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Chrysler Group LLC

1000 Chrysler Dr.
Auburn Hills, MI
Sergio Marchionne
CEO and Chairman
(248) 576-5741
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Nancy P Dunn - 4 d ago


I need to talk to a service/parts person re 2008 Sebring hard top convertible. Bachman Auto Group in Jeffersonsville has had my car ONE month tomorrow and and cannot determine what is wrong with the ABS system I am an elderly woman who is ill and needs car for weekly medical visits. I asked for a loaner; Mike Brown said none available and they had not rentals available. This is absurd. Never had this problem with Bales when they oewned the dealership. I want my car back properly prepared and there should be no cost to me whatsoever. I look forward to a prompt reply. My next call will be to my attorney if not.

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I Have been a Jeep lover most of my life and have owner at least five but after having 3 out of 5 blow a head gasket I think I will going with another make of vehicle. I am very disappointed in Chrysler at this point. I have always taken excellent care of my Jeeps there is no excuse for this. I am in a very poor financial state and now have no vehicle and have to get rides to work. Shame on you Chrysler!!!

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Anonymous - 12 d 23 h ago

Need a recall on your blind spot sensors that fill with water on the 2011 and up Town and Country vans.

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Anonymous - 13 d 14 h ago

Wow, get in line looks like, should have stayed with Chevy, problems with apple play on new 2019 ram truck

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RICHARD S - 16 d ago

I NEED HELP FROM CORPORATE. CEO ;;; I seem to be getting the run around - with the thank you s and have a good weekend FROM CUSTOMERS SERVICE I need results - I purchased a 2018 RAM 3500 to tow my family camper Camping season is 4 weeks away and I have transmission issues / At this point why can I just get a new transmission ? Instead of all this back and forth nonsense .PLEASE I'm not looking to get involved with attorneys and lemon law stuff I need my truck fixed SO IF YOUR NOT THE ADVISOR DO IT put me with the person who is , no disrespect to you ... I have owed multiple (8). since 2002 dodge products and I feel I should be treated better !!!!

Truck will be at BROWNS DODGE LONGISLAND mon 3/11/19. (hidden)

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James Thomas - 16 d 14 h ago


To Who It May Concern,

I have owned and driven Dodge trucks since the mid 70's. This changed this year when I purchased a Ford F-150.


The primary reason was the lack of respect and customer service I experienced when I visited the Dodge dealership when shopping for a new vehicle.

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ROD PELKEY - 17 d ago


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Anonymous - 19 d 10 h ago

I would love to sue the crap out of the dealership I had service done on my car. These people ripped me off. $2000! For a fix that never got fixed! The manager of this department was Completely useless. Coon Rapids dodge dealership of Minnesota, I will never set foot in there or give them any business whatsoever! Nothing but crooks that work there!

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jay - 20 d 17 h ago

is this a wailing wall ? i dont see any reply at all - any of the below issues have been addressed? any comments from fellow victims?

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Sarah Ntouskas - 20 d 20 h ago


I have to send you a note and tell you how disgusted I am with the customer service I received from the Haley Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Richmond Airport location. They are located at 5400 S Laburnum Ave Richmond, VA 23231. The phone number is (hidden). The Service Manager Robert Lawhorne was rude, condescending and entirely ineffective. I can tell you that once my issue is resolved I will NEVER bring my vehicle to another Haley dealership, and am seriously considering avoiding all Dodge products and Affiliates. I am not accustomed to being talked to like a child, nor did I expect to be blamed for their incompetence and unforgivable social gaffes. I hope that you agree that the management of this situation is appalling and will mitigate issues such as I experienced with this dealership to spare further customers such vile treatment.

I am absolutely appalled with the service that I've received from this dealership and the actions of its Service Manager. I dropped my Ram off last week for an appointment I made 2 weeks in advance. I confirmed the appointment the Monday prior and dropped the vehicle off on Tuesday evening. No one checked at the time of the creation of the appointment, nor prior to my arrival that the part they were replacing was in. They let me drop off the vehicle and sent me on my way to rent a vehicle at my own expense so that I would have transportation while the vehicle was being repaired. The appointment was to replace a radio and change the oil (with full synthetic). At drop off I also asked that they check out an unrelated issue with my dash lights flickering while it was there and solve for the recalls on the vehicle. Around noon on Wednesday the repair technician called and advised that they couldn't replicate the issue I was experiencing with the dash lights flickering. We talked about it for a few minutes and he advised he would drive the car a bit and see if he could see the flickering. He never once brought up the part not being in stock. As he was ready to disconnect the call I asked him how everything else was going and if everything else had been done. He stated "Not good... The part was sent back". I told him this was a huge inconvenience and wanted to know why no one confirmed that the part was in stock when I made the appointment. He said he didn't know but it would take 5 days to get the part in and we'd need to make another appointment. He did say he'd try to expedite the part but offered no explanation, apology or resolution. He simply advised I could pick up my vehicle that evening if I wanted to. They had 2 weeks from when the appointment was made to ensure that the part was in stock. When I arrived I advised the clerk, Savanna that I was not happy with the lack of communication and stated I would like to speak with a manager. She went and talked to the manager and came back and advised that the manager wanted to talk to the technician before he would talk to me and he would call me the next day. I told her I found that unacceptable. If a customer requests to speak with a manager the manager should come and discuss my concerns. She reiterated that he said he would call me the next day. I told her that I expected a call promptly in the morning to resolve this issue. I advised that this was a waste of my time and money to coordinate a drop off and rent a vehicle when they were unable to complete the repair. I fully expected them to at least comp the oil change for the inconvenience. She did not and rang me up. The oil change was $47 when I usually pay over $100 for full synthetic. I asked her what oil was put in the vehicle. She said "I guess it was conventional". I told her that I requested Full Synthetic when I made the appointment. She said there was no note made so they just put in conventional. I told her that she needed to let her manager know that this is an issue as well. I advised that the vehicle has over 105k miles on it and has been receiving full synthetic oil since I purchased the vehicle in 2015. I expressed concerns over driving the vehicle with the wrong oil in it and asked what this would do to the integrity of my engine. She just shrugged her shoulders, handed me my credit card and keys and said "Ok, I'll let the manager know".

The next day I waited... no call from the manager. About 2pm I start getting text messages from the dealership about my vehicle. The text said "Haley Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram: I understand that the radio was sent back to Chrysler previously. Unfortunately if we do not send back the old radio or the one that was just ordered back to them in 30 days then will charge us a $900 for a core charge. Radios are the exception, normal parts orders are not handled that way." I had to ask who was texting me. They confirmed it was the Service Manager, Robert Lawhorne. I responded and said I prefer to be called and would be available from 3. He said ok. I received a call after the period I advised I would be available. No voice message was left. No more phone calls were received. The next day I called him. He said "OH YEAH... I remember you". He started to make excuses why the radio was sent back and then blamed me that the radio was sent back and that the wrong oil was put in the vehicle. He said that the people who make the appointments do not note the type of oil the customer requests and it's the responsibility of the customer to advise what type of oil they want when they drop it off. Well they didn't ask and I already requested the oil type when I made the appointment so how would I know that I needed to reiterate it? He launched into a diatribe of the issue with the radio which to me is a moot point that it was sent back. My point is I made the appointment with 2 weeks lead time and in that 2 weeks someone should have reviewed the appointments and made sure that the parts were available to service my request. They did not. They didn't even check when I dropped it off. He advised me that the people who make the appointments do not check on parts status and that the technician is not required to ensure that the parts are available before the appointment begins. So not a person in the entire dealership checks to make sure that the parts are in for scheduled service? This is ludicrous. It's a waste of valuable resources for your employees and your customers. Time is a commodity that is grossly mismanaged at this dealership.

Our conversation was completely unproductive. The Manager continued to make excuses and blame me for the error. We went round and round and he kept explaining that the radio had to be sent back. He never once apologized for the oversight, inconvenience or error. He was very sexist in his demeanor and the choice of vocabulary he used insinuated that because I am female that I couldn't possibly understand how vehicle repairs work. I finally stopped him and asked what he was going to do to make this right and when I could bring the vehicle back to execute the repairs. He said that they have the part and he'll call me to let me know when a loaner vehicle is available so that I could bring the vehicle back. He would replace the radio and change the oil again and not charge me labor but I would need to pay for the new oil. What is the wrong oil going to do to the integrity of my engine? I've now been driving for nearly a week with the incorrect oil in the vehicle! He also got very short when speaking with me and said that he was not prepared to discount the repair to compensate for the rental vehicle that I had (unnecessarily) because it was my choice to rent the car and he didn't tell me to go out and rent it. He did advise that he would manage the repair and that the file is on his desk. A loaner vehicle might be available on Monday or Tuesday (March 4th or 5th). He expected some in on Saturday the 2nd but he had other customers that he was holding those for. I'm still waiting for a phone call from him and fully anticipate that I will need to follow up with him. I have gross reservations about leaving my vehicle with them again and if the repair will be done satisfactorily and that the oil will be swapped out as I requested. Robert is not at all concerned with the impression that this dealership leaves with its customers. He has not instilled a sense of credence in their ability to service my needs or those of my vehicle. The solution was simple. Advise me that an error was made, assure me that he will mitigate that risk for future visits. Apologize for the inconvenience and misuse of my personal finances and time. Offer a solution and follow up timely. Instead he relies on excuses and scapegoating to misappropriate the responsibilities of himself and his staff. I feel like I have to go back to this dealership to resolve since they filed the complaint against my warranty with Max-Care regarding my warranty. I'd prefer to go to another dealership to resolve my issue and expect to receive better service that I have at Haley. I am looking to you to resolve this matter and ensure that such incidents will not be repeated.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Sarah Ntouskas

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Gena - 21 d 13 h ago


2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, Back in December, I used the 4x4 to get out of my driveway because of snow... Little did I know two months later that This caused my rear differential to break.. Call dealership to find out that my warranty had ended in December and to call Chrysler and see if they would cover it...5 Calls later I get a voice mail with the response, "We will not cover it"... Didn't even get to tell my story to the representative that left message... on top of all that, Uconnect keeps giving me a Vehicle phone needs to be serviced but dealership said to just put aftermarket radio in, the oil cooler had to be replaced $500 later and now water is getting into the spare tire somehow.. Do you think Chrysler cares...NO NO No... My first Jeep and my last...

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Regina Shellenberger - 23 d 13 h ago

PSA: Chrysler has a known safety issue they have yet released to the pubic (Both the Dealership and Chrysler have admitted to it, they just don't have a fix for it). 2018 and new Pacificas have an engine on/off feature. This feature is faulty and causing vans to stall out. Ours has personally stalled 4 times. One of these times the children were in the van and almost struck by a truck. The van has been in the shop 6 times now for this and related issues. This van has less than 13,000 miles on it. Brunswick Auto Mart do the right thing.....When do families matter and money takes the back seat?

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John Doc B - 24 d 24 h ago


Have a 2016 RAM 3500 Diesel (MANUAL TRANSMISSION). Clutch starting slipping while in the 12 month Warr period. CDJR dealer in NC blew it off saying vehicle drove as like vehicles? Hydraulic actuator was replaced at 12,247 miles, just out of warranty due to bypassing fluid-causing slippage. Contacted Good Will Assistance and was told I qualified for assistance. After disassembly and inspection, ($850.00) after total failure of clutch assy, mechanic at Gator CDJR, Melbourne, Fl says it was due to ROUGH DRIVING?? Mechanic never knew about previous work nor did he care. I was denied Good Will Assistance after paying $2809.00 for the parts and labor. I am a LOYAL RAM owner, this is my fifth (5th) RAM truck, three of which were MANUAL TRANS. I grew up driving MANUAL TRANS, there was NO ROUGH DRIVING, Only the assessment of a mechanic who failed to review all the history of the vehicle repairs. RAM failed me!

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Jo - 24 d 8 h ago


who is the regional service manager for oklahoma

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leo - 24 d 15 h ago


I bought a brand new Jeep wrangler. I nearly had an accident as the front end vibrates so bad that the front end of the jeep actually bounces up and down on the free way.The back up camera does not work and the radio goes out every now and them. Took it in they fixed the front but it still does the same. Dealer says they cant find anything wrong with camera even though I have 30 videos showing what its doing. I have tried to lemon this car but no one will get back to me even after at least 10 calls. They will not let me speak to a manager and they keep saying some one will call you. I am driving a jeep that has nearly got me into2 accidents and has multiple issues and they don't care. As far as the Turtle click dealer in Irvine California, I will be hoping my posts go viral on social media to let people know what I just found out from an x employee. Its shocking what this dealer gets away with. Look at face book page and yelps. Its no wonder non of them belong to the BBB. Make no mistake if I get into an accident due to this unsafe car there will be a Lawsuit not that they care. People, don't buy the new JL jeep in my opinion its crap and unsafe. Worst of all you will get no help form Chrysler. Next step is lemon law attorney and how to get the public aware of the new unsafe Jeep JL

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Robert Foster - 25 d 8 m ago


So I went to dupage Illinois after runing my credit on line is said I was pre approved for up to 20k ! So when I get there they re do the app and run my credit again . They came back asked do I have money down I said no it was a new car with rebates !! But he said I can get a co-signer . But yet again I had been pre - approved . So I asked what was the pre approval for ? I work in car sales I knw where the money down goes . So it seem to be a very bad thang are a way to get people to the dealership. I wasted gas time and most of my day

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John - 25 d 16 h ago

I have a 2014 Chrysler town and country and the transmission went out on it after 80,000 miles. It cost me 3500.00 dollars to fix it because it was not under warranty. I'm very disappointed in your product. If you don't reimburse me at least some of the money I'm going to spread the word about your product

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Michael - 25 d 19 h ago


To whom it may concern.

I have owned my Dodge Journey since 2011, and on February 17th, 2019 my wife and I were on the way home from Atlantic City around three in the afternoon, when while crossing through an intersection, under green, a car ran a red light on the intersection plowing into the drivers side rear passenger door, slamming us into the meridian, sending us into the air then rolling twice before finally coming to rest sideways on the divers side. It took the fire department an hour to cut us out of the Journey. We Are both alive today because of God looking out over us and because we were in my Dodge Journey. Everything that was designed to protect us worked, and to that we are eternally grateful.

The only issue now, is that I want to lease another Dodge Journey, but I'm having trouble doing that. We are alive because of the safety of your product and are very grateful.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you,

Michael and Cheryl Fletcher

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Carmen Debartolo - 26 d 23 h ago


I am writing to complain that we are senior citizens and we been taking advantage by DuPage Chrysler, We went to dealership to purchase a 2019 Dodge Ram1500. We made it clear that we wanted and needed a Ram truck with a 3.92 rear axle to support towing our travel trailer which weighs 8000 lbs. we were sold a ram truck with a 3.21 rear axle and lied to that this vehicle is very capable of towing our camper and the only difference between the towing capacity of the 2 rear axles were 200 lbs. That night when I got home I did research on towing capacity and called dealership that I was very concerned on towing and I wanted to return vehicle and I was told that don't worry by the dealership to continue driving truck and matt would take truck back and continue to look for a truck for us with a 3.92 and we would not lose any money . After numerous calls back and forth, even tried to contact the owners of the dealership, we were kept being passed on to managers and general managers . At one point we were lied to that dealership found a truck for us but that we would have to wait a week to get new truck. My wife found a truck with a ram Dealer and we called DuPage and we were told by our Salesman Matt that they don't deal with this dealership and we were on our own. After numerous calls again to DuPage we finally got a meeting with the finance manager and tried to explain our problem but it fell on deaf ears and showed no concern. We order a Tonneau cover and leather seat covers for truck but we were told that they would only return half the cost of items and that they didn't have to return any money. We never received our floor mats for truck, we had to ask for them. We took a big financial loss on purchasing a truck from a different dealership. I hope something could be done to help us with our problem and loss.

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Carrie Robbins - 26 d 3 s ago


My husband has always been a dodge fan he owns a dodge dart so needless to say when it came to purchase a truck he wanted a Dodge Ram. On February 16 2019, we went to Greenway Dodge in Orlando Florida because we had heard such amazing things about them, the sale went fabulous and we were approved through Chrysler Capital and signed papers and drove off in our truck(so we thought). The finance manager called us a couple of days later and said we will be receiving a call in about a week to give us our account info and the best options to make our payment. Well instead of that call, we received a call that while they were finalizing the details, they had seen that there was an account from `12 years ago for a sister company that was a repossession, and no longer shows even on his report. 12 years!!!! So this being said they are not financing us and we have to bring the truck back. My husband and I know that our credit is not the best and we expect higher rates and payments but he has improved his credit score and has two car payments that he has been paying on for years and never been late. I am shocked that this is the way you treat a new customer. Be sure that I will discourage anyone I come across from doing business with your company, So when it comes time to get a new vehicle we will be sure to shop Chevrolet or Nissan but I will never own another Dodge that is a guarantee

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Yusuf Wasi - 26 d 17 h ago


I had faith in Dodge and Ram I have been a dedicated Dodge and Ram customer for many years I bought a 2019 Ram 1500 in October 2018 and in December of 2019 my truck was involved in a serious collision. It caused frame damage ect. I was told it was would take about a month to fix unfortunately I am now being told that it is no end in sight for repair due to a third party vendor doesn't have the parts until maybe APRIL!! And it's not Rams fault that the part is on back order and to just wait! I use my truck for business and have already started losing due to the issue and not one person at Ram is trying to help. I'm just being told it's not our fault and to wait. I have lost all faith in Ram and its products and customer service

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To whom it may concern, I have been driving my 2014 dodge for about 3 years , during year one my engine light came on , and it said misfire, so the parts were replace engine light went off . A month later it came back on with the same diagnosis, I have been dealing with the same problem for 3 years now .... in between that time my car started shutting itself off , twice while driving and the rest off the time it has Ben every time I turn my car on , it shuts off right away . I am a single mom of a 13 year old son and I feel extremely unsafe in this vehicle. Now I also have a recall on airbags ... this vehicle is not safe and I don't know what to do . Please help . Every time I time it to the dealer they want it for weeks at a time I can not do that I am the only one that drives my son to and from school My name is amber Garrett and phone number is 760-780-5153 - 28 d 32 m ago


To whom it may concern, I have been driving my 2014 dodge for about 3 years , during year one my engine light came on , and it said misfire, so the parts were replace engine light went off . A month later it came back on with the same diagnosis, I have been dealing with the same problem for 3 years now .... in between that time my car started shutting itself off , twice while driving and the rest off the time it has Ben every time I turn my car on , it shuts off right away . I am a single mom of a 13 year old son and I feel extremely unsafe in this vehicle. Now I also have a recall on airbags ... this vehicle is not safe and I don't know what to do . Please help . Every time I time it to the dealer they want it for weeks at a time I can not do that I am the only one that drives my son to and from school

My name is amber Garrett and phone number is (hidden)

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Emanuel Roveccio - 28 d 13 h ago


From the first day I purchased the vehicle $48,600 dollars. September 30th 2018. The following Saturday on its maiden voyage to Pennsylvania unbeknownst to me because I never owned a Wrangler was on the Jersey Turnpike on my way to the Pennsylvania Turnpike the speed limit is 65 and then it turns into 70 on the Pennsylvania Turnpike I hit a bump with my right tire at the speed of 60 my steering wheel started shaking from left to right I took it to the dealership and basically I was dismissed!!! So I decided to call quadra-trac Are Jeep people they came out in the beginning of January with a track bar so I purchased!!!! This moved my death wobble to 80 miles an hour!! I was happier that now it happens at that speed. I'm not satisfied I went to a different dealer and I had them put the vehicle and give me a 4 wheel alignment they found the vehicle out of alignment they asked me to pay $129 for this. Why was the vehicle given to me sold to me what's the suspension out of alignment!!!! My vehicle was not modified. a stock Sahara with 9 miles on it! I notice the first death wobble. I had many after that one. By the way the Jeep dealer where I paid take out a four wheel alignment took care of the death wobble it's no longer there. Is there anybody from Upper Management At Chrysler that I can talk to how about this situation!!

Please contact to me. (hidden)

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61 YR Senior Citizen - 29 d 1 h ago


I went to Rairdons Dodge to buy a truck. It was the worst sales experience of my 61 year lifetime. Afterwards I filled out the RAM survey and told them about the experience. Emails started first from the salesperson and then the general manager about what they could do to make me change my scores to 10s. I first told them they should have thought of doing the right thing the first time, instead of trying to correct it after the sale. After many more emails I finally sent in a list of parts from the Mopar website (floor mats, hitch cover, touch up paint and other things) to compensate me for the thousands of dollars less they gave me for a trade in. The GM responded with a $500 store credit if I would drive two hours from where I live to their parts department. I have since contacted the BBB and Chrysler Corporation headquarters about this dealership.

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