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Chrysler Group LLC

1000 Chrysler Dr.
Auburn Hills, MI
Sergio Marchionne
CEO and Chairman
(248) 576-5741
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Dean Weaver - 8 d 14 h ago

Dean Weaver

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Mike - 11 d 13 h ago

Question for you all to ponder......I have a 2006 dodge ram mega cab 4x4, nothing but issues as transmission went out, needed a total engine rebuild, now the fuse box also is defective. Dodge new all these issues but since they classified all these as a non safety issues there is not 1 single recall. Total bs and in my book fraud. If I did this I would be up on felony fraud charges. But since they have billions and gov connections they can sell crap vehicle steal our money and get away with it. Dodge should be ashamed and I for 1 will never ever buy a dodge or any other model again. I am now anford man and dodge can kma

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Jason Emerick - 59 d 9 h ago


Worst dealership ever. They lie and refinance you truck without thelling you then wait a month before telling you that now need a bigger down payment which I've never had to put a down payment before, ever. Then to find out that they cancelled my gap insurance on my old vehicle and use the refund as part of the down payment without even telling me. I will never ever recommend this dealership again and will never buy another product from this dealership or franchise ever. I have bought three vehicles and two years from them and will never use them again are nothing but liars and the most dishonest people ever.

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Anonymous - 44 d 12 h ago

The fact that you bought 3 cars in 2 years is probably why you ended up having to make a down payment. You know there is such a thing as your debt to income being too high. Also, it is illegal to refinance a vehicle without your consent and would take a number of signatures to make that legal, however, they can sell your loan to anyone they want if they don't want to carry your note. Another bank can buy that loan, and they can charge a higher interest rate if they want, and there is nothing you can do. If you are buying that many cars, I would wager that's probably what happened. If the vehicle is old enough, and gap is no longer necessary bc the value of the car is paid down enough, and another bank bought that loan, that gap balance can go to the new lien holder. It's all quite legal. It shouldn't be, but it is. Car companies and banks and forged these ridiculous relationships so they can get away with pretty much anything. You should not finance through a dealership, you should use a credit union, you then avoid these problems because they will not sell your loan to someone else. The bank you keep your accounts at is usually a safe bet as well.

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Ripped off by Chrysler Capital - 15 d 8 h ago

Speculation. Without the facts it's best to not comment. Far too many people with the same customer services problems. The AG needs to open an investigation.

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Anonymous - 30 d 13 h ago

They the stealership!

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Anonymous - 63 d 13 h ago

Man sounds like Chrysler / dodge are all junk fro what I'm reading

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Anonymous - 44 d 12 h ago

They aren't. There are just a lot of people that don't have any idea how to buy cars, anything about cars, or maybe some bad luck. Even a couple people that think a super old car is worth holding onto forever even if it has a major defect. Sometimes a $2000 car is just the cheapest car on the lot and it's time to move on. I don't have a Dodge now, but I used too, and it was a great car. I do own a garage though, and I get less Dodge and Chrysler problems than anything else. Don't go Ford, that's for sure.

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BoBo the Clown - 30 d 13 h ago

Well not all Dodge /Chrysler products are garbage, just comes down to people not keeping them maintained.

This goes for every make and model ever made. You want the vehicle, but do know jack about keeping everything maintained as required.

Even when it comes to undercoating and keeping your vehicle rust proof. People overlook that.

Other examples are changing fluids regularly, changing seasonal tires, rotating them, greasing all fittings, and keeping a log of when your changes are completed and when the next is due. Simple and very effective.

I have a 2011 Ram 1500 Sport with 211,570 KM and still in good condition and running well. Even in Northern Canada with the snow and salt.

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Anonymously - 23 d 16 h ago


Maybe so.

But don't forget you're BoBo the Clown.

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Anonymous - 19 d 9 h ago

Chrysler 200 are junk. Don't know where your buying. The one I bought is junk.

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John Miller - 24 d ago


I want Chrysler to be a player for the construction workers of America. This would kill ford and Chevy . Please build a pick up truck that has a 8' bed rubber floors crank windows a 3/4 ton suspension. Old style lower to the ground for easy loading cloth seats and a spot for a radio . Well replace it anyway. A straight six with with overdrive. Cloth seats air optional . We don't want luxury to mess up . We use are trucks as tools not status. Tall trucks look great . But they aren't practical for people that use them as a truck . I hope that this will be seen by your engineering department . Tradesmen in their late 40's and 50's don't want to clime our trucks . Only you force us to .

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Adrienne Anderson - 61 d ago

Adrienne Anderson

I bought a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica and it has been a lemon since the week of having it. It has been in the shop numerous times. The dealership has been working on it for almost 2 years and worked orgone into transmission 4 to 5 times . They have been covering the rental cost and trying to prepare the van. But it's still a lemon. Chrysler keeps giv6me the run around. All I ask is for them to buy it back where I can get something a little more dependable. Now they say no arbitration because of the miles

But it was happening at 100 miles of driving off the lot. Thomson motor center in Thomson Georgia wouldn't even work on van. They said in so many words I was crazy and drive the van.

We took van to Athens and they have tried to solve the issue. But van is a LEMON

I am going through alot with Chrysler and it is uncalled for. Be reasonable I bought the van in good faith, now now satisfaction. The transmission is bad so is the van.

Please help

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Anonymous - 44 d 12 h ago

There is a lemon law in every state but you waited too long to deal with it. There is nothing you can do now but pay to fix it or buy a new vehicle. If it happened right away, you should have turned around, gone back to the dealership and told them it needed to be fixed immediately or the lemon law applied; because you didn't do that, there is nothing you can do now. Sorry. You can't have something for 2 years and want to cry lemon doesn't work that way, you've ad it too long. Now you have to pay to fix it, that's just cars. I wish that it mattered it's been happening since the beginning but it doesn't unfortunately.

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Anonymous - 30 d 13 h ago

I have a 2016 Town and Country the same deal. I bought it at a year old and the Tranny going out already! Not even three years old and tranny done, go figure!

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Jack - 31 d 12 h ago


Have had several different brands the last four have been Chrysler or Dodge and have loved them. No this 2016 Dodge Journey is different. At 51000 miles the engine seized.. Took it to the dealership and was told the oil filter cracked. so called the company that changed oil. was told waited too long between oil changes. never heard of oil filter cracked like that. The dealership would not call Chrysler and tell them so it dropped back on me. now have to wait until I can afford to replace the engine. no more chrysler products no more penzzoil products!

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Barry in Sarasota - 33 d 12 h ago

I never was a person known for Brand Loyalty. I have owned Chevys, Ford's, Dodges, Volkswagens and Nissans and a Pontiac since my first purchase about 40 years ago. I buy what I like, and what best fits the need. All the while I have been a casual reader of Motor Trend and Car and Driver. So I never intensionally gravitated to a brand. That said, surveying my garage/parking area, I count no fewer than 6 Dodges, and nothing else. It looks like I am a Dodge loyalist, but I really am not. They just happened to build and/or sell what I thought was the best in the class at the time I was in need of another vehicle for business or personal use. My next purchase? Who knows? I am currently watching and waiting for the vehicle nobody builds yet. When it happens, I will be in line.

The only thing that tempers America's love of the Minivan is America's hate of it. They are extremely convenient while at the same time extremely boring. FCA could easily change that by combining Grand Caravan features for comfort and convenience with Jeep's rugged ability and style. It would be, naturally 4x4 and lifted 3" more than the dodge. With boxy lines, wheel flares and brush guards, it would be the first and only SUVan. Put on a manly rack for the kayak and the ability for a tent on top, and what explorer would not consider it.

Still waiting...

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Robert Jasman - 44 d 15 h ago


I want to start by saying I come from a long history of dedicated Chrysler past employees my Grandfather retired as a machine repairman foreman and my father retired as a die maker anyway I had taken a different route in life and worked as a machine repairman in a non- union shop but as time went on I wanted to continue the legacy and applied for machine repair at fca which I had to contact prior employers and kinda just through hoops in order to prove that I had enough time in and high school diploma yadda yadda SO...I go to interview and one of the guys I'd call him the boss of all three that were present was on his phone the entire time texting and smiling and texting some more came out with one question and then continued to ...Guess What ? Text ! I was so mad when I didn't hear back I'm very knowledgeable very mechanically incline and easy to work with. So a couple years go by and recently I decide to apply again and put that experience behind me and guess what they want me to go through the same process of contacting ex employers diploma yadda yadda so I said f it they should be seeking me out as far as I'm concerned I see the guys nowadays that are coming out for these jobs and frankly they don't stand a chance ! That's my rant!

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Anonymous - 44 d 13 h ago

Maybe they weren't interested in you because you have terrible grammar. Commas make the difference between Let's eat grandma. and Let's eat, Grandma. Also, I would hope your father retired as a dye maker, not a die maker...see what happens when you make those small adjustments? Your "rant" was just one giant run on sentence. I wouldn't want to hire you either. Does your resume look like that? Maybe take a second look and make a couple adjustments and try again. Never know, third time could be the charm.

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Anonymous - 44 d 12 h ago

Oh yeah fuck face because it is die not dye you dipshit

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Too much coffee? - 44 d 10 h ago

and your assessment of the lack of commas? Most of the time Dye is spelled with a "y" and not an "ie," suggesting death...I would have assumed the same thing. Your response seems like a but of an overreaction.

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yup - 44 d 10 h ago

Safe assumption. Based on the lack of any punctuation and spelling errors, I would have guessed the same thing.

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Anonymous - 44 d 9 h ago

This isn't about spelling or punctuation it's about going to an interview (a skilled trade interview at that) and the guy who is supposed to be in charge is texting the whole time! What if I were to show up for an interview and instead of conversing with potential future employer I just sat there and text ? Probably wouldn't get the job, right? How's that for punctuation and look at the topic at hand or don't even open your suck hole!

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Anonymous - 44 d 7 h ago

I also think it counts. This website is for people that are bitching and complaining, so if you want an honest opinion, I think this is where you should go. If you type the way you speak, like many people do, than I wouldn't hire anyone who spoke that way. I interview people on a regular basis, and while I do my best not to need my phone, I am managing a number of people, and if something important comes up, I have to deal with it. You are reading one side of the story, the side of someone who didn't get a job. Since there are 2 sides to every story, I would be willing to bet the interviewer was "putting out fires" and dealing with things he was unaware he was going to have to deal with. Probably emailing, not texting would be my guess from experience. This happens to many people who have to manage other people on a regular basis. I would bet he probably apologized at some point as well. Now, because he didn't get hired, we got the angry version of the story. I read it, so did you, you also need to take things with a grain of salt. Also, maybe try not to live life with so much anger. There is a wild difference between the person running a large department having to deal with an issue and you showing up for an interview on your phone. Maybe his assistant was sick and couldn't be there to field his calls, you don't know the situation. There are always more circumstances. Your punctuation, since you asked, was also not great...missed a couple commas...

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Anonymous - 44 d 9 h ago

Must be a bunch of old farts that have nothing better to do than grade people's english. The man obviously had a legitimate complaint and you turned it around on his grammar. Shame on you!! I'll tell you all his T's were crossed and I's dotted in order to get a skilled trades interview, why would they even waste either parties time? You say to much coffee I'd say you haven't had enough Geritol. Lol I couldn't help myself.

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Anonymous - 44 d 6 h ago

I dunno..I get on here when I am bored sometimes, and I get tired of some of the random crap people spew that makes no sense. Might be nice if you could actually read it sometimes. I ain't even old. Most of the people that get on here just wanna cuss people out...

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