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Church's Chicken

Cajan Operating Company
980 Hammond Dr. Ne, Ste. 1100
Atlanta, GA
Anthony Lavely
(770) 350-3800
(770) 512-3920
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Virginia - 2 d ago


Church's chicken on Ajo and Mission

Has terrible service.

Didn't get my biscuit and chicken strips were very dry.

Called to no avail. Spoke to Natalia, evidently Customer Service does Not count for them!!

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Milton zaiontz - 3 d ago


I have been eating churches fried chicken since the regular two pcs of dark cost .49 cents GREW up on the STUFF always been the best chicken in my opinion ... BEEN EATING IT FOR A LONG DAMN TIME and have eaten my share of family meals..... Today I visited the churches @ west ave and blanco here in San Antonio Texas for lunch... ONE BITE MADE ME THROW UP!!!!!!!!! I HAVE NEVER SEEN FRIED CHICKEN AS DISGUSTING AS WHAT I RECVD TODAY... I wished I could share the photos with you that show BLACK and rotted looking chicken meat that also smells... HOW DO YOU SERVE stuff that will make customers sick?? BILL is for sure ROLLING OVER IN HIS GRAVE !!!!!! FELLOW CHURCHES FRIED CHICKEN LOVERS BEWARE!!!!!!! maybe the time to look elsewhere for my fried chicken fix......

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Christopher lampkin sr - 4 d ago


I ordered a 12 piece family meal. I got 8 strips, and I ordered wit grub hub. But the problem was wit the asset manager at the rainbow location. She was very rude and disrespectful. She wasnt helpful even when I told her I had a receipt as well. I been eating churches chicken since the 80's. They need to look into this matter before someone get hurt.

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Julie - 5 d ago


I've worked as a nurse and executive in both the private and public sector for over 25 years and I don't think I've ever met an employee as rude and condescending as Theresa, the Church's Chicken cashier at the Scott location. 95% of the time when visiting an establishment I ask for the manager to give a good/great report on the person serving me and my family. I believe too often only the bad is reported so I've always reported the good and make it a point to do so in front of my children to teach them what good behavior and etiquette look like. Theresa was displeased with me from the moment I approached the register. She was frustrated because I used coupons I purchased in a book from the Opelousas location. She struggled with the register and had to ask her manager for assistance more than twice. I ordered original tenders for my second order and when she handed me the box, after I had been waiting at least 20 minutes for a simple order, she noted "here's your spicy tenders." I said I ordered original. She said, "that's right, but you (she was referring to me) said the tenders were ready and I made them, but they are spicy, not original, you said they were ready so I fixed them and that wasn't the right ones, they were spicy." Then as I was taking my WRONG order to go she said out loud in front of all of her waiting customers "that's what you get for placing 5 orders." I placed 2 orders with coupons, not 5. Not being an employee of your establishment I have no idea what's spicy or what's mild in the holding tray. I was trying to complete my order because by this time I had been in the restaurant for at least 20 minutes waiting on 2 simple orders of chicken. When I asked to speak to the manager Theresa went to the back, yelled Qianna's name that I wanted to speak with her and Theresa made the comment out loud, "yeah, that's her, come talk to her." Obviously, Qianna R. is friends with Theresa because she did absolutely NOTHING about her rude and noticeably incompetent employee serving me. She never offered to fix my order, never apologized or anything even of that nature. I've never left a poor review for any place I've visited because I usually let a lot slide because we are all human and have bad days. But this was different. I'm pretty certain Theresa is not a fan of white people. I visit Church's often for my mother who is a shut in and insists I drive 25 minutes to get her chicken in Opelousas. Today I made a purchase in Scott, La because I was nearby. However, never again will I give my money to another Church's in any part of the state. I cannot support an establishment that allows it's employees and managers to treat PEOPLE this way because of their skin color or because they are using coupons sold by their own company. Shame on Church's for allowing people like Theresa to pollute the climate of their establishment because she dislikes white people and is obviously very incompetent in working the register and preparing boxed chicken. Scott is a beautiful, growing community but leave it to people like Theresa to breathe such disgust into the air. I was and still am so unhappy with the service by Theresa and Quinna, and disappointed that I was shamed for having more than one order. Who does this? Tacky and inappropriate. Pull it together Theresa and quit dragging your racist, prejudice attitude to work. We all have issues, don't dump your sick ways onto the general public. We are putting money into your product and back into the economy and this is what we get!

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Silvia E Jaramillo - 35 d 9 h ago

This is not about the food serve.

How can a crew leader get away with talking bad to an employee. In Donna Texas the crew leader works at night and she disrespected an employee that he had to walk out. And spoke to the manager but who knows what will happen to the crew leader .? Will she get away with it?

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LTG - 11 d 4 h ago

Miss Sylvia the same thing happened to my sixteen-year-old daughter at churches in Brewton Alabama the love night manager who always smell like marijuana verbal abuse my daughter until she had to walk out let this be glad I'm in school I want a nice career cuz I don't care about nothing I will have beat the living s*** out of her because we've been going through this s*** since November

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Floyd - 13 d 21 h ago


Would love to see Church's Chicken back up in Rochester New York a lot of people would.

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Ash - 11 d 6 h ago


no you don't. They are disgusting and the customer service sucks

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Stacia - 28 d 18 h ago


I showed up to the pine location in Tulsa. Got there at 9:30pm and the young lady was sooo rude! Never in my life have I been to a place to get food and being treated like trash for ordering. She needs to be fired. I have no idea how someone that acts that way to your customer's is an asset to any team or expects to be in anyway a successful person!

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No name necessary - 12 d 19 h ago

Don't go to S Garnett either. They charged me $40 for a 3pc spicy breast and 2 legs (drumsticks), he ordered 2 3pcs All White Spicy. We ordered 3 mashed potatoes, a coleslaw, and 3 Extra biscuits. We got 1 mashed potato, a coleslaw, and no biscuits! We ordered a small gravy too and didn't get that either. The manager was an asshole, made me waste the gas I had Just pumped to drive 26 miles both ways to get refunded for the 2 3pcs and the extra biscuits. NO compensation, NO retribution and he basically told me to get over it and leave while his employees are telling me it's 'common sense' to check the bags BEFORE you leave the drive thru... isn't it common sense to get the customers Right in the first place???? I'm not gonna stop until ppl get FIRED

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Dee - 13 d 7 h ago

In Beaumont on Washington and Irvin I saw them put old chicken,fries and okra ,refrying old items .Never going there again,would like fresh food.

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Chell T - 15 d 51 m ago


Church's Chicken on North Main St. In Columbia SC just told me and my family we couldn't order on the inside only through the drive-thru.. guess what?! ITS RAINING AND WE'VE BEEN IN THIS CAR FOR HOURS... we will not be returning and they will not get our money today or any day!

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Amanda - 16 d 20 h ago


Why does your complaint website not work!!!!! Downtown phoenix 7th ave grand. location sucks!!! Needs to be closed.

3 times i have been to this location. And never been served. The past 2 times they closed early. We even told them its not closing time yet and they just looked at us. Tonight we got here early. Ok they cant say they are closed. After deciding what we want. They say "sorry we are out of chicken" wtf serious. Never again will i go here. Ridiculos. Bad managing at this location. I live right across the street. Ill now drive a few miles to give KFC my business.

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C.d.l - 18 d ago


Chuches chicken in baton rouge la off plank rd always rude always out of something always close early. Need to be shut down

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Dee - 22 d 22 h ago


Hello management

Please tell me why the churchs chicken in Hueytown Al on Alison Bonnet Memorial Dr is always out of sides? Every time and I mean every time I stop there after work around 5:30 pm during the week they only thing they have is green beans and rice with limited chicken..Why advertise on your windows and in store things that you never have? I am a loyal church's chicken customer but this is really disappointing and just poor customer service. Please address this and get that store up to your great standards.

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Melody Williams - 22 d 47 m ago


Spider found in food from the McComb, Ms store. I have a picture and a picture of the receipt. I advice anybody to check there food before eating at this location, (hidden)

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Anonymous - 22 d 7 h ago

I need yo talk to some one about a incident happen o 25 state street east st louis mynm 6

18 9218285

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None - 23 d ago


Some how my mail got sent to the church's chicken on moffett rd in mobile al, someone that works at that location activated my debit gift card and used it, I have opened up an investigation they spent $13 and some change at Wendy's

$3and change at a gas station and $16 and some change at route 21 all store's in the mobile area... So sad they is going to get fired and possible go to jail when all they had to do was put it back in the mail or throw it away..

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Kj - 26 d ago


Very Unprofessional they should be shut down everytime I come there's a 15 to 20 minute wait just to order the fat boy in drive thru is rude and mangers are as well I will never go back to the one on memorial drive again

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Kimberly - 30 d ago


I have been furious about Store#816 in Gretna, LA for he past 2 weeks, the night manager is rude and ignorant and should not represent any business that wants to make a profit. Of course I did my due diligence and sent an online report to no avail other than a canned reply. I returned earlier in the evening to see if the first encounter was a fluke and as luck would have it it was not, she was again rude and ignorant telling me if I didn't like it do not come back. Now I'm not sure exactly why asking if the drink was made with no ice triggered her deplorable behavior, but I do know my money went home with me that night. Enough about the bad night manager, the daytime crew are tops!!!!! If you want delicious hot chicken fast......(Well as fast as it can be with the line wrapped around the lobby) they are it! Ms. Sylvia is always pleasant and accommodating, she has an infectious smile and seems to just love what she does. A great mix for the Manager of the store. I wish she could be cloned to the night shift so that no one would ever be subjected to that ignorant Jeriniqua, or Jerrinisha... not sure what her name is, she refused to give her name when she slammed the window on me.

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Anonymous - 30 d 5 h ago

Can someone please give me a call back my name is Cynthia guy my number is area code (hidden) I was at your restaurant yesterday with one of your employee call the family members up there to come jump on me

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Raul - 30 d 19 h ago


I have a complaint about your store in Austin TX. It is the one on William Cannon and Manchaca. They never have the spicy chicken. Tonight I asked for a 10 for 10 spicy legs & thighs and the cashier said they were all out. When I asked if they would cook a "Small batch" she told me they were completely out. This has happened over and over. Can you supply them with extra loads of spicy mix or should I just recommend people go elsewhere for spicy chicken?

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Anonymous - 31 d ago

Wat is churchs insurance company name

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Anonymous - 37 d 20 h ago


I I didn't know the charges on Gettysburg and Hillcrest and Dayton Ohio closed at 8 but they close at 8 walk in and they I have good food but open when they want to be open for the walk-in Dayton Ohio love Church's need better service

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Churcheschickenneedsjesus - 31 d 19 h ago


I totally agree,this place is messy,they never get my order right smdh KFC I'd better!!

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