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Circle K Stores

Alimentation Couche-Tard
1130 West Warner Road, Suite B
Tempe, AZ
(602) 728-8000
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Anonymous - 133 d 17 h ago

Circle k suck I got fasly accused of stuff I didn't do I work there all of one month first circle don like black ppl for some reason they fire me because I listen to the wiz and let everyone else listen anything they want and because I'm black every time it was time for me to clock because I'm black they ask me did I don the Everytime

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Anonymous - 122 d 7 h ago

For one it's don't. ..and music should never be allowed in the srore...has nothing to do with you being black. ..had you done your job right you would still have a job...just saying

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Anonymous - 79 d 17 h ago

I'm black, the only one at the store. I work at circle K and it is the truth they are very disrespectful with positions and all when it comes to black employees. HR from corporate had to visit the store because of language used by a manager that is totally out of line and needs to stay to themselves until they return with family and friends that think alike. I dare you post this on this sight. If you can't say something positive then keep it to yourself. How many black managers work in your entire region? Us black folks will wait. I thought so! I'm just saying and music was the first problem from day one, so do your job and quit taking up for wrongs.No need to reply unless you have some positive to say!!

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Real - 76 d 10 h ago

Music is motivation and makes for a happy work environment

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Colorado - 8 d 8 h ago


What your saying is true, in Denver Colorado they have no upper black management there all white, the only black manager I've ever seen is a woman on Potomac and Alameda in Aurora Colorado, she's funny, caring and has a very clean store , why she's not a supervisor, they probably never asked, but we all know why.

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Dissappointed - 101 d 10 h ago



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1 race - 76 d 10 h ago

I feel for you my n**** but you gotta speak English

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Pissed - 8 d 9 h ago


You have the worst market manager, the way she speaks to the managers like she's some kind of Queen she really needs to get over herself she's not any better some of these managers work really hard. Someone needs to train her teach her how to repect people, she takes her position over her head, her name is Veronica Man. And why don't you have African American as market managers.

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Anonymous - 10 d 15 h ago

My name is Billy Dennis in Jacksonville NC. I've lived in Jacksonville all my life I'm 64 yrs old and Retired after owning several business the reason I'm writing is I stop in to one of your locations on Onslow Dr in Jacksonville NC every morning for 3-4 yrs . Everyday I buy gas a newspaper and ice for a cooler I keep in my truck and $30 to 60 worth of lottery ticket s .All the help see me everyday .The crust of my all I stopped on 4-17 at 5:30 and that's the time everyday in go in .For some reason mycardwould notreadin the pump it said see clearly .So i came into store and told the clearly she said they only turn pumps on for cab drivers .The manager walked by went straight to office so I left.After thinking about it I called together corporate number and ask if this was manager she said yes .So I told her what happened she did not say sorry or anything just let me hang up .She has been there awhile and never one time has she ever been frenily .I will never return to that store Just want you to know I'm a local person and you really need to let you really rep know they need to check on personal at that store

My name is Billy Dennis in Jackso

nville NC and my phone number is 910 389 2806 .Thank you for your time......

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Anonymous - 12 d 11 h ago

What was the promotion with buyi circle k 8.00 muh. How much should i be charged for a refill in okla city ok

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Federico Mario Foscjiatti - 14 d 7 h ago


You have a store in Madison I'll 62060 the woman u have running the store is running a scam on giving back change it's call distraction confusion and duck in peep out there change give a 100 buy a pack of smokes and a lighter get back 80 with the friends hanging out to distract u long enough to miss count your money u might just want to call the cops and lock her up I'm sure she is doing this and has been doing this for some time I own my own buiss and I've been scamed by the best but she tops it look at video if u can't make it out she has used and played ur video system no bosses one person u tell me what's up if you plan on doing buiss and not loosong ur ads lock her and her associates up they are all connected and know each othr

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Anonymous - 17 d 7 h ago

The store here in Shreveport La at the corner of Linwood and 70th street smell so bad , makes you want to throw up every time you walk in, been that way for months, Where is the district manager? Or do they care

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Disgruntled - 18 d 14 h ago


Stopped into the location at 2616 S. Mission Road, Tucson, AZ approximately 11:30AM. Two female employees with lit cigarettes INSIDE the store. One new employee at the register trying his best to help the line of customers with the female employees simply yelling instructions to him as they ran in and out of the store with their cigarettes. Never again.

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lynne - 22 d 19 h ago


I recently stopped at a circle k in orlando i believe it was store 9714 on sandpaper Rd right before getting on i-4 e I wanted to purchase a fountain drink that was advertised out front of the store and inside the store for ,79 any size, only to find out when I went inside the store that they did not have fountain drinks. I was annoyed as this is false advertising,is it not? it shouldn't be advertised at a store that doesn't carry the item. I only stopped there to get a drink for the road trip back home and i had to make a different purchase. which was no big deal but it is the principle of the matter. I am sure I am not the only person who was annoyed by this.

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Lisa Redding California - 33 d 1 s ago


I went to the Circle K at 1015 Hartnell and Redding California , and the night manager (Miguel) gave me no customer service in fact all he gave me was harsh language ! I can't stand the customer service at Circle K ! They say they're about convenience and customer service what customer service I have to say I didn't get any ! Night manager (Miguel) made sure of it offering the kick me out if I didn't like what he had to say. I don't know what's wrong with the people they need to go to class and learn customer service . that's the whole point and why they're there . if it wasn't for customers like me spending my hard-earned money there they wouldn't Even have a job!!! Something night manager (Miguel) should really think about next time he picks up his paycheck. I know I sound like a btch but I did nothing to deserve it. I am a good person just trying to buy a drink and go home, and he lit in to me like a wildfire! What a jerk! Sincerely Lisa Redding California

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Elizabeth - 41 d 9 h ago


There's a woman working at the circle k in Shreveport, Louisiana on 809 Olive Street. She got really mad because I couldn't decide what cigarettes I want quickly enough for her. She told me she didn't want to deal with me and that I had to go to the other register. I asked her to repeat herself she said "I'm not wasting my time because you don't know what kind of cigarettes you smoke. You taking to long and I don't want to deal with you. You need to go wait in line for the other cashier to take care of you." I said "okay and left to go to another circle k". I'm very appalled by the attitude demonstrated by your employee. Your store did not have my cigarettes in stock so I was going to choose another one that I could put up with until I could find the ones I wanted. I was not rude to her at all. I don't think an employee should talk to a customer in that way. I worked in a call center and would get fired for being slightly rude. She already seemed like she did not want to work there anyways. I'm very disappointed. I've gone to circle K since I was a kids and never had a bad experience. The rest of your stores are great but the one employee I'm speaking on needs to learn to be a little bit more patience. I'm sure no one deserves to be treated so poorly.

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Pissed of girl - 44 d 4 h ago


Circle k on buck swamp rd in Goldsboro NC. There is a girl that named Fatima or how ever you spell it is rude as fuck, disrespectful and treats everyone like crap. And a employee that I know that works there is treated like shit because the Fatima girl thinks that she's 18 so she can do and say what the hell she wants. And her boyfriend over there selling drugs in the damn parking lot. And the assistant manager Melissa treats her like shit too because she gets sick once in like 4 months and calls out and she's a liar? That company is crap. And hires crappy people. I know some good ones but a lot are no good.

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AMY - 44 d 8 h ago


I recently learned that the Manager Suzie at store #1950 located at Central and Dobbins Rd. Susie was always a kind person; we are regular customer's at this convenient Circle K Store for 10 years. What happened to Suzie?

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Anonymous - 52 d 38 m ago

The circle k on stapley and university in mesa az the black guy working this morning was very rude to me and my husband we go in there all the time and my my husband asked him if he was haveing a bad day because the worker is normally in a good mood and he was very rude in his response

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No of your business - 122 d 7 h ago


I stopped into the rantoul Ill cicle k today to use the bathroom...which is located by I57..never again will I step back into that's not the bp/circle k just so you know...there was piss all over the seats trash every made me sick...then when I walked out your manager was playing loud rap music off her phone not saying anything to her customers. ...I got pics to prove it...shame on you circle k to think that's how you want your place ran...I ran a gas station and there is know way I would allow this to might as well not built the store their and hired your manager...she is running it to the ground...but if that's what you want so be it....and for your store on 136 and maplewood....isn't know Def need to change things...they are nasty

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Rusty Shackleford - 60 d 16 h ago


Danville ill stores don't like to treat you right either. I worked for them for a year and from what I understand I suppose to get a raise and never did and when I finally asked the district manager said "it's up to your store manager" what kind of bullshit is that! I was working 3 different stores covering extra shifts at my store because people don't like to come to work and what I couldn't cover the assistant manager did and he was working like 70 hours a week because of people calling and where was the store manager ? oh that's right home ignoring the assistant manager instead of doing her job!

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Anonymous - 82 d 8 h ago


the store located at 1601 E. St. Elmo, Austin, Texas has a ong standing fail to maintain their fuel pumps and facility for at least 3 months now. Their dieselpumps need new filters or pumps and constantly need receipt paper refill. comments to staff fail to result in change and often elicit "not our job" replies. I will be changing to other providers as a result.

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Catherine - 87 d 13 h ago


I just went to the circle k in gulf breeze FL. I purchased two beers on sale...2 for 5.00....of course I was over charged. I said the sign says two for 5.00 on singles...showed them the's 2:00pm mind you...and they said they haven't gotten around to removing the signs....huh...I of the sale also on the outside window. Did they honour the posted price NO. IF I WANTED IT IT WAS THE NEW HIGHER PRICE. LOST ME AS A CUSTOMER....

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Food for the homeless. - 89 d 11 h ago

I go to the 11755 county rd Thonotosassa FL main st. I was paying for my soda and noticed they had throne a lot of food in the garage can . I ask why the young woman said they make her do it. I said why don't they give it to the employee or the homeless people. Thonotosassa has a large amount of homeless people in our community and this could benefit them greatly. We also have a food bank at West Thonotosassa Baptist Church that would love to pass the food out to the homeless. Our pastor is Jerry Waldrop 813 501 8963 or cell 813 446 7835.He is at the church just about everyday .I buy a soda everyday at this store and would hate to think of them wasting food that someone that is down on there luck could have food in there stomach. I hope you give considering to this.Thanks.

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Anonymous - 93 d 6 h ago


Circle-K gas station Watson Rd., Buckeye, next to the I-10.

The gas pump FAILED to read my freshly-issued, brand new bank card (the card works perfectly everywhere else). On the first occasion when I asked, the cashier explained it was a software fault that management were supposed to clear up and with a polite apology ran my sale through the reader at her cash register with no problem, other than a small inconvenience.

On this FOURTH occasion, the pump FAILS to read my card for the FOURTH TIME (!) Again I wait in line for a while and when it's my turn, begin to explain my frustration. The cashier (who looked like a high-functioning meth user) looked at me as though I'd just stepped out of a flying saucer & proceeded to make excuses & generally barricade the conversation. I left the store & will gas-up at a different station.

My point is, why the FAILURE OF MANAGEMENT to remedy a simple problem?

I thought a gas station SERVED its local community. Am I wrong?

After the ignorant FAILURE of the bimbo at the counter (who probably doesn't understand anything beyond the four corners of her smart phone) who should understand basic customer service, I left the station.

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