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Church's Chicken

Cajan Operating Company
980 Hammond Dr. Ne, Ste. 1100
Atlanta, GA
Anthony Lavely
(770) 350-3800
(770) 512-3920
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Lois Jones-Mykles - 1 d ago


I always visit Churchs' Chicken in Chicago where I live. I was on vacation on Friday 3/15/19 and at approximately 2:00p.m. I visited a churches chicken in Greenville Mississippi on Highway 82 located inside of a Double Quick gas station. I purchased 10 pieces, 2 apple pies, a biscuit, and a hot pepper. The chicken was horrible. I became ill. (vomiting and diarrhea).

I was on my way to Dallas Texas so my family wanted to ride with food. Before we reached Lake Village Arkansas which is a half hour drive from Greenville, Mississippi my entire family was sick. My family was on vacation we were headed to Dallas Texas.

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Maria F Mendoza - 2 d 31 s ago


I am a regular customer at Church's Fried Chicken in San Benito Texas store #796

I went in today Sunday March 17,2019 and decided to try out the shrimp box. I bought 2 of them. When I got home to my surprise they were so tiny I thought they were okra at first.

Your advertisement are so deceiving.

It was like looking into an empty box.

Yes I took pictures of them.

It's not even funny

I am so disappointed, like wow and then they want me to fill out a survey of how it went, this was before I saw my meal, I was like really. I am thinking twice before going back. When we watch our pennies because my husband and I are on social security and yes we splurge twice a month. On well

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Anonymous - 2 d 21 h ago

Hello I visited your store in Tucson Arizona on mission and Amo way went today Sunday and odered food a chicken fried steak combo and hot wing to go when I got home I saw that they didn't put any of my sides and not even the gravy the steak fried and went back to the store they already had it ready and boxed up it was cold and hard with no cares I don't know who is in charge but I think they need to check the food temperature and how they give service to customers I have my receipt ticket number 20 addresse 1704 Ajo way Tucson Arizona 85(hidden)659 time 219pm I'm so overwhelmed please contact me at (hidden) Yvonne Solis thank you. Huh

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Anonymous - 10 d 8 s ago


Today I visited one of your location's at 3215 Jefferson Ave Newport news Virginia 23607 The service was horrible. I walked in the door no one greeted me. There was 1 worker that was in the lobby sweeping the floor she walked to the back washed her hands Then she stead at the register and just stared at me She never said how are you doing or can I take your order. I proceeded to give her my order her tongue a her body language told me she did not wanna be there she didn't wanna be bother That alone change my attitude about ordering the food so I cancel my order and walked out.

I must say it's terrible that no matter what city or state you're in this franchise will always hold up their reputation to have employees with nasty attitude the customer service is horrible

New employees and proper training would probly improve the experience of eating at the restaurant

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Chef Boyardee - 7 d 17 h ago


I agree we have petition would you sign it

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james banks - 7 d ago


Yes Church's Chicken needs new management and to clean up their stores the store Broad River Road Columbia South Carolina filthy

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James Banks - 7 d ago


I was at the Church's Chicken on Broad River Road in Columbia South Carolina place was a disaster cops all over the floor the cashier laying on the counter on her cell phone the food tasted like old grease there was dried soda on the floor the place was a real disaster a mess I will never go to Church's Chicken okay

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News Anchor - 7 d 16 h ago

I am very furious how the chicken looks taste not seasoned how the staff is will not be ordering from newport news store anymore management very rude no smile may i help you no greeting i dont know how yall train the staff they rude as hell close the whole damn store down.Or get rid of whole staff

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Anonymous - 7 d 7 h ago

Ever hear of periods, commas or capitalization?

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Senior Chief Oreilly - 7 d 16 h ago

I went to your Churchs Chicken Newport News i waited 20 minutes uber got 45 pcs chicken i was there before them.I just came to get my kids dinner if i knew it was going to be this long i should have cooked the lady at cash register didnt smile didnt communicate with me to let me know there was a wait on the chicken.No mannerism the managers are color stroke smiling for the white man 85% of your blacks brings this churchs chicken business shipyard how bout we go on strike and petition so yall wont have no business until you get rid of all Management they are rude look sloppy looking old looking ugly they are not best for your business i will not be returning and pray yall get rid of those evil mean ladies smiles come a long ways.Presentation comes a long way the grease be old we can tell it be fried in old grease leftover food is what they do customers dont come first attiudes do im suprised no one has had physical altercation yet.With your staff get new one.

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Health Inspector Chef Boyardee - 7 d 17 h ago


I am a mystery shopper i went to the franchise store 3215 jefferson avenue

Newport news va i have observed on my frequent visits theres no name tags worn no hair nets for front staff on register they are very unprofessional rude no greeting to customers at all they give old chicken out mushy corn always running out of chicken managers are rude not friendly uber drivers get there orders before customers long waits no courtesy drinks offered to customers for long wait. Associates dont communnicate with customers to let them know theres a wait on food.Your managers need to be fired they have no customer service skills. They are not people person im a chef of 25 years and use to work at churchs chicken there suppose to be a expediter manager cooks 2 cashiers the cashier takes 1 order at a time there needs to be 2 cashiers at register to get down line they greet the white folks and treat the black folks wrong there has been numerous of customers complaining about mannerism yall need to clean up house fire all managers if they dont like they job get another one we will be doing a petition to get those woman out of there your business is going down ill come there clean up house with my staff turnover wont be like how it is now most of the staff left the pay you pay needs to go up as well happy employees with decent pay compasionate management staff will go above and beyond i know my staff been with me for years everyone time we come different staff people are there its unacceptable its not right to the customers who has been coming to this establishment for years there needs to be new management hired they are not very loyal friendly and bringing down churchs brand stale old chicken reheating chicken when they run out of stuff they to lazy to make it i have the power to shut the store down in newport news or any others alot of stuff are not up to date not up to code procedures are not being done health sanitation is not up to par yall have 10 days to contact this franchise we have petition typed up and news media on stand by cause what we have will make corporate close this venue down.

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SHEILA WILLIAMS - 10 d 5 h ago


Hi my name is sheila Williams an i live in Cleveland Ohio my family loves your food i would like to know why did all the church's close down in Cleveland Ohio everyone love an miss your food will you ever consider opening more Church's restaurants in Cleveland Ohio again we miss you and love your food thank you sheila Williams (hidden)i have to go 45 min away to Akron Ohio just to get your chicken.

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Bob - 10 d 24 h ago


They had to close all their stores in Cleveland because of the terrible rat and roaches infestation.

General profile image - 13 d 3 m ago


Today, March 6,2019 I stopped by Church's located on Lone Oak Road and Hwy 35 between the cities of Sanger and Gainesville Texas

I have never had a worse experience. The lunch (now in my garbage) was so very bad -- The chicken just did not taste right after you got through the coating.. Tasted like it had been cooked in very old oil. The biscuit which I really looked forward smelled like bleach -- I am so upset because I wonder how many people stop by there on their way to Winstar or Oklahoma, pay their good money and then have to throw their food away. I hope to get a response within the next few days or I am going to take the next step to have state or local authorities come check the kitchen and workers.

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Anonymous - 15 d ago

I got food poison from one of your chicken place here in conroe,texas my name is Cynthia McCloud phone number is (hidden)

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Kelly Mae Lewis - 15 d 15 h ago


I am a Disabled Veteran. I called the Church's Chicken on Ave. Q in lubbock, Texas (hidden) many times. Continuously getting hung up on and being told to make my order on the Church's app. You can not make an order on there app. I just wanted to make an order and have a friend pick it up for me. The representatives that work for Church's are very rude. The manager finally found out that you cant make an order on there app. There was no apology or compensation for all the times we were hung up on. Were given wrong information and no one cared that i am a disabled veteran. I have no way of getting anywhere. I love Church's Chicken and only eat Church's Chicken. But, i would hate to never be able to eat there again, Its sad that ur company does not reognize disabled veterans. They didnt care. I wont eat there again.

Mrs. Lewis

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Anonymous - 16 d 15 h ago


As a church's chicken employee, how can I take my job seriously or give great customer service if not even Dave the head office customer service manager gives a single care of any of these complaints done by employees and customers.

Dave - Church's head office customer service manager.

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Brian - 16 d ago


" can I take my job seriously or give great customer service ..."??

Eat more chichen

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Millie J. - 18 d 18 h ago


Why the devil did you close the Churches Chicken restaurants in Cincinnati? It's awful to have to drive to Dayton Ohio to get chicken. It's the first place I go to in New Orleans when I visit. Please consider opening a restaurant here.

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Tina - 19 d ago


Church's Chicken in Phoenix, Arizona the customer service is very very bad. The manager could hardly speak english and she was very rude when you couldnt understand her. If I wouldnt have already paid for my food I would have just left. I hate rude people and not only rude but when you call to complain nothing is done about it. So from this day on bye bye to Church's and I will take my business to KFC or El Polo.

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Veronica Jaramillo - 25 d ago

Wow smh last night my husband went to churchs on Brodway and gibson in Albuquerque ordered the family meal with like 15- 16 chickens 3 large side and 6 biscuits and some other stuff asked for two mashed potatoes and cole slaw the manager would not give him the cole slaw saying it only comes with two items. That bull Because we go to churchs and get the same meal all the time omg she needs to get retrained or something talking bout im gonna call the cops because he asked for what he paid for... Wow smdh.....

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Dave - 19 d 22 h ago


OMG!! How big is your family that you order 15-16 chickens?! I would give you a coupon for the slaw, hell I'll even give you the whole cabbage.


Dave - Church's head office customer service manager.

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Anonymous - 44 d 4 h ago

Hello, my name is Mariah and my 20 year experience with church's chicken has been phenomenal. I literally want to own one. That's my goal one day, I'm sure it would be a great investment. Looking forward to it.

Flagged for review. 
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Duh - 41 d 8 m ago

This review is so canned and placed by Church employees

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Frank C. - 25 d ago


Mariah just a piece of advice from an Old man who has been around the food business. DON'T buy a Church's franchise!!!

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