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Chrysler Group LLC

1000 Chrysler Dr.
Auburn Hills, MI
Sergio Marchionne
CEO and Chairman
(248) 576-5741
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ALAN REMSING - 2 d 6 h ago


i'm having problems here in Marietta GA with Ed Voyles Jeep dealer service department. I dropped my vehicle at the service department on Thursday, at 9:45 am. My contact person, Christy was not at work on time, so the service representative helped me to get checked in. no one called me that evening with any up date on my Jeep. i called the dealership and asked to speak to someone in the service department. A man got on the phone and said that when someone brings a car in and when it's put on the diagnostics machine and when it doesn't come up with any information we usually keep it for 4 days to find a problem. I said to him, WELL THAT'S A PROBLEM. He told me to call back tomorrow. I still didn't get any type of call from the service department on Friday morning, so I called the service department at 1 pm. The service department girl said that Christy was on the phone, i asked for a manager, she said the manager was on the phone. I got frustrated and asked for a service manager again, she said that the women manager is aware that i'm on the phone and that she would be with me in a few...... the same girl who i was talking to picked the phone up and said " the technician will look at your car the first thing in the morning. I was hot and frustrated and told the girl to put on the manager NOW. I said trust me , you don't want me to come up there and make a scene. They still had me on hold and someone from Ed Voyles was on the other line. the managers name was Thomas, I explained to him what happened and who i spoke to that Thursday evening, he said that's not our policy to keep someone's car for 4 day's. I also said that Christy should have called me back to give me an update on whats going on, he said she should have and that he will talk to about that. The manager said what"s going on with your car. I told him, he said he thinks he knows whats going on. He said he will get the transmission guy and they will take the jeep for a test ride. Thomas, the manager said to give him an hour or so and he would call me back. Guess what, the manager Thomas never called me back. I wasn't surprised, I think Ed Voyles customer service stinks. SO, I called and asked for the Thomas boss, he never came on the phone............ I boiling now, low and behold Christy picked up the phone and said Mr. Remsing, i just called Thomas on his cell phone and he said he forgot about me............forgot about me...... ironic..... he told her to tell me that its not the transmission, that they'll have to give it to their engine guy on Monday. WELL MONDAY CAME AND WENT, NO CAR , NO PHONE CALL TO LET ME KNOW WHATS GOING ON. I called for the manager Thomas, they said he was busy and put me though to his voice mail, HE NEVER RETURNED MY CALL. REALLY......I'M GETTING A LAWYER, I'M CALLING CHANNEL 2 NEWS, I'M PUTTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA NOT TO BUY ANY CHRYSLER PRODUCT'S BECAUSE AFTER YOU BUY IT THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU ANYMORE. I'VE BEEN ON THE PHONE TO THE CHRYSLER GROUP COMPLIANT DEPARTMENT AGAIN, I PUT A COMPLIANT IN FRIDAY NIGHT, WITH NO HELP. THEY TOOK A REPORT AND SAID , THEY WILL CALL THEM MONDAY. I WILL NOT EVER, EVER BUY ANOTHER CHRYSLER PRODUCT AGAIN.

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TERESA in Tennessee - 8 d 3 h ago


2015 Dodge Dart is death trap..smoked for 1 1/2 years and dealership finally fixed it..engine leaking on top of engine and behind it..dripping on oil pan and blowing thru vent, electrical shortage sounds in dash has been going on, now they won't fix it. Horn won't work, dash lights flicker, grinding metal in steering when turning. Still owe about $15,000 for the Aero Turbo Dart, dealership Kia would only give me $6700 for my car on trade in..said its only because its a Dart..Chrysler needs to buy them back..everyone needs to file a lawsuit on them..

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jloffle4 - 9 d 16 h ago

That phone number,nit in service!

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joann loffker - 12 d 4 h ago


Whole family was nearly killed, 2004 Jeep, Liberty. Recalls were not fixed and resold with the repairs. The rear control arm broke,caused the car to spin out of control on the freeway at 60 mph, the car to say back and fourth across the freeway,nearly hitting a semi truck. The jeep swung to right,almost hit a guard rail, landed in dirt which stopped this out of control car and saved our lives! After this, I and my family are scared out if our minds. I learned there are 4 open recalls, never done on this car that was resold to me fir big bucks! This was caused by the in repaired recalls. It is in the shop now but after what we have been through, Chrysler defects that could have cost my whole family a loss of life in a very dangerous car manufactured by them and they do not even have the decency to rent us a car while this dangerous broke down car gets fixed by Chrysler repairs! This entire outfit should be shut down for these dangerous cars they are producing! I will go to every media circuit and start reporting just how dangerous these cars are,how the Customer Service is not helping victims nor is the Chrysler Headquarters who are not caring about consumers who are being ripped off,lied to, and even facing life and death when driving a Chrysler product!,,,,,,,

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Melony Black - 12 d 15 h ago


I own a 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan SE. In 2015, I received a recall notice. I took the van in to Chrysler, and my win module replaced and reprogrammed. Within months of this, my van began having intermittent starting issues. I had it in the shop four separate times to resolve this starting issue. No one suspected it was the part that Chrysler had just replaced. In an attempt to combat the issue, I even had the computer reprogrammed! Fast forward to this week: intermittent starting issues occur more frequently. Diagnosis: Win Module. I called Chrysler Customer Care (what a joke) and was told that the Win Module is out of warranty. I have a paper trail that will show the number of times I took the van in for the intermittent starting issues, and the Win Module was under warranty then! Chrysler, stand behind your product! If you know a part is faulty and recall it, then stand behind the work you do!

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Angry and upset - 13 d 7 h ago


About a 2015 Jeep Cherokee 4 by 4 Limited Edition. The worst vehicle I have ever purchased. Transmission problems from the beginning ,computer problem, air conditioning seats?Mine has not worked since I bought it. Customer service even worse than the Jeep I bought. They don't give a damn. Their attitude is give me your money now go to hell. I had to take my Jeep to the transmission shop. Chrysler what tell me nothing wrong over and over and over again. Antioch California run run run. Don't look back. Mike Lopez assistant service manager in Antioch. He is the biggest liar of them all.

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Andy C - 16 d 4 h ago


News Flash for ALL to know and read.. I bought a New DEMO Chrysler 300s and it cam with 20in wheels and Firestone Fire Hawk GT's. Sounds good Right! WRONG!!! Firestone made tires for the Chrysler Company at a lower grade with less tread and a different rubber compound that wear out much faster and with only 17,400 miles my tires were shot. Chrysler tried to balance my tires and in the process they damaged one of my wheels. Chrysler's answer to both issues, "We have opened a case and will contact the dealership" Never Again..

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Scared - 33 d 12 h ago

I am in the market for a family vehicle. I was just about to settle on the new Pacifica but I promise after reading these reviews, I'm not going near Chrysler. Wow.

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Anonymous - 27 d 17 h ago


All I can say is don't do it. I've had the worse experience with Chrylser they run run away!

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Anonymous - 27 d 17 h ago


Have had problem after problem with my dodge worse company ever. They do stand behind there product once they have received there money for the purchase they could care less. Do not buy any Chrylser vehicle.l they suck.

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Brian Counts - 35 d 10 h ago


Dealership screwed me over majorly after selling me a lemon called Chrysler for help gave me the run around just like the dealership did nothing at all to help

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UPSET CUSTOMER - 36 d 14 h ago


I am a very disappointed customer. Purchased my son's vehicle in 2016 of January. My son's truck had less than 5K miles when the transmission was replaced. The truck is 1.5 years old and it's having the same issues. The truck only has 18K miles on it now. I am livid that the Dodge dealerships has told us that there is nothing they can do about it. We have test drove same models and doesn't seem to have the issue. My son is now at the dealership in Tomball Texas, for issue with transmission jerking, leaking window on driver side and back camera not working.

The customer service is crappy at this dealership. My son is 21 years and they treat him like he's nobody when he goes into the dealership with a complaint, and then I have to take off of work and go there myself. He has an appointment this Thursday, because he can't be without his vehicle, they don't care to give him a loaner vehicle until the issues are fixed.

I want the vehicle replaced. This truck rarely is on the road, as you can see for the mileage and I am livid to pay almost 50k for this vehicle and only has issues and no customer service.

I need to hear from someone as soon as possible.


an upset customer

vin 1C6RR6MT5GS164516

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Disgusted in Big Corporations - Irene - 40 d 14 h ago


I bought a new 2017 Jeep Cherokee and on a road trip I got a flat tire. Well I went to get a spare tire and NO SPARE TIRE!!!!!!!! WTH Who sells a brand new car and NO spare tire. We waited 3 hours for a tow truck on the side of the road 98 degrees, husband has a traumatic brain injury, it was not good. The Jeep dealership in Titusville, FL had absolutely no remorse, concerns they only said we can order you a spare at a cost of 300+. Very sad when you spend 35K and you get no help from your dealership/Chrysler or a spare tire. You can bet they will never get a good review.

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Frustrated SRT Owner - 41 d 10 h ago



L. J.


Re:- 2016 Dodge SRT (Purchased New May '17) VIN 2C3CDZBG8FH758841 ~~ Case Number 31738750

Can someone PLEASE help me..

I have spent hours upon hours trying to get REAL help from your Customer Services SRT Desk... After Umpteen phone calls, tons of platitudes & numerous disconnects, I am at my wits end..

I would appreciate a call from a Senior Manager as soon as possible...

A Very Frustrated Owner, L. J....

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Elizabeth - 42 d 9 h ago


The middle bench seat in my 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan is not wide enough to properly and safely hold an infant car seat and the company does not care that this is a safety issue and will not address the issue or fix it.

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Debi R. - 48 d 5 h ago


I am complaining about my 2004 Dodge Dakota. I have complained to numerous people over the years and the dealership where I bought this truck. The dealer was Citrus Chrysler in Dade City, Florida. I know it's been 13 years but this week I just had 2 window regulators break in the same day. This makes numbers14and15. I have put15 window regulators in this truck in 13 years.I have put 9 of them on the driver side alone. The cost of these totals a little over $4,000. Then at 85,000 miles the engine blew and had to be rebuilt. It currently has 141,000 miles on it. I bought a Nissan Rogue 3 years ago and retired my truck for use on my acreage only. Even at that I lost the 2 regulators yesterday. I have not had any window problems with my Nissan. I miss having a truck that I can trust to drive on the road and keep 4 windows up at the same time. Yesterday my mechanic laughed as he fixed the one window, I picked up the truck and headed to the car wash, when the second one broke. When I pulled back into my mechanic he just could not believe it. Now I have a hard time getting the part as Dodge does not keep a lot on hand as they say this is not a part that it's needed too often.

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Danny West Reguarding 1956 New Yorker # N56*1008 - 51 d 14 h ago

I have a 1956 New Yorker vin#N65*1008 . I would like to obtain information about the car pertaining to it's manufacturing details. Can anyone at HQ assist me?

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Does that matter - 56 d 13 h ago

Sergio Marchionne are you reading these??

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Ron - 61 d 17 h ago


Check this out.. I purchased my 2nd 300 SRT8 from Chrysler. These are $60,000.00 vehicles and should be a Premium Chrysler vehicle, they have a premium price! On my last car, there were issues with carbon fiber trim pieces falling off, the dealership in Newnan, Ga. replaced some of them numerous times with them coming off again, as soon as the next day. The dealership was contacted about the issue and I was told that "these are very expensive pieces" and that they have other cars on their lot that has the same issue and would not replace them any longer... WTF? Another issue at the same dealership was I was experiencing the articulating head lights were lose and or shaking while driving at night, I had taken my car to the dealership more that 5 times over a period of 6 weeks for them to make the necessary repairs. The dealership would consistently tell me they could not duplicate the issue, therefore they did nothing. I then had taken my car for a front end alignment and wash, and when I picked up the car, they told me that when backing my car out from the detail shop, they experienced the movement within the headlights. I said well, how about that! And ask when they could repair them, they told me they could not be repaired but have to be replaced, I said ok, when? They then tell me my car had just run out of warranty, by 200 miles and they would not cover it... It was under warranty for the 5 previous times I had taken it in with that complaint. I called corporate about the issue, and they told me it would by taken care of and a follow up after repairs were made... no repairs made, no follow up from Chrysler. My suggestion to prospective Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep would be to think twice before investing in a automobile from this company, and or the Peachtree City , Newnan Dodge and Chrysler dealership.

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Pissed bitch - 63 d 15 h ago


I recently ( May 5, 2017) purchased a used 2015 Chrysler 200. I have only had the car in my possession for a month. Two days ago the radio started turning off and on by itself. Never has this happen with any car I've owned. I called the Chrysler dealership they stated they would have to charge me $110 just to look at it. Let's keep in mind I'VE ONLY HAD THE CAR A MONTH. I then contact Chrysler customer service and is told it's nothing they can do because of the miles on the car. Clearly this is a manufacturer defect and your company piss poor customer service and manufacturing takes no ownership nor responsibility. Especially seeing as how reviews on the car shows a significate amount of recalls for various reasons, customers complaints of the exact same radio issue, and poor reviews over all. Your company won't even make and exception seeing as how I literally just got the dang thing. This is by far the crappiest car I have ever own. I will never purchase another vehicle or anything made by this company. I will never recommend your company to a friend or foe. I will deter as many as possible away from your company. You make crap and then tell your customers to deal with it. Thanks but no thanks. I have had the taste of your scum and I won't be back for more. I'll ride a bike before I drive one of your cars again. Not a Chrysler, Jeep, nor Dodge ever again ever.

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Ron - 65 d 8 h ago

Boy that's one fucked up rating... let them crash and burn!

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Nick - 69 d 5 h ago


I bought a 2017 Dodge Journey two weeks ago. We were told that the radio had Sirius satellite and the salesman gave us all the pamphlets to set it up after the purchase. When we tried and it didn't work we brought the car in and was told to come a few days later for an appointment with tech. After 5 days, the technician eventually started on the car. For three days, they could not discover the problem. They claimed they were talking to their technicians in LA and Detroit. On the 4th day, the sales manager told us that after sending pictures to Detroit, the problem was with the software that was in the radios I they needed more time to figure out a course of action. Then Monday this week, we called yet again to be told that it was not the software, the wrong radio was installed in the car by the manufacturer: CHRYSLER. So they said they were going to put the new radio in and it would be done. When we picked the car up Wednesday, we tried to check out the Sirius satellite feature and the radio still did not have it. In fact the whole function was gone that said that we had satellite. When we asked about this, the service department told us that Chrysler installed a Sirius compatible radio and apparently our car was not designed to have one. So what they did was give our car the correct stereo..which didn't have satellite radio. The problem is now the principle and making us car-less for nearly two weeks with four small children, when we just purchased a $30k car. They didn't make it right for us and basically said it is the manufacture's fault and they aren't going to do anything about it. I will never purchase in this town again let alone from Chrysler!!!!

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Anonymous - 70 d 6 h ago


I bought a 2017 Jeep Cherokee drove it off that night to find out the rotors were warped ever since its been one problem after another front rotors, rear rotors, a new valve body, and now the calipers.I just made my third payment has less than 2,000 miles on it. Do you think anybody wants to help make things right and put me in a none problematic Jeep NO they don't give damn about their customers, how do I know because when I called the case manager assigned to my case she told me to talk to the GM at the dealership and if that doesn't get you anywhere file a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office, yes she literally told me that while speaking to her on the phone.

SO since I can't get Chrysler to stand behind their POS product I am, as we speak filling a Consumer Frauds complaint for selling me a broken product from the start. I will never purchase another Chrysler product as long as I live. With their terrible customer service and terrible products being manufactured and sold to the public no wonder this happened once already!

Chrysler LLC and twenty-four of its affiliated subsidiaries filed a consolidated petition for bankruptcy on April 30, 2009, with the federal bankruptcy court in New York.[1][2] The court filing occurred upon failure of the company to come to agreement with its creditors for an outside-of-bankruptcy restructuring plan, by the April 30 deadline mandated by the federal government.

Read full article here.

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Frustrated Mom - 72 d 11 h ago


Why does my 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan keep breaking down? When I purchased what I thought was my dream van, not to mention my very first "brand new car" I was ecstatic. I worked hard all my life, I felt it was time to treat myself...after all I am a mother of 9 and grandmother of 10 (with another blessing on the way). I feel as though I've been gut punched over and over!! My 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan that I bought from the Chrysler Dodge facility at the Stockton, CA auto mall just broke down again on 6/1/17. This time is was a coil that had to be replaced. The time before that, it was the torque converter to the transmission, and before that I had to replace the battery. Today I find out that the reason why the air conditioner does not work in the rear section of my van is because I need a rear blower motor. Maybe I should rest at ease, it appears to be covered under my extended warranty, however, because the labor hours are les that 4 hours, the cost of my car rental is not covered!! Really? How unacceptable is that!! Can you say Lemon Law!! What I thought would be the "van of my dreams" is now my nightmare!!

My baby girl just graduated this past Saturday. This should be a time of elation, not a time of frustration and stress!! I'm tired of excuses...I no longer want this van!! The stress and problems are not worth it. Things have been snow balling since the first break down, and I can no longer deal with this!! I believe that I will leave the van at the Chrysler Dodge facility in Stockton, CA ...;et them deal with this...I no longer care!!

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Robert Lamason - 76 d 12 h ago


There was a Dodge Journey advertised on their web site May 27, 2017 at Hooman Chrysler Jeep in Englewood, CA. ( moving to Culver City, CA. ) I called to see if this vehicle was still available for sale. I was told it was, and I made an appointment to see and drive the car on Sunday morning. I arrived around 11:00 am at this dealership on Sunday May 28, 2017. after processing paper works for purchase I said I wanted to see and test drive this vehicle.

After waiting for an hour I was told that they could not find the vehicle. Well, I can only assume the it was a bait and switch operation or the vehicle had been stolen. I thank the people involved for wasting my time!



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