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Chrysler Group LLC

1000 Chrysler Dr.
Auburn Hills, MI
Sergio Marchionne
CEO and Chairman
(248) 576-5741
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Joe W. - 3 h 20 m ago

My email address is (hidden) if you have any suggestions.

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Joe W. - 7 h ago

I recently purchased a 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL. I have been experiencing a "death wobble.' This happens when going at highway speeds and hitting a bump in the road. The steering wheel shakes to a point where it feels like the vehicle is coming apart. I'm sure Chrysler / Jeep is aware of this issue. What can be done???? As an owner of a new vehicle, this is not something for which I should pay. Who can help me????

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Robbed - 1 d ago


Being misled by one of your franchises is very deceptive and unethical for me to accept. I trusted your co-company to fix my vehicle and they half did it. Saying that the parts they purchases from Auto-zone or other was not good enough after taking my money on the promise they could fix it for the amount shown($1895.15)..They had my vehicle for over 3 weeks with miinmal communication unless I called or went in. The service was lacking and not good customer sservice at all.I know you may not be able to do anything, this is just for your info.. I don't trust to take my vehicle back, because they said another $4oo or 5 could get it fixed better. I dont think so. Further more I would not recommednd them to anyone even if purchasing a new vehilce..

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Bria S. - 1 d 19 h ago


I will never go back to Paulding Dodge Jeep Chrysler again! First, before I explain my most recent experience at this location. I'd like to say I have never had any issues with this location up until yesterday afternoon. The staff there were so friendly, inviting, and helpful, so much to the point I felt I could really trust them, as I would a family member-to provide maintenance on my car. I remember specifically, Tommy Wallis, great customer service skills. Due to my exceptional concurring experiences, I referred my father to go to this location for maintenance on his car, as he too owns a Dodge. However, on yesterday, I went to this location for a simple oil change and to allow them to fix a "recall". As soon as I arrived for my1pmappointment, I walked in, stood, and waited for someone to acknowledge my very presence, just like they have always done (I knew at this moment, that things were different, and it just wasn't the norm). I also noticed that the friendly staff I'd dealt with on previous visits were no longer there. All staff members were new, none friendly at all. The guy sitting in the first office to the right was too busy flirting and giggling with a female customer, so I looked at him, he then stated he'd be with me shortly. I walked further into the building, and the man sitting in the second office on the left did not even look at me to help me. I managed to make eye contact with a woman (who by the way never once smiled nor apologized for my wait) sitting in an office across from his. She looked at me, then looked away for about two minutes before getting up to assist me. She asked if I'd been helped, I said no. I told her I had an appointment for1pm, so instead of her pulling up my record from the computer, she then begins to ask me all my information, writing it on a scrap piece of paper as we were standing in the hallway, as if I did not have an appointment. She said she'd get me started and that Mr. Stefan Forsyth would take it from there when he was done with his customer. I then went to sit in the waiting room. Nobody came to take my car until 20mins after arriving, this was strange because the waiting room was practically empty. About an hour and a half out, Mr. Stefan finally came to greet me and speak to me about my car. He stated that "someone had put an oversized drain plug on my car, which were also badly worn and coming out", he suggested the engine oil pan needed to be replaced for $314, and that he could get it overnighted, because they could not get the oil drain plug back on my vehicle. He also said I needed to replace an engine oil cooler assembly because my vehicle, "was leaking oil heavily, spreading all over the rear of the engine and transmission", costing another $747.50. He said this could lead to further problems if not corrected. I told him the very last place my car had been was at their location for again, a simple oil change. He said yes it shows that it was serviced here. Correct, still my car has been nowhere else but there, so whatever the issue was or is, Paulding Dodge Jeep Chrysler caused it. He did not acknowledge that. I told him I was not having any of what he told me needed to be done, done at this time, as I thought it was all a MANIPULATIVE LIE to the fullest! He then said he'd go talk to the service men again to see if they could get the plug back on. Upon his return to me, he said they were able to put the plug back on (MAGICALLY they were able to put a part back on that he said was damaged so badly that I'd need a part overnighted to replace it). I then asked the status of the recall, he said it was just a software update. Not a safety recall, malfunction recall, but a software update, which I also feel was a lie, because I saw nothing different when I finally got back in my car and checked my system. After this, he said he'd type up my paperwork. I waited for another 20mins, I'd had enough, I got up and headed to the office to see what was taking so long, as I'd saw a service man pull my car up 10minutes prior...Mr. Stefan said he just pulled your car up-ANOTHER LIE, I told him it had BEEN sitting there, he ignored that and said he was still typing my paper work. I told him I had to go and he proceeded to purposely move slow and take his time, just pure rudeness, I couldn't believe it. After he told me my total for only the oil change I gave him the money and he put it on the table, then he asked me to sign a document. I asked what it was, he said "Oh, we have all our clients sign" I said I'm not signing it as I do not agree with what was done today, he said ok and that he'd go get my change Didn't know how long that was going to take, so I told him to keep the change and to just let me know where my keys were. He said in the car. There was NEVER an apology given for the confusion, lack of urgency, nor non acknowledgement. After getting home, and looking under my hood, there was no leakage of any sort. Everything was bone dry, so he lied on that as well. After reviewing my paperwork, (which had incorrect personal contact info on my file), I noticed Mr. Stefan typed up that there may be a leak due to me not purchasing the part he suggested, when just before he said oil WAS leaking heavily all over the engine and transmission. Just lies, after lies. No one ever even thanked me for coming to this location. I was beyond appalled at the attitude of the staff, but most of all the DISHONESTY of Mr. Stefan and whoever worked on my car. Whether it be incompetency or manipulation to meet a quota. I don't know if Mr. Stefan was trying to take advantage of a young girl with a nice car, but before this, I'd never had an issue with this location. It is disheartening and frustrating to know that people working in this location would try to take away, and sabotage my only means of transportation. My career requires me to use my vehicle almost everyday, as I take pride in caring for clients in the community, and operating a small business. Lastly, I'm not sure what was truly done to my vehicle on yesterday, but if it was damaged, purposely or accidentally, by anyone there, changed or altered in any way, there will be legal actions pursued. Contact Info for Stefan Forsyth, Assistant Service Manager (hidden) EXT. 5736 (hidden) Thanks, Bria S.

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Pete - 18 d 24 h ago


I just want the ceo and hopefully the nation what some will of the big 3 will do to you and your vehicle Daytona dodge and the Daytona Beach auto mall did this to my truck they have had it for 3 months and didn't do anything they promised us and told us after we paid them 1,400 that if we didn't get the truck off the property they would have it impounded!! Please watch my little video of all my engine parts cams lifters rocker arms etc just laying in the bed of the truck in water the cams are completely rusted everything is this is not how you run a business and take care of the customer!!! Obviously the customer isn't always right!!,_FL

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Kathy - 2 d 6 h ago

My son died driving dodge dekota(I know brakes went, but truck was junked before thourghly tested)!!!!!!! He went thru stop sign suppablly! He went thru because truck did not stop!!! Never was compensated, never got a I am so sorry ! Oh wait I lied, dodge sends me recall notices at least once a month in my SONS name

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Ari Schwartz - 2 d 6 h ago


Hello and good morning to all just needed to get this out there I have a 2016 ram sport with the air ride suspension system. It froze up and failed last winter the dealer put airbrake antifreeze into the system said there is no paper work for the service as it's not an authorized repair but believe this will fix the problem. A week ago the system froze and failed again so problem was not fixed a year ago. They took it in said it needs a new compressor had the truck in garage for a week I got it back this morning and air ride froze was not functioning. Called dealer they advised they will talk to district manager. Called customer care they escalated my case and said they will contact me in 24 to 48 hours so here I sit with a $60000.00 dallor truck that will not function within the factory specifications it was designed and sold as. Please just looking to have this truck function the way it was represented to me when i agreed to purchase it.

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Anonymous - 13 d ago


I have a Dodge Durango Crew 2013 Took it in for a routine oil change and when they delivered it it had a check engine light I asked them to fix my car since when the advisor received my suv it was in perfect condition and did not have any check engine lights and they "d me $489 without even knowing what was wrong I have been without a car 6 weeks the Durango has been there in their shop and after 6 weeks they now tell me that the Durango needs a full motor replacement they quoted $8000 DLLS. and they expect for me to pay for that when my car had never had an issue can someone please help me!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 10 d 3 h ago

Contact Your states attorney consumer fraud Division & DMV police department

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A Thinker - 3 d 9 h ago

Sounds like they forgot to put oil in it during your routine oil change. Light probably came on when it vehicle sensed no oil. Hence the engine replacement.

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Dodge wake up call - 4 d 19 h ago

The worst part of owning a Dodge Grand Caravan is dealing with the dealers. They will defend their incompetent "technicians". I have picked up my van with more leaks than when I took it in, they have mis-diagnosed the problem and I had to pay for that, but the best was when they told me that they had their best heater core guy on the repair (30 yrs. experience).and I drove the car home and I had antifreeze running out of the driver's door. They did not want to pay to tow it back. I made them. The worst part is that when you want to talk to the owner, they will not let you. They circle your phone calls around, always back to the general manager who could care less. Every dealer I have dealt with is like this.It is so intentional. I have never gotten the phone number to the corporate office.I called Dodge LLC and they say that the dealers are contractors. They don't care. The dealers will be the downfall of Dodge with the quality a close second.

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Elaine Jackson - 4 d 19 h ago


Elaine Jackson 44137 47th Street West Lancaster, CA 93536 Cell (hidden) Clayborn Roberts 3600 Old Airport Road NW Albuquerque, NM 87114-9312 Cell (hidden) RE: Jeep Wrangler Extended Warranty VIN# 1J4BA7H19BL606999 On January 3, 2019, I took My 2011 Jeep Wrangler to Scott Robinson Jeep after having experienced a transmission overheating indicator warning. A secondary complaint was an intermittent miss in the engine. At the time of the write-up, I was informed by the Service Advisor (Cesar) the transmission failure would be covered by my "Mopar Extended Warranty," which I had purchased from Orange Coast Chrysler at the same time as the vehicle purchase. Cesar also informed me he would call me once the intermittent engine miss was diagnosed. I was further informed, I am entitled up to 10 days on a replacement vehicle from Enterprise Rent A Car based on the transmission failure. I was shuttled over to Enterprise and placed into a replacement vehicle. Shortly thereafter I was contacted by Cesar and was told the intermittent miss was due to a broken spark plug. I told him I had had the spark plugs replaced (Tune-up) at Hunter Dodge approximately 10,000 miles ago. He asked me to send him a copy of the repair order, which I did. Cesar called me back stating he never received the repair order and the vehicle was in need of, "a tune-up, fuel injection service, and the ignition wires replaced." He stated this would cost approximately $509.00. I told him I would call him back after I spoke with my brother. After speaking with my brother it was decided to decline the tune-up and wait until the required mileage service, and for the outcome of the transmission repair. I feel now, in hindsight, had I agreed to the unnecessary (previously done at Hunter Jeep) tune-up the outcome would have been totally different. When I declined, Cesar's attitude went through a total transformation. He informed me he was calling Enterprise and putting the rental on hold. I then asked, "What about the transmission?" He replied that's on hold too! He then stated I would need to authorize a $1900 teardown and inspection on the transmission to determine if the repair would be covered under the extended warranty. I told Chrysler about this conversation and they stated, "That's unethical!" I called Cesar on January 4th and left a voice message authorizing the Tear Down. On January 11th, I was told by Cesar that the repair had been declined due to modifications to the vehicle, and if I had any questions to call for further information. Any modifications done to this vehicle were done prior to the 125 point inspection, prior to my purchasing the vehicle and prior to my purchasing the Mopar Extended Warranty. The only thing that can be contributed to me as far as maintenance to this vehicle is performing all recommend repairs and maintenance per the maintenance schedule. At this point, my brother and I contacted Mopar, and we were told we would have to start by contacting Orange Coast Chrysler and give them the opportunity to correct the issue. On the above-mentioned date I contacted the Sales Manager at Orange Coast and explained the aforementioned to him, and he stated he would put me in contact with Ferdi, the Service Director. After explaining the aforementioned problem to Ferdi, he stated there was nothing he could do, and that we should have brought the vehicle to him. He said he had no way to get it there. My brother at this point volunteered to have the vehicle towed to Orange Coast. He stated he didn't want to do that because there might be some parts missing. He then stated that he would contact the Service Director at Scott Robinson on Saturday, January 12, 2019, and request a courtesy resolution to the problem (whatever that means). We have not heard from Ferdi at Orange Coast yet. BACKGROUND: In approximately 2012, I purchased a used Dodge Charger from an independent used car dealer. At the time of the purchase, I was offered and declined to purchase an extended warranty on that vehicle. My decision was cost based and on the representations made by the dealer. I performed all required and recommended maintenance on the vehicle. In January 2014, In spite of this, the engine started overheating and the transmission started behaving erratically. I took the vehicle to the dealer and was informed of the repairs, at a minimum, would be approximately $3500.00. At this point I regretted not purchasing the extended warranty; "Lesson learned!" Being a single mother, and head of household, I could not afford the repair. I had no other option than trading the vehicle in one another. I also vowed I would never purchase another vehicle without a warranty to avoid a similar situation in the future. My thought process was to purchase a new vehicle, as this vehicle would have a warranty in place at the time of purchase. At this point, I contacted my brother who has an automotive service advisor background. His last employers were Dodge and Chrysler dealerships. My brother, after seeing the prices of new cars, advised me to look into purchasing a Chrysler Certified Used Vehicle. Having done my due diligence I felt comfortable in contacting Orange Coast Chrysler. They had a stellar rating with the Better Business Bureau, excellent customer service comments, and excellent reviews. Upon my arrival at Orange Coast, I went to the used car lot. I walked the lot and found several vehicles which attracted my interest. I was particularly attracted to a Jeep Wrangler which was "big." At this point, I was approached by a salesman who started extolling the value of the customization and accessories added to the Jeep. Needless to say, I was impressed! He then went on to explain the Jeep was a Chrysler Certified Vehicle, and as such it had undergone a 125 point inspection, was current on all maintenance and most importantly would be eligible for the purchase a Mopar Extended Vehicle Warranty. We then completed the initial paperwork on the purchase of the jeep. Once approved he then escorted me to the Finance and Insurance office. Once we arrived I was introduced to Lori, the F&I Manager. Lori went over the previously prepared paperwork and explained to me the optional extended service warranties. I agreed to purchase the Mopar Extended Warranty which covered Powertrain and Driveline. I have been making payments on the vehicle and extended service warranty as agreed

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Renee Jenkins - 8 d 11 h ago


I love my 2011 Jeep Wrangler. I was in the yard and my jeep was parked and all of a sudden the airbag exploded the driver side. No one can tell me why or how it happened. Extended warranty does not want to pay for it my insurance does not want to pay for it because they don't know how it now I'm stuck with a truck that I cannot drive and cannot afford to fix because it is so expensive. I was very fortunate that no one was driving the vehicle when it exploded and not very scared to drive another one because of the airbag problems.does anyone know who to contact about this?

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Jim - 9 d ago


I purchased a 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL and unfortunately was the victim of a hit and run accident. This occurred 11/26/2018 and due to Jeeps inability to provide parts my jeep is sitting in the shop unable to be repaired. I am an avid jeep enthusiast BUT HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT PURCHASING new models as jeep isn't suppling parts for repair.

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Anonymous - 9 d 4 h ago

Jeep never again and I would never recommend it to ANY ONE. I have a 2014 cherokee and has been in for 3 recalls front lights went out at a cost of 245.00 each now a bearing on a pull your has gone out all at 50,000 miles.... I have a ford truck with 150,000 with no problems at all... car is in shop now two days and they tell me they have to order the parts REALLY??? JEEP NEEDS SOME WAKING UP

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Jane - 14 d ago


My 2017 jeep is a lemon it has been in the shop nine times since I bought it. Jeep nor Chrysler are doing anything about it. You can't even reach corporate via phone. I sent them an email and they said there is nothing they can do. The dealership also refuses to help they just keep replacing parts and sending me home with it. My steering wheel locks shuts off while driving endangering myself and my children. But they don't care

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Turnpike5 - 10 d 32 s ago


Welcome to my nightmare Jeep dealers are crooks and Chrysler allows dealers to sell inferior products with no penalty spend more money on commercials than taking care of buyers complaints

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Turnpike 5 - 10 d ago


I have a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 5600 miles on it wife went through a puddle and dealership saying water got inside transmission Chrysler says it is not covered by warranty are you kidding I see commercials driving through surf over boulders but can't go through puddles Jeep product is garbage don't buy Jeep this happened on November 16 and as of January 6 still don't have a car Jeep warranty is worthless City Auto Park in Burlington City New Jersey are crooks and Chrysler supports them shame on Chrysler should have bought a Ford

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Reg2win - 10 d ago

I have a 2016 Ram 1500 sport, can someone tell me why the drivers side mirror cost twice as much as the passenger mirro?

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Mitch S. - 10 d 9 h ago


The seat warmer (driver's side) on my 2015 Wrangler that I purchased (pre-owned) 1 year ago isn't working. Took it to the dealer (Rockland Jeep), was told that I had to leave $150 for them to diagnose the problem. Spoke with the service manager who told me that, unless the issue was caused by 'outside causes', it would be covered. I brought it in for service, told it was a $700 fix and that it wouldn't be covered, even though it was not caused by outside causes, that it was an electrical issue and that both heating elements had to be replaced.

What bulls--t. We've had jeeps since '77, my wife and son currently drive one, too. The car barely has 40,000 miles and i'm asked to pay $700 for an electrical problem???

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RICK - 13 d 1 h ago








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rick repko - 14 d 21 h ago


i have my 4th chrysler 300 since 2011

been promised a check for 452.66 dollars for a repair i paid for myself

been told check was mail since nov. 2018


i will never set foot in a chrysler dealership I SUGGEST YOU DON'T!!!!

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Elizabeth - 14 d 20 h ago


I have a 2015 Dodge Ram 2500 and the radio won't work from time to time, the heated seats won't work but the light is on, when I remote start my truck it turns off right away, my navigation system works when it wants, I can't get the truck into gear because of the collum won't move, my automatic high/low beam doesn't work and I can't find a dealership that can fix it because the service group won't listen or attempt to really dive into the problem let alone the check engine light goes on and off. I have 66k miles on this truck and I am ready to wash my hands with it and get another Ford. I paid for the options but the joke is on me! Frustrated beyond belief and won't go down quietly!!!!! Dodge corporate your service departments at the dealership are less than a bunch of kindergarten men acting like they have MBA's. Currently the truck is at Lithia in Billings Montana and prior to that I had it at both dealerships in Santa Cruz county. If I could do a negative review on a scale it would be negative ten.

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Anonymous - 14 d 2 h ago


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Lisa C - 15 d ago


Must say, not how I wanted 2019 to begin...

My 2013 Town & Country with 77,000 miles transmission blew yesterday.

Towed into a transmission shop, and there are no transmissions available...they are all on back order (I can assume this is a consistent problem with these cars).

Really expected a $40k Minivan to have a longer lasting drive train

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