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Church's Chicken

Cajan Operating Company
980 Hammond Dr. Ne, Ste. 1100
Atlanta, GA
Anthony Lavely
(770) 350-3800
(770) 512-3920
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Not A Fan - 12 d 17 h ago


Church's has the worst customer resolution department on the planet. It is beyond pathetic. I have a case: VHW6P. I have ask for a call back since OCTOBER 2019. It is JANUARY 2020. The store owner has claimed that he called me fixed the issue but I have never spoken to the man. I went to Church's and didn't get what I ordered so I called the store then when I never got a call back, I called the 1-800 number.

This is the most pathetic franchise in America. Just sad

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Anonymous - 6 d 19 h ago

Get over it! Don't make this a career.

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Sharon W - 13 d 15 h ago


Went to the churches chicken in Adamsville Alabama and I noticed 5 cars pull off they didn't give me what I wanted had to go IN MANAGEMENT was terrible and so were one of her employees the employee was pissed because I brought my order in to get what I told them I wanted will NEVER GO THERE AGAIN

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Anonymous!!!!! - 14 d 19 h ago


Went to church's at 410 N. Lindbergh in Florissant Mo. I ordered the mega bites and they where raw. So I called and was told by the manager that they would replace my order the next time I was in the area. I went in two days later and talked to the most rude and unprofessional manager. She asked if I had the chicken or the receipt. I told her no I didn't have either so she said without a receipt there's nothing she could do. So I said ok no big deal. I ended up finding the the receipt and went back in to show her the receipt. She replies there's no mega bites on here so another employee looked at the receipt and showed her the mega bite was on there. She went on and on for about 15minutes talking to the other employees about how I was claiming the chicken was raw and no way the chicken could of been raw because the chicken is not that big. She kept doing everything but try to replace the order. After about fifteen minutes she take some of the mega bites that had been setting under the heating lamp that whole time she kept making her little comments and put them back into grease to double cook them. She tells one of the employees I'm going to make sure we don't have this problem again, I will cook these again to make sure their done. She just would stop making little smart comments and I never said one word to her. I politely asked the cashier for my receipt and I left. I have never seen someone in a management position act so unprofessional over something so small. If they would cook the chicken right in the first place I wouldn't had to come back. Train your employees to act in a professional manner no matter what. I know she was trying to get a reaction out of me but I would stoop to her level, I'm above that. If she only knew better I guess she would've done better. Train, Train, Train

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Gisela VanderVen - 17 d 14 h ago

Had your 5 piece dinner special from your Alamo Texas restaurant

The Chicken was beautifully prepared without any black around the bones, and crunchy meaty good size

Thank you for wonderful service

Gisela VanderVen


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Ma Lee - 23 d 15 h ago

Ma Lee,phone # (hidden),I visit Churches on Perkins today around 12:30 p central time,used coupons, asked for some browner biscuits, she gave me what I asked for but MY GOD,I got ho.r those biscuits were for the dogs, I can't get none to answer the phone, I am to mad to ever go back,I know she was head, she wore Blue top,

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Anonymous - 38 d ago

On December 13 2019 I had surgery. My husband wet into t he Churches chicken on North Main wel on Saturday December 14, 2019 my husband went in to another store to purchase sometthing else. Wasn't a b le to purchas anything due to the fact that the cashier at Church's Chicken gave my husband counterfeit 20.00

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Anonymous - 39 d 18 h ago


Location in cumming ga. I am a regular at this location. On the last few months I have watched many customers walk out because of no service. Today I was second in line to order. It was 28 minutes until I received my food. I watched 7 people walk out before ordering. What a shame. The food is very good the service is awful. Please help this location. (hidden)

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CONCERNED CITIZEN - 41 d 16 h ago

I hope you take the time to read this urgent report. It has nothing to do with the quality of service or the food but if not taken care of, your company can be in a lot of trouble.

There is a Churches building that was shut down about 3 years ago, I do not have a lot of information yet but have every intention of looking into it before someone gets hurt. I will call City of San Antonio for ownership information.

If you are still in ownership of the Churches building on the corner of Commercial and Sunglo Dr. in San AntonioTx, please take responsible action.

At approximately 6:45 Central time my son and his family went to pick up their son staying at the grandmothers house not knowing the grandmother was already on her way to drop him off. When they spotted the grandmother's car they pulled into the vacant Churches building parking lot to get their son.

There was a maroon pick up parked by the side of the building and while my daughter in law was getting her child a man got off the truck and approached my son who was on the drivers side, my son rolled his window down and the man spun his index finger saying "get the f...k out of here, this is private property. My son said, "there are better ways to say things". Keep in mind, this is NOT your "Hallmark" neighborhood. While my son was getting ready to leave, a second man was coming towards the vehicle taking his jacket off as if looking for trouble.

If you are no longer owner of this property I understand you cannot be held accountable, but someone will be if the people working as "security" with their provoking ways hurt someone. I will continue my research till I find responsible owner.

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Donna lewis - 41 d 16 h ago


I was lied to by one of you assistant manager he said he would replace my orders and Tea and when i went back two days later and ask for him he call me a liar they were upset because of my friend who was working there before the other woman called her bad names and was laughing at her they were all laughing when they messed up my order i spent 21.00 dollars and didn't receive my full order or the corrected tea . i think corporate should investigate I would like my order to be replaced bye the correct order.

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Mad is hell - 42 d ago

I went to Church's chicken in Orlando Fl on highway 50. I ordered a 3 piece mixed and Cajun rice the chicken was cooked very hard and the oil had to be dirty because of the texture on the skin color. I had called the Manger to tell her how disappointed i am....she said i will Refund u your money back or place the meal if u bring it back.I live 2 far 2 keep making unnecessary trips back up there.No apology or nothing...she stated she will let the cook know 2 change his oil.Wow what a Shame.

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Anonymous - 44 d ago

I come to church's chicken in Indianapolis on Lafayette rd every Sunday & they never open on time & always out of something ...

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RACHEL - 44 d 7 h ago

Your restaurant in Milwaukee is using their own home recipe and only using the Church's Chicken name. I might as well open up my own McDonald's and use my own recipe.

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Anonymous - 47 d ago

I got a receipt that said I can have they free legs I or tender strap had a moment I was gonna go ahead in take the survey nowhere on this survey paper to get a validation code does it say that there is a limited time to take the survey that was the 1st thing that I notice when I tried to do the survey I'm sorry but I won't be going back to churches chicken if you have anything to say to me you can reach me at (hidden)

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Aaliyah J - 47 d 14 h ago

My name is Aaliyah, I just visited the churches chicken on 431 N. Austin chicago IL 60644 on 12/04/2019 @ 8:04:08 order number 98. I order the 12pc dark w/ 2 large side French fries and bombers and also a corn on the cob. But anywho I got home to feed my family and my chicken was under cooked n blood under the skin. Now I have called them to let them what's going on but the first 2 numbers I called were off and the 3rd one I called multiple times and never got an answer. Now I know how things work at churches chicken because I use to work for the company at Maywood,IL location. I'm very upset and you guys will be hearing from my lawyer

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Annette - 47 d 16 h ago


Hi My name is Annette, I live in Blue Island, IL on 12/04/2019 I visited Church's Chicken on 200 East 103rd Street, Chicago, IL 60628, ordered (2) 2 pc white, I got home and the chicken was older than I, called back to the Church's ask for the manager, He's name was Eric, the most ignorant person ever, so I ask what could he do about the situation he says to me drive it back, to the store. Well I live in a surburb outside of the city, so I'm saying to him replace the food on my next visit he goes on to tell me absolutely not unless I bring the chicken back to the store. So, I intern offered him to come to my house to get the chicken the stupid guy doesn't have the skills to resolve any issues so I'm in search of the proprietor of that business, because upon me try to resolve this issue he was so rude I eventually hung up on him. I will be calling the Health Department, he was the one whom sold me the chicken, as I told him he had first look at the chicken before he put in the box and took my money. So Look At Your Purchase before leaving this establishment.

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Betty Richard - 48 d 15 h ago


I went to churches chicken located at 2304 chelsea Memphis tenn.on 12/32019 after waiting 30minutes to get my food i got home my meal was raw i will be sending it to the corporate office this is the worst chruches chicken in Memphis i lived next to to this restaurant my entire life the business has went down i will be sending the HEALTH DEPARTMENT to this location as many times as i need to because this is ridiculous

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Robert - 50 d 16 h ago


The churches in Flomaton Alabama needs a come to Jesus meeting. I come here all the time and we always have to wait for something While the employees are OUTSIDE sitting down and talking. I was told it was going to take 30 to 45 minutes for FRESH CHICKEN. I work at Popeyes and that is not how we do it!!! It takes 15-20 minutes to cook chicken. In one of my previous experiences I was told it would be a 7 minute wait on biscuits which is understandable. I waited 7 minutes while they were playing around in the store and BURNED the biscuits up because they were too busy gossiping on the PHONE. I waited a total of 20 minutes for biscuits. Management is a joke at this location. They got mad and told me it will be a 35-40 minute wait because I wanted fresh chicken, they told me that long wait because they thought I would say nevermind. They continued to have an attitude with me when I came up to the store to get the chicken. One of the employees even had an attitude saying to the other employee "I told him we had chicken up" knowing I wanted FRESH chicken because it's always old as dirt and slimy in the inside. And the fact they wanna charge extra for white meat is RIDICULOUS why is everything LEGS and THIGHS?? I don't know any other chicken place that charges extra for white meat unless you get extra breast with the meal. I have been sitting in the parking lot near 50 minutes waiting on this chicken. This is beyond ridiculous and something needs to be done about it.

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Elva - 51 d ago

I rent my visited Church's in Mathis, Tx.; we stopped to purchase a large family order and were visiting my Mom at the nursing home there in Mathis so. Endless to say we did not have any utensils, condiments or anything available to us at the facility. I told the employee if she would please put in plates, napkins and extra ketchup in our bag and she said, " oh yes I make sure I put in all those things when someone buys family orders," I said great and thank you. We waited a few mins for our order and an employee brought our large order to our vehicle. We left and went to the nursing home. As I opened the. bag I noticed there weren't any of the things I had requested. I immediately called Church"s and the Manager on duty answered the phone, I told him the issue and he said, oh yeah the girl is here do you want to talk to her? At that point I didn't know I was talking to a manager until after I talked to the employee who initially took our order. I bc asked her what his name was and she replied "Adam", I told him he was very unprofessional and that he should have identified himself and that he should gAve taken care of the problem. I told him that I wanted a refund and he said to go back. When I arrived with my receipt he proceeded to tell me where the chicken was? I told him that a few pieces had been rated, but that I didn't bring it back. He also said that COMMON SENSE WOUKD BE TO BRING IT BACK". I told him that it was his employees that needed to use common sense to put in all the things needed when a large order or any order that's purchased to have napkins; utensils, ketchup packets or whatever the customer asks for. I've never dealt with a person such as "Adam", who is very unprofessional.

Elca Moya


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Chickenlovr81 - 54 d 13 h ago


I'm at a church's st a West Memphis location and the lobby is locked but it say lobby closes at 10:00 pm not 9:15 chickenlover81

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Chickenlovr81 - 54 d 13 h ago


Not to mention it's a line at the drive through that's goes almost to the streets..Chickenlovr81 but they lock up early every night...

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Don Branscom - 57 d 22 h ago


I went to Church's Fried Chicken in Tucson on Broadway Blvd.

I ordered my meal with two pieces of CORN. I always got real corn.

Real yellow corn! The Silver Queen or Country Gent variety I grew up with in America.

But today I got that fake sweet light yellow corn.

Not the same at all ! Corn is not just corn.

I am not going back to Church's anymore that is for sure.

Flagged for review. 
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Adrin - 57 d 19 h ago

Ordered meal on ubers eats location 4825 Broadway galveston Texas #1(hidden)582. Called before and after placing order online if fresh spicy chicken was available manager said just came up so YES. So I ordered didn't see spicy button on uber eats. So I called restaurant 10 secs later to inform manager I needed order spicy. She Hispanic lady manager said your problem and we are NOT going to do the order spicy. What type of service is that? Am I in Russia?

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Cecelia Woodward - 80 d 16 h ago


So we're ordering at the location and Bernalillo New Mexico on 550 start with when we first pull up we were you were waiting behind another vehicle for 20 minutes before we even got to the speaker when we get to the speaker instead of greeting us the person was all hold on and left didn't say Hi how are you nothing we waited for another 10 minutes before we had to ask what was going on finally taking our order he lets us know that they're out of biscuits which are pretty famous for churches and they're out of corn 2 things we try to order he did let us know right away we will wait 10 minutes on a chicken but we were behind another vehicle waiting for like 20 minutes so we're still waiting at the window right now and we've been here for an hour there's three people working and they're really not that busy right now usually I wouldn't complain about something like this but it's really unnecessary for this to be this way being let us a business it should have everything that the business offers and the people should be one people friendly and to know how to do their job they seem like they don't even know what they're doing which is not necessarily their fault it should be the manager that works at this location which there is none right now I thought I would submit this complaint and then I am calling the store as well because when I asked for corporates number they gave me the store number

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Shelly Tapia - 79 d 23 h ago


I was at this same location on November 1, 2019. I went inside, and waited for 5 minutes behind people who had already ordered. I finally asked if they were waiting to order or waiting for their food. They had already ordered so I proceeded to the counter. I waited for 5 minutes for her to take my order. She looked back at me multiple times as I stood there. Finally I asked if there was someone that could take my order. She replied with wait a minute. When she finally got to the register, it took her 10 minutes to take my order for 2 simple meals. I waited for 10 minutes when she finally gave me my drink cups, and told me that it would be 10 minutes for the Honey Butter Biscuit Chicken Tenders. I finally went back to the register after waiting 40 minutes for 2 meals, and she said that it would be about 15 more minutes. I told her I had to get to work and demanded a refund. I was told that I could not get a refund. I told they I wanted a refund not that I had already waited WAY too long and he threatened to call the police on me. I barely made it to work on time and I only work 5 minutes away. My husband remained there for another 15 minutes and still received no food or refund. He returned the next day for a refund with no apology of any kind.

There was a man that ordered before me and he had to beg for them to give him chicken that wasn't burnt. It looked very dried out. Another man came in and he had to ask if he could buy some of the chicken or if it was for display only. This location is a disgrace to the Church's Franchise.

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Anonymous - 58 d 13 h ago

The corporate offices in Atlanta Georgia look it up

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