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Circle K Stores

Alimentation Couche-Tard
1130 West Warner Road, Suite B
Tempe, AZ
(602) 728-8000
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Helen - 12 d 19 h ago


The circle k on ft.benning Rd n torch hill Rd locks there door and notes on the door so noone can shop on 3rd shift it's been going on bout 3 days

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Anonymous - 13 d ago



I have been going to the BonAir, VA store #14 for over 3 years. They have a terrible turn over of employees and managers. There has been a couple of employees that made maybe a year. They hung in as long as they could. The last two weeks I have been in there and everyone is new and I have been told he can not sell cigarettes by the carton only by the pack. I will no longer go to any of your stores. I feel you treat your employees terrible. You do not know how to treat people with respect. You had good customer's but many of us have decided we will no longer go to your stores.

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Brenda - 14 d 4 h ago

Hi , I got off work and headed to the circle K ,West Virginia , morgantown ,on Dorsey Avenue to get me a cup of coffee . There was a line people being waited ,I was in line got up to register ,asked if coffee ,can be made ,the boy working hollered at a girl that was in back doing prep .she came out I asked her to make coffee she replied ,being smartesh , saying only if the light is blinking . Well the light was off ,and coffee was cold ,she started saying the other manager said ,you came in saying coffee wasn't hot ,and she said it was . And no light was on , coffee wasn't hot enough . So then walked off from me after flip the bottom saying there is coffee in there . Well poured a cup and it was cold ,still not a light on . Then refuse to make me any ,said if I didn't like it go somewhere else ,like Sheetz and get a cup ,being smart with me . Take it everyone knows I come in that store every day and spend money ,bunches of times . They had all made sure coffee was always fresh for me. . Today I'm so upset of what this little girl did to me in this store, really upset ,and I don't think ,I want to ever go in the store again ,for the way she treated me .

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Big john - 20 d 17 h ago


Yes I called in last week about a complaint about all your employees in the morning and afternoon taking all the front parking spots in front of your Circle K well I turned around and told you before there's only six parking lots or six parking spaces form or handicap the rest of them are in the other store locations I think it's pretty shity that your employees take up the front parking spots going into your store and leave the customers to park on the other side of the lot and have to walk across the lot to go into your store so this is my second and last complaint to you from now on I'm going to the gate station at the other end of the street Circle K will no longer have my patronage you can reach me at g (hidden) thank you

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Monica - 22 d 8 h ago


The store located at TC Jester and W. little York is the has the absolute worst customer service..The manager tied up both registers leaving about 8 people to stand around and wait the cashiers didn't seem like they knew what they were doing..each of the took about 5 minutes to ring up one person..They also had a hand written sign saying take your hood off before you enter..oh yeah and only one door was unlocked..they need better training..

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Jason Brown - 25 d 12 h ago


To whom it may concern, the employee named April at the store on stoner ave, and line ave in shreveport, LA is the absolute most unprofessional, rude, degrading person i have ever came into contact with at any convenient store. I have been a regular costomer at this store for over a year now. After the way she spoke to me this morning i wont be going back.

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Chandler - 26 d 8 h ago


The manager, Nikki, and her staff at the Assonet, MA location are a terrific team! Always friendly, helpful, professional and a joy to interact with each day. Nikki keeps the store well stocked, organized and clean...even the restroom is the cleanest public restroom I've ever seen!

Kudos for hiring Nikki who is leading a great team of people.

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Ezma owner - 30 d ago

I would like to just complain bout the circle k off west pipkin Lakeland fl. Their hot dogs look like they have Ben sitting their for months at a time and all their labels do not match what your eating for the roles I'm tired of grabbing one that should be beans and cheese and its pepperoni with cheese also looking at the wrinkly old men d*** hot dogs that use to be very good

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Anonymous - 32 d 7 h ago


I'm writing this because and the worst experience ever with the manager at the Circle K in Norman Oklahoma at the corner of Lindsay and Berry her name is Caitlin I was physically attacked at this location and and verbally cussed at buy both the manager and a patron that was there the patron that physically assaulted me and was cussing at me was not banned from the store but I was she is the worst manager at a store that I have ever encountered in my life

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Anonymous - 33 d 13 h ago

I am writing a complaint for the worst manager I have ever encountered at Circle K on Albrecht Rd in Akron, Ohio. Her name is Clarissa Kahwaji and I am just astounded at how she treats her help. These people make $8-9 per hour and are treated like dirt. One big example is one of her workers has 3 children and 2 of them have pink eye and are very sick. She has a doctors excuse and had to call off. This UNPROFESSIONAL "manager" and with her I use that term very lightly, actually HUNG UP on the worker. This young woman with the 3 kids needs this job but also needs to tend to her childrens need. This "manager" also cut her hours for next week since she called off. This young woman has not called off in several months but this unprofessional witch of a manager doesn't take this into consideration. I am so outraged upon hearing all this . If this woman manager Clarissa Kahwaji worked for me, I would fire her in an instant. Shame on her for hanging up on this worker who was doing the right thing. What a piece of garbage. My name is Sandra Baxter and this young woman is an excellent worker there. I hope she quits and I won't be going back to that store as long as that poor excuse for a manager is with Circle K.

Flagged for review. 
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Andrea S. - 34 d 8 h ago



Im a frequent customer at 2 of your stores in Apache Junction, Arizona . Theres a young man that must work at both, his name is Brian Kelley, hes a nice man. Always very polite and helpful. Always smiling too. You need more employees like him! Keep up the good work, people DO notice.

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Cathy - 36 d 11 h ago


We just visited circles in Champaign Illinois on the corner of prospect and Bloomington. Visited the men's restrooms and the urinals were so filthy. My husband said it was the worst he had ever seen and he's 69

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Anonymous - 36 d 11 h ago

Aynul hoque

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Peggy Kandies - 36 d 11 h ago


I'm at a Circle K in Charleston, SC...and the pump cut my finger and thumb and side of hand. The pump where you pull to pump gas cut me. The Clerk was rude, nonchalant and was going to put a bandaid and med on my finger without any cleaning or peroxide, and insulted me.

The assistant was basically unconcerned as well.

I had to insist that she to write a report to get it fixed, and that I was cut.

Sorry customer service.

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And very unsatisfied customer - 40 d 7 h ago


I went to the Circle K here in Key West at Kennedy and the boulevard and the lady behind the counter was very rude gave me a dirty look and refuse to take my money cuz she said she did not have change told me to come back when I have the right amount of money and proceeded to look at me with nasty looks like I was doing something wrong when I was just trying to buy some soda I live right around the corner from the store and go there all the time and I've never had a problem until this lady today I've been in customer service for 20 years and the way she treated me was uncalled for and very unprofessional I'm a local down here not a tourist she should not treat people the way she did me today very unsatisfied customer

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TERRI - 40 d 10 h ago

Circle k on state st greenfield in 46140 STINKS LIKE THROW UP. AL TOGETER DIRTY!!

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LEE - 41 d 11 h ago


October 31st 2017 Tuesday approximately 1 p.m. I pulled into your Aloma State Road 46 I went in to purchase gas and two by two Mountain Dew soda 2 for $3 when I got to the register this white female lady wearing glasses bad attitude found out her name is Kelly from the Hispanic female manager I speak to the manager miskellys Behavior I asked me to put my cold drinks in a small paper bags that way to keep them colder Miss Kelly reply was you put them in the bag you put them in the bag I did not pay for the sodas I did not pay for the gas I walked out after talking to this Hispanic manager is this is the representation that Circle K wants their employees to treat their paying customers I speak to the manager that every customer is a reason why Miss Kelly has a paycheck never ever end any location of Circle K in any state I've ever traveled have I ever had such a nasty experience I'm a 20-year Vietnam veteran Miss Kelly needs to be fired she has a racist attitude racist racist racist attitude

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fed up in Lakeland - 42 d 4 h ago


Something really needs to be done about all the things going on at the Lakeland store on Banana Rd. and 98 North in Lakeland, Fl. When you go into the store to pay for your purchase, you have to wait for the cashier to come in from their cigarette break, or finish horsing around with their girlfriend. I do not have time to wait on them, I have to get to work, and those so called cashiers have made me late for work. I have been in there and they have been throwing a ball around, knocking merchandise off the counter, have babies sitting on the counter, It's like a big playhouse in there, No professionalism what so ever, I no longer stop at that store anymore and at least two of my friends do either, They are all very arrogant, rude, and have no business being in the public eye, That is the day shift, I do not know how the night shift operates, but if it is as bad as the day shift, I don't know how you stay in business,

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Leslie Hytinen - 50 d 15 h ago


Your store at 12253 Lake Underhill Rd I Orlando Do has a huge problem with the pumps. Over half are bagged off and the others are running at a pace 2 cents a minute. Some thing is very wrong here

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Anonymous - 51 d ago

I was at circle k in Lexington, ky and the clerk

Loretta was very rude to me over 23 cents

And I was very upset the way she talked to me .

I'm Jerry H, Sackleh 1245 passage mound way

Lexington, ky 859 3976045, or 859 263 9633

Please return my call the address of the store

Is 3470 Richmond rd. Lexington ky 40508

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Unhappy customer - 54 d 14 h ago


This is a complaint on a Circle K store in Bastrop, Texas. The store is dirty, cappuccino machine has been broken for 2 or more weeks. Fountain area is dirty. The lids for the drinks had something spilt on them. This store is fairly new to be this dirty and unorganized. Going else where from now on.

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Stella - 57 d 9 h ago


I live in a small town in WV Fairview and I don't know why one day they take my cigarette coupon and the next time they don't if coupons aren't allowed why don't they put up a sign saying so

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TT - 58 d 7 h ago


I live in Jackson, SC and every since Circle K took over the BP, it's gone straight down hill...It's always some issue (no gas, only 1 pump works, pump will not take card).... these are repeated issues weekly.... It's unfortunate this is the only gas station in approx a 10 miles radius...The man working today was very nice, but that doesn't fix the issues.... Can someone please help?? I'm going to attend our next community meeting and request we get another gas station in town (we use to have 2).... Like I stated, we never had the issues when the place was ran by BP........

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Andrea - 62 d 12 h ago

I went to your store on W ST in Pensacola Fl and the Fountain drink tasted like rotten garbage. All they could tell me is to come in and get another one. Why would I get another fountain drink if the first one tasted nasty. Don't you think you should investigate why is taste so bad. I usually get a fountain drink everyday. Makes me not want to go back.

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Anonymous - 65 d 13 h ago

My name is Ashley even though I called copel office no one has done anything about it and I'm still out of $15 so does they just take your money that's the world we live in in and nobody does anything about it wow slavery is coming back

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