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Circle K Stores

Alimentation Couche-Tard
1130 West Warner Road, Suite B
Tempe, AZ
(602) 728-8000
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Unhappy customer - 1 d 9 h ago


This is a complaint on a Circle K store in Bastrop, Texas. The store is dirty, cappuccino machine has been broken for 2 or more weeks. Fountain area is dirty. The lids for the drinks had something spilt on them. This store is fairly new to be this dirty and unorganized. Going else where from now on.

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Stella - 4 d 4 h ago


I live in a small town in WV Fairview and I don't know why one day they take my cigarette coupon and the next time they don't if coupons aren't allowed why don't they put up a sign saying so

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TT - 5 d 12 s ago


I live in Jackson, SC and every since Circle K took over the BP, it's gone straight down hill...It's always some issue (no gas, only 1 pump works, pump will not take card).... these are repeated issues weekly.... It's unfortunate this is the only gas station in approx a 10 miles radius...The man working today was very nice, but that doesn't fix the issues.... Can someone please help?? I'm going to attend our next community meeting and request we get another gas station in town (we use to have 2).... Like I stated, we never had the issues when the place was ran by BP........

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Andrea - 9 d 7 h ago

I went to your store on W ST in Pensacola Fl and the Fountain drink tasted like rotten garbage. All they could tell me is to come in and get another one. Why would I get another fountain drink if the first one tasted nasty. Don't you think you should investigate why is taste so bad. I usually get a fountain drink everyday. Makes me not want to go back.

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Anonymous - 12 d 8 h ago

My name is Ashley even though I called copel office no one has done anything about it and I'm still out of $15 so does they just take your money that's the world we live in in and nobody does anything about it wow slavery is coming back

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Anonymous - 12 d 8 h ago

I went to the gas station Circle K on Barataria and Westbank Expressway with my last $15 on my debit card I hung up the pump they never return my money to my card I had to go to work I wasn't able to get to work and I think it's just poor customer service and everything else my money never returned to my car do I am out of $15 and it happened on October 3rd 2017

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Capt. A.D. Shadan - 16 d 4 h ago


While my comment may not be as serious as those below, I do hope that this is read by those that care. I am a Former Marine Corps Captain and 100% Disabled Veteran. While listing one of the Circle K store in Texas I unfortunately got the bad side of an employee (asst. Mgr) who apparently was having a bad day. In the tirade the man was having he threw a pack of Cigarrets at me and it hit my head. Of course I became upset, (just raising my voice) after he did that and then was confronted by another employee that did not see what just transpired or why I was upset, and then forcefully told me to leave the store. Moreover, for two weeks, I have been trying to get in touch with a human at all 5 numbers I have tried to let them know what happened. I was able to get a young man at a location who took a ticket number ?? 2470730 and he was able to see the video remotely from what happened and the young man showed more concern and took the burden of apology on his shoulders. (he was about as professional as anyone can be - kudos to him). He told me to follow up with corporate and gave me a number to call, but it seems no one at corporate is home, or no one cares. Maybe I should just go file assault charges against the employee.

But hey circle K corporate Executives, you can't fix something if you don't know its broke!!!! Or do you care?

You will no longer be getting my business, nor the countless other veterans from my VFW or American Legion Post in the area - quit looking at your salaries, and take care of your customers.

Thank you for the way you treated me through this. I firmly believe you give respect to get it - and you certainly do not have mine.

Capt. A.D. Shadan USMC Ret.

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DJ Byrd - 22 d ago


Shame on you for firing the young lady in ABQ for saving her own life, not to mention the lives of others. It's just too bad that sub-human life form she shot is still alive. As for me, I will be promoting a boycott of your chain as this country doesn't need the likes of you (providing safe space for evil) anymore than we need criminals. NO MORE CIRCLE K!!!

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A concerned citizen - 22 d 11 h ago


So let me get this straight. . . You fire a woman who wants nothing more than to defend herself and her family against possible attack. She brings her concealed handgun to work because your company is NOT doing enough to protect her from possible threats of armed robbery or assault. She shoots an armed robber, who very possibly would have killed her after getting the cash, and she's fired for protecting herself and any customers in the store. She was also doing the community a favor by protecting them from this animal because he would undoubtedly continue to commit armed robberies until arrested. One of my best friends was murdered in a convenience store years ago by an armed robber. Had my friend been armed, he'd be alive today, but you would rather see your employees or your customers assaulted or killed than allowed to protect themselves. How sick and sadistic is that! Worse, is that you are anti-feminist by telling women who work for you that they are not allowed to protect themselves. I will NEVER shop or pump gas in a Circle K store again, nor will any members of my family. BTW, there was a series of murders at convenience stores in Los Angeles many years ago. After getting the cash, the robbers took the employees into the back room, bound them and executed them with bullets to the back of their heads. The muderers were finally shot to death during their fourth robbery attempt by a convenience store clerk who decided he needed to protect himself, his fellow employees, and his customers should the robbers target his store. . . The robbers did target his store, and each of them received three 45 Auto bullets to the chest. He was hailed as a hero in Los Angeles because the robbers would have continued to kill their victims until stopped. Unfortunately, the franchise he worked for was as stupid as you and fired him for bringing a handgun to work, never mind the fact that he saved countless lives since these monsters weren't going to stop until someone stopped them with force. Jennifer Wertz is a hero; you, on the other hand, are as malicious and evil as the would-be armed robber.

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Kelly Haywood - 26 d ago


Circle K should be ashamed for punishing the employee in Albuquerque for defending herself. The corporate office people should stand behind the counter and face an armed robber. What would you do?? I'm sure each of you have families to go home to! This woman should be rewarded for her actions. You are telling those with evil intent that they are welcome to rob, rape, and kill because the corporate office is full of cowards! I carry a gun all the time. I'll be damned if you're going to make me a victim as a customer

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Poor leadership, business store - 27 d 11 h ago


Red head supervisor white lady, at independence blvd and village lakedr store charlotte,nc . This lady is very mad early morning her energy is terrible and she speaks to her worker very!disrespectful .the rest of the staff is wonderful as if they just ignore her because they need a check ( I was told that from a worker)please address

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Lisa - 29 d 6 s ago

I need the corporate phone number for rockisland I'll verry imported my number is 309_592-8133 my name is Lisa richards

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DAVE FROM OHIO - 65 d 17 h ago






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Anonymous - 33 d 10 h ago


When people complain then they have to do something. So maybe everyone that loves her loves her more from a distance. Theres plenty of people at my store but when another customer complains its my job or asking them to leave. Im asking them to leave!

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Discouraged - 35 d 20 h ago


9370 w 159th Street Orland Park IL 60452-5541 - Sugar Tax - for EBT Food Stamp came up on my bill - I was told that it was right but I know better - The assistant training the cashier stated that she would just pour out my drink for me and she did after I ask her to reimburse my over charge for sugar tax - she then issued me a credit for the entire purchase back to my EBT card - I proceeded down the street going East to to the next Circle K/ Shell - never stated the previous experience and there was no sugar tax on my receipt.

Signed Discouraged

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Robert Hatch - 36 d 4 h ago


I'm from silversprings Florida was at ur fort McCoy store an over heard ur employees telling each other that they were gonna cut pumps off so them an there family's can come up there an fill up that's not good everyone else is stuglen have to wait in line to get gas figure I would let you all know

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Donna Reynaga - 42 d 17 h ago


There is a foul mouthed cashier at your circle-k store at 460 campus in Ontario, Ca. On the corner of campus & sycamore . Wend. Sept 6th at about 10:40. The "gentleman at the counter swore at the customer in front of me and proceeded his foul mouthed ranting after the gentleman left. Then he proceeded to foul mouth me about the coupon I brought into the store . saying that it was used before. I was in the retail business and know that coupons are sent in by the company for redemption. I do not have this man's name(he wore no nametag) but you can look up the time sheet for the store. This man is unstable and I felt threatened. And I still feel like I am under assault.

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John sommer - 43 d ago


Regarding Circle K at 2885 Howland Blvd, Deltona, FL 32725

3 days" before hurricane Ierma" there was only a 1-2 car delay at the gas pumps. This station has two entrances that are far apart, coming from different streets. When I pulled in a large lady named GINA ran over to my car barking orders at me and banging keys on my glass window stating I had to enter the other entrance! GINA had cars moving all over the station in complete chaos. GINA even made a car park perpendicular to the pump. perpendicular!!! She was totally out of control with authority. I, NOT cutting in front of anyone and it was my turn, as a car left the pumps I backed up to the pump like I have done a million times, while backing up this idiot (GINA) jumps behind my car trying to get hit. What an idiot! She starts yelling out "think you are better than every one, trying to start problems. she was trying to start a riot. She then goes in to tell the manager, then the manager comes out yelling go, leave, you can not speak to my employees like that. She immediately sided with her employee rather than even hearing what happened from a paying customer. The mgr Cathy is no mgr. either, Instead of calming and listening she would not listen.

Law Suit for Circle K for sure.

Number 1, GINA jumping behind a moving vehicle is first of all nuts but SHE and circle K would be liable because she purposely jumped behind it while it was moving. A driver would never be at fault, just the nut who jumped in front of it. Number 2, Because she was creating chaos in the parking lot and no one know what the hell was going on. Her bad directions could have caused an accident or someone getting hurt going between cars. Circle K would would be picking up this law suit tab also.

This lady is about 5 feet tall and could not even be seen behind a car.

People know how to pump gas and know how to get in line. But when you put someone like GINA in the mix there will always be great liability for circle K.

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Anonymous - 306 d 7 h ago

Circle k suck I got fasly accused of stuff I didn't do I work there all of one month first circle don like black ppl for some reason they fire me because I listen to the wiz and let everyone else listen anything they want and because I'm black every time it was time for me to clock because I'm black they ask me did I don the Everytime

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Anonymous - 295 d ago

For one it's don't. ..and music should never be allowed in the srore...has nothing to do with you being black. ..had you done your job right you would still have a job...just saying

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Anonymous - 252 d 8 h ago

I'm black, the only one at the store. I work at circle K and it is the truth they are very disrespectful with positions and all when it comes to black employees. HR from corporate had to visit the store because of language used by a manager that is totally out of line and needs to stay to themselves until they return with family and friends that think alike. I dare you post this on this sight. If you can't say something positive then keep it to yourself. How many black managers work in your entire region? Us black folks will wait. I thought so! I'm just saying and music was the first problem from day one, so do your job and quit taking up for wrongs.No need to reply unless you have some positive to say!!

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Real - 249 d ago

Music is motivation and makes for a happy work environment

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Colorado - 181 d ago


What your saying is true, in Denver Colorado they have no upper black management there all white, the only black manager I've ever seen is a woman on Potomac and Alameda in Aurora Colorado, she's funny, caring and has a very clean store , why she's not a supervisor, they probably never asked, but we all know why.

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Anonymous - 137 d 9 h ago

I don't personally know your situation and if it is the way you say it is then I feel for you but it's not that way company wide. I know of two managers that are black and our market manager is black. People have a tendency to blame thing's on full grips of people instead of just the one or ones involved. Which is ignorant.

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Cali white boy - 115 d 17 h ago

Yeah I can't stand circle k. I was working day labor, and used my card for gas. Told the guy 20 on pump x, and he put 60. Blew my whole days pay. Now the money goes back on the card, wut? Yep. 7- 10 days. I never got it at all. 2years ago. White manager. Now tonight, this Russian dude that works there keeps staring at my girlfriend and my 15 year old daughter. Every time I go in. He followed them out to the car. Freaked us out. White dude. He lets the heroin junkies hang around there. All white kids, trashin both bathrooms and shit. And don't get me started on all the stuck-up snobby white rich kids that come around there drunk, doing donuts in the parking lots. The all white police force there don't do shit about it, but they wanna fuck with me at 4am sleeping in my van. So all that bullshit talk about black this, black that, that shits gotta stop man! Those days are over. Nobody is singling you out. It's all bullshit. Everyone sucks, I hate all people motherfucking equally! So man your ass up, hold your head up, and get over that racial shit!....... .I'm fucking tired of that shit. thank you. And goodnight.

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Once bitten - 62 d 6 h ago

Circle K has a lot to learn about priorities. Replace broken toilets before someone is injured. Quit bragging about new stores purchased and renovated and renovate the very old stores. You tell new hires how important restroom appearance is yet you do nothing to make the toilets presentable much less the restroom. Put the same effort in restroom and store appearance that you easily put in contests. Public is first!!!!!! Circle K is not my idea of the place to stop for anything!!!!

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Anonymous - 49 d 17 h ago

Who cares if music is played... The circle k by me does it alot and no one gets upset unless a customer does it. we have black white gay lesbian here. If people are racist or don't like others because of preferences then they need to work or go some place else. We all have to accept things in life we might disagree with

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