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Circle K Stores

Alimentation Couche-Tard
1130 West Warner Road, Suite B
Tempe, AZ
(602) 728-8000
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David D. - 1 d 16 h ago

I am a former employee at circle k, My lawyer needs my pay stubs from the time i was employed at circle k, i have been jumping through hoops calling several numbers provided by the store i worked at, and there is no clear information on how to go about getting my pay stubs. I call one number and a lady answered giving me three other numbers to call, all those numbers are all automated with no actual person to help you out. Good luck trying to get you pay stubs from this place if you are a former employee, they just send you on a scavenger hunt with no end to it. It is the law that employers must keep your pay stub information for 7 years, so if this continues being an issue and can not receive my pay stubs, i will be forced to take legal action.

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S.Sneed - 3 d 4 h ago


Can't believe the one in Barstow wouldn't take my money be my $100 bill was old. I mean it was the in good shape just printed in 1996 WTH? Is that even legal?

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BuRiOuS - 14 d 12 h ago


Circle K manager refuses to address problems with employee talking crap about it's customers in Chickamauga ga allow employees to do drugs sell drugs will never shop there again

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Disgusted - 15 d 14 h ago


Circle K you just need to close your stores & learn how to manage a business. No where do you have a store manager that is qualified to be so. If a store happens to get a decent employee they do not last long due to the fact that they will not go along with the unethical & illegal acts going on by the rest that work there. There is a serious racial problem with your employee's they do not like the white race. The problem goes all the way up to your area & district managers, they are no better than the incompetent store managers! Disgrace, worst company ever!

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Sherry E - 20 d 17 h ago


You have a very busy store located 1984 Old 96 Indian Trail Batesburg,SC, which is very close to the community I live in. Since Circle K purchased this store from Kent's Korner, if has gone down hill. The store used to be very clean, now the bathrooms are nasty, the outside area has trash and hasn't been swept in a while. I am very disappointed in this store and would not eat in the Huddle House, where we used to enjoy breakfast on a regular basis, let alone use the very nasty bathroom. You need to send someone there to do a surprise inspection on the store and get the place cleaned up.

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Flaviu Muresan - 22 d 13 h ago


I went to circle K in Payson to put 10 gallons of diesel in to my reefer tank. I open the pump from outside but the employee from inside stop the pump. Damien is his name and he told me that I can't put diesel in the truck. I explain to him that I I don't fill up the tank to the truck, its 10 gallons for the reefer, because it's so hot it use more diesel. He look at me with so much hate and said that I cannot get diesel even if its 10 gallons.

I do believe that it's poor training and he maybe hates trucks

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Never again will I stop at a CK - 23 d 9 h ago


Incompetent and rude!

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It dont matter - 27 d 14 h ago

Dont buy any amazon gift cards from circle k chances are the card already been redeemed you don't get your money back either Amazon won't do nothing because it was bought in store I lost 200 the cards are already redeemed Circle K is selling already redeemed card. Amazon actually put some money in an account that you pay for and it's not your account and Amazon won't do anything about it

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Pat - 93 d 12 h ago

I was at store number 2703949 Oklahoma City 501S Meridian Ave. . I went inside to pay for gas while my husband waited outside to begin pumping. The clerk was on the phone when I was paying and didn't turn the gas pump on. So I went back in the store and ask her to turn the pump on and she said I didn't pay for the gas, I had my receipt showing I had paid n she pointed to the change amount which was 0.00 and said see you didn't pay, I didn't have change coming back because I used my debit card. I tried to show her were it had an approval number but she said if you want the gas run your card again I was not putting my card through that machine again just give me the amount I paid for. She would not turn the pump on. I called my bank n they had

that appending amount to that same store. Needless to say I will be fighting that transaction . I wonder how many other people this has happened to, been told your transaction was timed out ,had them run their card again just to find out they were charged twice. If she would have laid the phone down while we were doing our transaction she might have gotten it right but more training may have helped when she pointed to the change amount for her reasoning when it should have been the total amount paid. I did try to call the store back but, I got sorry this number has been discontinued or no longer in service. Wonder why

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CSR for 4464 - 36 d 9 h ago


Even if it timed out you wouldn't be charged twice. The money always stays on your card until you pump your gas .So if you pay $20 & only pump $10 , you'll still have that $10 in your bank account .

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Anonymous - 27 d 15 h ago

She definitely didnt explain properly... With any type of card when u pay for gas its a prepaid amount. They set the tank for however much u ask for and u slide ur card to make sure its approved ( hence the approval # & "pending" charge) BUT u only get charged for whatever u actually pump. So if u didnt pump any gas it ultimately will not charge u anything because u set up a prepaid amount. Thats why if u set it for say 40$ & ur car only takes 35$... U will only be charged 35$ because thats what u actually pumped. & prepaid card amounts willlll time out if they're not pumped within a certain amount of time. So she honestly just didnt know how to explain it properly!!! Hope that helps!!!

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Twyla Stallworth - 28 d 7 h ago


I was at a circle k on n trying in Charlotte NC and a customer was upset that pump 18 wasn't working. He came inside upset bc pump wasn't working. There was a tall black gay guy with like a baby fro and a dark skinned young lady who had a red hair thing wrapped around her hair puff...She assisted the customer and as she was the black guy said sir u don't have to talk to her that way which upset the customer even more and he asked for his money back.The employee,the black guy,then got the customers money and threw it at him and told him to leave now. The customer was shocked and just stood there saying why u acting like that,the guy and girl employee both gained up on the customer and said u got ur money now get out of here. The customer left angry.The customer was a short Mexican man. This was between the hours of 5:30pm and 7pm eat time.Theee was another girl in there I'm not sure if she was the manager. I heard her say he had better got out of here before he got cursed out in front of the other customers waiting in line. These three employees were so unprofessional.They were talking loud eating while cashing customers out making customers wait while they ate or play argued. Wow.There is no professionalism in this world today.

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Anonymous - 28 d 7 h ago

That suppose to b N Tryon for the location of this store.

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Glen C. - 33 d 14 h ago


I have just gotten home after stopping at one of your Circle K locations...this particular location was at the northwest corner of Warner & Lindsey in Gilbert, Arizona. I was quite disappointed in the staffing at this location and I will probably pass them by the next time that I am in need of gas or snacks.

I went in today to purchase gasoline and another item inside the store. You had 2 employees standing just outside the entrance of the store smoking and the person inside, whom I assume was the manager, was busy doing something in the back of the store. My wait was relatively minimal. However, in order for me to get into the store, I had to walk past the two employees (wearing their Circle K shirts) puffing away on their cigarettes, through the smoke-filled air as they chatted away and obviously could have cared less that a customer was going in the store.

I am a retiree. I worked for many years in sales and in customer service. I am also a former smoker and, as a result, I also suffer from asthma. I was greatly offended by the actions of these two individuals. If I am not mistaken, there are laws in place that prohibit smoking within a designated distance of a place of business. If not, I would bet that the Circle K Corporation has some sort of policy in effect governing such activity.

I just wanted to let you know. I live relatively close to the location at Warner & Lindsey, but I fully intend to make it a point to go elsewhere for things like gas and convenience items. There are easily a half dozen other businesses (some of which are other Circle K locations) that all seem to value my business.

I just thought that you might like to know.

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Johnson - 93 d 12 h ago


Tried to purchase 3 cartons of cigarettes, clerk said the rule was they could only sell me 2. What kind of stupid rule is that?

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CSR for 4464 - 36 d 9 h ago


The wrong one .You can buy up to 5 cartons in one day .

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Anonymous - 38 d 7 h ago


The location at 2810 E College Av is a total mess the store is filthy and needs to be addressed!

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Anonymous - 44 d 4 h ago

F,,,,u circle k i

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Daniel - 52 d 1 h ago


I purchased a lottery ticket at 6710 W Buckeye Rd and when I tried cashing it near my home I was told that I needed to return to where I purchased it from because they didn't activate it so they would have to cash it. When I returned the clerk said he couldn't do anything and that I would have to return tomorrow morning to cash it. It's not to convenient when you have to go back multiple times over someone else's incompetence.

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mystery person - 55 d 12 h ago


The circle k in Portland in is always out of product and pop. It is also not very clean

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Anonymous - 52 d 4 h ago


The Circle K North in Portland Indiana has bad management!!! Always out of stuff and a lot of empty shelves. Your right almost always out of at least 5 or 6 different kinds of polar pop. Last week they were out of lids for the cups. The plastic bags for pops haven't been there for quite some time. The other store in town always is stocked with everything. Find a new store manager she sucks!!!

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Mike - 58 d 6 h ago


I have been in a lot of circle (K) gas stations your store in Laurel Mississippi is as Bad as it gets the Men's restroom is very bad when I ask the store clerk had anyone checked the men's room she walk away like she did not care I will not be back

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Catherine Magee - 60 d 19 h ago


I filled out an application online for a position at the circle k in Fayetteville NC and the manager called me back the same day as I did the app and set me up for a interview on Friday June 15. When I arrived for the interview by 11 am the manager told me she never called me at all. I was in shock so I pulled my phone out and asked her was the number I had her store number and she said yes but insisted she did not call me. SMH I don't know if she was discriminating against me or what but this needs to be addressed. There is no way I would show up for an interview I wasted time and energy just to be lied to. Janet is the manager of this store on yadkin rd a very rude individual.

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Beatrice - 63 d 8 h ago


Your store manager (Tammy) at your store on US1 in Ormond Beach Florida likes to treat at least one of her employees like crap in front of customers in the store! Did not catch the girls name, just know she has Black and Red hair. Not ok and not good policy what so ever! Will not return!

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Anonymous - 69 d 8 h ago

Hi I recently visited one of your stores in Durham NC on the corner of Carver an guess rd.the attendant was very rude when I told her about the hard an threatening panhandling outside the store I was told too mine my own business and that she new about it but they needed to do it somewhere this was offensive to my self an other customers please find time to address this alarming issue thanks (hidden) Eddie



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