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Chrysler Group LLC

1000 Chrysler Dr.
Auburn Hills, MI
Sergio Marchionne
CEO and Chairman
(248) 576-5741
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Stephanie - 2 d 19 h ago


I have a 2017 Dodge Durango RT. I do have to say that I love the way it drives but have been disappointed with a couple of things...1) As my daughter and I were walking up the car the rear window exploded. I had to drive 25 miles home with glass crashing into the rear of the car. My dealer went out of business so I called the next closest and they wouldn't be able to get the car in for 4 days. Called the next closest who did get the car in and were able to repair it.(took a couple of weeks but they did a great job) 2) I noticed my license plate lights were not working. Was due for a service so had the dealer look at it while I was there on 12/10/2019. Initially they told me that both lenses need to be replaced but then come back and tell me that the problem is the tailgate runner assembly because of corrosion and they had to order it and it would cost me $1365.00. They also charged me $61 for the 1 license plate lense they had there and ordered the second. Mind you my car was only 2 1/5 years old but it had 39k miles so I was out of warranty. Needless to say I was pretty upset so when I got home I did call customer service. Customer service said since it was corrosion related that it should be warranty and while I was on hold called the dealership. Got back on the phone and said it would be warranteed and that the dealership would call me and as I was speaking to him they actually did. They bsaid they made a mistake and that it was warranteed and they would vcall me when the parts were in. I questioned them regarding the license plate lenses as they failed due to the warranteed part and thought I should be reimbursed for that. Was told he would speak to his manager and get back to me. Got back to me the next day and said they made another mistake and that the tailgate runner light was not under warranty and that I should take it back up with dodge. So now I call back and get assigned a case manager named Andre and a case # of 71540906. He has contacted me on a weekly basis telling me that he has not been able to get in touch with the dealer. So now it's over 1 month. With all of this time I've been waiting... I did a little research and come to find out that this has been an ongoing problem since 2014. I really don't understand why this problem hasn't been corrected in all this time and that it wouldn't automatically be warrantied or recalled. Please advise.

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Angry Disappointed Pacifica Owner - 5 d 5 s ago


Do not purchase a chrysler pacifica 2017 Limited or Touring they have battery and brake issues Chrysler is refusing to acknowledge or help get the issues rectified, I have had the car into the dealership twice for brake issues they just quit working when I am backing up or stopping and the car keeps rolling, because they can't "replicate it" we can't fix it, then I am told I have to start my car daily and let it idle to maintain the batteries, this is ridiculous you shouldn't have to start the car daily to keep batteries charged, this is a design flaw, I see mulitple posts regarding the brake issues and another family that has had their van in 4 times for same issue and still not rectified because when put on diagnostic they cannot find anything how about digging a little deeper Chrysler and figuring this out, based on the paper trail that is created when I am killed in an accident or injured we will be suing Chrysler since they are aware of the issues and their reps will not help either, I have a case number and rep and I have been told they cannot make the dealership look further into it

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Dave - 5 d 9 h ago


I purchased a new Jeep Wrangler Sahara in 2016. With 34K miles the check engine light came on. I ran the code and it was a misfire on #2 cylinder. The dealership kept the jeep 3 days and determined it was a loose rocker arm, (?), I brought the Jeep home and drove it for 3 months and the light came back on. I returned it to the dealership. New plugs, wires, coil, fuel injection cleaning and still throwing the light. Chrysler was contacted for help and they reported the cylinder head will be replaced. Well, its been 7 weeks and still do no have the Jeep back. I was told they are waiting on parts from Chrysler and do not know when they will get them. I've been patient but I've just about to the end of the rope. My next step is contacting Chrysler as recommended by the service adviser. I know I'm not the only one that needs service, but 7 weeks is a little extreme for a repair and still don't know when it will be repaired.

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Anonymous - 5 d 16 h ago

My wife's vehicle has been at the Davis, Ca. location for two months now for warranty transmission work. We originally brought the car in for a faulty alternator, the car never left the parking lot when the check engine light came on. Turned the computer was bad too. After the repair work the transmission started acting up, wouldn't shift into reverse without shutting the car off and restarting. Then it started having a sluggish shifting issue. We took it in and were told the transmission had failed. I was skeptical thinking it was still a computer issue. The service advisor informed me that a tear down would be required for my Dodge lifetime warranty. After a week and no word I called to find out NOBODY knew what was going on with the vehicle because the service advisor had quit. The new service manager assured me he would make it right and expedite the process. Another week goes by and now they claim they are waiting for the warranty company to come and inspect the now torn down transmission. Yet another week goes by and not a word so I call to find out that there was confusion on their end. Nobody was coming out and that they only needed to send pictures. Again I did not hear from anyone until I called yet again after the holidays to find out that the new service manager had also quit. Also to find out that a claim for my vehicle had never been started. Again was told " I will talk with my boss, get it expedited and call you back in a few hours." Well no phone call. Three day's later and still no word I finally had a day off and decided to go down there and find what exactly is going on. At this point I am introduced to yet another new service manager. When asking what was going on with the car he replied " we are just finishing it up." With no contact I asked what was done and he replied "nothing." They could not do anything because they do not have a transmission technician. So they are putting it back together so I can take it to another dealer. At this point I bet you can figure out my frustration. Along with his sad story he told me that it was almost together but would like to have it until Monday. (Whatever!) I had then made the comment that I would drive it to the next town to have it worked on as soon as it's back together. At this point this service manger told me DO NOT drive the vehicle, it will need to be towed. I drove in I should be able to drive out. At this point I had a real uneasy feeling and this guy is lying to me about something and or is trying to cover something up. I also have to question, with no transmission technician how was my transmission properly torn down or properly put back together? ( very concerning) so now it is Monday and I have contacted Hoblit Dodge to give them a heads up and that the would be showing up today. Surprisingly my car is still not put back together. I have a feeling or Suspicion that something is going on that is not right. Now I was in retail automotive for fourteen years, I have never seen anything this bad before. This is a dealership. A standard for automotive care, and this place is a down right circus. Being in the business for as long as I was I know as a consumer I have options and I know the options way heavy in the consumers favor especially in California. I do not want to Pursue that route. All I want is for the right thing to be done and for someone to get to the bottom of this disaster created by your dealership and have my vehicle repaired some time very soon. Your extremely concerned customer, Jimmy Gietler

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Jenny Thomas - 8 d ago


It's nice to see that you let your dealership in Clifton Park, New York employ a dispatcher that thinks it's funny when a customer was hit by a car in the dealership today and broke both of his legs. I will never buy another Chrysler product again and I left the dealership immediately after I heard that employee yelling at his distraught employees to get back to work because it was only broken legs. You are a terrible corporation that employs people with zero empathy. All about getting that money. I hope the man is okay, he was screaming as he lay there on the floor. Shame on you Chrysler!

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Neil Hunter - 32 d 6 h ago


On Friday 13th December 2019 I was involved in a collision in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE in my Dodge Ram 1500. I was travelling at around 100kmph when I was hit on the back right hand side by a vw golf travelling at around 110kmph. This caused my vehicle to veer to the right and the smash into a concrete wall. The ram then drove down the road on 2 wheels for about 40m and then dropped back onto 4 wheels. As it landed the ram pulled to the left, smashed through the central reservation and across the oncoming traffic before slamming into the rock face. The only airbags to deploy were the side impact airbags. I want someone from dodge to contact me ASAP to investigate this further. I'll also be looking for compensation. My email address is (hidden).

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Karen F... - 16 d 15 h ago


I was t-boned not one airbag deployed contacted Chrysler Dodge 5 weeks later someone closed my case 10 months later all we know is the takata airbags in the car were never connected for use. The company forgot about me. My injuries are disabling and I no longer can work. My accident was 3-12-19. They owe me..

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Jennings - 9 d 6 h ago


So sorry to hear that but my husband at a very similar situation where we was involved in an accident and no air bags deployed nor did the seat belts lock. I'm now trying to get in contact with Chrysler about this issue. If I have any luck I will inform you and will you do the same?

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Edyta Solecka - 12 d 20 h ago


Chrysler Pacifica 2017. Multiple issues with car. Sliding Doors, sensors to be reset, auto start battery died twice now, car locks itself, main battery died last Sat. Dealership tries to make me pay for repairs...this is ridiculous ..this is a new car and we fix it all the time. I called Chrysler Customer i have no intention to be paying for any repairs. What is more I want them to take this car and return my money. They told me i have to fix it first and they can buy it from me. This is not the same as returning faulty product. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!

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Ed Weitzman - 13 d ago


I ordered a new Dodge Ram 1500 I waited 6 2/8 weeks I demoed the truck this last weekend the steering the suspension is terrible I've been an owner of a 2007 Ram 9 Ram 12 Ram and still owner of a 15- Ram Sport in order for me to buy another truck you're going to have to do something with the suspension and steering suspension and steering on my 15 out handles your new truck 2020 if I were you I would put an option in there for sport or regular driving I left that information with the dealer as well..

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Paul Lambert - 16 d ago


I would like to know why I bought a 50k Jeep from Gettel Chrysler in Punta Gorda Florida on September 7, 2019 and my Sirius Satellite Radio and Navigation System was not given the proper subscription that I am supposed to get as indicated on the Window Sticker of the New Jeep. One (1) year Radio and Five (5) years Navigation I am supposed to receive for the $50,000 Jeep Overland I bought which I assumed was New and was told was New. According to the Sirius representative Gettel in fact called in for a 90 day Radio subscription and 1 year on the Navigation.

Sirius told me that Gettel activated my system on October 10, 2019 for 90 days. They told me I got the standard 90 days that are issued for those who purchase Used Vehicles. Not sure why but that screws me out of 9 months of Radio and 4 years of Navigation. Nobody at Gettel has or will help me. Please help me at the Chrysler Corporation.

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Challenger enthusiast in Kenosha, WI - 17 d 33 m ago


I purchased a 2019 Dodge Challenger in May 2019. I wanted to let you know that I am extremely satisfied with this car. I was a teenager in the late 60's early 70's, wanted a Challenger, and always was a MOPAR guy. Now that I retired I was contemplating the purchase of a muscle car. The old muscle cars were expensive, 50 years old, and did not have new technology or a warranty. My decision was to buy new. Note that no other car was considered. I only wanted a Challenger. I couldn't afford one when they first came out but now I could. It is a thrill to drive. You were true to the original styling, which I appreciated. I plan to keep and enjoy this car for many years.

Thanks for great styling, performance, and being true to the Challenger design.

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Karen F... - 16 d 15 h ago


I suggest you take the car to see if the airbags are connected. I was in an accident March 12 2019 in a 2013 Dodge Challenger I was T-boned in the left rear door panel it totaled my car. Not one air bag deployed. We contacted Chrysler Dodge we've given them now almost 10 months to resolve the problem but my husband was told they closed the case. We got no notice no professionalism we got kicked to the curb. Pictures don't lie. The Takata airbags were not connected to be used in an accident. That's what my husband was told. I am now disabled from the accident driving a 13 year old vehicle and nearly broke. I would certainly suggest your new car be inspected for safety features before it's to late. Dodge owes me.

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Will in West Texas - 17 d 5 h ago


I have been an exclusive Dodge/Jeep owner since 1980. This is the first time I have had an experience that I feel is borderline illegal and has left me seriously questioning my loyalty to Chrysler.. I retired a year ago, so I no longer need a big 4WD Ram truck and I was also wanting to decrease vehicle payments as I go into fixed income. I was looking at purchasing something around a Jeep Compass or Renegade level. First, the dealership showed me a Cherokee at 27K and I told them that was not what I was looking for. (my payments would have dropped by $48.00) so not one of my criteria. Again, asked about a Compass and stated, again, I was looking for something iin the 22-23K range. The Dealership had an off Red Renegade on the lot and I told them I would prefer either white or maybe blue, but not the red. I left the lot to run errands, and was called about 40 minutes later and told they had found me a vehicle within my expectations. I returned to the lot and was let to the red Renegade and told "it is this exact vehicle, only in White. " The Sales person started showing me options; full spare, media radio, vents in the roof that open up. etc. I asked and was told numerous times, "it is this exact jeep, only in White" so I did not pay as close of attention as I should have. We went inside and the salesperson showed me a printout of the window sticker, and I briefly glanced over it. (I had been told numerous times, it is the exact vehicle) The only thing I noticed missing from the list was Cruise Control and was told that came with all the vehicles, so I processed and signed the paperwork. That was on Saturday, the Jeep would be delivered on Monday afternoon after lunch. Monday comes, cold and rainy. It is after 4 pm before the Jeep will be ready. I arrive at the dealership and still have to wait while the salesperson finishes the detail of the Jeep.(fuel and Safety etch of the glass. (they only did that after I asked if it had been done). I go outside and look at the actual vehicle. It was late in the day, it was cold it was wet. I was ready to get home. I got into the vehicle and started it. The first thing I noticed; The vehicle had 1113 miles on it, NOT the 50 or 60 miles listed on the paperwork. The salesperson said that the dealer they got the Jeep from failed to list the mileage, so they would give me a service pack of Oil Changes to compensate for the mileage. In and of itself, not a big deal. I paired my phone with the vehicle and left the dealership. I noticed the Jeep did not have the vents in the roof, but, again, it was not an option I wanted so not a big deal. It was the next afternoon after it had stopped raining and was a bit warmer before I started looking at everything. It was then I found out the vehicle had an air pump instead of the spare tire and jack. and That the radio was just a basic radio with Bluetooth phone only. I called the salesperson and told them about my concerns about the missing options. I was told they would check and take care of it. About a week later, I had a spare tire and Jack and was told they were still checking on the Radio. I left town for Christmas and when I returned I had a card from the dealership with the promised service package for 2 tire rotations and 2 oil changes. The problem with this was that it was my address but it was not in my name. It happened to be in the name of my deceased brother. I go back to the dealership to get this corrected, and again, told it was just an error, but wondered what would have happened had I not caught it early to get it changed. I then asked about any progress on getting the radio issue taken care of and the General Manager stated he had no idea what I was talking about, so I relayed all of the above story to him. He started on the general line that "we are very careful about the information we present and it was my misunderstanding of that information. etc..." He basically gave me that attitude that it was my fault and not theirs, even with the proof of all the errors so far, and would not try and rectify the problem. I informed him I would post this to corporate, and see about filing a complaint about a Bait and Switch on the vehicles, and either get the radio or request the return of my original vehicle returned so I can purchase a different vehicle someplace else. I would appreciate hearing from someone in Corporate to see what my recourse should be in this matter. my e-mail is (hidden)

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Heather - 19 d 7 h ago

I was recently involved in a hit and run in my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Submit, obviously I was on the hitting end of this accident, a head light was ordered for my car on 12/12 and the shop that is working on my Jeep still has not received the head light at this point that is all that the shop is waiting on to complete my Jeep. My understanding is that shops are put on a "list for ordering" items and the shop that my Jeep is at customer service was unable to say where on that list they are. This is not my problem, I would like to be contacted with information about how Jeep can get me my headlight. My Email in (hidden)

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cheryl h - 22 d 10 h ago


I have been using Jeep Chrysler in Orange Park for over 3 years getting my routine oil change every 3 thousand miles. Always had good service and no complaints in the last 2 years have had nothing but issues. I started working from home and not driving as much so decided I didn't need the frequent oil changes so I decided to wait a little longer between changes. Once I took it back for the oil change and I asked them to check the brakes since I kept hearing it squeaking I paid for some type of cleaning and soon as I started to drive away I still heard the squeaking after waiting over two hours for the oil change and the cleaning now being told I need to wait and they will have the tech come and check it back out. I didn't have the time so I left and decided to come back another time. The next oil change someone was supposed to check it out, but it stopped squeaking when I took it in, this time they recommended a tire rotation now being told some type of clip was missing and this could cause the tire to come off, I didn't have the money so they said I had to sign some type of release to drive my own car home because it was dangerous and they warned me. I signed the release drove it to a tire shop and they tightened the clip back on and never had another problem. My last and I mean my last time dealing with Chrysler jeep when I decided to go back again for the oil change before I trade it in, I took off work early this time I waited over and hour then told my oil plug had been stripped and a special tool was needed and the tech with the tool was gone to lunch and I would need to wait about 2 hours. How would I know there was only one tool and why would I know lunch times? They couldn't tell me that when I pulled up and got checked in. Then sort of questioned if I took the car anywhere else for oil change. I had been getting the oil changes here for over 3 years, if it was stripped your techs did it with those machines they use which is what happens sometimes as I was told but of course no one will admit guilt, I was told to come back early one Saturday morning but would need to pay $10 for new plug. I went back 6:00 am one Saturday morning a few weeks ago only to be the 8 or 9th in line but I waited. This time after an hour told they couldn't take the plug off with the tool and if they force it off it will damage oil pan now estimated over $400 with labor. Now I am livid, no compensation for my time for taking off my job or running back and force to get a simple oil change and still willing to pay for an oil plug you all stripped. I asked for the manager and was told not in but assistant manager was there he was just sitting there he heard me talking with the service guy and getting upset and he neither did nor said anything. You better believe I won't be getting anything else from your dealership, I was going to trade my car in for another jeep but I will go with another car first. If the service stinks then I won't even give sales a chance, I called corporate 1(hidden) to complain and a lady took my information but I never heard nothing. I just want to let your know you have lost a good customer and many more once I get with my friends and family who also drive jeeps. Bad customer service is what will bring a company down, I am just the low person on the totem pole to you all but I will let my experience be known on social media which is the only means it seems to get people's attention.

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Anonymous - 25 d 20 h ago


I have a problem with crown dodge ram of Chattanooga tn .I put my jeep Cherokee 1999 .in for a leak in the windshield and $1900 dollars later .they said it was fixed .but when it rains guess what I still have a leak

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Anonymous - 40 d 6 h ago

This is james garner I bought a dodge ram 1500 qaud cab truck I've been tryen to talk to some one about a problem I have . I sleed off road at 65 mph and hit tree the airbags didnt deploy I was sore but not injured I was told to sue but I'm not that way I'm poor I dont have alot of money but I loved my truck it was the nicest truck I ever owned can yall not fix the front of my truck on cont of the airbags not deployen that way I dont want to have yall having hard fillings with me and it would asave a lot of money and time I just want my truck fixed if yall can if so contact me at (hidden)

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Maria Bonacci - 42 d 5 h ago

I would like to know what recourse that I can take on an issue that arose with my 2015 Dodge dart. A short while ago I received a recall notice for a problem with the transmission. I went directly to a Chrysler dealer who then told me to wait for a second letter. Well , I recently was involved in an accident because my brakes failed. My mechanic told me that it is related to the issues with the transmission. I looked this problem up on line and found that there are numerous complaints about 2015 Darts not being able to stop. Can I get any restitution for this accident and all the cost to me because of this ? Who do I need to contact about this ?

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Daniel Lum Jr. - 45 d 5 h ago


I own a 2010 HEMI RAM 1500 CREW CAB ;

Would just like to say since I bought this truck in 2010 it's been the greatest vehicle I've ever Owned . I'm 60 years old , so I've been in lots of them , and I'm a machanic by trade . My truck has been trouble free ! Thanks for building such an awesome truck .

Danny Lum

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Anonymous - 47 d 5 h ago

Hello I am writing in regards to a recall on my 2012 Dodge Durango. I have been having issues with it stop while in the middle of a turn driving when I am getting ready to stop or slow down. I've already had it to the dealership three times and I'm understanding now there is a recall on the fuel relay. I had it in at the dealership last November 27, 2019. They had a feel pump relay in stock there but not part of the recall piece that is supposed to be been put in one available. I have a case number any case manager and no one will be able to help me. It is absolutely dangerous to be driving a vehicle that stalls at any given point with no warning. I have two small children I tote around in that vehicle that I have to take to school and to other things. I need my vehicle it is a lifeline for us. My husband works as a full-time employee himself. I was told the Chrysler won't even give us a rental vehicle which the dealership is willing to give us as long as Chrysler will push it through. I was told they will not give us one because there is not an estimated time of arrival for the new piece that needs to be replaced. I don't understand how this can be my problem. It's going to be priceless problem if something happens to us while I'm driving this vehicle. There is no reason they cannot give us a rental car. Chrysler is a multi billion dollar business I don't understand why a vehicle cannot be made available for us until this piece is available to be put into my truck and make it safe to drive again. I've tried calling and going up as high as I can I was told the Chrysler won't even give us a rental vehicle which the dealership is willing to give us as long as Chrysler will push it through. I was told they will not give us one because there is not an estimated time of arrival for the new piece that needs to be replaced. I don't understand how this can be my problem. It's going to be priceless problem if something happens to us while I'm driving this vehicle. There is no reason they cannot give us a rental car. Chrysler is a multi billion dollar business I don't understand why a vehicle cannot be made available for us until this piece is available to be put into my truck and make it safe to drive again. I've tried calling and going up as high as I canTo get help and no one wants to be able to do that or is an allowed to do that. Chrysler it needs to get themselves together and do right by their customers.

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Joshua Ireland - 58 d 50 s ago


This company has joined forces with the current administration in the so-called Coalition for Sustainable Automotive Regulation, together with GM and Toyota.

I have bought cars from all three of these automakers in the past. Never again.

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Adriana V - 59 d 16 h ago


I purchased a brand new 2019 Dodge Durango. My first brand new car just a couple of months ago and now it's sitting at a dealership for over 4 weeks with a broken main Abs brake line and it's a STEEL brake line with a protective shield covering it!!! Warranty says they will not cover and my insurance will not cover because after investigating it was determined by the techs and the insurance adjuster that no outside source caused it to break and that it's a defect. Do you realize how catastrophic this could have been not only to me but to my two young children if I had not taken it in to service when I did??!! The dealership where I bought it from has wiped their hands clean and said they can't help me and I had a case opened with FCA and the case managers name was Tae'le and I was initially told that seeing that no outside source caused the damage that Chrysler would pay all of the repairs (almost $2,800) as a goodwill and that mine and my kids safety is you alls number one priority. What a bunch of bull because 4 weeks later of back and forth nonsense I get told unfortunately Chrysler can't help you afterall! What in the world??!! I was reassured not only once but several times that I would be taken care of and would have my brand new vehicle repaired in no time. I am in disbelief that such a large and well known corporation would treat paying consumers like garbage. Now I'm left with absolutely no means of transportation and a brand new useless vehicle that I still have to pay for. Shame on you Chrysler!!

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H Stein - 61 d ago

Have paid up front down payment for a new rear section hated top for Gladiator Rubiconnin amount of $2200.00. That was September 2nd, 2019. Still waiting for hardtop section to replace polycarbonate metal screwed in rear window and top this 19th day of November. Chrysler is more interested in making new/additional profit that satisfying existing customer. A customer that has had 16 Chrysler products in lifetime and still has five In service at this time. Gladiator in quality thru out but that quality in and by it's self is not the only element to customer satisfaction. Buying a fully decked out top of the line product and having to drive it around for nearly three months in a bandaged up condition, with no solution in sight. I even offered to drive from Port Huron, Michigan to Toledo, Ohio and pick up a new rear top destined for the assembly line. Official complaint process cannot get answers. Very disappointed in Port Huron.

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ANGELA AND VERY LIVID - 61 d 9 h ago


Today is 11/19/2019 and I took my truck to Galeana's Van Dyke Dodge on 11/11/2019 at 9am.. My truck has been there the whole time . I took the truck in because of no heat. I have the Mopar Lifetime Maximum Care but do to my truck is over 100,000 miles it don't cover the rental or the a loaner. I spoke with Gordon at the dealer ship and he told me that it will be 2 days . So I got a rental for 2 day but today is 11/19/2019 and I'm still in the rental. I call back up to the dealer and spoke to Gordon again and he told me that if my truck is less than $500 then they will have to email Mopar about getting approval for the truck to see if it covered. NOW I THINK THATS ALOT OF BS BECAUSE THAT MEAN IF 5 PEOPLE COMES BEHIND ME AND IF THERE CAR OR TRUCK IS MORE THAN $500 WORTH OF WORK THEY CAN CALL MOPAR AND GET THE APPROVAL OVER THE PHONE AND THAT WILL PUSH ME BACK AND CAUSE ME TO PAY MORE IN RENTAL FEES.. I AM VERY LIVID ABOUT THIS BECAUSE THIS NOT RIGHT TO ME OR ONE AT ALL .. I'M PAYING MORE IN RENTAL FEES BECAUSE OF THIS . SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS. I HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR A RENTAL SINCE Veteran Day. My husband is a veteran and this is how we get treated .. I CALLED MOPAR AND THEY SAID ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS CALL THEM FOR THE APPROVAL OVER THE PHONE.. THIIS IS TO MUCH MONEY I'M PAYING OUT BECAUSE OF THE THIS SYSTEM..CAN SOME ONE PLEASE CALL ASAP.. ANGELA (hidden)

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Anonymous First of all me and a couple of friends went to the jack in ... 

ESPN, Inc.
Anonymous Be hyped for everything not a damn criminal who came back a ... 

T-Mobile USA, Inc.
Jeff Bad customer service.EACH TIME YOU CALL YOU GET DIFFERENT A ... 

ADT Security Services, Inc
Concerned person wanting an email for corporate Good evening,

Safeway, Inc.
Concerned Customer I am a loyal Safeway customer I have shopped at Safeway my  ... 

P F Changs China Bistro Inc
Fabiola Gomez I've been a frequent customer of PF Changs at the falls for ... 

Burger King Worldwide Inc
Anonymous On Jan.18th, 2020 Iam at the drive thur from 6:09 it now 6: ... 

Ashley Furniture
Scott Meadows I wish someone from Ashley would call me .

Arvest Bank-Bentonville
G.A. OBrien Gday Arvest i had a crisis having to get arvest bank wires  ... 

Rooms To Go
Lavern Morris Our experience with Rooms to Go Customer Care has been awfu ... 

Anonymous I took my beagle to the 3739 William Penn Highway Monroevil ... 

Dissapointed 398890646 I ordered a washer n dryer 2 days ago for delivery today, 2 ... 

Public Storage
Sean I've been a customer of the location on 11625 Olympic for l ... 

Panera Bread
Pam sharp I am so upset. We came here Jan 19 at 3:00 for my daughters ... 

Family Dollar Stores, Inc.
Tj o'Neil I think that you over work your store managers , some work  ... 

BP Oil
Harold L Berk Pay a week early or they charge you $35.36! I will cancel m ...