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Circle K Stores

Alimentation Couche-Tard
1130 West Warner Road, Suite B
Tempe, AZ
(602) 728-8000
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You lost a cusotmer - 1 d 11 s ago


I experienced a payment error made by a cashier at store #902 in Sept/2017. Today is 2/22/2018. The store manager acknowledges the error but says they can't fix it and referred me to their corporate office. I've called the corporate office weekly, leaving messages (no live response) without a return call. The error was only $30, the unresponsiveness and insensitivity is unbelievable. .

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not good enough - 24 d 44 m ago


I have been embarrassed and humiliated buy a young man in your service every time I use my food stamps. I am not the only one, he has always every time someone uses their food stamps has something to say about how we the food stamp owners are wasting his money and what a horrible thing is that we use our food stamps at the convenience store trauma 88th and State Street in Marysville Washington the young man has not worked there long but still insist after being complained about to his manager to continue to make smart ass remarks I have been personally affected so have my friends that have use their food stamps there! You need to put a sign or a regulation saying you do not use food stamps or accept them because this young man is ruining the people that come in and use your store, but of course maybe food stamps don't count as customer business as far as I'm concerned until this one is fired for his unappropriate Behavior as a cashier I will not go into that store again and neither are the young people that I have talked to that have been humiliated by him they have had many complaints about him and the manager does nothing not good enough not good enough

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Current employee - 1 d 10 h ago


Don't believe anyone with food stamps should be allowed to use them at a gas station anyways that's so you can afford to buy actual food not junk at a convenience store

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Roy - 11 d 15 h ago


On February 9, 2018 @ 6:30 pm we tried to get gas. The pump wouldn't work. Had to go inside. The clerk said just use your debit card. I did. Pump still did not work. Tried my wife's debit card. Did not work. Had to go back in the store. The clerk came out and got the pump working. This was a very distressing as we were pressed for time.

But the worse thing is: Our checking account was charged FOUR (4) TIMES for the $35.00 worth of gas we finally were able to pump.!! Equaling $140.00!! Our vehicle won't even hold that amount of of gas at one time!! We want our money put back into our account. Now. We will never stop at this gas station again. We will spread the news to others. Moore, OK

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Lidia - 2 d 15 h ago

This exact thing happen to me today. What circle K did you go to? This happened to me on 2810 college ave Ruskin, Fl.

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Darlene - 9 d ago

I live one block from the circle k in Danville il on the corner of bowman and voorhees. 5 x out of 6 u go to get anything they are out. Today we stopped for a paper and soda all that they had were LG cups and 6 of the sodas were out and 3 others should of been tagged. There were 2. People behind the counter and the mgmt. Is this the way u run all your stations. If so I will go else where.

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Anonymous - 9 d 16 h ago


One in Tallahassee they were rude and I was white and one young black male turd his back on me and a black male and the guy are you open he said no

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Anonymous - 34 d 16 h ago

I don't like the fact that your employees are allowed to cuss you in front of all their customers for the one in state of Senatobia Mississippi

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Anonymous - 30 d ago


Yes I had this same problem there. The cashiers that were working were on their phones and talking amongst each other and every other word wad a curse word. Just sad

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At the store on spring mountain and Arvale in Las Vegas Nevada - 10 d 17 h ago

One time I got milk it Was Sour they wouldn't give me a refund Today I went to get cigarettes they gave me the wrong p today I went to get cigarettes they gave me the wrong Cigarettes They wouldn't give me in the p hey written give me a Nother pack but I never left the store with them they are very rude

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Rude Store Clerk - Bad Customer Service - 16 d ago


On the evening of February 6th, 2018, I stopped by your store in Auburn, AL to purchase gas and a snack. I went inside the store and purchase my gas and snack with a debit card. When I went outside to pump my gas, the pump would not pump the gas. I went back inside the store and told both clerks who were working my gas pump would not work. One of the store clerks boldly told me I had to pay for my gas before it would pump. I told her I had already purchased my gas (and snack) with the other clerk. The clerk continued to tell me I had to pay for my gas. The clerk who checked me out when I paid for my gas then told me she had cancelled the transaction. My card was charged for the gas but my debit card would be credited. I would have to have another gas purchase charged to my debit card. I refused. I told them i had already paid for my gas, and they should correct the issue. The second clerk rudely told me my card would be credited sometime. I told her I wanted to speak with a manager. She then went to the back of the store and "called the manager" on her personal cell phone. After waiting on her for approximately ten minutes, I then asked her if I could speak to a manager. She told me I was not allowed to speak to a manager. At this time, I had already been in and out of the store trying to pump gas three times. A kind gentleman standing there listening to this conversation paid for my gas (even when I asked him not to) because the clerks gave me such a hard time trying to get the gas I had purchased. Finally, the first clerk offered to turn on another pump so I could pump my gas. The clerk who was so rude never apologized - she just "rolled" her eyes at me. I was in your store 30 minutes trying to purchase $20 gas and a package of peanuts - a horrible experience! I was late to the meeting I was suppose to attend because of the terrible customer service I received at your store. I will never shop or purchase gas at that location ever again.

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Anonymous - 16 d 20 h ago


I have been calling Gabby Crouse for the last 3 days, to no avail.

When I call your central number, they connect me to her voice mail.

When I call again and ask for a live person in regards to my problem as a vendor, property owner, leasing to CircleK. I get the same voice mail. Either Ms. Crouse is no longer working for Circle K or on vacation. I need to talk to someone in regards to an incorrect 1099.

I am writting this because (hidden) is not available, or you main number (hidden) is answered and when I ask to speak to anyone that is working today in the corporate office, my call is directed to Ms Crouse and of course it is voice mail day after day hour after hour.

Please call me at (hidden) Please get me to the right person. or at least give me an email or something

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Jonathan hornick - 26 d 18 h ago


Circle k in Brooklyn Mississippi worker name is Joey sent me out for the back of my pants being ripped and it just happened as I was getting out of my truck

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Anonymous - 31 d ago


I am the Office manager at Prompt Towing located in Punta Gorda, Florida. While fueling one of our trucks at your store location, a tire was damaged due to an exposed piece of rebar sticking out of the ground in the parking lot. The damaged tire had to be replaced and cost $1,347.19. The incident occurred in September 2017 and we have been attempting to communicate since that time, but to no avail. The store personnel provided a contact by the name of Holly Price with a phone number of (hidden) ext. 6509. Numerous phone calls and subsequent emails to (hidden) have gone unanswered.

I am hopeful that someone will acknowledge this communication and point me in the direction that we may get some resolution to the issue. My contact information is as follows: Thomas Lewis, Prompt Towing Office Manager, 11139 Tamiami Trail, Punta Gorda, Florida 33955; (hidden); (hidden).

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Karen jones - 31 d 3 h ago


Good morning Just arrived at the location on Olive there were 3 young women not working I walked in stood there for about 8 mins before I anyone spoke or helped.. I had to speak to them the line is long ONE employee was on her phone, the other one which was pregnant is in the window giving her self a breathing treatment, & the other is just standing there like she doesn't want to work today.. JUST very unprofessional & an inconvenience was tryna get gas for work... Not OK I'll go to another gas station if this continues to carry...

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Steve - 31 d 15 h ago

I went to circle k and tried to buy some drinks , 2 for $3 ad and was disrespected by the clerk and cussed at how do I contact corporate

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Kentucky girl - 48 d 20 h ago


I was just at your location in Mt. Washington, Ky

There was a line of 3ahead of me when I first approached the cashiers. 2working at that time. Suddenly there were 4 more people behind me. It was my turn to be waited upon and when I went to the register she had suddenly left and did not even acknowledge me and did not put a closed sign out.

She was the assistant manager Donna. I then was waited upon by the other cashier whom told me that "Donna does that all the time" Donna never did come back to check folks out while I was there! I looked to see where she was when I left and I saw her stocking the coffee station. Customers should be first! I did not like it that she never acknowledged me and left the other girl to wait on approx 7 people!

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The Guy Who Said Enough already - 34 d ago


Phoenix Arizona. 24th st mcdowell store

Rude had no change for twenty dollars and was even rude about that

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Diana - 64 d 20 h ago


This is got to be the worst company ever I'm trying to get ahold of someone to tell them what bad experience that we are having in Ohio and I can't get anyone to help me you are paying one price for gas and is posted at another price and all I was told was as I should know that the price wasn't correct based on the regular price of gas not on what the other price was so I would like to get some feedback from somebody

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For diana - 61 d 6 h ago


This is a TERRIBLE place I agree, don't hold your breath I've been waiting on a return phone call for 2 days, they don't call cuz they know. Outta change name to shitty k

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Pissed - 54 d 14 h ago

If it's on the sign at a lower price than what they are charging you....that's called false advertising.... lawsuit

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Rose - 35 d ago


I just went to fill up my car and the posted price was lower than the price on the pump sent a comment to gulf coast region maybe we should all media shame circle k and then they would pay attention

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Wish - 36 d ago


The circle k in concord nc on old Charlotte road has to be the nastiest convenience store ever not to mention the workers have no customer service they all act like the customers are bothering them . you have people standing behind the counters that don't even work there or they're going into the office. How does this company keep going with things like that going on. Also have people standing outside making vulgar gestures at women. I don't see how this company lets these people do this. I will not go back this store, and feel unsafe just to stop and get coffee.

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Rhonda - 39 d 16 h ago

I would like to make a complaint about the circle k on Charlestown road Jeffersonville in. I have been a customer there for over 20 years. But in the last 6 months or little longer I have become more disappointed in their customer service. Trevor the morning shift guy acts if you are a bother to serve. No customer skills at all. No thank you , can I help you , nothing!! One guy with long hair smells like he has taken a bath forever. Body odor bad. I will not be going back there. I have other choices close by and at least they are friendly.

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ANDY Miller - 44 d 12 h ago


Circle K owns Holiday Gas Station herein Fairbanks Alaska, i was a employee under the old owners, I was on time for work every day, always did what was asked of me, all the employees had my code number to clock in, as I would walk up to clock in they would be ringing up under my code already. So there was time where I called in I gave a 10 hour notice to leave the area for family reason, the was rule was you had to replace yourself with another person, with out phone numbers and names you couldnt replace your self l guess i cant ever work for Holiday Gas Station again. It's been 2 years why can't I come back because of what the manager posted on me to Corporate.

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