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Circle K Stores

Alimentation Couche-Tard
1130 West Warner Road, Suite B
Tempe, AZ
(602) 728-8000
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Anthony - 10 d 7 h ago


Circle K Store # 4717 located at 7101 54th Ave. N. Saint Petersburg, Fl. has their gas pump credit card readers compromised and they do not even care. My card was used only at their pump on Nov. 23rd, 2016 and was used in a fraud scheme less than an hour later. Today, I informed the woman who stated "she was the manager" at which time she laughed it off and stated "no way" our pump could ever be compromised? She actually thought it was funny that I was a victim of CC scam using their store. I'll never return to that store and recommend everyone to at least pay cash when using these pumps.

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A Concerned Customer - 9 d 7 h ago


Natalie at store #8650 Spring Mountain/ Arville Las Vegas, Nv is a real bitch towards her employees in front of customers. She screams and yells at them , how professional is that!

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A concerned Customer - 9 d 7 h ago


I am a concern customer of a manager (Natalie) I believe that's her name. I was in the store about an hour ago and she was screaming and yelling at an employer I believe his name was Anthony. I think it is very unprofessional for your so called store manager to treat her employees in this manner, and this has happened more than once with this same guy Anthony in front of customers. So please take this as a serious matter and take action.

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Anonymous - 10 d 19 h ago

I met a very rude employee at Circle K tonight at Center and University in Mesa Arizona. She was very rude I came in and I said the truck was blocking the way and she told me she would not serve me again tonight I told her I would not be back ever

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Anonymous - 12 d 9 h ago

I was forced to pay $2.99 for a coffee that cost a dollar 79 because I pu that cffee ina diffeent cup

because it had no coffee lids

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alvin -local tower - 17 d ago

I fuel up with diesel in a company truck at store

2700159 , I've complained plenty about the pump being so slow . It shouldn't take 15mins. To pump less than 20 gal. Of fuel . The employees are great but I think management needs alil boost in keeping up with equipment issuses .

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KitKat - 19 d 11 h ago

They had a drawing for a tattoo worth 100 dollars... well, they called my friend but he wasn't able to answer the phone right away cause he was at work. So they dree another ticket and they don't want to give him his prize. He called back as soon he got back from work the same day he called. What's up with that!!!!

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Anonymous - 33 d 19 h ago

Here we go again,,, 23rd Avenue and Deer Valley Road not a good Circle K once again Tweakers heroin addicts you name it it's a never-ending battle.... we've had this discussion 3 weeks ago mr. Rodriguez and apparently there's only one person working tonight so I try to patrol the area much as I can because I live in the area and everytime I go there it's so uncomfortable because I'm always getting approached and once again please don't tell me it's because it's cooling off and everybody's coming down from up North and Yadi Yadi the best thing to do is just clean it up and have somebody come out there patrolling and get them off the property that's the only way it's going to happen

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Rhonda - 36 d ago


I was sexually harassed and I'm a customer and one of your stores in Alabama. When I reported it to the manager he didn't apologize for his employee he just simply said ok and hung up. The employee still works there and I know for a fact this is the second time this employee has been reported like this.

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James Denney - 36 d 23 h ago

Since y'all not going to do something about the manager Judy and Leeanna threw me out for no reason whatsoever at the circle k on 2nd Ave in Columbus, Georgia, I will never going to shop at circle k again and I'm going to talk to the cheif of police to see what He can do about Judy and Leeanna, If y'all going to do something about it, email me at (hidden)

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Fuck tabitha. And circle k - 41 d 41 s ago


I used to work for the circle k in carleton on monroe street, tabitha is a horrible manage and needs to be fired i worked there for about 2 and a half months her office was trashed she constantly accused me of stealing money or accepting fake bills and could never show me security footage because " the cameras were always down" i was fired and was never contacted by her and found out through other employees this job was all i had i was basically supporting my father off of shit hours on minimum wage and she had the nerve to fire me and not tell me about it now imma send all the photos of fucked up shit to corporate have fun without a job bitch

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Disgusted and Outraged - 51 d 12 h ago


you guys need to fix your raggedy ass stores. The store on 122nd and may is HORRIBLE. It's always nasty and your employees y'all hired has NO customer service skills what so ever. Oh my god, and that so called store manager britteny is unfit. She talks down on her employees , SHE IS A HORRIBLE MANAGER ALL AROUND. And another employee Jarae is his name , he's rude , he snatches money from customers and talks bad to them. He also listen to music on the clock with both headphones in . You guys need to hire more good people, with customer service skills, and that are not flat out rude .

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Anonymous - 58 d 16 h ago

Bullshit store fix yalls stores quit hiring lazy fucks

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Disgusted and Outraged. - 75 d 25 m ago


The store in okc , may and britton ...My girl friend was verbaly assulted by the cashier , his name was Steve , he accused me and my girl friend of being ... "poor" and told us to go fuck our selfs. I will be contacting a lawyer because of this situation. I will never shop at Circle K stores ever again.

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miss field - 89 d 11 h ago

Just to let you know the kangaroo in locusts grove ga must be terrible I go in there every so often haven't been there in a while (went there the other day) there was a young woman who used to work there been there for a long time I go see her time to time she is the only reason I went there was told she quit. I'm in the process of finding her I know she has 2 kids that are young I don't know the circumstances around her quitting but I do know she wouldn't quit for a good reason you may want to investigate the manager of the store cause when I do come through there are always different people working some are quite rude in my opinion when you have a high turn over like that it is because of poor management

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Linda mccampbell - 97 d 20 h ago

Why are your restrooms closed down after 11 pm I buy gas here every day iam a delivery driver and we have no were else to go but here and we spend a lot of money in this store not a little but hundreds a week each out of 30 drivers and the clerk is very rude at night and locks them down if this is the case then I guess we will find a new place to shop and by gas and we all fill our tanks daily so if u are willing to loose that kind of money so be it

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scott - 106 d 21 m ago


The circle k store at 10595 66th St N. Pinellas park, Florida. Is one of the worst store I've ever been in. Not only was the store in a absolute mess. The bathroom was disgusting. Stains all over the toilet tissue paper all over the floor. The cashier that was there at 7: p.m. on 8/20/16 kept talking crap or rolling her eyes after each customer would leave to the next customer in line. I'm not the type of person to ever bother to taking the time to complain about a store, but this place really bothered me. This store is one of the worst convenient store ive ever been in.

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kaylee - 111 d ago


im tired of all the bullshit at circle k on Eastern ave and getting harassed by mimi the manger she's trying to stop me from going there when corporate said I could wish I could get corporate to put it in writing I would appreciate it

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Stephanie - 112 d 2 h ago


I was in the Circle K on Rural and Lemon St. in Tempe AZ. There was a big problem with a male customer and the police had to be called. There was a young woman working there and it is obvious she was alone and very scared. Why would you ever have a young woman alone especially in that area? Shame on you. Extremely poor business putting a human life in danger!!!!

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customer - 130 d 7 h ago


The store in Moore Oklahoma on 4th and eastern. Has some of the most unprofessional rude and lazy people working there. They have an employee named Alan that is so annoying that when I walk in the door and see him there I just leave. I have came in at night and he will be asleep or watching TV on his Ipod. He will ask you the most inappropriate questions. The store is always nasty when he ia there. There is another employee named Anna that is rude and always on her phone. You will be standing at her register for awhile and she will finally put her phone not. Put then she treats you like why did you interrupt my phone call. There is a guy named Terance that is very sexually inappropriate to female customers doing wolf calls and calling them sexy. Even when kids are in the store. Then there is an older lady named Geneva this lady is always moving. The store is always clean when she is there. She has excellent customer service skills. She is the main reason I continue to go to this store instead of the new 7-11 and Oncue that just opened down the street. Someone really needs to look into this store while it still has customers

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Anonymous - 132 d 6 h ago


An employee at circle k( her name tag says holly) on northwest expressway and council has been very unprofessional making comments about other customers and other inappropriate comments while on the clock and I spend a lot of money in that store so now I feel like I can't go in that location anymore. I just don't think that kind of language or actions should be tollerated while working in a professional working environment. I believe it should be known that the employees are treating customers this way. Thanks.

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Kaylee treslan - 160 d 6 h ago

I have a complain corporate told me I wasn't kicked out of Circle k for something I didn't even do so I could go there and I called Circle k on Eastern ave here in Augusta and mimi tells me im not allowed to go there permanently which she by law can't kicksomeone who has a mental disableitaly out for a co working flipping out on a customer which was me I was in there minding my own p's and q's and I was getting ready to check out the employee kristina slams a close sign in my face and honestly I didn't even do anything wrong and I called disability rights as well this is ridiculous

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Tera - 164 d 17 m ago


Circle k in newport ky 41071 the employees. Bring their children to work at night . an they cry

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a upset customer - 263 d ago


To whom it may concern,

The circle k on w. 4th street in Okmulgee, ok 74447, needs their employees looked into something terrible. We live down the road and every time we go their their employees as well as the manager (I believe his name is Lee) are tweaked out of their mind. You can't understand what they are saying or doing they are so high. We will not be going back until this is fixed.


A very upset customer

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Dan - 1 y ago


You offer a sweepstakes with pepsi and doritos and no way to enter or obtain code.

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