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Chrysler Group LLC

1000 Chrysler Dr.
Auburn Hills, MI
Sergio Marchionne
CEO and Chairman
(248) 576-5741
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I purchased a Pacifica 2017 on Feb 2 2017 and the Uconnect theater didn't work. I have been trying to get it replaced since then. I purchased this vehicle from Freedom Jeet 3602 central Texas express way Killeen , TX. I jabbed spoke to the service department on several occasions and they have assured me that they have ordered the part for my vehicle. It seems that Chrysler keep push my deliver date forward I have spoken to some folks at Chrysler N som of them have stopped responding to my requests. It seem that someone at Chrysler could fix this. Can't seem to be able to find anybody. - 16 d ago


My name is Otis WrightOtis vin HR603470

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Unsatisfied - 18 d ago


I purchased a 2016 Compass with 11,000 miles. The brakes started squeaking on the first time I backed out of my garage. (The test drive did not include any backing). It continues to "squeal" each and every time I back up - out of parking place, the garage, etc. The service department has attempted to resolve this problem without success. One time I was told that the car has "drum brakes" on the back wheels and that may be causing the problem. Whatever the problem, when I try to contact the Service Manager, there is no answer and no opportunity to leave a message. This is my 4th Jeep. I will not buy another nor will I recommend the dealer or brand to my friends. They just don't make them like they used to!

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Ctew - 19 d ago


Took car to shop and unable to get a rental until they diagnose. Car stalled and stopped They have had my car all day since 7 a.m. Car was towed to the Dealer Saturday evening. This is not fair that I am having this type of difficulty getting a rental car, which the type of work I do depends on a car. I do not have a husband or family or money to go out and rent me a car. I have an extended warrant and from looking at the reviews, they know if it is electrical, and they have to keep my car over night, then I should be able to get my car, and then if I pick up my car and it breaks, who is at fault?

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Linda Davidson - 26 d 31 m ago


I have a 2017 Chrysler Pacific, the passenger door on drivers side pops open and will not close at random. I have had this van in 4 times to have this corrected. First time they put in 6 new parts. Still is opening at random. Next time went in, they tried to get it to open and it caught every time. It is still opening at random. Next time they ordered a new part for the door. Went to Larry H Miller in Avondale, AZ,waited 2 hours and they had ordered the wrong part. They said they would call me when the right part came in. I have been waiting 10 days? Door is still opening at random, have to stand beside the door and keep pushing the close button until it finally catches. Can not seem to get anyone to respond when I call Larry H Miller. PLEASE HELP ME get this fixed.

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Gregory H., Akron, Indiana - 66 d ago


My current 2014 Ram 1500 Big Horn is the third dodge truck i have owned over the last 30 years. My 1996 RAM ran for 327k miles and 2 transmissions. I have been a devout Dodge owner until this 2014 model. It has been in the shop for 3 days now trying to get the GPS repaired on the 8.4AN radio to no avail. Now i am being told the radio needs replaced at $2800. Have you read any blogs lately? There are a lot of them out there complaining about this radio. Your company even sent a service bulletin to the mechanic detailing the problem my unit was having. Obviously you know there is an issue but yet no recall. Guess i will be looking at Ford or Toyota for my next vehicle (very soon!)

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No Benefit - 177 d ago


Your company has a customer service attitude that needs to be reviewed. The best would be to be of service to the customer to secure future association or purchases. But not Chrysler, oh no. Rather than finding all of the facts and working toward a solution your people make every attempt to do anything to slow walk, divert attention, create a false perception, and snow ball people just keep Chrysler benefit funds. Our Father worked for The Chrysler Corporation his entire work life, retired, sub-contracted back, and then was let go in 2008 during the wonder years. He passed away this year and we have been climbing Mount Everest without oxygen and ropes in trying to determine the existence and payout of his benefit packages. The latest comments are that the benefits were paid to his deceased wife. How can this be?? She passed the year before No one there is interested in sorting this out, all they see is a headache and work. While any benefits not claimed or misplaced become company profit

I sincerely doubt that you will look into our situation or even enlist someone in the correct team members to ensure a satisfactory conclusion

Thanks anyway..

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recall - 2 y ago


Please tell me why this car will cut off while driving, This is a very serious matter, Chrysler need to have a recall before someone has an very serious accident due to the car cutting off while driving.

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