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Chrysler Group LLC

1000 Chrysler Dr.
Auburn Hills, MI
Sergio Marchionne
CEO and Chairman
(248) 576-5741
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Adrienne Anderson - 1 h ago

Adrienne Anderson

I bought a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica and it has been a lemon since the week of having it. It has been in the shop numerous times. The dealership has been working on it for almost 2 years and worked orgone into transmission 4 to 5 times . They have been covering the rental cost and trying to prepare the van. But it's still a lemon. Chrysler keeps giv6me the run around. All I ask is for them to buy it back where I can get something a little more dependable. Now they say no arbitration because of the miles

But it was happening at 100 miles of driving off the lot. Thomson motor center in Thomson Georgia wouldn't even work on van. They said in so many words I was crazy and drive the van.

We took van to Athens and they have tried to solve the issue. But van is a LEMON

I am going through alot with Chrysler and it is uncalled for. Be reasonable I bought the van in good faith, now now satisfaction. The transmission is bad so is the van.

Please help

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Jay Lopin - 3 h 22 m ago


My wife and myself purchased a 2013 Dodge Journey in January of 2014. On December 4,2015 Chrysler announced a recall #R61 on 275,614 2012 thru 2015 Dodge Journeys in which the wiring harness for the ABS Module could fail due to water entering the wire harness disabling the ABS and/ or the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system. We received our notice and took it to the dealership in which we purchased the vehicle. On February 12, 2016 our dealership completed the recall service, (SO THEY SAY) This past week of July 15, 2019, our ABS module experienced internal electrical failure thus rendering it useless according to a diagnostic report. This condition is very rare on any vehicle as it was only brought to the forefront with your recall. Now comes the good part. Nobody wants to accept responsibility for this condition as your policy is 10 years to have recall item addressed and repaired, and 2 year only warranty on recall service. You performed your duty for issuing the recall, I performed my duty for following up on your recall, and the dealership performed their duty my repairing affected recall items? only to leave me holding the bag with a failed ABS module. I want to believe it may not have failed if I had ignored the recall. I currently have an open recall on the same vehicle as it pertains to the steering wheel wiring harness affecting the drivers side air bag as well as an open recall on my Dodge Ram passenger side air bag. I will be ignoring these recalls as perhaps they will fail anyway just by addressing the possible fix to the recalls. 10 years to fix the problem once a recall is issued, and only 2 years warranty? Why rush to correct the problem, Thank you for letting me down as my Dodge Ram is your Original 2005 Limited Edition in Pristine Condition. Jay Lopin

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Approximately 2 yrs ago I purchased a certified pre owned ram1500 . The vehicle had 32,000 miles on it and I figured I was good I had a new truck to me with a warranty if ever needed. Well I just brought the truck in for a noise in the rearend and was told while looking up my information that my truck was never registered as a certified vehicle . Now a week later I receive a call telling me to bring the truck in that they are going to fix the issue with the rearend and would be receiving a call from corporate. Well the call came in yesterday from a gentleman named Tom Capoferri stating that he was authorizing the repair in good faith but there would be nothing after this. Apparently the dealer I purchased the truck from sold out and never registered it .Tom said that they are not taking liability for a dealership that is no longer in business. At this point I am in contact with BBB and the State attorney .Also contacted FCA customer service and the young lady stated that they are not responsible for third parties. This is a Mopar certified vehicle and I have all the paperwork to back it up .Tom told me he is the top person and there is no one higher to go to on the east coast. It's hard to believe that one of the top guys in FCA actually called me Wonder if that's true. So far every one at FCA hasn't heard of him .Now it's on to the press,social media and my attorney - 3 d 8 h ago

Kelvin quinones

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J.B.Sean - 3 d 7 h ago



Check this government website and follow the instructions.

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Anonymous - 2 d 14 h ago


Make sure whatever you do never buy anything at Roberts dodge in ct. they are the worst

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Anonymous - 2 d 14 h ago

Man sounds like Chrysler / dodge are all junk fro what I'm reading

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Metro - 5 d 8 h ago


Purchased a 2015 Ram Promaster City through Manheim Auto Auction late February early March of 2019, truck has approx. 16,000 miles and stil under FCA Warranty into August of this year. The truck transported by Carrier to our facuility in Ann Arbor Michigan.. was started and pulled into our facility to have graphics installed... backed out of the stall once completed and never started again........ Was towed to Lafontaine Ram in Saline Michigan on March 12th.. were it sits waiting for a "backordered " replacement key and lock cylinder from the "Supplier" today is July 17th and I have just been advised through Bonnie, FCA Customer Service, that the part availablity has been pushed back to August 13th... this is beyond belief.. I want someone with enough Authority to intervene and source the part or buy this truck back.. completely unacceptable

2015 Ram Promaster Vin ZFBERFBT9F6954762

Case # 58281702

Bonnie is the Case Manager 1 (hidden)

I need some meaning help...

Bob Ricevuto

Fleet Manager

Metro Delivery Inc.

4325 concourse Drive

Ann Arbor, Mi 48103

(hidden) Ext 3117

(hidden) Cell

(hidden) Cell

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Daniel Flowers - 6 d 6 h ago


My name is Daniel Flowers a few years back I bought a brand new 2012 Dodge Long Horn addition with 5.7 Hemi 2-wheel Drive sticker $49.900 dollars. When it had 70,600 Miles on it, still new to me, around the end of February 2018 I pulled into Chicken Express drive thru to get some lunch. I then made my order and pulled behind the other 2 cars ahead of me. I sat there for a minute and my truck died. I started it back up and moved up 1 car and it died again. I started it and moved up to the window to get my food and it died again. I started it and pulled out on Highway 105 at the light about to turn left on Major Drive and it died again. I started it and turned onto Major Drive my truck was missing so bad that I had to move over to the shoulder. It wouldn't go over 40 mph. I was like, what in the world. I knew I wasn't far from O'Reilly's, so I made it there, O'Rielly's then checked my truck and told me that my third cylinder wasn't firing. I was thinking, dang my truck only has 70,000 miles on it, how could this be? Well to make a long story short after talking with corporate, even though my truck was out of warranty corporate decided to go ahead with the repairs. They fixed my truck because it was the right thing to do. Maybe Dodge fixed my truck because all over the internet is posted that Camshaft and valve lifter has failures and faulty exhaust bolts are also a known issue on this vehicle across multiple year models.

When I picked my truck up on March 15 of 2018, I asked the service lady Kari Leon, service attendant, was there any warranty on the repair work that they had just performed. Kari then said, "yes Mr. Flowers there is a 24-month warranty on everything we just did." I then thanked her for everything that they had done.

April 2019, I noticed that my truck was starting to run a little rough again. I then took my truck into Moore Dodge to see what was wrong with my truck. I was then waiting for a callback from Dodge service. After not hearing back for a couple of days I called them. I talk to Kari and she said that they were not wanting to repair my truck. I then said why? Kari then said, "let me let you talk to Carl our service manager". Carl then got on the phone with me and told me that when a truck comes in like that the first thing that they do is look to see if there is a little plastic tag on the windshield So that they could see what the mileage was on the last oil change. Carl said, "there wasn't one". Carl said, "the truck was almost 2 quarts low". I checked my oil two days before I brought my truck to them and it was still in the good mark? Moore Better Deals then said that they were going to void the warranty and not repair my truck because it's a little low on oil. They called and said that I would need to produce some receipts showing when and where I had my oil changed. I then told Carl that I changed my own oil since I had the repair done on my engine last year. Even said that I would need to produce some receipts to show that I have been changing my oil and oil filter on my truck regularly. One thing that I do religiously is change my oil, because I know it is the life of the vehicle. When I change my oil, I put Mobile 1 Synthetic in my truck because it is the best. I looked through a lot of receipts, My brother found a receipt where he had bought several containers of oil from Walmart so I emailed that receipt to Carl because I could not find a receipt. I should not have emailed the receipt to Carl; I did not realize that the oil on that receipt was not 5W - 20. Carl received the email and then emailed the receipt to corporate, after not hearing back from Moore Dodge Service for a few days I called them. I talk to Kari, she put me on hold for a few minutes, when she came back to the phone she then told me " Dodge corporate denied the repair on my Engine due to my I'll maintenance on my truck because the receipt that was emailed to them was the wrong weight of oil". I then asked Carl if you knew That was the wrong weight of oil on that receipt, why did you email it to corporate? Why didn't you just tell me that this receipt has the wrong receipt? Corporate then put a restriction on my truck that no repair could be done because of the wrong weight of oil on that receipt. No repair could be Performed on my truck except replacing the engine.

I was told by my cousin not to bring my truck to Moore Better Deal Dodge that Carl was famous for going out of his way to get out of warranty work that Moore better Deal dodge didn't even have qualified mechanics on staff that they had a high turnover rate for some reason. Boy was my cousin, the salesman that I bought my $49,000 Dodge Ram Long Horn Addition from sure was right about how Carl handled business.

At this point I was trying to figure out what I was going to do. I called corporate and Isabell told me to take it to another dealership and get a second opinion. So, I brought my truck to Truckville in Sour Lake and I spoke to Kimball Ivy. After telling Mr. Ivory my problem he gave the paperwork back to me and said that he didn't want any part of that.

After further research I have learned that the whole problem probably started when I had 43,000 miles on my truck on 5/3/2016 and brought it in hearing a taping noise like exhaust are lifters, invoice # CHCS63392 when Moore found that Cyl. #8 & #2 upper and Cyl. #1  lower studs were broken? That Cant be good for your heads and valves and combustion.

Moore Better Deal in Silsbee TX. fixed my truck last March, 3/15/2018 invoice # CHCS76650, When I picked my truck up on March 15 of last year Kari, service lady, told me that there was 24 months of warranty on the work that they had just performed. 14 months and 15,000 miles later they denied the repair on my truck for exactly the same thing that they repaired last year; something is not right with this whole situation. I Was told it was from my ill maintenance from it being a little low on oil. I was even told that they changed my oil, then I was told that they toped it off? Although the oil level is just where it was before. One thing I know is that my truck got the required oil changes, with the correct oil and filter, with better oil then came in it from the factory.

Seems like I'm at the same place again, three times a charm.

Moral to this story is to steer clear from Silsbee and Carl at Moore Better Deals the "Car Trading Capital of South East Texas", the drive to Silsbee is not worth the mental anguish, I loved my Dodge, although Moore Better Deals has failed on their end of the bargain. You see I hate that I'm fixing to spend "MOORE" money on a lawyer and probably drive a different brand of vehicle over the disgust that I fell, for I have to have transportation during this drawn out expensive matter of WARRANTY.


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J.B. - 6 d 4 h ago



See this Check for any recall on your model truck.

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Derrick - 6 d 13 h ago

Morning, has anyone gotten relief from the dreaded engine ticking. I have a 2015 Jeep Wrangle, and it has retuned again, which now dealer wants to repair for over $1,000!!!!

I thought the warranty was extended for this engine.....HELP

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P. King - 6 d 10 h ago



See this website for help and pass this info to other.

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Larry Alpert - 6 d 12 h ago

We own a 2016 Town & Country. Last week the driver side sliding door would not open either the normal way or manually. After looking the problem up on the customer forum I see that this is not an uncommon problem.

I hope that Chrysler will put out a recall so that the problem can be fixed. I haven't yet been able to get it fixed permanently, only temporarily.

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P. King - 6 d 10 h ago


Larry Alpert ,

See this website for help. And pass it on.

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Michael Pease - 7 d 5 h ago


I bought a life time warranty when I bought my 2010 Dodge Caliber I took it in because my transmission got and to hot light on it when I was driving on the interstate I took it in to the local dealership to get it fix and was told the transmission was going to cost more then my car was worth so Chrysler canceled my warranty I thought it was a life time warranty as long as I owned the car that's the way it was explained to me when I bought it so don't buy any warranty from Chrysler they won't honor it I own 2 dodges I will never buy another one from a company that will not stand by what they sell

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J.P.Morgan - 7 d 3 h ago


Michael Pease, car warranties are a scam.

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William Seeley - 8 d 9 h ago


To the Historian:

My father worked for Chrysler in the late 30s. He worked on the layout of the "Fluid Drive" Plant and built many of the models. I have some B&W 8X10s of the work area and the plant models. Would you like them for your archives? Bill

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Bill - 8 d 9 h ago


To the Historian:

My father worked for Chrysler in the late 30s. He worked on the layout of the "Fluid Drive" Plant and built many of the models. I have some B&W 8X10s of the work area and the plant models. Would you like them for the Chrysler archives? Bill

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Jean Zompanti - 10 d 5 h ago


Employees at the customer care department are rude and unprofessional. I have bought many cars in my life, (raised in Detroit by auto workers), I have never been spoken to or treated with so much disrespect as I have been by the Fiat customer care representatives. From the dealer service departments all the way to customer care one of the worst, never will I buy or recommend Fiat to anyone. Wish I could just return the car, so I never have to speak to, or deal with, again.

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Glenn - 12 d ago


I purchased a new 2018 ram 1500 ecodiesel , in short it broke down 1st day stranding me my tools & trailer in the middle of the forest, roadside assit towed my truck only leaving me my trailer tools in the middle of the bush! The dealer had it for 12 days to resolve the problem & the resolution team promised to compensate me for the extra cost to get me & my equipment from where it was left. THE RESOLUTION TEAM MADE ALL SORSTS OF INFLATED PROMISES OF WHICH NON HAVE COME TO FRUITION!!! I have also experienced bad power delivery from this truck & I live in the mountains at 6000ft Yep lots of snow so when you accellerate there is nothing for approx 4-5 seconds then all the power is delivered & traction is broken & all HELL breaks loose as snow & this type of power deliverry is unacceptable & dangerous!! Pull out from the curb in the dry & ooopps not going anywhere again as dangerous as hell!!!!!


All I am getting from FCA is that this is normal !!!! Yep just fobbed off . They have my money, what do they care!!! THEY DO NOT!






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Tabatha S. - 20 d 6 h ago

We own a 2014 Chrysler 300 and the dash is "lifting" or "separating" from the car and when I called Chrysler i was told that millions of people have to have this problem and it has to be a safety issue before it's a recall. I can't find a dealership in my area here in South Carolina that will work on these dashes. After doing my research there are thousands of people with the same complaint. I'm very disappointed in Chrysler.

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Ed and Esther Burch - 12 d 9 h ago


Our 2018 Dodge Journey is in for it's 7th visit for lifting dash, now they are keeping it for 2 days to fix it right per Sergio. Very Unhappy

Eddy and Esther Burch

Victorville CA

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ss427ss - 12 d 9 h ago

Is it just me or has Jeep put me in permanent ignore. The he car has spent multiple days in the dealership since I bought it. Just the first and second trip to the shop it spent close to a month and only had five hundred miles on it. That was for a leaky seal on a power transfer unit. Since then it's been in the shop several times for suspension issues which are still currently unresolved. We have had to cancel two vacations and are currently planning two cancel vacation number 3 because of the car. I simply don't trust the car not to leave us stranded out in the middle of nowhere. This is the first new car I have ever purchased and I still have not experienced the new car feeling. It's put a lot of undue stress on my wife as well as myself. I don't even feel like I own the vehicle because it spent so much time in the shop. I picked it up yesterday and they finally did get the problem fixed with the suspension but now the steering wheel is off center and it has a wobble in the steering wheel and it's hard to keep it in the lane without fighting it. It has spent a total of 42 days in the shop since we bought it 9 months ago. I talked to the dealership service department and Chrysler customer service on the phone trying to get someone to even consider just replacing the vehicle but no luck. So now I've been forced into asking for arbitration which I was given and we will be meeting on the 29th of July. This could have all been avoided if somebody would have just listened to me from the beginning. It's not right to buy a car and have it spent 42 days in the shop in only nine months. What happened to customer satisfaction that's what I was promised, and that's not all of it. After all of my research, I come across something that showed me that that exact car had been on sale for $6,000 less than what I paid for it just three days earlier, and then all the things that they said they were giving us when we bought it ended up being things they were putting on our loan and a Compass ends up costing me $45,000 by the time the loan is paid off. I should have been able to get a Grand Cherokee for that so you can understand my frustration

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DICK GALDE - 12 d 16 h ago


Owner of a 2014 5.7 ram 1500. 145k miles, 95+% highway miles the transmission went out. Was able to get the truck home. My dealership tole me a new trans would be 6-8 months while a reman would be several weeks. They also told me that a reman wouldn't last very long. I was able to get a used trans (44k miles) within a couple of days. I took that option. I have to say that these newer transmissions are a POS. My dealer was not the party that changed out my unit. When my, original, unit was removed and the pan removed They told me it was junk. I have owned A Dakota and a 2003 1500 and didn't get rid of them until I had over 250K miles on each of them.

Ram and other Chrysler products appear to going back to the days that they were garbage vehicles. Get rid of these, so called electronic transmissions and et bak to something reliable. Remember the this, the KISS principle, (KEEP, IT, SIMPLE, STUPID).

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another unhappy customer - 15 d 10 h ago


When will FCA start treating their customers with value..? Im guessing no time soon. I purchased a new body 2019 RAM 1500 from Fort Collins CO dealer. WHAT A DISASTER.. I can guarantee this was the first and last time I or anyone I have influence on will support an FCA product because the way this is being handled..

The nightmare that seems like it will never end. From incompetent sales, GM and service managers, to a poorly build product. NOBODY from FCA to multiple dealers in multiple states have been able to help fixed my problem truck. This has forced me to sue and get legal representation in order to get my money back for a misrepresented product. FCA claims to value their customers but they did NOT value me, only my $. If there is a problem either fix it or give the customers $ back. easy......

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Anonymous - 19 d 7 h ago


So I have a 2006 Chrysler 300C Heritage Edition 5.7L Hemi. 326,000miles on it. Same motor. Still purrs like a kitten. Great job on it Chrysler.

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