty did not in this case put the customer's safety and trust ahead of their bottom dollar. I immediately cancelled my policy.

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Anonymous - 85 d ago


I called for a quote on my new home and because I didn't commit right then, the representative on the phone hung up on me. I won't be doing business with these people!

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Kaye - 73 d 3 h ago

I looked at several home warranty companies to compare cost and services. They started calling me ona daily basis as well as sending me emails. I have no choice but to contact the FTC because they will not stop despite my requests. See from other reviews they are not trustworthy.

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Jackie Fulton - 74 d 4 h ago


This is the worse company they chose Horner air company.. The company is just starting out messed up my compressor put a kick start on it now that it is winter I realized my bill has been 700 dollars each monthly because the compressor is study running..called choice per some darn section of the warranty I'm responsible for damages that the company's they choose to come out makes... if I choose my own they won't pay....please I advise anyone who owns a home DO NOT PURCHASE CHOICE WARRANTY...THEY DONT FIX ANYTHING!!!

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Anonymous - 75 d 20 h ago

CHW was recommended to me with high regards. To my surprise, i've had nothing but horrible experiencs and service since i filed a claim to have my dryer repaired. the first technician went for the easy obvious symptom which did not fix my dryer. I called him back immediately and he told me he would be back the next day but didn't come. He told me to contact chw to have them send someone else. I contacted them to be told that they had to contact the original technican who didnt answer their phone call. they assiged another technician to me who came out initially to trouble shoot. i told him i hae already youtubed the problem and told him exactly what it was. he went on to say he have to see if they will pay for the part to fix the dryer. Well, almost 2 months later an my dryer still isn't fixed. I call CHW regulary but get the same story. i called today and was told that they're technicians are contracted out and they go for the cash calls and the warranty calls are pushed back. i told her that, that wasn't fair because we are paid customers as well, we just pay them instead of the technician. i feel that their end of the contract isn't being honored and i'm about to report this company to the States Attorney Generals office because i am getting no where with these people. i want a complete refund of the money ive already paid. im so disappointed in this company and the service i have yet to receive.

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Joe - 76 d 14 h ago


Both my wife and I are elderly and disabled and on a budget we bought this contract thinking this company would live up to their promise should we have a problem...Our washer stopped working so I called choice and they sent a tech out who checked it and said it would cost more to repair it than to replace it .We bought both this washer and dryers as a combo priced over $1000.00 so choice sent me an offer of only $349.00 You got to be kidding I priced these washers and even the lowest price is over 4500.00 so I declined they gave me a name and number of the person handling my claim I tried for a whole week calling all I got was a voicemail I would leave my name my address and phone number ...I explained what was going on and that our clothes was piling up please give me a call so we can settle this but she never ever returned my call...I along with all my family and friends are taking this company into consideration when we make another decision on a warranty company as of right now I am very very dissatisfied with Choice Home Warranty...

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D. Decay - 76 d ago


Dee DK

You are absolutely correct. They are NOT truthful and continue to put you off until I am assuming you get tired. I spoke to so many representatives and each time they gave misleading information until I'm at my wits end. I just spoke to Sal (Manager) and asked for Corporate Office. He adamantly told me no one "higher" will speak to customers. Well, isnt that something, but you never have to call when monthly fees are due. Ridiculous...been with yall too long. Get it together along with your lying Representatives.

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