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Chrysler Group LLC

1000 Chrysler Dr.
Auburn Hills, MI
Sergio Marchionne
CEO and Chairman
(248) 576-5741
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Amanda Call - 15 h ago


First of all, if I could give zero stars I would. I MEAN IT. I bought a Jeep in 2012 brand new, long process but overall okay experience when you want to GIVE them your money...They are very nice when you are paying them for something. Fast forward to 2014 (ish): My car dies while getting on the freeway (oh so safe) and I take it in to see what's going on. I had someone call me and tell me what part I needed and how it was not covered under warrantee. (I had paid for a $3,000 warranty, but they said it was not covered under that..) I told him don't install the part, I need to figure this out and talk with my husband. The next call I get is the same guy saying that they installed the part and the car is ready for pick up and I owe "x" amount of money...... I SAID DON'T WORK ON MY CAR YET. When the car was picked up, we tried to figure out what happened, after some arguing and what not, it was magically free! SO - who knows what is under warrantee or not..they decide how they feel about it in the moment and are LAIRS. And they just do what they want....I said don't touch my car, so DONT TOUCH MY CAR! Fast forward to June/July of 2018- I take the same car back because overheating light comes on. They take it, say it needs a part, (not covered - shocker) said okay do it, they do, we get the car back after 1 week. Less than 12 hours later - light is back on. We take it back a SECOND time, we were told they can not fix anything because there is no error code - another week has gone by. So now I have a car that is "unfixable" after spending $500 on parts and labor they said would fix it, AND haven't had a car for 2 weeks. The manager I was working with this whole time "no longer works here." AWESOME. I'm thrilled at this point, no one returns calls, ignores me when I come into the store and wait in line, manager is always on lunch, I had to literally sit and wait to get a hold of the ONE person who could help me in the whole building. FINALLY had a heated conversation with a "Manager" who offered a "free" new part that he said would "fix it maybe" and 20% off a transmission oil change that it needed anyways. Great, okay just fix it now. Another week goes by, (3 weeks now, no car) and they JUST change the transmission oil and filter, NO FREE PART, NO FREE LABOR JUST A BIG SCREW YOU. My husband picks up the car, not understanding what the deal was. Light comes back on, he tries to get them to give him the free labor now, that obviously didn't happen...the manager had no intension of giving me anything for free, just wanted me to go away and shut up. Now, a total of 4 weeks with no car, they say "Well we can give you a 20% discount for another part = $850 (uh no) and if that doesn't work we can put in a new transmission = $6,000 (UH NO BOOBOO). I said no thank you, I sold the car and bought a new one (different brand). DO NOT BUY A JEEP, CHRYSLER, DODGE OR RAM. Contacted corporate...nothing, they don't care. THEY ARE CROOKS AND SCAMMING PEOPLE OUT OF MONEY. with no apology, no guilt. THIS IS A HORRIBLE STORE.

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marcobob - 1 d 10 h ago


naples dodge, naples fl. worst service department ever. I will never bu another car / truck from them. called to make an appointment to fix a recall. I was told to bring it in Saturday July 14, 2018. after 2 hours was told they could not get to it and I had to leave the car till Monday, I have no other transportation so they gave me the car back and made an appointment for 8AM first thing Wednesday July 18, 2018. Tuesday July 17, 2018 I was texted and said the appointment was for 11AM. I called and was told it was first come first serve. this is a crock of BS. what kind of service department are you running???? my first oil change took over three hours and I paid for the prepaid oil changes.

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Willie - 2 d 8 h ago

Whos completely stupid idea was it to NOT install transmission dip sticks

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Paul - 3 d 13 h ago


I have a 2016 promaster 1500 van in march of 2018 transmission went out they also found that the lifters and rockers had to be replaced

when removing the valve cover it was siezed head and cracked .futher inspection showed #4 exhaust cam lobeworn down, had to install

new left exhaust camshaft. Well here we are again July and the trans is out again also the svc air bag signal is on now what its going to

take 3 weeks before they can even look at it. Can't run a business without a truck

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Marie - 14 d 16 h ago


I have a 2016 Chrysler 200, it has been in the shop for the water pump, thermostat, and several times to have the computer flashed. I've spent the last almost 2 weeks waiting for the dealership to even look at the car to diagnose the issue now! The ac is blowing hot, I'm told the Freon they use and machine are too expensive for anyone but the dealerships to have. I've had to cancel my 4 th of July plans because I have been borrowings neighbors car since June 25 th when I dropped it off at the dealership. I even have a case manager with Chrysler and have not been contacted by them. I've called and only get the voicemail saying the person is at home?? Did I get assigned to someone that's been on vacation? Or what?

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Jenn - 9 d 14 h ago


I've had a case manager but hasnt helped me. 7 weeks w no van. 6 weeks for a diagnosis...and now they are telling me transmission not covered bc it was due to a non covered part. They'll to anything to get out of helping customers. I dont even have the car 5 years.

What a disgrace.good luck to you

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Jenny - 8 d 9 h ago

I have a 2015 200 C. While driving down the road my AC stopped blowing cool air. Found out like you did that we have the new R1234yf refrigerant and only the dealerships can repair or recharge. After the dealship having my car all day, finally told that the clutch inside the compressor froze and sent small pieces of metal into the condenser. The cost for repairs $2235.45. I forgot to mention that my car is just 5000 miles out of the extended warranty with only 88,500 miles.

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Not getting my ram - 5 d 10 h ago


The case managers are fucking useless. I ordered a truck 5 months ago, it hasn't been built yet. I had two.different cases opened, and I have not had a reply from either one. The one case is over 3 weeks old now. Dodge is a giant joke. The customer assistance line is useless, and they have no one to refer you to to actually get the help you need.

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jdh - 7 d 4 h ago


I am so disappointed in your company because I wrote to you and never received a response. We have been Dodge fans for years. The 2008 Dodge Charger's 2.7 engine is a lemon. Can't drive it--timing chain is bad! Can't the Chrysler Corporation stand behind their products?

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Debbie Rooker - 7 d 13 h ago


I own a 2014 Grand Cherokee Overland diesel. I purchased this car brand new.

The leather on the dashboard is wrinkling like an old pair of socks.

I contacted jeep and was told the dashboard is only covered for 3years.

I am so upset that they would not try to correct this problem with a customer.

I Have owned numerous cars and have never had this happen to a dashboard.

They say they have no complaints on this issue,

where here is a huge complaint on quality of a 4 year old vehicle!

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Unhappy life long customer - 8 d 10 m ago


Ok where do I even remotely start!!!! December 2017 purchased a certified preowned ram 2500 big horn 6.7l diesel. 55,000 dollar truck. Truck had 30k on the clock when purchased roughly 1 week after purchase noticed a drone mind you I'm a certified Chrysler dodge Jeep ram master tech but no longer work in the industry. Hoisted the vehicle and it sounded like the rear diff was about to explode. Took the vehicle to my nearest ram dealer and was told it was the front hub bearings by their "master tech" I called the dude a moron and said you either did not drive it or even put it on a lift because you can hear it 10ft away. Took it to another local ram dealer and they did do there jobs the races in the rear diff housing were spinning in the cast = no good. Ok so they tell me rear diff assy is on back order don't know when they will get one in. Waited 2.5 months for work to be done while driving a loaner I had to pay for mind you did not get reimbursed. Even though powertrain is 5 yr 100k on a diesel. 3 weeks to the day almost after getting my truck back I had to use the 4x4 to get through some wet grass a Honda Civic could have crossed got to where I needed to go and as soon as got going front drive shaft exploded destroying wait for it transmission transfer case wiring harness brake lines fuel lines emission lines put 3 holes in my floor pan and destroyed the front diff close to a 25k repair. The dealership has now had my vehicle for 3 months this time while putting me yet again in a non comparable loaner. Mind you all these repaired are being made under warranty. Here's where it gets fun I have driven my own truck for s total of about a month since December have multiple calls and a huge case with Chrysler Corp NO HELP WHATSOEVER told I would get calls certain days none given s cdi code for a new truck when it was a shit offer and the code pricing was more expensive than a brand new truck. Why I'm pissed I rely on a truck to earn my living and support my family I own a small powdercoating and fabrication business and have not had the means to run my business for months on end by picking up delivering large clients items or bulk parts I do not have the means to pull my 36ft gooseneck trailer to load with steel with a Jeep Patriot and I'm told I can go rent a truck hey guess what rental trucks don't have hitches my largest account just dropped me because I no longer possess the means to pick up and deliver parts on a as needed basis unless I jump through hoops and try and borry from friends and mess up there plans. So far Chrysler has cost my business 80k by year end of 2018. I have told there "case managers" I need a answer today not tomorrow or the next day today and I get the yes sir we will do what we can blah blah never get a phone call back until late day on fridays when nothing can be done about it that day. Ive been a ram owner my entire damn life all the way back to my family's old 12v Cummins with 1.2 million miles on it and still freaking runs. This is the type of customer appreciation and service we are getting from a multi billion dollar corporation. I'm done fighting with them I would be typing all night if I told the full story of how they have ran me around and even hit my truck at the body shop. I think it's time I just get attorneys involved I'm just done spend close to 60k on truck and pay for it then hey screw you sir sorry about your problems I know you paid this much for it but we can only give you 36k because that's all it's worth now being damaged and we can get you in this new truck just done with Chrysler so done

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Carmen - 8 d 15 h ago


I'm looking for a good lawyer...they sold me a brand new 2018 Jeep Compass that apparently has had a known issue since the 2015 model no one told me about...once I discovered it, I asked for a buy back or reimbursement. I went through arbitration and they said it was the normal design of the car and it's not dangerous to drive so the review board decided to decline my request...Chrysler kept telling me there will be a recall soon but there was no timeline...well, if customers with 2015 models are experiencing the same issue, I think they lied to me about a recall....and their documentation is bullshit.

I am going to the better business bureau, news station and hopefully, I can find a lawyer that can help me get my money back. Who spends $30K on a vehicle and everytime you go above 40 mph, it sounds and feels like you are riding over the ridges on the side of the highway? Not me, it makes me nervous and I don't care whether they feel like it's dangerous or not, it makes me anxious and I am not okay with having to drive this for the next 5 years...I just bought it in February and have been fighting this battle since March.

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SCOTT - 8 d 10 h ago


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Cris - 8 d 2 h ago


Chrysler should be ashamed. But, I'm sure they're not. Class Action Suit needs to commence.

I hope you get it sorted out.

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Never again - 9 d 4 h ago


I have had my Dodge Charger at the dealership got almost two months and the only thing they do is pull it in and out of the garage every night. They said they can't fix anything unless a code shows up. The car dies randomly going down the road, or if at a stoplight, will shit down and won't go into gear without restarting the car. I have spent thousands of dollars on this car and they say they have been driving it to see if they can get it to do it. However, I logged the miles on it when I dropped it off, and it has not been driven. I spoke with a representative at the corporate office and he gave me a code and told me to tell the dealership to address it. Nope! They don't do it. I'm contactibg everybody that I can in hopes of getting my car fixed and letting dodge know what their dealerships are doing to their customers and the reputation they are making for themselves and their company. It's pathetic!

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Sheryl - 9 d 11 h ago


Hey Jeep, just a suggestion. Since everyone appears to know that the hardtops on the Jeep Wrangler Unlimiteds leak all the time, why not have a canopy or warehouse to leave them under when you have to take them in to be repaired for those of us who were not aware they leak all the time? Taking it in to be repaired and getting it back with wet seats and floors is not good unless you're going to clean it. That's a lot of money for a car that leaks. This is just a suggestion or you could make the tops where they don't leak. Just a thought.

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JJ - 9 d 14 h ago


One dealer transported my vehicle to another dealership without my knowledge or consent . When I asked my case manager how that can even happen, she was unable to get to the bottom of that . Seems odd to me and very unprofessional. Now they expect me to approve tear down of car without anything in writing to determine final costs.

Shame on Chrysler. Spending a lot of money for a vehicle that doesn't stand by their product. Very disappointed!

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Dino Fantasia - 15 d 7 h ago

My wife and I purchased 2 brand new grand Cherokees in November of 2018.

From the beginning we have both had issues with the radio, gps and phone connection.

I have called the dealership and called corporate , with no help even after I told them I was almost in an accident because the gps blacks out when my phone rings, not the ideal situation for a realtor like my wife and I .

I am looking to have this fixed as soon as possible, I ask the dealership for a rental until it gets fixed but they told me I would have to call corporate.

All I can say is, if I do not hear from Jeep corporation I will be contacting the attorney general in regards to this and the lack of customer service for a potentially flawed system which can cause accidents.

I love the truck but HATE the technology!!!!!!

Dino fantasia

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G.L. Patton - 16 d 5 h ago


Two stars for the sales/finance folks, but "0" for follow-through!

At the end of April 2018, my wife and I decided to purchase another Jeep for my 70th upcoming birthday. Since this one was to be the twentieth I have owned throughout my driving years, I was rather specific about what I was looking for. We visited several dealerships both in person and via the internet and with the assistance of our salesman "AJ" at Bossier Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Hillsboro TX, we found what we wanted; however, it was located in Kansas. AJ assured me that was not an issue and four days later our new Jeep was on its way to our driveway at home.

Then at 906 miles, the transmission totally died! To the fine credit of a local dealership, Freestone Jeep, Chrysler Jeep had a new transmission installed and all goes well.

So why would I give Bossier such a low rating? We signed the paperwork on the Jeep April 30, 2018, and were given a temporary paper license tag thus allowing Bossier to process the transfer of our existing Texas Purple Heart/Handicap license plates. We were told that the registration was going to be processed in our home county (Limestone) and that we would receive our registration by mail before June 29th, the expiration date of the temporary tag.

As the expiration date approached, I email both the salesman and the finance person to advise them that I had yet to receive the new registration, to which I received no comment from anyone at Bossier. Then on the evening of Thursday, June 29th, I called Bossier and spoke initially with AJ, who promptly handed me off to, I am only guessing, their business office. I spoke to a very nice young lady who advised me that my paperwork was in their office waiting for me to pick it up. At this point I noted that at no time had anyone advised either my wife or I that we would be required to drive an hour to their office to pick up a sticker and a piece of paper - to which she advised me that they never mail registrations!

From this point I was put back on the phone with AJ who assured me that they DO mail registrations to out of town customers and that he would have mine send overnight and I should have it the next day - Friday, June 30th. Needless to say both Friday and Saturday passed with no paperwork; and now Monday June 2nd has come and gone. My new Jeep sits in the carport with no legal registration and we continue to wait!

I can hardly wait for someone to call and ask if I am now going to drive back to the dealership to get the registration sticker and supporting paperwork! Needless to say, Bossier Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Hillsboro TX, would not be at the top of my list of recommendations. As for follow-on service needs, we will look elsewhere for a Jeep dealership to handle these matters. We strongly recommend that before you look to buy your next vehicle, you might want look hard before you consider Bosier.

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Adriana - 16 d 16 h ago


to whom it May concern Good morning, I want to report a problem I have with a Van Dodge Ram 2500 of the year 2.001. I have been having problems with the ignition for months (Switch part) 5112 AB 43165A 1341/7 Rev A 181 VALEO My personal mechanic could not solve it and took it to a DODGE Dealer in the city of Homestead FL where they had almost 3 days and could not do anything according to them because they do not have the part. We just call customer service (hidden) And they tell us that it is an "old" car and that parts are not available, but that it continues to ask other dealers. We had a FORD Van "1.981" and we got rid of it because it was really badly damaged but we were always able to fix it and we never had problems with the parts. I do not know what Mr. Sergio Marchionne thinks. -Sergio Marchionne says company is 'committed' to the brand- By Gary Gastelu | Fox News June 1 2.018 I need to be aware of my problem and take my complaint seriously. It is the height that they tell me that a car of the 21st century is an old car, it is an adduced and very light response. That's why Toyota, Nissan and Honda are the brands that people prefer. One tries to support the American company as our presindant suggests and I find this.

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No more Jeep, Dodge or Chrysler for me! - 19 d 12 h ago


I'm leasing a 16 Cherokee and had a engine light on. I went to Port Jeff Jeep were I leased. Took 5 hrs to diagnose and fix. Spoke with Alex, service manager, that I wasn't happy waiting 5 hrs. No remorse, made me feel like it's my fault I waited. Next day engine light comes on, I call Alex, he says, these things happen. I was upset, just looking for an apology. None coming, just excuses. I told him I don't want that same incompetent tech working on my vehicle. He says were on the same page, he doesn't want to work on my vehicle, I'm banned from service. Called to file a complaint with GM, no one would put me through. Filed a complaint with customer service, not that it will do any good. Go to next closest dealer, they need the car for 2 or 3 days. No loaner car for me because I didn't lease through them. Customer service says, pay for rental, submit bill and MAYBE you'll get reimbursed. Really? No more Jeep, Dodge or Chrysler for me!

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Posted in Texas - 21 d 11 h ago


I have bought 3 new vehicles since 2015. The first being a 15 challenger. I traded it in on a 16 eco diesel that my dad drives. Since then I purchased a 2017 2500 6.4 hemi which was the biggest waist of money. I told the dealer in Bohnam Texas the first time I pulled a trailer that it wasn't going to work. They ran the numbers and wanted me to eat the cost of getting out of it. I kept it after reading some reviews that after 10k miles they get better. I work in West Texas and recently, with only 16k miles, the oil pressure sending unit has gone out. The dealers around here cant get me in for a month. I contacted Ram customer service and that was a joke. Not only have I waisted my money on the worst pickup ever they waist my time. I will be trading both pickups in on GMC before the year 2018 is over. DO NOT BUY Fiat Chrysler Dodge or Jeep products! They do not stand behind their products. Plus the service and customer service departments all SUCK! And that's being polite.

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Dissatisfied - 21 d 16 h ago


Don't ever buy the Chrysler oil change package. I went to Napleton Dodge in Arlington Heights, IL. and went to the "express" oil change lane recently and one hour and fifty minutes later I got my car back. Two years ago they charged me for the oil change and was told to come back on Monday to get a refund. I came back and the cashier stated that she could not give me a refund. I asked to talk to the manager, he was no help, and another guy took a photo of my paperwork and stated: you will have your check soon. Well, 2 years later, no check.I have had trouble with 3 Dodge dealers in this area. I keep changing dealers to find a good one but they are all bad. Incompetent technicians "mechanics" , and if you ask for the corporate office phone number to complain they will not give it to you. I tried to talk to one of the owners of Wickstrom Dodge in Barrington, IL. and the phone call always went in a circle and ended with the service manager and he could care less about my problem. The dealerships are going to destroy Dodge. I will never buy another one.

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Anonymous - 21 d 16 h ago

Riverside Dodge Escanaba Michigan do not waste your time going there for service it is an absolute travesty what they do

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Anonymous - 21 d 18 h ago


I bought a 2016 Dodge ProMaster and lives in the outer edges a very large city the nearest dealership is about 1 hour away so I took it there for a service engine light and the headlight mind you this vehicle only has about 26,000 miles on it they fix the headlight I went back for the service lightat which point they now tell me that because they don't sell this vehicle and I bought it at another dealership they can't work on it are you f'n kidding me what a joke Dodge should close their doors and go away cuz obviously they have ripped off enough people unbelievable going back to Ford

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