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Chrysler Group LLC

1000 Chrysler Dr.
Auburn Hills, MI
Sergio Marchionne
CEO and Chairman
(248) 576-5741
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Gregory Scott - 1 h 28 m ago


Dear sir I have one question will you bring back the Dodge Barracuda 2021 yes or no?

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Mary Dawn Cravens - 5 h 39 m ago

Dear Sir, I am the owner of a 1988 Dodge Aires. It has 78,750 actual miles. I still drive it every day. My name is Mary D Cravens. My address is 358 Sheridan Drive Lexington Ky My email is

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Julie - 6 h 30 m ago


I will be driving the 2012 dodge journey your salesman sold mlm e a cliff with my pets because it's a lemon and its left me with no job or income and you refused to get back to me. I'm sending a copy to the paper.

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Kathleen Francois - 12 d 4 h ago


Hello, my name is Kathleen, I purchased a dodge journey 2010 from drive time, the car was fine for only 6 months. since then , it has been a nightmare . Every 2 months something is wrong, thermostat $2000, shift or transmission $4500 , and it goes on up until today . Drive Time is charging me $12000 when the car is only worth now $2500, I am in non ending nightmare

Help (hidden)

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Julie - 6 h 37 m ago


If y ol u get help t e.g. ll me . I need b ed OP. I cant afford as nothe rd car. The 201w journey made me homeless. My cats are all ill h as ve . I'm going to drive it off as.cliff soon I FCC then d I'll nt ste pl up. (hidden)

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Julue - 6 h 42 m ago


I bought a 202 journey crew for work . Its the last cs tdd I c an ever afford even used. 3rd week axel broke. 8i months the tr as admission is gone. I traded as beautiful UK l pe r.c fdcg car FCC o rd th as g j pl u rd n es y pk ed ce ok f junk. The tr as nuns is out. .I w as n TV my money back. I'll m you you to ok k afvzntagd of me . K coulcnt afford warranty. The car has jolted sn DC bolted causing an accident and in csnt ge th th ed JFK dodg ed dealer to tk sbout I th.. I lost my job and my home in we weeks. .I wi loose my pets because I bought th ed 201 we plug net. K wen TV myiffback before ed km o.n tgv HD I am driving it to gh ed de er and living in i th . I will circle the blk CV k a UK th a bu horn screaming you slod me s lem ol n till you notice me snd yh as g hoj tdd jined.yifd and 3 I nnoc ed n th cats

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Michael - 1 d 4 h ago


WARNING!!!! Do NOT deal with Southshore Chrysler in Inwood New York. Not only are they trying to sell a car that is 3 years old as brand new. The car has has been sitting on their lot for over 600 days. Yes the car has no mileage on it. They due not allow to lease the vehicle since they say it is 3 years old. They will not negotiate on the price of the car. Cars the same year and model is selling for 8,000.00 to 10,000.00 less. The managers are nasty to their sales people and to the customer. Management doesn't know how to talk to customers. Management has poor communication with their co-workers. They try to sell a car but don't communicate that a manager was taking the car home for the weekend for personal use and to take to a car show for a few hours for the dealership to build business.

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Joe DeLucia - 1 d 8 h ago


WARNING: Do Not deal with Tony Domiano Dodge Jeep Ram in Scranton/Carbondale PA. I had THE WORST experience at that store within the past month. I had a deal worked out with a salesman on a 2018 Ram 2500 Tradesman Diesel Manual Transmission. Was all set to go out to the Store in PA this coming thursday May 23rd to sign the paperwork and bring a check for the full financed amount agreed on..and take the truck home with me to New York. Only to receive a phone call from the finance dept over there telling me the deal can not be done and that they will only accept FULL Msrp. WHAT? ive never heard of such a thing and to boot the salesman i was dealing with got fired the yesterday. This dealership refuses to discount an almost 2 YEAR OLD vehicle. How unfair and unprofessional. Pass this along to your friends DO NOT go there for any Dodge Jeep Chrysler. They are Crooks and Liars and should not even be in business. My next move is to contact Corporate about what happened to me at this USELESS store

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Mike h - 3 d 8 h ago

I have a Dodge Ram 2500 5.7 L engine will with broken exhaust manifold bolts. It's a 2009 with 107000 miles. I understand this is an inherent problem with these engines. Are the bolts inferior for the operation and is there a recall.

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Nyna Walton - 4 d 7 h ago


I was told that the lifters and the cylinders need to be replaced on my 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 and the parts are on back order for 6 months !????

Is this possible it this right and shouldn't they just replace the engine instead of piecing it together?

I've been dealing with some lady named Stephanie that is NO HELP!!!!!!

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Jeff - 13 d 4 h ago


Very disappointed with the Chrysler Corp,purchased a new 2500 ram van in 2017,steering went out after only 60,000 miles. Cost me 2500.00 to have it replaced because they tell me that it was not covered under warranty and no recall, need to stand behind your vehicles, will never purchase another Chrysler product again

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deiby - 14 d 4 h ago


Nielsen Jeep Dodge Ram. East Hanover, New Jersey. Okay my experience with Peter the salesman was 10/10. However be careful when when making deals here. They give the lowest trade value compared to anywhere. I bought a brand new 2019 cherokee. I drove off the lot traded in my car the same day. I didn't like the car after doing my daily routine one day later. I came back two later they didn't want to take return so I did a traded it in . Car lost 25% of its value . Only about 100 miles or so. I understand that. However they didn't help with the big amount of money I gave them with my trade in . So I lost another 12,000$ getting into the other car that I still wasn't satisfied with. Which left me with an equity of $3,000 toward this car . Now that's stealership. I just want everyone else to be careful with what you do cause there's no going back once you sign those papers and what's gone is gone and it sucks i just handed these guys 12,000$. Lesson learned . Also they'll lie there giving more for your trade but all they'll do is use these random rebates to get the car price down. So you fall for it . You won't find out until the last paper you have to sign. Which is the 20" long legal paper in pink

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Destiny Kirkland - 14 d 15 h ago


I worked for Benson Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Greer, SC. The entire time I was there I was sexually and religiously harassed by the technicians. After putting up with it I made many complaints against them with written proof of the harassment. Still nothing was done about it. I eventually decided to put in a two weeks notice and was let go the same day. I am getting an attorney. I refuse to let anyone else deal with what I went through as a woman in that dealership.

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Dana - 17 d 12 h ago

For the last two months my speedometer has only worked periodically. I finally took the plunge and went to a dealership for help. I was told the cluster was bad, and on back order.

Then came the really bad news, I had to pay a thousand dollars in advance!!!!.

Now I have taken exceptional care of my car, I pay a car payment of over 400 dollars a month, and now a thousand more!!!! If it is on back order, that tells me you have a problem with the product!

My husband was planning on buying a Dodge truck, but once he saw how much this part was, he changed his mind! You owe me a thousand dollars!!!!

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CSegura - 18 d 12 h ago


Had my truck towed in for a broken lower ball joint on Friday night. Location, Mission Dodge, San Antonio, TX. Saturday, Antonio tells me that they cannot get to my truck until Monday. He tells me it will be about $15-1600 for the repair. Monday no word. Tuesday I get a quote for $2452, needs more work than anticipated. truck to be ready by Friday. Friday I go by service department, I get word that more repairs are needed, increasing the price by $$$, but no actual quote. Promised truck will be ready by Monday. Tuesday, not ready. Wednesday, not ready. Thursday, I call and truck is ready. I show up to pick up truck and was told it needed to have some minor work done, would I like to wait. I wait and 1 1/2 hours later, I am told they need another part for my truck and it will be until Friday before its ready. Still no truck, no quote, just empty promises from what appears to be incompetent service rep and mechanic.

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Anonymous - 19 d 9 h ago

My wife took her car to dealership on a Monday and still the technician could not tell her the problem three days later I feel they are giving her run around disgusted customer.

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John Becker - 19 d 13 h ago


I have taken it to Tate twice on a work order and the 2nd time no work order and they keep telling me they don't hear anything. I know that I'm not dumb or just plain crazy I worked for Chrysler for over 20 yrs and I know that I'm not the only one hearing these noises my children, neighbors and other people have heard them as well. And if I leave it with them even though I have bought the Tate for life vehicle warranty they still charge me $100 bucks when I had the same insurance on 2015 I was never charged for anything. This crap is doing me no good at all. Well, then how about you all come and get this one and look over the dang thing it's driving me and my family frigging nuts. the worse part is that I'm a retired Chrysler / Dodge technician there for I have taken all the classes from front to the back of the vehicles I repaired the engines transmissions as well as noise harshness and vibration classes and updates when I went to school in Virginia, and at Annapolis Junction, I also realize that when it's wet out it is very hard to find and listen for noises even with Chassie ears. All I know is that this thing is making noise in the exhaust on start up and shut down along with noise in the front end over bumps and turning either left or right the rear, as well as a creaking noise like the cab, is frigging loose. You can call me any time of the day until 8 PM my cell number is (hidden)). I thank you for your time and patience. John R, Becker ret. US. ARMY and Chrysler technician.

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aggravated - 20 d 10 h ago


Since you eliminated a lot of dealerships to save money, trying to talk to a service writer is almost impossible.

everyone is so busy and its a chaotic place.

my Ram 2500 has been in 5 times for the same problem.

guess what truck i`m not buying next time?

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Anonymous - 20 d 11 h ago

This is Lisa V again. When I bought the car there was 44,000 miles on the vehicle.

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Lisa V - 20 d 11 h ago

I am a woman and thoroughly upset with the events of this car purchase. I do know the basics of cars luckily from my guy friends who have taught me. Well first of all I have quite a bit to say on this used vehicle I purchased in January of this year, 2012 Challenger SRT8 from San Diego Jeep Chrysler Ram (I live in LA County). This vehicle was supposedly pre-certified. I say Bull!! I called the dealer and let them know of some issues with the car with the biggest was a lifter tick noise. This will be quite lengthy but I am doing this so you can see all of the hassle I have went through on this car. I surely hope it is repaired this time. When I took the car back to the dealer they had the car for 2 weeks, replaced 2 lifters (did they check the other 14), repaired tight squeaky window, and replaced dome lights. Mid-March heard ticking noise again now wondering if really replaced. At this time started hearing a rattle and grinding noise coming from the muffler and rear end on cold start. When idling you would hear the grinding noise and going in reverse. Then around April 9 my change oil light came on. I was not able to drive to San Diego at that time for the ticking and exhaust so I took the car to my local Glendora Dodge dealer for oil change since under warranty I have 10 free oil changes. Guess what, oil was dirty. Now, I am reminding you that I just purchased the vehicle at the end of January, and had only driven the car about 400 miles (which includes a trip to San Diego so why would I need an oil change if the car was inspected). Picked up my car after oil change and took to the local muffler shop to have them look at the exhaust. When tech came back to the car I had coolant leaking all under the car. Lifted hood and resevoir was literally boiling. Had car towed back to Glendora. Was furious at this point so I called San Diego Jeep dealer and explained what happened. Told me to get car evaluated and to send the paperwork to him and they would handle. I told him I needed a car told me with warranty I should be covered. With it being a Saturday had to rent a car. Go to Enterprise and there was no reservation in the system so I had to pay for the car. Monday my car was ready to be picked up, bad radiator cap. I called San Diego Jeep to let them know I was picking up my car and needed to be reimbursed and the manager that told me to send in the paperwork was not in.This does not cause an overheating issues. This repair cost $180 plus rental was $80. Furious at this point. On 4/20 drove car back down to San Diego and car would get hot in stop and go traffic. Turns out know I have 2 blown head gaskets. I don't want to get screwed on this vehicle. I paid $30,000 for this car, lemon??? I can be reached (hidden)

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Anonymous - 20 d 12 h ago

Absolutely disgusted with the vehicle I purchased in January of 2019. Definitely not precertified.

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Anonymous - 23 d 3 h ago

Robert Henry.

I am retired and have a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel with 4wd..i have had it since 2002 and have been well satisfied with this hardworking truck. A spring on the right rear brakeshoe broke and over time it cut the wheel hub into. The problem is, these hubs are not manufactured anymore, not even aftermarket. I haven't been able to find one in a wrecking yard. So I have this truck with a good engine and transmission that I can't use and currently need it badly. I'm in a mess. Why aren't all the parts for these trucks available?

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Robert henry - 22 d 15 h ago

Re' the above comment. This truck has approximately 175,000 miles on it. I intended to eventually buy a new one but not now.

Please reply

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Floyd.phillips.of.newcastil - 27 d 43 m ago



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Rhonda Wright - 27 d 13 h ago


I purchased a jeep from the Warwick R.I. store, and found out yesterday that they took advantage of me by tricking me into purchasing all of these unnecessary warranties. Then when I called to cancel them last year they lied and said I could not cancel them. Then I found out I could and when I did they told me my payment would go down and that was a lie. I am paying 16000 more than what the car is worth. I am not happy, they are liars.

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