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Chrysler Group LLC

1000 Chrysler Dr.
Auburn Hills, MI
Sergio Marchionne
CEO and Chairman
(248) 576-5741
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Daniel Lum Jr. - 1 d 18 s ago


I own a 2010 HEMI RAM 1500 CREW CAB ;

Would just like to say since I bought this truck in 2010 it's been the greatest vehicle I've ever Owned . I'm 60 years old , so I've been in lots of them , and I'm a machanic by trade . My truck has been trouble free ! Thanks for building such an awesome truck .

Danny Lum

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Anonymous - 3 d 1 m ago

Hello I am writing in regards to a recall on my 2012 Dodge Durango. I have been having issues with it stop while in the middle of a turn driving when I am getting ready to stop or slow down. I've already had it to the dealership three times and I'm understanding now there is a recall on the fuel relay. I had it in at the dealership last November 27, 2019. They had a feel pump relay in stock there but not part of the recall piece that is supposed to be been put in one available. I have a case number any case manager and no one will be able to help me. It is absolutely dangerous to be driving a vehicle that stalls at any given point with no warning. I have two small children I tote around in that vehicle that I have to take to school and to other things. I need my vehicle it is a lifeline for us. My husband works as a full-time employee himself. I was told the Chrysler won't even give us a rental vehicle which the dealership is willing to give us as long as Chrysler will push it through. I was told they will not give us one because there is not an estimated time of arrival for the new piece that needs to be replaced. I don't understand how this can be my problem. It's going to be priceless problem if something happens to us while I'm driving this vehicle. There is no reason they cannot give us a rental car. Chrysler is a multi billion dollar business I don't understand why a vehicle cannot be made available for us until this piece is available to be put into my truck and make it safe to drive again. I've tried calling and going up as high as I can I was told the Chrysler won't even give us a rental vehicle which the dealership is willing to give us as long as Chrysler will push it through. I was told they will not give us one because there is not an estimated time of arrival for the new piece that needs to be replaced. I don't understand how this can be my problem. It's going to be priceless problem if something happens to us while I'm driving this vehicle. There is no reason they cannot give us a rental car. Chrysler is a multi billion dollar business I don't understand why a vehicle cannot be made available for us until this piece is available to be put into my truck and make it safe to drive again. I've tried calling and going up as high as I canTo get help and no one wants to be able to do that or is an allowed to do that. Chrysler it needs to get themselves together and do right by their customers.

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Joshua Ireland - 13 d 18 h ago


This company has joined forces with the current administration in the so-called Coalition for Sustainable Automotive Regulation, together with GM and Toyota.

I have bought cars from all three of these automakers in the past. Never again.

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Adriana V - 15 d 10 h ago


I purchased a brand new 2019 Dodge Durango. My first brand new car just a couple of months ago and now it's sitting at a dealership for over 4 weeks with a broken main Abs brake line and it's a STEEL brake line with a protective shield covering it!!! Warranty says they will not cover and my insurance will not cover because after investigating it was determined by the techs and the insurance adjuster that no outside source caused it to break and that it's a defect. Do you realize how catastrophic this could have been not only to me but to my two young children if I had not taken it in to service when I did??!! The dealership where I bought it from has wiped their hands clean and said they can't help me and I had a case opened with FCA and the case managers name was Tae'le and I was initially told that seeing that no outside source caused the damage that Chrysler would pay all of the repairs (almost $2,800) as a goodwill and that mine and my kids safety is you alls number one priority. What a bunch of bull because 4 weeks later of back and forth nonsense I get told unfortunately Chrysler can't help you afterall! What in the world??!! I was reassured not only once but several times that I would be taken care of and would have my brand new vehicle repaired in no time. I am in disbelief that such a large and well known corporation would treat paying consumers like garbage. Now I'm left with absolutely no means of transportation and a brand new useless vehicle that I still have to pay for. Shame on you Chrysler!!

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H Stein - 16 d 15 h ago

Have paid up front down payment for a new rear section hated top for Gladiator Rubiconnin amount of $2200.00. That was September 2nd, 2019. Still waiting for hardtop section to replace polycarbonate metal screwed in rear window and top this 19th day of November. Chrysler is more interested in making new/additional profit that satisfying existing customer. A customer that has had 16 Chrysler products in lifetime and still has five In service at this time. Gladiator in quality thru out but that quality in and by it's self is not the only element to customer satisfaction. Buying a fully decked out top of the line product and having to drive it around for nearly three months in a bandaged up condition, with no solution in sight. I even offered to drive from Port Huron, Michigan to Toledo, Ohio and pick up a new rear top destined for the assembly line. Official complaint process cannot get answers. Very disappointed in Port Huron.

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ANGELA AND VERY LIVID - 17 d 50 m ago


Today is 11/19/2019 and I took my truck to Galeana's Van Dyke Dodge on 11/11/2019 at 9am.. My truck has been there the whole time . I took the truck in because of no heat. I have the Mopar Lifetime Maximum Care but do to my truck is over 100,000 miles it don't cover the rental or the a loaner. I spoke with Gordon at the dealer ship and he told me that it will be 2 days . So I got a rental for 2 day but today is 11/19/2019 and I'm still in the rental. I call back up to the dealer and spoke to Gordon again and he told me that if my truck is less than $500 then they will have to email Mopar about getting approval for the truck to see if it covered. NOW I THINK THATS ALOT OF BS BECAUSE THAT MEAN IF 5 PEOPLE COMES BEHIND ME AND IF THERE CAR OR TRUCK IS MORE THAN $500 WORTH OF WORK THEY CAN CALL MOPAR AND GET THE APPROVAL OVER THE PHONE AND THAT WILL PUSH ME BACK AND CAUSE ME TO PAY MORE IN RENTAL FEES.. I AM VERY LIVID ABOUT THIS BECAUSE THIS NOT RIGHT TO ME OR ONE AT ALL .. I'M PAYING MORE IN RENTAL FEES BECAUSE OF THIS . SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS. I HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR A RENTAL SINCE Veteran Day. My husband is a veteran and this is how we get treated .. I CALLED MOPAR AND THEY SAID ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS CALL THEM FOR THE APPROVAL OVER THE PHONE.. THIIS IS TO MUCH MONEY I'M PAYING OUT BECAUSE OF THE THIS SYSTEM..CAN SOME ONE PLEASE CALL ASAP.. ANGELA (hidden)

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Nana Sandra - 17 d 14 h ago


I just want whom ever reads this to tell all your hard working employees that build your cars saved 4 lives on Oct. 13 2019 at 430am in southern Ca. My daughter Kristina, my grandson Adan, the driver my future son in law Mario and Me the kool grandma, Sandra. Well to make long story short. Driver fell asleep at wheel, ...we rolled. I was asleep that is what woke me up. Felt like it was never gonna end. Sliding. Then slam!! Into a ditch sideways front in. Wow! Every air bag popped open. I really feel that make of car and hard work of your staff making it saved our life and for that i am for ever grateful. I tell my family and friends about the dodge durango story and the neat helicopter ride i got to take that night. Im slowly recovery. 5 broken ribs and a broken hand. Im a tough grand ma! Im glad dodge is tough like Me! Thank you again. Sandra Sanchez

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Ron B Minnesota - 19 d 19 h ago

Who was the focus group on the new Dodge --warlock A bunch of witches

! defination of warlock, a person who practices black magic, ya that's what i want to do drive around in a black magic warlock, I don't think anybody even bothered to look it up. Makes you think what else there up too, I can see the excec's cackiing and brewing in the back of one of these warlock''s. By the way been driving a dodge truck for last four years, nice truck, but got to go with maybe a toyota no Warlock for me.


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Anonymous - 24 d 14 h ago

Did Chrysler not hire a Chicken George voiceover from Roots to promote its Pacifica tv ad?

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Anonymous - 20 d 14 h ago

Are you attempting to be racist?

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James - 20 d 17 h ago

My daughter and her husband, who both work as 911 dispatchers for Oakland County recently applied for a family and friend discount for purchasing a new Chrysler Mini-Van through a friend who works for FCA.

The response they received was rather surprising.

Request Rejected: Employee Advantage Control Number Rejection Mai RQ408084

Pursuant to Chrysler Group LLC Policy 1-5 Lobbying: political contribution and other political activity and Chrysler Group LLC Policy 1-15 , anti corruption policy your request for a customer discount has been denied because the intended customer or an immediate member of the intended customer is a government official, government employee or candidate for government office to whom provision of the discount could constitute a violation of applicable law.

What kind of Crap is this?

Does this include every police officer, firefighter, all military ?????

Nobody has ever heard of anything so stupid.!!

I would love to hear the justification.!

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Randy - 23 d 21 h ago


I had to work so my wife went to Keep Chrysler in Goldsboro Nc. They took advantage of her by throwing numbers in her face and after having her sit their for 4 hours have her sign papers were the numbers were not the same. Yes we know she should not have signed but at that moment she was tired and not seeing the bottoms line. We contact them and ask them to please work with us on the interest rate and the total cost of financing. They refused threw the paper back in her face and showed her that in N.C. there is no cooling off period. She even went to another bank and had a check in her hand and they refused to work still work with her.this has been the WORST CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE WE HAVE EVER HAD.

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Mary Swihart - 37 d ago


I have been getting the run around for two months. I have had the absolute worst Customer Service - Mopar Customer Care

PO Box 21-8004, Auburn Hills MI 48321-8004, (hidden) - I have ever had in my life. It must be nice to not have to respond to US Mail, Emails and Phone calls.

My Chrysler Town and Country has had more major problems than any other vehicle I have ever owned (ref:_00Dj01qsDF._5003Zw64El:ref). Maybe someone at the CEO level can check my complaint and have the decency to get back to me. See Reference Number above.

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Alicia Honor - 36 d 20 h ago


This company has been a piece of shit to work with. There must be a lemon lawsuit out here. I've been going back and forth with the peace of shit of a company and no one seems to have supervisors over them.

Never ever buy a car from them again. Go Toyota their the best cars around.

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Mary Swihart - 27 d ago

Update 11-09-2019. I finally got someone to call me back from Customer Care the day after I posted my comment above. He said he was sorry for the delay in responding to my request for reimbursement for the cylinder head repair. He said that they were sending me a check and I should have it in 10 days. Well, yesterday 11-08-2019 I got my reimbursement check. I don't know if it was my persistence or the fact that no one on their end knew what was going on with my request, but at least I did get what I thought was rightly due me.

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Kamief Jenkins - 27 d ago


November 7, 2019

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter in regards to the inexcusable service I received from Executive Dodge of Wallingford. In January of 2019 I purchased a brand new Dodge 3500 for my towing business from Executive Dodge.

On September 15, 2019 the coolant light in the vehicle came on. Coolant was added and there were no visible leaks. The light cleared and came back on twice within seven days. Again, there were no visible leaks. I contacted Executive Dodge and they scheduled an appointment for the vehicle on September 28, 2019. My truck remained at the dealership until October 3, 2019. The diagnosis was the recovery tank and hose. I was not happy with this diagnosis and repair because there were no visible signs of leakage at any point. If there any leaks were present there would have been puddles. This repair cost me over $600.00.

The next day after I picked my car up the light came on again. I scheduled another appointment with Executive Dodge for October 8, 2019. The coolant was low, however; there were no visible leaks. I added more coolant and on October 7, 2019 while driving, the coolant light came on and the truck shut down. The truck would not start. At this point, I had to have the truck towed from Massachusetts to Executive Dodge the day before my scheduled appointment for the same issue.

On October 8, 2019 I received a phone call from Executive Dodge stating that my truck engine seized due to having no oil. The oil in my vehicle is checked on a regular basis. I complete oil changes every 4-5,000 miles (which I have proof of). Additionally, Dodge completed a multipoint inspection which includes checking the oil. At this point, Executive Dodge attempted to charge me $30,000 for a new engine. They contacted the extended warranty company and reported that the engine blew due to there being no oil in the vehicle. I attempted to explain that the problem was a result of a misdiagnosis by Executive Dodge and they denied and blamed me indicating that there was no oil on the dipstick. I patiently waited for four additional days hoping that Dodge would do the right thing. Both the Service Manager and the Service Advisor, Eric Bergers were extremely unhelpful and actually charged me an additional diagnostic fee of $190.00 when my vehicle was towed in for the same issue.

At this point, it was apparent that Executive Dodge was not going to do the right thing. I had my vehicle towed out and brought elsewhere to get a second opinion. The truck was opened up and inspected properly to obtain an accurate diagnosis. It was found that the issue was a failure of the EGR cooler. It was also indicated that the engine was full of oil however; it was thick due to mixing with coolant. Executive Dodge blatantly lied when they reported that there was no oil present. The warranty company is covering the EGR cooler but not the motor. I place no blame on the warranty company. I do however, blame Executive Dodge of Wallingford for a misdiagnosis and overall poor service.

I will never again purchase a vehicle from Executive Dodge. Additionally, I will not purchase a Dodge vehicle again. I will also never recommend Executive Dodge or Dodge vehicles. Executive Dodge would like me to bring my vehicle back once again. They had the opportunity to do the right thing on two occasions and they failed to do so, costing me $30,000 and lost wages. My livelihood has been greatly affected as I have had to put my business on hold. I am disappointed and disgusted with the inexcusable handling of this situation.


Kamief Jenkins

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Wilson - 28 d 15 h ago


I have contacted Aventura dealership for the Recall V63 and I was informed By Mr Roberto Ortiz that he had to order the part and he would call me when the parts arrives. Which never did. After a month I called Mr. Ortiz several times and no return when I call the main number and I was informed that the part has arrived and was used in another car. I was upset and I was told the they would reorder. After few days no response I contacted Mr. Ortiz and no answer back. I contacted the supervisor Mr. Barreiro twice, who never answer me back but I believe that he contacted Mr Ortiz who sent me a SMS. I made an appointment for Nov 1 and I called before because I live far from the dealership. Mr Ortiz once again never returned my calls. I work as a Flight attendant and I am not always available and on my first time on the Aventura dealership I explained that I couldn't wait and it was possible to have a loaner car they said yes. But Today Nov 7 I went there and I also mentioned again that the volume of the radio is volume oscillates high and low and when it rains it accumulates watering the sunroof and makes a lot of noise. Mr. Ortiz told me he could give me a loaner car but I had to return on Saturday , 2 days later, but I explained that I had a work trip and I would return on Thursday. He replied that I had to return on Saturday than go back to finish the service. I asked to talk to the supervisor he said he was not there, but he said few minutes before he was there. I cannot believe that after all that unprofessionalism and horrible customer service they dined to extend the loaner car for 2 more days? How is that possible? I had several other cars, my last one was a Land Rover and it never happened before I was never been mistreated like that. I regretted to purchased this Jeep I wish I could go back.

I would like to solve this issue asap.

Thank you

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David - 30 d 22 h ago

Helping a student with an assignment. Trying to answer these questions about the Dodge company...any help will be huge.

1. What are three departments that exist within that company?

2. What are the main functions of each of those three departments?

3. How does each department specifically contribute to the success of the


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KRMurphy - 30 d 20 h ago


Has there been a recall on driver side sliding door on the 2016 Town and Country yet? There are posts all over the internet of people have the same issue, over and over.

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Dave Domes - 31 d 6 h ago


First and last Chrysler I will ever buy! They have the worst customer! I had to have my 2017 Ram Promaster Van towed to the dealership because the transmission went. While they were checking that over they found the motor is also bad. Even though both are still under warranty, they can't give me a timeframe on when my vehicle will be ready. I am now making payments on a vehicle that I don't have.

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Amelia Island Florida - 50 d 2 h ago


Brand new 2019 jeep renegade (Paid for- we don't owe) that needs a shutter grill and was told this part is unavailable until mid January. First was told mid December. Ridiculous! How can they keep making these jeeps and selling them when parts aren't available? No one seems to care. Meanwhile we are paying for a rental while waiting. Do NOT buy a jeep renegade!

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Alicia Honor - 34 d 15 m ago


No one should buy vehicles from any of these companies. There are the worst!

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David Robbins - 36 d ago


This is my 4th or 5th Ram pickups and at least 7th Dodge vehicle. My 2018 Ram 3500 dually had multiple transmission and flywheel issues at a little over 7,000 miles. Chrysler finally did a vehicle buyback, that didn't seem quite fair to me, and I received a 2019 Ram 3500 dually. It now has 7,800 miles and at around 1,300 miles, the check engine light came on. I took it to the local Ram dealer and they said it was an issue with a heater element. A few weeks ago I went out to start it and it wouldn't start. The temperature was above freezing but below 40 degrees and at that time I didn't call the dealer about it. Today, 20191031, I took a day of leave to pull my 5th wheel to have it's yearly checkup and winterization done. It didn't start this morning and I had to call and reschedule my RV appointment. I called the local dealer about it and they told me it would be next week before they could look at it.

I am frustrated with the Ram Trucks and I am going to try to get a Chevy Truck with the help of Chrysler. I have been a loyal Dodge and Ram customer and these last 2 Ram pickups have taken that loyalty right out of me.

I would like to know if anyone else has had these types, or any types of issues, with the Ram brand. My loyalty is choosing another brand.

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Debbie - 36 d 7 h ago


Will do, thank you. im still buying 18000 she charged me with 10000 interest payed 8900 but put 2000 cash down 6900 plus interest 10100 then she added 5900 more interest so im paying 18000 for a 3400 suv i went to get a loan but all they could loan me is 2000 haha on me it leaks inside when it rains ruined whole inside had 2 get a trans 1 week after i got also an air compessor mats i put 1000 or more in it alarm 400.00 sidebars 400.00 new mats 100.00 key broke 50.00 the state of michigan is sending me several violations took 6 months or more they forged are signatures i never got a title they wont give to state its so bad im not paying for this if i can get help please i sent letter to them the 17th of oct they told me to stating i want to return this all refunds back if not ill take further action please let me know thank you they refused letter please help if you can Debra (hidden) please let me know who can help had 2 sell my 2011 dodge ram 1500 to pay my home taxes only owed 5000 more it killed me 2 sell had no choice then i get this please help me some how Debra

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Alicia Honor - 36 d 19 h ago


I've been going back and forth with the dealership where I purchased my car. It seems they reset the engine light and never repaired anything wrong with the car. Now dealing with the corporate level their adjuster and case manager is the worst. They have you make an appointment with a dealer and not explain the process to you. I have voicemail messages to prove it.

I lost time off from work that I can never get back and no one can give me a loaner or pay for the rental to fix my car or replace time lost from work.

I never had a problem when I owned a Toyota for the first 4years of owning the car. When I had work to be done they provided the loaner and I provided the insurance.

I was warned to go back to Toyota. These people are the worst. Especially when they know this car is discontinued.

Mr. Chairman, Sergio for all the people that are complaining and you don't help gives you a bad name. At the end, you will receive your reward as well.

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