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Circle K Stores

Alimentation Couche-Tard
1130 West Warner Road, Suite B
Tempe, AZ
(602) 728-8000
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Disgust is what I call it - 3 d 16 h ago


The circle k in waveland ms, is on of the worse places I have been to. The place has gone down since randy left. The store manager Derek there doesn't even work.

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profiled public circleKKK - 3 d 17 h ago


On this particular night, My husband was accused by a new member of your team Brian (whos appearance is of a drug addict) of stealing something on another day which has yet to be cleared up when questioned. He was then forced out of the store by your assistant manager Gustavo while threats to compromise his livelihood by calling the police during an instance of misunderstanding by my husband Randy which is a docile person who was not escalating this scene and has never stolen a toothpick in his life. We are both full time working professionals who frequent this store and spend money there daily. Not to mention that he was accused and not yet proven to have stolen a pack of cigarettes which are behind the counter so unless hes the matrix or a ninja that is simply not possible without the clerk handing him a pack. Furthermore we dont need to steal as we support all of our bills, food and habits, So he leaves and returns home. I came to the store the same night to find out why he's being accused and excercised my rights to demand evidence!!!!When the crew was asked to produce a video to prove these allegations not only was I refused a incident report I was also directed to the store manager who doesn't work or is MIA for the proof of this blasphemy!! Since we cannot conclude this in the store We are now informed Our counsel has stated that if you cannot produce above mentioned video with my husbands face on it we can move forward into the next phase. Which we plan to do to fullest extent of our rights as Law abiding citizens being profiled.

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Anonymous - 37 d 51 s ago

Circle k suck I got fasly accused of stuff I didn't do I work there all of one month first circle don like black ppl for some reason they fire me because I listen to the wiz and let everyone else listen anything they want and because I'm black every time it was time for me to clock because I'm black they ask me did I don the Everytime

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Anonymous - 25 d 11 h ago

For one it's don't. ..and music should never be allowed in the srore...has nothing to do with you being black. ..had you done your job right you would still have a job...just saying

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Dissappointed - 4 d 14 h ago



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MR MONGOOSE - 4 d 18 h ago


So I have 100.00 in lottery tickets to turn in I was in line and got out of line to decide what size Fountain Club I would get that would fit in my cup holder on my bicycle so I was looking at the cup when the Circle K employee got mad because I was looking at the cup and asked me if I'd do you need help rather rudely rudely in front of other customers because I was touching every cup to see which one I was going to get to fit in my cup holder he was extremely rude to me that is why you lose customers. I will never return to this circle k again and his name is Berry he is African American and the Circle K is Gilbert and Southern

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Draya - 6 d 39 m ago



After reading the reviews shared by others, I have a better understanding of the mentality of the employees there.. My debit card was left at pump after returning back to the station the employee on duty stated, " she dropped debit card in a locked safe only management would be able to retreive card.. So, I returned the next morning wanting to retreive my card only for this unconcerned ghetto mentality manager stating"I need to return back in 20minutes because she was unable to retreive debit card because the safe is time controlled...Really!!!! Then the manager said, "she would normally return debit card to bank corporate office....I really doubted that was gping to happened!!!!! Excuse me I would rather destroy my card....I smell a dead rat.....What a damn scam!!!!! So what happens to the customer who does not realizes their card is missing....

Well, Circle have lost a customer...

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Df - 14 d 15 m ago


They hire lazy people in Birmingham al at small trk stop.they don't clean to mutch trailers dropped off like it is a drop yard.people are rude that work here.they need to get all new people working here.

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Richard E. Swift - 17 d 4 h ago


went yesterday from work on 1/05/2017 to the O.K. on 1909 e. 36th street Tucson Az and went to get a big gup soda and got cola and when I added the squirt cherry to my soda it splattered all over my clothes.It was my new shirt and pants I washed the previous day.I told on of the workers there and told her what happened and she only asked me about what line of the soda fountain was bad and did not offer me anything so I used some paper towels to dry my self off and go back in my new 2016 Nissan drenched in soda.She did not offewr me anything not even a I am sorry.What a lousy day to end my hard day at work with is experience !!!

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Anonymous - 22 d 17 h ago


The cashier has a nasty attitude with her big ole lips

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No of your business - 25 d 11 h ago


I stopped into the rantoul Ill cicle k today to use the bathroom...which is located by I57..never again will I step back into that's not the bp/circle k just so you know...there was piss all over the seats trash every made me sick...then when I walked out your manager was playing loud rap music off her phone not saying anything to her customers. ...I got pics to prove it...shame on you circle k to think that's how you want your place ran...I ran a gas station and there is know way I would allow this to might as well not built the store their and hired your manager...she is running it to the ground...but if that's what you want so be it....and for your store on 136 and maplewood....isn't know Def need to change things...they are nasty

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Anonymous - 36 d 16 h ago

I see an awful lot of negative comments. Are any of them ever addressed?

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Anonymous - 36 d 9 h ago

Doubt it. They don't care that's why.

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Jeaniece Neumann - 36 d 9 h ago


The store at 35th Ave and Peoria is a nasty store! Don't go there! They can't add, make change, clean, they can't do anything but treat their regular customers like crap! The one guy who was there tonite,he looks like Beaver Cleaver, got real sarcastic with me about a pack of cigs! I have been a conveinience store manager, and if an employee of mine talked to any customer, let alone a regular hat way I would have fired him! Plus they have so many bums hanging out and panhandling from you it's scary to go there!! I will never go there again! My $$ will either go to another Circle K or better yet to Quik Trip!!

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Anonymous - 36 d 15 h ago

The Okmulgee stores are a mess you select Diet Pepsi and you might get diet root beer or your select diet root beer or rootbeer you substitute Coca-Cola your to clerk about it and they say they have check the lines something needs to be done it's irritating this is a small town and people do not have too many choices other than the Circle K

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Frank Holmes - 40 d ago

The people they hire at the Circle K at Northwest Expressway and Meridian the guy that works at night the African-American is the biggest idiot I have ever dealt with he cannot do any of the coupons that are from the manufacturers he does not get your cigarettes right I went into the store and I wanted Marlboro gold short I repeated it twice he had the cigarettes I never looked in the bag that is my stupidity but I will make damn sure from now on they will not take back the full carton of cigarettes that I purchased on 12/13/2016 I will not ever darken their door again it is the most stupidest people to deal with

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Luke D. Moore - 40 d 9 h ago


Wow! Just walked in to Circle K to get some gas and beef jerky. As I walk in I noticed one of our City's finest giving a description to the store clerk of a fugitive. The description was skinny crackhead looking black man with a big puffy brown jacket. As the officer leave the store and have the clerk turns and sees me at the front holding a can of beef jerky she freezes in her tracks! She looks at the officer. She looks at me. She looks at the officer. The officer officer then says no ma'am that isn't him he's not even wearing a brown puffy jacket! After which the store clerk still stood Frozen for about 30 seconds before she asked me if I needed to buy what was in my hand. You think so? I told her yes and I also need gas. After about 30 more seconds of her Frozen in front of me like she was scared. She started to move. At this point it was when I realized this is b*******. I told her after that no thanks I'll get my gas somewhere else. I walked outside. The officer rolled up to me rolled his window down and then says that has got to be the stupidest s*** that I have ever seen! And I said yeah like I would have stayed my black ass in that store while you gave a description of me to the store clerk! We both shared a good laugh about it but damn does it ever stop? So to Wendell the crackhead whoever you are? Thanks a lot a******!

FYI this is what I am wearing!




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Disgusted and Outraged - 101 d 39 m ago


you guys need to fix your raggedy ass stores. The store on 122nd and may is HORRIBLE. It's always nasty and your employees y'all hired has NO customer service skills what so ever. Oh my god, and that so called store manager britteny is unfit. She talks down on her employees , SHE IS A HORRIBLE MANAGER ALL AROUND. And another employee Jarae is his name , he's rude , he snatches money from customers and talks bad to them. He also listen to music on the clock with both headphones in . You guys need to hire more good people, with customer service skills, and that are not flat out rude .

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Anonymous - 41 d 9 h ago


Circle K, 699 E BUCKEYE RD., Phoenix, AZ You have not seen disgusting until you visit that store. My next correspondence will be with the health department. Look at the filthy floors and the filthy bathrooms and the filthy parking lot. It is a wonder that Circle K lets its name be on this god-forsaken store.

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Mike - 41 d 16 h ago


I purchase coffee from the 7th Avenue and Bethany Home Rd store every Monday through Friday morning. Your representative who works overnight in the store (Donoven) is one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of talking with. Donoven takes the time to greet his customers and it is apparent that many of us go to that store because of him. He is patient and friendly with everyone. You are very lucky to have such an outstanding employee and he is the reason I continue to stop by for my cup of coffee. Please let him know that he is a star!

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Big mark - 47 d 8 h ago

Worst store I have been to circle k is a circle jerk

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James Denney - 85 d 9 h ago

Since y'all not going to do something about the manager Judy and Leeanna threw me out for no reason whatsoever at the circle k on 2nd Ave in Columbus, Georgia, I will never going to shop at circle k again and I'm going to talk to the cheif of police to see what He can do about Judy and Leeanna, If y'all going to do something about it, email me at (hidden)

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Joe Pirt - 48 d 12 h ago


I just got fired for trying to stop a customer from getting ran over and beat to death , this company needs to face the law. Message me if your tired if this injustace.

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Anthony - 59 d 17 h ago


Circle K Store # 4717 located at 7101 54th Ave. N. Saint Petersburg, Fl. has their gas pump credit card readers compromised and they do not even care. My card was used only at their pump on Nov. 23rd, 2016 and was used in a fraud scheme less than an hour later. Today, I informed the woman who stated "she was the manager" at which time she laughed it off and stated "no way" our pump could ever be compromised? She actually thought it was funny that I was a victim of CC scam using their store. I'll never return to that store and recommend everyone to at least pay cash when using these pumps.

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A Concerned Customer - 58 d 17 h ago


Natalie at store #8650 Spring Mountain/ Arville Las Vegas, Nv is a real bitch towards her employees in front of customers. She screams and yells at them , how professional is that!

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