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Chrysler Group LLC

1000 Chrysler Dr.
Auburn Hills, MI
Sergio Marchionne
CEO and Chairman
(248) 576-5741
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Never Buy JEEP Again - 1 d 24 h ago


The road side assistance that comes with a new leased vehicle is a joke. You have to have it towed to a JEEP dealer to have it covered, but guess what? JEEP's service isn't open on the weekend!!! And on Monday they will not take you ahead of anyone for a simple tire change so you have to wait until Tuesday. 4 days for roadside assistance and a tire change!On Saturday I set up a tow for MOnday at 1pm. The tow never showed. Every time JEEP contacted them they said 10 min. They showed up an hour and a half late so I could not have my car worked on that day! WHY is Jeep using a company hat cannot fulfill their towing responsibilities? The reps at the customer service number have no idea what they doing. They refuse to let you talk to a supervisor. I was hung up on twice and disconnected another time in error with no call back. They give false information. They told me someone could come out and plug my tire if it had a hole. Not true.I got my 2018 Jeep in 2017, less than 5 months ago and this is the 3rd service issue i have had on a brand new vehicle. I should have stuck with Ford. This company has poor customer care, no good road side assistance, A fkn joke.

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Cindy - 1 d ago


Our 2012 Dodge 3500 diesel truck has been nothing but trouble and the local dodge dealer on Savannah Highway, Charleston SC refuses too fix the problem unless we pay them $500 too reset the engine light. It only has 28, 000 miles and we bought it brand new in 2013. We have had it in there at least 5 or 6 times when it was under warrenty and they should of fixed it right than. They say the light will probably come back on again unless the truck is drove fast and on the interstate. They don't tell you that though when they sell you almost a $60,000 vehicle. I talked too Ted and Shala today with no satisfaction. I talked too Bill who is a manager there and he didn't seem too care either. Ted has always been our service advisor before this time. I have heard of other people who have had the same problem with their check engine lights coming on in dodge trucks which too me means it is some kind of a defect with the engine. I am going too contact the attorney generals office too name a few places because no one seems too care at the dodge dealer. I don't have $500 too spare especially when Bill told me the light could come back on again.

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myrvadventures - 4 d 3 h ago


I am going overseas for a couple a years and I would like to know what preparations I should take to ensure my Diesel truck will be in drivable condition when I return or if I need to have it towed to the repair shop.

1. fuel preparations

2. Disconnect the batteries?

Any other pertinent information necessary needed to store my vechicle

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Nancy in South Easton MA - 9 d ago


The right front head lamp in our 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee burned out recently. My husband purchased a replacement bulb, but was unable to get his hand inside the unit to install the new bulb. He tried unsuccessfully several time, and finally made an appt with the leader to change the bulb. He was advised that the bumper had to be removed to change the bulb, and the cost of the "repair" was $250./31 cents, $202.50 of which was labor. I have written to Jeep to request a refund of the cost of the labor . It is outrageous that they have manufactured a vehicle in such a way that the owner can not replace a light bulb. This was not disclosed to us at the time of sale, and it is ridiculous to expect the customer to pay such a outrageous fee for something that constitutes a safety hazard if unaddressed.

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DTS - 5 d ago


U-Tube light repair to learn how to do it yourself. I did, left front light went out. I U-Tubed it and found I had to remove air cleaner assembly and other parts, which I did. Took 20 min to complete. bulb was free from junk car yard.

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Carlos - 5 d 18 h ago

How get the pin code for my dodge ram 2003

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Dave/Northern, Michigan - 8 d 26 m ago


Leased a Dodge Rally 04/15. At the time of the lease I asked for a 45000 lease over 36 months, at the time of the lease I was talked into a service agreement that cost another $400.00. I leased from a local dealership and the lease person was a friend of mine who stated that it was a good idea for the extended service contract so the car was covered from the normal 36000 mile bumper to bumper to 45000. The vehicle was turned in early with 38805 and I received a bill from Chrysler Capital in the amount of $696.50 for over mileage. Turned in with 38805 on a 45,000 lease. Contract is 12000 a year for 3 years. Why would you buy a 45000 service on a 36000 Mile contract. I have contacted the dealership and Chrysler Capital no one seem to want to help me.

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Dave just north of NYC - 7 d 1 h ago


My wife leased a 2016 Jeep Wrangler from a dealer in CT in Dec. 2015. The lease states Chrysler Capital but it's really a company called Sonton Air Consumer USA in Dallas, TX. In CT each town collects a yearly property tax on vehicles, in this case, Sonton then charges us back. We moved to NY state and paid all taxes due. But Sonton continues to try to collect these property taxes. In Nov. 2017 my wife contacted the town tax collector and was told that they didn't know where Sonton was getting their taxing info but it was wrong and was overcharging my wife. My wife contacted Sonton, gave them the person to call at the town tax dept to talk with to get it straightened out. Tad, in the "President's" office, assured my wife it would be taken care of. Oh, I have an incurable blood cancer and this is our only transportation right now. Soon after this my wife received a call from the collections dept stating she was in arrears over $1,000 (even though she's on auto-debit). She explained to the "collections" person. She tried to reach Tad again but the dept had been restructured and Tad was no longer in that dept.

I got involved. After talking to several people I talked with Francesco on Mon., 1/29/18. He stated he was going to take this case personally. I spent an hour on the phone with him and he kept getting the story wrong. He told me that he was going to email us the taxing info that Sonton gets from the town so we could see there was no funny business going on. I gave him 3 days to get back with me. You know he didn't. On Friday, 2/2, I called at 12:20 pm Dallas time and was told Francesco was out for lunch and I was told it wasn't for certain that he would be returning that day. I left a message making it very clear that he needed to call me.

Francesco didn't call me, no surprise. On Monday, 2/5 at 11 am Dallas time I called and spoke to Edwin. He told me that Friday was Francesco's last day in that dept! He did not tell me this was his last week. AND HE WAS GOING TO TAKE PERSONAL CHARGE OF THIS CASE! What a bunch of losers!

Edwin wanted to take personal charge of this case! Really, Edwin? Upon my refusal he told me that a Sam Atkin would be contacting me within 72 hrs to get this resolved. Well, you all know what hasn't happened. Since then my wife has received another statement showing another $400 for tax added to her regular monthly statement. The AGs of NY and CT (and every other state) are going to love auditing their books.

My wife had always wanted a Jeep Wrangler. Now, she can't wait until the lease is up!

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KHealy - 7 d ago


To add to my comment below. This was from RT 46 Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Little Falls NJ. Manager George. (wouldn't give us his business card).

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KHealy - 7 d ago


FALSE ADVERTISING!!!!! I drove an hour to test drive one of you pre-owned Mercedes cars. The ad in the paper and Cargurus stated the price of the car was $9,999. When we got to the dealership, we were told the car was moved up the street to their "sister" dealerships. So we drove up there and took the car for a drive. When we sat down to make the deal, manager GEORGE came out and told us that since the sister dealer up the street made the price, they could not honor it. He was going to charge us $2,000 more for the car. After telling him this is false advertising, he changed his story stating that we needed to be a prior customer to get that price. I have the ads (saved them) and no where in any of the ads show you had to be a prior customer. This is FALSE ADVERTISING and BAD BUSINESS. I have been in contact with my lawyer and the better business bureau. Companies cannot get away with this. You are messing with the people who keep you in business. I will NEVER buy from any of your dealerships and plan on spreading the word to all I know. BAD BUSINESS!!!!!

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Wayne in Austin Texas - 11 d ago


In the past 2 years with the Ecodiesel engine in a Ram 1500 Lonestar, we have had twice the original and now the replacement major bearing failure. On the web I now see multiple reports (hundreds) with the exact same failure mechanism, and in a few cases multiple as with ours.

IN both cases I was on a major Highway placing us in a life threatening situation, but by the grace of God was able to safely roll to a parking area out of the way of traffic.

Thus far FCA has not responded to our request for ownership and a determination of what is causing these issues.

Our hopes are that they will soon respond to my dealership, and the email we have sent requesting their support in this issue and provide to us the reason to regain our trust in their vehicle.

In our 2015 Jeep Cherokee, within 15k miles, the instrument cluster and controller module as well went out and had to be replaced.

We want and like to buy American, but we also want and believe we deserve reliable products which we pay very good money for.

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William Hawkins - 13 d ago

FCA US LLC February 5, 2018 1000 Chrysler Drive Auburn Hills, MI (hidden) Thank you for taking the time to consider a thought or two from one of the people that buy and use your products. I picked Chrysler to correspond to because I've always been happy with the vehicles I've owned from you. A very long time ago my dad gave me his old '53 Dodge Coronet. I was young and it was old. I drove it into the ground. It was like a WW II fighter plane. You could shoot it full of holes and throw it off a cliff and it would still drive you home. The other vehicle from Chrysler I've owned and still own is my 2004 Dodge 2500 long bed. There is absolutely nothing I've asked this truck to do that it didn't do. I'm one of many out here in the real world and we come up with ideas from 'the street' that most people in management won't ever be privy to. The thoughts might have been kicked around in Detroit for many years but sometimes a good idea just needs to be rethought now and then. First of all EVERYONE I chat with cannot understand why there are not two gasoline fill places on vehicles? One on the right and one on the left. The problem is getting into a gas station on the correct side to safely fill your tank. If one stretches the gas line over the car it is dangerous and awkward. It may be an issue with pressures and angles and a lot of other things that your caliber of engineers and designers could make. Trust me if you did this others would follow. The last item I want to bring to your attention is the doors and how they open and close. Remember when parking was a little tight and you had to be careful not to have the door fling open and hit the car beside you? If that hardware could be somehow set on a 'ratchet' the several four or five inch lunges would be gone and only the opening needed would be used. Please make sure the powers to be see this. Thank you from your customers William Hawkins 17405 Wood Road Riverside, Ca 92508 (hidden) (hidden)

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Lori - 13 d 6 h ago


I have had nothing but problems with my 2015 chrylsler 200c. I bought this vehicle new in oct 2014. This time around there are 68,000 miles and it has an oil leaks and a coolant leak. I have taken this vehicle in multiple times for over heating and they tell me nothing is wrong. Now that it is over the 60,000 miles it's not covered under warranty. Go figure. Plus I get charged a diagnostic fee. They have said there is nothing wrong yet there is coolant spray all over my engine and I have to replace my coolant! There is something wrong. This vehicle also just shut off multiple times while driving it so there's that safety issue as well that took weeks to figure out what was wrong. I am appalled with both the vehicle and service. I will never buy a Chrysler/dodge/Jeep ever again. I will be sharing my story all over social media as well because no one seems to care about the customers anyway.

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Marilyn - 14 d 5 h ago


I bought a new Chrysler Stow and go in 2015. I had owned a 2011 stow and go. Imagine my surprise when I had a flat tire while traveling in Florida. I did not have a spare tire. My van did not come with a spare tire! I did return to West Virginia to talk to the dealership I bought from. I was told my van had a tire repair kit and not a donut tire. I did have the kit but it did not work because tire was damaged on sidewall. I was not told about the switch. Dealer wants me to pay 238 dollars to put donut spare in where it should have bee when purchased. I am getting rid of my van and will never again purchase a vehicle from that dealership nor any Chrysler, Jeep, or Dodge vehicle again. This is a safety issue and the public should be made aware of the switch.

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Jm - 14 d 18 h ago

Poor taste exhibited in the Super Bowl commercial. No comparison between an automobile and a civil,rights leader.

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Dan - 14 d 18 h ago


Thank you for the Martin Luther Ad. Powerful affirmation:

If you want to be great! Why would anyone dis a wonderful ambition like that?????

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TOM - 15 d 35 s ago

Very poor taste using Mr. Kings speech to seek trucks

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Norma in Ft Collins - 15 d ago

I was dumbstruck by your Super Bowl ad using Rev. King's words to promote the Ram truck. What were you thinking? It was completely disrespectful and indeed reprehensible. Have you no shame?

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Kat - 15 d 21 h ago


My family was shocked and offended by Dodge's use of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to sell cars in their Super Bowl commercial.

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Gary Seibert - 15 d 33 m ago

Your commercials for Jeep during the Super Bowl were terrible. You showed jeeps driving in streams ,wetlands and other natural areas. This is unforgivable. As a first time Chrysler product owner I will never buy another.

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Richard Flinton Jr - 15 d ago


I have a 2008 Dodge Caliber and the subframe in the front is rusting out and according to forums the subframe has an extended warranty. That does not cover the ones built in Canada even though I bought it in America. That is wrong because that says that you dont stand by your product here. I was looking into buying another Dodge product but now looking into a Ford product because of this situation.

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Robert - 15 d ago

It was a very disrespectful ad using Dr. King's words to sell trucks! The ad demeans both a truly great American and the ongoing civil rights movement. Your marketing department has experienced a serious lapse of ethical judgement. When rethinking of a new truck this year or next it will not be a Dodge.

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Marc and Jane Averill - 15 d 4 h ago

I think it was shameful and disrespectful of you to try and use Rev. King's words to sell Ram trucks with a Superbowl ad. I showed a great lack of good judgement and understanding of what he stood for and what he means to us all and especially the Black community. I will always think of your bad judgement whenever I see a Dodge Ram truck.

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Josef and Brenda - 15 d 4 h ago

My wife and I and friends of ours are disgusted about the perversion of Dr. Martin Luther King's speech on "serving" during the super bowl. You are un-ashamed in using anything and everything to make a play on emotion in order to make a sale. In the process you are degrading some of the greatest among us, who certainly would have objected to your company on a variety of issues, and would have distanced himself in the way you twisted his thoughts taking them totally out of context.

We actually bought a Saturn in the past but will no longer be interested in Chrysler products in the future.


Josef and Brenda Berthold

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Anonymous - 17 d 21 h ago

My name is David Blick from Summerville South Carolina I just wrote about the 2017chysler Pacifica, my friend the Vietnam veteran , if anyone crashes in a Pacifica and need us to testify on how these issues on this vehicle has effected my friend life , please please contact me at (hidden) I'm here to tell everyone lives will be lost on account of all the problems on the Chrysler Pacifica 2017 if there is not a recall Immediately please save a copy of what I'm saying please God bless all

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