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Chrysler Group LLC

1000 Chrysler Dr.
Auburn Hills, MI
Sergio Marchionne
CEO and Chairman
(248) 576-5741
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Cowgirl and Cowboy - 9 h 23 m ago

Our 2006 Jeep Wrangler recently had the gas tank crack. So began the hunt. I was told that that gas tank has been discontinued. REALLY???????So the hunt began for on from a junk yard, another nightmare........I did find one but what is the matter with whoever decided to no longer have that gas tank available for Jeep owners? Are they insane or stupid, or what?

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jan of newark ohio - 2 h 10 m ago

I have a 2010 dodge journey, same story on the gas tank, our journey has only 40 thousand miles...the difference is when we bought the journey, we also bought a lifetime contract for repairs, and dodgy, by contract , is obligated to repair it at no cost to us except the deductible of $100. dodge is dragging their feet and the time on this "repair" has reached 1 month.

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Randy - 15 h ago


I have a 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser with 64,000 miles on it. I took it into my local dealer to have a 99,000-mile maintenance. The only mechanical problem was the A/C was not blowing cold and made the car run rough when it was turned on. I have low mileage, but due to the age of the vehicle, I wanted to have the 99,000-mile done. This all started on 10-15-2008 and my vehicle has been in twice to have work done. Work that was done on the second repair should have been corrected on the first repair and was not resulting in a second labor cost of $710.00. I was promised prices that I just was not given. The first time was for 5 days and the second 2 days. The bill went from $1,000.00 to $3,600.00 and my car has started to run rough again. Chrysler tells me that they have no control over their dealers and do not want to help me. The dealer, Greenway Chrysler in Orlando Florida tells me that they can not help me correct all that has been overcharged to me and there is no one else I can talk too.

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joe dirte - 1 d 30 m ago


Recently purchased a 2018 challenger for my son. We drove to a neighboring town to show it to family and friends. While we were there it was damaged and could not be driven.It was parked @ a friends home for a week until the dealership picked it up and hauled it back to their facilities to see if car could be repaired.This occurred on 6/2/18 and after speaking with insurance company I was told that it would take a couple of months to be repaired.After five months I'm told by my insurance that car was almost ready so I drop by dealership after work to check on the car.I speak with service manager and she tells me that the car isn't even in the garage yet,but all parts have been delivered and will be working on it soon.A couple of weeks pass,I drop by to check on the car again and this time the wrong parts were sent so they've had to re-order more parts.On 11/16/18 a little over 6 months I drop in and get the same song and dance only this time they only need a starter,but the starter I need is among 40+ that are on a back order list and they can't find one anywhere.This is my first and only experience with Dodge/Ram and to say that I'm extremely disappointed with the sale and especially the service would be an understatement.

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Darwin Fuller - 3 d 17 s ago

Just a note to say that I really don't care about your dealership prices, but I would like to ask why you quit making the 5.9 engine? I just wanted to let you know that I have a 2006 3500 that has 433,000+ miles on it and I may have to replace the injectors for the first time. The motor uses about a quart to a quart and a half every 5500 miles. This truck has been USED!!!!!! Everyone I talk to that has bought a new one are not real happy with them. By the way, I still get 18 mpg when I drive it correctly and without a trailer. JUST WONDERING

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Wendy K. Randolph - 11 d 15 h ago


Because I purchased a chrysler sebring convertible back in the early 2000, I thought I would keep your company " my car company"! I Sooo regret doing so to date 11/08/18. I purchased a NEW 200 back in 2015 and have had so many problems with this vehicle. I know there was a recall for the 200, but was told, " my car was not one of the recalls. My car started this jerking motion and to date continues . Per Chrysler, " because it was meant to be driven fast, it makes that motion" This is crazy! I have had this vehicle in the shop more than I have driven it(seems like). I only have 30+K miles on this car, and SHOULD NOT BE HAVING SO MANY PROBLEMS !!

I believe THIS CAR IS A LEMON ! I don't want to go to the media, but it seems like I may have to!! I believe I was swindled out of money, have paid over 10K for this vehicle, and gives your company a bad name!!!

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Devina - 3 d 19 h ago


Im going through the same issues with my 2015 Chrysler 200. The dealership told me the shaking is normal. My husband is a certified mechanic and says this is a load of crap. I watched as 6 mechanics stared into my hood at the engine totally puzzled at the dealership yesterday. I now have corporate, shop foremans, and management looking at my car. I dont want the car anymore and it is a safety issue for me and my children. I guess I am supposed to go drive my unsafe vehicle from the dealership because they have no rentals or loaners for me to take and I have a family with 3 children.

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Anna - 4 d 14 h ago


Had to be the worse experience with a dealership. Sun Buick in Wantagh NY. I had a scheduled service that they would provide me with a loaner car. When I got there, the loaner car was not there and I had to wait for it. The Enterprise driver came about 15 min later with a Yukon! I drive a small Cascada. How do you give someone who drives a small car a Yukon!. Of course I told them I could not drive this and had to go with the Enterprise person back to their shop to get another car. They were trying their best to find one for me but we had to get in the car again and go to another Enterprise location. P.S. 1 hr later I finally got my loaner car which made me late to my other appt.

I called the dealership to say that this experience was unacceptable. I got a call from the manager who said to me that it was not their fault that I did not like the car. And I should be THANKFUL that they gave me a $60K car to drive. I said I would of been happy with a $20K car that I could actually drive.When I got back that evening to return the loaner car and pick up my car. Nothing was said to me that they did have a part and could not finish the job. The next day I get a text from the manager in all CAPS saying that they didn't order the part to finish the job because they assumed I did not want them to finish the job! What? The service was so lacking in every way!

This is their response: they called me names and mentioned what I do for a living. so unprofessional.

Patrick C.

Comment from Patrick C. of Sun Buick GMC

Business Owner

11/15/2018 Hello Fellow Yelpers. It's easy to see what an ungrateful SNOB we're dealing with here. Anna S. is an agent with Charles Rutenberg Realty in Plainview.

Anna has used our free loaner services in the past and we've made it clear to her that the use of a loaner or no-charge rental vehicle is only for warranty work and is not an "instant privilege". In this case, she brought us a Buick with 43,000 miles for services that are typically NOT covered by warranty: Roof drains clogged with natural debris, new carpets and a damaged sun visor. We were doing this work at no charge for Goodwill reasons along with FREE use of a rental. She waited just 12 minutes for the rental agency to bring her a $60,000 luxury SUV with she then deemed too large! She did not request a small car in advance and we made no assumptions about her driving skills or lack thereof. (The GMC Yukon is most often driven by women btw) They brought her to another office where she took a new Camaro. Yes, most people would be THANKFUL for all this. Instead, the queen chose to insult and berate my employees! I called her to explain that we're not here for such abuse and that yes, she should have been grateful for our efforts. She said she would go elsewhere and and hung up on me. She later called our receptionist and restated her desire to bring her "business" elsewhere, which was fine with us at that point. Of course, we did not order a new sun visor which would have been a freebie had she not burned her bridges here. We followed up with an informational text this morning only to avoid more of her her verbal hostility. (Our client texting software defaults to CAP letters) I can't imagine what it would be like to use Anna S. for a house purchase! Patrick R. Cassino, Owner-President Sun Buick-GMC inc Read less

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A very unhappy Jeep owner - 4 d 14 h ago


My daughter bought a grand Jeep Cherokee 3 months ago and loves the car until she tried to put gas in her tank she went back to armory Chrysler dodge Jeep in Albany and had told them her problem she had know car for 3 days the first time 2 weeks later it happened again and was without a car for 2 days and now today it happened again my daughter has a job that she has to drive 80 miles a day should I try to have it fixed again or call on the lemon law to help me junk this lemon and have Jeep give her a new car one that hopefully she can depend on please help us

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disappointed customer - 4 d 14 h ago


contacted Dodge to asked for assistance about a Dodge Ram Truck 2012, just short out of Warranty and a Transmission related recall came up, by the time we got the recall the Dealer informed us that we have Transmission damage due to gear slipping out of park or slow driving. Called several times, sent a letter and a case was open. After 2 email trying to make contact Dodge closed my case. I send several emails to reopen my case, no answers from the customer service contact email, so I called again, again a case was open and I was told a Manager will call within 24 hrs. The Dodge Dealer does not have the part to fix the recall and I am so worried about my Truck. Mrs. Phyllis called on Monday 11/12 and left a message with call back number. Since then I am calling every day and leave message wit 2 call back numbers. no response. I need help

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Jacqui Cohen ! - 4 d 18 h ago


This is my SECOND Jeep !!! Being ripped off by Pollard Jeep Service center in Boulder, Co. They have had my car for one year!! Nobody at Chrysler cares to help. My 2008 Jeep 114k our of warranty so of course now I know why they are ripping me off !!! I have called the owner of the dealership Doug Pollard. He didn't even bother to call me back. Guess he doesn't give a shit if I purchase a THIRD JEEP!!! My Jeep broke down ...I had it towed to Pollard Jeep in Boulder, Colorado Service said I needed a starter! "Ok put the starter in" Than they said I needed a solonid Pack "Ok put the Solonoid pack in" Than they said the car wasn't going on forward or reverse I needed a whole new transmission Waaait...waaaat?? It was going in forward and reverse when I brought it in Zero issues shifting it into gear I asked to see the fluid in the pan Thru didn't have it And whyyyy did you not know it was not going in forward and reverse after I paid for the starter & the car started . How would the solonoid pack you charged me for even fix a transmission ??? The line pressure of 30 PSI IS below factory spec I send could it be a sensor ? Can't you fix just the line pressure issue Why does it need a whole new transmission ?? They said if we take apart the transmission you'll have to pay for that labor if it isn't a sensor or we can't fix it Than you'll need to order a new /used transmission and have to pay for labor twice . 1-if you have to tap dance on my hood to fix or diagnose a problem THATS ON YOU!! NOT THE CONSUMER!!! 2-I Dont need the solonoid pack than I'll be getting a perfectly good one on the new used transmission The head of service Bob Vallideo said I approved the order for the solonoid pack I would have to pay rge $700. I approved it if it were to fix the Jeep and get it running I don't need TWO give it to another customer . Bob/POLLARD said U have to pay for it At this point I thibk well I don't want to pay twice for labor ...ok used/transmission Took them 6 months to find one still with 90,000 on it I go to pay the bill they tell me the battery's dead Battery is under warranty I take the battery myself to big o Replace the battery I take it back to Pollard Pollard says your alternator is dead But they didn't test it Oh and I need new tires and differentials no I need you get my fuckin car running you asswipes!! Takes Pollard THREE weeks ...I went in 3 times to clear a bay to pull my Jeep in and pop the alternator out for me to get tested The head of sales pulls the plates off a loaner I had leaves me without any transportation since JUNE!!!! I have spent out if pocket thousands gir rentals /Lyft's /Uber's With a $ 4,000 bill on a Jeep I'm sure did not need two new solonoid packs one is enough !!! And I don't even think it needed a transmission !!!! I'll bet it was electrical pollard service "tech " did not know what they were doing !!! And they wanted to bill more $$ so they took advantage of a woman who does not know cars !!! I know NOW they should have know. PRE solonoid pack the car wasn't going in forward or reserve if it Ever even wasn't When I brought it in It was going in forward and Reverse perfectly fine!!! Why can't a mechanic fix the line pressure without putting in a whole new transmission ???? I have contacted Chrysler 4/5 Times . Noobody is able to help !!! So who CAN help me ?

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Anonymous - 4 d 19 h ago

Very dissatisfied owner. Two years ago to this date I went to jt's Dodgeland in Columbia SC, I purchased a pre own Dodge Ram 2013. The truck was nice in color but I kept hearing a noise as I accelerated. So the following week I took it back and explained the noise I was hearing. So after sitting 3 hours the told me it was a bolt missing near my exhaust. So they put it on well at lease I thought so. Long story short after 2 years and almost $800 lost on finding the noise. I went to another dealership where the showed me that I had a bad muffler the whole time that was the noise. Even asked if I wanted it repaired for $650. Well I chose not to fix it but I won't look at dodge the same.

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Anonymous - 5 d 11 h ago

Realky orople! Bleeping out swear eirds jn a Jero commercial! Verg pathetic

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Furstrated new owner - 5 d 17 h ago


Frustrated owner. Purchased new 2018 Wrangler at Tri Cities Jeep dealership in Kingsport Tn. on 19 September 2018. I am repeat Jeep customer having purchased 6 jeeps over the past several years. I have always had good prompt and courteous service from every other dealerships from which I have purchased my vehicles. All I have received from this dealership is excuses. I am about to receive my third temporary tag from this dealership because they can't seem to get the title paperwork straight on my vehicle or get the correct paperwork to my lender. I have contacted them many times and been informed that this will be taken care within a few days ,only to contact them again days later and receive more excuses. I was informed 3 weeks ago that the paperwork would be sent by overnight mail. Then to discover days later no results. I spoke with the general manager two weeks ago, same overnight mail info didn't seem concerned. At no time during the past 7 weeks has the dealership contacted me to give an update on the process, it has been left me to contact them. They did however expeditiously process the check. I certainly will not be making any future purchases from this dealership. I would appreciate any assistance you can provide in having them complete their obligation to a paying customer.

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Unknown - 5 d 19 h ago


November 14, 2018

I have been told that there are four recalls on the 2016 Dodge Ram Hemi-I contacted the corporate office at: (hidden), connected to a customer service representative named: Patricia, per my discussion with rep, advised that the recalls as follows: U61, U74, U07, and U53 as per the NYSTA the recalls are mandatory to be satisfied with repair. Per my discussion with Patricia, she was very aggressive, and unsure of what the recalls were about, informed her that a loaner truck was needed as the owner uses the truck daily, transports his family, and the truck is deemed unsafe. The representative, Patricia, basically advised me that as a courtesy the truck is being repaired for free!!! Imagine, recalls and the rep answering a service calls advising me to be grateful that the recall repair will be free, when I pointed out to her that per the NYSTA, it is warranted that the recalls are to be repaired, the attitude that I experienced was totally unprofessional as if Patricia were undergoing an out of pocket for the repairs, informed her that I needed to speak to her manager, she then connected me to the dealer, informed her before I discussed an appointment with the dealer that I needed to speak to her manager, the hold time was unbelievable, finally to reach her supervisor, Diamond, and now awaiting a call back with resolution-Dodge Corporate Office needs to have all of their front line employees answering calls go back into training, that clients should be treated with service of professionalism, not like a street gang member!!!

Flagged for review. 
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JOE - 6 d 8 h ago


About a year ago I purchased a 2013 ram 1500 Laramie, I love the truck. Recently I have been having a problem with intermittent starting problems. This has happened to me 3 times now each time having to get my truck towed to Franklin Sussex Auto Mall in Sussex New Jersey. The first time they told me it needed a battery and 2 updates $388 to solve the problem , 2 days later wouldn't start again.They keep the truck for days and sometimes up to a week at a time and cannot duplicate the situation, each time charging me a $137 diagnose fee. I went on the Chrysler chat line the other day and was very disappointed in the way I was treated by Darryl, basically telling me the vehicle was out of warranty and he couldn't help me and " DO I WANT TO SELL MY TRUCK " what an answer.....

I'am not looking for a handout to get my truck fixed just an honest attempt to stand behind your product and help diagnose the problem , I'am afraid to drive my $33000 truck.

I will keep posting any progress the dealer makes or doesn't make along with any helpful response and or suggestions from Chrysler.

Thank You

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caveman - 6 d 12 h ago


well lets start with fuel tanks it does not take 2 months to get one i could make the steal then forge the tank my self in less time then that, now lets talk about there fac customer care the ones that will not return phone calls or let you know anything about whats going on with your truck but yet they want you to be loyal to dodge (Amie) i have place 4 calls to her and have only gotten 1 return call after i sent a not so nice email about how i have been treated and all i get is i can understand how you fell i dont think these morons could understand a word that comes out of a customers mouth never mine we pay there salary's with these over priced P.O.S. that they can not fixed im sorry but my vaction has been ruin because this sorry a-- case manager cant do her job

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Rick - 6 d 15 h ago

Hello I own a 2000 Dodge Durango RT with 155,000 miles. I love my Truck but its falling apart with rust from head to toe. How and Where can I get this fixed or undercoating spray to stop it? its really a shame that this has to happen as Im at the point where parts are getting weak and breaking off.

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Mary T - 6 d 18 h ago


Dear Sir:

Last Tuesday, I went to Hudson Bay Chrysler, Jeep, Ram dealership in Newburgh, NY. I traveled about l l/2 hours because I had talked to them by phone, and they had the car I wanted: 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. I was about to purchase my FOURTH Jeep Grand Cherokee. I went to see and test drive the car, and bought it on the spot. I put $5000 down, I have excellent credit, and I told them I would pick it up on Saturday morning. When I arrived Saturday morning, the service man, Bud Ferguson, told me there was a problem. The car was unsafe. I asked, How can that be? I have the Car Fax AND the car was CPO. He said it wasn't safe, and wouldn't give me any details. He then tried to sell me another car. When I got home, I called my nephew who works for Jeep in another state. He looked up the VIN number, and said there was absolutely nothing wrong with the car. I assume the dealership sold it to someone else. I am incredibly disappointed at the dishonesty and rudeness the salesmen displayed during this purchase. I would NEVER do business with them again, and I have told my friends the same. I have also posted a review on YELP. Finally, I am looking into a lawsuit for fraud. That is my next, and final, recourse to solve this problem. I hope you look into this and do something about the unethical treatment your dealership gives clients. Mary Tapia

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Savvy Consumer who goes straight to the top - 6 d 20 h ago

Grill on 2017 dodge durango popped out, no impacts no accidents. Dealership or corporate opened a case and closed it out without ever notifying me. No problem, i'll email the following ExComm leaders. I advise everyone to do the same.

Steve Beahm will assume responsibilities for Mopar in the North America region, while continuing in his role as Head of the Chrysler, Dodge and Fiat Brands in North America.

Richard Schwarzwald is named Global Head of Quality

Tim Kuniskis is named Head of Jeep Brand North America

Reid Bigland is named Head of Ram Brand.

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Nicholas Platt - 7 d 13 h ago


Dear Chrysler/Dodge,

Why on earth did you cease building the Viper? It's an extraordinary vehicle and well made using some exotic materials with excellent performance. Still very desirable even compared to Porsche and others...

Yours sincerely (in bewilderment)

Nic. (Nicholas Platt)

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Disgusted with Dodge - 9 d 8 h ago


I had a new heater core put in my 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan at Wickstrom Dodge in Barrington, the fall of 2017 because they said that definitely was the problem. Later they found the thermostat was bad and they replaced it.. Did I really need the heater core? The warranty did not cover the heater core because it was not a mechanical problem. $1000.00 dollars later I drive it home and I had antifreeze running out of the driver's door. They never would let me talk to the owners of the dealership. I talked to the Chrysler Co. also and I felt they did not care and they did not call me back as promised. Well guess what? ............. It is Nov. 2018 and the heater is doing the same thing as a year ago.....Blowing "warmish air out of one vent and cold out of another......and blowing totally cold air out of the vents when you come to a stop light. The only time I get some heat is at cruising speed. My next car will not be a Dodge. The dealerships are terrible.

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Ted - 9 d 19 h ago


Very Frustrating, (hidden) have a part I need. for $19.00. All of the local Dealers Sell the same Product for $44.00, Why. Since I a lot of traveling I wanted to work my travel schedule to pick up. I was told this is not possible. I spoke to the Corp customer service line and (hidden). who rudely advise this is not possible.

I have been a Chrysler or GM owner for +10 plus years, switching from Toyota. I guess i should be grateful for the 10 years, but i am very angry. My next car will not be a GM, Chrysler.

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BEYOND FRUSTRATED - 21 d 12 h ago


Have a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which I used to love now absolutely HATE. Back in January, the car started giving me transmission issues. I would go to slow down, and the car would jolt forward. After the car being in the shop for a week, they changed the valve body in the transmission. Drove it for a week, and the car was still giving me the same issue, bought it back, and they decided to replace the transmission. The car was there for at least 2 and a half weeks. Got it back, seemed to be okay, then started doing it again. Progressively it got worse, where I fear I am going to hit something when I go to slow down. I bought it back over the Summer, and they then replaced the motor mount in the vehicle. Car was still NO better, bought it back AGAIN, and now when I am driving the transmission is very sluggish and doesn't like to change gears, and the RPMS are high. Long story short, the car was once AGAIN in the shop for a week and a half and they told me the Engineers at Chrysler said that is normal, and the transmission gets used to the way the vehicle is driven. Meanwhile, they are saying it happens with multiple people driving the vehicle, and I am the only driver! Besides being beyond FRUSTRATED with Jeep, the Service Dept. at Rockland Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Inc. is HORRIBLE. No one returns phone calls, and the only reason my Jeep was looked at after sitting there for 3 days, was because I went in. I have placed a call to Customer Care, to try and get out of my Lease and even they don't return phone calls. All around by far the WORST customer service. Guarantee Ford's customer service is not like this. I used to say I will never buy anything but Jeep, but after this ordeal, I will not buy a Jeep ever again. I am paying $500 a month, for a car that is unsafe, and drives like crap. Someone please help!

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Tammy - 21 d ago

I would research the Lemon Law process in your state and begin proceedings. Sounds like they have not been able to fix the problem on multiple occasions.

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Gerardo - 18 d 8 h ago


I have a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee "Sterling Edition" and has the same issue! I took it to the dealership, kept my car for 3 full days and they told me that they couldn't find what was making the noise but they agreed that it was the transmission. I called headquarters to make a report because I do drive my vehicle with my little daughter. I told them that I was not comfortable driving the vehicle and all they told me was to take it back to the dealer I bought it off. I called and they didn't have an appointment until a week from now! The service they are providing sucks! I've never had an issue with Jeep until now! I have all paperwork of the "job" they did when I took it to the dealer. I really need help with this matter! This is ridiculous I do not know what else to do! Lawsuit?

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